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Prosthesis (i.e., artificial body members), parts thereof, or aids and accessories therefor

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09/04/2014 > 39 patent applications in 27 patent subcategories.

20140249615 - Apparatus and method of placement of a graft or graft system: An endoluminal prosthesis system deployable in a region of a patient's vasculature having one or more branch vessels, having a main graft body having a first opening in a wall portion of the main graft body and a pre-loaded guidewire positioned inside the main graft body and advanced through the... Agent: Endologix, Inc.

20140249616 - Protuberant aneurysm bridging device deployment method: A method of implanting a bridging device for supporting occlusive masses within an aneurysm located at a vascular bifurcation.... Agent: Reverse Medical Corporation

20140249614 - Thin film vascular stent and biocompatible surface treatment: A vascular implant, comprising a sheet comprising thin film nickel titanium (NiTi), wherein the sheet has at least one super-hydrophilic surface having a water contact angle of less than approximately 5 degrees. The sheet is configured to have a compacted form having a first internal diameter and a deployed form... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20140249617 - Balloon expandable stent graft and apparatus and method for expanding a balloon expandable stent graft: A stent-graft delivery system includes a balloon, a sleeve disposed over the balloon, and a stent graft mounted over the sleeve. The sleeve includes a weakened area between a first end and a second end of the sleeve such that when the balloon is expanded, the balloon expands from a... Agent: Medtronic Vascular, Inc.

20140249618 - Site specific drug delivery wraps, systems and methods of use thereof: This invention is directed to systems for the treatment of vasculature stenosis having an interior (adventitial) and exterior side (interstitial), wherein the interior and exterior sides are biodegradable and the interior side has an adhesive flexible, biodegradable matrix material and an antiproliferative agent, wherein the anti-proliferative agent is released from... Agent:

20140249619 - Electrospun ptfe coated stent and method of use: A stent or other prosthesis may be formed by coating a single continuous wire scaffold with a polymer coating. The polymer coating may consist of layers of electrospun polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). Electrospun PTFE of certain porosities may permit endothelial cell growth within the prosthesis.... Agent: Merit Medical Systems, Inc.

20140249620 - Ultra-low fractional area coverage flow diverter for treating aneurysms and vascular diseases: A flow diverter is described and fabricated using ultra-thin porous thin-film Nitinol, and is configured for implantation to a treatment site within a vessel for significant reduction in an intra-aneurismal flow velocity and vorticity. Using small size pores in a coverage area of only 10%, a 90% reduction in flow... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20140249622 - Implant intended for positioning in a blood flow passage and associated treatment device: The implant (12) according to the invention comprises a tubular frame (16), a plurality of distal arms (18) capable of pressing on a first face of a tissue, and a plurality of proximal arms (20) having an end (62) connected to the frame and a free end (64) intended to... Agent: Laboratoires Invalv

20140249621 - Transapical mitral valve replacement: A prosthetic heart valve includes a collapsible and expandable stent having an outflow end and an inflow end, a plurality of commissure features attached to the stent, a plurality of anchoring features disposed on legs of the stent, the plurality of anchoring features being coupleable to a delivery device for... Agent: St. Jude Medical, Cardiology Division, Inc.

20140249623 - Anchored cardiovascular valve: Anchored cardiovascular valves having a support member with at least one leaflet formed therein that is sized and configured to selectively restrict regurgitating blood through the valve, and at least one anchoring mechanism. In a preferred embodiment of the invention, the anchored valves have two anchoring mechanisms, i.e. proximal and... Agent: Cormatrix Cardiovascular, Inc.

20140249624 - Intraoperative estimation of intraocular lens power: Apparatus for performing intraocular implant surgery, including surgical apparatus for performing intraocular implant surgery, an autorefraction device associated with the surgical apparatus, wherein the autorefraction device is configured to perform autorefraction on the aphakic eye to provide one or more aphakic refraction measurements, and a processor connected to the autorefraction... Agent: Wavetec Vision Systems, Inc.

20140249625 - Accommodating intraocular lens: An intraocular lens adapted to be implanted inside a capsular bag, comprising a peripheral portion comprising an anterior annular portion adapted to engage an anterior capsule portion, the anterior annular portion defining an anterior opening through which an optical axis passes, a posterior annular portion adapted to engage a posterior... Agent:

20140249626 - Ear insert for relief of tmj discomfort and headaches: An expansible ear canal insert for treating TMJ disorders and headaches which acts directly on the TMJ and associated ligament and muscle structures to reduce stress and loads placed on the articulator disc located between the temporal bone and the mandible, as well as supportive muscles and ligaments near the... Agent: Tmj Health LLC

20140249627 - Devices, methods, and systems for prosthetic meniscus selection, trialing, and implantation: Methods of selecting and implanting prosthetic devices for use as a replacement meniscus are disclosed. The selection methods include a pre-implantation selection method and a during-implantation selection method. The pre-implantation selection method includes a direct geometrical matching process, a correlation parameters-based matching process, and a finite element-based matching process. The... Agent: Active Implants Corporation

20140249628 - Articulating expandable intervertebral implant: A spacer for separating bones of a joint, the spacer includes a frame having a longitudinal axis, and ramped surfaces. An endplate configured to engage a bone of the joint has ramped surfaces mateable with the ramped surfaces of the frame. When the endplate is moved relative to the frame... Agent:

20140249629 - Zero-profile expandable intervertebral spacer devices for distraction and spinal fusion and a universal tool for their placement and expansion: A unique, universal Zero-Profile Expandable Intervertebral Spacer (ZP-EIS) device for fusion and distraction throughout the entire spine is provided which can be inserted via anterior, anterolateral, lateral, far lateral or posterior surgical approaches dependent on the need and preference. Multiple ZP-EIS embodiments each with unique mechanisms of calibrated expansion are... Agent:

20140249630 - Articulating expandable intervertebral implant: A spacer for separating bones of a joint includes a frame and a carriage. The carriage has ramped surfaces, and is slideably moveable in relation to the frame. A screw support is moveably connected to the frame to form a changeable angular orientation with respect to the frame. An actuating... Agent:

20140249631 - Articulating expandable intervertebral implant: A spacer for separating bones of a joint, the spacer includes a frame having a longitudinal axis, and ramped surfaces. An endplate configured to engage a bone of the joint has ramped surfaces mateable with the ramped surfaces of the frame. When the endplate is moved relative to the frame... Agent:

20140249632 - Articulating expandable intervertebral implant: A spacer for separating bones of a joint, the spacer includes a frame having a longitudinal axis, and ramped surfaces. An endplate configured to engage a bone of the joint has ramped surfaces mateable with the ramped surfaces of the frame. When the endplate is moved relative to the frame... Agent:

20140249636 - Forceps for gripping an intervertebral implant, a kit, and a manipulator assembly for manipulating such forceps: s

20140249633 - Non-soft tissue repair: An implant for filling and/or distracting a body region, particularly a non-soft tissue cavity, has a plurality of segments wherein at least two of the segments are flexibly connected. The segments have a crush-strength sufficient to create and/or maintain the distraction of two or more non-soft tissue body surfaces, and... Agent: Spinal Ventures, LLC

20140249635 - System and method for installing an annular repair rivet through a vertebral body port: A two part annulus repair rivet for repairing a defect in the annulus of an intervertebral disc includes a first part delivered through a port and adapted to be positioned at an internal surface of an annulus adjacent a defect and a second part adapted to be positioned on an... Agent: Globus Medical, Inc

