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Pumps July category listing 07/11

Below are recently published patent applications awaiting approval from the USPTO. Recent week's RSS XML file available below.
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07/28/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110182752 - Method for controlling the feed rate of a feed pump: A method for controlling the feed rate of a feed pump, including a drive part having a drive motor and a hydraulic part having an intake opening, a discharge opening and a feed mechanism situated in between, a setpoint feed rate being predefined and the feed pump being triggered based... Agent:

20110182753 - Capacity control valve, variable capacity compressor and capacity control system therefor: Provided are a capacity control valve, a variable capacity compressor, and a capacity control system, which control a discharge capacity stably even when a cooling load is small, and reduce the risk of damaging a compressor even in a state when the quantity of a refrigerant is insufficient. The capacity... Agent:

20110182754 - Portable air compressor: An air compressor includes a housing assembly and a compressor system positioned substantially within the housing assembly. The compressor system is operable to compress ambient air. The air compressor also includes a tank positioned substantially within the housing assembly in communication with the compressor system to receive pressurized air from... Agent:

20110182755 - System for raising water from an underground source: A system for raising water from an underground source of water to an aboveground tank includes a plurality of capillary tubes for raising water from the underground source to a first water level, a pipe for raising water from the first water level to an above ground tank, the aboveground... Agent:

20110182757 - Apparatus for a pump, and a water pump: An apparatus is proposed for a pump, in particular a water pump of a motor vehicle having a rotating pump wheel which can be driven, and having a switchable clutch arrangement for switchable connection of the pump wheel to a drive side. According to the invention, the pump wheel is... Agent: Licos Trucktec Gmbh

20110182756 - Multi-phase pump: A multi-phase pump for the pumping of mixtures, which contain a plurality of phases is proposed. The multi-phase pump (1) is equipped with at least one rotor (5.1, 5.2), a hollow shaft (2) on which the rotor is arranged and with at least one shaft extension piece (10) which respectively... Agent: Sulzer Pumpen Ag

20110182758 - Mechanism to raise the efficiency of a reciprocating refrigeration compressor: An improvement to raise the efficiency of a reciprocating refrigeration compressor, the improvement comprising a channel in the piston that transfers pressure from the clearance volume of the cylinder to the low pressure side of the piston when an opening of the channel aligns with a groove or a duct... Agent:

20110182759 - Mechanism to raise the efficiency of a reciprocating air compressor: An improvement to raise the efficiency of a reciprocating air compressor, the improvement comprising a channel in the piston that transfers pressure from the clearance volume of the cylinder to the low pressure side of the piston when an opening of the channel aligns with a groove in the cylinder... Agent:

07/21/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110176931 - Efficient vacuum for a vehicle: An engine with an efficient selectively operable vacuum source is disclosed. In one example, an electric vacuum pump with oil wetted seals provides vacuum to a vehicle. The approach may provide for improved efficiency when generating vacuum.... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20110176932 - Hydraulic circuit for a power transmission device: A hydraulic fluid circuit for a power transmission device includes a first hydraulic circuit segment fluidly decoupled from a second hydraulic circuit segment. A hydraulic pump includes a first fluidic pumping element and a second fluidic pumping element. The first fluidic pumping element fluidly communicates with the first hydraulic circuit... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20110176933 - Method for determining the functional relation of several pumps: A method for determining the functional relationship of several pumps which are controllable in their rotational speed, in a hydraulic installation. At least one pump is activated with a changed rotational speed, and at least one functional relationship of the installation is determined from the hydraulic reactions. With a suitable... Agent: Grundfos Management A/s

20110176934 - Sample preparation apparatus, sample preparation method, and computer program: A sample preparation apparatus comprising: a filter which separates predetermined cells from a liquid sample containing a plurality types of cells; a rotor which includes a magnetic body and detaches the predetermined cells attached to the filter by rotation; a driving unit which rotates the rotor using a magnetic force;... Agent: Sysmex Corporation

20110176935 - Jet eductor pump: The invention provides a synthetic jet eductor pump that includes a synthetic jet actuator coupled to a fluid conduit. The synthetic jet actuator may include a vibratable membrane, an actuating portion that vibrates the vibratable membrane, a pump chamber coupled to the vibratable membrane, and a pump conduit in fluid... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics, N.v.

20110176936 - Pressure exchanger: A pressure vessel provided with a first port acting as a high pressure inlet of a first stream and a second port acting as a high pressure outlet. A rotatable valve element is located in the centre of the machine and includes a centre plate, which is utilized to separate... Agent:

20110176937 - Venturi-type liquid pump: A venturi-type liquid pump is provided. The pump includes a supply line having a front end and a rear end, wherein the front end of the supply line includes a connector for connecting a supply of pressurized liquid to the supply line and the rear end of the supply line... Agent:

20110176938 - Torsional restraint for jet pump assembly: Disclosed are various torsional restraint systems for torsionally restraining a jet pump assembly, wherein the jet pump assembly includes a riser pipe, a transition assembly on the riser pipe, and a restrainer bracket connecting a first and a second inlet mixer to the riser pipe. The torsional restraint system includes... Agent:

20110176939 - Decoupleable pulley for controlling a water pump: A pulley assembly comprising a locking assembly connected to an input shaft of a water pump, a pulley mounted in a idle condition with respect to the shaft, an armature which is axially mobile in order to selectively cooperate by friction with the pulley, an electromagnet to displace the armature... Agent: Dayco Europe S.r.l.

