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08/07/2014 > 19 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20140217092 - Composite sheet and cargo container comprising same: This invention is directed to a non-rigid composite sheet comprising in order a first component having an areal density of from 102 to 678 gsm comprising a first fabric of filamentary yarns having a tenacity of at least 11 g/dtex and a UV and weather impervious first polymeric layer, a... Agent: E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20140217093 - Apparatus for storing articles: An apparatus for storing articles comprises one or more vacuum-sealable storage bags and a container. The one or more vacuum-sealable storage bags are configured for storing the articles therein. The container configured for storing the one or more vacuum-sealable storage bags therein. The container has soft sides made of soft... Agent:

20140217094 - Closure system: The invention relates to a closure system on a fuel tank (2) of thermoplastics with barrier properties for hydrocarbons. The closure system comprises at least one orifice (4), with a closure cap (5) which closes the orifice (4) in a sealing manner and which cooperates in a form-fitting manner with... Agent: Kautex Textron Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140217095 - Tool caddy carrier, organizer, and storage device: The present invention is a device embodying a container and container lid or lid shaped device with incorporated slits, grooves, pockets, netting, meshing, compartments, baskets, notches, trays and/or cut outs for the organizing, holding, storing, and carrying of tools.... Agent:

20140217096 - Popcorn lid: A popcorn container lid can include a concave upper surface that is connected to a side wall surface. The sidewall surface extends from the concave upper surface to a rim interface disposed at a lower portion of the popcorn container lid. The rim interface can include a semi-circular channel extending... Agent:

20140217097 - Wall-mount remote controller: The wall-mount remote controller includes a base fixable to a wall W and a cover releasably attached to the base, having a box shape with an open rear, and covering a front surface of the base. The cover includes a bottom surface having an insertion opening therethrough. In a lower... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140217098 - Closure with tamper evident push-pull tether: A closure comprising a main portion and a flip-top portion are provided. The main portion comprises a tab and at least one rib. The flip-top portion is operatively connected to the main portion and is movable with respect to the main portion. The tab can be configured to break at... Agent: Weatherchem Corporation

20140217099 - Package: The present invention relates to a package, and more particularly to a package for sterile fluids, such as contrast media. More particularly the invention relates to a package comprising a container, a stopper (40), a cap (50) and a flip cover (60).... Agent:

20140217100 - Resealable food container with lid having a tamper evident tear away band: A tamper evident package for food products is provided having a tray and a lid, which may or may not be permanently attached to each other, and includes a plastic tray for receiving a plastic lid for mating the lid and the tray, wherein the plastic lid is integrally formed... Agent: Sabert Corporation

20140217101 - Combination structure of frame member and viewing cover for food container cover: The invention relates to a combination structure of a viewing cover and a frame member for a food container cover. The combination structure includes: a viewing cover having a combining slot, which has a uniform depth and extends along a periphery of a surface of a viewing cover body, and... Agent: Korea Alphaline Co. Ltd.

20140217102 - Two cell chambered container with improved flow pouring system: According to some aspects of the present disclosure, a container includes a bottom, a top opposing the bottom, and a plurality of sides extending from the bottom to the top. The bottom, the top and the plurality of sides define an enclosure. The container includes a partition panel extends from... Agent: Pakaging Corporation Of America

20140217103 - Apparatus for laser transmission welding, method for laser transmission welding, and a receptacle which is produced thereby and is closed by sheet: A method for producing a receptacle which is closed by a sheet by transmission laser welding, and to an apparatus suitable to carry out same. The method and the apparatus are configured in such a way that a weld seam is formed between the wall structure of the receptacle and... Agent: Jenoptik Automatisierungstechnik Gmbh

20140217104 - Kitchenware item with a handle which works with a cover: Provided is a kitchenware item comprising a pan provided with a side wall, a cover suitable for covering the pan and a handle comprising attachment means for attaching to the side wall. The handle comprises an electrical energy source, and an electromechanical device fed by the electrical energy source and... Agent: Seb S.a.

