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Pumps December patent applications/inventions, industry category 12/11

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12/29/2011 > 17 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20110318192 - Device for delivering thick matter: A device for conveying a mixture of substances includes a delivery cylinder having perforations and is configured to separate, through the perforations, mixture components from the mixture of substances. A material feed space is connected to an inlet side of the delivery cylinder and delivery line is connected to the... Agent: Putzmeister Solid Pumps Gmbh

20110318193 - Linear compressor: The present invention discloses a linear compressor which makes it possible to adjust a variable rate of a cooling capacity. The linear compressor includes a fixed member having a compression space therein, a movable member linearly reciprocated in the fixed member to compress a refrigerant sucked into the compression space,... Agent:

20110318194 - Pump with automatic deactivation mechanism: An automatic deactivation mechanism is configured for an air bladder pump having a casing and a motor located therein to pump air into an air bladder from the atmosphere and through an air valve connected through the casing. The automatic deactivation mechanism includes a housing positioned within the casing and... Agent: The Coleman Company , Inc.

20110318195 - Pump arrangement with two pump units, system, use and method: The present invention relates to a pump arrangement comprising two pump units, each pump unit comprising a pumping cylinder, a reciprocally movable pumping piston, said pumping piston delimiting a pumping chamber in the pumping cylinder in communication with a pump port for fluids, an actuator connected to the pumping piston,... Agent: Alfa Laval Corporate Ab

20110318196 - Integrated pump priming system: A vacuum accessory and a pump motor assembly are disclosed. An exemplary pump motor assembly includes a motor having a housing. The motor drives a pump impeller. The pump motor assembly further includes a primer assembly secured to the motor, the primer assembly defining an impeller cavity receiving the pump... Agent:

20110318197 - Helmet mounted fan: A helmet-mounted fan, including a main body that includes a fan assembly having at least two fan blades each including a foldable joint, a motor operatively coupled to the fan assembly, and a power supply, operatively coupleable to deliver power to the motor and configured to drive rotation of the... Agent:

20110318198 - Fluid flow rate compensation system using an integrated conductivity sensor to monitor tubing changes: An infusion system and method for controlling the fluid flow from a pump includes a pump system that has a controller that utilizes an algorithm to control the flow rate of fluid through tubing. A plurality of electrodes operatively contacts an electrically conductive portion of the tubing that is also... Agent: Hospira, Inc.

20110318199 - Oil pumping unit: A crank-type non-beam pumping unit, including a belt, a foundation, a crown sheave, a frame, a support rod, a belt pulley, a pin shaft, a crank, a transmission shaft, and a bracket. The bottom of the frame is disposed on the foundation, and the top of the frame is supported... Agent:

20110318200 - Blower fan and method of manufacturing the same: A blower fan includes a rotor arranged to rotate about a rotation axis together with a shaft, a stator arranged radially outward of the rotor and opposite the rotor, a motor support portion arranged to support the shaft through a bearing such that the shaft is rotatable, and an impeller... Agent: Nidec Corporation

20110318201 - Underwater conveying assembly with a pump and with a drive device: The invention relates to an underwater conveying assembly with a pump (2) and with a drive device (3), in which the drive device (3) is sealed off with respect to the surrounding water and with respect to a process medium, the pump (2) and the drive device (3) being combined... Agent:

20110318202 - Ceiling fan: A ceiling fan comprising an electric motor that drives a circular plate, the circular plate has three or four equally spaced quadrants positioned adjacent its periphery each quadrant is secured to the plate to be pivotal thereto to provide limited acuate movement about the pivot axis, each quadrant having a... Agent: Martec Pty Ltd

20110318203 - Centrifugal pump apparatus: In this centrifugal blood pump apparatus, one permanent magnet is provided in one surface of an impeller, a second permanent magnet is provided in an inner wall of a blood chamber, a third permanent magnet is provided in the other surface of the impeller, and a fourth permanent magnet and... Agent:

20110318204 - Turbo blood pump: An impeller 31 is provided with a rotating shaft rotatably supported at the upper and lower ends thereof by an upper bearing 9 and a lower bearing 10, a plurality of vanes 32 connected to the rotating shaft on the inner circumferential edge side thereof, an annular coupling portion 8... Agent: Jms Co., Ltd.

