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02/05/2015 > 16 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20150034713 - Bar code reader for a medical device: A bar code reader (2) for a medical device (3) is configured to be attached to a central communication device (1) to which at least one medical device (3) is attachable. The bar code reader (2) comprises a bar code scanning device (21) for scanning a bar code (4), a... Agent: Fresenius Kabi Deutschland Gmbh

20150034714 - Feeder management system of component mounting apparatus: A tape feeder is configured such that plural tape suppliers guiding plural component supply tapes to a component pick-up position are individually and detachably mounted on plural slots of the feeder body. A read component ID from a code label of a tape reel is input into a feeder management... Agent: Fuji Machine Mfg. Co., Ltd

20150034715 - Print tape and tape printer: A reverse surface of a print tape includes a reference portion and a reference portion. The reference portion is configured to identify a position of a print area. The non-reference portion includes a plurality of through holes. The reference portion includes a barcode that includes a first mark and a... Agent: Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20150034716 - Method for verifying documents and device implementing such a method: This invention relates to a method used by an authorised user for the verification of a document having electronic verification means, The method comprises the various steps consisting in:—reading, with electronic reading equipment with which the authorised user is equipped, of information stored in the electronic verification means of the... Agent: Gemalto Sa

20150034717 - Method of and system for authenticating a user to operate an electrical device: A user is authenticated to operate an electrical device in a network, by encoding an identification symbol with identification data that identifies the user, and by encoding a composite symbol with the identification data and with operating data that enables the electrical device to be operated. The composite symbol is... Agent:

20150034718 - Access control reader enabling remote applications: A system and method for enabling users to run remote applications on access control readers located throughout office buildings. A system administrator creates different remote applications groups such as admin, engineer or cardholder and then assigns users to one of the remote application groups. Users are then able to run... Agent:

20150034719 - System, method and apparatus for linking electronic shelf label with product: An electronic shelf label system comprises an access point having a first communication module, wherein the first communication module transmits downlink data and receives uplink data wirelessly in a first frequency; a plurality of electronic shelf labels, each having a second communication module, wherein the second communication module receives the... Agent: M&#xb2 Communication, Inc.

20150034721 - File storage device: A file storage device stores files with radio frequency identification (RFID) tag attached. The file storage device includes a plurality of antennas and a circuit board. A plurality of interval boards are mounted in series, file-holding slots are therefore created between the interval boards. The antennas, connected to the circuit... Agent:

20150034720 - Method and system for specialized handling of packages: Methods and systems for providing information relating to specialized handling of a package, and articles contained within the package. Data relating to a package containing an article that requires specialized handling is associated with a unique identifier and stored in a database. The unique identifier is also included in a... Agent:

20150034722 - Rangefinder having digital camera and digital display and digital rangefinder game: A digital rangefinder system indicates to a user a projectile trajectory to a target. The digital rangefinder system comprises a computing element, digital display, a memory, a range sensor, a tilt sensor in a housing. Embodiments include a digital camera, a high-resolution digital display, and GPS. Embodiments may comprise mobile... Agent: Evrio, Inc.

20150034723 - Information recording media, information reproduction apparatus, and information reproducing method: A motion picture is captured while a focal position is changed in a predetermined reproduction layer of a recording medium, the resolutions of a plurality of still images acquired by the capturing of the motion picture are checked using check patterns, which are recorded at a predetermined frequency, of the... Agent: Hitachi Media Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150034724 - Apparatus for and method of electro-optically reading a selected target by image capture from a picklist of targets: A selected target from a picklist having a plurality of targets is electro-optically read, by image capture, over a range of working distances, by capturing an image of the picklist in the range over an imaging field of view, by storing coordinates of a trajectory of an aiming light pattern... Agent: Symbol Technologies, Inc.

