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11/13/2014 > 17 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20140334941 - Pump apparatus: Provided is a pump apparatus capable of improving the performance in a wide operation range from an operation area with a low pressure and a high flow rate to an operation area with a high pressure and a low flow rate while suppressing a rated output of a motor used... Agent:

20140334942 - Pump controller system and method: A method and apparatus for a pump control system. One or more embodiments of the invention include a pump controller that can perform a self-calibrating procedure, can provide precise motor speed control, can provide a limp mode before shutting down the motor when system parameters are exceeded and/or fault conditions... Agent:

20140334943 - Pump controller system and method: A method and apparatus for a pump control system. One or more embodiments of the invention include a pump controller that can perform a self-calibrating procedure, can provide precise motor speed control, can provide a limp mode before shutting down the motor when system parameters are exceeded and/or fault conditions... Agent:

20140334944 - Pump controller system and method: A method and apparatus for a pump control system. One or more embodiments of the invention include a pump controller that can perform a self-calibrating procedure, can provide precise motor speed control, can provide a limp mode before shutting down the motor when system parameters are exceeded and/or fault conditions... Agent:

20140334945 - Pump controller system and method: A method and apparatus for a pump control system. One or more embodiments of the invention include a pump controller that can perform a self-calibrating procedure, can provide precise motor speed control, can provide a limp mode before shutting down the motor when system parameters are exceeded and/or fault conditions... Agent:

20140334946 - Leakage detection system and method for fuel tank systems: A method for detecting a leakage in a fuel tank system includes setting a first reference pressure value and generating an initial pressure in the fuel tank system, as well as determining a pressure difference between the pressure in the fuel tank system and the first reference pressure. The method... Agent: Volvo Car Corporation

20140334947 - Fluid pump system: A fluid pump system for a fluid delivery system is disclosed. The fluid pump system includes a drive cylinder and a drive piston slidably disposed in the drive cylinder. A drive rod including a crowned end is connected to the drive piston. The fluid system further includes a pump cylinder... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20140334948 - Hydrostatic axial piston machine having a cylinder barrel with a working piston which is mounted obliquely with respect to its axial direction and with a planar control plate: An axial piston machine of swash plate design includes cylinder bores with respective longitudinal axes that are arranged at an acute angle with the rotational axis and that approach the rotational axis radially in the direction of their control plate-side ends. For each cylinder bore, a point of action of... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140334949 - Labyrinthine radial piston-hydraulic variable waterpump actuation system: A regulatable coolant pump of an internal combustion engine having a pump housing in which a pump shaft with an associated impeller is rotatably mounted. The impeller conveys a coolant from an inlet connection into an outlet of the coolant pump, a volume flow of the coolant pump being adjustable... Agent: Schaeffler Technologies Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140334951 - Outdoor fan motor and air-conditioning apparatus: In a motor, a connected portion between a lead wire and an aluminum wire is provided far from a terminal block, with a leading end of a winding residing on one of cores that is not adjacent to a core that is at a position where the terminal block is... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140334950 - Wind-directly-driven oil pumping machine: The present invention provides a wind-directly-driven oil pumping machine, comprising an electric motor (1) and a control device (14), and further comprising a rotary spindle (2), a blade (3), a lifting roller (4), a roller driving wheel (6), an energy adjustment flywheel (7), a generator (10), a transmission (8) and... Agent:

20140334952 - Radiator fan of a motor vehicle: A radiator fan of a motor vehicle, in particular a main fan, contains a fan wheel which has a hub and an electric-motor rotor which is attached thereto in a form-locking manner. At least one connecting dome is formed integrally on the rotor, which connecting dome protrudes through a corresponding... Agent:

20140334953 - Apparatus, system and method for sealing submersible pump assemblies: An apparatus, system and method for sealing an electrical submersible pump assembly are described. An electric submersible pump (ESP) system for pumping solid-laden fluid comprises a thrust chamber of an ESP seal section, the thrust chamber sealed from well fluid on a downstream side by a stationary sand barrier and... Agent: Summit Esp, LLC

20140334954 - Wear-resistant air pump: A wear-resistant air pump includes a cylinder, a piston and rod set inserted in the cylinder and movable back and forth between two opposite ends of the cylinder, an air nozzle head located at one end of the piston and rod set outside the cylinder and opposite to the piston... Agent: Shou Meng Enterprise Co., Ltd.

