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Pumps September class, title,number 09/11

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09/29/2011 > 16 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20110236224 - Air-driven pump system: An air-driven pump system comprising an efficiency valve. One or multiple efficiency valves integral to the pumping system prevent overfilling of the air chambers, thereby reducing the amount of air used by the system while decreasing the energy wasted by the system.... Agent:

20110236226 - Method of operating a compressor and an apparatus therefor: One or more compressor feed streams are passed to one or more inlets of a first compressor. Each compressor feed stream passes through a compressor feed valve. The one or more compressor feed streams are in the first compressor to provide a compressed discharge stream at the outlet of the... Agent:

20110236225 - System, apparatus, and method for rapid pump displacement configuration: A system for changing a pump displacement configuration includes a blender that provides low-pressure fluid to a pump. The pump has a power end and fluid end, where the fluid end includes a number of plungers. The system includes an actuator that couples the power end with a selectable subset... Agent:

20110236227 - Ejector: A nozzle of an ejector depressurizes and injects fluid, which is supplied to the nozzle. The nozzle is received in a receiving space of a body. The nozzle and the body are formed by press working. The nozzle includes nozzle-side ribs, which extend in an axial direction and project radially... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110236229 - Accessory for a fan: An external accessory for a portable fan including a base having an air inlet located in a side wall of the base, and an air outlet detachably connectable to the base, the accessory including a high energy particle arrester filter and connectors for detachably connecting the accessory to the fan... Agent: Dyson Technology Limited

20110236228 - Fan: A portable fan includes a casing having an air inlet, and an air outlet having an interior passage for receiving an air flow, and a mouth for emitting the air flow, the interior passage extending about an opening through which air is drawn by the air flow emitted from the... Agent: Dyson Technology Limited

20110236230 - Water pump for vehicle: A water pump for a vehicle includes a power transmitting member, a driven shaft rotated independently from the power transmitting member, an impeller, a biasing member for pressing an inner circumferential surface of the power transmitting member and for rotating in order to transmit a rotation of the power transmitting... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20110236231 - Water pump for vehicle: A water pump for a vehicle includes a power transmission member driven and rotated by an external power, a driven shaft driven to be rotatable independently from the power transmission member, an impeller, an arm member which includes a pressing portion pressing the power transmission member and which is contactable... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20110236232 - Air compression device: An air compression device is applied in an air compressor. A rotatable pressure regulating disk and a valve are disposed in a rotor set. When external air enters an air chamber in the rotor set, the air is exhausted after being compressed through rotation of a first rotor and a... Agent:

20110236233 - Double sealing labyrinth chamber for use with a downhole electrical submersible pump: A labyrinth seal assembly for an electrical submersible pumping system that communicates downhole pressure to a pump motor while sealing wellbore fluids from the motor. The labyrinth seal assembly includes a chamber circumscribing a pump shaft, labyrinth tubes, upper and lower shaft seals, and inner and outer guide tubes coaxially... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20110236235 - Inverter module and integrated-inverter electric compressor: An object is to provide an inverter module that can ensure satisfactory anti-vibration strength, moisture resistance, and isolation for each of the upper and lower boards of the inverter module and that can reduce the weight and cost, and to provide an integrated-inverter electric compressor. In an inverter module (21)... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20110236234 - Motor-driven compressor: A motor-driven compressor includes a housing, a rotary shaft, a compression mechanism and an electric motor. The housing includes a suction port and a discharge port. The compression mechanism is disposed in the housing and compresses refrigerant flowed through the suction port into the compression mechanism and discharges the refrigerant... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki

20110236236 - Driving arrangement for a pump or compressor: Driving arrangement (11) for a pump, compressor or similar, adapted to provide alternating pressure in at least two chambers (27a, 27b, 27′, 27″), such as chambers of a pump or compressor, as result of a reciprocating movement of a bar element (23). The bar element is connected to two movable... Agent:

20110236237 - Fan and fan assembly: A fan includes an impeller, a motor, a circuit board, a fan frame and a connecting member. The motor is used to drive the impeller to rotate. The circuit board is electrically connected to the motor. The impeller and the motor are accommodated in the fan frame. The connecting member... Agent:

20110236238 - Clamping device for cylinder sleeves and use thereof, and mud pump having a clamping: Clamping device for cylinder sleeves of a pump system, and a piston pump or plunger pump for conveying drilling fluid during drilling of boreholes, particularly in the field of oil and natural gas production, and its use. Pump system includes a pump unit and a driving rotary drive unit. Clamping... Agent: Bentec Gmbh Drilling & Oilfield Systems

20110236239 - Liquid containing apparatus: A liquid containing apparatus includes a first vessel for containing a main body of liquid and a second vessel, which is in fluid communication with, and located below, the first vessel. The second vessel has means for draining liquid therefrom and a vessel wall allowing the liquid within the vessel... Agent:

09/22/2011 > 15 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20110229345 - Pumping system for pumping liquid from a lower level to an operatively higher level: A pumping system for pumping liquid from a lower level to an operatively higher level; said pumping system comprising, pumping device fitted at the lower level; a bent delivery conduit; said conduit having an operatively inclined ascending conduit section; an operatively inclined descending conduit section and an operatively horizontal peak... Agent: Nanubhai Amin Marg Indsutrial Area P.o.

20110229346 - Vacuum ejector and vacuum apparatus having the same: A vacuum pump ejector may include ejector body and a nozzle. The ejector body may have a passageway through which fluids may flow. The passageway may have an orifice. The nozzle may inject a purging gas to the orifice. The ejector may decrease a pressure between the vacuum pump and... Agent:

20110229347 - Wabble plate type variable displacement compressor: A compressor reciprocates pistons via a wabble plate wabbled while being prevented from rotating. A wabble plate rotation preventing mechanism is constructed as a mechanism comprising an inner ring axially movable relative to a main shaft, an outer ring connected to the wobble plate, a plurality of balls placed between... Agent:

20110229348 - Variable displacement type reciprocating compressor: The power conversion mechanism of a variable displacement reciprocating compressor includes a joint shaft (54) that is fitted to a drive shaft (30) through a bearing (56) and supported by an inner circumferential face of a support hole (58) formed in the cylinder block (20) so as not to be... Agent:

20110229349 - Fan device for a vehicle: The invention relates to a fan device for a vehicle, the fan device comprising a regulating device and a motor for actuating a ventilation device of the fan device, characterized in that the fan device is designed such that the motor and the regulating device can be cooled by a... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20110229350 - Blower: A blower for use with a hand dryer and the like has a motor; an impeller driven by the motor; a diffuser for directing air from the impeller; and a housing accommodating the motor, the impeller and the diffuser. The motor has a rotor and a stator. The rotor has... Agent:

20110229351 - Journal bearing with dual pass cooling for air machine: A compressor rotor compresses air and delivers the compressed air to a downstream inlet and across a turbine rotor. A shaft rotates with the turbine rotor and the compressor rotor. The shaft is hollow with an inner bore and an outer periphery. At least one journal bearing supports a portion... Agent:

20110229352 - High pressure double membrane pump and membrane element for such a pump: A high pressure double membrane pump has a central housing (3), two cylindrical pump chambers (7,8), a coupling rod (4) which moves back and forth when the pump is in operation and which has a pump piston (9), two membranes which divide each of the pump chambers (7,8) into a... Agent:

20110229354 - Fan comprising anti-deflagration housing: The fan comprises a first electromechanical module including a wheel supported by a shaft coupled to a driving motor, a second mechanical module including a body delimiting a space for receiving the first electromechanical module in which the wheel and the driving motor are received, and a third electronic module... Agent:

20110229355 - Fuel pump: A fuel pump has collar members, which are inserted in end portions of brush insertion holes of an end cover on an opposite side from brushes. The fuel pump has brush terminals press-fitted into the collar members. The brush terminals are connected to annular terminals, which are inserted in a... Agent: Aisan Kyogo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110229353 - Mounting arrangement for an oil pump in a refrigeration compressor: The refrigeration compressor includes a cylinder block carrying a crankshaft and a stator of an electric motor, whose rotor is mounted to the crankshaft; and an oil pump presenting: a tubular sleeve affixed to the crankshaft or to the rotor and having a pump body internal to the tubular sleeve... Agent:

20110229356 - Fluid conveyance device: A fluid conveyance device includes a substrate, and a disk-shaped piezoelectric element arranged in a bendable manner on the substrate. A plurality of substantially circular concentric segment electrodes are provided on the piezoelectric element, and are provided with voltages with phases that are shifted. A wavy ring deformation is thus... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20110229357 - Pump assembly: The present invention provides a pump assembly having an intake, an outtake, and a rotor rotatably mounted to a shaft. A propeller is fixedly mounted to the upstream portion of the rotor and is rotatable upon actuation of the rotor. A passageway is disposed on the rotor so as to... Agent: Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

20110229358 - Ventilator: A fan (1) consisting of an electric external rotor motor (2) and of a fan wheel (4), the external rotor motor (2) consisting of a stator (6) encapsulated with an insulating material (14), and a rotor (8) carrying the fan wheel (4) enclosing the stator (6) in a pot-shaped manner.... Agent:

20110229359 - Diaphragm pump for a seat adjusting device and seat adjusting device: A diaphragm pump for a seat adjusting device comprises a diaphragm and a valve member which define a pump chamber therebetween. An inlet valve and an outlet valve are formed on the valve member. A pressure chamber is in fluid communication with the outlet valve and receives fluid discharged from... Agent:

09/15/2011 > 12 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20110223037 - Variable speed progressing cavity pump system: A pump system including a pump and a sensor system for monitoring a fluid production of the pump and providing an output indicative of the fluid production. The sensor system is configured to use at least two discreet methodologies for measuring the fluid production. The pump system further includes a... Agent: Robbins & Myers Energy Systems L.p.

20110223038 - Controller-integrated motor pump: A controller-integrated motor pump is disclosed. The motor pump includes: a pump; a motor configured to drive the pump; a control unit configured to control the motor; and a pressure measuring device configured to measure pressure of fluid at a discharge side of the pump. The control unit is mounted... Agent:

20110223039 - Pump assembly and method: A pump assembly comprises a centrifugal pump configured to pump a multiphase fluid, a suction conduit in fluid communication with the centrifugal pump, and a discharge conduit in fluid communication with the centrifugal pump. The pump further comprises an eductor comprising one or more motive nozzles disposed within the suction... Agent: General Electric Company

20110223040 - High-pressure pump arrangement: A high-pressure pump arrangement (1) which can be especially used for a common rail injection system and has a pump member (2) that contains a low-pressure inlet (8) and a high-pressure outlet (9). A pressurization chamber (12) is provided, within which a plunger (3) is movably mounted and which is... Agent:

20110223041 - Pump: A pump has a housing in which a rotor is arranged, which is rotatable in the housing about a housing-fixed axis of rotation, the rotor having at least one recess in which is received at least one displacement body which, when the rotor rotates, revolves about the axis of rotation... Agent:

20110223042 - Fan assembly: Disclosed herein is a fan assembly including an active fan, a supporting base and a passive element. The active fan includes a first impeller and a motor. The passive element is driven to rotate by an airflow from the active fan. The passive element includes a impeller and at least... Agent: Delta Electronics, Inc.

20110223045 - Motor, motor unit, blower, and electric apparatus: A stator core is formed of a main core including a first segment core, second segment core, and plate body, and a third segment core (I-shaped core). A rotor is disposed in a rotor insertion hole of the stator core, and an output shaft of the rotor is supported by... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110223044 - Piezoelectric element driving circuit: A transformer T1 receives a sinusoidal signal on the primary side. The transformer T1 is provided with a terminal 3, a terminal 5, and a center tap 4 on the secondary side. The center tap 4 is connected to the anode of a diode D1. The cathode of the diode... Agent:

20110223043 - Piezoelectric fan and cooling device: A piezoelectric fan includes reinforcing plates that increase the rigidity of a portion of the vibrating plate corresponding to a gap between a piezoelectric element and a fixing plate. First ends of the reinforcing plates are attached to portions of the vibrating plate on both sides of piezoelectric elements in... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20110223046 - Positive displacement rotary system: A positive displacement rotary system may include a main rotor and a slotted rotor. The main rotor can include an interior cavity and a fixed vane (or blade) that is attached to the peripheral and side walls of that cavity. The slotted rotor is positioned within the main rotor interior... Agent:

20110223047 - Impeller for a magnetic pump and novel impeller housing design: The invention is the combination of a magnetically driven pump, with a motor and a basin, where the motor and pump mount on opposite sides of a mounting plate through an opening in the sidewall of the basin. Mounting plate properly aligns the driven magnet in the pump with the... Agent:

20110223048 - Leaf blower: A blower assembly for a leaf blower has a case, a motor, an impeller driven by the motor, and an axial fan driven by the motor. The axial fan and the impeller are connected to opposite ends of the motor. The case has an air inlet, an air outlet and... Agent:

09/08/2011 > 15 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20110217182 - Air movement system: The invention relates to an air movement system comprising a centrifugal fan unit, wherein the centrifugal fan unit comprises a centrifugal fan coupled to a drive unit, a control unit operationally coupled to said drive unit, an inlet piece forming a inlet duct to the centrifugal fan, which inlet duct... Agent: Brink Climate Systems B.v.

20110217183 - Beverage production module and method for operating a beverage production module: A beverage production module that includes a pump for delivering a fluid from a tank to an extraction chamber, a power source for the pump and a controller for operating the pump and for controlling the voltage applied from the power source to the pump. The controller is adapted to... Agent:

20110217184 - Solar powered attic fan control system: A solar powered attic fan control system preferably includes a remote interface unit and at least one fan controller unit. The remote interface unit includes a display screen and a remote interface electronic control device. Each fan controller unit preferably includes a fan controller electronic control device and temperature, pressure,... Agent:

20110217185 - System and method for reducing compressor noise: A noise reduced compressor has a body, an energy dissipation element, and a structural element configured to retain the energy dissipation element relative to the body. A noise reducer for an HVAC system compressor has an energy dissipation element and a structural element connected to the energy dissipation element. A... Agent: Trane International Inc.

20110217186 - Fuel pump: A high pressure fuel pump for use with a direct injection engine having a housing which defines a pump chamber. A port is formed in the housing which fluidly connects a fuel in the passageway with the pump chamber. An elongated valve is movably mounted within the housing between an... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd

20110217188 - Extended length cutoff blower: A blower assembly including a blower housing having a side wall with a first portion extending from the initial cutoff through an angle of at least 45° or more, the first portion having a radius which is substantially constant or which increases at a relatively small rate. The side wall... Agent: Rbc Horizon, Inc.

20110217187 - Motor-fan assembly having a tapered fan with a concave underside: A motor-fan unit includes an end plate assembly, a motor assembly supported by the end plate assembly, and a shaft rotated by the motor assembly and extending through the end plate assembly. The fan assembly further includes a fan secured to the rotatable shaft which is supported by the end... Agent:

20110217190 - Inverter-integrated electric compressor: Disclosed is a low-cost, inverter-integrated electric compressor with which a high degree of design freedom is maintained, high vibration resistance can be achieved by reliable anchoring of the circuit components, the weight can be reduced easily, and which has excellent operational stability. An inverter-integrated electric compressor has a built-in motor... Agent:

20110217191 - Inverter-integrated electric compressor: Provided is an inverter-integrated electric compressor whose inverter section is molded using a urethane resin and which is excellent in joining reliability of electrically connected section. An inverter-integrated electric compressor, wherein the compressor incorporates a motor and wherein a motor drive circuit including the inverter is provided in a containing... Agent:

20110217189 - Refrigerant compressor: Refrigerant compressor, comprising an electric drive unit (2), a cylinder housing (1), a crankshaft (11) which may be driven by the electric drive unit, wherein the cylinder housing (1) has the main bearing for the crankshaft (11), and a piston (12), driven by the crankshaft (11) and guided in the... Agent:

20110217192 - Outer ring driven gerotor pump: A gerotor pump includes an inner ring and an outer ring. The inner ring is rotateable about an axis, where the inner ring has an outer diameter contact surface. The outer ring has an inner diameter contact surface that defines a central opening. The central opening receives the inner ring,... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20110217195 - Motor-fan assembly having a tapered stationary fan with a concave underside: A motor-fan unit includes an end plate assembly, a motor assembly supported by the end plate assembly, and a shaft rotated by the motor assembly and extending through the end plate assembly. The fan assembly further includes a discharge shell, a tapered stationary fan which has a concave underside, and... Agent:

20110217194 - Solar-powered soffit fan: The solar powered soffit fan includes an electric fan mounted over a soffit vent. A roof-mounted photovoltaic solar panel aimed at the sun delivers power to the soffit fan. During daylight hours, the photovoltaic solar panel provides sufficient electrical power to activate the soffit fan, which provides forced attic ventilation... Agent:

20110217193 - Structural improvement of submersible cooling pump: A structural improvement of submersible cooling pumps, especially a submersible cooling pump that is capable of enhancing the stability and extending service life, comprising a motor set, an impeller set and a stud set, characterized in that in said motor set, there are provided on the motor casing a top... Agent:

20110217196 - Plunger pump for fabricating soft capsules: The present utility model provides a plunger pump for fabricating soft capsules, which plunger pump includes a switch body and a plunger body interconnected to each other, a rotary switch adapted to the switch body, and a plunger rod adapted to the plunger body. The switch body and the plunger... Agent:

09/01/2011 > 10 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20110211973 - Compressor with oil level controller: A compression device includes a controller to control an operating speed of a compressor based on a detected level of oil in an oil storage area. During a speed-change operation, the controller controls acceleration of the compressor to maintain the oil level within a predetermined range when the oil level... Agent:

20110211974 - Curved pliant film valves: Disclosed is a one-way valve and sealing assemblage wherein an affixed curved pliant film device, a compressible spring, and a reciprocal curved channel surface automatically work cooperatively to permit forward material flow above a predetermined fluid pressure threshold yet check reverse material backflow at any pressure.... Agent:

20110211975 - Method and system for controlling operation of a pump based on filter information in a filter information tag: The disclosure describes systems and methods relating generally to filtration. Even more particularly, this disclosure relates to controlling the operation of a pump using filter information. A removable filter can include an electronically readable tag storing filter information. The filter information can be read by a tag reader and rules... Agent: Entegris, Inc.

20110211976 - Method and system for optimizing operation of a pump: The disclosure describes systems and methods relating generally to filtration. Even more particularly, embodiments described herein relate to optimizing operating routines of a pump based on filter information and process fluid information. The filter information can be stored on an electronically readable tag on the filter.... Agent: Entegris, Inc.

20110211977 - Oil separator built-in compressor: Provided is an oil separator built-in compressor, which prevents a drop in the separating ability of an oil separator while reducing a pressure loss in a communication hole formed between a discharge chamber and an oil separation chamber and which also considers the working feasibility of a casing. The oil... Agent:

20110211978 - Immersion motor: An immersion motor includes a housing (3) having a wall (4) with a watertight cable penetration (5, 6; 5, 6′). The cable penetration includes an inlet (5) in the wall (4) for a cable (25) and a sealing collar (6; 6′) that can be released from the inlet (5) having... Agent: Grundfos Management A/s

20110211979 - Cooling system for a multistage electric motor: A multistage electric motor includes a plurality of motor stages connected in series, each motor stage comprising a stator, and a rotor; a plurality of cooling fluid paths, each cooling fluid path forming a recirculating loop independent of the other cooling fluid paths, each cooling fluid path in communication with... Agent:

20110211980 - Inverter integrated electric compressor: Provided is a low-cost compressor having excellent operation stability which enables the improvement of the stability of a control circuit by shielding electromagnetic noise and the effective prevention of the vibration of a control substrate while the design flexibility is maintained at the same high level as that of conventional... Agent:

20110211981 - Inverter-integrated electric compressor: Provided is an inverter-integrated electric compressor excellent in joining strength and joining reliability at electrical joint. An inverter-integrated electric compressor wherein a motor is incorporated and a motor drive circuit including the inverter is surrounded by a compressor housing, characterized in that a bus bar joint section at which bus... Agent: Sanden Corporation

20110211982 - Liquid pump assembly: A fluid pump assembly is provided. The pump has a pair of units magnetically coupled to each other. The first unit contains a drive motor and a magnetic assembly. The second unit contains a magnetic assembly and a blade of a propeller/impeller for imparting movement to a fluid. As the... Agent:

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