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12/04/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140352325 - Electronic coldpack and method of use: An electronic coldpack and method of use are provided. The coldpack includes one or more thermoelectric components (e.g., thermocouples) that absorb heat at one surface and dissipate heat at another surface when energized (i.e., when electrical power is applied to the component). Multiple thermoelectric components may be aligned in a... Agent:

20140352326 - Cooling and heating cup holder: A cooling and heating cup holder includes: a pair of holder bodies; a pair of thermoelectric elements having first and second surfaces for heat absorption and heat generation, the first surfaces being installed on the holder bodies; a pair of heat exchange pins provided so as to exchange heat with... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140352327 - Storage assembly for vehicle: A storage assembly for a vehicle includes a housing having an outlet formed at a rear end thereof, a cooling and heating cup holder installed in the housing and having a thermoelectric element attached to a side end surface thereof, a convenience device disposed to be adjacent to a side... Agent: Kbautotech Co., Ltd.

20140352328 - Vehicle air comfort system and method: Vehicle air comfort systems and methods. The systems and methods may comprise: (1) a plurality of flow tunnels for passage of a heat-transfer fluid; (2) a thermoelectric cooler in thermal communication with the flow tunnels for thermally conditioning the heat-transfer fluid in the flow tunnels; (3) an air inlet for... Agent: Thermo Tek, Inc.

20140352329 - Temperature-stabilized storage systems with regulated cooling: Regulated cooling devices are described herein that are sized, shaped and calibrated for use with a substantially thermally sealed storage container. In some embodiments, the regulated cooling devices include a cooling region, an adiabatic region, a lid region, and an electronics unit attached to the lid region.... Agent:

20140352330 - Liquefied gas treatment system: A liquefied gas treatment system according to an embodiment of the present invention includes a boil-off gas heat exchanger exchanging heat between boil-off gas, pressurized by a boil-off gas compressor and recovered along a boil-off gas supply line branching off upstream of a liquefied gas-consuming unit, and the boil-off gas... Agent: Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.

20140352331 - Liquefied gas treatment system: A liquefied gas treatment system according to an embodiment of the present invention includes a boil-off gas heat exchanger exchanging heat between boil-off gas, pressurized by a boil-off gas compressor and recovered along a boil-off gas supply line branching off upstream of a liquefied gas-consuming unit, and the boil-off gas,... Agent: Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.

20140352332 - Liquid methane storage system and method: Systems and methods for controlling the temperature and pressure of a cryogenic liquid methane storage unit are provided. The disclosed systems and methods generate methane gas from a reservoir of liquid methane stored within the methane storage unit, vent the methane gas through one or more outlet valves connected to... Agent:

20140352333 - Method for collecting condensate inside an apparatus, apparatus equipped with a condensate collection system and motor-pump assembly intended for a condensate collection system: A method for collecting condensate inside an apparatus, including: providing a condensate collection system with bottom and top collection tanks; a condensate discharge pump to displace liquid from the bottom collection tank to the top collection tank; and an overflow system which displaces the liquid contained in the top collection... Agent: Askoll Holding S.r.i. A Socio Unico

20140352334 - Monitoring temperature-sensitive cargo with automated generation of regulatory qualification: Disclosed is a process of determining, at a point during shipment, whether the solid phase refrigerant in a shipment is sufficient to preserve the shipment cargo, which is blood or other biological products, for the remaining shipment period, by: monitoring the temperatures encountered to said point and estimating the temperatures... Agent: Tcp Reliable, Inc.

20140352335 - Adaptive defrost: Adaptive defrost systems, computer program products, and methods are provided. A defrost cycle is initiated, and an actual time of defrost (TOD) is determined based on the defrost cycle. Additionally, a first time between defrost (TBD) between defrost cycles is determined. A variable increment time between defrost (TBDInc) is calculated... Agent: Haier America Research And Development Co., Ltd.

20140352336 - Cascade refrigeration system: A method for cooling a fluid or a body by means of at least a first vapour compression circuit containing a first heat transfer fluid and at least a second vapour compression circuit containing a second heat transfer fluid, the method including: measuring the temperature of the external surroundings; and... Agent:

20140352337 - Fridge/freezer miser: The Fridge/Freezer Miser is a new device that allows the refrigerator or freezer that will run about half the time of normal and maintain food freshness while saving from 50% to almost 70% on the monthly electric bill.... Agent:

20140352338 - Air-conditioning apparatus and railway vehicle air-conditioning apparatus: An air-conditioning apparatus includes a compressor, a four-way valve, expansion means, and an indoor heat exchanger, and further includes a check valve disposed between a discharge side of the compressor and the four-way valve, a first solenoid valve disposed between the expansion means and the indoor heat exchanger, and a... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140352339 - Heat pump system having a high pressure trip controller: One aspect presents a heat pump system controller that includes a control board a microprocessor located on and electrically coupled to the control board, and a memory coupled to the microprocessor and located on and electrically coupled to the control board. The memory has a program stored thereon that is... Agent:

20140352340 - Heat pump system having an enhanced comfort mode: One aspect presents an enhanced comfort controller that comprises a control board, a microprocessor located on and electrically coupled to the control board, and a memory coupled to the microprocessor and located on and electrically coupled to the control board. The enhanced comfort controller has an enhanced comfort program stored... Agent: Lennox Industries Inc.

