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10/02/2014 > 23 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20140291387 - Acoustic tags for e-waste tracking: Methods, systems and acoustic tags for tracking, locating and identifying an object are disclosed. An acoustic tag may include a power source and a transmitter in electrical communication with the power source. The transmitter may be configured to transmit an acoustic signal. The power source and the transmitter may be... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

20140291389 - Positioning, and encoded label generating: Embodiments of the present invention relate to a positioning method and a system thereof, an encoded label generating method and a system thereof. The present invention sets forth a solution of using encoded label to determine coordinate, so as to perform positioning. The positioning method, includes: acquiring a normalized map... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140291390 - Rfid tag, rfid system, and package including rfid tag: Disclosed is an RFID tag to be attached to a metal member including a slit, the RFID tag including conductive members attached to a surface of the metal member at corresponding sides of the slit in a width direction of the slit through an isolator; and an IC chip that... Agent:

20140291388 - Systems and method for providing information to a recipient of a physical mail object: A system and method is provided for transmitting information over a wide area network, such as the Internet, in response to receiving at least a portion of mail data. In one embodiment of the present invention, information is stored in a memory. Mail data is then affixed to a mail... Agent:

20140291392 - Digital wallet bridge: A smartcard communicating simultaneously with a smart phone and a point of sale, thereby allowing the smartcard to act as a bridge between the point of sale and the smart phone. The smart card is typically powered by the point of sale and typically communicates with the smart phone using... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20140291394 - Method of scanning codes and processing data with handheld scanning jacket: A method of reading codes with a reader mounted at least partially within a jacket and communicating the read codes to a handheld device also mounted at least partially within the jacket. The codes may identify a medicine, identify a patient, run an inventory, run a patient safety application, or... Agent: Patientsafe Solutions, Inc.

20140291393 - Method performed by a card reader and a card reader: A card reader and a method performed by a card reader, comprising receiving in the card reader a card comprising data stored on the card, indicating the identity of a person, obtaining data from the card, detecting any valid primary account number in the data, upon detecting a valid primary... Agent:

20140291391 - Rendering payments with mobile phone assistance: Methods and arrangements for effecting payments via a mobile phone. A purchase request is received from a merchant on behalf of a customer. A code is provided to the customer via the merchant, via a first communication path. A purchase confirmation is directly received from the customer, the purchase confirmation... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140291395 - Methods and systems to remotely issue proximity payment devices: Methods and apparatus for issuing a payment device from a remote dispensing device are provided. In an embodiment, a dispensing device receives a purchase request including a load amount, to purchase a proximity payment device. The dispensing device reads proximity payment device information from a stored pre-personalized proximity payment device,... Agent:

20140291396 - Headheld scanner and pos display with mobile phone: Headheld scanners are described for use by cashiers in connection with customer checkout at grocery, retail or other stores, as well as, headheld scanners for use by customers to augment the shopping experience. Such headheld scanners will typically include a camera, display and mobile phone, including a microphone and speaker... Agent: Ncr Corporation

20140291397 - Real-time inventory re-supply system: A system and method for managing the contents of a medical storage container that has a required inventory of medical articles. A Faraday cage enclosure is used to isolate, scan, and inventory a tray or other container of medical articles each of which has an RFID tag. The enclosure having... Agent: Meps Real-time, Inc.

20140291399 - Token storage device: Provided is a chip tray which is capable of accurately reading out an IC tag for use in RFID without increasing a magnitude of a magnetic field generated by an antenna. A magnetic field generating antenna is disposed along a direction in which a plurality of tokens having embedded therein... Agent: Universal Entertainment Corporation

20140291398 - Ultrasonic imaging apparatus for reading and decoding machine-readable matrix symbols: There is provided an apparatus and method for reading matrix codes comprising an ultrasound transducer 20 which comprises transmitter and receiver electrodes, a receiver unit 24 connected to the receiver electrodes for processing the signals received by the receiver electrodes, and a transmitter module 21 connected to the transmitter electrodes,... Agent: Dolphitech As

20140291400 - Tunnel or portal scanner and method of scanning for automated checkout: Systems and methods for data reading, which in one example configuration is directed to an automated optical code data reader in the form of a tunnel or portal scanner having an open architecture configured with front and rear inverted U-shaped arches, a plurality of cameras (some or most of which... Agent:

20140291401 - Symbol information reader, symbol information reading method and program to execute it: A symbol information reader may include an imaging device configured to image the medium; an image memory configured to store image data of the medium; and a position detection processor configured to retrieve the image data and detect the position of symbol information recorded on the medium. The position detection... Agent: Nidec Sankyo Corporation

20140291402 - Stack barcode reader and stack barcode reading method: A stack barcode reader may include an imaging section configured to image the stack barcode in which character information is expressed with a bar and a space; an image memory configured to store image data of the stack barcode; a data processing section including a decoding unit and configured to... Agent: Nidec Sankyo Corporation

20140291403 - Indicia reading system employing digital gain control: A scanning code symbol reading system includes an analog scan data signal processor for producing digitized data signals, wherein during each laser beam scanning cycle, a light collection and photo-detection module generates an analog scan data signal corresponding to a laser scanned code symbol, an analog scan data signal processor/digitizer... Agent:

20140291404 - Communication device: A communication device includes a housing, an opening, an NFC antenna and a contactless charging coil. The NFC antenna is arranged to surround the opening. The communication device further includes a first magnetic sheet which is arranged between the NFC antenna and a main board and between the opening and... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140291407 - Data carrier provided with at least two decoding stages: In a data carrier (1) which includes receiving means (5) for receiving a modulated carrier signal (MTS) which contains a data signal (DS1) encoded in conformity with an encoding method (MA, PW, MI, RTZ, FSK, PSK), demodulation means (9) for demodulating the received modulated carrier signal (MTS) and for outputting... Agent:

20140291408 - Financial transaction product with electrical assembly and face panel: A financial transaction product includes a housing, an electrical assembly, a button, a face panel, and an account identifier. The housing includes a panel having an outside surface. The electrical assembly is maintained within the housing and includes an activation switch and at least one of a light and a... Agent: Target Brands, Inc.

20140291406 - Programmable electronic card and supporting device: A programmable electronic card is provided. The electronic card comprising a card body having a graphical user interface screen positioned on a front surface of the card body, a reprogrammable magnetic stripe positioned on a rear surface of the card body, a processor positioned within the card body and in... Agent: Tnt Partners, LLC

20140291405 - Reusable electronic bag tag: The invention provides a dual-display reusable electronic bag tag that can wirelessly receive bag tag data via RFID (HF) or via other wireless means, that is backward compatible with visual bag tag data and barcode in-line-of-sight scanning and tracking technology, that is compatible with track & tracing technology and that... Agent: Ec Solution Group B.v. A Corporation

20140291409 - Rfid tag for flexible material product, rfid antenna of rfid tag for flexible material product, and rfid antenna continuum of same: An RFID tag for and attachable to a flexible material product. The tag includes an RFID antenna that is not susceptible to disconnection, and is close to the flexible material. An RFID antenna for the RFID tag, and there is an RFID antenna continuous body for the RFID tag. The... Agent:

09/25/2014 > 12 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140284381 - Method for reading in a two-dimensional pattern code and for representing and using data, a mobile device for carrying out the method, and a method for creating a two-dimensional pattern code: Method for reading in a two-dimensional pattern code of a system component by a recording apparatus of a mobile device and for presenting and using data by an output apparatus includes reading in and decoding code to obtain data that are given by the code and that are related to... Agent: Krones Ag

20140284378 - Proximity standoff detection coupling device (psdcd): Systems, methods, and devices for detection of a substance on the surface of an object are disclosed. An RFID receiver can communicate with an RFID device to determine a position of the RFID device and to initiate a transaction. When the RFID device enters a defined volume, an illuminator can... Agent: Cubic Corporation

20140284380 - Readout device for reading out machine-readable markings on receptacles: A readout device for reading out machine-readable markings on at least one lateral surface of receptacles is proposed. The readout device has at least one optical detector with at least one viewing region. The optical detector is designed to detect the machine-readable markings in the viewing region. The readout device... Agent:

20140284379 - Systems and methods for indicating the existence of accessible information pertaining to articles of commerce: A system and method are provided for indicating an existence of a link to information pertaining to an article of commerce. The present disclosure provides for downloading a look-up table from a server database to a mobile device via a communication network. The look-up table is configured to store a... Agent:

20140284382 - Random-type multilayer identification, and system using same: A random-type multilayer identifier uses an identification pattern that is formed by irregularly-dispersed identification particles as unique information and is configured in such a manner that two or more identification layers made out of a transparent material are stacked each other, and besides, has an advantage that significantly reduces the... Agent:

20140284383 - Multi-chip card: A multi-card chip. A method for configuring the multi-chip card according to an embodiment includes: selecting a sub-card comprising an integrated circuit chip from a plurality of sub-cards on the multi-chip card; and displacing the selected sub-card from an inactive position on the multi-chip card to an active position on... Agent:

20140284384 - Optical indicia reading terminal with color image sensor: An optical indicia reading terminal can comprise a microprocessor, a memory, an image sensor integrated circuit including a two-dimensional image sensor, and a hand held housing encapsulating the two-dimensional image sensor. The image sensor integrated circuit can be configured to output a plurality of digital signals, each digital signal being... Agent: Honeywell Scanning And Mobility

20140284385 - Pattern for coding a numerical information item on a surface and marking and reading methods: A pattern for coding numerical a information item on a surface, including a specific arrangement of a plurality of symbols belonging to a set of symbols (ENS1), and each symbol in the arrangement being intended for the coding of a portion of said numerical information item, wherein each symbol includes... Agent: Sicpa Holding Sa

20140284386 - Laser ablating structures for antenna modules for dual interface smartcards: Laser etching antenna structures (AS) for RFID antenna modules (AM). Combining laser etching and chemical etching. Limiting the thickness of the contact pads (CP) to less than the skin depth (18 m) of the conductive material (copper) used for the contact pads (CP). Multiple antenna structures (AS1, AS2) in an... Agent:

20140284388 - Production process of tag antenna: A production process of a tag antenna and a micro strip patch RFID tag antenna. The production process includes: an etching step of etching a metal layer on a thin film material composited with the metal layer to form a thin film (1) with radiation unit patterns (11, 12), short... Agent:

20140284387 - Rfid antenna modules and increasing coupling: A transponder with an antenna module having a chip module and an antenna; a booster antenna having a first antenna structure in the form of a flat coil having a number of turns, an outer end and an inner end, and a second antenna structure in the form of a... Agent: F&#xc9 Inics Amatech Nominee Limited

20140284389 - Reusable envelope: The reusable envelope that may include a scannable tag can be scanned by a smartphone to access a data storage location through the internet where customizable video and audio greetings can be provided for viewing by a recipient of the reusable envelope and re-recording when the reusable envelope is to... Agent:

09/18/2014 > 75 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20140263605 - Automated information handling system component compatibility: An application running on portable information handling system automatically inventories the portable information handling system to identify one or more components that perform one or more functions based upon information embedded in a barcode. For example, a barcode affixed to an information handling system identifies the information handling system as... Agent: Dell Products L.p.

20140263613 - Board test system and method: A system includes a microprocessor that executes microcode designed to query all or some of the electronic circuits that are on a device under test. The results of the query are written to an RFID IC register. The RFID IC is queried by an interrogator to obtain test results.... Agent: Horse Sense Shoes, LLC

20140263610 - Cord and cable identification and tracking system: A system for identifying and tracking components, including but not limited to cords, cables and connectors, that are associated with an electronic device or apparatus or that are part of a “set.” Devices include TVs, DVD players, VCRs, DVRs, computers, printers, camera, and the like. A plurality of self-adhesive stickers... Agent:

20140263614 - Method and apparatus for preparing a diluted medicinal substance: Provided are a system and method for presenting information related to a drug dilution. A computer memory stores a drug database with a plurality of drug entries, each of which includes an identification and concentration of a drug stored in an originating container. A reader is operable to read a... Agent: Codonics, Inc.

20140263603 - Method and apparatus pertaining to use of both optical and electronic product codes: A control circuit accesses information regarding both scanned optical product codes as correspond to items being purchased in a given transaction as well as read electronic product codes as correspond to items being purchased in that same transaction. The control circuit then compares that information to identify discrepancies. An example... Agent: Wal-mart Stores, Inc.

20140263616 - Method of tele-transmitting information of a medical device and a medical device thereof: A method of tele-transmitting information of a medical device, a medical device thereof, a method of data reading and a data reading device are provided. By using the technical scheme of the present invention, the tele-transmission of the medical device information could be implemented without any modification of the medical... Agent: Bmc Medical Co., Ltd.

20140263615 - Money bill authentication and theft prevention system: An authentication system is provided. The authentication system may include an object, predetermined data, an encrypted barcode, an authentication device, a computer and a database. The database may include a plurality of associations between a random unique number and an object and predetermined data thereof. The encrypted barcode may include... Agent:

20140263608 - Point-of-sale token scanner and related methods: A scanning device provides illumination with a stand-by color in a stand-by mode and a user color upon approval of payment transactions.... Agent:

20140263607 - Scannable codes to display machine information: Disclosed embodiments include methods, systems and apparatus for providing power machine and/or implement information. In disclosed methods, which can be implemented using power machine controllers and display devices, information relating to the power machine or implement can be provided and instructional information can be accessed from a website or otherwise... Agent: Clark Equipment Company

20140263611 - System and method for managing a supply of breast milk: A system is disclosed for managing a supply of breast milk. In one form the system includes a codified container for receiving expressed breast milk. A computing device receives an image of the expressed milk in the codified container. The codification allows for software to recognize the size and type... Agent: Medela Holding Ag

20140263609 - System and method for providing information for a user of automated packaging machinery: The use of near field communication (NFC) data tags, or an alternative data tag, on or around automated packaging machines facilitates providing end users, or other personnel who work with such machines, with specific information about the machine and/or machine processes. The information can be specified by the machine manufacturer,... Agent:

20140263612 - System component installation: A computer-implemented method for installing a component within a system is described. In one embodiment, component information is identified via a component code on a component. User input is received that includes additional component information. A component associated with the component code is activated in a system based on the... Agent: Vivint, Inc.

20140263604 - System, method, proceedure and components for preparing an article for authentication and tracking: Persons and/or business entities (inquirers), interested in acquiring a BRANDED article, or availing themselves of a BRANDED service, upon seeing IDENTIFIER 110 with BRAND 120 of authenticator 54, as carried by the article or its packaging or associated with a service, are enabled to recognize that the BRAND SOURCE of... Agent: Valmarc Corporation

20140263606 - Valve identification system: A control system valve assembly includes a valve port, a valve stem in the valve port, and an actuator connectable to the valve stem and actuable to control a flow of hydraulic fluid through the valve port. A method for identifying and operating the control system valve assembly through an... Agent: Clark Equipment Company

20140263619 - Cassette for use with an automated banking machine that can receive power and communicate via magnetic induction: In an example embodiment, a document holding cassettes that can be used in an automated banking machine that includes circuitry that is wirelessly powered through inductive coupling. The cassette can wirelessly communicate with the automated banking machine through induction.... Agent:

20140263621 - Mobile subscriber device for financial transaction tokens: There is provided a mobile subscriber unit for a financial transaction token. The subscriber unit interfaces with a financial token or card that is in communication with the subscriber unit. The financial token or card has an onboard energy source so that the card token may operate away from proximity... Agent:

20140263620 - Picker for use with an automated banking machine: In an example embodiment, there is disclosed herein a picker that is operable to separate an individual sheet from a stack of sheets. The picker has a first rotatable picker member that includes a first high friction peripheral arcuate segment, where the first picker member is rotatable about an axis,... Agent:

20140263617 - Smart deposit: According to one embodiment, a method includes recognizing, at a deposit location, a deposit identifier. The method includes identifying, based on the deposit identifier and information stored in a memory, a planned deposit. The method includes detecting that the planned deposit has been delivered to a depository and determining, by... Agent: Bank Of American Corporation

20140263618 - Systems and methods for transferring funds using a wireless device: According to one embodiment, a method for performing a money withdrawal transaction includes transmitting a transaction identifier for use by an ATM. The method also includes receiving the transaction identifier from a mobile device of a user, where the mobile device obtains the transaction identifier by capturing machine readable code... Agent:

20140263625 - Method and apparatus for payment transactions: A contactless card reader system comprises the a contactless card reader for short range wireless communication with a payment device using a contactless card protocol. The reader also comprises a terminal for exchanging data with the payment device and with a remote server to perform a contactless card transaction. The... Agent: Mastercard International Incorporated

20140263626 - Methods and apparatus for providing and operating an enhanced payment display card with network support: Pursuant to some embodiments, methods and apparatus for providing and operating an enhanced payment display card with network support are provided.... Agent: Mastercard International Incorporated

20140263622 - Methods and systems for authenticating a transaction with the use of a portable electronic device: Methods and systems for secure transaction authentication. The card is read in a POS reader, data is sent to a remote server after being encrypted, a code is then sent from the remote server to a unique identifier provided as a proof of authentication, thereafter the code is provided to... Agent:

20140263627 - Multi-functional credit card type portable electronic device: An embodiment includes a credit card device capable of generating a programmed magnetic field of alternating polarity based on a speed of a card swipe, and methods for constructing the device for the purpose of emulating a standard credit card. An apparatus is described to allow said device to emulate... Agent: Virtual Electric Inc.

20140263624 - Radio frequency powered smart, debit, and credit card system employing a light sensor to enable authorized transactions: This invention provides an embedded light sensor in the card that controls whether the card can transmit card data when energized by an RF energy source. Certain smart, debit or credit cards energize internal component within the card when entering into certain RF energy fields. The use of a light... Agent:

20140263623 - Secure point of sale presentation of a barcode at an information handling system display: Unauthorized copying of a transaction barcode is prevented by including a sensed condition or other publicly-accessible data with the transaction barcode for use as a comparison with the publicly accessible data determined at a barcode reader. If the sensed condition included in the transaction barcode indicates that the transaction barcode... Agent: Dell Products L.p.

20140263628 - Method and apparatus for fuel island authorization for trucking industry using proximity sensors: A fuel authorization program based on equipping fuel station, fuel pumps, and vehicles with components to enable automatic fuel authorization for enrolled vehicles. The program includes fuel pumps including a pump transmitting sensor that automatically emits a pump ID. As a vehicle pulls in next to the pump a vehicle... Agent: Zonar Systems, Inc.

20140263629 - Method and apparatus for fuel island authorization for trucking industry using proximity sensors: A fuel authorization program based on equipping fuel station, fuel pumps, and vehicles with components to enable automatic fuel authorization for enrolled vehicles. The program includes fuel pumps including a pump transmitting sensor that automatically emits a pump ID. As a vehicle pulls in next to the pump a vehicle... Agent: Zonar Systems, Inc.

20140263630 - Systems and methods for processing a financial transaction: Systems and methods for processing a financial transaction are provided. A representative system of processing a financial transaction comprises a product dispensing device that encodes and outputs public transaction data related to a purchasable item. A portable computing device receives the public transaction data and encodes a payment data with... Agent:

20140263632 - Creating a virtual bar code from a physical bar code: In accordance with the present disclosure a portable computing device may scan a physical bar code, which may exist on some physical medium, such as paper, plastic, glass, etc. The physical bar code may be decoded to obtain decoded data, and the decoded data may subsequently be re-encoded to generate... Agent: The Code Corporation

20140263631 - Methods of mobile self-checkout shopping for produce items in a retail grocery store: A method is provided of operating a produce weighing scale having a weighing platform. The method comprises prompting a customer to scan a barcode containing barcode data which identifies the produce weighing scale, receiving the barcode data which identifies the produce weighing scale, and after the barcode data has been... Agent: Ncr Corporation

20140263636 - Discrepancy analysis of rfid reads to determine locations: According to an embodiment, a computer-implemented method of managing inventory includes receiving, at an antenna operatively coupled to a radio-frequency identification (RFID) reader, product identification information encoded in an RF signal transmitted by a plurality of RFID tags. Each of the RFID tags is associated with a respective one of... Agent: Wal-mart Stores, Inc.

