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Pumps November recently filed with US Patent Office 11/12

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11/29/2012 > 22 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20120301321 - Fan control circuit: A fan control circuit of a computer includes a fan interface connected to a connector of a fan, a fan controller and an electronic switch chip. The fan controller outputs a pulse width modulation (PWM) signal to the fan interface to control the operation of the fan, and includes a... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120301320 - Pump system: A submersible pump system includes a submersible pump assembly having one or more stages of impellers and a submersible motor assembly that drives the pump assembly. The submersible pump assembly includes a motor housing, a motor within the motor housing for driving the pump assembly and a control module mounted... Agent: Grundfos Pumps Corporation

20120301323 - Apparatus for controlling compressor: An apparatus for controlling a compressor is provided. When grounding the apparatus for controlling a compressor, an analogue circuit ground and a digital circuit ground may be insulated from each other to protect the apparatus. A ground of an analogue circuit driven by commercial alternating current (AC) power, and a... Agent:

20120301322 - Use of wattmeter to obtain diagnostics of hydraulic system during transient-state start-up operation: Disclosed herein is an approach that uses a wattmeter to obtain diagnostics of a hydraulic system during transient-state start-up operation. In one aspect, a controller uses the electric power measured by the wattmeter during the transient-state start-up operation to determine fluid flow parameters. In another aspect, the controller determines diagnostics... Agent: General Electric Company

20120301324 - Electro-osmotic apparatus, method, and applications: A switchable adhesion device combines two concepts: the surface tension force from a large number of small liquid bridges can be significant (capillarity-based adhesion) and these contacts can be quickly made or broken with electronic control (switchable). The device grabs or releases a substrate in a fraction of a second... Agent: Cornell University - Cornell Center For Technology Enterprise & Commercialization (cctec)

20120301327 - Method for varying the duration of a supply stroke of a pump element, and a pump device: A pump device is operated according to a method for varying the duration of a supply stroke of a pump element, the supply stroke of which is actuated by a rotatably driven pump shaft (P) over a predetermined rotational position range of the pump shaft. In the method, the pump... Agent: Meta Motoren- Und Energie-technik Gmbh

20120301326 - Pump having port plate pressure control: A pump is disclosed. The pump may have a housing, a body rotatably disposed within the housing and at least partially defining a plurality of barrels, a plurality of plungers associated with the plurality of barrels, and a swashplate tiltable by a swivel torque to vary a displacement of the... Agent:

20120301325 - Pump system having open-loop torque control: A pump system is disclosed. The pump system may have a pump with a displacement that is variable, and an actuator movable to adjust the displacement of the pump. The pump system may also have an electro-hydraulic valve fluidly connected to the actuator and configured to control movement of the... Agent:

20120301328 - Multistage piston compressor: A multistage piston compressor for a gaseous or cryogenically liquefied medium with at least two compressor stages, which operatively interact with a shared drive train for purposes of joint powering, wherein each compressor stage exhibits a piston that is mechanically connected with the drive train, and arranged in a compressor... Agent:

20120301329 - Airflow assembly having improved acoustical performance: An airflow assembly, includes a plenum, a barrel, a fan support, a fan assembly, and a plurality of ribs. The plenum includes an opening structure defining a plenum opening. The barrel extends in a downstream direction from the opening structure, and defines a barrel space and a downstream edge. The... Agent: Robert Bosch LLC

20120301330 - Fluid machine: A fluid machine includes a lubrication mechanism (70, 72) configured to utilize a rotary shaft (14) to supply lubricating oil stored in an inside bottom (2a) of a hermetic container (2) to an upper region in the hermetic container, a frame (36) secured to the hermetic container and disposed in... Agent:

20120301331 - Tidal responsive barrier: A tidal barrier is provided that may be selectively deployed in response to tidal changes. The tidal barrier includes a net having a tensile, membrane with an upper edge and a lower edge. The lower edge has a plurality of anchor points for affixing the lower edge to a seabed... Agent: Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP

20120301332 - Method and apparatus for heating a sales tank: A method and apparatus for heating at least one fluid tank that receives production fluid comprising produced oil and a produced liquid from a hydrocarbon producing well. A layer of liquid is provided in the fluid tank that has a higher specific density and a higher thermal conductivity than the... Agent: Newco Tank Corp.

