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Prosthesis (i.e., artificial body members), parts thereof, or aids and accessories therefor

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01/15/2015 > 49 patent applications in 33 patent subcategories.

20150018928 - Percutaneous transluminal angioplasty device with integral embolic filter: A percutaneous transluminal angioplasty device having an embolic filter mounted to the catheter shaft at a location distal to the angioplasty balloon and downstream from the blockage to capture embolic particles that may be set loose into the blood stream as the angioplasty procedure is performed. The embolic filter is... Agent:

20150018929 - Retrieval systems and methods for use thereof: The devices and methods described herein relate to improved structures for removing obstructions from body lumens. Such devices have applicability in through-out the body, including clearing of blockages within the vasculature, by addressing the frictional resistance on the obstruction prior to attempting to translate and/or mobilize the obstruction within the... Agent: Lazarus Effect, Inc.

20150018930 - Attachment mechanism for stent release: An attachment mechanism for coupling a stent to a delivery system is disclosed. The attachment mechanism is configured to pivot relative to an inner shaft assembly of the delivery system in order to release the stent from the delivery system.... Agent:

20150018932 - Iliac stent graft: An iliac artery stent graft has a substantially inverted Y shape comprising a second arm terminating in a second end, and first and third arms terminating respectively in a first end and a third end. Each of the arms comprising a tubular graft of biocompatible graft material and the three... Agent:

20150018931 - Stent graft assembly and method: A graft device can include a graft component and an expandable component that has a longitudinal axis and a coupling portion. The coupling portion has a surface extending radially relative to the longitudinal axis. The graft component also has a portion that is coupled to the surface of the expandable... Agent: Covidien Lp

20150018933 - Aortic stent-graft: An aortic stent-graft capable of avoiding migration of location, which includes a covered stent body and a bare stent connected to a proximal end of the covered stent body, with barbs for looseness-proof fixation which are provided at each wave crest and each wave trough of the bare stent and... Agent:

20150018934 - Polymeric stent with structural radiopaque marker: An implantable sent comprises a radiopaque marker that provides a structural connection between two parts made of a polymer substrate material. The two parts can be one bending element of one radially expandable ring and another bending element of an adjacent expandable ring. The two parts can be two bending... Agent:

20150018936 - Severable support for a stent: A stent with at least one severable supporting device and methods of coating using the same are disclosed. The severable supporting device can be an end tube or a tab attached to some portion of the stent by at least one “gate” or attachment. The end tube or tab may... Agent:

20150018935 - Stent with eased corner feature: An implantable stent includes a plurality of rings. At least a distal end ring has an eased corner feature formed in the polymer substrate at a radially outward, distal-facing corner of the ring while relatively sharp corners of the polymer substrate are maintained in radially inward corners of the ring.... Agent:

20150018937 - Perfusion regulation system: A reperfusion system and method of perfusing a blood vessel using the reperfusion system are provided. The system includes an introducer sheath, a middle catheter extending through the introducer sheath, and a balloon microcatheter extending through the middle catheter. A connecting tube extends between a lumen of the introducer sheath... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20150018938 - Stent-valves for valve replacement and associated methods and systems for surgery: Stent-valves (e.g., single-stent-valves and double-stent-valves), associated methods and systems for their delivery via minimally-invasive surgery, and guide-wire compatible closure devices for sealing access orifices are provided.... Agent: Symetis Sa

20150018939 - Delivery system with projections: Delivery systems for delivering medical devices and prosthetic heart valves in a patient's body are disclosed. The delivery system may include a catheter-based delivery system. The delivery system may include a tip, a capsule, an inner sheath, and a projection. The delivery system may include an outer sheath and a... Agent:

20150018940 - Helical coil mitral valve annuloplasty systems and methods: Systems and methods for modifying a heart valve annulus in a minimally invasive surgical procedure. A helical anchor is provided, having a memory set to a coiled shape or state. The helical anchor is further configured to self-revert from a substantially straight state to the coiled state. The helical anchor... Agent:

20150018942 - Method of implanting an aortic stent: A method of implanting an aortic stent comprising steps of: putting a main tube on a metal guide wire; moving the main tube along the metal guide wire to the descending aorta, the main tube is constrained by a first cover, and first and second tube bifurcations are branched from... Agent:

20150018941 - Methods and apparatus for controlling the internal circumference of an anatomic orifice or lumen: An implantable device is provided for controlling shape and/or size of an anatomical structure or lumen. The implantable device has an adjustable member configured to adjust the dimensions of the implantable device. The implantable device is housed in a catheter and insertable from a minimally invasive surgical entry. An adjustment... Agent:

20150018943 - Percutaneous prosthetic heart valve: A method of making a replacement heart valve device whereby a fragment of biocompatible tissue material is treated and soaked in one or more alcohol solutions and a solution of glutaraldehyde. The dried biocompatible tissue material is folded and rehydrated in such a way that forms a two- or three-leaflet/cusp... Agent:

20150018944 - Valve positioning device: Medical devices for positioning a valve in a subject's body, such as a prosthetic heart valve in a subject's heart, are disclosed. The prosthetic heart valve may include a valve assembly, a frame, and a control arm. The prosthetic heart valve may include a commissural post or multiple commissural posts.... Agent:

20150018946 - Nonaugmentive mastopexy: Disclosed are methods and devices for minimally invasive mastopexy, or other soft tissue suspension, which may be accomplished with our without augmentation.... Agent:

20150018945 - Small incision, customizable specific gravity prosthesis: The present invention relates to a customizable prosthesis, for instance a breast prosthesis, comprised of an outer shell, removable micro-compartments and flexible filling tubes formulated out of soft Poly (methyl 2-methylpropenoate) gel, wherein the removable micro-compartments of the prosthesis are arranged in a hierarchical layering scheme to create a prosthesis... Agent:

20150018947 - Tenodesis system: A tendon anchoring device may include an implant having a pair of spaced apart legs for straddling a tendon. A push rod removably attached to the implant may be utilized to guide and push a portion of the tendon into a pre-drilled bore in a bone. A fixation member may... Agent:

20150018948 - Orbicular tissue expander: Provided herein is a tissue stretching device configured for orbicular expansion of a tissue placed therein. Methods of use of the device to stretch a tissue as well as for culturing organized tissues are also provided. Stretched and/or cultured tissues produced by these processes are also provided, as well as... Agent:

20150018949 - Cost-effective method for manufacturing metal cranial prostheses: The present invention relates to a method for manufacturing an implantable prosthesis, in other words, a biomodel, which can be implanted in a patient, preferably in the cranium of a patient. The method is based on the use of commercially available adhesive tape, in order to reduce the manufacturing costs... Agent: Industrias Medicas Sampedro S.a.

