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Pumps May archived by USPTO category 05/11

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05/26/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110123352 - Electric pump with time setting and enhanced oil-pipe transfer capability: An electric pump with time setting and enhanced oil-pipe transfer capability, which comprising at least: an electric pump, a timer and an electromagnetic valve; the electric pump is used to supply lubricating oil for the engine operation, and a motor is equipped to provide boosting pressure and strong transfer power,... Agent:

20110123353 - Air compressor with shut-off mechanism: A compressor system is disclosed, comprising a first pump driven by a D/C motor, a second pump driven by an A/C motor, and a switch which allows a user to manually selectively engage of one of the D/C motor or A/C motor, including a gauge having a user settable shut-off... Agent: Black & Decker Inc.

20110123354 - Fluid-working machine and operating method: A fluid-working machine has a plurality of working chambers, e.g., cylinders, of cyclically changing volume, a high-pressure fluid manifold and a low-pressure fluid manifold, at least one valve linking each working chamber to each manifold, and electronic sequencing means for operating said valves in timed relationship with the changing volume... Agent: Artemis Intelligent Power Limited

20110123355 - Vacuum pump: A vacuum pump surrounded by a ballistic blanket.... Agent: Edwards Limited

20110123356 - Active/passive distributed absorber for vibration and sound radiation control: Vibration or acoustic sound control is achieved using an elastic layer of thermal or insulation material in which a plurality of discrete masses are distributed throughout. The elastic layer may be installed as a pre-formed layer, or be blown into position within a structure where vibration or acoustic sound control... Agent:

20110123357 - Floatable pump unit: A pump assembly is buoyant and includes an electrical drive motor (16), a centrifugal pump driven by the motor, and an assembly housing (2) accommodating the drive motor (16) and the centrifugal pump. Moreover, the pump assembly includes at least one inlet opening (8) which is arranged below the fluid... Agent: Grundfos Management A/s

20110123358 - Vacuum pump: A vacuum pump, in particular a turbomolecular pump or a multi-inlet pump, includes a rotor shaft (12) that supports at least one rotor device (14). The rotor shaft (12) is mounted on the pressure side by way of a bearing arrangement (56) and on the suction side by way of... Agent: Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum Gmbh

20110123359 - Pneumatic vacuum generator: A pneumatic vacuum generator includes at least one venturi nozzle having a flow cross section which deviates for a circularity. The venturi nozzle may thus have a substantial rectangular or non-circular flow cross section like for example an oval flow cross section or an elliptical flow cross section. At least... Agent: J. Schmalz Gmbh

20110123360 - Jet pump and reactor: A nozzle apparatus of a jet pump includes a nozzle base member, and a plurality of nozzles installed to the nozzle base member and forming a plurality of narrowing portions, in which a fluid passage cross-sectional area of a driving fluid passage formed in the nozzle is reduced.... Agent:

20110123361 - Variable capacity type rotary compressor: Disclosed is a variable capacity type rotary compressor, in which a refrigerant sucked via one suction pipe can be alternately sucked into each compression space via a communication passage between a plurality of cylinders so as to reduce the number of components and the number of assembly processes, thereby remarkably... Agent:

20110123362 - Air compressor: An air compressor assembly can include a support structure with a compressor mechanism, at least one fluid tank, a pair of wheels, and a handle attached thereto. The air compressor assembly can be configured with the compressor mechanism having a perpendicular orientation relative to the at least one fluid tank... Agent: Black & Decker Inc.

20110123363 - Hydraulically controlled reciprocating pump system: A system for pressurizing a working fluid includes a cylinder having an outlet through which the working fluid is exhausted at a discharge pressure, a plunger translatably disposed within the cylinder, and a hydraulic system. The plunger has a first piston coupled thereto, a second piston disposed opposite the first... Agent: National Oilwell Varco, L.p.

20110123364 - Deployment mechanism and method for overboard pump: A deployment system is utilized to deploy an overboard pump over the side of an offshore rig or vessel. A reel of hose with an overboard pump is securable to an end of the reel of hose. A bend restrictor supports the hose as the hose bends downwardly for deployment... Agent: S & N Pump Ccaompany

20110123365 - Coolant pump: The invention relates to a coolant pump (15) having a pump wheel (13) which is arranged on a pump wheel shaft (3, 11); and having a drive device (1; 8, 9) for the pump wheel (13), which drive device has a mechanical drive (1) and which drive device has an... Agent: Borgwarner Inc.

