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Prosthesis (i.e., artificial body members), parts thereof, or aids and accessories therefor

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12/18/2014 > 39 patent applications in 24 patent subcategories.

20140371837 - Drug-eluting sheath: A drug-eluting sheath (DES) comprises an inner elastic layer, an outer elastic layer, and at least a therapeutic agent layer; said therapeutic agent layer is sandwiched partly between said inner layer and said outer layer. Said outer layer has several splittable structures on its outer surface. The DES is put... Agent:

20140371838 - Endovascular graft with an expanded lumen at a bifurcation: A stent graft for placement in a lumen of a patient is disclosed. The stent graft comprises a main body comprising a main lumen and having a distal end terminating in a bifurcation. It also comprises first and second legs extending from the bifurcation, the first and second legs having... Agent:

20140371839 - Medical implant having a curlable matrix structure and method of use: A medical having a proximal and a distal end, that is preformed to assume a superimposed structure at an implantation site but can be made to take on a volume-reduced form making it possible to introduce it by means of a micro-catheter and a guide wire arranged at the proximal... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140371840 - Graded compliant endograft and method of constructing the same: An implantable endograft device having a graded compliance. The endograft contains at least two portions having different compliance values. In some configurations, the endograft has three, a proximal end portion, a distal end portion, and a central portion, with the proximal and distal end portions having a higher compliance than... Agent:

20140371836 - Expandable supportive endoluminal stent graft: An endoluminal prosthesis having a graft sleeve, a set of internal graft channels formed within the graft sleeve and a self-expanding wire stent. The graft sleeve forms a main fluid flow channel between a first open end and a second open end of the graft sleeve and includes an external... Agent:

20140371842 - Cardiac implant with integrated suture fasteners: A cardiac implant system including a cardiac implant such as an annuloplasty ring, a prosthetic heart valve, or a valved conduit pre-assembled at the time of manufacture with devices for securing the implant to a heart valve annulus using knotless suture fasteners. The knotless suture fasteners may be embedded within... Agent:

20140371841 - Delivery system with pacing element: Medical device delivery assemblies are disclosed. The assembly may include a catheter-based delivery system. The assembly may include a pacing element to pace a patient's heart before, during, or after a procedure. The pacing element may be a detachable, implanting pacing element. The pacing element may be an implantable pacemaker... Agent: Medtronic Vascular Galway

20140371847 - Expansion device and method for treating vascular passageways: Method for delivering an expandable member to a treatment location includes an elongate shaft and an expandable member coupled to a distal end of the elongate shaft. Embodiments of the expandable member are moveable between a collapsed configuration and an expanded configuration, and have an inner expandable member and a... Agent: Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

20140371843 - Mitral valve spacer and system and method for implanting the same: A heart valve implant is disclosed herein. The heart valve implant comprises an inflatable valve body, a shaft, an anchor assembly and an inflation (injection) port. Also disclosed herein, are methods of trans-apically and trans-septally delivering a heart valve implant within a heart such that the valve body can be... Agent:

20140371846 - Mitral valve spacer and system and method for implanting the same: A heart valve implant is disclosed herein. The heart valve implant comprises an inflatable valve body, a shaft, an anchor assembly and an inflation (injection) port. Also disclosed herein, are methods of trans-apically and trans-septally delivering a heart valve implant within a heart such that the valve body can be... Agent:

20140371844 - Transcatheter mitral valve and delivery system: A prosthetic heart valve includes a collapsible and expandable stent, a collapsible and expandable valve assembly disposed within the stent, and one or more features coupled to the stent for at least partially anchoring the prosthetic heart valve within a native valve annulus of a patient. The anchoring features may... Agent:

20140371848 - Transcatheter prosthetic heart valve delivery device with biased release features: A delivery system for percutaneously delivering and deploying a stented prosthetic heart valve. The delivery device includes a delivery sheath slidably disposed over an inner shaft, and a capture assembly. The capture assembly includes a spindle and a biasing member. The spindle is attached to the inner shaft and defines... Agent:

20140371845 - Valve suturing and implantation procedures: A prosthesis for implantation at a native semilunar valve includes a prosthetic distal valve, which includes a pliant material configured to collapse inwardly towards a longitudinal axis of the prosthesis during diastole, and to open outwardly during systole, and a distal fixation member configured to be positioned in a downstream... Agent:

20140371849 - Autonomous artificial heart: Embodiments of the disclosed technology are directed to a self-contained, totally implantable blood pump that replaces the whole heart. It is a small spherical device that encloses all of its blood propulsion dynamics. The dynamics are controlled by a built-in microcontroller that regulates the speed of the motor in response... Agent:

20140371850 - Limited echelette lens, systems and methods: An ophthalmic lens with a circular surface structure and limited adjacent echelettes that provides enhanced image quality across an extended range of foci.... Agent:

20140371851 - Haptics for intraocular devices: An intraocular device having anterior and posterior faces, haptics extending from the intraocular device, each of the haptics including a slender loop element with a proximal end attached to the intraocular device, the slender loop element having a length, width and thickness, the length following a curved path and the... Agent:

20140371852 - Scleral fixation bag: A method is described for introducing a scleral fixation bag into an eye. The scleral fixation bag includes haptics that extend therefrom. The method includes inserting and affixing the haptics into sclerotomies formed in the eye; the haptics affix the scleral fixation bag without a need for natural capsular bag... Agent:

20140371853 - Tendon repair implant and method of arthroscopic implantation: A tendon repair implant for treatment of a partial thickness tear in the supraspinatus tendon of the shoulder is provided. The implant may incorporate features of rapid deployment and fixation by arthroscopic means that compliment current procedures; tensile properties that result in desired sharing of anatomical load between the implant... Agent:

20140371854 - Adjustable elastic antagonist muscle replacement mechanism: The present invention is an anatomic system which uses the principle of applying higher elastic tonus than the rest tonus of the agonist muscles to provide the function of the antagonist muscles, and which is designed in a simplest way to provide the said purpose and which can be integrated... Agent:

20140371855 - Medical device comprising an artificial contractile structure: A medical device includes an artificial contractile structure which may be advantageously used to assist the functioning of a hollow organ, an artificial contractile structure including at least one contractile element (100) adapted to contract an organ, in such way that the contractile element (100) is in a resting or... Agent: Myopowers Medical Technologies Sa

20140371856 - Prosthetic intervertebral disk: An intervertebral disk prostheses for the total replacement of an intervertebral disk of the lumbar and cervical spine has an upper plate having upwardly projecting formations anchoring it to an upper vertebra on its upper face and a concavity on its inner face surrounded by an edge. A lower plate... Agent:

20140371858 - Intervertebral disc: This invention relates to an intervertebral motion disc having two motion surfaces and. wherein the radius of the upper articulation surface of the core member is greater than the radius of the lower articulation surface of the core member, and wherein the first articulation surface of the core member is... Agent: Depuy Synthes Products, LLC

20140371857 - Intervertebral implant: An intervertebral implant includes opposing upper and lower endplates that are configured to engage respective vertebral surfaces in an intervertebral space. The implant carries a plurality of bone fixation spikes that extend out from each endplate. The spikes define a plurality of outer surfaces that extend from a base to... Agent:

20140371860 - Artificial spinal disk prosthesis: Intervertebral endoprosthesis discs suitable for surgical implantation between two vertebrae having and methods thereof. The prosthetic disc may have an endoprosthesis body including an anterior region and a posterior region designed to be positioned between a first vertebra and a second vertebra with a first and second movable insert positioned... Agent:

20140371861 - Intervertebral implant devices: Spinal implants for positioning between adjacent vertebrae. Some embodiments may comprise a pair of opposed sidewall surfaces, a pair of opposed frictional surfaces, a first end wall joining the pair of opposed sidewall surfaces, and a second end wall recessed at least in part and joining the pair of opposed... Agent:

20140371859 - Low profile plate: The present application generally relates to orthopedic systems, and in particular, to systems including independent plates and spacers. A plating system can include a spacer and a plate that is independent from the spacer. A number of locking mechanisms can be provided to secure the plate to the spacer. In... Agent:

20140371862 - Surgical implant with guiding rail: A prosthetic intervertebral spacer is disclosed. The spacer preferably includes a body and an interface extending away from the body for use during implantation of the spacer. Methods of implanting the spacer and tools used during such procedure are also disclosed.... Agent:

20140371863 - Metallic structures having porous regions from imaged bone at pre-defined anatomic locations: An additively manufactured medical implant, comprising a metallic body having at least one porous surface configured to promote bony on-growth or in-growth of tissue, the porous surface being replicated from a high resolution scan of bone, and a biological surface coating configured to create a barrier to particulate debris, the... Agent:

20140371864 - Prosthetic devices and methods for using same: In one embodiment, the instant invention is a method that includes at least providing a prosthesis that includes at least an implant capable of deformation under pressure; inserting the implant in a void space in a joint; inflating the implant by adding a first amount of a filler to the... Agent:

20140371865 - Posterior stabilized insert trial with adjustable post: Trial joint inserts have posts at different positions relative to the base. During joint replacement surgery, a surgeon can test different positions for a post using a trial insert, identify a suitable position for the post, and then select a permanent insert with a post in the desired position. The... Agent:

20140371866 - Tibial implant devices, systems, and methods: Various embodiments described herein can facilitate the design of patient-adapted (e.g., patient-specific or patient-engineered) tibial implants. Furthermore, various embodiments described herein can include implant components having one or more patient-adapted features and one or more standard, that is, not patient-adapted (e.g., off-the-shelf), features incorporated into the design of the tibial... Agent:

20140371867 - Talonavicular joint prosthesis and its method of implantation: A talonavicular joint prosthesis (1) adapted to replace the natural talonavicular joint that exists between a patient's talus and navicular bones, after appropriate surgical preparation of the joint-related portions of these bones so as to create a new joint space to accommodate this prosthesis, includes talar (2) and navicular (4)... Agent:

20140371868 - Modular joint prosthesis system, premounted joint prosthesis system part and sterile article: A modular hip joint prosthesis system has an intermediate element which has an inner surface for receiving a prosthesis neck and an outer surface, a joint ball head which is embodied as a plug head having an inner surface associated with the outer surface of the intermediate element, and a... Agent: Merete Medical Gmbh

20140371869 - Production of tissue engineered digits and limbs: The invention pertains to methods of producing artificial composite tissue constructs that permit coordinated motion. Biocompatable structural matrices having sufficient rigidity to provide structural support for cartilage-forming cells and bone-forming cells are used. Biocompatable flexible matrices seeded with muscle cells are joined to the structural matrices to produce artificial composite... Agent: Wake Forest University Health Sciences

20140371870 - Liner for tubular body portion and apparatus and methods for application thereof: A tubular body portion lining assembly adapted for insertion into a tubular body portion of a patient, the assembly including a flexible tubular liner including at least one generally circumferentially disposed attachment portion on its outer surface adapted to face the internal walls of the tubular body portion and to... Agent:

20140371871 - Control of limb device: The invention refers to the area of control of a limb device in the form of an artificial limb for a human or a robot limb. In particular, the invention is related to a control unit for electrically controlling an electrically controllable limb device, the limb device comprising a plurality... Agent:

20140371872 - Cosmetic prosthesis cover: The invention relates to a cosmetic cover (1) for lining a prosthesis (10), with a distal section (2), and with a joint section (3) which, when the cosmetic cover (1) for the prosthesis is fitted in place, covers a joint mechanism (30) arranged between a proximal prosthesis component (40) and... Agent: Otto Bock Healthcare Gmbh

20140371873 - Suspension liner having multiple component system: A residual limb suspension liner for a prosthesis has a first layer defined by a first elastomeric material and forms a continuous circumferential internal surface of the liner. The liner also includes a second layer defined by a second elastomeric material different from the first elastomeric material. The second layer... Agent:

20140371874 - Vacuum suction structure of ankle joint and support barrel of artificial limb: A vacuum suction structure of ankle joint and support barrel of artificial limb is connected, to the top thereof, with an artificial limb and the support barrel and is connected, to the bottom thereof, with an artificial foot. An ankle pressure cylinder forms therein an air chamber receiving therein an... Agent:

12/11/2014 > 34 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories.

