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Pumps December patent applications/inventions, industry category 12/12

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12/27/2012 > 10 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20120328452 - System and method for lubricating a fuel pump: Systems and methods for diagnosing and operating an engine with a fuel pump that supplies fuel to a fuel injector that may be temporarily deactivated are described. In one example, injection of fuel may commence in response to a level of lubrication of a fuel pump. The system and methods... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20120328453 - Well pumping and control system: A well watchman pumping and control system capable of operating in a wide range of ambient conditions is described. The system automatically maintains fluid level in a fluid storage vessel, while protecting the pump and generator from operating in conditions outside preset operating parameters to prevent premature failure and reduce... Agent:

20120328454 - Hybrid fan drive with cvt and electric motor: A hybrid accessory drive system having two operational modes, a mechanical mode and an electric mode. The accessory is typically a cooling fan. A continuously variable mechanical belt drive mechanism drives the accessory as one mode of operation. An electric motor along with a planetary roller screw mechanism which converts... Agent: Borgwarner Inc.

20120328455 - Hydraulic fan assembly for an engine ventilation system: A fan for an engine ventilation system includes a housing defining an inlet and an outlet. A hydraulic motor is coupled to the fan housing and includes a motor housing, motor shaft, and shaft seal disposed between the motor housing and the motor shaft. An impeller assembly is disposed in... Agent: Caterpillar, Inc.

20120328456 - Reduction of pump nuisance: A pump (800) for a beverage preparation machine (1) has: a pump inlet (810); a pump outlet (820); a liquid driver (815, 816) for pressurising and circulating a liquid from the pump inlet to the pump outlet; and a downstream pump conduit (870, 871, 872) connecting in fluid communication the... Agent: Nestec S.a.

20120328457 - Unlimited stroke drive oil well pumping system: An unlimited stroke drive method for pumping fluid from an oil well in which the well has a tubing string extending from the earth's surface down to a fluid producing formation. The method includes the steps of positioning a pump barrel within the tubing, an upper end of the pump... Agent:

20120328458 - Compressor apparatus for the turbocharger of a piston engine and method for operating the same: A compressor apparatus for the turbocharger of a piston engine is provided. The compressor apparatus includes a compressor for compressing a flowing medium to produce a compressed medium and a return device by which at least a partial stream of the compressed medium is fed anew to the compressor.... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20120328459 - Pump: The invention relates to a pump (1) for conveying of a fluid from an intake region (2) to an outlet region (3) which has a housing (4) and at least one rotor (6) which is arranged rotatable around an axis of rotation (5) and which can be driven by a... Agent: Yasa Motors Poland Sp. Z O.o.

20120328460 - Two-stage rotodynamic blood pump: A pump includes a housing, a stator supported in the housing, and a rotor assembly including a rotor supported in the housing for rotation relative to the stator about an axis. The stator includes a stator core, a first lamination wound around an axial portion of the stator core, and... Agent:

20120328461 - Motor pump bearing: A bearing that is used in a motor pump in which a liquid is, not only pumped by means of an impeller driven by the pump, but also is used to lubricate components of the motor pump including the motor pump shaft. The bearing is for supporting the shaft at... Agent: Aquamotion, Inc.

12/20/2012 > 13 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20120321484 - Pump controller: The present invention provides a technique using current sensing to control the pressure at constant level without the direct sensing of the pressure. This technique will help to reduce dependency solely on switch or sensor and their non linearity and other associated problems such as the non-repetitive behavior, being affected... Agent:

20120321485 - Control device of the piston stroke of a dosing pump for high performance automatic flow regulation: A device for controlling the stroke of a piston 3 of a metering pump comprising an electromagnet 1 formed by a fixed part and a mobile part fixed with respect to said piston 3 in such a way that at each displacement of the piston there corresponds a different value... Agent: Etatron D.s. Spa.

