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Radiant energy

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04/10/2014 > 36 patent applications in 28 patent subcategories.

20140097327 - Finger navigation module with integrated ambient light sensor: An optical finger navigation module includes a light source configured for emitting light in a first spectrum; a cover housing disposed above the light source, the cover housing including a window plate that is configured to transmit light in at least the first spectrum, and a light guiding structure that... Agent: Sae Magnetics (h.k.) Ltd.

20140097328 - Low power wide dynamic range cmos imager output circuit: An imager has an array of pixels arranged in rows and columns, readout circuitry electrically coupled to the columns to receive signals from the pixels, the readout circuitry having at least one signal path with gain switching, and a threshold detector electrically coupled to the readout circuitry to set a... Agent: Sri International

20140097330 - Method of testing image sensor and related apparatus thereof: A method of testing an image sensor having a plurality of sensing units includes: utilizing the image sensor to generate a plurality of sensing results respectively corresponding to a plurality of captured images, wherein each sensing result includes a plurality of sensing values respectively generated by the sensing units; and... Agent: Pixart Imaging Inc.

20140097329 - Ultra-high speed imaging array with orthogonal readout architecture: A plurality of unit pixels in a two dimensional imaging array are arranged in a manner that signal charges along a given row are added to other relevant signal charges of the same row. Signal charges along a given column are added to other relevant signal charges of the same... Agent:

20140097331 - Light reception circuit and light reception device: A light reception circuit includes a direct current (DC) level shift circuit that shifts a DC voltage level of a first signal or a second signal and outputs a third signal or a fourth signal, or outputs both of the third signal and the fourth signal so that a DC... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140097332 - Imaging device and method: The resolution of conventional imaging devices is restricted by the diffraction limit ‘Perfect’ imaging devices which can achieve a resolution beyond the diffraction limit have been considered impossible to implement. However, the present disclosure provides an imaging device which can achieve improved resolution beyond the diffraction limit and which can... Agent: Cornell University

20140097333 - Monolithic optical packages and methods using aluminum nitride: An apparatus and method are disclosed for providing monolithic optical packages. An embodiment optical package includes a base made of aluminum-nitride (AlN) that is configured to support an optical component, a plurality of sidewalls made of AlN that are coupled to the base, the sidewalls are configured to surround the... Agent: Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

20140097334 - Detection apparatus: A detection apparatus includes: plural light emitting sections that are disposed in a row and that emit parallel light to a passage region, over which an object passes, in a time-staggered manner; one or more light receiving sections that receive the parallel light reflected by or having transmitted through the... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

20140097335 - Single detector detection and characterization of thermal and epithermal neutrons from an earth formation: An apparatus for detecting thermal and epithermal neutrons. The apparatus includes a first radiation responsive element configured to absorb substantially all incident thermal neutrons and produce first light scintillations indicative of the absorbed thermal neutrons and a second radiation responsive element configured to produce second light scintillations indicative of at... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20140097336 - Apparatus and methods for measuring formation characteristics: An apparatus can measure characteristics of a formation surrounding a borehole. The apparatus includes a tool body having a neutron measurement section and a density measurement section. The neutron measurement section includes a neutron source and a neutron detector arrangement spaced in an axial direction from the neutron source. The... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140097337 - Object detecting system for imaging-based barcode readers: An apparatus includes a light emitting diode operative to emit mostly invisible light within an invisible bandwidth, and a scattering surface configured to scatter a first portion of the invisible light from the light emitting diode out of the window. The scattering surface is also partially transparent to allow a... Agent: Symbol Technologies, Inc.

20140097338 - Mass spectrometer, system comprising the same, and methods for determining isotopic anatomy of compounds: A first mass spectrometer includes a first introduction device configured to select between a reference material and a first portion of an analyte and introduce the selected one of the reference material or the first portion of the analyte to an ion source, the first mass spectrometer being configured to... Agent: California Institute Of Technology

20140097339 - Mcp unit, mcp detector, and time-of-flight mass spectrometer: An MCP unit of the present invention has a triode structure with a structure to achieve a desired time response characteristic independent of restrictions from a channel diameter of MCP, and is provided with an MCP group, a first electrode, a second electrode, an anode, and an acceleration electrode. Particularly,... Agent: Hamamatsu Photonics K.k.

20140097340 - Mcp unit, mcp detector, and time-of-flight mass spectrometer: An MCP unit of the present invention has a triode structure with a structure to achieve a desired time response characteristic independent of restrictions from a channel diameter of MCP, and is provided with an MCP group, a first electrode, a second electrode, an anode, and an acceleration electrode. Particularly,... Agent: Hamamatsu Photonics K.k.

20140097342 - Electron microscope and image capturing method using electron beam: The present invention is characterized by an electron microscope which intermittently applies an electron beam to a sample and detects a secondary electron signal, wherein an arbitrarily defined detection time (T2) shorter than the pulse width (Tp) of the applied electron beam is selected, and a secondary electron image is... Agent:

20140097341 - In-column detector for particle-optical column: The invention relates to an in-column back-scattered electron detector, the detector placed in a combined electrostatic/magnetic objective lens for a SEM. The detector is formed as a charged particle sensitive surface, preferably a scintillator disk that acts as one of the electrode faces forming the electrostatic focusing field. The photons... Agent: Fei Company

20140097343 - Spectroscopic detector and corresponding method: The invention relates to a spectroscopic detector, including: at least one waveguide (70) arranged on a substrate (7) and having an input surface (700) to be connected to an electromagnetic source, in particular an infrared source, and a mirror (701) on the opposite surface, so as to generate a standing... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

20140097344 - Terahertz wave measurement device and method: The base plate is transmissive to terahertz waves, and a sample is disposed at the base plate. In the conductive periodic structure, plural transmission portions that transmit terahertz waves are arrayed with a predetermined period. The conductive periodic structure is disposed apart from a position at which the sample is... Agent: The University Of Tokyo

20140097345 - Scintillation detector assembly: A scintillation detector assembly sealed via a compression fit without the use of epoxy or other sealant is disclosed. The assembly includes a scintillator composition and a photomultiplier tube optically coupled to the scintillator. A hermetically sealed scintillator container assembly in accordance with the present disclosure includes a cup shaped... Agent: Scintitech, Inc.

20140097346 - Radiation detection utilizing optical bleaching: A method and device for improving the optical performance (such as time resolution) of scintillation detectors using the optical bleaching technique are disclosed. Light of a selected wavelength is emitted by a light source into a scintillator. The wavelength is selected to meet the minimum energy requirement for releasing of... Agent: Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc.

20140097347 - Device for determining a parameter of a medium: A device (1) is provided for determining at least one parameter of a medium which has a sensor device (2) and an electronic device (3). To provide such a device with a cooling system for at least a portion of its components, the sensor device (2) and/or the electronic device... Agent: Krohne Optosens Gmbh

20140097348 - Detecting apparatus and detecting system apparatus and detecting system: A detecting apparatus formed on a substrate, includes a plurality of pixels arranged in a matrix, and a signal line electrically connected to the pixels. Each of the pixels includes a sensing element that converts radiant ray or light to electric charges, an amplification thin film transistor that outputs an... Agent:

20140097349 - Stabilized thallium bromide radiation detectors and methods of making the same: According to one embodiment, a crystal includes thallium bromide (TlBr), one or more positively charged dopants, and one or more negatively charged dopants. According to another embodiment, a system includes a monolithic crystal including thallium bromide (TlBr), one or more positively charged dopants, and one or more negatively charged dopants;... Agent: Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC

20140097350 - Adhesive detection system for mailpiece creation system: A system and method for detecting adhesive used to produce an envelope in a mailpiece creation system. The system includes a source of ElectroMagnetic (EM) energy in at least the short UV range to illuminate a surface of the substrate material anticipated to have an adhesive deposited thereon in select... Agent:

20140097351 - Boron coated straw neutron detectors distributed in a moderator material: The present invention includes an apparatus and method for neutron radiation detection. The apparatus comprises combining thin walled, boron-coated straw tubes with a plastic moderator material interspersed around the tubes. The method involves using such an apparatus through application of voltage to a central wire running inside the tubes and... Agent: Proportional Technologies, Inc.

