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08/28/2014 > 22 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20140239057 - Barcode scanning for communication: A method, computer program product, and system for barcode scanning for communication is described. Barcode information is received. Location information associated with the barcode information is identified. Communication session information associated with a user is determined based upon, at least in part, the identified location information.... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140239060 - Maintenance arrangement for an analysis device: A maintenance arrangement for an analysis device for maintaining an environment analysis device includes an environment analysis device, a radio station and a mobile service device. The environment analysis device comprises a manual input, a monitor, and a barcode generator configured to generate a barcode comprising a virtual target address... Agent: Hach Lange Gmbh

20140239059 - Method and apparatus for monitoring waste removal and administration: A method for a municipality to control, track, and monitor waste or refuse receptacles requires a permit for use of a waste receptacle. An issuing organization issues a permit associated with a discreet receptacle identifier. An RFID tag is provided with the permit and attached to a discreet receptacle. The... Agent: Advanced Custom Engineered Systems & Equipment, Inc.

20140239056 - Systems and methods for implementing virtual customer replaceable unit monitors for solid ink customer replaceable units in managed print service environments: A system and method are provided for implementing virtual customer replaceable unit monitors (CRUMs) for solid ink customer replaceable units (CRUs) that are used in image forming devices, particularly in managed print service environments. Molded products, including solid ink elements, are marked to aid in generally effecting identification and/or authenticity... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20140239058 - Writing apparatus, writing system, and writing method: A writing apparatus to which an external writing unit is connected comprises a writing unit that write, to a write object provided to a conveyed item, identification information thereof; a first reading unit in downstream side in a conveying direction than the writing unit, that reads identification information from the... Agent:

20140239061 - System and method for tracking items by means of longwave, magnetic signal tagging: The invention relates to a system and method for tracking items of interest using one or more signal tags, configured to receive information and transmit information using a longwave frequency in the magnetic field. Additional components include one or more data entry devices; one or more tag readers; and one... Agent: Ideal Innovations Incorporated

20140239062 - Alerting patient at dosing times and tracking medicine use: Dosing times for medication may be tracked by taking into account preset dosing sequences and when users indicate that they have taken the medication. The medication may also be kept in its original container. An encoder disk may be attached to a medicine container. The encoder disk may be encoded... Agent:

20140239063 - Automated banking machine with audio jack: In accordance with an example embodiment, there is disclosed herein an externally accessible headphone jack that is suitable for use with an automated banking machine such as an ATM. The headphone jack is configured to be releasably, electrically connectable to portable audio output devices. The headphone jack includes an opening... Agent:

20140239064 - Image forming apparatus: An image forming apparatus according to one aspect of the present disclosure is an image forming apparatus of which the apparatus main body is provided with an IC card reader that reads data input to a noncontact IC card. The IC card reader is installed at an angle enabling a... Agent: Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.

20140239065 - Wearable personal digital device with changeable bendable battery and expandable display used as standalone electronic payment card: Provided is a wearable personal digital device and methods for enlarging display space using the wearable personal digital device. The wearable personal digital device may comprise a processor, a memory unit, an expandable display, a camera, a projector, a communication circuit, a swipe card reader, one or more biometric sensors,... Agent:

20140239066 - System and method for providing a personalized shopping experience and personalized pricing of products and services with a portable computing device: A system and method for providing a personalized shopping experience with a portable computing device (“PCD”) are described. The system and method may include checking-in PCD consumers upon entering an establishment of a merchant. The checking-in of the PCD consumer may include verifying credentials for gaining access to a central... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140239067 - Discrimination of rfid sources and associated apparatus: In one or more embodiments described herein, there is provided an apparatus configured for use with one or more directional antennas. The one or more directional antennas each have a respective directional axis, a first sensitivity region being proximal to the directional axis and associated with a first variation in... Agent:

20140239068 - Credit card with alterable id/security features: This invention relates to a card with alterable security features are displayed and method of enhancing security of a financial transaction card. The present invention provides a financial transaction card with alterable ID/Security features including an E-paper display unit on one or both surfaces of the card that displays alterable... Agent:

20140239069 - Active tag codes: Embodiments are disclosed herein that relate to the use of active tag codes that change as a function of time to incorporate a greater amount of data into the tag code compared to a static tag code of similar configuration. For example, one disclosed embodiment provides a method of presenting... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140239070 - Commodity information display apparatus and method for displaying commodity information in different forms: In accordance with one embodiment, a commodity information display apparatus comprises an acquisition module and a display control module. The acquisition module acquires a commodity information relating to a commodity recognized through a first method in which a code symbol attached to the commodity is read and commodity information relating... Agent: Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha

