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Radiant energy

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09/04/2014 > 53 patent applications in 37 patent subcategories.
08/28/2014 > 58 patent applications in 42 patent subcategories.

20140239149 - Controlling light transmission through a medium: Methods for controlling light transmission through a medium by transmitting light from a single spatial portion of an input optical field through the medium creating an output optical field, superposing the output optical field with a reference optical field creating an optical interference field, detecting an intensity of a spatial... Agent: University Court Of The University Of St Andrews

20140239150 - Method of evaluating luminance of light source and lighting apparatus: Embodiments provide a method of evaluating luminance of a light source, including acquiring first data including a plurality of luminance values by measuring luminance of the light source, converting the first data into second data corresponding to a plurality of unit cells, acquiring a moving average of the second data,... Agent:

20140239151 - Self-powered optical detector for mechanical gauge instruments: An embodiment of the present invention includes a display device including a mechanical indicator, a reference photodetector, a measurement photodetector, and an opaque shroud. The opaque shroud is connected to the mechanical indicator to variably cover the measurement photodetector based on a position of the mechanical indicator. The opaque shroud... Agent: Rosemount Inc.

20140239157 - Bright source protection for low light imaging sensors: This invention relates to a low light imaging sensors and particularly image intensification and CMOS sensors. To overcome issues of dazzle and halo when operating in areas where the scene encompasses bright light sources, the invention provides material layers in contact with the detector material to spatially limit the generation... Agent:

20140239153 - Correlated double sampling device and image sensor: A CDS device of an image sensor having a pixel array includes first comparators, second comparators and third comparators. The first comparators are coupled to columns of the pixel array, and generate a positive amplified signal and a negative amplified signal by comparing the analog signal and a ramp signal.... Agent:

20140239154 - High dynamic range pixel having a plurality of amplifier transistors: A pixel cell for use in a high dynamic range image sensor includes a photodiode disposed in semiconductor material to accumulate charge in response to light incident upon the photodiode. A transfer transistor is disposed in the semiconductor material and is coupled between a floating diffusion and the photodiode. A... Agent: Omnivision Technologies, Inc.

20140239155 - Image sensor and electronic device: An image sensor includes a plurality of unit pixels formed as a semiconductor chip, each of which has a photoelectric converting unit, a charge holding unit that holds charges stored in the photoelectric converting unit, a charge-voltage converting unit that converts a charge transferred from the charge holding unit to... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140239152 - Image sensor with pixel units having mirrored transistor layout: An image sensor includes a first pixel unit horizontally adjacent to a second pixel unit. Each pixel unit includes plurality of photodiodes and a shared floating diffusion region. A first pixel transistor region of the first pixel unit has a plurality of pixel transistors. A second pixel transistor region of... Agent: Omnivision Technologies, Inc.

20140239156 - Photoelectric conversion element and solid-state image pickup device: A photoelectric conversion element comprises a photoelectric conversion section that includes: a pair of electrodes; and a photoelectric conversion layer disposed between the pair of electrodes, wherein the photoelectric conversion section further comprises between one of the pair of electrodes and the photoelectric conversion layer a first charge-blocking layer that... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140239158 - Photoelectric converter, photoelectric converter array and imaging device: A photoelectric converter includes a first pn junction comprised of at least two semiconductor regions of different conductivity types, and a first field-effect transistor including a first source connected with one of the semiconductor regions, a first drain, a first insulated gate and a same conductivity type channel as that... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20140239159 - Optical sensing device: An optical sensing device includes a plurality of scanning lines having a plurality of first scanning lines and a plurality of second scanning lines, a plurality of sensing lines, a plurality of reading lines, and a plurality of optical sensing modules electrically connected to the scanning lines. Each optical sensing... Agent: Au Optronics Corp.

20140239160 - High-speed optical receiver module and method of manufacturing the same: Provided is a photoreceiver module. The module includes: a ceramic substrate formed by stacking a plurality of metallic layers and a plurality of ceramic layers; a high frequency transmission line formed on the ceramic substrate and configured to transmit a high frequency electrical signal; a photodetector mounted on the ceramic... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20140239161 - Pixel array with global shutter: A pixel comprises a pinned photodiode for generating charges in response to incident radiation and a sense node. A transfer gate is positioned between the pinned photodiode and the sense node for controlling transfer of charges to the sense node. A reset switch is connected to the sense node for... Agent: Cmosis Nv

20140239162 - Switch: A switch is disclosed. In some examples, a switch includes a generally cylindrical housing; one or more sets of contact points enclosed by the housing; an indicator module, such as a multi-color LED illuminator, also enclosed by the housing; and a pushbutton actuator disposed to operate the contact points. The... Agent:

20140239163 - Multidirectional input device: A multidirectional input device includes a case; a slider slidable in a first direction and mounted to the case; a movable member mounted on an upper surface of the slider so as to be slidable in a second direction; a first reflection portion provided on any one of the movable... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140239165 - Optical system for detecting the state of winding of a cable on a winch: A system allowing automatic detection of the end of winding of a cable on a winch comprises an optical detector which emits, in the direction of the cable, a light beam which illuminates a given zone through which the cable travels in the course of its winding. The detector is... Agent: Thales

20140239164 - Systems and methods for monitoring materials: The present disclosure provides sensing systems and methods that are useful for monitoring materials (e.g., cement) via light diffusion to identify characteristics thereof and changes therein. The systems can utilize a light source, a light sensor, and light transmitting members combined with the material to be monitored. In use, light... Agent: Research Triangle Institute

20140239166 - Optical fibre grating sensor system and method: The present invention relates to an optical fibre for a fibre optic sensor, comprising a first optical grating adapted to operate over a first range of wavelengths; and at least one set of further gratings adapted to operate over a second range of wavelengths, each grating being adapted to operate... Agent: Vestas Wind Systems A/s

20140239167 - Submount for optoelectronic, optical, or photonic components: An optical submount has a circumscribed 4-faced depression on its bottom surface and a 3-faced depression at an edge of its bottom surface. An optical signal is transmitted through a face of the 3-faced depression and internally reflected from a face of the 4-faced depression. A set of additional depressions... Agent: Hoya Corporation Usa

20140239168 - Optical window assembly for an optical sensor of a downhole tool and method of using same: An optical window assembly of an optical sensor of a downhole tool positionable in a wellbore penetrating a subterranean formation. The downhole tool has a housing with a flowline therethrough to receive downhole fluid therein. The optical sensor is positionable about the flowline to measure light passing therethrough. The optical... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140239169 - Detection of membrane protein-therapeutic agent complexes by mass spectrometry: According to the present invention, there is provided a method of detecting a complex comprising a membrane protein bound to a therapeutic agent by mass spectrometry. The method comprises: (a) providing a solution comprising a detergent micelle in which said complex is contained; (b) providing a mass spectrometer comprising a... Agent: Isis Innovation Limited

20140239173 - Mass spectrometer: In order to solve a problem in a mass spectrometry that a distribution of an emitted ion and a substance distribution on the measurement object surface are different from each other, which is due to a shaded portion of a irregular surface which falls under a shadow of primary beam,... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140239172 - Method and apparatus for mass spectrometry: A method for analysing ions according to their mass-to-charge ratio and mass spectrometer for performing the method, comprising directing a collimated ion beam along an ion path from an ion source to an ion detector, causing a portion of the ion beam to contact one or more surfaces prior to... Agent:

20140239170 - Tandem mass spectrometer and mass spectrometric method: An ion trap is provided between a collision cell and a time-of-flight mass separator. During a time period in which precursor ions derived from the same compound are selected with a quadrupole mass filter, a collision energy is changed from one to another. Various product ions that are produced by... Agent: Shimadzu Corporation

20140239171 - Techniques for automated performance maintenance testing and reporting for analytical instruments: Techniques are described for performing performance maintenance on a mass spectrometer. Pre-maintenance testing is performed that automating execution of a test sequence in response to a first user interface selection. The maintenance activity performed upon completion of said pre-maintenance testing. Post-maintenance testing is preformed upon completion of said maintenance activity.... Agent: Waters Technologies Corporation

20140239174 - Miniature sensor structures for ion mobility spectrometers: For ion mobility spectrometry applications, a desired shape of a sensor structure may be created by forming a desired shape from a ceramic material, such as aluminum nitride. In various embodiments, the sensor structure may be formed using discrete individual ceramic sheets and/or from a preformed ceramic tube. Via holes... Agent: Implant Sciences Corporation

20140239175 - Focused ion beam low kv enhancement: The invention provides a charged particle beam system wherein the middle section of the focused ion beam column is biased to a high negative voltage allowing the beam to move at higher potential than the final beam energy inside that section of the column. At low kV potential, the aberrations... Agent: Fei Company

20140239176 - Method of electron beam imaging of a specimen by combining images of an image sequence: A method of imaging of a specimen exposed to an electron beam signal includes acquiring an image sequence of sequential images of the specimen. Each subsequent image in the image sequence represents increased cumulative electron beam signal exposure on the specimen. The method includes collecting cumulative exposure data for each... Agent: Direct Electron, Lp

20140239177 - Discrete dynode detector with dynamic gain control: A novel electron multiplier that regulates in real time the gain of downstream dynodes as the instrument receives input signals is introduced. In particular, the methods, electron multiplier structures, and coupled control circuits of the present invention enable a resultant on the fly control signal to be generated upon receiving... Agent: Thermo Finnigan LLC

20140239178 - Object detection device: To provide an object detection device that requires neither the optical adjustment nor the detection area adjustment after the replacement of the battery, the object detection device includes a sensor body, inclusive of a detection element, and a storage enclosure positioned in part or in its entirety in a rear... Agent: Optex Co., Ltd.

20140239180 - Bolometric detector with a temperature-adaptive biasing: An infrared detector including an array of detection bolometers each having a bolometric membrane suspended above a substrate, and associated with each bolometer: a detection branch, including the bolometer and a circuit performing a biasing according to a voltage set point, a compensation branch, including a compensation bolometer thermalized to... Agent: Ulis

20140239179 - Sealed infrared imagers: The architecture, design and fabrication of array of suspended micro-elements with individual seals are described. Read out integrated circuit is integrated monolithically with the suspended elements for low parasitics and high signal to noise ratio detection of changes of their electrical resistance. Array of individually sealed, suspended micro-elements is combined... Agent:

20140239181 - Film thickness measurement method: A measurement target including a semiconductor substrate, and a first epitaxial layer and a second epitaxial layer stacked in this order on the semiconductor substrate and having no difference in refractive index of a real part from the semiconductor substrate is subjected to reflection interference analysis using a Fourier transform... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140239182 - Inspecting device and inspecting method: An inspecting device inspects an inspecting target that is a semiconductor device or a photo device. The inspecting device includes: a stage for holding an inspecting target; a femtosecond laser for emitting pulsed light; a galvano mirror for obliquely irradiating the inspecting target with the pulsed light, while changing an... Agent: Dainippon Screen Mfg. Co., Ltd.

20140239183 - Imaging device: An imaging device which is highly stable to irradiation with radiations such as X-rays and can inhibit a decrease in electrical characteristics is provided. The imaging device obtains an image using radiations such as X-rays and includes pixel circuits which are arranged in a matrix and which a scintillator overlaps.... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20140239184 - Radiation tomography apparatus: The disclosure has one object to provide a radiation tomography apparatus of a low price that facilitates a design change of a detector ring to suppress costs of development. The radiation tomography apparatus according to the disclosure includes a plurality of modules configured to receive detected data from different radiation... Agent: Shimadzu Corporation

20140239185 - Detector-readout interface for an avalanche particle detector: A detector-readout interface for an avalanche particle detector comprises a resistive layer formed at a bottom side of a gas chamber and a dielectric layer formed under said resistive layer and is adapted for capacitive coupling to an external readout board. This provides a modular detector configuration in which the... Agent:

20140239186 - Radiation imaging apparatus, radiation inspection apparatus, method for correcting signal, and computer-readable storage medium: A radiation imaging apparatus, comprising a pixel array on which a plurality of pixels are arrayed, a readout unit configured to read out a signal from the pixel array, a first unit configured to specify a portion of the signal read out by the readout unit, at which a saturated... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140239187 - Radiation imaging apparatus and radiation imaging system: A radiation imaging apparatus includes a pixel array in which a plurality of pixels which detects radiation are arrayed to form a plurality of rows and a plurality of columns, a detection circuit which detects information having correlation to a radiation dose to the pixel array and output a detection... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140239188 - Radiation imaging apparatus, radiation imaging system, method for radiation imaging, and storage medium: A radiation imaging apparatus includes a reset control unit configured to perform reset scanning to sequentially discharge charges accumulated in pixels; an irradiation detection unit configured to detect a start of radiation irradiation based on charges discharged by the reset scanning; an imaging control unit configured to perform control to... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140239189 - Radiographic image capturing apparatus and radiographic image capturing system: A radiographic image capturing apparatus and a radiographic image capturing system are shown. According to one aspect, the radiographic image capturing apparatus includes the following. A scanning driving unit applies voltage to scanning lines. A switching element releases electric charge upon application of the ON-state voltage. A readout circuit converts... Agent: Konica Minolta, Inc.

20140239190 - Micro-column with double aligner: Disclosed herein is a microcolumn with a double aligner. The microcolumn is configured such that when an axis of an aperture of a limiting aperture is spaced apart from an original path of a particle beam, the path of the particle beam can be effectively compensated for in such a... Agent: Industry-university Cooperation Foundation Sunmoon University

20140239191 - Method for uninterrupted production of a polyatomic boron molecular ion beam with self-cleaning: The uninterrupted production of an ion beam with self-cleaning of a discharge chamber and extractor system, including extraction aperture(s), of an ion implantation device. The method increases the time of continuous operation of the ion implantation device, and therefore, increases total implantation time without reducing intensity. As a result, the... Agent:

20140239192 - Illumination and displacement device for a projection exposure apparatus: An illumination and displacement device for a projection exposure apparatus comprises an illumination optical unit for illuminating an illumination field. An object holder serves for mounting an object in such a way that at least one part of the object can be arranged in the illumination field. An object holder... Agent:

20140239193 - Fluorescent light detection device: A fluorescent light detection device includes: an excitation light source; an excitation light fiber; a fluorescent light fiber; a detector configured to receive the fluorescent light emitted from the fluorescent light fiber; a retention member configured to retain the fibers so that an emitting end face of the excitation light... Agent: Nippon Sheet Glass Company, Limited

20140239194 - Method for inspecting contact between mating gears: A method for inspecting contact between mating gears that includes applying a mixture to teeth of a first gear, teeth of a second gear, or the teeth of both the first and second gears. The mixture includes a lubricating oil and a fluorescing dye. The first gear is rotated to... Agent: American Axle & Manufacturing, Inc.

