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Pumps July category listing 07/12

Below are recently published patent applications awaiting approval from the USPTO. Recent week's RSS XML file available below.
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07/26/2012 > 16 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20120189463 - Hydraulic pump operating device and method for use in hydraulic system: The rotational frequency of a variable speed motor is set to a normal rotational frequency setting value (N1). A pressure variation range (ΔP) is detected based on a pressure detection value P, of a variable displacement pump, detected by a pressure detector. It is determined whether a determination that the... Agent: Kawasaki Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20120189462 - Pump assisted refilling system for lpg fuel tanks: A pump assisted refilling system for LPG and other fuels wherein the fuel storage pressure is at, or close to, the vapor pressure of the fuel. A fuel pump is selectively activated to assist fuel delivery from the refilling fitting to the tank interior responsive to a determined fuel pressure... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20120189464 - Solid state sump pump control: The present invention provides a sump pump control system. The system includes a mounting fixture fabricated from a corrosion resistant material, and an electrical control comprising solid state electrical components supported by the mounting fixture. The sump pump control system also includes a diving bell cover. The diving bell cover... Agent:

20120189465 - High pressure fuel pump piston assembly: A piston assembly for a fuel pump comprises a first piston sub-assembly and a second piston sub-assembly. The first piston sub-assembly comprises a first piston portion, a first check ball connected to a first spring and a first O-ring. The first check ball forms a fluid tight seal against the... Agent: International Engine Intellectual Property Company , LLC

20120189467 - Method for controlling delivery quantity, and reciprocating compressor having delivery quantity control: The invention relates to a method for the delivery quantity control of a reciprocating compressor, wherein the motion of a closing organ (5b) of an automatic suction valve (5) is influenced during at least one part of a cycle of the crankshaft by means of a retraction gripper (6) driven... Agent:

20120189466 - Well deployed heat fin for esp motor: An electrical submersible pumping system (ESP) for use in pumping fluids from a wellbore. The ESP includes fins on an outer portion of the ESP that transfer heat from a motor in the ESP to fluid flowing past the fins. A self removing material is provided over the fins when... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20120189468 - Multi-stage diaphragm suction pump: A multi-stage diaphragm suction pump, comprising at least two pump chambers, each having a fluid inlet having at least one inlet valve, and a fluid outlet having at least one outlet valve, and a suction line, which connects the fluid inlets of the pump chambers. Consecutive pump chambers are connected... Agent: Knf Neuberger Gmbh

20120189469 - Air compressor: An air compressor with enhanced air compressing effect comprises a mounting chassis with a coupling aperture, a piston having a piston rod with a crankpin linking bore and a piston head with an air acting face, a cylinder having an air chamber with an inner top wall, and a driving... Agent:

20120189470 - Compressor: A compressor (100) includes a closed casing (101), a compression mechanism (120), a motor (130) and an oil separating member (17A). The oil separating member (17A) rotates together with a shaft (140). The oil separating member (17A) has a peripheral wall (173) and a bottom wall (175) that form a... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120189471 - High-pressure cleaning apparatus: In order to improve a high-pressure cleaning apparatus comprising a pump unit adapted to be driven by motor, a first connection element for detachable connection to a liquid supply conduit, said first connection element being connected to the suction side of the pump unit, and a second connection element for... Agent: Alfred Kaercher Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120189472 - Power unit: A hydraulic power unit for subsea use is disclosed. The power unit includes a housing containing a fluid, an electric motor mounted in the housing, a distribution pump, a heat exchange unit provided externally to the housing and at least one distribution conduit in fluid communication with the heat exchange... Agent:

20120189473 - Systems, apparatuses and methods for the transmission of energy and power: Systems and apparatuses for delivering power and energy using deflecting beams or other oscillating members motivated to oscillate a beam assembly using an eccentrically balanced rotating body that induces deflections in the elastic beam or other oscillating member. One or more rotors may be used on the elastic beams and... Agent:

20120189474 - Ventilation assembly: A ventilation assembly for a heat exchanger of a motor vehicle, has plate-like support structure with a main flow opening. A ventilator, including an electric motor and a fan, is mounted in the main flow opening. A voltage regulating device is fixed to the support structure and connected to the... Agent:

20120189475 - Device and method for pumping flowable masses: A device for pumping a flowable mass, such as a consumable item, has a main body with a hollow space that is fluidically connected with a mass source through an inlet opening and with a mass destination through an outlet opening in the surroundings of the main body. The inlet... Agent: Haas-mondomix B.v.

