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Pumps August inventions list 08/11

Below are recently published patent applications awaiting approval from the USPTO. Recent week's RSS XML file available below.
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08/25/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110206538 - Air compressor: When an air pressure in a tank part (5) drops from a maximum set pressure value (A1) to or below at least one restart set pressure value defined to lie in a range between the maximum set pressure value and a minimum set pressure value, a control circuit part (2)... Agent:

20110206537 - Hybrid electro-hydraulic power device: A hydraulic power device for effecting operation of at least one load, the hydraulic power device including a motor having a predetermined motor speed rating and motor power rating, at least one pump operably coupled to the motor, the pump being configured to provide, to the at least one load,... Agent: Harris Waste Management Group, Inc.

20110206539 - Fuel supply system: A fuel supply system has an in-tank module. The in-tank module is provided with a pump, a filter, a pressure regulator and a pressure sensor detecting a fuel pressure. The pressure sensor is disposed on or at a vicinity of the fuel pump so that the pressure sensor easily detects... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110206540 - Liquid dispensing system with enhanced mixing: A dispense apparatus and system for dispensing suspensions or emulsions. The system ensures uniformity of distribution of the dispersed phase within the continuous-phase liquid by moving the fluid through the dispense cartridge, such as with a continuous or pulsating flow. In one embodiment, peristaltic pumps are positioned upstream and downstream... Agent: Millipore Corporation

20110206541 - Metering pump device: A metering pump device capable of performing a fixed amount of discharge with a high accuracy even if a pressure difference occurs between outflow side valves. In the metering pump device, two reciprocating pump devices are used. The end and start of the discharge period of one reciprocating pump device... Agent: Nidec Sankyo Corporation

20110206542 - Super efficient regulator: A system for producing mechanical energy. In some embodiments, the system includes a first source providing a first fluid, a fluid pressurization device, a second source supplying a second fluid, a first motor, and a second motor. The fluid pressurization device draws in the first fluid from the first source... Agent: National Oilwell Varco, L.p.

20110206544 - Electric compressor integrating inverter: Provided is an inverter-integrated electric compressor wherein the attachability of a coil component has been improved while reliability of a connection state at the electrical joints is ensured by simplifying a mechanism which electrically connects the coil component, such as one for removing electromagnetic noise, to a motor drive circuit.... Agent:

20110206543 - Fuel pump module with driver equipped inside fuel tank: Provided is a fuel pump module used for a car, and more particularly, to a fuel pump module with a driver equipped inside a fuel tank capable of solving a problem of space limitation due to the installation of the driver by disposing the driver for controlling a BLDC fuel... Agent: Coavis

20110206545 - Volumetric pump and its driving mechanism: The pump includes a housing containing a hollow elongated part, a piston arranged to move back and forth inside an elongated part, an inlet port and an outlet port arranged so that a fluid can be sucked through the inlet port into a chamber during an instroke of the piston... Agent: Swissinnov Product Sarl

20110206546 - Fluid end assembly: A fluid end assembly including a pump housing with a number of interior passages for the flow of fluids. The housing has a plunger bore with a closed inner end and an open outer end. A suction passage intersects the plunger bore. A discharge passage intersects both the plunger bore... Agent:

20110206547 - Sludge suction apparatus for offshore structure: a valve port coupled to an upper portion of the upper mounting hole and formed with a fixing groove coupled with an upper portion of the exhaust valve; and a piston assembly fixedly coupled with the coupling section and reciprocated in forward and rearward directions to operate the suction valve... Agent: Korea Institute Of Geoscience And Mineral Resources

08/18/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110200450 - Apparatus and method for tuning pump speed: An apparatus for tuning pump speed at an optimal or desired speed using an automated method is disclosed. The apparatus includes a vacuum pump connected to a chamber for evacuating gas from the chamber. A sensor measures one or more characteristics, such as pressure, of the gas in the chamber.... Agent: Edwards Limited

20110200451 - Test controller for a rotary pump: A test controller and method to operate a rotary motor of a pump are provided. The test controller includes a test speed circuit electrically coupled to, but detachable from, the pump and being configured to apply at least one signal to the pump motor to cause the pump motor to... Agent: Circulite, Inc.

