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12/26/2013 > 29 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories. patent applications/inventions, industry category

20130341392 - Method of providing information about a tangible object: A method of providing information about a tangible object that includes providing a tangible object that has a machine readable medium such as a RFID tag. Information can then be inputted into that RFID tag by a handheld device in order to alter the RFID tag such that the tag... Agent:

20130341390 - Methods and systems for registering relationships between users via a symbology: Methods and systems for registering a relationship between users are disclosed. A first electronic device transmits a request to provide relationship information to a computing device. The computing device generates a transaction code and transmits the code to the first electronic device. The first electronic device generates a symbology corresponding... Agent: Paychief LLC

20130341389 - Personal identifier useful for baggage routing during travel: A barcode tag is affixed to any baggage that needs to be checked and may be left on permanently. The barcode can be linked to an individual's itinerary by a variety of means including a database having personal information, frequent flier number or unique ID number. If a passenger uses... Agent:

20130341393 - Safety device and method for using a safety device: The invention relates to a security device with sensors for checking whether the security device (1) is in an undamaged state and checking for the presence of a specified support (9) of the security device (1), said support (9) being an object, in particular a mechanical or electronic component, characterized... Agent: Maxim Integrated Products, Inc

20130341391 - Systems and methods for transferring personal data using a symbology: Methods and systems for sending personal data using a symbology are disclosed. An entity computing device transmits a request to a remote computing device to define a transaction code and an associated symbology used to request personal data, which are returned to the requesting entity computing device. The entity displays... Agent: Paychief LLC

20130341394 - Electronic identification card including a display device, and method of checking counterfeit/alteration of an electronic identification card: An electronic identification card includes a display device. The display device includes a first memory region configured to store image data about a card holder of the electronic identification card, a second memory region configured to store unique pattern data about a unique pattern that is unique to the electronic... Agent:

20130341395 - Method and system for chilling and dispensing beverage: A beverage circuit for cooling a beverage when the beverage flows through inside the circuit, the circuit comprising a hollow tube allowing the beverage to enter into or exit from the circuit; wherein the tube being wounded to form a plurality of multi-layered coiled columns, all of which being arranged... Agent: Selftap Pro Systems Ltd.

20130341396 - Method for quick connection with network device and controller: A method for quick connection with a network device and a controller are provided to connect the controller and the network device through a communication platform. The controller may select at least a login Account ID desired to generate a barcode pattern from the recorded login Account IDs of at... Agent:

20130341397 - Code reader and method for the online verification of a code: A code reader (10) having an image sensor (20) for the generation of images of a detection zone (12) resolved into pixels is provided having a decoding unit (24) in order to identify code regions (14) in the images and to readout their coded information, as well as having a... Agent:

20130341398 - Finger sensing device including finger sensing integrated circuit die within a recess in a mounting substrate and related methods: A finger sensing device may include a mounting substrate having a recess in a top surface thereof and having conductive through-vias extending from the top surface to a bottom surface. The conductive through-vias may extend laterally adjacent to the recess. The finger sensing device may also include a finger sensing... Agent: Authentec, Inc.

20130341399 - Removeable scanning module for mobile communication terminal: A decodable indicia reading system can comprise a mobile communication terminal and a removable scanning module. The mobile communication terminal can comprise a microprocessor and a memory. The mobile communication terminal can further comprise at least one wired communication interface including a first electromechanical connector mechanically attached to the terminal... Agent: Honeywell International Inc. Doing Business As (d.b.a.) Honeywell Scanning & Mobility

20130341400 - Compression and obfuscation of three-dimensional coding: Systems and methods related to three-dimensional coding are disclosed. In one embodiment, a method for encoding data is described that includes generating a pattern in a substrate. The pattern includes elements and each element has one of an aperture or a protrusion. The aperture or protrusion has unique x, y... Agent: Apple Inc.

20130341401 - Methods and apparatus for selecting barcode symbols: A mobile device is described. The mobile device includes a trigger control for activating an image capture function of the mobile device. An imager captures an image in the field of view of the imager upon activation of the trigger control. The image includes at least one barcode symbol. A... Agent: Symbol Technologies, Inc.

