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02/05/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150033763 - Material for magnetic refrigeration and magnetic refrigeration device: A composite material for magnetic refrigeration is provided. The composite material for magnetic refrigeration includes a magnetocaloric effect material having a magnetocaloric effect; and a heat conductive material dispersed in the magnetocaloric effect material. The heat conductive material is at least one selected from the group consisting of a carbon... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150033762 - Regenerative electrocaloric cooling device: A regenerative electrocaloric (EC) device is provided. The regenerative EC device uses a special configuration to expand the temperature span Th-Tc, thereby increasing the cooling power and improving the efficiency thereof. The EC regenerative cooling device includes two electrocaloric effect (ECE) elements/rings in direct thermal contact with each other. The... Agent: The Penn State Research Foundation

20150033764 - Thermoelectric air conditioner: A thermoelectric unit including thermoelectric modules, cold side fins, a heat sink, a hot side heat absorption element, and an electronic controller. The heat absorption element includes a metal heat transfer structure, phase change material (PCM) and heat exchange medium.... Agent: Double Cool Ltd.

20150033767 - Cryocooler with magnetic reciprocating piston: A cryocooler is described that can include a pressure wave generator, and a refrigeration device (for example, a coldhead), which can be used to liquefy a gas when the gas is exposed to a surface of the refrigeration device. The pressure wave generator can include one or more motors. Each... Agent:

20150033766 - Refrigerator: A pulse tube refrigerator has a pulse tube having a first end and a second end. A inertance tube connects the first end and a buffer tank. A pressure change generator is connected with the second end. The pressure change generator generates a pressure change of a working gas at... Agent:

20150033765 - System and method for storage and delivery of cryogenic liquid air: An apparatus for storing liquid air (a cryogenic mixture of about 80% liquid nitrogen and about 20% liquid oxygen) in a stable condition within a storage vessel by providing a heat exchanger in fluid communication with vaporized liquid air within vessel condense the vaporized liquid air back to liquid form.... Agent:

20150033768 - Installation and method for preparing liquid and/or gaseous carbon dioxide: An installation for preparing liquid and/or gaseous carbon dioxide is described, having a first container which is configured to store liquid carbon dioxide, wherein the first container is in fluid communication with a second container by at least a first pump, wherein said pump is configured for pumping carbon dioxide... Agent:

20150033769 - Pump tower installation structure of liquefied natural gas storage tank and manufacturing method thereof: Disclosed herein are a pump tower installation structure of a liquefied natural gas (LNG) storage tank and a manufacturing method thereof. The pump tower installation structure of the LNG storage tank includes an adaptor disposed at a predetermined area of an opening portion formed at an inner hull disposed on... Agent: Samsung Heavy Ind. Co., Ltd.

20150033770 - Refrigerant mixtures comprising tetrafluoropropene, difluoromethane, pentafluoroethane, and tetrafluoroethane and uses thereof: A nonflammable refrigerant mixture is disclosed. The non-flammable refrigerant mixture consists essentially of (a) from 20 weight percent to 25.5 weight percent HFO-1234yf, (b) from 20 weight percent to 24.5 weight percent HFC-32, (c) from 24.5 weight percent to 30 weight percent HFC-125 (d) from 25.5 weight percent to 30... Agent:

20150033772 - Apparatus and method for cooling electric components: An apparatus is disclosed which includes a generator receiving a heat load from first electric components, an evaporator for receiving a heat load from second electric components, a tight enclosure, and an absorber-condenser arranged outside of the tight enclosure. For efficient cooling of the apparatus, one or more of the... Agent: Abb Research Ltd.

20150033771 - Modular refrigeration and heat reclamation chiller: The present technology provides a modular refrigeration and heat reclamation chiller system comprising an evaporator configured to vaporize a refrigerant to cool the refrigerant, a compressor coupled to the evaporator and configured to compress the refrigerant, a condenser coupled to the compressor and configured to condense the refrigerant compressed by... Agent:

20150033773 - Refrigerator and operating method thereof: A refrigerator, where warm air is prevented from flowing into a storage chamber during defrosting or when cooling starts, heat transfer from a cooling chamber to the storage chamber is prevented, and the temperature rise in the storage chamber is constrained to a low level. A separator is used to... Agent:

20150033774 - Systems and methods for potable water production: Systems and methods are disclosed for water collection from atmospheric moisture in large quantities in uncontrolled outdoor environments where the temperature may be cold and humidity levels low. To extract water from air when the dew point is low, a heat exchanger cools to a point where water vapor is... Agent:

20150033775 - Apparatus and method for monitoring and controlling load requirements: An apparatus and method for monitoring and controlling load requirements relating to a transport refrigeration unit, including receiving one or more power information from a load: a power consumption information or a power requirement information; receiving one or more state information from the load: state of a compressor, state of... Agent:

20150033776 - Hvac system subcooler: An air handling unit has a refrigeration coil assembly and a subcooler circuit disposed in a downstream airflow path relative to the refrigeration coil assembly.... Agent:

20150033777 - Heat pump, in particular for heating a vehicle interior, and method for operating a heat pump: A heat pump for heating a vehicle interior includes a compressor arranged in a heat-pump circuit of a working medium, a condenser, a throttle valve and an evaporator. Gaseous working medium is compressed in the compressor. The compressor outlet is connected to the inlet of the condenser in which the... Agent:

20150033779 - Multi-split heat pump for heating, cooling, and water heating: A multi-split air or ground source heat pump system designed to provide a residential application with space heating and cooling, along with supplemental hydronic heating and potable water preheating. The supplemental hydronic heating supports applications like radiant floor heating and heating swimming pools. Commercially, the multi-split air or ground source... Agent:

20150033778 - Power generation system and method: A method is disclosed for generating and distributing electric power for localized use. The method entails providing an enclosed building having an air conditioning and ventilation unit for supplying cooled air within the building, the unit including a closed loop circuit configured to operate a closed loop refrigeration cycle, including... Agent:

20150033780 - Air-conditioning apparatus: In a case of a heating operation in which the use side heat exchanger functions as a condenser when an outside temperature is a predetermined low temperature, a low-outside-temperature heating operation start-up mode in which, while a refrigerant discharged from the compressor is caused to flow into the use side... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150033781 - Vehicle air conditioner: A vehicle air conditioner to be installed in a passenger compartment S includes a casing, a piping component, and a seal 60. The casing accommodates a heat exchanger. The piping component supplies a heating medium to the heat exchanger or exhausts the heating medium from the heat exchanger. The seal... Agent: Japan Climate Systems Corporation

20150033782 - Vehicle heat pump air-conditioning system: A vehicle heat pump air-conditioning system is provided, which is capable of securing a temperature linearity characteristic during dehumidifying heating, slowing progression of a frost formation on an exterior evaporator during heating, and stably continuing a heating operation while suppressing variations in a blowout temperature. In a cooling refrigeration cycle... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Automative Thermal Systems Co., Ltd.

20150033783 - Integrated system for cooling a building, collecting rainwater, and cleaning a rooftop solar array: This invention provides a simple integrated system that uses roof-spray, water collection, and water storage components to cool a building, collect and store rainwater, and clean a rooftop solar array.... Agent:

20150033784 - Storage apparatus having air purifying module: A storage apparatus according to an embodiment may include a body having a storage space of storage products and an air purifying module coupled to the body. The air purifying module may include a light emitting diode part disposed along a passage of air to provide ultraviolet light, and a... Agent:

20150033785 - Compressor noise suppressing structure and dehumidifier having the same: There are provided a compressor noise suppressing structure and a dehumidifier having the same. The compressor noise suppressing structure includes an installation member fixed to a base frame to support and accommodate a component installed within a housing, and a noise-proof member extending from the installation member to cover at... Agent: Winix

20150033786 - Appliance: An appliance such as a refrigerator or freezer comprising a base having a drawer, a foldable step assembly received in the drawer is disclosed. The step assembly is configured to rise out of the drawer into an extended position to provide a step when the drawer is open.... Agent:

20150033787 - Pump, refrigeration cycle apparatus, and method for manufacturing pump: In a pump, a resin magnet included in a rotor portion has a plurality of groove portions in an outer peripheral portion thereof, the groove portions extending in an axial direction.... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150033788 - Receiver dryer, method of manufacturing receiver dryer and air-conditioning system: A receiver dryer includes a first body and a second body, one end of the second body away from the first body defining first and second connecting ports. The receiver dryer includes a filter cartridge including a first mating portion, a second mating portion, and a filter part at a... Agent:

20150033789 - Heat exchanger and air conditioner provided with heat exchanger: A heat exchanger provided with a plurality of plate-like fins 2 arranged in parallel with a predetermined interval and a plurality of flat-shaped heat transfer pipes 3 inserted in a direction orthogonal to said plate-like fins 2 and through which a refrigerant flows, in which said heat transfer pipe 3... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150033790 - Ejector: An ejector includes a body member having a depressurizing space that depressurizes a refrigerant which flows out of a swirling space that swirls the refrigerant, a suction passage that draws the refrigerant from an external, and a pressurizing space that mixes a refrigerant jetted from the depressurizing space with a... Agent: Denso Corporation

