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05/21/2015 > 25 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20150139815 - Oil pressure control device: An oil pressure control device for supplying oil pressure by rotating a hydraulic pump, by means of a motor, comprises an oil pressure sensor; a speed instruction operation unit for outputting a speed instruction value, based on a difference between an oil pressure determination value from the oil pressure sensor... Agent:

20150139817 - Ramp-up optimizing vacuum system: A ramp-up optimizing vacuum pump system comprising a vacuum pump in fluid communication with a blower and one or more apparatus and operable to create a vacuum flow from the one or more apparatus through the outflow of the vacuum pump. The blower is positioned between the vacuum pump and... Agent:

20150139816 - Hydraulic fluid pressure control: A hydraulic fluid pressure control system comprising: a hydraulic pump motor having an electrical input configured to receive an AC input signal and a hydraulic fluid output configured to output a pressure proportional to the frequency of the AC input signal; and electronic control circuitry connected to the electrical input,... Agent:

20150139818 - Motor-driven compressor: A motor-driven compressor includes a compression unit that includes movable and fixed scrolls and a compression chamber, an electric motor that includes a rotor and drives the compression unit, a motor drive circuit that drives the electric motor, an injection port that draws intermediate pressure refrigerant into the compression chamber,... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki

20150139822 - Cooling devices and methods for use with electric submersible pumps: Cooling devices for use with electric submersible pump motors include a refrigerator attached to the end of the electric submersible pump motor with the evaporator heat exchanger accepting all or a portion of the heat load from the motor. The cooling device can be a self-contained bolt-on unit, so that... Agent: Los Alamos National Security, LLC

20150139819 - Electromagnetic actuator and inertia conservation device for a reciprocating compressor: A compressor includes a piston disposed in a housing and configured to be reciprocatably driven in the housing by an electromagnetic drive. A conventional linear motor drive assembly reciprocatably drives the piston in an embodiment. A magnetically-geared drive assembly reciprocatably drives the piston in another embodiment. A solenoid drive assembly... Agent:

20150139820 - Method for lubricating a gearbox for a wind turbine: A method for lubricating a gearbox of a wind turbine. The gearbox comprises a plurality of gears and shafts supported by bearings of which at least one bearing is a plain bearing. The gearbox furthermore comprises a lubrication system with both a mechanical pump and an electrical pump for feeding... Agent:

20150139821 - Pump chamber including internal surface modifications: A combination of a chamber wall and the flexible membrane defines a pump chamber in a diaphragm pump. The pump chamber includes one or more internal surfaces that are modified to include a pattern of a pattern of channel surface regions. The channel surface regions provide unobstructed pathways to a... Agent:

20150139823 - Aspirating induction nozzle with flow transition: High plume lift is particularly critical with regard to exhaust gases from potentially contaminated sources, such as laboratories and other facilities in which chemical processes produce noxious and/or hazardous fumes. To insure that potentially contaminated exhaust reaches a minimum altitude to avoid downwash, many applicable environmental and building codes and... Agent:

20150139824 - Pump control apparatus: A pump control apparatus includes an actuator that varies a discharge capacity of a pump, and a regulator that regulates a control pressure led to the actuator. The regulator includes: a driving pressure port to which an average discharge pressure is led; a source pressure port to which a high... Agent: Kayaba Industry Co., Ltd.

20150139825 - High-pressure pump: During a pressurization stroke of a high-pressure pump, a cylinder inner wall and a plunger receive a fuel pressure from the pressurization chamber. Meanwhile, an upper housing does not receive the fuel pressure from the pressurization chamber, so that its thickness can be made thin. A cylinder is comprised of... Agent:

20150139826 - Adjusting opening times of a cam actuated valve, reciprocating compressor and method: Cam actuated valves for compressors including mechanisms for changing an instant when the cam actuated valve is opened and/or a time interval during which the cam actuated valve is in an open state within the time range of a compression cycle. A reciprocating compressor has: a body including a compression... Agent:

20150139827 - High-powered vacuum machine: A vacuum machine is provided, comprising: an engine secured to a frame and having an engine shaft; an impeller coupled to the engine shaft; a shroud surrounding the impeller and having an inlet and an outlet; a disk secured to the frame between the engine and the shroud, the disk... Agent:

20150139828 - Two piece impeller centrifugal pump: A two piece impeller centrifugal pump comprising two halves of an impeller facing each other within a volute, a housing having two sides, one side adjacent each impeller half and having an inlet and an outlet, a motor mounted on the housing, the motor driving both impeller halves, for pumping... Agent:

20150139829 - Pumping assembly: A pumping assembly includes a hydraulic pump having a hydraulic ram tied to a reciprocating annular piston having a central bore. When the annular piston moves in an upward direction, the hydraulic ram moves toward an extended position extending from the housing. When the annular piston moves in a downward... Agent: 1238585 Alberta Ltd.

