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Pumps November recently filed with US Patent Office 11/11

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11/24/2011 > 13 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20110286858 - Water pump system and method: This disclosure relates a water pump control system for an internal combustion engine, and a method for operating an internal combustion engine including a clutch-controlled water pump. The water pump control system and method provide protection of the pump impeller during dry pump operation, such as when a watercraft engine... Agent: Cummins Intellectual Properties, Inc.

20110286859 - Pump controller with external device control capability: A variable speed motor controller senses the electrical load on the motor in turning a pump. An output of the controller may be used to trigger a vent valve or power to the motor may be cut if the load level indicates a restricted flow of fluid into the suction... Agent:

20110286860 - Method for controlling a compressor installation: A method for controlling a compressor system comprising a plurality of compressors, wherein the compressor system is intended to maintain a predefined excess pressure in a pressurized fluid system, wherein decisions are met at fixed or variable intervals as to switching operations for adapting the system to current conditions, wherein—in... Agent: Kaeser Kompressoren Gmbh

20110286861 - Air compressor system and method of operation: Air compressor systems, upgrade kits, computer readable medium, and methods for controlling an air compressor for improved performance. The methods may include receiving a working air requirement; determining an estimated air pressure of the air compressor to deliver the working air requirement; measuring a pressure of the air compressor; comparing... Agent: Sandvik Intellectual Property Ab

20110286862 - Pump for a lubricating system of a combustion engine: A pump is provided for a lubricating system of a combustion engine that includes, but is not limited to a housing and a lid that together define a pump hollow space in which a pump mechanism for the pumping of lubricant of the lubricating system is arranged. The pump hollow... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20110286863 - Auxiliary system for a drive device: An auxiliary drive system for a water pump includes a pump housing that is mounted to an engine block. The pump housing includes an impeller shaft that passes therethrough. One end of the impeller shaft has an impeller mounted thereon, which is part of the water pump. A second end... Agent:

20110286864 - Multiple inlet vacuum pumps: First and second pump stages provide a flow-path from an inlet to the outlet (30), the flow-path being arranged so that molecules entering the first inlet (26) pass to the outlet through the first (120) and second (122) pump stage, and so that molecules entering the second inlet (28) pass... Agent: Edwards Limited

20110286865 - Hermetic compressor: A compressor has a rotation shaft in a hermetic container, and first and second bearings to support the shaft in the container. A tolerance between the second bearing and the rotation shaft and a tolerance between the first bearing and the rotation shaft are different, so as to cause hydrodynamic... Agent:

20110286866 - Ac power unit operating system for emergency vehicles: An AC operating system has an electrical distribution panel; a variable frequency drive control unit having a first variable frequency drive and a second variable frequency drive; a hydraulic oil heat exchanger; and a hydraulic power unit. The hydraulic power unit includes a housing having a first electric motor connected... Agent:

20110286867 - Mud pump: A mud pump is provided that includes a pump shaft having substantially circular eccentric lobes. Each lobe is rotatably mounted in a connecting rod that, in turn, moves a slide in a horizontal and linearly manner. A piston rod is operatively couples a pump module to one or both sides... Agent:

20110286868 - Electromagnetic pump with oscillating piston: An electromagnetic pump is provided, which includes a hollow tubular body extending along a longitudinal direction, a piston mounted so as to be able to move inside the hollow tubular body, a solenoid, supplied with alternating current and assembled around at least a portion of the body and a magnetic... Agent: Sauermann Industrie Sa

20110286869 - Support structure of a cooling fan: A support structure of a cooling fan includes a base and a tube. The base has a raised section perpendicularly extending from the base and defining a first opening with a first inner diameter. A reception section is formed between the base and the raised section and has a first... Agent: Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.

20110286870 - System and method for holding tubing for a peristaltic pump that prevents tubing stretch or deformation: An enhancement for a peristaltic pump that, in a particular embodiment, can be a thin concave spring member or other mechanism with at least one tubing notch adapted to be mounted on a peristaltic pump frame such that peristaltic pump tubing can pass through a notch in the spring member,... Agent:

11/17/2011 > 21 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20110280736 - Control method of dryer: A control method of a dryer is disclosed. A control method of a dryer including a heat pump having a variable velocity type compressor, the control method includes steps of selecting at least one course supplying air or dried air; increasing an activation velocity of the compressor to a target... Agent:

20110280737 - End of stroke detection for electromagnetic pump: Detection of end of stroke for an electromagnetic pump is performed using, for example, a calculated first flux derivative.... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20110280739 - Method and system for pumping liquid from an offshore natural gas production well: A pump assembly comprises a first piston near a lower end of a coiled water and/or other condensed liquid discharge conduit, which is actuated by second and third pistons that are arrange at the upper and lower ends of a hydraulic or pneumatic fluid conduit, wherein the third piston is... Agent:

20110280738 - Method of surge protection for a dynamic compressor using a surge parameter: A method of surge protection for a dynamic compressor that has a corresponding compressor map. A control system continually calculates an equivalent polytropic head parameter in order to define a surge limit line. The system then calculates a control parameter and determines the distance the control parameter to the surge... Agent:

20110280740 - Ultra-low friction air pump for creating oscillatory or pulsed jets: An air pump positioned within a hollow space in an aerodynamic structure for controlling the flow over an aerodynamic surface thereof, includes a movable member linearly displaced by a very low friction piston mechanism and a compression chamber open to the exterior of the aerodynamic surface through an orifice. Reciprocal... Agent: The Boeing Company

20110280741 - Helico-axial pump, rotor for a helico-axial pump as well as method for journalling a rotor in a helico-axial pump: The invention relates to a helico-axial pump (1) for conveying a multiphase mixture (M), which helico-axial pump (1) includes a rotor (2) rotatably journalled about a longitudinal axis (A) in a pump housing (6) and having a first part rotor (21) and a second part rotor (22), wherein the first... Agent: Sulzer Pumpen Ag

20110280742 - Balance drum configuration for compressor rotors: Method and system for a rotary machine, e.g., a back-to-back compressor. A first section includes a first inlet duct, at least one first impeller and a first outlet duct. A second section includes a second inlet duct, at least one second impeller and a second outlet duct. The first section... Agent:

20110280743 - Hermetic compressor: The present invention discloses a hermetic compressor which can reduce the noise by regulating a suction pressure in a connector enabling a suction pipe of a hermetic container and a suction muffler to communicate with each other. The hermetic compressor includes: a hermetic container including a suction pipe through which... Agent:

20110280744 - Universal mount for a variable speed pump drive user interface: Disclosed herein is a user interface that can be universally mounted to a combination variable speed pump and a drive assembly therefor. The user interface is universally configured to be selectively mounted to the drive assembly and/or to an environmental surface that is remotely located from the drive assembly. The... Agent:

20110280745 - Engine assembly including camshaft with integrated pump: A camshaft assembly may include a shaft and a mechanical vacuum pump. The shaft may define first and second ends and include first and second lobes and first and second bearing support structures distributed between the first and second end. The shaft may define a first vane opening. The mechanical... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20110280746 - Mechanical vacuum pump integrated with coupled secondary air injection valve: A mechanical vacuum pump for an engine includes a flange configured for attachment to a cylinder head of the engine. The flange defines a bore, which is configured for interconnecting an injection air inlet in the cylinder head with an injection air outlet of a secondary air injection valve. The... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20110280747 - Pump with an elastic membrane and hydraulic control: A hydraulically-controlled diaphragm pump has a pump chamber (3) formed between a pump head and a pump body (9) with a movable wall formed by a diaphragm that is elastically deformable from its rest shape that corresponds to its state at the end of the suction stroke of the pump.... Agent:

20110280748 - Centrifugal blower with partitioned scroll diffuser: A centrifugal blower having at least one radial plane dividing its scroll into sub-sections which may vary as to cut-off points and axial and radial dimensions as well as axial displacement to meet requirements of individual application system flow paths.... Agent:

20110280750 - Reciprocating refrigeration compressor: A compressor (20) has a case (22) and a crankshaft (38). The case has a number of cylinders (30 32). For each of the cylinders, the compressor includes a piston (34) mounted for reciprocal movement at least partially within the cylinder. A connecting rod (36) couples each piston to the... Agent: Carrier Corporation

20110280749 - Sealed compressor with easy to assemble oil pump: A sealed compressor has a lower end cap secured to a center shell, and defines a sealed chamber. An electric motor is received within the sealed chamber. The electric motor drives a shaft that drives a compressor pump unit. A lower bearing housing includes a bearing for supporting the shaft,... Agent:

20110280751 - Air pump: An air pump structured to facilitate the installation of a pair of pistons includes a casing (17) having a pair of cylinder chambers (14) slidably accommodating a pair of pistons (16), respectively, and a drive chamber accommodating electromagnets between the pair of cylinder chambers. The pump casing has mutually opposing... Agent:

20110280752 - Air pump: There is provided an air pump in which vibration noise generated in a drive unit of the pump is suppressed from being transmitted to the outside through a suction passage. A casing (17) of the air pump has a suction port (26-12) extending from an outer peripheral surface to inner... Agent:

20110280753 - Tilt-preventing fan: The present invention provides a tilt-preventing fan having a blade device, a motor, a magnet device, a frame and a ball bearing. The blade device has a blade shaft. The blade shaft has an outer surface and a ring attached the outer surface. The motor is mounted around the blade... Agent:

20110280754 - Cam-type pump structure for a refrigerant recycling machine: A cam-type pump structure for a refrigerant recycling machine includes a cam device driven by a motor for pistons to be reciprocated in conjunction with cylinders and valve bodies so as to pump liquid. The pump apparatus is compact in size and has high efficiency for the demand of recycling... Agent: Sun-wonder Industrial Co.

20110280755 - Pump, pump arrangement and pump module: A pump has an inlet opening, an outlet opening, a pump diaphragm comprising an opening, provided with a passive check valve, through the pump diaphragm, and an actuator configured to move the pump diaphragm between a first position and a second position. The passive check valve is configured such that... Agent: Frunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Angewandten Forschung E. V.

20110280756 - Valve device for a pump: A pump includes a valve device (20) having a valve seat (21) and a cap (22). The valve seat (21) is mounted between a barrel (10) and a base (30) and includes a compartment (213) and a passageway (215) in communication with the compartment (213). The cap (22) is mounted... Agent:

11/10/2011 > 14 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20110274561 - Ceiling fan: A ceiling fan includes a connecting portion fixed to a ceiling, an electric motor having a rotation shaft disposed on a lower portion of the connecting portion, a temperature detector provided on a lower portion of the electric motor for detecting a peripheral temperature, and a controller for estimating a... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110274560 - Pump assemblies, controllers and methods of controlling fluid pumps based on air temperature: Pump assemblies, controllers and methods of controlling fluid pumps based on air temperatures are disclosed. One example method of controlling a fluid pump includes determining an air temperature, determining a run time of the fluid pump based on the determined air temperature, and running the fluid pump for a duration... Agent: Emerson Electric Co.

20110274562 - Hose pump: The invention relates to a hose pump for delivering fluids, comprising a housing (2) having a base body (2b) and a cover (2a) for opening the housing; a pump body (3) for delivering a fluid, rotatably disposed in the interior of the base body (2b) of the housing (2) about... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20110274563 - Dosing pump: A dosing pump comprises an inlet for a solvent, an injection device for an additive, a reciprocating main piston for mixing the solvent with the additive during a suction stroke and for discharging the mixture from an outlet in an evacuation stroke. A divider substantially perpendicular to a rod connected... Agent: Tefen Manufacture & Marketing Plastic Products 1990 Ltd.

20110274564 - Compressor unit: A compressor unit for vehicles having a motor (3) and a compressor pump (4) which is directly coupled thereto, wherein the compressor unit (1) is of watertight design and serves to feed air into a tire, and has a single composite line (2) for the supply of power and/or air... Agent:

20110274565 - Modular bellows with instrumentation umbilical conduit for electrical submersible pump system: An electrical submersible pumping (ESP) system for use in a wellbore having a pressure equalization system that employs modules with a bellows. The bellows axially expands and contracts in response to pressure fluctuations encountered in the wellbore. The modules are attachable in series on a lower end of a motor... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20110274566 - Magnetically driven micropump: A magnetically driven micropump for handling small fluid volumes. The micropump includes a first chamber and a second chamber. A flexible membrane being disposed between the first and second chambers. The flexible membrane being magnetically coupled to an actuator for displacing the membrane.... Agent: The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Illinois

20110274567 - Lubricant pump and machine with such a lubricant pump: The invention pertains to a lubricant pump for conveying lubricant to at least one lubricating point, wherein said lubricant pump features a first pump unit and a drive assigned thereto. According to the invention, another pump unit is also provided and coupled to the first pump unit, wherein the other... Agent: Lincoln Gmbh

20110274568 - Blower for a dehumidifier: A blower for a dehumidifier has a casing, a cover, a small low-voltage motor and a fan. The fan is mounted between the casing and the small low-voltage motor. The cover is mounted on the small low-voltage motor and the fan. The fan draws air in axially from the casing... Agent: New Widetech Industries Co., Ltd.