20140097352 - Charged practicles beam apparatus and charged particles beam apparatus design method: Method of resolution: To obtain such beams, the following means and methods are effective. A charged particles beam apparatus consisting of a charged particle source, a beam drawing electrode, and a beam control electrode, wherein; after the charged particles beam source a condenser lens is designed, and brightness of the... Agent:

20140097353 - Systems and methods for reduction of pathogens in a biological fluid using variable fluid flow and ultraviolet light irradiation: A system for reducing pathogens in a biological fluid such as whole blood or blood-derived products includes a pump configured to propagate the fluid through a serpentine-shaped flow path while exposing the fluid to UV irradiation. Extensive mixing of flow is accomplished by a pump control system programmed to cause... Agent: Hemalux Technologies LLC

20140097354 - Systems and methods to measure and display the scintillation potential of a diamond or other gemstone: Systems and methods for generating an image of a gemstone under evaluation which is coded according to angular ranges in its angular spectrum across a broad range of tilts, this allows for scintillation of a gemstone to be demonstrated based on a singular coded image of the gemstone. Scintillation information... Agent: American Gem Society

20140097355 - Food warmer: A device for heating or keeping food warm. The device comprises a housing having at least one opening for inserting or removing food, an interior space formed by the housing, and at least one electromagnetic radiation source disposed in the interior space of the housing for emitting heat radiation. The... Agent: Team Kalorik Group N.v.

20140097356 - Display device: A display device is provided. The display device may include an infrared light source; and a light guide pad which is disposed to be adjacent to the infrared light source and includes fluorescent patterns including fluorescent bodies of nano size excited by invisible light irradiated from the infrared light source... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20140097359 - In-line decay-time scanner: The disclosed scanner allows detecting decay time characteristics of light emitted by a luminescent marking on an item which is transported, even at high speed, on a distribution/production line. The detection zone of the scanner's light sensor has a shape elongated along a path of the moving item, and the... Agent: Sicpa Holding Sa

20140097358 - Method and apparatus for imaging a structure marked with a fluorescent dye: In a method for imaging a structure (33) marked with a fluorescent dye in a sample, the sample is repeatedly scanned in a scanning range (28) with a light intensity distribution localised around a focal point (29) of a focused fluorescence excitation light beam. The light intensity distribution further comprises... Agent: Max-planck-gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Wissenschaften E.v.

20140097357 - Quantum-yield measurement device: A quantum-yield measurement device 1 comprises a dark box 5; a light generation unit, having a light exit part 7, for generating the pumping light L1; a light detection unit, having a light entrance part 11, for detecting light to be measured L2; an integrating sphere 14, having a light... Agent: Hamamatsu Photonics K.k.

20140097360 - High output, mid infrared laser source assembly: A laser source assembly for providing an assembly output beam includes a first MIR laser source, a second MIR laser source, and a beam combiner. The first MIR laser source emits a first MIR beam that is in the MIR range and the second MIR laser source emits a second... Agent: Daylight Solutions, Inc.

20140097361 - Method for curing glass-fiber coatings: A UVLED apparatus and method provide efficient curing of an optical-fiber coating onto a drawn glass fiber. The apparatus and method employ one or more UVLEDs that emit electromagnetic radiation into a curing space. An incompletely cured optical-fiber coating, which is formed upon a glass fiber, absorbs emitted and reflected... Agent: Draka Comteq, B.v.

20140097362 - System and method for compressed data transmission in a maskless lithography system: Compression, transmission and decompression of gray-tone imagery data includes receiving a gray-tone image suitable for printing at least a portion of a pattern onto a substrate by operation of an electron beam lithography system, aggregating sets of lines of the gray-tone image into trilines, sequentially encoding each of the trilines... Agent: Kla-tencor Corporation

04/03/2014 > 44 patent applications in 33 patent subcategories.

20140091198 - Laser output measurement mechanism: A laser output measurement mechanism includes a light splitter that is disposed in a state rotated by a predetermined angle about an optical axis of laser light incident thereon, and that reflects a part of the laser light according to a Fresnel reflectivity that depends on a polarization direction and... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140091200 - Optical touch sensitive apparatus and image capturing apparatus: An optical touch sensitive apparatus includes a substrate, a plurality of image capturing lens modules, a light detecting unit, and an optical path switching unit. The substrate has an operation surface. Each of the image capturing lens modules has a light input end and a light output end. The light... Agent: Pixart Imaging Inc.

20140091199 - Variable rate chemical management for agricultural landscapes with nutrition boost: An apparatus configured for dispensing nutrients is provided. The apparatus includes a dispensing system configured for dispensing the nutrients, a variable rate controller operatively connected to the dispensing system and configured to control dispensement of the nutrients from the dispensing system. The variable rate controller is programmed to determine a... Agent:

20140091203 - Detection apparatus, detection system, and method for producing detection apparatus: A detection apparatus includes a plurality of conversion elements, an interlayer insulating layer, and a covering layer. Each of the plurality of conversion elements includes an electrode electrically connected to a corresponding one of a plurality of switching elements and a semiconductor layer disposed on the electrode. The interlayer insulating... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140091204 - Image pickup device: An imaging device includes: a movable lens unit including at least one lens for converging light from a subject and a lens holder supporting the at least one lens; a body base supporting the movable lens unit so as to be capable of moving along a first direction and a... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140091205 - Image sensor, image capturing apparatus, and forming method: An image sensor comprising a plurality of pixels, each of at least part of the plurality of pixels comprises: a plurality of photoelectric conversion parts; a microlens; and a plurality of interlayer lenses formed between the plurality of photoelectric conversion parts and the microlens and integrally formed to correspond to... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140091202 - Imaging apparatus and driving method for imaging apparatus: An aspect of the present disclosure is directed to an imaging apparatus capable of reducing fluctuation in voltage in a current supply line due to fluctuation in a current consumption amount generated when an output circuit shifts from a first state to a second state, and a method for driving... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140091201 - Random estimation analog-to-digital converter: A random estimation analog-to-digital converter for converting a first analog signal into a digital signal includes a random bit generator, a digital-to-analog converter, a summer, an M-bit analog-to-digital converter, and a digital combiner. The random bit generator generates random least significant bits (LSBs) and the digital-to-analog converter then converts the... Agent: Omnivision Technologies, Inc.