20150139830 - Permanent-magnet-embedded electric motor, compressor, and refrigeration air coniditioning apparatus: In a permanent-magnet-embedded electric motor, at the distal ends of base sections of teeth sections of a stator core, increased magnetic-resistance sections, which have magnetic resistance larger than magnetic resistance of the base sections, are provided. Given that a minimum interval in the circumferential direction between the base sections adjacent... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150139831 - Pump module and electric pump including the same: A pump module may include a pump rotor coupled to a rotating shaft of a motor, and a pump housing configured to accommodate the pump rotor. The pump housing includes a rotor accommodating part having an insertion groove formed therein to accommodate the pump rotor, and a cover connected with... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20150139832 - Seal assembly for a downhole device: A sealing assembly for a downhole device has first (12) and second sealing (22) components which are urged together to make up the assembly such that a first sealing surface (34) on the first component radially presses a lip member (44) on the second component to change the angle of... Agent: Rmspumptools Limited

20150139833 - Thin-profile cross-flow fan with air volume gain effect: A thin-profile cross-flow fan with air volume gain effect has a thin-profile casing, a cross-flow guide passage, a blade assembly, an auxiliary guide ring portion, an axial magnetic motor and a radial flow-through auxiliary guide portion. When the thin-profile cross-flow fan is operated, the air stream guided from the air... Agent: Forcecon Technology Co., Ltd.

20150139834 - Pump for metering and dispensing a liquid or viscous product: t

20150139835 - Unloader for a valve element of a compressor valve: Unloader (1) for a valve element (30) of a compressor valve (40), comprising a least one unloader finger (2) and one carrier bushing (14), wherein the unloader finger (2) is fabricated from a first material, the carrier bushing (14) is fabricated from a second material using a casting method, and... Agent: Hoerbiger Kompressortechnik Holding Gmbh

20150139836 - Roller positioning system: A fluid delivery system is provided for use with a peristaltic pump, which includes a roller-tube engagement zone and a rotor structure including an array of rollers. The fluid delivery system includes a console to removably receive the peristaltic pump in a mounted position, with the console including a roller... Agent:

20150139837 - Rotative valves for reciprocating compressors and related methods: Reciprocating compressors having a rotative valve and related methods are provided. A reciprocating compressor has a compression chamber configured to compress a fluid that has entered the compression chamber via an intake, and it is discharged from the compression chamber, after being compressed, via a discharge, an actuator configured to... Agent: Nuovo Pignone Srl

20150139838 - Atomizer: An atomizer includes a motor mounted in a housing. First and second cylinder units are received in the housing. The first cylinder unit includes a first piston and a first coupling bearing connected to the first piston. The second cylinder unit includes a second piston and a second coupling bearing... Agent:

20150139839 - Portable, refrigerant recovery unit: A portable, refrigerant recovery unit for transferring refrigerant from a refrigeration system to a storage tank. The recovery unit includes two, opposed piston heads rigidly attached to respective piston rods that extend along a common fixed axis. The piston rods are rigidly attached to the yoke member of a scotch... Agent:

05/14/2015 > 19 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20150132148 - Dual speed motor controller and method for operation thereof: A dual speed pump controller includes a motor controller for operating a dual speed motor. The controller includes an operating speed circuit for operating the motor in one of a first speed or a second speed, the first speed being greater than the second speed; an event circuit for operating... Agent:

20150132149 - Electric fan: An electric fan comprises a motor, a plurality of blades, a shroud and a control unit, wherein the motor is fixedly mounted to a rear net of the shroud; the blades are mounted inside the shroud, and are fixedly connected with the motor; the control unit comprises a capacitor, a... Agent: Jiangmen Keye Electrical And Mechanical Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20150132150 - Method and system for compressing gas using a liquid: A method of compressing gas includes maintaining a volume of gas at a first pressure within a first chamber. Pressurized liquid is forced into the first chamber through a nozzle having a curved profile. Based on the Coanda effect, the liquid compresses the volume of gas to a second pressure... Agent:

20150132151 - Water level flow speed-increasing generating station, power station, water supply station, and offshore floating city: The present invention relates to the field of hydraulic machinery, and relates to, by using the law of motion conversion and Bernoulli's equation, a generating station formed with a water level speed-increasing water tunnel set on a special ship or offshore floating city increasing a natural flow velocity V1≦1 msec... Agent:

20150132152 - Reinforced smart mud pump: A pump system for movement of fluids having a reciprocating piston power pump having at least three reciprocating pistons operable to displace fluid from a housing having a pumping chamber, an integrally forged crankshaft operably connected to the pistons, at least one sensor operable to sense ambient conditions on the... Agent:

20150132153 - Variable displacement compressor: This variable displacement compressor comprises: a housing; a piston; a drive shaft rotatably supported by the housing; a rotor that rotates in unison with the drive shaft; a swash plate that rotates in synchronism with the rotation of the rotor connected via a connecting means; a conversion mechanism that converts... Agent: Sanden Corporation

20150132154 - Energy harvesting roadway panel: A vehicle energy harvesting roadway is provided. The vehicle energy harvesting roadway includes a deformable driving surface that is longitudinally flexible and transversely stiff. The deformable driving surface is disposed between a passing vehicle and one or more transducers or one or more compressible hoses.... Agent: Kinetic Energy Corporation [a Wholly Owned Subsidiary Of New Energy Technologies, Inc.]

20150132155 - Pump device with a vacuum pump and a lubrication pump: A pump device having a drive shaft which has a drive section that can be coupled with a drive system. The pump device includes a vacuum pump that can be driven by the drive shaft. The vacuum pump includes a rotor and at least one blade that can be moved... Agent:

20150132156 - Swash plate type variable displacement compressor: A swash plate type variable displacement compressor includes, a housing, a swash plate disposed in the housing and having therethrough an insertion hole, a rotary shaft inserted through the insertion hole of the swash plate, a plurality of pistons engaged with the swash plate, and a connecting member disposed between... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki

20150132157 - Plunger pump, plunger, and method of manufacturing plunger pump: A plunger pump includes a pump fluid end having a fluid chamber and a suction bore, discharge bore, and plunger bore in communication with the fluid chamber. A plunger is arranged to reciprocate into and out of the fluid chamber through the plunger bore. The plunger has a plunger body... Agent: National Oilwell Varco, L.p.

20150132160 - Electric fan: Disclosed herein is an electric fan. The electric fan includes a casing, a rotary unit and a cover. The casing has a frame shape such that a first opening is formed in a central portion of the casing. An inlet hole and an outlet hole are respectively formed in inner... Agent:

20150132158 - Electric submersible motor oil expansion compensator: An electric submersible pumping system includes a motor that is filled with motor lubricant fluid and a pump driven by the motor. The electric submersible pumping system further includes a fluid expansion module connected to the motor that is designed to accommodate the expansion and contraction of the motor lubricant... Agent: Ge Oil & Gas Esp, Inc.

20150132159 - Instrument subs for centrifugal well pump assemblies: An electrical submersible pump assembly has a centrifugal primary pump having a primary pump housing. An electrical motor is operatively coupled to the primary pump. An instrument sub has a housing secured by threaded fasteners to one end of the primary pump housing. A pump stage in the instrument sub... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150132161 - Stator of linear compressor and fixing method thereof, linear motor, and linear compressor: In one aspect of the present invention, a stator of a linear compressor comprises first stator pieces that are circumferentially and sequentially arranged about an axial direction and are radially disposed, second stator pieces that are provided between outer parts of the adjacent first stator pieces, and an outer side,... Agent:

20150132163 - Electric pump for a hybrid vehicle: A hydraulic system for a hybrid module which is located between an engine and a transmission includes a parallel arrangement of a mechanical pump and an electric pump. Each pump is constructed and arranged to deliver oil to other portions of the hydraulic system depending on the operational mode. Three... Agent:

20150132162 - Slim-type fan structure: A slim-type fan structure includes a stator (1) and a fan blade (2). The stator includes a circuit board (11) and a plurality of layout circuits (12) disposed to circumference the circuit board (11). The stator (1) includes an axial center (10) at a center portion thereof. The fan blade... Agent:

20150132164 - Compressor and air conditioner having the same: A compressor and an air conditioner having the compressor, and a protective cover of a connecting terminal of the compressor is installed while spaced apart from a barrier of the connecting terminal. The protective cover is additionally provided with a noise preventing member. Vibration generated from the compressor is delivered... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150132165 - High-pressure pump: A high-pressure pump includes a pump body, a cylinder, a plunger, and a plug. The pump body has a fuel chamber therein into which fuel is supplied. The cylinder is disposed inside the pump body and having one end immediately adjacent to the fuel chamber. The cylinder has an inner... Agent:

20150132166 - High-pressure pump: A high-pressure pump includes a plunger, a cylinder, a pressuring chamber, a pump body, a main fuel chamber, an auxiliary fuel chamber and a return passage. The cylinder slidably houses the plunger therein. Fuel is pressurized inside the pressurizing chamber by sliding movement of the plunger. The pump body houses... Agent:

05/07/2015 > 18 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20150125311 - System, pump and method of vacuum generation for applications to motor vehicles: A vacuum generation system, in particular for applications to hybrid-drive motor vehicles, comprises a vacuum pump arranged to be independently driven by either an internal combustion engine (11) or an electric motor (12) depending on the vacuum conditions in utilising devices (15) and the operating conditions of the internal combustion... Agent: Vhit S.p.a.

20150125312 - Method of operating a pumping system: A pumping system for evacuating an enclosure comprises a pumping mechanism (30), a motor (32) for driving the pumping mechanism, and a controller (36) for controlling the motor. The controller sets a maximum value for a rotational frequency of the motor and a maximum value for a current in the... Agent:

20150125315 - Hydraulic gravity ram pump: A piston type pumping apparatus comprises a vertically oriented cylinder having a top and a bottom with a first aperture. There are first and second passageways for liquid in the cylinder at the top and bottom respectively thereof. A piston is reciprocatingly mounted within the cylinder and has an area... Agent:

20150125313 - Pressure compensation control of a fixed displacement pump in a pumping and metering system and associated method: A fuel system includes a pump unit having at least a fixed displacement pump supplying pressurized flow. A fuel control assembly receives flow from the pump unit and includes at least one metering valve and at least one throttling valve. A control (bypass valve control) for the fixed displacement pump... Agent:

20150125314 - Vertical cooler with liquid removal and mist eliminator: A vertical gas cooler suitable for use as an intercooler in a multi-stage compressor includes an inlet at its upper portion, a tube bundle, a centrally disposed mist eliminator assembly and a side-draw outlet. Optionally provided is a drain pipe from the mist eliminator assembly to a sump located below... Agent:

20150125316 - Fluid conveying device and driving method for fluid conveying device: A fluid conveying device includes: a tube; a cam having protrusions; fingers arranged along the tube between the tube and the cam; a driving rotor which rotates the cam to sequentially push the fingers by the protrusions in a flowing direction of a fluid, repeatedly pressuring and opening of the... Agent:

20150125317 - Swash plate type variable displacement compressor: A swash plate type variable displacement compressor according to the present invention includes a housing having a suction chamber, a discharge chamber, a swash plate chamber, and a plurality of cylinder bores, a drive shaft, a swash plate, a link mechanism, a plurality of pistons reciprocally received in the respective... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki

20150125318 - Pneumatic pump system and related methods: A pump comprising a housing having a cavity and a diaphragm positioned therein configured to fluidly separate the cavity into a driving chamber and a fluid chamber. The pump further includes a port that connects the driving chamber to a vacuum source. The port configured to have an open state... Agent: Allegiance Corporation

20150125319 - Pumping cassette: A pumping cassette including a housing having at least two inlet fluid lines and at least two outlet fluid lines. At least one balancing pod within the housing and in fluid connection with the fluid paths. The balancing pod balances the flow of a first fluid and the flow of... Agent: Deka Products Limited Partnership

20150125320 - Plate type cooling apparatus: A plate type cooling apparatus is disclosed. The plate type cooling apparatus in accordance with an embodiment of the present invention includes: a first elastic plate made of an elastic material; a second elastic plate made of an elastic material and having one end thereof joined with the first elastic... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150125321 - Permanent magnet linear piston pump: A permanent magnet linear piston pump comprises a piston body, a cylinder body, a permanent magnet assembly and an electromagnetic coil. The piston body is arranged in a piston cavity by a liquid sealing movable fit mode. An inner magnetic body and an outer magnetic body are disposed on at... Agent:

20150125322 - Rotary compressor: A rotary compressor includes a motor, an eccentric shaft and a cylinder installed in a casing. The motor includes a rotor and a stator. The eccentric shaft rotates with the rotor and turns around in the cylinder. The cylinder divides the casing into a high pressure chamber and a low... Agent:

20150125323 - Free piston linear motor compressor and associated systems of operation: A linear motor compressor including a compressor housing and a cylinder housing having a plurality of opposing compression chambers. A piston freely reciprocates within the cylinder housing using a linear electric motor.... Agent: Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System

20150125324 - Rotary compressor: The present invention concerns a rotary compressor for compressing a gaseous medium, comprising an impeller (2), a drive unit (3) and a magnetic coupling (4) comprising a rotating inner rotor (41), a rotating outer rotor (42) and a can (43), wherein the inner rotor (41) is connected to the impeller... Agent: Eagleburgmann Germany Gmbh & Co. Kg

20150125326 - Ventilation system: A ventilation system includes a blower wheel (1) and a drive motor (9) with an external rotor (9b). The blower wheel (1) includes a central part (3) having a cylindrical wall (11) and defines a housing (13) to house the external rotor (9b). The blower wheel (1) further includes a... Agent:

20150125325 - Spring-energized seal for high temperature sealing of power cable to connector: A high temperature connector for use in connecting a power cable to an electric motor includes an outer housing, an inner housing inside the outer housing and a cable conductor disposed through the inner housing. To maintain a seal around the cable conductor during thermal expansion and contraction, the connector... Agent: Ge Oil & Gas Esp, Inc.

20150125327 - Pumping device: A pumping device includes a frame body, a pump body, a piston rod, a drive shaft, a main guiding member, a carrier block, a plug unit, and a rotary-to-linear motion conversion mechanism disposed between the carrier block and the drive shaft so as to convert rotation of the drive shaft... Agent:

20150125328 - Ophthalmic lubrication system and associated apparatus, systems, and methods: Devices, systems, and methods including a lubricating solution bath for a pump integrated into an ophthalmic surgical hand piece are provided. In some embodiments, an ophthalmic pump system includes a housing defining a cavity. The system includes a rotating element positioned within the cavity of the housing. The system includes... Agent:

04/30/2015 > 20 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20150118065 - Pump unit: According to one embodiment, a pump unit provided for piping which feeds a liquid at a preset unit flow rate includes (n+1) pumps and a constant flow valve. The (n+1) pumps are arranged in series and set to pressurize the liquid so as to achieve the unit flow rate when... Agent:

20150118066 - Load reduction: A method and apparatus are disclosed for selectively providing a fluid communication path between a plunger element and a contact region of an intermediate element that drives the plunger element. The fluid communication path is suitable for lubricant flow to enable a contact zone to occasionally be lubricated. The apparatus... Agent:

20150118067 - Upthrust module for well fluid pump: A well fluid pump assembly includes a rotary pump having a rotatable pump shaft. A motor is cooperatively engaged with the pump shaft for rotating the pump shaft. An upthrust module has an upthrust module housing having a lower end secured by a threaded engagement to an upper end of... Agent:

20150118068 - Remote sensing of in-ground fluid level apparatus: A fluid pump apparatus includes a pump chamber in a wellbore, a drive line capable of transferring a gas pressure to the pump chamber, a control system, an exhaust line, and a pressure sensor. The pressure sensor is capable of remotely sensing gas pressure in the exhaust line and providing... Agent: Endow Energy, LLC

20150118069 - Jet propelled watercraft: A jet propelled watercraft includes a vessel body, a jet propulsion mechanism, a bucket, and a controller. The jet propulsion mechanism is configured to propel the vessel body. The controller is configured and programmed to control a thrust of the jet propulsion mechanism to propel the vessel body. The bucket... Agent:

20150118070 - Automatic draining system: a first piston assembly coupled to an end of the piston rod and received in the first cylinder. An end of the first conduit coupled to the first cylinder, the other end inserting into a pre-drained liquid. An end of the second conduit coupled to the first cylinder, the other... Agent:

20150118071 - Vacuum generator: A vacuum generator includes a main body, and a nozzle body received in the intake pipe. The main body includes an intake pipe, an outlet pipe, and a vacuum pipe received in the main body. The outlet pipe can be in communication with the intake pipe, and the vacuum pipe... Agent:

20150118072 - Pumping system: A high pressure pumping system in which a first pump delivers a medium to a discharge port and to a second pump which subsequently delivers the medium to the discharge port.... Agent:

20150118073 - Variable-capacity comprenssor and method for manufacturing same: A variable displacement compressor having means for regulating the minimum inclination angle of a swash plate, a spring urging the swash plate in the inclination angle-increasing direction, and a spring urging the swash plate in the inclination angle-decreasing direction. The swash plate inclination angle is θa as the sum of... Agent:

20150118074 - Swash plate type variable displacement compressor: In a swash plate type variable displacement compressor, a lug plate includes a cylinder chamber and first and second guide surfaces. Inner peripheral edges of the first and second guide surfaces are defined respectively at parts where the peripheral edge of the cylinder chamber and the guide surfaces overlap with... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki

20150118075 - Compressor thrust bearing surge protection: The present invention provides a method and apparatus of inhibiting a thrust bearing capacity of a compression system from being exceeded during a surge event in which a thrust bearing is biased with a biasing force to increase the thrust bearing overload margin between the capacity of thrust bearing to... Agent:

20150118076 - Compressor with improved valve assembly: A thermal-valve assembly for a compressor including a partition plate having a first bore formed therethrough is provided. The thermal-valve assembly may include a body having a wall extending from and surrounding a bottom wall. The bottom wall may include a first surface defining a valve seat, a second surface... Agent: Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc.

20150118077 - Pump, especially for delivering liquid fuel for a vehicle heater: A pump, especially for delivering liquid fuel for a vehicle heater, includes a pump body (12) providing a pump chamber (14). The pump body (12) is made with magnetic shape memory material at least in some areas. The pump further includes a field-generating arrangement (44) for generating a magnetic field... Agent:

20150118078 - Diaphragm cartridge and pump having a diaphragm cartridge: A diaphragm pump includes a diaphragm cartridge assembly. The diaphragm cartridge is a self-contained unit having a diaphragm defining a pumped fluid side and a hydraulic fluid side and a seat receiving the hydraulic fluid side of the diaphragm and having a center opening. A biasing rod mounts to the... Agent:

20150118080 - Turbine hub with surface discontinuity and turbocharger incorporating the same: A turbocharger (5) comprising a housing (10) including a compressor shroud (14) and a turbine shroud (12). The turbocharger (5) also includes a compressor wheel (18) and a turbine wheel (116, 216, 316, 416). The compressor wheel (18) includes a compressor hub (44) and a plurality of circumferentially spaced compressor... Agent:

20150118079 - Turbocharger shroud with cross-wise grooves and turbocharger incorporating the same: A turbocharger (5) comprising a housing (10) including a compressor shroud (14) and a turbine shroud (12). A compressor wheel (18) is disposed in the compressor shroud (14) and includes a plurality of compressor blades (45, 46). Each compressor blade (45, 46) includes a leading edge (50, 51) and a... Agent:

20150118081 - Integrated fan blade and fan having the same: An integrated fan blade and a fan having the same are provided. The fan includes a stator (1) and a fan blade (2); the stator (1) is provided with a stator pivoting member (10) and disposed on and electrically connected to a circuit board (11); the fan blade (2) includes... Agent:

20150118082 - Check valve cartridge for pump: A pump includes a check valve cartridge removably mounted to the pump. The cartridge includes an inlet check valve and a discharge check valve. A connector mounts intermediate the inlet check valve and the discharge check valve. The inlet and discharge check valves each have a valve ball movable between... Agent:

20150118083 - Positive drive actuated valve for reciprocating compressor and method: Positive drive valve actuating mechanisms useable to operate a valve of a reciprocating compressor for oil and gas industry and related methods are provided. The valve actuating mechanism includes a driver configured to perform a rotating motion and a follower connected to a mobile part of the valve and to... Agent: Nuovo Pignone Srl

20150118084 - Automatic depressurizing pump: An automatic depressurizing pump includes an air-generating unit and an airflow control unit. The air-generating unit has a first air intake hole. An air generated by the air-generating unit drives the air control unit so as to inhale or exhale airflows through the first air intake hole. The airflow control... Agent:

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