20140364929 - Apparatus and method for installing a stent: A method for installing a stent graft in therapeutic relation to an abdominal artery aneurysm includes the steps of advancing the stent graft over a guide wire and an introducer sheath, followed by advancing a main catheter over the guide wire and the introducer sheath. An inner catheter in the... Agent:

20140364931 - Introducer for an iliac side branch device: An introduction arrangement for a fenestrated or branched stent graft (13) intended for deployment into the lumen of a vessel having a blind vessel extending from it. The introducer (1) has a distal end intended to remain outside a patient in use and a proximal end with a nose cone... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20140364932 - Introducer for an iliac side branch device: An introduction arrangement for a fenestrated or branched stent graft (13) intended for deployment into the lumen of a vessel having a blind vessel extending from it. The introducer (1) has a distal end intended to remain outside a patient in use and a proximal end with a nose cone... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20140364933 - Introducer for an iliac side branch device: An introduction arrangement for a fenestrated or branched stent graft (13) intended for deployment into the lumen of a vessel having a blind vessel extending from it. The introducer (1) has a distal end intended to remain outside a patient in use and a proximal end with a nose cone... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20140364934 - Introducer for an iliac side branch device: An introduction arrangement for a fenestrated or branched stent graft (13) intended for deployment into the lumen of a vessel having a blind vessel extending from it. The introducer (1) has a distal end intended to remain outside a patient in use and a proximal end with a nose cone... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20140364930 - Protuberant aneurysm bridging device and method of use: A bridging device for supporting occlusive masses within an aneurysm located at a vascular bifurcation.... Agent: Reverse Medical Corporation

20140364935 - Coupled scaffold segments: A scaffold is formed by several segments joined or connected to each other by only at least one coupling. The coupling decouples the segments in the axial direction over a finite distance of axial displacement. The scaffold when implanted in a peripheral vessel reduces loading on rings of a segment... Agent:

20140364936 - Self expanding stent: A self expanding stent (10) formed from a resilient wire. The resilient wire comprises a zig zag form including an odd number of struts (12) such as seven struts and a bend (14) between each strut. There is first loop (18) of the resilient wire at the terminal end of... Agent:

20140364937 - Structure having fibres which are adhesively bonded to one another in locations: The invention relates to a structure having fibres which are adhesively bonded to one another in locations and have a permeability for air of between 0.5 ml/min*cm2 and 1.5 ml/min*cm2, wherein said structure has an at least one-sided coating which reduces the permeability of the structure to below 0.2 ml/min*cm2.... Agent:

20140364938 - Synthetic chord for cardiac valve repair applications: Synthetic chord devices and methods for using the same for connecting tissues are provided. Aspects of the synthetic chord devices include a first flexible connector having first and second ends. Located at the first end is an attachment element that includes a piercing member coupled to a securing member, where... Agent:

20140364939 - Delivery system with inline sheath: Systems and methods for delivering and implanting heart valves are disclosed. The delivery systems can include an integrated introducer. The integrated introducer can include a sheath having an inner diameter that is smaller than the outer diameter of a delivery capsule of the delivery system and an outer diameter that... Agent:

20140364940 - Devices and methods for transcatheter heart valve delivery: A clip for use during the loading of a prosthetic heart valve into a delivery device having an operating handle, a catheter assembly having a compartment for receiving the prosthetic heart valve, and an outer shaft joining the catheter assembly to the operating handle. The clip includes a first receiver... Agent: St. Jude Medical, Cardiology Division, Inc.

20140364941 - Medical device for modification of left atrial appendage and related systems and methods: Devices, methods and systems are provided for occluding an opening within the tissue of a body, such as a left atrial appendage. In one embodiment, a medical device coupled to a delivery catheter includes a fluid flow path that facilitates contrast fluid to pass through the delivery catheter and the... Agent:

20140364943 - Methods of delivery of flexible heart valves: A prosthetic heart valve can include a valve frame having a wireform portion and a stent portion. The wireform and stent portions can be undetachably coupled together via a plurality of upright struts so as to form a one-piece prosthetic heart valve frame. Alternatively, a self-expanding wireform portion and a... Agent: Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

20140364942 - System and method for loading a stent into a medical delivery system: The present disclosure relates to a device (100) for compressing and releasably connecting a stent (50), in particular the self-expanding stent (50) having a replacement placement heart valve (60) affixed thereto, with retaining means (70) of a delivery catheter system, in particular with retaining means (70) provided in or at... Agent: Jenavalve Technology Gmbh

20140364944 - Truncated cone heart valve stent: A heart valve stent having a section with a heart valve implant and several proximally disposed tissue anchors, also comprising a plurality of anchoring threats, each with a proximate end fastened to the stent or valve and a distal end attached to tissue within a heart chamber to provide tension... Agent:

20140364945 - Annuloplasty device: Annuloplasty devices and methods for using the same are provided. Aspects of the devices include an at least partially annular body having at least one integrated tissue securing region. Also provided are methods of implanting the devices, as well kits for practicing the same. The devices, kits and methods find... Agent:

20140364946 - Auricular implant: Disclosed herein is an auricular implant, comprising an auricular base and a supporting member. The auricular base has a first side and a second side opposite to the first side. The supporting member having a thickness is adhered to the first side of the auricular base for forming a stereoscopic... Agent: Shawhan Biomedical Co.