20150018950 - Flexure limiter for spinal prosthesis: Apparatus including a first spinal prosthetic member that may articulate with a second spinal prosthetic member, the first and second spinal prosthetic members flexing relative to one another about a lateral-medial axis corresponding to a lateral-medial axis of a body, and a flexure limiting member attached to the first and... Agent:

20150018952 - Lateral interbody fusion devices, systems and methods: According to some embodiments, a method of inserting a lateral implant within an intervertebral space defined between an upper vertebral member and a lower vertebral member includes creating a lateral passage through a subject in order to provide minimally invasive access to the intervertebral space, at least partially clearing out... Agent: Raed M. Ali, M.d., Inc.

20150018953 - Minimally invasive corpectomy cage and instrument: An assembly comprising an expandable corpectomy cage and an insertion instrument, wherein the expandable cage comprises an instrument attachment features, including mating holes on the sides of the outer sleeve, and a ball-shaped pocket on the endplate of the inner sleeve, and the insertion instrument features a tuning-fork shaped holder,... Agent: Depuy Synthes Products, LLC

20150018951 - Orthopedic implant with adjustable angle between tissue contact surfaces: An implant having a base with a first contact surface and a hinged element, hingedly interconnected with a first portion of the base, providing a second contact surface. The first portion of the base is displaceable relative to a second portion so that the base can be shortened from an... Agent: Nlt Spine Ltd.

20150018958 - Friction-fit spinal endplate and endplate-preserving method: An interbody spinal implant including a body having a top surface, a bottom surface, opposing lateral sides, and opposing anterior and posterior portions. At least a portion of the top surface, the bottom surface, or both surfaces has a roughened surface topography including both micro features and nano features, without... Agent:

20150018955 - Laterally deflectable implant: A laterally deflectable asymmetric implant for implanting into a body may comprise a deflectable piece having distal and proximal ends and assuming a straightened insertion state. The backbone may abut or interconnect with said deflectable piece at the distal end of the deflectable piece. In a fully deflected state the... Agent: Nlt Spine Ltd.

20150018954 - Orthopedic implant with adjustable angle between tissue contact surfaces: An implant having a base with a first contact surface and a hinged element, hingedly interconnected with a first portion of the base, providing a second contact surface. The first portion of the base is displaceable relative to a second portion so that the base can be shortened from an... Agent: Nlt Spine Ltd.

20150018956 - Surgical implant devices incorporating porous surfaces: A surgical implant device, comprising: a body portion; and one or more surfaces comprising a plurality of protruding structures; wherein the body portion and the one or more surfaces comprising the plurality of protruding structures are integrally formed. The one or more surfaces comprising the plurality of protruding structures are... Agent:

20150018957 - Tissue spacer implants, insertion and adjustment tools, and method of use: Tissue spacer implants and surgical methods for inserting the implants are disclosed. The implants may include a first cylindrical body with an outer surface, an axially extending hole, and a first end, a second cylindrical body with an outer surface and an axially extending hole, and an adjustment member with... Agent: Medivest, LLC

20150018959 - Glenoidal component, set of such components and shoulder prosthesis incorporating such a glenoidal component: s

20150018960 - Artificial knee joint: An artificial knee joint (1) is described and comprises a femoral component (10) and a tibial component (30), for attachment to the femur (2) and tibia (3) of a patient (4) respectively. The femoral component (10) comprises a lateral condyle (11) and a medial condyle (12) which extend from the... Agent: Smith & Nephew Orthopaedics Ag

20150018961 - Discretely adjustable hip-replacement trial: Hip replacement surgery (hip arthroplasty) includes implantation of a distal stem into a femur of a patient, and implantation of a proximal body to connect to the distal stem. A practitioner uses a “trial” or “provisional” to determine a suitable size and configuration for the implantable proximal body, then selects... Agent:

20150018963 - Joint fluid drainage system for the problem of aseptic loosening in the total joint prostheses: A joint fluid drainage system provides a solution to the aseptic loosening problem resulting from the utilization of total joint prostheses, lowering the pressure inside the joint capsule and draining the joint fluid comprising particles. The system includes a canal outlet starting from the articulation surface. This high pressure joint... Agent:

20150018964 - Bone void plugs and methods of use: A bone void plug according to an exemplary aspect of the present disclosure includes, among other things, a plug body that extends along a longitudinal axis between a proximal face and a distal opening and a recessed opening that extends from the distal opening toward the proximal face, the recessed... Agent:

20150018965 - Bioimplant: Provided is a bioimplant which is capable to inhibit the biofilm formation over a long period of time after an operation. The bioimplant of the present invention comprises a base material of metal, ceramic, or plastic and a thermal spraying film of a calcium phosphate-based material formed at least partially... Agent: Saga University

20150018966 - Decellularisation of tissue matrices for bladder implantation: The invention provides an improved method of producing a natural, acellular matrix scaffold for subsequent use in tissue-engineered replacement of tissues such as the bladder. Decellularisation is carried out on an expanded or distended bladder and the product retains the strength and compliance of natural material. The invention also provides... Agent:

20150018967 - Duodenum endothelium membrane made from degradable biocompatible materials and application thereof: This invention provides a duodenum endothelium membrane made of degradable shape-memory biocompatible materials. The endothelium membrane planted in the duodenum can divide chyme and bile-pancreatic juice, avoiding direct digestion, absorption, and metabolism of gastric effluent in the duodenum. After being implanted, the endothelium membrane is stable and difficult to slip... Agent:

20150018962 - Medical tube: i

20150018968 - Method for creating an internal transport system within tissue scaffolds using computer-aided tissue engineering: An artificial tissue including an internal mass transport network having a plurality of channels, wherein the channels are designed to substantially mimic naturally occurring vascular network and a method for creating an internal transport system within a tissue scaffold to improve circulation, diffusion, and mass transport properties by utilizing computer-aided... Agent: Drexel University

20150018969 - Drug-impregnated encasement: A drug-impregnated sleeve for encasing a medical implant is provided. In one embodiment, the sleeve may include a body made of a biologically-compatible material that defines an internal cavity configured to receive the medical implant. In one embodiment, the biologically-compatible material is bioresorbable. The body may include a plurality of... Agent:

20150018971 - Method and device for controlling an artificial orthotic or prosthetic joint: The invention relates to a device and method for controlling an artificial orthotic or prosthetic joint of a lower extremity, comprising a resistance unit with which at least one actuator is associated, via which the bending and/or stretching resistance is varied depending on sensor data. During the use of the... Agent: Otto Bock Healthcare Products Gmbh

20150018970 - Torque limiting clutch for orthotic and prosthetic devices: A torque limiting assembly for use with an actuator having a torque transfer output, the assembly comprising a brake pad, a band connected at a first extremity to a first extremity of the brake pad and a cam linking a second extremity of the band to a second extremity of... Agent:

20150018972 - Method for controlling an artificial orthotic or prosthetic knee joint: The invention relates to a method for controlling an artificial orthotic or prosthetic knee joint, on which a lower leg component is arranged and which is assigned a resistance device having at least one actuator, by means of which the bending resistance is modified depending on sensor data that is... Agent: Otto Bock Healthcare Gmbh

20150018973 - Feet extensions: e

20150018974 - Modular prosthetic devices and prosthesis systems: An adjustable prosthesis system for a residual limb includes: an adjustable outer shell having a bottom, an adjustable inner volume, and an adjustable inner shape; at least one closure component attached to the outer shell and adapted to adjust the width of the inner volume and/or inner shape; an inner... Agent:

20150018975 - Movement support apparatus: There is provided a movement support apparatus including a lower limb coupling portion configured to be coupled to a lower limb, an elastic member, a ground contact unit configured to include a ground contact plate coming into contact with a surface and a transmission portion transmitting force generated by the... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150018976 - Prosthetic foot with modular construction: A prosthetic foot includes a heel member having a heel member shaft extending upwardly from a heel end thereof and a forefoot member having a forefoot member shaft extending upwardly from a toe end thereof. An ankle member receives the heel member shaft and forefoot member shaft so as to... Agent:

01/08/2015 > 35 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20150012081 - Apparatus and methods for repairing aneurysms: A device (100) for repairing an aneurysm by deployment within the aneurism comprises a graft tube, at least part thereof having an inflatable wall (102, 104) whereby the tube can be deployed in an artery and be inflated to grip at least part of the arterial wall.... Agent:

20150012080 - Endovascular graft having a cannulation pocket: A stent graft for placement in a lumen of a patient is disclosed. The stent graft comprises: a main tubular body of a biocompatible graft material having a main lumen, the main tubular body having a proximal end and a distal end; a side arm extending from the main tubular... Agent:

20150012082 - Prosthetic device including electrostatically spun fibrous layer and method for making the same: In accordance with certain embodiments of the present disclosure, a process of forming a prosthetic device is provided. The process includes forming a dispersion of polymeric nanofibers, a fiberizing polymer, and a solvent, the dispersion having a viscosity of at least about 50,000 cPs. A tubular frame is positioned over... Agent:

20150012083 - Tubular tissue-engineered constructs: The present invention provides constructs including a tubular biodegradable polyglycolic acid scaffold, wherein the scaffold may be coated with extracellular matrix proteins and substantially acellular. The constructs can be utilized as an arteriovenous graft, a coronary graft, a peripheral artery bypass conduit, or a urinary conduit. The present invention also... Agent:

20150012084 - Leaflet valve: A device and method for improving flow through a native blood vessel valve, such as the aortic valve, are provided. The present invention allows a miniature valve to be implanted into affected leaflets percutaneously, obviating the need for coronary bypass surgery. The method includes the cutting of small holes, on... Agent:

20150012085 - Repositionable heart valve and method: A method for percutaneously replacing a heart valve of a patient. In some embodiments the method includes the steps of percutaneously delivering a replacement valve and an expandable anchor to a vicinity of the heart valve in an unexpanded configuration; expanding the anchor to a deployed configuration in which the... Agent: Sadra Medical, Inc.

20150012086 - Functional sizer for a heart valve implantable device: A functional sizer and method of sizing that overcome the problems of relying purely on visual assessment of size in selecting an implantable heart valve device (repair implant or a heart valve replacement prosthesis) and of being unable to test the fit and performance of the heart valve implantable device... Agent:

20150012087 - Implant having multiple rotational assemblies: An annuloplasty ring is secured around an annulus of a heart valve of a subject by securing an anterior-configured portion of the annuloplasty ring, a posterior-configured portion of the annuloplasty ring, a first commissural portion of the annuloplasty ring, and a second commissural portion of the annuloplasty ring, to respective... Agent: Valtech Cardio, Ltd.

