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04/10/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140096539 - Cryogenic liquid delivery system and method with active pressure building capabilities: A cryogenic fluid delivery system includes a tank adapted to contain a supply of cryogenic liquid, with the tank including a head space adapted to contain a vapor above the cryogenic liquid stored in the tank. A liquid withdrawal line is adapted to communicate with cryogenic liquid stored in the... Agent: Chart, Inc.

20140096540 - Zero loss cooldown of cryogenic pump: A system for cryogenic liquid delivery includes a cryogenic vacuum pump that operates to efficiently cool down the cryogenic delivery pump. The system is a no loss system that provides reduced cool down time at lower cost greater versatility and maintainability.... Agent:

20140096541 - Personal safety system and process for the operation of a personal safety system: A personal safety system in the form of a refuge chamber includes at least one main room and a cooling device provided for cooling the ambient air of the main room in the form of a CO2 cooling system (10). The CO2 cooling system (10) has a heat exchanger (28)... Agent: Dr&#xe4 Ger Safety Ag & Co. Kgaa

20140096542 - System using refrigeration system waste heat: A system using waste heat of a refrigeration unit to heat a food product, having a heating loop connected to a refrigeration unit between the compressor and the condenser, and configured to allow refrigerant to enter the heating loop to transfer heat to a food product.... Agent: Carrier Corporation

20140096543 - Fluidized bed conveyor belt freezer system: A fluidized bed conveyor belt freezer system that includes at least one wire mesh conveyor belt in a freezer with a plurality of coil arrays and fans that produce a high volume of cold air directed upward into a plurality of air deflection vanes mounted under the belt. The vanes... Agent: Gea Refrigeration Canada, Inc.

20140096544 - Refrigerator with wet ice storage: A refrigerator may include a refrigerator cabinet and at least one compartment disposed within the refrigerator cabinet, an ice maker for making wet ice disposed within the refrigerator cabinet, a bucket for storing the ice, the bucket positioned to receive the wet ice from the ice maker, and a drain... Agent:

20140096545 - Dual temperature refrigerated merchandiser: A merchandiser system includes a case that has a door and a door heater. The system includes a low temperature refrigeration unit sized to fit within a case compartment and to operably couple to the case to maintain food product within a low temperature range. The system also includes a... Agent:

20140096546 - Method and apparatus for operating ducted fumehoods with increased energy efficiency: passing exhaust air from the ducted fumehood through a heat exchanger, and passing other air through the heat exchanger, so as transfer heat content from the exhaust air to the other air, or to transfer heat content from the other air to the exhaust air, so as to temperature-condition the... Agent:

20140096547 - Variable fan speed control in hvac systems and methods: Generally, a variable fan speed control in an HVAC system is described. Such methods and systems to control fan speed can in turn improve efficiency of the HVAC system by minimizing power consumption, for example of the compressor. The control scheme is based on various operating conditions of compressor load... Agent: Trane International Inc.

20140096548 - Humidity collector apparatus: A device that collects water vapor, from the ambient air, through condensation or deposition, on the surface of its unique heat exchangers, which are embodied with opposing intertwined and alternating refrigeration circuits. In a dual refrigeration circuit/dual heat exchanger configuration, one refrigeration circuit is responsible for freezing heat exchanger A... Agent:

20140096550 - Control of compressor outlet pressure based on temperature of thermal load cooled by coolant in electric vehicle: A thermal management system is provided for a vehicle having an electric traction motor. The system includes a coolant system configured to convey coolant through a first thermal load, a refrigerant circuit including a condenser and a compressor configured to compress a refrigerant, a control system and a sensor. The... Agent:

20140096549 - Vehicular heat pump system and control method: A vehicular heat pump system may have two inside heat exchangers within an HVAC module, and may operate in mild cooling and mild heating modes. In mild cooling mode, a first isolation valve and a second isolation valve are fully open and closed, respectively, to direct the refrigerant flow to... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140096551 - Air-conditioning apparatus: A computing device calculates a quality of a refrigerant flowing out of a second expansion device on the basis of an inlet liquid enthalpy calculated on the basis of a temperature of the refrigerant flowing into the second expansion device and a saturated gas enthalpy and a saturated liquid enthalpy... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140096552 - Expansion valve for a vapour compression system with reversible fluid flow: The expansion valve (16) is suitable for use in a vapour compression system (1) being capable of selectively operating in air condition mode or heat pump mode, and where reversal of refrigerant flow is therefore necessary. The expansion valve (16) automatically ensures that expanded refrigerant is supplied to a relevant... Agent:

20140096553 - Refrigeration apparatus: The refrigeration apparatus includes a controller. The controller performs normal operation control for controlling drive of the exterior fan and the compressor in order to bring the interior temperature to a target temperature, dehumidification control in which the interior humidity is adjusted to a predetermined target range of the high-humidity... Agent: Daikin Industries, Ltd.

20140096554 - Rotary mode door for constant demist bleed: A vehicle heating, ventilation, and air cooling (HVAC) system that includes a casing, an evaporator, and a heater core. The casing defines a windshield outlet, a side window outlet, a front face outlet, and a front foot outlet. The evaporator and heater core are both housed within the casing. The... Agent: Denso International America, Inc.

20140096555 - Plate evaporative condenser and cooler: An evaporator condenser has a condenser unit which has plural plate units separated from one another by air gaps. Each plate unit has first and second plates that are coupled together about a perimeter thereof. Each plate unit has a first edge and an opposite second edge. The first and... Agent: American Sino Heat Transfer LLC

20140096556 - Solar air conditioner: A solar air conditioner provides cooling by way of liquid evaporation. The solar air conditioner includes a liquid evaporation unit, a heat exchange unit, and a solar power generation unit. The liquid evaporation unit includes an outer housing and an inner housing. The outer housing includes a fan affixed to... Agent:

20140096557 - Refrigeration cycle device and air-conditioning apparatus: A refrigeration cycle device selectively performs a heating operation and a cooling operation. The refrigeration cycle device includes: a compressor that suctions a refrigerant and compresses the refrigerant; a first heat exchanger, a second heat exchanger, a third heat exchanger, and a fourth heat exchanger each of which exchanges heat... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140096558 - Method and apparatus for sealing a food zone of an ice machine from external contaminants: Disclosed are methods and devices for sealing components and areas of the food zone of an ice machine, including systems that transport fluids and devices used for the production and harvest of ice. Due to the form, fit, and function of food zone components, gaps or pathways may exist in... Agent: Manitowoc Foodservie Companies, LLC

20140096560 - Cooling system for vehicle: An air-conditioning system for a vehicle may include a cooling unit including a radiator, a cooling fan to introduce air in the radiator, a water pump connected to the radiator through the cooling line, and a reserver tank provided on the cooling line to store a cooling fluid, a first... Agent: Kia Motors Corporation

20140096559 - Hvac unit-txv positioning: An air conditioning system including a blower, an evaporator, an airflow chamber, and a thermal expansion valve assembly. The airflow chamber extends between the blower and the evaporator to direct airflow generated by the blower to the evaporator. The thermal expansion valve assembly includes a valve and a sensor bulb.... Agent: Denso International America, Inc.

20140096561 - Sealed compressor and refrigeration cycle device: According to one embodiment, a sealed compressor is configured to suction a working fluid to a rotary compression mechanism section through a suction pipe extending into an accumulator. The sealed compressor has a relation of Aac/Acy≦4, Vac/Vcy≧20, and As/Acy≧0.12 when an inner diameter cross-sectional area of the accumulator is denoted... Agent: Toshiba Carrier Corporation

20140096562 - Cooling system including a controlled atmospheric heat rejection cycle with water re-capture: The present disclosure relates to a cooling system including a controlled atmospheric heat rejection cycle with water re-capture. The cooling system for cooling a heat load includes a first evaporative section configured to circulate a first fluid to enable heat transfer from the heat load to the first fluid, a... Agent:

20140096563 - Liquefied natural gas and hydrocarbon gas processing: A process for recovering ethane and heavier hydrocarbons from LNG and a hydrocarbon gas stream is disclosed. The LNG feed stream is divided into two portions. The first is supplied to a fractionation column as a first upper mid-column feed. The second portion is heated while condensing a portion of... Agent: Ortloff Engineers, Ltd.