20110318206 - Chemical liquid supplying apparatus: A chemical liquid supplying apparatus which can discharge chemical liquid with high accuracy is provided. The apparatus is used to discharge the chemical liquid in a chemical liquid tank from an application nozzle. The apparatus has a combined member formed integrally with a pump case and a cylinder, and a... Agent: Koganei Corporation

20110318205 - Solvent delivery pump: A solvent delivery pump is provided, which includes: a cylindrical pump chamber, an inside of which is made of metal; a plunger inserted from a tip end into the pump chamber to reciprocate in a certain direction to increase and decrease a capacity in the pump chamber; a capacity decreasing... Agent: Shimadzu Corporation

20110318207 - Bellows pump: A bellows pump having: a pump body 1 including a suction path 12 and discharge path 13 for a fluid; a bellows 2 which is placed in a state where a basal end flange 2a is airtightly fixed to the pump body 1 to form a pump chamber 11 with... Agent: Nippon Pillar Packing Co., Ltd.

20110318208 - Finger-type peristaltic pump: The invention provides a finger-type peristaltic pump (2) having a body (4) and a housing (6). The body contains two or more finger-type valves (16) and a processor (22) configured to operate the valves according to a predetermined temporo-spatial pattern. The housing has a passageway (18) configured to receive a... Agent:

12/22/2011 > 14 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20110311371 - Methods and apparatus for coupling capacitors: A method for supplying a plurality of capacitance values to a plurality of heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, and refrigeration (HVAC/R) components is provided. The method includes configuring a first set of terminals of a connection device to couple a first capacitor to the connection device and configuring the connection device to... Agent:

20110311370 - Sump pump system with remote control and monitoring: The present invention in several embodiments is a sump pump system with broad capabilities for remote and automatic operation. The sump pump system of the present invention is preferably connected to the internet and possesses means for communicating over the internet. The sump pump system could comprise redundant, auxiliary, and... Agent:

20110311372 - Pump devices, methods, and systems: A membrane-based electroosmotic pump, having catalyst regions on electrodes, can pump a fluid without applying an external voltage. Chemical reactions of fluid components on the catalyst regions on the electrodes can induce an electric field that generates an electroosmotic flow through channels of the membrane. In one embodiment, a pump... Agent:

20110311373 - Rotary pump for a vehicle: Rotary pump intended to pump a liquid for the pollution control of exhaust gases in a system on board a vehicle and comprising a rotor (4), a stator (5) that are positioned in a casing comprising a wall delimiting a main internal volume and integrating an outlet pipe for the... Agent: Inergy Automotive Systems Research (societe Anonyme)

20110311374 - Submersible pumping system: A technique is provided for pumping fluids in a subterranean wellbore. A submersible pumping system can be deployed in a wellbore for moving desired fluids within the wellbore. The pumping system energizes the desired fluid movement by reciprocating a working fluid between expandable members.... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20110311375 - Modular down hole gauge for use in retrievable electric submersible pump systems with wet connect: Systems and methods for employing gauge packages for use with a wet-connect ESPs. In one embodiment, a modular gauge package includes a body, a gauge electronics assembly housed within the body, and a pair of electrical connectors at the upper and lower ends of the body, where power is passed... Agent:

20110311376 - Jet propeller for air-charging and outboard motor having the same: The invention provides a jet propeller for air-charging, and an outboard motor having the same. In addition to the propelling function, the present invention can be coupled with special function nozzle device to use the same apparatus achieving the following functions: air-charging, air pumping, as a spray gun, high-pressure water... Agent: Wisepoint Tech. Co., Ltd.

