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Radiant energy

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02/05/2015 > 43 patent applications in 31 patent subcategories.

20150034802 - Endoscope: An endoscope is provided having a first beam path formed at least in a distal end region, a second beam path formed at the end region, which second beam path is arranged offset with respect to the first beam path for recording a stereoscopic image, and an image recording chip,... Agent: Scholly Fiberoptic Gmbh

20150034803 - Image sensor and method of driving the same: Provided are an image sensor and a method of driving the same. The image sensor includes n optical black pixels which are arranged in the same horizontal line; and m comparators which are matched with the n optical black pixels, wherein n is a natural number greater than or equal... Agent:

20150034804 - Integral optical sensor package: The present invention relates to an integral optical sensor package. More particularly, the present invention relates to an integral optical sensor package in which a light sensor for receiving a visible light band and a remote control sensor for receiving a light signal of an IR band are integrated such... Agent: Raytron Co.,ltd.

20150034805 - Photoelectric convertor: An photoelectric convertor comprises an optical coupler, a circuit board and two restricting posts fixed on the circuit board. The optical coupler defined two restricting grooves passing through its bottom surface and top surface. When the optical coupler is positioned on the circuit board, the two restricting posts are respectively... Agent:

20150034806 - Feedback-based trans-impedance amplifier with programmable input impedance: In at least some examples, a communication device includes a photo-diode to convert an optical signal into an electrical current and a feedback-based trans-impedance amplifier to amplify the electrical current. The communication device also includes a transmission line between the photo-diode and the feedback-based trans-impedance amplifier. The feedback-based trans-impedance amplifier... Agent:

20150034807 - Arrangement for optical measurement of a process variable and measuring device comprising such an arrangement: An arrangement for optical measurement of at least one process variable in a medium, comprising: at least one light source; at least one light receiver; an optical sensor element at least one data processing unit; and a light conductor. The light conductor connects the light source with the optical sensor... Agent:

20150034808 - Photon detector: A photon detection system including a photon detector configured to detect single photons, a signal divider to divide the output signal of the photon detector into a first part and a second part, wherein the first part is substantially identical to the second part, a delay mechanism to delay the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150034809 - Photodetector array on curved substrate: In some applications, it may be desirable to position multiple photodetectors at precise locations on a curved focal surface defined by an optical system. To achieve this positioning, the photodetectors may be mounted at desired locations on a flexible substrate that is in a flat configuration. The flexible substrate with... Agent: Google Inc.

20150034810 - Super-resolution microscope and modulation optical element: A super-resolution microscope includes a modulation optical element (10) that is disposed in an illumination optical system along a light path traveled by first illumination light and second illumination light and spatially modulates the second illumination light. In the modulation optical element (10), a plurality of optical substrates exhibiting anisotropy... Agent:

20150034811 - Band pass optical touch sensing apparatus and method: The present disclosure relates to optical touch sensing technology. Provided is an apparatus comprising an emitting optical waveguide comprising input and output areas, an emitting optical distributed band pass filter disposed at the output area, a receiving waveguide disposed at a spaced apart location from the emitting waveguide, and a... Agent:

20150034812 - Multi-dimensional chromatograph system: In a two-dimensional LC system configured to introduce components trapped in a trap column during a fractionation period T into a second-dimension column, separate components, and then detect the components using a mass spectrometer, a data collection unit receives a signal which indicates timing to delimit the fractionation period T,... Agent: Shimadzu Corporation

20150034813 - Controlling hydrogen-deuterium exchange on a spectrum by spectrum basis: A mass spectrometer is disclosed comprising a liquid chromatography device for separating ions. A gas phase ion-neutral reaction device is arranged downstream to perform a gas phase ion-neutral reaction such as Hydrogen-Deuterium exchange. A control system is arranged to automatically and repeatedly switch the reaction device back and forth between... Agent: Micromass Uk Limited

20150034818 - Discontinuous atmospheric pressure interface: A method of interfacing atmospheric pressure ion sources, including electrospray and desorption electrospray ionization sources, to mass spectrometers, for example miniature mass spectrometers, in which the ionized sample is discontinuously introduced into the mass spectrometer. Discontinuous introduction improves the match between the pumping capacity of the instrument and the volume... Agent:

20150034816 - Interface for mass spectrometry apparatus: There is provided an interface for use in sampling ions in a mass spectrometer, the interface being arranged for receiving a quantity of ions from an ion source and forming more than one ion beam therefrom, each ion beam being directed along a respective desired pathway.... Agent:

20150034817 - Ionization device, mass spectrometry apparatus, mass spectrometry method, and imaging system: A mass spectrometry apparatus includes a holding table that holds a specimen to be ionized, a probe that identifies a portion of the specimen to be ionized, an ion extraction electrode that extracts ions obtained by ionizing the specimen, a liquid supplying unit that supplies liquid to between the specimen... Agent:

20150034814 - Maldi imaging and ion source: An ion source for a mass spectrometer is disclosed comprising a lens and mirror arrangement which focuses a laser beam onto the upper surface of a target substrate. The lens has an effective focal length ≦300 mm. The laser beam is directed onto the target substrate at an angle θ... Agent: Micromass Uk Limited

20150034815 - Method for mass spectrometry: A method is provided for mass spectrometry. The method includes generating precursor ions from a sample; transmitting the precursor ions into a collision cell; generating product ions in the collision cell; detecting the precursor and product ions; applying modulation to one or more of the precursor ion intensity and the... Agent:

20150034819 - Multiple channel detection for time of flight mass spectrometer: An ion detector for a Time of Flight mass spectrometer is disclosed comprising a single Microchannel Plate which is arranged to receive ions and output electrons. The electrons are directed onto an array of photodiodes which directly detects the electrons. The output from each photodiode is connected to a separate... Agent:

20150034820 - Continuous operation high speed ion trap mass spectrometer: The present disclosure discusses a system and method for continuous operation of an ion trap mass spectrometer. The described system does not introduce ions into the ion trap in distinct trapping phase, rather the described system continuously injects ions into the ion trap while continuously scanning out the ions. The... Agent:

20150034821 - Ionization apparatus, mass spectrometer including ionization apparatus, and image forming system: Provided is an ionization apparatus including: a holder configured to hold a sample; a probe configured to determine a part to be ionized of the sample held by the holder; an extract electrode configured to extract ionized ions of the sample; a liquid supply unit configured to supply liquid to... Agent:

20150034823 - Cargo inspection system: The present invention is a cargo inspection system, employing a radiation source, capable of scanning vehicles and/or cargo in a wide range of sizes, including conventional imaging areas as well as taller and bulkier enclosures at sufficiently optimal efficacy and overall throughput. In one embodiment, the present invention is a... Agent:

20150034822 - Position sensitive stem detector: A STEM system is disclosed wherein an imaging system is used to image the electron scatter pattern plane of the HAADF detector onto a two-dimensional array detector. A data acquisition system stores and processes the data from the two-dimensional array detector. For each illumination pixel of the STEM, one frame... Agent:

20150034824 - Scanning electron microscope: The purpose of the present invention is to provide a scanning electron microscope that achieves an increase in both resolution and pattern recognition capability. In order to achieve the purpose, the present invention proposes a scanning electron microscope provided with a monochromator that makes an electron beam monochromatic, the monochromator... Agent:

20150034825 - Device for radiating or receiving electromagnetic waves: The present invention relates to a device for radiating or receiving an electromagnetic wave. The device includes a substrate including a recess coated by a material that reflects the electromagnetic wave, a metal portion that radiates or receives the electromagnetic wave, and an electronic element connected to the metal portion... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20150034826 - Nanoscale infrared spectroscopy with multi-frequency atomic force microscopy: Described are techniques for obtaining spectroscopic information from sub-micron regions of a sample using a probe microscope. The current invention uses the response of an AFM cantilever at a plurality of frequencies to substantially reduce the impact of background absorption away from the sub-micron region of interest. This innovation substantially... Agent:

20150034827 - Detection of raindrops on a windowpane by means of camera and light: A device and to a method for detecting rain, which includes a camera and a light source. The camera is arranged behind a windowpane, in particular inside a vehicle, behind a windscreen, and focused on a far range located in front of the windowpane. The light source for producing at... Agent:

20150034829 - Intrinsic reflectors of scintillation detector elements and formation process of intrinsic reflectors: A radiation sensor may include a scintillator, a reflector, and a sensor. The scintillator may be capable of converting non-visible radiation into scintillation light. The reflector may be formed from material of outside surfaces of the scintillator, to reflect the scintillation light. The sensor may be positioned in proximity to... Agent:

20150034831 - Imaging device and operation method thereof: Provided is an imaging device that can correct an output value of a pixel circuit. The imaging device includes a pixel circuit, a current detection circuit, an A/D converter, one or more memory circuit portions, and an arithmetic circuit portion. The pixel circuit includes a transistor, a charge accumulation portion,... Agent:

20150034830 - Method for acquiring pet image with ultra-high resolution using movement of pet device: A method for acquiring a PET image with ultra high resolution using movement of a PET device is provided. In the related art, there is a limit in lowering of the resolution below a half (d/2) of the width of a detector. According to the provided method, an image with... Agent:

20150034832 - Radiation detector comprising a circuit for injecting a calibrated quantity of counter-charges: An electronic read circuit for a radiation detector comprises: a comparator receiving a threshold potential and the potential from an integration node, said node being able to store electrical charges that are generated by a photosensitive element; a counter connected to the output of the comparator; and a counter-charge injection... Agent: Trixell

20150034833 - Method for controlling a photodetector by automatically detecting incident radiation: A method is provided for controlling a light-sensitive device, for example, a digital X-ray detector including an array of light-sensitive points. The light-sensitive device includes a column conductor, line conductors, and light-sensitive points. Each light-sensitive point is connected between the column conductor and one of the line conductors, and includes... Agent: Trixell

20150034834 - Radiation detector based on charged self-assembled monolayers on nanowire devices: Radiation detectors having nanowires with charged, radiation-labile coatings configured to change the electrical properties of nanowires are provided. In one aspect, a radiation detection device is provided. The radiation detector device includes at least one nanowire having a radiation-labile coating with charged moieties on a surface thereof, wherein the radiation-labile... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150034835 - Charged particle beam apparatus: An embodiment is to provide a technique that continuously applies a certain amount of an electron beam to a sample by selecting a beam applied to the sample from an electron beam emitted from an electron source in a scanning electron microscope. A charged particle apparatus is configured, including: a... Agent: Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

20150034836 - Electron beam equipment: To improve the efficiency of generation of chromatic aberrations of an energy filter for reducing energy distribution. Mounted are an energy filter for primary electrons, the energy filter having a beam slit and a pair of a magnetic deflector and an electrostatic deflector that are superimposed with each other. An... Agent:

20150034837 - Lifetime ion source: An ion source includes an ion source chamber, a gas source to provide a fluorine-containing gas species to the ion source chamber and a cathode disposed in the ion source chamber configured to emit electrons to generate a plasma within the ion source chamber. The ion source chamber and cathode... Agent: Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates, Inc.

20150034838 - Method and system for controlling convection within a plasma cell: A plasma cell for controlling convection includes a transmission element configured to receive illumination from an illumination source in order to generate a plasma within a plasma generation region of the volume of gas. The plasma cell also includes a top flow control element disposed above the plasma generation, which... Agent: Kla-tencor Corporation

20150034839 - Installation for processing articles by electron bombardment: p

20150034840 - Fluorescence light detection device and fluorescence light detection method: A fluorescence light detection device includes an excitation light fiber having an excitation light emitting end configured to emit excitation light; a fluorescence light fiber having a fluorescence light incident end on which fluorescence light is incident; an objective lens arranged between where the excitation light emitting end and the... Agent: Nippon Sheet Glass Company, Limited

20150034841 - Scintillator plate and radiation detector: Provided is a scintillator plate including a crystalline body formed of a compound having a crystal structure of a Cs3Cu2I5 crystal and a substrate, in which an orientation of the crystalline body is an a-axis group orientation with respect to a direction perpendicular to the substrate.... Agent:

20150034842 - Driving apparatus, charged particle beam irradiation apparatus, method of manufacturing device: A driving apparatus includes an electromagnetic actuator configured to generate a motive power by an electromagnetic force; a movable portion configured to be movable by the electromagnetic actuator; a magnetic shield unit that surrounds the electromagnetic actuator, wherein the magnetic shield unit includes a first magnetic shield having an opening... Agent:

20150034843 - Shade structure: A shade structure comprising a horizontal box that is open in a lower region and comprises within it a motorized roller with a shade associated therewith, cooperating with optional guides, and at least one bactericidal lamp.... Agent:

20150034845 - Euvl light source system and method: EUVL light source systems and methods are provided. A laser or a high-voltage-discharge device is used to excite EUV light source material to generate EUV light along with droplets flying out of the EUV light source material. A collector is positioned to guide the EUV light into a desired direction.... Agent: Semiconductor Manufacturing International (shanghai) Corporation

20150034844 - System and method for reducing contamination in extreme ultraviolet lithography light source: Various embodiments provide systems and methods for extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography light source. An exemplary system can include a laser radiation apparatus configured to provide laser radiation. The system can further include an EUV light excitation source material configured to receive the laser radiation to generate an EUV light. The... Agent: Semiconductor Manufacturing International (shanghai) Corporation

01/29/2015 > 47 patent applications in 30 patent subcategories.

