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Pumps September class, title,number 09/12

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09/27/2012 > 15 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20120244011 - Turbocharger brake: Exhaust gases can bypass a turbocharger to reduce its speed, but energy in the gases is then lost. A brake for a turbocharger can be implemented using at least one rotor driven by the turbocharger rotatable shaft and at least one stator. Either the rotor or stator are magnetic, the... Agent: Perkins Engine Company Limited

20120244012 - Apparatus for controlling electric oil pump: The apparatus for controlling an electric oil pump according to one embodiment of the invention sets a target number of revolutions for determination tNset higher than a required number of revolutions tNreq corresponding to an operation request of the electric oil pump, and executes control of an electric motor so... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

20120244013 - Electromagnetic pump: An electromagnetic pump includes a cylinder with a stepped inner diameter with first and second inner diameters. A piston inside the cylinder, with a stepped outer diameter including first and second outer diameters slidable on the respective inner diameters, defines first and second fluid chambers. Reciprocal movement of the piston... Agent: Aisin Aw Co., Ltd.

20120244014 - Electromagnetic pump: An electromagnetic pump including a piston that reciprocates inside a cylinder; an electromagnetic portion and a biasing member that respectively forwardly and backwardly move the piston; a support for the biasing member that defines a chamber with the cylinder and the piston; a valve incorporated into the support member that... Agent: Aisin Aw Co., Ltd.

20120244016 - Milk pump device and method for displacing an amountof milk: A milk pump device, comprising a passage duct, a first one-way valve, a second one-way valve and a membrane pump. The first and second one-way valves are included in the passage duct and oriented in the same direction relative to each other. The membrane pump is positioned between the first... Agent: Lely Patent N.v.

20120244015 - Systems and methods for implementing a fan array with quick connect and modular control: A fan array is provided having a frame including a plurality of frame members. The frame members are joined to define a plurality of chambers. Each of a plurality of fan units is configured to be positioned in one of the plurality of chambers. Each fan unit has a motor.... Agent: Huntair, Inc.

20120244017 - Self-powered pump for heated liquid and heat driven liquid close-loop automatic circulating system employing same: A heat driven liquid close-loop automatic circulating system is provided. This system circulates the liquid in a close-loop by the collected heat in the loop. The system may operate without external power for the pump. The heat driven liquid close-loop automatic circulating system may employ a modified self-powered pump for... Agent: W&e International (canada) Corp.

20120244018 - Pumping devices, systems including multiple pistons and methods for use with medical fluids: In one aspect, a system for delivery of a medical fluid to a patient includes a pump system including a plurality of at least three chambers. Each of the plurality of chambers includes an inlet through which fluid is drawn into the chamber and an outlet from which fluid is... Agent:

20120244019 - Check valve: A check valve (10), including a valve membrane (12), which includes an umbrella-like closing body (14), which in a closed position abuts a housing body (5) in such a way that the closing body prevents the passage of a medium through passage holes (26) provided in the valve body (16),... Agent: Ixetic Hueckeswagen Gmbh

20120244020 - Pump system: A pump system configured to deliver drilling fluid in at least one of a driving well and a drilling well includes a pump unit, a rotary drive device configured to drive the pump unit, and a gearbox comprising a driving gear and an driven gear. The rotary drive device is... Agent: Aker Wirth Gmbh

20120244021 - Pump mounting structure: A pump mounting structure is disclosed. The structure includes a mounting surface on a body having an insertion recess, and at least one mounting member having a mounting portion inserted into the insertion recess. The mounting portion has an outer surface and an insertion hole through which a bolt is... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki

20120244022 - Electromagnetic pump: An electromagnetic pump including a reciprocating piston in a cylinder; an electromagnetic portion that moves the piston forward; a first biasing member that moves the piston backward; a support member that supports the first biasing member and defines a pump chamber together with the cylinder and the piston; an intake... Agent: Aisin Aw Co., Ltd.