20140263633 - Medical device tracking system and apparatus: A method for tracking medical devices and tools in a medical environment is disclosed. The method includes registering a plurality of radio frequency identification (RFID) tags with a plurality of medical tools, generating an item list comprising a set of medical tools, wirelessly sensing the RFID tags associated with an... Agent:

20140263635 - Orphaned product stray analysis using rfid: A computer-implemented method of managing inventory includes receiving, at an antenna operatively coupled to a radio-frequency identification (RFID) reader, product identification information encoded in an RF signal transmitted by a plurality of RFID tags. Each of the RFID tags is associated with a respective one of a plurality of products.... Agent: Wal-mart Stores, Inc.

20140263634 - Specimen reader employing optical and rfid scanning: A specimen reader receives a specimen rack that includes multiple rack slots that receive respective specimen holders. The specimen holders may include an RFID and barcode. The specimen reader includes multiple sensing regions that align with respective rack slots of the specimen rack. The specimen reader optically senses the presence... Agent:

20140263637 - System and method for decoding marks on a response sheet: A ballot tabulation device includes a scanner operable to obtain an image of at least a portion of a paper ballot that includes a voter response area. A processor applies a virtual template to the image to identify a center point for the voter response area. The virtual template comprises... Agent: Election Systems & Software, LLC

20140263638 - System and method for monitoring precinct-based ballot tabulation devices: A system for remotely monitoring a plurality of ballot tabulation devices is provided. The ballot tabulation devices are located at a plurality of polling locations, each of which is operable to process a plurality of marked paper ballots and maintain health status information for the device. The system includes a... Agent:

20140263639 - System and method for reporting election results: A system for reporting election results from a plurality of ballot tabulation devices to a central server is provided. Each ballot tabulation device is operable to generate a machine-readable code that encodes the election results for the ballot tabulation device and present the machine-readable code by either displaying the machine-readable... Agent: Election Systems & Software, LLC

20140263640 - Method and apparatus for cooking using coded information associated with food packaging: A cooking apparatus capable of reading or detecting coded information printed on or otherwise associated with food packaging is provided. Food packaging capable of being read or detected by a cooking apparatus is also provided. The cooking apparatus sets cooking time and cooking temperature as a result of reading or... Agent:

20140263641 - Method and information carrier for distributing and/or transmitting information: The invention relates to a method for distributing and/or transmitting information. An information carrier comprises a code, said code being read and processed by an addressable reading device. The reading device carries out a location determination which is triggered by the code, and an operation which is defined by the... Agent:

20140263642 - Color restoration for color space encoded image: Embodiments of the present disclosure can include devices for storing and exchanging color space encoded images. The encoded images can store input data into high capacity multi-colored composite two-dimensional pictures having different symbols organized in specific order using sets in a color space. The encoding can include performing two-level error... Agent: Pictech Management Limited

20140263643 - Method of operating contactless ic card reader, detection circuit of contactless ic card reader, contactless ic card reader and card system including the same: A method of operating a contactless integrated circuit (IC) card reader includes calculating a first transition time of at least one first magnetic pulse during a first transition interval and calculating a second transition time of a second magnetic pulse during a second transition interval. The first transition time is... Agent:

20140263644 - Apparatus for, and method of, electro-optically reading targets by enabling a customer to move a customer-operated accessory reader supported by a clerk-operated workstation of a checkout system: A checkout system includes a clerk-operated, bi-optical workstation through which products associated with targets having target data to be electro-optically captured are passed, and a customer-operated, accessory reader having an accessory window and a data capture assembly for capturing additional target data of additional targets associated with transaction-related items. The... Agent: Symbol Technologies, Inc.

20140263645 - Optical indicia reading apparatus with multiple image sensors: Optical indicia reading apparatus can comprise a microprocessor, a memory, and a plurality of wafer level camera (WLC) modules. Each WLC module can comprise an image sensor and a focusing lens, and optionally, an optical band-pass filter (BPF) configured to pass light waves within a pre-defined wavelength range. Each WLC... Agent:

20140263646 - Tamper resistant 3d magnetic stripe reader integrated circuit: Systems and methods for implementing and utilizing a tamper resistant 3D magnetic stripe reader integrated circuit in accordance with embodiments of the invention are disclosed. In one embodiment, a three-dimensional magnetic stripe reader integrated circuit (IC) includes at least one magnetic read sensor configured to generate a signal representative of... Agent: Magtek, Inc.

20140263647 - Magnetic card reader mounting system: One example of a magnetic card reader mounting system includes a card reader mounting system for attaching to a kiosk in which a tablet computer is housed. The card reader mounting system includes a swipe path accessory panel, a swipe path plate, and a reader head subassembly. The swipe path... Agent:

20140263648 - Assemblies, devices, and systems for wearable authentication: Some battery-powered devices, such as smartphones, can be unlocked with use of wearable NFC (Near Field Communication) authentication devices. However, using conventional NFC authentication procedures is expensive in terms of power consumption because of continual rediscovery and reauthentication of the wearable authentication device. To address this, the present inventors, devised,... Agent: Motorola Mobility LLC

20140263650 - Retro-reflective aircraft icing detection and notification: A method and system to enable a laser scanner to scan specially-located segments of retro-reflective tape. The tape segments are adhered to an external aircraft surface such as the underside of a high-wing aircraft or the upper-side of a low-wing aircraft. The tape segments can be located in patterns similar... Agent:

20140263649 - Visualization through imaging of machine-recognizable graphic: This invention relates primarily to a method and apparatus of visualization accomplished by utilizing an imaging device, whether as a dedicated apparatus or a standalone device such as a smartphone, or an imaging device connected to other devices such as to a personal computer with attached monitor. The imaging device... Agent:

20140263651 - Book using color space encoded image: Embodiments of the present disclosure can include systems, methods, and non-transitory computer program products for using color space encoded images to publish an entire book including text and images onto a single piece of paper, or onto few pieces of paper. In certain aspects, the present systems and methods allow... Agent:

20140263653 - Method for reading a barcode: Method for reading a barcode by means of an optical reader arranged to capture at a determined sampling frequency a series of partial images of the barcode by a sensor having at least one line of pixels. According to the invention it is provided to determine in each partial image... Agent: Em Microelectronic-marin Sa

20140263652 - System and method for partite optically readable code: A system and method for partite optically readable codes are provided. The method includes: scanning at least one component of the partite optically readable code, wherein the partite optically readable code comprises of at least two components; determining whether the remaining components of the partite optically readable code are accessible;... Agent:

20140263654 - System and method for conversion of fingerprint cards into digital format using machine readable code: A system and method for converting fingerprint cards into electronic files is provided having a computer system for inputting biographical information from each of the cards into memory of, or accessible by, the computer, and encoding the biographical information into a barcode which is printed by a printer on a... Agent:

20140263657 - Chip card inlay for contact-activated and contactlessly activated chip cards: Chip card inlay for contact-activated and contactlessly activated chip cards, having a planar substrate layer made of a non-conductive plastics material, on which an antenna having, at its end, planar conductive pads for attaching a chip is fastened, wherein the conductive pads are formed from a textile fabric having thread... Agent: Ses Rfid Solutions Gmbh

20140263655 - Rfid inlay incorporating a ground plane: An RFID inlay. The RFID inlay can include a substrate having a first area and a second area, a conductive structure having a first part disposed over at least a portion of the first area and a second part disposed over at least a portion of the second area, and... Agent: Avery Dennison Corporation

20140263658 - System and method for providing tangible medium with electromagnetic security marker: Mediums that include features that work together to create a medium that can be tracked, identified and authenticated efficiently and accurately. In addition, these features may be concealed to prevent or hinder potential copiers from copying or passing off a copy as an original. Further, these features may allow organizations... Agent: Laserlock Technologies Inc.

20140263656 - Transferable film including logic circuit, and methods for providing transferable film: A transferable film includes a carrier layer and an intermediate portion. The carrier layer is configured to receive one or more additional layers and to be releasable from the one or more additional layers temporally proximate to an application of the transferable film to an object. The intermediate portion includes... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc

20140263659 - Transponder with tamper protection: The invention relates to sewable tamper detection elements for radio frequency identification devices, and to radio frequency identification devices with such tamper detection elements. The devices can be sewn into a seam of a garment so that the tamper detection element is partially inside the garment, e.g. as part of... Agent: SmartracIPB.v.

20140263660 - Method and apparatus for transmitting multiple barcodes: A method and apparatus for transmitting bitstreams representing a plurality of barcodes includes an electronic device comprising a lighted display modulating a first light source of a first zone of a plurality of individually lighted zones of the lighted display to transmit a first bitstream representing data of a first... Agent: Motorola Mobility LLC

20140263664 - Electronic transaction card with stylus: An electronic transaction card for completing a transaction is provided, the card includes an integrated stylus that can be used to sign paper receipts. In some embodiments the stylus is constructed to have a metal alloy tip that leaves an indelible mark when abraded on paper and does not require... Agent: Mastercard International Incorporated

20140263662 - Optically scannable code antenna: An optically scannable code antenna is provided. Encoded matrix codes are printed with electrically conductive material on a substrate. An antenna pattern is generated on the substrate from the electrically conductive material. Enclosed information in the matrix code and accessible via the antenna pattern is provided. At least a portion... Agent: South Dakota School Of Mines & Technology

20140263661 - Rfid tag with reinforced structure: A RFID tag with reinforced structure is capable of reducing the chance of electrical disconnection between the silicon chip and the antenna, extending the life of the RFID tag, and improving the accuracy of reading the RFID tag. The RFID tag is provided with a base, a silicon chip, an... Agent: Claridy Solutions, Inc.

20140263663 - Smart card module arrangement: In various embodiments, a smart card module arrangement is provided. The smart card module arrangement includes a carrier, in which a depression is formed, a smart card module, which is arranged in the depression, and a smart card antenna. The smart card antenna can be coupled to the smart card... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20140263667 - Articles displaying two dimensional barcodes: An article displaying a two dimensional barcode is disclosed, the article including a metal piece with an exterior surface having one or more recesses, where the recessed metal is tarnished so that is contrasts with the than the exterior surface color and the one or more recesses are shaped, sized... Agent: Leon Mege Inc.

