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Resilient tires and wheels June invention type 06/11

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06/30/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110155293 - Directional tire tread with modified incisions: Directional tire tread having a rolling surface, this tread being provided with a plurality of incisions bounded by mutually opposing walls, each of said walls entering the rolling surface in such a way as to form an edge called the leading edge of an element of material, corresponding to the... Agent: Michelin Recherche Et Technique S.a

20110155292 - Pneumatic tire for motorcycle: The tread portion 2 is divided in the tire widthwise direction into five regions comprising the center tread region A, respective shoulder tread regions C, and respective intermediate tread regions B. A curved length in the tire widthwise direction of a tread surface of the center tread region A is... Agent: Bridgestone Corporation

06/23/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110146859 - Tire with component containing carbon nanotubes: The present invention is directed to a method of conducting static electricity in a pneumatic tire, comprising the steps of mixing a rubber compound comprising at least one diene based rubber, from 60 to 150 phr of precipitated silica, less than 40 phr of carbon black, and from 1 to... Agent:

20110146860 - Pneumatic tire with built-in innermost adhesive layer and post cure applied sealant: The present invention is directed to a cured pneumatic tire having a built-in innermost adhesive layer co-cured and thereby integral therewith and post tire cure applied sealant thereon.... Agent:

20110146862 - Low noise tire: This invention is a tire having a first shoulder tread and a second shoulder tread and at least one intermediate tread positioned between the first shoulder tread and the second shoulder tread such that the treads extend around the circumference of the tire and form grooves that extend around the... Agent: E. I. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20110146863 - Pneumatic tire: In a present invention, in a pneumatic tire 1A, a circumferential groove 32 extending in a tire circumferential direction is formed by land portions 20 constituting a tread surface 10 coming into contact with a road surface. A flat groove portion 60 and an in-groove land portion 70 are formed... Agent: Bridgestone Corporation

20110146864 - Tire tread having balanced stiffness: A tire includes a first rib having a first circumferential shear stiffness, wherein the first rib has a first plurality of lugs. Each of the first plurality of lugs has a first length. The tire further includes a second rib having a second circumferential shear stiffness substantially equal to the... Agent: Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations, LLC

20110146861 - Low-running temperature tyre: A tyre for a wheel of a vehicle comprises a toroidal carcass provided with axially opposite sidewalls and beads for anchoring the tyre to a rim of the wheel, a tread band located crownwise on the carcass, comprising a surface with a plurality of hollows and grooves defining a raised... Agent: Pirelli Coordinamento Pneumatici S.p.a.

20110146865 - Tire stud provided with recesses configured to improve its retention in the tire: Stud (30) for a tire (10), the tire comprising a tread (20) made of rubber mix, the stud having an axis (A-A) and two axial ends and comprising: a first part (60) configured to come into contact with the ground when the stud is fitted to the tyre and the... Agent: Michelin Recherche Et Technique S.a.

20110146866 - Automatic tire chain system: The various embodiments of the present invention provide an automatic tire chain system for driving the vehicle on snowy roads. The automatic tire chain system includes a first cog wheel, a main cogwheel, a small cog wheel, an arm cog wheel, an electromagnetic motor, a plurality of chains connected to... Agent:

20110146867 - Self-inflating tire: A self-inflating tire assembly includes an annular air tube connected to a tire and defining an annular air passageway, the air tube being composed of a flexible material operative to allow an air tube segment opposite a tire footprint to flatten, closing the passageway, and resiliently unflatten into an original... Agent:

20110146868 - Self-inflating tire assembly: A self-inflating tire assembly includes an air tube mounted within a tire sidewall groove. The air tube is in contacting engagement with opposite angled groove surfaces surrounding the air tube. A segment of the air tube is flattened from an expanded diameter to a flat diameter by bending and compression... Agent:

20110146869 - Pneumatic tire having a built-in seamless polyurethane sealant layer and preparation thereof: The present invention is directed to a pneumatic tire having a built-in seamless polyurethane sealant layer and its preparation.... Agent:

20110146870 - Tire with innerliner containing slate powder: e

20110146871 - Self-supporting pneumatic tire: The present invention is directed to a self-supporting tire. More specifically, the tire has a carcass, a tread, and a belt reinforcing structure located radially outward of the carcass and radially inward of the tread. The carcass is comprised of a reinforcing ply structure extending between a pair of bead... Agent:

20110146872 - Run-flat device: A run-flat device, which is inserted into pneumatic tires to allow mobility in the event of pressure loss in the pneumatic tire, can comprise an inner ring, outer ring, and an interconnected web connecting the two. The run-flat device can support an applied load by working in tension and compression.... Agent: Resilient Technologies, LLC.

