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05/28/2015 > 47 patent applications in 33 patent subcategories.

20150144766 - Control apparatus and control method: A control apparatus includes a slit plate including a plurality of rectangular slits with different widths. The control apparatus also includes an acquisition unit which acquires an incident spectrum from the rectangular slit. The apparatus also includes a slit selecting unit which acquires a half value wavelength of the incident... Agent:

20150144767 - Method for evaluating position and motion using time of flight detectors: A method is for evaluating a coverage factor of a photon emission cone of a time of flight sensor. The method may include the steps of assigning a reference curve to the sensory providing a photon flux intensity as a function of time of flight; and acquiring a time of... Agent:

20150144771 - Imaging apparatus: An imaging apparatus includes a clock generation unit that generates a plurality of phase signals having phases different from one another, a signal transmission unit provided to correspond to the plurality of phase signals and having a plurality of signal transmission circuits, and a latch unit having a plurality of... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20150144769 - Inspection apparatus and inspection method: An inspection apparatus and an inspection method capable of performing an inspection more accurately are provided. An inspection apparatus according to the present invention includes a light source 10 that illuminates a sample 30 in which a pattern is formed, a detector 11 that detects light reflected from the sample... Agent: Lasertec Corporation

20150144770 - Multispectral imager with hybrid double layer filter array: Hybrid dual layer filter can be employed can be employed as filters. A multispectral imager comprises a two layer filter array monolithically integrated onto detector array, a top layer of pigment based filter and a lower layer of plasmonic nano-optic filter to make a low cost and narrow bandwidth filter... Agent:

20150144768 - Optical navigation system and detection method thereof adapted for ambient light and liftoff detection: There is provided an optical navigation system including a light source, a first photosensitive unit, a second photosensitive unit, a control unit and a processing unit. The light source is configured to emit light of a predetermined wavelength. The first photosensitive unit is configured to receive reflected light of the... Agent:

20150144772 - Light grid: The invention relates to a light grid having divergent light beams so that cross-beams can also be evaluated beside parallel beams, wherein not only a light beam interruption, but also the intensity of the light incidence on a light reception unit is evaluated. To provide an improved light grid with... Agent:

20150144773 - Method for compensation of fiber optic measurement systems and fiber optic measurement system: The present invention relates to a method for compensation, for example, for temperature compensation of a fiber optic measurement system designed for determining a mechanical quantity. First and second fiber Bragg gratings have a respective Bragg wavelength, wherein the fiber Bragg gratings are irradiated with primary light. After applying a... Agent:

20150144774 - Optical position transmitter with analog memory unit: The invention relates to a position transmitter with a position code and an optical sensor element for detecting at least one part of the position code. The sensor element has a row of photosensitive detection regions, which convert incident photons into electric charges, and a readout structure for outputting an... Agent: Hexagon Technology Center Gmbh

20150144775 - Method for determining absolute coding of an optical coding track: The invention concerns a method for determining absolute coding represented by code elements of an optical code track, with illumination of the absolute coding with light, modulating of some of the illuminating light on code elements, determining of the absolute coding as modulated light and continuously varying modulation of the... Agent:

20150144776 - Material characteristic estimation using internal reflectance spectroscopy: An apparatus for measuring fluid characteristics includes: a solid transparent body including a plurality of internally reflective surfaces defining a n-sided base having a polygonal shape and having at least three sides, each reflective surface forming a side of the polygonal shape, the plurality of surfaces configured to direct the... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150144778 - Data independent acquisition of product ion spectra and reference spectra library matching: Systems and methods are used to store an electronic record of all product ion spectra of all detectable compounds of a sample. A plurality of product ion scans are performed on a tandem mass spectrometer one or more times in a single sample analysis across a mass range using a... Agent:

20150144779 - Electron impact ion source with fast response: A closed electron impact ion source with overall opening area of less than 30 mm2 is employed for direct and pulsed extraction into a time-flight mass spectrometer in order to enhance sensitivity and immunity to chemical noise of oil and fumes of the vacuum system. For compatibility with dual stage... Agent: Leco Corporation

20150144781 - Method and apparatus for controlling the supply of ions: A method for controlling the supply of ions from a liquid chromatograph through an ion source into a mass spectrometer. The ion source is foreseen to be either an electrospray ionization sources or an impaction spraying ion sources. The ion source can be operated in two modes: a mode in... Agent: Micromass Uk Limited

20150144780 - Method of ms/ms mass spectrometry: A method of mass spectrometry is disclosed comprising alternating between a first mode in which parent ions are mass analysed and a second mode in which the parent ions are subjected to Electron Capture Dissociation (“ECD”) at atmospheric pressure so as to produce fragment ions which are then mass analysed.... Agent:

20150144777 - Multiple solid phase micro-extraction thermal desorption ionization device, mass spectrometer and analytical method for mass spectrometry: A multiple solid phase microextraction (m-SPME) thermal desorption ionization device which desorbs an analyte and moves it into an entry of a mass spectrometer for mass spectrometry analysis is provided. The device has a charge producing unit, a heating unit and a sampling unit. The sampling unit provides a plurality... Agent: National Sun Yat-sen University

20150144782 - Systems, devices, and methods for connecting a chromatography system to a mass spectrometer: The invention provides interfaces between analytical instruments, e.g., between chromatography systems and mass spectrometers. In an exemplary embodiment, an ion source is provided for connecting a carbon dioxide-based chromatograph device to a mass spectrometer. The ion source includes a first conduit for receiving eluent from the chromatography device, a heater... Agent: Waters Technologies Corporation

20150144783 - Glycopeptide analyzer: The same sample S is analyzed using an ion-trap (IT) mass spectrometer section 11 in which ions are captured in an ion trap before mass spectrometry and a time-of-flight (TOF) mass spectrometer section 12 in which ions generated from the sample are directly subjected to mass spectrometry. A mass spectrum... Agent: Shimadzu Corporation

20150144784 - Exponential scan mode for quadrupole mass spectrometers to generate super-resolved mass spectra: A novel scanning method of a mass spectrometer apparatus is introduced so as to relate by simple time shifts, rather than time dilations, the component signal (“peak”) from each ion even to an arbitrary reference signal produced by a desired homogeneous population of ions. Such a method and system, as... Agent: Thermo Finnigan LLC

20150144785 - Asymmetric electrostatic quadrupole deflector for improved field uniformity: An electron beam device for inspecting a target substrate or specimen thereon includes a beam separator with an asymmetric quadrupole electrostatic deflector for improving field uniformity for a single direction of deflection. The asymmetric quadrupole electrostatic deflector includes two orthogonal electrode plates spanning roughly 60 degrees and two electrode plates... Agent:

20150144788 - Charged particle beam apparatus: The present invention provides a dual-beam apparatus which employs the dark-field e-beam inspection method to inspect small particles on a surface of a sample such as wafer and mask with high throughput. The dual beam apparatus comprises two single-beam dark-field units placed in a same vacuum chamber and in two... Agent:

20150144787 - Electron microscope: An electron microscope includes an electron beam source, a first electromagnet, a second electromagnet and a detector. The field generated by the first electromagnet has an effect of three lenses subsequently arranged along the beam path. A first lens of these lenses is arranged upstream of the object plane and... Agent:

20150144786 - Molecular beam enhanced gcib treatment: A method and system for performing gas cluster ion beam (GCIB) etch processing of various materials is described. In particular, the GCIB etch processing includes using one or more molecular beams to optimize pressure at localized regions of the ion beam.... Agent:

20150144789 - Vacuum chamber with base plate: A target processing machine (100), such as a lithography or inspection machine, comprising a rigid base plate (150), a projection column (101) for projecting one or more optical or particle beams on to a target (130), a support frame (102) supporting the projection column, the support frame being supported by... Agent: Mapper LithographyIPB.v.

20150144790 - Video and 3d time-of-flight image sensors: Electronic devices may include time-of-flight (ToF) image pixels. Each ToF pixel may include a photodiode, a first capacitor coupled to the photodiode via a first transfer gate, a second capacitor coupled to the photodiode via a second transfer gate, and a third capacitor coupled to the photodiode via a third... Agent: Aptina Imaging Corporation

20150144791 - Spectroscopic analysis: A method and analyser for identifying, verifying or otherwise characterising a sample involves emitting electromagnetic radiation in at least one beam at a sample. The electromagnetic radiation includes at least two different wavelengths. A sample detector detects affected electromagnetic radiation resulting from the emitted electromagnetic radiation affected by the sample... Agent:

20150144792 - Vibrational spectroscopic techniques for classifying chronic pain states: Methods and systems for diagnosing a chronic pain syndrome in a subject are provided. The methods and systems include approaches for identifying a diagnosis based on the vibrational spectra of biological samples.... Agent:

20150144793 - Dose measurement system and method: Embodiments described herein generally relate to devices, systems and methods for measuring the dose remaining in a drug delivery device that is used for delivering a dose to a patient. In some embodiments, a dose measurement system for measuring the liquid volume in a container includes a plurality of light... Agent:

20150144794 - Optical sensor arrangement: An optical sensor arrangement includes two sensors arranged one behind the other. The operational spectral ranges of the sensors match, and the first sensor forms an attenuation filter for the second sensor, which is arranged behind the first sensor.... Agent:

20150144795 - Radiation imaging sensor: The present invention relates to a radiation imaging sensor with at least one detection element, which is implemented on a substrate as a micromechanical resonator and which absorbs the radiation to be detected. The resonator is set into a resonant oscillation with an excitation device and a shift in the... Agent:

20150144797 - Active pulse shaping of solid state photomultiplier signals: Photomultipliers are disclosed which comprise circuitry for detecting photo electric events and generating short digital pulses in response. In one embodiment, the photomultipliers comprise solid state photomultipliers having an array of microcells. The microcells, in one embodiment, in response to incident photons, generate a digital pulse signal having a duration... Agent: General Electric Company

20150144796 - Radiographic detector arrays including scintillators and methods for same: Embodiments relate to detector imaging arrays with scintillators (e.g., scintillating phosphor screens) mounted to imaging arrays or radiographic detectors using the same. For example, the detector imaging arrays can include a scintillator, an imaging array comprising imaging pixels, where each imaging pixel comprises at least one readout element and one... Agent:

20150144798 - Critical dimension uniformity monitoring for extreme ultraviolet reticles: Disclosed are methods and apparatus for facilitating an inspection of a sample using an inspection tool. An inspection tool is used to obtain an image or signal from an EUV reticle that specifies an intensity variation across the EUV reticle, and this intensity variation is converted to a CD variation... Agent:

20150144799 - High voltage shielding to enable paschen region operation for neutron detection systems: An electrical system for an atomic particle detection assembly includes an electrical component electrically connected to an atomic particle detection unit. The electrical system includes a dielectric insulating material surrounding the electrical component. The electrical system also includes a conductive shielding material surrounding the dielectric insulating material. The conductive shielding... Agent: General Electric Company

20150144800 - Device for producing an electron beam: The invention relates to a device (20) for producing an electron beam (4), which comprises a hot cathode (1), a cathode electrode (2), an anode electrode (3) having an opening (6) through which an electron beam (4) produced by the device can pass, wherein during the operation of the device... Agent: Limo Patentverwaltung Gmbh & Co. Kg

20150144801 - Particle beam system and method for operating the same: A method of operating a particle beam system includes digitally controlling first and second digitally controlled modules of the particle beam system, and sending digital command data to the first and second digitally controlled modules. The digital command data include at least a first command for the first digitally controlled... Agent:

20150144803 - Air purification system: This invention relates to an air purification apparatuses and methods for air purification. The air purification apparatuses pass air through energy beams that form one or more fields of energy within a chamber to produce an outflow of sterilized air. In some aspects, a charge generation system is implemented to... Agent:

20150144802 - Water purification and water supply system decontamination apparatus: A water sanitizing system including a supply system having a supply conduit with a conduit length; a light-diffusing optical fiber in the conduit that substantially spans the conduit length; and an ultraviolet light source configured to inject ultraviolet light rays into the fiber. The fiber includes: (a) a first end... Agent: Corning Incorporated

20150144804 - Charged particle beam apparatus: In many cases, the charged particle beam apparatus is used basically for observation at a magnification of 10,000 times or higher. It is thus difficult to recognize how the orientation of a sample seen with the naked eye corresponds to the origination of the sample appearing on an acquired image.... Agent:

20150144805 - Optical coupler device and confocal observation system: A fourth port of a first WDM-type optical coupler and a fifth port of a second WDM-type optical coupler are optically connected, and a second port of the first WDM-type optical coupler and an eighth port of the second WDM-type optical coupler are optically connected. A light source for emitting... Agent: Hoya Corporation

20150144806 - Two-directional scanning for luminescence microscopy: In one form, a two-directional scanning method for luminescence microscopy is disclosed. A series of continuous scans are performed by an interrogation wide-field relative to a first direction and a target is identified. A precise position of the target is determined in the first direction. At least one scan by... Agent: Macquarie University

20150144807 - Drawing data creating method, drawing apparatus, drawing method, and article manufacturing method: The present invention relates to a method for drawing data that indicates a timing at which a substrate is irradiated with a beam. The method includes determining whether or not a mark to be irradiated with the beam exists in a predetermined region on a substrate. The method further includes... Agent:

20150144808 - Plasma source apparatus and methods for generating charged particle beams: A plasma source apparatus for generating a beam of charged particles is disclosed. The apparatus comprises: a plasma chamber provided with an inlet for the ingress of gas and an aperture for the extraction of charged particles from the plasma chamber; a radio frequency (RF) plasma generation unit for generating... Agent:

20150144809 - Target supply device and extreme ultraviolet light generation apparatus: A target supply device may include: a tank including a storage portion that stores a target material and a supply portion that is in communication with the storage portion, the target material flowing into the supply portion; a nozzle including a nozzle hole that is in communication with the supply... Agent:

20150144810 - Triple mode electrostatic collimator: A system includes a first electrode to receive an ion beam, a second electrode to receive the ion beam after passing through the first electrode, the first and second electrode forming an upstream gap defined by a convex surface on one of the first or second electrode and concave surface... Agent: Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates, Inc.