20140239195 - Deposition substrate and scintillator panel: An object of the invention is to provide a scintillator panel which exhibits excellent cuttability and can be cut without the occurrence of problems such as the separation of a scintillator layer and which can give radiographic images such as X-ray images with excellent sensitivity and sharpness. The scintillator panel... Agent: Konica Minolta, Inc.

20140239196 - Deposition substrate and scintillator panel: An object of the invention is to provide scintillator panels which can give radiographic images such as X-ray images with excellent sharpness and excellent uniformity of sharpness, which realize devices such as flat panel detectors having uniform image quality characteristics in the light-receiving plane, and which exhibit excellent cuttability, excellent... Agent: Konica Minolta, Inc.

20140239197 - Electrostatic trap: An electrostatic trap such as an orbitrap is disclosed, with an electrode structure. An electrostatic trapping field of the form U′(r, φ, z) is generated to trap ions within the trap so that they undergo isochronous oscillations. The trapping field U′(r, φ, z) is the result of a perturbation W... Agent: Thermo Fisher Scientific (bremen) Gmbh

20140239198 - External beam radiation therapy for a plurality of compartments: An external beam radiation therapy system including a plurality of compartments separated from one another by radiation shields, each of the compartments including a patient support system that includes a support member and a fixation member for supporting and spatially fixing a target portion of the patient for irradiation thereof,... Agent:

20140239199 - Replaceable light source and radiation generating device including the same: A replacement light apparatus includes a base plate a bearing member, and a light source. The bearing member extends from a portion of the base plate. The bearing member includes a bearing surface. The light source is coupled to the bearing surface of the bearing member and adapted to project... Agent: Southern Linac, LLC

20140239200 - Replaceable light source and radiation generating device including the same: A cathode operating temperature adjusting method includes acquiring an approximate equation approximating a correlation between an emission current value in an electron beam source using a cathode and an operating temperature of the cathode at which a bias voltage becomes saturated at the emission current, measuring a current density of... Agent: Nuflare Technology, Inc.

20140239201 - Anisotropic conducting films for electromagnetic radiation applications: Electronic devices for the generation of electromagnetic radiation are provided. Also provided are methods for using the devices to generate electromagnetic radiation. The radiation sources include an anisotropic electrically conducting thin film that is characterized by a periodically varying charge carrier mobility in the plane of the film. The periodic... Agent: Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

20140239202 - Gas refraction compensation for laser-sustained plasma bulbs: A laser-sustained plasma illuminator system includes at least one laser light source to provide light. At least one reflector focuses the light from the laser light source at a focal point of the reflector. An enclosure substantially filled with a gas is positioned at or near the focal point of... Agent:

20140239203 - Target supply device and extreme ultraviolet light generation apparatus: A target supply device 4 may include a tank 51, formed of a metal, that holds a target material, an insulating member 62 that makes contact with at least part of the periphery of the tank 51, and a heater 58 that is separated from the tank 51 and heats... Agent: Gigaphoton Inc.

20140239204 - Electromagnetically actuated multi-leaf collimator: A multi-leaf collimator with electromagnetically actuated leaves. The multi-leaf collimator includes a plurality of leaves, a leaf guide configured to support the plurality of leaves, and a plurality of magnets. Each leaf includes a blocking portion that is radio opaque, a drive portion connected to the blocking portion, and a... Agent:

20140239205 - Optocoupler arrangement and input and/or output module: An optocoupler arrangement for signal transmission with galvanic separation includes a first optocoupler with a first input path and a first output path, a second optocoupler with a second input path and a second output path, wherein the first and second input paths are arranged in series with a connecting... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140239206 - Stereoscopic optical system: A stereoscopic optical system includes: two objective optical systems arrayed parallel to each other with a space therebetween; two parallelogram prisms that bring optical images close to each other by respectively deflecting lights collected by the objective optical systems twice; an image pickup element arranged at image formation positions of... Agent:

08/21/2014 > 63 patent applications in 43 patent subcategories.

20140231618 - Apparatus for coherent beam combining in an array of laser collimators: A method and apparatus for coherent beam combining in an array of laser beam collimators. The array of laser beam collimators includes an array of a plurality collimating lenses, each lens intercepting a respective one of a plurality of divergent laser beams. Each collimating lens is joined with adjacent collimating... Agent: U.s. Army Research Laboratory Attn: Rdrl-loc-i

20140231619 - Optical analysis device, optical analysis method and computer program for optical analysis using single light-emitting particle detection: There is provided a way of enabling the discrimination or identification of the kind of a light-emitting particle corresponding to each pulse form signal in the scanning molecule counting method using the optical measurement by the confocal or multiphoton microscope. In the inventive technique, the position of a light detection... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20140231622 - Circuit structure for providing conversion gain of a pixel array: Techniques and mechanisms for a pixel array to provide a level of conversion gain. In an embodiment, the pixel array includes conversion gain control circuitry to be selectively configured at different times for different operational modes, each mode for implementing a respective conversion gain. The conversion gain control circuitry selectively... Agent:

20140231621 - Image sensor and color filter array including multiple selectable meshed filter sets: An apparatus including a pixel array including a plurality of pixels and a filter array positioned over the pixel array, the color filter array comprising a plurality of tiled minimal repeating units, each minimal repeating unit including a plurality of enmeshed filter sets, each filter set including a different set... Agent: Omnivision Technologies, Inc.

20140231620 - Image sensor and imaging method with single shot compressed sensing: A CMOS image sensor includes a plurality of pixel elements arranged in a two-dimensional array, analog signal multiplexers, over-sampling A/D converters and an activation code generator. The sensor is configured to construct an image by using less number of A/D conversions, thereby reducing the power consumption of the sensor. The... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140231623 - Low-mismatch and low-consumption transimpedance gain circuit for temporally differentiating photo-sensing systems in dynamic vision sensors: The invention relates to a low-mismatch and low-consumption transimpedance gain circuit for temporally differentiating photo-sensing systems in dynamic vision sensors, which uses at least one photodiode and at least two in-series transistors, each of the transistors being connected in diode configuration and being positioned at the output of the photodiode.... Agent: Consejo Superior De Investigaciones Cient&#xcd Ficas (csic)

20140231625 - Optical sensor apparatus and image sensing apparatus integrating multiple functions: An optical sensor apparatus includes an infrared light generating device, N first detection devices, a second detection device and a processing circuit. In addition to detecting infrared light, the N first detection devices further detect N different visible wavelength ranges, respectively. The second detection device is optically shielded from visible... Agent: Eminent Electronic Technology Corp. Ltd.