20110123366 - Compressor: A compressor eliminates sliding contacts between a cylinder (132) and a roller (142) to minimize the mixing of lubricating oil into refrigerant, and is structured to evenly distributing lubricating oil over sliding contact portions of a compressor actuator by pumping the oil from the inside on an axis of rotation... Agent:

20110123367 - Device for operating an auxiliary assembly of a vehicle, in particular of a utility vehicle: The present invention relates to a device for operating an auxiliary assembly (16), comprising a housing (14), of a vehicle, in particular of a utility vehicle, having a drive unit (12) which comprises a further housing (18) and has the purpose of making available a torque, a shaft (30) for... Agent:

20110123368 - Hybrid pumping system for a downhole tool: A pumping system and method to be used within a downhole tool is disclosed herein. The pumping system includes a displacement unit having a cavity formed therein, in which the cavity is configured to receive a fluid therein. A hydraulic driving device and a mechanical driving device are then both... Agent:

20110123369 - Displacement transducer: Provided is a displacement amplifying device which uses Pascal's principle and is insusceptible to temperature change. A main body (1) is provided with an accommodation space (11) for accommodating a medium (2) therein. The medium (2) is provided with a fluid (21) with a positive thermal expansion coefficient and a... Agent: The University Of Tokyo

20110123370 - Electric water pump: The present invention provides an electric water pump, in which the direction and angle of a volute casing, through which coolant is suctioned and discharged, with respect to an electric motor fixedly mounted in a vehicle body can be freely adjusted during assembly according to vehicle model. The electric water... Agent: Kia Motors Corporation

20110123373 - Refrigerant compressor: Hermetically encapsulated refrigerant compressor (1), comprising a cylinder housing (3), which is used as the basis for manufacturing various refrigerant compressor construction series each having different working volumes and a piston (6) guided in a piston bore (8) of the cylinder housing (3) along a defined piston run surface (9).... Agent: Acc Austria Gmbh

20110123371 - Vane pump and evaporative leak check system having the same: An upper casing receives a rotor, which is rotated by a drive force of a motor. The upper casing includes a pump chamber, which receives the rotor, a planar surface portion, which is formed around an opening of the pump chamber, and a through hole. A lower casing includes a... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110123372 - Vane pump and evaporative leak check system having the same: An upper casing and a lower casing cooperate together to define a pump chamber, in which a rotor is rotatably received. A surface of the lower casing, which is opposed to one end surface of the rotor in an axial direction of the rotor, has a recess that is recessed... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110123374 - Compensator assembly for submersible pump system: A submersible pump system with a pump, motor and compensator assembly. In one embodiment, the compensator assembly is made up of multiple elastomeric compensators and a housing. The elastomeric compensators, which are made up of an engaging end, a floating end and a series of alternating crests and grooves, may... Agent: Flowserve Management Company

20110123375 - Rotational direction indicator: The inventive rotational direction indicator for an electric motor having a cooling fan has a baffle element which can be moved between two positions and which can be arranged on an electric motor with a cooling fan in such a way that the baffle element is positioned in an airstream... Agent: Grundfos Management A/s

20110123376 - High-pressure fuel supply pump and discharge valve unit used therein: A high-pressure fuel supply pump mounted with a discharge valve that can reduce an influence of noise caused by a valve body-circumferential flow and a discharge valve unit used therein. The high-pressure fuel supply pump includes a discharge valve (8) which is a non-return valve between a pressurizing chamber (11)... Agent:

20110123377 - Piston compressor with no-load operation valve: The invention concerns a piston compressor for compressing a compressible medium. The piston compressor includes a compressor stage, which includes a piston guided in a cylindrical space as well as an inlet valve chamber connected with the cylindrical space through art inlet valve and an outlet valve chamber connected with... Agent: Voith Patent Gmbh

05/19/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110116938 - Method for controlling a high-pressure fuel pump: In a method for controlling a high-pressure fuel pump, which comprises an electrically controllable electromechanical inlet valve (2a) which is closed in the currentless state and is held in the closed state by the force of a spring (2b), an outlet valve (5a), and a displacement element (6), the inlet... Agent:

20110116939 - Rotary pump device and vehicle brake control system: A first and a second rotary pumps are provided in a first pump casing of a pump body, which is inserted into a cylindrical recessed portion of a housing 101. A first outlet port is opened at a first space formed between a bottom surface of the cylindrical recessed portion... Agent: Advics Co., Ltd.