20140249634 - Tissue prosthesis insertion system and method: A tissue prosthesis insertion system (80) includes a first assembly (10) comprising a plurality of nested tubes (12), one of the tubes being a carrier tube (14) which, in use, receives a component (16) of a tissue prosthesis at a distal end of the carrier tube (14). A magnetic mount... Agent: Spinecell Party, Ltd

20140249637 - Prosthetic implant support structure: A prosthetic system that includes a prosthetic implant and a support structure secured to an inner surface of a cavity of a bone is disclosed. The support structure defines a channel that extends through the length of the support structure. The prosthetic implant is received in the channel, and a... Agent:

20140249638 - Modular glenoid prosthesis: The present teachings provide a modular glenoid prosthesis for replacing a portion of the anatomy. The prosthesis can comprise a platform having a coupling portion, a base and a central bore that extends from the coupling portion through the base. The central bore can define a tapered region, and the... Agent: Biomet Manufacturing LLC

20140249639 - Variable angle humeral components: A variable angle locking system comprising a humeral component having an underside at least partially defined by a cavity; a humeral stem couplable to the humeral component; a first washer defining a first through-hole and including a threaded portion; an adaptor defining a second through-hole and having a shelf portion... Agent:

20140249640 - Multiple-cam, posterior-stabilized knee prosthesis: A distal femoral knee-replacement component provides additional points of cam action by either distinct bars or interconnected structural elements such as cam extensions to prevent early translation of the knee or dislocation of the femoral component over the tibial post which can occur in cruciate-substituting designs.... Agent: Medldea, LLC

20140249641 - Tibial baseplate with asymmetric placement of fixation structures: An orthopaedic knee prosthesis is provided including a tibial baseplate component having a distal, bone-contacting surface with one or more fixation structures extending distally therefrom, in which the fixation structures are asymmetrically arranged within the baseplate periphery.... Agent: Zimmer, Inc.

20140249642 - Cobalt chrome coated titanium implant: An orthopedic implant has a prosthetic joint component made, for example, of polyethylene and another component made of a titanium or titanium alloy substrate. The substrate has a first bearing surface coated with a coating made of a cobalt-chromium molybdenum alloy. The bearing surface slidably receives a second bearing surface... Agent: Howmedica Osteonics Corp.

20140249643 - Laser-produced porous surface: A method of forming an implant having a porous tissue ingrowth structure and a bearing support structure. The method includes depositing a first layer of a metal powder onto a substrate, scanning a laser beam over the powder so as to sinter the metal powder at predetermined locations, depositing at... Agent: Howmedica Osteonics Corp.

20140249644 - Implantable digestive tract organ: An implantable digestive organ is provided for the transport of materials through the digestive tract and in one particular application to an artificial large bowel for replacing all or part of a colon. The prosthetic organ of one embodiment includes an outer support structure, an expandable member or members located... Agent: Incube Labs, LLC

20140249645 - Hybrid bioelectrical interface device: A hybrid bioelectrical interface (HBI) device can be an implantable device comprising an abiotic component operable to transmit charge via electrons or ions; a biological component interfacing with the neural tissue, the biological component being sourced from biologic, biologically-derived, or bio-functionalized material; and a conjugated polymer component that together provide... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of Michigan

20140249647 - System for recording and processing neural activity: A system for recording electroneurographic activity comprising at least three electrodes capable of sensing a nerve signal from a peripheral nerve and having means for receiving and processing the sensed nerve signal to identify a signal indicative of a specific action being a movement of a body part performed by... Agent: Neurodan A/s

20140249646 - System for recording electroneurographic activity: A system for recording electroneurographic activity comprising at least three electrodes capable of sensing a nerve signal from a peripheral nerve and means for receiving and processing the sensed nerve signal to identify a signal indicative of a specific action being a movement of a body part performed by the... Agent: Neurodan A/s

20140249648 - Vacuum suspension system: A vacuum suspension system includes a rigid socket defining a socket wall having exterior and interior surfaces. The socket defines an aperture extending between the exterior and interior surfaces, and has a closed distal end and an open proximal end with an interior cavity defined by the interior surface. A... Agent: Ossur Hf

20140249649 - Prosthetic limb attachment system: In one embodiment, a system for attaching a prosthetic limb to a user's lower torso includes a socket shaped to receive therein a leg amputation site of the user. The system also includes a flexible garment assembly configured to be worn around the user's waist. The system additionally includes an... Agent:

20140249650 - Method and apparatus of an integrated gel sealing liner: A gel liner made by starting initially with a one-piece knitted tubular sock-shaped fabric having a closed distal end section of gel impermeable knitted fabric and an open proximal end section of gel impermeable knitted fabric and being a gel permeable loosely knitted fabric. Molding the liner to have a... Agent: Alps Intellectual Property Management, LLC

20140249651 - Prosthetic knee: A prosthetic knee provides security and stability, particularly to low activity users, household and limited community ambulators, single and/or slow speed ambulators, and those with little voluntary control, while also balancing walking (dynamic) performance for low activity users. The prosthetic knee includes a housing, parallel anterior links, a posterior link,... Agent: Ossur Hf

20140249652 - Prosthetics using curved dampening cylinders: Prosthetic joint and limb components utilize a single, curved dampening cylinder to reduce component count and wear. A prosthetic foot/ankle requires only three major components; namely, a housing adapted for coupling to a foot blade, an ankle component adapted for coupling to a pylon, and a piston that moves within... Agent: College Park Industries, Inc.

08/28/2014 > 52 patent applications in 32 patent subcategories.

20140243948 - Delivery system having stent locking structure: A drainage stent delivery system including an elongate shaft of a medial device, a drainage catheter or stent, and a locking mechanism for selectively coupling the drainage stent to the elongate shaft. The drainage stent is selectively coupled to a distal portion of the elongate shaft such that the proximal... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20140243949 - Stent-graft having facing side branch portals: In various embodiments, a device for treating disease of a vessel includes a stent graft having an outer surface; and at least two side branch portals each having a proximal end and a distal end. Each distal end is substantially contiguous with the outer surface of the stent graft. In... Agent: W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.

20140243947 - Thermoelastic and superelastic ni-ti-w alloy: A radiopaque nitinol stent for implantation in a body lumen is disclosed. The stent is made from a superelastic alloy such as nickel-titanium or nitinol, and includes a ternary element including tungsten. The added tungsten in specified amounts improve the radiopacity of the nitinol stent comparable to that of a... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems, Inc.

20140243950 - Stent with balloon for repair of anastomosis surgery leaks: A stent for repairing post-anastomosis surgery leaks is described. The stent includes an elongated tube having a flared proximal end and a flared distal end, and an intermediate region disposed between those two ends. An inflatable balloon is disposed about the intermediate region. In addition, the elongated tube is coated... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20140243951 - Tapered stent and flexible prosthesis: The disclosure relates to a tapered stent and flexible prosthesis. The stent has a first longitudinal region and a second longitudinal region. The second region is substantially parallel to and spaced axially apart from the first region. A plurality of struts is disposed intermediate the first region and the second... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20140243952 - Universal endovascular grafts: Universal endovascular grafts are provided for evaluation and repair of damaged or aneurismal blood vessels. More particularly, the present invention relates to universal fenestrated and universal branched endografts for repair of blood vessels with branches, methods for implanting the endografts in the vessel and for making connection with one or... Agent: Bolton Medical, Inc.

