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05/28/2015 > 32 patent applications in 27 patent subcategories.

20150148884 - Branch endograft delivery: A system for treating disease involving branching vessels of a mammal system can include a main graft assembly (i) having a lumen permitting fluid flow therethrough, and (ii) configured to expand within a first vessel of a mammal; and a branch graft assembly including a branch cover (i) having a... Agent:

20150148885 - Stent with dual support structure: A intraluminal stent comprises a reticulated tube having an un-deployed diameter and expandable to an enlarged diameter. The tube includes a structural beam extending between first and second ends. The structural beam changes from a first geometry to a second geometry when the tube changes from the un-deployed diameter to... Agent:

20150148886 - Collapsible, shape memory alloy structures and folding fixtures for collapsing same: A shape memory alloy structure comprises at least one tubular member formed of shape memory material, each tubular member including a plurality of panels having side edges, wherein each tubular member is moveable between a radially contracted position and a radially extended position, and wherein the coupled side edges of... Agent:

20150148882 - Anti-thrombogenic medical devices and methods: Methods for applying layers to medical devices and related devices are provided. Such devices can include stents. For example, the device can include a sidewall and a plurality of pores in the sidewall that are sized to inhibit flow of blood through the sidewall into an aneurysm to a degree... Agent:

20150148883 - Plain woven stents: Self-expandable, woven intravascular devices for use as stents (both straight and tapered), filters (both temporary and permanent) and occluders for insertion and implantation into a variety of anatomical structures. The devices may be formed from shape memory metals such as nitinol. The devices may also be formed from biodegradable materials.... Agent:

20150148888 - Braided stent: A stent is provided with braided filaments. First and second filaments are braided with each other and extend spirally around the stent wall in opposite directions. One or more third filaments are braided with the first filaments and extends spirally around the stent wall only in the direction of the... Agent:

20150148887 - Flexible devices: A self expanding flexible or balloon expandable flexible device includes a helical strut member helically wound about an axis of the stent. The helical strut member comprises a plurality of helical strut elements. A plurality of individual helical elements are helically wound about the axis of the device in the... Agent: Flexible Stenting Solutions, Inc.

20150148889 - Endoprosthesis, delivery device and a method for implanting such endoprosthesis: The invention relates to an endoprosthesis (1), in particular a vascular or cardiac endoprosthesis (1), having a body (2) and also one or more thrombogenic elements (3) that are fixed to the endoprosthesis (1) and that are able to extend a distance away from the body outside the latter. The... Agent:

20150148890 - Thoracic stent graft: A tubular side arm assembly configured for mounting onto a stent graft to provide an accessible side arm. The side arm includes a lightweight space frame comprising a resilient wire, and the space frame comprises a cylindrical portion and a funnel portion. The cylindrical portion includes first and second circular... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20150148891 - Stents with radiopaque markers: Various embodiments of stents with radiopaque markers disposed within depots in the stent, are described herein.... Agent:

20150148892 - Sealing appratus and methods of use: A system for treating an aneurysm comprises at least a first double-walled filling structure having an outer wall and an inner wall and the filling structure is adapted to be filled with a hardenable fluid filling medium so that the outer wall conforms to the inside surface of the aneurysm... Agent:

20150148896 - Aortic insufficiency repair device and method: This application relates to methods, systems, and apparatus for replacing native heart valves with prosthetic heart valves and treating valvular insufficiency. In a representative embodiment, a support frame configured to be implanted in a heart valve comprises an annular main body formed by a plurality of angled struts, the main... Agent: Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

20150148895 - Cardiac valve prosthesis: A method of repairing a native cardiac valve such as the aortic valve includes positioning a cardiac valve prosthesis at an implantation site proximate the native cardiac valve to be repaired. The cardiac valve prosthesis includes an armature and a plurality of prosthetic valve leaflets, the armature including first and... Agent:

20150148894 - Catheter delivery system for introducing an expandable heart valve prosthesis and medical device for the treatment of a heart valve defect: The invention relates to an operating handle (10-1, 10-2) for manipulating a catheter tip (80-1, 80-2) of a catheter delivery system. The operating handle (10-1, 10-2) comprises a hand grip (11) designed to be held by a user, and a manipulating part (12) axially aligned with the hand grip (11).... Agent:

20150148897 - Artificial tissue: A method of forming a matrix of aligned nanofibres of elevated pore size and porosity comprises spraying a polymer solution towards a rotating drum so as to form nanofibres which are collected on the drum. The matrix can be used to form artificial tissue by removing the matrix from the... Agent:

20150148898 - Anti-paravalvular leakage component for a transcatheter valve prosthesis: A transcatheter valve prosthesis includes an expandable tubular stent, a prosthetic valve within the stent, and an anti-paravalvular leakage component coupled to and encircling the stent which includes a plurality of self-expanding struts and an annular sealing membrane. Each strut has a first end coupled to a distal end of... Agent:

20150148893 - Cuff stitching reinforcement: A prosthetic heart valve includes a collapsible and expandable stent having a proximal end, a distal end, an annulus section adjacent the proximal end and an aortic section adjacent the distal end, the stent including a plurality of struts. A cuff may be coupled to the stent so that a... Agent: St. Jude Medical, Cardiology Division, Inc.

20150148899 - Sodium channel blocker delivery system with scleral lens: A scleral lens is provided with a sodium channel blocker or a sodium channel modulator disposed in the pre-corneal tear film between the scleral lens and the cornea. This system can be used to deliver sodium channel blockers or a sodium channel modulators not currently used because of poor bioavailability.... Agent:

20150148900 - Process for preparing objects made of biocompatible hydrogel for uses thereof in the medical field, and more particularly in ophthalmology: The present invention also relates to the objects made of biocompatible hydrogel resulting from this process such as, for example, intracorneal lenses (or lenticules) implantable in the cornea or any other implants usable in ophthalmology.... Agent:

20150148901 - Apparatus and method for breast reconstruction and augmentation using an autologous platelet-rich fibrin matrix: Described herein are systems and methods for soft tissue reconstruction and augmentation using a platelet-rich fibrin matrix. In one embodiment the system of the present invention includes a blood collection apparatus capable of drawing blood from a patient, a matrix preparation container configured to hold a patient's blood while the... Agent:

20150148902 - Nasal implant: Present example embodiments relate generally to nasal implants comprising a body portion, the body portion forming a central axis and having opposing inner body and outer body surfaces. The inner body surface may comprise a ventral groove portion disposed substantially parallel to the central axis, and the outer body surface... Agent:

20150148903 - Nanostructured surfaces for biomedical/biomaterial applications and processes thereof: A medical device includes a textured surface having a predetermined nanostructure, wherein the nanostructure is less than about 500 nanometers in a broadest dimension. The textures nanostructure surface reduces friction between the medical device and biological tissue.... Agent: Liquidia Technologies, Inc.

20150148904 - Method and apparatus for pre-forming a high tibial osteotomy: An osteotomy implant including a porous portion, a solid portion, and a hinge portion. The porous portion includes a first part and a second part that defines a clearance therebetween. A solid portion abuts the porous portion. A hinge portion of the solid portion is coupled to the first part... Agent:

20150148905 - Intervertebral disc spacer: Methods and devices are provided for improving the stability, flexibility, and/or proper anatomical motion of a spinal column and more particularly, spinal implant devices are provided for use between adjacent vertebral bones. Intervertebral disc spacer devices may comprise two joined surfaces formed of compressible materials. The surfaces may be convex... Agent:

20150148906 - Structurally supporting insert for spinal fusion cage: An expandable implant includes a structural insert to provide a robust connection between an insertion instrument and the expandable implant. The structural insert can be made from a different material than the remainder of the implant to withstand compressive, tensile, shear, and torsional loads which may be present while inserting... Agent:

20150148908 - Articulating interbody cage and methods thereof: Provided are devices, systems and methods related to articulating interbody cages. The device includes a caudal plate configured to be positioned adjacent a first vertebral endplate within an intervertebral disc space, a cephalad plate configured to be positioned adjacent a second vertebral endplate within the intervertebral disc space; and a... Agent:

20150148907 - Fusion cage with combined biological delivery system: The present invention relates to an apparatus and method for near-simultaneous and integrated delivery of bone graft material during the placement of surgical cages or other medical implants in a patient's spine. The integrated fusion cage and graft delivery device according to various embodiments delivers and disperses biologic material through... Agent:

20150148909 - Osteoarthritis treatment and device: A method for treating arthritis of a joint includes identifying a bone lesion in a bone adjacent to the joint; and implanting in the bone a reinforcing member in or adjacent to the bone lesion. A kit for conducting the method includes: (a) at least one reinforcing member having a... Agent:

20150148910 - Prosthetic joint: A prosthetic joint (100) comprises a first component (110) having a first interface portion (111). The prosthetic joint (100) further comprises a second component (120) having a second interface portion (121) with a textured surface (122) to interface with the first interface portion (111) and form a skeletal joint. The... Agent:

20150148911 - Method for manufacturing bone implants and bone implant: To manufacture the implant a nanopowder of synthetic hydroxyapatite (Hap) is used having a hexagonal structure, average grain size in a range from 3 to 30 nm and the specific surface area greater than 200 m2/g. First the nanopowder is formed to the desired geometric shape, and then the shape... Agent: Instytut Wysokich Cisnien Polskiej Akademii Nauk

20150148912 - Improved absorbable patch, in reinforced pga, for the replacement of a portion of bladder wall following partial cystectomy: A patch (1) for the replacement of a portion of bladder wall, following partial cystectomy, comprises a textile (2) derived from a PGA yarn and provided with a star-shaped support frame, flexible and harmonic, formed by a plurality of radial strips (3) manufactured by injection of a PGA/PLA copolymer, the... Agent:

20150148913 - Prosthetic foot with modular construction: A prosthetic foot includes a heel member having a heel member shaft extending upwardly from a heel end thereof and a forefoot member having a forefoot member shaft extending upwardly from a toe end thereof. An ankle member receives the heel member shaft and forefoot member shaft so as to... Agent: Tai Lore Made, LLC

05/21/2015 > 42 patent applications in 32 patent subcategories.

20150142094 - Deflection devices, systems and methods for the prevention of stroke: Deflection devices, systems, and methods for the prevention of stroke. Devices hereof comprise an extension portion and an anchor portion, both of which are configured to prevent the device from advancing into the artery extending from the aortic arch in which the device may be positioned. Additionally, a retrieval system... Agent:

20150142095 - Deployment handle for an introducer: A handle for an implant deployment device converts rotational movement into longitudinal movement in order to provide controlled release of one or more trigger wires. The handle also allows the trigger wire to be withdrawn into the device so that it does not need to be separately removed. A preferred... Agent:

20150142093 - System and methods for endovascular aneurysm treatment: Embodiments provide methods and systems for treating aneurysms using filling structures filled with a curable medium. An embodiment of a method comprises positioning at least one double-walled filling structure across the aneurysm and filling the structure(s) with a filling medium so that an outer wall conforms to the inside of... Agent:

20150142097 - Endograft introducer and a capsule assembly for an endograft introducer: A capsule assembly for an endograft introducer is disclosed. The assembly comprises: a capsule and a capsule plug. The capsule has a cavity for receiving an end of a stent graft and a capsule wall terminating in a distal end. The capsule plug comprises: a tip portion having a lead-in... Agent:

20150142096 - Stent-graft with fixation elements that are radially confined for delivery: An endovascular stent-graft is provided that is configured to assume a radially-compressed delivery state and a radially-expanded deployment state. The endovascular stent-graft comprises a flexible stent member; and a tubular fluid flow guide, which comprises a graft material, and which is attached to the stent member. The stent member includes... Agent: Endospan Ltd.

