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07/10/2014 > 20 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20140190963 - Intermodal container: An intermodal container comprising: a plurality of self-centering volume maximizing posts; where the width of the container is about 38 inches to about 52 inches, the length is about 44 inches to about 110 inches, and the height is about 28 inches to about 88 inches; a plurality of side... Agent:

20140190964 - Intermodal container: An intermodal container comprising: a first post; a first side panel attached to the first post; a second post, attached to the first side panel; a third post; a second side panel attached to the third post; a fourth post attached to the second side panel; a front panel attached... Agent:

20140190965 - Pressure vessel: A pressure vessel which is provided preferably for use in bladder accumulators (27), having a multi-part vessel body (1) composed of a tubular central part (3) which, at at least one of its two ends, has a termination region (5, 7), is characterized in that a cover part (9) which... Agent:

20140190966 - Container lid: A lid configured for use with a fluid container is provided. The lid includes a body member including an outer periphery configured to couple to a rim of a fluid container. The body member includes a pair of apertures extending therethrough. A valve operably coupled to an interior surface of... Agent:

20140190967 - Systems and methods for reducing vapor emission from floating roof storage vessels: Floating roof storage vessels including a vapor emission reduction system designed to be inserted into deck leg apertures, when the legs have been removed during hydrocarbon storage.... Agent: Kinder Morgan Operating L.p. "c"

20140190968 - Closure with folded-up tamper evident band: A closure (10,30) attachable to a container having an opening. The closure (10,30) comprising a top portion (11) and a skirt portion (12) depending from the top portion (11). A tamper evident band (13,33) is joined to the skirt portion (12) by one or more frangible connectors (14,34). The band... Agent: Creanova Universal Closures Limited

20140190969 - Tamper-evident container: A tamper-evident container is disclosed. The tamper-evident container includes a containing base, a lid, and a release structure. The containing base has a base edge and the lid has a lid edge. The lid is fixed to the containing base for closing and the base edge encloses the lid edge.... Agent: Wei Mon Industry Co., Ltd.

20140190970 - Tamper-evident container: A tamper-evident container is disclosed. The tamper-evident container includes a containing base, a lid, and a release structure. The lid is fixed to the containing base for closing. The release structure is disposed at the lid or the containing base. The release structure comprises a break line and at least... Agent: Wei Mon Industry Co., Ltd.

20140190971 - Beverage delivery can: A beverage delivery can may comprise various configurations, including various aperture shapes, sizes, and configurations and various shapes, textures, configurations, and dimensions of the lid and surface of the can. A beverage can may comprise various exterior shapes such as a tapered shape, a faceted shape, a pint glass shape... Agent: Boston Beer Corporation

20140190972 - Liquid container with multiple openings: Liquid containers featuring multiple apertures for accessing the contents in one of a number of selected fashions. In one illustrative embodiment, the container is shaped as a bottle, having a body and neck, with a first aperture at the top of the neck. A flat bottom or base opposite the... Agent:

20140190973 - Tube head equipped with a lid, associated with an improved perforating cap which ensures protection of the lid prior to first use thereof: A tube head assembly includes a tube head that includes a lid, a cap that includes a punch and a spacing ring. The ring is dimensioned in such a way as to keep the punch spaced from the lid when the cap is screwed onto the neck. Further, the ring... Agent: Albea Services

20140190974 - Protective case for portable electronic device: A protective case for an electronic device includes a cover with a cavity and a back plate that fits within the cavity of the cover. The cover has an aperture that displays either the back plate or an electronic device, if an electronic device is housed in the protective case.... Agent: Mattel, Inc.

20140190975 - Combination baking sheet and cooling rack: A device will incorporate a baking sheet with an attached cooling rack. The user places the cooling rack onto the provided grooves in the baking sheet using the cooling rack's fixed handles, creating a flush surface, before placing food items to be baked onto the baking sheet. After baking, the... Agent:

20140190976 - Cargo container for storing and transporting cargo: The present invention provides a cargo container that is light weight, strong, which forms an ultraviolet light, weather/dust particle barrier and which controls the climate inside the cargo container to protect the integrity of the cargo.... Agent: Airdex International, Inc.

