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05/28/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150143817 - Method and system for magnetic semiconductor solid state cooling: Cryogenic electronics based upon semiconductive devices, superconductive devices, or a combination of the two present opportunities for a wide variety of novel, fast, and low power devices. However, such cryogenic electronics require cooling which is typically achieved through fluid refrigerants such as liquid nitrogen or liquid helium. Solid state refrigeration... Agent: The Royal Institution For The Advancement Of Learning.mcgill University

20150143818 - Temperature-controlled container systems for use within a refrigeration device: In some embodiments, a temperature-controlled container for use within a refrigeration device includes: one or more sections of insulation material substantially defining one or more walls of a temperature-controlled container, the temperature-controlled container including an internal region; a thermally-insulated partition dividing the internal region to form a storage region and... Agent:

20150143819 - Mechanism for enhanced energy extraction and cooling pressurized gas: Systems, methods, and devices relating to a mechanism which can be used in gas cooling devices, pneumatic motors, turbines and other pressurized gas devices. A rotatable rotor is provided along with a number of hollow conduits that radially radiate from an exit port at the center of the rotor. The... Agent:

20150143820 - Cryostat: A cryostat (10) is disclosed having a multistage cryocooler (20) with at least first and final cooling stages (22,32), and first and final stage heat exchangers (24,34) thermally coupled to the corresponding cooling stages for cooling a cryogen passing along a cooling path (15). The cooling path (15) further comprises... Agent: The Science And Technology Facilities Council

20150143822 - Cryogenic submerged pump for lng, light hydrocarbon and other electrically non-conducting and non-corrosive fluids: A cryogenic submerged multi-stage pump assembly includes a vertically oriented pump shaft. A permanent magnet electrical motor includes a rotor attached to the pump shaft and a stator disposed about the rotor. A first-stage impeller assembly includes a first impeller attached to the pump shaft, the first impeller configured to... Agent:

20150143821 - Multimode gas delivery for rail tender: Disclosed is an liquid natural gas supply and delivery system with a multimode fuel gas delivery system and process. The tender is capable of supplying gaseous methane fuel to an cryogenic tank via direct pumping, pressure transfer, or any combination mode due to a configuration of pumps, heat exchangers, and... Agent:

20150143823 - System and method for solar powered thermal management and transport: A refrigeration system for vaccine storage and/or transportation includes an inner chassis. One or more vertical lift carriages are positioned in the inner chassis and can house a plurality of vaccines, pharmaceuticals, and/or other perishable items. Each vertical lift carriage is contained in an isothermal chamber. One or more isothermal... Agent:

20150143824 - Ice cream freezer burn prevention method and apparatus: An ice cream freezer burn prevention method and apparatus is provided. The device of the present invention includes a flexible pouch with a non-freezing solution within. The flexible pouch is placed over ice cream within a container after a portion of the ice cream has been removed. The flexible pouch... Agent:

20150143825 - Defrost operation management: In various implementations, defrost operations may be managed. A change in the temperature of a heat exchanger may be determined. A determination whether to allow a defrost operation may be at least partially based on the determined change in the temperature of the heat exchanger.... Agent: Lennox Industries Inc.

20150143826 - Refrigeration system and methods for refrigeration: A refrigeration system includes: a compressor arrangement for compressing gaseous refrigerant from a first pressure to a second pressure, wherein the second pressure comprises a condensing pressure; a first condenser evaporator system and a second condenser evaporator system, where in the first condenser evaporator system and the second condenser evaporator... Agent:

20150143827 - Economizer for an intermittent absorption refrigeration system: An economizer for a solar powered intermittent absorption refrigeration system improves the coefficient of performance of the refrigeration system. The economizer recovers waste energy rejected by an absorber during an absorption process, stores the waste energy, and supplies the waste energy to a generator during a generation process, thereby reducing... Agent: King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

