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08/07/2014 > 21 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20140217168 - Identifier generation for visual beacon: A visual beacon, such as a Quick Response (QR) code or other type of artificial visual beacon is identified based on a coarse position and content information, and optionally, type of the visual beacon. For example, position may be based on latitude and longitude, e.g., from a satellite positioning system,... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140217165 - Medicine issuing device and container identifying device: This medicine issuing device is a container identifying device for identifying tubular medicine containers (1,2,3) provided with identifying marks (4,5,6) on their external circumference, said medicine issuing device comprising: an operation component (7) that takes the medicine containers (1,2,3) out of a cassette (403); a movement path component (8) that... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140217167 - Method, apparatus, and computer readable medium for transferring a collaboration session: A method for transferring a collaboration session from a handheld device to a multimedia endpoint by encoding session data for the collaboration session and/or instructions into an optically machine-readable representation of data, displaying the data on a display of the handheld device, and optically providing the data to a multimedia... Agent: Cisco Technology, Inc.

20140217166 - Methods and apparatus to change a feature set on data collection devices: Methods and apparatus for modifying the feature set of data collection devices are disclosed. Requests are receiving at a computer system different from the data collection device for a new configuration of the data collection device, the request including an identifier for the data collection device, identification of one or... Agent: Hand Held Products, Inc.

20140217164 - System and method for downloading a live performance through use of a qr code: A system and method for downloading a live performance held at a venue using a QR code comprising a server, including a memory, processor, and content management system, and a computer, including a memory, processor, scanner, and software. The content management system is stored in the memory and adapted to... Agent:

20140217169 - Banking machine controlled responisve to data read from data bearing records: A banking system operates responsive to data read from data bearing records. The system includes an automated banking machine comprising a card reader. The card reader includes a movable read head that can read card data along a magnetic stripe of a card that was inserted long-edge first. The card... Agent: Diebold Self-service Systems, Division Of Diebold, Incorporated

20140217170 - Contactless prepaid product for transit fare collection: Transaction processing in an offline environment for a prepaid product comprising a portable consumer device includes responding to presentation of the prepaid product at a reader for offline processing by initiating operation of the prepaid product, receiving data from the prepaid product at the reader that indicates the prepaid product... Agent:

20140217171 - X-ray security system: The present invention is directed to security systems that utilize electromagnetic radiation. The security system includes an authentication security document, an authentication system, and a process for authenticating security documents. The security document includes a document body with an RFID and body information pertinent to the security document. The RFID... Agent: Mach 1 Development, Inc.

20140217172 - Apparatus, system and method for stimulating and securing retail transactions: An apparatus, system and method of stimulating a retail transaction. The apparatus, system and method may include obtaining, via an opt-in to an in-store wireless network, of consumer device data regarding a plurality of consumer mobile devices, the consumer data comprising device use data, prior purchase data, and location data;... Agent:

20140217173 - Label for enabling verification of an object: A label for enabling verification of an object includes a scannable region that enables determination of auto-acquired unique spatial orientation of the scannable region with respect to a reference thereby enabling determination of a spatial orientation of the label with respect to the reference. The label is applied onto the... Agent: Linksmart Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

20140217174 - Magnetic stripe reader with card swipe information feedback: A magnetic card reader module includes a magnetic sensor and an adjacent groove, a microcontroller and an application. The magnetic sensor is configured to pick-up an analog magnetic signal generated by swiping a magnetic stripe through the groove. The magnetic stripe is attached to a card and comprises tracks with... Agent: Bbpos Limited

20140217175 - Radio frequency identification tagging: A RFID tag or label comprises a RFID tag module (comprising an electronic identification circuit and a coupling means) and an antenna structure coupled to the coupling means. The RFID tag module is separate from, separable or arranged to be severable from, the antenna structure. The tag module can be... Agent: Zih Corp.