20150033791 - Ejector: An ejector includes a swirl flow channel that is arranged on an upstream side of a nozzle portion. The swirl flow channel swirls the high pressure refrigerant and allows the refrigerant in a state of a gas-liquid mixed phase to flow into the nozzle portion. The ejector further includes a... Agent:

20150033793 - Process for liquefaction of natural gas: A process and system for production of liquefied natural gas (LNG) from natural gas. The natural gas is first partially purified by removal of water and other contaminants, followed by partial chilling to freeze some contaminants and to allow for production of a purge stream to remove other contaminants. These... Agent:

20150033792 - System and integrated process for liquid natural gas production: A system and method for producing liquid natural gas (LNG) from a natural gas stream is presented. The system includes a moisture removal device and compressor for removing moisture from and compressing the natural gas stream. The low moisture compressed natural gas stream is cooled in a heat exchanger to... Agent: General Electric Company

01/29/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150027132 - Cooling device including an electrocaloric composite: Cooling devices, heat pumps, and climate controlling devices employing an electrocaloric composite of high thermal conductivity and significant electrocaloric effect are disclosed. The electrocaloric composites include a combination of one or more EC-fluoropolymers and their blends with one or more electric-insulating fillers of high thermal conductivity.... Agent:

20150027133 - Variable heat pump using magneto caloric materials: A heat pump system is provided that uses multiple stages of MCMs with different Curie temperature ranges. An adjustable fluid flow path is used whereby the number of stages through which a heat transfer fluid passes can be varied depending upon e.g., the amount of heating or cooling desired. In... Agent: General Electric Company

20150027134 - Personal forced air climate control device: The invention involves a personal climate control system for heating and cooling the body of a user, and method for providing personal comfort in the form of body heating or cooling to a user of the device. The personal climate control system includes a heat exchanger assembly and a robe... Agent: Comfy Personal Climate Control, Inc.

20150027135 - Secondary pulse tubes and regenerators for coupling to room temperature phase shifters in multistage pulse tube cryocoolers: Pulse tube refrigeration or cooling systems are described which utilize a secondary regenerator or a secondary pulse tube. Use of such a secondary regenerator or pulse tube enables a commercially available pressure oscillator to be incorporated in the cooling system. The commercially available oscillator can be operated at room temperature... Agent:

20150027136 - Storage and dispensing system for a liquid cryogen: A two line system for storing and dispensing cryogenic liquids from a bulk storage tank to a secondary container without the use of a cryogenic pump. A first line is in communication with the vapor space of a secondary container and a compressor, the compressor being used to depressurize the... Agent: Green Buffalo Fuel, LLC

20150027137 - Lng tank: An LNG tank as disclosed can include an inner shell of stainless steel and an outer shell spaced at a distance from the inner shell, the inner and outer shells defining an isolation space therebetween. A double-walled pipe of stainless steel connected to the LNG tank can include an inner... Agent: W&#xc4 Rtsil&#xc4 Finland Oy

20150027139 - Apparatus and method for subcooling control based on superheat setpoint control: A system including a setpoint module, a summer, a control module, and an expansion valve module. The setpoint module is configured to indirectly control sub-cooling of a condenser by adjusting a superheat setpoint based on (i) a return air temperature setpoint or a supply air temperature setpoint, and (ii) an... Agent: Liebert Corporation

20150027138 - Discharge pressure calculation from torque in an hvac system: A method for determining discharge pressure for a compressor operatively connected to a condenser, an expansion device, and an evaporator in a serial relationship, includes receiving information indicative of a compressor torque or compressor current; and determining a discharge pressure in response to the receiving of the information.... Agent:

20150027140 - System to improve icing problems in blast freezer tunnels: A method and device for chilling food products by jets blasted into a tunnel, said tunnel comprising/a conveyor for conveying products into a tunnel, at least one plate, located opposite the conveyor, and provided with through holes, the plate or plates being located above and/or below the conveyor; and at... Agent:

20150027141 - Batch freezer with cryogenic precooling apparatus and method: A freezer for a product includes a housing having a chamber therein with an atmosphere for reducing a temperature of the product; a cryogen refrigeration apparatus operationally associated with the chamber during a first cycle to pre-cool the atmosphere in the chamber; and a mechanical refrigeration apparatus operationally associated with... Agent:

20150027142 - Device and method for producing clear ice spheres: Exemplary embodiments of a device and method for making clear ice spheres employing a large half mold (11) releasably connected to a small half mold (30), and an insulated vessel (70). When the device is filled with liquid and submitted to freezing temperatures the liquid freezes from the top down... Agent:

20150027143 - Cabin exhaust air heat recovery system including a heat pump system having a non-freezing evaporator: A number of variations of the invention may include a product including a cabin exhaust air heat recovery system including a heat pump system having a non-freezing evaporator.... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20150027144 - Air conditioner and control method thereof: An air conditioner, having an outdoor unit and an indoor unit, to perform a heating operation and a defrosting operation, the air conditioner including a detection unit to detect a state of at least one selected between the outdoor unit and the indoor unit and to output the detected value,... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150027145 - Cooling storage evaporator system for vehicle climate control: A cooling storage evaporator system employs a pivoting frost control door upstream from an evaporator that, when closed, inhibits air from passing through a lower portion of the evaporator. Closing the frost control door results in condensed water freezing on a lower portion of the evaporator when the AC is... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20150027146 - Heat transfer compositions having improved miscibility with lubricating oil: A composition including 2,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene and a lubricating oil including a polyalkylene glycol and a polyol ester, the polyol ester content in the lubricating oil being less than or equal to 25%. A method of lubricating a vapor compression circuit, the method including using a mixture including a polyalkylene glycol and... Agent:

20150027147 - Air conditioning systems with multiple temperature zones from independent ducting systems and a single outdoor unit: A high-efficiency air conditioning system for conditioning a plurality of zones within an interior of a building that includes: at least two independent ductwork systems within a building wherein each independent ductwork system directs heating and cooling to one zone within the building; a single outdoor unit a refrigerant flow... Agent: Whirlpool Corporation

20150027148 - Heat exchanger assembly, refrigerator, and method of controlling a refrigerator: A heat exchanger assembly, a refrigerator, and a method of controlling a refrigerator are provided. The heat exchanger assembly may include a heat exchanger provided on or at a side of a refrigerator body, the heat exchanger including a refrigerant tube, in which a refrigerant may flow, and at least... Agent:

20150027149 - Electric expansion valve control for a refrigeration system: A refrigeration system including a condenser having a condenser inlet and a condenser outlet, a compressor fluidly connected to the condenser inlet, and an evaporator including an evaporator inlet and an evaporator outlet. The evaporator outlet is fluidly connected to the compressor. A compressor speed sensor senses an operational speed... Agent: Carrier Commercial Refrigeration, Inc.

20150027150 - Split air conditioning system with a single outdoor unit: A split air conditioning system for conditioning a plurality of zones within a single living area of a building, that includes a single outdoor unit; a refrigerant flow pathway made up of a plurality of refrigerant conduits having a common refrigerant flow path portion and at least two divergent flow... Agent: Whirlpool Corporation

20150027151 - Air conditioning systems for at least two rooms using a single outdoor unit: A high-efficiency air conditioning system for conditioning a plurality of rooms within an interior of a building, the air conditioning system including: two separate rooms within a building, a single outdoor unit a refrigerant flow pathway that includes a plurality of refrigerant conduits having a common refrigerant flow path portion... Agent: Whirlpool Corporation

20150027152 - Control of an automotive air conditioning system with air reheating based on internal combustion engine coolant flow control: An automotive air conditioning system comprising: an air cooling circuit including a compressor, a condenser, an expansion valve and an evaporator, fluidically connected to be flowed, during operation, by a heat transfer fluid, and a blower fan associated with the evaporator and operable to generate an airflow through the evaporator;... Agent: C.r.f. Societa' Consortile Per Azioni

20150027153 - Multifunctional module for a refrigerating apparatus: A multifunctional module for a refrigerating apparatus with a module housing, includes a controllable function valve arranged for dispensing water from a water circuit. The module housing includes a leak detection device for detecting water leakage inside the module housing.... Agent: Bsh Bosch Und Siemens Hausgerate Gmbh

20150027154 - Heat pump and flow path switching apparatus: A heat pump performs a simultaneous air-conditioning and heating operation through the addition of a flow path switching apparatus. The heat pump may include a plurality of outdoor units, a plurality of indoor units, and a plurality of flow path switching apparatuses that switch a flow path between an outdoor... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150027155 - Compressor and cooling system: A compressor includes: a heat exchanger configured to discharge heat generated during compression outside the compressor; a cooling liquid inlet port through which cooling liquid flowing from outside the compressor into the compressor passes; and a cooling liquid outlet port through which the cooling liquid flowing out of the compressor... Agent:

20150027156 - Hvac system and method of operation: An improved, energy-efficient HVAC system and method of use employing a solution that is run parallel to refrigerant lines in a chiller unit. The solution is directed through the chiller unit through its proximity to chilled refrigerant wherein the chilled solution, rather than refrigerant, enters an air handler or an... Agent: Specialty Air Solutions And Design, Inc.

