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Pumps April category listing, related patent applications 04/11

Below are recently published patent applications awaiting approval from the USPTO. Recent week's RSS XML file available below.
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04/28/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110097214 - Pump control device, oil well with device and method: A method of operating an oil well comprises applying through a variable frequency drive AC electrical energy from a power grid to an AC electric motor to operate a drive mechanism of an oil well pump. The motor speed is regulated in a manner to optimize oil production and maximize... Agent:

20110097215 - Flexible solid-state pump constructed of surface-modified glass fiber filters and metal mesh electrodes: An electroosmotic pump includes first and second electrodes which, during operation of the pump, are maintained at a potential difference of, for example, at least about 10V. A membrane intermediate the first and second electrodes includes fibers of an inorganic oxide, such as glass. A surface of the fibers may... Agent: The Government Of The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

20110097216 - Lubrication system for subsea compressor: A compression apparatus including a motor, a lubricant source, an umbilical, a compressor, a separation device, and a lubricant recycling assembly. The lubricant source provides a lubricant. The umbilical is fluidly connected to the lubricant source. The compressor is operatively connected to the motor, fluidly connected to the umbilical, and... Agent: Dresser-rand Company

20110097218 - Method and apparatus for generating a fluid flow: An apparatus includes a hydrophilic surface configured to drive flow of a polar fluid responsive to an exclusion zone (EZ) effect, the EZ being formed near the hydrophilic surface. An energy source may provide energy to form or maintain the EZ.... Agent:

20110097217 - Relocatable sucker rod pump assembly: A downhole pumping assembly has a tubing string with plural barrels which are arranged in-line with the tubing. The tubing string has a seating location adjacent to each barrel. A standing valve arrangement, which includes a standing valve and a seating device, is located with the standing valve adjacent to... Agent:

20110097219 - Ice water pump: A water pump for pumping ice water is provided. The pump includes a motor assembly, a cover, and a tube. The motor assembly includes water pumping blades rotatably set at one end of the motor assembly. The motor assembly includes a water-resistant housing that is set outside and partially encloses... Agent:

20110097220 - Wave actuated pump and means of connecting same to the seabed: A pumping apparatus designed for the purpose of economically harvesting the energy of the waves on the surface of a body of water and converting such energy into hydraulic power which may be transmitted by pipes and used for any purpose but preferably for the generation of electricity or the... Agent:

20110097221 - Motor and heating dissipating fan including motor: A motor includes a balancing member having a surface. The surface has a shaft coupling portion and a magnetically conductive portion. A stator is coupled to the balancing member. A rotor includes a hub, a shaft, and a permanent magnet. The shaft and the permanent magnet are mounted inside the... Agent:

20110097222 - Supercharger: A supercharger includes a centrifugal compressor having an impeller, a rotational shaft coupled to the impeller, a motor having a stator and a rotor housed in a casing, and a journal air bearing supporting the rotational shaft. The journal air bearing includes a hollow cylindrical member having an inner space... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20110097223 - Oil filter for downhole motor: An oil filter for use in an electric motor forming part of a downhole device such as an ESP, comprising a two-part filter including a first part formed from a porous material which acts to filter solid particulate material from the motor oil, and a second part comprising a sorbent... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20110097224 - Linear compressor: The present invention relates to a linear compressor, and more particularly to, a linear compressor which employs a conductor member in a linear motor instead of a magnet to produce a driving force by magnetic induction and automatically or naturally modulate a cooling capacity according to a load. The linear... Agent:

20110097226 - Axial flow fan: An axial flow fan provided herein allows for a wide range of selection for placement of the fan and wiring of the lead wires. The axial flow fan includes a first lead wire engaging portion 17 configured to be engaged with a plurality of lead wires 15 such that the... Agent: Sanyo Denki Co., Ltd.

