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04/16/2015 > 14 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20150104328 - Subsea pumping apparatuses and related methods: This disclosure includes subsea pumping apparatuses and related methods. Some apparatuses include one or more subsea pumps, each having an inlet and an outlet, and one or more motors, each configured to actuate at least one pump to communicate a hydraulic fluid from the inlet to the outlet, where the... Agent:

20150104332 - Adaptive hydraulic pressure generator: An adaptive hydraulic pressure generator is provided for systems in which the mechanical force producing energy varies significantly, especially for wave energy systems. The pressure generator includes at least two fluid chambers with a piston surface/displacement surface arranged to reciprocate with the fluid chamber, whereby the piston surface/displacement surface acts... Agent:

20150104331 - Cannula apparatus and ventricular assist systems using the cannula apparatus: Cannula apparatus, ventricular assist systems including the cannula apparatus, and methods of priming and placing the cannula apparatus and ventricular assist systems are described herein.... Agent: Mayo Foundation For Medical Education And Research

20150104329 - Peristaltic pump systems and methods: Staged peristaltic pump systems and related methods are disclosed. A system may be configured such that the working fluid pressure differential across any individual stage of the system is smaller than the pressure across the entire system. In some embodiments certain components of each stage may be sealed from fluid... Agent:

20150104330 - Peristaltic pump systems and methods: A staged peristaltic pump system and related methods are disclosed. The system may be configured such that the working fluid pressure differential across any individual stage of the system is smaller than the pressure across the entire system. In some embodiments certain components of each stage may be sealed from... Agent:

20150104333 - Bubble pump resistant to attack by molten aluminum: A bubble pump is provided. The bubble pump has an interior formed from a material that is resistant to attack by molten aluminum. The interior surface may be formed from a ceramic. The ceramic may be selected from the following: alumina, magnesia, silicate, silicon carbide, or graphite, and the mixtures... Agent:

20150104334 - Variable displacement swash plate compressor: A variable displacement swash plate compressor includes a control pressure chamber and a displacement control valve that controls the pressure of the control pressure chamber. The displacement control valve includes an electromagnetic solenoid, a driving force transmission member, a valve body, and a pressure sensing mechanism. An accommodation chamber accommodates... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki

20150104335 - Internal-driven compressor having a powered compressor rotor: The internal-driven compressor having a powered compressor rotor. The internal-driven compressor includes a compressor housing including a suction port and a discharge port, an internal driver including a rotor and a stator, the rotor and the stator located within the compressor housing, the stator located radially inward of the rotor,... Agent: Solar Turbines Incorporated

20150104336 - Scalable pumping mechanism utilizing anti-synchronized poly-diaphragm stack: A diaphragm pump including at least three body plates and at least two diaphragm assemblies positioned between the at least three body plates. A series of drive fluid passages communicate with a drive side of the two diaphragm assemblies and a series of pumped fluid passages communicate with a pump... Agent:

20150104337 - Multi-stage high pressure flanged pump assembly: A pump assembly for use within a high pressure pumping system includes housing, a head and a base. The housing contains at least one centrifugal pump stage. The head and base are attached to the housing with corresponding internal threaded connections. The head and base are further retained to the... Agent: Ge Oil & Gas Esp, Inc.

20150104338 - Electromagnetic pump: The invention relates to an electromagnetic pump comprising precisely one coil, wherein the one coil has a longitudinal axis, a ferromagnetic first core section at least partially arranged in the one coil, a ferromagnetic second core section at least partially arranged in the one coil, and a ferromagnetic armature, wherein... Agent:

20150104339 - Fluid pump: A fluid pump includes a hollow housing, an electric motor having an armature with a commutator, a pump section rotationally coupled to the electric motor for receiving fuel at a relatively low pressure through a fuel inlet and pressurizing the fuel to a relatively high pressure, a motor brush is... Agent:

20150104340 - Draft inducer for low power multistage furnaces utilizing an electronically commutated motor system and an associated method of use: A furnace assembly comprising a non-condensing furnace with a draft inducer. The draft inducer includes a permanent magnet electrically commutated motor and a draft inducer blower fan. The motor includes a stator, a rotor, a motor cooling fan, and a controller. The rotor being rotatable relative to the stator, the... Agent:

20150104341 - Bypass valve, in particular compressor bypass valve: A bypass valve (1), in particular a compressor bypass valve, having a valve housing (2); a valve guide body (3), which is fixed in the valve housing (2); and a valve disk (4), which is guided between a closed position and an open position by the valve guide body (3)... Agent: Borgwarner Inc.

