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Pumps August inventions list 08/12

Below are recently published patent applications awaiting approval from the USPTO. Recent week's RSS XML file available below.
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08/30/2012 > 14 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20120219428 - Pool timer: A swimming pool or spa pump control system to selectively control the operation of a recirculating pump to prevent damage to the recirculating pump that could result from specific operating conditions and to optimize energy consumption by varying the run time of the recirculating pump throughout the year as a... Agent:

20120219429 - Fuel system: An aircraft engine fuel system is provided and includes a pump, including an inlet and an outlet, from which pressurized output is produced, a valve disposed downstream from the pump outlet to receive and to direct the pump output flow toward the engine and to provide a leak tight seal... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20120219430 - Electrokinetic pump having capacitive electrodes: An electrokinetic pump achieves high and low flow rates without producing significant gaseous byproducts and without significant evolution of the pump fluid. A first feature of the pump is that the electrodes in the pump are capacitive with a capacitance of at least 10−4 Farads/cm2. A second feature of the... Agent:

20120219433 - Apparatus and method for facilitating a hydrostatic pressure increase in a fluid flowing in a pipe: There is described an apparatus (1) and a method to facilitate a hydrostatic pressure increase in a fluid flowing in a first pipe (22), where the hydrostatic pressure increase is provided by means of a pumping device (3) being supplied with energy, the apparatus including: —an energy harvester (5) arranged... Agent:

20120219431 - Centrifugal compressor part load control algorithm for improved performance: A compressor system having a centrifugal compressor, controller and an interface is disclosed. The compressor includes adjustable guide vanes and a variable geometry diffuser. The controller is in electrical communication with each of the guide vanes and diffuser so as to monitor and adjust positions thereof in accordance with a... Agent: Carrier Corporation

20120219432 - Pneumatic compression therapy system and methods of using same: Pneumatic compression devices and methods for using the same are disclosed. A pneumatic compression device may include a compression pump, a fill/exhaust valve, a transducer, a plurality of cell valves, and a controller. The compression pump may output a pressurized fluid via an output. The fill/exhaust valve may connect one... Agent: Wright Therapy Products, Inc.

20120219434 - Heating and cooling apparatus: As exemplified, a portable air blowing appliance includes a housing retaining an airflow-producing electric motor-driven blower. The blower is adapted when energized for operation in either a first or a different mode. An electric heating element is adapted when energized to expel heat. An electric switch enables energizing of the... Agent:

20120219436 - Electronic apparatus: According to one exemplary embodiment, an electronic apparatus is provided with: a casing which includes a first casing portion having a first thickness and a second casing portion having a second thickness; a fan case which are provided in the first casing portion and the second casing portion, and which... Agent:

20120219435 - Motor-pump assembly for transmission valve body: A pumping system for an automatic transmission includes a valve body containing transmission fluid having an upper level, a hydraulic pump mounted on a wall of the valve body, and an electric motor driveably connected to the pump.... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20120219437 - Electric blower and electric cleaner using same: The impeller of an electric blower includes a front shroud, a rear shroud, sheet-metal blades, a hub part, and an inducer having a plurality of blade parts. The inducer is configured to be divided into two parts: a first inducer composed of a first hub part and first blade parts;... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120219439 - Electric compressor: An electric turbo compressor is an air compressor to be used in a fuel cell system, and includes a housing comprised of a compression casing, a motor casing, and a canceller casing, and the housing houses therein an impeller, a rotary shaft, a thrust canceller (a load cancellation section), and... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20120219440 - Centrifugal ceiling fan: The present document describes a centrifugal ceiling fan. The fan comprises a casing, a motor and a centrifugal propeller. The casing comprises an upper surface comprising an air inlet and a lower surface comprising an air outlet. In an embodiment, the lower surface has a round bowl-like shape including a... Agent: Sectar Solutions Inc.

