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02/05/2015 > 15 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20150037168 - Universal infusion device for liquid medicines and the like, and method for controlling the erogation of such liquid medicine and the like: The present invention concerns an infusion device for liquid medicines and the like, including at least one main body associated with at least one tank of liquid medicine, at least one peristaltic pump having at least one rotor coupled with at least one press roller that can be pushed so... Agent: Tecres S.p.a

20150037169 - Determination method and a control method for a fluid displacement device, controller and system: The fluid flow of a fluid displacement device (100) provided with an electric motor (120) may be set on the basis of a power and control unit (90). Thereto, a power circuit generally comprising an inverter (30), such as a frequency inverter, drives the electric motor (110), particularly with a... Agent:

20150037170 - Solid state fluid level sensor: A sensor system for sensing liquid level in a bilge, for use in automatic bilge pump actuation. First and second field effect sensors are potted or sealed within a container or the bilge wall and are aligned in a vertical array and each comprise a substantially planar pattern of “electrodes”... Agent:

20150037171 - Electric submersible pump having a plurality of motors operatively coupled thereto and methods of using: A downhole electric submersible pump system includes a plurality of motors operatively coupled on a common shaft with an electric submersible pump and a downhole switch mechanism for providing an electrical circuit to each motor of the plurality of motors, wherein the downhole switch mechanism allows power to be delivered... Agent: Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

20150037173 - Method and device for activating an electric vacuum pump for a brake booster of a vehicle: Described are a method and a device for activating an electric vacuum pump for a brake booster of a vehicle. The brake booster is supplied with a vacuum from a vacuum reservoir. The vacuum pump is designed to increase the vacuum in the vacuum reservoir as soon as the vacuum... Agent:

20150037172 - Method of controlling vacuum pump for vehicle brake booster: An electric brake booster vacuum pump of a vehicle has a deactivation level determined according to a percentage of maximum available vacuum at the instant altitude of the vehicle. The activation level may be determined in the same way. The invention provides for earlier on-switching of a vacuum pump at... Agent: Jaguar Land Rover Limited

20150037174 - Multi-stage compression and storage system for use with municipal gaseous supply: A multi-stage gas compression, storage and distribution system utilizing a hydrocarbon gas from a municipal gaseous supply line in a manner that does not affect an operational integrity of said municipal gaseous supply line includes an inlet line fluidly in fluid communication with a supply of hydrocarbon gas at a... Agent:

20150037175 - Micro-fluidic pump: A micro-fluidic pump comprises one or more channels having an array of resistive heaters, an inlet, outlet and a substrate as a heat sink and a means of cooling the device. The pump is operated with a fire-to-fire delay and/or a cycle-to-cycle delay to control the pumping rate and minimize... Agent:

20150037176 - Compressed air device for allowing the expeditious adjustment of drive belts: The present invention provides methods and systems for a device for producing compressed air that allows for the expeditious adjustment of a drive belt that includes a base having a substantially triangular shape with at least a first side having a top portion and a bottom portion, a second side... Agent: Patton's Medical, LLC

20150037177 - Hybrid electromechanical coolant pump with base flow and peak flow: The invention relates to a coolant pump having an impeller which is arranged on a pump impeller shaft and having a drive device for the impeller, which drive device has a mechanical drive and an electric-motor drive. The impeller shaft is divided into a driving section and a driven section,... Agent:

20150037178 - Turbo compound system for vehicle: The present disclosure relates to a turbo compound system for a vehicle which recovers emission gas energy of an engine, and particularly, to a turbo compound system for a vehicle which may recover emission gas energy and provide the energy to various auxiliary devices for a vehicle in various forms.... Agent:

20150037179 - Motor-driven compressor: A motor-driven compressor includes a metal housing accommodating a compression unit and an electric motor and a resin cover coupled to the housing. The cover and the housing define an accommodation chamber that accommodates a motor driving circuit that drives the electric motor. A metal shield is fixed to the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki

20150037180 - Electric motor and magnetic gear: An electric motor that can be used in driving a compressor and that incorporates a magnetic gear. The motor has high and low speed stators mounted within a motor casing side-by-side that drive coaxial low and high speed rotors also mounted within the motor casing for rotation and within the... Agent:

20150037181 - Pump arrangement: Pump arrangement (20) for conveying a fluid, with a housing (22), with a first rotatably mounted pump member (24), and with a second rotatably mounted pump member (26), wherein a fluid-conveying effect is produced by means of a relative rotary movement between the first and the second pump member (24,... Agent:

20150037182 - Fuel supply pump: The tappet is configured to have a cylindrical tappet body and a roller, and a cylindrical guide ring is fixed into the cylinder hole. In the tappet body and a cylindrical portion of the guide ring, a tappet side guide portion and a guide ring side guide portion which can... Agent:

01/29/2015 > 23 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20150030462 - Washing water pump device and control method: A washing water pump device includes a washing water pump and a control unit configured to control operation of the washing water pump. The control unit is configured to receive and evaluate signals relating to a state of a vehicle and/or ambient conditions of the vehicle. The power (L) of... Agent:

20150030463 - Pumping system with two way communication: A pumping system for moving water of a swimming pool includes a water pump, a variable speed motor, and an arrangement for controlling the variable speed motor. The pumping system further includes an auxiliary device operably connected to the arrangement for controlling, and an arrangement for providing two-way communication between... Agent:

20150030464 - Method for securing the operation of a turbomachine: A method of making safe operation of a rotary assembly of a turbomachine including a turbine and a rotary machine, the method anticipating an event of exceeding a predetermined threshold speed by repetitively performing a prediction cycle including: measuring magnitudes relating to operation of the turbomachine, including real speed of... Agent: Snecma

20150030468 - Compressor device and method for controlling such a compressor device: Compressor device that comprises a compressor element that is equipped with a compression chamber with at least one coolant inlet, and which furthermore comprises a gas outlet, a gas/coolant separation tank connected to it, and, a cooling circuit with a cooler that extends between the separation tank and the coolant... Agent: Atlas Copco Airpower, Naamloze Vennootschap

20150030469 - Fan array control system: A fan array fan section in an air-handling system includes a plurality of fan units arranged in a fan array and positioned within an air-handling compartment. One preferred embodiment may include an array controller programmed to operate the plurality of fan units at peak efficiency by computing the power consumed... Agent:

20150030467 - Method and apparatus for mechanically heating a mixture of substances: A method for mechanically heating a liquid mixture of substances is described. In a liquid-ring pump (1), a foam phase is compressed and the compression heat is transferred to the mixture of substances. An apparatus designed as a liquid-ring pump (1) for mechanically heating a liquid mixture of substances is... Agent:

20150030465 - Methods and systems for real-time monitoring and optimizing the performance of reciprocating compressors: Disclosed are systems and methods for monitoring the performance of a plurality of reciprocating compressors having components made by at least two different manufacturers. A source of reciprocating compressor data associated with a plurality of reciprocating compressors and a source of reciprocating compressor component specifications associated with the plurality of... Agent: Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

20150030466 - Urea solution pumps having leakage bypass: Urea solution pumps having leakage bypass flowpaths and methods of operating the same are disclosed. Certain embodiments are pump apparatuses including an inlet passage in flow communication with a source of urea solution and a pump chamber, an outlet passage in flow communication with the pump chamber and an exhaust... Agent: Cummins Emission Solutions, Inc.

20150030470 - Fixed suction chamber with rear and front seal removal: A suction chamber for use in a horizontal fluid pumping system is supported by a fixed vertical bracket, which is attached to a platform. The suction chamber is positioned between a motor and a pump in the horizontal pumping system. The pumping system may also include a thrust bearing chamber... Agent: Ge Oil & Gas Esp, Inc.

20150030471 - Bent axis type axial piston pump/motor: A center shaft of a bent axis type axial piston pump/motor includes an outer race, which is attached to a shaft attachment hole of a cylinder block, has a shaft portion accommodation hole at one end and has a spring accommodation hole at the other end, and an inner shaft,... Agent:

20150030472 - Hydraulic pressure supply system of automatic transmission for vehicle: A hydraulic pressure supply system of an automatic transmission for a vehicle may be provided with first and second pump chambers and may supply hydraulic pressure generated at the first and second pump chambers selectively to a high pressure portion or the high pressure portion and a low pressure portion.... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150030473 - Compressor intake muffler and filter: A compressor assembly having a high velocity muffler system which produces a particle-free compressor pump feed while reducing noise output from the compressor assembly during compressing operations. The high velocity muffler system is maintenance-free and comprises an inertia filter. The compressor assembly uses a method for producing a compressor pump... Agent: Black & Decker Inc.

20150030474 - Axial flow fan: An axial flow fan of the present invention includes: an impeller having a hub and vanes disposed at equal intervals on an outer peripheral portion of the hub; a rotor shaft located at the center of the impeller; a motor portion rotating the impeller around the rotor shaft as an... Agent: Minebea Co., Ltd.

