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10/02/2014 > 39 patent applications in 29 patent subcategories.

20140294599 - Pump motor control system for automatic transmission and method thereof: A pump motor control system provides for a low-pressure hydraulic pump and a high-pressure hydraulic pump on one shaft of a pump motor. A method includes detecting information including engine speed, a shift range selected, a rotation speed of the pump motor, and hydraulic pressure in a high-pressure part, controlling... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140294600 - Control device for electric pump: A control device for an electric pump, the electric pump pumping a cooling medium, the control device includes a controller configured to determine a presence of an abnormality in the electric pump when a temperature of the cooling medium is higher than a threshold value and the electric pump is... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140294601 - Active adaptive hydraulic ripple cancellation algorithm and system: Hydraulic pumps/motors are used to convert between rotational motion/power and fluid motion/power. Pressure differential is achieved across the pump/motor by applying torque to either aid or impede rotation which generally results in either a pressure rise or pressure drop respectively across the unit. This torque is often supplied by an... Agent: Levant Power Corporation

20140294602 - Energy saving system and method for devices with rotating or reciprocating masses: A system and method are provided for reducing the energy consumed by a pump jack electric motor by reducing the supply voltage to the motor when the motor would be generating energy in open loop mode. By substantially eliminating the energy generation mode, the braking action of the utility grid... Agent:

20140294603 - Synchronized dual well variable stroke and variable speed pump down control with regenerative assist: A dual well pumping unit (12) has two hydraulic ram units (26), one for each well (preferably with each ram unit (26) having three hydraulic rams). Each hydraulic ram units is connected to first ram pump (18) and a second ram pump (20). The drive shaft (40) of the first... Agent:

20140294606 - Automatic fuel additive controller and dispenser: An Automatic Fuel Additive Controller and Dispenser has been disclosed. In one implementation a pump is used to purge a hydrostatic sensing tube of liquid prior to measurement.... Agent:

20140294604 - Hydraulic pump start system and method: Embodiments are directed to powering a hydraulic motor pump by powering the hydraulic motor pump from a main bus when power is available from the main bus, powering the hydraulic motor pump from an auxiliary power unit starter motor controller during a start-up of the hydraulic motor pump when power... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20140294607 - Liquid transporting apparatus and liquid transporting method: An operation of a liquid transporting apparatus is controlled by communication using a controller, and the power consumption during communication standby is reduced. The liquid transporting apparatus includes a liquid storage section that stores a liquid; a body section that is connected to the liquid storage section when transporting the... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140294605 - Methods and systems for maintaining a high vacuum in a vacuum enclosure: A system for maintaining a high vacuum in a vacuum enclosure such as cryostat, for example, is described. The system includes a high-vacuum pump having an input that is connected to the cryostat and an output. A vacuum vessel is connected to the output of the high-vacuum pump. A second... Agent: Ge Energy Power Conversion Technology Ltd.

20140294608 - Peristaltic pump and pumphead therefor: A peristaltic pump is provided comprising a drive unit, a pumphead comprising a pressing element. The pumphead is connectable to the drive unit such that, when connected, the pressing element is driveable by the drive unit to exert a peristaltic action on a tube arranged within the pumphead. The pumhead... Agent: Watson-marlow Limited

20140294609 - Gas pumping and treatment device: A device for pumping and treating gases is disclosed. The device features a stator having a plurality of pumping stages connected in series one after another between a suction side and a delivery side by the inter-stage ducts. The device also includes an inner tube and a blind outer tube,... Agent:

20140294610 - Peristaltic pump for pumping a liquid and method for operating a peristaltic pump: A peristaltic pump (1) for pumping a liquid comprises a flexible tube (2) for guiding the liquid to be pumped, a compression means (5) being actuatable for compressing the flexible tube (2), an upstream valve means (3) arranged in an upstream direction with respect to the compression means (5) and... Agent:

20140294611 - Variable displacement swash plate compressor: A variable displacement swash plate compressor includes a housing, drive shaft, first and second radial bearings, swash plate, and actuator. The actuator includes a movable body and fixed body. The movable body includes a main portion and circumferential wall. The main portion includes an insertion hole. The housing includes an... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki

20140294614 - Double-headed piston swash plate type compressor: A double-headed piston swash plate type compressor includes a rotary shaft, a drive force transmitting member, a tiltable swash plate, a movable body that changes the inclination angle of the swash plate, and a control pressure chamber defined by the movable body and the drive force transmitting member, which are... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki

20140294612 - Variable displacement swash plate compressor: A variable displacement swash plate compressor is provided with a housing, a drive shaft, a swash plate, a link mechanism, a piston, a conversion mechanism, an actuator, and a control mechanism. The housing includes a suction chamber, a discharge chamber, a swash plate chamber, and a cylinder bore. The actuator... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki

20140294613 - Variable displacement swash plate compressor: A variable displacement swash plate compressor that includes a cylinder bore, a swash plate chamber, a swash plate, and a double head piston, which defines first and second compression chambers in the cylinder bore. First and second suction chambers are in communication with the first and second compression chambers, respectively.... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki

20140294615 - Actuating device for an adjustable convertible top system of a motor vehicle: An actuating device for an adjustable convertible top system of a motor vehicle includes at least two hydraulic drive cylinders. A first drive cylinder transmits an adjustment movement to a first gearing arrangement, and a second drive cylinder transmits the adjustment movement to a second gearing arrangement. The first drive... Agent: Webasto-edscha Cabrio Gmbh