20140239071 - Indicia reading terminals and methods for decoding decodable indicia employing light field imaging: A terminal for decoding decodable indicia includes a plenoptic imaging subsystem comprising an image sensor array and plenoptic imaging optics operable to project a plenoptic image of a space containing the decodable indicia onto the image sensor array, a hand held housing encapsulating a least a portion of the plenoptic... Agent:

20140239072 - Automatically converting a sign and method for automatically reading a sign: The invention discloses a method and device for automatically converting a sign and a method for automatically reading a sign. The method for automatically converting a sign comprises: disposing a first number of modules dispersedly within the sign, the first number being equal to a number of modules of a... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140239073 - Device for optically reading codes: There is provided a device for reading a code on a subject. The device includes an imaging unit provided with an imaging element, a depth-of-field extending unit, and an optical distorting unit. The imaging unit captures an optical image formed on a light-receiving surface of the subject. The depth-of-field extending... Agent:

20140239075 - Composite rf tag, and tool mounted with the composite rf tag: The present invention relates to a composite RF tag for transmitting and receiving information using an electromagnetic induction method, comprising a magnetic antenna mounted with an IC, and a resin layer formed around the magnetic antenna, wherein the magnetic antenna comprises a central core formed of a magnetic material and... Agent: Toda Kogyo Corporation

20140239074 - Method of designing & manufacturing an anti-counterfeiting rfid tag, the anti-counterfeiting rfid tag and the anti-counterfeiting package: The invention relates to a method of designing & manufacturing anti-counterfeiting RFID tags, the anti-counterfeiting RFID tags obtained and the anti-counterfeiting package related. The invention belongs to application of radio frequency identification technology. The tag design comprises an adopted folded dipole antenna form using fragile paper as antenna substrate board.... Agent:

20140239077 - Communication module, connector, and connector-equipped communication module: A connector-equipped communication module includes a communication module and a connector. The communication module includes a wiring board including antenna-mounted and IC-mounted regions at different positions in a planar view, an antenna element mounted in the antenna-mounted region, a wireless IC and a mounted component mounted in the IC-mounted region,... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140239076 - Rfid tag enabled article and a method therefor: A radio-frequency identification (RFID) tag assembly enabled article and methods therefor are provided. The RFID tag assembly enabled article includes a RFID tag assembly connected to an article with a pair of conducting strips, wherein the pair of conducting strips is connected between each end of the RFID tag assembly,... Agent: Tata Consultancy Services Limited

08/21/2014 > 31 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20140231504 - Decision device and method thereof: Decision devices, systems, and methods to provide a product resource are provided herein. The decision devices include an analysis engine. The analysis engine receives an information resource and at least one product parameter. The analysis engine searches the information resource to identify at least one search result and dynamically analyzes... Agent:

20140231499 - Geographic locator for economic activity: A system obtains and transmits and stores information, including location information of a potential economic event associated with visual information provided locally with respect to a geolocator. The system may contain at least: an article intimately associated with an electromagnetically interrogatable geolocator a hand-held information receiving and transmitting device that... Agent:

20140231505 - Method and apparatus for automatic location-specific configuration management of a removable meter unit: A meter apparatus and method of operating a removable meter apparatus are described. The meter apparatus includes a tag associated with unique tag identification information and configured to be permanently affixed to a location housing at a unique physical location, and includes a removable meter unit configured to mate with... Agent: Ips Group, Inc.

20140231502 - Methods and systems for providing subject-specific survey content to a user with scanable codes: Disclosed are methods, systems and computer program products for surveying a user using a scan-code tag, such as a quick response code. In one embodiment, a mobile communication device such as a smartphone, tablet computer or other mobile computer is adapted to include a survey client module for scanning and... Agent:

20140231501 - Object tracking methdo and appapratus: An object tracking method and device of an electronic device are provided. The object tracking method of the electronic device includes tracking an object recognized in at least one digital image, wherein the tracking of the object includes generating a reference object using at least a part of the object... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140231500 - Optical reader having an imager: There is described a device having a two dimensional imager. The device having a two dimensional image sensor can be a hand held device. Imaging optics can be provided for focusing light reflected from a target onto the two dimensional imager. An image including imaging data can be obtained utilizing... Agent: Hand Held Products, Inc

