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Pumps March listing by industry category 03/11

Below are recently published patent applications awaiting approval from the USPTO. Recent week's RSS XML file available below.
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03/31/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

- Flow control: A pumping system for moving water of a swimming pool includes a water pump and a variable speed motor. The pumping system further includes means for determining a first motor speed of the motor, means for determining first and second performance values of the pumping system, and means for comparing... Agent:

- Centrifugal pump unit: The invention relates to a centrifugal pump assembly with an electric drive motor and with a control device having a frequency converter, for the control of the rotational speed of the drive motor, wherein the control device is designed in a manner such that in at least one control region,... Agent: Grundfos Management A/s

- Method of operating adaptive core engines: A method of operating a compressor in an adaptive core engine is disclosed. The method comprises the steps of operating a front block compressor to increase pressure of a fluid to a first pressure ratio in a high-power mode operation; operating a rear block compressor coupled to the front block... Agent:

- Dense phase pump for dry particulate material: A dense phase pump for particulate material includes a pump chamber wherein material flows into the pump chamber under negative pressure and flows out of the pump chamber under positive pressure. A plurality of pinch valves are provided to control flow of material into and out of the pump chamber.... Agent: Nordson Corporation

- Control device for a hydraulic piston machine with a variable flow rate: A control device for a hydraulic piston machine with a variable flow rate averaged over time has a plurality of pistons each defining a working chamber with a changeable value and connectable to high-pressure and low-pressure line via first and second valves actuable in an electric fashion, and an electronic... Agent:

- Displacement control system for variable displacement compressor: A displacement control system (B) for a variable displacement compressor has an electromagnetic clutch (200), a displacement control valve (300) including a valve body (306) that is applied with pressure of a suction pressure region of a variable displacement compressor (100) and an electromagnetic force of a solenoid unit in... Agent:

- Compressor plug assembly: A compressor including a shell, a compression mechanism disposed within the shell, a motor actuating the compression mechanism, and a terminal body secured to the shell, may further include at least one conductor pin extending through the terminal body and a fence disposed around the terminal body and secured to... Agent:

- Method and apparatus in connection with pump drive: A method in connection with a pump drive connected to a container or the like, wherein a frequency converter is arranged to supply power to a pump in such a manner that a pump flow (Qp) is responsive to an estimated mean incoming flow (Qest) to the container. The method... Agent: Abb Oy

- Air compressor having tilted piston: An air compressor includes a cylinder housing having an outlet tube and an inner peripheral surface, a piston slidably received in the cylinder housing and having a piston rod, the piston is tilted relative to a longitudinal or lateral axis T of the piston rod, and a motor is coupled... Agent:

- Drive device: A drive device in which a driving force transfer mechanism is accommodated in a case that includes a main body portion having an opening portion and a cover portion attached to the opening portion, and the cover portion is provided with an oil pump. The drive device is configured with... Agent: Aisin Aw Co., Ltd.

- Electric motor ii: An electric motor conveys media and includes a stator, a rotor with a rotor magnet, and a media throughput opening between the stator and rotor. An operationally reliable delivery of media at low cost and with low maintenance is achieved with the electric motor.... Agent: Lindenmaier Ag

- Portable inline pump kit: A portable inline pump kit is provided featuring a pump having a fluid output port configured to pump fluid, and having a quick disconnect power input connection to couple the pump to a source of power; a portable battery or battery pack having a power connection to be coupled by... Agent: Itt Manufacturing Enterprises, Inc

- Rotary compressor: The eccentric on the crankshaft of a rotary compressor, as well as the roller that surrounds the crankshaft, is replaced by an elliptical cam that acts as a double eccentric. In this manner, the elliptical cam provides for proper balancing of the crankshaft and other components of the compressor, while... Agent: Tecumseh Products Company

- Turbo charger ii: A turbocharger includes a compressor arrangement for compressing fresh air for internal combustion engines, containing a compressor wheel as well as an electric motor with a rotor and stator. A rotor magnet of the rotor is designed such that it is partially or completely integrated into the compressor wheel, and... Agent:

- Piezoelectric micro-blower: A piezoelectric micro-blower includes an inner case to which a peripheral portion of a vibrating plate including a piezoelectric element is fixed such that a blower chamber is defined between the inner case and the vibrating plate and an outer case arranged to cover an outer periphery of the inner... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

- Suction valve of variable capacity compressor for vehicle: Disclosed is a suction valve of a variable capacity compressor for vehicle including: a valve sheet, a valve case, a spool valve, and a resilient member, wherein the valve case includes a first coolant discharging port and a pair of second coolant discharging ports, each second coolant discharging port being... Agent:

03/24/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

- Fan control system: The present invention relates to a fan control system. The fan control system includes a first micro controller, a second micro controller and a first logic circuit. The first micro controller provides at least one first control signal. The second micro controller is connected to the first micro controller. The... Agent: Sunonwealth Electric Machine Industry Co., Ltd.