20150028186 - Backlight for touchless gesture detection: A device and method to detect a gesture performed by an object in touch-less communication with the device are described. The device includes two or more ambient light sensors arranged at respective first surface locations of the device, each of the two or more ambient light sensors sensing light intensity... Agent: Blackberry Limited

20150028190 - Counter circuit, analog-to-digital converter, and image sensor including the same and method of correlated double sampling: A counter circuit includes a first counter and a second counter. The first counter is configured to count a first counter clock signal which toggles with a first frequency to generate upper (N−M)-bit signals of N-bit counter output signals, in response to a first counting enable signal based on a... Agent:

20150028187 - Image sensor device with infrared filter adhesively secured to image sensor integrated circuit and related methods: An image sensor device may include a mounting substrate having an IC-receiving cavity therein and a filter-receiving opening aligned with the IC-receiving cavity, an image sensor integrated circuit (IC) within the IC-receiving cavity and having an image sensing area aligned with the filter-receiving opening, and an adhesive bead on the... Agent: Stmicroelectronics Pte Ltd

20150028191 - Image sensor unit and image reading device: A contact-type image sensor is designed to prevent, in an effective manner, dust from entering into a space between a rod lens array and a light receiving sensor. A rod lens array includes a large number of rod lenses between two flat substrates and between spacers located at left and... Agent: Nisca Corporation

20150028188 - Non-retro-reflective imaging using tilted image planes: A non-retro-reflective imaging system and methods in which tilted image plane imaging is combined with selective Fourier filtering to substantially eliminate retro-reflection from the system. In certain examples, tilted image plane imaging is achieved using sliced source imaging. Through rotation of the image plane, the majority of incident light is... Agent:

20150028189 - Solid-state imaging device, driving method thereof and electronic apparatus: A solid-state imaging device includes a pixel and a floating diffusion. The pixel includes a photoelectric conversion element that converts incident light into and electric charge, a first transfer gate that includes a plurality of electrodes and transfers the electric charge from the photoelectric conversion element, a charge holding region... Agent:

20150028192 - Coupling optical signals into silicon optoelectronic chips: A method and system for coupling optical signals into silicon optoelectronic chips are disclosed and may include coupling one or more optical signals into a back surface of a CMOS photonic chip in a photonic transceiver, wherein photonic, electronic, or optoelectronic devices may be integrated in layers on a front... Agent:

20150028193 - Laser scanning type observation apparatus: A laser scanning type observation apparatus includes a pulsed-laser oscillation means irradiating pulsed laser to an object, a detector receiving light from the object to output a detection signal, a means detecting pulsed-laser oscillation to output a synchronous signal, a circuit delaying the synchronous signal for an optional amount of... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20150028194 - Four-axis gimbaled airborne sensor: An optical sensor assembly in which a four axis gimbal and dual coelostat mirror configuration provide pointing of the sensor line of sight in azimuth and elevation, stabilized for platform pitch. One example of a sensor system includes a first optical sub-system including a first plurality of optical elements, and... Agent: Raytheon Company

20150028195 - Optical apparatus and method: A deformable optical lens with a lens membrane having an optically active portion that is configured to be shaped over an air-membrane interface according to a spherical cap and Zernike polynomials is provided. The spherical cap and the Zernike polynomials comprise a Zernike[4,0], (Noll[11]) polynomial and are sufficient to model... Agent:

20150028196 - Field asymmetric ion mobility spectrometry filter: Ion filter for FAIMS fabricated using the LIGA technique. The ion filter is manufactured using a metal layer to form the ion channels and an insulating support layer to hold the structure rigidly together after separation of the metal layer into two electrodes.... Agent:

20150028200 - Ion mobility separator with variable effective length: An ion mobility separator or spectrometer is disclosed comprising an inner cylinder and an outer cylinder defining an annular volume through which ions are transmitted. Spiral electrodes a-f are arranged on a surface of the inner cylinder and/or on a surface of the outer cylinder. A first device is arranged... Agent:

20150028197 - Multi-reflection mass spectrometer: A multi-reflection mass spectrometer is provided comprising two ion-optical mirrors, each mirror elongated generally along a drift direction (Y), each mirror opposing the other in an X direction, the X direction being orthogonal to Y, characterized in that the mirrors are not a constant distance from each other in the... Agent:

20150028198 - Multi-reflection mass spectrometer: A multi-reflection mass spectrometer comprising two ion-optical mirrors, each mirror elongated generally along a drift direction (Y), each mirror opposing the other in an X direction and having a space therebetween, the X direction being orthogonal to Y; the mass spectrometer further comprising one or more compensation electrodes each electrode... Agent:

20150028199 - System and method for grouping precursor and fragment ions using selected ion chromatograms: LC/MS data generated by an LC/MS system is analyzed to determine groupings of ions associated with originating molecules. Ions are grouped initially according to retention time, for example, using retention time or chromatographic peaks in mass chromatograms. After initial groupings are determined based on retention time, ion peak shapes are... Agent:

20150028201 - Arrangement for a removable ion-optical assembly in a mass spectrometer: Presented is a mass spectrometer comprising an ion path along which ions are transported between different sections of the mass spectrometer, and further comprising an arrangement with a receptacle being located along the ion path in the mass spectrometer and a complementary mount for carrying a removable ion-optical assembly, such... Agent:

20150028202 - Reflectrons and methods of producing and using them: Certain embodiments described herein are directed to reflectron assemblies and methods of producing them. In some configurations, a reflectron comprising a plurality of lenses each comprising a planar body and comprising a plurality of separate and individual conductors spanning a central aperture from a first side to a second side... Agent: Perkinelmer Health Sciences, Inc.

20150028204 - Inspection apparatus and inspection method: In accordance with an embodiment, an inspection apparatus includes first and second charged particle beam application units to apply charged particle beams to a sample, a detector, an image acquiring unit, and a judgment unit. The sample includes a stack structure in which electrically conductive films and insulating films are... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150028203 - Inspection of a lithographic mask that is protected by a pellicle: A system and a method for evaluating a lithography mask, the system may include: (a) electron optics for directing primary electrons towards a pellicle that is positioned between the electron optics and the lithography mask; wherein the primary electrons exhibit an energy level that allows the primary electrons to pass... Agent: Applied Materials Israel, Ltd.