20140231624 - Semiconductor integrated circuit and imaging device: There is provided a semiconductor integrated circuit including at least one MOS transistor a source or drain of which is connected an output terminal, and a driver circuit configured to drive a back gate or a well of the MOS transistor in a manner that voltage swing is in a... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140231626 - System and method for detecting target materials using a vis-nir detector: The present disclosure provides systems and methods for determining the presence of a target material in a sample. In general terms, the system and method disclosed herein provide collecting interacted photons from a sample having a target material. The interacted photons are passed through a tunable filter to a VIS-NIR... Agent: Chemlmage Corporation

20140231627 - Opto-electronic integrated circuit, array antenna transmitter, array antenna receiver, and transmitter: An opto-electronic integrated circuit includes an optical splitter (12, 13A, 13B) formed on a substrate, the optical splitter branching an input optical signal into N (N is an integer of 2 or more) optical signals, and outputting the optical signals, and N optical phase modulators (15A-15D) formed on the substrate... Agent: Nippon Telegraph And Telephone Corporation

20140231631 - Apparatus for pulse shaping: An array of photon sensitive devices is configured to provide outputs. Pulse shaping circuits operate to shape a respective output of the array in a normal mode of operation and shape a calibration signal in a calibration mode of operation.... Agent: Stmicroelectronics (research & Development) Limited

20140231630 - Method and apparatus for image sensor calibration: A photon sensitive device is provided with a voltage. A controller is configured to control a voltage source so as to cause at least one calibration voltage to be applied to the photon sensitive device in a calibration mode in order to determine the voltage to be provided by the... Agent: Stmicroelectronics (research & Development) Limited

20140231628 - Light-receiving device, light receiver using same, and method of fabricating light-receiving device: An apparatus includes a flip-chip semiconductor substrate, a light detection element configured to be formed over the flip-chip semiconductor substrate and to have a laminate structure including a first semiconductor layer of a first-conductive-type, a light-absorption layer formed over the first semiconductor layer, and a second semiconductor layer of a... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140231629 - Tilt switch: A tilt switch includes a housing defining a chamber and including a frusto-conical inner wall surface having a cone angle which is less than or equal to 90 degrees, and a tapered bottom inner wall surface that defines a bottom end of the chamber, that tapers downwardly from a bottom... Agent:

20140231634 - Apparatus for focus beam analysis of high power lasers: An in-line laser beam waist analyzer system includes an optical prism that picks off a portion of a second surface reflection from either a laser processing focus lens or a protective debris shield for the processing lens and directs that focused light to a pixelated detector. This provides real time... Agent: Haas Laser Technologies, Inc.

20140231633 - Proximity sensor: A device including a photon emitter, a photon receiver, and a screen opaque to photons following a direct path from the outside of the device to the photon receiver.... Agent: Stmicroelectronics (research & Development) Limited

20140231632 - System and method for inspecting a sample using landing lens: An evaluation system that includes a miniature module that comprises a miniature objective lens and a miniature supporting module; wherein the miniature supporting module is arranged, when placed on a sample, to position the miniature objective lens at working distance from the sample; wherein the miniature objective lens is arranged... Agent: Applied Materials Israel, Ltd.

20140231635 - Multichip wafer level package (wlp) optical device: Optical devices are described that integrate multiple heterogeneous components in a single, compact package. In one or more implementations, the optical devices include a carrier substrate having a surface that includes two or more cavities formed therein. One or more optical component devices are disposed within the respective cavities in... Agent: Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.

20140231636 - Fiber optic acoustic sensor arrays, fiber optic sensing systems and methods of forming and operating the same: A fiber optic acoustic sensing array. The fiber optic acoustic sensing array includes a core strength member and an optical fiber wound on the core strength member. The optical fiber includes a plurality of Fiber Bragg Gratings, and is coated with a voided plastic coating. An outer jacket covers the... Agent: Us Seismic Systems, Inc.

20140231637 - Apparatus for distance measurement using inductive means: A system that provides detection, annunciation, mitigation, and alleviation of stress attacks by executing algorithms based on measurement of intensity of light. The system determines to execute algorithms to take programmed action based on potential effects of a detected stress attack. The system can be used, for example, to determine... Agent:

20140231638 - Slide scanner with a tilted image: An instrument and method for scanning a large microscope specimen uses a light source and at least one lens to focus light from the specimen onto a detector array. The specimen holder is located on a scanning stage and the detector array is dynamically tilted about a scan direction during... Agent:

20140231639 - Method and apparatus for measuring the radioactive content of materials: A method of testing an earth sample and an apparatus for executing the method are disclosed herein. The method includes the steps of obtaining at least one earth sample. The method also includes the steps of detecting one or more counts of decay from the at least one earth sample.... Agent: Shale Testing Solutions, LLC

20140231640 - Nuclear spectroscopy corrections using multiple standards and spatial regions: A method for estimating an aspect of a formation using a nuclear spectroscopy tool includes placing a nuclear spectroscopy tool including a neutron source and a gamma ray detector into a borehole and performing a plurality of environmental measurements. Neutrons are emitted from the nuclear spectroscopy tool such that some... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140231641 - Generation of model of composition of petroleum by high resolution mass spectrometry and associated analytics: A method to determine the model-of-composition of a vacuum resid in which the resid is separated into fractions including the DAO fraction which is then separated into chemical classes including saturates, aromatics, sulfides and polars by a combination of soft ionization methods. The results of the ionization analyses are reconciled... Agent: Exxonmobil Research And Engineering Company

20140231642 - Mass spectrometer with bypass of a fragmentation device: A method for analyzing a mixture of components includes forming precursor ions from the components, alternately causing the precursor ions to pass to and to by-pass a fragmentation device, to form product ions from the precursor ions that pass to the device and to form substantially fewer product ions from... Agent: Micromass Uk Limited

20140231643 - Discontinuous atmospheric pressure interface: A method of interfacing atmospheric pressure ion sources, including electrospray and desorption electrospray ionization sources, to mass spectrometers, for example miniature mass spectrometers, in which the ionized sample is discontinuously introduced into the mass spectrometer. Discontinuous introduction improves the match between the pumping capacity of the instrument and the volume... Agent: Purdue Research Foundation

20140231644 - In situ reactivation of fluorescence marker: Vapor is provided locally at a sample surface to allow fluorescence of the fluorescent markers in a vacuum chamber. For example, a nanocapillary can dispense a liquid near a region of interest, the liquid evaporating to increase the vapor pressure near the fluorescent markers. The increase in vapor pressure at... Agent: Fei Company

20140231645 - Method and device for detecting elementary particles: Provision is made in a method and a device for detecting elementary particles such as for example protons, ions, electrons, neutrons, photons or the like in a detector, wherein a charge pulse is generated in the detector when a particle passes through the detector and every charge pulse is subsequently... Agent:

20140231646 - Radiation measurement apparatus: A radiation measurement apparatus includes a radiation sensor that generates a detection signal, a first counter unit that counts the number of the detection signal, an oscillator that generates periodic signal with predetermined period, an AND circuit that outputs logical product obtained by performing AND operation between the detection signal... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140231647 - Compact fiber-based scanning laser detection and ranging system: A system for short-range laser detection and ranging of targets can provides rapid three-dimensional, e.g., angle, angle, range, scans over a wide field-of-view. Except for the final transmit/receive lens, the disclosed LADAR system can be implemented in an all-fiber configuration. Such system is compact, low cost, robust to misalignment, and... Agent: United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Army

20140231648 - Terahertz imaging devices and systems, and related methods, for detection of materials: Terahertz imaging devices may comprise a focal plane array including a substrate and a plurality of resonance elements. The plurality of resonance elements may comprise a conductive material coupled to the substrate. Each resonance element of the plurality of resonance elements may be configured to resonate and produce an output... Agent: Battelle Energy Alliance, LLC

20140231649 - Concealed dangerous articles detection method and device: A method and an apparatus for detecting hidden hazardous substance including the steps of: performing terahertz imaging for a detected object; judging whether there is a suspicious area containing the hidden hazardous substance in a terahertz image of the detected object obtained by the terahertz imaging; performing a multi-wavelength spectroscopy... Agent: Nuctech Company Limited

20140231650 - Digitally scanned multi-cell electro-optic sensor: A digitally scanned multi-cell EO sensor comprises a low-resolution multi-cell imaging detector. An array of optical focusing elements decomposes the sensor's FOV into at least four sub-fields. A sub-field directing array and focusing optic direct the optical radiation onto the imaging detector. In a first tilt mode, the optical radiation... Agent: Raytheon Company

20140231651 - Signal detecting circuit of infrared sensor and method of correcting same: A signal detecting circuit of an infrared sensor includes: a cell array in which bolometers sensing infrared rays and outputting signal currents are arranged in an N×M format; a level generator that outputs a plurality of bias voltages corresponding to a plurality of bias levels; N resistor non-uniformity correcting circuits... Agent:

20140231652 - Semi-active laser (sal) beacon: A SAL beacon emulates the signature (e.g. spectral band, sire and shape. power level and designation code) of a SAL designator beam reflected off a target. The SAL beacon is field-portable, capable of extended continuous operation and eye-safe. The SAL beacon enables “captive” flight tests of munitions and SAL receivers... Agent: Raytheon Company

20140231653 - Flow cell for radiation detector: The present invention provides a flow cell that can be used to improve the linear detection range of a radio-detector. The flow cell of the present invention is simple and cost-effective to set up and provides technical advantages over methods known in the prior art, as set out in more... Agent:

20140231654 - Apparatus for detecting radiation fields: A radiation detector that can be used to detect the intensity of radiation fields and provide feedback to the user about the location of radiation fields. The radiation detector has a number of radiation detection volumes that are arranged in a staggered pattern relative to a sweeping direction of the... Agent: Nordion (canada) Inc.

20140231655 - Modelling of tof-doi detector arrays: The invention is directed to several crystal arrangements for time-of-flight (ToF) positron emission tomography (PET) with depth of interaction (DOI) encoding for high spatial, energy and timing resolution. Additionally, several implementations of the ToF-DOI PET detector arrays are proposed with related measurements which all show that no timing degradation is... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140231656 - Optical fiber having scintillation quencher, a radiation sensor and a radiation detection apparatus including the optical fiber and a method of making and using the same: An optical fiber can include a polymer and a scintillation quencher. The optical fiber can be a member of a radiation sensor or radiation detecting system. The scintillation quencher can include a UV-absorber or a scintillation resistant material. In one embodiment, the radiation sensor includes a scintillator that is capable... Agent: Saint-gobain Ceramics & Plastics, Inc.

20140231657 - Radiation detector device for rejecting and excluding incomplete charge collection events: A radiation detector device is provided that is capable of distinguishing between full charge collection (FCC) events and incomplete charge collection (ICC) events based upon a correlation value comparison algorithm that compares correlation values calculated for individually sensed radiation detection events with a calibrated FCC event correlation function. The calibrated... Agent: Brookhaven Science Associates, LLC

20140231658 - Radiation image detecting device and drive control method thereof: An FPD is provided with an ammeter for measuring current on a wired connection of a bias line that applies a bias voltage to pixels. A control circuit compares the measured value of the ammeter and a threshold value. When the measured value of the ammeter is equal to or... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140231659 - Methods and apparatus for use with extreme ultraviolet light having contamination protection: An apparatus for use with extreme ultraviolet (EUV) light comprising A) a duct having a first end opening, a second end opening and an intermediate opening intermediate the first end opening the second end opening, B) an optical component disposed to receive EUV light from the second end opening or... Agent:

20140231660 - Method and device for measuring the concentration of extinguishing agent in a fire zone: A device for measuring, on an aircraft, the extinguishing agent concentration of a gaseous mixture. The device includes an ultraviolet radiation detector for generating an output signal that is a function of the concentration of the agent in the gaseous mixture and an electronic circuit for determining the concentration as... Agent:

20140231661 - Two-dimensional detection system for neutron radiation in the filed of neutron scattering spectrometry: This invention relates to a two-dimensional detection system for neutron radiation comprising a means (1) for emitting a neutron beam (10), a support means (2) adapted for receiving a sample (3), a photoemission means (5) adapted for being activated by a neutron radiation, a cooled low light level charge-coupled detection... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique

20140231662 - Radiation imaging apparatus and method of controlling radiation imaging apparatus: A radiation imaging apparatus includes: a radiation imaging unit configured to include a housing and a detection unit having a rectangular imaging region, the detecting unit being placed at a position in the housing at which a distance from one side surface of the housing to the imaging region is... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140231664 - Flame- proof radiation detector with wireless communication means: A radiation detector module includes a radiation detector, power source and wireless communication elements all housed within a flame-proof enclosure. The enclosure has a portion through which wireless transmissions can pass. The radiation detector module may be suitable for use in a hazardous area containing a potentially explosive gas mixture.... Agent: Johnson Mathey Public Limited Company

20140231665 - Ion generating unit and electric device: An ion generating unit includes: a box-like housing with its one face open, an ion generating part provided with electrode parts and generating positive and negative ions; an ion sensor; a lid covering the housing in a removable manner while the ion generating unit is accommodated in the housing; a... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20140231663 - Method for transmitting register contents of a ct detector with hierarchical hardware structure and ct detector of a ct system: A method is disclosed for transmission of register contents of a CT detector with hierarchical hardware structure, wherein the first hierarchy level is formed by a control unit containing a register table for the read-out register contents of FPGAs lying lower down in the hierarchy and an intermediate register store... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140231666 - Charged particle beam device: This charged particle beam device comprises: an electron beam source (1); a charged particle optical system that includes an object lens (9) and that irradiates a sample (10) with electrons emitted from the electron beam source (1) as an electron beam (2); an aberration corrector (6) that corrects aberrations in... Agent:

20140231668 - Electron beam lithography device and lithographic method: A high-accuracy and high-speed lithographic pattern is acquired by forming a square lattice matrix beam group with an interval which is an integral multiple of a beam size in a two-dimensional plane, switching on and off the mesh of a device to be drawn by a bitmap signal, forming a... Agent: Param Corporation

20140231667 - Plasma generator: An arrangement for generating plasma, the arrangement comprising a primary plasma source (1) comprising a primary source chamber (15) and a first coil (4) for generating plasma in the primary source chamber, a secondary plasma source (25) comprising a secondary source chamber (16) and a second coil (26) for enhancing... Agent:

20140231669 - Microwave ion source and method for starting same: A microwave ion source includes a plasma chamber, a magnetic field generator that generates a magnetic field in the plasma chamber, and a control unit that controls the magnetic field generator to apply an initial magnetic field for plasma ignition to the plasma chamber and change the initial magnetic field... Agent: Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20140231670 - Testing assembly including a multiple degree of freedom stage: A multiple degree of freedom sample stage or testing assembly including a multiple degree of freedom sample stage. The multiple degree of freedom sample stage includes a plurality of stages including linear, and one or more of rotation or tilt stages configured to position a sample in a plurality of... Agent: Hysitron, Inc.