20150142098 - Thermo-mechanically controlled implants and methods of use: An implant comprises a structure that may be implanted into tissue and that has a first material property at normal body temperature. The first material property is variable at elevated temperatures above normal body temperature. The implant also has a plurality of particles dispersed in the structure that are adapted... Agent:

20150142099 - Shape memory bioresorbable polymer peripheral scaffolds: Bioabsorbable scaffolds having high crush recoverability, high fracture resistance, and reduced or no recoil due to self expanding properties at physiological conditions are disclosed. The scaffolds are made from a random copolymer of PLLA and a rubbery polymer such as polycaprolactone.... Agent:

20150142101 - Adjustable heart valve implant: Systems and methods are provided for repairing a heart valve, such as a mitral, tricuspid or aortic valve, using an adjustable and removable implant that can be delivered to the heart through the apex in a simplified and non-invasive manner. The implant can include a prosthetic valve portion coupled to... Agent:

20150142102 - Filter system and method: A filter system, comprising an elongate filter body defining a lumen and having a proximal end and a distal end. A valve can be provided defining a lumen and having a reversibly sealable opening for unidirectional flow of a fluid through the lumen. The valve can be adjoined proximal the... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20150142103 - Multi-component designs for heart valve retrieval device, sealing structures and stent assembly: This invention relates to the design and function of a device which allows for retrieval of a previously implanted valve prosthesis from a beating heart without extracorporeal circulation using a transcatheter retrieval system, including a guide component to facilitate the compression of the valve and retraction into a retrieval catheter,... Agent: Tendyne Holdings, Inc.

20150142104 - Sealing structures for paravalvular leak protection: A prosthetic heart valve for replacing a native valve includes a collapsible and expandable stent having a proximal end and a distal end, and a valve assembly disposed within the stent, the valve assembly including a plurality of leaflets and a cuff annularly disposed about the stent. The cuff includes... Agent: St. Jude Medical, Cardiology Division, Inc.

20150142105 - Reconfiguring tissue features of a heart annulus: Among other things, a tool to attach a support to a heart valve annulus includes a stabilizing body that includes features to stabilize an axial position of the tool relative to the annulus, and an attachment device connected to the stabilizing body, the stabilizing body and the attachment device being... Agent:

20150142100 - Prosthetic heart valve devices, prosthetic mitral valves and associated systems and methods: A prosthetic heart valve (100) includes a flexible anchoring member (110) at least partially surrounding and coupled to an inner valve support (120). The device can further include a prosthetic valve (130) coupled to, mounted within, or otherwise carried by the valve support. The valve support includes a plurality of... Agent:

20150142106 - Prosthetic capsular bag and method of inserting the same: The present invention relates to a prosthetic capsular bag and method for inserting the same. The prosthetic capsular bag helps to maintain the volume of the natural capsular bag, thereby stabilizing the effective lens position of an IOL so that refractive outcomes may be improved with cataract surgery. The prosthetic... Agent:

20150142107 - Processor controlled intraocular lens system: The present invention relates generally to an intraocular lens system controlled with a processor, including a liquid meniscus lens and supporting electronics. Embodiments may include intraocular lens systems of various shapes and sizes, liquid meniscus lens components of various shapes and sizes, variations in supporting electronics with corresponding variations in... Agent:

20150142108 - Accommodative intraocular lens: The accommodative intraocular lens 1 include an optical section 10 of a lens, and a lens supporting section 20 provided at the peripheral portion of the optical section 10. The lens supporting section 20 includes one end portion 201 connected to the peripheral portion of the optical section 10 via... Agent: Frontier Vision Co., Ltd.