04/03/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140090403 - Electro-hydrodynamic cooling with enhanced heat transfer surfaces: The electronic control has an electric control which incorporates circuitry which will generate heat in use. A cooling channel placed in contact with at least one surface on the electric control. The cooling channel has a portion which receives an enhanced heat transfer surface. At least one electrode pair is... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20140090404 - Cryocooler-based gas scrubber: A cryocooler-based gas scrubber, or cryocooler-based gas purifier, utilizes the cooling power of a cryocooler to cool and condense cryogen gas forming coalesced impurities which are then filtered through a filter matrix, such as for example a fiberglass filter matrix. The scrubber may further comprise a counter-flow heat exchanger for... Agent:

20140090405 - Carbon dioxide refrigeration cycle: A refrigeration cycle is operated in conjunction with various thermodynamic cycle working fluid circuits to cool a target fluid that may be used in a separate system or duty. In one embodiment, the refrigeration cycle includes an ejector that extracts a motive fluid from the working fluid cycles in order... Agent: Echogen Power Systems, LLC

20140090406 - Refrigerating and air-conditioning apparatus: A refrigerating and air-conditioning apparatus includes multiple refrigeration cycles each including a compressor, a four-way valve, an indoor heat exchanger, a pressure reducing device, and an outdoor heat exchanger which are connected by a pipe, each refrigeration cycle being configured to be capable of performing a cooling operation and a... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140090407 - Multifunctional refrigerant container and method of operating such a refrigerant container: A refrigerant container, which is in particular suitable for use in a cooling system designed for operation with a two-phase refrigerant, includes a receiving space for receiving a refrigerant that is disposed in an interior of the refrigerant container. Disposed in the receiving space of the refrigerant container is a... Agent:

20140090408 - System and method for managing hvac excess air condition: A heating, ventilation, and/or air conditioning (HVAC) system includes a bypass duct configured to selectively receive a bypass airflow therethrough in response to a supply air pressure of the HVAC system and a supply air temperature of the HVAC system.... Agent: Trane International Inc.

20140090409 - Air-conditioning apparatus: An air-conditioning apparatus includes a controller which calculates a composition ratio of a refrigerant mixture using a high-pressure-side pressure of a refrigerant discharged from a compressor, a low-pressure-side pressure of a refrigerant to be sucked into the compressor, a high-pressure-side temperature of a refrigerant at an inlet side of a... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140090410 - Air cooling device: The present invention is an air cooling device that includes a base casing, an air flap disposed on top of the base casing that expels cool air from the base casing, a rotatable roll knob that allows a user to adjust a temperature of the expelled cool air and an... Agent:

20140090411 - Heat pump system and air-conditioner: A heat pump system, including a main heat pump system and a directly expanded strong cool-heat radiation plate provided on the building surface and serving as the terminal of the main heat pump system. The directly expanded strong cool-heat radiation plate enables refrigerant in the main heat pump system to... Agent: Guangxi Junfuhuang Ground Source Heat Pump Co., Ltd

20140090412 - Motor-driven compressor and air conditoner: A motor-driven compressor includes a housing assembly, a compression mechanism, an electric motor, a discharge port, an outlet, a discharge passage, discharge valve and a valve device. The compression mechanism is accommodated in the housing assembly. The electric motor drives the compression mechanism. The discharge chamber is formed in the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki

20140090413 - Refrigeration cycle device: The present invention provides a capacity-control refrigeration cycle device capable of efficiently vary capacity, and in any of a full operation mode in which capacity of the refrigeration cycle device is not controlled and an operation mode in which the capacity is controlled, all of refrigerants are discharged into a... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140090414 - Valve system and method: A flow control valve includes a housing forming internal passages in fluid communication with a port of the valve, and an internal cavity. A flow direction block is disposed in the internal cavity and forms at least one flow passage extending through a portion thereof. The flow direction block is... Agent:

20140090415 - Configurations and methods of co2 capture from flue gas by cryogenic desublimation: Systems and methods of CO2 desublimation are presented in which refrigeration content is retained within the system. Most preferably, refrigeration content is recycled by providing the refrigeration content of a CO2-lean feed gas to the CO2-containing feed gas and to pre-cooling of a desublimator, and/or by providing refrigeration of effluent... Agent:

20140090416 - Cryogenic separation of synthesis gas: A process and apparatus for separating a feed containing hydrogen, carbon monoxide, methane, and optionally nitrogen to form a product gas having a desired H2:CO molar ratio and optionally a hydrogen product gas and a carbon monoxide product gas. The feed is partially condensed to form a hydrogen-enriched vapor fraction... Agent: Air Products And Chemicals, Inc.

03/27/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140083117 - Exdributor valve for heat exchanger: An exdributor valve of a heat exchanger includes a distributor formed to define an interior and configured to distribute single phase liquid refrigerant from the interior then change to a two-phase refrigerant to cooling channels of the heat exchanger and a flow modulation device. The flow modulation device is operably... Agent:

20140083118 - Device for cooling a pourable or liquid product: The invention relates to a device for cooling a pourable or flowable product, with a vessel 1 for receiving and conveying the pourable or flowable product and a plurality of cooling zones 13a, 13b, 13c, which are formed along the vessel 1 in the conveying direction of the pourable or... Agent: Tridelta Gmbh

20140083119 - Compositions of 2,4,4,4-tetrafluorobut-1-ene and cis-1,1,1,4,4,4-hexafluorobut-2-ene: A composition including 2,4,4,4-10-tetrafluorobut-1-ene and cis-1,1,1,4,4,4-hexafluorobut-2-ene, and also the use thereof in particular as a heat transfer fluid. The composition may include: from 1% to 99% of 2,4,4,4-tetrafluorobut-1-ene and from 1% to 99% of cis-1,1,1,4,4,4-hexafluorobut-2-ene; preferably from 5% to 70% of 2,4,4,4-tetrafluorobut-1-ene and from 30% to 95% of cis-1,1,1,4,4,4-hexafluorobut-2-ene; preferably... Agent: Arkema France

20140083120 - Renewable energy-based atmospheric water generator: The present invention describes an atmospheric potable water generator apparatus and method of use powered entirely by renewable energy sources, which generates water from atmospheric air. The apparatus uses solar energy to heat atmospheric air in a condensing air chamber, uses wind to cool the air, condenses water on a... Agent:

20140083121 - Ejector with motive flow swirl: An ejector (200; 300; 400) has a primary inlet (40), a secondary inlet (42), and an outlet (44). A primary flowpath extends from the primary inlet to the outlet. A secondary flowpath extends from the secondary inlet to the outlet. A mixer convergent section (114) is downstream of the secondary... Agent: Carrier Corporation

20140083122 - Integral air conditioning system for heating and cooling: An air conditioner includes a first compressor and a first indoor heat exchanger, and the air conditioner forming a first refrigeration cycle. A cooler includes a second compressor and a second indoor heat exchanger, and the cooler forming a second refrigeration cycle The cooler includes a sensing part to detect... Agent:

20140083123 - Air-conditioning apparatus: In an air-conditioning apparatus, a controller controls an amount of refrigerant injection into a compressor by controlling an opening area of an expansion device such that the electric power consumption of the compressor becomes smaller, or such that a heating capacity or a cooling capacity of an intermediate heat exchanger... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140083124 - Refrigeration apparatus: A refrigeration apparatus includes a high-temperature side circulation circuit, a low-temperature side circulation circuit, a cascade capacitor, and control means. The high-temperature side circulation circuit forms a refrigerant circuit in which a high-temperature side compressor, a high-temperature side condenser, a high-temperature side expansion device, and a high-temperature side evaporator are... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140083125 - Wind-powered fresh water generator: A wind-powered fresh water generator is provided. The wind-powered fresh water generator includes a wind rotation module disposed on a beam, a cooling and fresh water generating module connected to the wind rotation module, and a water collecting system disposed below the cooling and fresh water generating module. The wind-powered... Agent:

20140083126 - Air-conditioning apparatus: An air-conditioning apparatus is capable of suppressing refrigerant flow noise regardless the refrigerant state of an inlet of an expansion mechanism. In parallel to a flow control valve, an opening and closing valve that opens and closes a refrigerant passage and an expansion mechanism having porous bodies capable of passing... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140083127 - Ice making unit and refrigerator having the same: A refrigerator includes a body provided with a freezing compartment, a refrigerating compartment and an ice making compartment provided in the refrigerating compartment; an ice making unit including an ice making tray to produce ice in the ice making compartment; an ice storage container to store the ice made by... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140083128 - Ice-making device for refrigerator: A refrigerator includes a main body having a storage chamber, a door provided to the main body, including an outer door and a door liner. The door liner includes support steps, a liner plate, and a seating step that define an installation space. An ice maker is located at least... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140083129 - Refrigerator having temperature changing room: The present disclosure relates to a refrigerator having a temperature changing room, including a body including a freezer and a separate cold room; doors adapted to open and close the freezer and the cold room; and the temperature changing room in the cold room to maintain a low temperature state... Agent:

20140083130 - Apparatus and method for enhancing compressor efficiency: Disclosed herein is a single screw gas compressor having a housing including a cylindrical bore, a primary and secondary gate rotors mounted for rotation in the housing, each gate rotor having a plurality of gear teeth, a main rotor rotatably mounted in the bore and having a plurality of grooves... Agent: Vilter Manufacturing LLC

20140083131 - Device for directly refrigerating the skewer of kebab meat on the rotary spit after the latter has stopped turning: Device for refrigerating the skewer of kebab meat directly on the rotary spit, after the latter has stopped turning, and for limiting the exposure of the skewer of meat to the ambient air, to insects and to dust. The invention relates to a device that allows the skewer of meat... Agent:

20140083132 - Process for liquefaction of natural gas: A process comprising: cooling natural gas with a heat exchanger and a first expander. The heat exchanger cools the feed natural gas to temperature higher than the outlet temperature of the expander, reheating the expander outlet stream in a first cold passage of the heat exchanger to slightly below the... Agent: Gasconsult Limited

03/20/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140075958 - Magnetic refrigerator: A magnetic body is provided to improve heat transport capability and heat transport efficiency. A magnetic body arranged plate has magnetic body units each including magnetic members. Low-temperature side and high-temperature side heat exchange units are disposed at ends of each magnetic body unit. Permanent magnets and heat conductive members... Agent: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

20140075960 - Cooling device for electronic components: A cooling device for electronic components is a combination of substrate (aluminum nitride substrate—thermoelectric elements—aluminum nitride substrate) and utilizing the temperature difference generated by two top and bottom ends of the cooling device to effectively remove the heat generated by the electronic components. This cooling device not only can effectively... Agent: Chung Shan Institute Of Science And Technology, Armaments Bureau, M. N. D

20140075959 - Evaporative cooler apparatus and method: A water cooler kit is provided for use with an evaporative cooler of a type comprising at least one cooling pad, a water reservoir, a water inlet to supply water to the reservoir from a water supply at least one conduit for distributing water onto said at least one cooling... Agent:

20140075961 - Thermoelectric module: A thermoelectric module includes an insulating substrate, plural electrodes formed on a component side of the insulating substrate, plural pettier elements each mounted on and electrically connected to the electrodes, and a mark for image recognition formed at least one of the electrodes, the mark for image recognition having lightness... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20140075962 - Arrangement of a thermoelectric heat pump: An arrangement of a thermoelectric heat pump in at least one first fluid circuit, one second fluid circuit and one third fluid circuit is provided for a motor vehicle. The arrangement has a first heat exchanger provided for exchange of heat between a fluid of the first fluid circuit and... Agent: Dr. Ing. H.c. F. Porsche Aktiengesellschaft

