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06/11/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
06/04/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
05/28/2015 > 23 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20150147188 - High volume low speed fan using direct drive transverse flux motor: Disclosed is a high volume low speed (HVLS) fan that is designed to circulate air in large buildings for cooling, heating, and ventilation. A fan with a diameter between 8 to 24 feet consisting of a plurality of blades, with each in the shape of a tapered airfoil, is driven... Agent:

20150147189 - Two-stage linear peristaltic pump mechanism: This invention discloses a peristaltic pump composed of a two-stage linear peristaltic pump mechanism, which engages in different functions, charging and pumping a fluid to a patient. This peristaltic pump is capable of restoring the crushed tubing, caused by repeated compression or crushing of the tubing by peristaltic fingers, to... Agent:

20150147190 - Test and monitoring system for a sump pump installation operable from a remote location: An automated system for monitoring and testing a sump pump installation includes an electrically-actuated valve which admits liquid to the liquid container in response to a valve control signal. A test control module includes a test control circuit which when actuated supplies a valve control signal to initiate a test... Agent:

20150147191 - Pump control system and method: A zero turn mower vehicle 10 includes left and right hydrostatic transmissions 11a, 11b driving wheels 15a, 15b. The transmissions 11a, 11b each include a swashplate type axial piston hydraulic pump 17 having a swashplate 22. A system 12 and method controls each pump 17. A controller 31 receives input... Agent: Parker-hannifin Corporation

20150147195 - Channel-less pump, methods, and applications thereof: A channel-less microfluidic pump includes a cartridge including a substrate and an actuatable film layer disposed on the substrate, and a manifold having at least three actuatable void volumes separated by a plurality of wall sections and an actuatable flexible layer disposed on the manifold interfacing the actuatable film layer.... Agent: Rheonix, Inc.

20150147193 - Load sharing control for compressors in series: In some aspects, a compressor system includes a compressor train including two or more compressors connected in series and a control mechanism. The control mechanism is controlled by a performance controller. The performance controller is operable to identify a process variable of the performance controller; receive, on a recurrent basis... Agent: Woodward, Inc.

20150147194 - Segmented fluid end: Disclosed is an improved segmented fluid end for high-pressure plunger pumps. One segmented fluid end includes one or more fluid end modules, each fluid end module including a body providing a plunger bore configured to receive a plunger therein and a discharge outlet in fluid communication with the plunger bore,... Agent:

20150147192 - Vehicle and a method of reducing sound produced by a liquid fluid pump: A vehicle and a method of reducing sound produced by a liquid fluid pump are disclosed. A pump is activated when a predetermined event is detected. A control valve of the pump is operated in one of an initial and a standard mode when the pump is activated. The control... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20150147196 - Vacuum brake booster vacuum enhancer: A vacuum enhancer having four apertures, one of which is open to the atmosphere, wherein a piston selectively restricts fluid flow through an ejector based on a pressure differential between a vacuum chamber within the vacuum booster and true atmospheric pressure.... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150147197 - Apparatus for circulating coolant in turbocharger: An apparatus circulates a coolant in a turbocharger, which includes a first coolant line for supplying the coolant to the turbocharger from a water pump and configured to form a first flow resistance member to increase flow resistance to the coolant flowing through the first coolant line.... Agent: Kia Motors Corp.

20150147198 - Air maintenance tire assembly: A pumping device is used with a pneumatic tire mounted on a tire rim to keep the pneumatic tire from becoming underinflated. The pumping device includes a housing attached to the tire rim, a dynamic mass mechanically confined to radial movement relative to the housing and the tire rim, an... Agent: The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

20150147199 - Air maintenance tire assembly: A pumping device is used with a pneumatic tire mounted on a tire rim to keep the pneumatic tire from becoming underinflated. The pumping device includes a housing attached to the tire rim, a dynamic mass mechanically confined to linear movement relative to the housing and the tire rim, the... Agent: The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

20150147200 - Air maintenance tire assembly: A pumping device is used with a pneumatic tire mounted on a tire rim to keep the pneumatic tire from becoming underinflated. The pumping device includes a housing attached to the tire rim, a dynamic mass mechanically confined to rotational movement relative to the housing and the tire rim, the... Agent: The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

20150147201 - Air maintenance tire assembly: A pumping device is used with a pneumatic tire mounted on a tire rim to keep the pneumatic tire from becoming underinflated. The device includes a pumping device attached to the tire rim, a dynamic mass mechanically confined to rotational movement relative to the pumping device and the tire rim,... Agent: The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

20150147202 - Pump having interchangeable heads: A pump comprising a housing having a head carrying area, a motor disposed within the housing, a rotor rotated by the motor; and a pump head assembly mounted to the head mount of the housing, the pump head assembly being one of a piston head assembly or a diaphragm head... Agent: Gardner Denver Thomas, Inc.