- Compressor system and method for the operation of a compressor system: A compressor system includes a compressor for supplying compressed air to a commercial vehicle that has an engine with a turbocharger. Air that is pre-compressed by the turbocharger can be sucked in by the compressor via a first air supply pipe. Ambient air that is not pre-compressed can be sucked... Agent: Knorr-bremse Systeme Fuer Nutzfahrzeuge Gmbh

- Crankcase heater systems and methods for variable speed compressors: A system includes a compressor having a shell housing a compression mechanism driven by an electric motor in an on state and not driven by the electric motor in an off state. The system also includes a variable frequency drive that drives the electric motor in the on state by... Agent: Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc.

- Device and method for pumping a cryogenic fluid: The invention relates to a device for pumping a cryogenic fluid, consisting of a tank for storing a cryogenic fluid containing cryogenic liquid, a cryogenic pump having an inlet pressure loss, and a suction line connecting the tank to the pump, said pumping device including a system for controlling the... Agent: L'air Liquide Societe Anonyme Pour L'etude Et L'exploitation Des Procedes Georges Claude

- Radial bearings for deep well submersible pumps: A bearing assembly for use in a deepwell submersible pump, the pump and a method of pumping a geothermal fluid. The bearing assembly is constructed to include a lubricant conveying mechanism, a bearing sleeve and a multilayer bushing. The lubricant is forced between the bushing and a bearing sleeve by... Agent:

- Valve plate for a compressor, and method for cooling compressed air in a valve plate of a compressor: A valve plate includes a cooling medium duct for a compressor used for generating compressed air. From the perspective of a piston chamber of the compressor, at least part of the cooling medium duct extends between the piston chamber and an air discharge valve that is arranged in the valve... Agent: Knorr-bremse Systeme Fuer Nutzfahrzeuge Gmbh

- Wobble plate type variable displacement compressor: Disclosed is a wobble plate type variable displacement compressor that uses a constant velocity universal joint mechanism, which comprises an inner ring and an outer ring, balls that are held between guide grooves of the inner ring and the outer ring to transmit power, and a sleeve, which functions as... Agent:

- Constructive arrangement for a hermetic refrigeration compressor: A hermetic compressor, comprises: a hermetic shell (1); a cylinder block (2) defining, a shell portion (Ia) and a compression cylinder (3) having an end (3a) opened to the exterior of the hermetic shell (1) and closed by a valve plate (5); a head (6) affixed to the cylinder block... Agent: Whirlpool S.a.

- Air compressor structure: An air compressor structure includes a main body, a fixing plate and a cap member. The main body includes a pair of cylinders each having a fixture thereon. The fixture has a pair of first threaded holes. The fixing plate has a pair of second threaded holes corresponding to the... Agent:

- Disposable pump head: The present invention provides a pump, comprising: a disposable pump head having an input port and an output port, and being configured to be frictionally engaged to a motor so as to pump fluid into the input port, through the disposable pump head, and out the output port; and a... Agent: Itt Manufacturing Enterprises, Inc.

- Rotary electric motor and blower that uses the same: In a rotary electric motor a first stator core and a second stator core are disposed coaxially so as to be separated by a predetermined distance axially and such that circumferential positions of teeth are aligned, and a first rotor core and a second rotor core on which salient poles... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

- Piezoelectric microblower: A piezoelectric microblower includes a vibrating plate including a piezoelectric element and arranged to be driven in a bending mode by applying a voltage of a predetermined frequency to the piezoelectric element, and a blower body arranged to fix both ends or a periphery of the vibrating plate and to... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

- Piezoelectric micro blower: A piezoelectric micro blower includes a blower body that includes a first wall and a second wall. An opening is provided at a portion of the first wall that faces an area of the approximate center of a driver of the piezoelectric micro blower. An opening is provided at a... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

- Stator/rotor assemblies having enhanced performance: A stator/rotor assembly includes at least one extruded preform bonded to a stator housing and/or a rotor mandrel. A method of constructing a stator/rotor assembly includes extruding at least one preform, and bonding the preform to a stator housing and/or a rotor mandrel. A method of constructing a stator includes... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

- Piston pump assembly: A piston pump assembly includes a first pump having a first cylinder member inserted in a piston hole of a pump housing, and a first piston inserted in the first cylinder member, and a second pump having a second cylinder member inserted in the piston hole, and an annular second... Agent: Advics Co., Ltd.