20140334955 - Oil supply system: An oil supply system may include a first hydraulic pump pumping oil to a low pressure portion through a first main line, a second hydraulic pump pumping oil to a high pressure portion through a second main line, first and second check valves that are respectively disposed at one side... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140334956 - Pump for vehicle suspension system: A pump includes a housing defining an interior volume, a diaphragm partitioning the interior volume into a pumping chamber and an actuating chamber, a diaphragm support associated with the actuating chamber and configured to limit movement of the diaphragm, and a dispersion element coupled to the housing. The dispersion element... Agent:

20140334957 - Pneumatic reciprocating fluid pump with improved check valve assembly, and related methods: A pneumatic reciprocating fluid pump for pumping a fluid at least one check valve assembly that includes a check valve body insert, a ball within the valve body insert, and an annular sealing ring member disposed within a seat ring receptacle. The sealing ring member has dimensions smaller than corresponding... Agent:

11/06/2014 > 14 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140328695 - Hydraulic pump: A pump including a cylinder body having first and second ends and a cylinder bore, a plug shaft including first and second ends and a plug shaft bore, wherein the first end of the plug shaft is fixed relative to the cylinder body, and wherein the second end of the... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140328696 - Manual override utility pump: A utility pump including a pump body defining an inlet and an outlet, a pump motor positioned within the pump body and arranged to move fluid from the inlet to the outlet, a control circuit arranged to operate the pump automatically, and a remote switch arranged to selectively operate the... Agent:

20140328697 - Multiple segmented peristaltic pump and cassette: In various embodiments, a surgical cassette, configured to engage peristaltic pump rollers, may include two or more pump segments between a sheet and a substrate coupled to the sheet. The two or more pump segments on the cassette may produce additional flow (e.g., approximately twice the flow for two segments... Agent:

20140328698 - Piston pump for a high-pressure cleaning appliance: A piston pump for a high-pressure cleaning appliance is provided, including a plurality of pump chambers into each of which one piston which is movable back and forth plunges, and which are each in flow connection via a suction valve with a suction inlet and via a pressure valve with... Agent: Alfred K&#xe4 Rcher Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140328699 - Piston pump for a high-pressure cleaning appliance: A piston pump for a high-pressure cleaning appliance is provided, including a pump block having a plurality of pump chambers, into each of which one piston plunges, and including a pump head having a suction inlet and a pressure outlet, each pump chamber in flow connection via a suction valve... Agent:

20140328700 - Swash plate type piston pump: A swash plate type piston pump includes a plurality of pistons, a cylinder block including a plurality of cylinders for housing the pistons, a swash plate for reciprocating the pistons to expand and contract volume chambers of the cylinders with the rotation of the cylinder block, a biasing mechanism for... Agent: Kayaba Industry Co., Ltd.

20140328702 - Axial piston high pressure compressor/pump: An axial machine having a wedge that drives a plurality of pistons and a retainer plate for maintaining the slipper shoes in contact with the wedge. A center positioning mechanism for the retainer plate in which the slipper shoes placed on the wedge have a portion extending through a respective... Agent: Eco Thermics Corporation

20140328701 - Piston pump for a high-pressure cleaning appliance: A piston pump for a high-pressure cleaning appliance is provided, including a plurality of pump chambers, into each of which one piston which is movable back and forth plunges, and which are each in flow connection via a suction valve with a suction inlet and via a pressure valve with... Agent: Alfred K&#xe4 Rcher Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140328703 - Internal combustion engine provided with a cooling pump that can be mechanically disconnected: An internal combustion engine having: an engine provided with a crankshaft; a cooling system provided with a circulation pump, which comprises an impeller supported by a pump shaft that is mounted so as to rotate around a rotation axis; an auxiliary shaft, which transmits the rotation movement to the pump... Agent: Ferrari S.p.a.