20140352341 - Vehicle air conditioner: A heat pump device includes an air conditioning control device configured to switch the heat pump device among a plurality of operation modes including an air-heating operation mode in which an indoor heat exchanger serves as a radiator and an outdoor heat exchanger serves as a heat absorber, and an... Agent: Japan Climate Systems Corporation

20140352342 - Rooftop air conditioning assembly and a method of constructing same: A rooftop air conditioning assembly (60) for a building having a rooftop and an internal volume. The assembly includes a chassis (20), a plurality of outdoor sections (58), one indoor section (56) and refrigerant tubes (40). The chassis (20) is adapted for mounting adjacent one or more rooftop openings. The... Agent: Daikin Australia Pty Limited

20140352343 - Co2 refrigeration system with hot gas defrost: A C02 refrigeration system has an LT system with LT compressors and LT evaporators, and an MT system with MT compressors and MT evaporators, operating in a refrigeration mode and a defrost mode using C02 hot gas discharge from the MT and/or the LT compressors to defrost the LT evaporators.... Agent:

20140352344 - Air conditioning unit: C

20140352345 - Heat exchange matrix: A heat exchange matrix includes a plurality of generally planar foils including a water retaining material, arranged in spaced, substantially parallel relationship. Each foil defines a main plane having a flow direction and a transverse direction and the foils include strips that extend a strip length in the transverse direction... Agent: Oxycom Beheer B.v.

20140352346 - Vehicle-transportable ice plant: A vehicle transportable ice plant includes a transportable trailer including an enclosure, and an evaporator positioned within the enclosure for supplying supercooled refrigerant to a heat exchanger, a compressor downstream from the evaporator for compressing the refrigerant, a discharge line downstream from the compressor for discharging compressed refrigerant to a... Agent:

20140352347 - Refrigerator with a water and ice dispenser having an improved ice chute air seal: A refrigerator having an ice and water dispenser has a seal to sealingly engage the ice compartment when the refrigerator door is closed. The seal is flexible to accommodate manufacturing tolerance. The seal may be impregnated with a friction reducing agent to increase life of the seal.... Agent: Whirlpool Corporation

20140352348 - Heat exchanger bypass arrangement and valve assembly: An assembly for an environmental control system includes a primary air-to-air heat exchanger and an aft manifold. The aft manifold is mounted to the primary heat exchanger and is adapted with a first duct to receive air flow from the primary heat exchanger. The aft manifold has a bypass duct... Agent:

20140352349 - System, method and apparatus for manipulating the temperature of a fluid: An apparatus includes a container having an interior configured to contain a beverage, and a base configured to support the container on a support surface. A first coupler is mounted to the container. A pod having a second coupler is configured to couple with the first coupler while the pod... Agent:

20140352350 - Smarter cooler: The Smarter Cooler with its Insert Isolator design will provide cooling from four different large areas surrounding the food on all sides, as well as providing a cooler and better insulated bottom area of the cooler, and once the “Ice” starts to melt and be stored in the “Ice Water... Agent:

20140352351 - Refrigeration system with dual refrigerants and liquid working fluids: In one embodiment, the present invention relates to the use of ionic liquids and gas refrigerants in a refrigerant composition in a temperature adjustment system, such as a refrigeration system.... Agent: H & C Scientific Resources International, LLC

20140352352 - Outdoor heat exchanger and air conditioner: An outdoor heat exchanger has a total length of refrigerant flow passage in which a refrigerant flows along a refrigerant tube, and exchanges heat with outdoor air, the outdoor heat exchanger including a plurality of refrigerant tubes spaced apart from one another, a first and second header respectively coupled to... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140352353 - Natural gas liquefaction system for producing lng and merchant gas products: Pipeline natural gas is dried to remove water and carbon dioxide and liquefied. This gas and nitrogen are fed into a first heat exchanger for cooling against colder flash and expanded gases. High pressure nitrogen gas is expanded producing refrigeration to liquefy the natural gas passing through further heat exchangers... Agent:

11/27/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140345296 - Module for warming and, alternately, for cooling: A module for warming and, alternately, for cooling, this module comprising an electrocaloric capacitor, an electrical energy storage device and a controllable circuit for transferring electrical energy between the electrocaloric capacitor and the energy storage device. The controllable circuit comprising an inductor connected between the electrocaloric capacitor and the storage... Agent:

20140345297 - Optical module with enhanced heat dissipating function: An optical module to enhance the heat dissipating function is disclosed. The optical module includes an optical assembly, a heat spreader, and a holder. The optical assembly emits light and dissipates heat in directions opposite to each other. The heat spreader is attached to the bottom of the optical assembly... Agent:

20140345298 - Liquid nitrogen cooling sensor device container and liquid nitrogen cooling sensor device: The invention relates to a liquid nitrogen cooling sensor device container and liquid nitrogen cooling sensor equipment, and effectively reduces low-frequency noise while maintaining the ease with which a probe can be inserted in and removed from liquid nitrogen. Said invention comprises: a liquid nitrogen containing insulating container that contains... Agent: International Superconductivity Technology Center

20140345299 - Method of marine transportation of unsweetened natural gas: Marine transportation of natural gas is disclosed, including: a) removing a free water stream and a condensate stream from the source of raw natural gas to produce a dew-pointed unsweetened natural gas stream at an offshore supply location; b) subjecting the dew-pointed unsweetened natural gas stream to a selected level... Agent:

20140345300 - Cryopump and vacuum pumping method: A cryopump includes an adsorption cryopanel including a front surface configured to receive incidence of a non-condensable gas and a back surface having an adsorption region of the non-condensable gas, and a reflection cryopanel including a reflection surface of the non-condensable gas facing the back surface. The adsorption cryopanel may... Agent: Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd

20140345301 - Transport refrigeration system with engine shaft horsepower augmentation: Shaft horsepower output associated with a prime mover for driving a component of a transport refrigeration system may be selectively augmented through an auxiliary power apparatus. In an embodiment, a compressed air engine is provided and selectively operable to augment the shaft horsepower output for driving the component. At least... Agent: Carrier Corporation

20140345302 - Meat conditioner: A method and an apparatus for conditioning meat wherein further processing is optimized wherein the meat with a first temperature between −35 to −18° C. is introduced into a conditioner. Inside the conditioner a gas is circulated and by means of said gas the temperature is raised in the meat... Agent:

20140345303 - Rack-aisle freezing system for palletized product: An installation and method for freezing and cold storage of palletized product. A chiller is provided in the interior of a cold storage warehouse space that maintains the temperature of ambient air within the space below freezing. A plurality of racking structures each define an air flow chamber having air... Agent:

20140345304 - Mobile apparatus and method for rapidly pre-cooling produce: An integrated mobile apparatus pre-cools produce prior to shipment, for example, to purchasers or to a cold storage facility. The apparatus comprises a preparation chamber for receiving and arranging produce on a movable carrier, a cooling chamber for receiving the produce from the preparation chamber, and a shipping chamber for... Agent:

20140345305 - Aircraft cooling system and method for operating an aircraft cooling system: An aircraft cooling system comprising a refrigerating device and a heat exchanger thermally coupled to the refrigerating device. A ram air duct of the aircraft cooling system is adapted to supply cooling air to the heat exchanger, in order to remove waste heat generated in the operation of the refrigerating... Agent:

20140345306 - Anti-icing system and method for a refrigeration cooling apparatus: An anti-icing system for use with a refrigerator that defines an interior area includes a cooling apparatus mounted in the interior area of the refrigerator and having a condenser portion and a plurality of spaced apart fins operably coupled to the condenser portion and extending away therefrom. The anti-icing system... Agent:

20140345307 - Energy efficient dehumidifying refrigeration system: An evaporator setpoint temperature for a refrigeration system is adjusted by an electronic control module to maximize a ratio of volume of condensate produced per unit of electricity consumed. When the control module detects a change in the relative humidity of air entering an evaporator in the refrigeration system, the... Agent: Air To Water Technologies, Inc.

20140345308 - Tandem compressor refrigeration system and a method of using the same: A refrigeration system including a first compressor and a second compressor, operating in tandem, wherein the first compressor includes a compression capacity different than the compression capacity of the second compressor. A method for operating a refrigeration system including a first compressor and a second compressor operating in tandem; wherein... Agent: Carrier Corporation