20120321486 - Compressor system including a flow and temperature control device: A compressor system including a gas and a lubricant inlet. The compressor compresses a gas and discharges a mixed flow of compressed gas and lubricant. A valve housing includes a hot and a cooled lubricant inlet, and a lubricant outlet connected to the hot and cooled lubricant inlets. A sleeve... Agent: Ingersoll-rand Company

20120321487 - Mechanical combustion engine coolant pump: A mechanical combustion engine coolant pump for pumping a coolant for an internal combustion engine includes a pump wheel. A rotor shaft is arranged at the pump wheel. The rotor shaft is rotatable and radially supported. A driving wheel is rotatable, radially supported is driven by the internal combustion engine.... Agent: Pierburg Pump Technology Gmbh

20120321488 - Portable air compressor: A wheelbarrow compressor has a resting position and a transport position. First and second reservoirs contain a compressed fluid, and the second reservoir is fluidly separate from the first reservoir. The second reservoir is positioned above the first reservoir in a generally vertical direction when the wheelbarrow compressor is in... Agent:

20120321489 - Water pump: A water pump is constructed to have a rotating member that is adapted to be rotated by an external driving source, a housing that forms a part of a pump chamber from which a cooling water is led to an internal combustion chamber for cooling the engine upon rotation of... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

20120321490 - Convertible and compact refrigeration system: A refrigeration system comprises a fan and motor unit 575 having a plurality of cross-flow blower wheels 530 or air blower turbines place upon either side of a motor or unique cross flow motor. The fan and motor unit 575 may be attached to either a top plate 550 to... Agent:

20120321491 - Turbocharger, notably for a combustion engine: The turbocharger comprises a shaft 14, a housing 12, a turbine wheel 20 and a compressor wheel 22 mounted onto the shaft, and at least a rolling bearing 18 disposed between the shaft and the housing and comprising an inner ring 26, an outer ring 28 and at least one... Agent: Aktiebolaget Skf

20120321492 - Fan with flexible drive shaft: An electric motor driven fan device has a base member with walls forming an enclosure, an electrically powered motor located within the enclosure and having an output shaft coupled via a bearing mounted in an upper wall of the base member to one end of a flexible drive shaft rotatably... Agent: Silicon Valley Micro E Corporation

20120321493 - Centrifugal blower with asymmetric blade spacing: A centrifugal blower in a cooling system of an electronic device having asymmetrical blade spacing with acceptable balance. The asymmetrical blade spacing is determined according to a set of desired acoustic artifacts that are favorable and balance that is similar to that found with equal fan blade spacing. In one... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120321494 - Centrifugal blower with asymmetric blade spacing: A centrifugal blower in a cooling system of an electronic device having asymmetrical blade spacing with acceptable balance. The asymmetrical blade spacing is determined according to a set of desired acoustic artifacts that are favorable and balance that is similar to that found with equal fan blade spacing. In one... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120321495 - Centrifugal blower with asymmetric blade spacing: A centrifugal blower in a cooling system of an electronic device having asymmetrical blade spacing with acceptable balance. The asymmetrical blade spacing is determined according to a set of desired acoustic artifacts that are favorable and balance that is similar to that found with equal fan blade spacing. In one... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120321496 - Fuel injection pump: A fuel injection pump is provided which can be manufactured without an increase in the manufacturing cost and which is configured so that the sealing performance of an electromagnetic spill valve can be maintained with minimum maintenance cost.... Agent: Yanmar Co., Ltd.

12/13/2012 > 20 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20120315151 - Current control via speed control for driving screw compressor under cold conditions: When starting a screw-type air compressor in sub-zero conditions, current spikes are mitigated by detecting an over-current condition and/or a below-threshold temperature, and a warm-up routine is initiated in which compressor motor speed is ramped in a sawtooth fashion between two speeds that are substantially lower than a nominal operating... Agent: Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems, LLC

20120315152 - Accessory flow recovery system and method for thermal efficient pump and control system: An accessory flow recovery system includes an inlet that receives a first fluid flow, and a pump with a pump inlet and outlet. The pump inlet receives the first fluid flow from the inlet and discharges a second fluid flow from the outlet. The accessory flow recovery system has an... Agent: Woodward, Inc.