20140217105 - Disposable food contact article with light reflective design: A disposable food contact article includes a food-contact member having a food surface for contacting food. A peripheral border extends from the food surface, and the peripheral border includes a plurality of design elements which are more light-reflective than a remainder of the peripheral border.... Agent:

20140217107 - Modular fuel storage system: Methods and systems for modular fuel storage and transportation are provided. In an embodiment, a fuel storage system includes one or more fuel containers each supported by a fuel container support assembly. The fuel storage system may be mounted to a transportation device such as a vehicle or used in... Agent: Agility Fuel Systems, Inc.

20140217106 - Replaceable handle and support/base ring elements for a pressurized container and pressurized container: The present invention refers to replaceable upper or handle (2) and lower or support/base ring (4) elements for a pressurized container having an upper portion and a lower portion, wherein said upper and lower rings elements are manufactured from a thermostable material, a thermosetting material or a combination thereof, e.g.... Agent: Somma Technology Engenharia Ltda.

20140217108 - Stand for carbon dioxide horn and accessory: A stand for a hand-operated carbon dioxide discharge horn. The stand can retain the hand-operated carbon dioxide discharge horn without having to be stored near the compressed gas source. The stand also includes a protrusion for storing an accessory associated with the hand-operated carbon dioxide discharge horn. Also disclosed is... Agent: Quark Limited, Ldc

20140217109 - A method of controlling the pressure of a fuel system of a hybrid vehicle: A method of controlling pressure of a fuel system of a hybrid vehicle including an engine fed with fuel stored in a tank made of plastics material, and an electric motor, the method including, when the engine is stopped, relaxing pressure inside the fuel tank in full or in part... Agent: Inergy Automotive Systems Research ( Societe Anonyme)

20140217110 - Handle unit of a detachable grilling pan: A handle unit of a detachable grilling pan includes: a lock element, which is disposed in the body of the grill; and a handle module, which is disposed in the grilling pan of the grill; thereinto, the handle module having a housing, a lock catch element and a repositioning element,... Agent: Tsann Kuen (zhangzhou) Enterprise Co., Ltd.

07/31/2014 > 19 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.
07/24/2014 > 21 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20140203013 - Deflection resistant electrical enclosure: An electrical enclosure for use in poured concrete construction having a peripheral wall with opposed longitudinally extending walls longer than opposed laterally extending walls and at least one physical support located substantially midpoint along the opposed longitudinally extended walls to resist deflection of the opposed longitudinal walls caused by the... Agent:

20140203014 - Portable containment system for hazardous or other materials: A method includes wrapping one or more pieces of fabric around at least one piece of shape memory material. The method also includes attaching outer edges of the one or more pieces of fabric to other portions of the one or more pieces of fabric. The method further includes depositing... Agent: Titanliner, Inc.

20140203015 - Packaging assembly for car floor mats: A packaging assembly for car floor mats including first and second body portions, the body portions being connected together by at least one hinge, such that the body portions can be pivotally displaced between a closed position where the body portions are located in an immediately adjacent relation, and an... Agent:

20140203016 - Paint pal assembly: The main components of the Paint Pal assembly is an oversized an inner paint pan, an organizer tool tray for storing tools, and a storage container with an airtight sealed lid. The container is adapted and dimensioned to store the inner paint tray and the organizer tool tray therein. The... Agent:

20140203017 - Product dispensing system: A product dispensing system and a method of queuing usage of products. In one form, a plurality of layers of products, each having multiple items in separate packages, is provided, each layer having a carrier with the separate packages being secured to and extending from the carrier. The layers are... Agent: Sage Products, LLC

20140203018 - Adhesive band system for forming a tear-off strip: An adhesive tape system opens cardboard packaging and consists of (i) an adhesive tape A furnished on at least one side with an adhesive coating and having a carrier, the carrier having a film and having filaments extending in the longitudinal direction of the carrier, and (ii) an adhesive tape... Agent: Tesa Se

20140203019 - Container comprising an inner lining, a method of applying such a lining to a container and use of a peel-able coating as an inner lining in a container: The invention relates to a container (1) for holding fluid or particle compositions which container (1) comprises an inner lining (6) applied to an inner side (2) of the container (1), where the container (1) is provided with an inner lining (6) of a peel-able coating. The peel-able coating can... Agent: Superfos A/s