20140217176 - Method for interaction of a data carrier with an end device: A method is provided for interaction of a portable data carrier with an end device. The data carrier comprises a transducer arrangement having at least one or a set of capacitive transducer elements which are arranged on or in the data carrier at defined positions in relation to the geometry... Agent: Giesecke & Devrient

20140217178 - Information processing method and system: An identification code-based three-dimensional interactive technique includes acquiring an image including an identification-coded real object, the image being taken by video-capable equipment, identifying an identification code from the identification-coded real object, obtaining object information corresponding to the identification code, acquiring a reference image associated with the identification code and feature... Agent:

20140217177 - Monitoring moving articles: A system of monitoring movable articles, e.g. for detecting counterfeits, is described. It comprises applying to the article (30) a label thereon, coded data in the form of a visually perceptible marking (34) conveniently at the time and place of manufacture and using a digitally controlled printer. Details of the... Agent:

20140217179 - Digital picture taking optical reader having hybrid monochrome and color image sensor array: A portable hand held optical reader having a specially constructed two-dimensional image sensor array is operational in a bar code decoding mode and in a picture taking mode. The specially constructed image sensor array, in one embodiment, is a hybrid monochrome and color image sensor pixel array, wherein a first... Agent: Hand Held Products, Inc.

20140217180 - Indicia decoding device with security lock: A securable indicia encoding system with a lock receiving portion is disclosed herein. In one illustrative embodiment, a securable indicia decoding device may include an imaging subsystem, a memory, a processor, and a housing. The imaging subsystem may include an image sensor array and an imaging optics assembly operative for... Agent: Metrologic Instruments, Inc.

20140217181 - Label for receiving indicia having variable spectral emissivity values: Labels that are conducive to the detection of bar-codes and other indicia having varying spectral emissivity values are provided. The labels include a substrate, a background layer, a thermally conductive layer and an adhesive layer. The background layer is preferably similar in visual appearance to the indicium that the label... Agent:

20140217182 - License plates for a vehicle: In identification devices having a contactlessly readable data carrier (20) equipped with an antenna (17), the antenna (17) assigned to the data carrier (20) is formed by an electrically conductive part of the identification device (10) with a slit (18) provided therein, making the antenna (17) an integral component of... Agent: J.h. Tonnjes E.a.s.t. Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140217183 - Antenna device and communication apparatus: An antenna device is configured as a jacket of a communication terminal, such as a mobile terminal, and a communication apparatus includes the antenna device attached to the communication terminal. The antenna device uses an HF-band high frequency signal as a carrier frequency, and is configured as a reader/writer antenna... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140217184 - Erasable barcode: The Erasable Barcode prevents the sale of products by invalidating the barcode. The invalidation can be based on shelf life, or improper temperature maintenance. The invalidation is also visible to humans so that the consumer knows if the exposure occurs after purchase. Activation brings liquid from the first reservoir in... Agent:

07/31/2014 > 21 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.
07/24/2014 > 18 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20140203071 - Method and apparatus for sharing content via encoded data representaions: An approach is provided for a more efficient and user friendly mechanism for sharing content among users. The approach includes determining a first request from a first device for sharing at least one content item; causing, at least in part, a generation of a graphical code representing, at least in... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20140203072 - Method and system for tracking modifications in a document: A method, system, and computer program product for tracking modifications in a document. One or more fields in the document are defined. The modifications in the document are then tracked. Thereafter, a machine-readable code (MRC) is generated based on the recorded modifications. The MRC is then embedded in the document.... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20140203073 - Method of mobile optical recognition: A method of mobile optical recognition involves equipping authorized parties with a tag capable of generating a light spectrum signal. A step is taken of sending from a mobile device having a scanner a signal interrogating the tag. A further step is then taken of capturing with the scanner an... Agent: Deetectee Microsystems Inc.

