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05/21/2015 > 17 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20150136846 - Creation and management of dynamic quick response (qr) codes: A quick response (QR) code change event configured to cause a processor to change encoding of a displayed dynamic QR code is detected. The dynamic QR code includes an encoded unique value associated with an item displayed in a retail environment. Encoding of the dynamic QR code is changed to... Agent:

20150136844 - Method and system for checking the presence and/or readability of an item of product information: The invention relates to a method for checking the presence and/or readability of an item of product information, in particular an item of packaging content information. An item of product information, in particular packaging content information, is applied to the product, in particular packaging, by using a printing device. A... Agent: Knauf Gips Kg

20150136845 - Process and system for the identification and tracking of products in a production line: The present invention is related to processes used to combat counterfeiting. To that end, there is provided an efficient process and system for the identification and tracking of products in a production line, thereby allowing the marketed products to be further tracked in an efficient and unambiguous manner. More particularly,... Agent:

20150136847 - System and method for reducing a processing time for a bank transaction: A system for reducing a processing time for a bank transaction is provided. The system includes a kiosk (102) which has (i) an input means (202) for receiving an information related to the bank transaction, (ii) a controller (204) which is configured to receive the information and generate a coded... Agent: Ncr Corporation

20150136848 - Systems and methods for authorizing access to facilities: Systems and methods are provided for authorizing access to facilities. In connection therewith, a first request comprising data indicative of a card number is received at a first node. When the first request comprises a request for access to a facility, a set of rules associated with the card number... Agent:

20150136849 - Device and method for writing a plurality of transponders: The present invention relates to a device and a method for writing a plurality of transponders. A rotatable member is designed to ensure a relative rotation between a load and a release device for packaging material. A reading device for reading object information during the rotation of the rotatable member... Agent:

20150136850 - Card medium processing device: A card medium processing may include a medium transfer unit to transfer the card medium along a transfer path; a motor to drive the medium transfer unit; a magnetic head installed in an area of the insertion slot, the magnetic head structured to detect the magnetic record carrier of the... Agent:

20150136851 - Testing automatic data collection devices, such as barcode, rfid and/or magnetic stripe readers: Automatic data collection devices such as barcode readers, RFID readers, magnetic stripe readers and the like may be tested using ADC device test executables, modules, or processes stored at a variety of network locations. One or more sets of tests or work lists may be defined to facilitate testing. Tests... Agent:

20150136852 - Encoding module, associated encoding element, connector, printer-encoder and access control system: An encoding module and related systems and components are provided. The encoding module includes a plurality of encoding elements arranged in an array of columns and rows and one or more switching elements configured to selectively connect the encoding elements to a reader. The connection of the encoding elements may... Agent:

20150136853 - Low-cost capacitive sensing decoder: A low-cost system comprising a pattern arranged to encode information and a decoder for decoding the information encoded in the pattern is described. In particular, the mechanism employs a capacitive sensing technique. Electrodes are arranged (or stimulated, during operation) to each generate an electric field, and sense disturbances on the... Agent: Analog Devices Technology

20150136854 - Encoded information reading terminal with replaceable imaging assembly: An encoded information reading (EIR) terminal can comprise a microprocessor communicatively coupled to a system bus, a memory, a communication interface, and a pluggable imaging assembly identified by a type identifier and configured to acquire an image comprising decodable indicia. The imaging assembly can comprise a two-dimensional image sensor configured... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20150136855 - Media processing device: A media processing device enables reading second media that do not bend easily from the device front with the same ease of use as processing first media that bend easily. The media processing device has a media conveyance path that guides first media inserted from a media insertion opening toward... Agent:

20150136856 - Card with metal layer and an antenna: In a smart card having an antenna structure and a metal layer, an insulator layer is formed between the antenna structure and the metal layer to compensate for the attenuation due to the metal layer. The thickness of the insulator layer affects the capacitive coupling between the antenna structure and... Agent:

20150136859 - Communication device: A communication device includes a radiator defining a duplex antenna of a first communication system whose carrier frequency is in a first frequency band and a second communication system whose carrier frequency is in a second frequency band overlapping the first frequency band, an antenna for the second communication system,... Agent:

20150136857 - Envelope detector circuit: An envelope detector circuit, suitable for use in RFID tags, includes a voltage doubler circuit and a biasing voltage generating circuit which comprises components matched respectively to rectifying components of the voltage doubler circuit. A rectifying component of this voltage doubler circuit is formed by a transistor controlled by the... Agent:

20150136860 - Surface sensor: The invention relates to a sensor for detection of properties and structures of an organic tissue and its surface, e.g., a fingerprint sensor comprising a chosen number of sensor electrodes at chosen positions for coupling to a finger tissue and its surface having a size less or comparable to the... Agent: Idex Asa

20150136858 - Transponder chip module with coupling frame on a common substrate for secure and non-secure smartcards and tags: A capacitive coupling enhanced (CCE) transponder chip module (TCM) comprises an RFID chip (CM, IC), optionally contact pads (CP), a module antenna (MA), and a coupling frame (CF), all on a common substrate or module tape (MT). The coupling frame (CF, 320A) may be in the form of a ring,... Agent:

05/14/2015 > 17 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20150129652 - Counting mechanism for a drug delivery device and drug delivery device: The present disclosure concerns a counting mechanism for a drug delivery device, comprising a first counting member comprising an interaction element, a second counting member comprising engagement elements that are configured to engage with the interaction element of the first counting member, and a separating member, wherein the first counting... Agent:

20150129655 - Clone-proof monetary and security documents and preparation thereof: The present invention relates to particulate based compositions for deposition on substrates, a system and method for the deposition of the said compositions for preparation of a clone-proof monetary and/or security documents. The said composition is applied as an identifier at predetermined location on the substrate. The magneto-optical signal from... Agent: Bilcare Limited

20150129656 - Creating a virtual bar code from a physical bar code: In accordance with the present disclosure a portable computing device may capture an image of a physical bar code, which may exist on some physical medium, such as paper, plastic, glass, etc. The physical bar code may be decoded to obtain decoded data, and the decoded data may subsequently be... Agent:

20150129653 - Method and apparatus for providing interoperability between flat and interactive digital forms using machine-readable codes: A computer implemented method and apparatus for providing interoperability between flat and interactive digital forms using machine-readable codes including accessing an interactive form document, extracting page dimensions for at least one page of the interactive form document, extracting a plurality of form field properties for at least one form field... Agent: Adobe Systems Incorporated

20150129654 - Notification system based on intelligent mail barcodes: An approach is provided to notify an addressee of postal mail. The approach is performed by reading an enhanced intelligent mail barcode affixed to the postal mail. The enhanced intelligent mail barcode identifies a contents of the postal mail. The approach further retrieves an electronic contact address that corresponds to... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150129657 - System and method for controlling locks: A system and method for opening locks, primarily door locks like the locks on hotel room doors using a handheld mobile device and a QR code. A mobile user can be provided with a QR code either via email or from a mobile phone application (App.). The QRC will be... Agent:

20150129658 - Method for decoding matrix-type two-dimensional code: The application provides a decoding method for a matrix two-dimensional code, wherein a matrix two-dimensional code image to be decoded is a code array of jointed matrix two-dimensional code symbols, formed by multiple identical unit code patterns; an image obtained by scanning does not need to include a complete unit... Agent:

20150129659 - Laser scanning modules embodying silicone scan element with torsional hinges: A laser scanning module employs a scan mirror and magnet rotor subassembly supported by a stationary stator structure. The scan mirror and magnet rotor subassembly includes: a silicone frame having a pair of silicone torsional hinges (i.e. posts) aligned along a scan axis and a supported by a pair of... Agent:

20150129663 - Can: A can contains an electrically conductive body and a closure region being delimited by a predetermined breaking edge on an end wall. The can has an opening element that lies in a planar fashion in its home position against the end wall and is connected to the end wall at... Agent:

20150129662 - Chip card device and method for manufacture thereof: A chip card device including a card-like carrier having received therein a semiconductor substrate in the form of a chip, the semiconductor substrate including at least a memory element and is provided with contact surfaces which are accessible on the surface of the card-like carrier to enable reading of the... Agent:

20150129665 - Connection bridges for dual interface transponder chip modules: Connection bridges (CBR) for dual-interface transponder chip modules (TCM) 200 may have an area which is substantially equal to or greater than an area of a contact pad (CP) of a contact pad array (CPA). A given connection bridge may be L-shaped and may comprise (i) a first portion disposed... Agent:

20150129664 - Implantable rfid tag: Disclosed herein are systems and methods for an implantable device comprising a ferromagnetic mass at least partially disposed near a coil, said coil formed of electrically conducting material and having electrical leads, a resonator circuit coupled to the leads and operable to resonate on application of energy from said leads.... Agent:

20150129668 - Integrated antenna for rfic package applications: A chip package includes a set of layers including conductive planes connected by vias. A first portion has at least one antenna, antenna ground plane, and first grounded vias. A second portion has a conductive plane parallel to the ground plane that forms an interface for connecting to at least... Agent:

20150129660 - Method and apparatus for retaining an electronic tag on a downhole tool: A trackable downhole tool includes a tool body having a tag mortise formed therein. The tag mortise has a female dovetail profile. An encapsulated electronic tag is retained in the mortise. The encapsulated electronic tag includes an electronic tag embedded in an encapsulation body. The electronic tag contains or is... Agent: National Oilwell Varco, L.p.