20120219438 - Fuel pump motor: A motor for a fuel pump includes a rotor which includes a shaft, a rotor core and a commutator fitted on the shaft. The rotor core is formed by stacking together a plurality of aligned laminations and includes a plurality of salient poles arranged along a circumference thereof. A center... Agent:

20120219441 - Hand pump for pumping fluids, and filter system for fluids including a hand pump: A hand pump (16) includes a housing (22) having an inlet (18) and an outlet (26) and an actuating body (32) movably mounted in the housing axially and a membrane (46) with a flexible ring section (48) surrounding the stroke axis (34). During stroke movement, the actuating body (32) is... Agent: Mann+hummel Gmbh

08/23/2012 > 11 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20120213644 - Electronically controlled liquid dispensing system with modular tubing and power design: Apparatus is provided featuring a switch-mode power supply (SMPS) having a power circuit component in combination with a SMPS controller. The power circuit component may be configured to provide power to a pump that provides fluid from a container to some other device, including an appliance. The SMPS controller may... Agent: Itt Manufacturing Enterprises, Inc.

20120213643 - Vehicle auxiliary pump control: A vehicle includes a main pump and an auxiliary pump, each configured to provide fluid to a hydraulic circuit. A motor is configured to drive the auxiliary pump. A controller is configured to determine a temperature of the motor, compare the temperature of the motor to a first predetermined operating... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20120213645 - Energy saving system and method for devices with rotating or reciprocating masses: A system and method are provided for reducing the energy consumed by a pump jack electric motor by reducing the supply voltage to the motor when the motor would be generating energy in open loop mode. By substantially eliminating the energy generation mode, the braking action of the utility grid... Agent: The Powerwise Group, Inc.

20120213647 - Piston member, an apparatus comprising the piston member, and methods and use of the piston member and the apparatus: A piston member that includes a piston rod provided with a piston serves for reciprocating inside a cylinder barrel, the piston dividing the cylinder barrel chamber into a proximal cylinder barrel chamber having a proximal capped end opposite the piston and a distal cylinder barrel chamber having a distal cylinder... Agent: Tk Energi A/s

20120213646 - Pump, method of operation, and method of manufacture: The present disclosure provides a linear peristaltic pump that is capable of dispensing varied amounts of liquid from a tube. The linear peristaltic pump includes an adjustably attached squashing plate that is configured to move lengthwise in the housing of the pump. The amount of liquid dispensed from a tube... Agent:

20120213648 - Compressor: A compressor compressing a fluid including lubricating oil includes, on the discharge side thereof, a first separation chamber for separating the lubricating oil by generating a swirling flow in the fluid. The first separation chamber includes: a circumferential wall; an inflow port that is formed in the circumferential wall and... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki

20120213649 - Electric compressor: An electric compressor, wherein an inverter device, which controls the operation of an electric motor by commands from an external control unit, is provided with a drive IC which computes drive signals of the electric motor based on the same, a switching circuit which converts the drive signals to rotation... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120213650 - Cooling fan with dual rotation directions: A cooling fan with dual rotation directions includes a fan frame unit, a driving control unit and an impeller. The fan frame unit has an air channel having first and second air-guiding openings on two sides of the air channel. A base is disposed between the first and second air-guiding... Agent:

20120213651 - Precompression effect in pump body: The current application discloses various embodiments where a portion of a fluid end pump body is made of a first material the other parts of the pump body are made of a second material where the first material is a material having better resistance to fatigue and the second material... Agent:

20120213652 - Pump for a high-pressure cleaning device: A pump for a high-pressure cleaning device for delivering cleaning fluid is provided. The pump has at least one pump chamber, into which at least one piston plunges, and which is connected to a suction line via at least one inlet valve and to a pressure line via at least... Agent: Alfred Kaercher Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120213653 - Peristaltic pump and hose cartridge therefor: A hose cartridge for removably mounting a hose on a peristaltic pump has a roller wheel for pumping a fluid through the hose in a closed loop encircling an opening through which the roller wheel extends when the hose cartridge is mounted. A method for mounting such a hose cartridge... Agent:

08/16/2012 > 17 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20120207617 - Use of motor protection system to protect process operation: Disclosed herein is an approach that uses a motor protection system to protect a process operation. In one aspect, a motor protection system in conjunction with a controller monitor the performance of redundant motor-driven prime movers having a lead motor-driven prime mover and a lag motor-driven prime mover. In one... Agent: General Electric Company

20120207618 - Cooling fan and housing thereof: A cooling fan includes a sidewall coupled to a base of a housing and defining a compartment. The housing includes an air inlet, an air outlet, and a dust channel. The air inlet, the air outlet, and the dust channel are in communication with the compartment. An impeller is rotatably... Agent:

20120207619 - Fan motor driving device and cooling device using the same: The present invention is provided to remove dust that adhered to a cooling fan. A plurality of comparators are disposed for each of a plurality of coils, respectively, and generates a back electromotive force sensing signal denoting a comparison result by comparing a back electromotive force appearing at one end... Agent: Rohm Co., Ltd.