20130341402 - Information code and information code reading apparatus: An information code includes a code region composed of a plurality of light-color modules and a plurality of dark-color modules. The code region includes a specified area which is preset and disables decoding of the information code by shielding light. The specified area is covered by a covering which exhibits... Agent:

20130341403 - Method and apparatus for recording status of shippable goods: An apparatus includes a packaging supporter including a base having a top surface, an imaging device that is oriented and adapted to capture an image of a shipping carrier disposed on the top surface, and an image processing unit operable to extract identification data from the image, create an output... Agent: Global Foundries Inc.

20130341404 - Optical reader having improved back-illuminated image sensor: An optical reading device for collecting and processing symbology data comprising: a back-illuminated image sensor for converting light reflected from an information bearing indicia (IBI) into output signals representative thereof; receive optics for directing light from the target to the back-illuminated image sensor; a processor for decoding the output signals;... Agent:

20130341405 - Hand-held data collector with detachable scanner: Disclosed is data collection apparatus for hand use. The apparatus comprises a body and a bar code scanner. The body has: a central portion adapted to be and gripped in the manner of a joystick; a switch positioned on the central portion and positioned in the manner of a pistol... Agent: Wis International

20130341406 - Data reader with multiple modes of operation: Data reading systems and methods for operating data readers such as optical code readers and RFID readers. Certain preferred embodiments are directed to data readers having improved operation features for switching between various operation modes such as, for example, switching between handheld/portable mode and fixed mode using an on board... Agent: Datalogic Adc, Inc.

20130341407 - Detachable print material and method of use thereof: A detachable print material (100) for providing real-time information and a method (200) for using the detachable print material (100), comprising at least two detachable portions (110), said detachable portions (110) comprising at least a means for receiving at least a coded image (120), which consists of a serial code... Agent: Nexbis Sdn. Bhd.

20130341408 - Thin gage open loop system cards and method of manufacture: An improved card design and manufacturing method to produce thin gage, open loop system cards, such as credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, financial cards, and payroll cards. The thin gage card structure may vary between 5-15 mils in thickness (0.005″ inches to 0.015″ inches) on a one ply plastic... Agent:

20130341411 - Antenna and rfid tag: An antenna includes a first loop, a second loop which encloses an outer side of the first loop and is separated from the first loop by a slit and both end of which are merged with both ends of the first loop, and IC chip connection parts provided in a... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20130341414 - Compact id transmitter comprising an nfc communications option for a motor vehicle access system: An ID transmitter for a motor vehicle access system includes a printed circuit board which is enclosed by a plastic housing. An antenna subassembly arranged next to the printed circuit board is connected thereto and includes a carrier film carrying conductor tracks. The components include a power supply cell, an... Agent: Huf Hulsbeck & Furst Gmbh & Co.

20130341416 - Flexible rfid label: An RFID tag includes a base having at least one fold formed therein. An integrated circuit is formed on the base. At least one antenna segment extends from the integrated circuit and crosses the fold. When the fold is creased, a portion of the antenna segment on one side of... Agent: Round Rock Research, LLC

20130341413 - Indicator device: An indicator device comprises a first slide member (22) mounted on a planar base (1). The first slide member (22) is displaceable between a first position in which it reveals a first status indicating area (26) indicative of a first condition or state and a second position in which it... Agent:

20130341409 - Multi-function radio-frequency device, computer system and method of operating multi-function radio-frequency device: A multi-function Radio-Frequency device integrated into a computer system is disclosed and includes a substrate including a first surface and a second surface opposite to each other, a touchpad area disposed on the first surface of the substrate for generating a touch signal according to a touch situation, an antenna... Agent: Wistron Neweb Corporation

20130341412 - Multiple suction cup stored-value card for securing an electronic device on a surface: A mounting apparatus permits easy and quick attachment and removal of a portable electronic device to smooth surfaces for self-photos or videos, for example. A flat panel/card holds multiple, mini, double-sided suction cup units. One side of each cup unit may be connected to a portable electronic device such as... Agent:

20130341410 - System and method for providing power to a wireless tag: The present invention provides an engine, system and method for providing an NFC tag capable of receiving a charge and performing as an active tag without interaction.... Agent: 4 Leaf Partners, LLC

20130341415 - Wireless ic device: A wireless IC device includes a wireless IC element, a power supply circuit substrate including a laminate of a plurality of base layers and a power supply circuit connected to the wireless IC element, and a radiating element connected to the power supply circuit. The power supply circuit includes a... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20130341417 - Image embedding apparatus and method: A method is disclosed for embedding an image during a transaction at a point-of-sale system. The method may include obtaining a first digital image coded to display a call to action and a placeholder occupying a specific position with respect to the call to action. A computer system associated with... Agent: Wal-mart Stores, Inc.

12/19/2013 > 26 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories. patent applications/inventions, industry category

20130334298 - Device pairing using digital barcoding: Systems, apparatus, and methods are disclosed to pair devices via digital barcode. An example device is arranged to capture an image of a digital barcode. The example device is arranged to decode the digital barcode to determine a device identifier for each of one or more monitoring devices represented by... Agent: General Electric Company

20130334302 - Information display system and dot pattern printed material: Provided is an information display system and a dot pattern printed material to be used for the same, which are capable of easily displaying information only by reading a dot pattern, easy for update of the information, and capable of printing an even less visible dot pattern as compared to... Agent: Think Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20130334303 - Method and system for management of data in electronic format: A method for management of data in electronic format includes: providing a plurality of codes; selecting one of the codes; affixing the selected code (10) to a respective product or object (11); providing a first device (100) equipped with: a reading module (110) for reading and interpreting the code (10)... Agent: Trizero S.r.l.

20130334299 - Shopping system and method: A method for locating an item using a cloud server of a data center and an electronic device. The cloud server receives a barcode corresponding to a product from the electronic device and searches a location of the product in a shopping mall. The cloud server calculates a route from... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20130334301 - System and method for quality management utilizing barcode indicators: A quality management system for products including a multiplicity of bar coded quality indicators each operative to provide a machine-readable indication of exceedance of at least one threshold by at least one product quality affecting parameter, a barcode indicator reader operative to read the barcoded quality indicators and to provide... Agent: Varcode Ltd

20130334300 - Text-synchronized media utilization and manipulation based on an embedded barcode: The embodiments relate to using barcodes embedded in a text document, such as a transcript. The barcode comprises a reference number or reference to a synchronization index associated with multimedia. When the barcode is read by a mobile computing device, the barcode indicates a location of multimedia that corresponds to... Agent:

20130334304 - Gift card conversion and digital wallet: A method and a system convert the value of a gift card for use with a mobile device. A gift card listing of gift cards available for exchange offers is generated in a gift card exchange market. A captured digital image of a first gift card from a first issuer... Agent: Ebay Inc.

20130334305 - System and method for generating a medical examiner's certificate: A system and method for generating a medical examiner's certificate for a commercial driver is disclosed. According to the system and method, a form may be generated by a network device and transmitted to a personal computer. The form contains at least one automatic input field that is populated with... Agent:

20130334306 - Unitary membership card: A unitary membership card capable of managing multiple membership accounts.... Agent:

20130334307 - Systems and methods for maintaining order of individuals in a public transportation queue: Systems and methods for facilitating and maintaining orderly queuing and boarding of a public transportation vehicle are provided. The system and method generally employ a smart card reader placed at a public transportation vehicle stop (e.g. a bus stop). Each passenger, upon arriving at the stop before the vehicle has,... Agent:

20130334308 - Payment processing with automatic no-touch mode selection: A “no-touch” mobile checkout experience frees consumers from the need to manually locate and activate a mobile payment application in order to complete a transaction. The consumer simply brings his mobile device within close range of an interface console, which in various embodiments prompts the device to launch an application... Agent:

20130334309 - Method and system for selling items to be worn: &

20130334311 - Anisotropic magneto-resistance (amr) gradiometer/magnetometer to read a magnetic track: A solid state magnetic sensor for sensing magnetic information on a magnetic track is provided. The solid state magnetic sensor includes at least one half of a Wheatstone bridge including at least two legs, each of the at least two legs including at least a portion of a strip of... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20130334310 - Recognition system having periodic guided-wave structure: A recognition system is offered. The recognition system is for sensing a plurality of units under test of at least an object under test. The recognition system comprises a periodic guided-wave structure and a near field sensing device. The periodic guided-wave structure is disposed under the object under test and... Agent: Auden Techno Corp.