20140091206 - Proximity sensor and associated method, computer readable medium and firmware: A proximity detector may include an array of single photon avalanche diodes (SPADs) and an illumination source. Illumination from the illumination source may be reflected by a target to the array of single photon avalanche diodes. The SPADs may be operable to detect events. A number of events detected may... Agent:

20140091207 - Sensor pixels, arrays and array systems and methods therefor: One sensor pixel includes amplifying transistor, coupled between first bias line and data line; switch transistor, operated by control line and coupled between data line and gate of amplifying transistor; storage capacitor, coupled to second bias line; and sensor being coupled to gate of amplifying transistor. Another sensor pixel includes... Agent:

20140091208 - Optical measuring apparatus and optical measuring microchip: There is provided an optical measuring apparatus including a control unit that compensates detection light generated from a reaction area in a microchip, based on optical information from a detection-light-quantity calibration area.... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140091210 - Optical sensor device and image display device: There is provided an optical sensor device that, even when the frame is slimmed, can cause the sensor unit to leave or enter the frame smoothly, as well as can accommodate position shifts of the image display panel caused by activation and resulting heat generation thereof. An optical sensor device... Agent: Eizo Corporation

20140091209 - Radiation detecting apparatus and radiation detecting system: A radiation detecting apparatus includes a sensor panel that has photoelectric conversion elements; a light source unit that has a light guide plate, a light-emitting source disposed at a side surface of the light guide plate, a diffusing plate disposed at one surface of the light guide plate, and a... Agent:

20140091211 - Wavelength tunable interference filter, optical filter device, optical module, and electronic apparatus: A wavelength tunable interference filter includes a fixed substrate, a movable substrate facing the fixed substrate, a fixed reflective film provided on the fixed substrate, a movable reflective film provided on the movable substrate and facing the fixed reflective film with an inter-reflective film gap interposed therebetween, a first wiring... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140091212 - Scale for rotary encoder, method of injection-molding same, and rotary encoder using same: In a radial optical path type rotary encoder, in order to be able to reduce deterioration of resolution and variation among products due to burrs during molding and/or rounding of a die, a scale for a rotary encoder is provided with a scale body which is formed substantially in a... Agent: Kodenshi Corporation

20140091213 - Encoder: The encoder includes a plurality of position-detection-signal generation systems that generates electrical signals as position detection signals having different cycles, respectively; a first computing unit that calculates first position data based on the position detection signals generated by the position-detection-signal generation systems; a second computing unit that calculates second position... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140091214 - Scintillator body with spiral surface scratches: A radiation detector may include a housing and a scintillator body carried by the housing. The scintillator body may have an exterior surface with a plurality of surface scratches spiraling around the exterior surface. A photodetector may be coupled to the scintillator body.... Agent:

20140091215 - Electro-optical inspection apparatus and method with dust or particle collection function: An electro-optical inspection apparatus is provided that is capable of preventing adhesion of dust or particles to the sample surface as much as possible. A stage (100) on which a sample (200) is placed is disposed inside a vacuum chamber (112) that can be evacuated to vacuum, and a dust... Agent: Ebara Corporation

20140091216 - Sample analyzer: A sample analyzer is offered which creates a ternary scatter diagram representing a concentration ratio distribution of three elements out of several elements to be analyzed. This three-dimensional graph is created by adding an axis to the ternary scatter diagram and representing concentration information about the two additional elements on... Agent: Jeol Ltd.

20140091217 - Microbolometer detector with centrally-located support structure: A microbolometer detector has an improved support structure. The microbolometer detector includes a substrate and a support structure including at least one post connected to and projecting substantially vertically from the substrate. The microbolometer detector also includes a platform held above the substrate and including a central region substantially vertically... Agent: Institut National D'optique

20140091218 - Infrared detector system and method: An infrared detector system is described which includes a detector diode array 3 and a non volatile memory 1. The non volatile memory 1 can use CMOS Silicon Fuse technology which can be polysilicon devices that are programmed using voltage-current-time profiles suitable for the silicon process technology, such that when... Agent: Selex Es Ltd

20140091219 - Optical gas sensor device and method for determining the concentration of a gas: A gas sensor device for determining a molar concentration of a gas to be detected, that absorbs light of a measurement wavelength that is characteristic of the gas in the infrared light region, includes a light emission device emitting measurement light of measurement wavelength into a solid angle region of... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140091220 - Microbolometer architecture: An infrared imaging device that groups two or more active radiation detectors with at least one shielded radiation detector for cancelling the self-heating effect from the active radiation detectors is disclosed. A power supply is coupled to the group containing active and at least one shielded radiation detector to provide... Agent: Teledyne Dalsa Inc.

20140091221 - Apparatus for measuring level of molten metal and method for measuring level of molten metal: Provided is an apparatus for measuring a level of molten metal which has a simple structure and is highly robust against a change in level at a local portion of the surface of molten metal. The apparatus for measuring a level of molten metal according to a first aspect of... Agent: Nireco Corporation

20140091222 - Neutron detection apparatus including a gadolinium yttrium gallium aluminum garnet and methods to use same: A neutron detection apparatus can include a scintillator having a formula of Gd3(1-x)Y3aAl5(1-y)Ga5yO12. In an embodiment, x is at least approximately 0.05 and no greater than approximately 0.5 and y is at least approximately 0.05 and no greater than approximately 0.95. The scintillator can be capable of emitting scintillating light... Agent:

20140091224 - Apparatus including a light emitting device, a layer having a positive refractive index, and a layer having a negative refractive index: An apparatus can include a light emitting device and a light sensing device optically coupled to the light emitting device via a first layer and a second layer. In an embodiment, the first layer can have a first thickness and a first index of refraction with a value greater than... Agent:

20140091226 - Photosensor testing apparatus, a radiation detection apparatus including a photosensor and a method of selecting the photosensor for the radiation detection apparatus: A photosensor testing apparatus can be used to test photosensors. A light module can produce simulating light that corresponds to scintillating light of a scintillator or a derivative of the scintillating light. A photosensor under test can produce an output that can be analyzed. A particular photosensor can be determined... Agent:

20140091225 - Radiation imaging apparatus, radiation imaging system, and radiation imaging apparatus manufacturing method: The present invention provides a radiation imaging apparatus including a sensor substrate on which photoelectric conversion elements are arranged, a scintillator base on which a scintillator layer for converting radiation into light with a wavelength detectable by the photoelectric conversion elements is arranged, and which is adhered to the sensor... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140091223 - Scintillation pixel array, radiation sensing apparatus including the scintillation pixel array and a method of forming a scintillation pixel array: The disclosure relates to a scintillation pixel array, a radiation sensing apparatus, a scintillation apparatus, and methods of making a scintillation pixel array wherein scintillation pixels have beveled surfaces and a reflective material around the beveled surfaces. The embodiments described herein can reduce the amount of cross-talk between adjacent scintillation... Agent:

20140091227 - Neutron sensor, a neutron sensing apparatus including the neutron sensor and processes of forming the neutron sensors: A neutron sensor includes neutron-sensing particles and a scintillator coating surrounding the neutron-sensing particles. In an embodiment, the neutron-sensing particles include 6LiF particles, the scintillator coating includes ZnS, or both. In another embodiment, the scintillator coating can coat more than one neutron-sensing particle. In a further embodiment, the scintillator coating... Agent:

20140091228 - Method and apparatus for supplying bias drive voltage to radiation detector: A radiation detecting apparatus includes a radiation detector, a power source, a current detector, and a bias voltage adjuster. The detector includes a semiconductor layer having a compound semiconductor directly converting incoming radiation photons to electric charges and a pair of electrode layers stacked individually on both surfaces of the... Agent: Telesystems Co., Ltd

20140091229 - Electrode for a charged particle beam lens: An electrode to be used for an electrostatic charged particle beam lens includes at least one through hole. The at least one through hole includes a first region having a first opening contour and a second region having a second opening contour to be positioned on an upstream side of... Agent:

20140091230 - Uv flux multiplication system for sterilizing air, medical devices and other materials: An ultraviolet flux multiplying air sterilization chamber comprises inner surfaces having a diffuse reflective behavior. The sterilization chamber includes an inlet aperture and an outlet aperture for air to flow through said chamber and a light source emitting an ultraviolet light. Due to the reflectivity of the inner surfaces of... Agent: Novatron, Inc.

