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05/14/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
05/07/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150121899 - Temperature adjustment apparatus: A drive circuit of a temperature adjustment apparatus drives a Peltier element at a desired output amount. A state detector detects an electrical state of the Peltier element. A control circuit calculates a desired output amount based at least on the electrical state of the Peltier element, determines a control... Agent: Smc Corporation

20150121900 - Warm-cool beauty treatment device: A warm-cool beauty treatment device, comprising: a Peltier element of a plate shape having a first surface configured to generate heat, and a second surface configured to absorb heat; a heat sink including—a first section touching the first surface, and a second section connecting the first section thermally; a first... Agent:

20150121901 - Thermoelectric string, panel, and covers for function and durability: A thermoelectric device comprising an elongated panel of two foam layers, and having an inserted thermoelectric string is incorporated into a seat cushion, planting pot, and battery thermal manager. Several enhancements to the string and the panel improve its durability, visual appeal, and tactile appeal over the prior art.... Agent:

20150121902 - Vehicle headliner assembly for zonal comfort: According to some embodiments, a zonal conditioning system for a vehicle comprises a headliner assembly configured to be secured to the top surface of a vehicle interior, wherein the headliner assembly comprises a first side positioned away from the vehicle interior and hidden from the vehicle interior, and a second... Agent:

20150121903 - Device for supplying gas: Device for supplying evaporated gas from a storage tank for refrigerated liquefied gas with regulated pressure to a consumer, the requirements of which for pressure and mass flow of the gas vary widely, the device having: a motor operated high-pressure pump for the liquefied gas, the driving rotational speed of... Agent: Tge Marine Gas Engineering Gmbh

20150121904 - Apparatus and method for heating a liquefied stream: In a heater for a liquefied stream, a first heat transfer zone has a box stretching longitudinally along an axis. A first heat transfer surface is arranged inside the box, across which a first indirect heat exchanging contact is established between a liquefied stream that is to be heated and... Agent:

20150121905 - Continuous flow thermodynamic pump: A thermodynamic pump for provides gaseous hydrogen employing a plurality of liquid hydrogen (LH2) tanks sequentially pressurized with gaseous hydrogen (GH2) from an accumulator. A heat exchanger receiving LH2 from each of the plurality of tanks as sequentially pressurized returns pressurized GH2 to the accumulator for supply to an engine.... Agent:

20150121906 - Systems and methods for converting liquid natural gas to compressed natural gas and to low pressure natural gas: A system for producing pressurized gas(es) from polar molecular liquids without the need to compress the gas(es) through outside Systems and methods for efficiently converting liquid natural gas (LNG) to compressed natural gas (CNG) and to low pressure natural gas (NG). The system efficiently modifies and controls the parameters of... Agent:

20150121907 - Cryopump system: A cryopump system includes: a plurality of cryopumps connected to a common roughing pump in a rough line and provided with a plurality of rough valves in the rough line, respectively; and a controller configured to control each of the rough valves for regenerating a corresponding one of the plurality... Agent:

20150121908 - Pressure regulation of an air conditioning system: In various implementations, air conditioners may include a high pressure portion and a low pressure portion. A bypass line may divert a portion of the refrigerant from the high pressure portion to the low pressure portion to reduce the pressure of at least a part of the high pressure portion.... Agent:

20150121909 - Aircraft air conditioning system and method of operating an aircraft air conditioning system: An aircraft air conditioning system including a process air line having a first end connected to a process air source to allow a flow of process air therethrough. A ram air channel of the air conditioning system allows ambient air flow therethrough. A heat exchanger unit is disposed in the... Agent:

20150121911 - Compositions comprising z-1,2-difluoroethylene and uses thereof: The present invention relates to compositions for use in refrigeration, air-conditioning, and heat pump systems wherein the composition comprises Z-1,2-difluoroethylene (Z-HFO-1132a). The compositions of the present invention are useful in processes for producing cooling or heat, as heat transfer fluids, foam blowing agents, aerosol propellants, and power cycle working fluids.... Agent:

20150121910 - Low gwp heat transfer compositions: The present invention relates, in part, to heat transfer and refrigerant compositions and methods that include HFC-32; HFO-1234ze and HFC-125.... Agent:

20150121912 - System and method for energy-saving inductive heating of evaporators and other heat-exchangers: A novel method of deicing utilizing a fins-on-tubes type evaporator/heat exchanger system that is optimized for energy-saving inductive heating thereof, by configuring it to increase its resistance to a value at which the system's reactance at its working frequency is comparable to its electrical resistance. The system includes a set... Agent:

20150121913 - Heat pump device: During heat applying operation, both an air-source heat exchanger that exchanges heat with the atmosphere as a heat source and an earth-source heat exchanger that uses geothermal heat as a heat source serve as evaporators to collect heat from the atmosphere and the geothermal heat. During defrosting operation, while a... Agent:

20150121914 - Refrigerator storage compartment assembly: A storage compartment assembly is located within the interior of a compartment of a refrigerator such as a fresh food compartment of a refrigerator. The storage compartment assembly includes a storage container the temperature of which can be controlled independently of the temperature in the fresh food compartment. At least... Agent:

20150121915 - Supply air discharge for a refrigerated container: A transportation cargo refrigeration system includes a refrigeration unit to provide a flow of supply air for a refrigerated cargo container. A refrigeration system outlet allows the flow of supply air into the cargo container. A mixing chamber is located between the refrigeration unit and the refrigeration system outlet for... Agent:

20150121916 - Enclosure refrigerated by a hybrid compression/absorption refrigeration system: The present invention relates to an enclosure which is refrigerated and kept at a predetermined set temperature (Te), containing the evaporator (7) of a refrigerating unit (5). Said enclosure is characterised in that: same comprises a thermochemical system (9) the circuit of which is separate from that of the refrigerating... Agent: Coldway

20150121917 - Refrigerator and method for controlling a refrigerator: A refrigerator and a method for controlling a refrigerator are provided. The method may include driving a refrigerating cycle including a first evaporator and a second evaporator by activating at least one compressor, supplying refrigerant to the first and second evaporators by controlling a flow adjuster, recognizing whether the refrigerant... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150121918 - Refrigerator and method for controlling the same: The refrigerator includes a compressor compressing a refrigerant, a condenser condensing the refrigerant compressed in the compressor, and a dryer in which the refrigerant condensed in the condenser is introduced. The dryer removes impurities or moisture of the refrigerant. A flow adjustment part is provided on an outlet-side of the... Agent:

20150121920 - Refrigerator and method for controlling the same: A refrigerator and a method for controlling the same may be provided. The refrigerator includes a compressor, a condenser condensing the refrigerant compressed in the compressor, a refrigerant tube for guiding the refrigerant condensed in the condenser, a flow adjustment part coupled to the refrigerant tube to divide the refrigerant... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150121919 - Refrigerator and method of controlling the same: Provided are a refrigerator and a method of controlling the refrigerator. The method includes driving a refrigerating cycle that includes a first evaporator and a second evaporator by activating a compressor and simultaneously supplying cold air to a refrigerator compartment and a freezer compartment by supplying refrigerant to the first... Agent:

20150121921 - \"cpts\" constant product temperature scanner: The CPTS is a new device that allows the refrigerator or freezer to run about half the time of normal and maintain food freshness while saving from 50% to almost 70% on the monthly electric bill by using a laser sensor which operates at a 360 Degree and 90 Degree... Agent:

20150121924 - Refrigeration appliance with a monitoring device: A refrigeration appliance includes a water-conducting conduit system which has a connector for connecting to a domestic water supply system. A monitoring device is configured to detect water leaks in the water-conducting conduit system of the refrigeration appliance. A monitoring device for installation into a refrigeration appliance and a monitoring... Agent:

20150121922 - Thermal management system for an electric vehicle: An electric vehicle thermal management system includes a dynamic heat dissipating unit, an air conditioner unit, a heat exchange unit, and a control unit. The heat exchange unit is connected to the dynamic heat dissipating unit and the air conditioner unit for transferring heat therebetween. The control unit adjusts the... Agent: Automotive Research & Testing Center

20150121923 - Transport refrigeration system having electric fans: A transport refrigeration system having one or more compressors forming part of a refrigeration circuit for cooling an interior compartment of a container or refrigerated trailer; and one or more fans powered by direct current (DC) power, the one or more fans being at least one of an evaporator fan,... Agent:

20150121925 - Refrigerator: Provided is a refrigerator. The refrigerator may include a power supply unit configured to power the refrigerator using commercial power, a battery coupled to the power supply unit and configured to supply auxiliary power to the refrigerator, a power detection unit coupled to the power supply unit and the battery... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150121926 - Refrigerator: A refrigerant is provided that may include at least one compressor that compresses a refrigerant, a condenser that condenses the refrigerant compressed in the at least one compressor, a first expansion device that decompresses the refrigerant condensed in the condenser, a gas/liquid separator that separates the refrigerant decompressed in the... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150121927 - Refrigerator: A refrigerator is provided that may include at least one compressor that compresses a refrigerant, a condenser that condenses the refrigerant compressed in the at least one compressor, a refrigerant tube that guides the refrigerant condensed in the condenser, a plurality of evaporation passages, in which expansion devices may be... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150121928 - Refrigerator: A refrigerator includes a compressor compressing a refrigerant, a condenser condensing the refrigerant compressed in the compressor, a refrigerant tube guiding a flow of the refrigerant condensed in the condenser, an expansion device decompressing the refrigerant condensed in the condenser, and an evaporator evaporating the refrigerant decompressed in the expansion... Agent:

20150121929 - Motor incorporating power converter, and air conditioner, water heater, and ventilation blower incorporating the motor: A motor incorporating a power converter including a printed board on which a semiconductor module (an inverter IC), which converts a voltage of an external power supply into a high-frequency voltage and supplies the high-frequency voltage to a stator, is mounted, wherein a high-voltage circuit ground, which is a power... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150121930 - Vehicular air-conditioning unit: The heating capacity particularly at low outside air temperatures in a vehicular air-conditioning unit that heats the vehicle interior by heat pump operation of a refrigerant circuit using a compressor is improved. During heating, a refrigerant discharged from a compressor 2 releases heat in a radiator 4 into the vehicle... Agent:

20150121932 - Freezer island: A freezer island (20) for a grocery store includes a frame structure (30) surrounding at least one open or openable product space (23) for frozen food products. The product space (23) of the freezer island (20) includes a shelf part (21) including shelves (27) and a chest part (22) below... Agent:

20150121931 - Temperature controlled display cabinet, in particular a freezer island, comprising a door: A temperature controlled display cabinet (20), in particular a freezer island, for a grocery store includes a frame structure (30) surrounding at least one openable product space (23) for food products, at least one gravitationally closable door (26) that is in inclined position in relation to vertical direction such that... Agent:

20150121933 - Outdoor unit for air-conditioning device: An outdoor unit includes a housing having a bottom panel, an outdoor heat exchanger disposed inside the housing, a fan disposed inside the housing, a fan motor which is disposed inside the housing and drives the fan, a fan motor supporting plate disposed inside the housing more to the front... Agent:

20150121934 - Outdoor unit for air-conditioning device: An outdoor unit includes a housing having a front and side panel in which an opening is formed, a fan disposed in an air-sending device chamber formed inside the housing, an outdoor heat exchanger disposed in the air-sending device chamber, a bell mouth which is disposed in the air-sending device... Agent:

20150121935 - Heat exchanger: A furnace or other heat exchanger application for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration systems having condensate control. Specifically, a condensate control for secondary heat exchangers is provided for use with high efficiency furnaces, particularly for small tonnage systems, such as residential or unitary systems. Condensate management permits a plurality... Agent:

20150121936 - Apparatus and method of backflow prevention: A backflow preventer apparatus comprising an inline solenoid valve configured to shut when de-energized, disposed between a closed system desired to be evacuated and a vacuum pump, wherein the inline solenoid valve and vacuum pump share a common source of electrical power.... Agent:

20150121937 - Refrigerator with plasma device: The refrigerator includes a thermally insulated box with a first board, a plasma device and a pipeline, all of which are embedded in the first board. The plasma device includes an atomizer with a water tank and a first fan, a plasma generator and a pipeline. The plasma generator is... Agent:

20150121938 - Hierarchy condensation third-type absorption heat pump: The hierarchy condensation third-type absorption heat pump provided by the invention belongs to the absorption heat pump technology field. A solution cycle is formed by a first generator, an absorption-generator, a first absorber, a first solution pump, a second solution pump, a first solution heat exchanger and a steam distributing... Agent:

20150121939 - Refrigeration cycle device: When a refrigerant flow-path switch performs switching to a first refrigerant flow path, an interior condenser heating air blown into an interior as a first temperature-adjustment subject and an auxiliary heat exchanger are connected in parallel, and the auxiliary heat exchanger heats air blown to a battery as a second... Agent:

20150121940 - Refrigeration cycle of refrigerator: Provided is a refrigeration cycle of a refrigerator. The refrigeration cycle of a refrigerator including a first refrigeration cycle in which a first refrigerant flows along a first refrigerant tube and a second refrigeration cycle in which a second refrigerant flows along a second refrigerant tube includes first and second... Agent:

20150121941 - Cryogenic storage system for thermolabile specimens: The invention concerns a storage device (23, 45) for storing receptacles (10), preferably cryo-vials (10), in a carrier structure (3), the storage device (23, 45) comprising pockets (20) each for holding an individual receptacle (10), wherein the pockets (20) are connected one above the other in direction of a common... Agent:

20150121942 - Ice making system for a refrigerator appliance and a method for determining an ice level within an ice bucket: An ice making system for a refrigerator appliance is provided. The ice making system includes an ice maker, an ice bucket and an ice cube level sensing assembly. The ice cube level sensing assembly includes an infrared light emitter and an infrared light receiver. The infrared light emitter directs infrared... Agent: General Electric Company

20150121943 - Indoor unit for air conditioning device: There is provided an indoor unit for an air conditioning device enabling thinning of a body case. The indoor unit is an indoor unit for an air conditioning device in which a fan and an electric component box are provided inside a body case installed in a ceiling, and a... Agent: Daikin Industries, Ltd.

