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Pumps June invention type 06/11

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06/30/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110158821 - Hydraulic circuit and method for controlling the same: A hydraulic circuit includes a pump driven by a motor, an inverter for controlling the motor, and an accumulator. The inverter controls rotational speed of the motor such that the pump always discharges hydraulic fluid at a fixed flow rate, which is the sum of an average necessary flow rate... Agent:

20110158822 - Method and device for automatically conveying liquids of gases: Disclosed is a device for conveying liquid and/or gaseous media, comprising at least two pumping chambers whose volumes change periodically during operation. Each pumping chamber is provided with at least one intake and discharge valve while all pumping chambers are fitted with a common main inlet and a common main... Agent:

20110158823 - Shuttle pump with controlled geometry: An infusion pump uses an improved shuttle mechanism to more reliably pump liquids in low volumes for medical and other purposes. The improved shuttle uses linear translation and wider, symmetric jaws to grasp infusate tubing and pump liquid infusate through the tubing. Adjustment of the linear motion allows a user... Agent: Baxter Healthcare S.a.

20110158824 - Subsea technique for promoting fluid flow: The present application is directed to a submersible pumping system operable under hydrostatic pressure. The system suitably comprises a prime mover submersible within a first fluid; a pump means submersible within the first fluid and sealably coupled to the prime mover; and a fluid source in fluid communication with the... Agent:

20110158825 - System and method for modifying an automobile engine for use as a gas compressor: In accordance with various embodiments of the present invention, a system and method are provided for converting a conventional automobile engine into a gas compressor. In various embodiments, the system and method may provide an economical and efficient gas compressor by modification of a balance-opposed internal-combustion engine to provide a... Agent:

20110158826 - Feed device for a precursor: A feed method and a feed device, comprising a vacuum pump for evacuation of a storage vessel for a precursor which is solid and/or liquid at room temperature and atmospheric pressure and for feeding the gaseous precursor which has been vaporized by evacuation, a first line section on the inlet... Agent: Schott Ag

20110158827 - Wave driven air compressor: A vertical wave powered air compressor where different parts of the structure are at different depths (and hence static pressures). A plurality of compression stages are stacked one below the other. Each level has two or more chambers. The chambers have a series of check valves or water seals between... Agent:

20110158828 - Portable air compressor: A portable air compressor includes an air tank for storing compressed air, the air tank having a generally flattened spherical shape defining a circumference lying in a plane oriented substantially perpendicular to a support surface in a resting position. The portable air compressor also includes compressor components in fluid communication... Agent:

20110158829 - Swash plate type compressor: A swash plate type compressor 1 includes a swash plate 3 rotating around a rotating shaft, pistons 4 that advance and retreat with the rotation of the swash plate and each are formed with a hemispherical concave sliding surface, and shoes 5 each formed with a flat end surface part... Agent:

20110158830 - Negative control type hydraulic system: A negative control type hydraulic system is provided, in which the use of a pilot pump and a load pressure generator between a hydraulic pump and a control valve is not required to prevent a power loss. The negative control type hydraulic system includes an engine; at least one variable-displacement... Agent: Volvo Construction Equipment Holding Sweden Ab.

20110158831 - Fan and motor thereof: A motor including a bearing structure, a rotor structure, a stator structure and a magnetic body is disclosed. The rotor structure includes a shaft disposed on the bearing structure. The stator structure is disposed corresponding to the rotor structure. The magnetic body is disposed opposite to the shaft and includes... Agent:

20110158832 - Membrane micropump: A membrane micropump includes a vibration chamber, at least one flow guide, at least one fluid inlet, at least one fluid outlet, at least one inlet rectifier, at least one outlet rectifier, a vibration membrane and an actuator. The vibration chamber includes at least one chamber inlet and at least... Agent: National Taiwan University

20110158833 - Electric compressor: An electric compressor is provided with a hermetic terminal wherein the number of components and the number of steps and amount of time required for assembling the hermetic terminal and for machining the components are reduced, to thereby improve production efficiency. The hermetic terminal (41) is located in a through... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki

20110158834 - Built-in electric air pump for use in inflatable products: A built-in electric air pump mounted on an inflatable bed by heat binding or adhesion is provided, and includes a pump housing; an air duct conversion mechanism mounted in the pump housing; a cover assembly covering the pump housing; a switch assembly connected with the air duct conversion mechanism; an... Agent: Foshan Shunde Xinshengyuan Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd.