20140364947 - Middle ear prosthesis having discrete projections for purposes of ossicular attachment: A middle ear ossicle prosthesis in which the component for ossicular attachment comprises a surface bearing a plurality of discrete projections facing the ossicle to which it is attached which minimize total contact between the prosthesis and the ossicle. The prosthesis may comprise a loop forming a partial circle for... Agent:

20140364948 - Bi-phasic 3-dimenisonal nanofiber scaffolds, two parallel beam collector device and methods of use: A biphasic scaffold and devices and methods for making the scaffold are disclosed. An example scaffold may include (a) a first plurality of randomly-oriented nanofibers defining a first tab region, (b) a second plurality of randomly-oriented nanofibers defining a second tab region, and (c) a plurality of aligned nanofibers coupled... Agent:

20140364949 - Intervertebral disc prosthesis: The present invention relates to an intervertebral disk prosthesis comprising at least three parts including a first plate, referred to as the upper plate (1), a second plate, referred to as the lower plate (2), and a core (3), the upper surface of the core (3) being in contact with... Agent: Ldr Medical

20140364950 - Method and inserter for interbody fusion: An elongate inserter has a distal end releasably connected to an expandable interbody fusion device and a proximal end including a trigger actuator. The interbody fusion device comprises a superior endplate and an inferior endplate that are movable in an expansion direction relative to each other in the intradiscal space.... Agent:

20140364951 - Posterior prosthetic intervertebral disc: A prosthetic intervertebral disc is formed of first and second end plates sized and shaped to fit within an intervertebral space and to be implanted from the back of the patient, thereby decreasing the invasiveness of the procedure. The posterior approach provides for a smaller posterior surgical incision and avoids... Agent:

20140364952 - Implant materials for tmj repair, methods of making the implant materials for tmj repair, and method of using implant materials for tmj repair: In accordance with the purpose(s) of the present disclosure, as embodied and broadly described herein, embodiments of the present disclosure, in one aspect, relate to TMJ implantation materials and implants (e.g., temporomandi bular joint (TMJ) methods of making TMJ implantation materials and implants, methods of forming a TMJ implantation material... Agent:

20140364953 - Unique baseplate for reverse and total shoulder replacement with added fixation to the scapula: A unique baseplate for reverse and total shoulder replacement with added fixation to the scapula is disclosed. It adds increased fixation to the already existing fixation devices on the market to allow the indications for reverse shoulder replacement surgery to be expanded. It also allows for a standard shoulder replacement... Agent:

20140364954 - Elbow antibiotic spacer implant: An articulable elbow spacer includes a humeral component, an ulnar component, and a tie. The humeral component includes a proximal end having a rod for insertion into a humeral canal and a distal end including a first joint member, the first joint member including antibiotic cement and one or more... Agent:

20140364955 - Orthopedic shock damper system: A shock absorbent system for a joint prosthesis includes a shock absorbent material. The shock absorbent system may be used in both hip and knee joint prostheses. In one example, a knee joint prosthesis includes a tibial plate, a femoral component having a moveable condyle in contact with a shock... Agent:

20140364956 - Tibial insert with resistance-actuated post: Trial joint inserts may have posts that slide along a base, compressing or extending a resistance member, such as a spring, as the post slides. During joint replacement surgery, a surgeon can test resistance members with different amounts of resistance using a trial insert, identify a suitable resistance for the... Agent: Smith & Nephew, Inc.

20140364957 - Distal radioulnar joint device: A system and method of implanting a distal wrist implant relative to a host bone is presented. A distal radial component having a body including a first connection portion couplable to a stem is coupled to a second prosthetic coupled to a medial surface of the body. The second prosthetic... Agent:

20140364958 - Cotyle comprising a sterile interface: A cotyle including a metallic insertion acetabular shell having an outer, essentially hemispherical, convex anchoring face formed in such a way as to be anchored in a cotyloid cavity of the pelvis of a patient, and a concave receiving face. The cotyle also includes a fixed definitive articular ceramic insert... Agent:

20140364961 - Graft collection and containment system for bone defects: A device for containing bone graft material comprises a body including an inner sleeve extending longitudinally from a proximal end to a distal end and an outer sleeve surrounding the inner sleeve and extending longitudinally from a proximal end to a distal end such that a bone graft collecting space... Agent:

20140364960 - Nickel-free iron alloy for stents: d

20140364959 - Stent prosthesis intended to be implanted in the digestive tract of a patient: The invention relates to a prosthesis that is compressible and expandable in a radial direction, intended to be implanted in the digestive tract of a patient. According to the invention, such a prosthesis comprises: a downstream conical collar having end diameter D3, a main tabular body having diameter D2, an... Agent:

20140364962 - Effective shape controller for lower limb: Systems and methods for improved control of a lower limb device are disclosed. The lower limb may have one or more joints and one or more corresponding motors. In some embodiments, a center of pressure is calculated in order to enforce virtual constraints at the one or more joints of... Agent: Rehabilitation Institute Of Chicago

12/04/2014 > 38 patent applications in 28 patent subcategories.

20140358214 - Catheter system and methods of using same: A modular catheter system including a sheath projecting distally from a delivery catheter having a main body module An inner core module carrying a stent thereon, the inner core being axially movable through the main body of the delivery catheter and the delivery catheter sheath, a handle member supported by... Agent:

20140358212 - Method and system for insertion of a graft: An insertion tool for grasping an object, the insertion tool comprising: a tube having two stabilizing tips at an end of the tube, the stabilizing tips parallel to each other; a grasping head having a grasping tip controllable to move axially relative to the stabilizing tips away from and towards... Agent: Hdh Medical Ltd.