20150034725 - Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and computer program product: According to an embodiment, an information processing apparatus includes an acquisition unit, a detection unit, an extraction unit, and a reading unit. The acquisition unit is configured to acquire an input image including a marker having a position detection pattern. The detection unit is configured to detect the position detection... Agent:

20150034726 - Remote management of a barcode reader: A computer includes an application that expects to receive data via a unidirectional communication interface. The computer also includes a background service having a first thread and a second thread. The computer additionally includes device management client software. A barcode reader scans one or more barcodes to generate scanned data.... Agent:

20150034727 - 13.56 mhz enhancement circuit for smartcard controller: An RFID card includes a smartcard controller that receives power from a host device. The RFID card also includes a small inductive device capable of inductive coupling with an RFID reader. The small inductive device is small enough to fit in the form factor of a memory card or SIM... Agent:

20150034728 - 13.56 mhz enhancement circuit for smartmx smartcard controller: An RFID card includes a smartcard controller that receives power from a host device. The RFID card also includes a small inductive device capable of inductive coupling with an RFID reader. The small inductive device is small enough to fit in the form factor of a memory card or SIM... Agent:

01/29/2015 > 18 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20150028094 - Integrated sublimation transfer printing apparatus: A safe, integrated dye sublimation transfer printer apparatus is disclosed. The apparatus is configured to print one or more images onto transfer media, then align the transfer media onto a substrate. A selected product to receive the sublimated image is positioned on top of the transfer media, and one or... Agent:

20150028096 - Lighting apparatus, lighting system and method of registering lighting apparatus: Disclosed are a lighting apparatus, a lighting system and a method of registering a lighting apparatus to easily and conveniently register the lighting apparatus. The lighting system includes a lighting apparatus in which identification information to identify a unique address is recorded on an outer surface of a body of... Agent:

20150028095 - Physical distribution management system and physical distribution management method: A physical distribution management system includes an information write unit that writes, on an information recording medium attached to a conveyance container input to a conveyance unit, a size of the conveyance container; a size detection unit that detects the size of the conveyance container input to the conveyance unit;... Agent: Ricoh Company, Limited

20150028097 - Sensor strip cartridge, and biometric information measuring method and apparatus using the same: A sensor strip cartridge and a biometric information measuring method and apparatus using the same are provided. The biometric information measuring apparatus includes a cartridge accommodator configured to accommodate a sensor strip cartridge including at least one sensor strip, a cartridge information reader configured to read cartridge information about the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150028098 - System and method for tracking a moving element in a conveyor system: A system for tracking position and identification of a moving element on a conveyor system having a track, the system including: a machine readable medium provided to one of the moving element or the track, wherein the machine readable medium is configured with at least two channels with a predetermined... Agent:

20150028100 - Infant formula tracking system and method: There is described herein a system and method for tracking an infant formula product. Coded data representative of a unique identity of the formula product is attached thereto and read to allow inventory control and track the allocation of the infant formula product to a user. For instance, safety mechanisms... Agent:

20150028099 - Systems and methods for barcode-based gift card exchange: Various of the disclosed embodiments consider systems and methods for the sender of a printed or electronic greeting card to attach one or more virtual or electronic gift cards to that printed or electronic greeting card, so that the recipient of the greeting card can subsequently retrieve and redeem the... Agent: Gyft, Inc.

20150028101 - Drive-over stand and antenna assembly: A drive over stand for a TAG reader has a lead-on ramped surface and an exit-off ramped surface aligned and operative to intercept and engage the vehicle tire as the vehicle tire traverses over the upper surface of the stand. One or more pockets are disposed within the stand base,... Agent: The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

20150028102 - Indicia reading terminal with color frame processing: An indicia reading terminal can comprise an image sensor integrated circuit having a two-dimensional image sensor, a hand held housing encapsulating the two-dimensional image sensor, and an imaging lens configured to focus an image of a target decodable indicia onto the two-dimensional image sensor. The two-dimensional image sensor can include... Agent:

20150028103 - Code symbol reading system having adjustable object detection: A code symbol reading system is provided. The code symbol reading system has an object detection subsystem that can be configured to detect only those objects that are positioned at a specified distance from the system. The object-detection subsystem thereby initiates the scanning process only when an object is detected... Agent: Hand Held Products, Inc.