20110116941 - Kit, equipped with a control device, for repairing and inflating inflatable articles, and relative canister assembly: A kit for repairing and inflating inflatable articles has a compressor assembly; a canister assembly containing sealing fluid; and releasable connecting means defining an assembly direction and for connecting the compressor assembly to the canister assembly. The kit has a control device for controlling turn-on of the compressor assembly, and... Agent:

20110116940 - Viscoelastic compressor pulsation dampener: A system, in certain embodiments, includes a pulsation dampener for minimizing the adverse effects of pulsation waves in a process fluid generated by a reciprocating compressor. The pulsation dampener may be installed proximate to the source of the pulsation waves and external to a main flow path of the process... Agent: Cameron International Corporation

20110116942 - Wave energy converter: A wave energy harnessing converter (1) has a tube (3) which floats on the sea. A water inlet (2) delivers water to the tube, and an air inlet (2) delivers air to the tube (3). The tube has sufficient buoyancy and flexibility to float on the water and conform to... Agent:

20110116943 - Stator structure, and motor and fan assembly using same: A fan assembly includes a stator and a rotor. The stator is located in a fan frame and includes a base, at least one magnetizing winding provided on the base at a first relative position relative to a center of the base, and at least one magnetic conductive element provided... Agent: Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.

20110116944 - Integrated compressor and pump unit and vehicles equipped therewith: An integrated compressor and pump unit suitable for installation on a vehicle and draw rotary power from a power source of the vehicle. The unit includes a compressor unit and a separate pump unit. The compressor unit has a rotary input shaft coupled to a rotary compressing device of the... Agent: Vanair Manufacturing, Inc.

20110116945 - Lifter structure: A lifter structure applied to an internal combustion engine and is actuated by a cam, includes a cylindrical lifter guide, a lifter body reciprocally moved in the guide while sliding on an inner circumferential surface of the guide, with drive of the cam, a pair of opposed walls continuous to... Agent: Otics Corporation

20110116947 - Electric water pump: The present invention relates to an electric water pump having improved performance and durability. The electric water pump may include a stator generating a magnetic field according to a control signal, a rotor rotated by the magnetic field, a pump cover having an inlet and an outlet, a body having... Agent: Kia Motors Corporation

20110116946 - Fan blade mounting system: A ceiling fan (10) is disclosed having a motor housing (11) suspended through a downrod (12). An electric motor (13) is mounted within the housing which drives an annular array of blade irons (14) each having a blade (15) mounted thereto. Each blade has three clearance or mounting hole (16)... Agent: Hunter Fan Company

20110116950 - Inverter-integrated electric compressor: In an inverter-integrated electric compressor having an inverter unit integrated therein, the inverter unit is provided with a plurality of CAN (Controller Area Network) receiver circuits for CAN communications with a vehicle-side control unit, at least one of the CAN receiver circuits being a high-speed CAN receiver circuit allowing connection... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20110116948 - Method for manufacturing stator for electric water pump: A method for manufacturing a stator for an electric water pump may be used for manufacturing the stator used in the electric water pump. In the electric water pump which includes stator assembly for an electric water pump, wherein the stator assembly including a plurality of core-insulator assemblies generates a... Agent: Kia Motors Corporation

20110116949 - Structure for coupling rotary shafts and pump device of rotary type: An object of the invention is to provide a structure for coupling two rotary shafts, which can be made smaller in size. A driving shaft for pumps is rotatably supported by a first bearing and a second bearing, while a rotary shaft of an electric motor is rotatably supported by... Agent: Advics Co., Ltd.