20110311377 - Compressor intake system: A compressor intake system including an end cap having an interior surface, an exterior surface, a perimeter rim, a groove proximate the perimeter rim, and a substantially centrally disposed extended portion including a plurality of air inlet passages, an O-ring configured to be circumferentially disposed proximate the interior surface of... Agent:

20110311378 - Diaphragm installation tool: An air-driven dual diaphragm pump comprises a pump body with a first air passage leading to a first air cavity with a first diaphragm, a second air passage leading to a second air cavity with a second diaphragm, and a reciprocating shaft which connects the first and second diaphragms. A... Agent: Graco Minnesota Inc.

20110311379 - Pump diaphragm: A diaphragm assembly designed for employment in a fluid driven diaphragm pump includes a piston having an inflexible core. This core includes a hub with a plate extending radially from about the periphery of the hub and a center attachment concentrically arranged in the hub and accessible from a first... Agent: Wilden Pump And Engineering LLC

20110311380 - Pump assembly: An electric motor includes a housing and at least one heat pipe for dissipating heat is integrated in the housing. Substantially all functional elements of the motor are disposed in the housing.... Agent: Grundfos Management A/s

20110311381 - Solid state sump pump control: The present invention provides a sump pump control system. The system includes a mounting fixture fabricated from a corrosion resistant material, and an electrical control comprising solid state electrical components supported by the mounting fixture. The sump pump control system also includes a diving bell cover. The diving bell cover... Agent:

20110311382 - Valve actuation system for a suction valve of a gas compressor for refrigeration equipment: The present invention refers to a system for actuation in an ad mission valve (5) of a gas compressor (1) comprising at least: one set formed by a cylinder (2) and a piston (3); one electric motor (4), operatively associated with said set, capable of providing an axial movement of... Agent:

20110311383 - Hydrodynamic chamfer thrust bearing: An axial flow pump for a blood circulating pump for the circulation of blood, the rotor the rotor being constructed and arranged to impel blood in a downstream direction upon rotation of the rotor about its axis in a forward circumferential direction. The rotor is provided with hydrodynamic thrust bearing... Agent:

12/15/2011 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20110305584 - Adaptive accuracy for enteral feeding pump: A pumping apparatus for use with a pump set to deliver fluid through the pump set includes a housing capable of receiving at least a portion of the pump set. A pumping device is moveably mounted in the housing and includes a motor that turns independently from movement of the... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20110305585 - Lubricant system: There is proposed a lubricant system having a plurality of motor-driven pumps operating in parallel as main oil pumps, wherein even if at least one of the main oil pumps stops, the other normally operating main oil pumps do not stop due to overload of a motor. A lubricant system... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110305586 - Ship propulsion system having a pump jet: The present invention relates to a ship propulsion system (S) having a pump jet (P), which comprises a pump housing (G) and a drive motor, wherein a rotor (2) of an impeller of the pump jet (P) has a rotational axis (B) which is not aligned with a control axis... Agent: Schottel Gmbh

20110305587 - Motor drive particularly for submersed electric pumps: A motor drive, particularly for submersed electric pumps, has a jacket closed hermetically by a bottom and a head in order to form a first hermetic chamber, which contains an electric motor that is immersed in a bath of dielectric cooling liquid; the jacket is associated with an enclosure in... Agent:

20110305588 - Fluid transporter: A fluid transporter includes: a rotor; a fluid delivery channel which has a groove having a circular-arc shape around a rotation axis of the rotor and disposed on a surface of a channel frame opposed to the rotor, and a sheet-shaped elastic member sealing an opening of the groove; and... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

12/08/2011 > 10 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20110300001 - Method and system for shape-memory alloy wire control: A method for controlling a device using a shape-memory alloy wire is disclosed. The method includes determining an ontime for the shape-memory alloy wire based on a target volume to be pumped by a pump plunger, determining the temperature of the shape-memory alloy wire and adjusting the ontime based on... Agent: Deka Products Limited Partnership

20110300002 - Ceramic element: A heating element can comprise a ceramic material doped with various elements. The heating element can be heated by forcing a fuel to flow through the ceramic material, where the fuel interacts with the dopants. The interaction can produce energy in the form of heat. Inventive aspects of the present... Agent: Brown-cravens-taylor