20140294616 - Variable displacement swash plate type compressor: A variable displacement swash plate type compressor includes a rotary shaft, a tiltable swash plate, a movable body that is coupled to the swash plate and changes the inclination angle of the swash plate, a link mechanism that permits the inclination angle of the swash plate to be changed, a... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki

20140294617 - Piston type swash plate compressor: A piston type swash plate compressor includes a housing, a cylinder block, a cylinder head, a rotary shaft, a plurality of cylinder bores, a plurality of pistons, a swash plate, a plurality of compression chambers, a plurality of head-side discharge chambers, a plurality of block-side discharge chambers, an outlet and... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki

20140294618 - Hydraulic pressure supply system of automatic transmission: An automatic-transmission hydraulic pressure supply system includes a low-pressure hydraulic pump supplying low hydraulic pressure to a first low-pressure line, a low-pressure regulator valve recirculating through a first recirculation line a portion of the hydraulic pressure supplied through the first low-pressure line to regulate the hydraulic pressure of the first... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140294619 - Electronic infinite step controller actuator: An unloader assembly and method for unloading a compressor, with the unloader assembly including one or more fingers configured to engage one or more valve elements of a suction valve of the compressor. The unloader assembly also includes a biasing member coupled to the one or more fingers and configured... Agent: Dresser-rand Company

20140294620 - Cooling fan having a radial-air-gap motor and a method for determining the dimensional proportion of the motor: A cooling fan having a radial-air-gap motor is disclosed. The cooling fan includes a fan frame, an impeller and a stator assembly. The fan frame has a shaft-coupling portion. The impeller has a hub, a shaft and a plurality of blades. The blades are arranged on an outer periphery of... Agent: Sunonwealth Electric Machine Industry Co., Ltd.

20140294621 - Fan, motor and manufacturing method thereof: A fan includes: a casing including a substantially cup-shaped base portion connected to an outer frame through a rib, the base portion having a top surface located on a upper side of an axial direction and a lower opening located on a lower side of the axial direction; a bearing... Agent:

20140294622 - Vehicle comprising a mounted-implement coupling and mounted implement therefor: A vehicle includes a coupling for mounting an implement and a load-controlled hydraulic pump that runs continuously with an engine of the vehicle. The pump draws hydraulic fluid from a low-pressure line region and feeds the hydraulic fluid into a high-pressure line region. The high-pressure line region has a high-pressure... Agent: Claas Industrietechnik Gmbh

20140294623 - Thermal/noise management in a scroll pump: The main sources of heat in a scroll pump are cooled efficiently by a single cooling fan so that noise and, in particular, fan-generated noise, can be kept low. The scroll pump includes a pump head assembly, a pump motor, a cooling fan that produces a cooling air flow in... Agent: Agilent Technologies, Inc.

20140294625 - Contactless sensing of a fluid-immersed electric motor: A method and system for measuring rotor position or velocity in an electric motor disposed in hydraulic fluid. The system comprises a contactless position sensor that measures electric motor rotor via magnetic, optical, or other means through a diaphragm that is permeable to the sensing means but impervious to the... Agent: Levant Power Corporation

20140294624 - Motor-driven compressor: A motor-driven compressor that includes a compression unit, an electric motor, a housing, a cover, and a motor driving circuit. A metal terminal electrically connects the electric motor to the motor driving circuit. A coupling base is coupled to the housing, and the motor driving circuit is coupled to the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki

20140294626 - Pump, refrigeration cycle device, and method of producing pump: In a pump, at least one of leg portions of a pilot hole component are extended by a specified distance compared to the other leg portions toward a side opposite to a surface where pilot holes are exposed, and the pilot holes formed in the some leg portions extend through... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140294627 - Liquid pump: A liquid pump (10) comprises a pump assembly (14) attached to a motor (12). The pump assembly (14) comprises an inlet chamber (50) and pump chamber (28). The pump chamber (28) accommodates a drive gear (22) driven by an output shaft (16) of the motor (12) and driven gear (26)... Agent: Johnson Electric S.a.

20140294628 - Motor-driven compressor and manufacturing method thereof: To provide a motor-driven compressor which suppresses heat generation, enables power saving, exerts excellent durability, lowers a manufacturing cost, and hardly produces a defective product. The motor-driven compressor according to the present invention comprises a cover. The cover includes a first connector portion, first and second wires, and first and... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki

20140294629 - Micro pump: There is provided a micro pump including a bottom substrate, a channel forming substrate coupled to the bottom substrate and provided with an inlet into which a fluid is introduced and an outlet through which the fluid is discharged, and a valve integrally formed with the channel forming substrate.... Agent:

20140294630 - Cover module and electric blower having the same: Disclosed herein is a cover module, including: a cover covering an impeller connected to a rotating shaft; a housing receiving a driving module coupled with the cover and including the rotating shaft; and a coupling member coupling the cover with the housing, wherein the cover is provided with a coupling... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20140294631 - Water pump: A water pump has a pump section having radial impeller blades, a rotational shaft for rotating the radial impeller blades, and a motor section provided in the rear of the pump section and driving the rotational shaft. The motor section has a motor casing, a motor housed in the motor... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140294632 - Variable displacement compressor: A variable displacement compressor includes a swash plate, a housing and a displacement control valve. The housing has a crank chamber where the swash plate is disposed, a discharge chamber and a suction chamber. The housing has plural bolt holes and is formed by separate members fastened together by plural... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki

20140294633 - Peristaltic pump and pumphead therefor: A peristaltic pumphead is provided that has a pumping chamber within which is disposed a pressing element for exerting a peristaltic action on a tube extending within the pumping chamber, and an auxiliary chamber which in normal use is a dry chamber. The pumping chamber and the auxiliary chamber are... Agent:

20140294634 - Peristaltic pump and pumphead therefor: A peristaltic pumphead comprising a pumphead housing accommodating a pumping tube, an end of the tube being provided with an end fitting having a through passage and an abutment shoulder and a threaded shank extending from the abutment shoulder into the tube the tube end abutting the abutment shoulder and... Agent: Watson-marlow Limited

20140294635 - Natural gas compressor with scissor drive assembly: A positive displacement reciprocating compressor for compression of natural gas. The compressor includes at least one pair of coaxial bulkheads, each bulkhead having a gas cylinder coupled thereto, and one or more a scissor drive assemblies for driving piston rams into and out of the gas cylinders to compress gas.... Agent:

20140294636 - Reciprocating compressor: A reciprocating compressor including a casing which has first and second cylinders, an electric motor which has a drive shaft mounted in the casing, first and second pistons fittingly inserted into the first and second cylinders respectively, so as to reciprocate therein, and first and second connecting rods attached to... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

20140294637 - Compressor: A compressor includes a housing, a cylinder block, a valve plate, a discharge valve forming plate and a retainer gasket. The discharge valve forming plate includes a discharge valve, a connecting portion and a discharge valve engaging portion. The discharge valve opens and closes the discharge port. A plurality of... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki

09/25/2014 > 14 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20140286792 - Pump control: A method for configuring a drive to control the operation of a pump in a sewage system is disclosed. The method comprises measuring at least one parameter of the sewage system; using the measurement of the at least on parameter to create an algorithm for the drive to control the... Agent: Control Techniques Limited

20140286793 - Pump control unit: In order to realize, without inviting cost increase, a control for maintaining a pressure of fluid delivered from a pump at a target value, a pump control unit is provided with a driver control unit controlling a rotational speed of a hydraulic pump through adjustment of a duty ratio of... Agent:

20140286794 - System, method, and apparatus for utilizing a pumping cassette: The present invention involves, in some embodiments, systems and methods involving fluid handling apparatus for pumping fluid to and from a patient, which may include a reusable component and a disposable pumping cartridge. The reusable component may comprise a control chamber and a pressure transducer configured to measure a gas... Agent: Deka Products Limited Partnership

20140286795 - Gas control apparatus: A gas control apparatus includes an upper housing to which a second piezoelectric pump is joined, a lower housing to which a first piezoelectric pump is joined, and a diaphragm. The upper housing includes a discharge hole through which gas is discharged. The lower housing includes introduction holes through which... Agent:

20140286796 - Air pump with two pressure gauges for high/low pressure indication: An air pump includes an air pump body for pumping air, and a high pressure gauge and a low pressure gauge mounted in the air pump body for measuring and indicating the air pumped by the air pump body.... Agent:

20140286797 - Liquid-ring vacuum pump and impeller for a liquid-ring vacuum pump: A liquid-ring vacuum pump comprises a pump casing and an impeller that is eccentrically mounted in the pump casing. The impeller is made of a material having a modulus of elasticity of less than 4000 N/mm2.... Agent:

20140286798 - Servo regulator: A servo regulator that causes a servo piston to move on the basis of working fluid pressure in two pressure chambers includes: a sleeve that is inserted into an insertion hole formed in a case and has a supply port capable of supplying a working fluid from a fluid pressure... Agent:

20140286799 - Air compressor having buffering compartment: An air compressor assembly includes a cylinder housing, an outlet receptacle disposed on the cylinder housing, and a partition having an air passage formed between the cylinder housing and the outlet receptacle, and a piston slidably received in the cylinder housing for generating a pressurized air, the partition includes a... Agent:

20140286800 - Centrifugal fan and air conditioner having the same: An air blowing unit of an air conditioner includes a housing to guide suction and discharge of air, a centrifugal fan positioned inside the housing, and a motor to drive the centrifugal fan. The centrifugal fan includes a base coupled to a motor shaft coupled to the motor, a plurality... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140286801 - Pumping device for pumping oil from a storage container to a transmission system of a motor vehicle: A pumping device for pumping oil in a transmission system of a hybrid drive for a motor vehicle has an oil pump and a direct drive for driving the rotor and an electric drive for driving a rotor part that surrounds the rotor. A stationary housing surrounds the rotor part... Agent:

20140286802 - Machine for generating electrical energy: In accordance with one embodiment, a machine for generating electrical energy comprises a housing and a shaft rotatable with respect to the housing. An impeller has blades for rotation with the shaft in response to receipt of material from a chute. A first generator assembly comprises first stator windings associated... Agent: Deere & Company

20140286803 - Refrigeration compressor with flexible discharge conduit: A refrigeration compressor includes a housing having a wall, a suction gases inlet and a compressed gases outlet. A linear compressor is supported for operation within the housing. A hollow tubular body extends from the compressed gases outlet and is adapted for attachment to a refrigerant circuit. A compressed gases... Agent: Fisher & Paykel Appliances Limited

20140286804 - Air compressor having buffering compartment: An air compressor assembly includes a cylinder housing, an outlet receptacle disposed on the cylinder housing, and a partition having an air passage formed between the cylinder housing and the outlet receptacle, and a piston slidably received in the cylinder housing for generating a pressurized air, the partition includes a... Agent:

20140286805 - Fluid end assembly with modified suction block: A suction block for use in a fluid end assembly of a high pressure reciprocal pump includes a first suction bore extending from a first face of the suction block and into the interior thereof; and a second suction bore extending from a second face of the suction block and... Agent:

09/18/2014 > 65 patent applications in 30 patent subcategories.