20110116951 - Reciprocatory fluid pump: A reciprocatory fluid pump includes an armature assembly reciprocatably mounted in a housing and two leaf springs that are connected in parallel at two sides between the armature assembly and the base of the housing to constrain the reciprocations of the armature assembly to transverse displacements, enhancing the pumping efficiency... Agent:

20110116952 - Electric water pump: An electric water pump apparatus may include a body having a stator chamber and a rotor chamber therein, a stator having a hollow cylindrical shape and being disposed in the stator chamber and generating a magnetic field, wherein the stator fluidly insulates the stator chamber and the rotor chamber, a... Agent: Kia Motors Corporation

20110116953 - Electric water pump: An electric water pump may include a stator generating a magnetic field, a rotor rotated by the magnetic field, a pump cover, a body having a volute chamber with the pump chamber, a stator chamber and a rotor chamber, the stator being mounted in the stator chamber and the rotor... Agent: Kia Motors Corporation

20110116954 - Electric water pump: An electric water pump apparatus may include a body, a stator disposed in the body, a rotor in the stator, a pump cover having an inlet and an outlet, wherein a front surface of the body and the pump cover form a volute chamber, wherein a stator chamber is formed... Agent: Kia Motors Corporation

20110116955 - Fuel pump: A fuel pump may include a motor section comprising a rotor and a stator. One of the rotor and the stator may have at least a pair of permanent magnet parts disposed along a first circumferential surface at an interval in a circumferential direction, and at least two magnetic material... Agent: Aisan Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110116956 - Hand pump for pumping fluid: A hand operable pump device for pumping fluids includes a hollow body and an oval piston. The hollow body includes an inlet port and an outlet port. The inlet port is provided with a one-way valve permitting fluid flow into the pump. The outlet port is provided with a one-way... Agent:

20110116957 - Reciprocating pump: A reciprocating pump including a sleeve comprising a first flow path element and a plunger receivable in the sleeve is provided. The plunger includes a fluid contact face and second flow path element in fluid communication with the fluid contact face. The sleeve and the fluid contact face define a... Agent:

05/12/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110110791 - Continuous compressor envelope protection: A transport refrigeration system is provided with a control apparatus including an inverter and a microprocessor, with the microprocessor receiving signals representative of sensed values of the compressor discharge temperature and pressure, as well as the suction pressure, and controlling the inverter to responsively provide a selective level of electrical... Agent: Carrier Corporation

20110110792 - Sensors and methods and apparatus relating to same: In one form a capacitive sensor is disclosed for immersion into a fluid, the capacitive sensor having a housing and first and second electrodes with the first electrode being disposed at least partially within the housing and electrically connected to a circuit, the second electrode being electrically connected to the... Agent:

20110110795 - Method for controlling a compressed air unit and compressed air unit for applying such a method: Method for controlling a compressed air unit which is provided with at least one controllable drain valve (8, 27, 37 or 39), characterised in that this method comprises the step of controlling the above-mentioned drain valve (8, 27, 37 or 39), at least on the basis of a system parameter... Agent:

20110110794 - Sensors and methods and apparatus relating to same: In one form a capacitive sensor is disclosed for immersion into a fluid, the capacitive sensor having a housing and first and second electrodes with the first electrode being disposed at least partially within the housing and electrically connected to a circuit, the second electrode being electrically connected to the... Agent:

20110110793 - Suction stabilizer for pump assembly: A fluid flow stabilizing method and a pump having a stabilized fluid flow passage where a process fluid contains suspended solid particles and is subject to pressure oscillations. The method comprises positioning an expandable membrane along the lower transverse surface, inflating the membrane with a compressible fluid, and alternatingly expanding... Agent:

20110110796 - Water jet type pump and method for operation thereof: A water jet type pump is part of a system for generating an ultrahigh vacuum. The pump includes a pump chamber through which an ionic fluid flows at high velocity. The chamber has a first fluid feed for the fluid, the first feed ending in a nozzle with a nozzle... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20110110797 - System and method for water expulsion from underwater hydropower plant and hydropower plant associated therewith: Systems and methods relate to utilizing fluid potential energy to produce large scale and sustainable hydroelectric power by employing a Cho-Venturi hydraulic ram (CVHR). The CVHR system includes a Cho-Venturi tube (CVT) in which a primary flow from a fluid at a head pressure at a depth in a body... Agent:

20110110798 - Air blower: An air blower comprises a motor including a rotor, a stator, and an output shaft fixed to the rotor, a fan that rotates by receiving power from the motor, a casing that retains the motor and the fan, and a handle provided at the casing. The rotor has a coil... Agent:

20110110799 - Liquid pump: In a liquid pump, n sets of concavities are formed in an outer circumference of an impeller. In a case where an angle between an ith first line and an ith second line is a pitch angle θi and an ith difference of adjacent pitch angles is σi (σi=θi+1−θi) (the... Agent: Aisan Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110110800 - Fan and three-phase motor thereof: A three-phase motor includes a bearing structure, a rotor structure and a stator structure. The bearing structure has a bushing. The rotor structure has a shaft disposed in the bushing. The stator structure is disposed corresponding to the rotor structure and includes a first coil assembly and a second coil... Agent:

20110110801 - Fluid pump for delivering cooled working fluid in an engine cooling system: A fluid pump for delivering cooled working fluid in an engine cooling system includes a housing unit defining front and rear chambers, an inlet disposed upstream of a central region of the front chamber, an outlet disposed downstream of a surrounding region of the front chamber, a canister member dividing... Agent: Ji-ee Industry Co., Ltd.

20110110802 - Compressor assembly: A compressor assembly includes compressor means having an inlet, an outlet and a means for drawing air through the inlet and exhausting compressed air through the outlet, rotary drive input means, and gear means for changing the speed of the rotary drive input means and having an input connected to... Agent:

20110110804 - Armature for a solenoid actuator: An armature for a solenoid actuator is disclosed. The armature comprises a first face comprising a recess suitable for receiving a biasing spring in use of the armature; a second face opposite the first face; and fluid communication means for providing a fluid flow path through the armature between the... Agent: Delphi Technologies Holding, S.arl

20110110803 - Gas/fluid inhibitor tube system: A pump assembly is disclosed. The pump has a suction opening. A motor is configured to drive the pump. The pump includes an inhibitor tube having an outlet configured to be in fluid communication with the suction opening.... Agent:

20110110805 - Fan: A fan assembly for creating an air current includes an air inlet, an air outlet, an impeller, a motor for rotating the impeller to create an air flow passing from the air inlet to the air outlet, the air outlet comprising an interior passage for receiving the air flow and... Agent: Dyson Technology Limited

20110110806 - Electrically connecting blower to power supply stage providing higher voltage: An alternating current-to-direct current (AC-to-DC) power supply has a first stage providing a first DC voltage and a second stage providing a second DC voltage. The AC-to-DC power supply has a first efficiency at the first stage and a second efficiency at the second stage that is less than the... Agent:

20110110807 - High-pressure pump: A fuel gallery has an inlet opening through which a fuel is introduced therein and a suction opening through which the fuel flows between the fuel gallery and a compression chamber. A pulsation damper is supported in the fuel gallery by a first and a second supporting member. The second... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110110808 - High-pressure pump: An extended passage of a press-side passage is supposed in a fuel gallery. This supposed extended passage of the press-side passage extends toward a lid member. The press-side passage is opened at the side wall of the fuel gallery. A center axis of the press-side passage is inclined in such... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110110809 - High pressure pump: A fuel gallery has a first opening port communicated to a variable volume chamber formed at a lower side of a plunger and a second opening port communicated to a fuel pressurizing chamber formed at an upper side of the plunger. A connecting tube member is provided in the fuel... Agent: Denso Corporation

05/05/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110103972 - Eccentric screw pump for mortar: An apparatus for delivering a viscous material by means of an eccentric screw pump, includes a framework for carrying and fastening apparatus elements, a pump-housing portion for carrying a stator and a rotor in the form of a delivery screw, suction and pressure regions for introducing and discharging the delivery... Agent: J. Wagner Gmbh

20110103973 - System and method of controlling a linear compressor: The present invention relates to a system and method of controlling a linear compressor (10), which is capable of fine-tuning the compressor when necessary, throughout the operating period of the compressor, so that said compressor operates at maximum capacity, wherein the piston (1) achieves a maximum displacement amplitude, closely approaching... Agent:

20110103974 - Control device, oil well with device and method: A method of operating an oil well comprises applying through a regenerative variable frequency drive AC electrical energy from a power grid to an AC electric motor to operate a drive mechanism of an oil well pump. The motor speed is regulated in a manner to optimize fluid production and... Agent:

20110103975 - Sputter ion pump with enhanced anode: A sputter ion pump including an evacuateable envelope having a chamber, first and second cathodes and an anode disposed in the chamber. The anode can have an outer layer of a non-evaporable getter (NEG) material so as to permit NEG pumping of gases by the anode. In another aspect of... Agent: Duniway Stockroom Corp.

