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Prosthesis (i.e., artificial body members), parts thereof, or aids and accessories therefor

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04/10/2014 > 24 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20140100645 - Medical device delivery system with an inner catheter having a flushing groove: A delivery system is provided with a flushing groove between an inner catheter and an outer sheath. The outer sheath is attached to a first handle member, and the inner catheter is attached to a second handle member. A medical device disposed between the inner catheter and outer sheath is... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20140100646 - Method and devices for flow occlusion during device exchanges: A method of treating an injured blood vessel of a patient may first involve inflating a balloon of an access wire balloon catheter within the injured blood vessel to reduce blood flow past an injury site in the vessel. After inflation, the method may involve attaching an extension wire to... Agent: Accessclosure, Inc.

20140100647 - System and methods for treating a bifurcation with a fully crimped stent: A system for treating a bifurcation includes first and second delivery catheters. The first catheter has a first shaft, a first expandable member adjacent the distal end of the first shaft, an auxiliary expandable member disposed under the first expandable member, and a first radially expandable stent disposed over both... Agent: Advanced Bifurcation Systems, Inc.

20140100648 - Multi-layer vascular prosthesis: A vascular prosthesis comprising a tubular support structure having an outer surface and an internal lumen therethrough, the support structure comprising a base material, which can comprise natural or synthetic materials, the internal lumen surface including an extracellular matrix (ECM) layer that includes at least one ECM material, wherein, when... Agent:

20140100649 - Method of fabricating a low crystallinity poly(l-lactide) tube: Methods of fabricating a low crystallinity polymer tube for polymers subject to strain-induced crystallization. The low crystallinity tube may be further processed to make an implantable medical device.... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

20140100644 - Drug-eluting medical implants: Disclosed are self-expanding medical implants for placement within a lumen of a patient. The implants comprise a woven or non-woven structure having a substantially tubular configuration, and are designed to be low-profile such that they are deliverable with a small diameter catheter. The implants have a high recoverability and desired... Agent:

20140100650 - Endovascular graft for aneurysms involving major branch vessels: Systems and methods for treating diseased bodily lumens involving branched lumen deployment sites include a main graft or stent-graft deployable in a main artery and a vent device or stent-graft deployable in a branch artery to maintain blood flow through the main artery and from the main artery to the... Agent: Trivascular, Inc.

20140100651 - Medical device fastener mechanisms: Connecting mechanisms between medical device or other physical components are described. One or more plug pin connector(s) is received in a matching socket connector(s) to either permanently or temporarily join at least two components together along with associated components. Each plug connector is associated with a releasable pull line to... Agent: California Institute Of Technology

20140100652 - Attachment device and methods of using the same: Devices for attaching a first mass and a second mass and methods of making and using the same are disclosed. The devices can be made from an resilient, elastic or deformable materials. The devices can be used to attach a heart valve ring to a biological annulus. The devices can... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20140100653 - Stents for prosthetic heart valves: A stented valve including a stent structure having a generally tubular body portion, an interior area, a longitudinal axis, an first end, an second end, and an outer surface; at least one outflow barb extending from the outer surface of the stent adjacent to the first end of the stent... Agent: Medtronic Corevalve LLC

20140100654 - Remote multifocal to monofocal optic conversion: An ophthalmic multifocal switchable lens includes a deformable element manifesting elevated strain with a formable surface of a multifocal surface shape to provide far and near vision. A transparent chamber is filled with optical matching fluid adjacent to the side of the deformable element opposite to the formable surface. The... Agent:

20140100656 - Restorative post-lumpectomy implant device: Provided is a restorative breast implant device that can be used to replace lumpectomy tissue and prevent the late aesthetic deformities which may occur following lumpectomy or partial mastectomy. The disclosed implant is an inflatable device comprising an outer shell composed of a biological material and an inner chamber. The... Agent: Innovative Biologics LLC

20140100655 - Surgical template and delivery device: The present disclosure provides devices and methods relating to surgical breast procedures. The devices can include a holder and backing to assist in positioning a biological material adjacent to a tissue expander or implant.... Agent: Lifecell Corporation

20140100657 - Spinal facet cage implant: Implementations described and claimed herein provide a spinal facet cage implant for implantation in a spinal facet joint. In one implementation, the implant includes a distal leading end, a proximal trailing end, a first face, and a second face. The distal leading end has a distal surface generally opposite a... Agent: Providence Medical Technology, Inc.

20140100658 - Articulating intervertebral implant: An intervertebral disc implant for use in the spine includes a superior endplate and an inferior endplate. The superior endplate is configured to articulate about the inferior endplate in an anterior-posterior direction during flexion and extension. The superior endplate is further configured to axially rotate about the inferior endplate during... Agent:

20140100662 - Expandable spinal implant with expansion wedge and anchor: An interbody spinal implant system includes an implant having separate, but joined top and bottom portions, a socket for receiving an expansion wedge, an expansion wedge, and an anchor pin.... Agent: Titan Spine, LLC

20140100663 - Intervertebral implant with fixation geometry: An intervertebral spacer implant (80) is provided with a retention mechanism (86) to help alleviate expulsion and movement of the implant when placed in the spine while providing an implant that is easier to insert in the spine. In one embodiment the retention mechanism comprises a keel on at least... Agent: Depuy Synthes Products, LLC

20140100661 - Intervertebral-disc prosthesis: The intervertebral disc prosthesis comprises first and second plates (3, 4) designed to be attached on one of the two vertebrae adjacent to the intervertebral disc to be replaced, and a compression pad arranged between the first and second plates. Each plate comprises first attaching means including two attaching portions... Agent: Fournitures Hospitalieres Industrie

20140100660 - Method and apparatus for minimally invasive insertion of intervertebral implants: A dilation introducer for orthopedic surgery is provided for minimally invasive access for insertion of an intervertebral implant. The dilation introducer may be used to provide an access position through Kambin's triangle from a posterolateral approach. A first dilator tube with a first longitudinal axis is provided. A second dilator... Agent: Interventional Spine, Inc.

20140100659 - System and method for performing a transiliac approach for l5-s1 discectomy and fusion: A system, device and method for performing a transiliac approach for L5-S1 interbody fusion is disclosed. The surgeon may determine the access location using a neuromonitoring probe and fluoroscopy. Once the location is determined, the surgeon may use a cannulated needle or Jamshidi to create an initial pathway through the... Agent: Spineology, Inc.

20140100664 - Wrist implant for carpal hemiarthroplasty: An implant for carpal hemiarthroplasty includes an articular component having a convex articular surface shaped to generally conform to an unresected distal end of a radius bone. A bearing component is rigidly fixed to the articular component opposite the convex articular surface and has a bearing surface. A carpal plate... Agent: Small Bone Innovations, Inc.