20140358213 - Thin-film composite retrievable endovascular devices and method of use: Various embodiments for a composite endovascular device (and variations thereof) that include an inner polymer structure and an outer thin-film shape memory structure. The inner polymer structure extends from a distal end to a proximal end along a longitudinal axis. The outer thin-film shape-memory structure has an inner thin-film surface... Agent: Cordis Corporation

20140358215 - Apparatus for deploying a stent graft: Apparatus for deploying a tubular medical (200) device in vivo comprises an elongate element (10) for passing into the bore of the medical device, a deployment device having at least one arm for engaging with the medical device, the arm being moveable in a radial direction relative to the longitudinal... Agent: Lombard Medical Limited

20140358216 - Stent graft: Some embodiments are directed to a stent graft comprising a first stent graft having a first and a second stent and a first and a second inner graft supported by the first stent, and an outer graft. The second inner graft can be spaced apart from the first inner graft... Agent:

20140358217 - Nanoparticle loaded electrospun implants or coatings for drug release: Medical devices, such as stents, including a fibrous layer including particles are disclosed. Methods of forming such medical devices using electrospinning are disclosed.... Agent:

20140358218 - Stent: Provided is a stent of a novel structure with which deflection of a line-shaped body during expansion is prevented and a substantially uniform expansion is achieved over an entire length thereof, and with which, after implantation, stent fracture and damage of body tissue can be prevented by the stent exhibiting... Agent: Nipro Corporation

20140358220 - Method for endothelial cell extraction from adipose tissues: Adipose tissue has proven to serve as an abundant, accessible, and rich source of endothelial or vascular endothelial cells suitable for tissue engineering. We describe a detailed method for the isolation and purification of endothelial cells using purified enzymes and antibody-based selection. The cells can be obtained from liposuction procedures... Agent:

20140358219 - Minimally invasive direct right internal thoracic artery harvesting and multivessel total arterial cabg using bilateral internal thoracic arteries through a left minithoracotomy without robotic or thoracoscopic assistance - “the nambiar technique&#: The “Nambiar Technique” which has never been done or described before, encompasses using a 2 inch left minithoracotomy through which the bilateral internal thoracic arteries are harvested directly under vision and multivessel total arterial coronary artery bypass grafting done using these conduits. This technique is reproducible, grossly reduces the invasiveness,... Agent:

20140358221 - Membrane for covering a peripheral surface of a stent: A membrane for covering a peripheral surface of a stent is provided, the membrane including a plurality of line openings formed therein. Each line opening may be a straight line opening, for example in the form of a slit, a curved line opening, or any line opening of a suitable... Agent:

20140358222 - Platforms for mitral valve replacement: A mitral valve prosthesis is percutaneously and/or transapically deployed in at least two stages. In a first stage, a mitral annular ring platform adapted for percutaneous delivery is delivered to and anchored in the mitral valve annulus. In the second stage, a valved-stent mitral valve prosthetic device adapted for percutaneously... Agent:

20140358223 - Prostheses: The disclosure provides valve prostheses and methods of installation. One embodiment of the prosthesis has a generally tubular body adapted for placement proximate a mitral annulus. The tubular body has a generally tubular upper portion adapted to substantially reside in the left atrium above the mitral annulus. The generally tubular... Agent:

20140358224 - Six cell inner stent device for prosthetic mitral valves: This invention relates to a self-expanding wire frame for a pre-configured compressible transcatheter prosthetic cardiovascular valve, a combined inner valve-outer collar component system, and methods for deploying such a valve for treatment of a patient in need thereof.... Agent: Tendyne Holdlings, Inc.

20140358225 - Posterior chamber intraocular lens: The present invention relates to a posterior chamber intraocular lens (IOL), comprising: an optic consisting of an effective optical area and an effective optical area edge; at least two haptics connected to the optic, wherein a posterior surface of the effective optical area is a convex surface, and a basic... Agent: Eyebright Medical Technology (beijing) Co., Ltd.

20140358226 - Light adjustable iol with diffraction multifocal: A light adjustable diffraction multifocal intraocular lens (IOL), according to the present invention, is a mutifocal IOL whose optical power (prescription) may be adjusted by exposure to an energy source after implantation and subsequent wound healing. It makes use of a diffraction element to create the multifocal nature of the... Agent:

20140358227 - Breast implant spacers for the treatment of periprosthetic breast implant infections: The present disclosure provides improved devices and methods to treat periprosthetic breast implant infections.... Agent: Cold Winter Solutions, L.L.C.

20140358229 - Medical devices, apparatuses, systems, and methods with magnetic shielding: Embodiments of apparatuses, and methods and systems including apparatuses, configured to be magnetically coupled to a medical device within a body cavity of a patient. Some embodiments include one or more elements comprising at least one of a magnetically-attractive and magnetically-chargeable material; and a bumper extending around the one or... Agent: Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System

20140358228 - Temporary periodontal prosthetic device that gives the appearance of fuller lips: A temporary periodontal prosthetic device that gives the appearance of fuller lips. The prosthetic is a flexible strip which may be placed on the upper or lower gum and attached to the gum with a gentle adhesive backing. The fullness of the wearer's lips is consequently enhanced by the prosthetic... Agent:

20140358230 - Graft fixation: A system for graft fixation including ACL graft reconstruction and fixation is presented. The system may comprise a loop fixation device for retaining a tissue graft. The loop fixation device may comprise a graft retention portion and a cortical fixation portion to allow the loop fixation device to rest on... Agent:

20140358231 - Methods of implanting transcutaneous joint unloading devices: Various methods for treating a joint are disclosed herein. According to one method, a joint is surgically treated by performing a surgical repair treatment on tissue within the joint capsule; implanting a load reducing device at the joint and entirely outside of the joint capsule to reduce load transmitted by... Agent: Moximed, Inc.