20110300003 - Pumping device for pumping fluid: The present invention describes a pumping device (1) for pumping fluids. The pumping device (1) comprises a force transmitting element (2), a tension unit (3) coupled to the force transmitting element (2) and a seal element (10). The force transmitting element (2) is adapted for transferring an upstroke and a... Agent: Montanuniversitat Leoben

20110300004 - Pumping system and method: Methods and systems for pumping or transferring fluid and for producing energy continuously and autonomously are disclosed, made up of closed thermodynamic systems arranged in series. The invention is based on the discovery of the principles of autonomous serial depression and compression. The expansion of a gas supplies the work... Agent:

20110300005 - Liquid ring vacuum pump for degassing molten plastic: A liquid ring vacuum pump (1) for degassing plastic melts, having a pump inlet (2) where gases are taken in, and a pump outlet (3) via which gases are blown out, and having a cycle (4) for the compression liquid, wherein a replaceable filter insert is provided for filtering coarse... Agent:

20110300006 - System and method for cooling a compressor motor: Apparatus and methods are provided for cooling motors used to drive gas and air compressors. In particular, the cooling of hermetic and semi-hermetic motors is accomplished by a gas sweep using a gas source located in the low-pressure side of a gas compression circuit. The gas sweep is provided by... Agent: Johnson Controls Technology Company

20110300007 - Pfa motor protection bag: A motor assembly for use in a downhole submersible pumping system includes an electric motor and a motor protection bag. The motor protection bag surrounds a portion of the exterior surface of the motor to form an impermeable, corrosion-resistant barrier. The motor protection bag comprises a seamless, elongate cylindrical having... Agent: Ge Oil & Gas Esp, Inc.

20110300008 - Compact cable suspended pumping system for lubricator deployment: A method of installing or retrieving a pumping system into or from a live wellbore includes connecting a lubricator to a production tree of the live wellbore and raising or lowering one or more downhole components of the pumping system from or into the wellbore using the lubricator.... Agent:

20110300009 - Method of processing contact portions between valve plate and suction valve and/or discharge valve of reciprocating compressor, and reciprocating compressor: [Disclosure of the Invention] A method for processing contact portions between a valve plate 8 and a suction valve 10a and/or discharge valve 10b of a reciprocating compressor to prevent the suction valve 10a and/or the discharge valve 10b from sticking on the valve plate 8 at the portions contacting... Agent:

20110300010 - Peristaltic pump assemblies, tubing cassettes, and systems incorporating such pump assemblies: Peristaltic pump assemblies in which the closing and opening of a pivoting or sliding door is coordinated with movement of the occlusion bed toward and away from the rotor assembly to engage and disengage tubing within the occlusion pathway are disclosed. Linkage mechanisms provided by the interaction of cam surfaces... Agent: Pathway Medical Technologies, Inc.

12/01/2011 > 17 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20110293439 - Cooling fan driving device and fan rotational speed control method: The invention reduces waste of flow volume of pressurized oil discharged from a hydraulic pump when the rotational speed of a cooling fan is increased to the target rotational speed. The target rotational speed of the cooling fan is set at a target rotational speed setting portion. An acceleration pattern... Agent: Komatsu Ltd.

20110293440 - Double standing valve sucker rod pump: A sucker rod pump with no travelling valve consisting of, from the bottom: hold down with pump inlet, lower standing valve, hollow coupling, upper standing valve suspended within the coupling, relief valve, hollow pump housing, solid piston within the housing, and barrel to clean and retain the piston in the... Agent:

20110293441 - Multiphase pump flow recirculation system: In accordance with certain aspects of the invention, a pump system is provided. The pump system includes a pump casing having a process fluid inlet chamber connected to a process fluid inlet through the pump casing, and a process fluid outlet chamber connected to a process fluid outlet through the... Agent: General Electric Company

20110293442 - Oil pump apparatus: An oil pump apparatus for supplying an oil to a vehicular transmission, includes a pump to suck the oil from an oil reservoir through an inlet port into a pumping chamber, and an intake circuit to convey the oil sucked from the oil reservoir to the inlet port. The intake... Agent: Jatco Ltd

20110293443 - Infusion pump with multiple orientation display: An infusion pump including a pump actuator; a fluid assembly operable with the pump actuator, the fluid assembly including an outlet line; a housing configured at its front side to receive the fluid assembly and at its backside to mount in either a first orientation or a second orientation to... Agent: Baxter International Inc.

