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11/13/2014 > 12 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20140332588 - Card reader device for a cell phone and method of use: In one embodiment, a card reader device includes: circuitry having exactly three non-wire elements of (a) one two-terminal inductive read head having a first read head terminal and a second read head terminal, (b) one two-terminal resistor having a first resistor terminal and a second resistor terminal, and (c) one... Agent: Rem Holdings 3, LLC, A Missouri Limited Liability Company

20140332587 - Identification system and applications: The invention relates to an identification system, comprising an information carrier or a group of such information carriers, which allow a clear association of information. The invention further relates to the use of said information carriers, and to a device for reading said information carriers, wherein the information carriers are... Agent: Touchpac Holdings, LLC

20140332589 - Active stabilization targeting correction for handheld firearms: An electromechanical system translates an “aiming error” signal from a target tracking system into dynamic “pointing corrections” for handheld devices to drastically reduce pointing errors due to man-machine wobble without specific direction by the user. The active stabilization targeting correction system works by separating the “support” features of the handheld... Agent:

20140332590 - Indicia reading terminal processing plurality of frames of image data responsively to trigger signal activation: There is described a decodable indicia reading terminal which in one embodiment can capture and process a certain (e.g., a first) and a subsequent (e.g., a second) frame of image data, wherein the certain and the subsequent frames have different imaging attributes. In one embodiment the attributes between certain and... Agent:

20140332591 - Card insertion part and card reader: Provided is a card insertion unit for a card reader which, without weakening a magnetic field generated by a magnetic field generating device in order to prevent reading of magnetic data by a magnetic head for skimming, is capable of reducing the effect of the magnetic field upon the reading... Agent: Nidec Sankyo Corporation

20140332592 - Method and system for optimizing system settings of a laser scanner control system: A scanning device includes a laser source emitting a laser scanning beam, a movable scanning mirror reflecting the laser scanning beam towards an on object to be scanned, a mirror moving element moving the movable scanning mirror and a controller receiving an input corresponding to a range estimate from the... Agent:

20140332593 - Laser scanning code symbol reading system: A laser scanning symbol reading system includes an analog scan data signal processor for producing digital data signals, wherein during each scanning cycle, a light collection and photo-detection module generates an analog scan data signal corresponding to a laser scanned symbol, a multi-channel parallel scan data signal processor/digitizer processes the... Agent:

20140332594 - Radio ic device and radio communication terminal: A radio IC device includes a radio IC element that includes an antenna terminal connected to an antenna element, and a ground terminal connected to a ground conductor provided integrally with the antenna element, and a circuit element that includes an impedance matching circuit connected to the antenna terminal of... Agent:

20140332595 - Secure value tokens: The present invention provides value tokens having improved security while achieving enhanced decorative effects, contrasting edge “spots”, increased physical weight, and flexibility of construction and design. Stacked structures formed from pluralities of layers are featured.... Agent:

20140332596 - Rfid tag: The present invention provides an RFID tag that can be stably attached to objects of various shapes and sizes including, for example, narrow side surfaces of plate-like objects. An RFID tag 100 has a container 10, RFID inlet 30, spacer 50, and protruding part 70. The container has at least... Agent: Provident Corporation

20140332598 - Rfid tag aerial with ultra-thin dual-frequency microstrip patch aerial array: The present invention relates to a RFID tag antenna with ultra-thin dual-frequency micro strip patch antenna array, the RFID tag antenna comprises an units array (1), a substrate (2) and a substrate base plate (3); the radiation units array (1) is configured to be asymmetrically distributed around a chip; a... Agent: Shanghai Yaochuan Information Technology Co., Ltd.

20140332597 - Value token with slug having rfid and electromagnetic detection features: Value tokens, e.g. gaming chips, are formed with a slug having an RFID microchip embedded or encapsulated inside and an EM coil either embedded or encapsulated inside or wrapped around the periphery of the slug. The slug is formed by injection molding two plastic halves with a spacing therebetween for... Agent: Gaming Partners International Corporation

11/06/2014 > 11 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140326784 - Integraded package authentication system and method thereof: The present invention related to an integrated object/package authentication system. The invention further relates to a method of identification of and object/package and sequenced authentication of the same based on combination of assigned identification feature and the generated random identification feature (identifiers). The present invention provides method and system where... Agent: Bilcare Limited

20140326783 - Predictive geolocation based receipt retrieval for post transaction activity: In general, embodiments of the invention are directed to a system, method, or computer program product for providing a user with a predictive geo-location based receipt retrieval for post transaction action. Consumers receive e-receipts after handling a transaction with a merchant in many ways. These receipts can be stored and... Agent: Bank Of America Corporation

20140326785 - Providing access to a collection via a plurality of discrete machine-recognizable codes: Systems and methods for providing access to a collection of related binary files via a collection of machine-recognizable codes provided on a device or consumer item.... Agent: Smart Pj's LLC