20110274569 - Hermetic compressor and manufacturing method thereof: A hermetic compressor is provided. The hermetic compressor may include a hermetic container; a stator shrink fitted and fixed to an inner wall of the hermetic container; a rotor rotatably provided at an inner portion of the stator; a crankshaft combined with the rotor; a compression device combined with the... Agent:

20110274570 - High-pressure cleaning device: A high-pressure cleaning device has a housing which surrounds a motor pump unit which comprises a liquid-cooled electric motor and a pump. The pump has a suction inlet and a pressure outlet. Liquid, which is subsequently subjected to pressure by the pump, can be supplied to the electric motor for... Agent: Alfred Kaercher Gmbh & Co. Kg

20110274571 - Electromagnetic reciprocating fluid device: An electromagnetic reciprocating fluid device in which a movable member is equipped with permanent magnets, resists a torque rotating the movable member about an axis thereof in the reciprocating direction. The electromagnetic reciprocating fluid device has a pair of electromagnets facing each other, and permanent magnets disposed in a space... Agent:

20110274572 - Method for feeding pasty masses and pump device for feeding pasty masses: The invention relates to a method for feeding pasty masses using a pump device which has a piston pump with at least two cylinders, each having one piston, wherein each cylinder of the pump device is connected to a pre-fill container via an inlet opening, which can be closed by... Agent:

20110274573 - Half-sleeved and sleeveless plastic piston pumps: In one aspect, a brake pump assembly with a hydraulic block and a pumping element including a polymer piston that is received in a piston bore. A circumference of the polymer piston defines a high-pressure seal slideably engaging adjacent structure. The polymer piston may include a peripheral sealing lip projecting... Agent:

11/03/2011 > 10 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20110268585 - Two-phase heat transport device using electrohydrodynamic conduction pumping: An electrohydrodynamic conduction liquid pumping system having a vessel configured to contain a liquid therein, a single pair or multi-pairs of electrodes disposed in a circularly spaced apart relationship to each other inside the vessel and configured to be oriented in the liquid. A power supply is coupled to the... Agent:

20110268586 - Systems and methods for artificially lifting a product from a well: Systems and methods for providing a pump driving unit for driving an above ground pump. The pump driving unit utilizes a single prime mover and a drive train for actuating multiple components required to drive the above ground pump. Some implementations of the pump driving unit include phase separation devices,... Agent: Sooner B & B Inc.

20110268587 - Control of a fluid pump assembly: A pump control assembly includes a fluid pump assembly having a fluid pump and a load sensing valve. The fluid pump includes a fluid inlet and a fluid outlet. The fluid pump includes a variable displacement mechanism. The load sensing valve is adapted to adjust the position of the variable... Agent: Eaton Corporation

20110268588 - Controller of hybrid construction machine: Discharge energy of a rotation motor RM and a boom cylinder BC are used as an assist force for an electric motor MG. An assist motor AM and a sub pump SP driven by output of the electric motor MG are integrally rotated on the discharge side of main pumps... Agent:

20110268589 - Pump assembly: A pump assembly includes a pump housing (2) with a fluid entry (6) and a fluid exit (8) for a fluid to be delivered. A stator housing (4) is connected to the pump housing (2). At least one cooling channel (12) is formed in a wall of the stator housing... Agent: Grundfos Management A/s

20110268590 - Fluid working machines and methods: A fluid working machine, operable to carry out a motoring cycle under at least some circumstances, comprises a controller (12) and a working chamber (2) of cyclically varying volume. The working chamber has a high pressure valve (18) associated therewith to control the connection of the working chamber to a... Agent: Artemis Intelligent Power Limited

20110268591 - Wave powered pumping apparatus: An apparatus is disclosed for an improved float type wave powered pump that uses the continuous rising and falling wave action in a body of water to pump a fluid. The pump includes piston and cylinder assemblies that are configured for relative reciprocal movement therebetween. One of the assemblies is... Agent:

20110268592 - Fluidic torque transfer device: A fluidic torque transfer device is configured such that the attachment angle of a turbine blade at a fluid outlet of a turbine runner is smaller than the attachment angle of the turbine blade at a fluid inlet of the turbine runner. Furthermore, the turbine runner is structured so that... Agent: Aisin Aw Co., Ltd.

20110268593 - Electric device mounted in electric compressor: An electric device includes: a circuit board arranged in cooling medium in a housing and having an electric element and an external coupling electrode, wherein the electric element is sealed in and mounted in a substrate, and the electric element is electrically coupled with the external coupling electrode; an external... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110268594 - Electro-active valveless pump: An electro-active, valveless pump having a pumping chamber with at least one chamber wall. There is at least one opening in the at least one chamber wall. An electro-active actuator is located over each of the openings for inducing fluid flow.... Agent:

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