20140263671 - Broadcasting independent of network availability using color space encoded image: Embodiments of the present disclosure can include systems, methods, and non-transitory computer program products for using color space encoded images to perform image-based information broadcasting. In certain aspects, the information broadcasting can include using the encoded images to broadcast information to multiple devices within view of the encoded images. Embodiments... Agent:

20140263675 - Customizable greeting card, system, and method for providing same: Greeting cards, systems and methods for a greeting card system use a greeting card that can comprise at least one sheet of material, the sheet being foldable from a flat configuration into a self standing greeting card in which a folded print or print portion stands substantially upright from a... Agent:

20140263666 - Generating a decorative image bar code using filter patterns: A composite image is generated from a decorative image, a bar code, and one or more filter patterns. The composite image visually approximates the decorative image, yet the composite is machine-readable by a scanner capable of reading the original bar code, and the composite encodes the same data as the... Agent:

20140263668 - Information broadcast using color space encoded image: Embodiments of the present disclosure can include systems, methods, and non-transitory computer program products for using color space encoded images to perform image-based information broadcasting. In certain aspects, the information broadcasting can include using the encoded images to broadcast information to multiple devices within view of the encoded images. Embodiments... Agent:

20140263672 - Information exchange display using color space encoded image: Embodiments of the present invention include systems, methods, and non-transitory computer program products for information exchange using color space encoded images. A color space encoded image can be displayed, for example on media such as posters, billboards, or paper, or on a display of a first device such as smartphone... Agent:

20140263669 - Information exchange using color space encoded image: Embodiments of the present invention include systems, methods, and non-transitory computer program products for information exchange using color space encoded images. A color space encoded image can be displayed, for example on media such as posters, billboards, or paper, or on a display of a first device such as smartphone... Agent:

20140263670 - Information exchange using photo camera as display for color space encoded image: Embodiments of the present invention include systems, methods, and non-transitory computer program products for information exchange using color space encoded images. A color space encoded image can be displayed, for example on media such as posters, billboards, or paper, or on a display of a first device such as smartphone... Agent:

20140263676 - Method and apparatus for generating a barcode with a human readable interpretation, a printing apparatus, and a program: The present invention is an apparatus and method for generating a barcode with a human readable interpretation (HRI). The method includes receiving a data set comprising an application identifier and a data portion. The data set further includes a first special character before the application identifier and a second special... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140263674 - Systems, methods, and apparatus for integrating scannable codes in medical devices: Disclosed herein are apparatus, systems and methods for incorporating scannable codes into the physical structure of implants, components, parts, and surgical tools for use in various stages of the product life cycle, from patient imaging, conceptual product design, inventory management, manufacturing, shipping, surgical implantation and/or patient follow up.... Agent: Conformis, Inc.

20140263677 - Systems, methods, and apparatuses for associating flexible internet based information with physical objects: Systems, apparatuses and methods for associating flexible Internet based information with physical objects is described. An example system includes a database server configured to generate a tag responsive to receiving a request from a requesting device. The tag is encoded with a uniform resource locator. The database server is further... Agent:

20140263665 - Thermally-responsive record material: The invention describes a thermally-responsive record material substantially free of aromatic isocyanate. The record material comprises a support having provided thereon a heat-sensitive composition comprising a substantially colorless dye precursor comprising a fluoran; and a developer material selected from the group consisting of 4,4′-diaminodiphenylsulfone and 3,3′-diaminodiphenylsulfone, which upon being heated... Agent: Appleton Papers Inc.

20140263673 - Thermally-responsive record material: The invention describes an improved thermally-responsive record material substantially free of aromatic isocyanate yielding an image of high intensity and useful for bar codes. The record material comprises a support having provided thereon a heat-sensitive composition comprising a substantially colorless color former comprising a fluoran; and a developer material selected... Agent: Appvion, Inc.

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20140252079 - Analyzer with machine readable protocol prompting: An analysis system utilizes a reagent with a machine-readable label for performing a biological assay on a sample. A scanner reads the label, and generates a scanner signal in response to reading the label. A memory stores a plurality of protocols for the automation of one or more assays performed... Agent: Promega Corporation

20140252077 - Anti-counterfeiting system and method: In an anti-counterfeiting system and method, a set of identification codes are generated from data associated with units of a line of items. A manufacturer affixes machine readable forms of such identification codes to units of an item, and scans or reads the affixed identification codes before distribution of the... Agent:

20140252078 - Counterfeit protection and verification system and method: A system is provided comprising first and second parts that are brought together for each occasion the system is used. The first part comprises a label having a plurality of discrete magnetic portions arranged in a predetermined pattern unique to the first part, and the second part comprises a magnetic... Agent: Fenwal, Inc.

