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11/13/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140331688 - Thermoelectric-based thermal management of electrical devices: Disclosed embodiments include thermoelectric-based thermal management systems and methods configured to heat and/or cool an electrical device. Thermal management systems can include at least one electrical conductor in electrical and thermal communication with a temperature-sensitive region of the electrical device and at least one thermoelectric device in thermal communication with... Agent: Gentherm Incorporated

20140331689 - Stirling engine regenerator: The invention disclosed a Stirling engine regenerator, including a cylindrical regenerator cover, one end of the regenerator cover is connected with a heater and the other end is connected with a cooler. The end of the regenerator which is near the heater is provided with the first metal wire mesh,... Agent:

20140331690 - Auxiliary secondary barrier, liquefied natural gas storage tank including same and method for manufacturing the liquefied natural gas storage tank: An LN storage tank is disclosed. The LNG storage tank includes: a lower insulation board for insulating LNG from the outside; a heating member placed on the lower insulation board; a main secondary barrier attached on the heating member; an upper insulation board attached on part of the main secondary... Agent:

20140331691 - System and method for loading, storing and offloading natural gas from a barge: A system for loading and storing CNG onboard of a barge and for unloading it therefrom comprises CNG loading facilities for loading CNG on board of the barge, CNG storage facilities for storing the loaded CNG on board of the barge at nominal storage pressure and temperature, and CNG unloading... Agent:

20140331693 - Method for operating a motor vehicle in a sports operating mode: A method for operating a motor vehicle having at least one electric drive component which is cooled via at least one coolant circuit which is coupled thermally to a refrigerant circuit. In a first operating mode of the motor vehicle, an inlet temperature of a coolant of the at least... Agent: Audi Ag

20140331694 - Movement of electronic expansion valve: Embodiments are directed to receiving, by a device comprising a processor, an indication that an air conditioning unit should turn on, commanding, by the device, a valve to open a specified extent based on the received indication, and subsequent to the valve opening to the specified extent, powering-on a piece... Agent: Carrier Corporation

20140331692 - Self-cooling loop with electric ram fan for motor driven compressor: A motor driven compressor system includes a motor with an internal cooling loop. The internal cooling loop draws cooling air from outside the motor driven compressor system. At least one compressor is driven by the motor. A heat exchanger is in fluid communication with the at least one compressor and... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20140331695 - Insulated galley cart and method of using frozen refrigerant bricks to maximize storage volume and equalize temperature distribution: A storage container incorporates a housing defining a cavity therein. At least one support rail extends from the housing within the cavity having a plurality of encoded first moieties. At least one refrigerant brick having mating encoded second moieties configured to be received into the encoded first moieties couples the... Agent:

20140331696 - Methods and systems for minimization of mechanical effects of impact velocity during tissue preservation: Disclosed herein are methods and devices for preserving a sample for histological analysis, in particular embodiments, the disclosed methods and devices allow for contacting a surface with the sample at a contact velocity of between 0.05 cm/s to 10 cm/s.... Agent: Northeastern University

20140331697 - Refrigerant mixtures comprising tetrafluoropropene, difluoromethane, pentafluoroethane, and tetrafluoroethane, and uses thereof: A non-flammable refrigerant mixture is disclosed. The non-flammable refrigerant mixture may include from 20 weight percent to 25.5 weight percent HFO-1234yf, (b) from 20 weight percent to 24.5 weight percent HFC-32, (c) from 24.5 weight percent to 30 weight percent HFC-125, (d) from 25.5 weight percent to 30 weight percent... Agent:

20140331698 - Air conditioner condensate collector: A condensate collector for an air conditioner window unit. The condensate collector includes a pan including walled sides. Two or more connectors are provided for connecting the condensate collector to the air conditioner window unit. A first one of the connectors is located on one side of the pan and... Agent:

20140331699 - Refrigeration cycle device, equipment, and refrigeration cycle method: A refrigeration cycle device includes: a compressor that constitutes a refrigeration cycle and compresses a supplied refrigerant; a refrigerant-retaining container that retains the refrigerant into which lubricating oil for the compressor is mixed, and which separates the gas refrigerant from the liquid refrigerant, and sends out the gas refrigerant to... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140331700 - Method for controlling gas pressure in cooling plant: A method for monitoring gas pressure in a heat rejecting heat exchanger in a cooling circuit is disclosed. In the heat rejecting heat exchanger, pressure is controlled by means of a control unit, said control unit controlling at least one valve. The present capacity of one or more compressors in... Agent: Danfoss A/s

20140331701 - Temperature regulation apparatus and method: A machine for a temperature regulation arrangement that includes a closed area within the machine leading a temperature regulating chamber positioned adjacent a heat source, in which there are a number of liquid collectors arranged so that each has a feed take off that provides a elevated passage way from... Agent: Ritemp Pty Ltd

20140331702 - Air-conditioning apparatus: An air-conditioning apparatus including a refrigeration cycle configured by connecting one or more load-side units including a load-side heat exchanger and a load-side expansion device with a heat-source-side unit including a heat-source-side heat exchanger and a compressor and by causing refrigerant to circulate through a refrigerant circuit including the load-side... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140331703 - Air-conditioning system: Improved air-conditioning system having an assembly of constituent elements comprising a water solenoid box with a control switch, the solenoid box being connected to the electrical system of the condenser unit; water filter means to purify the water flowing into the solenoid box; a main water supply line, extending from... Agent:

20140331704 - Pressure relief valve with protective cap: A pressure relief valve (20) for use in connection with a high pressure fluid system has a protective cap (22) for limiting the exposure of personnel to high pressure fluid venting from the pressure relief valve. In an embodiment, the protective cap includes a cylindrical cap body (52) mounted to... Agent:

20140331705 - Hydraulic transport refrigeration system: A transport refrigeration system includes an engine, a hydraulic pump driven by the engine, a supply line coupled to an output of the pump, a supply control valve coupled to the supply line and a refrigerant compressor coupled to the supply control valve through a compressor supply line. The refrigerant... Agent:

20140331706 - Transport refrigeration system powered by diesel engine with pressurized combustion air: A transport refrigeration system includes a diesel engine equipped with a combustion air pressurization device, such as a turbo-charger or a supercharger. The diesel engine powers at least one component associated with the transport refrigeration system, such as a refrigeration compressor or an air-moving device.... Agent:

20140331707 - Culture apparatus provided with heat pipe: A culture apparatus includes a heat insulating box main body having an inner box; a culture vessel; a duct and a circulation blower forcing convection of a gas in the culture vessel; a humidifying pan disposed on the bottom of the culture vessel and positioned inside the duct; a heat... Agent:

20140331708 - High performance heat pump unit: A heat pump unit (1) comprises at least one main circuit (2) adapted to perform a main heat pump cycle with a respective operating fluid, which comprises: a main condenser (S4) adapted to perform the condensation of the operating fluid of the main heat pump cycle and intended to be... Agent:

20140331709 - Cooling device and electronic device using the same: When a cooling device employing an ebullient cooling system is mounted in a low-profile electronic device, not only is it impossible to obtain the sufficient cooling performance, but also the cooling efficiency of the entire electronic device decreases, therefore, a cooling device according to an exemplary aspect of the invention... Agent:

20140331710 - Compact hvac system for a motor vehicle: The invention relates to a compact vehicle HVAC system including an evaporator unit, a condenser unit, and a component unit, as well as a refrigerant circuit. The evaporator unit and the condenser unit each are provided with air-passed heat exchangers and a fan in a casing. Further circuit components are... Agent:

20140331711 - Phase change material bladder for use in a temperature controlled product shipper: A phase change material (PCM) bladder is provided for use in a temperature controlled product shipper. The PCM bladder includes a bladder chamber having a filling port and is configured to receive and hold a flowable phase change material, such as an ice slurry, which can be pumped into the... Agent: Packaging Technology Group, Inc.