20140100665 - Non-resorbable plugs: A non-resorbable wound dressing can include a plug made from polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). The plug can have a three-dimensional shape. The plug can be substantially cylindrical. The PTFE can have a high density and be expanded. The PTFE can be non-porous or have a porosity of less than about 0.4 microns.... Agent: Presidium Biomedical LLC

20140100666 - Apparatus and method for treating obesity using neurotoxins in conjunction with bariatric procedures: The present invention provides methods for facilitating weight loss in a patient. The methods of the present invention comprise the steps of administering a neurotoxin to a stomach tissue of an obese patient and performing one of several types of bariatric surgeries in the patient, thereby reducing or eliminating unwanted... Agent:

20140100667 - Systems and method for volitional control of jointed mechanical device based on surface electromyography: Systems and methods for controlling a weight bearing member having at least one powered joint are provided. A system includes a velocity reference module for receiving myoelectric control signals from a user during a non-weight bearing mode for the powered joint and generating a velocity reference for the powered joint... Agent:

04/03/2014 > 40 patent applications in 27 patent subcategories.

20140094893 - Diastolic coronary stent deployment system for precise bifurcation lesion stenting: A system is provided for precise stent deployment in synchronization with the cardiac cycle. The system comprises a cable set having a first connector for connection to a source of a signal that is indicative of the status of the cardiac cycle, and a second connector for connection to a... Agent:

20140094894 - Over-the-wire interlock attachment/detachment mechanism: The over-the-wire interlock attachment/detachment mechanism includes a cylindrical lock receiving section of a small diameter attached to an implantable medical device such as a blood clot filter, a stent, or a septal occluder. This cylindrical lock receiving section has a plurality of spaced, curved cutouts to receive both the guide... Agent: W.l. Gore & Associates, Inc.

20140094895 - Stent delivery system: Delivery systems for polymeric tubular implants, kits that include such delivery systems, and methods of treating patients by implanting tubular implants using the delivery systems. The delivery systems include an inner shaft, an expandable member slidably disposed about the inner shaft and configured to receive the tubular implant, and a... Agent:

20140094898 - Bioprosthetic components for an implant, in particular partly crosslinked biological heart valves: Bioprosthetic components based on, or comprising, biological materials for implants, preferably biological heart valves, in particular biological heart valve leaflets, which have only been chemically or thermally stabilized (partly crosslinked) at mechanically stressed points and therefore have zones having different mechanical properties, and to a method for the production thereof.... Agent: Biotronik Ag

20140094897 - Expandable slide and lock stent: An expandable slide and lock stent is provided that comprises a plurality of radial elements interconnected to form a tubular member. Each radial element can comprise a helical backbone and at least one elongate member extending from the helical backbone in a circumferential direction. Each backbone can have at least... Agent: Reva Medical, Inc.

20140094899 - Methods of fabricating stents with enhanced fracture toughness: Stents and methods of manufacturing a stents with enhanced fracture toughness are disclosed.... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

20140094896 - Vascular stenting for aneurysms: Described herein are flexible implantable occluding devices that can, for example, navigate the tortuous vessels of the neurovasculature. The occluding devices can also conform to the shape of the tortuous vessels of the vasculature. In some embodiments, the occluding devices can direct blood flow within a vessel away from an... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140094900 - Compliant biocompatible device and method of manufacture: As detailed herein, a biocompatible apparatus comprises a porous material comprising ceramic nanotubes bound together with a filler material. The proportion of the filler material may be selected to provide porosity for the porous material that is biocompatible, and the porous material may be shaped to provide a compliant biomedical... Agent: Brigham Young University

20140094901 - Radiopaque marker for vascular devices: A marker to assist locating a device such as an expandable stent within vasculature of a patient, including an elongated body formed of a biocompatible radiopaque material that enhances locating the marker when using at least one imaging technique. The body has a first end, a second end, an inner... Agent: Depuy Synthes Products, LLC

20140094902 - Vascular endograft: An endograft includes a main body having a wall separating interior and exterior surfaces and adapted to be inserted within the vessel. The main body is characterized by a single proximal opening and two distal openings and at least one aperture extending through the wall. At least one stent is... Agent: Khoury Medical Devices, LLC

20140094903 - Implantation of repair chords in the heart: Apparatus is provided, including first and second longitudinal members coupled at respective first portions thereof to tissue surrounding the ventricle. The first portion of at least the first longitudinal member is coupled to a tissue anchor, and respective second portions of the first and second longitudinal members are coupled to... Agent: Valtech Cardio, Ltd.

20140094904 - Retrievable heart valve anchor and method: A method for endovascularly replacing a heart valve of a patient. In some embodiments the method includes the steps of: endovascularly delivering a replacement valve and an expandable anchor in an unexpanded configuration within a catheter to a vicinity of the heart valve; deploying the anchor from the catheter; expanding... Agent: Sadra Medical, Inc.

20140094905 - Prosthetic heart valve systems: A heart valve that can be expanded following its implantation in a patient, such as to accommodate the growth of a patient and the corresponding growth of the area where the valve is implanted, and to minimize paravalvular leakage. In one aspect, the invention may maximize the orifice size of... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20140094906 - Tissue anchors, systems and methods, and devices: Systems, devices and methods for securing tissue including the annulus of a mitral valve. The systems, devices and methods may employ catheter based techniques and devices to plicate tissue and perform an annuloplasty.... Agent: Mitralign, Inc.

20140094907 - Implantation device for intrastromal prostheses: A device has been described here which is used as a means of implanting an intrastromal prosthesis, consisting of a segment or ring, on the inside of the patient's corneal tunnel. The implanting device eliminates the need to use conventional forceps and includes for this purpose an injector with a... Agent: Imex Clinic, S.l.

20140094908 - Intraocular lens and method: Novel intraocular lenses comprising at least one haptic having a shape memory alloy with a transition temperature substantially higher than the human body temperature, the shape memory alloy being post-surgically, selectively adjustable with a laser beam.... Agent:

20140094909 - Accommodating intraocular lens: An accommodating intraocular lens comprising a lens optic coupled to at least one haptic and at least one deformable connecting bar positioned between the lens optic and the at least one haptic such that the connecting bar facilitates accommodation by deforming in response to a vitreous pressure change.... Agent:

20140094910 - Variable-length passive ossicular prosthesis: A passive ossicular prosthesis includes a first and second fastening element for connection to the tympanic membrane. A connecting element connects the fastening elements in a sound-conducting manner. The connecting element includes a receiving part and an insertion part. The insertion part is inserted into a receiving opening of the... Agent:

20140094911 - Fixation implant and method: A fixation implant and associated methods are presented. The fixation implant includes first and second ends, each of which is separable from the implant body and useable to fix a material relative to a bone.... Agent: Smith & Nephew, Inc.