20140190978 - Devices for maintaining food products at low temperature: Disclosed is a thermal insulating device comprising: (a) a container or compartment for holding food and/or beverage in a cooled condition, said container comprising thermoformed liner having an average thickness of not greater than about 10 mm, said liner being formed at least in part from material selected from the... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140190977 - Storage cassette for laboratory objects: A storage system (1) has a chamber (3). In the chamber (3), multiple storage tanks (5) are arranged, and a picking and placing device (8) is arranged above these tanks. Carrousels (8) are arranged in the storage tanks. These carrousels are suspended from a top pivot bearing (35) and laterally... Agent: Liconic Ag

20140190979 - Container for the transport and transfer of nanomaterials: Aspects of the invention are directed to a container comprising a tub, a basket, and a lid. The tub is adapted to hold a liquid and comprises a bottom and a tub sidewall having an upper rim defining an opening in the tub. The basket is disposed on the bottom... Agent: Bluestone Global Tech Limited

20140190980 - Molded ribs for an agricultural implement tank: A seed tank assembly for an agricultural implement including an exhaust opening configured to exhaust seeds from the seed tank assembly. The seed tank assembly further including at least one angled rib molded into the seed tank assembly, in which the at least one angled rib is configured to provide... Agent: Cnh Canada, Ltd

20140190981 - Filler head: The present invention relates to a filler head (100) for a liquid tank in a motor vehicle with a housing (103), with a first molded housing part (103-1) having formed therein a tank vent pipe (105) for introducing air into the housing (103); and a second molded housing part (103-2)... Agent: Veritas Ag

20140190982 - Container lid latch: The present invention is a latching mechanism and a container employing that latching mechanism, where the container has a lid that is attached to the rear of the container and can be rotated upward from the front. The latch includes an arm that attaches to the walls of the container... Agent: Speed Eco Products And Systems Ltd.

07/03/2014 > 20 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20140183186 - Collapsible transport container, connecting member and method to fold a collapsible transport container: A collapsible transport container (302) comprising a base (304), a roof (310), a first and second opposed side wall (308, 306) rotatable relative to the base (304) and the roof (310). Also provided with first connecting member (316) operably connecting the first side wall (306) to the roof and second... Agent:

20140183187 - Iso standard-compliant container: A container is an ISO standard-compliant container that has at least: a freight chamber in which freight is loaded; and side doors that are provided on the sides of the freight chamber in the longitudinal direction and are obtained from pairs of doors that open to the left and right... Agent: Hino Motors, Ltd.

20140183188 - Meter box cover: A meter box cover including a first portion that engages an inner surface of an opening in a lid of a meter box to prevent the passage of the cover through the opening and a second portion that extends through the opening and beyond an outermost surface of the opening... Agent: Inner-tite Corp.

20140183189 - Reusable containers for storing foodstuffs or liquids: A container that is re-usable and may be disassembled for cleaning and reassembled and resealed for use as a beverage or foodstuffs container. The container assembly for storing foodstuffs or liquids includes an annular upper body with a first end adapted to receive a cap, and a second open end... Agent: Nice Reusables Inc.

20140183190 - Plastic food container with securable inner vessel: A food container system for a take-out main course food item includes a plastic lid adapted for sealing arrangement with a plastic base and one or more securable inner vessels adapted to hold an accessory food item. The floor of the base includes one or more first vessel-receiving mechanisms designed... Agent: Anchor Packaging, Inc.

20140183191 - Container: A container is provided that includes a base having a substantially flat top and a substantially flat bottom, and a housing having a first floor flap and a second floor flap. The first floor flap has a first aperture or marking and the second floor flap has a second aperture... Agent:

20140183192 - Vehicle fueling apparatus: A capless nozzle for a vehicle fuel filler canal, includes a conical portion; and a non-conical portion having a stop formed therein configured to limit travel of a filler pipe in one direction when the pipe is inserted in the filler canal.... Agent: Ford Global Technologies LLC

20140183193 - Waste storage device: A waste storage device (200) is provided comprising a waste storage compartment for storing waste and a lid (206). The device (200) further comprises a dispenser (208) for dispensing an agent inside the waste storage device (200) and an actuator (212) arranged to activate the dispenser (208).... Agent: Sangenic International Ltd.