20110158835 - Roller lifter, roller lifter production method and liquid pump: A roller lifter including a roller that is rotatably supported and a body that supports the roller, the body including: a base portion in the form of a flat plate; a roller holding portion in the form of a pair of opposing plate-shaped portions that are formed by bending towards... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20110158836 - Liquid paint pumping apparatus: The invention relates to a liquid paint pumping apparatus comprising a piston reciprocable in a cylinder to pump liquid paint during a substantially horizontal pumping stroke of the piston and to charge the cylinder with paint during a reverse stroke of the piston. The apparatus further comprises a check valve... Agent: Itw Limited

06/23/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110150667 - Mems electrostatic fluidic pumps and valves: In various embodiments, a pump is provided that includes a microfluidic channel and a plurality of electrodes for electrostatically translating a target fluid along the channel from an inlet to an outlet. In other embodiments, a valve includes a microfluidic channel, a reservoir in fluidic communication with the channel, and... Agent:

20110150669 - Non-propeller fan: A fan that moves a fluid that includes a flexible membrane with a length defining a long axis that includes at least two supported ends, a support structure that supports the supported ends of the flexible membrane 2 and provides a tension between the two supported ends of the flexible... Agent:

20110150668 - Pump with crossing lines: The invention relates to a roller pump consisting of a stator with a pump bed formed therein and a rotor for acting on a hose inserted into the pump bed in arcuate form. In accordance with the invention, the ends of the tube guided out of the pump bed cross.... Agent: Fresenius Medical Care Deutschlang Gmbh

20110150670 - Transmission pump with one-way clutch function and method of assembling pump hub for a torque converter to a transmission pump: A pump for a transmission, including: a housing with a pneumatic port; and a gear for engaging with a pump hub for a torque converter, wherein the pneumatic port is for introducing compressed air into the housing to restrict rotation of the gear. In an example embodiment, restricting rotation of... Agent: Schaeffler Technologies Gmbh & Co. Kg

20110150671 - Supercharger timing gear oil pump: A positive displacement pump is provided. The pump includes a housing, and first and second meshed rotors rotatably disposed in the housing and arranged to transform relatively low-pressure inlet port air into relatively high-pressure outlet port air. The pump additionally includes first and second meshed timing gears fixed relative to... Agent: Eaton Corporation

20110150672 - Pump apparatus and control method for controlling the pump apparatus: A pump apparatus including a pump housing, a drive shaft, a cam ring movably disposed in the pump housing, a pump element disposed within the cam ring and rotationally driven by the drive shaft to vary a specific discharge quantity which is a discharge quantity of the working oil per... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

20110150673 - Device for torque transmission, especially for an air-conditioning compressor: The device for torque transmission between a drive pulley (1) and a shaft (2) comprises a coupling flange (4) rotationally driven by the pulley and a hub fitted at the shaft end and rotationally joined to the shaft, with torque limitation means fitted between the coupling flange (4) and the... Agent:

20110150674 - Operating machine, in particular a motor-driven pump with an axial motor arrangement: The present invention refers to an operating machine, in particular a motor-driven pump with an axial motor arrangement, comprising a rotor assembly (18) and a stator assembly (7). The rotor assembly (18) includes an impeller (4) and a permanent-magnet rotor (5) firmly associated to the impeller (4). The stator assembly... Agent: Mate S.a.s. Di Furlan Massimo & C.

20110150675 - Viscous fluid pump and related methods: A viscous fluid pump is provided. The pump has a housing that has an inlet for receiving viscous fluid and an outlet for dispensing viscous fluid. A bushing within the housing has an opening proximate the inlet and which provides access into an inner chamber of the bushing. The opening... Agent: Ampro Manufacturing, Inc.