20140075963 - Phase change materials for refrigeration and ice making: A bottom mount refrigerator is provided including a thermal battery or phase change material positioned within the refrigerator or freezer in order to increase energy efficiency and compartment sizes of the refrigerator. The thermal battery can be used with an ice maker to aid in removing heat from the water... Agent: Whirlpool Corporation

20140075964 - Pumping and vaporization system for enhanced oil recovery applications: A cryogenic liquid such as liquid nitrogen or liquid carbon dioxide is pumped via a high pressure pump to a vaporizer where the liquid becomes gas. The higher pressure gas is cooled by a coolant exchanger and can be fed to an onsite unit operation such as an enhanced oil... Agent:

20140075965 - Self-saturating liquefied natural gas delivery system utilizing hydraulic pressure: Described herein are at least systems and methods for cryogenic fluid delivery which utilize pumpless delivery of cryogenic fluid. The systems and methods utilize hydraulic pressure, saturation pressure, or a combination of both hydraulic pressure and saturation pressure to deliver cryogen to a use device, such as an engine.... Agent:

20140075967 - Climate control systems, and methods relating thereto: A climate control system generally includes a conditioning system for controlling air conditions of a space and a drain fitting coupling a condensate drain line to an air circulation unit of the conditioning system. The drain fitting includes multiple sensors configured to detect a water level in the air circulation... Agent: Emerson Electric Co.

20140075966 - Method for operating an air conditioner for a motor vehicle: The invention relates to a method for operating an air conditioner (1) for treating the air of a passenger compartment of a motor vehicle. The air conditioner (1) exhibits a refrigerant circuit (2) configured for a combined cooling unit and heat-pump mode and for a post-heating mode. In the heat-pump... Agent:

20140075968 - Method for freezing a plurality of conditioning tubes each filled with a predetermined volume of biological substance and system for the implementation of such a method: A method for freezing a plurality of conditioning tubes is provided, each tube filled with a predetermined volume of biological substance, including arranging each conditioning tube directly into a conditioning unit placed in a cooling enclosure then causing the enclosure to be passed through by a flow of cooling agent... Agent: Imv Technologies

20140075969 - Heat-transfer compositions exhibiting improved miscibility with the lubricating oil: The invention relates to the use of 1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane for increasing the miscibility of 2,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene with a lubricating oil, and in particular with a polyalkylene glycol oil. In this regard, the invention provides heat-transfer compositions and also equipment and processes using these compositions.... Agent: Arkema France

20140075970 - Integrated power, cooling, and heating device and method thereof: A heating, cooling, and power device includes a shaft and an expander coupled to the shaft to rotate the shaft. A first conduit is coupled to the expander and configured to transport a working fluid. A heater is coupled through the first conduit to the expander. A heat pump is... Agent:

20140075971 - Method of operating an evaporator assembly with a fan controller: A method of operating an evaporator assembly in which a refrigerant is circulatable to transfer heat out of air in a housing. The evaporator assembly includes a thermostat that completes a solenoid control circuit when the temperature of the air in the housing is above a predetermined cut-in temperature, and... Agent: National Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Canada Corp.

20140075972 - Air conditioning system for a motor vehicle: The invention relates to an air conditioning system for conditioning the air of a passenger space of a motor vehicle, the system including a refrigerant circuit with a compressor, a first heat exchanger for the heat exchange between the refrigerant and the environment and a second heat exchanger for supplying... Agent:

20140075973 - Heat exchanger arrangement and air conditioning system of a motor vehicle: The invention relates to a heat exchanger arrangement for heating of air, with a heat exchanger (8) which is integrated into a refrigerant circuit (60), configured to be able to have refrigerant flow through it and able to be impinged on by air. The heat is transferred from the refrigerant... Agent:

20140075974 - Heat exchanger arrangement for heat uptake and air conditioning system of a motor vehicle: The invention concerns an air conditioning system for conditioning the air of a passenger compartment of a motor vehicle including a housing with a first flow channel and a second flow channel for conducting air and a refrigerant circuit with an evaporator and a condenser. The evaporator is arranged in... Agent:

20140075975 - Heat exchanger assembly for heat absorption and climate control system of a motor vehicle: A heat exchanger assembly for cooling of air includes a blower, an air duct and a heat exchanger integrated in a coolant circuit designed to allow coolant to flow therethrough and air to be applied to it. Heat from the air is transferred to the vaporizing coolant. The blower is... Agent:

20140075976 - Charge air cooler condensation control: Embodiments for controlling condensate in a charge air cooler are provided. One example method for an engine comprises cooling intake air through a charge air cooler and adjusting a vibration device of the charge air cooler based on charge air cooler condensation conditions.... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140075977 - Air conditioning system: An air conditioning system comprises a housing defining a first airflow path therein between an outside air inlet over a cooling coil and an outlet for delivering outside air from said outside air inlet over said coil to the outlet, a second airflow path between a return air inlet over... Agent: Consolidated Energy Solutions Inc.

20140075978 - Device and method for an efficient surface evaporation and for an efficient condensation: An evaporator or a condenser includes a surface on which the operating liquid is arranged. Further, turbulence generators are provided to generate turbulences in the operating liquid located on the operating surface. In the condenser, alternatively or additionally, a laminarizer is present to make the vapor stream laminar provided by... Agent:

20140075979 - Air conditioning and other installations: The present invention relates to improvements in or relating to air conditioning and other installations, in particular to the removal of condensate and other liquids. We describe a method of preventing siphoning of a liquid through a pump having an inlet and an outlet, which outlet is coupled to a... Agent: Aspen Bidco Limited

20140075980 - Equipment stand: An A/C system can be provided. The A/C system can include an A/C unit and an equipment stand supporting the A/C unit. The equipment stand can include a plurality of legs. Each leg can include a hollow tube defining an interior hollow space bounded by an interior surface of the... Agent: Miami Tech, Inc.

20140075981 - Cooling apparatus: A cooling apparatus that cools an HV device includes: a compressor that circulates a refrigerant; a heat exchanger that performs heat exchange between the refrigerant and outside air; an expansion valve that reduces a pressure of the refrigerant; a heat exchanger that performs heat exchange between the refrigerant and air-conditioning... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140075982 - Medium voltage power controller: A medium voltage power controller box is mounted on a chiller unit with the other components of the chiller system. The power controller box can be positioned on the chiller system unit to permit the power controller box to be close coupled to the motor, and specifically to the main... Agent: Johnson Controls Technology Company

20140075983 - Device for dispensing dry ice: A hand held dry ice dispensing device. The device includes a handle, which may include two hand grip portions, and a canister attached to the handle. The canister has an open bottom end wherein dry ice flows outward there from. A valve is disposed in the canister and produces a... Agent:

20140075984 - Method and apparatus for producing high-purity liquefied carbon dioxide: A liquefied carbon dioxide producing apparatus that can generate high-purity liquid CO2 free from moisture and organic matter such as oil includes: a recirculating system that carries out a recirculating treatment on CO2; and an introduction device that introduces CO2 from an external source of CO2 into the recirculating system.... Agent: Organo Corporation

20140075985 - Process for optimizing removal of condensable components from a fluid: A method for removing condensable components from a fluid containing condensable components. The method involves optimizing the temperature of an initial feed stream including the condensable components through heat exchange and cooling to condense liquids there from. The liquids are removed to form a gas stream which is then compressed... Agent:

20140075986 - Production of ethane for start-up of an lng train: A process is described herein for the production of a selected quantity of ethane as a component of a production inventory of mixed refrigerant for an LNG production plant prior to start-up of the LNG production plant.... Agent: Woodside Energy Technologies Pty Ltd.

20140075987 - Configurations and methods for ngl recovery for high nitrogen content feed gases: A low cost and efficient design is used to convert a propane recovery process based on low nitrogen content feed gas to an ethane recovery process based on a high nitrogen feed gas while achieving over 95 mole % ethane recovery while maintaining a 99% propane recovery, and achieved without... Agent: Fluor Technologies Corporation

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