20140331712 - Air-conditioning apparatus: An air-conditioning apparatus capable of storing a surplus of refrigerating machine oil and returning a necessary amount of the refrigerating machine oil to a compressor as required. In an air-conditioning apparatus, a controller determines the amount of refrigerating machine oil that is present in a compressor by measuring power of... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140331713 - Accumulator: An accumulator is disposed in a refrigerant circuit at a position on the suction side of a compressor, separates the gas and liquid phases of the refrigerant, and contains the liquid refrigerant. The accumulator comprises: a pressure container (2) having an inner space (S) formed therein; a refrigerant inlet opening... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140331714 - Portable cooling system: A flat storage ice pack is provided that is designed to effectively wrap around square containers, such as prisma containers. The ice pack is comprised of a container having at least four segments each including a column of freezable liquid. The segments are designed to separate the freezable liquid columns... Agent:

20140331715 - Process for producing purified synthesis gas: Process for producing purified synthesis gas from soot-containing synthesis gas having a temperature of at least 5° C. above its dew point comprising the steps of (a) cooling the soot-containing synthesis gas to a temperature below its dew point by indirect heat exchange in a shell-tube heat exchanger without removing... Agent:

11/06/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140325996 - Magnetocaloric heat generator: A magnetocaloric heat generator (1) which comprises at least one magnetocaloric unit (21) provided with at least one magnetocaloric material (3) in thermal contact with a heat transfer fluid (F) and at least one magnetic unit (41) capable of subjecting the magnetocaloric material (3) to a variable magnetic field. This... Agent:

20140325997 - Thermoelectric heat pump: In certain embodiments, a thermoelectric heat pump includes a heat transfer region having an array of thermoelectric modules, a waste channel in substantial thermal communication with a high temperature portion of the heat transfer region, and a main channel in substantial thermal communication with a low temperature portion of the... Agent: Bsst LLC

20140325998 - Mobile service cart with closed circulation system: An improved refrigeration and heating system comprising a thermochemical device, and a mobile service cart. The thermochemical device is capable of refrigerating or cooling the ambient air due to an internal chemical process. This same chemical process also produces a significant amount of heat as a by-product which, if left... Agent:

20140325999 - Active damping vibration controller for use with cryocoolers: A cryocooler assembly including a cryocooler housing and a free-piston engine arranged within the housing, an absorber housing and a damper motor arranged within the absorber housing, and a controller housing rigidly coupled between the cryocooler and the active damper such that vibrations may pass through the controller. A controller... Agent:

20140326000 - Lng tank vapor management using a cng accumulator: A liquid natural gas tank (LNG) pressure management system is provided. The system includes an LNG bulk tank, an LNG fuel tank operably connected to the LNG bulk tank, a compressed natural gas (CNG) accumulator operably connected to the LNG fuel tank and a liquid natural gas cryogenic pump operably... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20140326001 - Systems and methods for cryogenic refrigeration: Systems and methods for improving the performance of dilution refrigeration systems include cryocondensation traps employed in the helium circuit of a dilution refrigerator may be modified to improve performance. A cryocondensation trap employs a cryocondensation surface having at least one temperature that preferably matches the temperature at which at least... Agent: D-wave Systems Inc.

20140326002 - Indoor and outdoor ambient condition driven system: A refrigeration system includes a compressor, a condenser, a receiver, an expansion device, and an evaporator in fluid communication with one another. An electronic condenser pressure control valve is in fluid communication with an outlet of the condenser and operative to control a condition at the outlet of the condenser.... Agent: Parker-hannifin Corporation

20140326003 - Device and method for transferring heat in a food storage pan: The food storage device of the present disclosure includes a cover that can be connected to a food pan, and which at least partially separates refrigerant coils from surrounding insulating foam. This helps to prevent corrosion of the coils caused by condensation reacting with insulating foam, and also helps to... Agent: The Delfield Company, LLC

20140326004 - Method for managing a refrigerant charge in a multi-purpose hvac system: A method for managing a refrigerant charge in a system for heating water and conditioning an interior space by removing power from an indoor fan for a first duration of time prior to switching at least one valve to configure a second refrigerant circuit for satisfying a water heating demand.... Agent: Carrier Corporation

20140326005 - Galley cooling heat exchanger defrost mechanism: A galley chiller system configured to operate in a defrost mode is provided including a cooling module, a heating element, and a fan module. The cooling module is configured to provide cool air to at least one galley monument. The cooling module includes a heat exchanger configured to have both... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20140326006 - Method for operating a cooling system and a cooling system: The invention relates to a method for operating a cooling system, in which a cooling agent is prepared in a reservoir of an evaporator device (1) of a single- or multi-stage sorption cooling system, a fluid to be cooled is cooled by having a heat exchanger of the evaporator device... Agent: Technische Universitaet Berlin

