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06/11/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
06/04/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
05/28/2015 > 16 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20150144690 - Detection system and method suitably used on production line: A detecting system and method suitably used on a production line are disclosed, where a sensing device is arranged on a fixed position of a conveying belt, an image acquiring device and a bar code reading device are vertically arranged above the conveying belt, respectively, a computing device calculates a... Agent: Inventec (pudong) Technology Corporation

20150144689 - Normalizing universal product codes: The current disclosure extends to normalizing UPCs so the normalized UPCs can be readily compared against each other and used for item lookups in a local cache. Embodiments of the present disclosure include a UPC cache on a user's mobile device, such as a smartphone. In such embodiments, a UPC... Agent: Wal-mart Stores, Inc.

20150144691 - Digital measurement system with magnetic card reader and method for optical applications: A digital measurement system and method for optical applications including a mobile client device having a digital camera and an audio port, and a laser measurement device having a laser and a magnetic card reader. The laser measurement device and the magnetic card reader are electrically connected to the audio... Agent:

20150144693 - Optical code scanner optimized for reading 2d optical codes: An optical code scanner is presented that includes image capture technology to read optical codes. The optical code scanner captures an image of an optical code and then generates multiple reduced resolution versions of the image. Multiple techniques are applied to the different images to identify a region of interest,... Agent: Ncr Corporation

20150144692 - System and method for indicia reading and verification: An indicia-reading system and indicia-verification method are provided. The indicia-reading system includes an indicia-capturing subsystem for acquiring information about indicia within the indicia-capturing subsystem's field of view. The system also includes an indicia-decoding subsystem for decoding indicia information. A verification subsystem evaluates the quality of the indicia information and generates... Agent:

20150144694 - Loop antenna and method for switching the same: The loop antenna includes a loop coil connected to an RF signal source of a reader through a feed cable, and a switch that is turned on and off depending on a DC voltage that is proportional to the magnitude of an RF signal supplied from the RF signal source... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150144695 - Irreproducible and re-emergent unique structure or pattern identifier manufacturing and detection method, system, and apparatus: An irreproducible and re-emergent unique structure or pattern identifier manufacturing and detection method, system, and apparatus is provided. A non-volatile floating gate charge storage device can include a block of floating gate transistors that can include a semiconductor region, a source region, a drain region, a floating gate region, a... Agent: The United States Of America As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

20150144696 - Magnetic tag device, reader for a magnetic tag, and method of interrogating a magnetic tag: A magnetic tag device for generating a magnetic tag includes one or more magnetic field sources. The one or more magnetic field sources are configured to generate magnetic fields that superimpose so as to form an overall magnetic field exhibiting a predefined magnetic identification pattern representing the magnetic tag. The... Agent:

20150144697 - Chip arrangement and method for checking whether a chip is arranged in an intended chip carrier: One embodiment describes a chip arrangement having a chip carrier; a chip which is arranged in or on the chip carrier; a light sensor arrangement; a transparent layer which covers the light sensor arrangement, the light sensor arrangement being set up to determine a light pattern of light received by... Agent:

20150144698 - Laser scanning code symbol reading system providing control over length of laser scan line projected onto a scanned object using dynamic range-dependent scan angle control: Method of and system for reading bar code symbols using a hand-supportable laser scanning bar code symbol reading system supporting an improved level control over the length of laser scan lines projected onto scanned objects, at any instant in time, in a manner dependent the detected location, distance or range... Agent: Metrologic Instruments, Inc.

20150144700 - Method of optimizing focus plane position of imaging scanner: A method includes the following: (1) projecting a light pattern towards a target object; (2) detecting light returned from the target object through an imaging lens arrangement with an imaging sensor to capture at least a first slit-frame-image and a second slit-frame-image; (3) determining an optimized position of the imaging... Agent: Symbol Technologies, Inc.

20150144699 - Optimizing focus plane position of imaging scanner: A method includes the following: (1) projecting a light pattern towards a target object; (2) detecting light returned from the target object through an imaging lens arrangement with an imaging sensor to capture a first image with changes in the position of the focus plane of the imaging lens arrangement;... Agent: Symbol Technologies, Inc.

20150144701 - Indicia-reading system: Indicia-reading systems include an auxiliary reading apparatus with wireless charging capability. The systems are configured to couple, transfer, and receive energy wirelessly between a base charging station and auxiliary indicia reader via resonating coils that include an impedance matching network. Wireless charging capability can save space at the point-of-sale and... Agent:

20150144702 - Stretchable multi-layer wearable tag capable of wireless communications: A wearable tag capable of wireless communications includes a first elastic layer, a second elastic layer over the first elastic layer, wherein the second elastic layer is embedded with a first conductive circuit. The wearable tag includes a dielectric layer on the second elastic layer, a third elastic layer on... Agent:

20150144704 - Method of producing a transponder and a transponder: In a method of producing a transponder (T1, T2, T3), a substrate (1, 91) is provided. The substrate (9, 91) comprises a first area (2), a second area (3) adjacent to the first area (2), and a first electric contact (8, 98) adjacent to the second area (3). An electric... Agent:

20150144703 - Process for the production of an electronic card having an external connector and such an external connector: The invention relates to an external connector for the production of an electronic card comprising an insulating support that defines an outside face and an inside face opposite one another and a plurality of external metal contact pads. This external connector additionally comprises a plurality of metal projections located on... Agent:

05/21/2015 > 17 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20150136846 - Creation and management of dynamic quick response (qr) codes: A quick response (QR) code change event configured to cause a processor to change encoding of a displayed dynamic QR code is detected. The dynamic QR code includes an encoded unique value associated with an item displayed in a retail environment. Encoding of the dynamic QR code is changed to... Agent:

20150136844 - Method and system for checking the presence and/or readability of an item of product information: The invention relates to a method for checking the presence and/or readability of an item of product information, in particular an item of packaging content information. An item of product information, in particular packaging content information, is applied to the product, in particular packaging, by using a printing device. A... Agent: Knauf Gips Kg

20150136845 - Process and system for the identification and tracking of products in a production line: The present invention is related to processes used to combat counterfeiting. To that end, there is provided an efficient process and system for the identification and tracking of products in a production line, thereby allowing the marketed products to be further tracked in an efficient and unambiguous manner. More particularly,... Agent:

20150136847 - System and method for reducing a processing time for a bank transaction: A system for reducing a processing time for a bank transaction is provided. The system includes a kiosk (102) which has (i) an input means (202) for receiving an information related to the bank transaction, (ii) a controller (204) which is configured to receive the information and generate a coded... Agent: Ncr Corporation

20150136848 - Systems and methods for authorizing access to facilities: Systems and methods are provided for authorizing access to facilities. In connection therewith, a first request comprising data indicative of a card number is received at a first node. When the first request comprises a request for access to a facility, a set of rules associated with the card number... Agent:

20150136849 - Device and method for writing a plurality of transponders: The present invention relates to a device and a method for writing a plurality of transponders. A rotatable member is designed to ensure a relative rotation between a load and a release device for packaging material. A reading device for reading object information during the rotation of the rotatable member... Agent:

20150136850 - Card medium processing device: A card medium processing may include a medium transfer unit to transfer the card medium along a transfer path; a motor to drive the medium transfer unit; a magnetic head installed in an area of the insertion slot, the magnetic head structured to detect the magnetic record carrier of the... Agent:

20150136851 - Testing automatic data collection devices, such as barcode, rfid and/or magnetic stripe readers: Automatic data collection devices such as barcode readers, RFID readers, magnetic stripe readers and the like may be tested using ADC device test executables, modules, or processes stored at a variety of network locations. One or more sets of tests or work lists may be defined to facilitate testing. Tests... Agent:

20150136852 - Encoding module, associated encoding element, connector, printer-encoder and access control system: An encoding module and related systems and components are provided. The encoding module includes a plurality of encoding elements arranged in an array of columns and rows and one or more switching elements configured to selectively connect the encoding elements to a reader. The connection of the encoding elements may... Agent:

20150136853 - Low-cost capacitive sensing decoder: A low-cost system comprising a pattern arranged to encode information and a decoder for decoding the information encoded in the pattern is described. In particular, the mechanism employs a capacitive sensing technique. Electrodes are arranged (or stimulated, during operation) to each generate an electric field, and sense disturbances on the... Agent: Analog Devices Technology

20150136854 - Encoded information reading terminal with replaceable imaging assembly: An encoded information reading (EIR) terminal can comprise a microprocessor communicatively coupled to a system bus, a memory, a communication interface, and a pluggable imaging assembly identified by a type identifier and configured to acquire an image comprising decodable indicia. The imaging assembly can comprise a two-dimensional image sensor configured... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20150136855 - Media processing device: A media processing device enables reading second media that do not bend easily from the device front with the same ease of use as processing first media that bend easily. The media processing device has a media conveyance path that guides first media inserted from a media insertion opening toward... Agent:

20150136856 - Card with metal layer and an antenna: In a smart card having an antenna structure and a metal layer, an insulator layer is formed between the antenna structure and the metal layer to compensate for the attenuation due to the metal layer. The thickness of the insulator layer affects the capacitive coupling between the antenna structure and... Agent:

20150136859 - Communication device: A communication device includes a radiator defining a duplex antenna of a first communication system whose carrier frequency is in a first frequency band and a second communication system whose carrier frequency is in a second frequency band overlapping the first frequency band, an antenna for the second communication system,... Agent:

20150136857 - Envelope detector circuit: An envelope detector circuit, suitable for use in RFID tags, includes a voltage doubler circuit and a biasing voltage generating circuit which comprises components matched respectively to rectifying components of the voltage doubler circuit. A rectifying component of this voltage doubler circuit is formed by a transistor controlled by the... Agent:

20150136860 - Surface sensor: The invention relates to a sensor for detection of properties and structures of an organic tissue and its surface, e.g., a fingerprint sensor comprising a chosen number of sensor electrodes at chosen positions for coupling to a finger tissue and its surface having a size less or comparable to the... Agent: Idex Asa

20150136858 - Transponder chip module with coupling frame on a common substrate for secure and non-secure smartcards and tags: A capacitive coupling enhanced (CCE) transponder chip module (TCM) comprises an RFID chip (CM, IC), optionally contact pads (CP), a module antenna (MA), and a coupling frame (CF), all on a common substrate or module tape (MT). The coupling frame (CF, 320A) may be in the form of a ring,... Agent:

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