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Pumps April category listing, related patent applications 04/12

Below are recently published patent applications awaiting approval from the USPTO. Recent week's RSS XML file available below.
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04/26/2012 > 15 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20120100011 - Control system: A control system is provided that can identify the occurrence of a single surge cycle in centrifugal compressor using various methods and devices. Once the occurrence of a single surge cycle is identified, the control system can take remedial action to respond to the surge cycle, such as by adjusting... Agent: Johnson Controls Technology Company

20120100009 - Pump control device and pump device: A pump control device for a pump device having a DC brushless motor as a drive source and a flow rate of the pump device is increased and decreased depending on a corresponding increase and decrease of a rotational speed of the DC brushless motor is structured so that, when... Agent: Nidec Sankyo Corporation

20120100010 - Speed control: Embodiments of the invention provide a pumping system for at least one aquatic application controlled by a user. The pumping system includes a pump, a variable speed motor, a memory, and a controller. The pumping system includes a user interface with a first speed button, a second speed button, an... Agent:

20120100012 - Method for controlling electric compressor: Disclosed is a method of controlling an electric compressor. The method includes: (I) starting the electric compressor by applying an electric power to an air conditioner; (II) determining, by an inverter, whether the electric compressor is started normally; and normally driving the electric compressor when the electric compressor starts normally... Agent: Doowon Technical College

20120100013 - Method of surge protection for a dynamic compressor using a surge parameter: A method of surge protection for a dynamic compressor that has a corresponding compressor map. A control system continually calculates an equivalent polytropic head parameter in order to define a surge limit line. The system then calculates a control parameter and determines the distance the control parameter to the surge... Agent:

20120100014 - Submersible pump system: A submersible pump system includes a submersible pump assembly having one or more stages of impellers and a submersible motor assembly that drives the pump assembly. The submersible pump assembly includes a motor housing, a motor within the motor housing for driving the pump assembly and a control module mounted... Agent: Grundfos Pumps Corporation

20120100015 - Multi-stage compressor: Provided is a multi-stage compressor which includes: a first-stage compressing unit which includes a first compressing element with an impeller and a second compressing element with an impeller, the first and second compressing elements being connected to each other; and a rear-stage compressing unit which includes at least one rear... Agent: Samsung Techwin Co., Ltd.

20120100016 - Fuel pump module for damping vibration: Provided is a fuel pump module for a vehicle in which a fuel pump, which is a vibration body, is physically coupled to an intank filter, a primary filter, and the like, which are other components of the fuel pump module, to have increased mass, such that unique harmonic acceleration... Agent: Coavis

20120100017 - Centrifugal compressor unit: o

20120100018 - Maintenance machine for refrigeration units: For refrigeration units, maintenance machines are required that can receive and compress the refrigerant from the refrigeration unit. Furthermore, a vacuum pump is required, which is connected to the emptied lines and pumps out humidity and air. The maintenance machine according to the invention includes a motor that drives a... Agent: Inficon Gmbh

20120100020 - Hermetic compressor: There is provided a hermetic compressor capable of supplying oil even in a low-speed operation. The hermetic compressor includes a hermetic contained filled with oil in a base thereof, a rotatably crank shaft having a screw-shaped oil groove in an outer portion thereof, and an oil feeder having an upper... Agent:

20120100019 - Motor: A motor including a casing, a rotor, a stator and a separation member is disclosed. The rotor is rotatably coupled with the casing. The stator is disposed in the casing and drives the rotor to rotate. The stator includes a claw-pole member, an insulation member and a coil unit. The... Agent:

20120100021 - Hermetic compressor: A hermetic compressor includes a hermetic container, a motor element, and a compression element. A shaft of the compression element includes a main shaft, a flange projecting from the main shaft, and an eccentric shaft connected to the flange. A main bearing has a thrust surface contacting and sliding on... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120100022 - Diaphragm machine: The present invention concerns a multi-cylinder diaphragm machine having at least two hydraulically driven diaphragms includes: a drive unit for producing at least two pulsating hydraulic fluid flows for driving the diaphragms and a delivery unit for delivering a delivery medium and having at least two pump chambers, the volumes... Agent: Prominent Dosiertechnik Gmbh

20120100023 - Tube pump: A tube pump capable that prevents and minimizes torque variation in a drive motor regardless of the rotation direction of a rotor unit includes a casing in which a liquid-flowing tube is arranged; a drive motor provided with a driving shaft rotatable in forward and reverse directions; a rotor body;... Agent: Nidec Servo Corporation

04/19/2012 > 9 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20120093662 - Auto-stop air pump: An auto-stop air pump has a housing, a blower and an auto-stop device. The housing has an upper chamber, a lower chamber, a main inlet and an outlet. The upper chamber and the lower chamber communicate with each other. The main inlet and the outlet are formed through the housing... Agent:

20120093663 - Apparatus and system to actuate and pump well bore liquids from hydrocarbon wells: Pump apparatus and pump systems for use with hydrocarbon wells are actuated in response to a working fluid delivered at a high pressure to pump a fluid to be pumped or production fluid. The pump advantageously employs translation motion of a piston. Some embodiments employ working fluids at two ports.... Agent:

20120093664 - Continuously variable transmission apparatus and air conditioning system having the same: A continuously variable transmission apparatus includes an input shaft, an output shaft, a continuously variable transmission mechanism, a differential gear mechanism and a bypass shaft. The continuously variable transmission mechanism is placed between the input shaft and the output shaft and is adapted to conduct rotation of the input shaft... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120093665 - Light weight crankcase casting for compressor: A compressor, as well as a lightweight and strong casting for a compressor, are disclosed. The compressor, which may be a reciprocating compressor for use in compressing high-pressure refrigerants such as CO2, includes substantially reduced wall thicknesses (t) compared to prior art castings. The side walls of the compressor can... Agent:

20120093667 - Power cable for high temperature environments: An electrical power cable for high temperature environments comprises two or more sheathed conductors; each sheathed conductor comprising an electrical conductor, an electrical insulator surrounding the electrical conductor, and a sheath surrounding the electrical insulator; and a bonding material interconnecting the sheaths of the two or more sheathed conductors positioned... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20120093666 - Systems and methods for insulating y-points of three phase electric motors: Systems and methods for insulating the Y-points of three-phase electric motors commonly used in ESP systems, in which the Y-points are not grounded or tied to a reference voltage, and may consequently experience high voltages. One embodiment is an apparatus for insulating the Y-point of the motor using an electrically... Agent:

20120093668 - Rim driven thruster having propeller drive modules: A rim driven thruster comprises an annular housing, a propulsor assembly, a magnetic rotor assembly and a stator assembly. The annular housing defines a flow path extending along an axis. The propulsor assembly is supported within the housing and comprises propeller blades extending radially from the axis of the flow... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20120093669 - Rim driven thruster having transverse flux motor: A rim driven thruster comprises an annular housing, a propulsor assembly, a magnetic rotor assembly and a transverse flux stator assembly. The annular housing defines a flow path extending along an axis. The propulsor assembly is supported within the housing and comprises propeller blades extending radially from the axis of... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20120093670 - High-pressure fuel supply pump having electromagnetically-driven intake valve: The present invention eliminates a valve holder and accommodates a valve guide in a small space provided between a valve seat and a peripheral surface part of a pressure chamber to reduce the size of a pump. The valve guide guides a stroke of the valve and is provided inside... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

04/12/2012 > 14 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20120087804 - Method and pump unit for a pressure sewerage system: A pump unit for a pressure sewage system, including a pump for insertion in a sewage holding tank, the pump being capable of activation for pumping sewage out of the holding tank to an external pipeline, and a timer unit enabling activation of the pump for a first predetermined time... Agent: Ghd Pty Ltd

20120087805 - Method for controlling the discharge pump of a household appliance and processing unit for implementing said method: A method for controlling a discharge pump of a household appliance, including starting a synchronous electric motor that actuates said discharge pump until the synchronism condition is reached, and driving said synchronous electric motor at a steady state through phase control by varying the firing angle (α). In driving said... Agent: Askoll Holding S.r.l.

20120087806 - Fluid sealing elements and related methods: Methods and mechanisms for fluid sealing are provided. The disclosed mechanisms include a tool having a cavity configured to form a toroidal vortex and a fluid sealing element to induce an azimuthal variation of the toroidal vortex (a “dynamis seal”). The fluid sealing element may include a sharp change in... Agent:

20120087807 - System and method for scavenging ullage from center wing tanks in an airplane: A system for reducing reactive components in ullage of a fuel tank, typically the fuel tank of an airplane. The system includes an air driven unit for creating a fluidic motive force to remove ullage from the fuel tank, and a main catalytic unit for receiving the ullage and reducing... Agent: Simmonds Precision Products, Inc.

20120087808 - Liquid ring compressors for subsea compression of wet gases: The present disclosure is directed to liquid ring compressors that can be employed to remove liquid from a wet gas and/or to compress a wet gas. In one embodiment, a liquid ring compressor includes a shaft, a main body inner casing disposed about the shaft to form a chamber between... Agent: General Electric Company

20120087809 - Pipe pump system: Disclosed is an embodiment that introduces a novel system to pump fluids, or, gases or, semi-solids, or, solids, from one place to another. Conventionally, a motorized pump systems are used to pump any given fluid from one position to another, nonetheless, in this invention not only a new system of... Agent:

20120087810 - Multi-stage centrifugal compressors: The invention relates to an improved multi-stage centrifugal compressor (10) comprising at least four centrifugal compression stages (11,12,13,14), each including an impeller. The impellers of one pair of the stages (12,13) are mounted on a first shaft (23) coupled to a first high speed direct drive motor (16), and the... Agent:

20120087812 - Folding personal fan: A personal motorized cooling fan designed to retract and fold into a vertical tower for economy of shipping, storage and desk space. Each fan blade includes a blade portion and a root portion that rides in a race that guides the blades as they splay during rotation. When the fan... Agent:

20120087813 - Lead wire engaging structure and electric apparatus: A lead wire engaging structure includes a first engaging portion and a second engaging portion. One end of the first engaging portion and one end of the second engaging portion are integrally provided at a first mounting portion integrally provided at a second casing wall portion. The first engaging portion... Agent: Sanyo Denki Co., Ltd.