20140271230 - Back pressure relief motor control for a non-bleeder turbine style hvlp spray gun: A high volume low pressure (HVLP) turbine assembly includes a housing having a turbine which includes a turbine fan rotatable within a turbine casing. A microcontroller is disposed within the housing, where the microcontroller controls a speed of an electric motor powering the turbine fan. A pressure sensor and an... Agent:

20140271231 - Apparatus and method for processing coating compositions: h

20140271232 - System and method for controlling compressor motor voltage: A variable speed drive (VSD) can be used to vary the voltage-to-frequency ratio (V/f) supplied to a compressor motor of a heating, ventilation, air conditioning or refrigeration (HVAC&R) system to compensate for varying conditions in the HVAC&R system.... Agent: Johnson Controls Technology Company

20140271233 - Modular pump platform: A modular pump platform includes a pump head module, a pump motor module, an electronics module and a separable tray. The pump motor module includes a pump motor having a rotary output removably coupled to a crank shaft of the pump head, the pump motor being one of multiple types... Agent: Agilent Technologies, Inc.

20140271235 - Dynamic speed control for pump motor: Systems and methods of controlling the speed of a pump configured to move liquid through a pump system are described. The actual motor speed of the pump motor is controlled by adjusting a current applied to the motor based on the difference between the actual motor speed and the target... Agent:

20140271236 - Fan driving circuit: A fan driving circuit drives a first fan and a second fan which are connected in parallel and connected to an anode of a direct current power. The fan driving circuit includes a pulse width modulation signal generation module, a phase lock and delay module, a first pulse output comparator... Agent:

20140271234 - Turbocharger with magnetic brake: Turbochargers are disclosed that have a braking system to brake the rotation of an electrically conductive compressor wheel within the turbocharger. The brake system includes the electrically conductive compressor wheel, which is connected to a turbine by a common shaft, one or more electromagnets positioned proximate to the compressor wheel,... Agent: DaycoIPHoldings, LLC

20140271237 - Vacuum pump: An estimating section detects a signal including counter electromotive voltage information of the motor, and estimating a magnetic pole electric angle and a rotational speed of the motor. A driving current controller repeats generation and cut-off of the driving current supplied from a power supply to the motor via the... Agent: Shimadzu Corporation

20140271238 - Graphene-trough pump systems: The present invention relates to pump systems having graphene or other atomically thin electrically conductive materials supported by trough-shaped cavities.... Agent: Clean Energy Labs, LLC

20140271239 - Spark suppression ballast closely coupled to emitter electrode of ion generator: By directly connecting, ballast to an emitter electrode of an ion generator (e.g., a corona-discharge device), a rapid and self-corrective reduction in emitter-to-collector voltage may be provided responsive to an increase in current characteristic of incipient sparking discharge. Voltage levels in the emitter-to-collector gap can be rapidly reduced based on... Agent:

20140271249 - Acoustic pumps and systems: A microfluidics acoustic pump system includes a flow passage configured to carry a fluid from one location to another, a selectively vibrating flow generator having a sharp edge, and a driving device configured to vibrate one of the flow generator and the flow passage to create a streaming fluid flow... Agent: Alcon Research, Ltd.

20140271245 - Biflex film valves: Disclosed is a one-way valve wherein an affixed flexible film device, a downstream edge control means, a channel surface and the motive force of a controlled directional pressurized fluid flow automatically permit forward fluid flow yet check reverse fluid backflow.... Agent:

20140271250 - Compression system and method having co-axial flow device: A system, including a compressor including a cylinder with a chamber, a first axial end portion, and a second axial end portion, and a piston in the chamber of the cylinder, the piston is configured to reciprocate along a cylinder axis between the first and second axial end portions, and... Agent: Cameron International Corporation

20140271248 - Compressor device and method: A compressor includes a first piston, a second piston, and a crank. A first case chamber is defined by a lower surface of a first piston head, a portion of a first cylinder surface disposed below the lower surface of the first piston head, and a first case surface. A... Agent: Service Solutions U.s. LLC

20140271246 - Cooperation of platen and pump cassette for pump device: A pumping mechanism includes a housing containing the pumping mechanism, the housing defining a seat configured to receive a pump cassette having a fluid lumen that can be acted upon by the pumping mechanism so as to pump fluid through the fluid lumen of the pump cassette. A platen pad... Agent: Carefusion 303, Inc.

20140271253 - Fire pump controller configured to control pressure maintenance in sprinkler systems: Example devices, systems, and methods disclosed herein relate to a controller configured to control pressure maintenance in a fire protection system. A controller may be configured to control a fire pump to provide a first level of water pressure and to control operation of a jockey pump that is coupled... Agent: Asco Power Technologies, L.p.

20140271247 - Infusion pump configured to engage a sensor with tubing: A pump device includes a pumping mechanism and a housing containing the pumping mechanism. A structure on a door of the housing is configured to urge the tube of a pump set toward engagement with a sensor as the door is closed with the pump set is mounted housing.... Agent: Carefusion 303, Inc.

