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Prosthesis (i.e., artificial body members), parts thereof, or aids and accessories therefor

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05/21/2015 > 42 patent applications in 32 patent subcategories.

20150142094 - Deflection devices, systems and methods for the prevention of stroke: Deflection devices, systems, and methods for the prevention of stroke. Devices hereof comprise an extension portion and an anchor portion, both of which are configured to prevent the device from advancing into the artery extending from the aortic arch in which the device may be positioned. Additionally, a retrieval system... Agent:

20150142095 - Deployment handle for an introducer: A handle for an implant deployment device converts rotational movement into longitudinal movement in order to provide controlled release of one or more trigger wires. The handle also allows the trigger wire to be withdrawn into the device so that it does not need to be separately removed. A preferred... Agent:

20150142093 - System and methods for endovascular aneurysm treatment: Embodiments provide methods and systems for treating aneurysms using filling structures filled with a curable medium. An embodiment of a method comprises positioning at least one double-walled filling structure across the aneurysm and filling the structure(s) with a filling medium so that an outer wall conforms to the inside of... Agent:

20150142097 - Endograft introducer and a capsule assembly for an endograft introducer: A capsule assembly for an endograft introducer is disclosed. The assembly comprises: a capsule and a capsule plug. The capsule has a cavity for receiving an end of a stent graft and a capsule wall terminating in a distal end. The capsule plug comprises: a tip portion having a lead-in... Agent:

20150142096 - Stent-graft with fixation elements that are radially confined for delivery: An endovascular stent-graft is provided that is configured to assume a radially-compressed delivery state and a radially-expanded deployment state. The endovascular stent-graft comprises a flexible stent member; and a tubular fluid flow guide, which comprises a graft material, and which is attached to the stent member. The stent member includes... Agent: Endospan Ltd.

20150142098 - Thermo-mechanically controlled implants and methods of use: An implant comprises a structure that may be implanted into tissue and that has a first material property at normal body temperature. The first material property is variable at elevated temperatures above normal body temperature. The implant also has a plurality of particles dispersed in the structure that are adapted... Agent:

20150142099 - Shape memory bioresorbable polymer peripheral scaffolds: Bioabsorbable scaffolds having high crush recoverability, high fracture resistance, and reduced or no recoil due to self expanding properties at physiological conditions are disclosed. The scaffolds are made from a random copolymer of PLLA and a rubbery polymer such as polycaprolactone.... Agent:

20150142101 - Adjustable heart valve implant: Systems and methods are provided for repairing a heart valve, such as a mitral, tricuspid or aortic valve, using an adjustable and removable implant that can be delivered to the heart through the apex in a simplified and non-invasive manner. The implant can include a prosthetic valve portion coupled to... Agent:

20150142102 - Filter system and method: A filter system, comprising an elongate filter body defining a lumen and having a proximal end and a distal end. A valve can be provided defining a lumen and having a reversibly sealable opening for unidirectional flow of a fluid through the lumen. The valve can be adjoined proximal the... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20150142103 - Multi-component designs for heart valve retrieval device, sealing structures and stent assembly: This invention relates to the design and function of a device which allows for retrieval of a previously implanted valve prosthesis from a beating heart without extracorporeal circulation using a transcatheter retrieval system, including a guide component to facilitate the compression of the valve and retraction into a retrieval catheter,... Agent: Tendyne Holdings, Inc.

20150142104 - Sealing structures for paravalvular leak protection: A prosthetic heart valve for replacing a native valve includes a collapsible and expandable stent having a proximal end and a distal end, and a valve assembly disposed within the stent, the valve assembly including a plurality of leaflets and a cuff annularly disposed about the stent. The cuff includes... Agent: St. Jude Medical, Cardiology Division, Inc.

20150142105 - Reconfiguring tissue features of a heart annulus: Among other things, a tool to attach a support to a heart valve annulus includes a stabilizing body that includes features to stabilize an axial position of the tool relative to the annulus, and an attachment device connected to the stabilizing body, the stabilizing body and the attachment device being... Agent:

20150142100 - Prosthetic heart valve devices, prosthetic mitral valves and associated systems and methods: A prosthetic heart valve (100) includes a flexible anchoring member (110) at least partially surrounding and coupled to an inner valve support (120). The device can further include a prosthetic valve (130) coupled to, mounted within, or otherwise carried by the valve support. The valve support includes a plurality of... Agent:

20150142106 - Prosthetic capsular bag and method of inserting the same: The present invention relates to a prosthetic capsular bag and method for inserting the same. The prosthetic capsular bag helps to maintain the volume of the natural capsular bag, thereby stabilizing the effective lens position of an IOL so that refractive outcomes may be improved with cataract surgery. The prosthetic... Agent:

20150142107 - Processor controlled intraocular lens system: The present invention relates generally to an intraocular lens system controlled with a processor, including a liquid meniscus lens and supporting electronics. Embodiments may include intraocular lens systems of various shapes and sizes, liquid meniscus lens components of various shapes and sizes, variations in supporting electronics with corresponding variations in... Agent:

20150142108 - Accommodative intraocular lens: The accommodative intraocular lens 1 include an optical section 10 of a lens, and a lens supporting section 20 provided at the peripheral portion of the optical section 10. The lens supporting section 20 includes one end portion 201 connected to the peripheral portion of the optical section 10 via... Agent: Frontier Vision Co., Ltd.