20140326786 - System and method for interactive mobile gaming: Disclosed is a method and apparatus for providing information to a camera associated with a computing device. The apparatus includes a base portion having a bottomside. The base portion further has an interior region disposed therein, that provides an illuminable surface. Further, a machine-readable code is included that is supported... Agent:

20140326787 - Symbol reading system with integrated scale base: A symbol-reading system includes a system housing having a horizontal housing portion and a vertical housing portion, the vertical housing portion being configured substantially orthogonal to the horizontal housing portion. The symbol-reading system also includes a symbol reading subsystem, disposed in the system housing, for reading symbols on objects and... Agent:

20140326788 - Hand-held data collector with detachable scanner: Disclosed is a data collection apparatus for hand use. The apparatus comprises a body having: a central portion adapted to be and gripped in the manner of a joystick; a switch positioned on the central portion and positioned in the manner of a pistol trigger, for finger actuation; a first... Agent:

20140326789 - Machine-readable passport with a polycarbonate (pc) datapage and method for making the same: The present invention provides a multi-layered personalized page comprising a PET incsti/PU hinge layer; a PC inlay with chip antenna layer with an electric component with personal data of a holder of a passport; two PC core layers with artwork; and two PC overlay layers. The present invention also provides... Agent:

20140326790 - Radio frequency identification tag having diversion-proof function and manufacturing method thereof: The present invention provides a radio frequency identification electronic tag with diversion-proof function and a process for making the same. The radio frequency identification electronic tag with diversion-proof function is formed of a supporting layer, a release liner, an antenna and a chip, wherein the release liner is bonded to... Agent: Shanghai Techsun Rfid Technology Co., Ltd.

20140326791 - Rfid tag, method for producing rfid tag, and die: An RFID tag is provided which does not give a user a feeling of strangeness even when contacting his/her body and is firmly attachable to a fabric such as clothes. The RFID tag is for wireless communications and includes a main antenna 30 formed by a conductive fiber, a loop... Agent: Apic Yamada Corporation

20140326792 - Device and its use for creation, output and management of 2d barcodes with embedded images: Provided is a Device, a System, applications and an associated Ecosystem for the consistent and reliable production, creation, generation, management and utilization of two-dimensional (‘2D’) barcodes (‘Codes’) featuring embedded Images, designating the alignment position and alignment size of the embedding Images in 2D Codes and enabling the corresponding outputted Code... Agent: 4gqr LLC

20140326793 - Techniques for generating customized two-dimensional barcodes: A computer-implemented technique can receive, at a computing device, a uniform resource locator (URL) for a web page and a plurality of images. A number of pixels corresponding to a desired resolution for encoding the images determined and the images are converted to modified images having the desired resolution. The... Agent: Google Inc.

10/30/2014 > 25 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20140319206 - Accessing transaction documents: According to one embodiment of the present invention, a system accesses transaction documents. A unique code is generated for each transaction for one or more products, wherein the unique code is associated with a transaction document including transaction information and each product is associated with a product code. The system... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140319209 - Memory tag hybrid multidimensional bar-text code with rewards and incentives: An apparatus and method for cloud-based storage, retrieval and sharing of files tagged with scannable tags and alphanumeric coding is provided. This application and method includes generating a scannable code tag and activating the scannable code tag when the scannable code tag is scanned. Activating the scannable code tag includes... Agent:

20140319208 - Method and system for controlling the authentity of an object: A method, mobile terminal and server for controlling authenticity of a product. Authenticity control includes accessing a database using a unique code provided with the product; providing a secure code related to said product, and receiving authentication information about said product based on said secure code.... Agent:

20140319207 - One touch data collection apparatus: A data collection apparatus and unit are provided. The apparatus includes a probe configured to measure one or more operating conditions of a machine, and a tag reader configured to receive a tag identifier transmitted by a tag positioned proximal to the machine. The apparatus also includes one or more... Agent: Aktiebolaget Skf

20140319210 - Transaction dispute resolution: The present invention provides a method and apparatus for providing transaction information to a user of a Self-Service Terminal (SST). The method comprises aborting a user initiated transaction at an SST subsequent to an error occurring during the transaction; and displaying an optical device-readable code in a display of a... Agent: Ncr Corporation

20140319211 - Single space parking meter and removable single space parking meter mechanism: A parking meter mechanism is described that may include a front housing, having a display opening for viewing a display through, connected to an internal structure. Additionally or alternatively the parking meter mechanism may include a contactless payment reader located behind the display. The parking meter mechanism may be secured... Agent:

20140319212 - Wireless devices for storing a financial account card and methods for storing card data in a wireless device: A wireless device is enabled to receive a financial account card that is inserted into a card slot of the wireless device. The wireless device reads card data from the financial account card when it is inserted into the slot and programs an RFID (radio frequency identification) tag or a... Agent: Capital One Financial Corporation

20140319213 - Wireless devices for storing a financial account card and methods for storing card data in a wireless device: A wireless device is enabled to receive a financial account card that is inserted into a card slot of the wireless device. The wireless device reads card data from the financial account card when it is inserted into the slot and programs an RFID (radio frequency identification) tag or a... Agent: Capital One Financial Corporation

20140319214 - Simple coincard system: The CoinCard System described in this patent application is designed to replace coins associated with retail cash transactions as well as stand-alone vending machines. The System is comprised of software and hardware components that function together as a system. CoinCards used in the System are issued by the appropriate federal... Agent:

20140319215 - Optical device utilizing ballistic zoom and methods for sighting a target: A method of sighting a target includes receiving an initial condition of an optical device. The initial condition includes a size of a ranging element and a range associated with the size of the ranging element. The method further includes receiving a ballistic information and receiving an image from an... Agent:

20140319216 - Multiple-zero-point riflescope turret system: A riflescope aiming system that includes a telescopic sight, a multiple-zero-point elevation turret and an aiming reference system. The multiple-zero-point elevation turret includes a rotatable indicator carrier and a plurality of indicator pins secured to the indicator carrier, each indicator pin corresponding to a predetermined target distance. The aiming reference... Agent:

20140319217 - Aiming system: An aiming system for portable weapons comprising pairs of inertial sensors of gyroscopic, accelerometer and magnetometric type arranged respectively on a weapon and on an helmet with Head Up Display, so as to determine both the relative orientation and the relative position in space of the weapon and of the... Agent:

20140319218 - Dimensioning and barcode reading system: An apparatus and method for calibrating a barcode scanning tunnel has a conveyor structure and a scanning system. The scanning system has a laser light source, an optics system, and a processor. In a calibration mode, the processor locates a central area of the conveyor structure and identifies a first... Agent: Datalogic Automation, Inc.

20140319220 - Cell phone reading mode using image timer: An system contains an image capture device configured to capture an image. The system includes a lighting and exposure mechanism. The system also includes a camera sensor interface with a stat FIFO. The stat FIFO is configured to receive data from the image capture device. When the stat FIFO, during... Agent:

20140319219 - Scanning system: A scanning system has a collimated light source and a movable reflective surface. The surface receives light from the light source, reflects the received light to a target surface, receives light reflected from the target surface, and reflects this light to a detector. An aperture disposed between the reflective surface... Agent: Datalogic Automation, Inc.

20140319221 - Customer facing imaging systems and methods for obtaining images: An imaging system for obtaining an image of a display of an electronic device presented by a presenter holding the electronic device includes a housing having an imaging subsystem disposed in the housing. The imaging subsystem includes an image sensor array and an imaging assembly operative for focusing an image... Agent:

20140319222 - Apparatus and method for reading identification information of biosensor: An apparatus of reading identification information according to a code attached on a biosensor. In reading the identification information through a pattern of the existing biosensor, a photodetector and a light resource are required for each segment so as to read segments of each pattern. However, such a system may... Agent: Infopia Co., Ltd.

20140319223 - Card security activation label and method: Card security apparatus and methods are provided. An obstruction layer (e.g., a hot-stamped scratch off foil label) may be provided in at least partially overlapping relation to a data field of a card (e.g., including proprietary information unique to the specific card). The obstruction layer may render all or at... Agent: Cpi Card Group - Colorado, Inc.

20140319225 - Tag assembly: A tag assembly is described wherein the tag assembly is affixable to clothing and/or a body and wherein the assembly includes a support sheet; a tag disposed on the support sheet, the tag being configured to transmit a signal to a receiver; and, an expandable spacer structure disposed the support... Agent: Amb I.t. Holding B.v.

20140319224 - Wireless ic device: An electromagnetic coupling module includes a wireless IC chip and a functional substrate. The electromagnetic coupling module is mounted on a radiation plate, preferably using an adhesive, for example. On the upper surface of a base material of the radiation plate, two long radiation electrodes are provided. On the undersurface... Agent:

20140319230 - Antenna module: An antenna module includes an antenna element including coil patterns and via conductors coupling together two adjacent two coil patterns. At least one of the coil patterns has a spiral shape, is wound three or more turns parallel or substantially parallel to an outer edge of a principal surface of... Agent:

20140319226 - Device having data storage: Devices which store data for a period of time. In one form, devices store data in which the data store is subject to periodic and/or relatively short power outages. In one example, a radio frequency identification (“RFID”) transponder, and more particularly, a RFID transponder that is used in orientation independent... Agent: Sato Vicinity Pty Ltd