20140271254 - Labor saving device for use with \"t\" handled air pumps: A leverage device includes elongated body connected to a pivoting base, and a means for attaching the elongated body to the “T” handle of a pump used in filling air tanks. In use one securely connects the pivoting base to a stationary vertical surface, connects the attachment assembly to a... Agent:

20140271259 - Method of coordinating operation of compressors: A method for coordinating operation between at least two groups of compressors in a cooling circuit is disclosed. A first group of compressors forms part of a low temperature (LT) part of the cooling circuit and a second group of compressors forms part of a high temperature (MT) part of... Agent:

20140271240 - Multipurpose gravity air compressor: A multipurpose gravity air compressor employs a piston (40) traveling down a cylinder (129) by the force of gravity compressing compressible fluid (140) in one or more compressible fluid chambers (137). Compressed fluid is emptied out of compressible fluid chambers (137) through compressible fluid exit (118) for use locally or... Agent:

20140271257 - Natural gas compressing and refueling system and method: A refueling system for natural gas users (e.g., natural gas vehicles) includes a two-stage compression system that compresses low-pressure gas in a natural gas supply line to compressed natural gas (CNG) pressure for use by a user. A single motor drives both a first stage rotary compressor and a rotary... Agent:

20140271255 - Pressure adjustment apparatus and method: A pressure adjustment apparatus including a pump, a selector valve coupled to the pump, and a chamber in selective fluid communication with the pump through the selector valve is disclosed. The pump includes a pump body that defines a variable volume therein, the pump body further defining a first aperture... Agent:

20140271252 - Pump having an automated gas removal and fluid recovery system and method: A precision pump system having a motor driver for accurately and repeatedly delivering process fluid, (e.g., photo chemicals) using a pumping fluid with minimal process fluid loss to a fabrication process and whereby the motor driver can be easily and quickly replaced without interrupting the fluid flow path. This is... Agent: Integrated Designs, L.p.

20140271243 - Pump stand with improved pump control: Integrated, stand-alone, multiple-purpose pump stands are provided for controlled pumping of different liquids from a stand-mounted tank to a downstream use location, e.g., a seed treating device. The pump stands are equipped with an operating assembly including a liquid tank, a powered pump, a liquid flow line equipped with a... Agent: Usc, L.L.C.

20140271244 - Radial hydraulic motor for a hydraulic hybrid vehicle: A radial hydraulic pump/motor for use in place of a mechanical transmission for a hydraulic hybrid vehicle is described. Means for disengaging and reengaging individual working pistons are provided, allowing partial or zero effective displacement. Methods for using the radial pump/motor to supplement power from other pump/motors for the vehicle... Agent:

20140271256 - Roving submersible pump: A roving submersible pump arrangement for movement in a body of fluid is presented. The pump arrangement includes a submersible pump having an inlet and a discharge outlet and a buoyant transport device connected to the submersible pump. The buoyant transport device is operable to position the inlet of the... Agent: Weir Minerals Australia, Ltd.

20140271241 - Single-cylinder treadle pump: A human-powered positive-displacement single dual-action cylinder treadle pump for use in pumping and distributing water from wells and other water sources, as well as methods of manufacturing and operating such a pump. The pump offers rural farmers a portable device for pumping water for use in irrigating fields and crops... Agent: Brooklyn Bridge To Cambodia, Inc.

20140271251 - Systems and methods for ocular surgery: Ocular surgery may be performed by a variety of systems, processes, and techniques. In certain implementations, a system and a process for ocular surgery may include the ability to draw ocular fluid into a channel of a hand-held pump system and separate the fluid into multiple compressible channels to create... Agent: Alco Research, Ltd.

20140271258 - Temperature control for compressor: According to at least one aspect of the present disclosure, an apparatus for cooling a coolant for a gas compressor includes a compressor to generate a flow of compressed gas, a dryer in fluid communication with the compressor, and a coolant circuit. The coolant circuit includes a accumulator to accumulate... Agent:

20140271242 - Vibration/noise management in a scroll compressor: A scroll pump isolates vibrations of a pump head/motor assembly of the pump from the exterior of the pump and thus, suppresses the production of airborne noise. The pump includes a sound-muffling enclosure surrounding the pump head/motor assembly, feet supporting the enclosure, and elastic vibration isolators. The pump head/motor assembly... Agent: Agilent Technologies, Inc.

20140271260 - Winched rod pump apparatus and method: An apparatus and method for pumping fluids with a winched rod pumping apparatus for imparting reciprocating substantially vertical motion to a rod of a sucker-rod pump. A winched rod pumping apparatus, includes a motor driven winch drum and cable mechanical actuator arrangement. The winch drum and cable mechanical actuator arrangement... Agent: Unico, Inc.

20140271261 - Automatic tire inflator system: A tire inflation system is provided for maintaining a predetermined inflation pressure of a tire mounted on a wheel of a vehicle. The system includes a base having a mounting structure for engaging a complementary mounting structure of the wheel, such as lug nuts. A compressor assembly is mounted to... Agent:

20140271262 - Seal-less piston pump for liquefied gas: A fuel supply system for a vehicle uses a seal-less piston LPG injunction pump which pumps fluid from a storage tank to an engine. The pump uses the vehicle's pneumatic air system, wherein the pressurized air of this system alternatingly drives an actuator magnetically coupled to a piston.... Agent:

20140271263 - Air pump: An air pump has a main frame, at least one pressure cylinder, a footboard, a torsion spring, a holding device, an outlet device, and an inflating tube. The main frame has a first connecting shaft, a pivot shaft, and a second connecting shaft. The at least one pressure cylinder is... Agent:

20140271264 - Piston pump drive train anti-backlash: An anti-backlash nut assembly for a positive displacement pump assembly includes a two part nut assembly and a backing plate. A spring is disposed between the backing plate and the nut assembly so that the two nut components are pushed together thus biasing the threads together and educing or eliminating... Agent:

20140271265 - Pump system and method having a quick change motor drive: A precision pump system having a motor driver for accurately and repeatedly delivering process fluid, (e.g., photo chemicals) using a pumping fluid with minimal process fluid loss to a fabrication process and whereby the motor driver can be easily and quickly replaced without interrupting the fluid flow path. This is... Agent: Integrated Designs, L.p.