20110097225 - Air compression and expansion system with single shaft compressor and turbine arrangement: An air compression and expansion system having a combined motor-generator unit and a single drive shaft coupled to compressors and expanders is disclosed. The system includes a motor-generator unit, a drive shaft connected to the motor-generator unit configured to transmit rotational power to and from the motor-generator unit, a compressor... Agent:

20110097227 - Structure of preventing water from leakage for the pressurized pump of diaphragm type: The present invention is to provide a structure of preventing water from leakage for the pressurized pump of diaphragm type with steps orderly comprises: corresponding to the threaded hole on each wobble plate, a hollow cylinder is first contrived on the top surface of each piston acting region of the... Agent:

20110097228 - High-pressure fuel supply pump and fuel supply system: The present invention relates to a high-pressure fuel supply pump comprising a compression chamber, a plunger reciprocating in the compression chamber for pressurizing fuel in the compression chamber, a discharge valve for discharging pressurized fuel from the compression chamber to a high-pressure fuel passage of a high-pressure fuel supply system... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20110097229 - Feedback controlled syringe pump: Provided is an automated syringe pump that includes a syringe plunger controller and an elastic member, such as a spring, positioned between a rigid member and a syringe plunger retainer. The controller may include a transducer, such as a linear potentiometer, for generating a signal representative of force applied to... Agent:

20110097230 - Compressor: A compressor wherein a valve plate formed with a suction hole and a discharge hole is interposed between a cylinder head and a cylinder block and a discharge valve formed as a reed valve is provided relative to the discharge hole on the valve plate. The discharge hole is formed... Agent:

04/21/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110091329 - Pumping system with two way communication: A pumping system for moving water of a swimming pool includes a water pump, a variable speed motor, and an arrangement for controlling the variable speed motor. The pumping system further includes an auxiliary device operably connected to the arrangement for controlling, and an arrangement for providing two-way communication between... Agent:

20110091330 - Condensate removal pump controller using acoustic liquid level sensor: A pump controller is provided for removing liquid condensate from a reservoir in a condensate pump removal system which collects condensate from an air conditioning/refrigeration system. The pump controller comprises a liquid level sensor in the form of an acoustic transmitter and acoustic receiver which are used to measure the... Agent:

20110091332 - Calculation of downhole pump fillage and control of pump based on said fillage: Methods and apparatus are provided for determining pump fillage, using data arrays of pump plunger position with respect to time and/or pump plunger load with respect to time. In this manner, well operators may be able to accurately monitor the pump fillage and control the pump accordingly.... Agent:

20110091331 - High pressure pumping cartridges for medical and surgical pumping and infusion applications: Pumping cartridges useful for medical and surgical pumping and infusion procedures are disclosed. Methods for manufacturing and utilizing such pumping cartridges and methods for pumping or infusing liquids for delivery to the body of a patient or a surgical or medical instrument for performing a medical treatment are also described.... Agent: Hydrocision, Inc.

20110091333 - Pneumatic evacuation pump: A pneumatic evacuation pump including: an inlet assembly (10) having an inlet valve (14) interposed between an inlet accepting material (13) from a material supply and a charging port (17) and selectively operable purge air injection means (20) located on the charging port side of said inlet valve; a chamber... Agent:

20110091334 - Variable displacement compressor: A variable displacement compressor having a swash plate capable of being changed with inclination angle for converting the rotation of a drive shaft into the reciprocating motion of pistons comprises a plurality of urging means each having one end brought into contact with the swash plate and urging the swash... Agent:

20110091335 - Calculation of downhole pump fillage and control of pump based on said fillage: Methods and apparatus are provided for determining pump fillage, using data arrays of pump plunger position with respect to time and/or pump plunger load with respect to time. In this manner, well operators may be able to accurately monitor the pump fillage and control the pump accordingly.... Agent:

20110091336 - Compression heater: The present invention, referred to as a Compression Heater, is used as a source of heat, and/or as a means of cooling. As the name of the invention implies, a means to compress an appropriately chosen and operatively contained liquid or gas is utilized such as to cause a working... Agent:

20110091337 - Integrated-inverter electric compressor: It is an object to provide an integrated-inverter electric compressor in which variations in sealing performance hardly occur, thus reliably enhancing the waterproofing performance of an inverter accommodating section. An integrated-inverter electric compressor in which an inverter accommodating section (9) is provided on the periphery of a housing, an inverter... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20110091338 - Heat dissipating fan: A heat dissipating fan includes a housing having an air inlet and air outlet between which an air passageway is formed. A fixed seat is provided in the air passageway and includes first positioning holes. A magnetically conductive first casing includes a first outer wall, a first annular lip extending... Agent:

20110091339 - Bicycle tire pump: A bicycle tire pump includes a movable connection member connected to the bottle end of the cylinder and the connection member has an insertion rod which is inserted into a tubular member on the base and fixed to the base. The tubular member includes positioning slots for guiding the connection... Agent:

20110091340 - Reciprocating pump and check valve: A reciprocating pump introduces a liquid into a pump chamber through a suction valve and discharges the liquid from the pump chamber through a discharge valve by reciprocating movement of a reciprocating member facing the pump chamber. The suction valve and the discharge valve include: a body portion having therein... Agent: Iwaki Co., Ltd.