20140345309 - Refrigerating and air-conditioning apparatus: A refrigerating and air-conditioning apparatus performs, even during a heating operation under air conditions leading to formation of frost, a defrosting operation while simultaneously continuing a heating operation and that improves comfort through heating by ensuring an appropriate amount of ventilation. A plurality of refrigeration cycles that are capable of... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140345310 - Refrigeration cycle apparatus: The volume ratio of a hot-water-supply-side liquid extension pipe to a water heat exchanger is set to be equal to or more than the minimum volume ratio, which is the volume ratio of the hot-water-supply-side liquid extension pipe to the water heat exchanger when the required refrigerant amount during a... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140345311 - Motor cooling and sub-cooling circuits for compressor: An example of the disclosed refrigerant system includes a compressor having a motor that is cooled by motor cooling fluid provided to the motor from the main refrigerant loop by a motor cooling circuit. The example system further includes a sub-cooling circuit to cool the motor cooling fluid.... Agent:

20140345312 - Heat exchanger and heat pump cycle provided with the same: A heat exchanger includes a refrigerant tube through which a refrigerant for absorbing heat from air flows, and a defrosting medium tube through which a coolant for supplying heat for defrosting flows. Two fins disposed on both sides of the refrigerant tube include a protrusion protruding toward an upstream side... Agent:

20140345313 - Refrigerator: A refrigerator includes a body, a storage compartment provided in the body, a door to open and close the storage compartment, an icemaker provided to one side of the storage compartment, an ice bucket provided under the icemaker, and a crusher provided to the rear surface of the door and... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140345314 - Device providing hot and cold storage and transport for food and the like: A food storage system allows at least one warm item and one cool item, especially foods to be stored and transported together. A housing with a closable internal volume receives at least one container for the cool items and one container form the warm items. In each of these containers,... Agent:

20140345315 - Refrigerating assembly: There is provided a refrigerating assembly for temporarily storing an item at a first temperature lower than an ambient temperature. The refrigerating assembly comprises a container for receiving the item and a shell adapted for removably receiving the container therein. The container comprises a sidewall having therein defined a cavity... Agent:

20140345316 - Systems and methods for a modular cooler assembly: A modular cooler assembly is disclosed herein. According to an embodiment, the modular cooler assembly may be configured to house one or more beverage containers therein. In some instances, the modular cooler assembly may include a number of panels. The panels may be interconnected by way of a number of... Agent: The Coca-cola Company

20140345317 - Temperature control apparatus, processing apparatus, and temperature control method: A temperature control apparatus (70) includes a heat exchanger (71) configured to exchange heat with the surroundings using a phase change of a refrigerant, a rotary pump (73) configured to receive the refrigerant from the heat exchanger (71) and fuse the refrigerant with oil contained inside the rotary pump, and... Agent:

20140345318 - Ejector-type refrigeration cycle device: An ejector-type refrigeration cycle device is provided with a first ejector (15) which draws refrigerant from a refrigerant suction port (15b, 24b) by using a high-speed refrigerant flow jetted from a nozzle part (15a, 24a), and a first suction-side evaporator (19) connected to the refrigerant suction port (15b) of the... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140345319 - Method and apparatus for removing nitrogen from a cryogenic hydrocarbon composition: Nitrogen is removed from a cryogenic hydrocarbon composition. A least a first portion of the cryogenic hydrocarbon composition is fed to a nitrogen stripper column. The nitrogen stripper column operates at a stripping pressure. A stripping vapour is passed into the nitrogen stripper column, comprising at least a stripping portion... Agent:

20140345320 - Water removal and heavy-hydrocarbon removal process in liquefied natural gas production from mixed gas rich in methane: A process for dehydrating and removing heavy hydrocarbons in the production of liquefied natural gas from a methane-rich gas mixture is disclosed, wherein the methane-rich gas mixture subjected to deacidification treatment is divided into two streams, i.e. the first stream and the second stream, wherein the first stream used as... Agent: Xindi Energy Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.

11/20/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140338365 - Magnetic structure and magnetic air-conditioning and heating device using same: A magnetic structure has a magnetocaloric material the temperature of which changes with application or removal of a magnetic field, and a high thermal conduction member which is in contact with the magnetocaloric material and has higher thermal conductivity than the magnetocaloric material. Further, this magnetic air-conditioning and heating device... Agent: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

20140338366 - Thermally-conditioned beverage holders and bins: According to some embodiments, thermally-conditioned device comprises a receptacle configured to receive an item, the receptacle comprising a wall, the wall comprising an exterior surface, wherein the receptacle comprises at least one thermally conductive material. The thermally-conditioned device further comprises a thermoelectric device secured to the exterior surface of the... Agent: Gentherm Incorporated