20150144811 - Radiotherapy apparatus: A radiotherapy apparatus includes a rotatable drum on which is mounted a gantry arm carrying a radiation source, the arm extending from the drum to locate the source is offset from the axis of rotation of the drum and oriented towards the axis, and a mechanism to apply a tilt... Agent: Elekta Ab (publ)

20150144812 - Scanning optical system, optical scanning apparatus, and radiation image readout apparatus: r

05/21/2015 > 70 patent applications in 40 patent subcategories.

20150136944 - Sunlight tracking sensor and system: A sunlight tracking sensor, comprising: a base; a gyroscopic mechanism, for rotating the base; a non-transparent cylindrical profile, mounted on the base; a first pair of punctual light intensity sensors, mounted on the base from opposite sides of the horizontal axis, at an outer side of the cylindrical profile; a... Agent:

20150136945 - Light sources with highly stable output intensity: A light source includes a semiconductor light emitter having an electrical drive input and operatively configured to emit a light beam; a first weakly polarizing beam splitter positioned to capture the light beam, reflecting one portion, and transmitting another portion with an output intensity P. The light source includes a... Agent:

20150136947 - Compact optical tracker: An optical tracker is provided herein. The tracker may include at least two optical tracker sensors, facing at least partially each other. Each optical tracker sensor may include: a pixel array sensor configured to generate a pixel-by-pixel stream of values representing a scene; at least one visual indicator physically coupled... Agent:

20150136946 - Optical touch apparatus and touch method thereof: An optical touch apparatus and a touch method thereof are provided. A plurality of light sensing units are disposed between a first scanning light source and a second scanning light source, wherein the light sensing units, the first scanning light source and the second scanning light source are disposed at... Agent: Coretronic Corporation

20150136948 - Bias-variant photomultiplier tube: A bias-variant photomultiplier tube (PMT) includes a photocathode that when operating absorbs photons and emit photoelectrons responsive to the absorbed photons. The bias-variant PMTO also includes a plurality of dynodes that receive the photoelectrons emitted by the photocathode. The plurality of dynodes include a first pair of dynodes having a... Agent:

20150136955 - Apparatus and methods for hyperspectral imaging with on-chip digital time delay and integration: An apparatus and corresponding method for line-scan imaging can include a 2D array of light-sensitive detector elements that detect light from a target scene. The 2D array can be divided into a plurality of sub-arrays and supported by an analog amplification and signal conditioning module portion of a read-out integrated... Agent:

20150136954 - Apparatus and methods for hyperspectral imaging with parallax measurement: An apparatus and corresponding method for line-scan imaging includes a 2D array of light-sensitive detector elements divided into a plurality of sub-arrays. An electrical circuit can be configured to determine a correction for parallax based on detector element values from at least two rows of parallax detecting elements to enable... Agent:

20150136953 - Apparatus for controlling pixel output level and image sensor having the same: An apparatus for controlling a pixel output level includes a column signal line connected to an output node of at least one pixel sensor. The apparatus includes a load circuit is connected between the column signal line and a ground terminal. The apparatus also includes a level adjusting circuit configured... Agent:

20150136951 - Image sensor: An image sensor including: light guides for irradiating light onto an irradiated object; a lens that focuses reflected light that was reflected by the irradiated object; a sensor that receives the reflected light that was focused by the lens; and a housing. The housing houses or holds the light guides,... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150136952 - Noise removing device and imaging device: According to an embodiment, a noise removing device includes a first difference detector and a second difference detector. The first difference detector detects a difference between a first reset signal at a first timing and a second reset signal at a second timing after a predetermined period of time has... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150136949 - Structured illumination microscopy optical arrangement including projection artifact supression element: A structured illumination microscopy optical arrangement includes a projection path and an imaging path. The imaging path includes an imaging sensor and imaging optical elements. The projection path includes a light generator, a pattern generating element such as a spatial light modulator (SLM), and projection optical elements including an output... Agent: Mitutoyo Corporation