20140326007 - Compositions and methods comprising porous metal organic frameworks and related uses: Compositions and methods comprising metal organic frameworks (MOFs) and related uses are generally provided. In some embodiments, an MOF comprises a plurality of metal ions, each coordinated with at least one ligand comprising at least two unsaturated N-heterocyclic aromatic groups arranged about an organic core. In some embodiments, an MOF... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20140326008 - Air conditioner: The present invention relates to an air conditioner in which oils mixed in the refrigerant compressed by a plurality of compressors are separated together and recovered in an efficient manner. An air conditioner according to an embodiment of the present invention comprises: a plurality of compressors for compressing refrigerant; an... Agent: Lg Electronics Ltd.

20140326009 - Freezing detection device: A freezing detection device to be applied to a liquid cooling apparatus including a liquid tank for storing a liquid whose freezing is to be detected and a cooling unit located inside the liquid tank to cool the liquid, the freezing detection device comprises: a temperature detecting unit located at... Agent:

20140326010 - Cooling device: A cooling device capable of improving constancy of the ability of a coolant to cool a heat source is provided. A cooling device-cooling an HV device includes a heat exchanger performing heat exchange between the coolant and air-conditioning air; a cooling unit connected in parallel with the heat exchanger and... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140326011 - Hot water supply apparatus associated with heat pump: A hot water supply apparatus associated with a heat pump is provided. The hot water supply apparatus performs a hot water supply operation using a high temperature refrigerant that has been discharged from a compressor, and simultaneously performs an indoor heating operation using a two-stage refrigerant cycle. This allows the... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140326012 - Hot water supply apparatus associated with heat pump: A hot water supply apparatus associated with a heat pump is provided. The hot water supply apparatus may employ a cascade heat pump including a two-stage cycle to perform a hot water supply operation. Refrigerants flowing through a heat side heat exchanger and a usage side heat exchanger may be... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140326013 - Hot water supply apparatus associated with heat pump: A hot water supply apparatus associated with a heat pump is provided. The hot water supply apparatus may employ a cascade heat pump including a two-stage cycle to perform a hot water supply operation. Refrigerants flowing through a heat side heat exchanger and a usage side heat exchanger may be... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140326014 - Hot water supply apparatus associated with heat pump: A hot water supply apparatus associated with a heat pump is provided. The hot water supply apparatus may employ a cascade heat pump including a two-stage cycle to perform a hot water supply operation. Refrigerants flowing through a heat side heat exchanger and a usage side heat exchanger may be... Agent:

20140326015 - Device for lifting condensates, implementing a bactericidal metal: A device is provided for lifting condensates. The device includes a container in which condensates are collected and a lift pump for discharging the condensates present in the container. The container is covered on at least one portion of the submerged inner walls thereof with a biocidal surface treatment and... Agent:

20140326016 - Cooling device and electric equipment using the same: A cooling device of the present invention is a cooling device arranged in a chassis equipped with an upper surface, and comprises: a refrigerant; a vaporizer that includes an evaporative vessel having a side face of a curved surface shape, and performs heat-absorption by making the refrigerant change its phase... Agent:

20140326017 - Ternary compositions for low-capacity refrigeration: Compositions containing 2,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene and to the uses thereof as heat transfer fluid, expansion agents, solvents and aerosol. Compositions essentially containing between 10 and 90 wt. % of 2,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene, between 5 and 80 wt. % of HFC-134a and between 5 and 10 wt. % of HFC-32. Compositions essentially containing from 10... Agent: Arkema France

20140326018 - Climate-control system having multiple compressors: A system may include first and second compressors and first, second and third heat exchangers. The first heat exchanger may receive working fluid discharged from the first and second compressors. The second heat exchanger may be disposed downstream of the first heat exchanger and may provide working fluid to the... Agent: Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc.