20140231671 - Gas delivery for uniform film properties at uv curing chamber: A UV curing system includes an enclosure defining an interior, a UV radiation source disposed within the interior of the enclosure, and a first window disposed within the interior of the enclosure. The first window creates a barrier that separates the UV radiation source and a processing chamber. A second... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140231672 - Photonic wine processor: An apparatus and method for modifying the organoleptic properties of a beverage, such as wine in a bottle, said apparatus having a least one light-source, said light-source applying peak wavelengths at intensities and time durations optimal for modifying said beverage's organoleptic properties with a highly reflective inner surface, a translucent... Agent:

20140231673 - Shield structure for electron beam sterilization equipment: A shield structure for electron beam sterilization equipment. The shield structure satisfies at least one of the following conditions: (I) an outer diameter D4 of an internal circumferential shield S4 is larger than an outer diameter D5 of an internal circumferential shield S5, and (II) an internal circumferential shield ST2... Agent: Hitachi Zosen Corporation

20140231675 - Evaluation circuit for an optoelectronic detector and method for recording fluorescence events: An improved evaluation circuit which allows high sensitivity in an economical manner. For this purpose, a shift register having at least one data input, a clock input, a plurality of register stages and at least one data output is provided, wherein the output of the analog-to-digital converter is connected to... Agent:

20140231674 - Ink jet printer composition and use: An aqueous ink jet printer ink composition is designed for ink jet printing of fluorescent images. This composition contains fluorescent pigment particles that have (1) an excitation peak wavelength of at least 300 nm and less than 400 nm, and (2) an emission peak that is greater than 400 nm... Agent:

20140231676 - Scintillator array, a scintillator, a radiation detection apparatus including the scintillator array or scintillator, and processes of forming the same: A scintillator can include a photosensor surface and a side surface adjacent to the photosensor surface. The photosensor surface can be adapted to provide scintillating light to a photosensor. In an embodiment, the scintillator can have grooves along the side surface, wherein the grooves have lengths extending in a direction... Agent:

20140231677 - Light solidifying device having a magnetic slide cover: Nail gel curing devices emitting ultraviolet light, as well as methods of their making and use are disclosed. The devices are useful for curing, inter alia, acrylic compositions, more particularly, acrylic nail gel compositions, and typically employ ultraviolet and/or visible light emitting diodes (“LED”) to cure such ultraviolet and/or visible... Agent: Nail Alliance LLC

20140231678 - Near infrared light source in bulk silicon: A light emitting device (10) comprises a body (12) of a semiconductor material having a first face (14) and at least one other face (16). At least one pn-junction (18) in the body is located towards the first face and is configured to be driven via contacts on the body... Agent: Insiava (pty) Limited

20140231679 - Method and technique to control laser effects through tuning of parameters such as repetition rate: A technique for controlling the effects generated by the interaction of a plurality of laser pulses with a medium by selecting or varying the successive pulse parameters comprising: generating a plurality of laser pulses interacting with a medium; and selecting or varying the properties/parameters characterizing said laser pulses to control... Agent: Pm & Am Research

20140231680 - Method and apparatus for detecting clots in a liquid and laboratory automation system: A method for detecting clots in a liquid is presented. The liquid is in a sample container. Light is irradiated having a first wavelength to the sample container by a first light source at a changeable vertical irradiating position (P—0 to P_n) such that the light irradiated by the first... Agent: Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

08/14/2014 > 51 patent applications in 33 patent subcategories.

20140224961 - Light sensor: A light sensor is provided that includes an exposed light transducer for accumulating charge in proportion to light incident thereon over an integration period; and a light-to-pulse circuit in communication with the exposed light transducer, the light-to-pulse circuit operative to output a pulse having a pulse width based on the... Agent: Gentex Corporation

20140224964 - Apparatus and method for detection of radiation: Systems and methods for identifying pixels in digital images and video images that have interacted with high energy particles are described herein and using this system to coordination imagers and network alerts to permit the system to separate non-radioactive objects from radioactive objects.... Agent:

20140224962 - Bandgap reference circuit with offset voltage removal: An example bandgap reference circuit includes an amplifier, a first, a second, and a third switch, and a capacitor. The first switch is coupled between an inverting input and an output of the amplifier to provide a negative feedback loop around the amplifier when the first switch is closed. The... Agent: Omnivision Technologies, Inc.

20140224963 - Low impedance interface circuit to maximize bandwidth and provide bias control: A multichannel application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) for interfacing with an array of photodetectors in a positron emission tomography (PET) imaging system includes a front end circuit configured to be coupled to the photodetectors and to receive discrete analog signals therefrom. The ASIC further includes a time discriminating circuit operably... Agent: General Electric Company

20140224965 - Separation of doping density and minority carrier lifetime in photoluminescence measurements on semiconductor materials: Methods are presented for separating the effects of background doping density and effective minority carrier lifetime on photoluminescence (PL) generated from semiconductor materials. In one embodiment the background doping density is measured by another technique, enabling PL measurements to be analysed in terms of effective minority carrier lifetime. In another... Agent: Bt Imaging Pty Ltd

20140224966 - Anti-glare mirror and method to vary reflectance thereof: An anti-glare mirror has opposite reflecting and back sides, and includes a plurality of electro-chromic units disposed in a casing, a first light sensor, a plurality of second light sensors, and a processor. The first light sensor is disposed on the casing, and is operable for sensing ambient brightness incident... Agent: Tintable Smart Material Co., Ltd.