04/14/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110085916 - Apparatus/method for temperature controlled methanol injection in oil and gas production streams: An automatically controlled methanol injection system for oil and gas production streams including an electric methanol injection pump and a temperature sensor and switch, the sensor and switch adapted to automatically adjust the injection of methanol as a function of sensed temperature.... Agent:

20110085917 - Condensate pump: A condensate pump for an HVAC system includes a reservoir for collecting condensate water, a pump motor connected to an impeller pump for pumping the condensate water out of the reservoir, and a floatless pump controller. The floatless pump controller detects the water level in the reservoir and, based on... Agent:

20110085918 - Water-lifting pump apparatus and method of controlling operation thereof: A water-lifting pump apparatus which is free of a discharge valve and a check valve, is low in cost, and is capable of reducing vibration and noise due to a waterfall after the end of water pumping operation. The water-lifting pump apparatus has a suction tank (10), a discharge tank... Agent: Ebara Corporation

20110085919 - Alarm system for a sump pump assembly: An alarm system is provided for generating an alert when a water-powered sump pump is activated and water is being used by the water-powered sump pump. The alarm system includes a water sensor for detecting if water within a sump reaches the sensor and a housing for containing sensor electronics,... Agent:

20110085920 - Method and apparatus for dynamic impulse signal attenuation simulation: A method of simulating attenuation of an impulse signal of a reciprocating compressor includes providing a reciprocating compressor that includes a crank connected to a motor, a compression chamber, a reciprocating piston positioned in the compression chamber, and a connecting rod attached to the piston. The method also includes connecting... Agent:

20110085921 - Apparatus having control valve and variable capacitance pump and hydraulic pressure circuit of internal combustion engine in which the same apparatus is used: In a hydraulic pressure circuit including an introduction section through which oil is introduced, a main passage section installed at a downstream side of the introduction section to be communicated with a supply section through which oil is supplied to each of slide sections of an internal combustion engine, a... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

20110085922 - Converter for converting mechanical energy into hydraulic energy and robot implementing said converter: The invention relates to a converter for converting mechanical energy into hydraulic energy and to a robot implementing said converter. The invention can particularly be used in the production of humanoid robots in which autonomy is to be improved. The converter includes a shaft rotated by mechanical energy about a... Agent: Bia

20110085923 - Method and device for regulating fluid pump pressures: A method is provided for regulating fluid pump pressures by detecting an elevation differential between a fluid flow control device and the distal end of a fluid line in communication with the fluid flow control device. A fluid flow control device, for instance a peritoneal dialysis device, is at a... Agent: Deka Products Limited Partnership

20110085924 - Pump assembly vibration absorber system: The vibration of a pump assembly, comprising a prime mover, a multiplex fluid pump connected to a drive line, and a transmission connected to transfer torque from the prime mover to the drive line to reciprocate a plurality of plungers, and a source of harmonic excitation, is inhibited by coupling... Agent:

20110085925 - Scroll compressor lubrication system: A lubricant metering system for a compressor may include a cap, a cap cage, and a shaft. The cap may include an outer surface, a first recess, and a first radial bore extending between the first recess and the outer surface. The cap cage may include a second recess receiving... Agent:

20110085926 - Motor for compressor and hermetic compressor having the same: Disclosed are a motor for a compressor and a hermetic compressor having the same. An aluminum coil cheaper than a copper coil is used in the motor for the compressor, to thusly reduce a fabricating cost. Also, a ratio of a height of end coil of a coil to an... Agent:

20110085927 - Fan module: A fan module includes a blade, a motor, a circuit board and a housing having an accommodating space for receiving the blade and the motor. The circuit board has a set of electrical terminals exposed outside the housing. The set of exposed electrical terminals is used for electrically connecting to... Agent: Compal Electronics, Inc.