20150147203 - Compressor: A compressor may include a hermetic case to store oil in a lower portion thereof, a compression mechanism part to compress a refrigerant, a power train part to generate a driving force, a rotational shaft to transmit the driving force generated from the power train part to the compression mechanism... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150147204 - Turbocharger comprising a floating bush bearing: A turbocharger has an exhaust gas turbine, a fresh-air compressor and a bearing seat. A rotor shaft that is equipped with the turbine and the compressor wheel is rotatably mounted in the bearing seat by way of at least one radial bearing. The radial bearing is a floating bush bearing... Agent: Continental Automotive Gmbh

20150147205 - Electric compressor for vehicle air conditioner: An electric compressor to be mounted on an engine in an engine compartment of a vehicle includes a compression mechanism, an electric motor, a motor driving circuit, a housing, a first mounting leg and a second mounting leg. The housing accommodates therein the compression mechanism, the electric motor and the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki

20150147206 - Valve for metering media in the micro-quantity range: This invention relates to a valve for metering filled and/or pasty media. In accordance with an embodiment, the valve comprises a valve element having a metering opening and a valve gate movable in translation and having a flow opening. The valve gate is configured for carrying out an oscillating double-stroke... Agent:

20150147207 - Linear piezoelectric compressor: A linear compressor employing a piezoelectric actuator operating in resonance at a frequency substantially below its natural resonant frequency, which is usually of the order of 10 kHz. Low frequency resonance operation of the actuator, of the order of 100 Hz., is achieved by incorporating the actuator and its housing... Agent:

20150147208 - Air compressor: The air compressor contains a casing member, a driving member, and a cylinder member. The casing member has a first accommodation section, a second accommodation section, and a connection section connecting the first and second accommodation sections. The first accommodation section has a number of first inlets and first outlets.... Agent:

20150147209 - Downhole radially actuated longitudinal diaphragm pump: A diaphragm pump and pump system including a pump housing defined along a longitudinal axis and having defined therein one or more pumping chambers and one or more driving chambers. At least two check valves communicating with each of the one or more pumping chambers for conducting a production fluid... Agent: General Electric Company

20150147210 - Pulsation-free positive displacement rotary pump: A pump having two pistons placed in a rotor, situated in a stator forming two opposite parallel eccentric pumping chambers having at least one inlet port through which the fluid is drawn into at least one of the pumping chambers during the filling movement of at least one of the... Agent:

05/21/2015 > 25 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20150139815 - Oil pressure control device: An oil pressure control device for supplying oil pressure by rotating a hydraulic pump, by means of a motor, comprises an oil pressure sensor; a speed instruction operation unit for outputting a speed instruction value, based on a difference between an oil pressure determination value from the oil pressure sensor... Agent:

20150139817 - Ramp-up optimizing vacuum system: A ramp-up optimizing vacuum pump system comprising a vacuum pump in fluid communication with a blower and one or more apparatus and operable to create a vacuum flow from the one or more apparatus through the outflow of the vacuum pump. The blower is positioned between the vacuum pump and... Agent:

20150139816 - Hydraulic fluid pressure control: A hydraulic fluid pressure control system comprising: a hydraulic pump motor having an electrical input configured to receive an AC input signal and a hydraulic fluid output configured to output a pressure proportional to the frequency of the AC input signal; and electronic control circuitry connected to the electrical input,... Agent:

20150139818 - Motor-driven compressor: A motor-driven compressor includes a compression unit that includes movable and fixed scrolls and a compression chamber, an electric motor that includes a rotor and drives the compression unit, a motor drive circuit that drives the electric motor, an injection port that draws intermediate pressure refrigerant into the compression chamber,... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki

20150139822 - Cooling devices and methods for use with electric submersible pumps: Cooling devices for use with electric submersible pump motors include a refrigerator attached to the end of the electric submersible pump motor with the evaporator heat exchanger accepting all or a portion of the heat load from the motor. The cooling device can be a self-contained bolt-on unit, so that... Agent: Los Alamos National Security, LLC

20150139819 - Electromagnetic actuator and inertia conservation device for a reciprocating compressor: A compressor includes a piston disposed in a housing and configured to be reciprocatably driven in the housing by an electromagnetic drive. A conventional linear motor drive assembly reciprocatably drives the piston in an embodiment. A magnetically-geared drive assembly reciprocatably drives the piston in another embodiment. A solenoid drive assembly... Agent:

20150139820 - Method for lubricating a gearbox for a wind turbine: A method for lubricating a gearbox of a wind turbine. The gearbox comprises a plurality of gears and shafts supported by bearings of which at least one bearing is a plain bearing. The gearbox furthermore comprises a lubrication system with both a mechanical pump and an electrical pump for feeding... Agent:

20150139821 - Pump chamber including internal surface modifications: A combination of a chamber wall and the flexible membrane defines a pump chamber in a diaphragm pump. The pump chamber includes one or more internal surfaces that are modified to include a pattern of a pattern of channel surface regions. The channel surface regions provide unobstructed pathways to a... Agent:

20150139823 - Aspirating induction nozzle with flow transition: High plume lift is particularly critical with regard to exhaust gases from potentially contaminated sources, such as laboratories and other facilities in which chemical processes produce noxious and/or hazardous fumes. To insure that potentially contaminated exhaust reaches a minimum altitude to avoid downwash, many applicable environmental and building codes and... Agent:

20150139824 - Pump control apparatus: A pump control apparatus includes an actuator that varies a discharge capacity of a pump, and a regulator that regulates a control pressure led to the actuator. The regulator includes: a driving pressure port to which an average discharge pressure is led; a source pressure port to which a high... Agent: Kayaba Industry Co., Ltd.

