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Prosthesis (i.e., artificial body members), parts thereof, or aids and accessories therefor

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08/07/2014 > 41 patent applications in 27 patent subcategories.

20140222129 - Devices, systems, and methods to measure parallel tissue conductance, luminal cross-sectional areas, fluid velocity, and/or determine plaque vulnerability using temperature: Devices, systems, and methods to measure parallel tissue conductance, luminal cross-sectional areas, fluid velocity, and/or determine plaque vulnerability using temperature. In at least one embodiment of a method to obtain parallel tissue conductance, the method comprises the steps of inserting at least part of a detection device into a luminal... Agent: 3dt Holdings, LLC

20140222127 - Helical vascular reinforcement device: Technologies are generally provided for a vascular reinforcement device for preventing compression of a blood vessel in the presence of forces applied externally to the blood vessel which may occur due to pregnancy and obesity. The vascular reinforcement device may include a coil which may be wrapped around a left... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

20140222128 - Stent delivery system having stent securement apparatus: A system/assembly for delivery and deployment of an inflation expandable stent within a vessel, comprising a catheter having proximal and distal ends; a stent, inflation expandable from a delivery diameter to a deployment diameter, such that the delivery diameter is reduced from the deployment diameter for conforming the stent to... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20140222131 - Endoluminal device having barb assembly and method of using same: An endoluminal device for implantation in a body lumen reduces movement or migration of the device after implantation by the use of barbs or barb assemblies. A first embodiment uses at least one barb assembly having first and second portions attached to an implant, such as a stent, and at... Agent: Lifeshield Sciences, LLC

20140222130 - Vascular device for aneurysm treatment and providing blood flow into a perforator vessel: A vascular device includes a body having a first, collapsed configuration and a second, expanded configuration. The body includes a plurality of heat-set strands that are braided such that when the body is in the second configuration, the strands form a plurality of pores and one or more apertures between... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140222132 - Percutaneous endoprosthesis using suprarenal fixation and barbed anchors: An endoprosthetic device for treating abdominal aortic aneurysms using suprarenal fixation. A stent ring is anchored in an area above the renal arties using self-flaring barbs that project during the nitinol expansion process. Sutures extend from the stent ring to an area below the renal arties to a bifurcated trunk... Agent: Cordis Corporation

20140222133 - Magnesium alloy and resorbable stents containing the same: The present invention is directed to a magnesium alloy comprising dysprosium, being degradable under physiological conditions and which is particularly suitable for the production of absorbable stents and to stents made thereof.... Agent: Meko Laserstrahl-materialbearbeitungen E.k

20140222134 - Functionalized rgd peptidomimetics and their manufacture, and implant having a coating containing such functional-ized rgd peptidomimetics: At least some embodiments of the invention relates to an implant having a coating that contains or is composed of a functionalized RGD peptidomimetic RGD-P1 having the formula (1) and/or a functionalized RGD peptidomimetic RGD-P2 having the formula (2), and an associated manufacturing method.... Agent: Biotronik Ag

20140222138 - Devices, systems, and methods for reshaping a heart valve annulus, including the use of magnetic tools: Implants or systems of implants and methods apply a selected force vector or a selected combination of force vectors within or across the left atrium, which allow mitral valve leaflets to better coapt. The implants or systems of implants and methods make possible rapid deployment, facile endovascular delivery, and full... Agent: Mvrx, Inc.

20140222139 - Expandable introducer sheath: An introducer sheath has a radially unexpanded and a radially expanded configuration, where the sheath locally expands from the unexpanded configuration to the expanded configuration when a device is advanced through a lumen thereof, and locally contracts back to the unexpanded configuration after the device advances past that location. Embodiments... Agent: Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

20140222135 - Prosthetic heart valves, scaffolding structures, and systems and methods for implantation of same: Prosthetic valves and their component parts are described, as are prosthetic valve delivery devices and methods for their use. The prosthetic valves are particularly adapted for use in percutaneous aortic valve replacement procedures. The delivery devices are particularly adapted for use in minimally invasive surgical procedures.... Agent: Cardiacmd, Inc.