20140243963 - Annuloplasty ring delivery cathethers: Apparatus is provided, including a first catheter having a distal end portion transluminally advanceable to a vicinity of an anatomical site, a second catheter having a distal end portion advanceable through a first lumen and out of the first lumen, and a longitudinal implant, advanceable through the second lumen and... Agent: Valtech Cardio, Ltd.

20140243959 - Inversion delivery device and method for a prosthesis: A delivery device usable to deliver an inverting implant is provided that includes a positioning mechanism that automatically initiates the inversion process once a predetermined length of the implant has exited a delivery catheter. The positioning mechanism allows the implant to be safely and accurately deployed with reduced operator experience... Agent: Hlt, Inc.

20140243960 - Inversion delivery device and method for a prosthesis: A delivery device usable to deliver an inverting implant is provided that includes a positioning mechanism that automatically initiates the inversion process once a predetermined length of the implant has exited a delivery catheter. The positioning mechanism allows the implant to be safely and accurately deployed with reduced operator experience... Agent: Hlt, Inc.

20140243961 - Inversion delivery device and method for a prosthesis: A delivery device usable to deliver an inverting implant is provided that includes a positioning mechanism that automatically initiates the inversion process once a predetermined length of the implant has exited a delivery catheter. The positioning mechanism allows the implant to be safely and accurately deployed with reduced operator experience... Agent: Hlt, Inc.

20140243962 - Inversion delivery device and method for a prosthesis: A delivery device usable to deliver an inverting implant is provided that includes a positioning mechanism that automatically initiates the inversion process once a predetermined length of the implant has exited a delivery catheter. The positioning mechanism allows the implant to be safely and accurately deployed with reduced operator experience... Agent: Hlt, Inc.

20140243953 - Medical device delivery systems and methods of use thereof: A delivery system for delivering a medical device through a vasculature can include a capsule for housing the medical device during delivery and a marker band rotatably fixed to the capsule. The marker band can include a band portion and a single indicator protruding from the band portion. The indicator... Agent: Medtronic Vascular, Inc.

20140243958 - Method for treating an aortic valve: A method for replacing a native heart valve with a prosthetic heart valve comprises moving a first portion of a prosthetic heart valve towards a second portion of the prosthetic heart valve along a plurality of guide wires, and lock the first portion to the second portion in a final,... Agent: Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

20140243956 - Method of controlled release and subsequent deployment of a percutaneous replacement heart valve: A method of making a replacement heart valve device whereby a fragment of biocompatible tissue material is treated and soaked in one or more alcohol solutions and a solution of glutaraldehyde. The dried biocompatible tissue material is folded and rehydrated in such a way that forms a two- or three-leaflet/cusp... Agent: Colibri Heart Valve LLC

20140243955 - Method of controlled release of a percutaneous replacement heart valve: A method of making a replacement heart valve device whereby a fragment of biocompatible tissue material is treated and soaked in one or more alcohol solutions and a solution of glutaraldehyde. The dried biocompatible tissue material is folded and rehydrated in such a way that forms a two- or three-leaflet/cusp... Agent: Colibri Heart Valve LLC

20140243957 - Staged deployment devices and methods for transcatheter heart valve delivery systems: A delivery device for a collapsible heart valve includes an operating handle, including a frame defining a movement space therein, a carriage assembly moveable within the movement space, and a first resheathing lock having a locked position and an unlocked position. The delivery device further includes a catheter assembly, including... Agent: St. Jude Medical, Cardiology Division, Inc.

20140243954 - Transcatheter mitral valve prosthesis: An intraluminal device replaces the mitral valve in the human heart without tissue insult or injury via catheter-based deployment and securement. By controlling radial force, a one-piece device in a substantially hyperboloid configuration is emplaced using a least one of a biological adhesive and a porous layer encapsulating the device,... Agent:

20140243964 - Sutureless prosthetic device: A prosthetic device for use in an anatomical orifice or lumen of a patient includes an expandable first stent structure coupled to a valve support structure having at least one leaflet. The stent structure includes a collar provided with at least one groove or opening adapted to engage a tab... Agent: St. Jude Medical, Cardiology Division, Inc.

20140243966 - Anti-paravalvular leakage component for a transcatheter valve prosthesis: A transcatheter valve prosthesis includes an expandable tubular stent, a prosthetic valve within the stent, and an anti-paravalvular leakage component coupled to and encircling the tubular stent. The anti-paravalvular leakage component includes a radially-compressible annular scaffold, which is a sinusoidal patterned ring of self-expanding material, and an impermeable membrane extending... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20140243965 - Multi-layer stent: A collapsible prosthetic heart valve includes a stent and a valve assembly. The stent includes an annulus section and at least one foldable section. The stent is movable between an unfolded condition in which the foldable section is longitudinally spaced from the annulus section, and a folded condition in which... Agent: St. Jude Medical, Inc

20140243967 - Methods and apparatus for endovascular heart valve replacement comprising tissue grasping elements: The present invention provides an apparatus for endovascularly replacing a patient's heart valve. In some embodiments, the apparatus includes an expandable anchor supporting a replacement valve, the anchor and replacement valve being adapted for percutaneous delivery and deployment to replace the patient's heart valve, the anchor having a braid having... Agent: Sadra Medical, Inc.

20140243968 - Systems, devices and methods for repair of heart valve lesions: The systems and devices and methods relate to surgical and percutaneous repair of heart valve regions. The systems and devices are structured to conform to the desired shape of a specific patient. The devices may include a mounting structure and a valve support onto which leaflets of the valve may... Agent: Emory University

20140243969 - Prosthetic heart valve with expandable microspheres: A prosthetic heart valve includes a valve assembly mounted to an expandable stent. The prosthetic heart valve includes a cuff coupled to the stent. The cuff includes a pocket formed between an outer side and an inner side of the cuff. The pocket includes a plurality of biocompatible and irreversibly... Agent: St. Jude Medical, Cardiology Division, Inc.

20140243970 - Programming of backup control unit for cardiac assist system: Upon failure of a primary control unit for controlling an implanted pump in a ventricle assist system enhancing blood flow in a patient, an initial backup control unit is substituted for the failed unit. An interface device is connected to one of the initial backup control unit or the primary... Agent: Thoratec Corporation

20140243971 - Electronic ophthalmic lens with eye gaze sensor: A gaze direction tracking system for an ophthalmic lens comprising an electronic system is described herein. The gaze direction tracking system is part of an electronic system incorporated into the ophthalmic lens. The electronic system includes one or more batteries or other power sources, power management circuitry, one or more... Agent: Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.

20140243972 - Intraocular lens: Intraocular lens for insertion into the human eye includes an optic having a posterior surface for facing towards the posterior chamber of the human eye; an anterior surface for facing away from the posterior chamber of the human eye, the anterior surface being at least substantially convex; a main lens... Agent: Oculentis Holding B.v.

20140243973 - Soft filled prosthesis shell with discrete fixation surfaces: A soft prosthetic implant shell, such as a silicone breast implant shell, that has discrete fixation surfaces thereon for tissue adhesion. The fixation surfaces may be provided on the posterior face of the shell, as well as either on the periphery or at discrete areas on the anterior face. Band-shaped... Agent: Allergan, Inc.