20120315154 - Drip pump system and method: A system and method for pumping an underground drip includes a pump barrel housing with a plunger and an elongated stroke actuator cylinder sealed to the pump barrel that vertically reciprocates the plunger. The pump barrel and plunger are preferably vented to avoid vacuum lock during pumping. The plunger pumps... Agent:

20120315153 - Machine including compressor controlling apparatus and method: A machine includes at least two compressors that is controlled by a compressor controlling apparatus. By using an inverter for the at least two compressors, the use of elements is minimized and the compressor capacity may be increased, and the operation efficiency of the system may be enhanced. As an... Agent:

20120315155 - Hydraulic lift device: Systems and methods for providing a hydraulic lift device for use in producing a subterranean well.... Agent:

20120315156 - Integrated vacuum gauge and regulator: An integral regulator and gauge for a vacuum device consists of a circular regulator having the vacuum gauge inside thereof such that the regulator and gauge rotate about a common radial axis. An opening defined in a boss extending from the bottom of the regulator engages a sloped shoulder defined... Agent: Devilbiss Healthcare LLC

20120315157 - Reciprocating positive-displacement diaphragm pump for medical use: Reciprocating positive-displacement diaphragm pump (1) intended for liquids and for medical use, has a driving part (10) within which there are an electromagnetic actuator (11), incorporating at least one coil (12) and activating a piston (14) of a moving member (15) capable of cyclic linear motion. The pump comprises a... Agent:

20120315158 - Method for intelligent control of a compressor system with heat recovery: The invention relates to a control for heat recovery (WRG) in a compressor system with liquid injection comprising a fluid circuit of the fluid which is to be injected with control valve, this fluid passing through at least one heat exchanger with control valve to the WRG and upstream of... Agent: Compair Drucklufttechnik Zweigniederlassung Der Gardner Denver Deutschland Gmbh

20120315159 - Acoustic cover for vehicle fuel injection pump: A high-pressure fuel injection pump, including a sound-damping acoustic cover, is mounted on an engine and is part of a direct-inject fuel system for a vehicle. In an exemplary embodiment, the acoustic cover includes a top portion that fits over the fuel injection pump and a side portion that mechanically... Agent: Shiloh Industries, Inc.

20120315160 - Mechanical coolant pump: A mechanical coolant pump for an internal combustion engine includes a main pump body configured to be stationary. A pump wheel is rotatably supported by the main pump body. The pump wheel comprises a central axial inlet opening. The pump wheel is configured to pump a coolant from the central... Agent: Pierburg Pump Technology Gmbh

20120315161 - Portable mechanical fan: A portable mechanical fan device comprises a spring loaded hand grip, one or more hand grip springs, a saw-tooth drive plate, upper and lower drive gears, a fan blade gear, a fan blade shaft and fan blades. The saw-tooth drive plate is attached to the top of the spring loaded... Agent:

20120315162 - Sealing device for an immersible pump: Disclosed herein is an apparatus for an immersible pump. The apparatus can include a shaft for communicating with a motor. The shaft includes a first region having a first diameter, a second region having a second diameter that is less than the first diameter, and a tapering region between the... Agent:

20120315163 - Air-driven hydraulic pump with pressure control: A hydraulically driven pump with driving pressure controlled within a predetermined range. The hydraulically driven pump has a driving-fluid port fluidly coupled to a compressed air source and ambient, a driven-fluid inlet port fluidly connected to a tank, and a driven-fluid outlet port. A pressure sensor is used for providing... Agent:

20120315164 - Cost reduced variable geometry turbocharger with stamped adjustment ring assembly: A variable geometry turbocharger is simplified yet able to reliably operate in a robust, cost effective manner. The adjusting ring assembly has a reduced number of parts in the vane adjusting assembly but still operates as it did with the parts in the conventional assembly, but at lower part and... Agent: Borgwarner Inc.