20140222136 - Prosthetic valve for replacing mitral valve: Embodiments of prosthetic valves for implantation within a native mitral valve are provided. One embodiment of a prosthetic valve includes a radially compressible main body and a one-way valve member. In some cases, the prosthetic valves also include ventricular anchors and/or an atrial portion coupled to and disposed outside of... Agent: Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

20140222137 - Tool for actuating an adjusting mechanism: Apparatus is provided, including a tissue-adjusting member selected from the group consisting of: one or more artificial chordae tendineae and at least a portion of an annuloplasty ring structure. The tissue-adjusting member includes an adjusting mechanism that is configured to adjust a tension of the tissue-adjusting member. The adjusting mechanism... Agent: Valtech Cardio, Ltd.

20140222140 - Methods of implanting minimally-invasive prosthetic heart valves: Expandable prosthetic heart valves for minimally invasive valve replacement are disclosed. In one preferred embodiment, an expandable prosthetic heart valve includes a support stent comprising an expandable tubular base along an inflow end and three upstanding commissure posts along an outflow end. The three commissure posts are spaced at 120... Agent: Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

20140222141 - Prosthetic mitral valve: A prosthetic mitral valve with a compressible and expandable stent that, when expanded, is circumferentially oval, elliptical, or D-shaped, with a major axis and a minor axis ratio of from about 3:4 to about 4:5. Embodiments of the stent comprise three commissure posts disposed towards an outflow end and three... Agent: Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

20140222142 - Heart valve prosthesis: Heart valve prosthesis are disclosed that include a frame or support structure having an inflow portion, a valve-retaining tubular or central portion and a pair of support arms. The inflow portion radially extends from a first end of the valve-retaining tubular portion and the pair of support arms are circumferentially... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20140222143 - Medical device for treating a heart valve insufficency: A medical device for treating a heart valve insufficiency, with an endoprosthesis which can be introduced into a patient's body and expanded to secure a heart valve prosthesis in the patient's aorta. In an embodiment, the endoprosthesis has at plurality of positioning arches configured to be positioned with respect to... Agent: Jenavalve Technology Gmbh

20140222144 - Anti-paravalvular leakage component for a transcatheter valve prosthesis: A transcatheter valve prosthesis includes an expandable tubular stent, a prosthetic valve within the stent, and an anti-paravalvular leakage component coupled to and encircling the tubular stent. The anti-paravalvular leakage component includes a radially-compressible annular scaffold, which is a sinusoidal patterned ring of self-expanding material, and an impermeable membrane extending... Agent: Medtronic Cv Luxembourg S.a.r.l

20140222145 - Methods and systems for breast reconstruction: Methods for optimal breast reconstruction are disclosed. The methods include steps for performing a mastectomy that preserves a breast skin envelope. A prosthesis may be inserted into the breast and may be inflated to preserve the shape of the breast skin envelope. The prosthesis may include, a base, a balloon... Agent:

20140222146 - Systems and methods for mastopexy: A mastopexy implant for maintaining the breast in an elevated and aesthetically pleasing position includes a lower pole support comprising end portions which may be affixed to the chest wall or to a previously installed upper suspension strut. The implant is loaded in an insertion device. The insertion device is... Agent: Tepha, Inc.

20140222148 - Bridge button for ligament reconstruction: A bridge button, for ligament reconstruction, said button being formed by an arcuate body of pre-defined dimensions such that said button being adapted to sit across a cavity in a bone and further adapted to operate between an operative open position and an operative closed position, said button comprises: a... Agent:

20140222147 - Method of fastening a soft tissue graft in an opening provided in a human or animal bone and fastener suitable for the method: A soft tissue graft suitable for replacing a tendon or ligament is fastened in a bone opening provided in a human or animal patient by press-fitting an end portion of the graft and a fastener into the bone opening such that the graft end portion is pressed against a first... Agent: Sportwelding Gmbh

20140222149 - Implant and implant system: An implant system for implantation at a joint, the implant system including an implant device (10), the implant device comprising a body portion (20) having first (15) and second (16) ends, and a first elongate member (40), extending from the first or second end of the body portion, the implant... Agent: Imperial Innovations, Ltd.