20140338367 - Cryogenic refrigerator: A cryogenic refrigerator includes a compressor, an expansion space where a high-pressure working gas discharged from a discharge side of the compressor is caused to expand, and a valve. The valve includes a first member including a first channel connecting to the discharge side and a second member including a... Agent: Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20140338368 - Stirling-type pulse tube refrigerator and flow smoother thereof: A Stirling-type pulse tube refrigerator includes: a compressor which pressurizes and depressurizes a gas; a regenerator which is supplied with the gas from the compressor or supplies the gas to the compressor through pressurization or depressurization of the compressor; a pulse tube which is supplied with the gas from the... Agent: Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20140338369 - Thermoacoustic engine: Disclosed is a thermoacoustic engine having: resonance pipes including a working gas; motors; and a branch pipe, where each of the motors has a regenerator, a heater, and a cooler, a temperature gradient is given between both ends of the regenerator to generate self-excited oscillation of the working gas, a... Agent:

20140338370 - Compressed and liquified natural gas storage and dispensing system: A compressed natural gas storage and dispensing system having bulk storage tanks in fluid communication with a natural gas supply source; a compressor to produce compressed natural gas; dispensing storage tanks in fluid communication with the bulk storage tanks and in fluid communication with fuel dispensers; a liquified natural gas... Agent:

20140338371 - Method and apparatus for the regasification of lng onboard a carrier: An LNG carrier for transporting LNG from one location to another that includes a vaporizer on board said LNG carrier for vaporizing the LNG to a gaseous state, one or more heat exchangers at least partially submerged in seawater, an intermediate fluid circulating between said vaporizer and said heat exchanger,... Agent: Excelerate Energy Limited Parnership

20140338372 - Methods, systems, and devices for producing a heat pump: Methods, systems, and/or devices are provided for producing a heat pump. In some embodiments, the heat pump may be driven by low temperature heat. The methods, systems, and devices may include tools and techniques for: precipitating a first material, where heat may be released from the precipitated first material; cooling... Agent: Rebound Technology LLC

20140338373 - Counter-top produce refrigeration and ozonation system and method: A produce storage chamber comprising a chamber capable of encasing produce, a refrigeration system, at least one ozone generation units, and at least one ethylene scrubbers. The chamber is capable of delaying postharvest produce deterioration using at least one of temperature control, ozone generation, and ethylene scrubbing.... Agent:

20140338374 - Component mounting in an integrated refrigerated container: A refrigeration system for an interior space (260), includes an evaporator coil (230) and evaporator fan (242) residing within the interior space, the evaporator coil (230) being configured for refrigerating the interior space (260); an evaporator motor (235) coupled to the evaporator fan (242) along an axial shaft; a condenser... Agent:

20140338375 - Rear door inflatable device for an integrated refrigerated container: A method for reducing air leakage from a refrigerated container includes positioning at least one inflatable device about a rear end of the refrigerated container; coupling the at least one inflatable device to one end of an elongated duct located within an interior space of the refrigerated container; coupling a... Agent:

20140338376 - Thermal management system for vehicle having traction motor: A thermal management system for a vehicle includes a traction motor and a battery pack. The thermal management system comprises a battery circuit for cooling a battery circuit thermal load including the battery pack, a battery circuit temperature sensor positioned to sense a temperature relating to a temperature of the... Agent:

20140338377 - Heat pump unit and method for cooling and/or heating by means of said heat pump unit: A heat pump unit (1) comprising at least one circuit (2) adapted to perform a heat pump cycle with a respective operating fluid, which comprises: an evaporator (S8) adapted to perform the evaporation of the operating fluid at a lower pressure of said heat pump cycle and intended to be... Agent:

20140338378 - Computer controlled and monitored medical storage system: A system is disclosed for monitoring and controlling a refrigerated medical storage unit. The system may include a control station. The control station may receive temperature information from the refrigerated medical storage unit and may cause at least a portion of the temperature information to be stored. The control station... Agent: Mv Circuit Design, Inc.

20140338379 - Heat pump device, and air conditioner, heat pump water heater, refrigerator and freezing machine including heat pump device: A heat pump device includes an inverter control unit for controlling an inverter. The inverter control unit includes a constraint-energization control unit that, during operation standby of a compressor, determines whether heating to the compressor is necessary, on the basis of a coolant sleeping amount in the compressor, and, when... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140338380 - Heat pump device, air conditioner, and freezer: The present invention is a heat pump device that includes a compressor including a compression mechanism and a motor, a heat exchanger, an inverter, and an inverter control unit including a drive-signal generation unit generating a drive signal for the inverter and a heating-operation-mode control unit controlling the drive-signal generation... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140338381 - Refrigerating and air-conditioning apparatus: A refrigerating and air-conditioning apparatus performs, even during a heating operation under air conditions leading to formation of frost, a defrosting operation while simultaneously continuing the heating operation and improves comfort through heating by securing an appropriate amount of ventilation. A plurality of refrigeration cycles independently performs a heating operation... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140338382 - Vehicle air conditioning apparatus: A vehicle air conditioning apparatus includes an outdoor expansion valve controller configured to control an evaporating temperature of a refrigerant in a heat exchanger by regulating an opening of an outdoor expansion valve during a heating and dehumidifying operation, an evaporating temperature control valve provided in a refrigerant flow passage... Agent: Sanden Corporation