20150142109 - Ophthalmic lenses with enhanced surface and methods of fabrication thereof: An ophthalmic lens for providing enhanced vision includes a finished optic comprising a base optic and a membrane. The base optic has an anterior surface and an opposing posterior surface, at least one of the surfaces having a first value of a surface quality parameter. The base optic also includes... Agent:

20150142110 - Acl implants, instruments, and methods: Systems for single tunnel, double bundle anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction include implant constructs and instruments. The implant constructs provide a combination of cortical fixation and bone tunnel aperture fixation. The implant constructs separate a graft into distinct bundles. The instruments are used to prepare shaped bone tunnels to receive the... Agent:

20150142111 - Controlling a size of a pylorus: Systems and methods are provided for reversibly controlling a size and/or restricting the movement of a body orifice, such as a pyloric opening, using an implantable device configured to allow a distance between opposed ends thereof to be adjusted. A device is provided having attachment members and a connector portion... Agent:

20150142112 - Bone cements containing magnetic calcium phosphate nanoparticles: A bone cement formulation comprising: (a) magnetic calcium phosphate nanoparticles present in an amount of 5.0-95 wt. % and having a largest linear dimension of 150 nm to 50 microns; (b) polymerizable acrylate monomer present in an amount of 5.0-95 wt. %; and (c) polyacrylate polymer present in an amount... Agent:

20150142113 - Intervertebral implant: An intervertebral implant comprises first and second parts having outer surfaces engaging adjacent vertebral surfaces. An insert between these parts provides relative movement therebetween. The first and/or second parts may have engagement means in the form of apertures for engagement with insertion instruments. The first and second parts may nest... Agent:

20150142114 - Intervertebral disk cage and stabilizer: A middle-expanded, removable intervertebral disk cage and stabilizer for stabilizing adjacent vertebrae and a method for intervertebral disk stabilization in which adjacent vertebrae are spread and a portion of the intervertebral disk is removed from between the adjacent vertebrae.... Agent: Perumala Corporation

20150142116 - Minimally invasive lateral intervertebral fixation system, device and method: An intervertebral fixation device is disclosed, which includes a weight-bearing shell, a first anchor, a second anchor, and a key. The shell includes a first and second opposing sidewalls at a distance from one another, a keyway that extends along at least a portion of the distance, and a first... Agent:

20150142117 - Spinal implant apparatus and methods: A method of inserting and positioning an intervertebral spacer is provided. The spacer includes a longitudinal axis, an on-axis interface coincident with or parallel to the longitudinal axis, and an off-axis interface angled to the longitudinal axis. The spacer's front end may be curved. The method may include inserting the... Agent:

20150142119 - Stand alone anterior cage: The present invention teaches an improved spinal fusion implant and method of implanting same. The implant includes a shell and an insert, the insert capable of situating first and second plates of the shell with respect to each other and of preventing unwanted loosening of fasteners placed through the shell... Agent:

20150142118 - Surgical systems and methods for implanting deflectable implants: Deflectable implants, systems and methods for implanting deflectable implants are disclosed. The deflectable implant includes at least one sequence of segments, the sequence includes at least two segments, the segments being interconnected at effective hinges, the sequence assuming a straightened or low curvature insertion state for insertion into the body,... Agent:

20150142115 - Vertebral implant provided with a self-locking and unlocking means: The invention relates to a vertebral implant (1) intended to be implanted in a patients intersomatic space and comprising an intersomatic cage (2) and at least one fixing screw (10) intended to be screwed into the bony mass through a well (7) of said cage (2) to stabilize the position... Agent: Spirits

20150142120 - System and method for treating obstructive sleep apnea: One aspect of the present disclosure relates to a system for treating obstructive sleep apnea in a subject. The system can include a power source and a neuromuscular stimulator in electrical communications with the power source. The neuromuscular stimulator can include a controller and at least one electrode. The controller... Agent:

20150142121 - Method and device for ameliorating joint conditions and diseases: A device for ameliorating joint conditions and diseases comprising a) a first section comprising a joint-ward end, an opposing mating end, and a lateral wall, a peripheral column partially forming the lateral wall of the first section, a central column, and three or more than three struts extending between and... Agent:

20150142122 - Method and apparatus for restoring a shoulder joint and/or another joint: Apparatus for repairing a shoulder joint, said apparatus comprising: a baseplate for mounting to a glenoid, said baseplate comprising: a base portion comprising a medially-facing surface and a laterally-facing surface, and at least one opening passing through said medially-facing surface and said laterally-facing surface for receiving at least one base... Agent:

20150142123 - Knee component having orbital interface boss: A knee prosthesis including a knee component and an indexing boss. The knee component includes a first engagement portion. The indexing boss includes a first terminal end surface, a second terminal end surface, and a second engagement portion at the second terminal end surface. The first terminal end surface and... Agent:

20150142124 - Reinforcing implant for an elongated bone, in particular femur: A reinforcing implant anchors shafts of two prostheses which are arranged opposite each other on an elongated bone, in particular a femur. The implant has a generally elongated shaft-like shape and a receiving sleeve at both ends for a respective anchoring shaft and a disconnectable coupling piece lying between the... Agent:

20150142125 - Orthopaedic implant with dynamic trans-fixation slot: An orthopaedic implant for use with a fastener having at least one of threads and grooves includes a body defining a long axis. The body includes an inner wall defining an elongated slot. The inner wall includes a pair of opposing walls and a single projection disposed on the inner... Agent:

20150142126 - System and method for attaching soft tissue to an implant: One embodiment of the present invention is directed to compositions and methods for enhancing attachment of soft tissues to a metal prosthetic device. In one embodiment a construct is provided comprising a metal implant having a porous metal region, wherein the porous region exhibits a nano-textured surface, and a biocompatible... Agent:

20150142127 - Ureteral stent for placement in a kidney and bladder: Provided is a ureteral stent (=50) including a bladder portion (=52) positioned in a bladder of a patient, a kidney portion (=54) positioned in a kidney and ureteral passageway of the patient, and one or more tethers (=56) coupling the bladder portion to the kidney portion. The ureteral stent allows... Agent:

20150142128 - Tissue regeneration construct and method for producing tissue regeneration construct: Provided is a tissue regeneration construct having a good engraftment property and capable of promoting a stable and favorable regeneration to a target site, the tissue regeneration construct being a member to be applied to a target site for transplantation and regeneration to regenerate tissue, including a transplant body, and... Agent:

20150142129 - Adaptive stimulation apparatus and technique: In that stimulating muscle within a socket may create additional pressure within the socket that is disrelated to external forces operative on the socket, corruption of pressure measurements within the socket may occur from stimulation, even though negative pressure differential on the side opposing, or furthest from the stimulation area,... Agent: Articulate Labs, Inc.

20150142130 - Movement assistance device: Methods for the control of an exoskeleton comprising at least one powered joint associated with lower limbs of a user and control systems therefrom are provided. A method includes estimating a configuration of a body of the user associated with the exoskeleton with respect to a gravity vector and computing... Agent: Vanderbilt University

20150142131 - Adjustable seal system, seal component and method for using the same: An adjustable seal system, seal component for use in the system, and method are provided for forming a sealing interface between a residual limb and a prosthetic socket. The seal component is selectively placed over the outer surface of a suspension liner including a plurality of seal bands, which the... Agent:

20150142132 - Adjustable seal system, seal component and method for using the same: An adjustable seal system, seal component for use in the system, and method are provided for forming a sealing interface between a residual limb and a prosthetic socket. The seal component is selectively placed over the outer surface of a suspension liner including a plurality of seal bands, which the... Agent:

20150142133 - Adjustable seal system, seal component and method for using the same: An adjustable seal system, seal component for use in the system, and method are provided for forming a sealing interface between a residual limb and a prosthetic socket. The seal component is selectively placed over the outer surface of a suspension liner including a plurality of seal bands, which the... Agent:

20150142134 - Foot for mobility device: A flexible foot for a mobility device may have one or more layers of a resilient material that provides a smoother, more natural walking motion for a user and that is more stable and requires less user energy than a mobility device with a rigid foot. Furthermore, a flexible foot... Agent:

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