20120189476 - Pump chamber for a peristaltic pump: The invention relates to a pump chamber (1) for a peristaltic pump, the pump chamber (1) comprising an elongate cavity (1.1) defined between an elastically deformable chamber wall (1.2) and a rigid chamber (1.3) wall, wherein the elastically deformable wall (1.2) and the rigid wall (1.3) are arranged as a... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20120189477 - Pump pulsation discharge dampener with dual pressure drop tube assemblies having unequal sizes: Different inner diameter internal or external pressure drop tubes or orifice plate openings producing different discharge pressure pulse amplitudes are employed in a pump pulsation control reactive discharge dampener. Either both pressure drop tubes/orifice plates may be mounted concurrently on or in the dampener, connected to different discharge pipes used... Agent:

07/19/2012 > 12 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20120183413 - Reactor feedwater pump control system: An object of the present invention is to provide a reactor feedwater pump control system, wherein when a condensate pump is tripped, the decrease in feedwater flow of feedwater supplied to a steam generator is minimized to suppress the decrease in water level of the steam generator, and at the... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20120183414 - Compressor overload protection device: A compressor overload protection device utilizes a first electrode of an electric connector to electrically connect a first OLP overload protection loop that is electrically connected to a first power line of an external power source. In addition, a second OLP overload protection loop is connected to a second electrode... Agent:

20120183415 - Steam powered pump: Embodiments of the present invention provide a non-electric pump. Gas pressure, typically steam or compressed air, is used to move a liquid, typically steam condensate, from a low pressure source to a high pressure destination. A tank fills with liquid from the source. Once full, the motive pressure is admitted... Agent:

20120183416 - Metered pump stand: A metered pump system periodically pumps measured amounts of chemical or biological material into a septic or sewage system. The metered pump system includes a metered pump stand having a main panel with first and second sides, a top edge, a bottom edge, and a pair of side edges. A... Agent: United Laboratories, Inc.

20120183417 - Combined blower/rotor for a cooling fan of a motor vehicle: The invention relates to a combined blower/rotor (1) for a cooling fan of a motor vehicle, especially one having a reduced fan output. Said combined blower/rotor comprises a rotor (10) of an electric motor (30) and a blower (20) fastened to the rotor (10), said blower (20) being fixed to... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20120183418 - Screw compressor: A screw compressor includes a casing and a compression mechanism accommodated in the casing. The compression mechanism has a screw rotor, a gate rotor and a communication mechanism. The sate rotor has a flat plate shape. A rotational axis of gate rotor is orthogonal to a rotational axis of the... Agent: Daikin Industries, Ltd.

20120183419 - Hermetic compressor: In a hermetic-type compressor, a piston has a sliding face which slides on an inner wall of the cylindrical hole and is reciprocatably inserted in the cylindrical hole. A connecting rod connects an eccentric shaft part and the piston. The cylindrical hole has a tapered part, whose inside diameter dimension... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120183420 - Inverter-integrated electric compressor: An inverter-integrated electric compressor comprising a compressing mechanism portion which sucks, compresses and discharges fluid, a motor which drives the compressing mechanism portion, a body casing in which the motor is incorporated, the body casing being hermetically closed, a suction passage formed in one of ends of the body casing,... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120183422 - Retainer for a stator of an electric compressor: A compressor including a hollow housing having a compression mechanism and an electric motor disposed therein. The electric motor is coupled to the compression mechanism for facilitating a compression of a fluid received in the compressor. The electric motor including a rotor and a stator, wherein a position of the... Agent: Visteon Global Technologies, Inc.

20120183421 - Water pump motor, and water pump using same: “Provided is a water pump motor that implements a waterproof structure of a motor using a cover to seal a stator, and a water pump using the same. The water pump motor includes: a lower case on top of which a cylindrical protrusion is provided; a stator whose lower portion... Agent: Amotech Co., Ltd.

20120183423 - Block for a reciprocating refrigeration compressor: The block (B) comprises a piston hub having a horizontal axis (X) and housing a piston and a shaft hub housing a crankshaft and having a vertical axis (Y) intersecting the horizontal axis (X). The block (B) incorporates a connecting portion having a first end attached to a region of... Agent: Whirlpool S.a.