20110150676 - Redundant sump pump system: Embodiments of the invention provide a sump pump system that pumps fluid. The system can include a base with one or more inlets and one or more outlet. The system can also include a first cartridge coupled to the base and removable from the base. The first cartridge can include... Agent:

20110150678 - Enhanced axial air mover system with alignment: Implementations of an enhanced axial air mover system address various issues such as drying performance, transportability, storage, use, and assembly. Some implementations include ergonomic positioning of a carrying handle relative to positioning of a fan-assembly to make the system easier to carry. Enclosures with variable diameter profiles increase air flow... Agent:

20110150677 - Motor: In a motor, a bearing housing is made of a thermoplastic resin material. A bottom portion of the bearing housing includes a first large diameter portion, a small diameter portion, and a second large diameter portion. The first large diameter portion of the bearing housing is arranged on an upper... Agent: Nidec Corporation

20110150679 - Peristaltic pump: A peristaltic pump for dispensing liquid includes a front casing portion, a rear casing snap-fitted together with the front casing portion, a rotor confined between the front casing portion and the rear casing portion, a plurality of rollers mounted in the rotor, and a flexible tube compressed at equally spaced... Agent: Molon Motor And Coil Corporation

20110150681 - Compressor having improved valve plate: A compressor valve plate assembly includes a first valve plate formed of a unitary casting that separates a compressor head and a compressor body and defines a suction chamber receiving refrigerant at a suction pressure.... Agent:

20110150680 - Disposable pumping system and coupler: A coupling system for receiving a push rod includes a housing defining an internal channel having a sloped wall, and a piston received within the internal channel. The piston includes at least one flexible member arranged within the channel to be acted upon by the sloped wall to engage the... Agent: Smith & Nephew, Inc.

06/16/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110142685 - Pump unloader valve and engine throttle system: A pressure washer system includes an engine, a water pump, a sprayer, an unloader, and a link. The engine has a throttle system designed to control the speed of the engine. The water pump includes an inlet, a pumping mechanism, and an outlet. The pumping mechanism is designed to be... Agent: Briggs & Strantton Corporation

20110142686 - Vacuum pump: A differentially pumped mass spectrometer system comprises a mass spectrometer having first and second pressure chambers through which, during use, ions are conveyed along a path. A pump assembly for differentially evacuating the chambers is attached to the mass spectrometer. The pump assembly comprises a housing attached to the mass... Agent:

20110142687 - Flood water removal system: Flood water removal systems including a motor, a vacuum generating device, a discharge pump, and a vacuum tank can be efficiently arranged to be transversely mounted to a vehicle. Certain flood water removal systems can include a supercharger driven by the engine to generate vacuum. The systems can include a... Agent: Fess Corporation

20110142688 - Mems fluid pump with integrated pressure sensor for dysfunction detection: The invention relates to a pumping device including a pump (1) comprising—a pumping chamber (11) having a variable volume,—an inlet (2) communicating with the pumping chamber (11) and comprising a valve,—an outlet (5) communicating with the pumping chamber and comprising a valve,—an actuator adapted to change the volume of the... Agent:

20110142689 - Diesel pump: A diesel pump having enhanced durability in a high pressure environment, capable of being produced at high productivity, and low in cost. The diesel pump (1) is provided with a cylinder (5) formed in a pump housing (3), a plunger (7) reciprocatably provided in the cylinder (5), and a drive... Agent:

20110142690 - Pump apparatus, power transmission apparatus, and vehicle: A pump apparatus configured with a first pump for pumping working fluid in accordance with a reciprocation of a piston using a space between a first open/close valve for suction and a second open/close valve for discharge as a pump chamber. The pump apparatus is also configured a first flow... Agent: Aisin Aw Co., Ltd.

20110142691 - Speed-dependent stability valve: A stability valve assembly includes a centrifugal pump and a valve downstream of the centrifugal pump. The valve includes a valve member that is movable along a valve axis within a valve body to control a fluid flow from the centrifugal pump. The valve member has a first orifice connecting... Agent:

20110142692 - Air logic controller: An air logic controller for increasing the efficiency of an air operated double diaphragm pump. The air logic controller may increase the efficiency of the pump by controlling the supply of compressed fluid to the pump. In one embodiment, the air logic controller may control the supply of compressed fluid... Agent: Idex Aodd, Inc.

20110142693 - Bearing structure and screw provided with a bearing structure of this type: A bearing structure between a rotor (4) and a sleeve (2), such as in a screw device, includes at least one axial bearing (9) and one radial bearing (10). Each bearing including a series of tilting pads (11, 11′) extending in the peripheral direction and which are each suspended from... Agent: Marifin Beheer B.v.