20140243974 - Implantable medical devices for reduced tissue inflammation: Implantable medical devices and methods for making and using the same are disclosed. An example implantable medical device may include a stent having a first configuration and a second expanded configuration. The stent may define a plurality of nodes. The stent may have a cover member disposed adjacent the nodes.... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20140243975 - Nasal implants and systems and methods of use: Described are implants for placing in a body, tools for delivering the implants, and systems and methods for using implants and tools for placing in a body and more particularly to nasal implants, tools for delivering nasal implants, and systems and methods for using such implants and tools. A tool... Agent:

20140243976 - Hybrid double bundle acl/pcl graft construct with a single graft: Techniques and reconstruction systems for fixation of bone to bone, or soft tissue to bone, that allow a double-bundle type construct with only three tunnels, a single graft and individual tensioning in each of the three tunnels. Alternative double-bundle ACL/PCL fixation techniques are provided that employ a double-bundle type construct... Agent: Arthrex, Inc.

20140243978 - Femoral fixation: Various methods and devices are provided for a graft fixation device for fixing a graft member within a bone tunnel. In one embodiment, a graft fixation device is provided having a radially expandable sheath adapted to be disposed within a bone tunnel, and a sheath expander adapted to be received... Agent: Depuy Mitek, LLC

20140243977 - Prosthetic system for orthopedic repair: The present invention features systems for orthopedic repair of, for example, a joint. The present systems deviate from conventional systems by virtue of combining a finer prosthetic ligament with a robust anchor. The relationship between these components and their various features are described herein and result in joint reconstruction in... Agent:

20140243979 - System and method for forming bone, ligament, and bone-ligament constructs: A system and method for forming a bone construct include providing bone marrow stromal cells on a substrate without disposing the cells within an exogenous scaffold, and culturing the cells in vitro in osteogenic media such that the cells form a confluent monolayer and detach from the substrate to form... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of Michigan

20140243980 - Disk fusion implant: An implant strip is disclosed. In some cases, the prosthesis can take the form of an implant strip that may be implanted through the use of a surgical procedure that minimizes incision sizes and may be considered less invasive than typical spinal implant procedures. The implant strip includes provisions for... Agent: Jmea Corporation

20140243981 - Expandable intervertebral implant: A joint spacer for therapeutically maintains separation of bones of a joint. A frame defines a longitudinal axis extending between distal and proximal ends. A carriage is slideably retained within the frame and has at least one ramped surface and a threaded portion. An actuator screw is threadably engaged with... Agent: Globus Medical, Inc.

20140243982 - Expandable intervertebral implant, system, kit and method: An implant includes a first plate and a second plate, a first wedge member and a second wedge member spaced from the first wedge member that couple the first and second plates together. The first and second wedge members configured to translate along the first and second plates from a... Agent:

20140243984 - Implant and implant assembly: An implant configured to be placed in a living body to be expansively deformed and contractively deformed comprises a first layer that forms a filling unit that is configured to be filled with a filling material to maintain an expanded state of the implant, the first layer comprising a porous... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140243983 - Insertion tools and methods for minimally invasive spinal fusion cage: An intervertebral support insertion tool includes a tube having a distal open end for insertion in a patient proximate vertebra and a proximal open end. A shaft is received in the tube proximal open end and has a distal intervertebral support interface for engaging an intervertebral support loaded into the... Agent: Vivonics, Inc.

20140243985 - Intervertebral implant: An intervertebral implant having a three-dimensional body (10) and a securing plate (1). The three-dimensional body (10) includes an upper side (1) and an underside (2) which are suitable for abutting the end plates of two adjacent vertebral bodies, a left side surface (3) and a right side surface (4),... Agent: Depuy Synthes Products, LLC

20140243986 - Shoulder arthroplasty systems and configurations for components thereof: Shoulder arthroplasty systems and configurations for components thereof are described. For example, implant systems for a total should arthroplasty (TSA), hemi shoulder arthroplasty, and reverse should arthroplasty (RSA) are described. In addition, exemplary configurations for baseplates, glenoid components, glenosphere components, humeral components, humeral head components, humerosocket components, connectors, and adaptors,... Agent: Missy, LLC

20140243987 - Orthopaedic knee prosthesis having controlled condylar curvature: An orthopaedic knee prosthesis includes a tibial bearing and a femoral component configured to articulate with the tibial bearing. The femoral component includes a condyle surface curved in the sagittal plane. The radius of curvature of the condyle surface decreases gradually between early-flexion and mid-flexion. Additionally, in some embodiments, the... Agent: Depuy (ireland)

20140243989 - Artificial knee joint implant: The present invention provides a PS-type artificial knee joint implant, with which the gap balance can be adjusted in order to realize a stable deep flexion movement, the burden on a surgeon and a patient can be reduced, and the patient can perform a natural flexion movement. An artificial knee... Agent:

20140243988 - Knee prosthesis: Tibial inserts and tibial femoral systems are provided for improved knee reconstruction systems. External rotation of a knee joint implant is enhanced by modifications to the post, providing a recess that allows clearance of the post against the corners of a box wall within the femoral component. The rotation provides... Agent: Smith & Nephew, Inc.

20140243990 - Bicruciate retaining tibial implant system: A bicruciate retaining tibial implant baseplate includes a tibial baseplate with medial and lateral condylar portions configured to receive bearing inserts. The baseplate includes an anterior bridge connecting the medial and lateral portions. A posterior wall of the anterior bridge may be angled to provide downward force on a correspondingly... Agent: Stryker Corporation

20140243991 - Anatomically guided instrumentation for trochlear groove replacement: A system for replacing a trochlear groove region of a femur. The system includes a prosthesis that includes a bone contact surface and a periphery that defines an outer perimeter. The bone contact surface has a plurality of protrusions and a spatial configuration with respect to one another. Additionally, the... Agent: Stryker Corporation

20140243993 - Cartilage mosaic compositions and methods: Compositions comprising a cartilage sheet comprising a plurality of interconnected cartilage tiles and a biocompatible carrier are provided. Methods of manufacturing cartilage compositions comprising a cartilage sheet comprising a plurality of interconnected cartilage tiles are also provided.... Agent: Allosource

20140243994 - Apparatus and method for delivering a structure to a desired target site: An apparatus for delivering an implanted structure to a desired target site within a body lumen of a patient includes a catheter having a longitudinally extending catheter lumen and adapted to provide access to the body lumen. A framing member has a collapsed condition in which the framing member is... Agent: The Cleveland Clinic Foundation

20140243992 - Medical devices for use along the biliary and/or pancreatic tract: Medical devices and method for making and using the same are disclosed. An example medical device may include implantable medical device for use along the biliary and/or pancreatic tract. The implantable medical device may include a tubular member having a first end configured to be disposed within the duodenum of... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20140243995 - Stacked planar sheet tissue engineering scaffolds with 3d structural order: A three-dimensional tissue engineering scaffold device and related methods are disclosed herein. The tissue engineering scaffold includes a plurality of polymers sheets. Each polymer sheet includes a plurality of micro-scale pores defined through the polymer sheet. The polymer sheets of the tissue engineering scaffold are aligned and stacked such that... Agent: Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Inc.

20140243996 - Prosthesis assembly: The invention relates to a prosthesis assembly, comprising an outer stem (10) provided with a proximal opening (11), and at the distal end (12) thereof is provided with a connecting means (13) for fastening an additional component, and which is formed of a material that is rigid in the longitudinal... Agent: Otto Bock Healthcare Gmbh

20140243998 - Prosthetic energy storing and releasing apparatus and methods: A prosthetic lower leg uses one or more generally C-shaped spring elements between the patient's socket and a footplate assembly. The respective connections between (a) those one or more elements and (b) that socket and that footplate can be configured to provide a lightweight and economic prosthesis that effectively mimics... Agent:

20140243997 - Prosthetic foot with enhanced stability and elastic energy return: A prosthetic foot comprises an attachment member and two or more flexible members. The attachment member can include a connector configured to connect the attachment member to a user or another prosthetic device. The two or more flexible members can be rotatably attached to the attachment member by rotatable joints... Agent: Ossur Hf

08/21/2014 > 42 patent applications in 31 patent subcategories.