20120183424 - Offset valve bore for a reciprocating pump: A fluid end 15 for a multiple reciprocating pump assembly 12 comprises at least three plunger bores 61 or 91, each for receiving a reciprocating plunger 35. Each plunger bore has a plunger bore axis 65 or 95. The plunger bores are arranged across the fluid end to define a... Agent:

07/12/2012 > 14 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20120177504 - Linear rod pump apparatus and method: An apparatus and method for pumping fluids, such as water and/or hydrocarbons, from a subterranean formation or reservoir, include a linear rod pump having a mechanical rack and pinion drive arrangement, adapted for attachment to a pumping mechanism, such as the polished rod at the top of a rod string... Agent:

20120177508 - Capacity modulation system for compressor and method: An apparatus is provided and may include a control valve that moves a pressure-responsive unloader valve between a first position permitting flow through a valve plate and into a compression mechanism and a second position restricting flow through the valve plate and into the compression mechanism. The control valve may... Agent: Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc.

20120177506 - Disposable element, system for pumping and method for pumping a liquid: The present invention relates to a disposable element comprising at least one first part, in which channel structures are recessed in the surface, and a second part sealingly covering said first part, with the larger part of the first part and/or of the second part being made rigid and/or being... Agent:

20120177507 - Laboratory syringe pumps: A syringe pump which includes a pusher block is slidably mounted on bearings on one or more guide rails. The pusher block is advanced or retracted by a lead screw having an axis which is offset from the axis of the one or more guide rails which are supported at... Agent:

20120177505 - Variable stroke control structure for high pressure fuel pump: Control structure controls movement of a high pressure fuel pump piston of a fuel system. The piston is constructed and arranged to be inserted into or withdrawn from a pumping chamber to control a flow of fuel from the pumping chamber. The control structure includes a rocker arm with an... Agent: Continental Automotive Systems Us, Inc.

20120177509 - Ceiling fan with concentric stationary tube and power-down features: A fan system comprises a hub, a plurality of fan blades, a drive system, and a stationary tube. The hub is configured to rotate. The fan blades are mounted to the hub. The drive system comprises a rotatable hollow output shaft. The hollow output shaft is in communication with the... Agent: Delta T Corporation

20120177510 - High-speed check valve suitable for cryogens and high reverse pressure: A check valve is disclosed that includes a base having a porous first surface, a keeper coupled to the base, and a flexible leaf with a first section that is fixedly coupled between the keeper and the base and a second section that is cantilevered from the first section. The... Agent: Xcor Aerospace, Inc.

20120177511 - Modular pump rotor assemblies: Modular pump rotor assemblies having a rotatable driving element and a rotor that is removably connected to the driving element by at least one removable fastener are disclosed. The assemblies also have a rotor support bearing that is disposed between the rotatable driving element and the rotor. The assemblies may... Agent: Peopleflo Manufacturing, Inc.

20120177512 - Pulse pump: The pulse pump is driven by an electric motor and gear reduction driving an eccentric rotor, which, in turn, oscillates a mechanism actuating a diaphragm to transfer fluid through one-way check valves. The pump may be used in a number of different applications, but is particularly useful in applying biodegradation... Agent:

20120177513 - Linear compressor: The linear compressor comprises a shell (10) which affixes a cylinder (20) defining a compression chamber (21) housing a piston (30); a linear electric motor (40) having a fixed part (41) affixed to the shell (10) and a reciprocating movable part (42); an actuating means (50) driven by the movable... Agent: Whirlppol S.a.

20120177515 - Mixed flow fan: A mixed-flow fan features a housing (42); an impeller (43) journaled rotatably with respect to the housing, and equipped with fan blades (54); a generally cylindrical air conduit (50) defined between the fan housing and the impeller, the fan blades extending into the air conduit in order, during operation, to... Agent: Ebm-papst St. Georgen Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120177514 - Discharge pressure estimation for compressor: A compressor has a controller which is provided with current information for a current passing into a motor associated with the compressor. The compressor includes a compressor pump unit driven by the motor, and a discharge line. The controller is programmed to utilize the current information to predict a discharge... Agent:

20120177516 - Pump housing of a motor vehicle hydraulic unit with at least one main cylinder connection opening: In a pump housing (56) of a motor vehicle hydraulic unit which has at least one side surface (18), at least one main cylinder connection opening (44; 46), at least one pump element opening (28, 30) and a connecting line (58; 60) which connects the at least one main cylinder... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20120177517 - Valve cap: A valve cap for sealing an aperture in a pump; a plugging assembly for a valve cap to seal at an aperture in a pump; a docking unit for use with a plugging assembly for sealing an aperture in a pump; and a method of sealing an aperture in a... Agent: Spicket Valves And Pumps Limited