20140091231 - Inhibiting open channel flow in water tubes of an ultraviolet fluid disinfection system: An ultraviolet-based disinfection system is presented here. The system includes a fluid flow tube configured to accommodate fluid to be treated, and an ultraviolet energy source adjacent to the fluid flow tube. The ultraviolet energy source is configured to emit ultraviolet energy for treating fluid flowing within the fluid flow... Agent: Enaqua

20140091232 - Charged particle beam apparatus and electrostatic chuck apparatus: To improve an apparatus reliability by applying a voltage suitable to a situation, a charged-particle-beam apparatus 1 of the present invention includes: a sample stage 25; an electrostatic chuck 30; and an electrostatic-chuck controlling unit 13, and generates an image of a sample 24 by irradiating the sample 24 held... Agent: Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

20140091233 - Axial illumination for capillary electrophoresis: System and method for fluorescent light excitation and detection from samples to enhance the numerical aperture and/or reduce the cross-talk of the fluorescent light.... Agent: Applied Biosystems, LLC

20140091234 - Method to improve light extraction from scintillators: A method to improve light extraction from scintillators in a gamma ray detector, the method including forming a roughened layer on a light-emitting surface of the scintillators, the roughened thin layer having a pillar/column or a corn-shaped structure.... Agent:

20140091235 - Scintillator panel and method for manufacturing scintillator panel: A scintillator panel including: a plate-like substrate; a grid-like barrier rib provided on the substrate; and a scintillator layer composed of a phosphor filled in cells divided by the barrier rib, wherein the barrier rib is formed of a material which is mainly composed of a low-melting-point glass containing 2... Agent: Toray Industries, Inc.

20140091236 - Lamp fixture with onboard memory circuit, and related lamp monitoring system: A system having a host device and a lamp fixture is presented here. The host device includes a lamp receptacle and a host controller coupled to the lamp receptacle. The lamp fixture includes a lamp bulb body, an electrical interface, and a memory circuit coupled to the electrical interface. The... Agent: Enaqua

20140091238 - Energy degrader and charged particle beam irradiation system equipped therewith: An energy degrader includes a plurality of attenuating members configured to attenuate the energy of an incident charged particle beam, the plurality of attenuating members having different amounts of energy to be attenuated. A low-energy-side attenuating member that is the attenuating member with a larger amount of energy to be... Agent: Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20140091237 - Ion beam sample preparation apparatus and methods: Disclosed are embodiments of an ion beam sample preparation apparatus and methods. The apparatus has disposed in a vacuum chamber at least one tilting ion beam irradiating means with intensity control, a rotation stage with rotation control, a sample holder, and an adjustable positioning stage that has two axes of... Agent: Gatan, Inc.

20140091240 - Pulsed uv-light source: The disclosure relates to a tunable optical light source spanning the UV-range and possible also the visible and near-IR wavelengths. The tunable optical light source includes an input light source, a focusing element, a non-linear crystal arranged to convert the frequency of at least part of the output spectrum of... Agent: Nkt Photonics A/s

20140091239 - System and method to adaptively pre-compensate for target material push-out to optimize extreme ultraviolet light production: Energy output from a laser-produced plasma (LPP) extreme ultraviolet light (EUV) system varies based on how well the laser beam is focused on droplets of target material to generate plasma at a primary focal spot. Maintaining droplets at the primary focal spot during burst firing is difficult because generated plasma... Agent:

20140091241 - Composite metal foam and methods of preparation thereof: The present invention is directed to composite metal foams comprising hollow metallic spheres and a solid metal matrix. The composite metal foams show high strength, particularly in comparison to previous metal foams, while maintaining a favorable strength to density ratio. The composite metal foams can be prepared by various techniques,... Agent: Nc State University

03/27/2014 > 59 patent applications in 39 patent subcategories.

20140084133 - Electromagnetic interference identification: A system and method for device identification includes a receiver adapted to detect an electromagnetic radiation interference signal emitted by a device and a microprocessor operatively connected to the receiver. The microprocessor may identify at least one device characteristic parameter of the electromagnetic radiation signal. The system includes memory for... Agent: Alcatel-lucent Bell N.v.

20140084134 - Miniaturized optical system, light source module and portable electronic device: There is provided a miniaturized optical system including a protection cover, a light source, an image sensor and at least one interference film. The protection cover has a first surface and a second surface. The light source and the image sensor are disposed opposite to the first surface of the... Agent: Pixart Imaging Inc.

20140084135 - Backside-illuminated photosensor array with white, yellow ad red-sensitive elements: A monolithic backside-sensor-illumination (BSI) image sensor has a sensor array is tiled with a multiple-pixel cells having a first pixel sensor primarily sensitive to red light, a second pixel sensor primarily sensitive to red and green light, and a third pixel sensor having panchromatic sensitivity, the pixel sensors laterally adjacent... Agent: Omnivision Technologies, Inc.

20140084140 - Data processing circuit and solid-state imaging device: A data processing circuit that holds a state of a clock signal of each phase of an input multi-phase clock at a timing of an input latch clock, the multi-phase clock including clock signals of a plurality of phases sequentially shifted at certain intervals determined in advance, and generates a... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20140084139 - Image sensing apparatus: Each microlens exhibits a distortion aberration characteristic in which the ratio of a range where a light beam having passed through the microlens forms an image on a predetermined number of pixels associated with the microlens when the imaging optical system takes the second f-number, to a range where a... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140084141 - Light blocking ink, microlens array unit, image processing apparatus: A light blocking ink includes a vinyl ether compound, an alicyclic epoxy compound, an oxetane compound, a light blocking material, and a photoacid generating agent. The light blocking ink may be employed in a microlens array unit to block stray light. The microlens array unit may be employed in an... Agent: Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha

20140084136 - Optical recognition system and method thereof: The present invention is related to an optical recognition system and a method thereof, and more particularly to an optical recognition system and a method that adopts a single-slope analog-to-digital converter to proceed a single-slope analog-to-digital conversion in order to have an image with a wide dynamic range.... Agent: National Tsing Hua University

20140084138 - Solid-state image sensor, method for the same, and electronic device: There is provided a solid-state image sensor including a photoelectric conversion part which generates a charge corresponding to received light and accumulates the charge therein, a charge holding part in which before the charge accumulated in the photoelectric conversion part is transferred to a floating diffusion region, the charge is... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140084142 - Solid-state image taking device and electronic apparatus: A solid-state image taking device including a pixel section and a scan driving section wherein on each pixel column included in the pixel area determined in advance to serve as a pixel column having the unit pixels laid out in the scan direction, the opto-electric conversion section and the electric-charge... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140084143 - Solid-state imaging device, method for driving the same, method for manufacturing the same, and electronic device: A solid-state imaging device includes a photoelectric conversion section configured to generate photocharges and a transfer gate that transfers the photocharges to a semiconductor region. A method for driving a unit pixel includes a step of accumulating photocharges in a photoelectric conversion section and a step of accumulating the photocharges... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140084137 - Switchable substrates for photography and video enhancement applications: This disclosure provides systems, methods and apparatus relating to implementations of a switchable substrate that can be used in an imaging device. In one aspect, the switchable substrate includes a plurality of pixels, with each pixel having at least one switchable element. The switchable element can be switched between a... Agent:

20140084144 - Method and system for optoelectronic receivers utilizing waveguide heterojunction phototransistors integrated in a cmos soi wafer: A method and system for optoelectronic receivers utilizing waveguide heterojunction phototransistors (HPTs) integrated in a CMOS SOI wafer are disclosed and may include receiving optical signals via a top surface of a photonically-enabled CMOS chip; and generating electrical signals in the chip utilizing one or more HPTs that detect optical... Agent:

20140084146 - Group v doping of gaas-based layers to improve radiation tolerance of solar cells: Methods for improving the performance and lifetime of irradiated photovoltaic cells are disclosed, whereby Group-V elements, and preferably nitrogen, are used to dope semiconductor GaAs-based subcell alloys.... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140084145 - Optical package with removably attachable cover: An optical package having a removably attachable cover and a body is disclosed. The body comprises a ridge whereas the cover comprises a ridge opposing structure. The cover may be form-fitted onto the body defining therein a compartment for receiving an optical sensor. The optical sensor may receive light from... Agent: Avago Technologies GeneralIP(singapore) Pte. Ltd.