20140094912 - Graft fixation device: A fixation device and method for retaining a graft. The device including: an elongate body having a first end and a second end; a transverse passage for retaining a graft retainer element; a first aperture located in the first end, and a second aperture in the second end; the first... Agent:

20140094913 - Scaffold for spring ligament repair: A construct is disclosed that may be used to repair or replace a natural ligament. The construct may be formed of materials for biocompatibility and/or resorbtion. The construct may be provided or connected to a soft anchor for connection to a bone portion.... Agent: Biomet Sports Medicine, LLC

20140094914 - Percutaneous implantable nuclear prosthesis: An inter-vertebral disc prosthesis intended for percutaneous deployment comprises an expandable annular enclosure and an expandable nuclear enclosure. The expandable annular enclosure incorporates a reinforcing annular band along its periphery and is filled with in-situ curable rubber. The expandable nuclear enclosure is filled with a gas. The nuclear prosthesis further... Agent: Spinal Stabilization Technologies, LLC

20140094915 - Vertebral disc prosthesis: A prosthesis for a vertebral column has an upper part (10) for attachment to an upper vertebrae, a lower part (12) for attachment to a lower vertebrae and a middle part (11) located between the upper and the lower parts, wherein the upper part has a lower surface portion with... Agent: Nuvasive, Inc.

20140094916 - Expandable fusion device and method of installation thereof: The present invention provides an expandable fusion device capable of being installed inside an intervertebral disc space to maintain normal disc spacing and restore spinal stability, thereby facilitating an intervertebral fusion. In an exemplary embodiment, the present invention provides an intervertebral implant. The intervertebral implant may be configured to transition... Agent:

20140094922 - Bone fixation and fusion device: Disclosed is a bone fusion cage that contains bone graft and is implanted between bones in a skeletal system. The cage bears structural loads that are transmitted through the bones of the skeletal system and at least partially shields the contained bone graft from the structural loads. The cage is... Agent:

20140094917 - Expandable fusion cage with cam adjuster: An expandable fusion cage has an elongated cage body with a central hollow region, a posterior end and an anterior end with first and second anterior end portions in communication with the central hollow region, a first longitudinal member and a second longitudinal space from and substantially parallel to the... Agent:

20140094921 - Implants with self-deploying anchors: A spinal implant having a top surface, a bottom surface, opposing lateral sides, and opposing anterior and posterior portions. At least one of the top surface and bottom surface has a roughened surface topography, without sharp teeth that risk damage to bone structures, adapted to grip bone through friction generated... Agent: Titan Spine, LLC

20140094919 - Interbody fusion implant: An intervertebral implant can include a core and a flexible end plate. The core can have a core body that is elongate along a first direction and defines first and second outer surfaces. The flexible end plate can define an inner surface and an opposed bone facing surface that is... Agent:

20140094920 - Spacer and expanding device: An expanding device for expanding the spacing between bones is provided. The expanding device includes a spacer configured to be expandable and disposed between the bones, a catheter provided with the spacer at a distal end thereof and adapted to introduce a filler into the spacer, and a sheath having... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140094918 - Stand-alone interbody fixation system: A stand-alone interbody fixation system having a cage, anterior fixation blade and posterior fixation blade. The cage includes an annular side wall with an open interior and upper and lower surfaces, the cage being configured to fit between end plates of adjacent vertebrae. The anterior fixation blade includes an anterior... Agent: Alphatec Spine, Inc.

20140094923 - Femoral prosthesis with insertion/extraction feature: A femoral prosthesis system is provided which includes femoral prosthesis and an instrument for inserting/extracting the femoral prosthesis. The femoral prosthesis includes a stem and a neck portion. The stem includes a proximal end portion which defines a proximal stem axis. The neck portion is located proximally of the proximal... Agent: Depuy Products, Inc.

20140094924 - Orthopaedic implants: A method for making an orthopaedic implant, the method comprising: characterizing at least a portion of a bone corresponding to the bone to be replaced, said corresponding bone being on the contralateral side of the patient; providing a model of the orthopaedic implant based on a mirror image of the... Agent: The Royal Institution For The Advancement Of Learning / Mcgill University

20140094925 - Surgical instrument and method of positioning an acetabular prosthetic component: An orthopaedic surgical instrument and method for positioning an acetabular prosthetic component in a patient's surgically-prepared acetabulum is disclosed. The orthopaedic surgical instrument has a base configured to engage the patient's pelvis, a first linkage pivotally coupled to the base, a locking mechanism operable to lock the first linkage in... Agent:

20140094926 - Orthopaedic hip prosthesis having femoral stem components with varying a/p taper angles: A femoral prosthesis for use during performance of a hip replacement procedure includes a plurality of femoral stem components in a range of various sizes and a plurality of femoral head component in a range of various sizes. The anterior/posterior stem taper angle of the femoral stem component varies across... Agent:

20140094927 - Joint prosthesis with polymeric articulation interface: A hip arthroplasty prosthesis for treating a patient condition includes a stem portion configured to penetrate into the bone of a femur of the patient, and includes a head portion formed of a polymeric material and being fixedly attached to the stem portion. The head portion may include a spherical... Agent:

20140094928 - Systems for inducing fluid flow to stimulate tissue growth: Provided are apparatuses, systems, and methods for treating tissue at a tissue site in a mammal that includes a scaffold adapted to be disposed adjacent to the tissue site and to be fluidly coupled to a blood vessel of the mammal for receiving blood therefrom. Additionally, a scaffold is provided... Agent: Kci Licensing, Inc.

20140094929 - Insertion device for plastic stent: An insertion device for a plastic stent includes an operation unit which is operated to move a movable wire forward or backward, a tip portion connected to an end of the movable wire, a tube connected to the operation unit, and a plurality of expanding members which are connected between... Agent: Taewoong Medical Co., Ltd.

20140094930 - Centrifuge: Centrifuges are useful to, among other things, remove red blood cells from whole blood and retain platelets and other factors in a reduced volume of plasma. Platelet rich plasma (PRP) and or platelet poor plasma (PPP) can be obtained rapidly and is ready for immediate injection into the host. Embodiments... Agent:

20140094931 - Reinforced tissue graft: A biocompatible tissue graft is provided. The tissue graft includes an extracellular matrix patch and a means for reinforcing the patch.... Agent: The Cleveland Clinic Foundation

20140094932 - Materials and methods for protecting against neuromas: The subject invention provides devices and methods for alleviating discomfort associated with neuroma formation. The devices and methods of the invention effectively use the body's natural response of reconstructing implanted biomaterials to minimize the size of, isolate, and protect a neuroma. In preferred embodiments, the subject device is a cylindrical... Agent: Axogen, Inc.

03/27/2014 > 54 patent applications in 28 patent subcategories.

20140088685 - Anastomotic connector and system for delivery: An anastomotic connector comprises a vessel anchor, a midgraft connector and graft material. The vessel anchor has a generally tubular main body including a distal end and a proximal end, the distal end defining a plurality of flanges integrally formed with the tubular main body and being movable from a... Agent: Phraxis, Inc.