20110176940 - High pressure intensifier system: A hydraulic pressure intensifier system (10) for developing a high pressure fluid jet that utilizes an electric motor (84) for both pressurizing a hydraulic fluid and for controlling the pressure and/or flow of the high pressure fluid jet developed by the system. The intensifier system also utilizes a return spring... Agent:

20110176941 - Power plug system for submersible pump system: A power plug system for use with a submersible pump. One embodiment comprises a male plug end, a female plug end, and a plurality of seals. The male plug end comprises a housing and a conductive sleeve. The housing receives an electrically conductive cable and conducts an electric current from... Agent: Flowserve Management Company

20110176942 - Sealed compressor: A hermetic compressor includes a cylindrical hole (117) forming a compression space (115) and having a tapered portion (127) so as to increase its inner diameter from the top dead center to the bottom dead center of a piston (123). The piston (123) is reversed in its inclination direction with... Agent: Panasonic Carporation

20110176943 - Impeller for a magnetic pump and novel impeller housing design: The invention is a magnetically driven pump with a floating impeller and driven magnet, and the invention includes an impeller surface having geometric figures acting as the pumping bodies.... Agent: Gulfstream Plastics, Ltd.

20110176944 - High-pressure pump: A housing of a high-pressure pump defines a passage communicating with a pressurizing chamber in which fuel is pressurized. The passage has an annular engagement groove which is radially outwardly concaved on its inner wall surface. A valve body is disposed in the passage. The engaged member is disposed inside... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110176945 - Crinkle diaphragm pump: An undulating diaphragm pump having a propulsion chamber for receiving said diaphragm, wherein the diaphragm has mechanical characteristics that vary from an inlet of the propulsion chamber towards an outlet of the propulsion chamber in such a manner that, when the diaphragm is actuated to deform with a traveling wave... Agent: Ams R&d Sas

20110176946 - Diaphragm pump with a crinkle diaphragm of improved efficiency: A pump having an undulating diaphragm mounted for undulating between two end plates under drive from at least one electromagnetic actuator in order to transfer a fluid between an inlet of the pump and an outlet of the pump. The pump includes adapter means connecting the diaphragm support to a... Agent: Ams R&d Sas

07/14/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110171040 - Wind powered sea pump: A wind powered sea pump comprises a propeller, rotor, one or more pumps and one or more flywheels. The present invention relates to a pump powered by the wind to move cold subsurface water from a lower level of the sea to the warmer surface water. The wind powers the... Agent:

20110171041 - Vacuum pump: A vacuum pump comprises an actuator with an actuating shaft; a mounting base with a first side being attached to the actuator; a pumping device having a pump ring being attached to a second side of the mounting base opposite to the first side; and a sound-proof cap being attached... Agent:

20110171042 - Non-rotating single post ram for inductor pump: An inductor pump system comprises a pump system, a ram system and a bearing assembly. The pump system includes a platen configured to engage a container. The ram system comprises a cylinder configured to support the pump system, and a piston extendable from the cylinder to vary axial positioning of... Agent: Graco Minnesota Inc.

20110171043 - Fluid transfer apparatus: The invention relates to an apparatus for transporting a fluid, an object to be transported, in the vertical or horizontal direction. More particularly, the apparatus of the present invention has a surface formed into a pattern recursively alternating in a fluid transfer direction such that the surface of the apparatus... Agent: Korea Research Institute Of Standards And Science

20110171044 - Multi-stage reciprocating compressor: A multi-stage reciprocating compressor includes a cylinder block and a cylinder head. The cylinder block defines a low stage cylinder and a high stage cylinder. The cylinder head is secured to the cylinder block overlying the low and high stage cylinders. The cylinder head defines a mid-stage plenum which is... Agent: Carrier Corporation

20110171045 - Pressure washer pump: A high-pressure water pump for a pressure washer system includes an elliptical cam, a piston, and an unloader. The elliptical cam is designed to be powered by a prime mover, and is rotatable between a first orientation and a second orientation. The piston is designed to be driven within a... Agent: Briggs & Stratton Corporation

20110171046 - Noise muffler for compressor and compressor: The present invention refers to a noise muffler for refrigeration compressors capable of dampening noise generated by the intermittent flow of the compressor and at the same time a muffler that reduces the loss of load in the refrigeration system. Accordingly, a noise muffler for a refrigeration compressor (1) is... Agent:

20110171047 - Removable locking coupling for shaft: An electrical submersible pump has a pump assembly joined to a seal section. The pump assembly shaft, which may experience upthrust axial forces, may joined to the seal section shaft by a detachable coupling. The detachable coupling may have splines on its inner diameter that engage splines on the outer... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20110171048 - Magnetic drive pump assembly with integrated motor: Embodiments of the invention provide a pump assembly and a method for assembly the pump assembly. The pump assembly includes a stator assembly, a lower pump housing, an upper pump housing, a rotor assembly, and an isolation cup. The method includes coupling the stator assembly to the lower pump housing,... Agent:

20110171049 - Steam driven pump for sagd system: A downhole pump is operated by a non-electric motor preferably a steam turbine. In a steam assisted gravity drain system the producing well is U-shaped. A steam supply line runs into the turbine that drives the pump after the steam supply passes through a packer. The steam exhaust runs through... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20110171050 - Piezoelectric pump: A piezoelectric pump is capable of reliably discharging gas and reliably transporting liquid even when intermittently driven. The piezoelectric pump includes a piezoelectric vibrator, a diaphragm deflected and deformed by the piezoelectric vibrator, a pump chamber including at least one wall surface defined by the diaphragm, an inlet through which... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

07/07/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110164990 - Multi-stage compressor: A multi-stage compressor (1) for compressing gases with a low-pressure region (2) and a high-pressure region (5), wherein at least one rotary compressor (3) is provided in the low-pressure region (2), and at least one reciprocating piston compressor (6) with two cylinders (7) is provided in the high-pressure region (5),... Agent:

20110164991 - Linear compressor: A linear compressor having a compressor chamber with an end wall that includes a recess; a piston that moves in an oscillating manner in the compressor chamber; and a proximity sensor that is disposed on the end wall of the compressor chamber to detect an approach of the piston to... Agent: Bsh Bosch Und Siemens Hausger&#xc4 Te Gmbh

20110164992 - Vacuum evacuation device: A vacuum evacuation device including: a main pump; an auxiliary pump connected in series to the main pump; and an inter-pump piping for interconnecting an outlet of the main pump and an inlet of the auxiliary pump, wherein the main pump includes a mechanical booster pump; a ratio of the... Agent: Ulvac, Inc.

20110164993 - Automotive vehicle and method for controlling power consumption of a compressor therein: A method for controlling power consumption of a compressor of an automotive vehicle climate system may include identifying an energy source providing energy to power the compressor and selecting an operating parameter of the climate system based on the identified energy source to control power consumption of the compressor.... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20110164994 - Axial piston compressor, in particular a compressor for the air conditioning system of a motor vehicle: Axial piston compressor, especially a compressor for the air-conditioning system of a motor vehicle, having a housing and, for drawing in and compressing a coolant, a compressor unit arranged in the housing and driven by means of a drive shaft, the compressor unit comprising pistons, which move axially back and... Agent:

20110164995 - Fluid pump: i

20110164996 - Solution sending pump: A motor is fixed to a retaining member by bolts and well nuts. The well nuts are attached to the retaining member so that their flange portions are positioned between a motor fixing portion and the retaining member, and a clearance corresponding to thickness of the flanges of the well... Agent:

20110164997 - Pump: A circulating pump with an impeller disposed in a pump housing, by which a fluid can be delivered from a pump inlet of the pump housing to a pump outlet of the pump housing. The circulating pump includes an electric motor, the rotor of which is mechanically coupled to the... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20110164998 - Pitch change apparatus: A pitch change apparatus comprises a hydraulic actuator for angular displacement of propellers of the propeller assembly. The hydraulic actuator has a piston and cylinder arrangement which defines fine and coarse fluid chambers. Increasing the volume of the fine chamber at the expense of the coarse chamber results in angular... Agent: Rolls-royce PLC

20110164999 - Power pumping system and method for a downhole tool: A system and a method are disclosed herein that relate to powering a pumping system within a downhole tool. The system may include a turbine having a shaft extending therefrom, in which the turbine is configured to convert energy from a fluid received therein into rotational energy for the shaft.... Agent:

20110165000 - Hermetic compressor: There is provided a hermetic compressor which has a simplified structure and can satisfactorily separate a lubricating oil from a refrigerant and efficiently discharge the refrigerant from a hermetic container. A discharge passage (90) is provided to extend through a scroll unit (30) and a primary shaft frame (14), or... Agent:

20110165001 - Helically actuated positive-displacement pump and method: First and second structures are connected by helical fibers. The orientation between the first and second structures are changed, and by doing so, the positions of the helical fibers are correspondingly changed. The position of change of the helical fibers can be used for a pumping effect, or to change... Agent:

20110165002 - Ceiling fan: A ceiling fan comprising: a fan motor and blade assembly, a mounting tube for suspending the fan motor and blade assembly from a ceiling, and a power supply mounted within the mounting tube configured to power the fan motor. Also a ceiling fan comprising a moulded stator frame, a raised... Agent: Haiku Design Sdh Bhd

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