20150028205 - System for in situ reactivation of fluorescence marker: Vapor is provided locally at a sample surface to allow fluorescence of the fluorescent markers in a vacuum chamber. For example, a nanocapillary can dispense a liquid near a region of interest, the liquid evaporating to increase the vapor pressure near the fluorescent markers. The increase in vapor pressure at... Agent:

20150028206 - Display apparatus: A display apparatus including an optical component and an optical fiber component is provided. The display may include an optical component including a sensor, and an optical fiber component configured to transmit the electromagnetic transmission being incident on a front frame, to the sensor. A display apparatus may transmit light... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150028207 - Infrared sensor with acceleration sensor and method for operating an infrared sensor: A sensor arrangement includes an infrared sensor and at least one acceleration sensor. The infrared sensor is configured to detect infrared radiation, and to output infrared image data. The at least one acceleration sensor is configured to detect an instantaneous acceleration of the sensor arrangement, and to output acceleration data.... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20150028208 - Leak detection of stator liquid cooling system: A safe, fast and accurate method of detecting a leak locale of a stator liquid cooling system especially in a plurality of stator windings in a liquid cooled generator is provided. The method includes the step of introducing a non-corrosive compatible gas or its air mixture having an infrared absorption... Agent: General Electric Company

20150028209 - Refrigerant gas leak detector: An infrared leak detector for detecting gas leaks in a pressurized gas source includes a housing that contains a sampling chamber, an infrared emitter for emitting IR energy, a filter that allows IR energy in the range of approximately 7 to approximately 14 microns to pass therethrough, a sensor that... Agent:

20150028211 - Time-domain spectroscopy and time-domain spectroscopic analysis system: The time-domain spectroscopy analysis system includes a splitter for splitting pulsed light entered, a variable delayer for delaying timing of a first part of the pulsed light split by the splitter, an electromagnetic wave generator for converting a second part of the pulsed light split by the splitter into an... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20150028210 - Tuning-fork based near field probe for spectral measurement, near-field microscope using the same, and spectral analysis method using near-field microscope: The present invention is provided to remove scattering from other parts, except for an end part of a nano-probe, in a near-field microscope, and to enable a spectral analysis by delaying the generation of multiple reflections caused through the shaft of the nano-probe. A first characteristic of the present invention... Agent:

20150028212 - Dual field of view telescope: A multiple field-of-view telescope and optical sensor system and imaging methods using the system. In one example, an optical sensor system includes a primary imaging detector having a first field of view, a telescope configured to receive and focus electromagnetic radiation onto the primary imaging detector along a primary optical... Agent: Raytheon Company

20150028214 - Rapid optical delay scanning method and apparatus using time dependence of acousto-optic diffraction: A method and a system for scanning a time delay between a first ultrafast optical pulse of duration shorter than 10 ps and a second ultrafast optical pulse of duration shorter than 10 ps, wherein the second ultrafast pulse is submitted to an acousto-optic Bragg diffraction by an acoustic pulse... Agent: Fastlite

20150028213 - System and method for lidar signal conditioning: Various embodiments provide systems and methods that allow a LIDAR system to sense nearby objects with relatively low-cost elements, and fewer elements than traditional LIDAR systems by sampling an infrared pulse at a high sample rate and storing the samples in the analog domain. The samples may then be digitized... Agent: Analog Devices, Inc.

20150028215 - Tailgate detection using infra-red beams: A system, for calculating an object location within a portal, includes a portal map formed by a plurality of infra-red beams. The system further includes a broken beam detector for detecting and recording, in response to an object moving through the portal map, data indicative of one or more broken... Agent:

20150028216 - Light receiving device: The light receiving device of the present invention includes a circuit pattern including first and second light receiving parts and first and second output terminals, each of the first and second light receiving parts having a semiconductor layered part forming a photodiode structure having first and second conductivity type semiconductor... Agent: Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation

20150028217 - Lithium-containing scintillators for thermal neutron, fast neutron, and gamma detection: In one embodiment, a scintillator includes a scintillator material; a primary fluor, and a Li-containing compound, where the Li-containing compound is soluble in the primary fluor, and where the scintillator exhibits an optical response signature for thermal neutrons that is different than an optical response signature for fast neutrons and... Agent: Lawrence Livermore National Sercurity, LLC

20150028218 - Radiation detector: A radiation detector (1) includes a three-dimensional stacked scintillator (12) that includes a plurality of scintillator blocks (13) arranged in a matrix in a three-dimensional manner so as to form a prism, in which interposed layers (15) which have a refractive index different from a refractive index of the scintillator... Agent:

20150028219 - Workpiece with marking: The present invention relates to a workpiece which, on its surface, displays a depression having an opening width of at least 0.2 mm and in which depression a carrier material which is connected in a substantially inseparable manner to the workpiece and contains a characteristic marking material for the workpiece... Agent: Polysecure Gmbh

20150028220 - Electron exit window foil: An electron exit window foil for use with a high performance electron beam generator operating in a corrosive environment is provided. The electron exit window foil comprises a sandwich structure having a film of Ti, a first layer of a material having a higher thermal conductivity than Ti, and a... Agent: Tetra Laval Holdings & Finance S.a.

20150028221 - Methods of ion source fabrication: A method of ion source fabrication for a mass spectrometer includes simultaneously forming aligned component portions of an ion source using direct metal laser fusing of sequential layers. The method can further include forming the component portions on a base plate made from a ceramic material by applying fused powder... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20150028222 - Plasma-based photon source, ion source, and related systems and methods: A photon source includes a plasma source for generating plasma and a photon guide through which the plasma travels. The photon guide includes an inner surface configured for reflecting photons emitted from the plasma. As the plasma travels through the photon guide, plasma electrons and ions recombine at the inner... Agent: Agilent Technologies, Inc.

20150028223 - Arrangement and method for transporting radicals: The invention relates to an arrangement for transporting radicals. The arrangement includes a plasma generator and a guiding body. The plasma generator includes a chamber (2) in which a plasma may be formed. The chamber has an inlet (5) for receiving an input gas, and one or more outlets (6)... Agent:

20150028224 - Radiation source cleaning system and module containing same: There is described a cleaning system for a radiation source. The cleaning system comprises: (i) a cleaning chamber housing; (ii) a cleaning cartridge removably disposed in the cleaning chamber housing; and (iii) an endcap element removably coupled to the cleaning chamber housing. The cleaning cartridge comprises a first sealing element... Agent: Trojan Technologies

20150028225 - Method for manufacturing a tem-lamella and assembly having a tem-lamella protective structure: A method for manufacturing a TEM-lamella is disclosed. The method includes: disposing a self-supporting protective structure on a surface of a substrate; bonding the protective structure to the substrate; cutting out a lamella from the substrate using a particle beam so that the lamella remains bonded to at least a... Agent:

20150028226 - Optical unit, fluorescence detection device, and fluorescence detection method: A first lens 23 for converting light from the objective lens into parallel light is composed of a concave lens part 32 having a concave curved face 32c in a center portion of a flat face 32a, and a convex lens part 33 having a convex curved face 33c around... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20150028227 - System for authenticating an item: A system of authenticating an item with a security mark includes a substrate (100); wherein the security mark is printed on the substrate with invisible ultraviolet (UV) absorbing ink (102); a coating comprised of UV fluorescent varnish (104) applied over the security mark and substrate; wherein an area comprising the... Agent:

20150028228 - Belt treatment system: A handrail sanitization system incorporates ultraviolet light treatment into long straight sections of the handrail run, most preferably along the hidden return area of the endless loop forming the moving handrail. This treatment area allows for longer exposure times to the UV light and facilitates the treatment of the entire... Agent: Vioguard LLC

20150028229 - Dual elliptical reflector with a co-located foci for curing optical fibers: A device for UV curing a coating or printed ink on a workpiece such as an optical fiber comprises dual elliptical reflectors arranged to have a co-located focus. The workpiece is centered at the co-located focus such that the dual elliptical reflectors are disposed on opposing sides of the workpiece.... Agent:

20150028230 - Method for charged-particle multi-beam exposure: To irradiate a target with a beam of energetic radiation formed by electrically charged particles, the beam is formed and imaged onto a target, where it generates a pattern image composed of pixels. The pattern image is moved along a path on the target over a region to be exposed,... Agent: Ims Nanofabrication Ag

20150028231 - Laser apparatus: A laser apparatus may include a master oscillator configured to output a laser beam, at least one amplifier provided in a beam path of the laser beam, at least one saturable absorber gas cell provided downstream from the at least one amplifier and configured to contain a saturable absorber gas... Agent:

20150028232 - Multi-part mask for implanting workpieces: A multi-part mask has a pattern plate, which includes a planar portion that has the desired aperture pattern to be used during workpiece processing. The multi-part mask also has a mounting frame, which is used to hold the pattern plate. Prior to assembly, the pattern plate has an aligning portion,... Agent:

01/22/2015 > 42 patent applications in 30 patent subcategories.