20140088684 - Catheter system: A catheter system and method that includes a catheter element sized to pass through blood vessels to an organ of an animal. A medical element can be disposed with respect to the catheter element so as to interact therewith, the medical element being capable of assuming and maintaining a curved... Agent:

20140088677 - Delivery device and system for open surgical repair: A device for delivering a prosthesis to a damaged body vessel includes first and second generally elongated members joined to each other along a length thereof. A distal end of each of the elongated members is insertable through an outer layer of skin to access the vessel. The distal ends... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20140088681 - Device and method for preventing stenosis at an anastomosis site: The present invention relates to treating or preventing stenosis at an anastomosis site. In one embodiment, the present invention is a stent is curved along the longitudinal axis for placement in and adjacent to the graft orifice. In a further embodiment, the stent is drug coated to allow delivery of... Agent:

20140088679 - Intravascular flow modifier and reinforcement device and deployment system for same: A stent includes a cylindrical frame consisting of a series of helical winds containing a pattern of alternating zigzag bends. The frame may be made of resilient wire or from a piece of laser cut hypo tubing by placing the stent over a notched portion of a pusher catheter member,... Agent: Depuy Synthes Products, LLC

20140088683 - Non-shortening wrapped balloon: A non-shortening catheter balloon having a longitudinal axis and an inflatable balloon able to be affixed to a catheter shaft is provided. The balloon has an uninflated length which remains relatively unchanged upon inflation and is formed of least two helically oriented wrapped passes of balloon materials at a balanced... Agent: W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.

20140088680 - Prosthesis for transcatheter valve implantation: A prosthesis having first and second prosthetic sections is disclosed. The first prosthetic section includes a stent structure that may contain a first prosthetic valve secured therein and the second prosthetic section includes an annular frame that may contain a second prosthetic valve secured therein. When the prosthesis is in... Agent: Medtronic Vascular Galway Limited

20140088682 - Stent delivery system: A stent delivery system is configured so that its outer diameter can be reduced when the balloon is folded and the stent is mounted on the folded balloon. The stent delivery system includes a balloon which is expandable by injection of fluid inside the balloon, and is folded in the... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140088678 - Vascular stent with improved vessel wall apposition: A medical device is provided that includes a vessel-engaging member attached to a distal end of a delivery wire. The vessel-engaging member includes a plurality of rows, with each row having a plurality of struts arranged in an alternating pattern such that for each row, a first set of vertices... Agent:

20140088686 - Cardiac valve prosthesis deployment system: The present invention relates to a deployment system (10) for deploying an expandable cardiac valve prosthesis. The deployment system comprises a first tube (11) being designed to carry an expandable cardiac valve prosthesis; further, a tip (13), being firmly connected to the first tube at a distal end of the... Agent: Nvt Ag

20140088687 - Vascular endoprosthesis: The invention relates to a vascular endoprosthesis including a device for preventing any endoleak after an angioplasty. The invention more particularly but not restrictively relates to a vascular endoprosthesis for a patient suffering from an abdominal aortic aneurysm.... Agent: St. George Medical Inc.

20140088688 - Atraumatic stent and method and apparatus for making the same: A method of braiding a stent includes braiding a number of elongate filaments around a mandrel using tensioned braiding carriers without spooling the filaments to the tensioned braiding carriers to form a braided stent having atraumatic ends.... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20140088689 - Tapered helical stent and method for manufacturing the stent: A tapered helical implantation device for peripheral arteries and other body lumina of locally varying diameter, including struts connected by loops and shaped in a helical winding. The helical winding defines turns and, when expanded, has a first end with a first expanded circumference and a second end with a... Agent:

20140088690 - Embolization device and a method of using the same: Non-expandable space-occupying devices for treating voids within the body are disclosed. The devices can have multiple non-expandable space-occupying elements connected to a flexible leaden Methods of making and using the devices are also disclosed.... Agent:

20140088693 - Methods for treating a heart valve, in particular a mitral valve: An apparatus for treating a heart valve apparatus includes at least two anchoring elements designed to be anchored at the annulus and/or heart wall of the valve to be treated. Each anchoring element has a support surface. At least one linking element includes a central branch and two curved side... Agent: Medtronic Corevalve LLC

20140088692 - Systems and methods for replacing a native heart valve and aorta with a prosthetic heart valve and conduit: A medical device includes an expandable conduit, a prosthetic heart valve and a delivery device, including a balloon catheter. The expandable conduit may include one or more inner or outer sleeves supported by a frame or stent. The sleeve(s) may be a bioprosthetic tissue wrapped, molded or sewn about the... Agent: Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

20140088691 - Tool for the adjustment of a prosthetic anatomical device: An adjustment tool enables manipulation of a prosthetic anatomical device such as an annuloplasty ring. The tool includes a compression member which is operative for retarding rotation of the adjustment shaft to preclude inadvertent rotation thereof during use of the tool by the surgeon. A locking device is associated with... Agent: St. Jude Medical, Inc.

20140088694 - Two-part prosthetic valve system: A prosthetic valve system for replacing a native aortic valve exhibiting regurgitation comprises a support structure and a transcatheter heart valve (THV) that is separate from the support structure. The support structure is radially collapsible and expandable, and deployable on an outflow side of the native aortic valve, circumscribing the... Agent: Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

20140088696 - Prosthetic valve for replacing an atrioventricular heart valve: A prosthetic valve for replacing an atrioventricular heart valve comprises an annular body (2) on which valvular cusps are fastened and which is adapted to be inserted into a valve annulus (18) of the heart (20). The annular body has a plurality of anchor elements which are connected thereto on... Agent:

20140088695 - Valve prosthesis for replacing an atrioventricular valve of the heart: The invention relates to a valve prosthesis for replacing an atrioventricular valve of the heart, comprising an annular body (12), to which heart valve leaflets are attached and which can be inserted in the valve annulus (18) of the heart (20), and further comprising at least one anchoring part (16,... Agent:

20140088697 - Heart valve assemblies: A heart valve assembly comprises a first prosthesis configured to expand from an unexpanded state to an expanded state at which the first annular prosthesis contacts native tissue of a body lumen. The heart valve assembly also comprises a second prosthesis comprising a valve, and a connection adapter that secures... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20140088698 - Patient-specific intraluminal implants: Methods are provided for generating intraluminal prosthetic implants designed to fit onto specific anatomical locations within regions which are stable in terms of their motion in time.... Agent: Materialise N.v.

20140088699 - Torsion bar accommodating intraocular lens: An accommodating intraocular lens comprising a lens optic coupled to at least one haptic and a torsion bar positioned between the lens optic and the at least one haptic such that the torsion bar facilitates accommodation by deforming in response to a vitreous pressure change.... Agent:

20140088700 - Method for using a silk derived bioresorbable scaffold in breast reconstruction: A method of using a silk derived medical device in a two stage breast reconstruction procedure.... Agent: Allergan, Inc.