20130334312 - Reading device: A reader device includes a mounting surface on which a passport with a page to be read is placed, a light source for illuminating the page to be read, and a camera for picking up an image of the page to be read. The light source is arranged outside a... Agent:

20130334313 - System and method for encoding and extending data limit of barcode symbologies: The method and system for extending data limit of a mono-colored barcode is disclosed. The method divides the data into data chunks and assigns a unique color value to individual data chunks. Further the method encodes the data chunks based on the symbology. Then the method multiplexes the encoded data... Agent:

20130334314 - Aiming system for imaging scanner: An apparatus includes (1) an imaging lens arrangement having an optical axis, (2) an aiming light source configured to project visible light through the imaging lens arrangement to create an aiming pattern on a target object, (3) an imaging sensor detecting light from the target object through the imaging lens... Agent: Symbol Technologies, Inc.

20130334315 - Illumination system with prism for use in imaging scanner: An apparatus includes an illumination lens, an illumination light source for generating illumination light, and a prism made of optical transparent material. The first section on the first surface of the prism has a length that is at least four times as long as its width. The first surface of... Agent: Symbol Technologies, Inc.

20130334316 - Outsert with variable data: The specification discloses an outsert assembly for pharmaceutical and other containers. The assembly includes an outsert, a tape holding the outsert in a folded configuration, and a machine-readable identifier on the tape. The machine-readable identifier may include e-pedigree information. The outsert may include printed dosage information and relevant medical warnings.... Agent: Ccl Label, Inc.

20130334317 - Rfid system and method: An RFID system includes an RFID antenna assembly configured to be positioned on a product module assembly of a processing system. The product module assembly is configured to releasably engage at least one product container. A first RFID tag assembly configured to be positioned on the at least one product... Agent: Deka Products Limited Partnership

20130334318 - Secure application directory: This disclosure relates to storing a secure application directory within a contactless smart card. The contactless smart card include secure memory area for storing software applications and may include a default application directory for listing the software applications stored within the contactless smart card to an external card reader. A... Agent: Google Inc.

20130334319 - Semiconductor device: A semiconductor device that is resistant to bending stress and has a structure in which an antenna circuit, an electric double layer capacitor for storing electricity, and the like are formed over a signal processing circuit that is provided over a substrate and has a charging circuit. The signal processing... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20130334320 - Smartcard providing an improved standby mode: The invention relates to a smartcard (10) comprising: a microcontroller (30); a contact communication interface (11); a supply line (Vcc) connecting the contact communication interface to the microcontroller, a clock line (Clk) connecting the contact communication interface to the microcontroller. The smartcard further comprises a power management circuit (20) including... Agent: Gemalto Sa

20130334321 - Radio ic device: A radio IC device includes an electromagnetic coupling module includes a radio IC chip arranged to process transmitted and received signals and a feed circuit board including an inductance element. The feed circuit board includes an external electrode electromagnetically coupled to the feed circuit, and the external electrode is electrically... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20130334322 - Dot pattern: To realize a dot pattern which can be read even by a frame buffer of which algorithm for search is simple and of which resolution is low without sacrificing an information dot for defining a direction of a block. There is provided a dot pattern, wherein a plurality of reference... Agent: GridIPPte Ltd

20130334323 - Method and apparatus for securely providing identification information using translucent identification member: A secure identification information member, such as a transaction card, includes a translucent area having an information pattern representing one or more identifiers configured to overlay a portion of a display screen. In one example, a transaction card includes a first portion that contains transaction card account information and a... Agent: Entrust, Inc.