20140084147 - Method for the chip-integrated spectroscopic identification of solids, liquids, and gases: Methods and systems for a label-free on-chip optical absorption spectrometer consisting of a photonic crystal slot waveguide are disclosed. The invention comprises an on-chip integrated optical absorption spectroscopy device that combines the slow light effect in photonic crystal waveguide and optical field enhancement in a slot waveguide and enables detection... Agent: Omega Optics, Inc.

20140084148 - Optical-quality cover for use with an optical coupling system, and an optical communications module that incorporates the optical-quality cover: In an optical communications module, an optical-quality (O-Q) cover is provided for use with an optical coupling system for protecting a diffractive grating of the optical coupling system from environmental contamination. In accordance with illustrative embodiments, the O-Q cover is used with an optical coupling system that includes a unitary,... Agent: Avago Technologies GeneralIP(singapore) Pte. Ltd.

20140084149 - Use of spectral information to extend temperature range of gamma-ray detector: A method is for detecting gamma rays using a gamma ray detector, and includes determining a first count of gamma rays having an energy in a first energy interval, using a controller coupled to the gamma ray detector. A second count of gamma rays having an energy in a second... Agent:

20140084150 - Scintillator with tapered geometry for radiation detectors: A radiation detector may include a housing, and a scintillator body carried within the housing and including a proximal portion defining a proximal end, a distal portion defining a distal end, and a medial portion between the proximal portion and the distal portion. The scintillator body may have a constant... Agent:

20140084152 - Matrix additive for mass spectrometry: where R is an alkyl group having 6 to 10 carbon atoms and the substituted carboxyl group and hydroxyl group are ortho or meta to each other. A matrix additive for mass spectrometry, which is represented by the above formula (I). The above additive which is added to a matrix... Agent: Shimadzu Corporation

20140084151 - Matrix assisted laser desorption ionisation mass spectrometry imaging (maldi-msi): A method of preparing a sample for matrix assisted laser desorption ionisation mass spectrometry imaging analysis by a two-step process. Firstly, a MALDI matrix is dusted on to the sample followed by a spray of a suitable solvent onto the dusted sample. The present method has been successfully applied to... Agent: Sheffield Hallam University

20140084153 - Nanoparticulate assisted nanoscale molecular imaging by mass spectrometery: Methods and devices for mass spectrometry are described, specifically the use of nanoparticulate implantation as a matrix for secondary ion and more generally secondary particles. A photon beam source or a nanoparticulate beam source can be used a desorption source or a primary ion/primary particle source.... Agent: Ionwerks, Inc.

20140084154 - Apparatus for providing gaseous sample ions/molecules and a corresponding method: An apparatus for providing gaseous sample ions/molecules from liquid droplets containing sample ions/molecules. The apparatus has a chamber having one or more walls which define an interior of the chamber, the chamber being configured to receive liquid droplets containing sample ions/molecules. The apparatus also has a gas flow producing means... Agent:

20140084155 - Spatial focusing ion gate assembly and spatial focusing ion mobility spectrometer: Provided is a spatial focusing ion mobility tube, including an ionzation source, an ion gate, a grid mesh and a faraday disc. A focusing grid mesh parallel to the ion gate is provided at one side of the ion gate away from the ionization source, and the ion gate and... Agent: Dalian Institute Of Chemical Physics, Chenese Academy Of Sciences

20140084156 - Radio frequency (rf) ion guide for improved performance in mass spectrometers at high pressure: Ion guides for use in mass spectrometry (MS) systems are described. The ion guides are configured to provide a reflective electrodynamic field and a direct current (DC or static) electric field to provide ion beams that are more spatially confined with a comparatively large mass range. Some ion guides are... Agent: Agilent Technologies, Inc.

20140084157 - System and method for ex situ analysis of a substrate: A method and system for creating an asymmetrical lamella for use in an ex situ TEM, SEM, or STEM procedure is disclosed. The shape of the lamella provides for easy orientation such that a region of interest in the lamella can be placed over a hole in a carbon film... Agent: Fei Company

20140084158 - Scanning electron microscope: A scanning electron microscope has a first condenser lens (121) having a lens gap (121a) facing toward an electron source (50) and a second condenser lens (122) having a lens gap (122a) facing toward an objective lens (13). The first and second condenser lenses are disposed between the electron source... Agent: Jeol Ltd.

20140084159 - Scanning electron microscope and method for preparing specimen: To select a highly critical defect as a defect to be analyzed, an automatic classification result from a review SEM is used to select a defect to be analyzed. Further, to avoid an effect on a defect itself, a mark is placed in a position associated with the defect with... Agent: Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

20140084160 - Photon induced near field electron microscope and biological imaging system: A method of obtaining PINEM images includes providing femtosecond optical pulse, generating electron pulses, and directing the electron pulses towards a sample. The method also includes overlapping the femtosecond optical pulses and the electron pulses spatially and temporally at the sample and transferring energy from the femtosecond optical pulses to... Agent: California Institute Of Technology

20140084162 - Detector assembly for a scintillation article: A detector assembly includes a cap assembly configured to close an end of a detector housing that is configured to contain a sensor therein, the cap assembly has a radially expandable member configured to expand radially within the detector housing and lock the position of the cap assembly relative to... Agent: Saint-gobain Ceramics & Plastics, Inc.

20140084161 - Radiation detection device: According to one embodiment, a radiation detection device includes a chassis, a radiation detection panel, a support plate and a circuit board. The chassis includes an incident face cover and a side face portion covering a side face perpendicular to the incident face cover. The radiation detection panel is housed... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140084163 - Terahertz-wave generating apparatus and measuring unit equipped with the same: Provided is a compact terahertz-wave generating apparatus that generates terahertz waves at high output and high efficiency. A terahertz-wave generating apparatus includes an electromagnetic-wave resonator including a hollow fiber in which an electromagnetic-wave gain medium is disposed, the electromagnetic-wave gain medium generating terahertz waves when exciting energy is supplied thereto,... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140084164 - Specimen measuring method: The characteristics of a specimen are measured by holding the specimen on an aperture array structure having apertures, applying an electromagnetic wave to the aperture array structure, and detecting frequency characteristics of the electromagnetic wave reflected by the aperture array structure. A liquid is directly or indirectly attached to at... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140084165 - Selectable lens button for a hazard detector and method therefor: According to one embodiment, a hazard detector includes a front casing coupled with a back plate to define a housing having an interior region. The hazard detector also includes a passive infrared sensor device that is disposed within the interior region and that is positioned to face a room within... Agent:

20140084166 - Flame sensor integrity monitoring: A flame detector includes a medium wavelength infrared bolometer having an array of pixel elements disposed within a housing. Optics supported by the housing and disposed with respect to the bolometer direct infrared radiation from a flame to the pixel elements of the array and direct radiation from a separate... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140084167 - Scintillator and radiation detector: Provided is a scintillator having a function of waveguiding scintillation light to a photodetector and having a structure for increasing an amount of absorption of radiation. The scintillator has a first surface and a second surface which are not located on a same surface, and includes: a first phase; and... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140084170 - Optimized scintilator crystals for pet: When employing specular reflective material in a scintillator crystal array, light trapping in the crystal due to repetitive internal reflection is mitigated by roughening at least one side (16) of each of a plurality of pre-formed polished scintillator crystals. A specular reflector material (30) is applied (deposited, wrapped around, etc.)... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140084168 - Radiation detection apparatus with noise compensation and a method of using the same: A radiation detection apparatus includes a sonde having a housing and comprising a scintillator disposed within the housing and a calibration source coupled to the scintillator to fluoresce the scintillator at a known wavelength of electromagnetic radiation. The radiation detection apparatus further includes an electromagnetic radiation sensing device coupled to... Agent:

20140084169 - Timing response improvement in light-sharing detectors: A method for improving timing response in light-sharing scintillation detectors is disclosed. The method includes detecting an event, by a plurality of photo sensors, from a scintillation crystal. The method then includes sampling and digitizing the photo sensor outputs by an analog-to-digital converter. Then the method includes correcting associated timing... Agent: Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc.