20140088701 - Processed adipose tissue: The present disclosure provides tissue products produced from adipose-containing tissues, as well as methods for producing such tissue products. The tissue products can comprise decellularized and partially de-fatted tissues. In addition, the present disclosure provides systems and methods for using such products.... Agent: Lifecell Corporation

20140088703 - Soft prosthetic implant manufacturing process: A soft prosthetic implant, for example, a breast implant, having a shell filled with a fluid. One or more components of the soft prosthetic implant receive a unique identifier for traceability during the manufacturing process. The unique identifier is placed on one component, such as a patch molded-in-place with a... Agent: Allergan, Inc.

20140088702 - Tissue expander with self-healing anterior side: A tissue expander includes an elastomeric shell having an anterior inside surface and a posterior inside surface with a self-healing layer abutting only a portion of the anterior inside surface. The layer is spaced apart from the posterior inside surface while facilitating folding of the shell prior to insertion into... Agent: Allergan, Inc.

20140088704 - Feedthrough constructions and devices comprising the same: Feedthrough constructions comprise a housing with a feedthrough disposed within a housing opening, wherein the feedthrough is configured to facilitate passage of electrical signals through the housing. The feedthrough has a circumference specially configured to reduce the variation in compressive stress imposed onto the feedthrough by the housing to reduce... Agent:

20140088705 - Method and apparatus for re-attaching the labrum of a hip joint: A method and apparatus for re-attaching the labrum of a hip joint.... Agent: Pivot Medical, Inc.

20140088706 - Hair transplant material: A hair transplantation material prepared by a process comprising: refrigerating a hair portion comprising a hair shaft, a hair root, and a cell-collagen layer; and sterilizing the refrigerated hair.... Agent:

20140088707 - Systems and methods of fusing a sacroiliac joint: One implementation of the present disclosure may take the form of a sacroiliac joint fusion system including a joint implant and a delivery tool. The joint implant includes at least one integral anchor configured to move relative to a body of the implant when being brought into anchoring engagement with... Agent: Jcbd, LLC

20140088708 - Expandable vertebral implant: The present invention relates to an expandable implant for engagement between vertebrae generally comprising an inner member, outer member, and gear member positioned coaxial with respect to each other such that the inner and outer members are moveable relative to each other along an axis. The gear member is axially... Agent:

20140088712 - Delivery device: The present disclosure provides a delivery device for delivering a tissue repair composition in paste form, such as a bone graft extender and substitute in paste form, for use in surgical procedures including minimally invasive spine (fusion) surgery, open spine surgery and other orthopedic procedures.... Agent: Isto Technologies, Inc.

20140088714 - Expandable interbody implant and methods of use: An intervertebral implant comprises a first component and a second component. The second component includes an actuator and a third component comprises a first ramp and a second ramp axially spaced apart from the first ramp. The third component comprises rails including at least a portion of the ramps. At... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20140088713 - Expandable support device and method of use: An expandable support device for tissue repair is disclosed. The device can be used to repair hard or soft tissue, such as bone or vertebral discs. A method of repairing tissue is also disclosed. The device and method can be used to treat compression fractures. The compression fractures can be... Agent: Stout Medical Group, L.p.

20140088710 - Interbody fusion implant and related methods: An interbody fusion implant system according to the principles of the present disclosure includes a base member, a first guide, a second guide, and a closure member with a first thru-bore and a second thru-bore. The base member includes a first side wall, a second side wall, and an end... Agent: Alphatec Spine, Inc.

20140088715 - Intervertebral implant for mutual situating of adjacent vertebrae: Intervertebral implant for mutual situating of adjacent vertebrae contains a cover (1) in a shape close to the rectangle, in which is fixed a driving mechanism. In a lateral wall (2) of the cover (1) a manipulative hole (3) is made. The cover (1) is equipped with one open seat... Agent: Lfc Spolka Zo.o.

20140088709 - Space holder for vertebrae or intervertebral discs: The present invention concerns a space holder, especially for vertebrae or intervertebral discs for implantation into human or animal organisms, having a cylinder-like body (1) and, at the ends of the cylinder-like body, means (2) provided for connecting to adjacent body parts, said cylinder-like body (1) essentially being formed as... Agent: Biedermann Technologies Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140088711 - System and method for an interbody spinal fusion assembly: An interbody spinal fusion assembly includes an interbody cage, planar metal pins and bone fasteners. The interbody cage includes a metal cage and a PEEK insert. The PEEK insert is inserted into a slot of the metal cage and is secured to the metal cage with a pin. The assembled... Agent: Spinefrontier, Inc.

20140088716 - Variable density implant and method: An implant can comprise a porous region including a plurality of interconnecting interstitial cells configured to receive bone or biological tissue ingrowth. The porous region can be formed of a first portion, including a first plurality of the interconnecting interstitial cells and having a first density, and a second portion,... Agent: Zimmer, Inc.

20140088721 - Artificial joint components including integral magnetic fields configured to deflect wear debris particles: Prosthetic artificial joints are described, including hip, knee and shoulder joints. In some embodiments, an artificial joint prosthesis includes: a bone-facing surface of a artificial joint prosthesis, the bone-facing surface configured to face a bone-prosthesis interface in vivo; a first component of the artificial joint prosthesis including a contact surface... Agent: Elwha LLC

20140088719 - Artificial joint components including mechanized synovial fluid deflecting structures: Prosthetic artificial joints are described, including hip, knee and shoulder joints. In some embodiments, a artificial joint prosthesis includes: a bone-facing surface of a artificial joint prosthesis, the bone-facing surface configured to face a bone-prosthesis interface in vivo; a non-contact surface of the artificial joint prosthesis, the non-contact surface adjacent... Agent: Elwha LLC

20140088720 - Artificial joint components including mechanized synovial fluid deflecting structures and particle retaining structures: Prosthetic artificial joints are described, including hip, knee and shoulder joints. In some embodiments, an artificial joint prosthesis includes: a bone-facing surface of a artificial joint prosthesis, the bone-facing surface configured to face a bone-prosthesis interface in vivo; a non-contact surface of the artificial joint prosthesis, the non-contact surface adjacent... Agent: Elwha LLC

20140088717 - Artificial joint components including synovial fluid deflecting structures: Artificial joint prosthetic components including synovial fluid deflection structures are described. Embodiments of artificial joint prosthesis include those with: a bone-facing surface of a artificial joint prosthesis, the bone-facing surface configured to face a bone-prosthesis interface in vivo; a non-contact surface of the artificial joint prosthesis; and at least one... Agent: Elwha LLC

20140088718 - Artificial joint components including synovial fluid deflecting structures and particle retaining structures: Artificial joint prostheses, including hip, knee and shoulder joints, are described. In some aspects, an artificial joint prosthesis includes: a bone-facing surface of an artificial joint prosthesis, the bone-facing surface configured to face a bone-prosthesis interface in vivo; a non-contact surface of the artificial joint prosthesis, the non-contact surface adjacent... Agent: Elwha LLC

20140088722 - Shoulder implant system: Art apparatus can include a humeral stem. A glenosphere can be configured to be mountable to the humeral stem. The glenosphere can be adapted to operate with a complementary glenoid component. The humeral stern can include a removable taper member on a side of the humeral stem facing the glenosphere.... Agent: Zimmer, Inc.