20120301333 - Piezoelectric type cooling device: There is provided a piezoelectric type cooling device including: a housing having an internal space formed by combining an upper housing and a lower housing and having openings allowing the internal space to be in communication with the atmosphere to allow air to be introduced thereinto and discharged therefrom; a... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20120301334 - Compressor and refrigerating cycle apparatus: In a conventional compressor, since a motor and a mechanical section of the compressor are disposed in one and the same closed container, the motor is exposed to high-temperature coolant and heated, and the efficiency of the motor is lowered. Further, during the operation of the compressor, the coolant circulating... Agent: Hitachi Appliances, Inc.

20120301336 - Enhanced axial air mover system with enclosure profile: Implementations of an enhanced axial air mover system address various issues such as drying performance, transportability, storage, use, and assembly. Some implementations include ergonomic positioning of a carrying handle relative to positioning of a fan-assembly to make the system easier to carry. Enclosures with variable diameter profiles increase air flow... Agent:

20120301337 - Enhanced axial air mover system with grill: Implementations of an enhanced axial air mover system address various issues such as drying performance, transportability, storage, use, and assembly. Some implementations include ergonomic positioning of a carrying handle relative to positioning of a fan-assembly to make the system easier to carry. Enclosures with variable diameter profiles increase air flow... Agent:

20120301335 - Enhanced axial air mover system with matrix: Implementations of an enhanced axial air mover system address various issues such as drying performance, transportability, storage, use, and assembly. Some implementations include ergonomic positioning of a carrying handle relative to positioning of a fan-assembly to make the system easier to carry. Enclosures with variable diameter profiles increase air flow... Agent:

20120301338 - Compressing diaphragm pump having abnormal pressure preventing features for spray use: A compressing diaphragm pump having abnormal pressure preventing features for spray use has a hollow tubular air discharge assembly having a plunger body and compressed spring as well as an air passage pierced at the wall of the water exit port and an air discharge orifice pierced of the central... Agent:

20120301339 - Leak-preventing device for a pump: Disclosed is a pump with a shell, an air-pumping device, a cover and a leak-preventing device. The air-pumping device is used to pump air out of the shell and therefore pump liquid into the shell. The cover includes an opening and channel defined therein. The shell is in communication with... Agent:

20120301340 - Electromagnetic flow rate control valve and high-pressure fuel supply pump using the same: High-response and high-power electromagnetically driven flow rate control valve with flange portion forming an attracting surface on an anchor, a first peripheral surface portion having a diameter smaller than the flange portion, and a cylindrical non-magnetic area opposing an outer peripheral surface of the flange portion with a third clearance... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

20120301341 - Compressor: A compressor includes a valve plate, a suction reed valve, and a seat surface. The valve plate has a suction port that communicates with a compression chamber and a suction chamber. The suction reed valve can open and close the suction port. The seat surface is formed on the valve... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki

11/22/2012 > 17 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20120294730 - System and method for providing compressed air from an engine: A system for directing compressed air from an internal combustion engine that uses a piston cylinder of the internal combustion engine. The piston cylinder compresses the air and sends the air out of the piston cylinder through a port to a storage tank. A valve is located between the piston... Agent:

20120294731 - Pump system and method of use: A multi-pump assembly and method of use including a housing and at least two pumps contained within the housing is described, wherein each pump has a performance level. In an embodiment, the performance level of each pump is the same. In another embodiment, the performance level of each pump is... Agent: Holley Performance Products

20120294732 - Pump system and method of use: A pump assembly and method of use is described, wherein the pump assembly includes a housing and a pump contained in the housing, wherein the pump has a performance level. The assembly may also include an electrical inlet, a fuel inlet connection, a fuel outlet connection, a pressure regulator, a... Agent: Holley Performance Products

20120294733 - Compressor: A compressor includes a casing, a compression mechanism, a drive shaft, a main frame, a motor, a flow path forming member, and a temperature measuring mechanism. The casing stores lubricating oil in its bottom portion. The main frame has the compression mechanism placed on it and supports the drive shaft... Agent: Daikin Industries, Ltd.

