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12/18/2014 > 14 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140367463 - Code based product tracking methods and apparatus: A system, method, and apparatus for using code based tracking are disclosed. An example apparatus includes a database including a product data structure configured to store (i) information indicative of a manufacturer of a woven carpet, (ii) information indicative of employees of the manufacturer that produced the woven carpet including... Agent:

20140367461 - Quick response in software applications: Embodiments of the present invention may include an apparatus and method for automatically installing mobile versions of software applications on a mobile device using quick response (QR) code technology. A software application may initially be loaded on a personal computer in response to a user request. The personal computer may... Agent: Sap Ag

20140367464 - Systems and methods for barcode integration in packaging design and printing: Methods and systems for barcode integration in packaging design and printing are described. The method includes receiving a request for a For Position Only (FPO) image file which is a placeholder for a final barcode. The method includes accessing barcode data, wherein the barcode data contains information usable to produce... Agent:

20140367462 - Track barcode systems for railroad management: This invention is related to an economic and practical method of using barcode systems for the management of railroad tracks. The systems consist of barcodes and device(s) which can optically read and decode the barcodes. The barcodes are permanently installed on one or both rails of a railroad track at... Agent: Tech4u Dynamics Inc.

20140367465 - Method for verifying the authenticity of a product: In order to verify the authenticity of a product associated with a host device, the product contains, in segments of a non-volatile memory, several different functions stored in ciphered fashion. The host device sends a control signal for selecting and activating one of those ciphered functions. The product then deciphers... Agent: Stmicroelectronics (rousset) Sas

20140367466 - Checkout kiosk: A checkout kiosk employing a transparent touch-screen surface is provided herein. More particularly, the checkout kiosk comprises a transparent, force-sensing layer on top of a bar code reader or imaging camera. The force-sensing layer is used to capture both a weight and a weight distribution of an object placed on... Agent:

20140367467 - Smart phone casing and information exchange system: The embodiments of the present invention relate to a smart phone casing and information exchange system which enables a user to carry a single system that merges the digital and telecommunications necessities of the individual with the personalized cards, membership accounts, consumer credit and/or medical insurance or health information in... Agent:

20140367468 - Method and system for recording images of surfaces of moving objects with reduced distortion: A method of capturing an image on a surface of an object by line sensor(s), wherein consecutive line images are taken from a plurality of surfaces or surface portions having a different inclination to a given reference plane with a predetermined frequency during a relative movement of the object with... Agent: DatalogicIPTech S.r.l.

20140367469 - Method and apparatus for checking value documents: A method for checking value documents includes checking a security element having a plurality of magnetic regions, including a high-coercivity magnetic region, optionally a low-coercivity magnetic region and optionally a combined magnetic region which contains the high-coercivity as well as the low-coercivity magnetic material, and optionally a soft-magnetic magnetic region.... Agent: Giesecke & Devrient Gmbh

20140367472 - Label for use on store shelves in a retail environment: A label for use on store shelves in a retail environment. The label include adhesive strips applied to a bottom surface of each label and a top laminate layer with a release coating applied to the top surface of each label.... Agent:

20140367473 - Method for manufacturing smart cards: This invention relates to a smart card (1) manufacturing method that makes it possible to reduce the thickness of the said smart card and directly obtain a final 3FF or 4FF format. The smart card manufacturing method comprises steps for depositing resin forming a first protective coat (11) over the... Agent: Gemalto Sa

20140367471 - Pad of labels for use on store shelves in a retail environment: A pad of labels for use on store shelves in a retail environment. The pad of labels include labels with adhesive strips applied to a bottom surface of each label and a top laminate layer with a release coating applied to the top surface of each label. The labels in... Agent: Electronic Imaging Services, Inc.

20140367470 - Rfid tag for a personal care appliance: The laminated RFID tag, mountable to a part of a personal care appliance, has rounded corners or a round peripheral edge, which is adapted to prevent absorption of water or other solvents.... Agent:

20140367474 - Display card with user interface: A display card 301 with a user interface for providing one or more services. The card 301 comprises: an external interface 302, 303 for communication with a terminal external from the card 301; a Chip 401 comprising one or more servers for storing one or more applications, wherein the Chip... Agent:

12/11/2014 > 20 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20140361073 - Hand held bar code readers or mobile computers with cloud computing services: A data decoding system that includes a server-side proxy component and at least two back-end computers, where the server-side proxy component is configured, when it receives an encoding request from a client, to select a back-end computer to forward the encoding request to, based on either a pre-defined rule, load... Agent:

20140361072 - Method for encoding information in illumination patterns: A method for retrieving information encoded in a structured illumination pattern including selecting an encoded structured illumination pattern having a variable intensity; providing an object with a surface having a 3D relief pattern; selecting at least one portion but not all of the object's surface including the 3D surface relief... Agent:

20140361071 - System and method for using an ordinary article of commerce to access a remote computer: A system and method for using identification codes found on ordinary articles of commerce to access remote computers on a network. In accordance with one embodiment of the invention, a computer is provided having a database that relates Uniform Product Code (“UPC”) numbers to Internet network addresses (or “URLs”). To... Agent: Neomedia Technologies, Inc.

20140361074 - Managing component information during component lifecycle: Provided are methods and systems for managing various component information during component lifecycles. The information may be collected and made available starting with fabrication of a component and throughout various operations that the component may be a part of. A component may be associated with an identifier, such as a... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140361075 - Image capture and identification system and process: A digital image of the object is captured and the object is recognized from plurality of objects in a database. An information address corresponding to the object is then used to access information and initiate communication pertinent to the object.... Agent: Nant Holdings Ip, LLC

20140361076 - Systems and methods for dispensing prescription medication using a medication dispensing machine: Systems and methods for dispensing prescription medication from a medication-dispensing machine. In an embodiment, an identification of medication and patient information for an electronic prescription is received. A container of the identified medication is retrieved from a plurality of containers stocked within the machine. Each container comprises a first barcode.... Agent:

20140361078 - Overhead antenna live inventory locating system: Overhead antenna live inventory locating systems and methods are provided. The overhead antenna inventory/locating system can include a plurality of antennas mounted in an elevated support structure. The antennas can be coupled to RFID readers that interrogate electronic tags. The inventory system can analyze the information received from the detected... Agent:

20140361077 - Rail-mounted robotic inventory system: Examples of a rail-mounted robotic inventory system are provided. The system includes a rail-mounted robot having an electronic tag reader configured to receive electronic tag data from electronic tags associated with inventory items. The system can include a navigation module configured to direct the rail-mounted robot along a rail through... Agent:

20140361079 - Apparatus and method for calculating aiming point information: The present invention relates to target acquisition and related devices, and more particularly to telescopic gunsights and associated equipment used to achieve shooting accuracy at, for example, close ranges, medium ranges and extreme ranges at stationary and moving targets.... Agent:

20140361080 - Systems, devices, admixtures, and methods including transponders for indication of food attributes: Systems, devices, admixtures, and methods are described including transponder devices (e.g., a palatable transponder, an edible transponder, a palatable radio frequency identification (RFID) tag, an edible RFID tag, etc.) for admixing with a food product.... Agent: Elwha LLC

20140361081 - Electronic device case for mobile point of sale: A case for an electronic device is provided. The case can include a front shell attachable to a back shell, the front shell and the back shell at least partially surrounding an electronic device installed in the case. The case can include an attached payment device reader that is electrically... Agent:

20140361082 - System and method for reading code symbols at long range using source power control: A system and method are presented for improving the performance of code scanners in the extended and far ranges. At these distances, the intensity of the laser beam reflected off the code symbol can be markedly decreased, thereby decreasing the likelihood of a successful reading of the code symbol by... Agent: Hand Held Products, Inc.

20140361084 - Method and apparatus for ordering code candidates in image for decoding attempts: A method and apparatus for decoding codes applied to objects for use with a camera and a conveyor system wherein the camera includes an image sensor having a two dimensional field of view (FOV) and the conveyor system moves objects in a first direction of travel through the FOV such... Agent: Cognex Corporation

20140361083 - Two dimensional-code scanning method and device: A two-dimensional code scanning method and device is provided, the method including: displaying a scanning window; obtaining a window adjustment instruction, and moving and/or scaling the scanning window based on the window adjustment instruction; obtaining coordinate information of the scanning window; creating a target image according to the coordinate information;... Agent:

20140361085 - Electro-optical code reading terminal for switching from a printed code reading mode to an electronically displayed code reading mode: An electro-optical code reading terminal for dynamically switching mode of operation from a printed code reading mode to an electronically displayed code reading mode is provided. The electro-optical code reading terminal measures and monitors, using one or more magnetic sensors, a magnetic field experienced at the electro-optical code reading terminal.... Agent:

20140361086 - Smartcard with coupling frame and method of increasing activation distance of a transponder chip module: A conductive coupling frame (CF) having two ends, forming an open loop, disposed surrounding and closely adjacent a transponder chip module (TCM), and substantially coplanar with an antenna structure (AS, LES) in the transponder chip module (TCM). A metal card body (MCB) having a slit (S) extending from a module... Agent:

20140361088 - Electronic identifying apparatus: An electronic identifying apparatus includes a control terminal for inputting article information and an radio frequency (RF) tag for displaying the article information. The RF tag includes a signal receiving module, a first signal processing module electronically connected to the signal receiving module, and a first display module electrically connected... Agent:

20140361087 - Method and apparatus for mounting rfid devices to process control devices: Method and apparatus for mounting RFID devices to process control devices are disclosed. An example apparatus includes a mount to couple a radio-frequency identification tag to a field device. The mount is rotatable relative to the field device to adjust the radio-frequency identification tag to be oriented relative to a... Agent:

20140361089 - Rfid tag: An RFID tag includes a substrate; first antenna elements formed on one side of the substrate; an IC chip connected between the first antenna elements; a second antenna element formed on another side of the substrate; first connection parts formed between the first antenna elements and the second antenna element,... Agent:

20140361090 - Rfid tag and rfid tag manufacturing method: An RFID tag that includes a spacer made of a first member having flexibility and elasticity, the spacer having a top surface, a lateral surface and a bottom surface, an antenna made of a conductive material having flexibility and elasticity and disposed on the top surface, the lateral surface and... Agent:

12/04/2014 > 23 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20140353373 - Apparatus for displaying bar codes from light emitting display surfaces: Disclosed is a method of and apparatus for managing and redeeming bar-coded coupons that are displayed from a light emitting display surface of an information storage and display device, such as a cell-phone, a smart-phone, or a data communication device. The linear (1D) bar code symbols, associated with bar-coded store... Agent:

20140353374 - Automated information handling system component compatibility: An application running on portable information handling system automatically inventories the portable information handling system to identify one or more components that perform one or more functions based upon information embedded in a barcode. For example, a barcode affixed to an information handling system identifies the information handling system as... Agent: Dell Products L.p.

20140353369 - Method and system for issuing, managing, verifying and displaying: A method is described herein for displaying digital badge information. The badge is a digital image being presented to a user of a computer application and associated with an individual or entity badge owner to whom the badge is issued. The method involves displaying the digital image to the user,... Agent:

20140353368 - Multi-band reconfigurable electronic shelf label system: Updating a multi-band reconfigurable electronic shelf label includes waking-up a transceiver and processor of the electronic shelf label, such that the transceiver can be reconfigured to operate on a selected frequency band in order to receive updated information on a data link associated with that selected frequency band. The selected... Agent:

20140353370 - Rf tag detection: A detector comprises a radio-frequency, RF, transmit antenna; a RF receive antenna; and a cable avoidance tool, CAT, antenna.... Agent:

20140353372 - Smart scanning system: The present invention provides a smart scanning system comprising an integrated scanning and image capture system in which one or more image capture device(s) (e.g., still camera, video camera, etc.) and a barcode scanner are positioned within a common enclosure that is a component of a checkout station. The barcode... Agent:

20140353371 - Trading interface retrieved based upon barcode data: Methods, systems, and apparatuses, including computer programs encoded on computer-readable media, for receiving barcode data including a company identifier. The company identifier is determined from the barcode data. A company name is determined based upon the company identifier. One or more associated company names associated with the manufacturer are determined... Agent:

20140353375 - Banking apparatus controlled responsive to data bearing records: A banking system is controlled responsive, at least in part, to data read from data bearing records. The banking system includes an automated banking machine. The machine is operable to carry out a financial transaction responsive to a determination that data read from a data bearing record, such as a... Agent:

20140353376 - Method and device for detecting and determining the presence of objects in storage locations by means of a bar code reading device: A method for detecting and determining a presence of at least one object in at least one storage location without a special reflection surface includes providing a bar code reading device which is connected to a control unit configured to manage an allocation of the at least one object to... Agent: Bdt Media Automation Gmbh

20140353377 - Transparent display for data collection engine: An electronic device includes a display device that is at least semi-transparent. The electronic device includes a housing with a first coupling component, a data acquisition device configured to capture first data within a first field of view (FOV), and the display device. The display device includes a viewable portion... Agent: Symbol Technologies, Inc