20140088723 - Trapezium implant for thumb and method: An implant for the trapezium of the thumb carpometacarpal (CMC) joint comprising an integral elastomeric member configured to include a body portion having a tapered neck, having extending from one end thereof an elongated, longitudinally extending tapered portion adapted to be embedded into a reamed out-channel in the thumb metacarpal... Agent: Wright Medical Technology, Inc.

20140088724 - Patient-specific pelvic implants for acetabular reconstruction: A pelvic implant includes a first surface including a recess configured for receiving a portion of a flange of an acetabular cage and a patient-specific second surface opposite to the first surface. The patient-specific second surface is preoperatively configured from a three-dimensional digital image of a pelvis of a patient... Agent: Biomet Manufacturing, LLC

20140088725 - Gas exchanger and artificial lung: O2 and CO2 can be exchanged with blood by passing the blood through a void within a bundle of nanotubes, where the ends of the nanotubes are open to a gas flow channel. The void in the bundle is configured to form a flow channel that is large enough to... Agent:

20140088727 - Controlling powered human augmentation devices: In a communication system for controlling a powered human augmentation device, a parameter of the powered device is adjusted within a gait cycle by wirelessly transmitting a control signal thereto, whereby the adjusted parameter falls within a target range corresponding to that parameter. The target range is selected and the... Agent: Iwalk, Inc.

20140088726 - Robotic prosthesis alignment device and alignment surrogate device: A robotic prosthesis alignment device is disclosed that may automatically move the alignment of a prosthesis socket in relation to a prosthesis shank. The robotic prosthesis alignment device provides automatic translation in two axes. The robotic prosthesis alignment device includes angulation mechanics that automatically provide for plantarflexion, dorsiflexion, inversion, and... Agent: Orthocare Innovations LLC

20140088728 - Variable-mechanical-impedance artificial legs: In one aspect, the invention provides methods and apparatus facilitating an adjustable-stiffness prosthesis or orthosis (including approximations to arbitrarily definable non-linear spring functions). Spring rates may be varied under no-load conditions during a walking gate cycle to minimize power consumption. In another aspect, the invention provides methods and apparatus for... Agent: Iwalk, Inc.

20140088729 - Powered ankle-foot prosthesis: A powered ankle-foot prosthesis, capable of providing human-like power at terminal stance that increase amputees metabolic walking economy compared to a conventional passive-elastic prosthesis. The powered prosthesis comprises a unidirectional spring, configured in parallel with a force-controllable actuator with series elasticity. The prosthesis is controlled to deliver the high mechanical... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20140088730 - Ankle-foot prosthesis for automatic adaptation to sloped walking surfaces: An ankle-foot prosthesis includes a foot plate, an ankle frame attached to the foot plate, a yoke pivotally connected to the ankle frame and including a member for attaching to a leg, a damper having a first end connected to the yoke and a second end connected to the ankle... Agent: U.s. Department Of Veterans Affairs

03/20/2014 > 56 patent applications in 34 patent subcategories.

20140081374 - Devices and methods for treatment of vascular aneurysms: The present invention relates to devices and methods for the treatment of diseases in the vasculature, and more specifically, devices and methods for treatment of aneurysms found in blood vessels. In a first embodiment of the present invention, a two part prostheses, where one part is an expandable sponge structure... Agent:

20140081371 - Implant, and system formed of a balloon catheter and implant: An implant with an open-worked, hollow cylindrical main structure composed of a multiplicity of crosspieces, wherein the implant adopts a compressed state and an expanded state. So as to achieve a greater level of radial rigidity and an increased collapse pressure in the expanded state compared to conventional implants, wherein... Agent: Biotronik Ag

20140081370 - Spring stop for stent delivery system and delivery system provided with same: The present invention generally relates to medical devices, particularly to a SDS (stent delivery system) that incorporates a spring stent stop. The delivery system, owing to a novel stent stop construction, can be assembled, with the crimped stent in place within the outer sheath of the device, to enable the... Agent: Cordis Corporation

20140081372 - Stent with retention protrusions formed during crimping: Stents that forms protrusions in a crimped state and methods of crimping the stent are disclosed.... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

20140081373 - Stent with retention protrusions formed during crimping: Stents that forms protrusions in a crimped state and methods of crimping the stent are disclosed.... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

20140081376 - External steerable fiber for use in endoluminal deployment of expandable devices: The present disclosure describes treatment of the vasculature of a patient with an expandable implant. The implant is constrained to a reduced delivery diameter for delivery within the vasculature by at least one sleeve. The implant can be constrained to other diameters, such as an intermediate diameter. The sleeves can... Agent: W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.

20140081375 - Implant, system formed of an implant and a catheter, and method for producing such a system: An implant (10, 10′, 10″, 10″), in particular an intraluminal endoprosthesis, with an open-worked, hollow cylindrical and/or hollow conical main structure (11), wherein the main structure (11) can adopt a compressed state or an expanded state. To simplify final assembly by the doctor, a first tubular shaft (16, 16′) is... Agent: Biotronik Ag

20140081380 - Endoluminal device and method: An endoluminal device can be configured for precise positioning during deployment within a vessel. The endoluminal device can be a tack, stent, vascular implant or other type of implant. The endoluminal device can have circumferential member with an undulating configuration having multiple inward and outward apexes and struts extending therebetween.... Agent: Intact Vascular, Inc.

20140081378 - Methods of fabricating stents with enhanced fracture toughness: Stents and methods of manufacturing a stents with enhanced fracture toughness are disclosed.... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

20140081379 - Methods of fabricating stents with enhanced fracture toughness: Stents and methods of manufacturing a stents with enhanced fracture toughness are disclosed.... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

20140081377 - Stent with retention protrusions formed during crimping: Stents that forms protrusions in a crimped state and methods of crimping the stent are disclosed.... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

20140081381 - Polymeric stent: The present invention relates to a polymeric stent, and to an endoprosthesis that is implanted within blood vessels and is formed of a polymer.... Agent:

20140081382 - Stents with attached looped ends: An open frame prosthesis is formed with looped end terminations at its proximal and distal ends. At one end of the prosthesis, the filaments or strands are welded together in pairs to form strand couplings. A plurality of loop segments are connected to the strand couplings, one loop segment for... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20140081383 - Stents for prosthetic heart valves: A stented valve including a stent structure including a generally tubular body portion having a first end, a second end, an interior area, a longitudinal axis, and a plurality of vertical wires extending generally parallel to the longitudinal axis around a periphery of the body portion, wherein the plurality of... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20140081384 - Biomimetic vascular network and devices using the same: The invention provides method of fabricating a scaffold comprising a fluidic network, including the steps of: (a) generating an initial vascular layer for enclosing the chamber and providing fluid to the cells, the initial vascular layer having a network of channels for fluid; (b) translating the initial vascular layer into... Agent: The General Hospital Corporation

20140081385 - Arterial implants: The technology described herein generally relates to the field of tissue engineering and treatment of cardiovascular disease by endovascular repair. The technology more particularly relates to devices and methods to produce a tissue-based implant that can be used for abdominal aorta aneurysm, thoracic aorta aneurysm, or other cardiovascular repair.... Agent: Cytograft Tissue Engineering, Inc.

