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Radiant energy

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11/13/2014 > 42 patent applications in 32 patent subcategories.

20140332660 - Orthographic lens system: A collimator for a detector, much like a 2D anti-scatter collimator of a computed tomography system, this system places a 2D collimator (1) between the object (2) and the detector (3). This system uses the 2D collimator in the place of a lens in a camera body, it is used... Agent:

20140332661 - Focus adjustment apparatus, focus adjustment method, storage medium storing focus adjustment program, and imaging apparatus: A focus adjustment apparatus has: an imaging unit that is capable of outputting a pair of focus detection signals by photoelectrically converting rays of light which pass through different pupil areas of a focusing optical system; a focus detection unit for detecting a first defocus amount by executing a first... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140332662 - Illumination setting method, apparatus and computer-readable medium for a brightness tool of an image measuring apparatus: A current value corresponding to a relationship between an illumination intensity instruction value and illumination intensity is calculated based on a previously obtained relationship between a current flowing through a light emitting device and the illumination intensity. A calibration table including the illumination intensity instruction value, the current value, and... Agent:

20140332663 - Compact detection array having improved polarization conditions: An array of photodetector is organized along a first organizational axis on a semiconductor substrate of a first conductivity type. Each photodetector is at least partially formed in the substrate which forms a first electrode of the photodetector. A peripheral polarization ring is formed around the array of photodetectors. The... Agent: Societe Francaise De Detecteurs Infrarouges - Sofradir

20140332669 - Arrangement of circuits in pixels, each circuit shared by a plurality of pixels, in image sensing apparatus: In an image sensing apparatus having a plurality of unit cells, each including a plurality of photoelectric conversion elements and a common circuit shared by the plurality of photoelectric conversion elements, arranged in either one or two dimensions, the plurality of photoelectric conversion elements are arranged at a predetermined interval.... Agent:

20140332664 - Image sensor: An image sensor including a plurality of sensing pixels, a plurality of micro-lenses disposed on the sensing pixels and a plurality of first light distributing elements disposed between the sensing pixels and the micro-lenses is provided. Each of the first light distributing elements includes a first refractive index pattern and... Agent: Novatek Microelectronics Corp.

20140332666 - Imaging apparatus: An imaging apparatus according to the present invention comprises: an image forming optical system; an image sensor including a plurality of pixels; an image fiber including a plurality of optical fibers that guides light from the image forming optical system to the image sensor; and a processing unit that applies... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140332668 - Imaging apparatus, electronic device, photostimulated luminescence detection scanner, and imaging method: The imaging apparatus includes a light uniformizing unit. The light uniformizing unit included in the imaging apparatus substantially uniformizes distribution of photons in an orthogonal direction toward an optical axis of incident light, which is incident to an imaging element in the imaging apparatus and the number of photons of... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140332667 - Light source unit and image reading device: The light source unit comprises a light source emitting visible light and light of a non-visible wavelength; a rod-like light guide at the end of which the light source is provided and within which incident light from the light source is propagated in the long axis direction; a reflector that... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140332665 - Photosensitive imaging devices and associated methods: A monolithic sensor for detecting infrared and visible light according to an example includes a semiconductor substrate and a semiconductor layer coupled to the semiconductor substrate. The semiconductor layer includes a device surface opposite the semiconductor substrate. A visible light photodiode is formed at the device surface. An infrared photodiode... Agent: Sionyx, Inc.

20140332670 - Photodetecting circuit, optical receiver, and photocurrent measurement method for photo detector: The present invention is a photodetecting circuit comprising a plurality of operational amplifiers provided so as to correspond to respective photo detectors disposed on a common semiconductor substrate, each operational amplifier having an inverting input terminal connected to a cathode of the photo detector and a non-inverting input terminal supplied... Agent: Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

20140332671 - Photon counting controller, radiographic imaging apparatus, and control method of photon counting controller: The photon counting controller includes an amplification controller to charge an input electrical signal, to amplify the input electrical signal, and to discharge the charged electrical signal, a charge controller to control a charge and a discharge of the electrical signal of the amplification controller based on a received feedback... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140332672 - Photo-electric converting module: An optical-electric converting module includes a printed circuit board (PCB) and an optical-electric coupling element. The PCB includes a supporting surface, at least one laser diode, and at least one photo diode. The at least one laser diode and the at least one photo diode are positioned on the supporting... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140332673 - Radiometer and method for use of same: A radiometer includes a substrate; a radiation absorber disposed on the substrate to absorb radiation; a thermal member disposed on the substrate to change electrical resistance in response to a change in temperature of the radiometer; and a thermal link to connect the radiometer to a thermal reference, wherein the... Agent: National Institute Of Standards And Technology

20140332674 - Flow cell and liquid analyzer: To prevent lowering of sensitivity of a flow cell based on total reflection of light at an outer face of a glass capillary at a joint part with a pipe, the flow cell includes, at joint parts with a pipe 605 to introduce solution to a glass capillary 601 and... Agent:

20140332675 - Optical sensor: An optical sensor has a light source, a characteristic light-guiding member, a characteristic changing part, a detecting unit, and an optical connecting unit. The optical connecting unit has a light branching unit configured to branch the light emitted from the light source to the characteristic light-guiding member, and branches the... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20140332676 - Optical measuring device: In order to provide a measuring device (1) with an outer surface (14) which is as flat as possible and in order to achieve a reduction in disturbance signals which can be traced back, inter alia, to the reflection of the transmission beam (22, 24) on the transmission window (10),... Agent:

20140332677 - Optical scanning observation apparatus: Provided is an optical scanning observation apparatus including: a light source unit (30) for outputting laser light; a scanning part (23) for scanning, on an object of observation (70), a condensing position of the laser light output from the light source; and a detection unit (40) for sampling signal light... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20140332678 - Neutron-gamma density through normalized inelastic ratio: Systems, methods, and devices for determining neutron-gamma density (NGD) measurement of a subterranean formation that is accurate in both liquid- and gas-filled formations are provided. For example, a downhole tool for obtaining such an NGD measurement may include a neutron generator, neutron detector, two gamma-ray detectors, and data processing circuitry.... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140332679 - Apparatus and method relating to an improved mass spectrometer: The present disclosure provides a mass spectrometer including means for producing a primary beam of ions for bombarding a sample under vacuum and a detector for detecting a secondary beam of ions released from the sample. The primary beam of ions includes a gaseous mixture of a cluster forming gas... Agent:

20140332680 - Ion trap: An ion trap comprising: a first array of magnetic elements arranged to generate a first magnetic field with a degree of homogeneity; and an array of electrodes arranged to generate an electrostatic field including a turning point in electrical potential at a location where the magnetic field has a substantially... Agent:

20140332682 - Methods of detecting reverse triiodothyronine by mass spectrometry: Provided are methods for determining the amount of reverse T3 in a sample using mass spectrometry. The methods generally involve ionizing reverse T3 in a sample and detecting and quantifying the amount of the ion to determine the amount of reverse T3 in the sample.... Agent:

20140332681 - Use of windowed mass spectrometry data for retention time determination or confirmation: A scan of a separating sample is received by a mass spectrometer at each interval of a plurality of intervals. The spectrometer performs at each interval one or more mass spectrometry scans. The scans have one or more sequential mass window widths in order to span an entire mass range... Agent:

20140332683 - Mass spectrometer arranged to perform ms/ms/ms: A mass spectrometer is disclosed comprising an on trap and a fragmentation device. Ions are fragmented in the on trap to form first generation fragment ions. The ion trap has a relatively high mass cut-off. The first generation fragment ions are then transferred to a fragmentation device which is arranged... Agent:

20140332685 - Detecting high atomic number materials with cosmic ray muon tomography: A method is proposed herein to detect high atomic number materials, such as Special Nuclear Materials, within a container based on muon tomography. The container is modeled as a plurality of volume elements. Information related to an initial trajectory and a final trajectory of each muon passing through the container... Agent: Atomic Energy Of Canada Limited

20140332684 - Electron beam interference device and electron beam interferometry: There is a limit in range and distance in which an electron beam can interfere and electron interference is implemented within a range of a coherence length. Therefore, interference images are consecutively recorded for each interference region width from an interference image of a reference wave and an observation region... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20140332686 - Method to identify wavelength of incoming light by avalanche photodiode, method to control optical transceiver, and optical transceiver performing the same: A method to identify the wavelength of incoming light is disclosed. The method includes steps to measure a first photocurrent by setting the avalanche photodiode (APD) in a photodiode (PD) mode and a second photocurrent by setting the APD in the APD mode, and to compare a ratio of the... Agent: Sumitomo Electric Device Innovations, Inc.