20140353378 - Low-power pulse width encoding scheme and counter-less shift register that may be employed therewith: A method of decoding an encoded signal includes steps of receiving the encoded signal, creating a decoding signal by delaying the encoded signal by a predetermined amount of time Δ, sampling the encoded signal using the decoding signal, and determining a value of each of a plurality of decoded bits... Agent: University Of Pittsburgh-of The Commonwealth System Of Higher Education

20140353379 - Card reader and control method of card reader: The present invention is to provide a card reader that can prevent the illegal acquisition of magnetic information recorded on a magnetic stripe, based on an output signal from a pre-head. More specifically described, in a card reader having a card insertion slot for guiding a magnetic card having a... Agent:

20140353380 - Reading device: A reader device includes a mounting surface on which a passport with a page to be read is placed, a light source for illuminating the page to be read, and a camera for picking up an image of the page to be read. The light source is arranged outside a... Agent:

20140353381 - 3d laser coding in glass: This inventive method assures the authenticity of drugs or other valuable substances that reside within product containers, such as syringes. The method includes initially measuring the 3D topology of the glass surface while determining the distance to the glass surface. Thereafter, a desired 3D code is written below the glass... Agent: I-property Holding Corp.

20140353382 - Security method using an imaging barcode reader: A security method using an imaging barcode reader which captures image data for security purposes. An example method includes receiving an unauthorized activity signal by the barcode reader, and capturing image data by a camera in the barcode reader in response to the unauthorized activity signal.... Agent: Ncr Corporation

20140353383 - Matrix of adhesive rfid tags: A matrix of tags is provided including a plurality of RFID identification tags, each RFID tag having an identification layer, arranged on an object to be identified, the identification layer bearing at least one antenna and at least one chip including capacity for storing an item of identification data, the... Agent: I E R

20140353384 - Smart card module, smart card and method for producing a smart card module: A smart card module includes a carrier; a chip arrangement arranged over a first side of the carrier; and an antenna arranged over a second side of the carrier, wherein the second side of the carrier is opposite the first side of the carrier. The antenna is electrically conductively connected... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20140353385 - Tamper-proof quality management barcode indicators: A tamper-proof barcoded quality indicator operative to provide a machine-readable indication of exceedance of time and temperature thresholds following actuation thereof, including a first barcode including a first colorable area and being machine-readable before exceedance of the time and temperature thresholds, a second barcode including a second colorable area and... Agent:

20140353389 - Dynamic information radio-frequency identification (rfid) card with biometric capabilities: Embodiments of the present invention implement dynamic elements within a RFID card. Specifically, the embodiments update card information dynamically, using a biometric image scanner (e.g., for scanning a fingerprint passively). The scanner is activated only when a user intends to use it with a designated reader by bringing the RFID... Agent:

20140353390 - Enhanced integrated circuit with smartcard controller: An RFID card includes a smartcard controller that receives power from a host device. The RFID card also includes a small inductive device capable of inductive coupling with an RFID reader. The small inductive device is small enough to fit in the form factor of a memory card or SIM... Agent: Tyfone, Inc.

20140353388 - Method of manufacturing a card of small thickness detachable from a plate of large thickness: A method of manufacturing a card (3) of small format (8) and small thickness (5), detachable from a plate (1) of large thickness (6), includes the following steps: providing in the plate (1) of large thickness (6) at least one hole (4) opposite with a cumulative depth (7) equal to... Agent:

20140353386 - Smart card: A smart card includes a main stuff body and a data display module. The main stuff body includes a RF antenna, a charge pump module, a first processing module, and a second processing module. The RF antenna is utilized for receiving a read/write signal and a card data signal. The... Agent:

20140353387 - Smart card module and method for producing a smart card module: A smart card module for use in a smart card includes a microchip and a contact zone for making contact with the microchip by means of a reader. The microchip can be enclosed by an encapsulation which can enclose the microchip completely from all sides.... Agent:

11/27/2014 > 15 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20140346223 - Open-ditch pipeline as-built process: Imaging, attribution, and 3D modeling of utility pipelines and other assets is accomplished through the processing of terrestrial photogrammetric, aerial photogrammetric, and/or 3D LiDAR scanning measurements, all of which may be augmented by an Inertial Measurement Unit. These measurements are spatially controlled by photo-identifiable targets whose positions are established by... Agent:

20140346222 - System and method for management of collected field samples: Systems and methods for generating, by an electronic circuit of a mobile device, a form for display on the mobile device for a user to input sample collection data are provided. The form includes one or more data input fields, and the electronic circuit performs the steps of accepting input... Agent:

20140346224 - Drug delivery management system: The present invention relates to assisting patients in the taking of medication, and to assisting third parties in accumulating information regarding patient medication intake. The invention may be embodied a system including a portable medication monitor used in association with an instrumented medication package to provide intake data acquisition and... Agent: Ddms Holdings LLC

20140346226 - Medical and personal data retrieval system: A system for confidentially retrieving data from a person, such as by authorized personnel. One embodiment provides a data carrier item such as jewelry, having encrypted data imparted upon the item in manner that is only intelligible after being unencrypted. Such data can be encrypted and/or invisibly disposed such that... Agent: Lifeqode, LLC

20140346225 - Platform for modeling and embedding business scenarios in bar codes: According to some embodiments, a business bar code application may execute at a mobile user device associated with a user. The user may initiate a capture of an image of a bar code, and responsive to said capturing, information about the user may be automatically fetched. Information associated with the... Agent:

20140346227 - Pos system and pos system control method: A POS system checks for radioactive contamination of products without increasing any personnel workload. The POS system includes: a storage means for storing a product code and a radioactivity threshold defined for each product code in association with each other; a barcode scanner; a radioactivity measurement part for measuring radioactivity... Agent:

20140346228 - Card reader: A card reader may include a card conveying mechanism structured to convey the card; a magnetic head which is structured to abut with the card and performs at least one of reading of magnetic data recorded on the card and recording of magnetic data on the card; a head moving... Agent: Nidec Sankyo Corporation

20140346229 - Trigger signal generating device and moving object management system: A trigger signal generating device outputs a trigger signal activating an IC tag. The trigger signal generating device includes first and second trigger coils placed at a predetermined separation distance and each having predetermined magnetic field intensity distribution. Each of the first and second trigger coils includes attenuating means for... Agent:

20140346230 - Apparatus for and method of imaging targets with a hybrid imaging lens assembly: An imaging lens assembly captures return light from a target, and projects the captured light onto a solid-state imager during electro-optical reading of the target. One plastic lens and one glass lens, together having a relatively low negative optical power, are situated at one side of an aperture stop. Another... Agent: Symbol Technologies, Inc.

20140346231 - Multidimensional color barcode: The invention provides architecture of a multidimensional color barcode. The multidimensional color barcode includes a plurality of data cells and a plurality of palette cells which are placed in a predefined order on each side of the multidimensional color barcode. The multidimensional color barcode also includes one or more alternating... Agent: King Abdul Aziz City For Science And Technology (kacst)

20140346232 - Apparatus for and method of electro-optically reading a target in the presence of ambient light: A reader for electro-optically reading a target in the presence of ambient light, includes a scan component for scanning a laser beam across the target, a first filter for passing return laser light from the target and the ambient light to a first photodetector system for generating a first output... Agent:

20140346233 - Imaging based barcode scanner engine with multiple elements supported on a common printed circuit board: An apparatus for use in decoding a bar code symbol may include an image sensor integrated circuit having a plurality of pixels, timing and control circuitry for controlling an image sensor, gain circuitry for controlling gain, and analog to digital conversion circuitry for conversion of an analog signal to a... Agent: Metrologic Instruments, Inc.

20140346234 - Method, apparatus and storage medium for two-dimensional data storage: A method and an apparatus for reading a data pattern from or writing a data pattern to a storage medium are described. During reading a pattern retrieval stage retrieves a test pattern and the data pattern from the storage medium. A decoder, which is trained with pattern elements of the... Agent: Thomson Licensing

20140346235 - Labeling and authenticating using a microtag: A system for encoding energy peaks of an identifier comprises an encoder. The encoder is configured to define a readable spectral range of an identifier. The identifier comprises a rugate microtag. The encoder is configured to divide the readable spectral range into a plurality of bins. The encoder is configured... Agent:

20140346236 - Smart card: In accordance with various embodiments, a smart card is described which has an antenna, which is configured to receive an electromagnetic signal, a rectifier, which is configured to rectify the received signal, and a capacitive or an inductive DC-to-DC voltage converter, which is configured to provide a supply voltage on... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

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