20140271266 - Fluid end with protected flow passages and kit for same: This application describes systems for protecting steel fluid end body flow passages from direct impingement by high pressure fracking fluid. This fluid end body flow passages are protected by components in the form of cartridges and sleeves in one embodiment, a sleeve in another embodiment and a sleeve with dual... Agent: Acme Industries, Inc.

20140271267 - Controllable coolant pump having a fluidic actuator: A controllable coolant pump for a cooling circuit of an internal combustion engine having a pump housing with an inner bore, a shaft drivable via a pulley mounted rotatably via a first bearing and a second bearing, wherein the shaft is configured at least partially as a hollow shaft and... Agent: Schaeffler Technologies Ag & Co. Kg

20140271268 - Fan shroud and motor assembly comprised thereof: This disclosure proposes designs for a fan shroud that dissipates thermal energy from a motor using a single, externally-powered fan design. Examples of the proposed fan shroud allow the cooling fluid to achieve maximum velocity at a position at which the fan shroud exposes the flow to cooler ambient air... Agent: General Electric Company

20140271269 - Fan shroud and motor assembly comprised thereof: This disclosure proposes designs for a fan shroud that dissipates thermal energy from a motor using a single, externally-powered fan design. Examples of the proposed fan shroud allow the cooling fluid to achieve maximum velocity at a position at which the fan shroud exposes the flow to cooler ambient air... Agent: General Electric Company

20140271270 - Magnetically coupled expander pump with axial flow path: A magnetically coupled expander-pump assembly includes an outer expansion turbine that rotates around an inner fluid pump. A coaxial-type magnetic coupling couples the expansion turbine to the fluid pump. An inner portion of the magnetic coupling is coupled to a shaft that drives the fluid pump. An outer portion of... Agent: Geotek Energy, LLC

20140271272 - Power converter and air conditioner having the same: A power converter and an air conditioner having the same, in which the power converter includes a rectifying unit configured to rectify an input AC current and an interleave converter that has a plurality of converters and that is configured to convert rectified output from the rectifying unit to DC... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140271271 - Submersible pump: A replaceable motor module for a groundwater sampling device including an inner housing defined by a cylindrical shape and having a first alignment pin. A DC-operated electric motor is positionable within the inner housing, and includes a first set of electrical input terminals, an output shaft capable of downwardly extending... Agent: Summit Holding Company, LLC

20140271273 - Handheld ocular aspiration tool: A variety of systems, processes, and techniques may provide ocular aspiration. In certain implementations, a handheld ocular aspiration tool may include an electrical motor, a peristaltic pump assembly, a fluid input port, and a fluid output port. The peristaltic pump assembly may include a helically wound compressible conduit and a... Agent: Novartis Ag

20140271274 - Electromagnetic vibrating diaphragm pump: An electromagnetic vibrating diaphragm pump enabling improvement of working efficiency in fitting center plates to a diaphragm, reduction of production cost and stabilization of performance between products. The disk-like second plate includes the cruciform rising portion having the concave portions, and the second ring rib. The first ring rib is... Agent: Techno Takatsuki Co., Ltd.

20140271275 - Variable stroke length electrically operated diaphragm pump: A variable stroke length EOD pump system is provided that includes a diaphragm pump and an electromagnetic linear actuator that operates the diaphragm pump. The linear actuator includes two stator halves, and an armature. The armature is supported for linear motion along an axis of and between field poles of... Agent:

20140271276 - Variable stroke length electrically operated diaphragm pump: A variable stroke length EOD pump system is provided that includes a diaphragm pump and an electromagnetic linear actuator that operates the diaphragm pump. The linear actuator includes two stator halves, and an armature. The armature is supported for linear motion along an axis of and between field poles of... Agent:

20140271277 - Synthetic jet with non-metallic blade structure: A system and method for lowering resonant frequency in a synthetic jet device for less noise, as well as lowering vibration, is disclosed. A synthetic jet device includes a first plate, a second plate spaced apart from the first plate, a spacing component coupled to and positioned between the first... Agent: General Electric Company

20140271281 - Bracketless magnetic pump: A fluid pump kit is provided. The kit includes a magnetic driven member for coupling with and rotating a propeller, and a magnetic driver for magnetically coupling to and driving the magnetic driven member by a magnetic attraction force establishable between the magnetic driver and the magnetic driven member. A... Agent: Ecotech, Inc.

20140271279 - Electric fluid pump: An electric fluid pump includes a rotor including a permanent magnet, and including a radially outer peripheral surface covered by resin. An impeller faces a first axial end side of the rotor. A support shaft is disposed in a hole, wherein the hole extends axially of the rotor and the... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

20140271278 - Levitating ceiling fan: An elevating ceiling fan including a downrod assembly having a base and a plurality of first magnetic devices, a rotor having a plurality of second magnetic devices, and a plurality of fan blades attached to the rotor. The plurality of first magnetic devices are capable of alternating polarity in order... Agent:

20140271283 - Method for manufacturing stator for electric water pump: A method for manufacturing a stator for an electric water pump may be used for manufacturing the stator used in the electric water pump. In the electric water pump which includes stator assembly for an electric water pump, wherein the stator assembly including a plurality of core-insulator assemblies generates a... Agent: Kia Motors Corporation

20140271280 - Pump motor: An electric pump motor is provided. The motor includes a stator assembly including a magnetic stator component and an overmolded stator casing sealingly encapsulating the magnetic stator component. A rotor assembly that is rotatable about an axis includes a rotor shaft extending along the axis, a magnetic rotor component, and... Agent: Merkle-korff Industries, Inc.