20110200452 - Multiple switch float switch apparatus: A float switch apparatus for controlling the energization of multiple electric circuits in response to the level of a liquid in a vessel, and a pump system incorporating same, are provided. The apparatus has a guide structure adapted to be mounted in a fixed position relative to the vessel. A... Agent:

20110200453 - Efficiency optimized air flow apparatus and method: A method for controlling the motor of an air handling system to provide a desired output of flowing air therefrom while minimizing the power used by the motor, including operationally connecting a switched reluctance electric motor to a blower, operationally connecting an electronic controller to the switched reluctance electric motor,... Agent:

20110200454 - Method in connection with a pump driven with a frequency converter and frequency converter: An exemplary frequency converter and method are directed to estimating an operation point of a pump when the QH characteristic curve of the pump is known. The frequency converter controls the pump, and a process curve is estimated when a first operation point of the pump is in the nominal... Agent: Abb Oy

20110200455 - Compressed-air compressor and method of operation: A compressed-air compressor for producing compressed air for a compressed-air system of a vehicle includes a cylinder and a piston. The piston is arranged in the cylinder and divides the interior space of the cylinder into a compression chamber, which can be connected to the compressed-air system of the vehicle... Agent:

20110200458 - Managing method: A method for managing a pumping device (10) suitable, in use, to supply in a periodic pulsed manner a plurality of given quantities (Q) of a given fluid (M) so as to generate a flow of said given fluid (M) presenting a first given average flow rate (PM1); the supply... Agent:

20110200457 - Pump device for the hydraulic actuation of a valve: Pump device for hydraulically activating a valve in particular used for oil and gas exploration wherein such a valve may be a safety valve assigned to a riser or a tree, said pump device including a piston cylinder unit from which pressurized hydraulic fluid can be pumped in direction to... Agent: Cameron International Corporation

20110200456 - Pump module method for a medical fluid dispensing system: A pump module is provided for use in a medical fluid dispensing system that includes a pump body made of a non-compliant material and first and second pump chambers formed in the body. Each of the chambers has a first, open end and an opposite, closed end. The pump module... Agent: Smiths Medical Asd, Inc.

20110200459 - Bathtub-type spent catalyst distributor for effective counter-current regeneration in fluid catalytic cracking units: An improved spent catalyst regenerator which contains sub-troughs branching off from the main trough, distribution troughs which extend outward from the sides of the main trough and the sub-troughs, and downflow tubes extending downward from the bottom of the main trough and sub-troughs.... Agent:

20110200460 - Vacuum pump: A thermistor 51 is disposed on a stator in a state where a sensor unit fixed to a frame 53 by a thin film such as a polyimide film opposes a rotor section that is a target of temperature detection. Further, assuming the non-negligible influence, in terms of measurement, that... Agent:

20110200461 - Pump control system: A pump control system includes a source of pressurized fluid an output valve adjustably controls the flow of pressurized fluid from the source. An output valve control is coupled to the output valve and monitors the actual state of the output valve. The control selectably adjusts the output valve in... Agent: Akron Brass Company

20110200462 - Sealed compressor: A hermetic compressor includes a thrust ball bearing (176) on the thrust face (160) of the main bearing (126). The thrust ball bearing (176) includes balls (166) held in a holder (168), an upper race (164) and a lower race (170) arranged respectively on and beneath the balls (166), and... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110200463 - Pump, particularly high-pressure fuel pump: The invention relates to a pump, particularly a high-pressure fuel pump, having a housing, a drive shaft that is rotationally driven and has at least one drive section, and at least one pump piston, which is guided in a cylinder bore of a housing part of the pump in a... Agent:

20110200464 - Method and disposable low-cost pump in container for liquid color dispensing: A pump has a PVC “T” shaped member having an inlet, an outlet and an interior pumping chamber positioned between the inlet and outlet; a piston displaceable into the chamber; an air cylinder for driving the piston into the chamber; a spring for biasing the piston outwardly from the chamber... Agent:

20110200466 - Compact structure for an electric compressor: The invention relates to a system and method of providing a compressor mechanism having a front housing, center housing and rear housing. The center housing includes an integrated compressor bearing support and compressor base surface that divides the housing into cantilevered wall sections. The system and method constructed in this... Agent: Visteon Global Technologies, Inc.