20140358234 - End cap and connector for a spinal implant: The present invention is a spinal implant that can be inserted into a surgically created cavity of one or more regions of the mammalian spine. Among other things, the biocompatible implant and end cap or biocompatible implant, connector and end cap combinations can assist with the restoration of the normal... Agent:

20140358235 - Methods and apparatus for an osteotomy fixation or arthrodesis cage: A method and apparatus for an osteotomy fixation or arthrodesis cage allows the adjustment of the relative position of two bone segments while supporting the joining of those bone segments into one structure through the implant and methods described herein. The implant's embodiments fixate to the adjacent bones while inter-positioning... Agent:

20140358232 - Porous and nonporous materials for tissue grafting and repair: Implants having improved mechanical properties and/or degradation profiles, kits including such implants, and methods of producing and using the same.... Agent:

20140358233 - Spinal implant system: An implant for use in spinal surgery comprises a resilient element having an inflatable cavity. It is formed of a biologically compatible material and is arranged for placement between end plates of adjacent vertebra. The implant may also include a wound disc replacement element. A method of performing spinal surgery... Agent:

20140358236 - Systems, devices and apparatuses for bony fixation and disk repair and replacement methods related thereto: The present invention features new methods, apparatuses and devices for fixing adjacent bone segments, segments of a bony structure and adjacent vertebrate of a spine. The methods, apparatuses and devices utilize an apparatus for forming a channel in a surface of the bone or bony structure segments or adjacent vertebra... Agent:

20140358237 - Adjustable mandible joint system: The presently disclosed technology is directed towards an adjustable prosthesis prosthesis for replacing a mandible along with the ramus with a mandibular condyle. The prosthesis articulates to the skull at the temporal bone region. The prosthesis, of embodiments of the disclosed technology, has a horizontal/sagittal (or generally horizontal) and/or vertical... Agent:

20140358238 - Bioabsorbable plug implants and method for bone tissue regeneration: A bioabsorbable plug implant, suitable for bone tissue regeneration, comprising a first portion, and a second portion extending outwardly from the first portion, the first and second portions formed from expandable material. A method for bone tissue regeneration comprising the steps of: providing a bioabsorbable plug implant, wherein the implant... Agent: Osteopore International Pte Ltd.

20140358239 - Shoulder prosthesis: A prosthesis is provided and includes a central body having an outer surface and a longitudinal axis extending between a first end having an opening operable to receive an installation tool and a second end spaced apart from the first end. The outer surface extends between and connects the first... Agent:

20140358240 - Shoulder prosthesis: A prosthesis is provided and includes a central body having an outer surface and a longitudinal axis extending between a first end having an opening operable to receive an installation tool and a second end spaced apart from the first end. The outer surface extends between and connects the first... Agent:

20140358241 - Total knee prosthesis, and set of modular elements making it possible to obtain such a prosthesis: The present invention concerns to a total knee prosthesis including a femoral implant having an anterior wall that forms the upper portion of a prosthetic trochlea and two curved branches extending from the lower edge of said anterior wall, delimiting the lower portion of the prosthetic trochlea between them and... Agent:

20140358242 - Implant augment: An implant augment (12) includes an augment portion (24) and a fixation portion (28) attached to the augment portion (24). The augment portion (24) has a first surface (40) for contacting a cut surface of an articular end of a bone and a second surface (42) for contacting an implant.... Agent:

20140358243 - Method of reconstructing a patient's wrist: A method of reconstructing a patient's wrist. A prosthesis is provided having proximal and distal assemblies. The distal assembly has a body with a U-shaped portion. The proximal and distal assemblies have surfaces that cooperate to guide movement between the proximal and distal assemblies. The proximal assembly is fixed to... Agent: Trimed, Inc.

20140358244 - Prosthesis: A prosthesis having: a) a first assembly with a first base portion to be placed against, and operatively secured to, a patient's first bone; and b) a second assembly with a second base portion to be placed against, and operatively secured to, a patient's second bone. The first and second... Agent: Trimed, Inc.

20140358246 - Bone structural device: A bone structural device including a plurality of bone structural segments (40), wherein adjacent bone structural segments (40) are pivotally connected to one another about a pivot axis, and the bone structural segments (40) are expandable in height, which is in a direction generally parallel to the pivot axis.... Agent:

20140358247 - Methods and apparatus for a multiple transition temperature implant: A shape-memory device manufactured from shape memory material includes multiple activation temperatures. The multiple activation temperatures arise from either the heat treatment of the device during manufacturing, or by combining different elements with different activation temperatures. To manufacture a shape-memory device with multiple activation temperatures, it is formed into a... Agent:

20140358245 - Segmental ureteral stent: Ureteral stents assembled from multiple segments and methods for using the same in body lumens are described. The ureteral stents optionally include multiple segments having different compositions or characteristics, such as radiopacity, stiffness or flexibility, and loading with therapeutic agents.... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20140358248 - Prosthetic device: A prosthetic device comprising an upper member, and a lower member having a conical terminating section, the conical terminating section fitting into a conical void defined in the upper member. A prosthetic device kit, comprising an upper member and a number of lower members each having a conical terminating section... Agent:

20140358249 - Leg prosthesis: A leg prosthesis wherein the prosthesis shaft and the transtibial part are connected by a prosthesis shaft adapter. The prosthesis shaft adapter is constructed as a compact one-part component with a liner (sleeve as inner prosthesis shaft adapter) of the amputation stump and with a rearward extension for the prosthesis... Agent:

11/27/2014 > 40 patent applications in 31 patent subcategories.

20140350656 - System and method of pivoted stent deployment: The invention provides a stent-graft system comprising a graft member and a stent having a connection end interconnected with the graft member and a free end opposed thereto. A belt retaining structure is provided at the stent free end. A belt is releasably retained in the belt retaining structure and... Agent: Trivascular, Inc.

20140350659 - Biodegradable endoprostheses and methods for their fabrication: Biodegradable endoprostheses are formed from amorphous polymers having desirable biodegradation characteristics. The strength of such amorphous polymers is enhanced by annealing to increase crystallinity without substantially increasing the biodegradation time.... Agent: Elixir Medical Corporation

20140350658 - Branched stent-graft system: An endovascular stent-graft (10) includes a generally tubular hourglass-shaped body (22), which is configured to assume a radially-compressed delivery configuration and a radially-expanded deployment configuration. The hourglass-shaped body (22) includes a flexible stent member (26), which includes a plurality of structural stent elements (28); and a tubular fluid flow guide... Agent: Endospan Ltd.