20140231507 - System and method for automated tool management: A system of using machine readable labels affixed to tools for managing information related to those tools. The barcode is affixed to a tool so that the barcode does not interfere with the tool. By scanning the barcode on the specific tool, a user is able to access pertinent information... Agent: Proper Group International

20140231506 - Systems and methods for scanning a user environment and evaluating data of interest: According to various embodiments, a mobile device continuously and/or automatically scans a user environment for tags containing non-human-readable data. The mobile device may continuously and/or automatically scan the environment for tags without being specifically directed at a particular tag. The mobile device may be adapted to scan for audio tags,... Agent:

20140231503 - Universal ic tag, method of manufacturing same, and communication management system: A universal IC tag comprises a metal sheet M1 having a hollow slot functioning as an antenna; plastic sheets laminated on the front and the rear surfaces of the metal sheet M1; an IC arranged in the hollow slot, and a metal sheet M2 laminated on the rear plastic sheet... Agent: Smart Co., Ltd.

20140231508 - Device for handling banknotes comprising a height adjustable user interface: The invention relates to a device (10) for handling banknotes that comprises a display unit (20) with a display surface (22) for displaying at least one graphic user interface (28) to a user of the device (10). The user interface (28) is only displayed in a portion (32 to 36)... Agent: Wincor Nixdorf International Gmbh

20140231509 - Communication between retailer and customer: Communication between a retailer and a customer is disclosed. A payment card and a communication identifier addressing a wireless transceiver of a mobile apparatus are registered to an electronic service. The mobile apparatus receives, with the wireless transceiver, a plurality of packets relating to payments with the payment card of... Agent: Op-palvelut Oy

20140231511 - Security element for marking or identifying objects and living beings: A security element for marking, authenticating or identifying objects or living beings, such as people, animals or plants is provided that includes one or more layers of materials that are arranged next to or on top of each other or that overlap, which have security markings. At least one layer... Agent: Human Bios Gmbh

20140231510 - Tracking customer loyalty information using an incremental information object: A method for tracking customer loyalty information using an incremental information object (IIO) includes capturing an information object (IO), wherein the IO include a number of tiles, and wherein the number of tiles include a standard code. The method also includes analyzing the IO to identify the standard code and... Agent:

20140231512 - Computerized voting system: Officials using computers research and create lists of Certified Registered Voters and Proxies whom are sent computer encoded ballots and return containers. Each Ballot and correlated Receipt(s) share a unique Random Symbolic Identifier (RSID) and use embedded Security Elements to prevent counterfeiting. For privacy, before voting, Voters-Proxies optionally exchange ballots... Agent:

20140231513 - Universal voting station and tabulation device: A voting system including a universal voting station and a tabulation device. The voting station is operable to receive an activation card on which it prints a voter's voting selection. The voter may choose to have the voting station transmit the voting selection to the tabulation device and deposit the... Agent: Election Systems & Software, LLC

20140231514 - Short-wave infrared based scope: An infrared-based scope configured to obtain and display video imagery that allows a user to estimate wind speed and direction over a trajectory to a target based on observed air motion in the video imagery. In certain examples, the scope further includes electronics configured to calculate the wind speed using... Agent: Raytheon Company

20140231515 - System and method for ballistic solutions: Disclosed embodiments, as well as features and aspects thereof, are directed towards providing a system, device and method for calculating comprehensive ballistic solutions, or portions thereof, via a varying magnification optical range determining and ballistic trajectory calculating apparatus referred to as a ballistic solutions device. Advantageously, embodiments of a ballistic... Agent:

20140231520 - Biocompatible and ultrasound-differentiable micro-objects suitable for implantation in a vertebrate subject: Described embodiments include a system. A described system includes a set of at least two biocompatible and ultrasound-differentiable micro-objects suitable for implantation in a vertebrate subject. Each micro-object of the set of micro-objects while implanted respectively returning an echo response to an applied ultrasound energy having a machine recognizable feature... Agent:

20140231516 - Geographic chip locator: A system obtains and transmits and stores information, including location information of an article associated with a chip. The system may contain at least: an article intimately associated with an electromagnetically interrogatable chip; a hand-held information receiving and transmitting device that can interrogate the chip, the hand-held information receiving and... Agent:

20140231519 - Method for connecting a portable rfid reader to a handheld computing device via an audio connection: Methods and systems for efficiently communicating information to/from an RFID reader are provided. According to one embodiment, a command is received by a Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) reader from a handheld computer via an audio connection of the handheld computer. Responsive to the command, a tag scanning process is initiated by... Agent: U Grok It, Inc.