20140332687 - Optical system, terahertz emission microscope, and method of manufacturing a device: There is provided an optical system, including: an extracting section, the refractive index of the extracting section being approximately the same as the refractive index of an observed object, the extracting section being optically coupled with the observed object to thereby extract a terahertz electromagnetic wave generated from the observed... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140332688 - Method and system for positioning an apparatus for monitoring a parabolic reflector aerially: A method and a system for positioning an apparatus for monitoring a parameter of one or more parabolic reflectors of a solar thermal field, wherein the method comprises positioning the apparatus at a first field location responsive to the position of the respective parabolic reflector, acquiring information of an absorber... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140332689 - Plastic scintillators: Compositions, methods, and systems related to plastic scintillating materials based on a polymer including an aromatic ring structure combined with an oxazole and a cross-linker are disclosed. The disclosed plastic scintillator materials may advantageously provide gamma-neutron pulse shape discrimination capabilities.... Agent: Radiation Monitoring Devices, Inc.

20140332690 - Stereo detection circuit for detecting neutrons: A neutron detector circuit for a neutron detector is disclosed that includes a scintillator having a plurality of wavelength shifting optical fibers. A first detection circuit is connected with a first PMT output that is configured to generate a first detection circuit output in response to a first neutron event.... Agent: Parttec, Ltd.

20140332691 - Single layer 3d tracking semiconductor detector: The present invention relates to a pixel detector (10), comprising a semiconductor sensor layer (12), in which charges can be generated upon interaction with particles to be detected. The semiconductor layer defines an X-Y-plane and has a thickness extending in Z-direction. The detector further comprises a read-out electronics layer (14)... Agent: Czech Technical University In Prague Institute Of Experimental And Applied Physics

20140332692 - Semiconductor drift detector and corresponding operating method: The invention relates to a semiconductor drift detector for detecting radiation, comprising a semiconductor substrate (HS), in which signal charge carriers are generated during operation, to be precise by incident photons (h·f) having a specific photon energy, more particularly in the form of X-ray fluorescent radiation, and/or by incident electrons... Agent: Pndetector Gmbh

20140332693 - Method of using the novel polymer gel for magnetic resonance imaging (mri) validation: Novel normoxic N-(Hydroxymethyl) acrylamide (NHMAGAT) polymer gel dosimeters for MRI scanning are introduced for radiotherapy planning system. The composition of the NHMAGAT polymer gel and method of making the NHMAGAT polymer gel dosimeter are disclosed. The dosimeters are irradiated with Varian Rapid Arc linear systems at different absorbed doses. The... Agent:

20140332694 - Ion optics components and method of making the same: A method of making an ion optics component includes providing an electrically isolating substrate and machining away material of the substrate from at least one major surface thereof to form features of a first electrode sub-assembly. The formed features include a first surface for supporting integration of a first electrode... Agent:

20140332695 - Ionization at intermediate pressure for atmospheric pressure ionization mass spectrometers: An ion source able to ionize liquid and gaseous effluents from interfaced liquid or gaseous separation techniques and from direct introduction of the analyte to the entrance of the ionization region. The liquid effluents from sources such as a liquid chromatograph are ionized by inlet ionization methods and the gaseous... Agent:

20140332696 - Low contamination scanner for gcib system: Disclosed are an apparatus, system, and method for scanning a substrate or other workpiece through a gas-cluster ion beam (GCIB), or any other type of ion beam. The workpiece scanning apparatus is configured to receive and hold a substrate for irradiation by the GCIB and to scan it through the... Agent:

20140332697 - Method of detecting thalassemia by optical analysis of blood components: The method of detecting thalassemia by optical analysis of blood components is a spectral detection method that is based on the fluorescence spectra of a set of biomolecules, including tyrosine, tryptophan, nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, and flavin adenine dinucleotide, which are all found in blood plasma, and porphyrin, which is found... Agent: King Saud University

20140332698 - Polarized light irradiating apparatus and method of irradiating polarized light for photo alignment: An apparatus capable of performing a photo alignment process on a plate-shaped member and realizing high productivity is provided. An irradiating unit irradiates an irradiated area with polarized light, and a stage movement mechanism transports first and second stages on which substrates are mounted alternately to the irradiated area and... Agent: Ushio Denki Kabushiki Kaisha

20140332699 - Ion beam sample preparation apparatus and methods: Ion beam sample preparation apparatus and methods are described. The apparatus has disposed in a vacuum chamber at least one tilting ion beam irradiating means with intensity control, a rotation stage with rotation control, a sample holder, and an adjustable positioning stage that has two axes of positional adjustment that... Agent:

20140332700 - Extreme ultraviolet light generation apparatus: An apparatus for generating extreme ultraviolet light may include a reference member, a chamber fixed to the reference member, the chamber including at least one window, a laser beam introduction optical system configured to introduce an externally supplied laser beam into the chamber through the at least one window, and... Agent:

20140332701 - Surgical drape and method providing a sterile surface therewith: A surgical drape and method of providing a sterile surface therewith is provided. The drape is configured to cover at least a portion of an upper portion of a radiation shield and includes a flexible wall providing a cavity sized to receive the upper portion of the radiation shield. The... Agent:

11/06/2014 > 53 patent applications in 32 patent subcategories.

20140326854 - Photoarray, particularly for combining sampled brightness sensing with asynchronous detection of time-dependent image data: The invention relates to a photoarray (1), comprising: a plurality of cells (10), wherein each of said cells (10) comprises a means (20)that is configured to generate a photocurrent (I) being proportional to the intensity (L) of the light impinging on the respective cell (10), and wherein each of said... Agent: Universitat Zurich

20140326857 - Cable, cable connection structure, and imaging apparatus: A cable includes: a core wire that is electrically conductive; a first inner insulation layer that covers an outer periphery of the core wire and has an exposing portion that exposes the core wire at a distal end side of the first inner insulation layer; and a first latching portion... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20140326855 - Image capture module: An image capture module is disclosed, which includes a holder and a lens unit. A plurality of through holes are disposed on the holder, wherein at least one light blocking portion is disposed between the two adjacent through holes. The lens unit is disposed in the holder and has a... Agent: Himax Technologies Limited

20140326856 - Integrated circuit stack with low profile contacts: An integrated circuit system includes first and second device wafers, each having lateral sides along which a plurality of T-contacts are disposed. The first and second device wafers are stacked together and the lateral sides of the first and second device wafers are aligned such that each one of the... Agent: Omnivision Technologies, Inc.

20140326858 - Optical sensor arrangement and method for measuring an observable: An optical sensor arrangement for measuring an observable including at least one light source for generating a first light component of a first frequency including a first mode and a second light component of a second frequency including a second mode orthogonal to the first mode, an optical resonator having... Agent: Fraunhofer-gesellschft Zur Foerderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.

20140326859 - Optical measuring apparatus for a vehicle, driver assistance device having such a measuring apparatus, and vehicle having a corresponding measuring apparatus: The invention relates to an optical measuring apparatus (1) for a vehicle (6), having at least one optical transmitter, at least one optical receiver (12) and a deflection mirror arrangement having at least one deflection mirror (11), wherein the edge contour (27, 28) of a deflection mirror (11) of a... Agent: Valeo Schalter Und Sensoren Gmbh

20140326860 - Multiplexed fiber optic sensing system and method: A sensing system includes plurality of sensors along the lengths of input and output optical fibers. Each sensor receives broadband pulses from the input fiber, dynamically senses a plurality of physical parameters in a one-to-one correspondence with a plurality of predefined wavelength bands, and forms signal pulses from the broadband... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140326861 - Photoelectric wiring module: Disclosed is a photoelectric wiring module which includes: a substrate; a frame mounted on the substrate; an optical device package configured to perform photoelectric conversion or electro-optic conversion of a signal; an optical control device configured to control an operation of the optical device package; and an optical transmission line... Agent: Ls Mtron Ltd.

20140326862 - Optical encoder: The optical encoder according to the present disclosure includes a light receiving part formed with a plurality of first patterns, and a scale formed with second patterns and moving relative to the light receiving part, where at least one of the first and second patterns is aligned at a same... Agent: Rs Automation Co., Ltd.

20140326863 - Optical encoder: The optical encoder according to the present disclosure includes a light receiving part formed with a plurality of first patterns, and a scale formed with second patterns and moving relative to the light receiving part, wherein at least one of the first pattern and the second pattern is formed in... Agent: Rs Automation Co., Ltd.