20150021459 - Dual conversion gain image sensor cell: An image sensor cell formed inside and on top of a substrate of a first conductivity type, including: a read region of the second conductivity type; and, adjacent to the read region, a storage region of the first conductivity type topped with a first insulated gate electrode. The first electrode... Agent:

20150021461 - Image sensor and electronic device: There is provided an image sensor including pixels each configured to include a transfer transistor configured as an embedded channel type MOS transistor and to output a pixel signal based on a charge transferred to a floating diffusion from a photodiode by the transfer transistor in an on state, and... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150021463 - Imaging device, driving method and electronic apparatus with electric potential applied outside exposure period: Disclosed herein is an imaging device including: a plurality of pixels disposed to form a matrix having pixel rows, the pixels including a pixel electrode formed on a silicon substrate for one of the pixels by being separated away from another pixel electrodes formed for one of the other pixels,... Agent:

20150021460 - Solid state imaging device and imaging apparatus: A solid state imaging device includes a pixel unit and an output unit. The pixel unit has a first pixel and a second pixel different from the first pixel. The output unit has a first capacitance to which a first pixel signal read from the first pixel is input, a... Agent:

20150021462 - Solid-state imaging unit and electronic apparatus: A solid-state imaging unit includes: a pixel section including a plurality of pixels each including a photoelectric conversion section, a charge-voltage conversion section, and a transfer transistor transferring charge accumulated in the photoelectric conversion section to the charge-voltage conversion section; and a storage section storing information about an optimum value... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150021464 - Photoelectric conversion apparatus and image pickup system: When a level of a signal output from a pixel is higher than a comparison level, the signal output from the pixel is converted into a digital signal during a first period by using a first reference signal. If the level of the signal output from the pixel is lower... Agent:

20150021465 - Electronic device with environmental monitoring: An electronic device that includes a sensor mechanism is described. During operation of the electronic device, the sensor mechanism provides sensor data based on measurements of an environmental condition in an external environment that includes the electronic device. Based on the sensor data, a control mechanism selects an illumination pattern... Agent: Leeo, Inc.

20150021466 - Micro pick up array alignment encoder: Micro pick up arrays and methods for transferring micro devices from a carrier substrate are disclosed. In an embodiment, a micro pick up array alignment encoder detects relative position between a micro pick up array having an encoder scale and a target substrate having a corresponding reference scale. In an... Agent: Luxvue Technology Corporation

20150021467 - Segmented planar calibration for correction of errors in time of flight mass spectrometers: An ion detector system for a mass spectrometer is disclosed comprising an ion detector comprising an array of detector elements. The ion detector system is arranged to correct for tilt and non-linear aberrations in an isochronous plane of ions. The ion detector system generates separate first mass spectral data sets... Agent:

20150021468 - Collision cells and methods of using them: Certain embodiments described herein are directed to collision cells that comprise one or more integrated lenses. In some examples, a lens is coupled to two sections of a sectioned quadrature rod assembly, the lens comprising an aperture and a plurality of separate conductive elements disposed each one side of the... Agent: Perkinelmer Health Sciences, Inc.

20150021471 - Electrostatic mass spectrometer with encoded frequent pulses: A method, apparatus and algorithms are disclosed for operating an open electrostatic trap (E-trap) or a multi-pass TOF mass spectrometer with an extended flight path. A string of start pulses with non equal time intervals is employed for triggering ion packet injection into the analyzer, a long spectrum is acquired... Agent:

20150021469 - Interfacing capillary electrophoresis to a mass spectrometer via an impactor spray ionization source: A mass spectrometer is disclosed comprising a separation device arranged and adapted to emit an eluent over a period of time. The separation device preferably comprises a Capillary Electrophoresis (“CE”) separation device. The mass spectrometer further comprises a nebuliser and a target. Eluent emitted by the separation device is nebulised,... Agent: Micromass Uk Limited

20150021470 - Method for imaging mass analysis using physical vapor deposition of platinum nanoparticles: m

20150021472 - Collision cell for tandem mass spectrometry: A method and apparatus for tandem mass spectrometry is disclosed. Precursor ions are fragmented and the fragments are accumulated in parallel, by converting an incoming stream of ions from an ion source (10) into a time separated sequence of multiple precursor ions which are then assigned to their own particular... Agent:

20150021473 - Methods and systems for plasma deposition and treatment: An apparatus for separating ions having different mass or charge includes a waveguide conduit coupled to a microwave source for transmitting microwaves through openings in the waveguide conduit. The outlet ends of pipes are positioned at the openings for transporting material from a material source to the openings. A plasma... Agent:

20150021474 - Switchable multi perspective detector, optics therefore and method of operating thereof: A secondary charged particle detection device for detection of a signal beam is described. The device includes a detector arrangement having at least two detection elements with active detection areas, wherein the active detection areas are separated by a gap (G), a particle optics configured for separating the signal beam... Agent: Ict Integrated Circuit Testing Gesellschaft Fur Halbleiterpruftechnik Gmbh

20150021475 - Automated slice milling for viewing a feature: A method and apparatus for performing a slice and view technique with a dual beam system. The feature of interest in an image of a sample is located by machine vision, and the area to be milled and imaged in a subsequent slice and view iteration is determined through analysis... Agent: Fei Company

20150021476 - Magnetic lens for focusing a beam of charged particles: Said secondary portion comprises a waist region surrounding said bore and acting as a magnetic constriction, configured such that said magnetic field undergoes saturation in said waist region, thereby causing magnetic flux to exit the waist region and form a focusing field in said focusing region.... Agent: Fei Company

20150021477 - Detection device comprising an improved cold finger: The detection device comprises a cold finger which performs the thermal connection between a detector and a cooling system. The cold finger comprises at least one side wall at least partially formed by an area made from the amorphous metal alloy. Advantageously, the whole of the cold finger is made... Agent:

20150021479 - Bolometer and preparation method thereof: A bolometer and a preparation method thereof. The bolometer includes: an infrared detection element (1) and a readout circuit (2), wherein the infrared detection element (1) is formed on one side of a first substrate (100), and an edge of the infrared detection element (1) is provided with an electrode... Agent:

20150021478 - Non-destructive sugar content measuring apparatus: A non-destructive sugar content measuring apparatus is provided and includes a measuring sensor portion for including a spectral sensor which receives a near infrared ray from the light which is reflected by the flesh FB of the fruit F of which the sugar content is measured, an LED light source... Agent: Daesung Tech Co., Ltd.