20140271282 - Rotary pump with rotor and stator arrangement: A rotary pump intended to pump a fluid in a system on board a vehicle, such pump comprising a stator, a rotation axle attached both to a mechanical pumping element and a magnetic rotor, and electrical connections. The rotor, the stator and the electrical connections are overmolded in a leaktight... Agent: Inergy Automotive Systems Research (societe Anonyme)

20140271285 - Low energy magnetic spa circulation system: A powered pipeless circulation system for a container holding a fluid includes first and second motor assemblies. The first motor assembly has multiple coil members. Each coil member is electrically charged for generating a magnetic field. A first housing is configured for accommodating the first motor assembly, and fixedly attached... Agent:

20140271286 - Noise producing fan: A noise producing fan with low air movement or variable air movement is provided. The device comprises a conventional mechanical fan that is adapted to provide a soothing and steady volume of ambient noise for a user to block out background noise and sleep comfortably. The mechanical fan includes several... Agent:

20140271284 - Self-cooled and-or self lubricated electric motor bearing systems: The preferred embodiments of the present invention provide two advantageous features, which are especially beneficial in combination, but which can be advantageously and beneficially employed independently of one another: (1) firstly, a self-cooling motor bearing system; and (2) secondly, a self-lubricating motor bearing system. In the preferred embodiments, one or... Agent: Toshiba International Corporation

20140271288 - Pump seal with thermal retracting actuator: A thermal actuator for a rotating shaft shutdown seal that has a piston with a portion of its axial length enclosed within a chamber shell with a material that expands upon a rise in temperature. The portion of the actual length of the piston within the chamber has at least... Agent: Westinghouse Electric Company LLC

20140271289 - Reconfigurable grille and fan assembly including reconfigurable grille: A reconfigurable grille for use in association with an axial fan, and a fan assembly including the reconfigurable grille. The reconfigurable grille includes a central hub, an outer rim, and a plurality of vanes each extending from the central hub to the outer rim. The plurality of vanes are configured... Agent: Kaz Usa, Inc.

20140271287 - Motor: There is provided a motor including: an upper housing; a lower housing coupled to the upper housing to provide an internal space; a shaft disposed within the internal space and coupled to a hydrodynamic bearing assembly; a rotor core coupled to the shaft and rotated together with the shaft; and... Agent:

20140271290 - Quick lock and release device preventing unwanted loosening of a packing nut of a plunger pump during operation of the pump: A pump has a packing nut extending into an open end of the plunger bore and a device coupled to the packing nut. The device includes first body coupled to a second body to form a body of the device. A first post connected to the body and a second... Agent: Tcm Investments, Inc.

20140271291 - Air pump: An air pump has a main frame, a first pressure cylinder, a second pressure cylinder, an outlet device, a footboard, and a pressure relief device. The outlet device is connected to and communicates with the pressure cylinders. The footboard is pivotally connected to the main frame, is securely connected to... Agent:

20140271292 - Rotary needle and expanding bellows pressure indicator: A fluid pressure indicating device is disclosed. The fluid pressure indicating device includes a base defining an aperture therethrough, a plate separated from the base by a variable distance, the plate defining a hole therethrough, a shaft including a helical surface disposed within the hole of the plate, a first... Agent:

20140271293 - High pressure, high flow rate tubing assembly and adapter for a positive displacement pump: A tubing assembly is provided that can comprise a plurality of tubes or lumens that can be disposed within a head of a peristaltic pump. The tubing assembly can provide a flow rate or volume capacity that is generally equal to or greater than that achieved with a comparable prior... Agent: Blue-white Industries, Ltd.

20140271294 - Pump seal with thermal retracting actuator: A thermal actuator for a rotating shaft shutdown seal that has a piston with a portion of its axial length enclosed within a chamber shell with a material that expands upon a rise in temperature. The portion of the actual length of the piston within the chamber has at least... Agent: Westinghouse Electric Company LLC

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20140255209 - Crankcase heater systems and methods for variable speed compressors: A system includes a compressor having a shell housing a compression mechanism driven by an electric motor in an on state and not driven by the electric motor in an off state. The system also includes a variable frequency drive that drives the electric motor in the on state by... Agent: Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc.

20140255210 - Vehicle having variable oil pump: A vehicle having a variable hydraulic pump may include a sun gear that receives a torque from a power source through an input shaft, a ring gear of which an interior circumference is with a distance from an exterior circumference of the sun gear, a planetary gear that is disposed... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140255212 - Construction machine including hydraulic pump: Provided is a construction machine including an engine, a hydraulic pump with a supercharger, and a hydraulic actuator, being capable of attaining both of a quick rise of engine speed and an operation of the hydraulic actuator during the rise of the engine speed. The construction machine further includes a... Agent: Kobelco Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

20140255211 - Motor drive device and motor drive method for vehicle electric pump: A motor drive device and a motor drive method for a vehicle electric pump. The device and the method set a target value according to an instruction value of a motor control amount and control the motor of the vehicle electric pump based on the target value. When the instruction... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

20140255213 - Power supply circuit: A power supply circuit includes a connector for a fan, a speed adjusting circuit, a speed feedback circuit, a control module, first and second power sources, and a switching module. The speed adjusting circuit is connected to a modulation pin of the connector. The speed feedback circuit is connected to... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

20140255214 - Fracturing pump assembly and method thereof: A fracturing pump assembly includes an intensifier including a hydraulic cylinder, a compression member arranged within the hydraulic cylinder and a rotatable member, wherein the compression member is linearly actuated within the hydraulic cylinder by rotation of the rotatable member.... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20140255215 - Intelligent pump monitoring and control system: A system and method for monitoring and controlling a pump are disclosed. The method defines processing targets, derive a first actuator control signal Yc from the processing targets, and derive actual operating parameters. The method may further include the steps of comparing the actual operating parameters to predefined system and... Agent: Imo Industries, Inc.