20120207620 - Hybrid vehicle drive system and method and idle reduction system and method: One embodiment relates to a hybrid vehicle drive system for a vehicle including a first prime mover, a first prime mover driven transmission, a rechargeable power source, and a PTO. The hybrid vehicle drive system further includes a hydraulic motor in direct or indirect mechanical communication with the PTO and... Agent: Odyne Systems, LLC.

20120207622 - Control device and control method of compressor: A control device of a compressor includes a valve control unit configured to control an anti-surge valve that returns fluid in a discharge side of the compressor to a suction side of the compressor in accordance with a control parameter, a simulation unit configured to simulate operational status of the... Agent: Hitachi Plant Technologies, Ltd.

20120207621 - Method and equipment for controlling operating temperature of air compressor: Method and equipment to control operating temperature of an air compressor. A compressor element compresses air and oil and supplies it to an oil separator. In the separator, the air and oil are separated. Oil is led to a circulating pipe and returned to the compressor element. When necessary, at... Agent: Gardner Denver Oy

20120207623 - Method for controlling delivery quantity, and reciprocating compressor having delivery quantity control: The invention relates to a method for delivery quantity control of a reciprocating compressor, wherein the motion of a closing organ (5b) of an automatic suction valve (5) is influenced during at least one part of a cycle of the crankshaft by means of a refraction gripper (6), wherein the... Agent:

20120207624 - Liquid water removal apparatus: Liquid water removal apparatus that removes residual liquid water in a fluid conducting system by vaporizing the residual liquid water and drawing the vaporized water from the fluid conducting system. A vacuum pump (a) reduces the atmospheric pressure in the fluid conducting system to vaporize residual liquid water in the... Agent:

20120207625 - Thermally driven knudsen pump: A second embodiment of the thermally driven pump of the present invention comprises a uni-directional, pneumatic, micro fluidic, Knudsen pump which can be integrated into a lab-on-chip device and is configured to pump liquids. The Knudsen pump of the second embodiment is generally comprised of a channel system comprised of... Agent: University Of Louisville Research Foundation, Inc.

20120207626 - Thermally efficient multiple stage gear pump: A multiple stage pump for delivering fuel to an engine is disclosed which includes a pump housing, a boost stage operable at engine start to draw fuel into the pump housing at a boost stage pressure, a first pumping stage operable upon engine start for receiving fuel from the boost... Agent: Goodrich Pump & Engine Control Systems, Inc.

20120207627 - Pumping cassette: A pump cassette is disclosed. The pump cassette includes housing. The housing includes at least one fluid inlet line and at least one fluid outlet line. Also, the cassette includes at least one reciprocating pressure displacement membrane pump within the housing. The pressure pump pumps at least one fluid from... Agent: Deka Products Limited Partnership

20120207629 - Air compressor and piston for air compressor: An air compressor that can take in air at a particular pressure at the input and compress the air such that it exits an output at a much greater pressure until a desired pressure is reached in a piston assembly, at which point, the air compressor can shut off automatically... Agent:

20120207628 - Spring-less buried magnet linear-resonant motor: A spring-less buried magnet linear-resonant motor is provided. The motor includes a buried magnet system and a stator operable to produce an alternating magnetic field exerting alternating axial forces on the buried magnet system that has a self-centering force and a required stiffness to reciprocate at a frequency near an... Agent: King Abdulaziz City For Science And Technology

20120207630 - Disposable centrifugal blood pump with magnetic coupling: A disposable centrifugal blood pump with magnetic coupling provides a centrifugal blood pump with magnetic coupling which is simple in structure of disposable parts with low cost. Therefore, a housing as the disposable part includes a rotor having pole faces extending on the outer-peripheral surface and projecting inward from the... Agent: Tokyo Institute Of Technology