20120087814 - Miniature heat-dissipating fan: A miniature heat-dissipating fan includes a stator and a rotor. The stator has a first leakage flux absorber and a coil layer that is arranged on the first leakage flux absorber and has a plurality of coils. An annular wall is formed on an outer edge of the first leakage... Agent:

20120087811 - Motor-driven compressor: A motor-driven compressor includes a shell, an electric motor, a first conductor electrically connected to an external power source, a second conductor electrically connected to the electric motor, a connector connecting the first conductor and the second conductor and a connector case. The connector case has a first case member,... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki

20120087815 - Centrifugal compressor assembly and method: A centrifugal compressor assembly for compressing refrigerant in a 250-ton capacity or larger chiller system comprising a motor, preferably a compact, high energy density motor or permanent magnet motor, for driving a shaft at a range of sustained operating speeds under the control of a variable speed drive. Another embodiment... Agent:

20120087816 - Cooling fan: A cooling fan (1) includes a fan housing (10), a stator (20), a rotor (30) and a bearing assembly (40). A tube (111) extends upwardly from a central portion of the fan housing. The stator is mounted around the tube. The bearing assembly includes a ball bearing (333) and a... Agent: Fu Zhun Precision Industry (shen Zhen) Co., Ltd.

20120087817 - Three element diaphragm damper for fuel pump: A damper assembly for a fuel pump includes at least one diaphragm assembly formed by joining two metal diaphragms to respective two sides of an imperforate central plate, thereby creating a pair of closely spaced diaphragms, each acting upon its own gas volume. Preferably, the diaphragm assembly has (a) a... Agent:

04/05/2012 > 9 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20120082569 - Very-small-capacity pressure gauge: A pressure gauge mounted to a pump or a back pressure regulator in an HPLC, SFC, or SFE system provides improved solvent exchange and improved measurement precision. A through hole having an inside diameter of 1.0 mm is made in a hexagonal member similar in shape to a pipe joint.... Agent: Jasco Corporation

20120082570 - Dual drive pump system: A dual drive pump system for rear wheel or front wheel drive automatic transmission in a motor vehicle includes a dual drive pump disposed off-axis of the transmission input shaft axis and driven by a gear train driven by a hub. The dual drive pump is also driven by a... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20120082571 - Fluid level control mechanism: A fluid level control mechanism comprising a float assembly, a flow line assembly, an upper centralizer, and a lower centralizer. The float assembly has a cylindrical outer float tube and a cylindrical inner float tube connected by upper and lower end plates to form a sealed cavity. The flow line... Agent:

20120082572 - Fluid pump: A fluid pump includes a drive shaft driven by power from an engine, a rotor adapted to be provided at a housing and rotating unitarily with the drive shaft, a driving wheel which is provided separately from the drive shaft and to which the power from the engine is always... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20120082573 - Aluminum wound line-start brushless permanent magnet motor: A line-start brushless permanent magnet motor assembly includes an unconventional combination of a rotor assembly including a plurality of permanent magnets mounted thereon, and a stator assembly including aluminum winding coils. The unique combination of construction features leads to significant motor performance enhancements at lower incremental cost. The line-start brushless... Agent:

20120082574 - Electromagnetic pump with frequency converter circuit: An electromagnetic pump has a frequency converter circuit for driving the electromagnetic pump, wherein the frequency converter circuit comprises an oscillator circuit, a bistable circuit and a push-pull circuit. The oscillator circuit oscillates to transform DC into a single-phase oscillating signal. The bistable circuit splits the single-phase oscillating signal into... Agent:

20120082575 - Oil-free, low pressure water vapor blower: A high-speed, single-stage, motor-driven blower designed to move water vapor includes an axial flow compressor and a rotating assembly supported by gas foil bearings and driven by a brushless permanent magnet synchronous motor utilizing a remotely mounted variable frequency drive. The blower is immersed in a water vapor flow for... Agent:

20120082576 - Pressure monitoring system for infusion pumps: A pressure monitoring system allows for more accurate and reliable measurement of the pressure inside of a tube in a pump. The pressure monitoring system prevents movement of the tubing or a change in size of the tubing due to external forces applied to the pump, eliminating inaccuracies due to... Agent:

20120082577 - Fluid transport system with elastic tube and detaching cam arrangement: A fluid transportation system includes: an elastic tube; a tube frame having a tube guide groove to which the tube is attached in a circular arc; a cam driving wheel interior of the tube and having a rotational center coinciding with the center of the circular arc of the tube... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

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