20140326864 - Use of flourescent inks for document authentication: In a method for introducing an authentication print characteristic in a visible image printed on paper, a part of the image is printed with an ink having first and second component dyes. The first component is less fast than the second component in response to an applied activator. The first... Agent:

20140326865 - Diathermy knife ionisation source: A method of detecting one or more compounds, chemicals or contaminants in a substrate by mass spectrometry is disclosed. A non-living substrate is analysed by contacting the substrate with a diathermy knife. An electric current is applied to the diathermy knife such that the diathermy knife vaporises a portion of... Agent: Micromass Uk Limited

20140326867 - Mass spectrometer: A mass spectrometer is disclosed wherein an ion signal is split into a first and second signal. The first and second signals are multiplied by different gains and are digitised. Arrival time and intensity pairs are calculated for both digitised signals and the resulting time and intensity pairs are combined... Agent: Micromass Uk Limited

20140326869 - Method and apparatus for determining a mobility of ions: A method and an apparatus for determining a mobility of ions. The method includes the steps of modulating an ion beam with an ion gate which is controlled by a modulation function for generating a modulated ion beam, of guiding the modulated ion beam through a drifting region, of measuring... Agent: Tofwerk Ag

20140326866 - Methods, apparatus, and system for mass spectrometry: A miniature, low cost mass spectrometer capable of unit resolution over a mass range of 10 to 50 AMU. The mass spectrometer incorporates several features that enhance the performance of the design over comparable instruments. An efficient ion source enables relatively low power consumption without sacrificing measurement resolution. Variable geometry... Agent:

20140326868 - Nanomanipulation coupled nanospray mass spectrometry (nms): A coupled nanomanipulation and nanospray mass spectrometry (NMS) system for single cell, single organelle, and ultra-trace molecular analysis is disclosed herein. The system primarily comprises a bio-workstation coupled to a NMS. The bio-workstation primarily comprises of a nanomanipulator stage with a plurality of nano-positioners attached to a cabinet with a... Agent:

20140326870 - High duty cycle ion spectrometer: An ion spectrometer is provided, comprising: an ion source, arranged to generate ions continuously with a first range of mass to charge ratios; and an ion trap, arranged to receive ions from the ion source along an axis, and to eject ions with a second range of mass to charge... Agent: Thermo Fisher Scientific (bremen) Gmbh

20140326872 - Afm fluid delivery/liquid extraction surface sampling/electrostatic spray cantilever probe: An electrospray system comprises a liquid extraction surface sampling probe. The probe comprises a probe body having a liquid inlet and a liquid outlet, and having a liquid extraction tip. A solvent delivery conduit is provided for receiving solvent liquid from the liquid inlet and delivering the solvent liquid to... Agent:

20140326871 - Atmospheric pressure ion source for mass spectrometry: A multiple function atmospheric pressure ion source interfaced to a mass spectrometer comprises multiple liquid inlet probes configured such that the sprays from two or more probes intersect in a mixing region Gas phase sample ions or neutral species generated in the spray of one probe can react with reagent... Agent: Perkinelmer Health Sciences, Inc.

20140326873 - Fine particle measurement system: A fine particle measurement system including a primary-side power supply circuit connected to a primary side of an isolation transformer, a control circuit configured to control the primary-side power supply circuit, a first current measurement circuit configured to transmit to the control circuit a first signal indicating a first current... Agent: Ngk Spark Plug Co., Ltd.

20140326875 - Mass spectrometer: After a first injection of a sample, amount of change between a highest intensity and each of two ion intensities before and after a voltage showing the highest intensity is calculated for each CE voltage. If the change is equal to or less than a threshold the CE voltage showing... Agent: Shimadzu Corporation

20140326874 - Printed circuit board multipole units used for ion transportation: An apparatus for transmission of energy of an ion to at least one gas particle and/or for transportation of an ion and a particle beam device having an apparatus such as this are disclosed. In particular, a container is provided, in which a gas is arranged which has gas particles,... Agent: Carl Zeiss Microscopy Gmbh

20140326876 - Method of using a phase plate in a transmission electron microscope: The invention relates to a method of using a phase plate, having a thin film, in a transmission electron microscope (TEM), comprising: introducing the phase plate in the TEM; preparing the phase plate by irradiating the film with a focused electron beam; introducing a sample in the TEM; and forming... Agent: Max-planck-gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Wissenschaften E. V.

20140326878 - Phase shift method for a tem: A method of electron microcopy passes an electron beam through a phase plate, specifically a Zernike type phase plate, comprising a central hole, and a thin film causing a phase shift of the electrons passing through said film. This phase shift causes the Contrast Transfer Function (CTF) to change from... Agent: Fei Company

20140326877 - Source for selectively providing positively or negatively charged particles for a focusing column: A single column charged particle source with user selectable configurations operates in ion-mode for FIB operations or electron mode for SEM operations. Equipped with an x-ray detector, energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy analysis is possible. A user can selectively configure the source to prepare a sample in the ion-mode or FIB... Agent: Fei Company

20140326879 - Charged particle beam apparatus permitting high-resolution and high-contrast observation: A lower pole piece of an electromagnetic superposition type objective lens is divided into an upper magnetic path and a lower magnetic path. A voltage nearly equal to a retarding voltage is applied to the lower magnetic path. An objective lens capable of acquiring an image with a higher resolution... Agent:

20140326880 - Device for analising a radiating material using a microprobe: The invention relates to an analysis device comprising a main enclosure fitted with a secondary enclosure, a microprobe placed inside the main enclosure and fitted with an airlock and with a motion object, and a movable sample support that is movable from the secondary enclosure to the airlock and from... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

20140326881 - X-ray analyzer: The X-ray analyzer repeats scanning of a sample by an electron beam from an electron gun (beam source), detects a characteristic X-ray from the sample by an X-ray detector, generates an element distribution image of the sample by a signal processor every scanning, and stores a plurality of element distribution... Agent:

20140326882 - Electrically insulated screen and method of erecting an electrically insulated screen: The invention is a sensor device comprising a carrier element (24), at least one light emitting element (20) arranged on the carrier element (24), at least one light detecting element (22) arranged on the carrier element (24); a cover layer (12) reflecting at least one part of the light emitted... Agent:

20140326883 - Nanowire thermoelectric infrared detector: A thermoelectric infrared detector. The detector has an absorption platform comprising a material that increases in temperature in response to incident infrared radiation and the platform covering substantially an entire area of the detector. The detector includes a thermocouple substantially suspended from contact with a substrate by at least one... Agent: The Board Of Regents For Oklahoma State University

20140326885 - Laser based system for bitumen content determination, e.g., using discrete wavelength spectroscopic analysis: The present invention provides a technique that uses discrete wavelengths of illumination of an ore sample, and through the use of optical filters and laser illumination the signal-to-noise ratio of the measurement can be greatly improved, and may take the form of apparatus featuring a signal processor configured to: receive... Agent:

20140326884 - Room-temperature quantum noise limited spectrometry and methods of the same: In one embodiment, a heterodyne detection system for detecting light includes a first input aperture configured to receive first light from a scene input, a second input aperture configured to receive second light from a local oscillator input, a broadband local oscillator configured to provide the second light to the... Agent:

20140326886 - Method for characterizing the stability of foulants and/or efficacy of foulant inhibitors within petroleum-based fluids: A petroleum-based fluid sample may be centrifuged in a centrifuge vial where a light may be passed through the petroleum-based fluid sample to identify an amount of transmitted light at two or more time intervals. The stability of the foulant(s) and/or efficacy of the foulant inhibitors to prevent the destabilization... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20140326888 - Passive infrared range, size, and direction finding proximity detector: Apparatus and methods for proximity detection include a passive proximity detecting device for detecting humans within a detection area and controlling a controlled device. A sensor includes a plurality of pixels arranged in a substantially contiguous array. Each pixel is configured to detect infrared radiation emitted by an object in... Agent: Excelitas Technologies Singapore Pte. Ltd.

20140326887 - Passive infrared system for detecting object range, size, and direction finding proximity detector: A system for proximity detection includes a first sensor and a second sensor each including a sensor housing and a pixel array each configured to detect infrared radiation emitted in a predetermined temperature range, and generate a detection signal. A processor in communication with the first and second sensor is... Agent: Excelitas Technologies Singapore Pte. Ltd.