20120207631 - Fan unit: The invention relates to a blower (99), in particular for an engine cooling blower in a motor vehicle, comprising a N housing (10) having a cooling air guide device (200), wherein the housing (10) is designed for mounting a drive unit (102, 103) and the cooling air guide device (200)... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20120207632 - Fuel pump: In a fuel pump that includes a pump housing (10) that has fuel passages (11a, 11b), a plunger (17) that is movably housed in the pump housing (10), a fuel pressurizing chamber (15) that is formed in the pump housing (10) and draws in fuel via one of the fuel... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20120207633 - Lubricating pump and method for supplying lubricant: The invention relates to a lubricating pump which contains screw pistons of which one is in compression operation and the other is in suction operation in alternation. The invention further relates to a method for supplying lubricant, wherein a first screw piston is in a suction operation while a second... Agent: Triboserv Gmbh & Co. Kg

08/09/2012 > 11 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20120201696 - Vacuum pump: The present invention provides a vacuum pump (10) which comprises a turbo-molecular pumping mechanism (12) in series with a Siegbahn pumping mechanism (14). A first pump inlet (16) is provided through which gas can pass through both the turbo-molecular pumping mechanism and the Siegbahn pumping mechanism. Additionally, an inter-stage (inlet... Agent: Edwards Limited

20120201697 - Oil management system for a compressor: A compressor including a hollow housing having a suction chamber, a discharge chamber, and a crank chamber formed therein. A first fluid flow path provided within the compressor facilitates a flow of the working fluid from the crank chamber to the suction chamber. A second fluid flow path provided within... Agent: Visteon Global Technologies, Inc.

20120201698 - Variable speed compressor: A compressor, as well as a lightweight and strong casting for a compressor, are disclosed. The compressor, which may be a reciprocating compressor for use in compressing high-pressure refrigerants such as CO2, includes substantially reduced wall thicknesses (t) compared to prior art castings. The side walls of the compressor can... Agent: Carrier Corporation

20120201699 - Compressor: Disclosed is a compressor capable of having an enhanced performance by sufficiently supplying oil to components where sliding occurs not only in a high speed driving mode but also in a low speed driving mode. The compressor may increase an oil supply amount in a low speed driving mode, but... Agent:

20120201700 - Impeller and fluid pump: A fluid pump may include an electric motor having an output shaft driven for rotation about an axis and a pump assembly coupled to the output shaft. The pump assembly has a first cap and a second cap with at least one pumping channel defined between the first and second... Agent: Ti Group Automotive Systems, L.L.C.

20120201705 - Axial ventilator: A ventilator (1) comprises an electric motor (2) comprising a casing (4), a rotor rotatable inside the casing (4) about an axis of rotation (R), a shaft (5) integral with the rotor and having at least one end portion (6) protruding from the casing (4); the ventilator (1) comprises a... Agent: Spal Automotive S.r.l.

20120201704 - Fan assembly: A centrifugal fan assembly has a fan with a number of vanes at a peripheral edge of a rotor, a motor, arranged coaxially to the inside of the rotor, that rotates the fan, and a casing that houses the fan and the motor. The casing has an air inlet in... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20120201701 - Centrifugal compressor having variable geometry diffuser and method thereof: A centrifugal compressor is provided. The centrifugal compressor includes a plurality of diffuser vanes arranged in a circumferentially spaced array about a machine axis. Each diffuser vane is mounted on a respective shaft. Each of the shafts is coupled to a ring that is rotatable about the machine axis. A... Agent:

20120201702 - Fuel pump assembly: A fluid pump includes an electric motor having a commutator and one or more brushes communicated with the commutator, and a pumping assembly driven by the electric motor. An outer shell of the pump encloses at least a portion of the electric motor and the pumping assembly, a cap is... Agent: Ti Group Automotive Systems, L.L.C.