20150143828 - High efficiency power generation apparatus, refrigeration/heat pump apparatus, and method and system therefor: A system for recycling heat or energy of a working medium of a heat engine for producing mechanical work is described. The system may comprise a first heat exchanger (204) for transferring heat from a working medium output from an energy extraction device (202) to a heating agent to vaporise... Agent:

20150143830 - A refrigerator appliance and a method for monitoring a water filter assembly within the same: Refrigerator appliances and methods for monitoring water filter assemblies within refrigerator appliances are provided. A water filter assembly has a sensor mounted to a filter cartridge of the water filter assembly and a replacement sensor mounted to a replacement filter cartridge of the water filter assembly. A refrigerator appliance has... Agent: General Electric Company

20150143829 - Heat pump system having a pressure trip sensor recalculation algorithm controller: One aspect presents an controller that comprises a control board, a microprocessor located on and electrically coupled to the control board, and a memory coupled to the microprocessor and located on and electrically coupled to the control board. The controller is configured to receive a trip signal from a refrigerant... Agent: Lennox Industries Inc.

20150143831 - Refrigeration devices including temperature-controlled container systems: In some embodiments, a refrigeration device includes: walls substantially forming a liquid-impermeable container configured to hold phase change material internal to the refrigeration device; at least one active refrigeration unit including a set of evaporator coils positioned at least partially within the liquid-impermeable container; a unidirectional thermal conductor with a... Agent: Tokitae LLC, A Limited Liability Company Of The State Of Delaware

20150143832 - Curd maker and refrigerator having the same: A refrigerator having a curd maker to make curd directly disposed in a refrigerating compartment wherein curd is made by the curd maker disposed in the refrigerating compartment and is kept fresh. The refrigerator includes a curd maker provided in a refrigerating compartment to ferment milk into curd, wherein the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150143833 - Rv kitchen with outdoor refrigerator: An absorption refrigerator installed in an outward facing kitchenette in a recreational vehicle. The food compartment of the refrigerator is accessible from outside the vehicle. An air passage directs air from outside the vehicle to the back of the refrigerator by drawing air up through an opening located below the... Agent: Northwood Investment Corporation

20150143834 - Real-time individual electronic enclosure cooling system: This discloses apparatuses for cooling individual server racks or electrical enclosures. These devices maintain target enclosure temperatures within plus or minus 1 or 2 degrees F. The devices employ industrial cooling using staged cooling towers to evaporatively reach temperatures below the wet bulb temperature of the ambient air. Methods for... Agent: R4 Ventures LLC

20150143835 - Heat exchanger and heat pump system using same: A heat exchanger (1) of a heat pump system (2) having a main core part (6), a subcool core part (10), and a receiver tank (8), the main core part (6) and the subcool core part (10) having: a first flow channel comprising a pair of header tanks (12) arranged... Agent:

20150143836 - Combination phase separator and drier for a refrigeration appliance: A device is provided for a refrigeration system that separates liquid and vapor phases of the refrigerant while also drying the liquid phase to remove water. The phase separator and drier are provided integrally as part of the same device. The device can be used with e.g., dual evaporator refrigeration... Agent: General Electric Company

20150143837 - Cooling appliance and dispenser system used for cooling appliance: A cooling appliance (100) is provided, including a heat insulation cabinet (10), in which a storage chamber is formed; and a door (11), which cooperates with the heat insulation cabinet (10) to selectively open or close the storage chamber. The cooling appliance (100) further includes an dispenser system (20) capable... Agent: Bsh Bosch Und Siemens Hausgerate Gmbh

20150143838 - Ice maker: An ice maker is provided that varies an amount of heat transferred between an ice making member connected to a cooling unit and water being in direct or indirect contact with the ice making member according to portions of the ice making member, and producing ice in various forms including... Agent:

20150143839 - Air conditioner: An air conditioner capable of efficiently collecting foreign substances in the air is disclosed. The air conditioner includes a cabinet, an air blower disposed in the cabinet to cause air to flow, a dust collector case forming a channel for the air caused to flow by the air blower, at... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150143840 - Wall panel for climate controlled cargo container: A climate controlled cargo container includes at least one panel (50) including: an outer layer (52); an inner layer (54); a foam (58) positioned in between the inner layer (54) and the outer layer (52); and a plurality of fiber tubes (60) embedded within the foam. Another climate controlled cargo... Agent:

20150143841 - Refrigeration apparatus: A refrigeration apparatus uses R32 as refrigerant, and includes a compressor, a condenser, an expansion mechanism, an evaporator, a branch flow channel branching from a main refrigerant channel joining the condenser and the evaporator, a first opening adjustable valve disposed along the branch flow channel, an injection heat exchanger, a... Agent:

20150143842 - Method to recover lpg and condensates from refineries fuel gas streams: A method to recover olefins and C2+ fractions from refineries gas streams. The traditional recovery methods employed at refineries are absorption with solvents and cryogenic technology using compression and expansion aided by external refrigeration systems. In contrast to known methods, there is provided first a pre-cooling heat exchanger on a... Agent:

20150143843 - Integration of a small scale liquefaction unit with an lng plant to convert end flash gas and boil-off gas to incremental lng.: Disclosed is a method of retrofitting a full-scale LNG plant to enhance the LNG production capacity of the LNG plant and a method for operating such a retrofit plant. A small scale LNG plant having a capacity less than 2 MTPA can be integrated with a main LNG plant having... Agent: Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

20150143844 - Devices and methods for producing liquid air: Methods and devices for continuously producing liquid air. One embodiment includes bringing a first container confining an unpressurised first volume coupled to outer air in contact with a first cryogenic medium, and maintaining a temperature of the first cryogenic medium substantially higher than the boiling temperature of the first cryogenic... Agent: Fertilesafe Ltd

20150143845 - Distillation apparatus: A distillation apparatus includes a first distillation column and one or more second distillation columns. A higher-pressure part of the first distillation column includes at least part of a rectifying section, and performs gas-liquid contact at a relatively high pressure. A lower pressure-part of the first distillation column includes at... Agent:

05/21/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150135728 - Thermoelectrically cooled carafe and associated cooling system: A thermoelectrically cooled container is provided, the thermoelectrically cooled container including a container body have an internal cavity and an outer surface. The container further includes a lid assembly removably connected to the container body, and a thermoelectric cooling unit associated with the container body. The thermoelectric cooling unit is... Agent: Likuma Laboratories, LLC

20150135729 - Device for stimulating adaptive thermogenesis in brown adipose tissue: A garment is provided which comprises (a) a first portion constructed from stretchable material that is form fitting to a user's physique and that extends across any of the following body segments of the user; the collar bone, the neck, the upper spine, the armpit area; and (b) a cooling... Agent:

20150135730 - Adapter for vacuum-insulated lines: A vacuum adapter for feeding-through vacuum-insulated coolant lines (11, 12, 22, 23) from the surrounding atmosphere into a vacuum processing installation has an intermediate volume (2) which is connected firstly to at least one insulation intermediate space (32, 33) of the vacuum-insulated feed lines and secondly to a vacuum pump.... Agent:

20150135731 - Closed-cycle cryogenic refrigeration system: A multi-stage closed-cycle cryogenic refrigeration system is disclosed. The system includes an adsorption refrigerator having a multi-chambered pump unit that can be flexibly configured in the context of the cryogenic refrigeration system resulting in a more efficient design that has a smaller overall size than prior systems and other advantages.... Agent: Photon Spot, Inc.