20140183194 - Closure safety interlock with lockout plate for pressure vessel: A closure safety interlock system is provided for a pressure vessel having a closure assembly with a primary locking system. The closure safety interlock defines a secondary locking system for assuring that the primary locking system may be opened only by following a proper sequence, thereby minimizing misuse of the... Agent:

20140183195 - Tamper-evident closure: A tamper-evident closure for a container is provided. The closure comprises a first portion including inner and outer parts, and a second portion. The outer part is rotatable relative to the inner part from a first position in which at least part of the first and second portions are adjacent... Agent: Obrist Closures Switzerland Gmbh

20140183196 - Non-removable tamper resistant lid: The present invention relates to a tamper resistant lid (10) for a container (1). The lid (10) exhibits a centre axis (X) and comprises an outer and an inner member (20, 40). The outer and inner members (20, 40) are further adapted to be substantially prevented from displacement along the... Agent: Carmel Pharma Ab

20140183197 - Seal for elevated temperature applications and method of forming same: A seal and method of forming a seal for a reclosable container includes a removable cap that is selectively received over a pour opening formed in a can body. The method includes applying a plastisol to an interior surface of the cap, curing the plastisol at an elevated temperature in... Agent: Dayton Systems Group Inc.

20140183198 - Container and method for making and filling the same: A method of making a container having a separable inner lining and outer shell comprises the steps of: forming an outer shell having a base, a sidewall and a rim surrounding an opening of the shell; preforming a flexible lining, at least a part of the lining conforming to a... Agent:

20140183199 - Combined saucepan and brush holder: A saucepan has a substantially flat bottom and an open top. A combined handle and two legs are attached to the side of the pan, and a basting brush support affixed to the top of the handle. The handle and the two legs are of wire construction. The legs are... Agent:

20140183200 - Mildew-resistant packaging: A mildew-resistant packaging may include a main body and a mildew-resistant layer. The main body may include a cover and a bottle, and the cover and the bottle both have an inner wall therein. The main body also includes a separation pad disposed near an opening of the bottle. The... Agent: Taiwell Tech. Co.,ltd.

20140183201 - Food packing material having hydrophobicity, manufacturing method and mold thereof: Provided is an food packing material, manufacturing method and mold thereof having hydrophobicity including a number of columns formed in one side of food packing material. The disclosure may provide food packing material, manufacturing method and mold thereof in which an amount of contents off a wall of the food... Agent: Cj Cheiljedang Corporation

20140183202 - Plastic container with strapped base: A container may have a base, a sidewall connected to the base, a bell connected to the sidewall, and a finish connected to the bell. The base may have strap ribs to resist deformation of the base. The sidewall may have recessed columns to resist bending, leaning, crumbling, and/or stretching.... Agent: Niagara Bottling, LLC

20140183203 - Food storage insert: The present invention describes a food container insert. The device comprises a silicone insert with multiple holes and feet on the bottom to raise the device off of the base of a food container when positioned therein. The device is placed in the bottom of a food container and facilitates... Agent:

20140183204 - Foldable container module: A foldable container module includes a body and a foldable container. The body has a sidewall and a room. The foldable container has a panel, multiple folding line sets formed on the panel, and a joint. The foldable container can be transformed by folding along the multiple folding line sets.... Agent: Highplus International Co., Ltd.

20140183205 - Blow molded universal lid: A lid for industrial or commercial large size solid waste containers has a ribbed single layer central portion and a peripheral edge having a hollow double wall boxed configuration. The lids have substantial symmetry so that the lids may be stacked and nested with alternate lids oriented in opposite front-to-back... Agent:

06/26/2014 > 20 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20140175089 - Collapsible shipping container and procedure to disassemble and assemble said container: A container includes a typically upright structure that may be disassembled by the release of locks. The locks include a system of upper forced wedging longitudinal locks that connect to adjacent edges of the top walls and side walls of the container. Forced wedging cuneiform side locks connect the minor... Agent:

20140175090 - Collapsible storage container: A collapsible cargo container is disclosed wherein end walls are pivoted into the container when empty and locked against the roof, and then side walls buckle via hinges into a folded configuration. The folded configuration is achieved easily with a modified spreader without the need to otherwise disassemble or deconstruct... Agent: Alex Bellehumeur, Trustee Of The Alex Bellehumeur Family Trust

20140175091 - Gift presentation box: A gift presentation box includes an upper portion hinged to a lower portion and a movable article mount for supporting an article to be presented in the gift presentation box. An articulated linkage includes a plurality of links connecting the article mount to other elements of the presentation box such... Agent: Amaranti, LLC

