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04/10/2014 > 19 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20140097238 - Measurement using a calibraton pattern: An image is captured. The image includes a calibration pattern. The calibration pattern includes displayed information about the calibration pattern. The displayed information and the calibration pattern are used to make a calibrated measurement.... Agent:

20140097237 - Recycling postage-paid indicator and process: A method for recycling a mail piece by a user that utilizes a postage-paid indicator that includes an intelligent barcode and the postal system which scans the intelligent barcode and compares it with a first data file that contains information concerning the distribution of funds generated from the sale of... Agent:

20140097239 - System and method for using 1d and 2d barcodes in electrical troubleshooting and service parts information: Barcodes, such as QR codes are strategically placed on the work vehicle in a location representative of an electrical system. Scanning the QR code with a QR scanner, smart phone or other device will take a user to the schematic location for the system and/or a list of systems in... Agent: Agco Corporation

20140097240 - Transport service card and system and method for facilitating a transport service: Systems and techniques that relate to a card for use in relation to a transport service are described. Some embodiments of the card include a body having a first face and an opposed second face, a machine-readable code storage means carried by the body and storing coded information, at least... Agent: Taxi Club Pty Ltd

20140097242 - Integrated card reader system: An integrated read head system includes a mobile device with an audio jack and at least one microphone input port. A read head is physically coupled to the mobile device. The read head has a slot for swiping a magnetic stripe of a financial transaction card to enable a financial... Agent: Square Inc.

20140097243 - Near field communication device, authentication system using the same and authentication method thereof: A near field communication (NFC) device, an authentication system using the NFC device and an authentication method thereof are provided. The NFC device includes a RFID tag, a loop antenna, a flexible fabric packaging material and an EMI shielding material. The device can be easily adhered to objects including most... Agent:

20140097241 - Payment card storage apparatus and tab management system: A system for managing bar or restaurant tabs includes a payment card storage apparatus, such as a carousel, to receive and store payment cards under computer control, and a payment card reader to read identifying information from the payment cards that are to be stored in the payment card storage... Agent:

20140097244 - 3d glasses and related systems: 3D glasses having an RFID tag (embedded in one or more temples) are rented to theater or other venue operators. The glasses are shipped to a venue for distribution to patrons and collected from patrons in the trays. Inventory and other measures are implemented by RFID scanning while the glasses... Agent: Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

20140097245 - Labeling and authenticating using a microtag: A system for encoding energy peaks of an identifier comprises an encoder. The encoder is configured to define a readable spectral range of an identifier. The identifier comprises a rugate microtag. The encoder is configured to divide the readable spectral range into a plurality of bins. The encoder is configured... Agent: Trutag Technologies, Inc.

20140097246 - Method and device for batch scanning 2d barcodes: Methods and devices for batch scanning 2D barcodes are provided by using a 2D barcode positioning process to determine a barcode area corresponding to each 2D barcode of a plurality of 2D barcodes in an image. According to the barcode area corresponding to each 2D barcode, the image containing the... Agent: Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

20140097247 - Portable rfid reading terminal with visual indication of scan trace: An RFID reading terminal can be configured, responsive to receiving a user interface action, to capture an image of at least one part of a physical structure sustaining a plurality of inventory items, locate and decode optical decodable indicia into a message comprising an identifier of the physical structure. The... Agent: Hand Held Products, Inc. Doing Business As Honeywell Scanning & Mobility

20140097248 - Removable module for mobile communication terminal: A decodable indicia reading system can comprise a mobile communication terminal and a removable module. The mobile communication terminal can comprise a microprocessor, a memory, and an imaging device comprising a two-dimensional image sensor, all disposed within a housing. The removable module can comprise a housing at least partially containing... Agent: Hand Held Products, Inc., Doing Business As Honeywell Scanning & Mobility

20140097249 - Terminal including imaging assembly: A terminal includes a housing, a touch screen, and an imaging assembly. The imaging assembly in one embodiment is disposed in the housing so that an imaging axis extends externally from the housing. The imaging assembly can be utilized for capture of images disposed externally to the housing. In one... Agent: Hand Held Products, Inc.