20150012088 - Semi-rigid framework for a plate haptic accommodating intraocular lens: A plate haptic for an accommodating intraocular lens. The plate haptic has a haptic body that is substantially rigid in a longitudinal direction and substantially flexible in a transverse direction. A chassis is integral to the haptic body. The chassis causes the haptic body to be substantially more rigid in... Agent:

20150012089 - Breast prostheses, methods of manufacturing breast prostheses, and methods of treatment using breast prostheses: Improved breast prostheses, methods of making breast prostheses, and methods of treatment using such breast prostheses are described.... Agent:

20150012090 - Nasal implant introduced through a non-surgical injection technique: A method for non-surgically treating an internal nasal valve of a patient comprising, injecting a working device into the internal nasal valve of the patient, wherein the injected working device in the nasal tissue causes an alteration of an internal or external nasal valve. A device introduced by injection into... Agent:

20150012091 - Implant, method of preparing an implant, implantation method, and kit of parts: An implant according to the invention includes first thermoplastic material portions, and second thermoplastic material portions liquefiable by mechanical vibrations and being in contact with the first thermoplastic material portions, wherein the second thermoplastic material portions preferably constitute at least a part of a surface of the implant, and wherein... Agent:

20150012092 - Carbon nanotubes and graphene patches and implants for biological tissue: The present invention relates to a novel composition comprising carbon nanotubes and/or graphene and a supporting material that can be used as an implant, patch or construct for the treatment, repair or replacement of biological tissue, including musculoskeletal tissue, fascia tissue, dura tissue, epidermal tissue, blood vessels and arteries, and... Agent:

20150012093 - Graft ligament anchor and method for attaching a graft ligament to a bone: A graft ligament anchor includes a tubular body having a bore therethrough and proximal and distal ends. A flange is attached to the tubular body at the proximal end thereof and extends radially outwardly beyond the tubular body. A deformable wall is disposed in the tubular body bore and defines,... Agent:

20150012094 - Method and apparatus for coupling soft tissue to a bone: A method and apparatus for coupling a soft tissue implant into a locking cavity formed within a bone is disclosed. The apparatus includes a member to pull the soft tissue implant into a femoral tunnel. The member includes a suture having first and second ends which are passed through first... Agent:

20150012096 - Apparatus and methods for securing a bone implant: Apparatus and methods for securing a bone implant are provided. The implant may be an expandable implant. The implant may be a non-expandable implant. The implant may be for repairing a bone fracture. The implant may be secured to a bone by anchors. The implant may include anchor receiving features.... Agent:

20150012095 - Implant, implantation device, implantation method: An implant suitable for being anchored with the aid of mechanical vibration in an opening provided in bone tissue. The implant is compressible in the direction of a compression axis under local enlargement of a distance between a peripheral implant surface and the compression axis. The implant includes a coupling-in... Agent:

20150012098 - Methods and apparatus for implanting an interbody device: An interbody implant comprises one or more elongate members that have superior and inferior surfaces with a height, and medial and lateral surfaces having a width. The height is set so the implant fits into the intervertebral space. The width is less than the height. The interbody implant has a... Agent: Spine Innovation, Inc.

20150012097 - System amd method for an expandable intervertebral implant: An expandable intervertebral implant includes a base body, a top endplate and a center component. The top endplate is configured to be placed onto an open top of the base body and to expand upward. The top endplate includes a plate, first and second side protrusions extending vertically downward from... Agent: Spinefrontier Inc

20150012102 - Anterior intervertebral fusion with fixation system, device, and method: A system, device, and method are disclosed for anterior intervertebral fusion with fixation. An intervertebral fusion with fixation device includes a spacer configured to fit into a disc space between plural vertebrae, the spacer including through holes between and through plural sidewalls. A first fixating element is rigidly preloaded in... Agent:

20150012101 - Expandable fusion device and method of installation thereof: An expandable fusion device is capable of being installed inside an intervertebral disc space to maintain normal disc spacing and restore spinal stability, thereby facilitating an intervertebral fusion. The fusion device may include a body portion, a first endplate, and a second endplate, the first and second endplates capable of... Agent:

20150012100 - Implants having three distinct surfaces: An interbody spinal implant having at least three distinct surfaces including (1) at least one integration surface having a roughened surface topography including macro features, micro features, and nano features, without sharp teeth that risk damage to bone structures; (2) at least one graft contact surface having a coarse surface... Agent:

20150012099 - Intersomatic implant and tool for installing such an implant: The present invention concerns an intersomatic implant (2) comprising a body (4) suitable for being inserted between two vertebrae (1) to space them a predetermined distance apart, the body (4) being provided on either side, respectively, with a contact surface (5, 5′) with die corresponding vertebrae (1). The body (4)... Agent:

20150012104 - Method and apparatus for fitting a shoulder prosthesis: Method and set of surgical instruments for fitting a shoulder prosthesis, and the shoulder prosthesis. The proposed method seeks to interpose a bone graft between the previously prepared glenoid surface (G) of a scapula (S) of a patient's shoulder and the face of a glenoid prosthetic component opposite the articular... Agent:

20150012103 - Spring base glenosphere: A method for implanting a reverse modular humeral implant into a humerus that includes a natural humeral shaft and a natural humeral head. The implant includes a humeral stem implantable into the natural humeral shaft, and an adapter couplable to the humeral stem, the adapter including an anchoring projection configured... Agent:

20150012105 - Two-part articulating joint spacer and method for producing said joint spacer: The invention relates to an articulating joint spacer for temporary replacement of a joint, whereby the joint spacer comprises two spacer parts which each comprise one sliding surface on which the spacer parts, in the patient-inserted state, touch against each other in mobile manner and roll off on each other,... Agent:

20150012106 - Orthopaedic implant system and fasteners for use therein: Orthopaedic assemblies including a tibial component and one of a fixed tibial insert or a rotatable tibial insert. The assemblies may include structure to prevent undesired movement between the tibial component and insert. For example, a retaining tab may be provided on the tibial component that couples to a tab... Agent: Smith & Nephew, Inc.

20150012109 - Cup for an orthopaedic implant, orthopaedic implant comprising such a cup and method for producing such a cup: A cup having an inner cavity, for an articulation organ, and a metallic outer layer and in a portion of a spheroid, the outer layer including networks of meshes with nodes and struts, where the struts are tapered struts each having a tapered shape and being arranged such that the... Agent:

20150012107 - Novel biological implant compositions, implants and methods: The present application is directed to the field of implants comprising processed hard or soft biological tissues for use in implantation in humans. The molded biological tissue implants of the present application are preferably made from allograft soft tissue sources and demineralized bone matrix. The present application provides biological implants... Agent:

20150012108 - Multilayered composite: In accordance with certain embodiments of the present disclosure, a process for forming a multilayered electrospun composite is provided. The process includes forming a dispersion of polymeric nanofibers, a fiberizing polymer, and a solvent, the dispersion having a viscosity of at least about 50,000 cPs. Nanofibers from the dispersion are... Agent:

20150012110 - Method and apparatus for control of a prosthetic: A prosthetic device control apparatus includes at least one sensor worn by a user. The sensor(s) determines a user's movement. A control module is in communication with the sensor(s). The control module communicates movement information to a prosthetic. A method for controlling a prosthetic device includes sensing a user's movement,... Agent:

20150012111 - Methods for closed-loop neural-machine interface systems for the control of wearable exoskeletons and prosthetic devices: Brain-Machine Interface (BMI) systems or movement-assist systems may be utilized to aid users with paraplegia or tetraplegia in ambulation or other movement or in rehabilitation of motor function after brain injury or neurological disease, such as stroke, Parkinson's disease or cerebral palsy. The BMI may translate one or more neural... Agent: University Of Houston

20150012112 - Prosthetic pin locking mechanism with vacuum tunnels: A pin lock for a prosthetic device in a vacuum assisted suspension system includes a pin defining a longitudinally elongate bore and at least one passageway extending obliquely relative to the bore and communicating therewith at a proximal end of the pin. The pin lock also includes a locking mechanism... Agent:

20150012113 - Apparatus for coupling prosthetic components having angular and translational offset: An prosthetic alignment device. In one embodiment, the prosthetic alignment device includes a first component having a first end portion configured to be coupled to one of a prosthesis or a residual limb and a second end portion having a curved channel extending along a curved channel axis; a second... Agent:

20150012114 - Artificial arm prosthesis terminal device: A terminal device is described which is attachable to the end of a prosthesis on an arm and there serves as an attachment site for a variety of tools or implements designed to mate with the terminal device. A locking ring mechanism is also described herein, The terminal device comprises... Agent:

01/01/2015 > 36 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20150005865 - Robotic image control system: This disclosure involves the use of X-ray markers that appear in fluoroscopic images and are detected by image processing software to partially or fully automate or assist in the performance of one or more of the steps of a percutaneous interventional procedure typically involving a catheter device.... Agent:

20150005864 - Stent kit: In a stent kit in which a stent tube has an arc-shaped part at one or both ends, an inner catheter includes an arc-shaped part fitting in, and conforming to, each arc-shaped part of the stent tube. Because of the conforming shapes, the stent tube is not deformed by the... Agent:

20150005866 - Balloon catheter and stent delivery system: A balloon catheter and a stent delivery system are disclosed, which includes a shaft portion of which an axially orthogonal cross section of an outer peripheral surface has a polygonal shape, and a balloon which is foldable on the outer peripheral surface of the shaft portion and in which turned-back... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20150005867 - Bi-directional stent delivery system: A bi-directional stent delivery system includes an inner elongate shaft, a radially expandable prosthesis disposed over the inner elongate shaft, an outer elongate shaft, and a shuttle sheath disposed over the radially expandable prosthesis. The distal portion of the inner shaft is releasably coupled to the distal portion of the... Agent: Veniti, Inc.

20150005868 - Endovascular prosthesis: The endovascular prosthesis includes a first expandable framework and a first jacket for the first framework, the first framework and the first jacket forming a first channel when the first framework is in the expanded state. The first framework and the first jacket each have at least one opening, which... Agent: Assistance Publique Hopitaux De Paris

20150005869 - Kink resistant graft devices and related systems and methods: A graft device including a conduit and a fiber matrix surrounding the conduit for a mammalian patient is disclosed. The graft device further includes a kink resisting element such that the graft device is configured to reduce kinking. Methods and systems for creating kink resistant graft devices are also provided.... Agent:

20150005870 - Self-expanding, balloon expandable stent-grafts: A stent-graft having a smaller compacted diameter suitable to allow the stent-graft to be transported through a body conduit to a desired site. The stent-graft is deployed at the desired site by self-expanding to a first larger diameter from the smaller compacted diameter. The stent-graft has at least one flared... Agent:

20150005872 - Emergency vascular repair prosthesis: A prosthesis system for repair of a transected body vessel is provided. The system can include first and second prostheses each including a tubular graft body and a support structure. Each prosthesis can be expandable between a compressed and an expanded configuration. In the expanded configuration, outer surfaces of the... Agent:

20150005871 - Highly flexible stent with sinusoidal pattern: A stent has circular bodies having a wavy-line pattern and arranged side-by-side and coiled elements 15 arranged between the circular bodies that are adjacent and extending in a spiral manner, and apices on opposite sides of the wavy-line pattern of the circular bodies that are adjacent are connected by way... Agent: World Medish Co., Ltd.

20150005863 - Puckering seal for reduced paravalvular leakage: A heart valve assembly includes a heart valve, a self-expandable and collapsible stent, and a sealing member. The stent includes an inflow end and an outflow end and is configured to support the heart valve internally. The sealing member is connected to and extends circumferentially around the stent. The sealing... Agent:

20150005873 - Dual sterilization containment vessel: The disclosure pertains to a vessel for holding replacement heart valves and associated positioning and installation apparatus which is configured and adapted to contain a biocidal sterilization fluid during and following exposure of a delivery system for the replacement heart valve to sterilization by ionizing radiation and methods of use... Agent:

20150005874 - Atrial thrombogenic sealing pockets for prosthetic mitral valves: This invention relates to a self-expanding pre-configured compressible transcatheter prosthetic cardiovascular valve that comprises atrial thrombogenic sealing pocket cover mounted on a self-expanding inner wire frame having a leaflet structure comprised of articulating leaflets that define a valve function, said inner wire frame is disposed within a self-expanding annular tissue-covered... Agent: Tendyne Holdings, Inc.

20150005875 - Valve prostheses: A cardiac valve prosthesis for implantation at a native valve having leaflets includes a distal fixation member configured to be implanted downstream of a native valve and includes engagement arms configured to apply, to a native valve's downstream side, a first force directed upstream, when the distal fixation member is... Agent:

20150005876 - Corneal implant and method of delivering a corneal implant: A method of inserting and securing a corneal implant in engaging and fluid-flow limiting relation to the posterior cornea, such as to treat edema. The method includes securing a corneal implant in fluid flow limiting relation to the posterior cornea through an incision in the eye and securing it in... Agent:

20150005877 - Intraocular lens: An intraocular lens includes an optic, which includes a first lens having a first optical axis for alignment with an optical axis of the human eye having a macula; and a second lens having a second optical axis. The second optical axis and the first optical axis enclose an angle... Agent: Oculentis Holding B.v.