20150129667 - Printed antennas, methods of printing an antenna, and devices including the printed antenna: Wireless devices such as sensors, interactive displays and electronic article surveillance (EAS) and/or radio frequency identification (RFID) tags including integrated circuitry and an antenna and/or inductor printed thereon, and methods for making and using the same, are disclosed. The device generally includes an integrated circuit on a substrate and an... Agent: Thin Film Electronics Asa

20150129666 - Radio frequency identification tag with hardened memory system: In embodiments of the present invention improved capabilities are described for RFID tags with hardened memory, where the memory comprises a plurality of one time programmable (OTP) non-volatile memory locations for storing data, wherein the plurality of OTP non-volatile memory locations are configured to emulate a hardened memory system that... Agent:

20150129661 - Smart card and method of production: The present invention relates to a smart card comprising a card body and an electronic module placed within a recess of the card body and further comprising at least one coloured layer placed between the electronic module and the bottom of the recess of the card body.... Agent: Gemalto Sa

05/07/2015 > 21 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20150122879 - Information communication method and information communication apparatus: According to one embodiment of the present disclosure, a portable terminal obtains an address for accessing a server from a signage terminal. The portable terminal generates a card for displaying a message in the signage terminal. The portable terminal transmits the card to the server. The signage terminal displays the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150122880 - System and method for improved quality management in a product logistic chain: A quality management system for products including a multiplicity of product unit specific indicators, each operative to provide a machine-readable indication of exceedence of at least one threshold by at least one product quality determining parameter, an indicator reader operative to read the product unit specific indicators and to provide... Agent:

20150122878 - Using tracer technology to identify production details: The present invention is a method of tagging resin product such that it can be identified. The method involves adding a series of tracer elements to a resin in specific amounts. The relative amounts of one or more of such tracer elements for each desired unit of production are varied,... Agent: Dow Global Technologies LLC

20150122882 - Check processing method, check processing program medium, and check processing apparatus: Check processing involves detecting a check; scanning a back of the check having no printed authorization data to capture a back image; scanning a front of the check to capture a front image; reading magnetic ink characters on the front of the check; generating authorization data indicating that the check... Agent:

20150122881 - Financial server, ic card terminal, and financial information processing method: A system capable of charging up electronic money cards using a credit card is provided. A PIN is authenticated between a card terminal and the credit card. The card terminal transmits to a credit company server an authentication result, amount information indicating an amount with which to charge up, and... Agent:

20150122883 - Protective case for portable electronic device: Protective enclosures for portable electronic devices incorporating one or more memory tags, such as NFC memory tags, capable of being read by an electronic reading device, such as an NFC device, are disclosed. The memory tags may be pre-programmed or programmable to contain one or more readable items of identification... Agent:

20150122884 - Non-contact communication module and card reader: A non-contact communication module may include a substrate including an antenna including an antenna coil placed annularly in the substrate, and a ground pattern for grounding formed in the substrate; an antenna-side land that is formed on an external surface of the substrate, and is electrically connected to the antenna;... Agent:

20150122886 - Antenna array with asymmetric elements: An RFID reader is provided that includes an antenna array comprising multiple antenna elements circumferentially distributed around a longitudinal axis of the antenna array. Each antenna element includes multiple patch elements disposed above one or more underlying substrates, wherein the patch elements of each antenna element are disposed on an... Agent: Symbol Technologies, Inc.

20150122885 - Contactless smartcard bezel: A multi media payment device includes a banknote acceptor and a RF card reader, and also may include a magnetic card reader. A bezel assembly for connection to the bill acceptor preferably includes a reader unit to read magnetic swipe cards and contactless chip cards.... Agent: Mei, Inc.