20140236275 - Catheter system with spacer member: A stent delivery system includes outer and inner elongated, flexible tubular members each having a distal and proximal ends. The outer tubular member is sized to be passed through the body lumen with the distal end advanced to the deployment site and with the proximal end remaining external of the... Agent:

20140236276 - Lock/floating marker band on pusher wire for self-expanding stents or medical devices: An apparatus for deploying and retrieving a self-expanding intravascular stent includes an intravascular delivery wire and floating marker band movably retained over the intravascular stent delivery wire and releasably mounting the self-expanding intravascular stent. The floating marker band is movably retained to a fixed marker band, and a distance between... Agent: Depuy Synthes Products, LLC

20140236274 - Minimally invasive surgical apparatus and methods: Apparatus and methods are described for performing percutaneous catheter-based interventional surgery. The apparatus comprises first and second devices that are located in adjacent body cavities, such as adjacent blood vessels, the first device being capable of transmitting a directional signal that can be received by the second device. The direction... Agent: Limflow Gmbh

20140236277 - Pre-loaded multiport delivery device: A pre-loaded stent graft delivery device and stent graft, the stent graft delivery device. The stent graft has at least one fenestration or side arm and the fenestration is preloaded with an indwelling guide wire. Indwelling access sheaths are provided within auxiliary lumens of a pusher catheter and dilators are... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20140236273 - Wedge wire for use with a narrowed bifurcation vessel: A wedge wire for maintaining the patency of an opening to a branch vessel while installing a stent in a main branch of a narrowed bifurcated vessel is provided. The wedge wire has a wedge portion that is larger than the rest of the body of the wedge wire and... Agent:

20140236279 - Inner catheter arrangement for a self-expanding medical device delivery system: A delivery system for a self-expanding medical device is provided. The delivery system includes an outer sheath that radially restrains the medical device. First and second inner catheters are disposed within the outer sheath. The first inner catheter is a composite structure with a closed coil wire covered by a... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20140236278 - Stent-graft delivery having a tip capture mechanism with elongated cables for gradual deployment and repositioning: Stent-graft delivery systems having a tip capture mechanism with a plurality of elongated cables that allow for gradual deployment and repositioning of a stent-graft prosthesis. The tip capture mechanism includes a guiding assembly, a distal tip assembly, and a plurality of cables. In a first relative position, the distal tip... Agent: Medtronic Vascular, Inc.

20140236280 - Attachment of stent to graft fabric with an anchoring machine stitching: The invention relates to stent-grafts having a continuous anchoring machine stitching and methods of attachment of a stent to the graft material. The continuous anchoring machine stitching includes a series of loop points used to attach the stent to the graft material.... Agent:

20140236281 - Apparatus for manufacturing scaffold and scaffold manufactured by the same: In an apparatus for manufacturing a scaffold and a scaffold manufactured by the apparatus, a collector is disposed under a dispensing head that dispenses melted bio materials (polymer) for manufacturing the scaffold. The collector has a cylindrical tube shape. Both sides of the tube shape are fixed. Thus, the tube... Agent: Korea Institute Of Machinery & Materials

20140236282 - Apparatus and methods for deployment of linked prosthetic segments: A luminal prosthesis comprises a plurality of radially expandable prosthetic stent segments arranged axially. Two or more of the prosthetic stent segments are separable upon expansion from the remaining prosthetic stent segments and a coupling structure connects at least some of the adjacent prosthetic stent segments to each other. The... Agent: J.w. Medical Systems Ltd.

20140236283 - Stent-based extra-venous support for venous valve repair: An oval-shaped extra-venous support for venous valve repair, including a cylindrical channel mesh shell, the cross-section whereof is oval, which is a one-piece one (1), laterally open (g) and includes anchor means (101′, 101″, 101′″; 103′; 103″, 103′″) in correspondence with at least a cross-section thereof at both the opposite... Agent: Sangomed S.r.l.

20140236284 - Bioerodible magnesium alloy microstructures for endoprostheses: A bioerodible endoprosthesis includes a bioerodible magnesium alloy. The bioerodible magnesium alloy has a microstructure including equiaxed Mg-rich solid solution-phase grains having an average grain diameter of less than or equal to 5 microns and second-phase precipitates in grain boundaries between the equiaxed Mg-rich solid solution-phase grains. The beta-phase precipitates... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20140236285 - Stent fabrication via tubular casting processes: Tubular casting processes, such as dip-coating, may be used to form substrates from polymeric solutions which may be used to fabricate implantable devices such as stents. The polymeric substrates may have multiple layers which retain the inherent properties of their starting materials and which are sufficiently ductile to prevent brittle... Agent: Amaranth Medical Pte.

20140236286 - Drug delivery system and method of manufacturing thereof: A medical device for surgical implantation adapted to serve as a drug delivery system has one or more drug loaded holes with barrier layers to control release or elution of the drug from the holes or to control inward diffusion of fluids into the holes. The barrier layers are non-polymers... Agent:

20140236287 - Transcatheter valve prosthesis and a concurrently delivered sealing component: A method of preventing paravalvular leakage includes concurrent delivery of a heart valve prosthesis and an annular sealing component. During delivery, the sealing component is moved from a first position to a second position of the heart valve prosthesis which is longitudinally spaced apart from the first position of the... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20140236288 - Valve prostheses: The prosthetic valves include valve fixation devices which secure the prosthetic valve to the wall of the vessel. In one embodiment, the prosthetic valves have at least one substantially rigid strut, at least two expandable fixation rings located about the circumference of the base of the apex of the valve,... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20140236289 - Prosthetic aortic heart valves: A prosthetic aortic valve includes an annular, annulus inflow portion that is designed to reside in or near the patient's native aortic valve annulus, and an annular, aortic outflow portion that is designed to reside in the patient's aorta downstream from at least a portion of the valsalva sinus. The... Agent: St. Jude Medical, Inc.

20140236290 - Aortic annuloplasty ring: An annuloplasty ring to resize a dilated aortic root during valve sparing surgery includes a scalloped space frame having three trough sections connected to define three crest sections. The annuloplasty ring is mounted outside the aortic root, and extends in height between a base plane and a spaced apart commissure... Agent: Coroneo, Inc.

20140236291 - Valve replacement systems and methods: Systems and methods for medical interventional procedures, including approaches to valve implant. In one aspect, the methods and systems involve a modular approach to treatment.... Agent: Caisson Interventional LLC

20140236292 - Transcatheter valve stent anchors: A stent for use in a prosthetic heart valve has a plurality of expandable and collapsible closed cells, a portion of which form an annulus section adapted for placement within the annulus of the native heart valve. Anchor features of the stent residing within at least some closed cells are... Agent: St. Jude Medical, Inc

20140236293 - Nasolacrimal drainage system implants for drug therapy: An implant for insertion through a punctum and into a canalicular lumen of a patient. The implant includes a matrix of material, a therapeutic agent dispersed in the matrix of material, a sheath disposed over a portion of the matrix of material and configured to inhibit the therapeutic agent from... Agent: Mati Therapeutics Inc.