20110200465 - Motor direct driven compressor system: A motor direct driven compressor system includes a motor, a coupling and a compressor, and the coupling is coupled between the motor and the compressor, and a second assembling portion, a coupling portion and a metal plate of the coupling are used for connecting a driving shaft of the motor... Agent: Heng Sheng Precision Tech. Co., Ltd.

20110200468 - Power driven compressor system for vehicles: A power driven compressor system for vehicle includes: a housing, formed with a driving circuit accommodating room; a transmission set disposed in the housing and driven by electrical power to produce a rotating magnetic for rotating a transmission axle; a scroll set comprised of a static scroll and a orbiting... Agent: Heng Sheng Precision Tech. Co., Ltd.

20110200467 - Power driven compressor that prevents overheating of control circuit: A power driven compressor that can prevent its control circuit from overheating includes: a housing whose interior accommodates a transmission assembly and a compressor assembly and has an air inlet and a coolant outlet; a control circuit accommodating box which is disposed on the housing and has a coolant inlet... Agent: Heng Sheng Precision Tech. Co., Ltd.

20110200469 - Submersible motor pump, motor pump, and tandem mechanical seal: A submersible motor pump includes a water jacket having a circulation passage of a coolant, a centrifugal impeller for circulating the coolant, a suction passage configured to provide fluid communication between the circulation passage and a fluid inlet of the centrifugal impeller, and a discharge passage configured to provide fluid... Agent:

20110200470 - Compressor: A compressor is disclosed, which has an inflow channel for guiding a compression medium into a compressor housing, a pressure chamber formed within the compressor housing, and a liner segment with nozzles that transport the compression medium from the pressure chamber to a rotor. The nozzles are formed in the... Agent: Mtu Aero Engines Gmbh

20110200471 - Compressor and manufacturing method thereof: A compressing device, a drive shaft and a bearing device are assembled into a tubular member. All-around welding of a cover member to the tubular member is performed to form a casing in such a manner that welding is overlapped over a welding start point, at which the all-around welding... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110200472 - Integrated fuel delivery module and methods of manufacture: An apparatus includes a housing defining a first cavity containing a pump, a second cavity containing a filter and a lumen configured to provide fluid communication between the first cavity and the second cavity. The housing has a first end portion configured to be disposed within a fluid reservoir and... Agent:

08/11/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110194945 - Method for transporting a fluid and device for producing a volume flow: The invention relates to a method for transporting a fluid for generating a fluid jet, wherein the fluid is delivered from a pump under pressure with a predetermined volume flow to an exit opening. In the event of an interruption of the volume flow, the pump is automatically switched from... Agent: Human Med Ag

20110194946 - Electronic oil pump: An electronic oil pump has at least one lubricant inlet, at least one lubricant outlet, at least one piston being movable between a full stroke position and a fully retracted position, an electrical actuator operatively connected to the at least one piston, a first electrical lead connected to a first... Agent: Bombardier Recreational Products Inc.