07/05/2012 > 16 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20120171048 - Electronic device with miniature heat dissipating structure: An electronic device includes a circuit board comprising a first metal layer and a second metal layer. The first metal layer is affixed to one side of the circuit board, and the second metal layer is affixed to the first metal layer. A channel is defined between the first metal... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120171049 - Lubricant pump and lubricating system with pump heater: A lubricant pump is disclosed for delivering lubricant to at least one lubricating point. The pump features a lubricant container, a pump unit, a drive assigned to the pump unit, and at least one lubricant outlet and a control unit assigned to the drive. At least one heating element is... Agent: Lincoln Gmbh

20120171050 - Automatic blower control: A blower system includes a blower motor and an inverter in electrical communication therewith. The blower motor is mechanically coupled to a blower configured to generate an airstream having an airflow rate. The inverter is configured to provide a motor drive signal to the motor. A flow rate calculator is... Agent:

20120171051 - Bilge pump and method: A vacuum assisted bilge pump small enough for the crowded spaces below decks in the engine and pump room of a boat which can also function as a transfer pump, a crash pump and a fire extinguisher. The pump comprises two chambers and is internally configured to aid in the... Agent:

20120171052 - Motor compressor system and method: A motor compressor system in which the motor is configured to activate the compressor. The system includes a common casing; a motor cartridge housing a motor, the motor cartridge detachably provided inside the common casing; and a compressor cartridge housing a compressor detachably connected to the motor, the compressor cartridge... Agent:

20120171053 - Hand air pump having gauge device: A hand air pump includes a connecting member having a barrel and an outlet port and a mouth, a receptacle having a cylinder engaged onto the barrel and having a slidable piston, the receptacle includes a channel for engaging with a cover plate which includes a longitudinal hole communicative with... Agent: Beto Engineering & Marketing Co., Ltd.

20120171054 - System for fluidizing solid feedstock from a solid feed pump: According to various embodiments, a system includes a fluidization elbow. The fluidization elbow includes an elbow inlet, an elbow outlet downstream from the elbow inlet, and an elbow body disposed between the elbow inlet and the elbow outlet, wherein the elbow body turns and converges from the elbow inlet toward... Agent: General Electric Company

20120171055 - Suction device: A hand held fluid manipulator in the form of a suction device 10 comprises circumferentially enclosed reopenably closable fluid transfer path defining means as constituted from a displaceably mounted tube 14, a flow path defining section 16, a nozzle carrying tube and a chamber 32 defining in combination a reopenably... Agent:

20120171056 - Motorcompressor unit with variable aerodynamic profile: h

20120171057 - Series-connected fan unit: A series-connected fan unit includes a first fan frame, a second fan frame, a first motor, a second motor and two impellers. The first fan frame has a first base and a first positioning member coupled with the first base. The second fan frame is connected to the first fan... Agent:

20120171058 - Apparatus for the regulated supply of a gas, in particular an assisted breathing apparatus: An apparatus for supplying gas, includes a ventilator having a motor, a rotor having vanes and a volute, a conduit for cooling the motor, and a soundproofing housing containing the ventilator and the conduit. The conduit has a shape similar to the wall of the motor and the volute, thus... Agent: Air Liquide Medical Systems

20120171059 - Turbocharger with integrated actuator: A turbocharger having a turbine with a wastegate, and a compressor including a compressor housing, a compressor wheel, and a wastegate actuator. The turbine wheel includes blades defining an inlet. The compressor housing has an inlet wall leading to the inlet, and a shroud wall surrounding the blades. The actuator... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20120171060 - Compressor: A compressor is provided that includes an accumulator formed in an internal space of a shell to reduce a size of the compressor. An accumulator space may be formed using the shell of the compressor, thereby simplifying an assembly process. A stationary shaft having a refrigerant suction passage may be... Agent:

20120171061 - Gear pump: The invention relates to a gear pump (1) for conveying a fluid, said gear pump comprising a rotatably mounted, external geared toothed wheel (3) and an internal geared annular gear (2) that are meshed in order to generate a conveying action, and are arranged together with an electrically commutable stator... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20120171062 - Fluid pump: A small-sized, low-profile fluid pump having high pumping capabilities includes an actuator and a planar section including a metal plate. The actuator includes a disk-shaped piezoelectric element attached to a disk-shaped diaphragm. As a result of application of a square-wave or sine-wave drive voltage, the actuator performs a bending vibration... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20120171063 - Blood-pumping device: A blood-pumping device comprises a cavity with a U-shaped wall comprising two straight regions connected by an arch-shaped region and a U-shaped tube aligned with the U-shaped wall of the cavity to provide a support for the U-shaped tube, wherein the U-shaped tube comprises two straight regions connected by a... Agent: King Saud University

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