20140328705 - Induced draft fan: An induced draft fan, including: a fan housing, a wind wheel, and an ECM motor including a motor body and a motor controller. The motor controller is a control board that is not enclosed in a control box. The control board includes a microprocessor unit, an IGBT switch and a... Agent:

20140328704 - Motor pump assembly: In a, in particular, portable motor pump assembly comprising an oil housing in which an electric motor and a pump and on which a manifold block as well as a cooling fan are mounted, the cooling fan is disposed between ends of the oil housing on an oil housing side... Agent: Hawe Hydraulik Se

20140328706 - Mainline electric oil pump assembly and method for assembling same: The mainline electric oil pump assembly relates to the field of assemblies for pumping oil in main oil pipelines. The aim of the present invention is to create a mainline electric oil pump assembly with improved technical and economic characteristics, reduced noise and vibrations, and increased reliability, service life and... Agent:

20140328707 - Pump module, pump module and pump system: A module, a base module and a system which comprises a module and a base module includes a pump channel and a valve unit which is connected with the pump channel wherein a fluid can be pumped through the pump channel and the valve unit, wherein a first wall section... Agent:

20140328708 - Fuel pump assembly: The invention relates to a fuel pump assembly for a motor vehicle, which can be upstream of a fuel pump of the motor vehicle in a fuel line of the motor vehicle, having a pump housing and a pump device arranged thereupon, by means of which fuel can be pumped... Agent:

10/30/2014 > 26 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20140322030 - Control algorithm of variable speed pumping system: A pumping system includes a pump for moving water. In one aspect, this is in connection with performance of an operation. The system includes a variable speed motor operatively connected to drive the pump. A value indicative of flow rate of water is determined and the motor is controlled to... Agent:

20140322029 - Pump using multi voltage electronics with run dry and over current protection: A pump system features a power adapter and a pump having a signal processor. The power adapter includes voltage settings that respond to a voltage setting by a user and provide a selected voltage. The signal processor receives signaling containing information about the selected voltage supplied to a motor to... Agent: Flow Control LLC

20140322031 - Air-compressing device for a cycle: The air-compressing device for a cycle has a crank set. The device includes at least one cartridge for storing compressed air, and a compressor, connected to the cartridge. The compressor includes a device for engaging with the crank set and a first and a second compression chamber, each chamber provided... Agent:

20140322032 - System and method for pressure compensation in a pump: Systems and methods for maintaining substantially a baseline pressure in a chamber of a pumping apparatus are disclosed. Embodiments of the present invention may serve to control a motor to compensate or account for a pressure drift which may occur in a chamber of the pumping apparatus. More specifically, a... Agent:

20140322036 - Delay-minimized detection of an auxiliary control variable: A method for the delay-minimized detection of an auxiliary control variable for a system comprising a control system and a controller, whereby an output variable is detected at the end of the control system, whereby a disturbance variable is active in the control system, characterized in that a state variable... Agent: Moog Gmbh

20140322035 - Drive system for surface hydraulic accumulator: Pumps are provided, more particularly piston type pumps having increased energy efficiency, systems incorporating such piston type pumps, and methods of operating piston type pumps. The pumps are suitable for pumping of oil from an oil well or for pumping other liquids such as ground water, subterranean liquids, brackish water,... Agent:

20140322034 - Offset valve bore for a reciprocating pump: A fluid end 15 for a multiple reciprocating pump assembly 12 comprises at least three plunger bores 61 or 91, each for receiving a reciprocating plunger 35. Each plunger bore has a plunger bore axis 65 or 95. The plunger bores are arranged across the fluid end to define a... Agent: S.p.m. Flow Control, Inc.

20140322033 - Offset valve bore in a reciprocating pump: A fluid end 15 for a multiple reciprocating pump assembly 12 comprises at least three plunger bores 61 or 91 each for receiving a reciprocating plunger 35, each plunger bore having a plunger bore axis 65 or 95. Plunger bores being arranged across the fluid head to define a central... Agent: S.p.m. Flow Control, Inc.

