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Pumps February patent applications/inventions, industry category 02/12

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02/23/2012 > 8 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20120045346 - Electronic proportioner using continuous metering and correction: The controller of the plural component proportioner (10) dispenses both components (or all three if a three component material) as necessary to maintain the correct mix ratio. The fluid displacement measuring technique described allows this proportioning to take place with the “A” or main component pump always able to supply... Agent:

20120045347 - Air compressor: Disclosed is a portable air compressor accessory connectable to the chuck-end of a hand held electric drill via a shaft mount capable of rotating in the same axis of rotation as the chuck. The shaft passes through a housing via bearing mounts. Within the housing is a plurality of radially... Agent:

20120045348 - Integral plus proportional dual pump switching system: A dual-pump fluid distribution system that includes a first pump having an inlet and an outlet, and configured to supply a first flow of fluid, and a second pump having an inlet and an outlet, and configured to supply a second flow of fluid. In an embodiment, a bypass flow... Agent: Woodward Governor Company

20120045349 - Pressure pulsation dampener: A pressure pulsation dampener for use in a gas stream is disclosed herein. The dampener can include a housing with an inlet half and an outlet half having a recess, a shaft hole, and an extension with an outlet port. The inlet half can be secured to the outlet half,... Agent: Flat Line Pulsation Inc.

20120045350 - Double-diaphragm pumps: A double-diaphragm pump comprising a pair of axially spaced apart pumping chambers, each chamber having a pumping diaphragm which divides each chamber into an inner and outer compartment, the inner ends of both pumping chambers being closed by a central element, means for supplying fluid to the outer compartments to... Agent:

20120045351 - Electronically commutated dc motor for a liquid pump: An electronically commutated DC motor for a liquid pump, comprising a pump housing, a suction connection and a pressure connection, a substantially disk-shaped pump rotor mounted rotatably in the pump housing, the rotor comprising an impeller having a plurality of pump vanes and a permanent magnet, a partition separating a... Agent:

20120045353 - Inverter-integrated electric compressor: Provided is an inverter-integrated electric compressor in which the layout of a wiring path connected to an IPM is optimized, the wiring path is simplified, and the noise interference due to disturbance is suppressed, thereby improving the controllability. In an inverter-integrated electric compressor in which an inverter box is provided... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20120045352 - Pump and pump assembly: Provided is a fluid pump assembly. The pump has a pair of housings magnetically coupled to each other. The first housing contains a drive motor and a magnetic assembly. The second housing contains a magnetic assembly and a blade for imparting movement to a fluid. As the first magnetic assembly... Agent:

02/16/2012 > 10 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20120039723 - Controller for a liquid supply pump: A controller (30) for operating a pump associated with a liquid supply system. The controller includes a pressure unit comprising a housing (34a, 34b, 34c) having a liquid inlet (98) and a liquid outlet (39, 130). A biased (42) diaphragm (40) within the housing acts against liquid pressure within the... Agent:

20120039724 - Methods and devices used for automatically controlling speed of an expander: A method of controlling a transition time through a speed range that is unsafe for an integrity of a second expander that receives a fluid flow from a first expander, by automatically biasing a speed of the second expander is provided. The method includes setting the speed of the second... Agent:

20120039726 - Method for operating a hydraulic apparatus of a transmission device: A method for operating a hydraulic device (1) of a transmission device having a variable displacement pump (2) that can be supplied with a hydraulic pressure (p_B) in order to vary the output in the area of an adjusting device (3), and having at least two pressure circuits (PK, SK)... Agent: Zf Friedrichshafen Ag

20120039725 - Method, system and apparatus for powering a compressor via a dam: A method, system and apparatus for powering a compressor are provided. Flowing water is supplied from a dam to a power generation mechanism via a compressor water channel. The flowing water is used to drive the power generation mechanism in order to generate power. One or more compressor stages of... Agent:

20120039727 - Air conditioning unit for rescue shelter units: An air conditioning unit designed for a rescue shelter in a mine. The present invention utilizes compressed gas to power a pneumatic piston system that is able to covert the linear forces from the pistons into rotational forces. The present invention utilizes a swash plate unit to translate linear motion... Agent:

20120039728 - Compressor and clutch device: The invention relates to a compressor (1) for generating compressed air in a vehicle, having at least one piston (6, 7), a cylinder (8, 9), a crankshaft (12), a lubricant connection (14) and a lubricant supply channel (13, 15 16, 20, 21), and having a clutch device (3) by means... Agent:

20120039729 - Motor and cooling fan utilizing the same: A motor includes a base, a stator, a rotor, a circuit board and a heat-conducting insulator. The base includes a cooling plate. The stator is coupled to the base. The rotor is rotatably coupled to the base and aligned with the stator. The circuit board is received in the base... Agent:

20120039730 - Central tubular structure of a shaft seat and fan device thereof: A central tubular structure of a shaft seat and a fan device thereof. The central tubular structure includes a base, a bushing connected with the base and a sealing member. The bushing has an outer tubular wall, an inner tubular wall and a top section interconnected between the outer and... Agent: Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.