20120294734 - Medical temperature sensors and related systems and methods: This disclosure relates to medical temperature sensors and related systems and methods. In some aspects, a sensor assembly includes a non-invasive temperature sensor to detect a temperature of a medical fluid in a medical fluid line and an ambient temperature sensor to detect an ambient air temperature.... Agent: Fresenius Medical Care Holding, Inc.

20120294735 - Coupling system for use with fluid displacement apparatus: A magnetic coupling system may be used in a fluid displacement apparatus to magnetically couple a drive shaft to a piston. The magnetic coupling system may include first and second magnetic couplers at the ends of the drive shaft and piston, respectively. The first magnetic coupler and second magnetic coupler... Agent: Ivek Corporation

20120294736 - Fluid machine: Provided is a fluid machine which can be produced with a reduced weight and size at a reduced production cost. The fluid machine (1) comprises a drive unit (4) and a driven unit (6) arranged in a hermetic container (2) such that drive power is transmitted from the drive unit... Agent:

20120294737 - Autonomous self-powered system for removing thermal energy from pools of liquid heated by radioactive materials, and method of the same: An autonomous self-powered system for cooling radioactive materials comprising: a pool of liquid; a closed-loop fluid circuit comprising a working fluid having a boiling temperature that is less than a boiling temperature of the liquid of the pool, the closed-loop fluid circuit comprising, in operable fluid coupling, an evaporative heat... Agent:

20120294739 - Impeller, electric air blower using same, and electric cleaner using electric air blower: An impeller of the present invention includes a front surface shroud including an air intake port; a back surface shroud provided facing the front surface shroud; a first inducer provided between the front surface shroud and the back surface shroud and including a plurality of first blade sections provided around... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120294738 - Rotor for a wind turbine: The invention relates to a rotor for a wind turbine of the type having a rotor hub (8) and a set of rotor blades (9). Each rotor blade (9) is rotatably mounted on the rotor hub (8) for rotation about a blade axis (11). A threaded spindle mechanism (13) interconnects... Agent: Ssb Wind Systems Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120294740 - Pump: A pump comprises: a pump body 10 which sucks in air from an inlet 7 and discharges the air; a hydraulic pump which pressure-feeds a lubricating oil to the pump body 10 in accordance with the driving of the pump body 10; a non-return valve 70 which is disposed in... Agent: Ulvac Kiko, Inc.

20120294741 - Pump tappet: An object of the invention is to provide a pump tappet capable of bearing a large load from a pump plunger even if a case, which is a constituent member of the pump tappet, has a reduced thickness in its intermediate bottom. The invention thus contributes to reduced weight of... Agent:

20120294742 - Peristaltic pump devices, methods, and systems: A peristaltic pump with a removable pump race module has guiding channels for receiving at least a portion of a flexible fluid-carrying tubing and an adjusting device for displacing a flexible inner portion of the removable pump race module to change the compression on the fluid-carrying tubing. The arrangement of... Agent: The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York

20120294743 - Tube pump and tube stabilizer: A tube pump comprises a rotor configured to have a roller and to hold the roller to be able to make an orbital motion along the inner circumferential surface of the cap. The rotor includes a disk part which holds the roller on a base side, and a tube press... Agent: Welco Co., Ltd.