20140322037 - Piston pump: A piston pump is provided comprising a cylinder with an inner cylinder wall and a working space. The piston pump includes a piston inside the cylinder and has a piston head with a first and second projections extending from its lateral surface to the cylinder wall. These first and second... Agent:

20140322038 - Pump motor protector with redundant shaft seal: An electric submersible pump device having a motor part, a pump part, and a protector part. The protector part includes redundant shaft seal parts.... Agent:

20140322039 - Liquid-ring vacuum pump: A liquid-ring vacuum pump comprises a pump casing and a shaft eccentrically mounted in the pump casing. An impeller and a rotor of a drive motor are connected to the shaft. A disk cam is arranged parallel to the impeller. A first main bearing for the shaft is arranged between... Agent:

20140322040 - Muffler for compressor and compressor having the same: A muffler for a compressor and a compressor having the same are provided in which a suction noise device and a discharge noise device may integrally formed to reduce the number of components of a suction side muffler and a discharge side muffler so as to reduce leakage of refrigerant... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140322041 - Friction clutch assemblies: A friction clutch assembly, preferably for a hybrid cooling pump. The friction clutch assembly includes a friction lining carrier member, a friction lining member, a compression spring member, a clutch carrier member and a flux plate member. A solenoid can be utilized to control the compression of the spring member.... Agent: Borgwarner Inc.

20140322042 - Switchable automotive coolant pump: A automotive coolant pump incudes a pulley wheel fixedly supported by a rotatable rotor shaft. A shaft sealing separates a dry pump section from a wet pump section. A pump wheel is supported in the wet pump section by the rotor shaft and is axially slidable between a pumping and... Agent: Pierburg Pump Technology Gmbh

20140322043 - Reciprocating compressor: The present invention provides a reciprocating compressor that compresses a gas, including: a piston; a cylinder that includes a hole portion into which the piston is inserted so as to be movable in the axial direction in a reciprocating manner and includes a compression chamber which is formed in an... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)

20140322044 - Hydraulic transmission device suitable for constituting a compact hydraulic starter motor: A hydraulic transmission device for a machine, including a declutchable hydraulic motor having radial pistons, and including a cam that is secured to a casing, and a cylinder block and an internal fluid distributor that are disposed in the casing; a hydraulic pump including a drive member; and fluid exchange... Agent: Poclain Hydraulics Industrie

20140322045 - Working vehicle: The present invention addresses the problem of being able to increase the effect of preventing an engine from stalling by reducing the engine load attributable to a fixed-capacity hydraulic pump. A working vehicle provided with a fixed-capacity hydraulic pump driven by power from an engine and a working hydraulic actuator... Agent:

20140322046 - Valve drive apparatus and supercharger having the same: In a valve drive apparatus, which drives a first valve and a second valve of a supercharger, a first rod is rotatably connected to a first valve lever shaft at one end part thereof to drive the first valve and is connected to a shaft at the other end part... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140322047 - Compressor: A compressor includes a casing and a motor disposed inside the casing. The motor is welded to the casing at a plurality of weld positions. The motor includes a core, a coil, at least one insulating member, recesses and a gap. The core has an annular back yoke portion, a... Agent:

20140322048 - Motor-driven compressor: A motor-driven compressor in which an electric driving mechanism is capable of keeping high efficiency. The compressor includes an electric driving mechanism, a compression mechanism and a motor drive circuit. The electric driving mechanism is accommodated in a housing. The housing has a main body portion in a cylindrical shape,... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki

20140322049 - Solar drive control system for oil pump jacks: A system for supplementing the electric power needed by a pump jack electric motor, thereby reducing the electric power purchased from the local utility or power supplier. The system comprises a solar photovoltaic system, or other forms of renewable energy, and regenerated power from the electric motor or drive. The... Agent:

20140322050 - Pump system: A pump system that has a power end and a fluid end assembly. The fluid end assembly includes a plunger configured to translate within a plunger bore. The fluid end further includes a suction valve assembly and a discharge valve assembly. The power end is configured to use a pony... Agent:

20140322051 - Multi-functional modular pump: Embodiments relate to a multi-functional, hand-operated, modular hand pump apparatus capable of drawing in a pumping medium through an intake point, nozzle, filter cap, or combination thereof into a pump housing by means of a plunger rod assembly and discharging the pumping medium through a plurality of discharge points, wherein... Agent: Michel Sales Company, Inc.