20140175092 - Collapsible hard case for surfboards and other large objects: A collapsible protective case for surfboards, musical instruments, or other large objects, including a housing having a rigid, impact-resistant outer surface, the housing being formed from a multiplicity of adjoining subsections that are selectively configurable between expanded and intermediate transport positions and a collapsed storage position.... Agent:

20140175093 - All-terrain berm: A system including transportable all-terrain berm for receiving and retaining fluid. The berm includes flexible impervious sheeting generally formed of a coated fabric. The sheeting is shaped to include a floor area surrounded with opposed end and side wall sections forming a containment area. The end and side walls include... Agent: Basic Concepts, Inc.

20140175095 - Carton with container: A carton for containing at least one product. The carton comprises a plurality of panels that extends at least partially around an interior of the carton. The plurality of panels comprises a front panel, a back panel, and a bottom panel. The carton has a container removably attached to at... Agent: Graphic Packaging International, Inc.

20140175094 - First-in first-out storage container: A storage container used to provide first-in, first-out storage of consumable products stored in individual packages, which utilizes a bottom panel, front panel, rear panel, side panels, a base, and a slot, to allow the user to efficiently and reliably remove the first-stored individual package through the slot located on... Agent:

20140175096 - Closed fuel tank system: A fuel tank system includes a tank that stores fuel, a leveling valve that decides a limit liquid surface, a filler pipe that is provided with a fuel filler opening to which a blocking cover is attached at an end portion of the filler pipe, a recirculation pipe that communicates... Agent: Mitsubishi Jidosha Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140175097 - Cap container: A cap container includes a tank, a conical protrusion, and a stepped coupling. The tank includes an upper rim, a bottom opposite to the upper rim, and a hole formed through the bottom. The conical protrusion includes a lower end, an upper end, an inner wall extending from the lower... Agent: Highplus International Co., Ltd.

20140175098 - Beverage container system with button release for lid: A drink bottle with a removable lid includes an inner lid attached to the mouth of the bottle and an outer lid or cover pivotably mounted on the inner lid. The outer lid or cover may be locked into a closed position covering the drinking tube. A push button on... Agent:

20140175099 - Tube head equipped with a lid, associated with an improved perforating cap which ensures protection of the lid prior to first use thereof: A tube head assembly includes a tube head that includes a solid insert forming a lid closing the neck, a cap that includes a punch, and a removable spacing ring disposed against the shoulder around the neck. The ring and the cap are formed integrally in one piece and are... Agent: Albea Services

20140175100 - Configurable plug to stop or slow the flow of a fluid or gas or flowable material either inward or outward through an opening: Aspects of the present invention are directed to a tapered plug. The plug has a bottom base having a geometrical shape. In some embodiments the base has a well-defined geometrical shape, such as a circle, an ellipse, a triangle, a square, a rectangle, a rhombus, and the like. In other... Agent:

20140175101 - Vertical box system for organizing and storing spice jars and other small items: Vertical Box System for Organizing and Storing Spice Jars and Other Small Items is a unique spice rack that can also serve as a multi-unit and multi-purpose storage system. The System saves available storage space and enables instant and constant organization with windows, personalized label areas and specialized organizational dividers.... Agent:

20140175102 - Side accessible cooking apparatus: An apparatus for cooking and preparing food that includes side accessibility. Such a cooking vessel includes advantages over conventional cooking vessels because the prepared food may be accessed from the side as opposed to accessing it from the top in conventional ovens and cooking vessels. Thus, a cooking vessel base... Agent:

20140175103 - Wearable bowl for cup: A bowl is configured to be put on a top of a cup. The bowl comprises a inward concave body used for food. The body also has a cylindrical outward concave. The outward concave is formed integrally at the center of the body. The outward concave has also a concave... Agent:

20140175104 - Paint bucket cover: An apparatus that is generally directed to a paint bucket cover, and specifically to a sealable paint bucket cover comprising structures to securely hold painting tools such as rollers or brushes within the container when the cover is in place, is provided. When not being accessed, paint containers need to... Agent: Kovrd Products Inc.