20140231518 - Wireless communication device: A wireless communication device includes a resistive-element-including RFIC and an antenna coil. The resistive-element-including RFIC includes an RFIC, a capacitive element, and resistive elements. The resistive elements and a portion of a circuit in the RFIC define a variable impedance circuit. The RFIC controls the impedance of a resistive circuit... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140231517 - Wireless radio frequency identification receiving facility having antenna net: A wireless radio frequency identification receiving facility having antenna net includes a receiving apparatus with receiving spaces for receiving objects, a leaking-waved antenna net unit, and a first antenna. The leaking-waved antenna net unit includes an inner main antenna and extension antennas extended to the regions adjacent to the receiving... Agent:

20140231521 - Marker processing method, marker processing device, marker, object having a marker, and marker processing program: A marker processing method includes: (a) binarizing a shot image; (b) labeling one or more constituents of the image detected based on the image binarized in step (a); (c) obtaining a region centroid of each of the constituents corresponding to the respective labels processed in step (b); (d) obtaining a... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140231523 - Electronic device capable of recognizing object: A method and a device, such as a portable terminal to recognize an object in an electronic device, and a method and a device, such as a portable terminal capable of detecting a barcode are provided. The method includes detecting finder pattern candidates, extracting contour information of the finder pattern... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140231522 - Image generating method, information processing method, and information processing device: An image generating method performed by a computer, includes extracting data corresponding to a first coded image from first image data including the first coded image; generating a second coded image corresponding to the extracted data, wherein a size of a configuration element included in the second coded image is... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140231524 - Barcode scanner having laser alignment indication: A barcode scanner having a laser alignment indication mainly has an alignment light source module and a reading light source module. After the alignment light source module is aligned with a barcode, the reading light source module is started to read barcode information. After irradiating the alignment light source module... Agent:

20140231525 - Machine-readable symbols: A variety of forms of machine-readable symbols are disclosed, as well as methods and systems of constructing machine-readable symbols, methods and systems of acquiring machine-readable symbols, and methods and systems of decoding machine-readable symbols.... Agent: Lumidigm, Inc.

20140231526 - Code reading device and code reading method: A code reading device includes a neighbor searching and voting unit that, for each of a part of dot marks located in a matrix displaced from virtual lattice points, votes on coordinate values of four neighboring dot marks, using each of the part of the dot marks as a reference... Agent:

20140231528 - Antenna, method of manufacturing the antenna, and wireless ic device: An antenna includes first and second radiation portions including one lead wire that is folded back into a loop shape to define a folded-back portion and that includes a first power feed portion at a first end and a second power feed portion at a second end. The lead wire... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140231527 - Electronic card: An electronic card has a power source, a user selection mechanism operable to allow a user to select a customization variable for a single transaction, a processor for generating a transaction specific data packet that includes a card number and a customized number and an electronic communication device operable to... Agent: Privasys, Inc.

20140231529 - Thermally-responsive record material: The invention describes a thermally-responsive record material substantially free of aromatic isocyanate. The record material comprises a support having provided thereon a heat-sensitive composition comprising a substantially colorless dye precursor comprising a fluoran; and a developer material selected from the group consisting of 4,4′-diaminodiphenylsulfone and 3,3′-diaminodiphenylsulfone in combination with N-[(butylamino)carbonyl]-4-methylbenzene... Agent: Appvion, Inc.

08/14/2014 > 24 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20140224868 - Graphical user interface and data transfer methods in a controlling device: A smart device is provided with a main remote control application that may be configured using information obtained from a QR code. The main remote control application may present images of original remote controls corresponding to devices which are controllable by the configured main remote control application. In connection with... Agent: Universal Electronics Inc.

20140224867 - Method of providing digital content for users of physical items: Systems, apparatuses, and methods are provided for enhancing users' overall experiences with physical items by supplementing their physical experiences with digital experiences. According to an embodiment, a user uses an electronic device to scan a smart tag associated with an item to obtain an item identifier of the item. The... Agent: Adidas Ag

20140224869 - Device to document processes: The invention relates to a multi-component device Z to document processes R comprising at least one step wherein a device Y collects information from all components Cij used to make the product Di of an individual process step i, a device X calculates a hash code for each component Cij,... Agent:

20140224870 - Radio frequency identification system for tracking and managing materials in a manufacturing process: A process management system uses a radio frequency identification (RFID) detection system in the form of, for example, a phased array antenna based RFID detection system to track and manage material storage and flow in a manufacturing process or plant. The process management system operates in conjunction with the various... Agent: A-1 Packaging Solutiosn, Inc.