20140350657 - Expandable medical device with an end structure having a transitional surface: An expandable intraluminal medical device is provided. The medical device is provided with end structures that have transitional surfaces defined by two angled planes. The transitional surfaces may be useful in reducing scraping between the expandable device and a restraining sheath used for delivering the medical device.... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20140350660 - Endoluminal prosthesis: An endoluminal prosthesis for deployment in a body which has a first tubular structure for stabilising the prosthesis, the first tubular structure being substantially concentric about a first axis and movable between a compact and an expanded state. The prosthesis also has a second tubular structure for supporting an artificial... Agent:

20140350661 - Artificial device deployment apparatus: Described, in certain aspects of the invention, are apparatuses and methods for deploying artificial devices within the vascular system. One apparatus includes a delivery device having a lumen and a deployment member slidably received within the lumen. This apparatus further includes an artificial device having an anchoring element releasably engaged... Agent:

20140350663 - Collapsible and re-expandable prosthetic heart valve cuff designs and complementary technological applications: A prosthetic heart valve is provided with a cuff having features which promote sealing with the native tissues even where the native tissues are irregular. The cuff may include a portion adapted to bear on the LVOT when the valve is implanted in a native aortic valve. The valve may... Agent: St. Jude Medical, Inc.

20140350662 - Device for placement in the tricuspid annulus: A device (200) for implantation in or near an annulus of a tricuspid valve comprising at least one blood flow control element (202) adapted to capture a volume of blood therein. Optionally or alternatively, the blood flow control element is adapted to allow at least some volume of blood (406)... Agent: Mor Research Applications Ltd.

20140350664 - Actuating device for a surgical: The present invention concerns an actuating device for actuating a mechanical adjustment element of surgical implant, said mechanical adjustment element allowing to modify the functional shape and/or the functional size of the surgical implant when actuated, said actuating device comprising transmission means linked with one end to the mechanical adjustment... Agent: Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois

20140350665 - Collapsible and re-expandable prosthetic heart valve cuff designs and complementary technological applications: A prosthetic heart valve is provided with a cuff having features which promote sealing with the native tissues even where the native tissues are irregular. The cuff may include a portion adapted to bear on the LVOT when the valve is implanted in a native aortic valve. The valve may... Agent: St. Jude Medical, Inc.

20140350667 - Collapsible and re-expandable prosthetic heart valve cuff designs and complementary technological applications: A prosthetic heart valve is provided with a cuff having features which promote sealing with the native tissues even where the native tissues are irregular. The cuff may include a portion adapted to bear on the LVOT when the valve is implanted in a native aortic valve. The valve may... Agent: St. Jude Medical, Inc.

20140350666 - Expandable prosthetic valve having anchoring appendages: A heart valve prosthesis includes an expandable prosthetic valve including three valve leaflets coupled to an anchoring structure. The anchoring structure includes an annular member and a plurality of arms movably coupled to the annular member at one end. The free ends of the arms extend radially away from the... Agent:

20140350668 - Prosthesis seals and methods for sealing an expandable prosthesis: Embodiments of the present disclosure are related to devices and techniques for para-valve sealing of an expandable stent-valve implanted using a catheter. In some embodiments, a stent-valve is provided which comprises a seal sleeve/cuff containing material that swells when contacted by blood. A piercing tool may be included and used... Agent: Symetis Sa

20140350669 - Percutaneous valve replacement devices: A self-expanding valved stent is constructed from a polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) covered nitinol or stainless steel wire frame. Anchoring is facilitated by arms emanating from the ventricular end of the device that are designed to atraumatically insinuate themselves around chordae and leaflets and trap them against the expanded stent body. The... Agent: The Trustees If The University Of Pennsylvania

20140350670 - Device and a method for improving the function of a heart valve: A medical device is disclosed that reinforces weakened or degenerated areas of at least a portion of a leaflet (24) of the heart valve. Function of a heart valve is thus improved. The medical device comprises at least a first partly flexible leaflet reinforcement patch (30) having an extension between... Agent:

20140350671 - Biomedical implant for use in fluid shear stress environments: The present invention relates to a biomedical implant for use in a fluid shear stress environment of a subject. The biomedical implant of the present invention includes a patterned surface having a plurality of cellular niches. The cellular niches of the patterned surface are effective to maintain at least one... Agent: Cornell University

20140350672 - Intraocular lens with extended depth of focus: An ophthalmic lens is disclosed, one embodiment comprising an optic having an anterior surface and a posterior surface disposed about an optical axis, wherein at least one of the surfaces has a profile characterized by superposition of a base profile and an auxiliary profile, the auxiliary profile comprising a continuous... Agent:

20140350673 - Surgical methods for breast reconstruction or augmentation: Methods for breast reconstruction and augmentation are provided which may reduce the incidence of capsular contracture. Methods for treating an encapsulated breast and reducing potential for capsular contracture in the breast are also provided.... Agent:

20140350674 - Ligament system for knee joint: A system for an anatomical joint includes a first fastener, a second fastener, a prosthetic ligament member, and a biasing member associated with at least one of the first and second fasteners. The first fastener is operable to be connected to a first bone portion. The second fastener is operable... Agent:

20140350675 - Connective tissue repair pad: The invention relates to an implantable prosthetic device for the repair of connective tissue in an animal or a human. In one embodiment, an implantable prosthetic device (100) for the repair of connective tissue (500) in an animal or human is disclosed which comprises a biocompatible pad (101) having an... Agent: Xiros Limited A Corporation

20140350676 - Elements for versatility of a prosthetic anchor: A prosthetic anchor to be attached to a natural or prosthetic structure of a human or animal. The anchor includes a central layer with first and second surface. A plurality of fiber bundles, each with a medial portion, are concentrically embedded within the central layer to substantially define a horseshoe-shaped... Agent: University Of Cincinnati

20140350677 - Decellularized composite tissue bioscaffolds for musculoskeletal tissue interface reconstruction and methods of production: One aspect of the present invention is a method of producing a decellularized composite tissue bioscaffold for musculoskeletal tissue interface reconstruction by physicochemically treating a musculoskeletal tissue interface isolated from allogeneic sources. In certain embodiments, such musculoskeletal tissue interfaces can also be isolated from xenogeneic sources. The method comprises treatment... Agent:

20140350678 - Joint support and subchondral support system: A joint support and subchondral support system and method of use of same for providing structural and dampening support to damaged subchondral bone adjacent to a body joint are disclosed. The joint support and subchondral support system and method of use of same are applicable to many parts of the... Agent: Subchondral Solutions, Inc.