20140203020 - Carrying case with multi-frequency shielding: A carrying case having a first compartment and a second compartment for accommodating a plurality of objects; the first object which is embedded with integrated circuits that can process, store and communicate data on radio frequency identification microprocessors; said second object which is configured to process, store and communicate data... Agent:

20140203021 - Container for dispensing pills: A container for dispensing pills is disclosed. The container holds a plurality of receptacles, where each receptacle holds a portion of pills. The receptacles set on a rotating base, where the rotation of the rotating base is controlled by a timing mechanism. The rotating base and the receptacles are enclosed... Agent: Mavis, LLC

20140203022 - Method for forming a tubular container for food products, and resulting tube: d) joining part of the final longitudinal end of the inner surface of the second tubular body (2) to part of the outer surface of the first tubular body (1), forming two independent cavities: a first cavity (4) inside the first tubular body (1); and a second cavity (5) inside... Agent:

20140203023 - Cartridge and multicomponent cartridge: A cartridge is provided having at least one reception chamber (2), which extends in the longitudinal direction, for a medium to be dispensed, having a head part (4), a base part (6) and a cartridge wall (3) which bound the reception chamber (2), with the head part (4) having an... Agent:

20140203024 - Two-component polyurethane compositions that are especially suitable for use as structural adhesives: The invention relates to two-component polyurethane compositions that are especially suitable for use as structural adhesives. Said compositions are constituted of a polyol component K1 and a polyisocyanate component K2, the polyol component K1 comprising at least one alkoxylated aromatic diol A1 and at least one aliphatic triol A2 and... Agent: Sika Technology Ag

20140203025 - Receptacle system with lid assembly: The present invention is generally directed toward receptacle systems and methods of using the same. In one embodiment, the receptacle system includes a cup and a lid assembly. The lid assembly is configured to allow for removal of consumable items such as, but not limited to, fruit, nuts and seafood,... Agent:

20140203026 - Method for online detection of liner buckling in a storage system for pressurized gas: A pressurized gas storage system includes an outer shell having an inner and outer surface. The inner surface defines an inner volume for holding a pressurized gas. A first electrically conductive layer is attached to the outer shell. An inner liner is disposed over the inner surface. A second electrically... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140203027 - Multilayer plastic tube: Packaging containing a PVDC barrier layer is manufactured without any significant orientation, with the result that the PVDC harrier layer remains flexible at significantly greater thicknesses than when it is oriented. This increased thickness compensates for the reduced barrier properties resulting from less crystallinity of the PVDC, and hence multilayer... Agent: Macro Engineering & Technology Inc.

20140203028 - Collapsible self-supporting wall socket appliance charging and storage caddy: The present invention provides a collapsible self-supporting wall socket caddy used to hold an appliance and charger cord at a wall socket to facilitate charging the appliance. The caddy comprises a back panel with an opening allowing the appliance charger contacts to pass through the caddy and engage in the... Agent:

20140203029 - Disposable beverage container: A disposable beverage cup is provided to be received by a cup holder having a cup engagement means associated with an opening of the cup holder. The beverage cup comprises a base, at least one sidewall extending upwardly from the base to define a cup opening, and at least one... Agent: Tma Capital Australia Pty Ltd

20140203030 - Barrier for preventing tampering with fuel storage tanks: The invention relates to a mechanical barrier which prevents tampering with a filler pipe on an underground storage tank for gasoline, fuel, chemicals, or other valuable liquids. The barrier fits within a cylindrical metal liner that surrounds the filler pipe. The barrier includes two spaced posts with semi-circular brackets at... Agent:

20140203031 - Device for paint container: A device for use with a paint can or other container, the device being adapted for use as a brush holder and/or a wiper bar for removing excess paint from a brush. In an embodiment the device can selectively press-fit-engage the rim of a selected container and a bar member... Agent:

20140203032 - Spill resistant container lid: A container lid for placement on the mouth of a container is designed to prevent the unwanted removal of fluids from the container. The container lid includes a beverage dispensing chamber having an open first chamber end, a closed second chamber end and at least one chamber sidewall extending from... Agent:

20140203033 - Debris receiving receptacle for attachment to a work surface edge: Disclosed is a receptacle for attachment to the edge of a horizontal work surface, comprising a mounting bracket that is adapted to slideably engage the edge of a work surface, and a waste container that is removably attachable to the bracket. The bracket includes an open center area forming an... Agent:

07/17/2014 > 27 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20140197164 - Watertight handhole for the transit of cables in outdoor areas: A watertight handhole for the transit of cables in outdoor areas comprised of two cubic or other shaped units, one external and one internal, bonded together (monoblock), made of polyvinyl, cast iron, steel or stainless steel. The handhole of the present invention has one more unit than the known handholes... Agent:

20140197165 - Electrical box having sight window and mounting assembly: An electrical box and support assembly includes an electrical box and a mounting bracket. The mounting bracket has a support arm for coupling with the bottom side of the electrical box. The support arm has printed or embossed indicia identifying the load rating of the mounting bracket. The electrical box... Agent: Hubbell Incorporated

20140197166 - Variable-diameter storage tank system: A variable-diameter tank construction system is provided. The tank construction system uses sets of wedges (shims) and bevel-faced spacers (washers) in conjunction with the field connections of the vertical edges of adjacent modular tank wall panels, so as to create an angular deviation between the tangent lines of the watt... Agent: Global Fabrication Inc.

20140197167 - Snap-fold containers: The invention disclosed includes various durable containers constructed from sheet materials including a plurality of living hinges. The containers are configured to snap into an assembled position from a relatively flat position by the application of pressure to one or more sidewalls wherein that pressure deforms the one or more... Agent: Mandarin Associates Ltd.

20140197168 - Collapsible nestable container: A collapsible nestable container is provided. The collapsible nestable container may comprise a plurality of panels, each having one or more locking features that interlock with the locking features of the other panels to form an assembled container. The panels further comprise one or more nesting features, that interlock with... Agent: Buckhorn Inc.

20140197169 - Push button controlled beverage container lid: A lid assembly including a cover member for attachment to a container, the cover member including a top surface and a side surface extending from the top surface, the top surface including an aperture providing access to contents of the container; an actuating mechanism attached to the cover member and... Agent: Leedsworld, Inc.

20140197170 - Lever controlled beverage container lid: A lid assembly including a cover member for attachment to a container, the cover member including a top surface and a side surface extending from the top surface, wherein the top surface includes an aperture providing access to contents of the container; an actuating member attached to the cover member... Agent: Leedsworld, Inc.

20140197171 - Dispensing container with elevating platform: A container that facilitates dispensing food items or other products that may have a liquid component and a solid component even when those contents are mostly depleted. Within the container is a platform which is rotated manually to propel the contents upward.... Agent:

20140197172 - Lid securing device and refuse container including same.: A lid securing device for a refuse container comprising: a stretchable element including a substantially elongated, resiliently stretchable and flexible stretchable element bod which defines substantially opposed stretchable element body ends, the stretchable element also including two attachment elements each mounted to the stretchable element body adjacent a respective one... Agent:

20140197173 - Ez-tray cover (paint tray cover): A cover 1 is made of a flexible plastic material similar to a plastic garbage bag, it has an expandable elastic band 4 sewn onto the circumference of the cover 1 back side (FIG. 4) and a perforation 2 (a hole) the size of a US dime (diameter 17.91 mm)... Agent:

20140197175 - Automobile fuel tank: {Solution} In an automobile fuel tank, a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) of an outer body layer 12 and an inner body layer 16 of an outer wall 10 has the following physical properties: 1) a modulus of elasticity of 1100 to 1400 MPa at 23° C.; 2) a modulus of elasticity... Agent: Fts Co., Ltd.

20140197174 - Molded reservoir support structure coupling: A molded reservoir support structure coupling may include an anchor and a support structure. The anchor may have one or more first flange(s) projecting generally laterally from a side wall of the anchor. The support structure may have one or more second flange(s) projecting generally laterally therefrom. When interconnected, surface-to-surface... Agent: Ti Automotive Technology Center Gmbh

20140197176 - Fuel tank wave catcher: A fuel tank for a hybrid vehicle is disclosed. In one example approach, a fuel tank for a vehicle comprises a wave catcher extending through an interior of the fuel tank and coupled to a front wall and a first side wall of the fuel tank.... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140197177 - Apparatus for preserving cooked food palatability: An encapsulated environment is an air-circulation-restricted volume, preferably just large enough to hold a single serving of a cooked, protein containing food product. Restricting the air circulation reduces the evaporation of gases and liquids that are normally lost over time. The palatability of a cooked, protein-containing food product is thus... Agent: Prince Castle, LLC.