20150021480 - Visible-infrared plane grating imaging spectrometer: An imaging spectrometer, covering the visible through infrared wavelengths, which disperses the light by a plane diffraction grating behind a wedged optical element. This design uses an achromatic doublet lens with a reflective coating on its convex back surface to produce the spectra on a flat detector. Spatial keystone distortion... Agent:

20150021481 - Tracking system: A system simultaneously tracks multiple objects. All or a subset of the objects includes a wireless receiver and a transmitter for providing an output. The system includes one or more wireless transmitters that send commands to the wireless receivers of the multiple objects instructing different subsets of the multiple objects... Agent: Sportvision, Inc.

20150021482 - Device and method for recording contaminations in a hydraulic system: The invention relates to a contamination recording apparatus (12) for recording contaminations in a flowing hydraulic fluid (10) to be examined in aircraft (11a), which comprises a conveying device (14) for conveying the flowing hydraulic fluid (10), a light source (34) for exposing the hydraulic fluid (10) flowing in the... Agent:

20150021483 - Vibrating mirror element, distance measuring apparatus, and projector: A vibrating mirror element includes a drive control portion configured to control the driving of a correction drive portion to keep the turning angle velocity of a mirror portion substantially constant by oscillating the mirror portion about an axis at a non-resonance frequency in a direction opposite to a direction... Agent:

20150021484 - Radiographic image detector: v

20150021485 - Solid scintillator, radiation detector, and radiation examination device: A solid scintillator in an embodiment includes a polycrystal body of an oxide having a garnet structure. In the solid scintillator, a linear transmittance at a wavelength of 680 nm is 10% or more. The oxide constituting the solid scintillator has a composition represented by, for Example, General formula: (Gd1−α−β−γTbαLuβCeγ)3(Al1−xGax)aOb,... Agent:

20150021486 - Radiation imaging apparatus, method of manufacturing the same, and radiation inspection apparatus: A radiation imaging apparatus, comprising a sensor panel including a plurality of sensors arranged on a substrate and configured to detect light, and a scintillator placed over the sensor panel, wherein the scintillator having a concentric characteristics distribution having a center outside an outer edge of the scintillator.... Agent:

20150021487 - Two-dimensional image detecting system: When a conventional idea of determining a setting condition from a parameter of resolution (image resolution) is changed to use an X-ray tube with a stable focus size, setting conditions are determined from a focus size φ [μm] of the X-ray tube. The minimum radiography size b [μm] is settable... Agent:

20150021488 - Methods and systems for axially segmenting positron emission tomography data: A method for generating a Positron Emission Tomography (PET) image includes defining a scan window having a predetermined length along an examination axis of a PET imaging system, the scan window corresponding to a region of interest to be continuously scanned by the PET imaging system, defining at least two... Agent:

20150021489 - Radiation detector system and method: A radiation detector system/method that simultaneously detects alpha/beta, beta/gamma, or alpha/beta/gamma radiation within an integrated detector is disclosed. The system incorporates a photomultiplier tube with radiation scintillation materials to detect alpha/beta/gamma radiation. The photomultiplier tube output is then shape amplified and fed through discriminators to detect the individual radiation types.... Agent: Canberra Industries, Inc.

20150021491 - Method and apparatus for measuring concentration of advanced-oxidation active species: A method for measuring the concentration of advanced-oxidation active species includes a step of measuring the absorption characteristics of a wavelength region including the wavelength of 195 to 205 nm of a sample and a step of determining the concentration of the advanced-oxidation active species from the aforementioned measured absorption... Agent:

20150021490 - Method to determine trace amounts of crude oil by spectroscopic absorption: The present invention relates to a method for determining trace amounts of crude oil in water, including the steps of collecting a sample of an oil-containing fluid, adding a toluene extraction volume to the sample, perturbing the sample, dissolving substantially all of the amount of oil in the toluene extraction... Agent:

20150021492 - Ion guide or filters with selected gas conductance: Certain embodiments described herein are directed to rod assemblies such as, for example, quadrupole, hexapole and octupole rod assemblies. In some instances, the rod assemblies include at least one pole comprising an integral fluid path configured to fluidically couple an ion volume formed by the assembly to an outer volume... Agent: Perkinelmer Health Sciences, Inc.

20150021493 - Pattern definition device having multiple blanking arrays: A pattern definition (PD) device for use in a charged-particle multi-beam processing or inspection apparatus includes at least two deflection array devices positioned in a stacked arrangement. A particle beam (Ib) traversing the PD device is formed into a plurality of beamlets, which can be deflected or blanked by the... Agent: Ims Nanofabrication Ag

20150021494 - Infusion set and adapter for spectroscopic analysis of pharmaceuticals: An infusion set and an intravenous bag adapter constructed of ultraviolet transmissive thermoplastic is used in spectroscopic validation of pharmaceuticals. The described hardware allows for qualitative and quantitative assurance of medications and is used to prevent medication errors. The thermoplastic is transmissive in the range of 240 to 315 nanometers.... Agent:

20150021495 - Charged particle beam drawing apparatus and drawing chamber: A charged particle beam drawing apparatus includes: a stage configured to support a specimen as a drawing target; and an airtight drawing chamber formed into a box shape provided with a side wall and a bottom plate, and configured to house the stage. The bottom plate includes: multiple support portions... Agent: Nuflare Technology, Inc

20150021496 - Method to assist gel analysis and processing and apparatus for the same: A method to assist gel analysis and processing and apparatus for the same is disclosed. The method employs a tracing/marking/measuring/analyzing and referencing template of transparent sheet material comprising of a pattern made of vertical and horizontal lines that form quadrilateral shapes upon intersection. The vertical and horizontal lines are clearly... Agent:

20150021497 - Jewelry box: An apparatus for stimulating the fluorescence of a gemstone jewelry piece is disclosed. The apparatus uses a container or box to hold all the necessary components including an ultra-violet energy source which provides the ultra-violet energy used in stimulating the gemstone jewelry piece. The energy source may be powered by... Agent:

20150021498 - Chemical mechanical polishing retaining ring methods and apparatus: A chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) system includes a substrate held in a substrate holder having a substrate retaining ring, the substrate having a peripheral edge supported by the substrate retaining ring, the retaining ring including a polymer ring having a polymer contact portion in contact with at least a portion... Agent:

20150021499 - Converting infrared light into broadband visible light at high efficiency using lanthanide-sensitized oxides: The present invention includes upconversion materials such as lanthanide-sensitized oxides that are useful for converting low-energy photons into high-energy photons. Because silicon-based solar cells have an intrinsic optical band-gap of 1.1 eV, low-energy photons having a wavelength longer than 1100 nm, e g., infrared photons, cannot be absorbed by the... Agent: The Chinese University Of Hong Kong

20150021500 - Laser-driven light source: An apparatus for producing light includes a chamber and an ignition source that ionizes a gas within the chamber. The apparatus also includes at least one laser that provides energy to the ionized gas within the chamber to produce a high brightness light. The laser can provide a substantially continuous... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 42 patent applications in 29 patent subcategories.