20150005878 - Acl reconstruction tunnel gauge and method: A depth gauge and method provide for accurate measurement of a socket portion of a bone tunnel in an ACL reconstruction.... Agent:

20150005879 - Spinal alignment clip: An instrument system for performing spinal surgery that helps provide optimal plate selection as well as an improved temporary alignment and retention means, without the need to penetrate the vertebral bodies with temporary fixation pins. The instrument system of the present invention has a clip that possesses features that temporarily... Agent:

20150005880 - Vertebral body replacement apparatus: A vertebral body replacement apparatus includes an outer body member having a first end, a second end, and an opening, and an inner body member having a first end, a second end, and an inner surface defining an opening. The first end of the inner body member is received in... Agent:

20150005885 - Composite implant: A composite interbody vertebral implant for facilitating fusion of adjacent vertebrae. The implant includes a first endplate of a porous metal material and a second endplate of a porous metal material which are configured to allow bone in-growth. The implant also includes a polymeric body positioned between and bonded to... Agent:

20150005882 - Devices and methods for minimally invasive spinal stablization and instrumentation: Described herein are devices and methods for fusion of adjacent vertebral bones using distractor platforms for exposure and resection of at least a portion of the facet joint, such as in performance of a TLiF procedure. In one embodiment, the distractor platform contains at least a first receptacle and/or extension... Agent:

20150005883 - Insertion tool assembly: Insertion tool assemblies for positioning an implant at a target location in a patient. Insertion tool assemblies that comprise first and second jaw portions configured to engage an implant; a sleeve assembly coupled to the first and second jaw portions; and a handle coupled to the sleeve assembly.... Agent:

20150005884 - Posterior total joint replacement: A prosthetic system for implantation between upper and lower vertebrae comprises an upper joint component. The upper joint component comprises an upper contact surface and an upper articulation surface. The system further includes a lower joint component. The lower joint component comprises a lower contact surface and a lower articulation... Agent:

20150005881 - Spinal fusion implant enabling diverse-angle and limited-visibility insertion: This invention can be embodied as a device implanted into an intervertebral disk space comprising: a distal portion shaped like a rounded rectangular, trapezoidal, or elliptical column; and a proximal portion shaped like a convex, concave, or straight-walled frustum. The proximal portion spans between 25% and 75% of the implant... Agent:

20150005886 - Prosthetic joints: Methods are described for improving the performance of implanted prosthetic joints through the use of magnetic technology. Arrays of magnets are employed to modify static and/or dynamic loads developed on prosthetic joints during their use. Resulting advantages include, but are not limited to: longer functional prosthetic life; reduced frequency of... Agent:

20150005887 - Intrinsically lubricated joint replacement materials, structure, and process: A joint prosthesis including a first component having a cleaned silicon carbide layer, and an annealed graphs layer disposed on the cleaned silicon carbide layer, the annealed graphene layer being a contact layer interfacing a second component of the joint prosthesis, wherein at least one of the first component and... Agent:

20150005888 - Orthopaedic knee prothesis having controlled condylar curvature: An orthopaedic knee prosthesis includes a tibial bearing and a femoral component configured to articulate with the tibial bearing. The femoral component includes a posterior cam configured to contact a spine of the tibial bearing and a condyle surface curved in the sagittal plane. The radius of curvature of the... Agent:

20150005889 - Acl accommodating tibial design: Surgical methods and tibial implants for accommodating the anterior cruciate ligament during unicompartmental or bi-unicompartmental knee arthroplasty procedures.... Agent:

20150005890 - Tibial bearing component for a knee prosthesis with improved articular characteristics: An orthopaedic knee prosthesis includes a tibial bearing component with surface features which operate to protect adjacent soft tissues of the natural knee throughout a wide range of flexion. More particularly, the tibial bearing component provides an anterior relief space disposed between the dished lateral and medial articular compartments, in... Agent:

20150005891 - Surgical technique using a contoured allograft cartilage as a spacer of the carpo-metacarpal joint of the thumb or tarso-metatarsal joint of the toe: A spacer for implantation into a subject is provided that includes a sterilized piece of cartilaginous allograft tissue. The piece forms a Y-shape with a base adapted to insert within a first carpo-metacarpal joint or carpo-metatarsal joint of the subject, and has a first area adapted to secure to a... Agent:

20150005892 - Acetabular cup fixation: An acetabular cup system includes an acetabular cup having a wall with an inner surface and an outer surface. The acetabular cup includes a fixation opening through the wall, the fixation opening including a first wall portion adjacent to the inner surface and a second wall portion adjacent to the... Agent:

20150005895 - Trochlear implants and methods of use: Implant devices, and method of using the same, are provided. The implant devices have an articular end and a stem, the stem having an oval-shaped cross-section. The articular end has an upper surface, a side surface, and a lower surface. The upper surface and lower surface each intersect the side... Agent:

20150005894 - Stent for medical use: A stent for medical use includes: a main body which includes a first rigid portion formed in a tubular shape along a longitudinal axis and having a predetermined rigidity with respect to a compression force exerted in a radial direction and a second rigid portion having a rigidity less than... Agent:

20150005893 - Stents and methods of use thereof: Medical devices such as ureteral stents, and methods of use thereof are disclosed. The medical device may include an elongate member configured to be implanted within a patient's body, wherein the elongate member includes an outermost diameter and a plurality of support members disposed within a biodegradable matrix. Degradation of... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20150005896 - Orthotic device for assisting limb movement: An orthotic device is disclosed. The orthotic device may be adapted to be attached to a limb to enable the limb to replicate normal motion so that the user regains substantially normal operation of the limb. The orthotic device may have a frame system formed of a lightweight supportive material... Agent: Ellen M. And Michael T. Mcdonnell Jr. Family Foundation

20150005897 - Prosthetic socket centering block: A prosthetic component centering block (10) for mounting and adjustably centering a socket to a prosthetic leg, and for establishing and maintaining proper flexion and offset there between. The centering block (10) comprises a solid member defined by an upper surface, lower surface, and surrounding sides. Both the upper surface... Agent:

20150005898 - Simple prosthesis for manually-challenged persons: A simple and inexpensive prosthetic device for manually challenged patients comprising a tube of moderately elastic material which can be stretched over a portion of the patient's anatomy, such as a hand, forearm stub or the like, and which can receive and firmly hold a variety of tools to enable... Agent:

12/25/2014 > 36 patent applications in 27 patent subcategories.