04/09/2015 > 15 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20150098836 - Beverage production module and method for operating a beverage production module: A beverage production module includes a pump for delivering a fluid from a tank to an extraction chamber, a power source for the pump and a controller for operating the pump and for controlling the voltage applied from the power source to the pump, wherein the controller is adapted to... Agent:

20150098837 - Hydraulically actuated diaphragm pumps: In at least one illustrative embodiment, a diaphragm pump may comprise a housing defining a first pumping chamber, a second pumping chamber, and a hydraulic fluid chamber, a first flexible diaphragm separating the first pumping chamber from the hydraulic fluid chamber, a second flexible diaphragm separating the second pumping chamber... Agent:

20150098838 - Motor controller and fan system comprising the same: A motor controller, including: a supporting frame, a control circuit board, and a control box. The control box includes: a cavity, a base plate, and a plurality of fins. The control circuit board is disposed on the base plate in the cavity. The fins are disposed outside the cavity on... Agent:

20150098840 - Hydraulically powered ball valve lift apparatus and method for downhole pump travelling valves: The Invention provided is a hydraulic powered down hole reciprocating pump traveling valve component to provided lifting hydraulics on the down stroke using the derived motion and pressure of petroleum liquids and gasses, such as oil, water and natural gas and also utilizing the frictional traveling forces driven by the... Agent:

20150098839 - Pump systems and methods: Illustrative embodiments of a pump systems and methods are disclosed. In at least one embodiment, a pump system includes a main pump including an inlet and an outlet and configured to supply energy to a pumped fluid. The pump system further includes a booster pump fluidly coupled to either the... Agent:

20150098841 - Spin pump with spun-epicyclic geometry: The subject matter described herein relates to a spin pump that includes a combination of a compressor and a vacuum pump on respective pistons extending from a common crankshaft in a rotating housing. Related methods, apparatuses, systems, techniques and articles are also described.... Agent:

20150098842 - Impulse plus propulsion system: An unconventional approach to propulsion provided by this invention incorporates 3 specific features making it possible to develop and maintain pressure at the intake nozzle upstream of the impeller to provide a second component to the overall propulsive effort thus converting the conventional jet drive into ramjet drive. At high... Agent:

20150098843 - Mechanical seal with pfa bellows: A mechanical seal has a stationary face and rotating assembly adjacent to the stationary face. The rotating assembly includes an upper bellows ring, a lower bellows ring and a runner between the lower bellows ring and the stationary face. A bellows extends between the upper bellows ring and the lower... Agent:

20150098844 - Fan module: A fan module used in an electronic apparatus is provided. The electronic apparatus includes an upper cover and a lower cover. The fan module includes a fan housing, a fixing shaft, a bearing, and a fan body. The fan housing is mounted on the lower cover. The fixing shaft includes... Agent: Compal Electronics, Inc.

20150098845 - Fluid machinery: A fluid machinery including: an expander that generates power by expansion of refrigerant; and a piston pump that pumps the refrigerant, and capable of reducing a decrease in lubrication performance of a mechanical sliding section in a crank chamber of the piston pump. A fluid machinery 29A includes an expander... Agent:

20150098846 - Diaphragm pumps and pumping systems: A process fluid pump can include a pump chamber, an inlet valve, and an outlet valve. Diaphragm regions can define at least a portion of each of the pump chamber, the inlet valve, and the outlet valve. The diaphragm regions can each have an actuation region with a surface that... Agent:

20150098847 - Electric vacuum pump: An electric vacuum pump includes a rotary member including an armature and a commutator; a brush arranged to slide in contact with the commutator; a motor part provided with a rotary shaft integral with the rotary member; a pump part connected to the rotary shaft and configured to operate in... Agent:

20150098848 - High-pressure fuel pump: A high-pressure fuel pump includes a pump housing, a pressurizing member, a suction valve seat, a suction valve body, and a suction valve chamber. The suction valve seat includes a first projected wall section that is projected to an upper side in a vertical direction. The pump housing includes a... Agent:

20150098849 - Electromagnetic actuator for a reciprocating compressor: A compressor including a pair of opposed pistons disposed in a housing and defining a compression chamber. An electromagnetic actuator reciprocatedly drives the pistons within the housing in cooperation with force accumulator. The force accumulators bank the force during a first reciprocation, decelerating the pistons, and apply the force in... Agent:

20150098850 - Food dispenser and method for portioning and dispensing free-flowing foods: Food dispenser for portioning and dispensing free-flowing food, comprising a piston which is able to move in a reciprocal manner in a cylinder by means of a drive and having a valve (2) comprising a valve body (5) which is able to be rotatably driven exclusively about a rotational axis... Agent:

04/02/2015 > 20 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20150093253 - Method for controlling the power of a pump device and pump device: A method for controlling the power limit of a pump device includes controlling the power limit of the pump device on the basis of a pump media temperature Tm and an ambient temperature Ta measured inside a control box of the pump device. A pump device, in particular a centrifugal... Agent:

20150093255 - Method and arrangement for controlling a solar powered pump: A method and arrangement are disclosed for operating a pump in pump system having a photovoltaic panel system, an inverter electrically connected to the photovoltaic panel system, and a motor driving the pump and electrically connected to the output of the inverter. The method can include setting a voltage limit... Agent: Abb Oy

20150093254 - Motor-driven compressor: A motor-driven compressor includes a compression portion, an electric motor, a motor drive circuit having switching element, a temperature detector, and a switcher, which switches the drive mode of the motor drive circuit. When acquiring information indicating that the temperature detected by the temperature detector has increased and reached a... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki

20150093257 - Peristaltic submersible pump: A system for displacing fluid inside of a tubular member includes at least one peristaltic pump. Each peristaltic pump includes an elongated core member with a longitudinal axis located within the tubular member. A flexible member surrounds, and is concentric to, the elongated core member. The flexible member has a... Agent: Saudi Arabian Oil Company

20150093256 - Pressure equalizer: Systems and methods for maintaining a desired differential pressure between a cooling oil of an electric motor and a process gas working fluid of a compressor connected axially to the electric motor. The cooling oil acts as a coolant for the motor compartment of the electric motor and the gas... Agent:

20150093258 - Scavenge pump oil level control system and method: A hybrid vehicle includes a hybrid module, a transmission and a torque converter. The lubrication system associated with the torque converter includes an oil sump within the torque converter housing which is intended to be managed as a “dry” sump oil lubrication system. There is an oil pump in communication... Agent:

20150093259 - Pumping a multiphase fluid using a pneumatic pump: A system and methods for pumping a multiphase fluid using a pneumatic pump are described herein. The method includes separating a multiphase fluid into a gas stream and liquid streams, and flowing a liquid stream into a pressure vessel of a pneumatic pump until a liquid level within the pressure... Agent:

20150093260 - Liquid ring pump with modular construction, an inter-stage bypass and overload protection: A modular liquid ring pump has a liquid ring overload protection system including a passage from a working chamber directly to the pump discharge passage and a mechanical relief valve configured to release liquid from the working chamber during compressor overload. The liquid ring pump, when configured to have two... Agent: Gardner Denver Nash LLC

20150093261 - Nozzle insert for boosting pump inlet pressure: A pump assembly includes a pump housing including an inner surface, a pump inlet and an excess flow passage, a filter assembly including a spout extending into the housing, and an insert located within and secured to the housing, and including a first surface spaced from the inner surface and... Agent:

20150093262 - Inline vacuum pump: The present invention relates to a vacuum pump, and more particularly, to an inline vacuum pump. The inline vacuum pump according to the present invention comprises a cylinder-type housing, an ejector, and a guide which are mounted in series on the upper side and the lower side in the housing,... Agent: Korea Pneumatic System Co., Ltd.

20150093263 - Swash plate type variable displacement compressor: A swash plate type variable displacement compressor includes a collection and supply mechanism. The collection and supply mechanism has collection passages, supply passages, an annular space, an inlet port, and an outlet port. The inlet port is communicable with a working collection passage of the collection passages. The outlet port... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki

20150093264 - Pump: A pump comprises at least one piston slidable within an opening along a movement direction in order to vary the volume of a chamber. The pump further comprises a casing within which a driving device is housed for moving the piston, and a head within which the chamber is at... Agent:

20150093265 - Driveshaft lubrication: An apparatus and method are disclosed for transmitting drive between a first and at least one further component. The apparatus includes an elongate shaft element extending along a respective longitudinal axis and comprising a first and further shaft region, each of which comprises a substantially cylindrical outer surface extending from... Agent:

20150093266 - Horizontal pumping system with bent plate frame: A pumping system frame assembly for use in supporting a horizontal pumping system on a platform includes a central body assembly, a motor plate connected to the central body assembly and a plurality of platform support assemblies connected to the central support member. The central body assembly includes a central... Agent: Ge Oil & Gas Esp, Inc.