20120315165 - Vacuum pump: A vacuum pump comprises pumping elements arranged in a pumping chamber. An electric motor drives the pumping element. A frequency inverter is provided for changing the rotational speed of the electric motor. The frequency inverter is arranged in a frequency inverter housing immediately connected to the pump housing. An air... Agent:

20120315166 - Diaphragm pump: A diaphragm pump includes a motor, an eccentric member driven by the motor, and a diaphragm. The motor includes an output shaft connected with the eccentric member. The eccentric member includes multiple arms which move up and down due to the rotation of the output shaft. The diaphragm has multiple... Agent:

20120315167 - Quintuplex mud pump: A quintuplex mud pump includes a pair of motors (18), a crankshaft (40) supporting five eccentric lobes (44), and first and second bull gears (30). Each of two pinion shafts (20) are rotationally independent, and has a pinion gear interfacing with a respective bull gear on the crankshaft (40). Five... Agent:

20120315169 - Fluid dynamic bearing device and assembly method for same: Providing a fluid dynamic bearing device, wherein the outer member comprises a member formed by a pressing process on a plate member, the radial bearing surface and at least the one of the thrust bearing surfaces of the outer member being formed by the pressing process, and wherein at least... Agent: Ntn Corporation

20120315168 - Heat dissipation fan and stator thereof: An exemplary heat dissipation fan includes a rotor and a stator. The rotor includes a hub, a central shaft extending down from a top end of the hub, the shaft having a free end far from the top end of the hub. A magnetic element attached to an inner periphery... Agent: Fu Zhun Precision Industry (shen Zhen) Co., Ltd.

20120315170 - Air conditioning compressor for a vehicle and vehicle: The invention relates to an air conditioning compressor (1) for a vehicle (24), in particular a motor vehicle (25), having a compression chamber (18) having an inlet (7) for a cooling medium to be compressed and an outlet (8) for the compressed cooling medium, wherein a wall of the compression... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

12/06/2012 > 21 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20120308400 - Fan control circuit: A fan control circuit of a computer includes a fan interface connected to a connector of a fan, a fan controller, a NOT gate, and an electronic switch. The fan controller outputs a PWM signal to the fan interface to control the operation of the fan, and includes a GPIO... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120308401 - Pump unit: A pump unit includes a drive motor (14) and a first housing (2), in which a control electronics unit (18) is arranged for operating the drive motor (14). An operating unit (20) having at least one display or operating element (26, 28, 30) can be detachably connected to the first... Agent: Grundfos Management A/s

20120308402 - Advanced frequency variable pump speed controller and method of operating: The invention is an apparatus and method of varying power output and decrease noise generation of spa pumps by powering them with a variable frequency power device, digital signals capable of controlling cascaded pumps using ganged controls, and to decrease safety concerns of spas using an integrated water level and... Agent: Luraco Technologies, Inc.

20120308403 - Motor control device: A motor control device includes a control condition storage unit storing at least one of a control condition defined by an equivalent voltage supplied to a three-phase motor and a control condition defined by relationship between the equivalent voltage supplied to the three-phase motor and a frequency of PWM signal,... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20120308404 - Hydrostatic hybrid drive system: The invention relates to an hydrostatic hybrid drive system for road vehicles, said system comprising a pump/motor unit (1) which is or can be connected to the powertrain of the vehicle, can be controlled by means of a control unit (5) in a pump or motor operation and can be... Agent: Hydac Technology Gmbh

20120308405 - Modular pump: A modular liquid pump operable as a liquid pump when used by itself and as a foam pump when combined with a modular air pump is disclosed herein. In one embodiment, the modular liquid pump includes a housing for forming a least a portion of a liquid pump chamber; an... Agent: Gojo Industries, Inc.