20140326889 - Detector: The detector in accordance with the present invention includes: a light emitter; a light receiver; and a light guiding member which includes a detection space for determining a state of a predetermined gas and is configured to guide light emitted from the light emitter to the at least one light... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140326890 - Active terahertz imager: An imager for obtaining an image of an object includes a substrate including a plurality of electrical emitting units for emitting electromagnetic waves and a plurality of electrical detecting units for detecting the electromagnetic waves reflected by the object. Each emitting unit includes an electrical emitter, a first antenna, a... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140326891 - Method and apparatus for detection of radioactive isotopes: A method and apparatus for detecting an isotope. Embodiments can detect radioactive isotopes. Embodiments can utilize a detector that incorporates at least two sub-detectors. Each sub-detector can receive energy from an isotope and create a signal corresponding to the received energy. Each sub-detector can incorporate a detector element, such as... Agent: H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute

20140326892 - Image pickup panel and image pickup processing system: An image pickup panel (1) includes: photodetection sections (10) each including a photodetector (11-1) and a receiver (11-2) which are integrally molded and having solder bumps (12) formed thereon, the photodetector converting received light into a current signal, the. receiver converting the current signal into a voltage signal; and a... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140326893 - Imager of an isotropic light source exhibiting enhanced detection efficiency: A radiation imager including: a detector block including at least one detector configured to emit an optical signal from incident radiation to be imaged; a reading block that converts the optical signal into an electrical signal, including a plurality of photodetectors; a plurality of resin portions between the detector block... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Ene Alt

20140326894 - Photon count correction: One or more techniques and/or systems are described for addressing (e.g., during calibration) pixel-by-pixel variations in an image modality that utilizes photon counting techniques, such as by adjusting a number of photons detected by certain pixels (e.g., redistributing or reallocating detected photons among pixels). Such variations may cause an effective... Agent:

20140326895 - Permanent magnet based high performance multi-axis immersion electron lens array with low axial leakage field: An apparatus includes a magnetic adjustment lens positioned at the electron beam path between the electron source and sample, the magnetic adjustment lens excited by an electric coil, and a permanent magnet lens positioned below the magnetic adjustment lens to focus the electron beam onto the sample surface, the permanent... Agent: Tao Luo

20140326896 - Method and apparatus for enhanced lifetime and performance of ion source in an ion implantation system: An ion implantation system and process, in which the performance and lifetime of the ion source of the ion implantation system are enhanced, by utilizing isotopically enriched dopant materials, or by utilizing dopant materials with supplemental gas(es) effective to provide such enhancement.... Agent:

20140326897 - Gas field ionization ion source and ion beam device: Provided is a gas field ionization ion source capable of emitting heavy ions with high brightness which are suitable for processing a sample. The gas field ionization ion source according to the present invention includes a temperature controller individually controlling the temperature of the tip end of an emitter electrode... Agent:

20140326898 - Axial illumination for capillary electrophoresis: System and method for fluorescent light excitation and detection from samples to enhance the numerical aperture and/or reduce the cross-talk of the fluorescent light.... Agent: Applied Biosystems, LLC

20140326899 - Particulate compositions having plural responses to excitation radiation: A particulate composition comprises a plurality of particles wherein at least one of the particles comprises at least two different crystalline and/or glass phases, each phase comprising a host lattice and a dopant sensitive to electromagnetic radiation. The different phases simultaneously produce different responses on exposure to photons of the... Agent: Cabot Security Materials, Inc.

20140326900 - Quasi-neutral plasma generation of radioisotopes: Methods and apparatus for synthesizing radiochemical compounds are provided. The methods include generating a quasi-neutral plasma jet, and directing the plasma jet onto a radionuclide precursor to provide one or more radionuclides. The radionuclides can be used to prepare radiolabeled compounds, such as radiolabeled biomarkers.... Agent:

20140326901 - Extraction electrode assembly voltage modulation in an ion implantation system: A method is disclosed for reducing particle contamination in an ion implantation system, wherein an ion beam is created via the ion source operating in conjunction with an extraction electrode assembly. A cathode voltage is applied to the ion source for generating ions therein, and a suppression voltage is applied... Agent:

20140326902 - Phoniton systems, devices, and methods: An artificial composite object combines a quantum of sound with a matter excitation. A phonon in a confinement structure containing the matter excites it from an initial state to an excited state corresponding to a frequency of the phonon. Relaxation of the matter back to the initial state emits a... Agent:

20140326903 - Universal device for energy concentration: The above technical effect may further be achieved by providing active elements of different power ratings in said distributed system. Moreover, continuous-action irradiators or receivers may be used as active or passive elements. The device may further be provided with at least one reflector and at least one radiation source... Agent: Quantrill Estate Inc

20140326904 - Sn vapor euv llp source system for euv lithography: A Sn vapor EUV LLP source system for EUV lithography is disclosed. The system generates a Sn vapor column from a supply of Sn liquid. The Sn column has a Sn-atom density of <1019 atoms/cm3 and travels at or near sonic speeds. The system also has a Sn vapor condenser... Agent: Media Lario S.r.l.

20140326905 - Systems and methods for performing measurements of one or more materials: Systems and methods for performing measurements of one or more materials are provided. One system is configured to transfer one or more materials to an imaging volume of a measurement device from one or more storage vessels. Another system is configured to image one or more materials in an imaging... Agent:

20140326906 - Photoelectric conversion device and optical fiber coupling connector: A photoelectric conversion device includes a circuit board, light-emitting modules, light-receiving modules, an optical coupling module, and a protecting member. The light-emitting modules and the light-receiving modules are mounted on the circuit board. The optical coupling module is mounted on the circuit board, and includes first and second optical surfaces,... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

10/30/2014 > 72 patent applications in 47 patent subcategories.

20140319317 - Photo-sensor: According to one aspect of the invention, there is provided a photo-sensor comprising: an optically transparent substrate; an electrode pair; and a photoactive film with electrical polarization located between the optically transparent substrate and the electrode pair, wherein the optically transparent substrate is configured to transmit incident radiation received by... Agent: Agency For Science, Technology And Research

20140319318 - Method and system for adjusting light output from a light source: A system having a light guide adapted to collect light from a light source, a light detector attached to the light guide, a controller electrically connected to an output of the light detector, and a driver for driving the light source detachably connected to an output of the controller. The... Agent:

20140319319 - Photosensor: A photosensor is provided with a sensor circuit assembly. The sensor circuit assembly includes a light emitter, a light receiver, a light-emitter support, a light-receiver support, and a connecting part. The light emitter and the light receiver face each other. The light-emitter support extends from and supports the light emitter.... Agent: Omron Corporation

20140319320 - Occupancy sensor device: The invention relates to an integrated light and occupancy sensor device having an overall angular field of view, including an array of modified LED elements; a segmented filtering aperture means having a slit aperture defined by a slit length and a slit width that is significantly smaller than the array... Agent: Osram Gmbh

20140319324 - Image sensor: An apparatus includes a three dimensional array of light receptors disposed within a substrate having a light receiving surface, where light receptors disposed closer to the light receiving surface are responsive to light having shorter wavelengths than light receptors disposed further from the light receiving surface, and where each light... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20140319321 - Imaging apparatus and imaging system: One embodiment is an imaging apparatus including multiple pixels. The pixels include first and second photoelectric conversion units, a floating diffusion portion, and first and second transfer transistors configured to transfer electric carriers generated at the respective first and second photoelectric conversion units to the floating diffusion portion. The imaging... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140319325 - Lamp signal generation circuit and cmos image sensor: A ramp signal generation circuit 21 comprises a plurality of unit circuits 221 to 22N, each including a capacitor 26 having one end 26a held at a fixed potential and a current source 27 connected to the other end 26b of the capacitor 26, while the other ends 26b of... Agent:

20140319322 - Multiple conversion gain image sensor: An image sensor including an array of pixels, each having: a storage node coupled to a capacitive sense node by a transfer transistor; and a connection transistor coupling the pixel sense node to an intermediate node of the pixel, wherein each pixel has its intermediate node coupled to a node... Agent: Stmicroelectronics (grenoble 2) Sas

20140319323 - Solid-state imaging element, driving method, and electronic apparatus: A solid-state imaging element including: a plurality of unit pixels each having a photoelectric conversion part, a transfer part that transfers a charge generated by the photoelectric conversion part to a predetermined region, and a draining part that drains a charge in the predetermined region; a light shielding film being... Agent:

20140319326 - Ambient light based gesture detection: A gesture sensing device includes one or more sensors and a processor for processing sensed voltages output from the sensors based on ambient light and/or reflected light received by the sensors. The processor determines an ambient light level and/or a distance between the target and the sensors such that, if... Agent:

20140319327 - Solar concentrator assembly: A solar concentrator assembly includes a light splitting element, a light converging element, an optical fiber unit and a photoelectric unit. The light converging element is located between the light splitting element and the optical fiber unit. The optical fiber unit is located between the light converging element and the... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140319328 - Motion sensor and packaging method thereof: A motion sensor includes: a substrate, which includes a plurality of lead frame layers and a plurality of ceramic layers; a light source, disposed on the substrate, for emitting light; a sensing device, disposed on the substrate, for receiving the light to perform motion sensing; a cover, for fixing and... Agent: Lite-on Semiconductor Corporation

20140319329 - Measurement by means of atom interferometry: The invention relates to a measurement by means of atom interferometry, using a Raman source that is created by modulating a monochromatic laser source. By conveniently selecting positions in which interactions between atoms and a laser radiation, produced by the Raman source, are caused, it is possible to eliminate or... Agent:

20140319330 - Elpasolite scintillator-based neutron detector for oilfield applications: Embodiments described herein are directed to methods and neutron detectors for use in downhole and other oilfield applications. In particular, the neutron detector includes a scintillator formed at least partially from an elpasolite material. In a more specific embodiment, the scintillator is formed from a Cs2LiYCl6 (“CLYC”) material.... Agent:

20140319333 - Apparatus and method relating to an improved mass spectrometer: A mass spectrometer comprising means for producing a primary beam of ions for bombarding a sample under vacuum, and a detector for detecting a secondary beam of ions released from the sample. The primary beam of ions includes water clusters where each water cluster contains between 1 and 10,000 water... Agent:

20140319336 - Intelligent background data acquisition and subtraction: A scan of a separating sample mixture is received from a mass spectrometer at each interval of a plurality of intervals. It is determined at a first interval that a received mass spectrometry scan at the first interval and one or more preceding received mass spectrometry scans include a varying... Agent:

20140319332 - Ion mobility spectrometer with device for generating ammonia gas: The present invention relates to ion mobility spectrometry, in particular to methods and devices for generating and delivering of ammonia gas as dopant into the ionization region of an ion mobility spectrometer. It provides an ion mobility spectrometer (IMS) with an ion source and device for generating ammonia gas, wherein... Agent:

20140319335 - Low cross-talk fast sample delivery system based upon acoustic droplet ejection: An ion source for a mass spectrometer is disclosed comprising an ultrasonic transducer which focuses ultrasonic energy onto a surface of a sample fluid without directly contacting the sample fluid.... Agent:

20140319331 - New use for a compound as a matrix in the specific detection, identification and/or quantification of alkaloids by maldi-tof mass spectrometry: There is provided (i) a method of analysing small molecules that may have a mass of <800 Da, in particular alkaloids, said method being generally referred to as MALDI-TOF-MS (or MALDI time-of-flight mass spectrometry), which is an acronym for a method of analysis by matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionisation time-of-flight mass spectrometry.... Agent: Universite D'angers

20140319334 - Screening for phthalates in food samples: A method includes the steps of dipping a capillary (e.g., a disposable glass capillary) into a food matrix to deposit a food sample on the capillary; attaching the capillary onto an Atmospheric Solids Analysis Probe (ASAP); loading the ASAP into an atmospheric pressure ionization (API) source enclosure; ionizing the food... Agent: Waters Technologies Corporation

20140319337 - Asymmetric field ion mobility spectrometer: The present invention discloses an asymmetric field ion mobility spectrometer. It comprises an ionization source, for generating ions; an electrode plate; a plurality of electrode filaments, arranged in opposite to and spaced apart from the electrode plate by an analysis gap, wherein a high voltage of electrical field is applied... Agent:

20140319338 - System and method for applying curtain gas flow in a mass spectrometer: A system of mass spectrometry is disclosed having an ion source for generating ions at substantially atmospheric pressure. The system has a sampling member with an orifice disposed therein. The sampling member forms a vacuum chamber with a mass spectrometer. The system also has a curtain plate between the ion... Agent:

20140319341 - Charged particle microscope apparatus and image acquisition method of charged particle microscope apparatus: A charged particle microscope apparatus includes a radiation optical system that radiates a focused charged particle beam to an upper side of a sample provided with a pattern and scans the sample; a detection optical system that detects charged particles generated from the sample to which the charged particle beam... Agent: Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

20140319343 - Circuit tracing using a focused ion beam: Methods and systems for tracing circuitry on integrated circuits using focused ion beam based imaging techniques. A first component or node on an integrated circuit is coupled to a second component or node on the same integrated circuit. After an external bias is applied to the first component or node,... Agent:

20140319340 - Method and apparatus for detecting buried defects: One embodiment relates to a method of detecting a buried defect in a target microscopic metal feature. An imaging apparatus is configured to impinge charged particles with a landing energy such that the charged particles, on average, reach a depth within the target microscopic metal feature. In addition, the imaging... Agent: Kla-tencor Corporation

20140319342 - Method and system for adaptively scanning a sample during electron beam inspection: A system for adaptive electron beam scanning may include an inspection sub-system configured to scan an electron beam across the surface of a sample. The inspection sub-system may include an electron beam source, a sample stage, a set of electron-optic elements, a detector assembly and a controller communicatively coupled to... Agent: Kla-tencor Corporation

20140319344 - Multiple image metrology: Metrology is performed using multiple registered images derived from one or more charged particle beams. Measurements combine features from one image that may not be visible in a second image to determine relationships that cannot be determined from a single image. In one embodiment, measurements use features from different element... Agent: Fei Company

20140319339 - Nanopore fabrication and applications thereof: In one aspect, methods of nanopore formation in solid state membranes are described herein, In some embodiments, a method of forming an aperture comprises providing at least one solid state membrane in a chamber, selecting a first dose of ions sufficient to provide a first aperture of predetermined diameter through... Agent:

20140319345 - Inspection apparatus: An inspection apparatus includes: beam generation means for generating any of charged particles and electromagnetic waves as a beam; a primary optical system that guides the beam into an inspection object held in a working chamber and irradiates the inspection object with the beam; a secondary optical system that detects... Agent: Ebara Corporation

20140319346 - Inspection system by charged particle beam and method of manufacturing devices using the system: An inspection apparatus by an electron beam comprises: an electron-optical device 70 having an electron-optical system for irradiating the object with a primary electron beam from an electron beam source, and a detector for detecting the secondary electron image projected by the electron-optical systems; a stage system 50 for holding... Agent: Ebara Corporation

20140319347 - Mounting structures for multi-detector electron microscopes: A detector support for an electron microscope including a detector support ring and flexible elements, wherein a first end of each of the flexible elements is connected to the support ring, and wherein the detector support ring and the flexible elements are configured to support at least two detectors in... Agent:

20140319348 - Motion sensing device and packaging method thereof: A motion sensing device for sensing infrared rays, the motion sensing device includes a substrate; a sensing unit, configured on the substrate for sensing the infrared rays; a stabilizing layer, covering on the sensing unit for fixing and protecting the sensing unit, wherein the stabilizing layer has an opening; a... Agent: Lite-on Semiconductor Corporation

20140319349 - Motion detection device: A motion detector comprising a substrate on a surface of which a plurality of pyroelectric elements for 5 detecting infrared light emitted from an object are placed at intervals, a detection circuit for converting an input signal from each pyroelectric element into a voltage signal to output the voltage signal,... Agent:

20140319350 - Method for making an infrared detection device: An infrared detection device including an infrared heat detector and a connection pad each spaced apart from an etching stop layer by a non-zero distance substantially equal relatively to each other, wherein first and second electrically conducting vias are respectively electrically connected to first and second portions of a metal... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Ene Alt

20140319351 - Inspection apparatus and an inspection method: Detection of articles of different kind or defective quality can be accomplished with higher accuracy. With an inspection apparatus 100 and an inspection method using the inspection apparatus 100, in an analyzing unit 30, first, target pixels having imaged inspection objects are extracted from spectral data of each pixel acquired... Agent: Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

20140319352 - Long-path infrared spectrometer: A tunable mid-infrared laser operated in a pulsed mode is coupled off-axis into a high-finesse optical cavity to produce a long-path spectrometer. The cavity receives a gas sample. Laser pulses may be wavelength-scanned by stepping an external grating, allowing the grating to mechanically settle, then measuring the ring-down with a... Agent: Los Gatos Research

20140319353 - Low power, inexpensive velocity detection using a pir array: Methods and systems may include a system including a first passive motion sensor having a lateral field of view with a first edge and a second passive motion sensor having a lateral field of view with a second edge that is substantially parallel to the first edge. The first and... Agent:

20140319354 - Methods and apparatus for measuring multimode optical fiber bandwidth: Methods and apparatus for measuring the modal bandwidth of a multimode optical fiber as a function of wavelength are disclosed. The methods include emitting polarized light from a single-mode fiber, frequency-modulating the single-mode polarized light, and then conditioning the frequency-modulated polarized light to excite multiple modes of the multimode optical... Agent: Corning Incorporated

20140319355 - Optical method for detecting displacements and strains at ultra-high temperatures during thermo-mechanical testing: An ultra-high temperature optical method incorporates speckle optics for sensing displacement and strain measurements well above conventional measurement techniques. High temperature pattern materials are used which can endure experimental high temperature environments while simultaneously having a minimum optical aberration. A purge medium is used to reduce or eliminate optical distortions... Agent:

20140319356 - Method and apparatus for determining a substance using thz radiation: The invention relates to a method for determining a liquid in a closed container using THz radiation, in which a first and a second measurement are carried out, wherein the THz radiation is emitted in the direction of the liquid for measuring properties of the liquid, and a portion of... Agent: Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur F&#xf6 Rderung Der Angewardten Forschung E.v.