20140379062 - Implantable prosthetic device for connection to a fluid flow pathway of a patient and methods of using the same: An implantable prosthetic for connection to a fluid flow pathway of a patient. The prosthetic is comprised of a primary tube structure which is in communication with a plurality of secondary tube structures each of which contains filters for trapping embolic particles, such as blood clots, air bubbles, thrombus. etc.... Agent:

20140379068 - Circulatory valve, system and method: Apparatuses, systems, and methods for use in a vascular system. The apparatus include a circulatory valve having a valve frame in which frame members define frame cells. Frame cells include joints in opposing relationship, where the joints transition from a first stable equilibrium state through an unstable equilibrium state to... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20140379067 - Expandable sheath for introducing an endovascular delivery device into a body: Embodiments of an expandable sheath can be used in conjunction with a catheter assembly to introduce a prosthetic device, such as a heart valve, into a patient. Such embodiments can minimize trauma to the vessel by allowing for temporary expansion of a portion of the introducer sheath to accommodate the... Agent: Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

20140379066 - Flexible stent: A flexible stent structure includes a plurality of axially spaced strut portions defining generally tubular axial segments of the stent and constructed to be radially expandable. A helical portion is interposed axially between two strut portions and has a plurality of helical elements connected between circumferentially spaced locations on the... Agent: Flexible Stenting Solutions, Inc.

20140379064 - Protective sheath assembly for a polymer scaffold: A medical device includes a polymer scaffold crimped to a catheter having an expansion balloon. A sheath is placed over the crimped scaffold after crimping to reduce recoil of the crimped polymer scaffold and maintain scaffold-balloon engagement relied on to hold the scaffold to the balloon when the scaffold is... Agent:

20140379065 - Removable sheath assembly for a polymer scaffold: A medical device includes a polymer scaffold crimped to a catheter having an expansion balloon. A sheath is placed over the crimped scaffold after crimping to reduce recoil of the crimped polymer scaffold and maintain scaffold-balloon engagement relied on to hold the scaffold to the balloon when the scaffold is... Agent:

20140379069 - Negatively charged vascular stent: An insertable into a human body article is coated with a coating of electret structure. The coating has an integral surface which blankets an entire surface of the article.... Agent:

20140379070 - Intralumenally-implantable frames: Implantable frames for use in body passages are provided herein. The implantable frames can include a plurality of hoop members joined by a plurality of longitudinal connecting members to form a tubular frame defining a cylindrical lumen. The plurality of longitudinal connecting members may include first and second longitudinal connecting... Agent:

20140379071 - Intravascular stent: An expandable stent for implanting in a body lumen, such as a coronary artery, peripheral artery, or other body lumen. In one aspect, the stent includes a butterfly pattern to which connecting links are attached. In another aspect, the stent embodies a non-directional structure.... Agent:

20140379063 - Stent: A stent and method of exhibiting radiopaque properties in a stent are disclosed, which includes a stent main body that is made of a metal, and a radiopaque marker that is made of a complete solid solution alloy having a corrosion potential of +200 mV of a corrosion potential of... Agent:

20140379072 - Tissue-engineered vascular graft and its fabrication approach: Tissue-engineered vascular graft is designed to be used in cardiovascular surgeries, especially in coronary artery bypass grafting and peripheral vessels reconstruction procedures. Two-phase electrospinning technique was employed to fabricate a biodegradable polymer graft composed of the porous tubular scaffold supplemented by biologically active molecules, incorporated directly into the matrix walls... Agent:

20140379073 - Vascular stent with a mixed configuration of connectors: This invention provides for a radially expandable stent having superior strength and reduced foreshortening properties. The stents have a mixed configuration of straight and arcuate connector segments that serve to join annular segments that make up the body of the stent. Surprisingly the described mixed configuration provides superior resistance to... Agent:

20140379075 - Implant delivery system and method: An implant delivery system may comprise a catheter including at least one lumen, a guide wire configured to be received in the lumen, and an implant. The guide wire may comprise a clamping mechanism disposed about a distal end of the guide wire. The clamping mechanism may include a first... Agent:

20140379074 - Mitral valve docking devices, systems and methods: Various systems, devices and methods associated with the placement of a dock or anchor (72) for a prosthetic mitral valve (120). The anchor (72) may take the form of a helical anchor having multiple coils (104, 108) and/or a stent-like structure. Various methods include different levels of minimal invasive procedures... Agent: Mitral Valve Technologies Sa

20140379076 - Halo wire fluid seal device for prosthetic mitral valves: This invention relates to a self-expanding pre-configured compressible transcatheter prosthetic cardiovascular valve that comprises an atrial halo fluid sealing device mounted on a self-expanding inner wire frame having a leaflet structure comprised of articulating leaflets that define a valve function, said inner wire frame is disposed within a self-expanding annular... Agent: Tendyne Holdings, Inc.

20140379077 - Sinus-engaging valve fixation member: A prosthesis is provided for implantation at a native semilunar valve of a native valve complex, the native valve complex having three semilunar sinuses and three native commissures. The prosthesis includes a valve prosthesis support, which comprises a support structure comprising exactly three engagement arms that meet one another at... Agent:

20140379078 - Small aperture (pinhole) intraocular implant to increase depth of focus: The constriction of the incident light rays increases the depth of focus, featuring a pinhole effect. The engagement means may be provided by two handles shaped with curved proximal ends joined to the peripheral edge of said diaphragm and having substantially circular section with a diameter between 80 μm and... Agent:

20140379079 - Accommodating intraocular lens having dual shape memory optical elements: An accommodating intraocular lens (AIOL) for implantation in a human eye includes a housing including an anterior member with a leading surface, a posterior member with a trailing surface, a leading shape memory optical element adjacent the anterior member and resiliently elastically deformable between a non-compressed shape in a non-compressed... Agent: Nulens Ltd.