20140084171 - Systems and methods for scanning with radiation detectors: Systems and methods for scanning with radiation detectors are provided. One system includes at least one radiation scanning camera-head, an array of at least one pixelated radiation detector having an imaging surface including a two dimensional array of pixels, and a scanning unit positioned between the radiation detector and the... Agent: General Electric Company

20140084172 - Semiconductor photo-detection device and radiation detection apparatus: On the front side of an n-type semiconductor substrate, p-type regions are two-dimensionally arranged in an array. A high-concentration n-type region and a p-type region are disposed between the p-type regions adjacent each other. The high-concentration n-type region is formed by diffusing an n-type impurity from the front side of... Agent: Hamamatsu Photonics K.k.

20140084173 - Semiconductor photo-detection device and radiation detection apparatus: On the front side of an n-type semiconductor substrate, p-type regions are two-dimensionally arranged in an array. A high-concentration n-type region and a p-type region are disposed between the p-type regions adjacent each other. The high-concentration n-type region is formed by diffusing an n-type impurity from the front side of... Agent: Hamamatsu Photonics K.k.

20140084174 - Photonic crystal scintillators and methods of manufacture: Photonic crystal scintillators and their methods of manufacture are provided. Exemplary methods of manufacture include using a highly-ordered porous anodic alumina membrane as a pattern transfer mask for either the etching of underlying material or for the deposition of additional material onto the surface of a scintillator. Exemplary detectors utilizing... Agent: Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, LLC

20140084175 - Radiographic imaging device, method for achieving pixel value, and non-transitory computer readable medium: The present invention provides a radiation imaging device including: a radiation amount detection pixel that generates charges in amounts corresponding to irradiated radiation amounts; a charge amplifier that accumulates charges provided from the radiation amount detection pixel, and that outputs output signals with signal levels corresponding to accumulated charge amounts;... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140084176 - Material aging test apparatus and method thereof: A material aging test apparatus and method thereof are provided. The aging apparatus includes a pulsed laser, a beam expansion assembly, a platform, and a spectrum analyzer. The pulsed laser is used for transmitting a first beam. The beam expansion assembly is used for converting the first beam into a... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20140084177 - Radiation detector: The radiation detector includes: a housing defining an enclosed space filled with a radiation detection gas; first and second electrodes opposing each other across the enclosed space; insulating materials covering surfaces of the first and second electrodes facing the enclosed space; and a voltage source for applying a voltage to... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140084178 - Applying crt tube-type electron directingplates in a double slit system to provide an observable bridge between classical and quantum physics: Applying a Double Slit System in combination with Cathode Ray Tube-type electron directing plates between which an electron travels on its way to the Slits, and to which plates are applied precise voltage potentials in use, allows controlling where, within the width of a Double Slit System Slit an electron... Agent:

20140084179 - Exposure chamber and a system for reduction of pathogens in a biological fluid using ultraviolet irradiation by light emitting diodes: An exposure chamber for reducing pathogens in a biological fluid such as whole blood or blood-derived products includes a serpentine-shaped UV-transparent flow path and closely positioned ultraviolet light emitting diodes configured for emanating UV irradiation towards the biological fluid at peak wavelength of 250 nm to 270 nm. The control... Agent: Hemalux Technologies LLC

20140084180 - Material aging apparatus: An aging apparatus including a pulse laser, a beam expansion assembly, and a platform configured to carry an object is provided. The pulse laser transmits a first beam to the beam expansion assembly. The beam expansion assembly expands the first beam to a second beam and projects the second beam... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20140084181 - Irregular excitation of optical sensors: A material is excited with light whose intensity is modulated according to a modulation signal. The modulation signal includes multiple transitions between at least two intensity levels, with times of at least a first contiguous sequence of the transitions being selected according to an irregular pattern. A response of the... Agent:

20140084183 - Extreme ultraviolet light generation system: An apparatus used with a laser apparatus may include a chamber, a target supply for supplying a target material to a region inside the chamber, a laser beam focusing optical system for focusing a laser beam from the laser apparatus in the region, and an optical system for controlling a... Agent: Gigaphoton Inc.

20140084182 - Light emitting device package: Embodiments provide a light emitting device package including a package body, at least one electrode pattern placed on the package body, at least one light emitting device electrically connected to the electrode pattern, a heat dissipation member inserted into the package body to thermally come into contact with the light... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20140084184 - Apparatus for and method of drawing: A drawing apparatus accepts a selection manipulation for selecting the type of shape of a light outgoing ratio function defining a relationship between the position of modulation units included in an optical unit as seen in the direction of the arrangement of the modulation units and a light outgoing ratio... Agent:

20140084186 - Euv-strahlungserzeugungsvorrichtung und betriebsverfahren dafuer: The invention relates to extreme ultraviolet “EUV” radiation generating systems that include a vacuum chamber where a target material can be positioned at a target position for generation of EUV radiation, and a beam guiding chamber for guiding a laser beam from a driver laser device towards the target position.... Agent: Trumpf Laser- Und Systemtechnik Gmbh

20140084185 - Reflector for ultraviolet sterilizer fixture: An ultraviolet (UV) germicidal or sterilization fixture having a dual parabolic reflecting assembly for collimating and redirecting UV light. The first pair of parabolic reflectors are positioned to collimate and reflect light emanating from the sides of the UV light source and spaced apart proximately to the rear surface of... Agent:

20140084187 - Infusion system with radioisotope detector: A shielding assembly for an infusion system includes a plurality of compartments and a door for each compartment, and provides a radioactive radiation barrier for the compartments. One of the compartments contains a radioisotope generator of the infusion system and another of the compartments may contain a waste bottle of... Agent: Bracco Diagnostics Inc.

20140084188 - Apparatus for measuring the optoelectronic characteristics of light-emitting diode: An apparatus for measuring the optoelectronic characteristics of a light-emitting diode includes: a container including a light input port and a light output port; a measurement module connected to the light output port of the container; a sample holder under the container for holding a light-emitting diode under test, wherein... Agent: Epistar Corporation

20140084189 - Tape detector: A device and a system for detecting a tape or a piece of glue on a document and methods for detecting a tape or a piece of glue on a document are described. The device comprises at least one light source, at least one light receiver and at least one... Agent:

20140084191 - Detection apparatus: A detection apparatus comprising a chuck, a probe device, a light-sensing device and a light-concentrating unit is disclosed. The chuck bears light-emitting diode chips. The probe device includes two probes and a power supply. The end point of the probes respectively electrically connects with one of the light-emitting diode chips... Agent: Genesis Photonics Inc

20140084190 - Optical connector with enhancing pins securing shell on circuit board: An optical connector includes a circuit board, at least one light emitter, at least one light receiver, a shell, and at least two enhancing pins. The circuit board includes a mounting surface. The at least one light emitter and at least one light receiver are mounted on the mounting surface.... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

03/20/2014 > 50 patent applications in 33 patent subcategories.