20120244023 - Hydraulic pump assembly: One embodiment may include a system for distributing torque between front and rear axles of an all wheel drive vehicle and/or between left and right wheels of a two or four wheel drive vehicle comprises at least one limited slip coupling having a disc package and a piston acting thereon,... Agent: Borgwarner Torq Transfer Systems Ab

20120244024 - Cooling apparatus for electronic device: A cooling apparatus includes a base member, a flat piezoelectric actuator, at least one expansion mechanism, and a blade member. The flat piezoelectric actuator is configured to be connected at one end to the base member. At least one expansion mechanism is configured to be connected to the other end... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120244025 - Electromagnetic pump: An electromagnetic pump including a pump portion that includes a cylinder that is formed with an intake port and a discharge port that are in communication with a flow passage of a fluid pressure circuit, a pin groove, and a piston that through a reciprocal movement inside the cylinder suctions... Agent: Aisin Aw Co., Ltd.

09/20/2012 > 19 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20120237360 - Electric vacuum pump backup control system and method: An electric vacuum pump backup control system includes a brake on/off switch, a primary electric vacuum pump control interfacing with the brake on/off switch, a secondary electric vacuum pump control interfacing with the brake on/off switch and the primary electric vacuum pump control and an electric vacuum pump interfacing with... Agent:

20120237361 - Air conditioning compressor over-torque protector: An automotive air conditioning compressor assembly that includes a compressor capable of exhibiting an over-torque condition, an electromagnetic clutch, and an over-torque protection device located between the compressor and the accessory drive. The over-torque protection device is configured to decouple the compressor and the accessory drive when the over-torque condition... Agent: Delphi Technologies, Inc.

20120237362 - Liquid pressure circuit: A liquid pressure circuit is provided in which connecting an accumulator (22) to a high pressure liquid path (Lh) by opening a cut-off valve (24a) and connecting a intake liquid path (Li) to the high pressure liquid path (Lh) by means of a switch valve (24b) enables a pump/motor (M)... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20120237363 - Method and system for cleaning a fan inlet: A system includes a housing; a first fan having a first inlet and a second fan having a second inlet, the first fan and the second fan mounted in a wall of the housing, the first fan and the second fan oriented to draw air into the housing; a device... Agent: Itt Manufacturing Enterprises, Inc.

20120237364 - Nanomolecular solid state electrodynamic thruster: A solid-state device that is capable of imparting a directional momentum via thermoelectric microelements. High surface area is used to enhance the efficiency of heat transfer. The device can be operated in adiabatic mode in order to minimize thermal emissions.... Agent: Game Changers, LLC

20120237365 - Method and system for operating an ejector: A selectively operable vacuum source is disclosed. In one example, vacuum source supplies as much air to an engine as is drawn by the vacuum source from a vacuum reservoir. The approach may provide vacuum to a vehicle vacuum system efficiently and with less weight than other vacuum sources.... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20120237366 - Method and system for prioritizing vehicle vacuum: A vacuum prioritization system for a vehicle is disclosed. In one example, use and availability of vacuum provided via vacuum sources is allocated to higher priority vacuum operated actuators when a pressure in the vacuum system exceeds a threshold pressure. The lower priority vacuum operated actuators have access to vacuum... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20120237367 - Method and system for providing vacuum: A vacuum source arbitration system is disclosed. In one example, vacuum is supplied to a vacuum reservoir via an ejector during a first condition, and vacuum is supplied to the vacuum reservoir via an engine intake manifold during a second condition. The approach may provide a desired level of vacuum... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC.