20140236294 - Device and method for determining the grafting of a recipient tissue site: A device comprising a kit and a method for using the kit are disclosed that warn a surgeon that the maximal grafting capacity of a recipient tissue has been reached. The increase in interstitial pressure is measured at the recipient site using any of several pressure sensor devices during the... Agent:

20140236295 - Method for modifying biocompatibility characteristics of a surface of a biological material with gas cluster ion beam: A method for preparing a biological material for implanting provides irradiating at least a portion of the surface of the material with an accelerated Neutral Beam.... Agent:

20140236297 - Expandable fusion device and method installation thereof: The present invention provides an expandable fusion device capable of being installed inside an intervertebral disc space to maintain normal disc spacing and restore spinal stability, thereby facilitating an intervertebral fusion. In one embodiment, the fusion device includes a body portion, a first endplate, and a second endplate, the first... Agent:

20140236296 - Expandable fusion device for positioning between adjacent vertebral bodies: In some embodiments, system and/or method may include an intervertebral implant for a human spine including an upper body, a lower body, first and second expansion members, and an expansion mechanism. A superior surface of the upper body may function to engage a first vertebra of the human spine. An... Agent:

20140236298 - Expandable interbody fusion device with graft chambers: An expandable interbody fusion device includes superior and inferior plates that are configured to receive a sequentially inserted stack of expansion members or wafers in interlocking engagement. The superior and inferior plates have openings therethrough in communication with aligned holes through the wafers for receipt and containment of bone graft... Agent: Spine Wave, Inc.

20140236300 - Implantable vertebral frame systems and related methods for spinal repair: A system for performing surgical repair of the spine includes a distractor and a permanently implanted bone plate system. A surgical repair methodology is also disclosed that employs an implanted bone plate system with a substantially void internal volume which is attached to adjacent vertebrae subsequent to the distraction and... Agent:

20140236299 - Porous composite biomaterials and related methods: Synthetic composite materials for use, for example, as orthopedic implants are described herein. In one example, a composite material for use as a scaffold includes a thermoplastic polymer forming a porous matrix that has continuous porosity and a plurality of pores. The porosity and the size of the pores are... Agent:

20140236301 - Systems and apparatuses for inserting an implant in intervertebral space: Systems and tools for inserting and securing an implant within the intervertebral space. An intervertebral disc implant with upper and lower bearing members with an articulation interface between the members for providing relative motion therebetween. The implant may be provided with various securing members for fixing the implant within the... Agent: Pioneer Surgical Technology, Inc.

20140236302 - Shoulder inter-spacer component and surgical method of implantation: A shoulder inter-spacer implant has a first outer surface having a contoured profile simulating a glenoid surface and a second inner surface for resting on an outer surface of a prepared glenoid. The second inner surface has a flat or contoured profile void of any pegs, keels or bone interlocking... Agent:

20140236303 - Reverse joint replacement device and methods thereof: Embodiments relate to a joint replacement device, including a fixed socket including an inner surface and an outer surface supporting a ball, an articulating socket including an inner surface and an outer surface the inner surface in contact with the ball and a stem component attached to the outer surface... Agent:

20140236304 - Systems and methods for shoulder prostheses: A modular reverse shoulder prosthesis according to embodiments of the present invention includes a stem having a proximal taper and a primary stem axis, the proximal taper extending from the stem about a metaphyseal axis, the metaphyseal axis at an angle with respect to the primary stem axis, a metaphysis... Agent: Tornier Orthopedics Ireland Ltd.

20140236305 - Surgical guide for implanting a knee prosthesis: The invention relates to a surgical guide (1, 1′) for implanting a knee prosthesis, advantageously capable of allowing the intraoperative balancing of the knee ligaments, comprising: a first component (G1, G1′) intended for uniquely coupling with the distal epiphyseal end (Ed) of a femur (Fe); a template (Gr, Gr′) rotatably... Agent: Medacta International S.a.

20140236306 - Methods and instruments for forming non-circular cartilage grafts: Techniques and instruments for knee replacement surgery that allow for the removal of an oval oblong-shaped allograft bone and cartilage plug from a donor distal femur. The instruments include (i) sizing guides to match the recipient's femoral size and curvature to that of a donor femur (the sizing guides also... Agent: Arthrex, Inc.

20140236307 - Implant with multi-directional pivoting: Implant with multi-directional pivoting has a first component including a first articular surface and a fore-to-aft and side-to-side rotation device; and a second component including a second articular surface for mating with the first surface and a rotation device receptacle. The first component can be mated to the second through... Agent: Signal Medical Corporation

20140236308 - Tibial component: According to one aspect of the present invention, there is provided a tibial component (10), suitable for use in an orthopedic prosthesis, which prosthesis includes a femoral component and a spacer bearing (70), the tibial component comprising a planar tibial plate (15) having an upper bearing surface (30) and a... Agent:

20140236309 - Variable prosthesis: The present teachings are directed to a shoulder prosthesis having an adjustable radial offset and/or angular inclination provided by relative rotation of an adapter interdisposed between a stem and a head. In one example, a prosthesis has a stem having a first longitudinal axis. The prosthesis can also include an... Agent: Biomet Manufacturing, LLC

20140236310 - Sacroiliac joint immobilization: Improved tools and procedures relate to the immobilization of the sacroiliac joint for the treatment of pain associated with the joint. Kits comprise, for example, a guide element and an immobilization element of a biocompatible material with a size and shape suitable for placement within the sacroiliac joint. Suitable immobilization... Agent: Ilion Medical LLC

20140236311 - Endoprosthesis: An endoprosthesis (1) is proved which includes an elongate housing (3) having a drive (5) secured through a threaded drive shaft (7) to an extension shaft (9) therein, the drive (5) operable to cause the extension shaft (9) to move axially with respect to the body, and the extension shaft... Agent: University Of Cape Town

20140236312 - Cortical bone scaffold for guided osteon regeneration in load-bearing orthopaedic applications: Described is an artificial bone scaffold with an architecture resembling cortical bone, including microchannel-like structures resembling osteons. The scaffold enhances the ability of osteoblasts to secrete organized collagen and mineralize extracellular matrix within the osteon-like channels, thus promoting scaffold strength.... Agent:

20140236313 - Microstructured adhesion substrate for animal or human cells: The present invention relates to an adhesion substrate for at least one animal or human cell on the surface of which is generated an adhesion pattern for at least one animal or human cell, said pattern including at least two areas adhering to said cell, which are spaced apart by... Agent: Universite Joseph Fourier

20140236314 - Add-on capacitive touchscreen aid: An apparatus that allows a glove wearer or the wearer of a prosthetic limb to operate a device having a capacitive touchscreen is disclosed. There are three solutions provided in the disclosed invention. The first embodiment of the disclosed invention is directed to a conductive finger sock that can be... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

08/14/2014 > 48 patent applications in 30 patent subcategories.

20140228931 - Apparatus and methods for delivery of multiple distributed stents: Delivery catheters and systems are adapted for delivering multiple discreet prostheses in body lumens. An exemplary delivery catheter comprises a sheath, a pusher for moving the prostheses relative to the sheath, and a valve member for selectively retaining the prostheses in the sheath. For balloon expandable stents, an elongated shaft... Agent: J.w. Medical Systems Ltd.