20150121944 - Phase change material pack: A phase change material (PCM) pack (1) for an air conditioning system comprises phase change material sealed between a first thermally conductive layer (2) forming a first outer surface of the PCM pack and a second thermally conductive layer (2) forming a second outer surface of the PCM pack. At... Agent: Vkr Holding A/s

20150121945 - Heat exchanger with thermal storage function: A cylindrical hole is formed between peripheral belt portions of two container constituent plates of a thermal storage material container of an evaporator with a cool storage function. A cylindrical portion of a thermal storage material charging member having a thermal storage material charging passage is disposed in the cylindrical... Agent: Keihin Thermal Technology Corporation

20150121946 - Capacity-increasing device for four-way valve in air conditioning system and the air conditioning system: A capacity-increasing device for a four-way valve, the four-way valve has a first port, a second port, a third port and a fourth port, wherein first port is connected with an output end of a compressor via a first line, second port is connected with an input end of the... Agent:

20150121947 - Auxiliary air conditioning device for vehicle: A vehicle includes a primary air conditioning device and an auxiliary air conditioning device each having a condenser, a receiver drier, an evaporator, and an expansion valve, an electrical air conditioning compressor coupled to the primary and the auxiliary air conditioning devices for operating the primary and the auxiliary air... Agent:

20150121948 - Pump, method for manufacturing pump, and refrigeration cycle device: Provided is a pump that includes an annular molded stator having a substrate mounted with a Hall element and that includes a rotor having an annular rotor unit rotatably housed in a cup-shaped partition component, with one end thereof in an axial direction facing the Hall element and the other... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150121949 - Refrigeration cycle of refrigerator: A refrigeration cycle of a refrigerator includes a first refrigeration cycle in which a first refrigerant flows along a first refrigerant tube and a second refrigeration cycle in which a second refrigerant flows along a second refrigerant tube. First and second compressors compress each of the first and second refrigerants,... Agent:

20150121950 - Evaporator having a hybrid expansion device for improved aliquoting of refrigerant: An automotive evaporator heat exchanger is provided having a hybrid expansion device configured to aliquot refrigerant across the refrigerant tubes. The hybrid expansion device includes a first stage refrigerant pressure drop device and a second stage refrigerant pressure drop device. The first stage refrigerant pressure drop device is a TXV... Agent: Delphi Technologies, Inc.

20150121951 - Electronic expansion valve: An electronic expansion valve is provided, the valve needle component thereof is provided with an axial mounting hole, the screw rod position limiting portion is mounted at the bottom end of the screw rod and extends into the axial mounting hole, and the valve needle position limiting portion is mounted... Agent: Zhejiang Sanhua Co., Ltd.

20150121952 - Production method and production system for natural gas: A production method for natural gas according to the invention includes a step of adiabatically compressing a raw natural gas containing helium gas, a step of separating the helium gas from the raw natural gas by passing the adiabatically-compressed raw natural gas through a separation membrane unit, a step of... Agent:

20150121953 - Process for reliquefying a methane-rich fraction: p

20150121955 - Method and apparatus for air separation by cryogenic distillation: The invention relates to a method for air separation by cryogenic distillation in a column system that includes at least a first column operating at a first pressure, and a second column operating at a second pressure that is lower than the first pressure, the head of the first column... Agent:

20150121954 - Method and apparatus for the low-temperature fractionation of a fluid mixture: The method and the apparatus are used for the low-temperature fractionation of a fluid mixture. The fluid mixture is introduced into a separation column. At least a portion of the sump liquid from the separation column is introduced into a sump evaporator and at least partly evaporated there. At least... Agent: Linde Aktiengesellschaft

04/30/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150114007 - Magnetocaloric materials for cryogenic liquification: System and methods for cryogenic magnetocaloric refrigeration are provided. The system may include a magnetocaloric material including a single ion anisotropy and primary magnetic interactions of at most two dimensions. The system may also include a cryogenic fluid in communication with the magnetocaloric material, such that, when a magnetic field... Agent: The Johns Hopkins University

20150114008 - Heat exchanger: A heat exchanger is provided, in particular for a motor vehicle, with at least one thermoelectric element to generate a heat flow, wherein the thermoelectric element is arranged on a carrier element, wherein several carrier elements arranged on top of one another along a stacking spindle form a carrier element... Agent:

20150114009 - Train propellant management systems and methods: An LNG storage and delivery method for a transportation system includes routing a first train to scheduled stops along a first train route, routing the first train to an LNG fuel source positioned on the first train route, transferring LNG from the LNG fuel source to the first train, and... Agent:

20150114010 - System and method for enhanced convection cooling of temperature-dependent power producing and power consuming electrical devices: A cooling system for cooling a temperature-dependent power device includes an active cooling device and a controller to generate and transmit a drive signal thereto to selectively activate the device. The controller receives an input from sensors regarding the cooling device power consumption and measured operational parameters of the power... Agent: General Electric Company

20150114011 - Process and equipment for fast chilling of containerized beverages: Soft drinks, beer, energy drinks, flavored drinks, fruit juices, wine, carbonated drinks and other refreshments are kept refrigerated for hours and sometimes days until served for consumption or sold. Energy is spent in chilling them from room temperature to the temperature at which they are to be served or sold... Agent:

20150114012 - Ice making and harvesting: An ice making and harvesting apparatus comprises a mold, and bottom and top plates. The mold comprises a plurality of cells. Each cell comprises side walls and defines bottom and top openings. The bottom plate is configured to move relative to a bottom surface of the mold. An upper surface... Agent: Pepsico, Inc.

20150114013 - Air conditioner and method for controlling an air conditioner: An air conditioner and a method for controlling and air conditioner are provided. The air conditioner may include at least one compressor, a main suction passage to guide a refrigerant into the at least one compressor, at least one oil separator connected to the at least one compressor, that separates... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150114014 - Air conditioner and method of controlling the same: An air conditioner includes an indoor unit, an outdoor unit including an outdoor fan, a sensor unit mounted at an upper portion of the outdoor unit to sense snow piled up on the outdoor unit, and a control unit to determine whether snow is piled up or not based on... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150114015 - Vapor compression dehumidifier: An apparatus comprises an air inlet configured to receive an inlet airflow. The inlet airflow comprises a process airflow and a bypass airflow. An evaporator unit receives a flow of refrigerant and is cools the process airflow by facilitating heat transfer from the process airflow to the flow of refrigerant.... Agent:

20150114016 - Vehicle air conditioner: When an air conditioning ECU determines that it is immediately before idling stop, the air conditioning ECU implements a front seat air conditioning mode even if the air conditioning ECU determines that an occupant intensive air-conditioning mode can be implemented. Accordingly, the air conditioning ECU controls opening and closing mechanisms... Agent: Denso Corporation

20150114017 - Refrigeration-cycle equipment: The disclosed refrigeration-cycle equipment comprises a main circuit and an evaporation-side circulation circuit. The main circuit includes i) a compressor that compresses refrigerant vapor, ii) a condensation mechanism that condenses the refrigerant vapor, and iii) an evaporative mechanism that stores refrigerant liquid and that evaporates the refrigerant liquid. The evaporation-side... Agent:

20150114019 - Heat pump system using latent heat: A heat pump system is disclosed comprising a heat-exchanger extracting latent heat from liquid stored in a reservoir, thereby forming an ice slurry. The heat pump also includes a device for delivering the heat to a heat consumer. The heat pump system includes a random input of extrinsic liquid into... Agent:

20150114018 - Viscous heater for heat pump system: An air-conditioning system for a vehicle includes a heat pump system to heat the vehicle. A viscous heater is disposed within the heat pump system to supplement the heat pump system during a heat mode of the air-conditioning system.... Agent: Denso International America, Inc.

20150114020 - Agricultural tractor with air conditioning compressor drive: An agricultural tractor includes a frame, ground wheels including drive wheels, an operator cab carried on the frame, an engine mounted in an engine compartment on the frame at a position longitudinally spaced from the cab, a cooling assembly within the engine compartment for cooling the engine with the fan... Agent:

20150114022 - Hazardous location heat transfer unit: A two chamber heat transfer unit configured such that hazardous air can circulate through one of the chambers and potential ignition source components are contained in another chamber through which the gas to be heated or cooled will circulate.... Agent:

20150114021 - Refrigeration apparatus: A facing surface of a refrigerant jacket includes a contact portion which contacts a device main body, a first recessed portion which faces a first lead section and secures an insulation distance to the first lead section due to being positioned further away from a power device than the contact... Agent: Daikin Industries, Ltd.