12/12/2013 > 18 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories. patent applications/inventions, industry category

20130327822 - Labeling method and apparatus for documenting the occurrence of triggering events: Provided is a labeling apparatus that generates a label for labeling a drug container. The labeling apparatus includes a code reader that interrogates a computer-readable code, and a local computer-readable memory that stores a drug formulary with a plurality of drug entries. A processing component identifies, from the formulary, a... Agent: Codonics, Inc.

20130327824 - Micro matrix data marking: The invention provides methods and systems for the application and reading of micro markings for coding of information for placement on the surfaces of individual very small devices. In preferred embodiments, a two dimensional micro matrix of markings or dots is realized on a scale of a 25 um cell... Agent: TriuneIPLLC

20130327823 - System and method measuring objects of random size or shape: A system and method are used for measuring objects of random size or shape. An object to be measured is received on a horizontal deck with rollers. A first vertical surface at an angle to the deck creates a first inside corner. One or both of the deck and first... Agent: Plymouth Packaging Inc.

20130327825 - Wireless devices for storing a financial account card and methods for storing card data in a wireless device: A wireless device is enabled to receive a financial account card that is inserted into a card slot of the wireless device. The wireless device reads card data from the financial account card when it is inserted into the slot and programs an RFID (radio frequency identification) tag or a... Agent: Capital One Financial Corporation

20130327826 - Apparatus and methods for monitoring objects in a surgical field: Apparatus and methods for identifying and counting objects having identifiers entering and exiting a surgical field are provided. In one embodiment, the apparatus has an entry scanner, a hand held scanner and an exit scanner for generating a detection field and for receiving data which identifies said objects. In another... Agent:

20130327827 - Ultrasonic identification of replaceable component for host system: A system, method and device are provided for detecting the presence of, and/or obtain information about, a replaceable component for a host system. A host system has an ultrasonic transducer pair that detects the presence of, and/or obtains information about, a replaceable component for a host system through receipt or... Agent:

20130327830 - Bioptic data reader with split vertical windows and speaker: A data reading system including a lower base section with a generally horizontal surface and a vertical section extending perpendicularly from the lower housing section. The vertical section includes a front face with a first scan window through which a data reader is operable to read encoded data on an... Agent:

20130327831 - Dynamic imager switching: An data reader is disclosed that includes an imager switch that couples a plurality of imagers to a single imager interface of a processor. The imager switch includes a plurality of imager interfaces to couple to a plurality of imagers, a processor interface to couple to an imager interface of... Agent:

20130327828 - Image capture system: An image capture system includes an imaging device and a reflective arrangement having reflective components positioned relative to an article to reflect portions of a surface of an article to the imaging device. The reflective arrangement reflects an image of the portions of the surface of the article for capture... Agent: Seidenader Maschinenbau Gmbh

20130327829 - Imaging reader with improved illumination: A data reading system, such as for reading optical codes being passed through a read zone, including one or more imagers, and at least one illumination module, all disposed in a reader housing, the illumination module in one configuration having a reflector housing comprised of a cone-shaped structure of generally... Agent:

20130327833 - Device for holding a magnetic reading head: A device is provided for supporting a magnetic reading head. The device includes a guide for guiding and cushioning the reading head. The guide is mounted between a base of the reading head and a bearing surface parallel to the base, and includes at least one part made of a... Agent: Compagnie Industrielle Et Financiere D'ingenierie "ingenico"

20130327832 - Electronic payment device: A payment device is provided, which is to be paired with a communication device in order to form an electronic payment terminal. The payment device includes an upper half-shell and a lower half-shell, which includes a surface for attaching a modular interface for pairing the communication device and which includes... Agent: Compagnie Industrielle Et Financiere D'ingenierie "ingenico"

20130327834 - Laser scanning module with rotatably adjustable laser scanning assembly: A laser scanning module employing a laser scanning assembly mounted within a module housing using a mechanism that allows the laser scanning assembly to be rotated to an angular position within the engine housing so that light collection, beam folding and light collection mirrors in the module housing are optically... Agent: Metrologic Instruments, Inc.