20150139825 - High-pressure pump: During a pressurization stroke of a high-pressure pump, a cylinder inner wall and a plunger receive a fuel pressure from the pressurization chamber. Meanwhile, an upper housing does not receive the fuel pressure from the pressurization chamber, so that its thickness can be made thin. A cylinder is comprised of... Agent:

20150139826 - Adjusting opening times of a cam actuated valve, reciprocating compressor and method: Cam actuated valves for compressors including mechanisms for changing an instant when the cam actuated valve is opened and/or a time interval during which the cam actuated valve is in an open state within the time range of a compression cycle. A reciprocating compressor has: a body including a compression... Agent:

20150139827 - High-powered vacuum machine: A vacuum machine is provided, comprising: an engine secured to a frame and having an engine shaft; an impeller coupled to the engine shaft; a shroud surrounding the impeller and having an inlet and an outlet; a disk secured to the frame between the engine and the shroud, the disk... Agent:

20150139828 - Two piece impeller centrifugal pump: A two piece impeller centrifugal pump comprising two halves of an impeller facing each other within a volute, a housing having two sides, one side adjacent each impeller half and having an inlet and an outlet, a motor mounted on the housing, the motor driving both impeller halves, for pumping... Agent:

20150139829 - Pumping assembly: A pumping assembly includes a hydraulic pump having a hydraulic ram tied to a reciprocating annular piston having a central bore. When the annular piston moves in an upward direction, the hydraulic ram moves toward an extended position extending from the housing. When the annular piston moves in a downward... Agent: 1238585 Alberta Ltd.

20150139830 - Permanent-magnet-embedded electric motor, compressor, and refrigeration air coniditioning apparatus: In a permanent-magnet-embedded electric motor, at the distal ends of base sections of teeth sections of a stator core, increased magnetic-resistance sections, which have magnetic resistance larger than magnetic resistance of the base sections, are provided. Given that a minimum interval in the circumferential direction between the base sections adjacent... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150139831 - Pump module and electric pump including the same: A pump module may include a pump rotor coupled to a rotating shaft of a motor, and a pump housing configured to accommodate the pump rotor. The pump housing includes a rotor accommodating part having an insertion groove formed therein to accommodate the pump rotor, and a cover connected with... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20150139832 - Seal assembly for a downhole device: A sealing assembly for a downhole device has first (12) and second sealing (22) components which are urged together to make up the assembly such that a first sealing surface (34) on the first component radially presses a lip member (44) on the second component to change the angle of... Agent: Rmspumptools Limited

20150139833 - Thin-profile cross-flow fan with air volume gain effect: A thin-profile cross-flow fan with air volume gain effect has a thin-profile casing, a cross-flow guide passage, a blade assembly, an auxiliary guide ring portion, an axial magnetic motor and a radial flow-through auxiliary guide portion. When the thin-profile cross-flow fan is operated, the air stream guided from the air... Agent: Forcecon Technology Co., Ltd.

20150139834 - Pump for metering and dispensing a liquid or viscous product: t

20150139835 - Unloader for a valve element of a compressor valve: Unloader (1) for a valve element (30) of a compressor valve (40), comprising a least one unloader finger (2) and one carrier bushing (14), wherein the unloader finger (2) is fabricated from a first material, the carrier bushing (14) is fabricated from a second material using a casting method, and... Agent: Hoerbiger Kompressortechnik Holding Gmbh

20150139836 - Roller positioning system: A fluid delivery system is provided for use with a peristaltic pump, which includes a roller-tube engagement zone and a rotor structure including an array of rollers. The fluid delivery system includes a console to removably receive the peristaltic pump in a mounted position, with the console including a roller... Agent:

20150139837 - Rotative valves for reciprocating compressors and related methods: Reciprocating compressors having a rotative valve and related methods are provided. A reciprocating compressor has a compression chamber configured to compress a fluid that has entered the compression chamber via an intake, and it is discharged from the compression chamber, after being compressed, via a discharge, an actuator configured to... Agent: Nuovo Pignone Srl

20150139838 - Atomizer: An atomizer includes a motor mounted in a housing. First and second cylinder units are received in the housing. The first cylinder unit includes a first piston and a first coupling bearing connected to the first piston. The second cylinder unit includes a second piston and a second coupling bearing... Agent:

20150139839 - Portable, refrigerant recovery unit: A portable, refrigerant recovery unit for transferring refrigerant from a refrigeration system to a storage tank. The recovery unit includes two, opposed piston heads rigidly attached to respective piston rods that extend along a common fixed axis. The piston rods are rigidly attached to the yoke member of a scotch... Agent:

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