20140222150 - Systems and methods for the fixation or fusion of bone: A joint between two bone segments is fused by passing an elongated, rectilinear bone fusion device over a guide pin across the joint and into tight engagement within bores formed in the bone segments, to thereby restrict movement of the elongated bone fusion device across the joint. The elongated, rectilinear... Agent:

20140222151 - Vertebral body replacement device and method for use to maintain a space between two vertebral bodies within a spine: A vertebral body replacement device includes a body member and a central rod member having two threaded portions and configured to be operatively associated with the body member. The device also includes a first end member and a second end member with the end members configured to threadingly engage the... Agent: Aesculap Implant Systems, LLC

20140222152 - Implantable intervertebral disc devices and uses thereof: Provided herein are implantable intervertebral disc devices, and methods of making the same. For example, an implantable intervertebral disc device comprises an engineered annulus fibrosus (AF) scaffold that can mimic its native-like cross alignment of pores/channels within the AF region, and can be served as a scaffolding material for cell... Agent: Tufts University

20140222153 - Compound angle implant: A method of aligning implant components includes placing a first implant component in bone, followed by: coupling a first intermediate member to the first implant component; coupling a first alignment member to the first intermediate member; rotating the members as a unit to place the first intermediate member in an... Agent:

20140222154 - Humeral head resurfacing implant: A humeral head resurfacing implant (11) that has a modulus of elasticity close to that of human cortical bone as a result of its design from an integral substrate of isotropic graphite covered completely with a reinforcing layer of dense isotropic pyrolytic carbon. A carefully engineered cruciform stem (15) extends... Agent: Ascension Orthopedics, Inc.

20140222155 - Tapered tibial augment: In typical knee repair or replacement surgery, a femoral implant includes a pair of convex condylar surfaces that can slide within corresponding concave bearing indentations on a tibial bearing surface. The tibial bearing surface is disposed on a proximal side of a tibial platform. A stem can extend distally from... Agent:

20140222157 - Acquiring and utilizing kinematic information for patient-adapted implants, tools and surgical procedures: Various embodiments of methods for obtaining kinematic information regarding a joint, including information regarding the joint in a weight-bearing position, are disclosed, as well as methods of designing implants, instruments, and surgical repair systems based on the kinematic information.... Agent: Conformis, Inc.

20140222156 - Cementless tibial implant: A cementless orthopedic implant is disclosed. More specifically, but not necessarily entirely, a cementless tibial implant used as a component of a knee joint is disclosed. The tibial component may comprise a tibial tray and stem. The tibial component may be a monoblock design used for both primary and revision... Agent:

20140222158 - Femoral prosthesis head: A prosthetic head for a femoral component has a metal shell with a tapered cavity. The shell has a part-spherical outer surface defining an inner portion terminating in an open end. A polymeric material completely fills the inner portion of the hollow shell extending from an inner surface of the... Agent: Howmedica Osteonics Corp.

20140222159 - Assembled cartilage repair graft: Bifunctional and assembled implants are provided for osteochondral implantation.... Agent: Rti Surgical, Inc.

20140222160 - Method of using medical implants: Disclosed herein is a method of using a medical implant in a subject. The method comprises treating a medical implant with ultraviolet light (UV) in a closed environment, causing the temperature of the medical implant to be between room temperature (Rt) and about 37° C., and immediately, and placing the... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20140222163 - Artificial dura mater and manufacturing method thereof: Disclosed are an artificial dura mater and manufacturing method thereof. The artificial dura mater includes electrospun layers prepared by electrostatic spinning, at least one of which is a hydrophobic electrospun layer. Further, above the hydrophobic electrospun layer, there can be at least one hydrophilic electrospun layer. A transition layer can... Agent: Medprin Regenerative Medical Technologies Co., Ltd

20140222162 - Connective tissue repair technology: An implantable prosthetic device for the repair of damaged cartilage including methods of implantation and repair. The prosthetic device is formed from a biocompatible pad having an open structure connected to a textile or non-woven sheet-like anchor. In one embodiment the anchor comprises legs that extend away from a perimeter... Agent:

20140222164 - Reinforced tissue patch: A method of improving the mechanical properties of a tissue patch is provided. The method includes the steps of providing a tissue patch and placing at least one barbed suture along at least a portion of the tissue patch. The method may further include the step of placing one or... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140222161 - Three-dimensional polymeric medical implants: The invention relates to a three-dimensional medical implant, comprising a first thin porous component, and a first load-bearing and volume-creating component, which is connected to the first thin porous component; wherein the load-bearing and volume-creating component comprises an organized structure.... Agent: Novus Scientific Pte. Ltd.