20140379080 - Stent with deflecting connector: This disclosure is directed primarily to a stent for use in the trachea. The stent has a nominally deployed state, an axially extended state and an axially compressed state. The stent has a length. In the axially extended state, the length is at least 20% greater than in the nominally... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed Inc.

20140379081 - In vivo hydraulic fixation including bio-rivets using biocompatible expandable fibers: The disclosure describes implantable medical products, that include dry or partially hydrated biocompatible constructs comprising collagen fibers configured to expand in situ after implantation to frictionally engage a bone tunnel wall to thereby affix the construct in the bone tunnel.... Agent:

20140379082 - Method of performing anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction using biodegradable interference screw: A method of replacing an ACL with a graft. The method provides for the drilling bone tunnels in a femur and a tibia. A replacement graft is provided having first and second ends. A biodegradable composite screw is provided. The screw is made from a biodegradable polymer and a bioceramic... Agent:

20140379083 - Tubular bioengineered smooth muscle structures: Methods of generating tubular, bioengineered, smooth muscle structures are disclosed as well as bioengineered tissue for tubular organ repair or replacement. The methods can include the steps of obtaining smooth muscle cells; culturing the muscle cells to form a smooth muscle cell construct of directionally oriented smooth muscle cells; disposing... Agent: Wake Forest University Health Sciences

20140379084 - Skin weft and method for manufacturing the same: A skin weft with artificial hair attached thereto to provide various styling options or ample volumetric feeling. The skin weft comprises a stitched portion formed by stitching on a side edge of artificial hair composed of human hair or resin hair, a resin tape welded to a surface of the... Agent:

20140379087 - Cervical distraction method: A device and method for a minimally invasive surgical implantation to reduce radicular symptoms by inserting an expandable cervical distraction implant in the facet joint and distracting the adjacent cervical vertebrae to increase the foraminal dimension. The implant, when positioned in the cervical facet joint, expands to via delivery of... Agent:

20140379086 - Expandable inter-vertebral cage and method of installing same: An inter-vertebral cage for use in repairing a damaged inter-vertebral disc includes a plurality of cage sections and a hinge element that connects adjacent ones of the cage sections together for relative movement. The hinge elements automatically urge the cage sections to move from an extended orientation to an installed... Agent: The University Of Toledo

20140379085 - Reverse cage intervertebral fusion implants: Low-profile reverse cage intervertebral implants are provided having an endplate positioned on the posterior side of the cage. Having the endplate positioned posteriorly provides several advantages including placement of fastening means away from blood vessels anterior to the intervertebral region as well as placement of bone screws to prevent backing... Agent:

20140379088 - Variable angle reverse humeral tray: A partial reverse shoulder prosthesis comprising a humeral stem and a variable angle tray comprising a plate including a through hole including at least two cutouts oriented horizontally across from one another, and a repositionable variable angle stem occupying at least a portion of an internal cavity defined by the... Agent:

20140379089 - Stemless shoulder implant: A humerus implant includes a cup shaped body and a locking adapter. The cup shaped body has a center portion and a plurality of flexible first sidewall segments and second sidewall segments, with gaps between neighbored sidewall segments. The first sidewall segments have a plurality of locking fins while the... Agent:

20140379090 - In-vivo condition monitoring of metallic implants by electrochemical techniques: The invention relates to a replacement metallic prosthesis to be implanted which contains means monitor its condition during use in order to allow an early detection of failure or insufficient functionality, wherein said means comprise implanted sensors and electronics (3) and a remote device (9), to measure the implant's function... Agent: Ecole Polytechnique Federale De Lausanne (epfl)

20140379091 - Femoral component of a knee prosthesis having an angled cement pocket: An implantable orthopaedic knee prosthesis includes a component that is configured to be coupled to a surgically-prepared bone. A fixation side of the component includes a fixation surface that has an angled cement pocket formed therein.... Agent:

20140379093 - Pyloric obesity valve: The pyloric obesity valve includes a tubular valve body having proximal and distal ends. The valve body has an intermediate section which is between the proximal and distal ends. The proximal end is enlarged transversely relative to the intermediate section. The valve body has an inner surface and a lumen.... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20140379092 - Biliary stent: The purpose of the present invention is to provide a biliary stent making it possible to sufficiently exhibit a valve function while reducing the entire length of the biliary stent as compared to conventional ones. The present invention is a biliary stent (1) including a stent body (10), a tubular... Agent: Public University Corporation Nara Medical Universy

20140379094 - Fibrous protein fusions and use thereof in the formation of advanced organic/inorganic composite materials: The claimed invention provides a fusion polypeptide comprising a fibrous protein domain and a mineralization domain. The fusion is used to form an organic-inorganic composite. These organic-inorganic composites can be constructed from the nano- to the macro-scale depending on the size of the fibrous protein fusion domain used. In one... Agent: University Of Illinois At Chicago

20140379095 - Tissue modification: A tissue modification apparatus includes a first and a second guide, a first and a second set of mounts, and a first and a second actuator. The first guide defines a first axis, and the second guide defines a second axis intersecting the first axis. The mounts of the first... Agent:

20140379096 - Lower limb prosthesis: A lower limb prosthesis comprises an attachment section (10), a shin section (12), a foot section (14), a knee joint (16) pivotally connecting the attachment section (10) and the shin section (12), and an ankle joint (22) pivotally connecting the shin section (12) and the foot section (14). The knee... Agent: Blatchford Products Limited

20140379097 - Prosthetic socket and socket liner with moisture management capability: A moisture management liner device for a prosthetic socket may include an elongate, cup-shaped, elastomeric member and multiple fluid transport strips. The elastomeric member may include a first material and may extend from an open proximal end to a substantially closed distal end. The substantially closed distal end may include... Agent:

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