20150136950 - Two imager projection device: The present disclosure describes optical elements and optical devices that use the optical elements to allow the output of two imagers to be combined onto a single optical axis. Each of the two imagers can be based on alternate polarization directions, and the disclosed embodiments can enable high contrast 3D... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20150136956 - Ultra low readout noise architecture: A method to read out pixels includes reading a first pixel by resetting a first photodetector, integrating the first photodetector after resetting the first photodetector, resetting a first floating diffusion node coupled to the first photodetector and a second floating diffusion node coupled to a second photodetector, transferring charge from... Agent:

20150136957 - Optical receiver module and optical transmitter module: An optical receiver module includes: a lens array including a plurality of condenser lenses arranged in one direction to define a plane with optical axes in parallel to each other; and a light receiving element array including a plurality of light receiving elements each configured to receive light emitted from... Agent:

20150136958 - Light detecting device: A light detecting device is provided, comprising a substrate having a patterned metal layer formed thereon; a dielectric layer formed on the substrate, first pixel element formed on the dielectric layer, and a second pixel element. The dielectric layer at least has a first trench, and the first trench is... Agent: United Microelectronics Corp.

20150136959 - Optical circuit-type reformulated fuel detecting sensor device and method for manufacturing sensor element thereof: Disclosed herein is an optical circuit-type reformulated fuel detecting sensor device. The optical circuit-type reformulated fuel detecting sensor device includes: an optical source part generating optical signals having a single wavelength; a sensor part receiving the optical signals generated by the optical source part and outputting a reference optical signal... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150136960 - Three-dimensional mapping using scanning electron microscope images: A method includes irradiating a surface of a sample, which is made-up of multiple types of materials, with a beam of primary electrons. Emitted electrons emitted from the irradiated sample are detected using multiple detectors that are positioned at respective different positions relative to the sample, so as to produce... Agent:

20150136962 - Assessing reservoir connectivity in hydrocarbon reservoirs: A method is disclosed for assessing connectivity between sections in a hydrocarbon reservoir. Samples of hydrocarbons are collected over different depths in at least one wellbore. Fluorescence intensity determines the actual heavy end concentrations of hydrocarbons for the corresponding COLLECT GAS CONDENSATE different depths. Estimated heavy end concentrations of hydrocarbons... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20150136961 - Methods and devices for analyzing gases in well-related fluids using fourier transform infrared (ftir) spectroscopy: Devices, assemblies, systems and methods useful in the detection of hydrocarbons in well-related fluids such as drilling fluids during well-related operations are disclosed. Such devices, assemblies, systems and methods may be used for real-time analysis of gas(es) extracted from a fluid associated with an ongoing well-related operation. An exemplary method... Agent: Total Gas Detection Ltd.

20150136963 - Immersion probe for multi-phase flow assurance: An immersion probe is described that includes sensing elements that allow for hydrate inhibitor dosage to be more efficiently provided into gas and/or oil wells. The immersion probe allows for detection of first appearance of water in a multiphase flow in a well, measuring the amount of inhibitor in water... Agent:

20150136965 - Capacitive transimpedance amplifier with offset: Spectrometers including integrated capacitive detectors are described. An integrated capacitive detector integrates ion current from the collector (768) into a changing voltage. The detector includes a collector configured to receive ions in the spectrometer, a dielectric, and a plate arranged in an overlapping configuration with collector on an opposite side... Agent:

20150136967 - Deceleration apparatus for ribbon and spot beams: A deceleration apparatus capable of decelerating a short spot beam or a tall ribbon beam is disclosed. In either case, effects tending to degrade the shape of the beam profile are controlled. Caps to shield the ion beam from external potentials are provided. Electrodes whose position and potentials are adjustable... Agent:

20150136964 - Ion focusing: The invention generally relates to apparatuses for focusing ions at or above ambient pressure and methods of use thereof. In certain embodiments, the invention provides an apparatus for focusing ions that includes an electrode having a cavity, at least one inlet within the electrode configured to operatively couple with an... Agent:

20150136966 - Systems and methods of suppressing unwanted ions: Certain embodiments described herein are directed to systems including a cell downstream of a mass analyzer. In some instances, the cell is configured as a reaction cell, a collision cell or a reaction/collision cell. The system can be used to suppress unwanted ions and/or remove interfering ions from a stream... Agent:

20150136972 - Analysis of microbes by maldi mass spectrometry: The invention relates to methods for the mass spectrometric analysis of microbes, in particular to a transfer method of microbes that are required to be identified from agar plates onto mass spectrometric sample supports and their preparation for ionization by matrix-assisted laser desorption (MALDI). Microbes from microcolonies which have grown... Agent:

20150136971 - Calibrating dual adc acquisition system: A method of calibrating a dual gain ADC detector system is disclosed comprising passing a test signal through a high gain signal path to produce a first signal and passing a test signal through a low gain signal path to produce a second signal. A time difference between the first... Agent:

20150136969 - Method of identifying precursor ions: A method of mass spectrometry is disclosed comprising mass selectively transmitting precursor ions from a mass analyser into a fragmentation or reaction device, wherein the mass to charge ratios of the ions transmitted varies with time; fragmenting the precursor ions in the fragmentation or reaction device so as to produce... Agent:

20150136970 - Orthogonal acceleration coaxial cylinder time of flight mass analyser: A Time of Flight mass analyser is disclosed comprising an annular ion guide having a longitudinal axis and comprising a first annular ion guide section and a second annular ion guide section. Ions are introduced into the first annular ion guide section so that the ions form substantially stable circular... Agent:

20150136973 - Pulsed ion beam source for electrospray mass spectrometry: Apparatus and methods for creating a pulsed ion beam. The pulsed ion beam can be used for performing mass spectrometry. A pulsed solenoid valve can provide a pulsed ion beam from an electrospray in a pre-vacuum chamber. The pulsed ion beam can enter a high vacuum region and a mass... Agent:

20150136968 - Systems and methods for using interleaving window widths in tandem mass spectrometry: Systems and methods are provided for analyzing a sample using overlapping measured mass selection window widths. A mass range of a sample is divided into two or more target mass selection window widths using a processor. The two or more target widths can have the same width or variable widths.... Agent:

20150136974 - High temperature differential ion mobility spectroscopy: In a second embodiment, a spectroscopy device comprises a DMS detector and a controller. The DMS detector comprises an ionizer disposed to receive and ionize inlet air at 150° C. or more, and an analyzer disposed to selectively receive ions from the ionizer under varying radio frequency voltage and compensation... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20150136975 - Microparticle detection device and security gate: In a conventional fine particle detection device that vaporizes fine particles attached to the object of examination by heating, processing capability decreases as the processing time elapses due to the influence of deposition of fine particles other than the object of examination, dirt/dust, a residue of the fine particles as... Agent:

20150136976 - Overlay error measuring device and computer program: The purpose of the present invention is to provide an overlay error measuring device for correcting a pattern displacement other than an overlay error to thereby achieve high-precision overlay error measurement. To accomplish the abovementioned purpose, the present invention proposes an overlay error measuring device which measures a dimension between... Agent: Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

20150136977 - Differential imaging with pattern recognition for process automation of cross sectioning applications: A method for using differential imaging for applications involving TEM samples by allowing operators to take multiple images during a procedure involving a focused ion beam procedure and overlaying the multiple images to create a differential image that clearly shows the differences between milling steps. The methods also involve generating... Agent: Fei Company

20150136978 - Focused ion beam system and method of making focal adjustment of ion beam: A focused ion beam system is offered which can make a focal adjustment without relying on the structure of a sample while suppressing damage to the sample to a minimum. Also, a method of making this focal adjustment is offered. The focused ion beam system has an ion source for... Agent:

20150136979 - Charged particle beam device: When a signal electron is detected by energy selection by combining and controlling retarding and boosting for observation of a deep hole, etc., the only way for focus adjustment is to use a change in magnetic field of an objective lens. However, since responsiveness of the change in magnetic field... Agent: Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

20150136980 - Image acquisition method and transmission electron microscope: An image acquisition method and system for use in transmission electron microscopy and capable of providing information about a wide range of frequency range. The method is initiated with setting at least one of the spherical aberration coefficient and chromatic aberration coefficient of the imaging system of the microscope to... Agent:

20150136981 - Divided-aperture infra-red spectral imaging system: Various embodiments disclosed herein describe a divided-aperture infrared spectral imaging (DAISI) system that is adapted to acquire multiple IR images of a scene with a single-shot (also referred to as a snapshot). The plurality of acquired images having different wavelength compositions that are obtained generally simultaneously. The system includes at... Agent:

20150136982 - Divided-aperture infra-red spectral imaging system: Various embodiments disclosed herein describe a divided-aperture infrared spectral imaging (DAISI) system that is adapted to acquire multiple IR images of a scene with a single-shot (also referred to as a snapshot). The plurality of acquired images having different wavelength compositions that are obtained generally simultaneously. The system includes at... Agent:

20150136983 - Infrared detecting element, method for manufacturing infrared detecting element, and electronic device: An infrared detecting element includes a recessed portion, a supporting section, and an infrared detecting section. A supporting section is located above the recessed portion such that a hollow space stands between the supporting section and the recessed portion. The infrared detecting section is provided on the supporting section and... Agent:

20150136984 - Infrared imaging element, imaging device, and imaging system: An infrared imaging element of an embodiment includes: a first pixel portion including a first cell portion including a first infrared ray detecting portion detecting a first infrared ray and a second infrared ray with a wavelength different from a wavelength of the first infrared ray, and first supporting legs... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150136985 - Infrared sensor with limitation aperture: A semiconductor device comprising an infrared sensor assembly for sensing infrared radiation is described. The infrared sensor assembly comprises a single sensing element for sensing infrared radiation and an aperture means comprising a plurality of apertures. The sensing element and the aperture means thereby are positioned with respect to each... Agent:

20150136986 - Prism member, terahertz-wave spectroscopic measurement device, and terahertz-wave spectroscopic measurement method: A prism member having an entrance surface for arranging a terahertz-wave generator for generating a terahertz wave in response to pump light incident thereon, an arrangement part for arranging an object to be measured, an exit surface for arranging a terahertz-wave detector for detecting a correlation between the terahertz wave... Agent: Hamamatsu Photonics K.k.

20150136987 - Terahertz wave generator, terahertz wave detector, and terahertz time domain spectroscopy device: Provided is a terahertz wave generator having the following structural feature in a plane perpendicular to an optical propagation direction of an optical waveguide. Specifically, 0<r1<r2 is satisfied, where r1 represents a radius of curvature of a terahertz wave emitting plane of a coupling member at a point A at... Agent:

20150136989 - Aperture array structure and measurement method using the same: An aperture array structure used in a method of measuring characteristics of a specimen by applying an electromagnetic wave to an aperture array structure on which the specimen is held, and detecting frequency characteristics of the electromagnetic wave scattered by the aperture array structure. The aperture array structure includes a... Agent:

20150136988 - Non-contact egg identification system for determining egg viability, and associated method: An egg identification system for determining viability of an avian egg is provided. Such a system includes an emitter assembly configured to emit electromagnetic radiation toward an egg. A detector assembly is axially aligned with the emitter assembly to detect electromagnetic radiation transmitted through the egg. The detector assembly is... Agent:

20150136990 - Visual display with illuminators for gaze tracking: A visual display includes hidden reference illuminators adapted to emit invisible light for generating corneo-scleral reflections on an eye watching a screen surface of the display. The tracking of such reflections and the pupil center provides input to gaze tracking. A method for equipping and an LCD with a reference... Agent:

20150136991 - System for automated detection in beverage dispensing machines: Means are provided for the support of the automated process of supplying beverages. More particularly, the detection of the presence and the contents of exchangeable supply packs in beverage dispensing machines is automated. A pack-in-place detection is provided by emitting light and measuring the presence of the emitted light on... Agent:

20150136992 - Rare-earth oxyorthosilicates with improved growth stability and scintillation characteristics: A method for making a rare-earth oxyorthosilicate scintillator single crystal includes growing a single crystal from a melt of compounds including a rare-earth element (such as Lu), silicon and oxygen, a compound including a rare-earth activator (such as Ce), and a compound of a Group-7 element (such as Mn). The... Agent:

20150136993 - Sheet measurement: A detector receives optical radiation interacted with the measured sheet and is responsive to a predetermined optical absorption band of lignin, a predetermined optical absorption band of dry matter and two or more separate optical bands. The measuring unit measures a lignin dependent value on the basis of attenuation in... Agent:

20150136996 - High energy ion implanter, beam current adjuster, and beam current adjustment method: A beam current adjuster for an ion implanter includes a variable aperture device which is disposed at an ion beam focus point or a vicinity thereof. The variable aperture device is configured to adjust an ion beam width in a direction perpendicular to an ion beam focusing direction at the... Agent:

20150136994 - Modulation device and power supply arrangement: The invention relates to a modulation device for modulating charged particle beamlets in accordance with pattern data in a multi-beamlet charged particle lithography system. The device comprises a plate-like body, an array of beamlet deflectors, a plurality of power supply terminals (202-205) for supplying at least two different voltages, a... Agent:

20150136995 - Multi-electrode electron optics: e

20150136997 - Air blowing device and air blowing method: An air blowing device 1 includes: a main body housing 2 to open a suction inlet 4a and a jet outlet 5a of an air; and an air blower 3 to be provided in a lower portion in the main body housing 2 and to circulate the air that is... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20150136999 - Excimer light source: A light source, with electrodes of alternating polarity attached to a substrate in an excimer ultraviolet (UV) lamp, for generating a plasma discharge between each of the electrodes. The shape of the substrate can shape and control the plasma discharge to reduce exposure of materials susceptible to attack by the... Agent:

20150136998 - Sterilizer for water, with pump, particularly for aquariums: l

20150137001 - Charged particle beam instrument: A charged particle beam instrument is offered which can easily perform an in situ observation in a gaseous atmosphere. The charged particle beam instrument (100) is used to perform an observation of a specimen (S) placed in a gaseous atmosphere and has a specimen chamber (2), a gas supply portion... Agent:

20150137000 - Charged particle beam instrument and sample container: A charged particle beam instrument is offered which can introduce cooled samples easily into a sample chamber. The charged particle beam instrument (100) of the present invention has: a sample container (10) that accommodates samples (S) and a refrigerant (6) for cooling the samples (S); an evacuated sample chamber (20);... Agent:

20150137002 - Holder and method for fixing observation sample: A sample holder is provided allowing for favorable observation of a cross-sectional sample using a retarding method. The sample holder includes: a sample placement member on which a first fixing member, a cross-sectional sample as an observation sample, and a second fixing member are placed in contact with each other,... Agent:

20150137005 - Capillary array: The invention relates to arrays with a plurality of capillaries being arranged in a plane and mechanically attached to the array, wherein the distance of adjacent capillaries is approximately 2.25 mm or an integer multiple thereof. At least one free end of each capillary projects from the array in such... Agent:

20150137004 - Laser processing device: A laser processing device including: a laser oscillator; a processing table; a transmission optical system for transmitting laser light emitted from the laser oscillator to the processing table; a processing head for condensing and radiating the laser light transmitted via the transmission optical system to an object to be processed;... Agent:

20150137006 - Multi-step location specific process for substrate edge profile correction for gcib system: Disclosed are an apparatus, system, and method for scanning a substrate or other workpiece through a gas-cluster ion beam (GCIB), or any other type of ion beam. The workpiece scanning apparatus is configured to receive and hold a substrate for irradiation by the GCIB and to scan it through the... Agent:

20150137003 - Specimen preparation method: A method of preparing ultra-thin TEM specimens is provided by flipping the sample upside down for FIB thinning Such preparation method is compatible with the ex-situ lift-out system and offers high quality TEM specimens without the curtaining effect.... Agent: United Microelectronics Corp.

20150137008 - Device and method for determining the concentration of fluorophores in a sample: A device (10) and a method for analyzing a sample (16) containing fluorophores use a light source (12) emitting light (λex) onto the sample (16), and onto a fluorescence standard (14). The fluorophores of the sample (16), given an immission of light of a first wavelength (λex1), have a first... Agent:

20150137007 - Fluorescence strip, fluorescence excitation device and portable fluorescence analysis system with the same: A portable fluorescence analysis system comprises a fluorescence strip, a fluorescence excitation device and a mobile Internet device. The fluorescence strip comprises a fluorescence probe configured for detecting an analyte within a specimen. The fluorescence excitation device comprises a sleeve and an excitation light source module. The fluorescence strip is... Agent: National Tsing Hua University

20150137009 - Multi-electrode cooling arrangement: The invention further relates to a collimator electrode stack for use in a charged particle beam generator, comprising a first collimator electrode and a second collimator electrode that are each provided with a cooling conduit (105) for transferring the cooling liquid (102), and a connecting conduit (110) for a liquid... Agent:

20150137010 - Multi-electrode stack arrangement: The invention relates to an electrode stack (70) comprising stacked electrodes (71-80) for manipulating a charged particle beam along an optical axis (A). Each electrode comprises an electrode body with an aperture for the charged particle beam. The electrode bodies are mutually spaced and the electrode apertures are coaxially aligned... Agent:

20150137012 - Euv light source: An EUV light source for a projection exposure apparatus for EUV projection lithography includes a first electron beam device in the form of an electron beam supply device. The light source furthermore includes an EUV generation device supplied with an electron beam by the electron beam supply device. The light... Agent:

20150137011 - System and method for correcting the focus of a laser beam: Focus of a laser optical system can be corrected using a variable radius mirror having a focusing cavity and a separate cooling cavity. Pressure of a focusing material at a sufficiently low mass flow in the focusing cavity deforms a reflective surface mounted to the focusing cavity, changing its radius.... Agent: Cymer, LLC

20150137013 - Tool measuring apparatus: Disclosed is a tool measuring device for measuring the size of tools used for making aluminum can bodies. The tool measuring device utilizes an LED measurement carriage having a central opening so that the LED measurement carriage passes over and around the tools. An LED linear beam is generated by... Agent:

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