20140222165 - Mounting plate assembly for prosthetic device: A prosthetic device and a method for making the same includes a mounting plate assembly. The mounting plate assembly includes an inner housing having a first center channel defined along a central axis, an outer housing having a second center channel defined along the central axis, and a fluid regulator... Agent:

20140222166 - Knee rotational adapter: A prosthetic adapter including a lower connector, an upper connector rotatably coupled to the lower connector, and a locking mechanism for preventing the upper connector from rotating relative to the lower connector. The locking mechanism is arranged to generally automatically retain a locked position when the lower connector is rotated... Agent: Ossur Hf

20140222167 - Hydraulic prosthetic ankle: A range of motion (ROM) prosthetic foot and passive dampening ankle joint have limited dorsiflexion-plantarflexion (up and down) pivoting to accommodate different environments, and a spring to provide resilient resistance to plantarflexion (or lowering of the toe), and to bias the foot in dorsiflexion (or raising the toe). The ankle... Agent: Freedom Innovations, LLC

07/31/2014 > 41 patent applications in 27 patent subcategories.
07/24/2014 > 29 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20140207226 - Devices and methods for treatment of vascular aneurysms: The present invention relates to devices and methods for the treatment of diseases in the vasculature, and more specifically, devices and methods for treatment of aneurysms found in blood vessels. In a first embodiment of the present invention, a two part prostheses, where one part is an expandable sponge structure... Agent:

20140207225 - System for deploying a resistive shape memory catheterization device and methods for use therewith: A system for deploying a shape memory catheterization device within a patient, includes a catheter for endovascular insertion of the shape memory catheterization device. A heat source heats the shape memory catheterization device above the transition temperature. A transformation data generator includes a circuit driver for driving a circuit that... Agent: Memory Effect Medical, LLC

20140207227 - Stent with positioning arms: A stent is provided with arms for positioning the stent between two passageways. The stent may also be a stent-graft with a transition between a covered portion and an uncovered portion that is positioned relative to the junction between the two passageways. The arms are self-expanding and are biased outward... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20140207228 - Shape memory alloy articles with improved fatigue performance and methods therefore: Articles made of shape memory alloys having improved fatigue performance and to methods of treating articles formed from shape memory alloy materials by pre-straining the articles (or desired portions of the articles) in a controlled manner so that the resultant articles exhibit improved fatigue performance. The shape memory articles are... Agent: W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.

20140207229 - Venous valve apparatus, system, and method: A venous valve with a tubular frame that includes an outer surface and an inner surface opposite the outer surface and defining a lumen, and a cover over at least the outer surface of the tubular frame, where the cover includes surfaces defining a reversibly sealable opening for unidirectional flow... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20140207231 - Anchoring of prosthetic valve supports: Apparatus is provided, including: (1) a delivery tube, transluminally advanceable to the heart of the subject; (2) a prosthetic valve support, configured to support a prosthetic valve at a native valve of the heart, and including an upstream support portion, the upstream support portion: (A) having a working configuration in... Agent: Mitraltech Ltd.

20140207230 - Implant delivery and deployment system and method: An implant delivery system comprising a catheter including at least one lumen, an implant configured to be received in the lumen, and a latching mechanism configured to be received in the implant. The latching mechanism may be configured to releasably couple the implant to a delivery wire and to transmit... Agent: Cardiosolutions

20140207232 - Removable heart pump, and method implemented in such a pump: The heart pump includes: a rotary impeller inserted in the systemic ventricle, the rotary impeller being provided with: a sealing membrane sutured onto the outer wall of the heart so as to secure the rotary impeller to the wall of the heart; a casing arranged inside the systemic ventricle such... Agent: Fineheart

20140207233 - Removable heart pump, and method implemented in such a pump: In one embodiment, the present invention is a method of positioning and securing a graft to bone including the steps of: positioning the graft into a bore hole in the bone; positioning a guide wire into the bore hole in the bone; positioning a slide instrument between the guide wire... Agent: Howmedica Osteonics Corp.

20140207234 - Rim anchoring systems for flexible surgical implants for replacing cartilage: Flexible cartilage-replacing implants are disclosed that use either or both of (1) enlarged peripheral rim components, and/or (2) elongated flexible reinforcing members that are embedded around the peripheral edge of an implant device. These types of anchoring devices, especially when used in combination, can provide flexible implants that can be... Agent: Formae, Inc.