20150114023 - Heat pump system: In a heat pump system according to the present invention, at least part of a plurality of outdoor heat-exchanging flow paths that pass through an outdoor heat exchanger is alternately selected as a flow path for defrosting and is used, and the other flow path is used as a flow... Agent:

20150114024 - Cooler having integrated blender and accessories: A portable cooler includes an insulated body that defines a main interior storage space, and a lid structured to at least partially cover the main interior storage space. The lid includes an integrated blender or an integrated blender drive. Components of the blender may include a source of electrical power,... Agent:

20150114025 - Ice making machine evaporator with joined partition intersections: Disclosed are methods and apparatuses for overcoming known plating deficiencies in evaporator assemblies in ice making machine. One embodiment joins the vertical and horizontal partitions together at their intersections so that all surfaces are susceptible for increased soldering/brazing by eliminating the “voids” by changing the location and design of the... Agent:

20150114026 - Refrigerator: A refrigerator includes: a refrigerator main body having a cooling chamber; a cooling chamber door for opening and closing the cooling chamber; a shelf assembly provided within the cooling chamber such that a height thereof is adjustable; and a basket provided in any one of the refrigerator main body and... Agent:

20150114027 - Indirect cooling unit: A cooling system includes a first indirect heat exchanger configured to receive return air from an interior space and output conditioned air back into the interior space. The cooling system further includes a second indirect heat exchanger configured to receive outside air. A fluid conduit directs a flow of cooling... Agent: United Metal Products, Inc.

20150114028 - Cooler drain: A portable cooler includes a cooler body formed of an insulating shell having an external shell and an internal shell. The internal shell defines an interior storage section. A divider retention slot is formed into the internal shell and is structured to accept and mechanically support a rigid divider. A... Agent:

20150114029 - Refrigerator: A refrigerator includes: a refrigerator main body having a cooling chamber; a cooling chamber door for opening and closing the cooling chamber; a shelf assembly provided within the cooling chamber such that a height thereof is adjustable; and a basket provided in any one of the refrigerator main body and... Agent:

20150114030 - Heat exchanger: Provided is a heat exchanger. The heat exchanger includes a plurality of refrigerant tubes in which a refrigerant flows, a heatsink fin coupled to the plurality of refrigerant tubes to heat-exchange the refrigerant with a fluid, a header disposed on at least one side of the plurality of refrigerant tubes... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150114031 - Heat pump system: A climate control system is provided and may include a compressor, a first heat exchanger, a second heat exchanger, and a coolant flow path. The compressor may include a suction port, a first discharge port and a second discharge port. The first heat exchanger may be in fluid communication with... Agent: Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc.

20150114032 - Purification of carbon dioxide: Impurities that are less volatile than carbon dioxide, e.g. hydrogen sulfide, are removed from crude carbon dioxide by processes involving distillation of said crude carbon dioxide in a distillation column system operating at super-atmospheric pressure(s) to produce carbon dioxide-enriched overhead vapor and bottoms liquid enriched with said impurities. Where such... Agent:

20150114033 - Purification of carbon dioxide: In a process for separating at least one “heavy” impurity such as hydrogen sulfide from crude carbon dioxide comprising significant quantities of at least one “light” impurity such as non-condensable gases, involving at least one heat pump cycle using carbon dioxide-containing fluid from the process as the working fluid, the... Agent:

20150114034 - Purification of carbon dioxide: In a process for separating “heavy” impurities such as hydrogen sulfide from crude carbon dioxide comprising significant quantities of “light” impurities such as non-condensable gases, involving at least one heat pump cycle using as working fluid a fluid from the “heavy” impurity separation, the “light” impurities are removed from carbon... Agent:

20150114035 - Process and apparatus for the separation by cryogenic distillation of a mixture of methane, carbon dioxide and hydrogen: In a process for the cryogenic separation of a feed mixture of at least carbon monoxide, hydrogen and methane, the feed mixture is separated in a methane wash column fed by a liquid methane stream at the top of the methane wash column to produce a gas enriched in hydrogen,... Agent:

20150114036 - Air separation column low-density solid-state insulation patent: A cryogenic insulation system is proposed comprising enclosing at least a portion of a cryogenic device with low density high conductivity insulation material. The cryogenic device may be an air separation unit. The cryogenic device does not include an outer containment structure for granulated cryogenic insulation. The low density high... Agent:

20150114037 - Air separation method and apparatus: A method and apparatus for separating air in which an oxygen-rich liquid stream is pumped and then heated within a heat exchanger to produce an oxygen product through indirect heat exchange with first and second boosted pressure air streams. The first boosted pressure air stream is cold compressed at an... Agent:

04/23/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150107269 - Heating and cooling cup holder: A heating and cooling cup holder includes: a holder body to store a beverage container, a shape enclosing the beverage container, and a blowing hole to which wind is introduced; a heat exchanger having a front coupled to an outer side of the holder body to cover the blowing hole... Agent: Kbautotech Co., Ltd.

20150107270 - Heating and cooling cup holder: A heating and cooling cup holder may include a holder body having an opened upper end and a blast hole formed in a side surface of the holder body into which wind is introduced, a heat exchanging body having a front surface coupled to an outer side surface of the... Agent: Kbautotech Co., Ltd.