20140319227 - Inductor: v

20140319229 - Radio communication processor arrangement: In accordance with various embodiments, a radio communication processor arrangement including a chip and a battery integrated into the chip is provided.... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20140319228 - Smart card: In accordance with various embodiments, a smart card including one or more components to be supplied and a current source, which is configured to provide a supply current with a predefined current intensity to the one or more components to be supplied, is described.... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

10/23/2014 > 15 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20140312111 - Combination printer and its paper: A computer network system and method for printing purchase transaction receipts includes a novel printer physical structure, data structure, and control logic for printing on both sides of a register receipt, business rules designed to facilitate the two sided printing, and print paper designed to facilitate two sided printing.... Agent: Catalina Marketing Corporation

20140312112 - Barcode access to electronic resources for complex system parts: A system is provided for access to system-related resources for complex-system parts. The system includes a barcode reader and front-end engine coupled thereto. The barcode reader is configured to scan a barcode located on a complex-system part. The barcode encodes links to respective system-related resources for the complex-system part, including... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140312113 - Method, apparatus and system for obtaining location information: A method for obtaining location information is provided. The method includes obtaining street-view image information corresponding to location information and storing correspondingly the street-view image information and the corresponding location information. The method also includes generating a two-dimensional (2D) bar code containing at least one of the street-view image information... Agent: Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

20140312114 - Barcode access to electronic resources for lifecycle tracking of complex system parts: A method is provided that includes locating a barcode applied to a part of a complex system. The barcode may encode links to respective system-related resources for the part, which may include software-based systems and/or electronic documents. At one or more instances during a lifecycle of the part, then, the... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140312115 - Production management method for steel tubes and pipes: m

20140312116 - System for detecting reorigination of barcodes: A system for detecting reproduction of barcodes (12) includes providing a barcode which contains data; providing a copy-evident background (14); capturing an image of the barcode and the copy-evident background; locating and decoding the barcode; detecting copy introduced changes in the copy-evident background; and authenticating the barcode if the copy-evident... Agent:

20140312118 - Card reader for mobile device: A card reader for use with a mobile device includes a foot and/or a housing for a jack on the bottom of the card reader prevents the card reader from accidently turning off the mobile device during use.... Agent:

20140312117 - Device for reading magnetic stripe and/or smart cards and method for preventing skimming attacks: A device (10) for reading a magnetic stripe card and/or smart card (22) comprising a slot (12) for feeding the magnetic stripe card and/or smart card (22). A rotary unit (18) for rotating a fed magnetic stripe card and/or smart card (22) from the feeding plane (24) into a reading... Agent: Wincor Nixdorf International Gmbh

20140312120 - Method for detecting reorgination of barcodes: A method for detecting reorigination of barcodes (12) includes providing a multisegment barcode which contains data; capturing an image of the multisegment barcode; locating the barcode in the image; decoding the barcode; detecting individual segments in the multisegment barcode; and authenticating the barcode if the individual segments match the original... Agent:

20140312119 - Apparatus for and method of audibly guiding a user to a selected target from an array of targets: A user is audibly guided to a selected target from an array of targets, by successively aiming a handheld housing at successive targets in the array, manually actuating a trigger between an aiming state and a reading state, and capturing over a field of view an image of each successive... Agent: Symbol Technologies, Inc.

20140312121 - Indicia reading terminal including optical filter: Embodiments of the present invention comprise an indicia reading terminal that is operatively configured to decode visible and non-visible decodable indicia. The terminal can comprise an excitation illumination module for illuminating the decodable indicia with light that has a wavelength selected so as to permit the decodable indicia to emit... Agent: Honeywell International, Inc.

20140312122 - Payment card system and method: Embodiments of the invention relate to payment cards and methods for making payment cards. In one embodiment, a card comprises a first layer and a second layer adjacent to the first layer. The second layer comprises a plurality of particles comprising metal, and the plurality of particles comprise at least... Agent:

20140312123 - Radio frequency identification module: An RFID module includes an antenna coil, an identification module, and multiple connection points. The identification module is disposed within a predetermined region surrounded by the antenna coil. The identification module have a first, a second, a third and a fourth sides. The identification module is electrically connected to the... Agent:

20140312124 - Rfid assembly including spring clip: An RFID assembly for securing an RFID device to a container. The assembly includes a clip having a first leg and a second leg connected by a resiliently flexible byte portion. The RFID device is attached to the clip. The assembly is inserted under and within an upper rim of... Agent:

20140312125 - One-dimensional barcode resizing device, method, non-transitory computer-readable medium, and one-dimensional barcode system: A one-dimensional barcode resizing device includes a device obtaining information regarding a structure of a one-dimensional barcode, a device obtaining information regarding a resolution of a display device displaying the one-dimensional barcode, and a device determining a scaling factor of the one-dimensional barcode based on the information regarding the structure... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

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