20140319357 - Electromagnetic wave detector and electromagnetic wave detector array: An electromagnetic wave detector that detects incident light by converting the incident light into an electric signal includes a flat metal layer formed on a supporting substrate, an intermediate layer formed on the metal layer, a graphene layer formed on the intermediate layer, isolated metals periodically formed on the graphene... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140319358 - Optical unit, light curtain and method for allocating an individual address: The present invention relates to light curtains and, in particular, to safety light curtains for monitoring a protective field and to optical units of such light curtains which comprise optoelectronic components interconnected by a communication bus and to a method for allocating individual addresses to each of a plurality of... Agent: Cedes Safety & Automation Ag

20140319359 - Electromagnetic wave detector with improved wavelength selection property: In order to improve efficiency for converting electromagnetic energy into heat energy, an electromagnetic wave detector detecting an electromagnetic wave having a specific wavelength includes a substrate in which a read-out circuit is formed; a temperature detecting portion with a space from the substrate and which includes a bolometer thin... Agent: Nec Corporation

20140319360 - Gantry-free spect system: A gantry free nuclear imaging system (10) images a region of interest (ROI) (16). The system (10) includes one or more radiation detectors (20) generating radiation data indicating the location of gamma photon strikes. The system includes a reconfigurable frame (22) positioning the radiation detectors (20) at fixed viewing angles... Agent:

20140319361 - Radiation imaging apparatus, method of manufacturing the same, and radiation inspection apparatus: A radiation imaging apparatus, comprising a sensor array in which a plurality of sensors are arrayed, and scintillators arranged in a plurality of regions divided by members on the sensor array, wherein a relationship P2<P1 is satisfied, where P1 represents a pitch of the plurality of sensors in the sensor... Agent:

20140319362 - Scintillator crystal body, method for manufacturing the same, and radiation detector: In a scintillator used for radiation detection, such as an X-ray CT scanner, a scintillation crystal body having a unidirectional phase separation structure is provided which has a light guide function for crosstalk prevention without using partitions. The phase separation structure includes a first crystal phase and a second crystal... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140319363 - Radiation detector: The present invention relates to radiation detector (2) comprising a radiation sensitive semiconductor element (10) generating electron-hole pairs in response to an irradiation with radiation (3), an anode electrode(20) arranged on a first surface (11) of the semiconductor element (10) facing away from the radiation, said anode electrode (20) being... Agent:

20140319364 - Photonic radiation detection device, and methods for dimensioning and operating such device: A photonic radiation detection device includes a collimator, a detector, and localization means for determining information relative to the localization of a photon interaction with the detector material. In at least one previously selected acquisition configuration, a degree of pixelation in the detection plane is greater than 1 and a... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives (former Name: (former Name: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique

20140319365 - Muon detector array stations: Methods, systems, and devices are disclosed for inspecting materials in a vehicle or object. In one aspect, a system for muon tomography detection includes a first and second housing structure each including a first array and second array of muon detection sensors, respectively, the first housing structure positioned opposite the... Agent: Decision Sciences International Corporation

20140319366 - Mass spectrometry: There is provided an ion reflector for use with a mass spectrometer for directing a flow of ions between two distinct axes of travel. The reflector includes an electric field capable of causing a flow of ions focused through a first spatial region to be focused toward a second spatial... Agent:

20140319367 - Drawing apparatus, and method of manufacturing article: The present invention provides a drawing apparatus for performing drawing on a substrate with a charged particle beam, the apparatus including a controller configured to perform control of the drawing performed by movement of a stage and a blanking function of each of a plurality of charged particle optical systems,... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140319368 - Particle beam irradiation apparatus: A particle beam irradiation apparatus including: a scanning unit configured to scan a particle beam; an electric current supply unit configured to supply an electric current to the scanning unit; and a scanning control unit configured to control the scanning unit by sending an electric current command value to the... Agent:

20140319369 - Ion source and a method for in-situ cleaning thereof: An ion source and method of cleaning are disclosed. One or more heating units are placed in close proximity to the inner volume of the ion source, so as to affect the temperature within the ion source. In one embodiment, one or more walls of the ion source have recesses... Agent:

20140319370 - Ion beam device: An ion beam device according to the present invention includes a gas field ion source (1) including an emitter tip (21) supported by an emitter base mount (64), a ionization chamber (15) including an extraction electrode (24) and being configured to surround the emitter tip (21), and a gas supply... Agent:

20140319371 - Sample holder and charged particle beam apparatus using same: The disclosed invention provides a sample holder capable of reducing or preventing the influence of a charged particle beam deflected by applying a magnetic field to a sample and provided with means for simply switching between a mode of observing a sample while applying a magnetic field to the sample,... Agent:

20140319373 - Charged particle beam drawing apparatus and charged particle beam drawing method: A charged particle beam drawing apparatus according to one embodiment of the present invention comprises a load lock chamber provided for introducing a target object from the outside and capable of switching an atmosphere state and a vacuum state, a transfer chamber arranged so as to be able to communicate... Agent: Nuflare Technology, Inc.

20140319372 - Mask cover, charged particle beam drawing apparatus and charged particle beam drawing method: A mask cover according to one embodiment of the present invention comprises a frame body having an opening at the center, a conductive earth plate installed on the frame body such that its end protrudes into the opening of the frame body, an earth pin provided on the end of... Agent: Nuflare Technology, Inc.

20140319374 - Portable ultraviolet pulse oximeter sanitizer: A portable ultraviolet pulse oximeter sanitizer is a handheld unit that irradiates a pulse oximeter probe with ultraviolet light within a sealed sanitizing chamber. A main compartment section has one half of the sanitizing chamber, and a door section has the other half of the sanitizing chamber. A pulse oximeter... Agent:

20140319375 - Sanitization device for dental accessories: An external dental accessory sanitization device is configured for receiving and sanitizing a dental accessory, such as a brush, flosser, pic or other dental accessory. The sanitization device is configured to sanitize the dental accessory using one or a combination of ultraviolet light and/or sound waves. The device can be... Agent:

20140319376 - Fluorescence excitation and detection system and method: System including an excitation assembly that is configured to excite a sample with first and second wavelengths during first and second excitation events, respectively, of an illumination/detection cycle. The sample provides emission light that includes different first, second, third, and fourth spectral patterns in response to the first and second... Agent:

20140319379 - Mapping volumes of interest in selected planes in liquid samples: A method and apparatus for three dimensional fluorescent analysis of a target in a liquid sample having fluorescent analyte as a target substance or fluorescent label on the target substance. A rotating carousel carries liquid samples beneath a beam having a beam spot at a horizontal plane of the sample.... Agent:

20140319378 - Optical fluorescence-based chemical and biochemical sensors and methods for fabricating such sensors: An optical fluorescence-based sensor comprising at least one sensing element is disclosed. In one aspect, the at least one sensing element comprises a waveguide comprising a waveguide core, a light source optically coupled to an input part of the waveguide core, and a photodetector optically coupled to an output part... Agent: Universiteit Gent

20140319377 - Pulsed stimulated emission luminescent photovoltaic solar concentrator: A solar concentrator comprising: a light-transmissive sheet including: a plurality of luminescent particles capable of becoming excited by absorbing light within at least a first spectrum of absorption frequencies and, once excited, capable of being stimulated to emit light having a spectrum within at least a first spectrum of emission... Agent: Morgan Solar Inc.