20120237368 - Method and system for providing vacuum via excess boost: A vacuum source including an ejector is disclosed. In one example, vacuum is supplied via the ejector when a turbocharger has excess boost capacity. The approach can prioritize how excess boost may be used to provide vacuum.... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20120237369 - Cylinder block of piston-type compressor and method for manufacturing the same: A cylinder block of a piston-type compressor includes a main cylinder block, a shaft hole formed through the main cylinder block, a plurality of cylinder bores formed in the main cylinder block around the shaft hole, a separation wall formed integrally with the main cylinder block and closing one end... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki

20120237370 - Engine having rotary pistons: The present invention relates to a mechanism (1) having rotary pistons (21), said mechanism comprising an outer enclosure (2) forming a stator in which a rotary assembly (20) forming a rotor moves, the rotary assembly (20) including: a plurality of pistons (21) forming a hinged polygon, each piston (21) defining... Agent: Pk-enr

20120237371 - Reciprocation compressor: [Disclosure of the Invention]A reciprocation compressor comprises an extraction passage connecting a crank chamber with an inlet chamber, an aperture disposed in the extraction passage and a filter capturing foreign matters flowing from the crank chamber to the inlet chamber, and the filter is located downstream of the aperture in... Agent:

20120237373 - Blower: A blower includes an air pump and a motor. The pump includes an impeller and a casing housing the impeller. The casing includes a casing inlet through which air is drawn in and a casing outlet through which the air is expelled by the impeller. The motor is arranged at... Agent:

20120237372 - Motor-driven compressor and wiring method for motor-driven compressor: A cluster block is arranged on an outer peripheral surface of a stator core. A lead wire is continuous with a U-phase coil, which extends from a coil end of the stator core, and is then connected to a U-phase connector. A lead wire is continuous with a V-phase coil,... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki

20120237374 - Scroll-type fluid machiner: A scroll-type fluid machine is configured so that the scroll-type fluid machine has compact, lightweight, and long life characteristics obtained by mounting, without increasing the diameter of the barrel, a bearing having a higher load capacity and so that a degradation in the performance due to a pressure loss during... Agent:

20120237375 - Flexible element for micropump: A micropump in the form of a stack comprising, in succession, a flexible diaphragm, a pumping chamber and a closing-off plate, said pumping chamber communicating with the outside, for example via the flexible diaphragm; said diaphragm being furthermore secured to an actuator arranged outside the micropump, characterized in that said... Agent:

20120237376 - Compressor: An electric compressor includes an inverter cover. The inverter cover has a metal plate that is arranged to cover an inverter (a circuit board). The metal plate has bolt insertion holes, through which metal bolts for fixing the inverter cover to a suction housing are passed. The head of each... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki

20120237377 - Pump device for a container for liquid, pasty or foamable cleansing and skin care preparations: The subject matter of the invention is a pump device for a container for liquid, pasty or foamable skin care preparations, e.g. for liquid soaps, disinfectants, skin protection pastes or creams, wherein the pump device comprises a conically tapering bellows, wherein the bellows exhibits several bellows elements each having a... Agent: H&#xfc Bner Gmbh

20120237378 - Shunt pulsation trap for cyclic positive displacement (pd) compressors: A shunt pulsation trap for a cyclic positive displacement (PD) compressor reduces gas pulsation, NVH and improves off-design efficiency without using a traditional serial pulsation dampener and a variable geometry. Generally, a shunt pulsation trap for a cyclic PD compressor is configured to trap and attenuate gas pulsations before discharge... Agent:

09/13/2012 > 14 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20120230839 - Hvac blower motor with speed sensor: An HVAC system includes a heating/cooling element; an electric motor; a speed sensor; and a control device. The heating/cooling element may include a heating element, and/or a cooling element, and associated heat exchangers. The electric motor has a rotatable shaft coupled with a blower wheel for blowing air over the... Agent: Nidec Motor Corporation

20120230840 - Gas compression: A method of compressing a gas, which uses a compressor train having a plurality of discrete portions and including at least an upstream portion, a mid-stream portion and a downstream portion arranged successively in flow series. The method includes: (i) performing a first compression step by directing a flow of... Agent: Rolls-royce PLC

20120230841 - Linear rod pump apparatus and method: An apparatus and method for pumping fluids, such as water and/or hydrocarbons, from a subterranean formation or reservoir, include a linear rod pump having a mechanical rack and pinion drive arrangement, adapted for attachment to a pumping mechanism, such as the polished rod at the top of a rod string... Agent:

20120230842 - Linear compressor: The present invention relates to a linear compressor which can provide greater power by changing a frequency at a high load. The linear compressor comprises a mechanical unit including a fixed member having a compression space therein, a movable member linearly reciprocated in the fixed member to compress a refrigerant... Agent:

20120230843 - Cooling system for an electric drive machine and method: A cooling system includes a cooling duct extending between a first component and a second component of a machine. A motor powered fan in the cooling duct creates an airflow in the duct. First and second temperature sensors are disposed to measure, respectively, first and second temperatures, which are associated... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20120230845 - Drug delivery pump drive using a shaped memory alloy wire: A pump drive and a method thereof to dispense a liquid drug from a container having a plunger piston are disclosed. The pump drive provides a unidirectional clutch provided about a rotational axis which supports centrally a wheel. The clutch has an inner race operably connected to the plunger piston,... Agent:

20120230844 - Medical fluid delivery sets and related systems and methods: This disclosure relates to medical fluid delivery sets and related systems and methods. In some aspects of the invention, a medical fluid cassette includes a plunger slidably disposed within a recess of a base of the cassette such that a substantially liquid-tight seal is maintained between the plunger and the... Agent: Fresenius Medical Care Holdings, Inc.

20120230846 - Systems and methods of controlling pressure maintenance pumps and data logging pump operations: Example devices, systems, and methods disclosed herein relate to controlling operation of a jockey pump of a fire pump system. A jockey pump controller may include an electronic circuit board configured to receive a signal indicating a pressure value, and to compare the pressure value to a threshold for initiating... Agent:

20120230847 - Vibrating armature pump: The invention relates to a vibrating armature pump having a pump housing, which comprises a cylinder for receiving a substantially linearly displaceable pump piston unit (10). The pump piston unit (10) comprises at least one pump element (11) for pumping the pumping fluid and a drive element (12) for driving... Agent: Vermietungsgesellschaft Harald Schrott & Sysko Ag Gbr

20120230848 - Thermoacoustic driven compressor: The present disclosure details a thermoacoustic driven compressor having a pressurized housing, which contains within a thermoacoustic engine and a working gas, coupled to a positive displacement reciprocating compressor. The thermoacoustic driven compressor generates scalable compressed air from a given heat source.... Agent: Enova, Inc.

20120230850 - Electric pump unit: A motor housing that accommodates a pump-driving electric motor and a controller that controls the electric motor is fixed to a pump body of a pump that sucks and discharges oil. A sealed motor chamber that accommodates the electric motor is formed within the motor housing. A cooling oil is... Agent: Jtekt Corporation

20120230849 - Motor-driven compressor and mounting method for motor-driven compressor: A stator core includes an insertion hole that has an opening in an outer peripheral surface of the stator core and a bent portion in the stator core. A cluster block includes an insertion piece, which is inserted into the insertion hole via the cornered portion. The cluster block is... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki

20120230851 - Electric compressor: An electric compressor including a compression mechanism, an electric motor, an inverter, a compressor housing, a sealed terminal, a cluster block, and a metal brace. The sealed terminal is arranged in the compressor housing and electrically connects the inverter and the electric motor. Further, the sealed terminal includes a terminal... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki

20120230852 - Immersion pump assembly: An immersion pump assembly includes an electric drive motor and a control device (14) for controlling the drive motor, which are configured for dipping into a liquid (18) to be conveyed. An external display device (26) and/or an external communications device are/is configured for arrangement outside the liquid (18) to... Agent: Grundfos Management A/s

09/06/2012 > 13 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20120224976 - Air volume control device and air volume control method: An air volume control device determines whether or not a cooling capacity of an electronic device fulfills a predetermined cooling capacity. Then, if it is determined that the cooling capacity of the electronic device is failing to fulfill the predetermined cooling capacity, the air volume control device decreases the number... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20120224977 - Method and apparatus for fluid pumping: A fluid balanced hydraulic pump has a support tower that can be mounted over a well. At least one cylinder assembly is pivotally mounted within the support tower. A prime mover provides hydraulic fluid to the at least one cylinder assembly through a wedge spool control valve that provides precise... Agent:

20120224978 - Apparatus and methods for adjustment of the pressure in a vehicle tire: An apparatus for adjusting the pressure in a tire of a vehicle comprises a compressed gas source, a coupling which can be fastened on a valve of the tire, and control means for selective action upon the coupling with compressed gas from the compressed gas source, said control means comprising... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20120224980 - Centrifugal wet gas compression or expansion with a slug suppressor and/or atomizer: This disclosure is to an apparatus and method for increasing the ability of centrifugal compressors or expanders to handle multiphase fluids with increased liquid content by passing the fluid through a slug suppressor and/or an atomizing device prior to compression or expansion.... Agent:

20120224979 - Volumetric fluidics pump: A pump for moving a fluid through a fluidics system includes a surface and channel disposed along at least a portion of the surface. The pump also includes a driving mechanism having a rotatable shaft and a plurality of haptics operably coupled to the shaft. A closed portion is formed... Agent: Abbott Medical Optics Inc.

20120224981 - Method for producing at least one deformable membrane micropump and deformable membrane micropump: A method for producing at least one deformable membrane micropump including a first substrate and a second substrate assembled together, the first substrate including at least one cavity and the second substrate including at least one deformable membrane arranged facing the cavity. In the method: the cavity is produced in... Agent: Comissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

20120224983 - Multi-way valve, hydraulic device and concrete pump vehicle: A multi-way valve includes a plurality of parallel combination valves for controlling corresponding actuators (4-1-4-5). Each combination valve comprises proportional throttle valves (2-1-2-5) and reversing valves (3-1-3-5). An oil inlet of the proportional throttle valve is communicated with a main oil inlet (P), and an oil outlet of the proportional... Agent:

20120224982 - Pump for immersion within a fluid reservoir: A pump for immersion in a fluid reservoir, such as a pit or lagoon containing liquid manure, from a position at an edge of the reservoir. The pump may be adapted for connection to a farm vehicle, such as a tractor, positioned at the edge of the reservoir. The pump... Agent:

20120224984 - Diaphragm pump and pumping systems: A process fluid pump can include a pump chamber, an inlet valve, and an outlet valve. Diaphragm regions can define at least a portion of each of the pump chamber, the inlet valve, and the outlet valve. The diaphragm regions can each have an actuation region with a surface that... Agent: Purity Solutions LLC

20120224985 - Electric submersible pump floating ring bearing and method to assemble same: A floating ring bearing for an electric submersible pump (ESP) assembly disposable within a cased wellbore and a method to assemble the same are disclosed. The ESP assembly includes a motor, a pump, and a shaft coupling the pump to the pump motor. One or more floating ring bearings are... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20120224986 - Rotary vane compressor: A rotary vane compressor includes a cylinder chamber having an ellipsoidal inner wall shape, a rotor rotatably provided in the cylinder chamber, a vane held in the rotor so as to contact with an inner wall surface of the cylinder chamber along with a rotation of the rotor, a vane... Agent: Calsonic Kansei Corporation

20120224987 - Precision fluid transport and metering system with modular and disposable elements: An integrated fluid management system is provided with capability to deliver precise flow rate and fluid dosing capability over a wide range of operator set parameters. A magnetically coupled pump head is low cost, affords simple installation, and is disposable. Multiple pump heads may be docked to a single drive... Agent:

20120224988 - Axial fan: An axial fan with an electric motor, on the rotor of which a an wheel is mounted, the rotor having a portion with a cylindrically pot-shaped configuration, onto which the wheel is pushed with a completely or partially cylindrical part so as to fit, and the fan wheel lying completely... Agent: Magna Electronics Europe Gmbh & Co. Kg

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