20140097250 - Variable formatting of digital data into a pattern: A method of formatting digital data and a method of decoding the formatted digital data. User selectable format parameters vary the dimensions and other attributes of spots and the cells containing those spots as well as other features which the formatting process formats into a pattern. A method of encoding... Agent:

20140097251 - Systems and methods for operating symbology reader with multi-core processor: This invention provides a vision system camera, and associated methods of operation, having a multi-core processor, high-speed, high-resolution imager, FOVE, auto-focus lens and imager-connected pre-processor to pre-process image data provides the acquisition and processing speed, as well as the image resolution that are highly desirable in a wide range of... Agent: Cognex Corporation

20140097252 - Imaging device having light field image sensor: A method of imaging a target object with an imaging reader. The method includes the following: (1) detecting light from the target object through a lens arrangement with an image sensor to generate light-field data; (2) generating a stream of image data including image data representing an expected in-focus image... Agent: Symbol Technologies, Inc.

20140097253 - Process for manufacturing a contactless smartcard having a transparent logo: A multilayer contactless smartcard 10 including an electronic chip embedded in the card, the chip being connected to an antenna 22 printed on a carrier layer 20, and two card bodies, one on each side of the carrier, each including at least one plastic layer 40 and 60. The antenna... Agent: Ask S.a.

20140097255 - Device for automated fuel delivery authorization and method for installation thereof: The present invention relates to a device for automated and secure fuel delivery authorization and in particular, to such a device in which fuel delivery authorization device comprises a vehicle RFID tag disposed on the filler neck of a vehicle having a simplified installation process.... Agent: Orpak Systems Ltd.

20140097254 - Excess radio-frequency (rf) power storage and power sharing rf indentification (rfid) tags, and related connection systems and methods: Excess radio-frequency (RF) power storage and power sharing RF Identification (RFID) tags, and related RFID tag connection systems and methods are disclosed. The excess RF power storage and power sharing RFID tags and related RFID tag connection systems and methods in embodiments disclosed herein allow connected RFID tags to store... Agent: Corning Incorporated

04/03/2014 > 18 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140091137 - Electric product and method of controlling the same: An electric product includes a recognition device to obtain an image of a recognition object, a control unit to recognize item information from the image obtained by the recognition device and compare the recognized item information with information stored in a memory unit, and a display unit to display a... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140091135 - Non-connected product data exchange via symbology: An electronic device, such as a print device, generates barcodes that contain encoded data corresponding to a functional destination and a variety of electronic device operational parameters. When a user selects a functional category, the electronic device determines the category's destination and relevant parameters, and generates the barcode with destination... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20140091134 - Realizing desktop metaphors on a computer: A desktop metaphor system. There is included a physical, non-virtual icon card corresponding to a certain computer application and a computer separate from the icon card. The computer includes a computer readable storage medium for storing computer applications, one of which is the certain computer application, and a computer processor.... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140091138 - Rfid system: The present invention provides an automated system for asset tracking and management and utilizes near field Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) technology. RFID tags are attached to the assets via a flexible mounting system, and RFID antennas (and corresponding readers) are strategically located in close proximity to read the tags. As... Agent: Panduit Corp.

20140091139 - Semantic note taking system: A semantic note taking system and method for collecting information, enriching the information, and/or binding the information to services is provided. User-created notes are enriched with labels, context traits, and relevant data to minimize friction in the note-taking process. In other words, the present invention is directed to collecting unscripted... Agent:

20140091140 - System for evaluating identification marks, identification marks and use thereof: The identifier and position and/or location of at least one identification mark is identified by a first optical recording device that is designed so that spatial position and/or location of an identification mark can be detected by the first optical recording device. A second optical recording device is designed so... Agent: Benedikt Hieronimi

20140091136 - Tracking system for food products: A system and method for providing food product information to customers. The system may include a database storing food product information, an information tag, such as a 2 dimensional QR code, with a link associated with the location of the food product information on the database, and a reader configured... Agent:

20140091141 - System and method for monitoring items: Systems, software, and methods for improved monitoring and identification systems for items and units to be serviced and reported, such as seal tags and other information from items or units to be serviced.... Agent: Cartasite, Inc.