20150122887 - Rfid reader having an array of antennas: An RFID reader for tracking a plurality of RFID tags, the RFID reader comprising an array of multilayer antennas each multilayer antenna comprising a first coil and a second coil, the first coil being superimposed above the second coil; and an electronics unit configured to transmit a signal to and... Agent: Cryogatt Systems Limited

20150122888 - Check processing device: Swinging open the upstream-side cover part (31) and downstream-side cover part (32) of the check scanning apparatus (1) on a common support pivot (33) opens a U-shaped check transportation path (5). The check transportation path (5) can be opened with a simple single-action operation to remove checks (4) jammed in... Agent:

20150122889 - Security feature: According to one example, there is provided a method of generating a security feature that encodes data. The method comprises obtaining an n-bit code of data to encode, generating an arrangement of dots, designating a first portion of the dots as reference dots and a second portion of the dots... Agent:

20150122890 - Data reading system and method for multi-view imaging using an adjustable mirror: An automated checkout system for data reading, and related methods of use, the checkout system including a portal scanner and a conveyor for transporting items, the portal scanner housing a data reader with a view volume directed at a steerable mirror. In one example, the steerable mirror moves between various... Agent:

20150122891 - Ic tag: The disclosure prevents, with improved reliability, an IC tag from being broken, while ensuring overall flexibility of the IC tag. The IC tag 100 is provided with a covering 140 made of an elastic material, which covers at least the side of the IC tag 100 on which an IC... Agent:

20150122892 - Radio frequency identification tag: A radio frequency identification tag comprises a chip; a circuit antenna connected to the chip; and a substrate having a front side carrying the chip and the circuit antenna and formed with a scribing portion, wherein the scribing portion overlaps at least one part of the circuit antenna when viewed... Agent:

20150122898 - Integrated circuits with persistent data storage: The circuitry introduced in this invention selectively slows down the functioning of an electronic circuit maintaining a particular state for a prolonged period of time. This circuitry is used not only to achieve the desired effect in maintaining security from electronic thieves trying to circumvent codes but also in other... Agent:

20150122894 - Marking object: A marking object having at least one object blank (3) and held by an object carrier (2), the object blank (3) being markable by a marking apparatus (7). To configure the marking objects such that the known drawbacks are eliminated, the object carrier (2) has at least one identification means... Agent: Phoenix Contact Gmbh & Co. Kg

20150122897 - Rfid devices using metamaterial antennas: A radio frequency identifier (RFID) tag can comprise an RFID chip, an antenna provided by a patch cell stack; and a feed line electrically coupling the RFID chip to the antenna. An equivalent circuit for the patch cell stack can comprise at least one inductance group comprising at least two... Agent:

20150122893 - Smart device programmable electronic luggage tag: A programmable luggage tag has a rigid, flat case containing a bistable visual display assembly, a BLE, NFC or other comparable short range, radio receiver and a processor configured to convert short range radio image control signals detected by the receiver into commands to modify the image on the display.... Agent:

20150122895 - Transponder patches: Transponder patch devices are disclosed which include at least one protective layer, a host-contacting layer having an adhesive disposed on a first surface of the at least one protective layer, and at least one padding layer disposed between the at least one protective layer and the host-contacting layer, wherein the... Agent:

20150122896 - Wireless ic device: A wireless IC device includes a wireless IC chip arranged to process a radio signal, a power-supply circuit board that is connected to the wireless IC chip and that includes a power supply circuit including at least one coil pattern, and a radiation plate arranged to radiate a transmission signal... Agent:

04/30/2015 > 19 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20150115025 - System and method of monitoring a region: A system which provides wireless downloaded information from fixed ambient condition detectors in one or more regions of interest includes a server to which the detectors transmit information pertaining to sensed ambient conditions. Members of a plurality of code elements, with each code element being associated with a respective detector,... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20150115026 - Fluid movement tracking system, especially suitable for water and crude oil produced in connection with oil and gas well operations: A fluid movement tracking system, enabling tracking of fluids moved between a pickup location and a disposal location by tank truck, utilizes identifiers, typically Quick Response or “QR” codes, mounted on fluid containers (commonly tanks) to provide information about fluid type, container capacity and location, etc. The QR codes are... Agent:

20150115027 - Automated banking machine that operates responsive to data bearing records: An automated banking machine operates to cause financial transfers responsive to data read from data bearing records. A card actuated automated banking machine may accept checks and dispense cash to users. The banking machine is operated to acquire image and magnetic data from deposited checks to determine the genuineness of... Agent:

20150115028 - Transit fare collection system: A method and apparatus for collecting transit fares is disclosed. The method implements databases contained within a central database that receive data indicating value. Detectable objects are associated with an identifier, which is then associated with one of the databases. Each identifier stores available fare value data in a database.... Agent:

20150115029 - Item storage and tracking cabinet and arrangement: An item storage and tracking unit for holding a plurality of discrete items may include a housing including a plurality of receptacles positioned therein and defining a plurality of associated inner areas. A signal emitting device is associated with at least one item and configured to emit a signal. At... Agent: Mobile Aspects, Inc.