20120294745 - Air motor having a modular add on regulator: A pump assembly including an air motor includes a modular relief valve assembly connected to a motive fluid inlet of the air motor. The modular relief valve assembly has a housing that contains an actuator assembly, a ball valve assembly, a bleed valve, a first pressure adjustment assembly, and a... Agent: Ingersoll-rand Company

20120294744 - Air motor having drop tube with knuckle ends: An air motor for a pump assembly including a drop tube communicating between an upper chamber port and a top plate port and including a longitudinal axis that is at an angle of between about 0° and 10° with respect to each of the upper chamber longitudinal axis and the... Agent: Ingersoll-rand Company

20120294746 - Cylinder head for a pump: A cylinder head for a pump. The pump includes a piston and a cylinder block at least partially defining a cylinder chamber receiving the piston. The cylinder head is couplable to the cylinder block. The cylinder head includes an inlet manifold formed as a single piece, an outlet manifold formed... Agent:

11/15/2012 > 15 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20120288375 - Fan control system: A fan control system includes first and second fan control units. Each fan control unit includes a connector, a delay circuit, a switch unit, and a control circuit. Each connector is connected to a corresponding fan interface to receive a voltage signal. The delay circuit of the first fan control... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120288376 - Improved control method and device for oxygen pump cells of sensors in internal combustion engines or exhaust gas after treatment systems of such engines: It is described a method for controlling an oxygen pump cell of a sensor in an internal combustion engine or in the exhaust gas after treatment system of such an engine, comprising the step of adding, to a feedback control of the current in the pump cell, a further feed-forward... Agent:

20120288377 - Engine cooling fan speed control system: A fan cooling system and method are provided to control fan speed for cooling vehicle motor components while minimizing power consumption by the fan and reducing engine fuel consumption for an engine partially powering the fan. The fan cooling system raises engine coolant temperature of a vehicle in motion to... Agent: Cnh America LLC

20120288378 - Safety device for preventing delivery of fuel to a motor vehicle with a running engine: A safety device for a fuel outlet to prevent delivery of highly combustible fuel to a motor vehicle with a running engine. The safety device comprises a fuel pump for pumping the fuel from an underground tank and into a motor vehicle. The device includes a sound sensor disposed below... Agent:

20120288379 - System and method for a variable home position dispense system: Embodiments of the invention provide a system, method and computer program product for reducing the hold-up volume of a pump. More particularly, embodiments of the invention can determine, prior to dispensing a fluid, a position for a diaphragm in a chamber to reduce a hold-up volume at a dispense pump... Agent:

20120288380 - Pump-motor assembly: A pump-motor assembly includes a motor housing, a motor disposed substantially within the motor housing, and a pumping element driven by the motor. A pressurized region is filled with a fluid pressurized by the pumping element, and a fluid passage is in fluid communication with the pressurized region and the... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20120288383 - Air feed blower, especially for a vehicle heater: An air feed blower, especially for a vehicle heater, includes an electrically driven blower drive motor (14) as well as an air feed wheel (16) that can be driven by the blower drive motor (14), wherein the blower drive motor (14) is electrically contacted with the use of spring contacts... Agent:

20120288384 - Heat-dissipation fan: A heat-dissipation fan includes a first plate, a second plate, a ring wall, a spacing rib, a stator and a fan wheel. The first plate comprises a vent, and an accommodating space can be defined by the first plate, the second plate and the ring wall. The spacing rib is... Agent: Adda Corp.

20120288381 - Modulating liquid pump: The present invention relates to a modulating liquid pump. This pump comprises an inlet port for receiving a liquid and an outlet port for delivering said liquid, an electromagnetic pump placed between the inlet port and the outlet port and comprising a piston for pumping said liquid, said modulating pump... Agent: Suntec Industries France

20120288382 - Sealed compressor: A sealed compressor comprises an electric element; a compression element; and a sealed container accommodating the electric element and the compression element; wherein the compression element includes a cylinder block defining a compression chamber; a piston which is reciprocatable inside the compression chamber; and a valve plate disposed to close... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120288385 - Diffuser bump vane profile: An electric submersible pump (ESP) assembly increases pump efficiency and pump head with a diffuser that includes a diffuser vane having a low pressure surface with a length greater than a length of a high pressure surface of the vane. The diffuser vane includes a leading edge at a downstream... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20120288386 - Solvent delivery pump: A plunger seal has a cylindrical protruding portion on its front face. A base end portion of the protruding portion has a recessed curved shape having a certain curvature. In a portion of a pump head, where the plunger seal is mounted, a seal insertion portion into which the protruding... Agent: Shimadzu Corporation

20120288387 - Reciprocating pump with intersecting bore geometry: A reciprocating pump housing having a suction valve bore, a discharge valve bore, a plunger bore and an access bore. The suction and discharge bores are disposed on a first centerline and the plunger and access bores are disposed along a second centerline perpendicular to the first centerline. The pump... Agent: S.p.m. Flow Control, Inc.