20150030475 - Vacuum pump: A vacuum pump includes a pump inlet, a pump outlet, a rotor rotatable about an axis of rotation, at least one process gas pump stage for conveying a process gas present at the pump inlet from the pump inlet to the pump outlet, a motor space, and a drive motor... Agent:

20150030476 - Pump unit driven by an electric motor: The invention relates to a pump unit that can be driven by an electric motor, in particular for providing vacuum for a pneumatic brake booster, including a pump housing that can be closed by a working-chamber cover and at least one elastic displacement element, wherein a working chamber is bounded... Agent:

20150030477 - Synthetic jet ejectors with improved manufacturability: A synthetic jet ejector (201) is provided which includes a chassis (203); first (205) and second (207) opposing synthetic jet actuators mounted in the chassis; and a controller (209) which controls the first and second synthetic jet actuators and which is in electrical contact with the first and second synthetic... Agent: Nuventix, Inc.

20150030478 - Sealed compressor and refrigeration unit comprising sealed compressor: A sealed compressor comprises a sealed container (101) which accommodates an electric component (105) and a compression component (106); wherein the compression component (106) includes a shaft (110) including a main shaft section (111) and an eccentric shaft section (112), a cylinder block (114), a piston (126), and a main... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20150030479 - Wet rotor pump comprising a permanent magnet: A wet rotor pump with an axial flux motor that includes a stator and a rotor. The stator is arranged in a dry zone while the rotor on an impeller is arranged in a wet zone. The rotor is formed by one or more samarium cobalt (SmCo) permanent magnets.... Agent: Yasa Motors Poland Sp. Z O.o.

20150030481 - Dynamic pressure bearing apparatus and fan: A dynamic pressure bearing apparatus includes a bearing portion; a shaft; a substantially annular bushing; a radial dynamic pressure bearing portion; and a seal gap. A minute horizontal gap extending radially is defined between an upper surface of the bearing portion and a lower surface of the bushing. The seal... Agent: Nidec Corporation

20150030480 - Delta-shaped power cable within coiled tubing: A power cable assembly supplies power to and suspends in a well an electrical well pump. The assembly includes metal tubing having a longitudinal tubing center line and a cylindrical side wall. Power cable has an exterior delta shape when viewed in a cross-section. The delta shape defines three exterior... Agent:

20150030482 - Multicellular pump and fluid delivery device: The pump is provided with a plurality of pumping chambers and electrically activatable valves. An elastic membrane is arranged in each pumping chamber and divides the same into a first and a second chamber section. Each valve is connected to the second chamber section of a pumping chamber. When a... Agent:

20150030483 - Pump unit of electronic control brake system: Disclosed is a pump unit of an electronic control brake system installed in a bore formed in a modulator block, the pump unit including a motor having a rotating shaft, a carrier having a center portion thereof installed on the rotating shaft, and provided with connecting shafts that are spaced... Agent: Mando Corporation

20150030484 - Multiple parts reed valve and method of manufacturing: An improved membrane valve and method for manufacturing such membrane valve. The improved membrane valve can be used for transferring fluids or gases in hermetic or semi-hermetic compressors, including a method and system for manufacturing a membrane valve and a membrane valve with applications for use in several motors, particularly... Agent:

01/22/2015 > 23 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20150023801 - Fan system - rotation speed control circuit and method for rotation speed error auto-calibration thereof: A rotation speed control circuit with function of auto-calibrating rotation speed error is disclosed. The rotation speed control circuit includes a first multiplexer, a second multiplexer, an error amplifier and a current compensation circuit. In calibration mode, the rotation speed control circuit selects a calibration clock signal and a calibration... Agent: Anpec Electronics Corporation

20150023802 - Ceiling fan with variable blade pitch and variable speed control: A fan comprises a hub, fan blades, and inserts. The hub comprises outwardly extending mounting tabs that lie along a common horizontal plane. The fan blades are hollow, such that each mounting tab is inserted in the hollow interior of a corresponding fan blade. Each insert is positioned in the... Agent:

20150023803 - Magnetically levitated and driven blood pump and method for using the same: A device for pumping blood, includes a housing having a distal end adapted to be coupled to a catheter, a proximal end having an outlet, and a tubular body extending between the distal and proximal ends along an axis. A rotor is rotatably disposed within the housing. A first magnetic... Agent:

20150023804 - Driving device and driving method for motor, cooling device and electronic machine: A driving device for a brushless DC motor having at least one coil ma include a voltage zero crossing detection unit to where an induced voltage becomes zero; a detection period setting unit to set at least one detection period synchronously with the voltage zero crossing point; a coil voltage... Agent:

20150023806 - Elevator control for inductor pump: An inductor pump system comprises a fluid activated ram, an inductor pump platen, a fluid activated motor and a fluid control. The inductor pump platen is driven by the fluid activated ram. The fluid activated motor is coupled to the platen. The fluid control comprises an inlet for receiving a... Agent:

20150023805 - Labyrinth chamber with helical blade for a submersible well pump and method of use: An electrical submersible pump assembly has a pump, a motor and a seal section with a labyrinth chamber. A guide tube surrounds a drive shaft in the seal section and contains lubricant in fluid communication with lubricant in the motor. The guide tube has a guide tube port adjacent the... Agent:

20150023807 - Centrifugal gas compressor method and system: The compressor compresses gas in capillaries leading to a radially distant annular container space. Centrifugal force acts on gas bubbles entrained between liquid slugs moving radially outward through the capillaries which may be radial, tangential or continuously curved. Compressed gas is collected in the annular space. A gas-liquid emulsion is... Agent: Rotational Trompe Compressors, LLC

20150023808 - Infusion pump including reverse loading protection: An infusion pump for transferring fluid through tubing of an administration set connected to the pump, where the pump includes a housing and a pumping mechanism mounted to the housing. The pumping mechanism includes a plurality of pumping fingers, a motor for sequentially, reciprocally moving the plurality of pumping fingers,... Agent:

20150023809 - Ejector: An ejector includes a nozzle having a fluid passage circular in cross section. The fluid passage includes a throat portion smallest in cross-sectional area, a divergent portion that becomes larger in cross-sectional area toward a downstream side from the throat portion, and an ejection port that is provided at a... Agent:

20150023810 - Double-headed piston type swash plate compressor: A double-headed piston type swash plate compressor includes first and second cylinder blocks, a rotation shaft, a double-headed piston, a crank chamber, a drive force transmission member, a swash plate, a movable body, a control pressure chamber, and a support. The control pressure chamber is defined by the movable body... Agent:

20150023811 - Compressor: A compressor includes a compression mechanism drawing in, compressing and discharging fluid and a housing accommodating therein the compression mechanism. The housing has therein a discharge chamber into which the fluid compressed by the compression mechanism is discharged. A silencing and cooling device is provided in the discharge chamber to... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki

20150023812 - Variable displacement compressor with single-head pistons: The muffler has a muffler chamber formed in a rear housing, an inlet channel that provides communication between the discharge chamber and the muffler chamber, and an outlet channel that provides communication between the muffler chamber and the outlet port. The muffler chamber has a first end surface positioned on... Agent:

20150023813 - Gas compressor: A gas compressor includes a housing configured to house a compressor main body including a rotation shaft, and an electromagnetic clutch including an electromagnetic coil formed annularly around the rotation shaft, wherein a seating surface is formed on the housing and abuts against one end surface of the electromagnetic coil,... Agent:

20150023814 - Blower fan: A stationary portion of a blower fan according to a preferred embodiment of the present invention includes a stator and a stator holding portion to which the stator is fixed. A rotating portion of the blower fan includes an annular rotor hub portion arranged around a central axis; a rotor... Agent: Nidec Corporation

20150023815 - Compliant abrasion resistant bearings for a submersible well pump: An electrical submersible pump assembly includes a centrifugal pump having impellers and diffusers. A thrust runner is coupled to a motor shaft for rotation along with the impellers. The runner receives thrust from at least one of the impellers and transfers the thrust to a bushing non rotatably mounted in... Agent:

20150023816 - Canned-motor pump for vehicle: A canned motor pump is provided that includes a rotor of a motor and a shaft shaped as a bar. The shaft penetrates through and is coupled with the rotor. A bearing is shaped as a circular cylinder, and is coupled to an upper side of the rotor. Further, the... Agent:

20150023817 - Canned-motor pump for vehicle: A canned motor pump that includes a pipe-shaped can part which accommodates a rotor, a plurality of supports protruding radially outward from sides of the can part, and a plurality of the split cores each of which is inserted inside a corresponding support of the supports. Each distal end of... Agent:

20150023818 - Air compression system and cooling structure thereof: An air compression system includes an air compression device and a cooling structure. The air compression device includes a liquid-cooled motor and a compressor. The cooling includes a radiator, a cooler, a first liquid conveying tube, a second liquid conveying tube, a third liquid conveying tube, a fourth liquid conveying... Agent:

20150023819 - Piezoelectric fan: A piezoelectric fan in which vibration of blades is unaffected by external noise includes a vibrating plate including blades and a base. First piezoelectric elements are attached to a side of a first blade adjacent to the base. Second piezoelectric elements are attached to a side of a second blade... Agent:

20150023820 - Offset electrical terminal box with angled studs: A compressor assembly includes a housing that is annular and surrounds a longitudinal central axis. The compressor also has a compressor housed in the housing, a terminal box, and a first stud coupling the terminal box with the housing. The first stud defines a first central axis. A second stud... Agent: Bitzer Kuehlmaschinenbau Gmbh

20150023821 - Disc pump with advanced actuator: A fluid pump comprising one or two cavities which, in use, contains a fluid to be pumped, the chamber or chambers having a substantially cylindrical shape bounded by first and second end walls and a side wall; an actuator which, in use, causes oscillatory motion of the first end wall(s)... Agent:

20150023823 - Canned motor pump for vehicle: A canned motor pump includes a stator assembly and a housing surrounding the outer portion of the state assembly. The housing is coupled with the stator assembly in a state in which the housing is divided into a plurality of pieces by cutting lines, and has a through-hole in a... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150023822 - Boot seal retainer systems and methods: Systems and methods for providing seals around the motor leads and other conductors in ESP's. In one embodiment, elastomeric boot seals are positioned within annular spaces around motor leads in an ESP motor. When the motor is filled with dielectric oil, the elastomeric material of the boot seals absorbs some... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 23 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20150017019 - Mobile hydraulic generator and control method thereof: Disclosed are a mobile hydraulic generator having rapid response by scattering a small motor for generating a flow of fluid and a small pump, and a control method thereof. The mobile hydraulic generator includes: a flow generator including n pumps operated by n motors to generate an amount of a... Agent:

20150017020 - Offline filtration device and method: An apparatus, system and method are provided for controlling fluid flow through a vacuum chamber of a dehydration system, the vacuum chamber having a temperature sensing device operative to measure a temperature of a fluid in the vacuum chamber. A temperature difference between a temperature setpoint for the fluid and... Agent: Parker-hannifin Corporation

20150017021 - Method for operating a hydraulic pump arrangement, and hydraulic pump arrangement: A hydraulic pump arrangement of a portable hydraulic tool operates by an autonomous power supply or is releasably connected to the hydraulic tool by a hose and driven by an electrical power source. A load-dependent control of the hydraulic pump switches between a loaded state and a non-loaded state. A... Agent: Lukas Hydraulik Gmbh

20150017022 - Surface adsorption vacuum pumps and methods for producing adsorbate-free surfaces: Methods for pumping a chamber to generate substantially adsorbate-free surfaces are described. Pumping systems for achieving a vacuum based on surface adsorption are also described.... Agent:

20150017023 - Apparatuses and methods for modulating fluids using acoustically oscillating solid structures: An acoustofluidic apparatus is provided that functions by the generation of microstreaming in fluid produced by the oscillation of oscillatory elements excited by an energy input such as acoustic energy. An acoustofluidic apparatus includes an oscillatory energy field generator in energetic contact with one or more oscillatory elements contained in... Agent:

20150017024 - Method of controlling an electric submersible pump: A method of controlling an electric submersible pump, comprising: a) monitoring the pressure at the suction and discharge of the pump; b) calculating the pressure difference between the discharge and suction pressure; and c) controlling the pump to maintain a constant pressure difference between the discharge and suction pressure.... Agent: Shell Oil Company

20150017025 - Method for operating a vacuum generator and a vacuum generator: The present invention is directed toward a method for operating a vacuum generator using pressure fluid to generate the vacuum. The vacuum generator has a pressure port for pressure fluid supply, and a suction point. During a work cycle, the pressure fluid supply is activated at least once and then... Agent: J. Schmalz Gmbh

20150017026 - Structure of pump: A pump includes a cap that is fit into an opening of a pump body. The pump body has an external thread formed on an outer circumference close to a top face thereof for engagement with and coupling to a rotatable fixing ring having an internal thread so as to... Agent:

20150017027 - Liquid ring compressor: A liquid-ring, rotating-casing compressor comprises a shaft carrying an impeller having a core and a plurality of radially extending vanes rotatably coupled to the shaft for rotation around a first axis, and a tubular casing mounted for rotation relative to the impeller around a second axis that is parallel to... Agent:

20150017028 - Fan assembly: A fan assembly includes a base, a body including an air inlet, impeller and motor driving the impeller to draw an air flow through the air inlet, an air outlet and an interior passage conveying air to the air outlet and extending about an opening through which air from outside... Agent:

20150017029 - Pressure overshooting prevention system for electronic hydraulic pump in hydraulic system: The present disclosure relates to a pressure overshooting prevention system for an electronic hydraulic pump in a hydraulic system, in which a flow rate command is added (+), a discharge flow rate is subtracted (−), a displacement flow rate (Delta Q) is calculated, a first pressure command corresponding to the... Agent:

20150017030 - Centrifugal pump apparatus: In this centrifugal blood pump apparatus, one permanent magnet is provided in one surface of an impeller, a second permanent magnet is provided in an inner wall of a blood chamber, a third permanent magnet is provided in the other surface of the impeller, and a fourth permanent magnet and... Agent: Thoratec Corporation

20150017034 - Pump unit: A pump assembly has at least one electronics receiving space (54; 54; 54″). The electronics receiving space (54; 54; 54″) includes at least one defined ventilation opening (40; 40; 40″). The ventilation opening (40; 40; 40″), at an outer side of the electronics receiving space (54; 54; 54″), runs out... Agent:

20150017031 - Pump assembly: A pump assembly includes an electric drive motor having a stator and a permanent magnet rotor, at least one impeller connected to the rotor via a rotor shaft, a thrust bearing accommodating axial forces acting on the impeller and rotor shaft in operation, and at least one radial bearing arranged... Agent: Grundfos Holding A/s

20150017032 - Ship's propulsion unit: The present disclosure relates to a ship's propulsion unit which includes: a closed liquid cooling system having an inner space containing liquid. The inner space is partly limited by a cylindrical outer surface of a cylindrical section of a motor housing section of the propulsion unit for exchanging thermal energy... Agent: Abb Oy

20150017033 - Ship's propulsion unit: The disclosure relates to a ship's propulsion unit including a shell structure arranged below a hull of the ship and an electric motor for rotating a propeller. The propulsion unit can include a closed gas circulation cooling system containing gas and include a gas circulation device for circulating gas through... Agent: Abb Oy

20150017035 - Pump head for a fuel pump: A pump head for a high-pressure fuel pump is disclosed. The pump head comprises a head housing including a body portion, and a turret portion extending from the body portion, a pumping chamber defined within the body portion, a pumping element bore for receiving a pumping element in use, the... Agent:

20150017036 - Reciprocating subsurface pump: A reciprocating pump includes an open-bottomed barrel adapted for attaching to the lower end of a production tubing string; a seating assembly having a cylindrical bore and adapted for mounting to a seating nipple at the upper end of the barrel; and a plunger assembly adapted for attaching to the... Agent: National Oilwell Varco, L.p.

20150017037 - Seal arrangement: A seal arrangement is provided for sealing a first medium from the environment or from a second medium, in a device having a movable element and a fixed element, wherein the movable element is configured for linear to-and-fro movement along a longitudinal axis and the fixed element forms a receptacle... Agent: Elringklinger Ag

20150017038 - Helically actuated positive-displacement pump and method: First and second structures are connected by helical fibers. The orientation between the first and second structures are changed, and by doing so, the positions of the helical fibers are correspondingly changed. The position of change of the helical fibers can be used for a pumping effect, or to change... Agent: California Institute Of Technology

20150017039 - High-pressure fuel supply pump having an electromagnetically-driven inlet valve: A high-pressure fuel supply pump having a normally-closed type electromagnetically-driven inlet valve mechanism supporting a large capacity and causing least sound is provided. A valve member having a seat surface that comes into abutment with an inlet valve seat; and a plunger rod positioned on the seat surface side of... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

20150017041 - Mechanism for restraining fuel pressure pulsation and high pressure fuel supply pump of internal combustion engine with such mechanism: A mechanism for reducing pressure pulsation includes a pair of metal dampers formed by joining two disk-shaped metal diaphragms over an entire circumference and forming a hermetically sealed space inside a joined portion. Gas is sealed in the aforementioned hermetically sealed space of the damper, and a pair of pressing... Agent:

20150017040 - Pulsation damper and high-pressure pump having the same: A pulsation dumper configured to reduce a fuel pressure pulsation of fuel flowing in a fuel chamber includes a sealed space in which gas having a predetermined pressure is encapsulated between a first diaphragm and a second diaphragm configured to be resiliently deformable by a fuel pressure pulsation in the... Agent:

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