04/07/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110081254 - Compressor for a refrigeration cycle, refrigeration cycle and method for operating the same: A compressor (2) for a refrigeration cycle according to the invention comprises an inlet port (6), a compression element (10), an outlet port (18), wherein in operation a refrigerant flow (20) of a gaseous refrigerant carrying an amount of oil circulates through the inlet port (6), the compression element (10)... Agent: Carrier Corporation

20110081255 - Controlling pumps for improved energy efficiency: A method for improving the energy efficiency of a pump system. The method includes measuring an instantaneous power consumption of the pump system, measuring an instantaneous fluid flow rate of the pump system, and determining an instantaneous specific energy consumption (SEC) of the pump system based on the instantaneous power... Agent:

20110081257 - Drivetrain and method for providing a supply to a compressed air system: m

20110081256 - System and method for sensing a liquid level: A system, method and device may be used to monitor fluid levels in a borehole. The system includes a pulse generator to generate a pulse of electromagnetic energy to propagate along the wellbore towards a surface of the fluid, a detector to detect a portion of the electromagnetic pulse reflected... Agent: Chevron U.s.a., Inc.

20110081258 - Fan and motor having multiple insulators with an axially protruding conductor pin: In a motor, axially upper and lower end surfaces of the stator core are substantially covered by a first insulator and a second insulator, both of which are made of resin. A boss is arranged circumferentially between two neighboring teeth. Three bosses are arranged at three out of four positions... Agent: Nidec Corporation

20110081259 - Wave-powered, reciprocating hose peristaltic pump: A wave-powered peristaltic hose pump, typically installed in a body of fluid upon which waves occur. It is characterized by a peristaltic hose which is reciprocally drawn through one or more anchored compression pulley blocks by opposing buoyant members reacting to undulating wave action. Occlusion of the hose by the... Agent:

20110081260 - Pressure washer pump and engine system: A pressure washer system includes an internal combustion engine and a water pump. The internal combustion engine includes an engine block forming a chamber and a cover for the chamber. The cover has an area designed to hold a lubricant. Additionally, the engine includes a crankshaft within the chamber. The... Agent: Briggs & Stratton Corporation

20110081261 - Pressure washer pump and engine system: A pressure washer system includes an engine block, a water conduit, a water pump, and a spray gun. The engine block is for a horizontally-shafted internal combustion engine, and has a chamber therein. The chamber is designed to contain oil for cooling and lubricating the internal combustion engine. The water... Agent: Briggs & Stratton Corporation

20110081262 - Motor-directly connected compressor unit: To provide a motor-directly connected compressor unit which is equipped with a cooling means for suppressing the heating of the compressor and is easy to transfer without upsizing the compressor unit in size or weight, the compressor unit is configured such that a sirocco fan 30 is arranged between a... Agent: C/o Anest Iwata Corporation

20110081263 - Induction motor and hermetic compressor: It is an object to obtain a highly efficient induction motor which does not degrade the fitting strength of shrink-fit and of which the starting torque is high, and further to obtain a highly reliable hermetic compressor which suppresses the oil amount flowing out of the hermetic compressor. According to... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20110081264 - Scroll compressor: A scroll compressor has an electric motor portion, a compression mechanism portion connected to the electric motor portion, and an oil sump for lubricating oil in a sealed container and compresses a refrigerant in the compression mechanism portion. A used refrigerant is a halogenated hydrocarbon or a hydrocarbon having a... Agent:

20110081265 - Pulse pump: The pulse pump is driven by an electric motor and gear reduction driving an eccentric rotor, which, in turn, oscillates a mechanism actuating a diaphragm to transfer fluid through one-way check valves. The pump may be used in a number of different applications, but is particularly useful in applying biodegradation... Agent:

20110081266 - Fan, bearing and sleeve thereof: A bearing includes an axial hole and a plurality of first grooves. The first grooves are formed on the inner wall of the bearing, and extends through the top surface and to the outer wall of the bearing. The lubricant oil originally held in the bearing can be guided to... Agent:

20110081267 - Pump: A fluid pump comprising a chamber which, in use, contains a fluid to be pumped, the chamber including a main cavity having a substantially cylindrical shape bounded by first and second end walls and a side wall and a secondary cavity extending radially outwards of the main cavity, one or... Agent:

20110081268 - Pump body: A multiplex fluid pump assembled from a plurality of pump bodies connected side by side between opposing end plates with a plurality of fasteners tightened to compress the pump bodies between the end plates. Raised surfaces on opposite exterior side surfaces of each pump body are engaged with an adjacent... Agent:

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