20140322052 - Weft insertion pump for water jet loom: A weft insertion pump for a water jet loom includes a pump housing, a water storage chamber forming cylinder, a plunger, discharge and suction ports, a water storage chamber, a discharge-side check valve, a suction-side check valve and a stop member. The suction-side check valve includes a valve body, a... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki

20140322053 - Hemodialysis systems and methods: Hemodialysis dialysis systems are disclosed. Hemodialysis systems of the invention may include a dialysate flow path including a balancing circuit, a mixing circuit, and/or a directing circuit. The circuits may be defined within one or more cassettes. The fluid circuits may be at least partially isolated, spatially and/or thermally, from... Agent: Deka Products Limited Partnership

20140322054 - System and method for holding tubing for a peristaltic pump: A system and method for holding tubing for a peristaltic pump the prevents tubing stretch or deformation. The present invention compensates for tube stretching and minimizes tube deformation due to peristaltic roller tube expansions.... Agent:

10/23/2014 > 24 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20140314582 - Flow control: A pumping system for moving water of a swimming pool includes a water pump and a variable speed motor. The pumping system further includes means for determining a first motor speed of the motor, means for determining first and second performance values of the pumping system, and means for comparing... Agent:

20140314583 - System and method for multi-component mixture control: A system for controlling the mixing ratio of a multi-component mixture including a first pump connectable to a source of a first component and a second pump connectable to a source of a second component. The first and second pump being associated with at least one linear sensor for generating... Agent: Epic Solutions, Inc.

20140314584 - Gas compressor and abrasion state determining method: A gas compressor of the present invention includes a reciprocating member, an accommodation portion, and a sealing portion, and the accommodation portion includes a compression chamber that compresses a gas and a non-compression chamber that is separated from the compression chamber by the reciprocating member and the sealing portion. Further,... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)

20140314585 - Detecting device and pumping equipment for concrete: A detecting device for detecting the volume of a material in a material container and a concrete pumping apparatus comprising the above detecting device are disclosed. The detecting device comprises a soft container full of a medium; a medium container in communication with the soft container; a volume detecting sensor... Agent: Sany Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.

20140314586 - Package type fluid machine: A package type fluid machine having a plurality of fluid machine units each of which includes a fluid machine, a motor that drives the fluid machine, and a belt that connects the fluid machine and the motor. The plurality of fluid machine units are arranged in a cabinet, wherein the... Agent: Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Co., Ltd.

20140314587 - Check valve device in the suction side of a hydrostatic power-unit that can be operated in the same direction of rotation as a pump and as a motor: A hydrostatic power-unit (7) is connected with an internal combustion engine (2). The suction side (S) of the power-unit (7), when operating as a pump, sucks hydraulic fluid from a tank (9) and delivers into a delivery side (P), and when operating as a motor is driven by hydraulic fluid... Agent: Linde Hydraulics Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140314588 - Fuel injection pump: A fuel pump comprises a cam assembly having a lobe, and a body assembly including a cavity for receiving the cam assembly. The body assembly includes both a body portion and a cover portion that cooperatively form the cavity. The body portion includes a lobe cavity, an engagement surface and... Agent: Exergy Engineering LLC

20140314589 - Hermetic reciprocating compressor: Disclosed herein is a compressor in which oil retained in a hermetic case may be raised through an inner circumferential surface of a rotating shaft. The rotating shaft is provided with a hollow portion, and a fixation shaft with a spiral wing is inserted into the hollow portion to raise... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140314590 - Compressor: A turbocharger unit for an internal combustion engine having at least one exhaust line for the evacuation of exhaust gases from the combustion chamber of the engine and at least one inlet line for the supply of air to the combustion chamber is provided. The turbocharger unit includes a turbine... Agent: Volvo Lastvagnar Ab

20140314592 - Air blower for fuel cell vehicle: Disclosed herein is an air blower for a fuel cell vehicle using bearings. The air blower may include a volute casing, an impeller configured to include a hub and a plurality of wings formed on the outer circumferential surface of the hub and to compress air within the volute casing,... Agent: Halla Visteon Climate Control Corp.