- System and devices including valves coupled to electric devices and methods of making, using, and operating the same: Systems, methods, and devices are disclosed, including a compressor having a piston and a valve assembly. In some embodiments, the valve assembly includes a check valve having a valve member, a magnet coupled to the valve member, and an electrical conductor near the magnet. The check valve may be configured... Agent: Cameron International Corporation

03/17/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

- Controller for vacuum suction type urine collector: In the controller for a vacuum suction type urine collector of this invention, the resistance between paired electrodes installed on the side of a urine receiver on a vacuum sucked-urine path extending from the urine receiver via a urine transport tube to a urine tank is measured by a controller... Agent:

- Inlet throttle controlled liquid pump with cavitation damage avoidance feature: A liquid pump includes an electronically controlled throttle inlet valve to control pump output. With each reciprocation cycle, a plunger displaces a fixed volume of fluid. When less than this fixed volume is desired as the output from the pump, the electronically controlled throttle inlet valve throttles flow past a... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

- Low waste pump follower: A low waste pump follower includes a platen and a perforated member. The platen has a bottom side defining a cavity and the perforated member covers the cavity. The pump follower is driven into a container of viscous material. Material is forced through the perforated member, into the cavity, and... Agent: Nordson Corporation

- Air pump set: An air pump set includes an air pump, at least two air distributors and a pressure reducer. At least two air distributors are serially connected with the air pump for further distributing the pressurized air to respective air-requiring targets. The pressure reducer is serially connected between any adjacent two of... Agent: Caremed Supply, Inc.

- Valve arrangement for peripherally pivoted oscillating vane machine: The present invention relates to improved integrated valve assemblies, preferably, for use in an oscillating vane machine (OVM) that provide easy assembly and maintenance, direct fluid communication between the working chamber and suction and discharge manifold, and the avoidance of the use of fasteners in contact with or adjacent to... Agent:

- Comprehensive control system for mobile pumping apparatus: A control system for a pumping apparatus consisting of an engine-driven primary pump includes an intake pressure regulating system for maintaining the intake pressure above a preset low value, a discharge pressure regulating system for maintaining the discharge pressure below a preset maximum value, and a master controller for monitoring,... Agent:

- Underwater delivery unit: The invention relates to an underwater delivery unit with a pump and a drive device that is sealed against the surrounding water and a process medium. According to the invention, the pump (31) and the drive device (32) are combined into a module with a module housing (3) and are... Agent:

- Reciprocating compressor: The present invention relates to a reciprocating compressor in which a piston is linearly reciprocated inside a cylinder, for sucking a refrigerant into a compression space, and compressing and discharging the refrigerant, and more particularly, to a reciprocating compressor which can reduce the number of inverter switch required to apply... Agent:

- Cooling device: A piezoelectric fan includes a blade that is joined to a piezoelectric oscillator that bends in response to an application of a voltage, and the blade of the piezoelectric fan is arranged to swing in a space between neighboring heat dissipating fins of a heat sink. The formation of a... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

- Ever-stand fan: This invention discloses an ever-stand fan, including a base and a motor. An upper cover, within which there is an impeller connected with the motor, is arranged over the base. The base has a small flat surface with a curved face on the periphery at the center of its bottom.... Agent:

03/10/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

- Mud pump cylinder assembly and liner system: A fluid section for a reciprocating pump comprises a cylinder assembly including a housing having a central axis, a first end, a second end opposite the first end, and a throughbore extending axially between the first end and the second end. In addition, the cylinder assembly includes a liner disposed... Agent: National Oilwell Varco, L. P.

- Combined oil level or condition sensor and sight oil level gage: The invention provides an oil level or condition sensor featuring a housing and a baffle or plate arrangement arranged in the housing, where the baffle or plate arrangement forms a capacitor when the housing is filled with oil, the baffle or plate arrangement being responsive to a signal, for providing... Agent: Itt Manufacturing Enterprises, Inc.