20150115030 - Radio frequency antenna carried on a smart card: A smart card apparatus and related systems are presented here. The smart card apparatus includes a dielectric substrate forming a card body, a card circuit module carried by the dielectric substrate, and a radio frequency (RF) antenna arrangement carried by the dielectric substrate. The RF antenna arrangement is physically and... Agent:

20150115031 - Card reader and control method therefor: A card reader for use with a card having magnetic data recorded thereon may include a magnetic head for carrying out at least one of reading the magnetic data recorded in the card and recording the magnetic data into the card; a card insertion part where an insertion slot for... Agent:

20150115032 - Decoding dpm indicia with polarized illumination: A method of decoding a Direct Part Marking (DPM) indicia. The method includes: (1) generating a polarized illumination light; (2) illuminating the DPM indicia with the polarized illumination; (3) detecting light scattered from the DPM indicia through a linear polarizer with an imaging sensor while the DPM indicia is illuminated... Agent: Symbol Technologies, Inc.

20150115033 - Optical code scanner with a high dispersion optical lens: An optical code scanner is presented that includes image capture technology to scan optical codes. The image capture technology uses a fixed aperture, a fixed standard optical lens, a fixed high dispersion optical lens and at least one illumination device that generates different colors of light. Together, these elements increase... Agent: Ncr Corporation

20150115034 - Diffuse bright field illumination system for a barcode reader: One aspect of the present disclosure is related to a barcode reader that includes a bright field illumination system, a dark field illumination system, and an additional illumination system that is better able to illuminate an area of the reader's field of view between the far zone (where bright field... Agent:

20150115035 - Hybrid system and method for reading indicia: An indicia-reading system is provided that incorporates a hybrid approach to decoding indicia such as barcodes. An indicia-capturing subsystem acquires information about indicia within the indicia-capturing subsystem's field of view. An indicia-decoding module decodes indicia information acquired by the indicia-capturing subsystem. The indicia-decoding module includes a primary, basic signal processor... Agent:

20150115036 - Illumination system: Implementations of an apparatus including a housing having therein at least one light source, the at least one light source oriented to direct light out one side of the housing, and an arc-shaped reflector connected to the housing, the arc-shaped reflector having a reflecting surface optically coupled to the at... Agent:

20150115037 - Protective case for a portable computing device: A protective case for a portable computing device may include a rigid component comprising an upper surface and a cavity therein for receiving a portable computing device. The protective case may also include a cover having a surface area that is larger than the area of the upper surface that... Agent: The Code Corporation

20150115039 - Multi-metal layered card: A metal transaction card is provided having a metal core layer with metal cladding layers connected thereto on opposing sides thereof. The metal core layer may have a density and/or thickness that is significantly greater than the density and/or thickness of the metal cladding layers. The density of the metal... Agent: Cpi Card Group - Colorado, Inc.

20150115040 - Non-transferable radio frequency identification label or tag: A Non-transferable Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) assembly for attachment to an article comprises a RFID module; and a antenna module coupled with the RFID module, the antenna module comprising a conductive layer, a substrate, and an adhesive modification layer between the conductive layer and the substrate, the adhesive modification layer... Agent:

20150115038 - Transponder layer and method for the production thereof: The invention relates to a transponder layer (10), in particular for producing a chip card, having an antenna substrate (12), which, on an antenna side (11), is equipped with an antenna (14) formed from a wire conductor (13), and has a chip accommodation which is formed by a recess in... Agent: SmartracIPB.v.

20150115042 - Contactless information medium, bobbin member for contactless information medium, body member for contactless information medium, and method for producing contactless information medium: A contactless information medium includes: a body forming an outer shape of the contactless information medium; an IC chip housed in the body; a coil antenna which is formed of a string of conductive wire, both ends of the conductive wire being connected to the IC chip, and which includes... Agent: Nhk Spring Co., Ltd.

20150115043 - Rfid switch tag: Various embodiments of RFID switch devices are disclosed herein. Such RFID switch devices advantageously enable manual activation/deactivation of the RF module. The RFID switch device may include a RF module with an integrated circuit adapted to ohmically connect to a substantially coplanar conductive trace pattern, as well as booster antenna... Agent:

20150115041 - Self-power generation rfid tag: Disclosed in the present invention is a self-power generation radio frequency identification (RFID) tag, which comprises an identifier in which a first coil and a magnetic power generation bar are arranged, wherein the first coil is movably arranged in the identifier, and the magnetic power generation bar is arranged in... Agent: Tianjin Orient Navigation Science Develope Ltd,.

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