20150028104 - Industrial design for consumer device based scanning and mobility: A data entry and scanning apparatus that includes a commercially available mobile device wherein said commercially available mobile device with a touch screen display, a processor, and a wireless communications network access point, a scanning device, an interface, and a power source that external to the commercially available mobile device... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20150028105 - Optical component and image capturing device using same: An optical component includes a substrate and two optical lenses, and the substrate and the two optical lenses are an integrated and inseparable structure. A groove that can accommodate a required collimating optical element is provided on the substrate, or a collimating optical element and the substrate are integrated. Because... Agent:

20150028107 - Contactless data transmission device, security and/or valuable document including the same and method for manufacturing the contactless data transmission device: This present invention serves to simplify manufacture of a contactless data transmission device (50). This device (50) has an electrically insulating carrier (1), a circuit element arranged on the carrier (1) made from a continuous antenna conductor track (2) in the form of at least one spiral winding (4, 5,... Agent: Bundesdruckerei Gmbh

20150028106 - Method of manufacturing a smart card: A method of manufacturing a smart card (20) embedded with an integrated circuit module (28) and an antenna coil (8) includes step (a), embedding an antenna coil (8) on a core sheet (6), (b), laminating the core sheet (6) with a number of outer sheets (10, 12, 14, 16) to... Agent:

20150028108 - Double loop inductor rfid: An apparatus and method for coupling a radio frequency identification (RFID) integrated circuit (IC) with a dual loop coil formed on a lead frame. In one embodiment, the lead frame is encapsulated in an IC package.... Agent:

20150028109 - Orientation identification label, reagent container carrier structure, analyzer device and reader module: A reagent container carrier structure for holding at least one reagent container, wherein the carrier structure has thereon an RFID assembly and an optically detectable definition pattern defining an orientation of the carrier structure, is disclosed. The reagent container carrier structure may have an orientation identification label that has a... Agent:

20150028111 - Coded information bearing identification tags for cables: A information bearing device into which several wires or a cable can be disposed, for the display of QR code information pertaining to the wires or cable. The device includes a first indicia bearing engaging portion and a second receiving portion for mounting the device on a wire(s) or cable.... Agent:

20150028110 - Container with a data matrix disposed thereon: An article, for example, a container, having an outer surface, at least a portion of Which is curved, and a data matrix disposed on the curved portion of the outer surface that is optically-readable to provide information associated with the article. The data matrix comprises a plurality of optically-readable elements,... Agent: Owens-brockway Glass Container Inc.

01/22/2015 > 18 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20150021388 - Barcode to magnetic media converter: Embodiments of the invention provide systems and methods for converting barcode media to magnetic media. In one aspect, a method for converting a barcode media into a magnetic stripe media is provided. The method includes reading data encoded on a barcode media. The data includes information indicative of a transit... Agent:

20150021387 - Contact card recognition system and recognition method using a touch screen: A contact card recognition system and a recognition method using a touch screen, and to a contact card used in a contact card recognition system.... Agent:

20150021391 - Industrial automation system using barcode data access: An industrial automation system includes automation components, such as a motor drive, configured to provide signals to perform automation operations, such as driving an electric motor. A barcode is disposed on an industrial automation component is configured to be scanned by a user device to provide the user device with... Agent:

20150021390 - Key verification of replaceable fuel cartridges: Verifying authenticity of a hydrogen fuel canister by utilizing at least one unique identifier element (UIE) associated with a fuel canister; inputting the UIE into a communication device; querying a database with said communication device to determine a value for the UIE; placing a hole matrix on a canister into... Agent:

20150021389 - Vehicle tolling system with occupancy detection: A system is disclosed for assessing roadway toll charges based on vehicle occupancy level based on occupants each having an electronic fob with a unique indentifier. The system includes: a vehicle-mounted RFID fob reader; a plurality of RFID fobs; an RFID toll tag associated with the vehicle; an RFID toll... Agent:

20150021392 - System for providing identification and information, and for scheduling alerts: A device and system for providing identification and medical information are disclosed. The device includes a readable code that contains medical biographical information of the subject, a programmable reporter element that is programmed to electronically store at least one particular event relating to the subject, and a signal producing element... Agent:

20150021393 - Currency keeper: An electronic safe which incorporates consumer programmable buttons, along with an on-board central processing unit.... Agent: The Gilbertson Group, Inc.