20140091143 - Controllable rfid card: Systems and methods for providing personalized information are provided. Based on an identification of a customer through the use of a card, personalized information is selectively produced and wirelessly provided to a display such as a wireless display. The identification of the customer, as well as additional information, can be... Agent: Philip Morris Usa Inc.

20140091142 - System and method for control of bailment inventory: A method and system for control of bailment inventory is disclosed. The method includes receiving a customer identifier from a customer, receiving from the customer at least one customer item for bailment, associating the customer identifier with the at least one customer item, storing the at least one customer item,... Agent: Coatchex, LLC

20140091144 - Systems and processes for tracking items: Systems and processes for tracking the status of an item are disclosed. Systems and processes for decommissioning identifying information from pharmaceutical product containers are disclosed.... Agent:

20140091146 - Extended range emf antenna: An antenna for use in an asset-identification system. The antenna includes a plurality of electrically conductive coils electrically connected in parallel. The coils are physically aligned along a common axis. The coils are offset along the common axis by a distance selected to reduce the mutual inductance between the electrically... Agent: National Oilwell Varco, L.p.

20140091145 - Integrated circuits with persistent data storage: The circuitry introduced in this invention selectively slows down the functioning of an electronic circuit maintaining a particular state for a prolonged period of time. This circuitry is used not only to achieve the desired effect in maintaining security from electronic thieves trying to circumvent codes but also in other... Agent:

20140091147 - Arrangement for and method of managing a soft keyboard on a mobile terminal connected with a handheld electro-optical reader via a bluetooth(r) paired connection: A wireless Bluetooth® paired connection is established between a Bluetooth® module in an electro-optical, handheld reader and a Bluetooth® module in a mobile terminal via a human interface device (HID) profile. Data capture from a target is initiated upon one type of manual actuation, e.g., a single pull, of a... Agent: Symbol Technologies, Inc.

20140091149 - Dual interface smart cards, and methods of manufacturing: A booster antenna (BA) for a smart card comprises a card antenna (CA) component extending around a periphery of a card body (CB), a coupler coil (CC) component at a location for an antenna module (AM), and an extension antenna (EA) contributing to the inductance of the booster antenna (BA).... Agent:

20140091148 - Radio frequency identification module: AN RFID module includes a substrate, an antenna coil, an identification module, and multiple connection points. The antenna coil is placed on the substrate. The identification module is disposed on the substrate and within a predetermined region surrounded by the antenna coil. The identification module is electrically connected to the... Agent: Smart Approach Co., Ltd.

20140091150 - Rfid tag antenna with compensation structure, rfid tag and rfid system: The invention claims a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag antenna with a compensation structure, an RFID tag and an RFID system. The RFID tag antenna comprises: a dielectric substrate (3); a conductor grounding part (2) which is arranged in the way of covering the whole surface of one main surface... Agent: Shanghai Yoachuan Information Technology Co., Ltd.

20140091151 - Electronic delivery of admission tickets direct to a purchaser: Electronic delivery of counterfeit-resistant documents exchangeable for value such as admission tickets, gift certificates, coupons, vouchers, etc. directly to the person who ordered the documents over an open communications network such at the Internet. A first party orders a document from a second party, and the second party electronically delivers... Agent: Cias, Inc

03/27/2014 > 23 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20140084049 - Printing system, printing device, and printing method: A first printer 60 has a connection unit that receives print data input from a POS terminal 10, and outputs the print data to and receives the result of printing the output print data from a second printer 20, and a first printer print unit 71 that prints the received... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140084054 - Apparatus, system, and method for automated item tracking: Disclosed is an automated item tracking method, comprising the steps of reading an RFID signal, obtaining a reported position of an RFID signal generator, measuring the strength of the read RFID signal, creating a read profile, obtaining a physical package profile, comparing the read profile to the physical package profile,... Agent: Element Id, Inc.

