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Railway switches and signals

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02/05/2015 > 1 patent applications in 1 patent subcategories.

20150034773 - Train crossing safety system: Systems and/or methods for reducing problems associated with the train/railroad systems are provided. In certain example embodiments, a system and/or method is provided wherein a sensor monitors a particular area (e.g. a train/railroad crossing, a tunnel entrance or exit, etc.) and transmits data (e.g. an image and/or video) to a... Agent:

01/29/2015 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20150028163 - Current sensor for monitoring a wayside signal lamp for a positive train system: A sensor for monitoring the current flowing in a wire of a circuit is provided. The sensor includes a variable inductance contactless current detector to sense the current flowing in the wire, serially connected to an internal power source and a resistor to form a voltage divider circuit. The sensor... Agent: Alstom Transport Sa

20150028164 - System and method for identifying point detection calibration prior to point detector lock-out and switch machine failure: A detection and indication system for use in a railway switch machine which utilizes one or more roller members which physically interact with a point detector bar coupled to one or more switch points to provide an indication of a point failure upon movement of the point detector bar a... Agent: Ansaldo Sts Usa, Inc.

20150028165 - Steel for producing parts for railway, railway crossings and switches and method for producing said parts: Wrought steel for producing parts for railway, railway crossings or railway switches including (in weight percent): 0.01-0.15% carbon; at most 0.5% silicon; 10-15% manganese; at least 0.6 to 3.95% molybdenum; optionally one or more of the following elements: i. 0.05 to 0.2% nickel, and/or ii. 0.05 to 0.2% cobalt, and/or... Agent: Tata Steel Uk Ltd

01/22/2015 > 2 patent applications in 2 patent subcategories.

20150021444 - Integrated time-stamped event recorder: An event recorder includes an outer case, and a first memory module including a first amount of data storage capacity contained within the outer case. The first memory module is configured to receive and store multiple types of data including at least two of: video data; audio data; locomotive data... Agent: Progress Rail Services Corporation

20150021445 - Leveling railway vehicle and related systems and methods: Leveling railway vehicles, leveling secondary suspension systems, lift-systems for suspension systems, and other related systems and methods are shown and described. In one example, a railway vehicle includes a superstructure, a bogey, and a leveling secondary suspension system. The leveling suspension system includes at least one spring positioned between the... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 1 patent applications in 1 patent subcategories.

20150014488 - Train control device: The present invention relates to a train control device. The train control device sets an emergency brake pattern and a regular brake pattern as patterns of maximum speed according to the distance to a stopping point, and outputs a braking command when the train speed exceeds the maximum speed. Then,... Agent:

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