20120039731 - Ventilator: A ventilator for use in air-conditioning and refrigeration technology has a housing of plastic material in a one-part configuration having integrally formed therein an inlet nozzle, cylinder-shaped flow guiding means, outlet guide vanes, and a diffusor. A drive motor is arranged in the housing. An impeller wheel is rotatably supported... Agent: Ziehl-abegg Ag

20120039732 - Fan self-cooling structure with heat pipe: A fan self-cooling structure with heat pipe includes a stator assembly, a fan circuit board, and at least one heat pipe. The fan circuit board is flatly connected to a bottom end of the stator assembly and has at least one heat-producing electronic element provided thereon. The at least one... Agent:

02/09/2012 > 17 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20120034103 - Method and apparatus for monitoring of esp: A method monitors an ESP with a pump for pumping oil, gas, water or other fluid media, which pump is driven by an electrical motor. Acoustical phenomena of the motor and/or the pump are used as a state variable for pumping the media. The acoustic phenomena are measured as electrical... Agent:

20120034104 - Linear compressor: The present invention discloses a linear compressor which makes it possible to precisely operate a voltage using a current without having a high-capacity capacitor connected in series to a motor. The linear compressor comprises a mechanical unit including a fixed member having a compression space therein, a movable member linearly... Agent:

20120034105 - Linear peristaltic pump: An improved technique for delivering a fluid to an outlet from a storage container takes the form of a linear peristaltic pump which enables the use of two elements: a single bearing and a valve. The single bearing provides enough pressure to a flexible tube in which the fluid moves... Agent:

20120034106 - Ejector device for forming a pressurized mixture of liquid and gas, and use therefore: Ejector device for forming a pressurized mixture of liquid and gas, comprising a suction chamber and a diffuser. The suction chamber comprises an injection nozzle for producing a jet of liquid flowing in a longitudinal direction, a gas inlet for admitting into the suction chamber a gas to be driven... Agent: Total Sa

20120034107 - Rotary vacuum pump with a device for decoupling the driving motor: A rotary vacuum pump comprises, between the rotor (2) and a driving motor, a control unit (1; 101) for operatively connecting the pump and the motor only in the periods in which the pump operation is required or desired. The control unit (1; 101) includes: a rotating member (12; 112)... Agent: Vht S.p.a.

20120034108 - Fan assembly: A fan assembly includes a motor-driven impeller for creating an air flow, at least one heater for heating a first portion of the air flow, and a casing comprising at least one air outlet for emitting the first portion of the air flow, and first channel means for conveying the... Agent: Dyson Technology Limited

20120034109 - System and method for measuring pressure applied by a piezo-electric pump: A system and method for measuring the pressure provided by a disc pump is disclosed. The disc pump comprises an actuator mounted within the disc pump on a flexible skirt that allows the actuator to oscillate for generating air flow through the cavity of the pump and allows the actuator... Agent:

20120034110 - Vacuum pump housing and set of cooling elements for a vaccum pump housing: A vacuum pump housing comprises a pump housing formed in a pumping chamber. In the pumping chamber, pumping elements are arranged. On a planar outer side of the pump housing, a cooling element is arranged. The cooling element comprises at least one cooling channel which is open towards the outer... Agent:

20120034111 - Motor pump unit: A motor pump unit for a high-pressure cleaning apparatus has an electric motor and a pump. The electric motor has a motor housing that is surrounded by a cooling housing with an annular space having an annular space inlet and an annular space outlet formed therebetween. The pump has a... Agent: Alfred Kaercher Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120034112 - Motor pump unit: A motor pump unit for a high-pressure cleaning apparatus has an electric motor and a pump. The electric motor has a motor housing that is surrounded by a cooling housing with an annular space having an annular space inlet and an annular space outlet formed therebetween. The pump has a... Agent: Alfred Kaercher Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120034113 - Pumping device for fluids located at the bottom of a drilled well: Device for pumping fluid located under conditions of high ambient temperature and pressure which must deliver at high pressure including a hydraulic delivery pump (11) linked to a hydraulic motor (40), characterised in that the hydraulic motor (40) is connected to the hydraulic delivery pump (10) by a shaft (41),... Agent: Hydro Leduc

20120034114 - Linear compressor: The present invention discloses a linear compressor including: a hermetic container which defines a sealed space where a refrigerant flows in and out and which has an inlet pipe and an outlet pipe; a cylinder provided in the hermetic container and having a compression space therein; a piston linearly reciprocated... Agent:

20120034115 - Method of operating a pump/motor: A method of operating a pump/motor includes pumping working fluid into a high-pressure manifold with a first piston/cylinder assembly while the piston in the first piston/cylinder assembly is displaced from a bottom dead center position to a top dead center position, and transferring working fluid from the high-pressure manifold to... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20120034116 - Compressor: A compressor for providing pressurized air at a predetermined pressure and at a predetermined volume. The compressor has a motor with a shaft to which an eccentric is attached which moves a crank rod upwardly and downwardly and to which is attached a flexible diaphragm. The reciprocal movement of the... Agent: International Thermal Investments Ltd.