20120201703 - Thrust generating apparatus: A thrust generating apparatus is provided under water and configured to generate thrust by ejecting the water. A rotor main body includes: a first member including a side surface and outer peripheral surface which are opposed to a first water lubricated bearing; a second member including a side surface and... Agent: Kawasaki Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20120201706 - Plunger type water pump: The present disclosure provides a plunger type water pump, which mainly comprises a cavity body, a rotary main shaft and a plunger flow-distributing unit. The plunger distributing unit comprises a flat valve assembly, a plunger-shoe assembly and a supporting valve assembly; the plunger-shoe assembly divides the cavity body into a... Agent: Huazhong University Of Science And Technology

08/02/2012 > 12 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20120195769 - System and method for communication with an infusion device: It may desirable to monitor or control a pump remotely. For example, the pump may be positioned near the patient, with remote control or monitoring of the pump occurring in a control room. In one exemplary embodiment, the pump is used in an MRI environment. In another exemplary embodiment, the... Agent: Iradimed Corporation

20120195770 - Determination and control of wellbore fluid level, output flow, and desired pump operating speed, using a control system for a centrifugal pump disposed within the wellbore: A method and apparatus for determining a fluid level and/or output flow during operation of a centrifugal pump, are provided, which may be used for production of gas and/or oil from a well, and include a vector feedback model to derive values of torque and speed from signals indicative of... Agent:

20120195771 - Water pump for use in irrigation and for other purposes: The present invention addresses the need for a water pump that may be constructed from inexpensive materials available even in impoverished areas. The pump uses a simple rocking motion to pump water and can pump significant amounts of water from sources that otherwise could not be reached. In a preferred... Agent: The Full Belly Project

20120195772 - Motor pump unit: A motor pump unit for a high-pressure cleaning apparatus has an electric motor and a pump. The electric motor has a motor housing that is surrounded by a cooling housing with an annular space having an annular space inlet and an annular space outlet formed therebetween. The pump has a... Agent: Alfred Kaercher Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120195773 - Sleeve bearing: A sleeve bearing is provided. The sleeve bearing comprises a bearing retainer including an outer surface and an inner surface, wherein the inner surface forms a retaining bore, a bearing insert including an outside surface and an inside surface, wherein the inside surface forms a shaft bore, and wherein the... Agent: Hydroflo Pumps Usa, Inc.,

20120195774 - Piezoelectric micro-blower: In a piezoelectric micro-blower, a vibration plate assembly includes a piezoelectric element attached to a diaphragm, with an intermediate plate interposed there between. A blower chamber plate includes a circular opening in a center thereof. A blower chamber defined by the diaphragm, a flow path plate, and the opening of... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20120195775 - Submerged centrifugal electric pump: The submerged centrifugal electric pump comprises an external casing (2) comprising a first and a second tubular portion (5, 7) suitable to be connected coaxial to one another, a pumping unit (3) inserted axially in the first portion (5) of the casing (2) to suction a liquid through a suctioning... Agent:

20120195776 - Fan comprising an electronically commutated drive motor: A fan having an electronically commutated drive motor (27) has a bearing tube (62) having an inner side and an outer side. The internal stator of the drive motor (27) is arranged in the region of the outer side. An external rotor (28) of said motor interacts during operation with... Agent: Ebm-papst St. Georgen Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120195777 - Flexible tubing pump and therewith equipped blood treatment device: The invention describes a tubing pump for accommodation of at least one section of a flexible tubing with at least one stator and at least one rotor that pivots around an axis of rotation in the stator, in which the stator surrounds or completely or partially confines the rotor, sparing... Agent: Fresenius Medical Care Deutschland Gmbh

20120195778 - High pressure pump: A gas chamber is placed adjacent to a variable volume chamber of a high pressure pump. The gas chamber includes an inner blocking wall, which borders on the variable volume chamber and contacts fuel in the variable volume chamber, an outer blocking wall, which is opposed to the inner blocking... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120195779 - High pressure pump: A plunger stopper is installed to a cylinder hole forming portion of a cylinder forming member. The plunger stopper cooperates with a step portion of a plunger to limit movement of the plunger in a state where a slide surface of the plunger contacts an inner peripheral wall surface of... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120195780 - High pressure pump: A cylinder is configured into a bottomed tubular form and includes an inner peripheral wall, an inner bottom wall, an outer peripheral wall and an intake hole and a discharge hole. The inner peripheral wall slidably guides the plunger. The intake hole and the discharge hole communicate between the inner... Agent: Denso Corporation

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