20140224967 - Semiconductor photodetector device: A semiconductor photodetector device includes a header, a high frequency amplifier, and a submount having a top surface. The high frequency amplifier is located on the header and has a top surface with a high frequency grounding pad disposed on the top surface of the amplifier. A semiconductor photodetector having... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140224968 - Device for transmitting signals between two rotatable sub-assemblies: In a device for transmitting signals on two channels between two sub-assemblies rotatable relative to each other about an axis, a photodetector and a light source are connected via connecting lines to a receiver circuit and transmitter circuit. At least one of the connecting lines has a section extending with... Agent:

20140224969 - Detector: A detector has a frame, a window for allowing radiation to enter, outlook sensors for sensing radiation, a unit for processing outlook sensor signals and outlook mirrors that are shaped and mounted in the frame for reflecting radiation from outside detection zones onto the outlook sensor, some of which are... Agent: Siemens Ab

20140224970 - Standard light source and measurement method: A novel standard light source with a more simplified construction, which is suitable for measurement of total luminous flux of a light source different in luminous intensity distribution characteristics from a conventional standard light source, and a measurement method with the use of that standard light source are provided. A... Agent: Otsuka Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140224971 - Apparatus and methods for subtractive color imaging detection: Disclosed are methods and apparatus for subtractive image detection using interferometric subtractive color imaging. The methods and apparatus employ an electromagnetic wave reflecting device, and at least one photoresponsive detector at either a fixed or variable distance from one another, with a gap in between, that may include a dielectric.... Agent: Qualcomm Mems Technologies, Inc.

20140224972 - Correction of asymmetric electric fields in ion cyclotron resonance cells: The invention relates to a method and a device for optimization of electric fields in measurement cells of Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometers. The invention is based on the rationale that asymmetric electric fields with uniformly or non-uniformly perturbed field axes can appear in ion cyclotron resonance cells... Agent: Bruker Daltonik Gmbh

20140224977 - Integrated ion separation spectrometer: An apparatus including an ion injector having an inlet and an outlet and a micro-corona ionizer positioned between the inlet and the outlet of the ion injector. The micro-corona ionizer includes a planar electrode and a sharp knife-edged electrode spaced apart from the planar electrode and positioned with the sharp... Agent: Tricorntech Corporation

20140224979 - Mass distribution spectrometry method and mass distribution spectrometer: The present invention provides a mass distribution spectrometry which reduces an influence of the dispersion in the times at which ionizing beams irradiate a sample, on a mass spectrometry result, and can measure the mass distribution with high reliability. The mass distribution spectrometry is a mass spectrometry which includes irradiating... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140224978 - Mass spectrometer: A mass spectrometer is disclosed comprising an ion mobility spectrometer or separator and an ion guide arranged downstream of the ion mobility spectrometer or separator. A plurality of axial potential wells are created in the ion guide so that ions received from the ion mobility spectrometer or separator become confined... Agent: Micromass Uk Limited

20140224973 - Mass spectrometer and mass spectrometric method: A mass spectrometry using helium as cooling gas is performed to obtain a first mass spectrum (S1), and another mass spectrometry using argon, which is heavier than helium, as cooling gas is performed to obtain a second mass spectrum for the same sample (S2). Due to the difference between the... Agent: Shimadzu Corporation

20140224976 - Mass spectrometric determination of fatty acids: The invention relates to the detection of fatty acids. In a particular aspect, the invention relates to methods for detecting very long chain fatty acids and branched chain fatty acids by mass spectrometry.... Agent: Quest Diagnostics Investments Inc

20140224975 - Method of operating a mass filter in mass spectrometry: Disclosed herein is a mass spectrometry method having steps of: transmitting ions from an ion source through a mass filter; processing ions received from the mass filter in a discontinuous ion optical device downstream of the mass filter; operating the mass filter for a plurality of periods in a mass/charge... Agent: Thermo Fisher Scientific (bremen) Gmbh

20140224974 - Photo-dissociation of proteins and peptides in a mass spectrometer: A method of mass spectrometry is disclosed comprising automatically and repeatedly performing multiple cycles of operation, wherein a cycle of operation comprises the steps of: (i) mass analysing first ions; (ii) exposing the first ions to a first photo-dissociation device to form a plurality of second ions and mass analysing... Agent: Micromass Uk Limited

20140224981 - Differentially pumped dual linear quadrupole ion trap mass spectrometer: The present disclosure provides a new tandem mass spectrometer and methods of using the same for analyzing charged particles. The differentially pumped dual linear quadrupole ion trap mass spectrometer of the present disclose includes a combination of two linear quadrupole (LQIT) mass spectrometers with differentially pumped vacuum chambers.... Agent: Purdue Research Foundation

20140224980 - Quadrupole mass spectrometer with enhanced sensitivity and mass resolving power: A novel method and mass spectrometer apparatus is introduced to spatially and temporally resolve images of one or more ion exit patterns of a multipole instrument. In particular, the methods and structures of the present invention measures the ion current as a function of time and spatial displacement in the... Agent: Thermo Finnigan LLC

20140224982 - Time-of-flight mass spectrometer: A thin metal plate and two prismatic-bar-shaped metal members that are parallel to each other are alternately and repeatedly stacked, and the stack is sandwiched between two thick metal plates. Each contact surface is bonded to the counterpart surface by diffusion bonding to form an integrated multilayer body. The multilayer... Agent: Shimadzu Corporation

20140224983 - Ion fragmentation: A collision cell for a mass spectrometer arranged to receive ions for fragmentation in a chamber and comprising an activation ion generator configured to irradiate the received ions with activation ions of the same polarity as the received ions. The activation ion generator is preferably a plasma generator, configured to... Agent:

20140224984 - Plasmas and methods of using them: Plasma devices and methods for using such plasma devices in analytical measurements are disclosed. In certain examples, a low flow plasma may be operative using a total argon gas flow of less than about five liters per minute, and in some embodiments, a plasma argon gas flow of less than... Agent:

20140224985 - Focusing a charged particle imaging system: A charged particle beam focusing apparatus includes a charged particle beam generator configured to project simultaneously at least one non-astigmatic charged particle beam and at least one astigmatic charged particle beam onto locations on a surface of a specimen, thereby causing released electrons to be emitted from the locations. The... Agent: Carl Zeiss Smt Gmbh

20140224987 - Methods of fabricating microelectronic substrate inspection equipment: Microelectronic substrate inspection equipment includes a gas container which contains helium gas, a helium ion generator which is disposed in the gas container and converts the helium gas into helium ions and a wafer stage which is disposed under the gas container and on which a substrate to be inspected... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140224986 - Pattern measurement device and pattern measurement method: A pattern measurement device includes: a storage section storing mask edge data of a circuit pattern and image data obtained by imaging the circuit pattern; an SEM contour extracting section receiving the image data, SEM contour of the circuit pattern, and cause an exposure simulator to generate estimated SEM contour... Agent:

20140224988 - Phase plate and electron microscope: Provided is a phase plate for use in an electron microscope which lessens the problem of image information loss caused by interruption of an electron beam and ameliorates the problem of anisotropic potential distributions. This phase plate comprises openings (23) connected into a single opening, and multiple electrodes (11) arranged... Agent:

20140224989 - Actively tunable polar-dielectric optical devices: Optical devices that include one or more structures fabricated from polar-dielectric materials that exhibit surface phonon polaritons (SPhPs), where the SPhPs alter the optical properties of the structure. The optical properties lent to these structures by the SPhPs are altered by introducing charge carriers directly into the structures. The carriers... Agent: The Government Of The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

20140224990 - Metrology and methods for detection of liquid: One embodiment relates to an apparatus comprising a light source adapted to transmit light through a liquid, and a detector adapted to detect an intensity of the light after it passes through the liquid. The apparatus may also include a device to process data relating to the intensity of the... Agent:

20140224991 - Apparatus and method for determining the effective cementation or nitriding depth of steel components, in particular gears: An apparatus for determining the effective case-hardening or nitriding depth of a steel component comprises a measuring head, including a laser source generating a variable frequency radiation for the scanning of pre-determined portions of the component to be measured; an infrared detector, configured so as to detect infrared radiation generated... Agent: Ge Avio S.r.i.