20150093267 - Centrifugal impeller and centrifugal blower: A centrifugal impeller includes a cover, a base opposite the cover and a plurality of blades. The cover has an inlet. The plurality of blades surround the inlet and are arranged between and connect the cover and the base. Inlet edges of one end of the blades adjacent the center... Agent:

20150093268 - Foot operated snivel suction device: A snivel suction device includes a base, two pumps, two pistons, two piston rods, a pedal and two casings. Two valve bodies are connected to the pumps and each valve body is connected to a suction pipe and a release pipe. The two suction pipes are connected to a suction... Agent:

20150093269 - Scroll type fluid machine: Inside the motor casing, fastening seats to fasten a motor stator by use of fastening members and ribs to reinforce the fastening seats are provided. As a result, the rigidity of the motor casing is increased, and the deformation of the positional dimensions of the positional pin holes can be... Agent:

20150093270 - Magnetically actuated fluid pump and pulse reducing apparatus: An integrated fluid management system is provided with capability to deliver precise flow rate and fluid dosing capability over a wide range of operator set parameters. A magnetically actuated pump head is low cost, affords simple installation, and is potentially disposable. Multiple pump heads may be docked to a single... Agent:

20150093271 - Brushless motor and fan using the motor: A brushless motor 5 of the present invention comprises: a rotor magnet 13 having a magnetized circumferential surface 13a comprising an upper circumferential surface 13a1 magnetized with a plurality of magnetic poles and a lower circumferential surface 13a2 magnetized with a plurality of magnetic poles; and a stator 30 having... Agent:

20150093272 - Electrically driven aircraft: An electrically driven aircraft includes at least one drive arrangement which has an aircraft propeller comprising a propeller shaft, a propeller bearing configured to radially and axially support the propeller shaft, a propeller hub which is driven by the propeller shaft, and a plurality of propeller blades attached to the... Agent:

03/26/2015 > 21 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20150086382 - Pumping system control: A method and a control arrangement are disclosed to measure a total flow rate through a pump device before a pump pressure or rotational speed change; and to change at least one of: the pump pressure by a predetermined pressure step or the pump rotational speed by a predetermined rotational... Agent: Abb Oy

20150086383 - Automatic control system for ceiling fan based on temperature differentials: A fan includes a hub, several fan blades, and a motor that is operable to drive the hub. A motor controller is in communication with the motor, and is configured to select the rate of rotation at which the motor drives the hub. The fan is installed in a place... Agent:

20150086384 - Automatic blower control: A blower unit controller and an HVAC system are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, the blower unit controller includes: (1) an input configured to receive motor operating parameters, (2) an output configured to provide a motor speed control signal to an inverter, (3) a memory configured to store a mathematical... Agent:

20150086388 - Compressor comprising purging and method for purging the compressor housing with purge gas: In order to prevent working medium from accumulating in the compressor housing (2) of a piston compressor (1) in a simple manner by means of a sealing of the piston rod (7) in the form of sealing medium barrier supplied by a hydraulic unit (12), it is provided that a... Agent: Hoerbiger Kompressortechnik Holding Gmbh

20150086387 - Method and apparatus for warming up a vacuum pump arrangement: A method for warming up a vacuum pump arrangement having a booster pump and a backing pump downstream of the booster pump for evacuating a process chamber includes setting the booster pump at a first speed higher than an idle speed of the booster pump when the same is in... Agent:

20150086385 - Method for controlling pumping of pump units in a wet well: A method for controlling pumping of a plurality of pump units in a wet well is disclosed. The method uses a genetic algorithm to determine which of the pump units is to be started and its initial operating frequency when the liquid level in the wet well reaches a first... Agent: Water Resources Agency, Ministry Of Economic Affairs

20150086386 - Multi-chamber pump apparatus, systems, and methods: Disclosed are apparatus adapted to dispense and/or aspirate liquids, such as in a clinical analyzer. In one aspect, a multi-chamber pump apparatus is disclosed that has a pump body containing first and second chambers, a piston having a first piston portion of a first pump area A1 received in the... Agent: Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc.