20140338383 - Liquid galley refrigeration system for aircraft: The liquid galley refrigeration system for cooling food carts for aircraft employs an intermediate working fluid to transfer heat from one or more food carts to one or more remote chillers, allowing the carts and chillers to be advantageously distributed in the aircraft. While the chiller working fluid undergoes a... Agent:

20140338384 - Outdoor unit of air conditioning device: An outdoor unit of an air conditioning device in which a heat exchanger is arranged in a bottom plate in a substantially rectangular parallelepiped shape casing including a top plate, side plates, and the bottom plate is provided. The heat exchanger is mounted on a plurality of expanded portions formed... Agent:

20140338385 - Device for charging pressurized systems: A device for charging a primary fluid system, such as an air-conditioning or cooling system, closed and at a first pressure (P1), with a secondary fluid, comprises a dispensing cylinder of the secondary fluid, said cylinder containing the secondary fluid and a propellant fluid having a second pressure (P2) greater... Agent: Errecom S.r.l.

20140338386 - Refrigerator ice compartment latch and cover: An insulated icemaking compartment is provided in the fresh food compartment of a bottom mount refrigerator. The icemaking compartment may be integrally formed with the liner of the fresh food compartment, or alternatively, may be modular for installation anywhere in the fresh food compartment. A removable bin assembly with a... Agent: Whirlpool Corporation

20140338387 - Assembled temperature controlling device: An assembled temperature controlling device includes a casing body and a mechanic body at an opening of the casing body, The mechanic body includes a housing, a temperature controlling component inside the housing, a cover lid covering the temperature controlling component, and a thermostat base between the cover lid and... Agent:

20140338388 - Propeller fan and air conditioner having the same: An air conditioner includes an outdoor unit that includes a compressor configured to compress a refrigerant, a condenser configured to condense the compressed refrigerant, and a blowing fan configured to blow outdoor air into a room, an indoor unit that discharges air heat-exchanged with the refrigerant flowing-in from the outdoor... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140338389 - Vapor compression system with thermal energy storage: A system is provided including a vapor compression cycle. The vapor compression cycle includes an operably coupled compressor, condenser, first expansion device, and evaporator through which a refrigerant circulates. A thermal energy storage unit includes a heat exchanger arranged within a phase change material. The heat exchanger is fluidly coupled... Agent: Carrier Corporation

20140338390 - Cooling element and cooling device: The invention relates to a cooling element (1) for use in a cooling device (11), comprising a front face and a rear face and four side faces. The cooling element (1) is characterised in that the rear face of the cooling element (1) is substantially planar and the front face... Agent: Dometic S.a.r.l.

20140338391 - Multi-stage evaporative heat rejection process cycle that facilitates process cooling efficiency, water production, and/or water reclamation for fluid coolers and cooling towers: An evaporative heat rejection cycle for cooling a heat load is presented, including an environmental pre-cooling primary evaporator, an environmental pre-cooling secondary evaporator, a pre-cooled evaporative heat rejection cycle section in thermal communication with a heat load, and a primary pre-cooling evaporative heat exchanger in thermal communication with air that... Agent:

20140338392 - Evaporative chiller using plate type string-screen-fills as heat exchanger and fabrication thereof: The present invention involves an evaporative chiller using a plate type string-screen-fill heat exchanger which is formed of a multiplicity of plate type string-screen-fills with string screens on their both sides. The hot water sprayed on the top perforated plate of the heat exchanger is imbibed into holes on the... Agent:

20140338393 - Methods for blending liquefied natural gas: A method for producing a blended mixture of liquefied natural gases to meet the particular requirements of an operator at a production facility, application site or a fueling station by blending together a lean liquefied natural gas and a rich liquefied natural gas. The operator can control through a device... Agent:

20140338394 - Carbon dioxide separating and capturing apparatus and method of operating same: In one embodiment, a carbon dioxide separating and capturing apparatus includes an absorption tower to allow a gas containing carbon dioxide to contact with an absorption liquid and discharge a rich liquid, a regeneration tower to cause the absorption liquid to release a gas containing the carbon dioxide and discharge... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140338395 - Method of separating carbon dioxide from liquid acid gas streams: Embodiments described herein provide methods and systems for generating a CO2 product stream. A method described includes generating a liquid acid gas stream including H2S and CO2. The liquid acid gas stream is flashed to form a first vapor stream and a bottom stream. The bottom stream is fractionated to... Agent:

20140338396 - Methods for separating hydrocarbon gases: The present invention relates to a process for separating a hydrocarbon gas into a fraction containing a predominant portion of the methane or ethane and lighter components and a fraction containing a predominant portion of the C2 or C3 and heavier components in which process the feed gas is treated... Agent:

11/13/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140331688 - Thermoelectric-based thermal management of electrical devices: Disclosed embodiments include thermoelectric-based thermal management systems and methods configured to heat and/or cool an electrical device. Thermal management systems can include at least one electrical conductor in electrical and thermal communication with a temperature-sensitive region of the electrical device and at least one thermoelectric device in thermal communication with... Agent: Gentherm Incorporated

20140331689 - Stirling engine regenerator: The invention disclosed a Stirling engine regenerator, including a cylindrical regenerator cover, one end of the regenerator cover is connected with a heater and the other end is connected with a cooler. The end of the regenerator which is near the heater is provided with the first metal wire mesh,... Agent:

20140331690 - Auxiliary secondary barrier, liquefied natural gas storage tank including same and method for manufacturing the liquefied natural gas storage tank: An LN storage tank is disclosed. The LNG storage tank includes: a lower insulation board for insulating LNG from the outside; a heating member placed on the lower insulation board; a main secondary barrier attached on the heating member; an upper insulation board attached on part of the main secondary... Agent:

20140331691 - System and method for loading, storing and offloading natural gas from a barge: A system for loading and storing CNG onboard of a barge and for unloading it therefrom comprises CNG loading facilities for loading CNG on board of the barge, CNG storage facilities for storing the loaded CNG on board of the barge at nominal storage pressure and temperature, and CNG unloading... Agent:

20140331693 - Method for operating a motor vehicle in a sports operating mode: A method for operating a motor vehicle having at least one electric drive component which is cooled via at least one coolant circuit which is coupled thermally to a refrigerant circuit. In a first operating mode of the motor vehicle, an inlet temperature of a coolant of the at least... Agent: Audi Ag

20140331694 - Movement of electronic expansion valve: Embodiments are directed to receiving, by a device comprising a processor, an indication that an air conditioning unit should turn on, commanding, by the device, a valve to open a specified extent based on the received indication, and subsequent to the valve opening to the specified extent, powering-on a piece... Agent: Carrier Corporation

20140331692 - Self-cooling loop with electric ram fan for motor driven compressor: A motor driven compressor system includes a motor with an internal cooling loop. The internal cooling loop draws cooling air from outside the motor driven compressor system. At least one compressor is driven by the motor. A heat exchanger is in fluid communication with the at least one compressor and... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20140331695 - Insulated galley cart and method of using frozen refrigerant bricks to maximize storage volume and equalize temperature distribution: A storage container incorporates a housing defining a cavity therein. At least one support rail extends from the housing within the cavity having a plurality of encoded first moieties. At least one refrigerant brick having mating encoded second moieties configured to be received into the encoded first moieties couples the... Agent:

20140331696 - Methods and systems for minimization of mechanical effects of impact velocity during tissue preservation: Disclosed herein are methods and devices for preserving a sample for histological analysis, in particular embodiments, the disclosed methods and devices allow for contacting a surface with the sample at a contact velocity of between 0.05 cm/s to 10 cm/s.... Agent: Northeastern University

20140331697 - Refrigerant mixtures comprising tetrafluoropropene, difluoromethane, pentafluoroethane, and tetrafluoroethane, and uses thereof: A non-flammable refrigerant mixture is disclosed. The non-flammable refrigerant mixture may include from 20 weight percent to 25.5 weight percent HFO-1234yf, (b) from 20 weight percent to 24.5 weight percent HFC-32, (c) from 24.5 weight percent to 30 weight percent HFC-125, (d) from 25.5 weight percent to 30 weight percent... Agent:

20140331698 - Air conditioner condensate collector: A condensate collector for an air conditioner window unit. The condensate collector includes a pan including walled sides. Two or more connectors are provided for connecting the condensate collector to the air conditioner window unit. A first one of the connectors is located on one side of the pan and... Agent:

20140331699 - Refrigeration cycle device, equipment, and refrigeration cycle method: A refrigeration cycle device includes: a compressor that constitutes a refrigeration cycle and compresses a supplied refrigerant; a refrigerant-retaining container that retains the refrigerant into which lubricating oil for the compressor is mixed, and which separates the gas refrigerant from the liquid refrigerant, and sends out the gas refrigerant to... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140331700 - Method for controlling gas pressure in cooling plant: A method for monitoring gas pressure in a heat rejecting heat exchanger in a cooling circuit is disclosed. In the heat rejecting heat exchanger, pressure is controlled by means of a control unit, said control unit controlling at least one valve. The present capacity of one or more compressors in... Agent: Danfoss A/s