20120034118 - Fluorinated elastic tube: c

20120034117 - Methods and systems for forming a tube for use with a pump delivery system: In a method and system for forming tubing to achieve at least one predetermined performance characteristic relating to the flow of a flowable material therethrough, a relationship is determined between at least one material characteristic of the tubing material, at least one operating parameter of the tube forming machine, and... Agent: Abbott Laboratories

20120034119 - Double acting fluid pump: A double acting dual stroke fluid pump with pressure assists is disclosed. First and second pistons are mounted to a common shaft which reciprocates during compression and suction strokes. During each of the strokes, fluid is pumped out at an outlet. This is accomplished by way of a one-way valve... Agent:

02/02/2012 > 14 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20120027620 - Forced vibration piezo generator and piezo actuator: Piezoelectric elements for power generation and/or actuation are described. An aspect is directed to generators utilizing piezoelectric elements for electrical power generation. Such a generator can use one or more arrays of piezoelectric cantilevers for electrical power generation in conjunction with modulated air pressure used for exciting the cantilevers. The... Agent:

20120027621 - Electric motor system: An electric motor system has a first electric motor, a second electric motor and a control circuit shared by the first motor and the second motor. At least one of the first motor and the second motor is a permanent magnet brushless motor that has a permanent magnet rotor and... Agent:

20120027622 - peristaltic pump: The tube has a transponder, for example an RFID tag, which carries data relating to the tube. The pump unit has a reader which is capable of reading the data on the RFID tag. On the basis of a comparison between the tube data on the RFID tag and control... Agent: Watson-marlow Limited

20120027624 - Fluid transporter and fluid transporter driving method: A fluid transporter which transports fluid by pressing a plurality of radially disposed pressing shafts against a tube held in a circular-arc shape in directions from the inside of the circular-arc shape in accordance with rotation of a rotational pressing plate having a plurality of projections on the outer circumference... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20120027623 - Method and device for controlling a hot restart of a centrifugal compressor: Methods, devices and systems capable of performing a hot restart of a compressor driven by a turbine are provided. The turbine has a high speed shaft and a low speed shaft connected to the compressor. A base slow roll speed at which a speed of the low speed shaft is... Agent:

20120027625 - Pump system: The invention relates to a pump system comprising at least one pump unit, a control unit for controlling the pump unit and at least one sensor, wherein the sensor is connected to a data detection module which is spatially separate from the control unit and detects the output signals of... Agent: Grundfos Management A/s

20120027626 - Return to neutral mechanism for hydraulic pump: A hydraulic pump includes a housing (12), a cylinder block (14), a plurality of pistons (16), a swash plate (18), a trunnion arm (22), a first biasing assembly (54), and a second biasing assembly (56). The cylinder block includes a plurality of piston chambers. The swash plate is disposed for... Agent: White (china) Drive Products, Co., Ltd.

20120027627 - Compressor system for a process gas plant having heat return, and the process gas plant for carbon dioxide gas separation: A compressor system is provided for a process gas plant having heat return. The system includes compressor for compressing a moist process gas. A process gas cooler unit is connected downstream of the compressor for cooling the process gas and includes two gas coolers. The two process gas coolers are... Agent:

20120027628 - Compressor and oxygen concentrator: A compressor that generates compressed air by compressing raw air has a case section; a driving motor that is provided in the case section and that has an output shaft; head sections operated by the rotation of the output shaft of the driving motor and that suck and compress raw... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20120027629 - Fuel pump: A fuel pump has a motor portion and a pump portion, wherein fuel is sucked from an inlet port into the pump portion when an impeller is rotated and the pressurized fuel is discharged out of the fuel pump from an outlet port. A stator has multiple stator cores on... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120027630 - Vibration method to detect onset of gas lock: Vibration of an electric submersible pump assembly is monitored to produce a vibration spectrum. The vibration spectrum is compared to a known vibration signature for a pump condition that precedes gas lock. The pump condition is at least one of an impeller rotating stall condition, a diffuser stall condition, a... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20120027631 - Air compressor: A compressor including an oil separator connected to a supply of compressed air, the oil separator including a chamber having a wall defining a cavity within the chamber, and a vent within the wall, wherein the vent is in communication with the supply of compressed air at a first end,... Agent: British Telecommunications Public Limited Company

20120027632 - Compressor with a bypass port: A system is provided for adjusting the volume ratio of a screw compressor. The system can use a port in a rotor cylinder to bypass vapor from the compression chamber to the discharge passage of the compressor. A valve can be used to open or close the port to obtain... Agent: Johnson Controls Technology Company

20120027633 - Piston refrigeration compressor: This refrigeration compressor includes a plurality of compression units, each compression unit having a cylinder head including a refrigerant suction chamber and a refrigerant discharge chamber, a refrigerant distribution device having a distribution pipe and bypass pipes putting the distribution and the suction chambers of the compression units in communication,... Agent: Danfoss Commercial Compressors

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