20150135732 - Cryogenic thermal storage: A method, a system, and an article of manufacture are disclosed for cryogenic cooling of systems operating at cryogenic temperatures or higher. Applications of this disclosure are as varied as trucking of meat and vegetable to mine sweeping and MRI systems. A cooling network is formed by coupling blocks of... Agent:

20150135734 - Cold-box system and apparatus for power management aboard ships: A cold-box system includes: a bulk gas tank, and a plurality of cold-box compartments operationally associated with the bulk gas tank. A cold-box apparatus includes a plurality of cold-box compartments operationally associated with a bulk gas tank. In one embodiment the cold-box compartments may be spaced apart from the tank... Agent:

20150135733 - Inspectable containers for the transport by sea of compressed natural gas, fitted with a manhole for internal access: A CNG transportation vehicle comprising at least one vernally oriented, generally cylindrical, pressure vessel (10) of the type for containing and transporting CNG, the vessel having a generally cylindrical body and two ends and an opening in the form of a manhole at the top end thereof.... Agent: Blue Wave Co S.a.

20150135735 - Cryopump system and method of operating cryopump system: A cryopump system includes at least one cryopump including a refrigerator including a low temperature cooling stage and a high temperature cooling stage, a low temperature cryopanel cooled by the low temperature cooling stage, and a high temperature cryopanel cooled by the high temperature cooling stage. A compressor unit includes... Agent:

20150135737 - Cargo temperature monitoring and control for a refrigerated container: A method of monitoring and controlling temperature of a cargo in a refrigerated transportation cargo container includes measuring a temperature of a plurality of portions of the cargo located in the cargo container via a plurality of temperature sensors directed at the portions of the cargo. One or more of... Agent:

20150135736 - Refrigerator with a configurable space: A refrigerator including a configurable space having a Hall effect integrated circuit configured to detect a magnetic field and generate an electrical signal; a function control device configured to control an environment of the configurable space according to predetermined or preset information and the electrical signal from the Hall integrated... Agent: Dongbu Daewoo Electronics Corporation

20150135739 - Ice bin and method of crushing ice using the same: An ice bin and a method of crushing ice using the same, in which the ice bin includes a case having an upper portion configured to store ice produced by an ice maker, and a dispensing port at one side of a lower end or surface of the case configured... Agent: Dongbu Daewoo Electronics Corporation

20150135738 - Ice bin and method of transferring ice using the same: An ice bin and a method of transferring ice using the same include a case having an upper portion configured to store ice produced by an ice maker, and a dispensing port at one side of a lower end of the case configured to dispense ice to the outside; a... Agent: Dongbu Daewoo Electronics Corporation

20150135740 - System and method for storing thermal energy as auxiliary power in a vehicle: There is provided a controller for a heat capture and storage system configured to capture and store energy from heat expelled in engine exhaust. The controller includes a plurality of inputs, a plurality of outputs, and at least one processor coupled to a memory for storing within the memory instructions... Agent:

20150135741 - Venturi refrigeration system: Apparatus that primarily includes a narrow tube, through which a gas, preferably air, is forced to flow at a substantially high axial velocity. The gas, which must accelerate to reach that velocity and consequently becomes substantially cooler than the environment, then dissipates heat, through the wall of the tube from... Agent:

20150135742 - System for cooling the batteries of an electric or hybrid vehicle: Disclosed is a liquid cooling circuit for a storage battery with which a motor vehicle of the electric or hybrid type is equipped, comprising a main loop for the circulation of a heat transfer fluid, said main loop being connected to elements for cooling the storage battery, and a first... Agent:

20150135743 - Air conditioning system having supercooled phase change material: An air conditioning system includes a chiller system including a compressor, a condenser, an expansion device and an evaporator; a phase change material in thermal communication with the condenser; an actuator coupled to the phase change material; and a controller providing a trigger signal to the actuator to initiate changing... Agent:

20150135744 - Combination air and ground source heating and/or cooling system: A combination air and ground source heating and/or cooling system. The system includes an indoor unit, an outdoor unit and an in-ground unit, each of which has a coil, an inlet line and an outlet line. The system also comprises a flow connector, a coupling and a controller. The controller... Agent: Atlas L.c. Heating & A/c