20140175105 - Insulated beverage container for both heated and chilled liquids: The present invention is directed generally to an apparatus to insulate beverage containers, and more particularly to a design which may sustain a temperature gradient over a designed time frame. In a particular embodiment of the invention, the insulated beverage container when housing a chilled liquid beverage initially in the... Agent:

20140175106 - Entrainment-reducing assembly, system including the assembly, and method of reducing entrainment of gases with the assembly: An entrainment-reducing assembly may include a container configured to hold a liquid. A venting arrangement may extend into an upper portion of the container and be configured to direct condensable and non-condensable gases into the container. A suction structure may extend into a lower portion of the container and be... Agent:

20140175107 - Interior rotating lid object bumper: A storage assembly for an associated vehicle includes a pocket for storing associated articles. A lid is pivotally secured and selectively positionable between an open position that allows access to the pocket and a closed position that covers the pocket. The lid has an inner, first surface that coincides with... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140175108 - Container having an articulated pivoting cover: The invention relates to a container (1) having a cover (2) which is connected to the container (1) by at least two hinge arrangements (3) so that it can be opened and closed about a pivot axis (a) relative to the container (1). For permanent attachment of the cover to... Agent:

06/19/2014 > 38 patent applications in 34 patent subcategories.

20140166647 - Container to deliver bulk granular material: A container is constructed to carry granular material from a quarry or source to the frac site. An open frame the size of a standard cargo container is constructed. An enclosed hopper is formed using flat sheet metal with bolted together perpendicular edges. The hopper is set within, and attached... Agent: Sancan, Inc.

20140166646 - Side container: The side container includes one oblong under-frame; one oblong upper-frame; corner posts be installed on the four corners between under-frame and upper-frame; top surface panel, front end panel, back end panel and two side panels installed on the corner posts. The side panel has two side doors. At least one... Agent: Container Providers International Aps

20140166648 - Sidewall unit, fabricating method thereof, and fluid storage tank comprising the sidewall unit: A method of fabricating a sidewall unit includes a step of providing members configuring the sidewall units, a step of forming a first joint structure, a first step of eliminating distortion, a step of forming a second joint structure, and a step of assembling a sidewall unit. The step of... Agent: Tokyo Kizai Kogyou Co., Ltd.

20140166649 - Modular above-ground tank: A modular tank comprises a plurality of panels positioned on the ground or another surface to form sides of a containment wall. Each panel comprises: i) a side wall section having a trapezoidal shape; and ii) a frame assembly connected to the side wall section and configured to support the... Agent: Mag Tank Hunter, LLC

20140166650 - Collapsible containers and refill units: Exemplary embodiments of collapsible containers are disclosed herein. Some exemplary embodiments include a container having a plurality of sides. The plurality of sides forms a substantially geometric shape, such as a rectangular shape. A plurality of predetermined fold lines extend substantially across each of the sides and the predetermined fold... Agent: Gojo Industries, Inc.

20140166651 - Double walled beverage container and method of making same: A double walled container is provided for insulating a beverage. An outer insulating shell or container is secured to the inner container that holds the beverage. A gap exists between the outer container and inner container and the air in the gap acts as an insulating barrier. The inner container... Agent:

20140166652 - Hermetic packages with laser scored vent systems: A hermetically sealed package, for example a freezable microwavable package containing a food product, has a sealing film that includes a vent system that is scored by a laser into the package.... Agent: Berry Plastics Corporation

20140166653 - System for securing covers within tanks: A system for covering liquids stored within an open-topped liquid storage tank having a peripheral wall has a cover for extending across at least a portion of stored liquids, and two or more guide assemblies spaced about the peripheral wall for securing the cover to the peripheral wall and for... Agent: Strad Energy Services Ltd.

20140166654 - Beverage container system with latch to manage lid position: A drinking mug includes a lid affixed at the mouth of the mug. The lid includes fluid openings between a bottom portion of the lid and sidewalls of the lid about the circumference of the lid to permit drinking from any position along the circumference. The lid has a gasket... Agent: Thermos L.L.C.

20140166655 - Metal cans with peelable lids: A tubular metal can body having one end for attachment of a removable overcap, the can body having an inwardly projecting flange (1) formed therein by folding the can wall (2) circumferentially, part-way along its length, the flange providing a convex upper surface (8) to which a peelable lid (12)... Agent: Crown Packaging Technology, Inc.