20140228928 - Catheter device: A catheter device having a shaft that extends from a proximal end to a distal end to carry on its distal end a self-expanding implant for intraluminal advance on a guidewire and delivery of the implant to an implant site by proximal withdrawal of a sheath that lies radially outside... Agent: Angiomed Gmbh & Co. Medizintechnik Kg

20140228929 - Implantable medical device with biaxially oriented polymers: Methods and systems for manufacturing an implantable medical device, such as a stent, from a tube with desirable mechanical properties, such as improved circumferential strength and rigidity, are described herein. Improved circumferential strength and rigidity may be obtained by inducing molecular orientation in materials for use in manufacturing an implantable... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

20140228930 - Modified scaffolds for peripheral applications: Stent scaffolds that include a polymeric structure or structures bonded to the scaffold and extending along their length are disclosed. The polymeric structure extends across some or all of the gaps in struts along the length of the scaffold. Segmented scaffolds are also disclosed that include two or more axial... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

20140228936 - Endoprosthesis assemblies and methods to use the same: Endoprosthesis assemblies and methods for using the same. In at least one embodiment, the endoprosthesis assembly comprises an endoprosthesis comprising an impermeable inner wall defining an endoprosthesis lumen sized and shaped to permit fluid to flow therethrough, a distal balloon positioned at or near a distal end of the endoprosthesis... Agent:

20140228934 - Intravascular functional element and method of manufacture and use of a salt bath for warming treatment: The invention relates to a method of manufacture of an intravascular functional element that can be introduced into a hollow organ and that comprises at least one wire (10) of an alloy having nickel and titanium as alloying elements, with the following steps: preparation of a metal body of the... Agent: Admedes Inc

20140228935 - Intravascular functional element and system for such a functional element: The invention relates to an intravascular functional element with a tubular grid structure (12) that has a wire (10) or several wires (10) respectively of an alloy with nickel and titanium as alloying elements, wherein a mixed oxide layer with a layer thickness of 15 nm to 100 nm and... Agent: Admedes Inc

20140228933 - Methods for modifying vascular vessel walls: This invention relates in one aspect to the treatment of a vascular vessel with a biomaterial. The biomaterial can be a remodelable material that strengthens and/or supports the vessel walls. Additionally the biomaterial can include a variety of naturally occurring or added bioactive agents and/or viable cellular populations.... Agent:

20140228932 - Methods of treatment directed to neointimal proliferation generated by endothelial shear stress patterns from drug-eluting bioresorbable vascular scaffold implantation: Treatments of coronary heart disease including the effect of endothelial shear stress (ESS) on neointimal formation following a bioresorbable vascular scaffold implantation are disclosed.... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

20140228937 - Expandable support frame and medical device: Support frames and medical devices are described. An example medical device comprises an expandable support frame with first and second leaflets attached to the support frame. Each of the first and second leaflets defines a domed radius that is equal to or less than the radius of the expandable support... Agent:

20140228938 - Implantable medical device having reduced chance of late inflammatory response: The invention provides a method for fabricating an implantable medical device to increase biocompatibility of the device, the method comprising: heat setting a polymer construct, wherein the polymer construct is at a temperature range of from about Tg to about 0.6(Tm−Tg)+Tg such that the set polymer construct comprises a crystalline... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

20140228939 - Flexible intra-vascular aneurysm treatment stent: An intra-vascular aneurysm-treatment stent and a method for lowering pressure within an aneurysm bubble in a blood vessel. A stent coil is insertable into a blood vessel, the coil made of a material sufficiently flexible to move around curves, loops, and corners in the blood vessel. Selected portions of the... Agent:

20140228940 - Peripheral sealing venous check-valve: Among other things, there are disclosed embodiments of a valve implant that in particular examples are implantable within a blood vessel, which include a first set of elongate members, a second set of elongate members, and a hood affixed to the first set of elongate members. The first set of... Agent:

20140228941 - Vascular bifurcation prosthesis with multiple linked thin fronds: A prosthesis is disclosed for placement at an Os opening from a main body lumen to a branch body lumen. The prosthesis includes a radially expansible support at one end, a circumferentially extending link at the other end and at least one frond extending axially therebetween. The support is configured... Agent: Tryton Medical, Inc.

20140228942 - Device for delivery of medical devices to a cardiac valve: A catheter device (1) is disclosed for transvascular delivery of a medical device to a cardiac valve region of a patient. The catheter device comprises an elongate sheath (2) with a lumen and a distal end (3) for positioning at a heart valve (6), and a second channel (7) that... Agent: Contego Ab

20140228943 - Implant delivery system and implants: The invention generally relates to devices and methods that provide for guided delivery of a heart replacement valve or other implant into the vasculature. In certain embodiments, a delivery device of the invention includes an outer sheath and an inner sheath moveably disposed within the outer sheath. The outer sheath... Agent: Volcano Corporation

20140228944 - Percutaneous bioprosthetic heart valve and a delivery and implantation system: A method of making a replacement heart valve device whereby a fragment of biocompatible tissue material is treated and soaked in one or more alcohol solutions and a solution of glutaraldehyde. The dried biocompatible tissue material is folded and rehydrated in such a way that forms a two- or three-leaflet/cusp... Agent: Colibri Heart Valve LLC

20140228945 - Artificial heart valve with scalloped frame design: Implantable prosthetic valves are disclosed, methods of their use, and related fabrication techniques are disclosed. In some cases, the prosthetic valves disclosed herein can include frame, skirt, and valve components. The frame component can have an overall, generally scalloped shape comprising fewer struts and fabricated from less raw material than... Agent: Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

20140228946 - Apparatus for treating a mitral valve: Embodiments of an apparatus for treating a deficient mitral valve include an expandable spacer configured for placement between the native leaflets of the mitral valve, the spacer anchorable to a wall of the ventricle. Methods and apparatus for delivering and implanting the prosthetic are also described.... Agent: Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

20140228947 - Intraocular lens with a proofed surface: Methods and apparatus for an intraocular lens with a proofed surface are disclosed. The proofed surface functions as a barrier to fluid diffusion inside the material and within vacuoles. By preventing the interstitial filling of fluid, the formation of spots inside the polymer matrix is inhibited or reduced. The proofed... Agent: Sifi Medtech Srl

20140228948 - Eye surgery system and method of inserting an intraocular lens: A method of inserting an intraocular lens into an eye comprises: determining preoperative values of an eye; selecting an intraocular lens based on the preoperative values; inserting the intraocular lens into the eye; determining intraoperative values of the eye; providing an eye model, wherein the eye model includes plural parameters;... Agent: Carl Zeiss Meditec Ag

20140228949 - Hydrophilic aiol with bonding: An accommodating intraocular lens comprises a first lens component, a second lens component, and an adhesive between portions of the two lens components. The cured adhesive bonds the lens components to form a fluid chamber. The lens components are bonded to one another along a seam which extends circumferentially along... Agent: Shifamed Holdings, LLC

20140228951 - Implant insertion device and method of use thereof: The present invention generally relates to an implant insertion device, and particularly, to a breast implant insertion device and method of using thereof. The present invention is related to surgical delivery of an implant. In particular, the invention describes a device for the delivery of a breast implant that avoids... Agent: University Hospitals Clevland Medical Center

20140228950 - Methods for augmenting or reconstructing a human breast: Breast reconstruction or augmentation methods are provided which generally include implanting a mammary prosthesis comprising a shell having a self sealing wall and defining an inflatable cavity, inflating the prosthesis by introducing a fluid into the cavity using a cannula inserted percutaneously into the self sealing wall, imaging the procedure... Agent: Allergan, Inc.