20130327835 - Data reader platter with integral features delineating a data-reading sweep region: Disclosed is a data reading system that includes a housing and a platter window for concealing a data reader configured to read an optical code borne by an item transported through a read zone. The read zone is defined at least in part by the platter window. The data reading... Agent:

20130327836 - Sterile implant tracking device and method: An assembly and method for tracking implant devices within a sterile field, the assembly comprising a reader that includes a housing structure with a base and a cover, a scanner having a scanner housing, where the scanner housing is at least partially positioned in a cavity provided in the base;... Agent: Matrix It Medical Tracking Systems, Inc.

20130327837 - Card holding device: A portable electronic device comprises a card holding device and a card reader for introducing and removing a card into and from the card reader in at least two different directions being angled in relation to each other during introduction and removal of the card.... Agent:

20130327838 - Interface ic and memory card including the same: A memory card includes a memory that stores data, a driver that transmits the data received from the memory, and at least one transmitter that transmits the data received from the driver to a receiver provided in an external main unit. The driver and the at least one transmitter are... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20130327839 - Receipt images apparatus and method: A method for printing an image on a receipt is disclosed. The method may begin with the initiation of a transaction such as a purchase or return at a point-of-sale system. Next, an image unique to the transaction may be obtained or generate. The image may comprise non-textual graphics. While... Agent: Wal-mart Stores, Inc.

12/05/2013 > 23 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories. patent applications/inventions, industry category

20130320079 - Anti-counterfeiting methods: The present invention relates to the field of product authentication and anti-counterfeiting techniques, and more specifically, to techniques employing RFID tags and encryption technologies. Embodiments of the present invention illustrate the use of RFID tags having encrypted information stored therein which upon decryption by a down-stream entity or an end... Agent:

20130320078 - Delivering report characterization information of a report: Various embodiments of systems and methods for including report characterization information in a report are described herein. A report designer may request insertion of a two dimensional barcode, in the report, which encodes the report characterization information. Based on the request, a report characterization information retrieval formula may be executed... Agent:

20130320082 - Image forming apparatus: An image forming apparatus is provided. The apparatus includes a body, a case forming an external appearance of the body, and a card reader disposed at an inside the case. The case includes a supporting member protruding from an inner surface of the case to support a lower end of... Agent:

20130320080 - Payment card and methods: One variation of a method for controlling a payment card comprising a magnetic stripe emulator and a set of input regions includes: receiving a tap input on a surface of the payment card; in response to receiving the tap input, attempting wireless communication with a mobile computing device; suppressing a... Agent:

20130320081 - Payment card and methods: One variation of a payment card includes: a sheet comprising first and second icons; a transducer configured to output a voltage in response to an impulse on the sheet; a wireless communication module; a first input region adjacent the first icon; a second input region adjacent the second icon; a... Agent: Protean Payment, Inc.

20130320084 - Checkout device with multi-touch input device: A checkout device including a multi-touch surface display which can also weigh items. An example checkout device includes a surface element for displaying transaction screens and for receiving touch inputs during a transaction, and a load cell below the surface element for producing a weight signal corresponding to a weight... Agent: Ncr Corporation

20130320083 - Checkout stand with a barcode reader on a bagging end: A checkout stand with a barcode reader on a bagging end which reduces transaction times over conventional checkout stand designs. An example checkout stand includes a housing including a first and a second end, a conveyor for transporting items from the first end to the second end, a bagging station... Agent: Ncr Corporation

20130320085 - System, method, and storage unit for managing multiple objects in an object zone: Disclosed is a system for managing multiple objects in an object zone. The system comprises multiple machine-readable object identification tags configured to be respectively attached to the multiple objects; a storage unit moving through the object zone to store the selected objects which are respectively attached with the machine-readable object... Agent:

20130320086 - Reactive tags for obtaining consumer survey responses: Technologies are generally described for obtaining consumer survey responses encoded on a reactive tag associated with an item. Prior to distributing a product to consumers, a manufacturer may affix a reactive tag to the item for gathering consumer feedback about the product. Consumer survey questions and responses may be encoded... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

20130320087 - Integrated unit for reading identification information based on inherent disorder: The invention provides an authentication unit for reading identification and/or authentication information from a tag or object. The authentication unit includes a near-field reader configured to read a first identification feature based on inherent disorder, and a far-field reader configured to read a second identification feature, such as a bar... Agent: Bilcare Technologies Singapore Pte. Ltd.