20150107271 - Heating and cooling cup holder: A heating and cooling cup holder may include an inner holder having an air hole, a heat exchanging unit covering the air hole and having an intake port at a first side so that air flowing inside through the intake port exchanges heat through heat transfer fins in the heat... Agent: Kbautotech Co., Ltd.

20150107268 - Temperature control system for semiconductor manufacturing system: Provided is a temperature control system configured to mix a low temperature heating medium and a high temperature heating medium to supply the heating mediums at a temperature according to a process recipe to an electrostatic chuck (ESC) configured to maintain a temperature and support a wafer in a chamber... Agent: Techest. Co., Ltd

20150107272 - Heat transfer unit and temperature adjustment device: A temperature adjustment device includes: at least one first Peltier unit having a heat absorption surface and a heat release surface; at least one second Peltier unit having a heat absorption surface and a heat release surface; a controller which controls the drive currents of the first Peltier unit and... Agent: Keenusdesign Corporation

20150107273 - Ultra high vacuum cryogenic pumping apparatus with nanostructure material: Cryogenic pump apparatuses include nanostructure material to achieve an ultra-high vacuum level. The nanostructure material can be mixed with either an adsorbent material or a fixed glue layer which is utilized to fix the adsorbent material. The nanostructure material's good thermal conductivity and adsorption properties help to lower working temperature... Agent:

20150107274 - Machine with integrated display for the production and dispensing of ice cream or the like: A machine (10) for the production and dispensing of food products such as ice cream and the like comprises a tub (11) cooled by a refrigerating circuit (12) and a motor-driven helical mixer (14) which rotates inside the tub. The tub is provided at the front with a tap (15)... Agent:

20150107275 - Transparent ice maker: The present invention provides an apparatus and method for producing substantially clear ice in a variety of desired shapes. An insulated ice mold form containing one or more mold cells is suspended over a liquid water reservoir contained in an insulated container. Each ice mold cell is exposed to freezing... Agent:

20150107276 - Icemaker with swing tray: A clear ice making system and method utilizes an ice forming tray pivotally connected to opposing side walls of an icemaker housing. Ice forming fingers of a dedicated evaporator extend into fluid within the ice forming tray, and are cooled by communication with the refrigerant circulating system of the refrigerator.... Agent: Whirlpool Corporation

20150107277 - Apparatus and methods for temporarily holding the evaporator/fan unit of a ductless mini-split hvac system proximate to a wall: A portable and reusable installation platform for easing the installation or maintenance of an air conditioner on a vertical wall includes at least one support base upon which at least part of the air conditioner is positioned during the installation or maintenance thereof. At least one connector extends from the... Agent:

20150107278 - Device and method for icing prevention regulation for heat pump evaporators: The invention relates to a device and a method for icing prevention regulation for a heat pump evaporator (3) in air conditioning systems of vehicles, composed of a subsection (1) of a refrigerant circuit which can be operated both as a heat pump and also as an air conditioning system.... Agent:

20150107279 - Apparatus and method for recovering and regenerating a refrigerant from an a/c plant: An apparatus (230) for recovering refrigerant from an air conditioning system (200) comprises an evaporator (232) arranged to receive the refrigerant from the air conditioning system (200) and to separate it from impurities in it present, obtaining purified refrigerant, a compressor (233) for circulating the purified refrigerant, a condenser (236),... Agent:

20150107280 - Method for operating a refrigerator appliance: A method for operating a refrigerator appliance is provided. The method includes selecting a higher humidity setting or a lower humidity setting. A fan of the refrigerator appliance is operated in a first manner if the higher humidity setting is selected, and the fresh food fan is operated in a... Agent: General Electric Company

20150107281 - Atmospheric water generation systems and methods: Systems and methods for generating liquid water include multiple atmospheric water generation devices adapted to produce liquid water from atmospheric humidity, used in conjunction with a turbine. The turbine is usable to simultaneously provide power to the devices, while the air intake thereof is used to move air associated with... Agent:

20150107284 - Actuation method of a refrigerating machine provided with an economizer apparatus: s

20150107282 - Controller for a vapour compression system and a method for controlling a vapour compression system: The invention discloses a controller for a vapour compression system for cooling a refrigerated space. The system comprises a circuit for circulation of a refrigerant between a compressor, a condenser, and an evaporator. An expansion valve controls a flow of the refrigerant into the evaporator and thereby cooling of the... Agent: Danfoss A/s

20150107283 - Refrigerating capacity control device, a testing apparatus and a refrigerating control method using the device: This invention hereof discloses a refrigerating capacity control device, a test apparatus and a refrigerating control method using the device. The refrigerating capacity control device comprises a compressor (2), a condenser (5), an evaporator (7), a controller (1), a pressure regulating valve (4), a throttling device (6), a control panel... Agent: Xutemp Temptech Co., Ltd.