20140326019 - Double-pipe heat exchanger and air conditioner using same: A double-pipe heat exchanger capable of achieving a compact configuration and suppressing a liquid refrigerant contained in a gas-liquid two-phase refrigerant from flowing out from an inner pipe so as to prevent generation of a liquid-back phenomenon is provided. A double-pipe heat exchanger includes an outer pipe through which a... Agent:

20140326020 - Plastic-rod-screen-fills for use in evaporative water cooling and airborne fumes removal apparatuses and fabrication thereof: The present invention involves plastic-rod-screen-fills for use as fill media in any evaporative water cooling and airborne fumes removal apparatuses. The plastic-rod-screen-fill consists of top and bottom frames and several plastic rods suspending from between the top and bottom frames in the shape of a rectangular thin plate as a... Agent:

20140326021 - Inerting method and system for reducing oxygen: The invention relates to an inerting system as well as an inerting method for reducing oxygen in which an oxygen content which is predefinable and reduced in comparison to normal ambient air is set and maintained in the spatial atmosphere of an enclosed room (2). To this end, the inerting... Agent: Amrona Ag

10/30/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140318152 - Method and apparatus for thermoelectric cooling of fluids: The present disclosure provides a method and a thermoelectric cooling apparatus for cooling a fluid. The thermoelectric cooling apparatus comprises one or more of thermoelectric devices, a hot sink, a cold sink, and a heat rejection apparatus which comprises condenser fins and a fan to attain a high figure of... Agent: Sheetak, Inc.

20140318153 - Thermo-electric heat pump systems: The disclosure is directed to an energy efficient thermal protection assembly. The thermal protection assembly can comprise three or more thermoelectric unit layers capable of active use of the Peltier effect; and at least one capacitance spacer block suitable for storing heat and providing a delayed thermal reaction time of... Agent: Micro Q Technologies

20140318154 - Wearable implement: Water absorbing material provided in a planar shape over the substantially entire surface of a front side surface of cooling clothing is layered with an intermediate cloth having air permeability and a waterproof material or sheet, which is waterproof, to be sandwiched and wrapped therewith. By sewing or by sealing... Agent: Nichiyou Hatsumei Gallery Co., Ltd

20140318155 - Cryogenic refrigerator: A cryogenic refrigerator includes a compressor having a return end and a suction end that selectively connects to an expansion space, a housing having an assist space that communicates to the return end, a cylinder having one end connected to the housing and another end connected to the expansion space,... Agent: Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20140318156 - Vertically mounted dry ice cooling compartment applied to a galley cart for temperature gradient reduction: A case for a galley cart defines a cavity with at least two dividers positioned within the cavity, each having a first end edge and an opposing second end edge, with the dividers defining at least two chambers within the cavity. A door is movably attached to the case having... Agent:

20140318157 - Refrigerated storage case: The present application thus provides a refrigerated storage case for storing pre-selected items. The refrigerated storage case may include a number of compartments, a user interface configured to receive an access code and to unlock a predetermined compartment with the pre-selected items therein, and an evaporator coil configured to maintain... Agent: Heatcraft Refrigeration Products LLC

20140318158 - Ice-accelerator aqueous solution: Methods, processes, compositions, apparatus, kits and systems for chilling and cooling beverages and desserts to selected desired temperatures by adding the beverages and desserts to different mixtures of brine solutions and bags of loose ice. The invention forms and creates an aqueous solution composition of certain salinity of ice-melter (such... Agent:

20140318159 - Vehicle air conditioning system: A vehicle air conditioning system includes a compressor configured to compress refrigerant, a condenser, an evaporator, a temperature sensor and a controller. The condenser receives the refrigerant from the compressor and the evaporator receives the refrigerant from the condenser. The temperature sensor is positioned proximate the evaporator to measure a... Agent: Nissan North America, Inc.

20140318161 - Refrigerator and method of operating refrigeration system: A refrigeration system 4 controlled by a control system 26, wherein the refrigeration system 4 comprises: an evaporator 8, a compressor 10, a condenser 12, and an expansion arrangement 15. The control system 26 is adapted: to establish a momentary cooling requirement based on the differential between a set-point temperature... Agent: Electrolux Home Products Corporation N.v.