20120308406 - Pump device having a detection device: The invention relates to a pump device having a pump (8) and an energy supply device (5, 18), wherein the pump has a conveying element (9, 11) which conveys a fluid by means of supplied energy, wherein the pump has a transport state and an operating state, and wherein at... Agent: Ecp Entwicklungsgesellschaft Mbh

20120308407 - Dual injection airlift pump: The dual injection airlift pump has a hollow tubular body through which the liquid being pumped passes upward from the lower intake end to the upper outlet end. Air or other gas is injected into the liquid in the pump body, the less dense gas adding buoyancy to the liquid... Agent: King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

20120308408 - Subsea compression system for well stream boosting: A subsea compression station is provided. The subsea compression station comprises a separator, a compressor configured to compress and discharge gas separated from a well stream ingested into the separator, a pump configured to pump liquid separated from the well stream, and an electrical motor drivingly connected to a compressor... Agent:

20120308409 - Fluid flow meter: A fluid flow meter comprising a fluid pump to displace fluid with pumping strokes of one or more pumping stroke types wherein each of the one or more stroke types displaces a known volume of fluid, a sensor functionally associated with a fluid reservoir and adapted to generate a signal... Agent:

20120308410 - Fluid machine: [Means for Attaining the Purpose] A fluid machine (1), in which a driving unit (4) and a driven unit (6) to which driving force of the driving unit is transmitted through a rotary shaft (14) are housed in a hermetic container (2), includes an oil reservoir (76) located at an... Agent:

20120308411 - Water-powered pump for use in irrigation and for other purposes: The present invention is directed to a water pump that may be easily constructed from inexpensive parts and materials and that is powered by the water source from which the water to be pumped is drawn. In a preferred embodiment, two pairs of lever arms located on opposite sides of... Agent:

20120308412 - Diaphragm metering pump device for medical use: where: Patm=atmospheric pressure, Pvap=vapour pressure of the pumped fluid, ΔPvalve—in=pressure difference between the upstream and downstream side of the inlet valve for opening it, ΔPΔh—in=pressure difference in the upstream pipe between its distal end and the upstream side of the inlet valve as a result of the weight of the... Agent:

20120308413 - Toothed wheel and pump aggregate with such a toothed wheel: A toothed wheel (16) is provided with teeth, in which a cross section of a respective first section (24) of the tooth (23) has an outer contour that projects in at least one partial area of the outer contour relative to an outer contour of the adjoining second section (26)... Agent: Grundfos Mamagement A/s

20120308414 - Inverter-integrated electric compressor: An inverter-integrated electric compressor is structured to include a suction refrigeration path (61) for intensively flowing a sucked refrigerant (30) therethrough, such that the suction refrigerant path (61) is provided only in the vicinity of a switching device module (105), which is a main heat source in an inverter device... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120308415 - Graphene-drum pump and engine systems: The present invention relates to pump systems and engine systems having graphene drums. In embodiments of the invention, the graphene drum can be utilized in the main chambers and/or valves of the pumps and engines.... Agent: Clean Energy Labs, LLC

20120308416 - Cooling fan and rotor thereof: A cooling fan includes a fan housing, a stator and a rotor received in the fan housing. The rotor includes a shaft, a hub engaged with the shaft, a plurality of rotary blades extending outwardly from the hub, a connecting member and a magnet mounted in the connecting member. The... Agent: Fu Zhun Precision Industry (shen Zhen) Co., Ltd.

20120308417 - Heat-dissipation fan: A heat-dissipation fan comprises a hollow cylinder body, a fixing pillar, a stator, a fan wheel, a bearing and bearing plate. The fixing pillar comprises a free end and a fixing end fixed at the hollow cylinder body. The stator is installed at the hollow cylinder body being installed at... Agent: Adda Corp.

20120308418 - Leak-preventing device for a pump: A pump includes a shell, an air-pumping device, a cover, a valve and a buoyant. The air-pumping device is used for pumping air out of the shell and therefore pumping liquid into the shell. The cover includes an opening and channel defined therein. The cover is attached to the shell... Agent:

20120308419 - Mechanism to raise the efficiency of a reciprocating refrigeration compressor: An improvement to raise the efficiency of a reciprocating refrigeration compressor, the improvement comprising a channel in the piston that transfers pressure from the clearance volume of the cylinder to the low pressure side of the piston when an opening of the channel aligns with a groove or a duct... Agent:

20120308420 - Air motor having ceramic valves: An air motor includes ceramic valves and valve plates to enhance performance and efficiency of the air motor.... Agent: Ingersoll-rand Company

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