20140166656 - Receptacle with cinch: A receptacle includes a body configured to receive a liner and a cinch disposed on the body. The cinch includes a projection disposed outward of the body and configured such that at least a portion of the liner can be disposed between the projection and the body. The cinch further... Agent: Rubbermaid Commercial Products LLC

20140166658 - Latch and carry detachable messenger bag and shoulder strap assembly for personal electronic devices: A carrying case assembly for portable electronic devices includes a carrying case that has: an exterior casing that creates a compartment for receiving a portable electronic device; means for securing the portable electronic device within the compartment; and a first component of an interlocking mechanism attached to a surface of... Agent:

20140166657 - Packing assembly for workpiece transportation: A packing assembly for transporting workpieces which have a plurality of pins, includes at least one packing member. Each packing member includes a top wall which includes at least one packing portion. Each packing portion defines a plurality of receiving grooves for receiving the workpieces. In each receiving groove, a... Agent: Fu Ding Electronical Technology (jiashan) Co.,ltd.

20140166659 - Package formed by container and overcap: A closure lid is provided for use in covering an opening in a container and engaging a peripheral rim defining the opening. The closure lid includes a body for covering the container opening and a plurality of projecting portions that extend from a periphery of the body. The projecting portions... Agent: Sonoco Development, Inc.

20140166660 - Comestible package with closure: A package includes a pair of opposed package end surfaces and a first package wall spaced from a second package wall and connected thereto by an end wall forming a first compartment for holding one or more product pieces. The first compartment has an opening. A cover extends from the... Agent: Intercontinental Great Brands LLC

20140166661 - Pleated paper and planar sheet for composite packaging product: A novel packaging wrap is used in cushioning a product for shipment is formed from the combination of a layer of pleated sheet material, the pleated material being creased at the apices of each pleat have a height in the range from about 0.1 inches to about 0.05″, and a... Agent:

20140166663 - Tank for fluid: A tank for storing fluid, especially hydrocarbons including low temperature liquefied natural gas. The tank comprises tank walls defining an interior tank space, wherein at least one beam is provided in the interior tank space having at least one beam end connected to the tank wall. The at least one... Agent: Aker Engineering & Technology As

20140166662 - Suspension system for a cryogenic vessel: A double walled vacuum insulated cryogenic vessel including a support system for the inner vessel that comprises an inner vessel support, a support bushing, and an outer vessel support. The inner vessel support is affixed to the inner vessel and the outer vessel support is affixed to the outer vessel.... Agent: Hebeler Corporation

20140166664 - Conformal tank for adsorbant natural gas storage: The present disclosure provides a conformal tank for adsorbent storage of gas. The tank includes a body having a substantially flat top wall, a substantially flat bottom wall and a pair of opposing sidewalls that join the top wall and bottom wall to form an open-ended cuboid having a first... Agent: The Curators Of The University Of Missouri

20140166665 - Method of assembly of modular reservoir with integral compressible sealing strips and expansion joint: The water tank comprises a number of peripherally disposed modular wall components, each modular wall component defining a radially inner exposed surface, for direct engagement with the water inside the water tank, and a radially outer form-work area, for receiving liquid concrete to be cured. An integral hinge edgewisely interlocks... Agent:

20140166666 - Paint tray accessory and assembly: A paint tray accessory and assembly provides a membrane cover for use with a paint tray and paint roller of conventional manufacture. The membrane cover comprises a first frame member, a second frame member and a fluid regulating membrane. The membrane is flexible and stretchable which provides means for more... Agent: Gerhard-sorenson Corporation

20140166667 - Decorative transparent dinnerware articles with interchangeable display capability: A unique, versatile system of providing decorative dinnerware articles (plates, bowls, platters, and the like) with viewable designs on demand is provided. Such an article (as well as system) includes at least one transparent top component of a suitable polymer construction that nests with a lower component such that the... Agent:

20140166668 - Cereal bowl with separate compartment for milk and cereal: The cereal bowl comprises a bowl which is in a generally cylindrical shape and a strainer therein to keep the cereal elevated and separated from the milk resting at the bottom of the bowl. The strainer provides an individual to control when and how long the cereal is immersed in... Agent:

20140166669 - Quadrant portion food organizer: This invention provides dinnerware, such as plates, bowls and goblets, with slightly beveled dividers, which separates the dinnerware into intervals. The dinnerware provides for two options: one with labels and one without labels. In the labeled option, each interval is labeled. In the unlabeled option, the intervals are not marked.... Agent:

20140166670 - Concentric shells for compressed gas storage: Gas containment vessels are provided that are comprised of an inner corrosion resistant shell made of lower strength steel alloy or aluminum alloy or thermoplastic polymer, and an outer concentric shell constructed of high strength, albeit lower corrosion resistant, metal or fiber-reinforced composite. The fiber can comprise filaments derived from... Agent: Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide Inc.