20140314591 - Fluid pump: A fluid pump includes an inlet for introducing fluid into the fluid pump and an outlet for discharging fluid from the fluid pump. The fluid pump also includes a motor having a shaft with an upper end and lower end that rotates about an axis. The fluid pump also includes... Agent:

20140314593 - Pump: A pump includes a drive assembly having a drive shaft rotatable about a drive axis, and an eccentric coupled to the drive shaft for rotation therewith. The eccentric includes a shaft portion defining an eccentric axis that is offset from the drive axis. The shaft portion includes a shaft end... Agent:

20140314594 - Pump: A pump for use in low-profile applications comprises a barrel for holding fluid; and a piston that converts a rotational driving force into a longitudinal driving motion within the barrel. The pump provides space saving advantages by reducing the need for external equipment and mechanisms around the pump for providing... Agent: Oxford Nanopore Technologies Limited

20140314596 - Fan motor: A fan motor is provided that prevents restraint on a rotor in an environment where oil and dust are floating in the air. The fan motor includes a stator constituted of an armature having a winding thereon, a rotor constituted of an excitation unit including a permanent magnet, and a... Agent: Sanyo Denki Co., Ltd.

20140314597 - Implantable centrifugal blood pump with hybrid magnetic bearings: A pump for pumping sensitive fluids, such as blood, has no mechanical contact between the impeller and any other structure.... Agent:

20140314595 - Reservoir vent and thermal stabilization orifice: A reservoir includes first and second chambers, and a piston having first and second ends disposed in the first and second chambers, respectively. The first and second ends isolate a first area from a second area within the first and second chambers. The first area of the first chamber is... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20140314599 - Centrifugal pump: The present invention relates to a novel bearing arrangement for a centrifugal pump. The bearing arrangement comprises a thrust bearing (50) arranged closer to the end (42′) of the shaft (42) carrying the rotor (44), the thrust bearing (50) being selectable between a four-point contact ball bearing for heavy-duty applications... Agent: Sulzer Pumpen Ag

20140314598 - Shock-absorbing fan motor mount with motor cooling: The invention relates to a motor mount (20) for a drive motor (17) for the impellor (15) of a motor-fan unit (1), comprising:—a base (21) comprising at least one cooling opening (50) for the circulation of a stream of cooling air for cooling the drive motor (17), and—a receptacle (30)... Agent:

20140314601 - High pressure fuel pump: High pressure fuel pump includes a cylinder which is fitted in a concave portion formed in a pump housing and which defines a compression chamber of the pump and a plunger which pressurizes, by sliding against the cylinder, the fluid in the compression chamber. It is structured such that the... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

20140314600 - Liquid pump using elastomeric piston, piston assembly and manufacturing method thereof: The invention provides a liquid pump using an elastomeric piston. The liquid pump has a piston assembly (10), which comprises: a piston rod (11); a piston head (12); a piston engaging portion (15) which is between the piston rod and the piston head in a necking shape; and a piston... Agent:

20140314602 - Peristalic pump: A peristaltic pump system including an arcuate pressing surface, a force element that applies an occluding force towards the pressing surface, a drive mechanism that drives the force element, a diaphragm disposed between the pressing surface and the force element that defines a pump cavity, an actuator strip disposed between... Agent: Aperia Technologies, Inc.

20140314603 - Fuel pump: A fuel pump having a housing which defines a pump chamber with an inlet and an outlet. A piston is reciprocally mounted in the pump chamber. An inlet valve is mounted fluidly in series between the pump chamber and the housing inlet which opens and closes the inlet in synchronism... Agent: Hitachi. Ltd

20140314604 - Compressor: In order to prevent the leakage of a gas from an internal space communicating with a compression chamber inside a cylinder in a cylinder head of a compressor, the compressor includes a suction valve pressing portion that presses a suction valve so that the suction valve provided in the internal... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)

20140314605 - Valve apparatus and high pressure pump having the same: A common seat portion includes discharge passages that communicate between a first valve chamber and a second valve chamber when a discharge valve member is lifted away from the common seat portion. The common seat portion also includes a relief passage that extends substantially parallel to the discharge passages and... Agent: Nippon Soken, Inc.

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