20150107285 - Refrigerator appliance: Refrigerator appliances are provided. A refrigerator appliance includes a cabinet defining a fresh food chamber, and a door rotatably hinged to the cabinet for accessing the fresh food chamber, the door including an inner surface and an outer surface. The refrigerator appliance further includes a compartment defined in the inner... Agent: General Electric Company

20150107286 - Heat pump: The present invention provides a heat pump that includes: a compressor, a switching valve, an indoor heat exchanger, a first expansion valve, and an outdoor heat exchanger, wherein the outdoor heat exchanger includes: a primary heat exchanging unit connected with the first expansion valve through a refrigerant pipe and through... Agent:

20150107287 - Air conditioning system: An air conditioning system includes a dehumidifier, a regenerator, and a refrigeration system. The dehumidifier removes water from a first airflow using a liquid desiccant. The regenerator transfers water from the dilute desiccant into a second airflow. The refrigeration system can be selectively used to provide heat to the desiccant... Agent: Ducool Ltd.

20150107288 - Removal device for a fluid: The invention relates to a removal device (10) for removing a fluid from a refrigeration system, comprising a cooling device (11), through which the fluid is to flow and which has a pipeline assembly (12), which has a plurality of pipeline elements (24, 26) connected to each other, a fluid... Agent:

20150107290 - Air-conditioning apparatus: In the case of a heating operation in which a use side heat exchanger functions as a condenser when the outside air has a predetermined low temperature, a low-outside-air-temperature heating operation start mode is executed in which, while a refrigerant, as discharged from a compressor, flows into the use side... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150107289 - High pressure ratio multi-stage centrifugal compressor: A heat pump system includes a refrigerant circuit. First and second heat exchangers are arranged in the refrigerant circuit. A flow reversing device selectively changes a direction of flow in the refrigerant circuit between the first and second heat exchangers. A centrifugal compressor is arranged in the fluid circuit and... Agent: Danfoss Turbocor Compressors B.v.

20150107291 - Refrigerator appliance: A refrigerator appliance is provided. The refrigerator appliance includes a cabinet that defines a fresh food chamber. A door is rotatably mounted to the cabinet. The door defines a freezer chamber. The position of the fresh food chamber and the freezer chamber can facilitate access to food items stored within... Agent: General Electric Company

20150107292 - Modular passive refrigeration container: The invention relates to a modular passive refrigeration container for the cold storage and transport of goods, especially fresh produce and deep-frozen goods as well as to a method for the assembly of such a modular passive refrigerated container, comprising at least: (i) a cooling element, suitable for binary ice... Agent: Etablissementen Franz Colruyt

20150107293 - Portable cooler apparatus: A portable cooler apparatus that is used to cool liquids and perishable food items simultaneously while not contaminating the liquid is disclosed. The portable cooler apparatus includes a container, a lid, a telescoping member, and a tray. These items are coupled in such a way that the desired result of... Agent:

20150107294 - Refrigeration-cycle equipment: There is provided refrigeration-cycle equipment in which a mixture of a refrigerant component and an additive is employed as a refrigerant. The refrigeration-cycle equipment includes an evaporator, a condenser, a vapor passage, and a return passage. The return passage guides refrigerant liquid from the condenser to the evaporator. The return,... Agent:

20150107295 - Evaporator with phase change material: An evaporator configured to transfer heat between air flowing through the evaporator and refrigerant within the evaporator, and transfer heat between the refrigerant within the evaporator and phase change material (PCM) within the evaporator. The evaporator includes a first plate, a second plate, and a first tube. The second plate... Agent:

20150107296 - Heat exchanger and air conditioner having the same: A heat exchanger that effectively distributes a refrigerant by varying the cross-sectional area of a header and an air conditioner having the same. The heat exchanger includes a plurality of refrigerant tubes disposed spaced apart from each other, a header joined to both ends of each of the refrigerant tubes,... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150107297 - Temperature controlled method to liquefy gas and a production plant using the method: A method for liquefying gas involving pre-treating the gas stream in a pre-treater to remove impurities, and then passing the gas stream through a first flow path of a first heat exchanger to lower a temperature of the gas stream. The gas stream is then passed through the gas expansion... Agent:

20150107298 - Cvd-siemens reactor process hydrogen recycle system: A hydrogen recycle process and system for use with chemical vapor deposition (CVD) Siemens type processes is provided. The process results in substantially complete or complete hydrogen utilization and substantially contamination-free or contamination-free hydrogen.... Agent:

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