20140084053 - Audio medium for a q pen: An audio medium for a Q pen includes a recording area arranged on a side of the medium body and having multiple recording ID codes to associate with the Q pen and a completion area arranged on the side of the medium body and having multiple completion ID codes to... Agent:

20140084051 - Dimensional translator: A dimensional translator may automatically translate a dimension from an entity to a different dimension of another entity. The dimensional translator may do so by comparing attributes of the input dimension (the dimension to be translated) to attributes of a target data structure. An attribute may include, for example, hierarchy... Agent: Catalina Marketing Corporation

20140084050 - Locationing using mobile device, camera, and a light source: A method and system for locationing of a mobile device (100) within an environment includes light sources (116) disposed within the environment and modified to provide a plurality of unique identity patterns (202) associated with particular locations within the environment. A camera (106) and image processor (102) of the mobile... Agent: Symbol Technologies, Inc.

20140084055 - Quality control method and apparatus for automated analyses of biologic fluid sample: An apparatus and method for analyzing a biologic sample is provided. The apparatus includes a capillary tube, a machine readable identity tag, and an analysis device. The tube is operable to hold the biologic sample. The machine readable identity tag is disposed on the tube, and indicates a production source... Agent:

20140084052 - Self-service device servicing utilizing a hardware database: A system and method of utilizing a hardware database with a master ticket or a support ticket for individual financial self-service devices, such as an automated teller machine (ATM), that provides a technician with information about the self-service device and improves the self-service device servicing process is provided. The self-service... Agent: Bank Of America Corporation

20140084056 - System for product packaging level serialization: A tracking system for food products includes labeled food product packages and labeled containers for transporting the labeled packages to harvest sites. A data-clearing center receives mobile phone communications from the harvest sites for uploading the container codes. Ancillary information collected from the mobile phone communications including the time, date,... Agent: Ws Packaging Group, Inc.

20140084057 - Multi-purpose transaction card and associated methods and systems: An approach for associating a card (e.g., a transaction card, an identification card, etc.) that corresponds to a primary account with one or more ancillary accounts (e.g., a library account, etc.) includes obtaining information from the card and associating that information with an ancillary account. The card may then be... Agent: Card Limited Corp.

20140084059 - Universal interactive smart card device: A secure, universal, and interactive smart card device including a display, an interface device, a security device, and a storage device. The card device can include an on-board power supply for powering the display, interface device, security device, and storage device.... Agent:

20140084058 - Workflow management system: A workflow management system for radiotherapy treatment of a patient using radiotherapy equipment comprising: a patient radiofrequency identification (RFID) tag and a radiofrequency (RF) detection device, which provides a patient unique identifier matchable to a patient's treatment plan; a plurality of optical markers, wherein in at least one patient optical... Agent: Elekta Ab

20140084060 - Rfid-based inventory monitoring systems and methods with self-adjusting operational parameters: An inventory monitoring controller maintains information reflecting a current inventory of articles based on radio frequency identification (RFID) tag identifying information received from one or more RFID tag readers in the context of inventory polling operations. In an embodiment, the controller also adjusts an operational parameter (e.g., a missing article... Agent: Motorola Solutions, Inc.

20140084061 - Optical information reading device, optical information reading method, computer-readable program and recording medium: To prevent misreading of barcodes and to allow accurate outputting of bar data even when an element is damaged or blurred, an optical information reading device containing a computation means 23a for adding widths of 6 elements containing a bar and a space that are adjacent within one character to... Agent: Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.