20150027157 - Temperature-controlled medicinal storage devices: In some embodiments, a medicinal storage container includes: a desiccant unit including external walls forming a gas-impermeable barrier around an interior desiccant region and including an aperture; a heating element; a controller operably attached to the heating element; a cooling unit; a compressor system including at least one evaporator coil... Agent: Tokitae LLC

20150027158 - System for transporting condensed water from a vehicle's air conditioner to its windshield washer reservoir: A system, designed to transport condensed water from the vehicle's air conditioner to the vehicle's windshield washer reservoir that comprises an air conditioner, a reservoir, and tubing. The tubing transports condensed water from the air conditioner to the reservoir. The system may also include a condensed water collection container and... Agent:

20150027159 - Enhanced heat transfer to water: A beverage dispensing apparatus which includes a tank, a liquid inlet and a fluid dispensing system which includes a dispensing fluid conduit having a helical portion at least substantially vertically oriented within the interior volume of the tank. The beverage dispensing apparatus also includes a fluid circulating system that includes... Agent: Whirlpool Corporation

20150027160 - Portable air conditioning device for vehicles: Disclosed is a portable air conditioning device for vehicles. The device includes an air duct system and an exhaust pipe that is connected to a housing member that encloses a compressor, an air condenser, a power supply, and a dual fan system with a fan speed control switch that is... Agent:

20150027161 - Heat exchanger and refrigeration device: A heat exchanger includes a plurality of flattened pipes, a header collection pipe, and a plurality of fins joined to the flattened pipes. The flattened pipes are joined to the header collection pipe. A fluid flowing through an interior of the flattened pipes exchanges heat with air flowing outside the... Agent:

20150027162 - Cooling system: A three-way valve switches between flow of refrigerant from a heat exchanger toward a cooling portion via a gas-liquid separator and flow of refrigerant from a heat exchanger toward the cooling portion via the gas-liquid separator. A refrigerant line provides fluid communication between the heat exchanger and the gas-liquid separator.... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150027163 - Refrigerant evaporator: A refrigerant evaporator includes four core portions. A part of the refrigerant passes through a first core portion and a fourth core portion. The other part of the refrigerant passes through a second core portion and a third core portion. An exchanging unit exchanges the positions where the refrigerant flows.... Agent:

20150027164 - Carbon dioxide separating and capturing system and method of operating same: In one embodiment, a carbon dioxide separating and capturing system includes an absorption tower to allow a gas containing carbon dioxide to contact with an absorption liquid and discharge a first rich liquid which is the absorption liquid having absorbed the carbon dioxide, and a regeneration tower to cause the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150027165 - Methods, devices, and systems for the separation and concentration of isotopologues: The present invention is a novel method for removing tritium oxide contamination from a solution with water. The method captures the tritium oxide in a much smaller volume suitable for economical disposal. In so doing the original water is decontaminated of the tritium oxide and may be discharged.... Agent:

01/22/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150020532 - Active, micro-well thermal control subsystem: Devices and systems for active thermal control of sample holding devices for bDNA testing, polymerase chain reaction testing, chemiluminescent immuno-assay testing, and so forth. The thermal control subsystem includes a fluidic circuit, first and second heater assemblies, a centrifugal pump, and a heat exchange device. The first and second heater... Agent: Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc.

20150020533 - Air-conditioning loop functioning as a pulse electro-thermal deicing heat pump: The invention relates to an air-conditioning loop for heating, ventilation, and/or air-conditioning equipment in which a coolant circulates. The loop including a compressor comprising a coolant outlet connected to a delivery pipe and a coolant inlet connected to a suction pipe. The loop also including an internal heat exchanger which... Agent:

20150020534 - Method for recycling energy from compressor outlet, and air conditioner: A method for recovering and using energy from a fluid exiting an outlet of a compressor in an air conditioning system, the method including: disposing an ejector between a compressor and a condenser of an air conditioning system, the ejector including a first inlet for receiving a working fluid and... Agent:

20150020535 - Air-conditioning apparatus: In the case of a heating operation in which a use side heat exchanger functions as a condenser when the outside air has a predetermined low temperature, a low-outside-air-temperature heating operation start mode is executed in which, while a refrigerant, as discharged from a compressor, flows into the use side... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150020536 - Heat pump system capable of adjusting amount of refrigerant stored in liquid receiver: A heat pump system includes a liquid receiver valve that adjusts the amount of a refrigerant stored in a liquid receiver so that a circulation amount of the refrigerant that circulates the heat pump system can be adjusted according to a driving speed of a compressor and performance of the... Agent:

20150020537 - Cooling device comprising a dispenser: The invention is a cooling device, possibly a refrigerator, comprising a dispenser for distribution of ice and/or water having a housing, which is disposed on an outer wall of the cooling device and has an opening on a front face thereof for a fixing element to fix position of the... Agent:

20150020538 - Cooling system of a refrigerator and suction system for a compressor fluid: The present invention relates to a cooling system of a refrigerator, particularly of a refrigerator including a refrigeration compartment and a freezer comprising a compressor attached to at least one condenser by a segment of a refrigerant tube, wherein a first refrigerant line leaves from the condenser and returns to... Agent:

20150020539 - Compressor and air conditioning apparatus using the same: An air conditioning apparatus including a compressor, an outdoor heat exchanger, an indoor heat exchanger, and an expansion valve to depressurize a refrigerant. The refrigerant is formed of hydro fluorocarbon (HFC). The compressor includes a compression unit to compress the refrigerant, a motor unit to provide rotational power to the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150020540 - Electronic expansion valve and air conditioner provided with electronic expansion valve: An electronic expansion valve is provided that allows an air conditioner to control air conditioning in accordance with a valve opening point of the electronic expansion valve. Also, an air conditioner is provided that is capable of controlling air conditioning on the basis of the valve opening point of the... Agent:

20150020541 - Methods and systems for underwater gas pressurization and liquefaction: Underwater gas pressurization units and liquefaction systems, as well as pressurization and liquefaction methods are provided. Gas is compressed hydraulically by a rising pressurization liquid that is separated from the gas by a water immiscible liquid layer on top of an aqueous salt solution. Tall vessels are used to reach... Agent: S.g.b.d. Technologies Ltd.

20150020542 - Underwater gas field development methods and systems: Underwater gas pressurization units and liquefaction systems, as well as pressurization and liquefaction methods and gas field development methods are provided. Gas is compressed hydraulically by seawater introduced into vessels and separated from the gas by a water immiscible liquid layer. Tall, possibly vertical helical vessels are used to reach... Agent: S.g.b.d. Technologies Ltd.

01/15/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150013346 - Condensation and humidity sensors for thermoelectric devices: According to certain embodiments disclosed in the present application, a climate controlled seating assembly includes a thermal module. The thermal module comprises at least one inlet channel, at least one outlet channel and a thermoelectric device (e.g., Peltier circuit) positioned upstream of the outlet channel. In one embodiment, the seating... Agent:

20150013347 - Modular thermoelectric submerged high volume liquid temperature controlling system: The present invention relates to a liquid temperature controlling system and, more particularly, to a modular liquid temperature controlling system that is structured and/or configured to cool a volume of liquid stored in a container through direct contact with a portion of the system which utilizes at least one thermoelectric... Agent: Brewjacket, Inc.

20150013349 - Low-temperature device for separating and purifying gas based on small-sized low-temperature refrigerating machine: A low-temperature device for separating and purifying gas based on a small-sized low-temperature refrigerating machine includes a primary, secondary and quaternary heat exchanger, at least one small-sized low-temperature refrigerating machine, and at least one liquid collecting tank. The small-sized low-temperature refrigerating machine includes a first cold head and a second... Agent: Csic Pride (nanjing) Cryogenic Technology Co., Ltd.

20150013348 - System, apparatus and method for pulse tube cryocooler: A pulse tube cryocooler (PTC) includes an etched glass substrate bonded to a glass plate and defining one or multiple stages or layers. The PTC includes a plurality of channels etched into a surface of the substrate to define a heat exchanger, a pulse tube, a cold heat exchanger or... Agent:

20150013350 - Cryogenic fluid cylinder: A cryogenic fluid cylinder includes an inner vessel for holding cryogenic fluid, a cylindrically shaped outer vessel having a vertical longitudinal axis surrounds the inner vessel and forms an insulating space there between, and operating controls located on a top of the outer vessel. Customer or end user operating controls... Agent: Worthington Cylinders Corporation

20150013351 - Cryogenic pumps: A reciprocating cryogenic pump 2 comprises a piston reciprocable within a pumping chamber 44. The pumping chamber 44 has an inlet suction valve 48 for cryogenic liquid to be pumped and an outlet 32 for high pressure cryogenic liquid. The inlet valve 48 for the cryogenic liquid communicates with a... Agent:

20150013352 - Unified freezer chamber venting with door handle: The present invention relates to a freezer and method for fabricating a freezer.... Agent:

20150013353 - Compressor-heat exchanger unit for a heating-cooling module for a motor vehicle: The invention relates to a compressor-heat exchanger unit for a heating-cooling module for a motor vehicle, in which at least one fluid serving as a coolant flows, comprising a compressor device for compressing the first fluid, at least one heat exchanger device that has at least one first circuit for... Agent:

20150013354 - Hot liquid wash defrosting methods and systems: The present disclosure, in one embodiment, relates to a defrosting apparatus comprising a manifold, wherein the manifold is adapted to expel a liquid onto an evaporator component. The apparatus further comprising one or more cold liquid pipes adapted to deliver the liquid to a container, the container comprising a mechanism... Agent:

20150013355 - Aircraft air conditioning system and method of operating an aircraft air conditioning system: An aircraft air conditioning system comprising an ambient air supply line allowing a flow of ambient air therethrough, an ambient air cooling device to cool the air flowing through the ambient air supply line, and a discharge line connected to the ambient air cooling device and an aircraft cabin. A... Agent:

20150013356 - Hot gas reheat modulation: A stepped approach to cooling capacity control and the HGRH status logic to achieve the requisite control of humidity and temperature provided to an interior area or building space receiving conditioned air. The system includes at least two independent circuits, each circuit having at least one compressor. At least one... Agent:

20150013360 - Coaxial economizer assembly and method: A coaxial economizer for use in a chiller system comprising an inner housing and an outer housing having a common longitudinal axis. The outer housing has an inlet for receiving a fluid from a upstream compressor stage of a multistage compressor and an outlet for conveying a fluid to a... Agent:

20150013357 - Engine throttle position sensor calibration: A method is provided for calibrating an engine throttle position sensor operation of a refrigeration system powered by a fuel fired engine.... Agent:

20150013358 - Refrigeration circuit and method for operating a refrigeration circuit: The invention relates to a refrigeration circuit having a mono- or multi-component refrigerant circulating therein, said refrigeration circuit comprising, in the direction of flow, a condenser, a collecting container, a relief device connected upstream of an evaporator, an evaporator and a compressor unit with single-stage compression. According to the invention,... Agent: Carrier Corporation

20150013359 - Refrigeration circuit and method for operating a refrigeration circuit: The invention relates to a refrigeration circuit having a mono- or multi-component refrigerant circulating therein, said refrigeration circuit comprising, in the direction of flow, a condenser, a collecting container, a relief device connected upstream of an evaporator, an evaporator and a compressor unit with single-stage compression. According to the invention,... Agent: Carrier Corporation

20150013361 - Closed loop capacity and power management scheme for multi stage transport refrigeration system: A unit, such as a transport refrigeration unit 12, may include a plurality of components arranged in multiple stages. At least a portion of the components 18,20 may be arranged in a serial or parallel manner. A position associated with the plurality of components may be selected to control a... Agent:

20150013362 - Air conditioner: In an air conditioner, one of a linkage mode or a non-linkage mode is selected by a user as a control mode of an external device. In the air conditioner, when the linkage mode is selected, on/off control of the external device by using a human detection sensor is permitted... Agent:

20150013363 - Cooling device and vehicle equipped with the same, and control method for cooling device: A cooling device utilizes a vapor compression refrigeration cycle including a compressor, a condenser, a receiver, an expansion valve, an evaporator, and an accumulator to cool a heat source with a coolant. The receiver separates the coolant having been subjected to heat exchange by the condenser into gas and liquid.... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150013364 - Refrigeration device with a refrigeration compartment: The invention relates to a refrigeration device with at least one refrigeration compartment for storing goods to be cooled, having input means for inputting information about the goods to be cooled and a control device for adjusting at least one cooling condition of the refrigeration compartment depending on the input... Agent:

20150013365 - Air-conditioning system and control method for air-conditioning system: A setting unit acquires the temperature of an air-conditioned space, calculates the difference between the temperature of the air-conditioned space and a suction temperature as a correction amount ΔT, and transmits information of the correction amount ΔT to an air-conditioning apparatus. A controller of the air-conditioning apparatus controls the operation... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150013366 - Temperature control system with programmable orit valve: A temperature control system employing a two-phase refrigerant and a compressor/condenser loop is disclosed wherein a two phase refrigerant condenses within the load, the system including a thermo-expansion valve that simultaneously allows refrigerant flow through the thermo-expansion valve and regulates a temperature of the refrigerant in its two phase state... Agent:

20150013367 - Vehicle cooling with adjustable flow expansion valve: A cooling apparatus for a vehicle includes a compressor 40 and a condenser 38 arranged for flow of refrigerant. The condenser can be connected to a cabin cooling expansion valve 41 positioned between the condenser and a cabin cooling heat exchanger 50 used to cool a passenger cabin 13 of... Agent:

20150013368 - Expansion valve: A temperature sensitive rod is communicated with a diaphragm that is displaceable in response to a pressure difference between an internal pressure of a sealed space, in which a temperature sensitive medium is sealed, and a pressure of a low pressure refrigerant outputted from an evaporator. A blind hole, which... Agent: Denso Corporation

20150013369 - Cold-charging type truck box/cargo container and temperature-keeping box: Disclosed are a cold-charging type truck box/cargo container and a temperature-keeping box, which includes a truck box that includes one or more temperature-keeping chambers and a cold storage chamber arranged to correspond to a top of the temperature-keeping chambers, the cold storage chamber receiving therein one or more cold accumulators,... Agent:

20150013370 - Ground loops and insulation for direct exchange geothermal systems: A direct exchange geothermal heating and cooling system has a vacuum insulation layer surrounding the liquid phase working fluid transport line in the system's ground loop, as well as optional multiple vapor phase working fluid transport lines.... Agent:

20150013371 - Dehumidifier: A dehumidifier including an evaporator, a condenser, and a fan arranged in a main body. The fan includes a first blowing part to blow air having passed through both the evaporator and the condenser, and a second blowing part to selectively blow any one of air having passed through both... Agent:

20150013372 - Motor vehicle with a water box and an air conditioner: A car having a water box comprising an outer face, an inner face, an air inlet opening, an air outlet opening and a water outlet opening. The inner face forms a water separating space that is connected to the air inlet and outlet openings and the water outlet opening. The... Agent: Weidmann Plastics Technology Ag

20150013373 - Hybrid system combining chiller and absorption heat pump: A hybrid system including an absorption heat pump and a compression chiller is provided. The absorption heat pump includes a generator, a first condenser, a first evaporator and an absorber connected in series. A first refrigerant is cooled by the first condenser and releases a first heat capacity, evaporated in... Agent:

20150013374 - Ice making unit and refrigerator having the same: A refrigerator includes an ice making compartment, an ice making unit producing ice in the ice making compartment, and a refrigeration cycle including a refrigerant pipe to supply cooling energy to the ice making compartment. Air present in the ice making compartment is cooled while undergoing direct heat exchange with... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150013375 - Domestic refrigeration appliance with an inner container and a base: The invention relates to a domestic refrigeration device comprising: a heat-insulated inner container having an inner space; a refrigerant circuit provided for cooling the interior space; a door leaf for opening and closing the interior space; and a base on which the inner container is arranged and in which at... Agent:

20150013376 - Outdoor unit for air-conditioning apparatus: An outdoor unit for an air-conditioning apparatus includes a heat exchanger, at least one fan, a compressor, and a box-shaped casing that houses the foregoing elements and has an air inlet and an air outlet. The compressor is provided at a position outside an air passage in which air taken... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150013377 - Separating carbon dioxide and ethane from a mixed stream: Embodiments described herein provide methods and systems for separating a mixed ethane and CO2. A method described includes generating a liquid stream including ethane and CO2. The liquid stream is flashed to form an ethane vapor stream and solid CO2. The solid CO2 is accumulated in an accumulation vessel and... Agent:

20150013378 - Apparatus and method for liquefying natural gas by refrigerating single mixed working medium: A system and a method for liquefying natural gas using single mixed refrigerant as refrigeration medium are provided. The system comprises a two-stage mixed refrigerant compressor (1), coolers (21, 22), gas-liquid separators (31, 32), throttling devices (51, 52), a plate-fin heat exchanger group (8) and a LNG storage tank (9).... Agent: Xindi Energy Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.

20150013379 - Lng formation: Systems and a method for the formation of a liquefied natural gas (LNG) are disclosed herein. The system includes a refrigeration system configured to chill a natural gas using a refrigerant mixture including a noble gas. The system also includes an autorefrigeration system configured to use the natural g self-refrigerant... Agent:

20150013380 - Method for separating off acid gases from natural gas: A method is provided for separating off acid gases, in particular CO2 and H2S, from a hydrocarbon-rich fraction, in particular natural gas. The hydrocarbon-rich fraction is cooled and partially condensed. The resultant CO2-enriched liquid fraction is separated by rectification into a CO2-rich liquid fraction and a CO2-depleted gas fraction. The... Agent: Linde Aktiengesellschaft

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