20140224872 - Electronic voter card and method for electronic voting: A method for electronic voting includes providing an electronic data storage device, the device containing a bar code or magnetic strip, providing an automated system for activation of the device, providing an associated user with a unique identifier, wherein the unique identifier is used to activate the device, activating the... Agent: Vecsys, LLC

20140224871 - Portable electronic apparatus, containing device, containing device identifying method, and identification system thereof: A portable electronic apparatus, a containing device, a containing device identifying method, and an identification system thereof are disclosed. The portable electronic apparatus is disposed in the containing device, wherein the containing device has an identification unit. The portable electronic apparatus includes an environment-sensing module, a processing module, and a... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20140224873 - Recipient verification system with permanent identifier having embedded machine readable code verification and methods of use, including recipient identification: A recipient verification system including a band and at least one label intended to be removed from connection with the band during use. The band displays a permanent band identifier, and the at least one label displays a removable band identifier. The band identifiers each include an identical human readable... Agent: Typenex Medical, LLC

20140224874 - Image pick-up device and pos system including the same: An image pick-up device, which photographs an object to generate an image signal, including: an opening formed to pass light therethrough; a transparent plate which covers the opening; an image detector arranged to generate the image signal; an optical lens forming an image of the object on the image detector... Agent: Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha

20140224876 - Rfid-based book tagging device and method: The present invention relates to a radio frequency identification (RFID) device and method for book tagging, using which a RFID tag which is designed to attach to a book is first being scanned and detected in view of optimizing the RFID tag's signal strength and its effective reading rate as... Agent: Clarldy Solutions, Inc.

20140224875 - Shelf power system: A shelf lighting system, which includes a shelf power system, is herein disclosed. The shelf power system has a power track and a connecting plug. The connecting plug has an attachment mechanism to attach to a shelf bracket, and is configured to electrically connect to the power track. One embodiment... Agent: Powerwall Inc.

20140224877 - Magnetoresistive detection system and method for detection of magnetic image of bank notes: A system and method for obtaining a fill image of a bank note being processed. At least one magnetoresistive detector is employed to obtain line-scan sensings of a bank note as the note passes. A central processing unit obtains the sensing as magnetic pattern data which is subsequently stored in... Agent: Toshiba International Corporation

20140224878 - Determination and presentation of package pricing offers in response to customer interest in a product: A system and method for determination and presentation of package offers. A package offer is an offer for sale by a retailer of a package of products at a package price. A retailer may offer products for sale in an on-line retail environment or in a physical retail environment. A... Agent: Inventor Holdings, LLC

20140224879 - Security barcode: A security barcode is made up of modules that include optical disrupters that are too small to be deliberately placed in precise positions. The barcode is authenticated by a simple webcam including three-dimensional positioning means co-operating with a recognizable graphic structure referred to as a “marker”. In order to establish... Agent:

20140224880 - Method and device for personalizing at least two cards, and card obtained via said method: A method of personalization for at least two cards (10), each card including a first side, a second side, and a peripheral surface, includes the following steps: forming a pile (20) of at least two cards by stacking the first side or the second side of an article (n) such... Agent: Oberthur Technologies

20140224881 - Durable card: Cards embodying the invention include a core subassembly whose elements define the functionality of the card and a hard coat subassembly attached to the top and/or bottom sides of the core subassembly to protect the core subassembly from wear and tear and being scratched. The core subassembly may be formed... Agent:

20140224882 - Flexible smart card transponder: This smart card transponder is made extremely flexible by being ultrathin. Its thickness of only 0.25 mm is achieved by using all ultrathin flexible substrates. A Semiconductor-on-Polymer (SOP) process creates flexible integrated circuit (IC) components which are applied to a flexible antenna substrate. With suitable selection of materials, no additional... Agent:

20140224886 - Composite ic card: Provided is a composite IC card including: a card base having a recess; an antenna sheet arranged inside the card base; an IC module arranged in the recess of the card base. The IC module includes an IC chip having a module substrate provided with an external terminal, and a... Agent: Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.