20130320088 - Subscriber identity module having function of radio frequency identification reader and subscriber identity module with antenna: A subscriber identity module having function of radio frequency identification (RFID) reader includes a card slot, a base, an identification module, an identification chip, and a plurality of reader pads. The card slot has a plurality of phone pins and a plurality of reader pins. The base is disposed in... Agent: Smart Approach Co., Ltd.

20130320089 - Card reader for mobile device: A card reader for use with a mobile device includes a rotatable face that can be rotated over a portion of the mobile device so that when the user slides a card through the card reader, the overlapping portion of the rotatable face prevents the card reader from spinning or... Agent: Ebay Inc.

20130320090 - Identification tag with hidden miniaturized images: A compressed print having one or more compressed images of a symbol is disclosed. The compressed images are formed on an image forming surface under a lenticular sheet. The lenticular sheet has a plurality of lenticules and each of the compressed images has a plurality of image elements formed under... Agent:

20130320091 - Methods and apparatus for positioning an optical code for imaging scanning: An apparatus and methods are presented for improving image scanning. A point of sale terminal apparatus, including an imaging scanner, provides information to an operator indicating the optimal scanning position for an optical code for efficient first pass scanning by the imaging scanner. The information includes real-time video from an... Agent: Ncr Corporation

20130320092 - Indicia reading apparatus having sequential row exposure termination times: There is set forth herein an indicia reading apparatus having an image sensor array including a plurality of pixels arranged in a plurality of rows and columns of pixels. The image sensor array can include a frame exposure period in which a certain subsequent and further subsequent row exposure periods... Agent: Honeywell International Inc. Doing Business As (d.b.a.) Honeywell Scanning And Mobility

20130320094 - Dynamic embedded machine readable encoding: The disclosed embodiments relate to objects, such as images, e.g. posters, maps, etc., augmented with machine readable indicia, such as optically readable codes, where the machine readable indicia are arranged in manner on at least a portion of the object such that different indicia may be perceptible to a suitably... Agent:

20130320093 - Subscriber identity module and subscriber identity module with antenna: A subscriber identity module includes a base, an identification unit and an identification chip. The base has a first accommodating area and a second accommodating area. The identification unit is configured in the first area, and the identification unit is exposed on a first surface of the base. The identification... Agent: Smart Approach Co., Ltd.

20130320095 - Transaction cards and associated methods: A transaction card having a first layer and a second layer, wherein the first layer is metal and the second layer is carbon.... Agent: Black Card LLC

20130320097 - Encoded data card apparatus: An encoded data card unit apparatus includes a first unit side and an opposed second unit side coextensive with the first unit side, and also includes a case unit. A card-mounted first data-encoded magnetic stripe is mounted on the first unit side adjacent to a straight first card unit edge.... Agent:

20130320096 - Rfid transponder chip with a programmable wake-up: An RFID transponder chip includes at least one antenna to pick-up and transmit radio-frequency signals, a rectifier to store charge on at least one capacitor at a rectified voltage from the picked-up radio-frequency signals, a power-on reset circuit to maintain a logic unit in a reset state if the rectified... Agent: Em Microelectronic-marin S.a.

20130320098 - Wireless integrated circuit device and method of manufacturing the same: A wireless IC device includes a base material sheet having a long-side direction and a short-side direction, an antenna element provided on a surface of the base material sheet and that includes two radiation portions extending in the long side direction with a predetermined gap therebetween and two connection portions... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20130320099 - Barcode copy protection system: A copy protection system for barcode includes a barcode pattern that is printed together with a security pattern that includes a line screen that intersects elements of the barcode pattern. A difference in print density between the barcode elements and the security pattern is sufficient to allow the barcode pattern... Agent: Document Security Systems, Inc.

20130320100 - Secure barcodes: Methods and systems for generating and authenticating barcodes and in particular generating secure barcodes are disclosed. In one embodiment, a method, performed by a certificate authority for creating a trusted content, comprises receiving, via a receiver, a target content and verifying the target content to determine whether the target content... Agent:

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