20150021394 - Scope cap: A scope cap includes memory storage for recording and recalling bullet drop compensation data and a visual display. A protective lid pivotably attaches to the scope cap by a hinge to protect the scope cap. The protective lid includes a flange to manually pivot the protective lid about the hinge.... Agent:

20150021395 - Thin mount rfid tagging systems: Present embodiments of the disclosure are directed to a tag, such as an RFID tag, a system including the RFID tag and techniques for installing the RFID tag onto the surface of a tool. The RFID tag is coupled to an outer surface of a tool via an adhesive and/or... Agent:

20150021396 - Low profile illumination for direct part mark readers: An industrial reader is provided with an image formation system that is particularly adapted to read bar codes and two-dimensional symbols marked directly on objects. The image formation system includes illumination sources and illumination transmissive components that produce a combination of bright field and dark field illumination.... Agent:

20150021397 - System and method for selectively reading code symbols: A system for selectively reading code symbols includes a code-symbol-capturing subsystem for acquiring information about code symbols within the code-symbol-capturing subsystem's field of view. The system also includes a code-symbol-decoding processor that detects a marked region of interest within the code-symbol-capturing subsystem's field of view. After initialization, the code-symbol-decoding processor... Agent:

20150021398 - System and method for implementing network communication for a bar code scanner: A scanning system and method are disclosed which may include a bar code scanner module incorporated within a housing; and a wireless network transceiver coupled to the bar code scanner module and operable to communicate with at least one other communication device, the bar code scanner and the transceiver forming... Agent:

20150021399 - Compact aiming light assembly and imaging module for, and method of, generating an aiming light spot with increased brightness and uniformity from a light-emitting diode over an extended working distance range in an imaging reader: An aiming light assembly generates an aiming light spot with increased brightness and uniformity over a range of working distances in which targets are electro-optically read by image capture. The assembly includes a light emitting diode (LED) for emitting an aiming light beam, a field stop through which the aiming... Agent:

20150021400 - Barcode reader having multiple illumination systems and multiple sets of imaging optics: A barcode reader comprises a first lens assembly with a first field of view and a first optical path for first illumination from the first field of view to project to a first image sensor section. The barcode reader further comprises a second lens assembly with a second field of... Agent: The Code Corporation

20150021401 - Erasable barcode: The Erasable Barcode prevents the sale of products by invalidating the barcode. The invalidation can be based on shelf life, or improper temperature maintenance. The invalidation is also visible to humans so that the consumer knows if the exposure occurs after purchase. Activation brings liquid from the first reservoir in... Agent:

20150021402 - Booster antenna configurations and methods: A booster antenna (BA) for a smart card comprises a card antenna (CA) component extending around a periphery of a card body (CB), a coupler coil (CC) component at a location for an antenna module (AM), and an extension antenna (EA) contributing to the inductance of the booster antenna (BA).... Agent:

20150021403 - Smartcard with coupling frame and method of increasing activation distance of a transponder chip module: A conductive coupling frame (CF) having two ends, forming an open loop having two ends or a discontinuous metal layer disposed surrounding and closely adjacent a transponder chip module (TCM, 610), and substantially coplanar with an antenna structure (AS, CES, LES) in the transponder chip module (TCM). A metal card... Agent:

20150021404 - Techniques for providing an electronic representation of a card: Techniques for making electronic cards that can be displayed on a mobile phone. The techniques permit making an electronic card based on an arbitrary SMS message and making an electronic card (eCard) that corresponds to a pre-existing non-electronic privilege card such as a loyalty card. In the latter case, the... Agent: Codebroker, LLC

01/15/2015 > 16 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20150014410 - Information bearing medium and information processing system: An information processing system includes an information bearing medium and an information reading unit. The information bearing medium has a two-dimensional array of unit data zones. Marks are provided on some of the unit data zones so as to form a digital code. Mark patterns of any two Y-directional adjacent... Agent:

20150014408 - Method and apparatus for transferring and processing transaction data: An information entry and reporting system and method for tracking data associated with retail transactions at the point of sale. Transaction data is converted into a machine readable dataform pattern and printed onto a sales receipt provided to the purchaser. Subsequently, the purchaser uses a suitably configured scanning device to... Agent:

20150014409 - Servicing system for a field device: An exemplary servicing system for a field device in an automation engineering installation. The servicing system is equipped with at least one sensor for converting a physical variable into an electrical variable and/or with at least one actuator for converting an electrical variable into a physical variable and also with... Agent:

20150014407 - System utilizing light signals with wavelengths approximately beyond human sensitive light spectrum: Identification systems and methods for utilizing light signals with wavelengths approximately above or below human sensitive light spectrum are disclosed comprising a special mark, wherein the special mark emits or absorbs light signals in light spectrums approximately below or above the visible light spectrum, a server comprising a processing unit,... Agent:

20150014412 - System for authentication and tracking of event tickets: The invention provides a system for verification of tickets issued for receipt of goods and/or services, which system comprises: one or more tickets, one or more ticket identification codes corresponding to each ticket, wherein each ticket identification code is unique to each ticket, a database server storing the ticket identification... Agent:

20150014411 - Transaction card for workflow execution: Some embodiments include methods, and systems for providing a customized and/or personalized transaction card to a user. The method begins with receiving a transaction card at or by a terminal device. A user is allowed to automatically login to a user account at or otherwise relating to the terminal device.... Agent:

20150014413 - Payment processing with automatic no-touch mode selection: A “no-touch” mobile checkout experience frees consumers from the need to manually locate and activate a mobile payment application in order to complete a transaction. The consumer simply brings his mobile device within close range of an interface console, which in various embodiments prompts the device to launch an application... Agent:

20150014414 - Apparatus for and method of mitigating interference between pulsed ambient light and data capture devices: Performance of a laser-based moving beam reader for electro-optically reading a target is enhanced in a venue for transmitting an information signal by pulsing ambient light that interferes with operation of the reader. A converter converts the information signal to an analog information signal. A switching power supply is operatively... Agent: Symbol Technologies, Inc.

20150014415 - Method and apparatus for providing omnidirectional lighting in a scanning device: Systems and methods are provided for selectively controlling the illumination, and particularly dark field illumination, applied to a symbol to be decoded, and for determining a suitable or optimized level of lighting for decoding the symbol. A method includes providing a light source comprising a plurality of individually-controllable lighting elements... Agent:

20150014416 - Image capture and processing system supporting a multi-tier modular software architecture: An image capture and processing system supports a multi-tier modular software, and plug-in extendable, architecture. The image capture and processing system can be realized as an image-capturing cell phone, a digital camera, a video camera, mobile computing terminal and portable data terminal (PDT), provided with suitable hardware platform, communication protocols... Agent:

20150014417 - Embedded barcodes for displaying context relevant information: Described herein are systems and methods employing embedded barcodes to convey supplemental information about an image, for example a motion picture. In some systems the barcodes may be subliminal because they are spliced, physically or digitally, into a movie frame shown too briefly to be consciously detectable to the human... Agent:

20150014418 - Method for producing a data carrier that prevents mechanical strains between chip and data carrier body: This disclosure includes a method for manufacturing a portable data carrier, an inlay for a data carrier, and a data carrier. A data carrier body has a gap for a chip and a chip is incorporated into the gap. In a subsequent step a cover layer is laid on the... Agent:

20150014419 - Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same: A semiconductor device capable of wireless communication, which has high reliability in terms of resistance to external force, in particular, pressing force and can prevent electrostatic discharge in an integrated circuit without preventing reception of an electric wave. The semiconductor device includes an on-chip antenna connected to the integrated circuit... Agent:

20150014421 - Compact form factor integrated circuit card and methods: A compact form factor integrated circuit card. In one embodiment, a Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card is disclosed. In one embodiment, the SIM card has overall dimensions optimized for a particular application; e.g., 12.30 mm (±0.10 mm)×8.80 mm (0.10 mm)×0.67 mm (+0.03/−0.07). In another embodiment, the SIM card has overall... Agent:

20150014420 - Rfid connection sleeve: An RFID connection sleeve assembly comprising an RFID tag, a sleeve, and a tool, wherein the RFID tag is mounted to the sleeve and wherein the sleeve is secured to the tool.... Agent:

20150014422 - Code for reading information of an object and object having the same: A code for reading information relating to an object is provided. The code includes a plurality of components constituting the object, which are arranged on a board partially constituting the object, following a rule for the code to be to recognized the established information related to the object.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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