20150014516 - Da converter, ad converter, and semiconductor device: A DA converter includes a first DA conversion section for obtaining an analog output signal in accordance with a digital input signal value, and a second DA conversion section for obtaining an analog gain control output signal in accordance with a digital gain control input signal value. In the DA... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150014517 - Integral a/d converter and cmos image sensor: The integral type Analog/Digital (AD) converter includes: a comparator configured to compare a reference voltage of a ramp waveform with an input voltage and output a comparison signal; a DLL circuit configured to generate a plurality of clock signals; a delay adjustment circuit configured to delay the comparison signal; a... Agent: National University Corporation Hokkaido University

20150014515 - Mobile device and optical imaging lens thereof: Present embodiments provide for a mobile device and an optical imaging lens thereof. The optical imaging lens comprises five lens elements positioned sequentially from an object side to an image side. Through controlling the convex or concave shape of the surfaces, the refracting power of the lens elements and two... Agent: Genius Electronic Optical Co., Ltd.

20150014514 - Sensor: A sensor is disclosed that can include a light component in support of a first light source operable to direct a first beam of light, and a second light source operable to direct a second beam of light. The sensor can also include an imaging device positioned proximate the light... Agent: Rememdia Lc

20150014518 - High-speed transimpedance amplifier: A transimpedance amplifier includes a first inverter having a first input node and a first output node. The first input node is configured to receive an input signal. A second inverter has a second input node and a second output node. The second input node connects to a reference voltage... Agent:

20150014519 - Determining relative timing offset in different electronic pathways using internal signal: A process and system including a detector having a photosensor therein that outputs a signal and a plurality of after-pulse detector devices independently connected to the photosensor via respective pathways. The after-pulse detector devices each detecting an after-pulse in the signal, where the after-pulse represents an after-event in the photosensor... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20150014520 - Optoelectronic position measuring device: Embodiments described herein include an optoelectronic position measuring device that may include a code carrier, which carries an optically detectable position code, a radiation source for emitting optical radiation onto the code carrier, and a detection element having a multiplicity of light-sensitive reception regions for receiving at least part of... Agent:

20150014521 - Reducing disturbance during fiber optic sensing: Reducing disturbance during fiber optic sensing. An in-well fiber optic sensing system includes a device insulated to be disturbance-resistant. The device is in a fiber optic communication path between a source and a target configured to be received in a well. The device is configured to receive a parameter sensing... Agent:

20150014522 - First and second order focusing using field free regions in time-of-flight: In some embodiments, a time of flight mass spectrometer can comprise an input orifice for receiving ions, a first ion accelerator stage for accelerating the ions along a first path, at least one ion reflector for receiving said accelerated ions and redirecting said ions along a second path different than... Agent:

20150014523 - Method for determining the maximum mass peak in mass spectrometry: A fast method for determining molecular mass using mass spectrometry has the following steps: specifying a first adjusting value (M1) of the mass spectrometer, recording the associated signal amplitude (A1), specifying a second adjusting value (M2) which is different to the first, measuring the associated second signal amplitude (A2), specifying... Agent: Inficon Gmbh

20150014525 - Systems and methods for transfer of ions for analysis: The invention generally relates to systems and methods for transferring ions for analysis. In certain embodiments, the invention provides a system for analyzing a sample including an ionizing source for converting molecules of a sample into gas phase ions in a region at about atmospheric pressure, an ion analysis device,... Agent:

20150014524 - Time of flight tubes and methods of using them: Certain embodiments described herein are directed to time of flight tubes comprising a cylindrical tube comprising an inner surface and an outer surface, the cylindrical tube comprising an effective thickness and sized and arranged to couple to and support a reflectron assembly inside the cylindrical tube. In some configurations, the... Agent: Perkinelmer Health Sciences, Inc.

20150014526 - Method of electron beam transport in an x-ray scanner: The present invention provides a multi-view X-ray inspection system. In one embodiment, a beam steering mechanism directs the electron beam from an X-ray source to multiple production targets which generate X-rays for scanning which are subsequently detected by a plurality of detectors to produce multiple image slices (views). The system... Agent: Rapiscan Systems, Inc.

20150014528 - Method of operating a particle beam microscope and a particle beam microscope: A method of operating a particle beam microscope includes: directing a particle beam onto a sample and detecting particles emanating from the sample during a first period for generating an image of the sample; generating electrons having a first distribution of kinetic energies and directing these electrons onto the sample... Agent:

20150014527 - Scanning charged particle microscope, image acquisition method, and electron detection method: A scanning charged particle microscope is offered which can selectively detect and image electrons. The scanning charged particle microscope (100) has: a source (1) of a charged particle beam (E1); an objective lens (6) for bringing the charged particle beam (E1) emitted from the source (1) into focus at a... Agent: Jeol Ltd.

20150014529 - Charged particle beam device: Provided is a charged particle beam device with high sensitivity, capable of detecting charged particles emitted from a sample at high resolution. An absorption current detector arranged to contact with the sample makes an absorption current generated in the sample by an irradiated charged particle beam flow through the detector,... Agent: Hitachi High- Technologies Corporation

20150014530 - Charged particle beam apparatus: Provided is a charged particle beam apparatus (111) to and from which a diaphragm (101) can be easily attached and detached, and in which a sample (6) can be arranged under vacuum and under high pressure. The charged particle beam apparatus includes: a lens barrel (3) holding a charged particle... Agent: Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

20150014531 - Scanning electron microscope: It is an object of the present invention to provide a scanning electron microscope for discriminating an angle of an electron ejected from a sample without providing an opening for restricting the angle at outside of an axis. In order to achieve the object described above, there is proposed a... Agent:

20150014532 - Photoconductive antenna, terahertz wave generating device, camera, imaging device, and measuring device: A photoconductive antenna includes a semiconductor layer, and first and second electrodes. The semiconductor layer includes a first conductive region and a second conductive region constituting portions of a surface of the semiconductor layer disposed on a side to which the pulsed light is irradiated, and a third conductive region... Agent:

20150014533 - Vehicle detection device and vehicle detection method: A vehicle detection device includes: an antenna configured to sense electromagnetic waves; an image generation unit configured to generate a radio wave image; a road surface region detection unit configured to detect a road surface region in the radio wave image; a symmetry axis setting unit configured to set a... Agent:

20150014534 - Switchable readout device: A readout device is adapted for dual-band sensing, and includes an amplifier, two direct injection (DI) readout circuits to be respectively connected to two sensors, and a switching module. Through operation of the switching module, one of the DI readout circuits can be electrically connected to the amplifier, and cooperate... Agent:

20150014536 - Electronic device with distance measure function and related method: A method for measuring a distance between an electronic device and an object is provided. The method includes: starting to emit infrared light to an object when the electronic device is parallel to a length of the object which is perpendicularly placed and is configured to reflect the received infrared... Agent:

20150014535 - Terahertz detection assembly and methods for use in detecting terahertz radiation: A terahertz detection assembly generally has a light generating apparatus configured to generate at least one illuminating light pattern and a substrate member positioned proximate to the light generating apparatus. The substrate member includes a semiconductive portion configured to receive at least a portion of the illuminating light pattern such... Agent:

20150014537 - Systems and methods for detecting multiple infrared bands: A dual-band infrared detector is provided. The dual-band infrared detector includes a first absorption layer, a barrier layer coupled to the first absorption layer, and a second absorption layer coupled to the barrier layer. The first absorption layer is sensitive to only a first infrared wavelength band and the second... Agent:

20150014538 - Detector electronics: An apparatus including a detector comprising a microbolometer, and a power converter operably connected to the detector and a power source. Also a method of operating a detector in a hazardous environment, the method including the steps of providing a detector comprising a microbolometer, a power source, and a power... Agent:

20150014540 - Device for measuring heat radiation of object to be measured, method for measuring heat radiation of object to be measured, and cell for measuring heat radiation: An apparatus 100 for measuring thermal radiation in one mode of the present invention is used for detecting thermal radiation of an object 12 to be measured. The apparatus 100 is provided with: a sample cell 10 which includes the object 12 to be measured which is a liquid or... Agent: Tokyo University Of Agriculture And Technology

20150014539 - Method and algorithm for self-learning/auto-commissioning by multiple sensor elements for outdoor lighting application: The invention relates to a method of controlling a passive infrared (PIR) sensor, said sensor controlling if an electrical device is on or off, wherein said PIR sensor has at least two sensor elements, each having a lens focusing IR onto them, control electronics comprising of at least one processing... Agent:

20150014541 - Method for measuring the concentration of a gas component in a measuring gas: A method for measuring the concentration of a gas component in a measuring gas, wherein a semiconductor laser is periodically actuated by a current ramp to scan a selected absorption line in a wavelength-dependent manner and to determine the concentration of the gas component based on the reduction in the... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150014542 - Method for detecting buried layers: An arrangement for optically detecting buried layers of flat objects having a plurality of layers, in particular wafers, containing a radiation source for illuminating the surface of the object at an angle; a polarization filter arranged in the beam path; and a detector for detecting radiation reflected by the surface... Agent:

20150014543 - Heterodyne detection system and method: An active heterodyne detection system comprises a continuously tuneable laser source (1) emitting infra-red radiation, means (8) to split the infra-red radiation into a first part and a second part, means (4) to provide a frequency shift between the first part and the second part, means (8, 9) to direct... Agent: Iti Scotland Limited

20150014544 - Integrated coupling of scintillation crystal with photomultiplier in a detector apparatus: A scintillator type radiation detector package is provided including a scintillation crystal directly coupled to the window of a photomultiplier. A scintillator package is also provided having a longer life at wellbore temperature with minimal deterioration of a hygroscopic scintillation crystal(s). Direct optical coupling of the scintillator to the photomultiplier... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20150014545 - Method and system for synchronizing positron emission tomography (pet) detector modules: A detector module (50) for a positron emission tomography (PET) system (10) includes an optical transceiver (66) receiving an optical data stream from a PET processing system (48). The data stream includes a pulse train carrying a command to generate sync/reset pulses. The system (10) further includes synchronization circuitry (70)... Agent:

20150014546 - Radiation detection apparatus, manufacturing method thereof, and radiation detection system: A method of manufacturing a radiation detection apparatus is provided. The apparatus comprises a first scintillator layer, a second scintillator layer, and a sensor panel that detects light emitted by the first scintillator layer and the second scintillator layer. The method comprises preparing a sensor unit having the sensor panel... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20150014547 - Scintillation detector: A scintillation detector, especially one for a radiometric measuring device for measuring and/or monitoring a measured variable, especially a fill level of a fill substance located in a container, for covering a predeterminable measuring range as flexibly as possible in shape and length. To this end, the scintillation detector comprises... Agent:

20150014548 - Ionization probe assemblies: The invention relates generally to sample ionization, and provides ionization probe assemblies, systems, computer program products, and methods useful for this purpose.... Agent:

20150014549 - Charged particle beam writing apparatus and charged particle beam writing method: A charged particle beam writing apparatus includes first and second transmission units to perform first and second transmission processing, where, in the first transmission processing, while one of the units performs data transmission processing, the other unit inputs processing data for N processing regions more than pre-set, data-converted, n processing... Agent: Nuflare Technology, Inc.

20150014550 - Latching method ensuring device can be sealed reliably and ultra-violet liquid processing device: A ultra-violet liquid processing device comprises a liquid processor, a lamp holder, a latching mechanism provided within the lamp holder, and a lamp holder fixed cover provided with a lock hole therein. The latching mechanism comprises a locking dog able to extend from or retract into the lamp holder and... Agent: Shenzhen Xingrisheng Industrial Co., Ltd.

20150014552 - Fluorescence detection device: To provide a fluorescence detection device that can effectively remove autofluorescence using a simple configuration. A fluorescence detection device comprises: semiconductor laser for emitting excitation light; an objective lens for converging excitation light onto a sample on a biosensor substrate; an anamorphic lens which introduces astigmatism to fluorescence that is... Agent: Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

20150014551 - Scanner photometer & methods: A scanning photometer and attendant methods are provided. The scanning photometer is generally characterized by first and second fluorophore excitation sources, an objective lens, and a common emission detector for the detection of first and second fluorophore emission originating from the excitation of the fluorophores via passage of excitation energy,... Agent:

20150014553 - Film with codes, reader used for reading the film and electronic device with a display device with the film: A film with codes, a reader configured to read the film, and an electronic device having a display including the film are provided. The reader may include a first light irradiating section, a second light irradiating section, a control section, and a light capturing section.... Agent: Neolab Convergence Inc.

20150014554 - Packaging for high power integrated circuits and infrared emitter arrays: A product and method for packaging high power integrated circuits or infrared emitter arrays for operation through a wide range of temperatures, including cryogenic operation. The present invention addresses key limitations with the prior art, by providing temperature control through direct thermal conduction or active fluid flow and avoiding thermally... Agent:

20150014555 - Optical communication device: An optical communication device includes a light emitting element including a light emitting surface, a first substrate coating the light emitting element, a light receiving element including a light receiving surface, a second substrate coating the light receiving element, a planar optical waveguide, a first reflecting element including a first... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

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