20110142695 - Electric compressor: The present invention provides an electric compressor in which a lead wire on the motor driving circuit side can be electrically connected positively to a sealed terminal. Because the sealed terminal is formed from a terminal body which is made of a metal having electrical conductivity and whose end is... Agent: Sanden Corporation

20110142694 - Motor, gas compressor and agitation element: The present invention refers to a motor having a constructive arrangement capable of cooling the environment in which said motor is disposed. In a preferred embodiment, said electric motor (101) has a stator (103) disposed inside a rotor (102). This rotor (102) comprises an outer surface (104) that has a... Agent:

20110142696 - Stator, motor, and compressor: A stator includes a stator core, which has a plurality of stacked electromagnetic steel sheets, caulking portions configured to fix the plurality of electromagnetic steel sheets to each other, and a plurality of slot portions open toward an inner circumference side and arrayed along a circumferential direction. A number Q... Agent: Daikin Industries, Ltd.

20110142697 - Containment structure for an actuation unit for immersion pumps, particularly for compact immersion pumps to be immersed in wells: s

20110142698 - Heat-dissipating fan assembly: A heat-dissipating fan assembly is provided. The heat-dissipating fan includes a base, a axial tube, at least one coil mounted on the base, and an impeller module having an impeller, a plurality of vanes disposed on the circumferential surface of the impeller, a shaft, and a permanent magnet. The axial... Agent: PC-fan Technology Inc.

20110142699 - Coupling arrangement providing an axial space between a plunger of a high pressure fluid pump: A coupling for a pump connects a plunger to a plunger adaptor. The coupling provides a space between an end of the plunger and an end of the adaptor. Upon disconnecting the plunger from the adaptor, the space provides for removal of the plunger from and through a well of... Agent:

20110142700 - Dual-ventricle pump cartridge, pump, and method of use in a wearable continuous renal replacement therapy device: A dual channel pulsatile pump for use with a completely wearable renal replacement device is provided.... Agent: Fresenius Medical Care Holdings, Inc.

20110142701 - Pump with a sculptured fluid end housing: This invention relates to a method of fabricating or machining the fluid end of a high pressure pump and a fluid end produced by the method. The method includes sculpturing the front side of the fluid end which results in a non-planar surface. In this manner the internal stresses can... Agent: Frac Tech Services, Ltd.

06/09/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110135498 - Methods and systems for assisted direct start control: Methods and systems are provided for pressurizing a transmission hydraulic circuit including a transmission mechanical pump coupled to an engine though a gearbox. One example method comprises, during an engine start, adjusting a speed ratio between the transmission pump and the engine between a first speed ratio and a second... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20110135499 - Apparatus and method for controlling operation of electric oil pump: The present invention provides an apparatus and method for controlling the operation of an electric oil pump for creating a working fluid pressure in a transmission and a clutch for a hybrid vehicle, which can accurately reflect the viscosity characteristics of oil to accurately control the operation of the pump,... Agent: Kia Motors Corporation

20110135500 - Method and apparatus for lubricating a transmission of a motor vehicle: The invention relates to a method for lubricating a transmission of a motor vehicle, particularly a power divider, wherein the oil is conveyed by an oil pump from an oil sump to components of the transmission. The amount of oil conveyed is set as a function of the predetermined parameters.... Agent: Magna Powertrain Ag & Co Kg

20110135501 - Linear compressor: The present invention relates to a linear compressor, and more particularly to, a linear compressor which employs a conductor member in a linear motor instead of a magnet to produce a driving force by magnetic induction and naturally modulate a cooling capacity according to a load. The linear compressor of... Agent:

20110135502 - Hydraulic reservoir for hydraulic regenerative circuit: A hydraulic reservoir includes a container having an internal volume, an internal wall dividing the internal volume of the container into a first section and a second section for separately containing the hydraulic fluid, and two one-way valves. The first one-way valve allows the hydraulic fluid to be drawn out... Agent:

20110135503 - Compressor: A compressor comprises: a compressor housing having a sensor coupling hole and a control valve coupling hole; a support plate configured to contact with the compressor housing and having perforations; a sensor and a control valve passing through the perforations of the support plate respectively at positions corresponding to the... Agent:

20110135504 - Biological stimulant foaming application: In conclusion, our claim is the process of introducing biological stimulants as manufactured by various entities through a compressed air foaming procedure. This process includes the use of a typical hydraulic jet cleaner truck to which a specialized foam generating system is integrated. The foam generating system consists of a... Agent:

20110135505 - Pump device for feeding fuel in a fuel tank: A pump device for feeding fuel in a fuel tank of a motor vehicle, having a suction jet pump and having a control valve for regulating the feed rate of the suction jet pump, A valve body can be moved counter to the flow direction of a fuel jet of... Agent: Continental Automotive Gmbh

20110135506 - Multi-stage vacuum pump: A multi-stage vacuum pump includes a plurality of rotor elements (14, 16) disposed on a common shaft (10) in a pump housing (12) for configuring multiple pump stages (18, 24, 26). The shaft is driven by an electric motor (40). An inner bearing element (42) is disposed between two rotor... Agent: Oberlikon Leybold Vacuum Gmbh

20110135507 - Hydraulic piston machine, in particular water hydraulic machine: The invention concerns a hydraulic piston machine, in particular a water hydraulic machine, with at least one cylinder, in which a piston (4) is arranged to reciprocate, the piston (4) comprising a hollow that is surrounded by an annular wall and has one open end. It is endeavoured to keep... Agent: Danfoss A/s

20110135508 - Variable water pump control system and the control method thereof: A variable water pump control apparatus, may include a detecting portion detecting engine speed, operation of an idle stop and go system (ISG), coolant temperature, operation of a blower, and outside temperature, a variable water pump selectively circulating a coolant through an engine, and a control portion controlling the variable... Agent: Kia Motors Corporation

20110135509 - Scroll compressor capacity modulation with hybrid solenoid and fluid control: A scroll compressor includes a compressor shell having first and second scroll members. The scroll members each have a base and a generally spiral wrap extending from its base. The generally spiral wraps of the first and second scroll members interfit to define compression chambers. A shaft causes the second... Agent:

20110135510 - Compressor system for supplying compressed air to a commercial vehicle, and method for operating the compressor system: A compressor system supplies compressed air to a commercial vehicle. The compressor system includes a compressor, a clutch, and a hydraulic pump and can be driven by way of a drivetrain. The compressor can be completely disconnected from a driving engine by way of the clutch. The drivetrain encompasses a... Agent: Knorr-bremse Systeme Fuer Nutzfahrzeuge Gmbh

20110135511 - Motor stand of a primary motor-driven pump unit of a pressurized water nuclear reactor: A motor stand of a primary motor-driven pump unit of a pressurized water nuclear reactor comprises an upper flange and fixing means suited to ensure the fixing of transverse holding means of the said primary motor-driven pump unit, the said primary motor-driven pump unit comprising an electric motor having a... Agent:

20110135512 - Integrated pump pressure washer: An integrated pressure washer is disclosed. The integrated pressure washer has an engine. At the bottom of the engine is an engine bottom cover. The engine bottom cover has a recess formed by a cylindrical wall that extends up from a base of the engine bottom cover. The pressure washer... Agent: Gxi Holdings, LLC

20110135513 - Scroll compressor counterweight with cooling flow directing surface: A sealed compressor includes a housing for receiving a compressor pump unit and an electric motor. The electric motor drives a driveshaft. The driveshaft extends to drive an element within the compressor pump unit to compress a fluid. The motor includes a rotor spaced from a portion of the housing... Agent:

20110135514 - Pump device: A pump device includes a pulsator as a drive element for a main pump head which is situated in a delivery line and the working chamber of which is provided with a suction-side non-return valve and a pressure-side non-return valve. The working chamber of the pulsator is connected via an... Agent: Spx Flow Technology Norderstedt Gmbh

20110135515 - Circulating pump unit: A circulation pump assembly (1) includes an electric drive motor (6) and a control device (10, 12) for the control of the drive motor (6). The control device (12) includes a communication interface (13) designed for connection to at least one external sensor (38, 50, 52, 54, 56) and/or at... Agent: Grundfos Management A/s

20110135516 - Electric pump: An electric pump includes a stator, a rotor, a shaft, a bearing part, and a pump unit. The stator has a magnetic part, and the stator forms a rotation magnetic field when a coil of the stator is energized. The bearing part has a longitudinal central position that is positioned... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110135517 - Deformed shell for holding motor stator in a compressor shell: A sealed compressor includes a cylindrical shell extending along an axis. A compressor pump unit is mounted within a housing defined by the cylindrical shell. An electric motor has an inner rotor and an outer stator. The stator has an outer peripheral surface of a first dimension. The center shell... Agent:

20110135518 - Linear compressor: The present invention relates to a linear compressor, and more particularly to, a linear compressor which employs a conductor member in a linear motor instead of a magnet to produce a driving force by electromagnetic induction. The linear compressor of the present invention includes a fixed member provided with a... Agent:

20110135519 - Air blower for a fuel cell vehicle: Provided is an air blower for a fuel cell vehicle, and in particular, an air blower for a fuel cell vehicle having a cooling water passage formed in a motor case and an air flowing groove to increase cooling efficiency and reduce a shaft load to improve durability.... Agent: Halla Climate Control Corp.

20110135520 - Injection molded fan motor controller housing with advanced cooling features: An example fan motor controller housing includes an inner fan housing, an outer fan housing including a base plate, plenums and air passages, stator vanes and a motor control housing. The inner fan housing, the outer fan housing, the stator vanes, and the motor control component housing are all made... Agent:

20110135521 - Device for adjusting the free stroke in hydraulic brakes of bicycles or motorcycles: A device for adjusting the free stroke for hydraulic brakes of bicycles or motorcycles of the type comprising a pump assembly (4) for operating an actuator element (16), and a communication line (17) for a working fluid, set between said pump assembly and said actuator element, said device being characterized... Agent:

20110135522 - Valve body for pumps: A valve body for pumps has a compressed air-filled chamber in the center thereof and a compressed air supply port through which compressed air is supplied into the compressed air-filled chamber. The outer surface of the valve body is provided with an annular groove-shaped air supply chamber that communicates between... Agent: Yamada Corporation

06/02/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110129354 - Vibration protection in a variable speed compressor: Vibration protection in a compressor system with a variable speed compressor may include operating a variable speed compressor of a compressor system at a first frequency, measuring a vibration of the compressor system at the first frequency, determining whether the vibration exceeds a maximum vibration value, and operating the variable... Agent: Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc.

20110129355 - Method for controlling the vacuum generator(s) in a vacuum sewage system: Method for controlling one or more vacuum generators (1) and thereby the vacuum in a vacuum sewage system, in particular controlling one or more liquid ring screw pumps in such system, including beyond the generator/s (1) one or more tubular collectors or suction pipelines (2) connected to the vacuum generator... Agent: Jets As

20110129356 - Electric-motor-driven oil pump control system: In an electric-motor-driven oil pump unit with automatic engine-stop system interaction, in which an electric-motor-driven oil pump is driven by an electric motor for hydraulic pressure supply to a transmission of an automotive vehicle employing an automatic engine-stop system, at least in a stopped state of a mechanical oil pump... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

20110129357 - Pumping mud by electrohydrodynamic propulsion: A section of riser casing urges drilling mud upward from the sea floor to reduce head pressure associated with pumping drilling mud through riser casing in dual-gradient drilling operations. The section of riser casing may use an electromagnet, two or more electrodes, or a combination of electromagnets and electrodes to... Agent: Vetco Gray Inc.

20110129358 - Pumping mud by electrohydrodynamic propulsion: A section of riser casing urges drilling mud through the riser, either upward from the sea floor to reduce head pressure or downward toward the wellbore. The section of riser casing may use an electromagnet, two or more electrodes, or a combination of electromagnets and electrodes to urge drilling mud... Agent: Vetco Gray Inc.

20110129361 - Compressor capacity control method and device for controlling the capacity of a compressor: A compressor capacity control method and a device is provided. The changeover from a loading state regarding the compressor to an unloading state regarding the compressor and vice versa is controlled, whereby, during a time span from a starting time point when the compressor operation state changes into an unloading... Agent: C/o Anest Iwata Corporation

20110129359 - Variable output pump: An variable output pump is disclosed. The variable output pump having a rotatable first shaft, a first pumping element mounted to the rotatable first shaft, and a coupling mechanism configured to couple the first pumping element to the first shaft for rotation therewith in a first mode, and decouple the... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20110129360 - Wheel-mounted air compressor and methods of use: The disclosure is generally directed to a wheel-mounted, centrifugally activated, air compressor that will automatically inflate an inflatable vehicle tire back to the proper pressure level when small under-inflation situations occur (e.g., the occurrence of small-to-medium air leaks in a tire). Moreover, the device can be easily attach or fitted... Agent:

20110129362 - Water-injection type scroll air compressor: Disclosed is a water-injection type scroll air compressor whose pre-stopping operation time for drying can be reduced while enhancing compressor efficiency. The compressor body 1 includes a water supply line 24 for supplying water to a water feeder 23 connected to an air suction line 2. The water supply line... Agent:

20110129363 - Fuel pump: In one embodiment, a small-diameter opening (42b) is formed in the central portion of a valve element (42) included in a check valve (40) of a high pressure fuel pump (1). A needle valve (44) is provided integrally with a valve element (35a) of an electromagnetic spill valve (30), and... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20110129364 - Electric pump and electric pump mounting structure: An electric pump includes: a second housing and a first housing separated from each other in an axial direction; a stator portion that accommodates an annular coil portion; an outer rotor portion that is rotated based on a magnetic field generated by the coil portion, at a position on the... Agent: Jtekt Corporation

20110129371 - Closed type compressor: A closed type compressor of a low overall height and small vibrations provided with a structure comprising a balancing weight (142) formed of a first balancing weight (146) and a second balancing weight (148) and fixed to eccentric shaft portion (112), the first balancing weight (146) located closer to a... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110129370 - Compressor: A compressor comprises: a hermetically sealed container; a stator fixedly installed within the hermetically sealed container; a first rotary member rotating, within the stator, around a first rotary shaft longitudinally extending concentrically with the center of the stator by a rotating electromagnetic field from the stator, and provided with first... Agent:

20110129365 - Electric fan: An electric fan has a bracket, a transmission assembly, a linking assembly, a swing object and a fan. The transmission assembly is mounted on the bracket. The linking assembly is connected to the transmission assembly. The swing object is connected pivotally to the linking assembly. The fan is connected to... Agent:

20110129369 - Lightweight inflation device: A lightweight inflation device for outputting a low-pressure airflow to inflate an air bladder includes a body defining an airflow chamber and a plurality of air manipulation elements disposed within the airflow chamber. At least one of the air manipulation elements is a rotor including a plurality of blades, and... Agent:

20110129366 - Method for winding coil on object and water pump of clutch type provided with the same: A method for winding a coil on an object, wherein the coil includes a plurality of first coils and a plurality of second coils, may have winding the first coils on an exterior circumferences of the second coils, wherein an outer circumferences of the respective second coil is enclosed and... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20110129367 - Motorized vacuum pump: A motorized vacuum pump apparatus, may include an electric motor operating in response to an electric signal, a pumping unit connected with a motor shaft of the electric motor, and a sound absorbing unit enclosing the pumping unit and having an inlet for sucking external air, a damping chamber and... Agent: Kia Motors Corporation

20110129368 - Variable speed drive system: This disclosure relates to a control system for driving a motor. The motor may include a cut-out circuit. The control system may include a buck-boost circuit to limit the rate of change of an output voltage before the output voltage is applied to operate the motor.... Agent: Franklin Electric Company, Inc.

20110129372 - Pumping system: A pumping system comprising a membrane pump (1) for pumping a medium, the membrane pump comprising: -a pump housing (2), -a membrane (3), which is mounted to the pump housing and delimits a pump chamber (4) inside the pump housing, -actuating means for moving the membrane to and fro in... Agent:

20110129373 - Blood pump apparatus: A blood pump apparatus includes a housing having a blood inlet port and blood outlet port, a pump unit including an impeller that rotates within the housing, and an impeller rotational torque generation section. The housing includes a plurality of magnetic members embedded between the impeller and the impeller rotational... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110129374 - Vacuum pump in particular roots type pump: A vacuum pump, in particular a pump of the type with rolling bodies, includes rotary bodies (12) arranged in a suction chamber (10). The pressure side (30) of the pump is connected to the suction side (20) by a connecting channel (22). In the connecting channel (22), a valve (24)... Agent: Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum Gmbh

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Thank you for viewing Pumps patents on the FreshPatents.com website. These are patent applications which have been filed in the United States. There are a variety ways to browse Pumps patent applications on our website including browsing by date, agent, inventor, and industry. If you are interested in receiving occasional emails regarding Pumps patents we recommend signing up for free keyword monitoring by email.

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