20140228952 - Dilator for inserting a voice prosthesis: A dilator may include a substantially conical body having a tip portion at a proximal end and a base portion at a distal end thereof. A wire lock portion may be configured to lock a guide wire to the dilator. A voice prosthesis holding portion may be connected to the... Agent: Atos Medical Ab

20140228953 - Ear scaffold: A scaffold for reshaping the cartilaginous portion of an ear. The scaffold is formed of shape memory material and in the form of a horseshoe shape, or is formed from a thermoplastic pliable material.... Agent: Northwood Medical Innovation Limited

20140228954 - Vestibular implant parameter fitting: A vestibular implant fitting system is described for fitting a vestibular implant to an implanted patient. An event processing module is configured for monitoring extra-clinical operation of the vestibular implant and collecting extra-clinical implant operation information. A signal processing fitting module is configured for determining a body response characteristic of... Agent: Med-el Elektromedizinische Geraete Gmbh

20140228955 - Expandable fusion device and method of installation thereof: The present invention provides an expandable fusion device capable of being installed inside an intervertebral disc space to maintain normal disc spacing and restore spinal stability, thereby facilitating an intervertebral fusion. In one embodiment, the fusion device includes a central ramp, a first endplate, and a second endplate, the central... Agent:

20140228960 - Cervical implant for dogs: A cervical implant for dogs includes a plate section for connecting two adjacent vertebral bodies and an intervertebral section which replaces the vertebral disc between the two vertebral bodies, wherein the plate section has at least one receptacle for each vertebral body for fastening the implant.... Agent: Rita Leibinger Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140228957 - Devices and methods for correcting vertebral misalignment: Embodiments of devices and methods of correcting vertebral misalignment, including, e.g., spondylolisthesis, are disclosed. In one embodiment, a vertebral implant may include an assembly configured to be secured to a first vertebral body, wherein the assembly includes a frame made of a first material and at least one end plate... Agent: Globus Medical, Inc.

20140228958 - Devices and methods for correcting vertebral misalignment: Embodiments of devices and methods of correcting vertebral misalignment, including, e.g., spondylolisthesis, are disclosed. In one embodiment, a vertebral implant may include an assembly configured to be secured to a first vertebral body, wherein the assembly includes a frame made of a first material and at least one end plate... Agent:

20140228959 - Devices and methods for correcting vertebral misalignment: Embodiments of devices and methods of correcting vertebral misalignment, including, e.g., spondylolisthesis, are disclosed. In one embodiment, a vertebral implant may include an assembly configured to be secured to a first vertebral body, wherein the assembly includes a frame made of a first material and at least one end plate... Agent: Globus Medical, Inc

20140228956 - Expandable intervertebral spacer and method of posterior insertion thereof: An expandable intervertebral spacer has a plurality of arms. The arms can be retracted or extended. The spacer has a width that is narrower than the width between the nerve roots near the posterior approach to an intervertebral space. Once inserted into the intervertebral space, the arms can be deployed.... Agent:

20140228961 - Multi-component shoulder implant assembly with dual articulating surfaces: An implant assembly for re-establishing a glenohumeral joint between scapula and humerus bones. A substantially spherical shaped element is adapted to being mounted a reconditioned glenoid cavity defined in the scapula and exhibits a second convex exterior surface projecting from the bone surface. A receiver component has a base with... Agent: Linares Medical Devices, LLC

20140228962 - Artificial wear resistant plug for mounting to existing joint bone: An artificial and wear-resistant plug mounted to an existing bone associated with a joint structure and which includes a three dimensional and composite plasticized material. An end surface of an existing bone is reconditioned in preparation for engagement of the plug thereto and in order to define a reconditioned artificial... Agent: Linares Medical Devices, LLC

20140228963 - Method of performing total knee arthroplasty: An improved method of performing total knee arthroplasty. The method including making an incision having a length of less than eleven (11) centimeters proximate a knee joint of a leg of a patient. Performing all of the following through the incision: moving a femoral cutting guide through the incision; positioning... Agent:

20140228964 - Prosthetic implants for total knee arthroplasty: A knee implant for use in total knee arthroplasty, the implant including a femoral component having a trochlear groove and an intercondylar notch, a tibial component engaged with the femoral component, and a patellar component having an upper domed surface, wherein the domed surface is configured for at least line... Agent:

20140228965 - Posterior stabilized orthopaedic prosthesis: A posterior stabilized knee orthopaedic prosthesis includes a tibial bearing and a femoral component configured to articulate with the tibial bearing. The tibial bearing includes a spine having a concave cam surface and a convex cam surface. The femoral component includes a posterior cam having a concave cam surface and... Agent: Depuy (ireland)

20140228966 - Bearing fixation: Disclosed is a bearing liner engageable within a shell member with an integrated projection portion. The integrated projection portion may deform a selected amount during positioning of the bearing liner within the shell. The shell may include a complementary engaging portion.... Agent: Biomet Manufacturing Corporation

20140228969 - Mosaic implants, kits and methods for correcting bone defects: The mosaic implant is configured to be deformable such that at least a portion of the mosaic implant is conformable to a curved surface, with the beam portion providing structural support which resists inward deformation of the curved portion of the implant. A kit for forming a mosaic implant is... Agent: Ossdsign Ab

20140228967 - Biocorrodible implant with anti-corrosion coating: An implant, preferably a stent, which has a main body made of magnesium or a biocorrodible magnesium alloy and a corrosion-inhibiting passivation layer covering the main body. The passivation layer is characterized in that it contains a composite of a biodegradable polymer and nanoparticles of clay minerals.... Agent: Biotronik Ag

20140228968 - Biocorrodible implant with anti-corrosion coating:

20140228971 - Graft for tissue lifting: Provided is an graft for a tissue lifting that is inserted between sagged or wrinkled skin and subcutaneous muscle to enable pulling and smoothing tissue, wherein the graft for tissue lifting can be inserted between skin and subcutaneous muscle, includes the bioimplantable thread having a distal portion where pulling is... Agent:

20140228970 - Tissue engineering device and construction of vascularized dermis: An inkjet printing method, system, and computer-usable tangible storage device to print cells and biomaterials for three-dimensional cellular scaffolds and engineered skin grafts are disclosed. The process simultaneously deposits living cells, nutrients, growth factors, therapeutic drugs along with biomaterial scaffolds at the right time and location. This technology can also... Agent:

20140228972 - Biodegradable metallic medical implants, method for preparing and use thereof: A medical implant includes a metal composite that comprises a cellular nanomatrix comprising a metallic nanomatrix material and a metal matrix disposed in the cellular nanomatrix, the medical implant being configured to disintegrate in response to contact with a fluid. A method for repairing tissue includes disposing an implant in... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20140228973 - Transdermal prosthesis: A transdermal implant assembly including a transdermal bone fixator configured for anchoring into a bone. The fixator includes a longitudinally extending shaft configured to be received into a recess of the bone, and a spindle defining a cavity. A compliant biasing member is disposed within the cavity and an end... Agent: Biomet Manufacturing Corporation

20140228974 - Overmould attachments for prosthetic foot: An attachment for a prosthetic foot comprising an attachment surface that couples to the edges of a foot plate of a prosthetic foot and an outer surface that functionally or cosmetically alters the foot plate of the prosthetic foot in order to adapt the prosthetic foot to the needs of... Agent: &#xd6 Ssur Hf

20140228975 - Prosthetic weight-lifting tool for amputees: A prosthetic instrument is provided for attaching to a forearm shaft of an upper limb amputee to enable receipt of a handle, such as a weight-lifting barbell. The instrument includes a rod having a proximal end for receiving the forearm shaft and a distal end; and a yoke having a... Agent: United States Government, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

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