20120288388 - Tube pump and tube stabilizer: A tube pump comprises a rotor configured to have a roller and to hold the roller to be able to make an orbital motion along the inner circumferential surface of the cap. The rotor includes a disk part which holds the roller on a base side, and a tube press... Agent: Welco Co., Ltd.

20120288389 - Valve device and high pressure pump using the same: A valve seat has an inner passage and outer passages. A suction valve member has first passages and a first projection portion that guides, to the first passages, the fuel that flows from a pressure chamber at the time of valve opening. Therefore, an action force by the dynamic pressure... Agent: Denso Corporation

11/08/2012 > 17 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20120282112 - Ganging electrokinetic pumps: An electrokinetic system includes a first electrokinetic pump, a second electrokinetic pump, a reservoir having delivery fluid therein, and a controller. The first electrokinetic pump is configured to provide a first range of flow rates. The second electrokinetic pump is configured to provide a second range of flow rates. The... Agent:

20120282113 - Gel coupling for electrokinetic delivery systems: A fluid delivery system includes a first chamber, a second chamber, and a third chamber, a pair of electrodes, a porous dielectric material, an electrokinetic fluid, and a flexible member including a gel between two diaphragms. The pair of electrodes is between the first chamber and the second chamber. The... Agent:

20120282111 - System and method of differential pressure control of a reciprocating electrokinetic pump: A method of controlling the output of an electrokinetic pump to deliver a target stroke volume includes applying a pump drive signal to the electrokinetic pump for a pump stroke time duration and then determining a volume of a delivery fluid pumped. Then, comparing the volume of the delivery fluid... Agent:

20120282114 - Air pump: An air pump is provided that is configured to move and compress air into an air storage vessel at high pressure. The air pump is operable to move large volumes of air against low resistance for rapid filling of an air storage vessel.... Agent: Tonand Brakes Inc.

20120282115 - Method, apparatus, and computer-readable storage medium for controlling torque load of multiple variable displacement hydraulic pumps: Methods, apparatuses, and computer program products for controlling the torque load of multiple variable displacement hydraulic pumps are described herein. A pump displacement limit for each variable displacement hydraulic pump is determined using a nonlinear control law to limit the total pump torque load of the variable displacement hydraulic pumps... Agent:

20120282116 - Subsea pumping system: The invention concerns a subsea pumping system that comprises an reciprocating pump such as a membrane pump or a hose pump. The motive fluid for the pump is obtained from one of the well fluids which is pressurized in a separate stage.... Agent: Fmc Kongsberg Subsea As

20120282117 - Air blowing fan, circulator, micro-particle diffusion device, and air circulation method: An air blowing fan, comprising a crossflow-type impeller, and a first casing and a second casing for covering the impeller and for forming an air flow route, the first casing and the second casing being disposed next to each other in an axial direction of the impeller; and an outgoing... Agent:

20120282118 - Reciprocation pump and a dialysis apparatus equipped with the reciprocation pump: A reciprocation pump has a supply liquid-side sub-pumping chamber and a waste liquid side sub-pumping chamber for containing and sending out liquid adapted to communicate with the supply liquid-side pumping chamber and with the waste liquid-side pumping chamber, respectively. The supply liquid-side sub-pumping chamber and the waste liquid-side sub-pumping chamber... Agent: Nikkiso Company Limited

20120282119 - Dynamic compression compensator for submersible pumps: A dynamic variable compression ring for use in submersible pumps. where the variable compression ring compensates for metal compression ring measurement errors during assembly. The dynamic variable compression ring also allows for thermal heating of the internal pump components, thus maintaining the desired diffuser compression values.... Agent:

20120282120 - Electric cable, electric motor and electric submersible pump: In accordance with one aspect of the present invention, an electric motor is provided that includes a housing, a stator, and a rotor, wherein the stator and rotor are disposed within the housing. The housing, the stator, and the rotor define an internal volume within the housing, said internal volume... Agent: General Electric Company

20120282121 - Plural component pump system: A plural component pump system is provided for delivering plural liquid components at a selected ratio. The pump system includes a first brushless DC motor configured to drive a first pump that pumps a first liquid component to an output and a second brushless DC motor configured to drive a... Agent: Wagner Spray Tech Corporation

20120282123 - Electric compressor and assembly method thereof: A main-bearing outer diameter of an electric motor is made smaller than a rotor outer diameter without causing a drop in production efficiency, and the ease of performing a shrink-fitting step is also enhanced by making it possible to mount a rotor to a main shaft in an early stage.... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20120282124 - Compressor and enclosure assembly for electrical components: A compressor electrical component enclosure may include a base and a lid. The base may include first and second opposing surfaces and a magnet. The magnet may be coupled to the second surface and may secure the base to a compressor shell. The lid may engage the base and cooperate... Agent: Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc.

20120282122 - Rotor having a squirrel cage: A rotor (11) with a squirrel cage and permanent magnets (19) mounted on and distributed around the circumference of the rotor, including a core stack extending over the entire rotor region with longitudinally continuous rotor slots extending over the length of the core stack. The squirrel cage is constructed with... Agent: Ksb Aktiengesellschaft

20120282125 - Tube pump and tube stabilizer: A tube pump comprises a rotor configured to have a roller and to hold the roller to be able to make an orbital motion along the inner circumferential surface of the cap. The rotor includes a disk part which holds the roller on a base side, and a tube press... Agent: Welco Co., Ltd.

20120282126 - Peristaltic pump: The invention relates to a peristaltic pump for use in medical technology with a stator 40 and a rotor 20, whereby the stator 40 has an occlusion bed 12, which forms the contact area with a tube 30 accommodated within, and the rotor 20 is provided with rolling elements suitable... Agent:

20120282127 - Material moving apparatus: Described herein is a material moving apparatus that includes a chamber into which a compressible material is introduced. The chamber includes an input opening for receiving the material, a discharge opening and a sealing mechanism to prevent flow of air or other gasses between the input opening and the discharge... Agent:

11/01/2012 > 18 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20120275927 - Water-leak damage prevention system utilizing a unitized tank collection flange reservoir system: Abstract of Disclosure The present invention is a method means of preventing water-leak damage to any hot water system providing means, or any water storage means such as washing machines, water storage means used in manufacturing facilities, or any water volume means where the prevention of water-leak damage is desired,... Agent:

20120275930 - Electric motor assist for transmission electric oil pump: A method for assisting a transmission oil pump in a hybrid electric powertrain to generate transmission oil pressure rapidly during vehicle start. An electric motor is initially utilized to provide momentary torque to rotate an oil pump and rapidly generate transmission oil pressure. After initial assistance is provided by the... Agent: Chrysler Group LLC

20120275929 - Ferrofluid control and sample collection for microfluidic application: A fluid conveyance system includes a flow passage and a cavity adjacent a side of the flow passage. A wall of the passage includes a flexible section that separates the cavity from the flow passage. The cavity contains a ferrofluidic material. The system further includes at least one magnetic field... Agent: Aptina Imaging Corporation

20120275928 - Hydraulic piston pump with reduced restriction barrel passage: The present disclosure sets forth an axial piston pump with greatly improved throughput. The axial piston pump provides cylinders, antechambers, and fluid flow apertures which are uniquely shaped and dimensioned so as to increase the overall flowability and expulsion rate of the piston pump. By providing curvilinear transition zones and... Agent: Caterpillar, Inc.

20120275931 - System and method for providing a continuous flow of catalyst into a polyolefin reactor: Both a catalyst feed system and a method are provided for providing a flow, of a mud-like catalyst slurry into a polyolefin reactor. The system includes a pressurized reservoir of the catalyst having an outlet, and a progressive cavity pump including a stator and a rotor. The pump stator has... Agent: Exxonmobil Chemical Patents Inc.