20140207235 - Expandable allograft cage: A spinal implant for insertion into and positioning in an intervertebral space is provided. The spinal implant includes an intervertebral cage having at least two cage ends and a spacer for insertion into the intervertebral cage between the at least two cage ends, the spacer configured to distract the intervertebral... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20140207238 - Expandable cage: An apparatus supports the spine between vertebrae and promotes spinal fusion. The apparatus generally includes a first supporting member, a second support member, and an expansion member. The first support member has a first longitudinal passage extending therethrough, a first supporting end configured to engage tissue, and a rack configured... Agent:

20140207236 - Expandable spinal implant system and method: A spinal implant includes a first member having a wall that defines an axial cavity. A second member extends between a first end and a second end and defines a longitudinal axis. The second member is configured for disposal with the axial cavity and translation relative to the first member.... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20140207239 - Lateral approach expandable spinal implant and method: An expandable interbody fusion device configured for placement into the intradiscal space between vertebral bodies in a lumbar spine from a lateral approach. The device is expanded by the insertion of a plurality of wafers into the device in situ. The length of the device is configured to extend on... Agent: Spine Wave, Inc.

20140207237 - Porous biocompatible polymer material and methods: Embodiments described include devices and methods for forming a porous polymer material. Devices disclosed and formed using the methods described a spacer for spinal fusion, craniomaxillofacial (CMF) structures, and other structures for tissue implants.... Agent: Depuy Synthes Products, LLC

20140207241 - Non-planar orthopedic implants and methods: Deformable joint implants with a generally hyperbolic paraboloid shape are disclosed, including configurations for delivery into the small joints of the body in the wrists, hands, ankle and feet, such as the first carpo-metacarpal joint, which comprises a double-saddle structure. The center of the implant may be supported, or supported... Agent:

20140207240 - Percutaneous sacroiliac joint implant and method for surgically inserting and securing the implant into the sacroiliac joint: An implantable device comprising a tapered body having a cavity therein, an open end, a first opening arranged diametrically opposite a second opening wherein the first and second openings are proximate the open end, and a plurality of apertures within the tapered body; and, a first ancillary member operatively arranged... Agent:

20140207242 - System and method for hemi knee replacement for tibial plateau fracture: The present invention provides a prosthetic implant for partial replacement of an anatomical part. The implant includes a unitary body with a generally flat lower end face for supporting the body on a cortical surface, a generally curved exterior side face and a generally flat upper end face. A modular... Agent:

20140207243 - Implants for altering wear patterns of articular surfaces: Methods and devices for correcting wear pattern defects in joints. The methods and devices described herein allow for the restoration of correcting abnormal biomechanical loading conditions in a joint brought on by wear pattern defects, and also can, in embodiments, permit correction of proper kinematic movement.... Agent: Conformis, Inc.

20140207244 - Joint arthroplasty systems, methods, and components: Surgical implant systems, methods, and components are described herein. More particularly, the disclosure relates to joint arthroplasty systems, methods, and components. Particular embodiments described herein can be used to modify the subtalar joint (e.g., posterior facet of the subtalar joint), calcaneocuboid, talonavicular, and any other suitable joint. An exemplary implant... Agent:

20140207245 - Cup with cross-linked polymer layer: This invention relates to a method of forming a polymer component and comprises blending polymer particles with antioxidant to form a mixture in which the antioxidant coats the polymer particles, irradiating the polymer particles to cross-link the polymer particles therein and forming the irradiated mixture into a consolidated component. The... Agent:

20140207246 - Femoral head prosthesis: A femoral head prosthesis (110) comprises an articulating surface (112) which is more than hemi-spherical; an internal recess (114) having a longitudinal axis defining a pole P of the articulating surface (112), the longitudinal axis passing through the centre of curvature of the articulating surface (112); a first edge (116)... Agent:

20140207247 - Implant and implant apparatus: An implant is an implantable device for the treatment of urinary incontinence in women, that is, a device that supports the urethra in a state where the urethra is pulled in a direction such that the urethra is separated from the vaginal wall. The implant includes a pad which can... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140207248 - Hierarchical multiscale fibrous scaffold via 3-d electrostatic deposition prototyping and conventional electrospinning: A hierarchical multiscale fibrous scaffold comprises multiple patterned layers of microfibers with one or more layers of nanofibers interleaved therebetween. In a method for making such scaffolds, electrodeposition or near-field electrospinning is used to deposit patterned layers of microfibers in a stack. Conventional electrospinning is used to deposit nanofibers on... Agent: The Trustees Of The Stevens Institute Of Technology

20140207249 - Tissue repair implant: Described herein are tissue repair implants comprising at least a first layer of peritoneal membrane. The first layer of peritoneal membrane can be located adjacent to a second layer of peritoneal membrane and can be in direct contact with the second layer of peritoneal membrane. Additional layers (e.g., a third... Agent:

20140207250 - Tissue scaffold: A process of forming a tissue scaffold is described, the process comprising electrospinning polymer fibers from a spinneret onto a tissue scaffold template. In embodiments, the fibers are plasma-treated between the spinneret and the template. The scaffold may be constructed of alternating layers of aligned and randomly oriented fibers. The... Agent: University Of Ulster

20140207251 - Bio-selective surface textures: Bio-selective textured surfaces are described which mediate foreign body response, bacterial adhesion, and tissue adhesion on devices implanted in a mammalian body. Hierarchical levels of texture, some capable of establishing a Wenzel state others a Cassie state, are employed to interface with living structures, either to promote or discourage a... Agent: Bvw Holding Ag

20140207252 - Neural prosthetic with touch-like sensing: An apparatus and method is related to providing sensing functions that are similar to “human touch” when located in a prosthetic device such as a BION microstimulator that is implanted in a patient. The apparatus includes a power circuit, a communication circuit and a sensor circuit. The power circuit provides... Agent: Alfred E. Mann Foundation For Scientific Research

20140207253 - Alignment device for a prosthetic leg sleeve pin: A prosthetic sleeve and sleeve pin alignment device has a support, and a body extending from the support. The body has a cup defining an inner wall surface defining a sleeve-receiving recess having a longitudinal axis and defining a sleeve pin-receiving guide hole to a sleeve-pin receiving pin guide aperture.... Agent:

07/17/2014 > 36 patent applications in 27 patent subcategories.

20140200648 - Methods and apparatus for luminal stenting: Described herein are flexible implantable devices or stents that can, for example, navigate tortuous vessels of the neurovasculature. The devices can also conform to the shape of tortuous vessels of the vasculature. In some embodiments, the devices can direct blood flow within a vessel away from an aneurysm or limit... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140200647 - Stent with enhanced profile: A stent for implantation in a body lumen, comprising a plurality of rings, each ring being connected to an adjacent ring by at least one link, each ring including a plurality of peaks and valleys, wherein each peak is connected to an adjacent valley by a strut to provide an... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

20140200650 - Emergency vascular repair prosthesis deployment system: A deployment device for repair of a transected body vessel is described herein. Device can have a handle and one or more shafts coupled thereto. A prosthesis being retained by a sheath can be coupled to the delivery device. The sheath can have end portions coupled to one or more... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20140200649 - Systems, methods and devices for retrograde pericardial release of a prosthetic heart valve: Embodiments of the present disclosure are directed to stents, valved-stents, and associated methods and systems for their delivery via minimally-invasive surgery.... Agent: Symetis Sa

20140200651 - Pararenal stent graft: A stent graft and a stent graft system having a scallop at the proximal end of the stent graft and extending below the proximal edge, the scallop having two substantially longitudinally extending opposing side edges and a substantially laterally extending bottom edge parallel to the proximal edge of the stent... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20140200652 - Microstructured absorbable implant: The production of microstructured surfaces in magnesium alloys, containing zinc as the major alloying element, in particular in absorbable implants such as stents, wherein microstructures in sizes of up to 5 μm (micrometers) are generated on a magnesium alloy base body of the absorbable implant, for example of the absorbable... Agent: Biotronik Ag

20140200654 - Drug-delivery endovascular stent and method of forming the same: An intravascular stent and method for inhibiting restenosis, following vascular injury, is disclosed. The stent has an expandable, linked-filament body and a drug-release coating formed on the stent-body filaments, for contacting the vessel injury site when the stent is placed in-situ in an expanded condition. The coating releases, for a... Agent: Biosensors International Group, Ltd.

20140200653 - Material structures for intravascular device: An intravascular device for keeping open a previously constricted site within a vessel and for minimizing tissue debris at such a site from closing off the vessel is provided. The device includes an expandable substantially tubular body having a distal end and a proximal end. The device also includes a... Agent:

20140200655 - Intravascular cardiac restraining implants and methods for treating heart failure: Intravascular cardiac restraining implants designed for treatment of heart disease and heart failure and methods for their use. The disclosed implants can be used to reshape or reinforce a diseased, weakened or distended portion of a patient's heart to counteract heart disease and heart damage. An intravascular cardiac restraining implant... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems, Inc.