20140318162 - System and method for reducing noise within a refrigeration system: A method is provided including receiving a first input indicative of a desired design capacity of a refrigeration system, and receiving a second input indicative of a desired maximum acoustical noise of the refrigeration system. The method also includes iteratively selecting a candidate compressor system from a set of compressor... Agent: Johnson Controls Technology Company

20140318160 - Use of ternary compositions: The use of a ternary composition of 2,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene, 1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane and difluoromethane, as a heat-transfer fluid, in compression refrigeration systems with exchangers operating in counterflow mode or in cross-flow mode with counterflow tendency. A heat-transfer process in which a ternary composition of 2,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene, 1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane and difluoromethane is used as a refrigerant... Agent: Arkema France

20140318163 - Air-conditioning apparatus: An air-conditioning apparatus is capable of completing heat medium freeze prevention control more quickly by performing heat medium temperature rise control for raising the temperature of a cooled heat medium and includes a controller that adjusts a current opening degree of a bypass device at a bypass pipe to an... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140318164 - Automotive air conditioner and expansion valve: A first expansion valve is provided in a first refrigerant circulation passage through which the refrigerant discharged from a compressor is able to circulate by passing sequentially through an external heat exchanger and an evaporator and returning to the compressor. A second expansion valve is provided in a second refrigerant... Agent: Tgk Co., Ltd.

20140318165 - Refrigeration apparatus: An air-conditioning apparatus includes an outdoor unit, an indoor unit having an indoor heat exchanger, and a controller for executing a pump down operation. The outdoor unit has an accumulator of a capacity (Va), a compressor, an outdoor heat exchanger, an expansion valve, a large-diameter tube, which are joined by... Agent:

20140318166 - Moisture removal system: A moisture removal system comprises a plurality of coils each capable of operation as either a condenser or evaporator, and a switching mechanism to cycle the functionality of the coils. The system may cycle the functionality of the coils to alleviate frost development on any one coil and thus speed... Agent:

20140318167 - Evaporator, cooling device, and electronic apparatus: An evaporator includes: a porous medium that has a plurality of tubular projections; a vapor chamber and a liquid chamber that are separated by the porous medium, the liquid chamber also serving as a liquid reservoir; a case that has a first portion that is connected with a vapor line,... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140318168 - Air conditioning device: An air conditioning device capable of preventing drainage water dropped down from a heat exchange portion on the upper side for which a defrosting operation is performed from being frozen again in a heat exchange portion used for a heating operation, so that a decrease in a heating ability can... Agent:

20140318169 - System for fast and accurate filling of a two-phase cooling device, notably a heat pipe, adapted for use in an automated process: The current invention relates to a system for fast and accurate filling of a two-phase cooling device, comprising a binding device (30) intended to be hermetically mounted onto the cooling device, the binding device (30) comprising a through-hole (32) able to be in fluid contact with the cooling device, said... Agent:

20140318170 - Heat pump cycle: A heat pump cycle includes a refrigerant circuit and a coolant circuit. A first heat exchanger and a second heat exchanger are disposed between the refrigerant circuit and the coolant circuit. The first heat exchanger includes an exterior heat exchanger that functions as an evaporator in a heating operation, and... Agent:

20140318171 - High performance heat pump unit: A heat pump unit (1) comprises at least one main circuit (2) adapted to perform a main heat pump cycle with a respective operating fluid, which comprises: a main condenser (S4) adapted to perform the condensation of the operating fluid of the main heat pump cycle and intended to be... Agent: Stp S.r.l.

20140318172 - Cooling assembly for chilling or freezing liquid ingredients: Cooling assemblies having a sealable cooling chamber formed as the interior volume of a curved or spherical outer container and a sealable inner canister are disclosed. The outer container may be provided as a multi-layer container having an external elastomeric shell. The external elastomeric shell may have an inner framework... Agent:

20140318173 - Outdoor unit of air conditioning device: An outdoor unit of an air conditioning device in which a compressor, a heat exchanger, and a fan are accommodated in a casing including a top plate, side plates, and a bottom plate is provided. The top plate is formed in a rectangular shape, and a flat mount surface is... Agent:

20140318174 - Apparatus and method for reducing surface tension in oxygenated water: Although the preferred embodiment of this invention is to produce a dissolved oxygen solution for use in humans as a means of delivering oxygen to the portal vein system for treatment of various disorders, it is in no way limited to this particular application. Other medical and non-medical uses are... Agent:

20140318175 - Integral heat exchanger distributor: A heat exchanger comprises a first inlet port, a first outlet port longitudinally spaced apart from the first inlet port, a plurality of substantially parallel parting plates stacked along a no-flow axis, a plurality of first flow spaces, and a plurality of metering plates. The plurality of first flow spaces... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20140318176 - Evaporator with cool storage function: An evaporator with a cool storage function includes a plurality of refrigerant flow tubes, fins, and cool storage material containers. Each of the cool storage material containers has a longitudinal direction and includes a third side wall and a fourth side wall opposite to the third side wall. The third... Agent: Keihin Thermal Technology Corporation

20140318177 - Integration of a liquefied natural gas liquefier with the production of liquefied natural gas: A method for integrating a liquefied natural gas liquefier system with production of liquefied natural gas from a methane-containing gas stream. The liquefied natural gas is produced by feeding a methane-containing gas stream through a heat exchanger to a distillation column and liquefying the natural gas while capturing the gaseous... Agent:

20140318178 - Method and apparatus for the liquefaction of natural gas: A method for the liquefaction of natural gas, comprising: taking unpurified natural gas from a gas well; pre-treating the gas for removing impurities; performing a first compression stage; performing a first heat exchange stage; performing a second compression stage; performing a second heat exchange stage; performing a third compression stage;... Agent: Gnc Galileo Sa

20140318179 - Process and apparatus for the separation of air by cryogenic distillation: An apparatus for the separation of air by cryogenic distillation comprises a column system including a double column, an intermediate pressure column, and an argon column having a top condenser, a heat exchanger, means for pressurizing and vaporizing oxygen rich liquid and nitrogen rich liquid from the double column, conduits... Agent:

10/23/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140311165 - Thermo-magnetic cycle apparatus: A vehicle air-conditioner has a magneto-caloric effect type heat pump apparatus (MHP apparatus). MHP apparatus has a magneto-caloric element (MCE element) which generates heat dissipation and heat absorption in response to strength change of an external magnetic field. The MCE element can demonstrate high performance when an element temperature is... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140311166 - Cryocoolers with electronic cryostat flow controllers and related system and method: A system includes a cryocooler configured to cool an object, a sensor configured to measure a temperature of the object, and a controller configured to generate an actuator drive signal to control the cryocooler based on at least one temperature measurement from the sensor. The cryocooler includes a heat exchanger... Agent: Raytheon Company

20140311167 - Ericsson cycle device improvements: The present disclosure relates to improvements to thermodynamic devices that approximate the Ericsson cycle, Brayton cycle, or regenerated Brayton cycle. These cycles and various ways of implementing them are known in the art. They can operate as engines or refrigerators. The Ericsson cycle is attractive since it can theoretically operate... Agent:

20140311168 - Method and apparatus for transporting ice: An ice transportation system includes an ice storage, a negative pressure system, a positive pressure system, a valve assembly, and an ice delivery control system. The ice storage delivers ice into the negative pressure system. The negative pressure system develops a partial vacuum that facilitates ice delivery from the negative... Agent: Ice Link, LLC

20140311170 - Phase change material (pcm) belts: A container assembly for controlling the thermal condition of cargo includes an insulated container having a cover and a pair of belt assemblies having a plurality of pouches. The container may comprise handles and/or a detachable and/or adjustable shoulder strap. The container assembly further includes a plurality of phase-changing material... Agent: Doubleday Acquisitions LLC

20140311169 - System and methods for cooling electronic equipment: Systems and methods for cooling an inverter of a variable frequency drive that drives a compressor in a cooling system for electronic equipment are disclosed. The system includes a first fluid circuit that cools electronic equipment using a first fluid flowing therethrough and a second fluid circuit that free cools... Agent: InertechIPLLC