20110103977 - Control process for a piezoelectric pump of an electric household appliance and an electric household appliance employing such a process: Control process for a piezoelectric pump (100) of an electric household appliance comprising a pump chamber (110) equipped with a mobile wall (111) displaceable under the action of a piezoelectric actuator (111A), characterized in that during a startup phase of the pump (100), the piezoelectric actuator (111A) is supplied during... Agent: Seb S.a.

20110103976 - Device and method for preparing liquefied natural gas (lng) fuel: Apparatus (1) for providing a supply of natural gas fuel comprising a compressor (2) having an inlet (3) for a stream of natural gas (4), wherein the inlet (3) may be placed in fluid communication with an LNG storage tank (5) in order to provide a supply of boil-off gas... Agent:

20110103978 - Turbine with improved sound reduction: The present disclosure generally relates to a turbine for a fluid delivery system and more specifically, but not by limitation, to a portable air turbine for a fluid delivery system having improved sound reduction. In one exemplary embodiment, a portable turbine apparatus is provided and includes a motor and a... Agent: Wagner Spray Tech Corporation

20110103979 - Electric compressor: The present invention provides an electric compressor which enables prescribed insulation performance to be ensured even if poly alkyl glycol type lubricating oils are used. The electric compressor is provided with an insulating cover which is provided so as to cover a connection section between a terminal body and a... Agent: Sanden Corporation

20110103980 - Household electric appliance having a piezoelectric pump: The invention relates to an electric household appliance comprising a pump having a pumping chamber (11) including a movable wall formed by a diaphragm (12) made of an electrically conductive material comprising an inner surface covered with at least one layer (21) made of an electrically insulating material, and an... Agent: Seb S.a.

20110103981 - Heat dissipating fan: A heat dissipating fan includes a housing having an air inlet and air outlet between which an air passageway is formed. A fixed seat is provided in the air passageway and includes first positioning holes. A magnetically conductive first casing includes a first outer wall, an extended wall extending radially... Agent:

20110103982 - Ceiling fan: The invention is an improved ceiling fan for cleaning polluted air. A fan rod (1) has upper clamp. for roof and a lower motor (2). The motor has a ring (3) supported on radial arms (4) fixed to the motor (2). The ring has multiple smaller blades (5) for more... Agent:

20110103983 - Coolant compressor: A coolant compressor (1), comprising a piston-cylinder unit (2) that compresses a coolant, said piston-cylinder unit comprising a cylinder housing (4) and a piston (3) held in a piston bore (5) of the cylinder housing (4), wherein the cylinder housing (4) is sealed in an axial direction by a valve... Agent: Acc Austria Gmbh

20110103984 - Valve and diaphragm for a pump: A diaphragm pump (10) having a pump body (11) providing opposing pump chambers (12, 13). Mounted in the body is a piston assembly (14) having pistons (15) joined by a piston rod (16). Each piston (15) is sealingly connected to the body (11) by means of a diaphragm (22) so... Agent:

20110103985 - Fuel pump with an improved damping device for a direct injection system: A fuel pump for a direct injection system having: at least one pumping chamber; a piston which is mounted sliding inside the pumping chamber in order to vary cyclically the volume of the pumping chamber; an intake duct connected to the pumping chamber and regulated by an inlet valve; a... Agent: Magneti Marelli S.p.a.

20110103986 - Combined bearing and rotary machine: A highly reliable combined bearing capable of achieving equal and sufficient lubrication of a plurality of rolling bearings with a simple and compact structure is provided. The combined bearing includes a first rolling bearing and a second rolling bearing which are in contact with each other and arranged on the... Agent:

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