20140200656 - Radiopaque markers for visualizing an edge of an endovascular graft: An endovascular prosthesis is disclosed that includes a tubular graft and a radiopaque marker attached to envelop or enfold an edge of the tubular graft. A first segment of the radiopaque marker extends against an interior surface of the tubular graft and a second segment of the radiopaque marker extends... Agent: Medtronic Vascular, Inc.

20140200658 - Method and apparatus for percutaneous aortic valve replacement: A catheter adapted for placement in the ascending aorta comprises a central catheter mechanism and a balloon structure or other occluding structure at its distal end. The catheter may be placed over the aortic arch such that the occluding structure is placed in the ascending aorta just above the Sinus... Agent: Hocor Cardiovascular Technologies LLC

20140200657 - Mitral spacer: A heart valve implant may include a shaft and an anchor configured to be coupled to an end of the shaft. A spacer may be coupled to a portion of the shaft and comprise a plurality of individual segments including a first and at least a second individual segment. The... Agent: Cardiosolutions, Inc.

20140200659 - Capping bioprosthetic tissue to reduce calcification: A treatment for bioprosthetic tissue used in implants or for assembled bioprosthetic heart valves to reduce in vivo calcification. The method includes applying a calcification mitigant such as a capping agent or an antioxidant to the tissue to specifically inhibit oxidation in tissue. Also, the method can be used to... Agent: Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

20140200660 - Valve prosthesis frames: A prosthesis can include a collapsible, reexpandable frame comprising first, second, and third sets of struts that define first and second rows of expandable cells. In some embodiments, the struts of the first, second, and third set of struts can be tapered. In some embodiments, the frame can include an... Agent: Medtronic Cv Luxembourg S.a.r.l.

20140200661 - Rapidly deployable surgical heart valves: A quick-connect heart valve prosthesis that can be quickly and easily implanted during a surgical procedure is provided. The heart valve includes a substantially non-expandable, non-compressible prosthetic valve and a plastically-expandable frame, thereby enabling attachment to the annulus without sutures. A small number of guide sutures may be provided for... Agent: Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

20140200662 - Anchoring elements for intracardiac devices: An intracardiac device comprising a ring-shaped body and one or more anchoring or stabilizing elements attached to said body, said elements being selected from the group consisting of levered anchoring arms, elongate anchoring arms, and lateral extension elements, wherein said device is able to move between two conformations, a collapsed... Agent:

20140200663 - Medical apparatus for the therapeutic treatment of an insufficient cardiac valve: The present invention relates to a medical apparatus for the therapeutic treatment of an insufficient cardiac valve (3a, 3b). The aim of the present invention is to specify a medical apparatus which enables the therapeutic treatment of an insufficient cardiac valve, such as, for example, the mitral valve (3a) or... Agent: Jenavalve Technology, Inc.

20140200664 - High efficiency blood pump: A high efficiency blood pump includes a pump housing, wherein the pump housing provides an inlet and outlet. The pump includes a motor housing, wherein the motor housing contains a motor. An impeller is housed in the pump housing, wherein the impeller is radially supported by a hydrodynamic bearing providing... Agent: Everheart Systems Inc.

20140200665 - Anterior corneal shapes and methods of providing the shapes: Methods of determining a desired shape for the anterior surface of the cornea in vision correction procedures.... Agent:

20140200666 - Adjustable toric intraocular lens: An adjustable astigmatism-reducing intraocular lens includes a toric optic with a long axis. The optic is rotationally coupled to haptics, and a plurality of struts extend between the optic and the haptics. The struts are held under tension and individually releasable via laser, or are heat shrinkable to increase the... Agent:

20140200667 - Implants for soft and hard tissue regeneration: Implants for osteo and osteochondral repair have been developed. These implants include a series of channels between the upper and lower surfaces of the implants, such that when implanted the lower surfaces are situated in an area rich in bone marrow and the channels provide a means for the bone... Agent: Tepha, Inc.

20140200672 - Annulus plug for intervertebral disc repair: A device for intervertebral disc repair includes a cannulated screw having a head and a shaft, a plug defining an aperture, and an intervertebral spacer. The screw is configured to be placed through the aperture and into engagement with the spacer. A kit includes the device, a guide wire connectable... Agent: Stryker Spine

20140200668 - Implant system having a multifunctional inserter and complementary implant: An implant system having an inserter or implant-drill guide defining a plurality of overlapping bores or elongated passageways. The inserter or implant-drill bit guide provides a drill jig for defining a complementary-shaped drilled-out area in the first and second vertebra. The implant comprises a plurality or lobes or lobate shapes... Agent: X-spine Systems, Inc.