20140311171 - Controlling chilled state of a cargo: A method for operating a refrigeration system for a container for refrigerating chilled cargo includes providing a refrigeration system including a compressor and an evaporator fan associated with an evaporator. The method also includes determining the temperature of supply air and the temperature of return air. The method further includes... Agent:

20140311172 - Outdoor unit and air-conditioning apparatus: An outdoor unit includes a compressor compressing a sucked refrigerant and discharging compress, an outdoor heat exchanger exchanging heat between outdoor air and the refrigerant, an accumulator storing a liquefied refrigerant at a suction side of the compressor, a solenoid valve for storing the refrigerant in the outdoor heat exchanger,... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140311173 - Refrigeration cabinet: A refrigeration cabinet, in particular a commercial refrigerator or freezer, is provided. The refrigeration cabinet has a housing, which has a front access opening, a door, which has at least one door leaf, for the access opening, and a guide. The door leaf has a height and a width and... Agent:

20140311174 - Sub-surface insulation and well depth reduction for dx geothermal heat pump and refrigeration system: At least one of a DX geothermal refrigeration system design, a reverse-cycle DX geothermal heat pump system design, a DX geothermal cooling mode only system design, and a DX geothermal heating mode only system design, which utilize the sub-surface geology with a grouted well as a heat sink in the... Agent: Earth To Air Systems, LLC

20140311175 - Air conditioner: An air conditioner includes a case having an inlet and an outlet, an first heat exchanger arranged in the case, a second heat exchanger positioned below the first heat exchanger to have a region overlapped with the first heat exchanger, a guide member for blocking a space between adjacent edges... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140311176 - Phase transfer heat dissipating device and phase transfer heat dissipating system: A volumetric phase transfer heat dissipating system includes a base, a cap and an atomizing member. The base includes a plurality of conducting members. The cap is engaged with the base to form a chamber. The conducting members are disposed in the chamber and extended toward the cap. The cap... Agent: Microthermal Technology Corp.

20140311177 - Refrigeration apparatus: A refrigeration apparatus includes a multistage compression mechanism, switching mechanisms, intercoolers, oil separators, and a control unit. The multistage compression mechanism has one high-stage-side compression mechanism and a plurality of low-stage-side compression mechanisms connected in series. The switching mechanisms are connected to blow-out pipes of the low-stage-side compression mechanisms. The... Agent:

20140311178 - Generation and deployment of ice with modified optical and/or thermal properties: Embodiments generally relate to methods and apparatuses for generating ice. In one embodiment, a material is introduced to water, and the temperature of the combination of the water and the material is lowered until ice forms, the formed ice having a higher albedo than it would have had if the... Agent:

20140311179 - Refrigerant passage change-over valve and air conditioner using the same: A valve case (11) includes a plurality of ports (P1, P2, P3, . . . ). A valve body (50) rotates in the valve case (11) and slide on openings of predetermined ones of the ports (P1, P2, P3, . . . ) to switch a communication state among the... Agent: Daikin Industries, Ltd.

20140311180 - Heat exchanging system: A heat exchanging system exchanging heat between refrigerant and a battery includes: a compressor circulating refrigerant; a heat exchanger exchanging heat between the refrigerant and outside air; an expansion valve decompressing the refrigerant; a heat exchanger exchanging heat between the refrigerant and air-conditioning air; a heat exchanging portion connected in... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140311181 - Heat exchanger for refrigeration cycle: The capillary tube is made of aluminum alloy selected from JIS 3000 series alloy and the suction pipe is made of aluminum selected from JIS 1000 series aluminum, and the outer surface of the capillary tube and the outer surface of the suction pipe are melted and bonded together, or... Agent: Heesung Material Ltd.

20140311182 - Evaporator: A falling film evaporator for a heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system includes an evaporator housing and a plurality of evaporator tubes located in the evaporator housing and arranged into one or more tube bundles. A volume of thermal energy transfer medium is flowed through the plurality of evaporator... Agent: Carrier Corporation

20140311183 - System and method for producing a liquefied hydrocarbon stream and method of operating a compressor: At least part of a fluid is compressed in a compressor driven by an electric motor. The compressor has variable inlet guide vanes of which an angle can be adjusted. The electric motor is powered using a power supply network, and a signal representative of a condition of the power... Agent:

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