20140319382 - Gas plasma disinfection and sterilisation apparatus: A sterilisation or disinfecting system in which non-thermal plasma is generated in pulses, in which pulses of microwave frequency energy are used to sustain each plasma pulse, and a detectable characteristic of each pulse of microwave energy is used to trigger a radiofrequency strike pulse which strikes the plasma. The... Agent:

20140319381 - Optimization of high resolution digitally encoded laser scanners for fine feature marking: Disclosed herein are laser scanning systems and methods of their use. In some embodiments, laser scanning systems can be used to ablatively or non-ablatively scan a surface of a material. Some embodiments include methods of scanning a multi-layer structure. Some embodiments include translating a focus-adjust optical system so as to... Agent: Nlight Photonics Corporation

20140319380 - Probe for laser microscope: A device for sterilizing a sample chamber in an automated live cell microscope, having a sample holding frame contained in a housing of the microscope. The device includes a UVC sterilizing unit that emits an ultraviolet light with a wavelength of 280 nm to 100 nm (UVC radiation). The UVC... Agent:

20140319384 - Charged particle beam drawing apparatus, format check apparatus and format check method: A charged particle beam drawing apparatus in an embodiment includes an information generation part to generate encoded information on drawing data having a layered structure and check information on the format check, if the drawing data passes the check by the format check part; an information storage part to store... Agent: Nuflare Technology, Inc

20140319383 - Charged particle beam irradiation system: A charged particle beam irradiation system including: an accelerator configured to accelerate charged particles and emit a charged particle beam; a stand in which an irradiation section is disposed; a transport line which has an energy selection system configured to extract a charged particle beam having a second energy width... Agent:

20140319385 - Graphene-based nanodevices for terahertz electronics: The invention refers to a nanodevice for generating electromagnetic radiation in the terahertz frequency range, the nanodevice comprising a substrate (3) made of a dielectric material, a first graphene layer (1) arranged on the substrate (3), having a first longitudinal end being electrically connected with a source contact (source 1)... Agent:

20140319386 - Micro-channel-cooled high heat load light emitting device: Micro-channel-cooled UV curing systems and components thereof are provided. According to one embodiment, a lamp head module includes a high aspect ratio, high fill factor array of light emitting devices and a submount. The array includes multiple groups of electrically seriesed light emitting devices that are connected in electrical parallel.... Agent:

20140319387 - Extreme ultraviolet ligth source devices: An extreme ultraviolet light (EUL) source device is disclosed, the device comprising: a chamber in which a gas flow and a droplet stream are provided; a droplet generator through which target material is changed into the droplet stream; and a shroud positioned along the droplet stream, the shroud shielding the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140319388 - Laser apparatus and extreme ultraviolet light generation apparatus: A laser apparatus may include a master oscillator configured to output a pulse laser beam, an amplifier disposed in a light path of the pulse laser beam, a wavelength selection element disposed in the light path of the pulse laser beam and configured to transmit light of a selection wavelength... Agent: Gigaphoton Inc.

10/23/2014 > 45 patent applications in 35 patent subcategories.

20140312205 - Mos-transistor structure as light sensor: Described is an arrangement for registering light, comprising: a MOS-transistor structure (101, 201, 401, 501, 601, 701) having a first source/drain region (103), a second source/drain region (105), and a bulk region (107) at least partially between the first source/drain region and the second source/drain region, wherein the bulk region... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20140312206 - Proximity sensor systems and methods of operating same: Techniques for using photo detectors as tunable proximity sensors for detection of target objects and ascertaining their distance from the proximity sensors are disclosed. In one embodiment, the techniques may be realized as a proximity sensor system including a photo detector having a first doped region, a gate, a second... Agent:

20140312208 - Drive circuit for semiconductor image sensor array: A refresh control line GR (n) is selected while a read control line GT (n+1) or a read control line GT (n−1), which controls a read switch of a pixel of a semiconductor image sensor array is selected. This configuration allows the read and refresh operations or the refresh and... Agent:

20140312207 - Solid-state imaging apparatus and imaging system: A solid-state imaging apparatus and an imaging system which can reduce the occurrence of darkening and decrease deterioration in CDS performance are provided. The solid-state imaging apparatus has: a pixel unit including a photoelectric conversion unit for generating a signal by a photoelectric conversion; an amplifier unit for amplifying the... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140312209 - Muzzle flash detection: A device that may include a narrowband filter that is arranged to pass radiation within a main signal waveband in which a muffle flash is expected to include energy above a first energy threshold; a first single photon avalanche diode (SPAD) arranged to detect photons of the main signal waveband... Agent:

20140312210 - Photoelectric conversion apparatus: An object of the present invention is to provide a photoelectric conversion apparatus which can enhance photo responsibility. A photoelectric conversion apparatus includes: a photoelectric conversion element configured to output a photo current generated by a photoelectric conversion; a detecting unit configured to detect a potential of an output terminal... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140312211 - Optical communication apparatus: An optical communication apparatus includes a PCB, a photoelectric unit for emitting or receiving light carrying optical signals, a calculation and control unit, and a light waveguide for transmitting optical signals. The calculation and control unit controls the photoelectric unit, processes electrical signals, calculates based on the electrical signals, and... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140312212 - Microplate reader with linear variable filter: A microplate reader includes a pair of linear variable filters (LVFs) that together form a wavelength selector. Movement of one or both of the LVFs enables selection of the desired center wavelength and/or passband used to analyze a sample on a microplate inserted into the microplate reader. The microplate reader... Agent: Bmg Labtech, Gmbh

20140312213 - Tilt structure: A tilt structure includes a shaft section formed on a substrate section, a tilt structure film having one end formed on an upper surface of the shaft section, and the other end bonded to the substrate section, and a thin film section provided to the tilt structure film, located on... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140312214 - Optical communication apparatus: Optical communication apparatus includes a PCB, a photoelectric unit electrically connected to the PCB, a supporting member positioned on the PCB, a coupler supported on the supporting member, and an optical fiber unit. The coupler optically couples the photoelectric unit to the optical fiber unit. The supporting member defines a... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140312215 - Fiber-optic monitoring cable: A cable for monitoring a tubular structure. The cable comprising a fiber optic bundle arranged for simultaneously sensing a plurality of parameters along a length of the tubular structure that the cable is interfaced with.... Agent:

20140312218 - Covalently functionalized nanodiamond-based maldi matrices and methods of use thereof: The present disclosure relates to functionalized nanodiamonds comprising at least one MALDI matrix covalently bonded to a nanodiamond and compositions comprising the same. The present disclosure also relates to methods of performing matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization-mass spectrometry (MALDI-MS), for example on small molecules, using matrices comprising at least one MALDI matrix... Agent: University Of Saskatchewan

20140312221 - Electrostatic ion mirrors: An electrostatic ion mirror is disclosed providing fifth order time-per-energy focusing. The improved ion mirror has up to 18% energy acceptance at resolving power above 100,000. Multiple sets of ion mirror parameters (shape, length, and voltage of electrodes) are disclosed. Highly isochronous fields are formed with improved (above 10%) potential... Agent:

20140312217 - Method and apparatus for leak testing containers: Close containers which are filled with a consumer product are tested on leakiness by means of mass spectrometry (10) in that an impact (AN(P)) by the consumer product (P) upon the surrounding atmosphere (A(P)) of the container to be leak tested is monitored by the mass spectrometry (10).... Agent:

20140312220 - Method for mass analysis: A method and system for analyzing a sample for an iterative information dependent acquisition cycle is disclosed, the method comprising performing an initial survey mass spectrum to generate a spectral peak list from the initial survey mass spectrum, applying threshold criteria to the spectral peak list to generate a threshold... Agent: Dh Technologies Development Pte.ltd.

20140312216 - Signal processing for mass directed fraction collection: A system and removing noise from a mass spectrometer signal for fraction collection is described herein.... Agent: Advion Inc.