20120275932 - Centrifugal fan device: A dispensing device includes a housing, a fan, and an annular reservoir. A compound is disposed within the reservoir. The dispensing device further includes a permeable substrate in communication with the annular reservoir for releasing the compound in a first passive state. The compound is released from the permeable substrate... Agent:

20120275933 - Hydraulic apparatus return to neutral mechanism: A hydraulic apparatus is provided with a return to neutral mechanism for returning a trunnion control bracket arm to a neutral position. The return to neutral mechanism comprises a pair of springs, one spring connecting a fixed bracket to a first rotatable bracket and the other spring connecting the fixed... Agent:

20120275934 - Fan array fan section in air-handling systems: A fan array fan section in an air-handling system includes a plurality of fan units arranged in a fan array and positioned within an air-handling compartment. One preferred embodiment may include an array controller programmed to operate the plurality of fan units at peak efficiency. The plurality of fan units... Agent: Huntair, Inc.

20120275935 - Inlet plenum with shock wave suppression: An inlet plenum for a compressor that suppresses acoustic shock waves generated by the compressor, which inlet plenum has an inlet duct with a wall that surrounds an air flow path between a mouth of the inlet plenum and the compressor, comprises: at least one cavity that penetrates an inner... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20120275936 - Air compressor: An air compressor comprises a compressing device driven by a motor, a heat exchanger cooling the first air compressed by the compressing device by the second air blowing from a blower, an intake path through which the first air sucked by the compressing device flows, a discharge path through which... Agent:

20120275937 - Circulation boosting and ventilating air compressor: The present invention discloses a circulation boosting and ventilating air compressor which comprises a compressor shell and a rotor, and which is characterized in that: the rotor consists of a wind gear and a drive shaft; the wind gear consists of a shaft sleeve, a wind gear plate and wind... Agent:

20120275939 - Electrically driven compressor system for vehicles: An electrically driven compressor system for vehicles has a hollow shell, inside which there is a transmission set and a scroll set. The outer surrounding of the hollow shell is formed with a chamber. A control circuit board is disposed in the chamber. A processing chip is provided on the... Agent: Heng Sheng Precision Tech. Co., Ltd.

20120275940 - Portable fan: Portable battery-operated fan comprises a two-part base of which the lower part can be detached to allow the fan to stand on its own or attached to permit the fan to be placed in a cup or bottle holder. A facsimile of an element of sports apparatus such as a... Agent:

20120275938 - Ventilating fan: A ventilating fan comprises a ventilating fan body, a ventilating fan mounting member, and a power supply case. A power supply wire disposed in the ventilating fan body to be connected to a blower is provided with an internal terminal at a leading end of the power supply wire. The... Agent: Panasonic Ecology Systems Guangdong Co., Ltd.

20120275941 - Ultrasonic fluid pressure generator: An ultrasonic fluid pressure generator for generating high pressure head in a fluid. The ultrasonic fluid pressure generator comprises a transducer comprising a piezoelectric actuator and a displacement amplifier, the displacement amplifier having a fluid channel therethrough, the displacement amplifier being connected to the piezoelectric actuator at one end and... Agent: Nanyang Technological University

20120275942 - Systems and methods for electric motor construction: Systems and methods for constructing electric motors in which a stator core includes inner and outer portions that enable slots for magnet windings to be open during construction and closed in the completed motor. One embodiment comprises a method in which an inner stator core having a plurality of slots... Agent:

20120275943 - Pump: A pump for a dialysis machine, the pump having a pump chamber and a deformable membrane actuable to pump a fluid from the pump chamber, the pump chamber being substantially conical such that the membrane is actuated to extend into the conical chamber in order to pump the fluid from... Agent:

20120275944 - Airflow passage structure of manual pump of fluid-pumping apparatus: An airflow passage structure of manual pump of fluid-pumping apparatus includes a first control valve and a second control valve. The first and second control valves are movable between different positions to change flowing path of air so as to increase or decrease the air pressure in the chamber of... Agent:

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