20140224992 - Radiation sensor to detect different targeted radiation and radiation detection system including the radiation sensor: A radiation sensor can include a first layer and a second layer. The first layer can include a first scintillation material to produce first light in response to receiving a first targeted radiation, and the second layer can include a second scintillation material to produce second light in response to... Agent: Saint-gobain Ceramics & Plastics, Inc.

20140224994 - Radiation detector: A radiation detector includes a scintillator crystal (2) in the form of a slab mounted to be rotated by a drive (4) in a housing (8). A photon detector (6) detects photons emitted by the crystal (2). The crystal (2) is rotated to a number of measurement angles and the... Agent: Ucl Business PLC

20140224993 - Scintillating organic materials and methods for detecting neutron and gamma radiation: Embodiments pertain to a method and apparatus for detection of radiation. Embodiments relate to the detection of fast and/or thermal neutrons. Embodiments are directed to detection of neutrons in high backgrounds of gamma rays. Embodiments can have high sensitivity and/or high gamma discrimination. Embodiments can include a given single material... Agent: Nanoptics, Incorporated

20140224995 - Ion detection: A mass analyser in which ions form packets that oscillate with a period has an ion detector comprising: a detection arrangement; and compensation circuitry. The detection arrangement may comprise: a plurality of detection electrodes detecting image current signals from ions in the mass analyser; and a preamplifier, providing an output... Agent: Thermo Fisher Scientific (bremen) Gmbh

20140224999 - Electrostatic lens and charged particle beam apparatus using the same: To provide an electrostatic lens which improves an irradiation accuracy of an electron beam while satisfying the need for higher throughput. An electrostatic lens according to one embodiment of the present invention includes a substrate which includes an insulating plate in which a plurality of first through holes that allow... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20140224998 - Rf transformer: An RF transformer for supplying power as part of a tank circuit, comprising: a primary side, having at least one main winding and at least one shorting winding, the at least one main winding being configured to receive an RF input; a secondary side, having a first winding inductively coupled... Agent: Thermo Fisher Scientific (bremen) Gmbh

20140224997 - Ultra-miniaturized electron optical microcolumn: An ultra-miniaturized electron optical microcolumn is provided. The electron optical microcolumn includes an electron-emitting source emitting electrons using a field emission principle, an extraction electrode causing the emission of electrons from the electron-emitting source, a focusing electrode to which voltage is flexibly applied in response to a working distance to... Agent: Industry-university Cooperation Foundation Sunmoon University

20140224996 - Method and apparatus for generation of a uniform-profile particle beam: The present invention pertains to an apparatus for generating a charged particle beam comprising a magnetic element for controlling the profile of the beam in a predetermined plane. A cathode can be provided for emitting charged particles and an anode for accelerating the charged particles along an axis of travel.... Agent:

20140225000 - Ion source: The ion source 10 includes: a target 12 from which electron and positive ion are generated by plasma formed by laser 13 irradiation; a first power supply source (first voltage E1) that sets an electric potential of the target 12 higher than that of a destination of the positive ion... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140225001 - Ion generation unit: An ion generation unit (1) provided with an ion generation element (20) for generating ions through application of voltage, and a casing (10) housing the ion generation element. The casing is constituted by a casing body (11) and a rear cover (12). To the inside face of the casing are... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20140225002 - Continuous-flow solar ultraviolet disinfection system for drinking water: Potable drinking water is a scarce resource in many parts of developing countries, especially rural areas. Due to limited financial means of these countries, low cost point-of-use systems are thought to be appropriate technology to treat water. Systems using solar ultraviolet (UV) radiation could be successful since many vulnerable countries... Agent: Purdue Research Foundation

20140225003 - Plant cultivation apparatus for producing the plant having high content of ginsenosides: A plant cultivation apparatus including: a guide rail disposed above a cultivation bed and extending along the length direction of the cultivation bed; a movable unit configured to move along the guide rail; an arm unit having a first end that is coupled to the movable unit, and a second... Agent: Seoul Viosys Co., Ltd.

20140225006 - Method and apparatus for distinguishing radiation emitted by targets and non-targets during surgical laser procedures: Methods and arrangements for distinguishing between target areas and non-target areas during a laser surgical procedure involve coating or otherwise providing the non-target areas with a phosphorescent material that emits radiation, upon stimulation when a predetermined condition occurs, that is distinguishable from the treatment radiation.... Agent:

20140225005 - Particle detecting system and particle detecting method: A particle detecting system includes an airborne particle detecting device that detects scattered light and/or fluorescent light produced through illuminating with light a particle included in a gas, a gas inspection flow path that introduces, into the airborne particle detecting device, a particle included in a gas that is subject... Agent: Azbil Corporation

20140225004 - Resonance fluorescence localization microscopy with sub-wavelength resolution: The resonance fluorescence spectrum of a number of two-level atoms is driven by a gradient coherent laser field. In the weak dipole-dipole interaction region (separation less than λ/50), a very strong laser field may be applied such that the Rabi frequency is much larger than the dipole-dipole interaction energy. From... Agent: The Texas A&m University System

20140225007 - System and method for handling multiple workpieces for matrix configuration processing: A system for loading workpieces into a process chamber for processing in a matrix configuration includes a conveyor configured to transport multiple workpieces in a linear fashion. A workpiece hotel is configured to receive the multiple workpieces from the conveyor. The workpiece hotel comprises a matrix of cells arranged in... Agent:

20140225008 - Multi charged particle beam writing apparatus and multi charged particle beam writing method: A multi charged particle beam writing apparatus according to an embodiment, includes a setting unit to set a second region such that more openings in remaining openings except for an opening through which the defective beam passes are included in the second region, a selection unit to select a mode... Agent: Nuflare Technology, Inc.

20140225009 - Infrared light sources and methods of their use and manufacture: Infrared light sources, along with their methods of formation, are provided. The infrared light source can include a base substrate defining an aperture; a filament extending through the aperture defined by the base substrate; a resistive metal wire wrapped around the filament to define a coil having a first end... Agent:

20140225010 - Hadron treatment planning with adequate biological weighting: Treatment planning methods are provided that determine the variability of relative biological effectiveness (RBE) along a beam line and calculate, among other things, what intensity of hadron beam such as a proton or a carbon ion beam should be applied to achieve a desired biological dose at treatment site of... Agent: Hampton University

20140225011 - Apparatus and system for reading out x-ray information stored in storage phosphor plates: An apparatus and a corresponding system for reading out X-ray information stored in a storage phosphor plate includes a reading device for irradiating the storage phosphor plate with stimulation light and for detecting emitted light excited thereby in the storage phosphor plate, and a transport device for transporting the storage... Agent: Agfa Healthcare Nv

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