20140224883 - Multi chip smart card: A smart card assembly with at least two chips. In some embodiments, the at least two chips are on the same major surface and define mutually-perpendicular, respective directions of insertion with respect to a standard reciprocating card reader. In some embodiments, the at least two chips are respectively mounted on... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140224884 - Protection housing for rfid tag: A protection housing for an RFID tag, including a first housing and a second housing and an encapsulation structure for encapsulating an RFID tag into the placement space formed by the first housing and the second housing, the first housing having a first extension part including at least one air... Agent: Shanghai Yoachuan Information Technology Co., Ltd.

20140224887 - Rfid tag: Provided is an RFID tag, wherein a communication distance of several centimeter or more can be secured and the cost of which can be reduced in comparison to conventional on-chip antennas, even when being compact in size (square shaped with a side of 1.9 to 13 mm). The RFID tag... Agent: Hitachi Chemical Company, Ltd.

20140224885 - Wireless communication improving sheet, wireless communication ic tag, information transmitting medium and wireless communication system: A wireless communication improving sheet capable of improving a possible communication distance of an IC tag for wireless communication, a wireless communication IC tag, and a wireless communication system are provided. A first spacer has an arrangement surface for arranging a wireless IC tag. An auxiliary antenna, which resonates with... Agent: Nitta Corporation

20140224888 - Identification code based information system: A system for providing information associated with an identification code to an operator of a machine is provided. The system includes a plurality of sensors configured to generate signals indicative of a parameter associated with an operation of the machine. The system also includes a display unit. The system further... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20140224889 - Machine readable information interface for a container: The present application is directed to systems and methods for an information delivery system for a container. At least one machine readable indicia may be printed on an outer surface of the container. A top label may cover at least a portion of the outer surface of the container. The... Agent:

20140224890 - Systems, devices, and methods for displaying a barcode at a computing device: Embodiments of the systems, devices, and methods described herein generally facilitate the display of a barcode at a computing device for capture by another computing device. In accordance with one example embodiment, a barcode is generated at a first computing device, the barcode is displayed on a display screen associated... Agent: Blackberry Limited

08/07/2014 > 21 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20140217168 - Identifier generation for visual beacon: A visual beacon, such as a Quick Response (QR) code or other type of artificial visual beacon is identified based on a coarse position and content information, and optionally, type of the visual beacon. For example, position may be based on latitude and longitude, e.g., from a satellite positioning system,... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140217165 - Medicine issuing device and container identifying device: This medicine issuing device is a container identifying device for identifying tubular medicine containers (1,2,3) provided with identifying marks (4,5,6) on their external circumference, said medicine issuing device comprising: an operation component (7) that takes the medicine containers (1,2,3) out of a cassette (403); a movement path component (8) that... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140217167 - Method, apparatus, and computer readable medium for transferring a collaboration session: A method for transferring a collaboration session from a handheld device to a multimedia endpoint by encoding session data for the collaboration session and/or instructions into an optically machine-readable representation of data, displaying the data on a display of the handheld device, and optically providing the data to a multimedia... Agent: Cisco Technology, Inc.

20140217166 - Methods and apparatus to change a feature set on data collection devices: Methods and apparatus for modifying the feature set of data collection devices are disclosed. Requests are receiving at a computer system different from the data collection device for a new configuration of the data collection device, the request including an identifier for the data collection device, identification of one or... Agent: Hand Held Products, Inc.

20140217164 - System and method for downloading a live performance through use of a qr code: A system and method for downloading a live performance held at a venue using a QR code comprising a server, including a memory, processor, and content management system, and a computer, including a memory, processor, scanner, and software. The content management system is stored in the memory and adapted to... Agent:

20140217169 - Banking machine controlled responisve to data read from data bearing records: A banking system operates responsive to data read from data bearing records. The system includes an automated banking machine comprising a card reader. The card reader includes a movable read head that can read card data along a magnetic stripe of a card that was inserted long-edge first. The card... Agent: Diebold Self-service Systems, Division Of Diebold, Incorporated

20140217170 - Contactless prepaid product for transit fare collection: Transaction processing in an offline environment for a prepaid product comprising a portable consumer device includes responding to presentation of the prepaid product at a reader for offline processing by initiating operation of the prepaid product, receiving data from the prepaid product at the reader that indicates the prepaid product... Agent:

20140217171 - X-ray security system: The present invention is directed to security systems that utilize electromagnetic radiation. The security system includes an authentication security document, an authentication system, and a process for authenticating security documents. The security document includes a document body with an RFID and body information pertinent to the security document. The RFID... Agent: Mach 1 Development, Inc.