20140252081 - Method and apparatus for authenticating, tracking, and marketing products: A method and system for marketing products with digital codes that may be scanned by a cell phone to establish communications with a website including information about the product. The digital codes identify the unique product as well as the general class of similar products and this allows the website... Agent:

20140252080 - Method, apparatus and system for crowd sourced counterfeit detection and brand assurance: A method, system and device are provided that collect and provide information related to goods at retail sales locations. The goods may be or include consumer products, commodities, equipment, food, food products, agricultural supplies and agricultural products. A good may be associated with an identifier represented by a bar code... Agent: Hound Dog LLC

20140252085 - System for monitoring product quality in real time: A product quality monitoring system includes: an RFID tag which is attached to a first packing container in which a product is packed, and transmits atmospheric history information and an identifier for a product distribution history; a QR code which is attached to a second packing container and stores the... Agent: Korea Food Research Institute

20140252083 - System for providing advertisement information: A system for providing advertisement information is disclosed. The system includes a display device, at least one near field communication (NFC) antenna and a control for controlling the display device for displaying advertisement contents and NFC antenna for providing data related to the advertisement contents displayed on the display device.... Agent: Aq Corporation

20140252082 - Tube verifier: There is provided a tube connector for connecting between a fluid sampling tube and a fluid analyzer, the tube connector includes an end face adapted to identify the tube connector, said end face comprising a reflecting surface having one or more reflective regions adapted to reflect light at a predetermined... Agent: Oridion Medical (1987) Ltd.

20140252084 - Wireless enabled bags and containers: The present invention provides a process for incorporating a wireless device into a plastic container as part of the steps of manufacturing the container. The plastic container can be a flexible plastic bag and are formed of one or more sheets, generally two or more sheets of plastic film or... Agent: Emd Millipore Corporation

20140252086 - Compliance tracking: Inspection data is accessed, the inspection data including data related to an object of inspection, the object data having been scanned from a machine-readable label that is associated with the object and that uniquely identifies the object. The inspection data further includes identification data that uniquely identifies an individual, and... Agent:

20140252087 - System and method of loading a transaction card and processing repayment on a mobile device: The embodiments described herein provide in one aspect, a method of loading a transaction card account onto a mobile device, the mobile device comprising a memory and a contactless reader, the method comprising: reading, via the contactless reader, transaction card information from a physical contactless transaction card corresponding to the... Agent: Xromb Inc.

20140252088 - Consumable data management: The present invention relates to methods, devices and systems for associating consumable data with an assay consumable used in a biological assay. Provided are assay systems and associated consumables, wherein the assay system adjusts one or more steps of an assay protocol based on consumable data specific for that consumable.... Agent: Meso Scale Technologies, LLC.

20140252089 - Point of sale system, inventory system, and methods thereof: A point-of-sale system includes: a check-out terminal having a cash drawer; and a video terminal coupled to a rotating base. In an attended check-out terminal mode the video terminal is configured to be rotated on the rotating base to a first position such that a display screen of the video... Agent:

20140252090 - Point of sale system, inventory system, and methods thereof: A method for conducting a purchase transaction using a wireless communication device, includes: receiving from a mobile application module executing on a wireless communication device instructions to initiate a purchase transaction by a server application; verifying and authorizing the mobile application module by the server application; receiving from the mobile... Agent:

20140252091 - Apparatus and method for customized product data management: The invention is an electronic identification system that integrates with consumer purchased products for management of data in digital form by way of an interconnected computing system, network, and/or mobile device. The system utilizes a scanning system and coded labels that facilitate a uniform identification of goods within a sales... Agent: Business Expectations LLC

20140252092 - Indentifier eligibility: In various disclosed examples, an identifier is selected from a first set of identifiers, the selected identifier having a representation of at least two different characters. An indication of a difference between the representation of the selected identifier and representations of one or more identifiers from a second set of... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

20140252093 - Support and capsule for preparing a beverage by centrifugation, system and method for preparing a beverage by centrifugation: The invention relates to a code support (60a, 60b) adapted to be associated with or part of a capsule intended for delivering a beverage in a beverage producing device by centrifugation of the capsule. The support comprises a code formed by at least a first sequence of symbols and a... Agent:

20140252094 - Apparatus for and method of automatically integrating an auxiliary reader in a point-of-transaction system having a workstation reader: A checkout system for electro-optically reading targets includes a host, a workstation reader, and an auxiliary reader operatively connected to the workstation reader. The workstation reader captures data associated with the targets, and communicates its captured data with the host over a predetermined communications protocol. The auxiliary reader also captures... Agent: Symbol Technologies, Inc.

20140252095 - Long range rfid tag: A Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag according to one embodiment includes a radiating element lying primarily along a plane, a conductive loop lying along a plane oriented about perpendicular to the plane of the radiating element, and an integrated circuit coupled to the conductive loop.... Agent: Applied Wireless Identifications Group, Inc.

20140252096 - Barcoded indicators for quality management: A barcoded indicator operative to provide a machine-readable indication of exceedance of at least one threshold by at least one product quality affecting parameter, the barcoded indicator including a first barcode including a first plurality of barcode bars and at least a first colorable area, at least a second barcode... Agent: Varcode Ltd.

20140252097 - Customizing barcode images for particular displays: Techniques for ensuring maximum readability of barcodes displayed in pixel displays. The techniques use the characteristics of the pixel display to determine the form of the barcode in the pixel display. Determination of the form includes determining a size of the barcode which renders the barcode's elements easily readable by... Agent: Codebroker, LLC

20140252098 - Vehicles shock absorber: An optical based authentication device that is attachable to a security document having a substrate. The authentication device includes: a piezoelectric material layer for generating an electric field in response to mechanical stress; and an optically responsive layer directly attached to the piezoelectric material layer, the attached layers being absent... Agent:

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