20110293444 - Device for pressurizing a fluid, to be directly mounted on a power take-off: The disclosure relates to a device for pressurising a fluid to be combined with a rotary power takeoff of a vehicle including a casing and at least one multiplication stage, the device including a frame bearing at least one first rotatably moveable shaft bearing a member for moving the fluid... Agent: Mouvex

20110293445 - Hermetic compressor: A compressor has a rotational driver in a hermetic container, a rotational shaft coupled to the rotation driver, and a compression mechanism coupled to the rotational shaft to inhale and compress refrigerant. In addition, a first bearing fixed to the compression mechanism supports the rotational shaft, and a second bearing... Agent:

20110293446 - Coolant compressor with evaporator shell: What is shown is a housing of a small coolant compressor comprising an evaporator shell, wherein the evaporator shell is formed at least by a metal wall (2) fastened directly to the housing (1) in sealing fashion, the wall following a perimeter line of the housing (1) and by at... Agent: Acc Austria Gmbh

20110293447 - Hydraulically actuated reciprocating pump: A hydraulically driven reciprocating pump. In some embodiments, the pump includes a housing including a hydraulic chamber, a cylinder coupled to the housing, a piston assembly adapted for reciprocal motion within the housing and the cylinder, the piston assembly separating the hydraulic chamber into three subchambers, and a hydraulic system... Agent: National Oilwell Varco, L.p.

20110293448 - Resin injection molded rotary member: A resin injection molded rotary member having an insertion hole into which a shaft member is inserted, the resin injection molded rotary member rotating integrally with the shaft member inserted in the insertion hole or rotating relative to the shaft member, includes a central rotation axis, first and second shaft... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20110293449 - Electromagnetic pump: A piston is slidably provided in a cylinder and partitions a first pump chamber, and a second pump chamber connected to an object to be operated. A first on-off valve is provided between the first pump chamber and the outside. A second on-off valve is provided in a connecting flow... Agent: Aisin Aw Co., Ltd.

20110293450 - Pump magnet housing with integrated sensor element: An exemplary magnetically-driven fluid pump includes a magnet housing (“cup”) that enables one or more sensors to be in indirect (“non-wetted”) contact with the pumped fluid while avoiding the static seals normally required with sensors that are mounted to a fluid conduit or chamber and extend into the fluid pathway.... Agent: Micropump, Inc.

20110293451 - Vacuum pump: The invention relates to a vacuum pump, in particular a vane cell pump, having a housing in which a suction space is provided, and a housing passage opening into the suction space, wherein a suction non-return valve opening to the outside or into an external vacuum space is arranged in... Agent:

20110293452 - Micro-ejector and method for manufacturing the same: There are provided a micro-ejector and a method for manufacturing the same. The micro-ejector according to the present invention includes a passage plate including a barrier rib portion disposed in an upper space in a chamber and a protruding portion disposed in a lower space in the chamber and forming... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20110293453 - Ball valve device and method for forming a ball retainer in a check valve: The ball valve device comprises a tubular body in metal material, having a cylindrical wall conformed with cup-shaped internal protrusions to retain a ball shaped valving member, preventing the same valving member to be entrained by a fluid flowing through the valve device. The internal protrusions are performed by radially... Agent:

20110293454 - Structure of air bladder pumping device: An air bladder pumping device includes an air pump and an air bladder. The air pump includes a base, a resilient membrane, and two air valves. The base forms a tubular receptacle that receives one of the air valves and has a bottom defining an air exit opening. The resilient... Agent:

20110293455 - Ball valve device and method for forming a ball retainer in a check valve: The ball valve device comprises a tubular body in metal material, having a cylindrical wall conformed with spherical cup-shaped internal protrusions to retain a ball shaped valving member, preventing the same valving member from being entrained by a fluid flowing through the valve device. The internal spherical protrusions are formed... Agent:

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