20150086389 - Pumping system: According to embodiments described in the specification, a pumping system for use in a tailings pond is provided. The pumping system comprises a pump support and at least one mooring element coupled to the pump support. The at least one mooring element has an extended position for fixing the pump... Agent: Weir Canada Inc.

20150086390 - Fan: A fan assembly for generating an air flow within a room includes an annular casing which defines an interior passage. The interior passage includes an air inlet, and houses, downstream from the air inlet, an impeller and a motor for driving the impeller to draw an air flow through the... Agent: Dyson Technology Limited

20150086391 - Swash plate type variable displacement compressor: In a swash plate type variable displacement compressor, a rear housing has a pressure regulation chamber into which a rear end of a drive shaft body, a projection of a second cylinder block, a second sliding bearing, and a rear end of a second support member project. In the compressor,... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki

20150086392 - Dry running compressor for creating compressed air: A dry running gas compressor has at least a first compression unit with a housing and a first working chamber in which gas is compressed. A hollow of said first working chamber is in said housing. A closed cooling liquid circuit is adapted for cooling the first working chamber of... Agent:

20150086393 - Oil pump for vehicle: An oil pump for the vehicle includes: a first oil pump configured to pressurize oil and discharge the pressurized oil; a second oil pump connected with the first oil pump so as to be operated by receiving power from the first oil pump, and configured to pressurize oil and discharge... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150086394 - Turbo-compressor and refrigeration cycle apparatus: A turbo-compressor according to the present disclosure includes an impeller, a motor that generates heat by rotation of the motor and rotatably drives the impeller, a fluid passage through which a working fluid is passed via the impeller, and a heating mechanism that transfers the heat generated with the rotation... Agent:

20150086395 - Turbocharger blade with contour edge relief and turbocharger incorporating the same: A turbocharger (5) comprising a housing (10) including a compressor shroud (14) and a turbine shroud (12). The turbocharger (5) further comprises compressor wheel (18) and a turbine wheel (16). The compressor wheel (18) includes a compressor hub (44) and a plurality of compressor blades (45, 46) extending radially from... Agent:

20150086396 - Turbocharger with mixed flow turbine stage: A turbocharger is disclosed for use with an engine. The turbocharger may include a housing at least partially defining a compressor shroud and a turbine shroud. The turbocharger may also include a compressor wheel disposed within the compressor shroud, a shaft connected to the compressor wheel, and a turbine wheel... Agent: Electro-motive Diesel Inc.

20150086397 - Micropump with separate chamber: A micropump and a disposable pump body thereof are disclosed. The micropump includes the pump body and an actuator device. The pump body includes a chamber, an inlet communicating with the chamber, an outlet communicating with the chamber and a covering membrane on top of the chamber. The actuator device... Agent:

20150086398 - Rotor for brushless dc motor and brushless dc motor: A rotor unit for a brushless direct current motor (BLDC motor) comprises a main body integrally formed with a rotor shaft and an annular ring magnet mounted on the main body. The annular magnet comprises an anisotropic hard ferrite and is laterally magnetized. The rotary shaft and the main body... Agent:

20150086399 - Sealing ring for hydraulic pump distributor: Hydraulic pump distributor sealing ring (1) for a hydraulic distributor (2) of a hydraulic pump (44), includes a continuous sealing ring (11) housed in a ring groove (16) formed in a pump stator (3) whose inlet-delivery ports (7) are each aligned with a distribution opening (21) passing right through the... Agent:

20150086400 - Valve assembly for variable swash plate compressor: Disclosed herein is a valve assembly for a variable swash plate compressor. Since an opening hole of a suction reed is enlarged toward a suction port of a valve plate and refrigerant is also introduced into a cylinder bore through the opening hole when the suction port is opened, performance... Agent:

20150086401 - Retrofit of a reciprocating compressor with a concentric valve and a valve clamp having an inlet port in a top cover of the clamp: An assembly to retro-fit a valve head of a compressor that may include a valve head including an exhaust orifice, a concentric two-way valve carried by the valve head, and a valve clamp having an intake port in a top of the valve clamp; the valve clamp being removably coupled... Agent: Gardner Denver, Inc.

20150086402 - Pump device: A pump device (1) according to an embodiment of the present invention includes a drive motor (M), a first pump unit for evacuation (11) including a first pump chamber and a first piston (21v), and a second pump unit for pressurization (12) including a second pump chamber and a second... Agent:

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