20140084062 - Ic card, portable electronic device, and reader/writer: An IC card of an embodiment performs contactless communication with an external device having a first battery and a first carrier wave output device to output carrier wave using electric power of the first battery. The IC card is provided with a second battery, a second carrier wave output device,... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140084063 - Ic card, portable electronic device, and reader/writer: An IC card of an embodiment is provided with a receiver to receive a first command transmitted from an external device, a determining processor to determine whether or not the first command is a switching request command to request switching the IC card from a passive mode to an active... Agent:

20140084064 - Barcode and rfid reading apparatus: A barcode and RFID reading apparatus includes: a micro-controller; at least a RFID antenna configured to detect a RFID tag in a first area proximate to the reading apparatus; a RFID reader connected to the at least one antenna and controlled by the micro-controller, the RFID reader being configured to... Agent: Megaviz Limited

20140084065 - Magnetic stripe reader apparatus: A magnetic stripe reader apparatus comprises a first casing, a second casing, a magnetic stripe reader unit, and at least a connecting element. The first casing has an opening, a first positioning portion, and an adjustable fixing portion. The second casing has a second positioning portion disposed corresponding to the... Agent: Askey Computer Corp.

20140084066 - Phase encoding in micrograting-based anticountefeit devices: The invention relates to encoding phase information in micro-grating-based anti-counterfeit devices such as diffractive optically variable identification devices (DOVID). The invention utilizes that alignment of grating line positions in different micro-gratings having common line spacing and orientation, can be used as a new, additional information channel in DOVIDs. By displacing... Agent: Danmarks Tekniske Universitet

20140084067 - Data exchange using streamed barcodes: A system and method for data exchange between a first device and a second device includes encoding data as a series of barcode frames on the first device and then successively displaying each barcode frame of the series of barcode frames on the first device. The second device captures the... Agent:

20140084068 - Multiple focusable fields of view, such as a universal bar code symbol scanner: A device permitting multiple focusable fields of view, such as a universal bar code scanner that can read bar code symbols at both near and far distances for a range of X-dimensions, is described. The scanner uses an adjustable optical imaging system that has at least two different focused fields... Agent: IntermecIPCorp.

20140084069 - Information code medium, and system and apparatus for reading information code provided by the same: An information code is provided as a light transmissive object in which an information code is formed. When visible light is radiated to the object, the object maintains its light transmissive state, with no presentation from an information code in the object. Light of a first wavelength band, which differs... Agent: Denso Wave Incorporated

20140084070 - Chip card and method for manufacturing a chip card: According to one embodiment, a chip card is provided comprising a booster antenna wherein the booster antenna comprises a material having an electrical resistivity of at least 0.05 Ohm*mm2/m.... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20140084071 - Integrated smart card printing and encoding: A printer driver receives printing data (e.g., data to be printed on a surface of the smart card) and encoding data from an application. The application may expose a device-independent printing interface with one or more escape functions for sending device-specific data (e.g., smart card encoding data). The printer driver... Agent: Seagull Scientific, Inc.

03/20/2014 > 17 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140076963 - 3-d matrix barcode presentation: A method for processing a matrix barcode displayed in three dimensions to extract data represented thereby involves capturing the component images of the three-dimensional representation. The method includes receiving a first component image of the matrix barcode and receiving a second component image of the matrix barcode as the two... Agent: Echostar Technologies L.L.C.

20140076962 - Network linked data carriers for collectibles: A method for sharing among a plurality of collectors certain information related to collectable items in the form of digital audio files in order to facilitate the reading aloud of audio messages associated with a unique data carrier on a collectible item using at least one handheld electronic aid, at... Agent: Franklin Electronic Publishers, Incorporated

20140076964 - Card reader device using a microphone input of a headset jack of a means for communicating with a host system: In one embodiment, a card reader device includes: a read head configured to produce a signal indicative of data stored on a magnetic stripe of a card in response to the magnetic stripe being passed by the read head; means for passively attenuating configured to attenuate the signal indicative of... Agent: Rem Holdings 3, LLC, A Missouri Limited Liability Company

20140076965 - Augmented reality messaging system and method based on multi-factor recognition: Enables creating, displaying, and managing augmented reality (AR) messages linked to objects that display or contain identifiable information such as codes, including card products/prepaid card products, etc. Applies multi-factor recognition technology to process an object/card having a unique code. May utilize an application on a mobile device/computer, to capture an... Agent:

20140076966 - Gift card splitting: Embodiments of the invention are directed to systems, methods and computer program products for splitting a gift card. An exemplary apparatus is configured to: receive information associated with a gift card, the gift card being associated with a merchant; associate the gift card with an account; and enable selection of... Agent: Bank Of America Corporation

20140076967 - Mobile digital signature reader: Disclosed are systems and techniques that communicate data from a smart card to a smart card reader component and a computer device for an online application, transaction, or service. A smart card reader component converts data from the smart card to audio data and communicates the audio data to the... Agent: Rawllin International Inc.

20140076969 - Access control reader enabling remote applications: A system and method for enabling users to run remote applications on access control readers located throughout office buildings. A system administrator creates different remote applications groups such as admin, engineer or cardholder and then assigns users to one of the remote application groups. Users are then able to run... Agent: Sensormatic Electronics, LLC

20140076968 - System and method for registering entrants in a pass control system using an automated installation entrants (aie) system: Disclosed herein is a system and method for registering entrants in a pass control system using an Automated Installation Entry (AIE) system. The method can comprise placing the AIE system in a registration mode. AIE system can further comprise an enclosure having a first surface and a second surface. AIE... Agent:

20140076972 - Array antenna system and algorithm applicable to rfid readers: Embodiments of the invention pertain to Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) method and system using an antenna array, an array controller, and control algorithms. Embodiments of the invention can induce strong radio-frequency (RF) excitation, for a given level of radiated RF power, at any point within an arbitrary inhomogeneous medium. For... Agent:

20140076970 - Ic card, portable electronic device and reader/writer for ic card: An IC card performs non-contact communication with external device. The IC card includes a receiving section, a command processing section and a transmitting section. The receiving section receives a command transmitted from the external device. The command processing section performs command processing based on the command and generates a response... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140076973 - Method for preventing an unauthorized use of disposable bioprocess components: This invention provides a system and apparatus that is able to authenticate and prevent illegal manufacturing and unauthorized operation of disposable bioprocess components. This invention utilizes a ferro-electric random access memory chip (FRAM) chip to store error-correctable information on a RFID tag attached to the disposable bioprocess components, where the... Agent: Ge Healthcare Bio-sciences Corp.

20140076971 - System and method for providing secure identification solutions: The present invention provides a method and system for verifying and tracking identification information. In an embodiment of the invention, a system for delivering security solutions is provided that includes at least one of the following: a radio frequency (RF) identification device, an identification mechanism (e.g., a card, sticker), and... Agent: Neology, Inc.

20140076974 - Apparatus operative for capture of image data: There is set forth an apparatus for capturing image data. In one embodiment, an apparatus is operative for capture of a first frame of image data and a second frame of image data. In one embodiment, an apparatus is operative for processing the first frame of image data and the... Agent: Hand Held Products, Inc.

20140076975 - Magnetic strips, 2-d bar codes and qr codes for products: A substrate containing a magnetic strip, a 2-D bar code, or a QR bar code secured to the substrate, the magnetic strip, 2-D bar code, or QR bar code containing electronically readable information about an amount of money. The magnetic strip, 2-D bar code, or QR bar code is passed... Agent: Ward Kraft, Inc.

20140076976 - Substrate markings: Apparatus, systems, and methods are provided to generate markings on the side of a substrate. The markings represent information. In an embodiment, the information provided in the markings may be used to collect information during an assembly process.... Agent:

20140076977 - Inductive identification card: An inductive identification card on which a card holder's identifying information is recorded in order to recognize the holder's identity via a visual inspection. The identification card is provided with a sensor film on the surface having sensor points which are distributed on its exterior, blocking points corresponding to the... Agent:

20140076978 - Composite activation indicia substrate: The present invention is generally directed towards a card and package assembly and methods of making the same. Card and package assemblies in accordance with some embodiments of the present invention may include a package, a data card, the data card packaged at least in part within the package, and... Agent:

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