20140203074 - Automated banking machine that operates responsive to data bearing records: An automated banking machine system operates to cause financial transfers responsive to data read from data bearing records. The system is operative to read a financial card bearing account indicia with a card reader. A user is able to perform at least one banking operation responsive to account indicia read... Agent:

20140203075 - Systems and methods for generating, reading and transferring identifiers: Systems and methods for generating, reading and transferring identifiers are disclosed. In one embodiment, a handheld system for associating a selected audio content with an object includes an identifier applied to a surface of the object and having a predetermined graphical format that is configured to encode the selected audio... Agent:

20140203076 - Locker system using barcoded wristbands: A locker system includes one or more banks of electronic lockers. Each locker has a door lock that releasably retains the door in the closed position. The locker system also includes at least one barcode scanner selectively unlocks the door of at least one of the lockers. A locker manager... Agent: Smarte Carte, Inc.

20140203077 - Intelligent electric vehicle charging system: A battery charging system for an electric vehicle in which an addressable RFID tag, an RFID receiver, an electrical charger, and a controller operate to charge the battery of an electric vehicle according to a user profile and a charging profile in response to a signal received by the RFID... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20140203078 - Security control access system: An access control system for controlling access to an enclosed area, the access control system comprising a radio-frequency communication module configured to receive a card identification signal, a mode module configured to determine an operational mode of the access control system, the operational modes including a standalone mode and a... Agent: Isonas Security Systems, Inc.

20140203079 - System and method for calibration and mapping of real-time location data: A method of mapping the location of at least one object in three dimensional space, relative to an initial point in three dimensional space by an EIR terminal which contains a microprocessor, memory, a scanning device, a motion sensing device, and a communication interface. The method includes scanning a signal... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140203080 - Cavity axis orientation measurement device: An apparatus for measuring the orientation of the longitudinal axis of a cavity comprising a signal receiver, a signal processor and analyzer and a cavity axis orientation analyzer. The signal receiver receives a reflected signal resulting from an interaction of multi-frequency irradiating signal(s) with at least one cavity. The irradiating... Agent:

20140203081 - Electronic device for recognizing erroneous insertion of card, and operating method thereof: An electronic device comprises a socket having a plurality of connection terminals that accommodates a card-type external device having a corner cut-out portion, a plurality of contact pads exposed on a surface of the card-type external device that are correspondingly connected to the connection terminals in response to insertion of... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140203082 - Card reader device using a mobile, and the method thereof: A card reader device using a mobile and the method thereof is introduced. The mobile is adopted to supply electric power through audio output jack, and to transmit card data applied from the card reader device via microphone input jack. The card reader unit is connected to the audio jack... Agent: Dauri Solution Co., Ltd.

20140203083 - Two-part reader for contactless cards: Pursuant to some embodiments, systems, methods, apparatus and means for operating two-part contactless card readers are provided. In some embodiments, the two-part contactless card reader is installed in association with a transaction counter, where the transaction counter has a first surface and a second surface. Pursuant to some embodiments, the... Agent: Mastercard International Incorporated

20140203084 - Apparatus having hybrid monochrome and color image sensor array: There is provided in one embodiment an apparatus having an image sensor array. In one embodiment, the image sensor array can include monochrome pixels and color sensitive pixels. The monochrome pixels can be pixels without wavelength selective color filter elements. The color sensitive pixels can include wavelength selective color filter... Agent: Hand Held Products, Inc.

20140203086 - Image reader having image sensor array: An image reader can include an image sensor array. An image reader in one embodiment can include an optical system capable of directing light reflected from a target onto the image sensor array. An image reader can be used for reading a dataform.... Agent: Hand Held Products, Inc.

20140203085 - Qr code display object, method of selling qr codes using same and method of providing information thereof: The QR code display object displays the generated QR code in advance to be recognized from the outside, and provides an editing URL representing an editing website which is capable of editing information to be displayed on a reader when scanning the QR code, and an ID exhibiting authority to... Agent:

20140203087 - Method and apparatus for reading optical indicia using a plurality of data sources: A system for decoding an encoded symbol character associated with a product is provided. The system includes a scanning apparatus comprising a first scan source disposed within a housing, and a second scan source disposed within the housing. The second scan source comprises an operating technology distinct from an operating... Agent: Honeywell International, Inc. Doing Business As (d.b.a.) Honeywell Scanning & Mobility