20140350679 - Partial joint resurfacing implant, instrumentation, and method: An implant for repairing an articular cartilage defect site including an implant fixation portion with an upper segment and at least one bone interfacing segment and a top articulating portion with an articulating surface and an engagement surface. The upper segment includes a supporting plate with a first locking mechanism... Agent: Biopoly, LLC

20140350680 - Process for modifying the surface morphology of a medical device: The present invention relates to a process for modifying the surface morphology of a medical device. The modified surface has, among other advantageous properties, an improved capacity for sorption or conjugation of a variety of bioactive agents, the addition of which will turn the medical device into a localized drug... Agent:

20140350681 - Intervertebral disc prosthesis: This prosthesis (1) includes two plates and an intermediate damping core (4) placed between both of these plates, this core (4) comprising a first shell (6) and a flexible element placed between this first shell (6) and a part for receiving the core. The first shell (6) and the first... Agent: Medicrea International

20140350682 - Interbody spinal implant having a roughened surface topography: An interbody spinal implant including a body having a top surface, a bottom surface, opposing lateral sides, opposing anterior and posterior portions, a substantially hollow center, and a single vertical aperture. The single vertical aperture extends from the top surface to the bottom surface, has a size and shape predetermined... Agent:

20140350683 - Method for treating joint pain and associated instruments: The embodiments provide provides devices, instruments, and associated methods for treating joint pain. A joint is evaluated using magnetic resonance imaging to detect any defects in the subchondral bone. For example, using T2-weighted MRI images, bone marrow lesions or edemas can be identified, and using T1-weighted MRI images, associated regions... Agent:

20140350684 - Implantable elbow joint assembly with spherical inter-support: A multi-component elbow joint assembly incorporated into reconditioned end surfaces established between an upper humerus bone and opposing lower radius and ulna bones. The assembly includes a first component anchored into the upper humerus reconditioned end surface and exhibits a first exposed support surface. A second component is anchored into... Agent:

20140350685 - Bone-derived implantable devices for subchondral treatment of joint pain: Implantable devices for the surgical treatment of bone, and particularly to a bone defect at a joint region, and even more particularly at the subchondral bone level of the joint region, are disclosed. The implantable devices may be formed of a bone material, and configured to serve the dual functions... Agent:

20140350686 - Orthopaedic femoral component having controlled condylar curvature: An orthopaedic knee prosthesis includes a femoral component having a condyle surface. The condyle surface is defined by one or more radii of curvatures, which are controlled to reduce or delay the onset of anterior translation of the femoral component relative to a tibial bearing.... Agent:

20140350687 - Systems and methods for providing a femoral component: Systems and methods for providing deeper knee flexion capabilities. In some instances, such systems and methods include a femoral knee replacement component that includes an articular surface, a first interior surface, and a second interior surface, wherein the first and second interior surfaces run substantially parallel to each other. In... Agent:

20140350688 - Talus surface implant: A talus surface implant has an arc shaped body with a top side interfacing to the tibia and a bottom side having at least one post for interfacing with holes in the talus and a plurality of spikes for interfacing with the surface of the talus. Preferably the implant is... Agent: Arthrex, Inc.

20140350689 - Method and apparatus for arthroscopic assisted arthroplasty of the hip joint: Devices, systems and methods for performing arthroscopic evaluations and procedures in and near the hip joint are provided. An arthroscopic assisted arthroplasty system is useful in the treatment of arthritic hip conditions, conserving healthy tissue, and limiting iatrogenic injury associated with traditional surgical exposures. A guide wire system employing retrograde... Agent:

20140350690 - Methods and systems for hip replacement: Methods and apparatus of the present invention provide for orthopaedic replacement of the hip while substantially preserving muscles and soft tissues around the hip joint resulting in reduced healing time and decreased risk of dislocation following the procedure. In an exemplary embodiment, an intramedullary rod 1502 is inserted longitudinally into... Agent:

20140350691 - Dynamic interface support established between a ceramic hip joint ball and a supporting ball stem: An artificial hip joint assembly including a ball mounted atop a supporting stem, the stem adapted to being mounted to a reconditioned end of a femur bone, with the ball adapted to seat within an acetabulum socket of a pelvic bone. An intermediate component is mounted between the ball and... Agent: Linares Medical Devices, LLC

20140350692 - Biomineralization promoting materials and methods of forming same: Bone tissue biomimetic materials, biomimetic constructs that can be formed with the materials, and methods for forming the materials and constructs are described. The bone tissue biomimetic materials include electrospun nanofibers formed of polymers that are conjugated with peptides that include acidic amino acid residues. The materials can incorporate high... Agent: University Of South Carolina

20140350694 - Luminal prosthesis and a gastrointestinal implant device: An inexpensive small-sized screen printing machine having low redundancy and high production efficiency and applicable to a dual conveying-type component mounting machine. A pair of substrate supporting tables juxtaposed in a specific direction is provided. Screen printing is alternately performed by a single print executing section in a common area... Agent: Vysera Biomedical Limited

20140350693 - Methods for implanting medical devices: Described herein is a positioning tool having an elongate portion for carrying a medical implant. Also described is a method of positioning a medical implant using an elongate positioning tool. One form of the method includes positioning a medical implant on a distal portion of an elongate positioning tool, inserting... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20140350695 - Lower limb prosthesis usable in water environment and method for manufacturing such prosthesis: It concerns a prosthetic device for lower limb of a uses having a leg component, a foot component having a foot shell defining a first cavity within said foot shell and a coves component covering said leg component, said leg, foot and cover components being water compatible. The cover component... Agent: Aqualeg Sas

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