20140081386 - Endoluminal prosthesis: An endoluminal prosthesis for placement within a body vessel may include a tubular support structure including a proximal end segment, a distal end segment, an intermediate segment positioned between the proximal end segment and the distal end segment, a lumen extending longitudinally within the support structure, a luminal surface, and... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20140081389 - Conformal expansion of prosthetic devices to anatomical shapes: A system for expanding a device in a conduit or orifice of a human body includes an expansion device that is movable from a first configuration to a second configuration. External surfaces of the expansion device can collectively have a non-cylindrical cross-section relative to a main axis of the expansion... Agent: Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

20140081388 - Device for the implantation and fixation of prosthetic valves: A device for the transvascular implantation and fixation of prosthetic heart valves having a self-expanding heart valve stent (10) with a prosthetic heart valve (11) at its proximal end is introducible into a patient's main artery. With the objective of optimizing such a device to the extent that the prosthetic... Agent: Jenavalve Technology, Inc.

20140081387 - Tapered loading system for implantable medical devices: Loading systems for compressing and loading an implantable medical device into a device chamber of a medical device delivery system are described. The loading systems include an elongate holding chamber within which the intraluminal medical device is disposed. A plunger has one or more attached pushers adapted to axially advance... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20140081390 - Cardiac valve, system, and method: A cardiac valve with a support frame having a first end member and a second end member opposing the first end member in a substantially fixed distance relationship, and a cover extending over the support frame to allow for unidirectional flow of a liquid through the valve.... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20140081391 - Heart valve sewing cuff: An embodiment of the invention includes a sewing cuff for aortic heart valves that better approximates native anatomy by better mating with the crown-like anatomical annulus. Limiting distortion of the crown-like annulus provides better blood flow and overall valve function and provides a physician greater ease of implantation since native... Agent: On-x Life Technologies, Inc.

20140081392 - Collapsible prosthetic valve having an internal cover: A prosthetic valve is provided for implantation in a stenosed aortic valve. The prosthetic valve includes a radially collapsible frame configured for advancement through a patient's vasculature using a catheterization technique. A collapsible valvular structure is sewn to the frame for permitting blood to flow in only one direction. An... Agent: Edwards Lifesciences Pvt, Inc.

20140081393 - Method for altering the geometry of the heart: A system (1) for altering the geometry of a heart (100), comprising an annuloplasty ring; a set of elongate annulus-papillary tension members (21, 22, 23, 24), adapted for forming a link between said ring (10) and a papillary muscle, and a first set of papillary anchors (30) for connecting each... Agent: Edwards Lifesciences Ag

20140081394 - Medical device for a cardiac valve implant: A medical device for holding a cardiac valve implant is disclosed comprising an elongate support defining a peripheral edge with a curvature about which the cardiac valve implant can be fitted, wherein the elongate support comprises a resilient portion for resiliently holding the cardiac valve implant in place in said... Agent: Medtentia International Ltd. Oy

20140081395 - Method for designing, evaluating and optimizing ophthalmic lenses and laser vision correction: The present invention relates generally to lens design and, more particularly, to a method for designing, evaluating and optimizing ophthalmic lenses and laser vision correction in order to optimally manage issues resulting from, or related to, halos.... Agent:

20140081396 - Liquid formulation for ophtalmic devices: According to a first aspect, the invention relates to an intraocular variable focus implant comprising a non-conducting liquid with a melting temperature above 0° C., a conducting liquid, a liquid interface formed by the non-conducting and conducting liquids, a first electrode in contact with the conducting liquid, a second electrode... Agent: Parrot Sa

20140081398 - Breast implants with integrated transponders: The present invention provides, in various embodiments, a breast implant with an RFID transponder embedded therein, so that the implant can be conveniently identified while inside the human body, and methods of making the same.... Agent: Veriteq Acquisition Corporation

20140081397 - Surgical devices, kits, and related intra-operative methods for selecting breast implants: Surgical tools, kits, and methods for breast implants are provided. One surgical tool is a rigid or semi-rigid form that matches the size and shape of a corresponding breast implant. The form may be employed to determine skin tension when inserted into a breast. The form may also be employed... Agent: R&d Concepts, LLC

20140081399 - Adjustable suture-button construct for knotless stabilization of cranial cruciate deficient ligament stifle: An adjustable, knotless button/loop/needle construct for fixation of cranial cruciate ligament deficient stifle. The adjustable, knotless construct includes two fixation devices (for example, two buttons) and at least one flexible, adjustable loop attached to at least one of the fixation devices (e.g., the buttons). Preferably, a needle is attached to... Agent: Arthrex, Inc.

20140081400 - Semi-automatic customization of plates for internal fracture fixation: A method on a processor customizes a fixation plate for repairing a bone fracture. A digital CAD model of an implant contains smooth analytic geometry representations including NURBS. The CAD geometry is directly manipulated to generate a customized implant CAD model that conforms to the desired region of the bone... Agent: Siemens Corporation

20140081401 - Nested expandable sleeve implant: An expandable implant for treating bone preferably in a minimally invasive manner includes a preferably cylindrical core element extending along a longitudinal axis and preferably a plurality of nestable, expandable sleeves extending along a longitudinal axis for placement radially about the core element. The plurality of nestable sleeves are sequentially... Agent:

20140081405 - Disc nucleus replacement and method of use: An artificial disc nucleus replacement includes two mating halves which are inserted into the patient from opposite lateral sides of the patient's back, and joined together with screws.... Agent: Spinal U.s.a.