20140203088 - Methods and systems for protecting personal account information: The invention provides systems and methods for protecting information related to personal accounts and other kinds of information displayed on personal and identification cards. In some embodiments, the invention further provides a credit card with a card portion displaying a first part of an account number and an electronically readable... Agent:

07/17/2014 > 12 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20140197231 - Apparel shopping method: A marketing method for apparel shopping that provides a potential customer via a wireless device, the ability to choose a desired piece of clothing for purchase. The piece of clothing is embedded with a unique infrared thread. The thread, when read by a wireless device, provides a unique brand like... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140197232 - System and method for establishing a communication session: A server in a communications network establishes a communication channel between a user's device and another device having a display. Particularly, the server generates a Quick Response (QR) code utilizing one or more parameters, and sends it to a device for display to a user. Using his or her device,... Agent: Sony Mobile Communications Ab

20140197233 - Video picture mail verification: A video picture mail verification system for delivering and receiving mail. Implementations of the present invention can take a picture or create a video of a sender of a piece of mail (i.e., package) and generate a unique code for that mail. In some implementations, a picture or video of... Agent:

20140197234 - Snap mobile security apparatuses, methods and systems: The SNAP MOBILE SECURITY APPARATUSES, METHODS AND SYSTEMS (hereinafter “SMS”) provide verification, access and security, via SMS components, to virtual wallet based electronic financial transactions. In one implementation, the SMS receives a request from a user's device to decode a scannable code and verify the security of the decoded code's... Agent: Visa International Service Association

20140197235 - Magnetic pos engagement system for mobile devices: A system, method and apparatus designed to activate and trigger a mobile commerce related application, interface and or menu of option and or to affect a process related to mobile commerce by using an activation device located at the Point of Sale (POS) which contains a magnetic or electromagnetic activator... Agent:

20140197236 - Medical storage cabinet with rfid inventory: A medication and/or medical supplies storage cabinet of all-steel construction has an RFID transducer or reader with an antenna array (i.e., an antenna or series of antennas) carried on a vertical elevator at the rear of the cabinet's metal shelves and drawers. The metal shelves, sides and back of the... Agent: S&s X-ray Products, Inc.

20140197237 - System for securing an inventory within retail premises: An integrated inventory control and security method for multiple types of articles which are for sale within retail premises accounts for entry of articles into the retail premises and removal of articles from the retail premises, including documenting certain events.... Agent:

20140197238 - Terminal having image data format conversion: There is set forth herein an indicia reading terminal having data format conversion capabilities. The indicia reading terminal includes an image sensor integrated circuit with an image sensor array comprising a plurality of pixels. The image sensor integrated circuit is configured to output image data in a first data format... Agent: Metrologic Instruments, Inc.

20140197239 - Laser scanning module employing a laser scanning assembly having elastomeric wheel hinges: A laser scanning module employs a scan mirror and magnet rotor subassembly supported by a stator structure using a pair of elastomeric wheel hinges. The scan mirror and magnet rotor subassembly includes: a scan mirror and magnet rotor subassembly having a rotor frame having a pair of rotor support posts... Agent: Hand Held Products, Inc.

20140197240 - Adjustable data reader with pivot mount: A data reading system for reading encoded data, such as barcode labels or RFID tags, from an item. The data reading system includes a housing, a data reader disposed within the housing, the data reader configured to read the encoded data from the item through a scan window on the... Agent:

20140197241 - Covert coating for authentication of materials: Systems and methods for document and product authentication are provided using a combination of interacting absorption and emission materials that are formed into covert optically encoded markings. The markings are formed from at least one emitter and at least one absorber, that exhibit a first emission in response to a... Agent: Spectra Systems Corporation

20140197242 - Precious metal authentication system and method: Structures, systems, and methods verify the authenticity of a precious metal unit. A “ping bar” is designed to have a distinctive sound only if authentic and unadulterated. A “waffle bar” is shaped to discourage adulteration, damage, or counterfeiting and to facilitate easy core sampling and assay of the constituent metal's... Agent:

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