20140217172 - Apparatus, system and method for stimulating and securing retail transactions: An apparatus, system and method of stimulating a retail transaction. The apparatus, system and method may include obtaining, via an opt-in to an in-store wireless network, of consumer device data regarding a plurality of consumer mobile devices, the consumer data comprising device use data, prior purchase data, and location data;... Agent:

20140217173 - Label for enabling verification of an object: A label for enabling verification of an object includes a scannable region that enables determination of auto-acquired unique spatial orientation of the scannable region with respect to a reference thereby enabling determination of a spatial orientation of the label with respect to the reference. The label is applied onto the... Agent: Linksmart Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

20140217174 - Magnetic stripe reader with card swipe information feedback: A magnetic card reader module includes a magnetic sensor and an adjacent groove, a microcontroller and an application. The magnetic sensor is configured to pick-up an analog magnetic signal generated by swiping a magnetic stripe through the groove. The magnetic stripe is attached to a card and comprises tracks with... Agent: Bbpos Limited

20140217175 - Radio frequency identification tagging: A RFID tag or label comprises a RFID tag module (comprising an electronic identification circuit and a coupling means) and an antenna structure coupled to the coupling means. The RFID tag module is separate from, separable or arranged to be severable from, the antenna structure. The tag module can be... Agent: Zih Corp.

20140217176 - Method for interaction of a data carrier with an end device: A method is provided for interaction of a portable data carrier with an end device. The data carrier comprises a transducer arrangement having at least one or a set of capacitive transducer elements which are arranged on or in the data carrier at defined positions in relation to the geometry... Agent: Giesecke & Devrient

20140217178 - Information processing method and system: An identification code-based three-dimensional interactive technique includes acquiring an image including an identification-coded real object, the image being taken by video-capable equipment, identifying an identification code from the identification-coded real object, obtaining object information corresponding to the identification code, acquiring a reference image associated with the identification code and feature... Agent:

20140217177 - Monitoring moving articles: A system of monitoring movable articles, e.g. for detecting counterfeits, is described. It comprises applying to the article (30) a label thereon, coded data in the form of a visually perceptible marking (34) conveniently at the time and place of manufacture and using a digitally controlled printer. Details of the... Agent:

20140217179 - Digital picture taking optical reader having hybrid monochrome and color image sensor array: A portable hand held optical reader having a specially constructed two-dimensional image sensor array is operational in a bar code decoding mode and in a picture taking mode. The specially constructed image sensor array, in one embodiment, is a hybrid monochrome and color image sensor pixel array, wherein a first... Agent: Hand Held Products, Inc.

20140217180 - Indicia decoding device with security lock: A securable indicia encoding system with a lock receiving portion is disclosed herein. In one illustrative embodiment, a securable indicia decoding device may include an imaging subsystem, a memory, a processor, and a housing. The imaging subsystem may include an image sensor array and an imaging optics assembly operative for... Agent: Metrologic Instruments, Inc.

20140217181 - Label for receiving indicia having variable spectral emissivity values: Labels that are conducive to the detection of bar-codes and other indicia having varying spectral emissivity values are provided. The labels include a substrate, a background layer, a thermally conductive layer and an adhesive layer. The background layer is preferably similar in visual appearance to the indicium that the label... Agent:

20140217182 - License plates for a vehicle: In identification devices having a contactlessly readable data carrier (20) equipped with an antenna (17), the antenna (17) assigned to the data carrier (20) is formed by an electrically conductive part of the identification device (10) with a slit (18) provided therein, making the antenna (17) an integral component of... Agent: J.h. Tonnjes E.a.s.t. Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140217183 - Antenna device and communication apparatus: An antenna device is configured as a jacket of a communication terminal, such as a mobile terminal, and a communication apparatus includes the antenna device attached to the communication terminal. The antenna device uses an HF-band high frequency signal as a carrier frequency, and is configured as a reader/writer antenna... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140217184 - Erasable barcode: The Erasable Barcode prevents the sale of products by invalidating the barcode. The invalidation can be based on shelf life, or improper temperature maintenance. The invalidation is also visible to humans so that the consumer knows if the exposure occurs after purchase. Activation brings liquid from the first reservoir in... Agent:

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