20140166671 - Gas storage container: At least one inner vessel is provided within a container for storing and/or dispensing gas under pressure to assist in filling the container with gas. The container comprises an outer vessel defining an interior space and a fluid flow control unit for controlling fluid flow into and out of the... Agent: Air Products And Chemicals, Inc.

20140166672 - Container thermal core and closure remover: A thermal core includes a hollow body with at least one engagement element for engaging a corresponding engagement element on a container, a central portion for heat-transfer with a container base, a thermal medium within the hollow body, a bottom wall on the hollow body, and at least one pocket... Agent: Owens-brockway Glass Container Inc.

20140166673 - Recreational vehicle refrigerator: An RV refrigerator is provided with vertical walls and access doors on opposing sides. The refrigerator is installed through the wall of an RV such that one side with doors can be accessed from the outside and the opposing door can be accessed from the inside of the RV. Installing... Agent:

20140166674 - Brim of an insulated container: A container is formed to include an interior region and a brim defining a mouth opening into the interior region. The container includes a floor and a side wall coupled to the floor and to the brim.... Agent:

20140166675 - Spherical object formed of several joint parts: A spherical object formed of several joint parts, including at least twenty hexagonal panel-type elements and at least twelve pentagonal panel-type elements. Each panel-type element has a radius of curvature such that when joined together, they form a hollow spherical object, the radius of curvature of which is at least... Agent:

20140166676 - Container structure for removal of vacuum pressure: A hot-fill PET container or bottle (10) filling with a liquid at an elevated temperature has a side wall (9) extending to a lower portion including a pressure panel (11) and a base (21) in its unfolded or pre-fill position. The panel (11) is transversely oriented and has a decoupling... Agent: Co2 Pac Limited

20140166677 - Container, handle attachment and method: A plastic container used for holding fluid material with an attachable handle is provided. The container includes a body, a plurality of walls, a spout, an attachable handle and a sliding structure. The spout is a hollow, cylindrical portion that extends from an opening in one of the walls. The... Agent:

20140166678 - Device for assembly by elastic interlocking: An assembly device comprises an external element and an open-loop ring. The external element comprises a tubular part extending along an axis. The open-loop ring is elastically deformable between an open position and a closed position. The external element comprises an assembly part assemblable with the ring by elastic interlocking... Agent: Qualipac

20140166679 - Beverage container: A beverage container includes a container main body, an inner lid portion that covers the container main body, a spout portion which is formed on the inner lid portion and through which a beverage is discharged, a spout blocking portion 3a that blocks the spout portion, an outer lid portion... Agent: Pigeon Corporation

20140166680 - Fluid container: A fluid container (100, 200) includes a fluid reservoir (105) filled with a mixing fluid and a hollow tube (110) operable as a drinking straw. The fluid container is server to a consumer with a diluent beverage provided in a beverage container. The mixing fluid is dispensed from the fluid... Agent: Styquorz LLC

20140166681 - Compact case with cake retention pan: A cosmetic compact has a pan made from an elastomeric material. The pan is elastically biased to a size that is smaller than a pre-formed cake of cosmetic product. The empty pan is temporarily expanded by applying vacuum to a bottom and sidewalls of the pan. The cake of cosmetic... Agent: Elc Management LLC

20140166682 - Container and closure assembly: A container and closure assembly is provided. A projecting rim surrounds an opening into the container and includes a rim sealing surface. The closure is provided for covering the container opening. The closure is formed from a support ring dimensioned to surround the rim of the container and a sealing... Agent: Sonoco Development, Inc.

20140166683 - Container seal for the storage of dangerous liquid material: Exemplary embodiments provide a seal between an open body end of a container body and an edge of a lid which is pressable into the open end of the body in a sealing manner, both made from sheet metal, wherein at the end of the body the sheet metal is... Agent: Ardagh Mp Group Netherlands B.v.

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