20140081402 - Expandable vertebral prosthesis: The present invention relates to an expandable prosthetic implant device for engagement between vertebrae generally comprising an inner member, outer member, and gear member positioned coaxial with respect to each other such that the inner and outer members are moveable relative to each other along an axis. The gear member... Agent:

20140081403 - Method for treatment or evacuation of intervertebral disc: A method of positioning an S-shaped tool against inner annular walls of the disc that particularly facilitates reaching posterior and postero-lateral portions of the inner annulus of the disc by arthroscopy. An elongated, arcuate and S-shaped tool such as a catheter is positioned against the inner annular wall of the... Agent:

20140081404 - Spinal interbody spacer device and methods of using same: A method is provided for manipulating a spinal body spacer for use in spinal surgery on a patient. The method includes attaching a placement tool to the spinal body spacer and manipulating the placement tool so as to locate the spinal body spacer in a desired location. The placement tool... Agent:

20140081406 - Prosthetic joint with alignment feature: A prosthetic joint includes: (a) a first member including a bone-implantable surface, comprising rigid material, and including a body having a cantilevered perimeter flange that defines a wear-resistant, concave first contact surface having a protruding rim and a recessed central portion; (b) a second member including a bone-implantable surface and... Agent: Biomedflex, LLC

20140081407 - Spring base glenosphere: A method for implanting a reverse modular humeral implant into a humerus that includes a natural humeral shaft and a natural humeral head. The implant includes a humeral stem implantable into the natural humeral shaft, and an adapter couplable to the humeral stem, the adapter including an anchoring projection configured... Agent: Biomet Manufacturing, LLC

20140081408 - Femoral knee prosthesis system with augments and multiple lengths of sleeves sharing a common geometry: A modular knee prosthesis system includes a femoral component having a stem, a plurality of different sizes of sleeves mountable on the stem, and a plurality of different sizes of augments mountable on the femoral component. The system is modular, and provides the surgeon with the option of distally offsetting... Agent:

20140081409 - Knee prosthesis system with standard and distal offset joint line: A modular knee prosthesis system includes a femoral component having a stem and a sleeve. The system is modular, and provides the surgeon with the option of distally offsetting the joint line by controlling the relative axial positions of the stem and the sleeve. Alternative options include providing sleeves with... Agent:

20140081410 - Modular knee prosthesis system with multiple lengths of sleeves sharing a common geometry: A modular knee prosthesis system includes a femoral component having a stem and a plurality of different sizes of sleeves mountable on the stem. The system is modular, and provides the surgeon with the option of distally offsetting the joint line by selecting the size of sleeve that will provide... Agent:

20140081411 - Surgical instrument system with multiple lengths of broaches sharing a common geometry: An orthopaedic surgical instrument system includes a first broach including a first end configured to be separately secured to a handle and a tapered body having a plurality of cutting teeth defined therein, and a second broach including a first end configured to be separately secured to the handle in... Agent:

20140081412 - Pivoting tibial tray: A tibial component for implantation at a resected tibia. The tibial component includes a medial tray, a lateral tray, and a connection member between the medial tray and the lateral tray. A first fastener extends from the medial tray to the connection member along a first pivot axle to pivotably... Agent: Biomet Manufacturing, LLC

20140081413 - Ankle-joint endoprosthesis: An endoprosthesis for replacing the ankle joint includes a lower component which is configured to be connected to the ankle bone, an upper component which is configured to be connected to the shin bone, and an intermediate part which forms a slide joint both with the lower and upper components.... Agent: Link America, Inc.

20140081418 - Prosthetic implant support structure: A prosthetic system that includes a prosthetic implant and a support structure secured to an inner surface of a cavity of a bone is disclosed. The support structure defines a channel that extends through the length of the support structure. The prosthetic implant is received in the channel, and a... Agent: Zimmer, LLC.

20140081419 - Method for treating morbid obesity: A method for treating morbid obesity in a body of a mammal having a gastrointestinal tract extending through a stomach and a pyloric sphincter and a wall forming the stomach and pyloric sphincter. At least one implant is formed in the wall in the vicinity of the pyloric sphincter to... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20140081416 - Duodenal metabolic stent: In at least one embodiment, the invention is directed to an endoluminal device comprising a stent and a sleeve. In one embodiment, the endoluminal device is implanted in a portion of the gastrointestinal tract. In some embodiments, the stent has a first region and a second region where the first... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20140081414 - Electrospun material covered medical appliances and methods of manufacture: A medical appliance or prosthesis may comprise one or more layers of electrospun nanofibers, including electrospun polymers. The electrospun material may comprise layers including layers of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). Electrospun nanofiber mats of certain porosities may permit tissue ingrowth into or attachment to the prosthesis.... Agent: Merit Medical Systems, Inc.

20140081417 - Implantable medical devices fabricated from branched polymers: Stent scaffolds comprising branched biocompatible polymers are disclosed.... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

20140081415 - Microvascular anastomotic coupler and methods of using same: Disclosed herein are devices and methods for fast and simple generation of an anastomosis. In certain embodiments, the devices and methods involve the deployment of self-expanding stents without the use of a catheter. The devices and methods disclosed herein further utilize a sheath that allows an operator to deploy the... Agent: The Brigham And Women's Hospital, Inc.

20140081421 - Hybrid terrain-adaptive lower-extremity systems: Hybrid terrain-adaptive lower-extremity apparatus and methods that perform in a variety of different situations by detecting the terrain that is being traversed, and adapting to the detected terrain. In some embodiments, the ability to control the apparatus for each of these situations builds upon five basic capabilities: (1) determining the... Agent: Iwalk, Inc.

20140081420 - Implementing a stand-up sequence using a lower-extremity prosthesis or orthosis: Knee orthoses or prostheses can be used to automatically when it is appropriate to initiate a stand-up sequence based on the position of the person's knee with respect to the person's ankle while the person is in a seated position. When the knee is moved to position that is forward... Agent: Iwalk, Inc.

20140081422 - Transcutaneous implant for skeletal attachment of external prosthetic devices: Provided herein are devices and methods for connecting a transcutaneous external prosthetic device to a bone, such as a bone of an amputee. The device is a two-piece transcutaneous implant device to provide reversible connection for ease of implantation, reliability, and relatively easy access for removal, while maximizing tissue ingrowth... Agent: Ortho Transmission, LLC

20140081423 - Novel enhanced methods for mimicking human gait with prosthetic knee devices: The present invention relates to a prosthetic device including a prosthetic joint which accurately transitions between a loose mode and a stiff mode to more accurately mimic a human gait. The prosthetic joint includes a state controller which utilizes a sensor to detect prosthetic joint movement data, and compares it... Agent: Freedom Innovations, LLC

20140081424 - Hybrid terrain-adaptive lower-extremity systems: Hybrid terrain-adaptive lower-extremity apparatus and methods that perform in a variety of different situations by detecting the terrain that is being traversed, and adapting to the detected terrain. In some embodiments, the ability to control the apparatus for each of these situations builds upon five basic capabilities: (1) determining the... Agent: Iwalk, Inc.

20140081425 - Gripping device with switchable opening modes: A gripping device that comprises a first moveable jaw and a second fixed jaw is disclosed. The gripping device has a handle operatively engaged to the first moveable jaw and a connecting link operatively engaged to the first moveable jaw. The connecting link is positioned in at least one of... Agent: Rehabilitation Institute Of Chicago

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