20110194947 - Apparatus for driving compressor of air conditioner and method for driving the same: An apparatus and method for driving a compressor of an air conditioner are disclosed. When compensating for load torque of a compressor (e.g., a single-rotary compressor) of an air conditioner, a method for providing a compensation torque using an optimum phase compensation angle is used. In relation to a phase... Agent:

20110194949 - Compensating mechanical seal for use with a downhole electrical submersible pump: An electrical submersible pumping system having a pump, a motor, a shaft connecting the pump and motor, and a mechanical seal assembly on the shaft. The mechanical seal assembly includes a sleeve circumscribing the shaft that is axially movable with respect to the shaft. The shaft is retained within a... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20110194948 - Method for regulating a compressed air supply system of a motor vehicle: A method for regulating a compressed air supply system of a motor vehicle, the system having a driving engine for driving the motor vehicle, which can be switched via a switchable hydrodynamic coupling to a driven connection with an air compressor, so that the air compressor feeds a compressed air... Agent:

20110194950 - Efficiency improvements for liquid ring pumps: The present invention is directed to a textured surface that provides for drag reduction, and therefore efficiency improvements in a liquid ring pump. At least a portion of the surfaces of the pump that contact fluid therein the pump are textured to control boundary layer separation. The texture can be... Agent:

20110194951 - Variable displacement compressor: Disclosed is a variable displacement compressor provided with a displacement control valve capable of easily adjusting an optimum level the sensitivity to a rise in the pressure in a crank chamber. The variable displacement compressor is configured in such a manner that the stroke of a piston is adjusted by... Agent:

20110194952 - Effort reducing start mechanism for hydraulically propelled vehicles: A propulsion unit 10, used to propel a line striper, is provided with a gasoline engine 12 which may have either a pull/recoil or an electrical starter. Engine 12 is connected via a centrifugal clutch 14 of a known type to a hydraulic pump 16 which includes a hydrostatic drive... Agent:

20110194953 - Transmission additive injection assembly: The present invention relates to an injection system/device and method of using for use in an automatic transmission fluid changing machine. The device including at least a reservoir capable of containing automatic transmission fluid additives; a pressure pump; a plurality of supply lines in fluid communication with the reservoir and... Agent: Vesco Oil Corporation

20110194955 - Electric fan: An electric fan is provided, including a labyrinth structure with increased performance of preventing entry of a liquid into a receiving space to receive a stator and a rotor. A clearance is defined between an opposed wall portion of a base and an opposed wall portion of an impeller body,... Agent: Sanyo Denki Co., Ltd.

20110194954 - Electric pump unit: An electric pump unit includes: a unit housing; a bearing unit provided within the unit housing; a rotary portion; and a motor stator fixed to the unit housing. The rotary portion includes: a pump driving motor shaft supported by the bearing unit such that an axial position of a center... Agent:

20110194956 - Mechanism for sealing pfa seal bags: A seal section for use in a downhole submersible pumping system includes a housing, a bag support tube extending through the housing, a shaft positioned inside the bag support tube and a bag plate connected to the bag support tube. The bag plate preferably includes an end cap secured to... Agent: Wood Group Esp, Inc.

20110194957 - Linear compressor: There is provided a linear compressor (100), which has a reduced number of front main springs (820) located at the front among springs continuously transmitting a force so that a piston (300) can move in a resonance condition. The linear compressor (100) comprises: a hermetic container (110) to be filled... Agent:

20110194958 - Armature for fuel pump and manufacturing method thereof: Disclosed herein are an armature for fuel pumps and a manufacturing method thereof, in which a polymer coating film is formed on an armature core such that the armature has corrosion resistance to an alcohol fuel and to a highly corrosive fuel.... Agent: Coavis

20110194959 - Oil pump with air vent structure: In an oil pump for an automatic transmission, a suction port is adapted to be connected to a first suction passage. The first suction passage is arranged in parallel with a second suction passage connected to an auxiliary pump. The first and second suction passages branch from an upstream suction... Agent: Jatco Ltd

08/04/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110189027 - Pump powered by a polymer transducer: The invention provides a pump with a transducer comprising a laminate with a film of a dielectric polymer material arranged between first and second layers of an electrically conductive material so that it is deflectable in response to an electrical field applied between the layers, wherein the laminate is arranged... Agent:

20110189030 - Fluid pump: The present invention relates to the oil pump, and can be used with a standard pump jack. The pump can be used to withdraw any type of fluid, including water for example. Certain aspects of the invention relate to a method and apparatus for efficiently converting the up and down... Agent:

20110189029 - Hydraulic fluid control system for a diaphragm pump: A hydraulic fluid control system for a hydraulic diaphragm pump including at least one hydraulic diaphragm containing a process fluid surrounded by at least one hydraulic fluid chamber containing a hydraulic fluid is provided. The system includes a differential pressure sensor operable to detect and measure a pressure difference between... Agent:

20110189028 - Pressure pulse interaction management in a multiple pump system: Methods which include operating a plurality of pumps fluidly coupled to a common fluid line, and modulating a pumping speed of at least one of the pumps to reduce an amplitude of a pressure fluctuation in the common fluid line, where the modulating comprises maintaining an average aggregate pumping rate... Agent:

20110189031 - Method and apparatus for improved, high-pressure, fluid pump: An apparatus for constructing a high pressure fluid pump has a piston housing, a pump head connected to and supported by the piston housing, and a pump pedestal for supporting the pump head and the piston housing. The pump head receives water at low pressure and, in combination with the... Agent:

20110189032 - Pressure control for a fluid sprayer: A fluid sprayer is provided and includes a fluid pump assembly having an outlet path and a motor assembly configured to drive the fluid pump assembly to pressurize fluid. The motor assembly is controlled by a throttle mechanism. The fluid sprayer also includes a fluid pressure control assembly including a... Agent: Wagner Spray Tech Corporation

20110189033 - Centrifugal blower assembly: A motor housing includes a motor support portion defining a central axis and including a first end and a second end, a wall surrounding the motor support portion, a surface offset from the wall toward the second end in a direction parallel with the central axis, a cooling air passageway... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20110189034 - Transfer pump: A transfer pump includes a motor that attaches to a manifold with a motor mount that seals a top end of the manifold. The motor mount includes a tubular portion that extends into and threadably engages the manifold, to cooperatively define a channel therethrough. The manifold includes a plurality of... Agent:

20110189035 - Integrated-inverter electric compressor: An object is to achieve a compact design by using a dead space in an inverter box effectively, to improve cooling properties of heat-generating electrical components disposed on a control circuit board of an inverter, and to increase flexibility of wiring layout. In an inverter box provided at a periphery... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20110189036 - Modular vertical pump assembly: A modular vertical pump assembly has a motor, a coupling, a pump, a frame, and a base. The frame installs on the base around the pump, and supports of the frame hold a mount for the motor. The shaft from the motor extends through the mount, and the coupling installs... Agent: O'drill/mcm Inc.

20110189037 - Pump assembly for evaporative cooler: A pump assembly for circulating water in an evaporative cooler is provided. The pump assembly may include a housing which defines a cavity. The pump assembly may also include an impeller received in the cavity of the housing. Further, the pump assembly may include a rod which may be operatively... Agent:

20110189038 - Drywall mud pump with clamp or improved foot valve: Drywall mud pumps for pumping drywall joint compound from buckets into drywall tools that each include a body or main cylinder, a driver or piston, and a handle. A structural component may be in rigid relation to the body and the handle may include two members that slidably or telescopically... Agent: Cinta Tools Inc.

20110189039 - Drywall mud pump with improved handle: Drywall mud pumps for pumping drywall joint compound from buckets into drywall tools that each include a body or main cylinder, a driver or piston, and a handle. A structural component may be in rigid relation to the body and the handle may include two members that slidably or telescopically... Agent: Cinta Tools Inc.

20110189040 - Fluid end: A fluid end for a high-pressure pump including a metallic block having a front, back, top, bottom, and opposed sides. The block has a horizontal, plunger passage extending from the front to the back thereof. A horizontal, outlet passage extends from one of the opposed sides of the block to... Agent:

20110189041 - Method and apparatus for improved, high-pressure, fluid pump: An apparatus for constructing a high pressure fluid pump has a piston housing, a pump head connected to and supported by the piston housing, and a pump pedestal for supporting the pump head and the piston housing. The pump head receives water at low pressure and, in combination with the... Agent:

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