20150135745 - Compositions comprising fluoroolefins and uses thereof: The present invention relates to fluoroolefin compositions. The fluoroolefin compositions of the present invention are useful as refrigerants or heat transfer fluids and in processes for producing cooling or heat. Additionally, the fluoroolefin compositions of the present invention may be used to replace currently used refrigerant or heat transfer fluid... Agent:

20150135746 - Parallel evaporator circuit with balanced flow: Provided is a pumped loop system (10) for cooling a heat-generating components without relying on a maximum heat load, the system including first and second evaporators (14a-14n) in parallel with one another and first and second valves (22a-22n) upstream of the first and second evaporators respectively, wherein the valves (22a-22n)... Agent: Parker-hannifin Corporation

20150135747 - System and method for dynamic control of an evaporator: The invention relates to a plate heat exchanger including a plate package, which includes a number of first and second heat exchanger plates which are joined to each other and arranged side by side in such a way that first and second plate interspaces are formed. At least two injectors... Agent:

20150135748 - Heat pump system with refrigerant charge diagnostics: A heat-pump circuit may include an indoor heat exchanger, an outdoor heat exchanger, a compressor adapted to circulate a working fluid between the indoor and outdoor heat exchangers, and an expansion device disposed between the indoor and outdoor heat exchangers. A monitor for the heat-pump system may include a return-air... Agent: Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc.

20150135749 - Flow rate adjustment valve for refrigeration cycle: A flow rate regulation valve is used for a refrigeration cycle device for air conditioning. The flow rate regulation valve is constituted by: an inlet flow rate control valve connected to the inlet side of an inside evaporator and functioning in the refrigeration cycle device as an expansion valve for... Agent:

20150135750 - Hot and cold water air conditioning system: The hot and cold water air conditioning system includes a water temperature sensor configured to detect a temperature of water flowing out of the heat pump heat source apparatus by an operation of the water circulation pump, and a controller configured to perform, in a heating operation, on/off normal control... Agent:

20150135751 - Refrigeration cycle apparatus: The air-conditioning apparatus includes a compressor; a heat source side heat exchanger; a use side pressure-reducing mechanism; a use side heat exchanger and an accumulator connected by a pipe so that a refrigerant circulates therethrough; a high-low pressure bypass pipe; a high-low pressure bypass unit installed in the high-low pressure... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150135752 - Refrigerating apparatus: A refrigerating apparatus includes a high-temperature side circuit and a low-temperature side circuit connected to each other via a cascade condenser, a low-temperature side second flow control valve that turns a refrigerant, passing through a liquid pipe connecting between a cooling unit and other circuit parts in a low-temperature side... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150135753 - Air-conditioning apparatus: It is determined whether thermo-off postponement control is allowed or not on the basis of a current compressor operating frequency when a thermo-off condition is satisfied. If it is determined that thermo-off postponement control is allowed, the thermo-off postponement control in which a lowest operating frequency in an operating frequency... Agent:

20150135754 - Refrigerating device: A refrigerating device includes a refrigerant circuit, a temperature detecting unit, a protection control section, and a determination temperature modifying section. The refrigerant circuit includes a compressor to compress a refrigerant. The temperature detecting section detects a temperature of the refrigerant discharged from the compressor on an outside of the... Agent:

20150135755 - High efficiency ventilation system: A high efficiency ventilation system may include a partition configured to separate a supply air stream and a return air stream, an energy recovery ventilator, a heat recovery ventilator, a refrigerant flow controlling condensing unit, and a direct expansion coil. The refrigerant flow controlling condensing unit may be configured to... Agent:

20150135756 - Multi-room air-conditioning apparatus: A multi-room air-conditioning apparatus includes an outdoor unit, a relay unit connected to an outdoor unit by first and second connection pipes, and a plurality of indoor units connected to the relay unit. The outdoor unit includes a second gas-liquid separating device provided on the suction side of the compressor.... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150135757 - Ice making assembly for a refrigerator appliance: An ice making assembly for a refrigerator appliance is provided. The ice making assembly includes a mold body and an ejector. The ejector has a shaft with a central axis that is offset from an axis of rotation of the ejector. The ejector also has a plurality of tines for... Agent: General Electric Company

20150135759 - Refrigerator: A refrigerator includes an ice maker in a freezer and a water supply apparatus in a refrigerator chamber. The water supply apparatus is at a higher position than that of the ice maker and supplies water to the ice maker. The water supply apparatus includes a water tank configured to... Agent: Dongbu Daewoo Electronics Corporation

20150135758 - Refrigerator appliance and an ice making assembly for a refrigerator appliance: A refrigerator appliance and an ice making assembly for the same are provided. The ice making assembly includes an ice formation panel, a chilled air duct and a water distribution manifold. The ice formation panel may be cooled by chilled air passing through the chilled air duct, and the water... Agent: General Electric Company

20150135760 - Refrigerator: A locking apparatus of an ice bucket of a refrigerator capable of simplifying the structure of the ice bucket while preventing the cool air of the ice making compartment from leaking and the ice bucket from being shaken, the refrigerator including a locking apparatus accommodating portion formed at a lower... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150135762 - Refrigerator with easy access drawer: A bottom mount refrigerator is provided with a pantry compartment that is accessible from outside the refrigerator by pulling open an easy access pantry drawer without the need to first open the fresh food compartment or the freezer compartment. A divider between the pantry compartment and the fresh food compartment... Agent: Whirlpool Corporation

20150135761 - Sealing structure for a central wall for a refrigerator, and a refrigerator having the same: The present disclosure relates to a sealing structure for a central wall for a refrigerator, and a refrigerator including the same. The sealing structure includes a refrigerating chamber inner case having a bent, angled or curved portion and a protrusion at one end; a freezer inner case having a bent,... Agent: Dongbu Daewoo Electronics Corporation

20150135763 - Naturally refrigerated cooler and ice bin: An apparatus, system and method for natural refrigeration comprising a naturally refrigerated cooler and ice bin containing an ice bin with a refrigerator compartment suspended within it. The ice bin and cooler compartment are configured such that when ice cubes and the resulting cold water are loaded into the ice... Agent:

20150135765 - Heat transfer compositions and methods: Compositions, methods and systems which comprise or utilize a multi-component mixture comprising: (a) HFC-32; (b) HFC-125; (c) HFO-1234yf and/or HFO-1234ze; (d) HFC-134a. In certain non-limiting aspects, such refrigerants may be used as a replacement for R-404A.... Agent:

20150135764 - Scroll compressor and air conditioner including a scroll compressor: A scroll compressor and an air conditioner including a scroll compressor are provided. The scroll compressor may include a casing, a fixed scroll, an orbiting scroll, and an injection passage. The fixed scroll may further include a first injection hole and a second injection hole formed on a spiral flow... Agent:

20150135766 - Method and apparatus for improving refrigeration and air conditioning efficiency: A method and apparatus for improving refrigeration and air conditioning efficiency for use with a heat exchange system having a compressor, condenser, evaporator, expansion device, and circulating refrigerant. The apparatus includes is a liquid refrigerant containing vessel having a refrigerant entrance and a refrigerant exit with the vessel positioned in... Agent:

20150135767 - Systems and methods for hydrocarbon refrigeration with a mixed refrigerant cycle: Methods and systems for reducing the pressure of a hydrocarbon-containing stream so as to provide a cooled, reduced-pressure hydrocarbon-containing stream are provided. Facilities as described herein utilize a single closed-loop mixed refrigeration system in order to facilitate transportation, loading, and/or storage of a liquefied hydrocarbon-containing material at or near atmospheric... Agent: Black & Veatch Holding Company

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