20140200669 - Intervertebral cage with anterior fixation and stabilization: A spinal implant. The spinal implant includes a spacer having an upper surface for contacting a superior vertebral body, a lower surface for contacting an inferior vertebral body, a first insertion end portion, and a second end portion opposite the first insertion end portion; a fixation frame coupled to the... Agent: Synthes Usa, LLC

20140200671 - Retaining mechanism, implant, and tool: A retaining mechanism is disclosed, which comprises a plate including a first surface adapted to engage with an implant and a second opposing surface, the plate having mechanically-weakened areas, such that the plate is compressible from a first dimension to a second reduced dimension via the weakened areas, wherein the... Agent:

20140200670 - System and method for a spinal stabilization implant assembly: A spinal stabilization implant assembly includes a first cervical stabilization plate comprising an elongated body having a top portion and a bottom portion, and a second cervical stabilization plate comprising an elongated body having a top portion and a bottom portion. The bottom portion of the first cervical stabilization plate... Agent: Spinefrontier Inc

20140200673 - Artificial knee joint: An artificial knee joint is provided whose rollback amount and roll ratio are small in slight flexion and large in deep flexion. In the artificial knee joint, a femoral component 20 includes a medial condyle 21, a lateral condyle 22, a first sliding surface 24 for coupling posterior ends of... Agent:

20140200674 - Knee replacement prosthetic: A knee replacement system for enabling natural knee movement in a leg comprising a prosthetic is provided. The prosthetic includes a tibial portion at least partially implantable on a resected surface of a tibia; a plate portion attached to the tibial portion and at least partially implantable in a meniscal... Agent:

20140200675 - Lined femoral cup: The lined femoral cup of the invention is used in a new reverse hip prosthesis wherein the cup is affixed to the femur and the ball is affixed to the acetabulum. This permits installation of the liner in the factory instead of the operating room. Prior art hip prostheses require... Agent: Hip Innovation Technology, LLC

20140200676 - Delivery systems containing bioactive materials: A delivery system comprising a covering containing at least a first substance for release to a surgical site is provided. The covering includes an elongated containment portion having at least one compartment, wherein the covering includes an elongated containment having a first end and a second end. At one end... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20140200677 - Esophageal valve device for placing in the cardia: A luminal valve for placing in a body lumen comprises at least four valve leaflets. The valve has a normally closed configuration in which the leaflets are engaged and an open configuration in which the leaflets are open. The valve may be mounted to an esophageal support.... Agent: Vysera Biomedical Limited

20140200678 - Biomaterials with microsphere gradients and core and shell microspheres: Methods can prepare tissue engineering scaffolds that include a plurality of biocompatible core/shell microspheres linked together to form a three-dimensional matrix. The matrix can include a plurality of pores for growing cells. The biocompatible microspheres can include first and second sets of microspheres. The first set of microspheres can have... Agent: The University Of Kansas

20140200679 - Implantable superhydrophobic surfaces: Bio-adhesive textured surfaces are described which allow implants to be localized within a living body. Hierarchical levels of texture on an implantable medical device, some capable of establishing a Wenzel state and others a Cassie state, are employed to interface with living structures to provide resistance to device migration. Since... Agent: Bvw Holding Ag

20140200680 - Control systems and methods for gait devices: A method of controlling a gait device includes a first sensor disposed on a first mobile body. A physical state of the first mobile body is measured using the first sensor to obtain a first physical state measurement. A second sensor is disposed on a second mobile body. A physical... Agent: Springactive, Inc.

20140200681 - Neurotrophic electrode neural interface employing quantum dots: A neural sensor includes a substrate defining an array of vias passing therethrough, a plurality of conductive surfaces, a light source, a plurality of groups of quantum dot-based luminescence units and a charge-coupled device (CCD) array. Each via allows a neurite to grow therethrough. Each conductive surface is adjacent to... Agent: Neural Signals, Inc.

20140200682 - Suspension liner system with seal: A suspension liner sleeve adapted to provide an interface between a residual limb and a prosthetic socket, and having outer and inner surfaces. The liner sleeve includes an elongate, generally conical body portion formed from at least one material segment defining the liner outer surface. The at least one material... Agent: Ossur Hf

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