20110146873 - Pneumatic tire with rubber component containing epoxidized palm oil: r

20110146875 - Aircraft tire and method of manufacture: A pneumatic tire comprising a belt structure and a torus shaped carcass having a first inner radius and an outer radius, wherein the carcass is comprised of three or more layers of ply, wherein each layer of ply is formed from a rubberized strip of one or more cords, the... Agent:

20110146874 - Geodesic tire and method of manufacture: A method of making a tire comprising the steps of providing a core; forming a first layer of ply by winding a strip of one or more rubber coated cords onto the core in a geodesic pattern extending from a first shoulder to a second shoulder opposite said first shoulder... Agent:

20110146876 - Geodesic belted tire: A pneumatic tire having a pair of beads, a tread, a pair of sidewalls, and a carcass including a plurality of plies of tire cord fabric, said tire having one or more belt plies, wherein at least one of said belt plies has cords being defined by the equation ρ[cos... Agent:

20110146877 - Method for producing modified conjugated diene polymer/copolymer, modified conjugated diene polymer/copolymer, and rubber composition and tier using the same: The invention provides a method for producing a modified conjugated diene (co)polymer, the method including comprising: a modification reaction step including causing an organic silane compound to react with a conjugated diene (co)polymer having an active site at the active site, the organic silane compound having a characteristic group for... Agent: Bridgestone Corporation

06/16/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110139324 - Tire: An object of the present invention is to provide a tire possessing improved wear resistance by optimizing configurations of block land portions. The tire is configured such that, in at least two adjacent block land portion arrays 5 sandwiching a circumferential groove 2, adjacent block land portions 4 constituting the... Agent: Bridgestone Corporation

20110139325 - Tire tread having serrated grooves: A tread is configured to have three rows of tread elements, a center row and a pair of shoulder rows, the center row forming a circumferential rib positioned at an equatorial centerplane of the tread. Each shoulder row has a repeating circumferential array of upwardly extending elongate groove fingers, adjacent... Agent:

20110139326 - Pneumatic tire: Protruding ridges on a surface of a side wall portion extending in a tire radial direction for a predetermined range in the tire radial direction and being provided in a plurality in a row arrangement in a tire circumferential direction, wherein the ridges are formed continuously in the predetermined range... Agent: The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd.

20110139327 - Pneumatic radial tire: When the residual stress is a tensile stress, the stress is a positive value, and when the residual stress is a compressive stress, the stress is a negative value. Also, when the steel cords of the circumferential belt are taken out, at the inside and the outside of bent portions... Agent: Bridgestone Corporation

20110139328 - Process for building green tyre for vehicle wheels and tyres built by said process: A process for building a green tyre for a vehicle wheel includes the steps of: a) building a carcass structure of a green tyre on a forming drum, the carcass structure including at least one carcass ply and a pair of annular anchoring structures, said at least one carcass ply... Agent: Pirelli Tyre S.p.a.

06/09/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110132509 - Motorcycle tire: A motorcycle tire comprises a tread portion having a tread width between tread edges. The tread portion is provided with a crown oblique groove disposed within a center region of the tread portion is defined as having 30% of the tread width. The center region having a radius of curvature... Agent:

20110132510 - Wheel-tire combination for vehicles: The invention relates to a vehicle wheel, comprising a rigid rim and a flexible tire without an air charge, between which resilient spokes, offset at an angle with respect to the radial direction, are situated. The spokes are divided into three or more groups, which are separated axially from one... Agent:

20110132511 - Wheel, rim and tire: A wheel (1) comprising a solid tire (2) and a rim (3), the solid tire (2) comprising a rubber base layer (4) with a reduced height (16) extending in circumferential direction of the tire (2), an inner circumferential contact surface (8) of the rubber base layer (4) being provided to... Agent:

20110132512 - Rubber composition for coating steel cord: w

20110132513 - Inner tube and method of producing such a tube: An inner tube having a closed polymeric envelope with a primary surface comprising means allowing compression of the polymeric envelope when inflated under the normal conditions of use of the assembled unit. A radially outer part has a meridian curvature such that the ratio of the average radius of its... Agent: Societe De Technologie Michelin

20110132514 - Light tire: A tire comprising at least one carcass-type reinforcing structure anchored on each side of the tire to a bead, each bead extending radially outwards in the form of a sidewall, the sidewalls radially towards the outside meeting a tread, and comprising, under the tread, a crown reinforcing structure consisting of... Agent: Michelin Recherche Et Technique S.a.

20110132515 - Method of controlling a phase of moulding an annular fixing structure and a tyre including an annular fixing structure: A method for controlling a phase of moulding an annular fixing structure of a green tyre includes: introducing the green tyre into a curing mould including an inflatable bladder; delimiting at least one portion of the annular fixing structure by using a first and a second surface opposed to each... Agent: Pirelli Tyre S.p.a.

20110132516 - Reinforced tire for heavy goods vehicle: Tire (10) comprising a radial carcass reinforcement (2) anchored in beads, the tire (10) comprising two sidewalls (1), each sidewall (1) extending between a bead (4) and a crown (3), the two sidewalls comprising a first additional reinforcement (6) positioned either between the carcass reinforcement and the internal cavity of... Agent: Michelin Recherche Et Technique S.a.

06/02/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110126948 - Reactive planar suspension for a wheel: There is described a suspension wheel comprising a substantially rigid rim, a substantially rigid hub disposed concentrically within the rim to define an annular space between the rim and the hub, the hub being adapted for connection to an axle for the wheel, and suspension members disposed in the annular... Agent:

20110126949 - Tire tread wear indicator and molding device for forming a tread wear indicator: A tire tread for a vehicle tire is disclosed wherein the tread has at least one tread element projecting from the base of the tread and having a defined tread depth, with at least one tread element having a first hole and having a first outer cross-sectional shape that is... Agent:

20110126950 - Tire having sidewall protection: A tire suitable for off road use has blocks on its sidewalls that add thickness to the sidewall for added protection from debris tending to puncture the sidewalls. The blocks have sloping surfaces that protect the blocks from snagging or tearing from the sidewall. The blocks have surfaces designed to... Agent:

20110126951 - Pneumatic tire: An object of the present invention is to provide a pneumatic tire which prevents not only partial wear but also clack generation in land portion of tread surface. In order to achieve the object, the land portion is formed with a first type sipe having a step portion extending in... Agent: Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd.

20110126952 - Tire and method of producing the same: An object of the invention is to provide a tire and a method of producing the tire, in which tire breakage of a groove fence in vulcanization molding and generation of cracks at a groove bottom can be suppressed, noise is relatively low and uneven wear is less likely to... Agent: Bridgestone Corporation

20110126953 - Tire sealant and tire with sealant containing silica and balanced organoperoxide depolymerized butyl rubber: The present invention relates to a tire puncture sealant and a pneumatic tire containing such puncture sealant as a built-in puncture sealant. The sealant composition contains silica reinforcement and butyl rubber depolymerized in the presence of a balanced and cooperative combination of organoperoxides comprised of a minor amount of 4,4-di(tertiary... Agent:

20110126955 - Flat-running device for motor vehicle and mounted assembly incorporating same: The present invention relates to a flat-running device designed to be fitted to a tubeless mounted assembly for a motor vehicle and such a mounted assembly incorporating this device. A flat-running device according to the invention, for a wheel rim (in several parts includes an annular supporting structure of the... Agent: Hutchinson

20110126954 - Runflat: A runflat assembly includinq a plurality of arcuate components interconnectable to fit around a vehicle wheel. Each component includes a rubber body with a steel support member located within the body, which when mounted on a wheel defines a support ring around the wheel.... Agent:

20110126956 - Pneumatic tire: A pneumatic tire (2) includes a tread (4), a sidewall (6), a bead (8), a carcass (10), a belt (12), a band (14), a reinforcing layer (16), and an inner liner (18). The tread (4) has a shoulder main groove (24). The reinforcing layer (16) is present locally in an... Agent:

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