20140255216 - Pump system: A pump system for a water supply mains has at least one pump device, a pressure detecting sensor at the pressure side of the pump device, a flow detecting sensor of the pump device, several pressure sensor units (D) remote arranged remotely from the pump device in different part regions... Agent: Grundfos Holding A/s

20140255217 - Device for blowing air by means of narrow slit nozzle assembly: A device for blowing air by a nozzle assembly includes a base seat for generating an air stream to supply air flow and a nozzle assembly supported by the base seat and comprising a slot-shaped opening for blowing air. An airflow passage is connected between the base seat and the... Agent: Dyson Technology Limited

20140255218 - Pump assembly comprising a plurality of jet pumps: A pump assembly includes a housing (50) and a plurality of jet pumps (52) arranged within the housing. The housing (50) includes a HP inlet (54), a LP inlet (58) and an outlet (56) and is divided internally into a HP zone (62), a LP zone (64) and an outlet... Agent: Caltec Limited

20140255219 - Valve configuration for single piston fuel pump: A single piston fuel pump comprising a pump housing a pump inlet and an outlet. The pump housing mounts a proportional solenoid operated inlet metering valve with variable orifice, an inlet check valve, a pumping chamber, a pumping piston, an outlet check valve, and a pressure relief valve, wherein the... Agent:

20140255220 - Pump and check ring thereof: The present invention relates to a pump, which comprises a pump body, a pair of check rings and a pneumatic control valve. When the pneumatic control valve is operated, a main shaft in the pump body is enabled to reciprocally move in a shaft hole, thereby enabling two diaphragms to... Agent: Dino Technology Co., Ltd.

20140255221 - Watercraft propulsion system and method of propelling a watercraft through water: A watercraft propulsion system includes a motor mounted in a container in a water-tight manner. A shaft extends from the motor through the bottom of the container to an impeller disposed in a housing outside the container. The impeller draws fluid into the housing through and opening on the back... Agent: Hydrojet Drive Systems, Inc.

20140255222 - Oil supply apparatus: An oil supply apparatus supplies oil from an oil pump driven by an engine preferentially to a valve timing control unit. In the oil supply apparatus, a first discharge opening and a second discharge opening having an opening area larger than that of the first discharge opening are formed such... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20140255223 - Mechanical engine driven water pump: A mechanical engine driven water pump is disclosed for converting energy from an input heat source to a reciprocating mechanical output for powering the water pump. The mechanical reciprocating engine comprises an engine bore having an input port and an output port. An engine piston is disposed in the engine... Agent: Vaporgenics, Inc.

20140255224 - Motor pump assembly and a motor for a pump: An electric machine includes an end frame having a shaft bore extending therethrough. The end frame includes a first side and a second side. A shaft extends through the shaft bore. A bearing is supported by the end frame and is coupled to the shaft to support the shaft for... Agent: Regal Beloit America, Inc.

20140255225 - Flow thru mechanical blood pump bearings: A flow thru mechanical bearing system can be used in an implantable rotary blood pump that includes a pump housing. An impeller housed in the pump housing can be radially supported by a row of at least three low friction contact points located on an inside bore of the impeller.... Agent: Everheart Systems Inc.

20140255226 - Box lubrication pump: A box lubricator that includes a pump with a piston housing and piston. The piston housing extends from a first end to a second end, and includes a bore extending through the piston housing from the first end of the piston housing to the second end of the piston housing.... Agent:

20140255227 - Plunger assembly for a high-pressure fuel pump, and high-pressure fuel pump: The invention relates to a plunger assembly for a high-pressure fuel pump for supporting a reciprocating pump piston (1) of a pump element on a cam (2) of a drive shaft (3), comprising a supporting element (4) with a recess (5), in which a running roller (6) is mounted rotatably.... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140255228 - Quick release pump clamp: A diaphragm pump includes a first plate, a second plate and a diaphragm having first and second side surfaces. A fluid chamber is defined by the first plate and the first side of the diaphragm, a fluid inlet fluidly connected to the fluid chamber and a fluid outlet fluidly connected... Agent: Ingersoll-rand Company

20140255229 - Blood-pumping device: A blood-pumping device comprises a cavity with a U-shaped wall comprising two straight regions connected by an arch-shaped region and a U-shaped tube aligned with the U-shaped wall of the cavity to provide a support for the U-shaped tube, wherein the U-shaped tube comprises two straight regions connected by a... Agent: King Saud University

20140255230 - Miniature pump device: An air pump includes a driving unit and an airflow control unit. A piston base has a first intake through hole. A piston unit has an intake valve and a bladder portion, and the intake valve is located over the first intake through hole. A first valve base is located... Agent: Xiamen Koge Micro Tech Co., Ltd.

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