20140331701 - Temperature regulation apparatus and method: A machine for a temperature regulation arrangement that includes a closed area within the machine leading a temperature regulating chamber positioned adjacent a heat source, in which there are a number of liquid collectors arranged so that each has a feed take off that provides a elevated passage way from... Agent: Ritemp Pty Ltd

20140331702 - Air-conditioning apparatus: An air-conditioning apparatus including a refrigeration cycle configured by connecting one or more load-side units including a load-side heat exchanger and a load-side expansion device with a heat-source-side unit including a heat-source-side heat exchanger and a compressor and by causing refrigerant to circulate through a refrigerant circuit including the load-side... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140331703 - Air-conditioning system: Improved air-conditioning system having an assembly of constituent elements comprising a water solenoid box with a control switch, the solenoid box being connected to the electrical system of the condenser unit; water filter means to purify the water flowing into the solenoid box; a main water supply line, extending from... Agent:

20140331704 - Pressure relief valve with protective cap: A pressure relief valve (20) for use in connection with a high pressure fluid system has a protective cap (22) for limiting the exposure of personnel to high pressure fluid venting from the pressure relief valve. In an embodiment, the protective cap includes a cylindrical cap body (52) mounted to... Agent:

20140331705 - Hydraulic transport refrigeration system: A transport refrigeration system includes an engine, a hydraulic pump driven by the engine, a supply line coupled to an output of the pump, a supply control valve coupled to the supply line and a refrigerant compressor coupled to the supply control valve through a compressor supply line. The refrigerant... Agent:

20140331706 - Transport refrigeration system powered by diesel engine with pressurized combustion air: A transport refrigeration system includes a diesel engine equipped with a combustion air pressurization device, such as a turbo-charger or a supercharger. The diesel engine powers at least one component associated with the transport refrigeration system, such as a refrigeration compressor or an air-moving device.... Agent:

20140331707 - Culture apparatus provided with heat pipe: A culture apparatus includes a heat insulating box main body having an inner box; a culture vessel; a duct and a circulation blower forcing convection of a gas in the culture vessel; a humidifying pan disposed on the bottom of the culture vessel and positioned inside the duct; a heat... Agent:

20140331708 - High performance heat pump unit: A heat pump unit (1) comprises at least one main circuit (2) adapted to perform a main heat pump cycle with a respective operating fluid, which comprises: a main condenser (S4) adapted to perform the condensation of the operating fluid of the main heat pump cycle and intended to be... Agent:

20140331709 - Cooling device and electronic device using the same: When a cooling device employing an ebullient cooling system is mounted in a low-profile electronic device, not only is it impossible to obtain the sufficient cooling performance, but also the cooling efficiency of the entire electronic device decreases, therefore, a cooling device according to an exemplary aspect of the invention... Agent:

20140331710 - Compact hvac system for a motor vehicle: The invention relates to a compact vehicle HVAC system including an evaporator unit, a condenser unit, and a component unit, as well as a refrigerant circuit. The evaporator unit and the condenser unit each are provided with air-passed heat exchangers and a fan in a casing. Further circuit components are... Agent:

20140331711 - Phase change material bladder for use in a temperature controlled product shipper: A phase change material (PCM) bladder is provided for use in a temperature controlled product shipper. The PCM bladder includes a bladder chamber having a filling port and is configured to receive and hold a flowable phase change material, such as an ice slurry, which can be pumped into the... Agent: Packaging Technology Group, Inc.

20140331712 - Air-conditioning apparatus: An air-conditioning apparatus capable of storing a surplus of refrigerating machine oil and returning a necessary amount of the refrigerating machine oil to a compressor as required. In an air-conditioning apparatus, a controller determines the amount of refrigerating machine oil that is present in a compressor by measuring power of... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140331713 - Accumulator: An accumulator is disposed in a refrigerant circuit at a position on the suction side of a compressor, separates the gas and liquid phases of the refrigerant, and contains the liquid refrigerant. The accumulator comprises: a pressure container (2) having an inner space (S) formed therein; a refrigerant inlet opening... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140331714 - Portable cooling system: A flat storage ice pack is provided that is designed to effectively wrap around square containers, such as prisma containers. The ice pack is comprised of a container having at least four segments each including a column of freezable liquid. The segments are designed to separate the freezable liquid columns... Agent:

20140331715 - Process for producing purified synthesis gas: Process for producing purified synthesis gas from soot-containing synthesis gas having a temperature of at least 5° C. above its dew point comprising the steps of (a) cooling the soot-containing synthesis gas to a temperature below its dew point by indirect heat exchange in a shell-tube heat exchanger without removing... Agent:

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