20140197178 - Twist-fold containers: Twist-fold containers include wires that are pivotally connected to channels formed in the containers. Using a twisting motion, the containers including the wires are collapsed. The collapsing, twisting motion is produced though the use of wires that are displaced in a plurality of locations along the circumference of the container.... Agent: Mandarin Associates Ltd.

20140197179 - High pressure gas container and manufacturing method for high pressure gas container: This invention is a high pressure gas container into which a high pressure gas is charged, includes: a liner into which the high pressure gas is charged; and a reinforcing sleeve that envelops an outer surface of the liner, wherein the liner includes: a cylindrical liner trunk portion; and a... Agent: Kayaba Industry Co., Ltd.

20140197180 - Heated mug: A heated mug comprising a vessel for fluid storage and a heat source to heat the fluid is provided. The heat source may be activated as desired to heat or re-heat fluid within the vessel. The mug may have a two part configuration, the vessel being formed by one part,... Agent:

20140197181 - Three-piece can: A can for processed or non-processed foods is provided, for use by food companies or others, which is a three-piece can and which has a cylindrical shape. One of the ends is expanded (necked-out), thus top and bottom have different diameters, but within limits not to compromise rolling on flat... Agent: Rimet Empreendimentos Industriais E Comerciais S.a.

20140197182 - Foot for a container: The invention relates to a foot for a container (1) which is detachable from and attachable to the container and which consists of a vertical elongated foot stem (2) which will be situated against the container and which has attachment locks (3, 4, 4b) which will be situated in the... Agent: Hr-group Oy

20140197183 - Indexable dispenser cartridge: An indexable cartridge and method that is useable in either a stagnant fluid environment or in a moving fluid environment with the indexable cartridge floatable in a stagnant fluid environment and securable in a moving fluid environment with the indexable cartridge having a housing having one or more diffusion ports... Agent:

20140197184 - Protective jacket for a water tank.: A protective jacket for a water tank comprising a bottom wall defining a bottom wall peripheral edge and a peripheral wall, at least part of the peripheral wall extending upwardly from the bottom wall and defining opposed peripheral wall bottom and top edges, the peripheral wall bottom edge being adjacent... Agent:

20140197185 - Cap-free neck end for a filler neck: A cap-free closable neck end for a filler neck of a tank of a motor vehicle, the cap-free closeable neck including an upper entry space forming an insertion region for a fuel nozzle and being surrounded by a side wall, a lower sealing flap arranged in the upper entry space... Agent: Gerdes Gmbh

20140197186 - Cookware item with spoon receiving recess: Cookware containers are provided with a handle member which also serves as a support to rest a utensil during cooking. Particularly, the spoon supporting handle member is afixed to the cooking container in a laterally aligned direction, rather than the normal perpendicular configuration with respect to a top opening of... Agent:

20140197187 - Firkin: A paper pouch that holds sugar pouches to a side wall of a disposable beverage or food container, namely but not limited to, a conventional paper coffee cup, when it is attached to said container by way of a peel-and-stick action. The pouch has flexible front and rear walls attached... Agent:

20140197188 - Ventilation device for the fuel system of a hybrid vehicle: A ventilation device including: a first enclosure including a first passage configured to be connected to a canister outlet and the atmosphere, and a normally closed shutter device configured to open to release the first passage; a second enclosure including a second passage configured to be connected to the canister... Agent: Inergy Automotive Systems Research

20140197189 - Hinged closure moulded in closed position: The invention is directed to a closure moulded in closed position. The closure comprises a body and a lid, which are separated by a circumferential gap. A snap hinge comprising two trapezoid elements which are connected each by film hinges to the body and the lid, causes a snap action... Agent:

20140197190 - Anti-tamper container: An anti-tamper container for preventing incorrect opening includes a box body, an abutting flanged portion, a cover and at least one opening preventing device. When a force is applied to the cover to rotarily open it upwards, the front inclined surface of the tilting extension sheet presses the pre-dislocated rib... Agent: Vigour Pak Co., Ltd.

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