- Method of detecting impact between cylinder and piston driven by a linear motor, detector of impact between a cylinder and piston driven by a linear motor, gas compressor, control system for a cylinder and a piston set driven by a linear motor gas compres: A method of detecting the occurrence of impact or collision between a cylinder (2) and piston (1) driven by a linear motor of a gas compressor includes the steps of i) obtainment of a reference signal (Sr) associated to an electrical output of the linear motor before the piston attains... Agent:

- Compressor for use in a vehicle: A compressor for use in a vehicle includes a mechanical compression mechanism including a first casing and a drive shaft. The first casing has therein a first suction chamber and a first discharge chamber. The drive shaft is rotatably supported by the first casing and mechanically driven by a drive... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki

- Inner rotor type motor and heat dissipating fan including the inner rotor type motor: An inner rotor type motor includes a base having a pivotal portion. A stator is mounted to the base and includes a body and a coil unit engaged with the body and surrounding a hole of the body. A rotor includes a rotatable member, a shaft, and a permanent magnet.... Agent:

- Flushing system: An apparatus includes a pump, a motor operatively coupled to the pump, and a flushing system. The motor includes a stator and a rotor disposed in a rotor cavity isolated from the stator. The flushing system is operable to provide a flushing medium to the rotor cavity.... Agent:

- In-line flow mixer: A flow-conditioning system includes a pump, process tubing coupling the pump to a source of multiple component process fluid, and an in-line flow-mixing device positioned in the process tubing upstream of the pump. A system includes a well disposed below a body of water and providing a source of multiple... Agent:

- Linear motor and reciprocating compressor employing the same: There are provided a linear motor for generating a linear reciprocating motion force, and a reciprocating compressor for compressing a refrigerant by employing the linear motor. The linear motor and the reciprocating compressor employing the same can reduce the number of inverter switches by employing a coil unit whose winding... Agent:

- Magnetic inductor rotary machine and fluid transfer apparatus that uses the same: A high-efficiency magnetic inductor rotary machine in which eddy current loss is reduced even if driven at super-high-speed rotation, and a fluid transfer apparatus that uses the same. In the magnetic inductor rotary machines, first and second stator cores are disposed coaxially such that circumferential positions of teeth are aligned,... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

- Reciprocating compressor: The present invention discloses a reciprocating compressor which can linearly reciprocate a piston inside a cylinder as a linear motor is driven, compress a refrigerant by sucking the refrigerant into a compression space between the cylinder and the piston, and then discharge the same. In the reciprocating compressor, the piston... Agent:

- Peristaltic pump with torque relief: A peristaltic pump for dispensing liquid is described and includes a front housing and a rear housing snap-fitted together to define a chamber having a recessed area and a rotor confined therein, a plurality of rollers mounted in the rotor, and a flexible tube compressed at equally spaced intervals by... Agent: Molon Motor And Coil Corporation

03/03/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

- Apparatus for controlling a pump: Disclosed is a controller for controlling a pump. The controller includes a sensor unit and a buoy unit. The sensor includes a base, a cylinder extended from a lower side of the base, a micro-switch provided on the base, a ferromagnetic tag connected to the micro-switch and a switch provided... Agent:

- Automatic compressor overpressure control: The present embodiments provide a system having a motor, a compressor having a compression device configured to increase a pressure of a gas, a clutch configured to selectively transfer torque from the motor to the compressor to drive the compression device, and a controller configured to disengage the clutch if... Agent:

- Variable speed pumping system and method: A variable speed pumping system and an associated method for moving water of an aquatic application. The variable speed pumping system includes a water pump for moving water in connection with performance of an operation upon the water. A variable speed motor is operatively connected to drive the pump. A... Agent:

- Liquid-conducting pump with dc motor and power supply with closed-loop control: A pump for conveying liquids, in particular water, has a direct-current motor and a power supply unit for rectifying and/or converting an AC voltage or DC voltage which is applied to the power supply unit. The power supply unit has a closed control loop for controlling a controlled variable of... Agent:

- Method and device for controlling the condenser cooling water of a steam-jet vacuum pump: The invention relates to method and a device for controlling condenser cooling water of a steam-jet vacuum pump in non-barometric installation; wherein an outer measuring pot constructed as communicating container provides the target value for a speed-controlled pump by means of measuring sensors.... Agent:

- Method for controlling the operation of a compressor: In a method for controlling the operation of a compressor, the compressor is switched off by a controller in order to prevent thermal damage if an estimated temperature value calculated by the controller exceeds an upper threshold value. The controller calculates a cooling function as a state variable utilizing the... Agent:

- Method for regenerating a compressed air supply device, control unit and compressed air supply device: To regenerate a compressed air supply device of a commercial vehicle, a first compressed air circuit is supplied with compressed air until reaches a predetermined target pressure value; then a second compressed air circuit is supplied. Between these steps, the method: (1) regenerates an air dryer when the pressure in... Agent:

- Method of driving a well pump: Production liquid from a well is pumped to the surface by a hydraulically driven reciprocating piston pump. The pump is driven in a drive stroke by a flow of hydraulic fluid supplied through a single tubing line applied to a drive side of a drive piston and in a return... Agent:

- System and method for a water cooling pump: A method and a system are provided for a deep well pump system having a high volume lift of hot or very hot fluids. In an embodiment, a high volume high temperature deep well pumping system uses an external source of cooling fluid to keep one or more vulnerable pumping... Agent:

- Pump assembly: A pump assembly and maintenance system and method. An inventory of pump components has an identifier to track the pump component and a sensor to gather operating data associated with the pump component. A population of pumps is assembled from the pump components. The operating data are correlated with the... Agent:

- Jet pump assembly having increased entrainment flow: A jet pump assembly according to an example embodiment of the present invention includes an inlet body arranged in proximity with a throat structure so as to provide an entrainment entrance between a discharge end of the inlet body and the throat structure. A drive flow of a motive fluid... Agent:

- Clutch water pump, control system thereof, and control method thereof: A clutch water pump may include a pulley, a brake pad attached on an interior surface of the clutch compartment of the pulley, a clutch disk disposed corresponding to the brake pad in the clutch compartment, a hub rotatably mounted into the penetrating hole and coupled to the clutch disk... Agent:

- Bundle insertion/extraction system and method: An insertion/extraction system and method for a compressor casing and a compressor bundle. The system includes a cradle extending from a first axial end of the compressor casing and configured to provide support for the compressor bundle during insertion, and an extension assembly coupled to a first axial end of... Agent:

- High pressure two-piece plunger pump assembly: A high pressure pumping apparatus for of an internal combustion engine includes a pump barrel having a bore with a central axis, and a two-part pumping plunger provided in the bore of the barrel. The two-part plunger includes first and second pumping plunger parts that are separate from one another... Agent:

- Electric fuel pump for heavy duty engine platforms: This invention relates to a Brushless DC Electric Fuel Pump (BEFP) for an internal combustion engine having a cooling system which transfers all the heat generated by its components to the heat conducting body parts and carrying the heat away not only by the fuel but also air by the... Agent:

- Bearing spacer and housing: An exemplary center housing rotating assembly includes a turbine wheel (260); a compressor wheel (240); a center housing (210) that includes a through bore (215), extending from a compressor end to a turbine end along a bore axis, and a recess (217), adjacent the bore, in a plane orthogonal to... Agent:

- Electro-osmotic pump: A pump for inducing liquid movement by means of polarisation electro-osmosis, comprising a passageway forming a flow path for fluid transport, at least one polarisable means located within said passageway so as to form at least one pore through said passageway, the at least one polarisable means being shaped such... Agent:

- Fluid machine: A fluid machine for compressing or conveying fluids, in particular for compressing gases to high pressures, has a linear motor (2), at least one cylinder (3), a solid or liquid piston (4, 4′) which can be moved axially in the cylinder (3), and at least one compression space (5) which... Agent:

- Pump with magnetic bearings: A pump unit includes a motor, a pump, a shaft spanning the motor and the pump, and at least a first magnetic bearing supporting the shaft. A hydrocarbon production system includes an underwater well and a pump unit exposed to an underwater environment. The pump unit is operable to pump... Agent:

- Fan having two impellers: A fan includes a first motor having a first rotor and a second motor having a second rotor which is rotationally connected to the first rotor. The fan further comprises a first impeller which, when driven by the first motor, rotates along a first direction and creates a main flow... Agent:

- Switch and motor-cooling device for an electric fan: A switch and a motor-cooling device for an electric fan comprise a motor, a housing, a controller and a knob. The housing is defined with a concave portion in an end thereof, and on the bottom of the concave portion are provided plural assembling portions. The concave portion is formed... Agent:

- Plate pump assembly for use with a subsurface pump: A plate pump assembly for pumping various fluids including heavy crude. The plate pump assembly includes first and second chambers each having lower and upper valves. Primary upper and lower eccentric cams within the plate pump assembly are connected to an upper plate and a lower plate. A secondary eccentric... Agent:

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