20140077057 - 3d-stacked backside illuminated image sensor and method of making the same: A stacked image sensor and method for making the same are provided. The stacked image sensor includes an upper chip with a pixel array thereon. The second chip includes a plurality of column circuits and row circuits associated with the columns and rows of the pixel array and disposed in... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140077065 - Ad conversion circuit and solid-state imaging apparatus: An AD conversion circuit and a solid-state imaging apparatus reduce the occurrence of errors in encoding a lower phase signal while securing a degree of freedom of selection of a count clock. A detection circuit performs an operation of detecting logic states of m (m is a natural number of... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20140077062 - Back side illuminated image sensors with back side charge storage: A back side illuminated image sensor may be provided with an array of image sensor pixels. Each image sensor pixel may include a substrate having a front surface and a back surface. The image sensor pixels may have a charge storage region formed at the back surface and a charge... Agent: Aptina Imaging Corporation

20140077061 - Backside illuminated image sensors having buried light shields with absorptive antireflective coating: An image sensor with an array of image sensor pixels is provided. Each image pixel may include a photodiode and associated pixel circuits formed in the front surface of a semiconductor substrate. Buried light shielding structures may be formed on the back surface of the substrate to prevent pixel circuitry... Agent: Aptina Imaging Corporation

20140077063 - Imagers with stacked integrated circuit dies: An imager may include an imaging die that is stacked with an image processing die. The imaging die may generate output signals from received light. The image processing die may process the output signals. Through-silicon vias of the imaging die or solder balls may electrically couple the imaging die to... Agent: Aptina Imaging Corporation

20140077066 - Manufacturing of an imager device and imager device: Embodiments related to the manufacturing of an imager device and an imager device are disclosed. Embodiments associated with methods of an imager device are also disclosed.... Agent:

20140077064 - Optic instrument with wavefront analyser: In the field of optic instruments comprising at least one optical architecture, a photoreception assembly and means for acquisition and analysis of the images arising from the said photoreception assembly, the acquisition and analysis means comprising an algorithm of phase diversity type, an optical architecture comprises an optical plate of... Agent:

20140077059 - Solid state imaging device, driving method of solid state imaging device, and electronic device: There is provided a solid state imaging device including a photoelectric conversion unit that performs photoelectric conversion of converting incident light into charges and accumulates the charges, a charge-voltage conversion unit that converts the charges which have been subjected to the photoelectric conversion by the photoelectric conversion unit into a... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140077060 - Solid-state image sensor and electronic device: There is provided a solid-state imaging device including a substrate having a surface over which a plurality of photodiodes are formed, and a protection film that is transparent, has a water-proofing property, and includes a side wall part vertical to the surface of the substrate and a ceiling part covering... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140077058 - Solid-state image sensor, control method for the same, and electronic device: There is provided a solid-state image sensor including a plurality of unit pixels each including a photoelectric transducer generating a charge corresponding to an amount of incident light and accumulating the charge therein, a first transfer gate transferring the charge accumulated in the photoelectric transducer, a charge holding region where... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140077067 - Solid-state imaging device: Unit pixel cells each includes: a photoelectric conversion film; a transparent electrode; a pixel electrode; an amplification transistor; a reset transistor; and an element isolation STI and a leakage suppression region for electrically isolating the amplification transistor and the reset transistor, the first isolation region being in a silicon substrate,... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140077068 - Solid-state imaging device and driving method thereof: A solid-state imaging device in which the potential of a signal line, which is obtained before a pixel has an operating period, is fixed to an intermediate potential between a first power-supply potential and a second power-supply potential.... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140077069 - Solid-state imaging device which can expand dynamic range: According to one embodiment, a solid-state imaging device includes an area and color filters. The area includes pixels. Each of the pixels includes a first photodiode, a first read transistor, a second photodiode, a second read transistor, a floating diffusion, a reset transistor, and an amplifying transistor. The first photodiode... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140077070 - Unit for determining the type of a dominating light source by means of two photodiodes: The invention relates to a unit (1) for determining the dominant light source type in electromagnetic radiation (2) incident on the unit (1) and generated from a plurality of light sources of different types. The unit comprises at least one first photodiode (10) designed to detect electromagnetic radiation in the... Agent: Osram Opto Semiconductors Gmbh

20140077071 - Method, apparatus and system providing a storage gate pixel with high dynamic range: A method, apparatus and system are described providing a high dynamic range pixel. An integration period has multiple sub-integration periods during which charges are accumulated in a photosensor and repeatedly transferred to a storage node, where the charges are accumulated for later transfer to another storage node for output.... Agent: Micron Technology, Inc.

20140077072 - Optics sensor structure for detecting water or oil leakage inside a conservator having a bladder or membrane: Optical sensor structure senses the presence of liquid in a sealed conservator tank. The sensor structure includes a sensor head having a body with first and second opposing ends, a plurality of perforations through the body and spaced between the first and second ends, and a mirror disposed at the... Agent:

20140077073 - Scintillation detector gain control: A method, apparatus, and computer program products for controlling gain in a scintillation detector. Calibration count rates, each representing an integral count rate above a different threshold, are obtained from a photomultiplier tube. Photomultiplier tube gain is adjusted if a result from evaluating a relationship of calibration count rates varies... Agent:

20140077074 - Seismic prediction with decay products: A system and methods relating to the detection of unattached radioactive particles. Seismic events are correlated with an increased release of radon and related decay chain products. An apparatus is described for determining the increase in the unattached particles as an indicator for seismic activity. The apparatus may be used... Agent:

20140077075 - Multi-electrode ion trap: This invention relates generally to multi-reflection electrostatic systems, and more particularly to improvements in and relating to the Orbitrap electrostatic ion trap. A method of operating an electrostatic ion trapping device having an array of electrodes operable to mimic a single electrode is proposed, the method comprising determining three or... Agent: Thermo Finnigan LLC

20140077076 - Time-of-flight mass spectrometer and method of controlling same: A flight-of-time mass spectrometer is offered which can provide a variable range of collisional energies that can be made wider than heretofore. Also, a method of controlling this spectrometer is offered. The spectrometer has an ion source, a first mass analyzer, an ion gate, a potential lift, a collisional cell,... Agent: Jeol Ltd.