20140312219 - Simultaneous inorganic mass spectrometer and method of inorganic mass spectrometry: An inorganic mass spectrometer capable of measuring a relevant and large or the full mass spectral range simultaneously may include a suitable ion source (e.g., an ICP mass spectrometer with an ICP ion source), an ion transfer region, ion optics to separate ions out of a plasma beam, a Mattauch-Herzog... Agent: Spectro Analytical Instruments Gmbh

20140312222 - Ion mobility separation device with moving exit aperture: A method and device for separating ions according to their ion mobility are disclosed. An ion guide is provided having a plurality of electrodes arranged to form an ion guiding path that extends in a closed loop. RF voltages are supplied to at least some of the electrodes in order... Agent: Micromass Uk Limited

20140312223 - Broadband ion beam analyzer: A broadband ion beam analyzer, used for isolating required ions from a broadband ion beam, comprises an upper magnetic pole (1), a lower magnetic pole (2), an upper excitation coil (3), a lower excitation coil (4), an analysis grating (7), and a magnetic yoke (5 and 6). The upper magnetic... Agent:

20140312226 - Charged-particle microscope providing depth-resolved imagery: A method of examining a sample using a charged-particle microscope, comprising mounting the sample on a sample holder; using a particle-optical column to direct at least one beam of particulate radiation onto a surface S of the sample, thereby producing an interaction that causes emitted radiation to emanate from the... Agent: Fei Company

20140312225 - Defect inspection apparatus and defect inspection method: There is provided a defect inspection apparatus including: an electron scanning unit configured to scan a surface of a sample with an electron beam; a plurality of detectors arranged around an optical axis of the electron beam and configured to detect electrons emitted from the surface of the sample by... Agent: Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.

20140312224 - Pattern inspection method and pattern inspection apparatus: A first differential image of a defect observation region including an observation target pattern is generated by a differential value between signals from electron detectors arranged in a direction of edges of the observation target pattern. A three-dimensional shape of a defect is obtained by subjecting the first differential image... Agent: Toppan Printing Co. Ltd.

20140312227 - Inspection apparatus: An inspection apparatus capable of facilitating reduction in cost of the apparatus is provided. The inspection apparatus includes: beam generation means for generating any of charged particles and electromagnetic waves as a beam; a primary optical system that guides the beam into an inspection object held on a movable stage... Agent: Ebara Corporation

20140312228 - Dose rate measurement system: In order to provide a high accuracy radiation dose rate measurement system by good energy characteristics without deteriorating the original energy characteristics of a low dose rate range due to widening range, the dose rate measurement system is composed of: a radiation detector which sends a discrete current pulse having... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140312229 - Position measurement: A measurement fixture has a plurality of optically-detectable elements, preferably infrared LEDs. In use, an object is attached in fixed spatial relationship to the fixture, and an optical measuring device detects the elements to provide relative tracking of the object relative to a reference. This allows for improved control and... Agent:

20140312230 - Infrared imager: Devices, methods, and systems relating to infrared imager devices, methods for providing infrared imagers, methods of operating infrared imagers, and infrared imager systems are disclosed. An infrared imager system includes a number of lenses, a beam splitter, an imager array, and a thermo-optical array, wherein the beam splitter directs light... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140312232 - Analysis of substrates having agents deposited thereon: Improved analytical, diagnostic, monitoring, and other methods (and their associated devices) for evaluating the extent of deposition of an agent onto a substrate are described. Exemplary methods may be used in the in the monitoring of the dental health of patients or in the fast, efficient screening and/or characterization of... Agent:

20140312231 - Infrared analysis of peripheral blood fractions obtained to indicate cognitive development associated with alzheimer's disease: p

20140312233 - Time of flight illumination circuit: Some aspects of the present disclosure provide system and method of operation of a driving circuit for a light emitting element in a Time-of-Flight (ToF) camera. A DC-DC converter is configured to emit a constant current, and is coupled in parallel to a first modulation switch configured to connect the... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20140312234 - Optical sensor with special discrimination: In one embodiment, an ambient light sensor with first and second photo-detectors is disclosed. The first and second photo-detectors may have different depths and respond differently to light having a specific wavelength. The ambient lights sensor may further comprise a circuit configured to detect light of a specific wavelength. In... Agent: Avago Technologies GeneralIP(singapore) Pte. Ltd.

20140312235 - Method of detecting nuclear radiation or radioactive material in a container: A method of analysis for detecting and reporting the presence of low levels of ionizing radiation in spaces such as cargo shipping containers. Radiation detectors are placed inside the containers and the method is invokable while the containers are in transit. The difference between radiation emanating from inside the container... Agent:

20140312236 - Method for processing a signal from a phoswich scintillator, and associated scintillation detector: A method for processing electrical signals from a phoswich scintillator including an upstream scintillator and a downstream scintillator, the method including, for each electrical signal: digitization of the electrical signal; determination of an amplitude and an integral surface area of the digitised electrical signal; and representation of an event associated... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomoque Et Aux Ene Alt

20140312237 - Radiation image detecting device and radiation image capturing system: A radiation image capturing system includes a radiation source and a radiation image detecting device. The radiation image detecting device includes a solid-state detector and a wavelength conversion layer disposed in this order from a radiation incident side. The wavelength conversion layer has a first phosphor layer having first phosphor... Agent:

20140312238 - Flexible connectors for pet detectors: A PET or SPECT radiation detector module (50) includes an array of detectors (54, 58) and their associated processing circuitry are connected by a flexible cable having releasable connectors. A method of mounting and dismounting includes mounting a radiation detector array in a support structure in a diagnostic scanner, connecting... Agent:

20140312239 - Microelectronic displacement damage dose detector: A device is described that includes sensors that are sensitive to displacement damage, and can be configured to display a characteristic damage curve. The sensors, or diodes, can be made of one or more semiconductor materials that are sensitive to displacement damage, and can be operated in dark illumination conditions.... Agent: The Government Of The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

20140312240 - Flame detector: A system and method are disclosed for detecting open flames in an outdoor environment. Structurally, the outdoor flame detector includes both an ultra-violet (UV) detector and a Radio Frequency (RF) detector. While operating within predetermined parameters, these detectors respectively create an event signal(s) and a cancel signal(s). In detail, the... Agent: Thermo Pro Manufacturing, LLC

20140312241 - Plasma evaluation apparatus: [Solution] A plasma evaluation system and method for evaluating plasma, including: a treatment target material; and a weak current measurement unit including a resistor unit and a differential amplifier, wherein the treatment target material is connected to the weak current measurement unit via a treatment target side measurement terminal, the... Agent:

20140312242 - System for wireless, motion and position-sensing, integrating radiation sensor and energy harvester for occupational and environmental dosimetry: Described are a method and apparatus for determining based on motion data when an individual wearing a dosimeter is active. Also described are a method and apparatus for determining based on motion data whether an individual was wearing a dosimeter when the dosimeter was exposed to radiation. Also described are... Agent:

20140312243 - Improvements in or relating to mass spectrometry: There is provided an ion guide arrangement comprising a guide assembly comprising a plurality of elongate members arranged so as to be spaced about a common axis. The elongate members are capable of being in electrical association with one another so as to guide a stream of ions along an... Agent:

20140312244 - Multimode ionization device: A multimode ionization device includes an electrospray unit, a charge generating unit, and a plasma supplying unit. The electrospray unit is configured to form an electrospray plume which travels along a traveling path. The charge generating unit is configured to permit a liquid electrospray medium to leave the electrospray unit... Agent: National Sun Yat-sen University

20140312245 - Multi-source plasma focused ion beam system: The present invention provides a plasma ion beam system that includes multiple gas sources and that can be used for performing multiple operations using different ion species to create or alter submicron features of a work piece. The system preferably uses an inductively coupled, magnetically enhanced ion beam source, suitable... Agent: Fei Company

20140312246 - Sample positioning apparatus, sample stage, and charged particle beam apparatus: Provided is a sample positioning technology wherein micro-vibrations of a top table on which a sample is placed are suppressed such that the quality of an image to be observed or the precision of a measured dimension value can be improved. A sample positioning apparatus according to the present invention... Agent: Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

20140312248 - Articles containing non-visible identifying marks formed from nanomaterials and methods utilizing the same: Identifying marks are often used for authentication and tracking purposes with various types of articles, but they can sometimes be subject to replication or removal by an outside entity, such as a person or group having malicious intent. Carbon nanotubes and other carbon nanomaterials can be used to form identifying... Agent: Lockheed Martin Corporation

20140312247 - Fluorescence imager on a mobile device: Systems and methods for substantially simultaneously exciting a fluorescently labeled specimen and capturing fluorescent light emitted therefrom using a smartphone, tablet, or similar mobile computing device, are disclosed herein. The system includes a light-emitting diode (“LED”) light source coupled with the smartphone to excite the specimen and an imaging device... Agent: Bio-rad Laboratories, Inc.

20140312249 - Colorimetric radiation dosimetry based on functional polymer and nanoparticle hybrid: A method for colorimetric radiation dosimetry includes subjecting an aggregate including a polymeric matrix having uniformly dispersed nanoparticles therein to radiation. The aggregate is soaked in a solution selected to dissolve decomposed pieces of the polymeric matrix to release into the solution nanoparticles from the decomposed pieces. Color of the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

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