20140077077 - Dual-lens-gun electron beam apparatus and methods for high-resolution imaging with both high and low beam currents: One embodiment relates to an electron beam apparatus which includes a dual-lens electron gun for emitting an electron beam. The electron beam is a high beam-current electron beam in a first operating mode and a low beam-current electron beam in a second operating mode. The apparatus further includes a column... Agent:

20140077079 - Electron beam irradiation apparatus: The present invention has for its object to provide an electron beam irradiation apparatus which can suppress influences the electric fields generated by a plurality of backscattered electron detectors have. To attain the above object, an electron beam irradiation apparatus equipped with, a scanning deflector comprises a plurality of backscattered... Agent: Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

20140077078 - Inspection apparatus: An inspection apparatus includes: beam generation means for generating any of charged particles and electromagnetic waves as a beam; a primary optical system that guides the beam into an inspection object held in a working chamber and irradiates the inspection object with the beam; a secondary optical system that detects... Agent:

20140077080 - X-ray detector for electron microscope: Multiple detectors arranged in a ring within a specimen chamber provide a large solid angle of collection. The detectors preferably include a shutter and a cold shield that reduce ice formation on the detector. By providing detectors surrounding the sample, a large solid angle is provided for improved detection and... Agent: Fei Company

20140077081 - Inspection apparatus for sheet: An inspection apparatus for a sheet of paper subjected to a process to impart a translucent property such as a “watermark” or a “security window” includes: an inspection cylinder in which a surface facing the sheet of paper is provided with a blackened portion; IR-LED illuminators which irradiate the sheet... Agent: Komori Corporation

20140077082 - Sensor for venous networks of a part of a living body:

20140077083 - Method and meter for determining gas quality: An example method of detecting components of a gas includes detecting substantially all components of a gas using distinct infrared wavelengths within a portion of the infrared spectrum, the portion being less than the entire infrared spectrum.... Agent:

20140077084 - Sensitivity adjustment device: A sensitivity adjustment device may include: a light receiver configured to receive a reflected light that has been emitted from a light emitting unit and reflected by a reflector, the light receiver being configured to convert the reflected light into an analog electrical signal; an A/D converter configured to convert... Agent: Yokogawa Electric Corporation

20140077085 - Radiation detector having a ribbed scintillator: A system for efficient neutron detection is described. The system includes a neutron scintillator formed with a number of protruding parallel ribs each side of the scintillator, forming a first set of ribs and a second set of ribs. The ribs have a protrusion height that provides a selected neutron... Agent: Parttec Ltd.

20140077086 - System and method for linearization of multi-camera flat panel x-ray detectors: System and method for linearization of photometric response of an imaging sensor of a multi-camera flat panel X-Ray detector. The linearization includes acquiring by the imaging sensor, during a linearization phase, at least two images related to detectable radiation radiated by a scintillator in response to X-Ray radiation generated by... Agent:

20140077087 - Neutron detection: A method for detecting a neutron includes providing a first voltage to an input electrode of a microchannel plate, providing a second voltage to an output electrode of the microchannel plate, the second voltage being more positive than the first voltage, measuring a signal on the output electrode, and detecting... Agent:

20140077088 - Neutron detection: A neutron detector includes a microchannel plate having a structure that defines a plurality of microchannels, and layers of materials disposed on walls of the microchannels. The layers include a layer of neutron sensitive material, a layer of semiconducting material, and a layer of electron emissive material. For example, the... Agent: Nova Scientific, Inc.

20140077089 - Neutron detector: A device for detecting neutrons includes at least one common module, where a number of solid state sensors are assembled. The sensors are configured in the module side by side and/or stacked in a layered structure. At least one of the sensors includes neutron reactive material as a neutron converter... Agent: Finphys Oy

20140077090 - Tunable detection instrument for subatomic particles: A method for detecting particles is presented. The method comprises generating a reaction to a plurality of particles using a converter material, wherein the converter material is operable to interact with the plurality of particles. Further, the method comprises converting a response to the reaction to a readable electrical signal... Agent: Rhombus Holdings LLC

20140077091 - Glass-panel lithium-6 neutron detector: A thermal neutron detector includes a planar detector housing having two glass panels spaced apart by a gas-tight seal defining a detection chamber including an inert detection gas and lithium foils adhered to inner surfaces of the glass panel(s). The lithium foils emit alpha particles and tritons in response to... Agent: Trustees Of Boston University

20140077092 - Pixilated neutron detector: Disclosed is a pixilated neutron detector including one or more pixel-cells defined by a plurality of perimeter walls, the pixel cells including a cathode and an anode, the cathode being at least one wall of the pixel-cell, the cathode being lined with an interaction material, the anode disposed inside the... Agent: Ordela, Inc.

20140077093 - 2-d-tof-pulse neutron detector: s

20140077094 - Hidden sensors in an electronic device: An electronic device having one or more sensors is provided. The sensors may include any suitable type of sensor that emits or receives radiation (e.g., light waves) from the environment. The electronic device may include openings through which radiation may reach the sensors while keeping the sensors hidden from view.... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140077095 - Method and system for collimating: A collimating system for collimating radiation received under different angles for performing tomography includes a static collimator having a plurality of collimating apertures, and shutters for separately and temporarily shutting at least two of the collimating apertures. The shutters have a shutting element for blocking the at least two collimating... Agent:

20140077096 - Electrostatic lens unit: c

20140077098 - Charged particle beam irradiation apparatus: A charged particle beam irradiation apparatus includes: an irradiation section configured to irradiate an irradiated body with a charged particle beam; a multi-leaf collimator configured to set an irradiation range of the charged particle beam which is irradiated from the irradiation section; an imaging section that is provided so as... Agent: Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20140077097 - Crystal analysis apparatus, composite charged particle beam device, and crystal analysis method: A crystal analysis apparatus includes: a measurement data storage configured to store electron back-scattering pattern (EBSP) data measured at electron beam irradiation points on a plurality of cross-sections of a sample formed substantially in parallel at prescribed intervals; a crystal orientation database configured to accumulate therein information of crystal orientations... Agent: Hitachi High-tech Science Corporation

20140077099 - System and method for generating extreme ultraviolet light: A system includes a chamber, a laser beam apparatus configured to generate a laser beam to be introduced into the chamber, a laser controller for the laser beam apparatus to control at least a beam intensity and an output timing of the laser beam, and a target supply unit configured... Agent: Gigaphoton Inc

20140077100 - Microorganism detecting apparatus calibration method and microorganism detecting apparatus calibration kit: A method for calibrating a microorganism detecting apparatus includes drawing into the microorganism detecting apparatus polystyrene particles with a weight-average molecular weight of no less than 250,000 and no more than 850,000 that, when exposed to light, produce a fluorescence of an intensity that is substantially identical to an intensity... Agent: Azbil Corporation

20140077101 - Inspection apparatus for sheet: An inspection apparatus for a sheet of paper subjected to a process to impart a translucent property such as a “watermark” or a “security window” includes: an inspection cylinder in which a surface facing the sheet of paper is provided with a luminescence-producing portion; UV-LED illuminators which irradiate the sheet... Agent: Komori Corporation

20140077102 - Replaceable light source and radiation generating device including the same: A replacement light apparatus includes a base plate, a grip plate, a bearing member, and a light source. The grip plate extends from a first surface of the base plate. The bearing member extends from a second surface of the base plate that is opposite the first surface. The bearing... Agent: Southern Linac, LLC

20140077103 - Charged particle beam writing apparatus and charged particle beam writing method: A charged particle beam writing apparatus includes a dose calculation unit to calculate, for each of a plurality of first small regions made by virtually dividing a writing region of a target object to be mesh-like regions each having a size larger than an influence radius of forward scattering of... Agent: Nuflare Technology, Inc.

20140077104 - Drive laser delivery systems for euv light source: An EUV light source is disclosed herein which may comprise a droplet generator producing a stream of target material droplets, a first optical gain medium amplifying light on a first beam path without a seed laser providing a seed laser output to the first beam path, a second optical gain... Agent: Cymer, LLC

20140077105 - Radioactive contaminant container: Disclosed is a radioactive contaminant container including a wall that defines a containing space for containing radioactive contaminants and shields at least a portion of radiation irradiated from the radioactive contaminants, and the wall has an outer shape of a hexagonal cylinder or a substantially hexagonal cylinder.... Agent: Kawahara Technical Research Co., Ltd.

20140077106 - Ion beam sample preparation thermal management apparatus and methods: Disclosed are embodiments of an ion beam shield for use in an ion beam sample preparation apparatus and methods for using the embodiments. The apparatus has an ion beam irradiating means in a vacuum chamber that may direct ions toward a sample, a shield blocking a portion of the ions... Agent: Gatan, Inc.

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