20150142109 - Ophthalmic lenses with enhanced surface and methods of fabrication thereof: An ophthalmic lens for providing enhanced vision includes a finished optic comprising a base optic and a membrane. The base optic has an anterior surface and an opposing posterior surface, at least one of the surfaces having a first value of a surface quality parameter. The base optic also includes... Agent:

20150142110 - Acl implants, instruments, and methods: Systems for single tunnel, double bundle anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction include implant constructs and instruments. The implant constructs provide a combination of cortical fixation and bone tunnel aperture fixation. The implant constructs separate a graft into distinct bundles. The instruments are used to prepare shaped bone tunnels to receive the... Agent:

20150142111 - Controlling a size of a pylorus: Systems and methods are provided for reversibly controlling a size and/or restricting the movement of a body orifice, such as a pyloric opening, using an implantable device configured to allow a distance between opposed ends thereof to be adjusted. A device is provided having attachment members and a connector portion... Agent:

20150142112 - Bone cements containing magnetic calcium phosphate nanoparticles: A bone cement formulation comprising: (a) magnetic calcium phosphate nanoparticles present in an amount of 5.0-95 wt. % and having a largest linear dimension of 150 nm to 50 microns; (b) polymerizable acrylate monomer present in an amount of 5.0-95 wt. %; and (c) polyacrylate polymer present in an amount... Agent:

20150142113 - Intervertebral implant: An intervertebral implant comprises first and second parts having outer surfaces engaging adjacent vertebral surfaces. An insert between these parts provides relative movement therebetween. The first and/or second parts may have engagement means in the form of apertures for engagement with insertion instruments. The first and second parts may nest... Agent:

20150142114 - Intervertebral disk cage and stabilizer: A middle-expanded, removable intervertebral disk cage and stabilizer for stabilizing adjacent vertebrae and a method for intervertebral disk stabilization in which adjacent vertebrae are spread and a portion of the intervertebral disk is removed from between the adjacent vertebrae.... Agent: Perumala Corporation

20150142116 - Minimally invasive lateral intervertebral fixation system, device and method: An intervertebral fixation device is disclosed, which includes a weight-bearing shell, a first anchor, a second anchor, and a key. The shell includes a first and second opposing sidewalls at a distance from one another, a keyway that extends along at least a portion of the distance, and a first... Agent:

20150142117 - Spinal implant apparatus and methods: A method of inserting and positioning an intervertebral spacer is provided. The spacer includes a longitudinal axis, an on-axis interface coincident with or parallel to the longitudinal axis, and an off-axis interface angled to the longitudinal axis. The spacer's front end may be curved. The method may include inserting the... Agent:

20150142119 - Stand alone anterior cage: The present invention teaches an improved spinal fusion implant and method of implanting same. The implant includes a shell and an insert, the insert capable of situating first and second plates of the shell with respect to each other and of preventing unwanted loosening of fasteners placed through the shell... Agent:

20150142118 - Surgical systems and methods for implanting deflectable implants: Deflectable implants, systems and methods for implanting deflectable implants are disclosed. The deflectable implant includes at least one sequence of segments, the sequence includes at least two segments, the segments being interconnected at effective hinges, the sequence assuming a straightened or low curvature insertion state for insertion into the body,... Agent:

20150142115 - Vertebral implant provided with a self-locking and unlocking means: The invention relates to a vertebral implant (1) intended to be implanted in a patients intersomatic space and comprising an intersomatic cage (2) and at least one fixing screw (10) intended to be screwed into the bony mass through a well (7) of said cage (2) to stabilize the position... Agent: Spirits

20150142120 - System and method for treating obstructive sleep apnea: One aspect of the present disclosure relates to a system for treating obstructive sleep apnea in a subject. The system can include a power source and a neuromuscular stimulator in electrical communications with the power source. The neuromuscular stimulator can include a controller and at least one electrode. The controller... Agent:

20150142121 - Method and device for ameliorating joint conditions and diseases: A device for ameliorating joint conditions and diseases comprising a) a first section comprising a joint-ward end, an opposing mating end, and a lateral wall, a peripheral column partially forming the lateral wall of the first section, a central column, and three or more than three struts extending between and... Agent:

20150142122 - Method and apparatus for restoring a shoulder joint and/or another joint: Apparatus for repairing a shoulder joint, said apparatus comprising: a baseplate for mounting to a glenoid, said baseplate comprising: a base portion comprising a medially-facing surface and a laterally-facing surface, and at least one opening passing through said medially-facing surface and said laterally-facing surface for receiving at least one base... Agent:

20150142123 - Knee component having orbital interface boss: A knee prosthesis including a knee component and an indexing boss. The knee component includes a first engagement portion. The indexing boss includes a first terminal end surface, a second terminal end surface, and a second engagement portion at the second terminal end surface. The first terminal end surface and... Agent:

20150142124 - Reinforcing implant for an elongated bone, in particular femur: A reinforcing implant anchors shafts of two prostheses which are arranged opposite each other on an elongated bone, in particular a femur. The implant has a generally elongated shaft-like shape and a receiving sleeve at both ends for a respective anchoring shaft and a disconnectable coupling piece lying between the... Agent:

20150142125 - Orthopaedic implant with dynamic trans-fixation slot: An orthopaedic implant for use with a fastener having at least one of threads and grooves includes a body defining a long axis. The body includes an inner wall defining an elongated slot. The inner wall includes a pair of opposing walls and a single projection disposed on the inner... Agent:

20150142126 - System and method for attaching soft tissue to an implant: One embodiment of the present invention is directed to compositions and methods for enhancing attachment of soft tissues to a metal prosthetic device. In one embodiment a construct is provided comprising a metal implant having a porous metal region, wherein the porous region exhibits a nano-textured surface, and a biocompatible... Agent:

20150142127 - Ureteral stent for placement in a kidney and bladder: Provided is a ureteral stent (=50) including a bladder portion (=52) positioned in a bladder of a patient, a kidney portion (=54) positioned in a kidney and ureteral passageway of the patient, and one or more tethers (=56) coupling the bladder portion to the kidney portion. The ureteral stent allows... Agent:

20150142128 - Tissue regeneration construct and method for producing tissue regeneration construct: Provided is a tissue regeneration construct having a good engraftment property and capable of promoting a stable and favorable regeneration to a target site, the tissue regeneration construct being a member to be applied to a target site for transplantation and regeneration to regenerate tissue, including a transplant body, and... Agent:

20150142129 - Adaptive stimulation apparatus and technique: In that stimulating muscle within a socket may create additional pressure within the socket that is disrelated to external forces operative on the socket, corruption of pressure measurements within the socket may occur from stimulation, even though negative pressure differential on the side opposing, or furthest from the stimulation area,... Agent: Articulate Labs, Inc.

20150142130 - Movement assistance device: Methods for the control of an exoskeleton comprising at least one powered joint associated with lower limbs of a user and control systems therefrom are provided. A method includes estimating a configuration of a body of the user associated with the exoskeleton with respect to a gravity vector and computing... Agent: Vanderbilt University

20150142131 - Adjustable seal system, seal component and method for using the same: An adjustable seal system, seal component for use in the system, and method are provided for forming a sealing interface between a residual limb and a prosthetic socket. The seal component is selectively placed over the outer surface of a suspension liner including a plurality of seal bands, which the... Agent:

20150142132 - Adjustable seal system, seal component and method for using the same: An adjustable seal system, seal component for use in the system, and method are provided for forming a sealing interface between a residual limb and a prosthetic socket. The seal component is selectively placed over the outer surface of a suspension liner including a plurality of seal bands, which the... Agent:

20150142133 - Adjustable seal system, seal component and method for using the same: An adjustable seal system, seal component for use in the system, and method are provided for forming a sealing interface between a residual limb and a prosthetic socket. The seal component is selectively placed over the outer surface of a suspension liner including a plurality of seal bands, which the... Agent:

20150142134 - Foot for mobility device: A flexible foot for a mobility device may have one or more layers of a resilient material that provides a smoother, more natural walking motion for a user and that is more stable and requires less user energy than a mobility device with a rigid foot. Furthermore, a flexible foot... Agent:

05/14/2015 > 39 patent applications in 29 patent subcategories.

20150134043 - Self constraining radially expandable medical devices: The current invention comprises tubes that can be constrained and expanded by either axial or torsional strain. By torsionally displacing the tube in a direction counter to the biased helices and angularly displacing the lower angle helix to an angle equal to, but opposite, the starting angle, the tube is... Agent:

20150134045 - Secured strand end devices: A woven, self-expanding stent device has one or more strands and is configured for insertion into an anatomical structure. The device includes a coupling structure secured to two different strand end portions that are substantially aligned with each other. The two different strand end portions include nickel and titanium. The... Agent:

20150134044 - Stent for electrothermal treatment: A stent comprises at least two or more separated bodies formed by separating in a longitudinal direction a hollow cylindrical body formed by weaving superelastic shape memory alloy wires, the separated bodies connected with each other through an insulator formed of a flexible material, wherein the separated bodies respectively include... Agent:

20150134046 - Stent having circumferentially deformable struts: Disclosed is a method of treating a bodily lumen with a stent, the method comprising: disposing a stent within a bodily lumen, the stent comprising a plurality of deformable struts configured to selectively deform in localized regions in the struts upon application of an outward radial force; and expanding the... Agent:

20150134047 - Safe drug eluting stent with absorbable coating: Provided herein is a device comprising: a. stent; b. a plurality of layers on said stent framework to form said device; wherein at least one of said layers comprises a bioabsorbable polymer and at least one of said layers comprises one or more active agents; wherein at least part of... Agent:

20150134048 - Dioxanone-based copolymers for implantable devices: The present invention is directed to polymeric materials comprising biodegradable, dioxanone-based copolymers and implantable devices (e.g., drug-delivery stents) formed of such materials. The polymeric materials can also contain at least one additional biocompatible moiety, at least one non-fouling moiety, at least one biobeneficial material, at least one bioactive agent, or... Agent:

20150134049 - Methods for tissue passivation: Methods of tissue passivation are described herein for use in preserving normal tissue architecture, reducing post-surgical inflammation, and reducing or preventing the development of pathogenic collagen bundles and adhesions following surgical procedures. Passivated tissues prepared in accordance with these methods are useful in a variety of therapies including, e.g., cardiac... Agent:

20150134050 - Device and method for improving heart valve function: The invention is a method for reducing regurgitation through a mitral valve. The device and method is directed to an anchor portion for engagement with the heart wall and an expandable valve portion configured for deployment between the mitral valve leaflets. The valve portion is expandable for preventing regurgitation through... Agent: Edwards Lifesciences Ag

20150134056 - Catheter deliverable artificial multi-leaflet heart valve prosthesis and intravascular delivery system for a catheter deliverable heart valve prosthesis: A heart valve prosthesis includes a collapsible stent and a one-piece multi-leaflet valve. The stent includes at least one length of wire having a series of turns forming a spring-like stent. The one-piece multi-leaflet valve is attached to the stent and includes a cylinder of polyester material secured thereto at... Agent:

20150134052 - Low profile transcatheter heart valve: An implantable prosthetic valve, according to one embodiment, comprises a frame, a leaflet structure, and a skirt member. The frame can have a plurality of axial struts interconnected by a plurality of circumferential struts. The leaflet structure comprises a plurality of leaflets (e.g., three leaflets arrange to form a tricuspid... Agent: Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

20150134054 - Pneumatically power-assisted tavi delivery system: A delivery device for a collapsible prosthetic heart valve may include an operating handle and a catheter assembly. The handle may include a housing, a piston cylinder, a piston longitudinally slidable within the piston cylinder, the piston and the piston cylinder together defining at least one pressure chamber, a deployment... Agent: St. Jude Medical, Cardiology Division, Inc.

20150134055 - Tissue fastening systems and methods utilizing magnetic guidance: Catheter based systems and methods for securing tissue including the annulus of a mitral valve. The systems and methods employ catheter based techniques and devices to plicate tissue and perform an annuloplasty.... Agent:

20150134053 - Transfemoral mitral valve repair delivery device: A device for repair of a heart valve leaflet includes an elongated catheter assembly having a proximal end and a distal end, and a tip at the distal end of the catheter assembly. A capture mechanism having a first free end and a second free end is rotatably coupled to... Agent:

20150134057 - Method and apparatus for repairing a mitral valve: Apparatus, the apparatus comprising: an anchor, the anchor comprising: an elongated body having a distal end and a proximal end, and a first side and a second side; a through-hole formed in the body intermediate the distal end and the proximal end and extending through the body from the first... Agent:

20150134051 - Arterial and venous anchor devices forming an anastomotic connector and system for delivery: An arterial anchor device and a venous anchor device operably coupled by graft material to form an anastomotic convector is provided. The arterial anchor device comprises a generally tubular main body including a distal end and a proximal end, the distal end defining a plurality of flanges integrally formed with... Agent:

20150134058 - Intracorneal lens: The present invention relates to an intracorneal lens (1), comprising a circular main body having a convex front surface and a convex rear surface, characterized in that the convex front surface has a single uniform radius of curvature (Rcv) and the concave rear surface has a radius of curvature (Rcci).... Agent:

20150134059 - Deformable accommodative intraocular lens: A deformable accommodating intraocular lens (IOL) is disclosed, where the IOL comprises a diffractive kinoform-like grating pattern on one or both of the anterior or posterior surfaces of the deformable IOL. The capsular bag of the eye exerts a distorting force on the IOL, changing its power and allowing for... Agent: Novartis Ag

20150134060 - Cortical loop fixation system for ligament and bone reconstruction: A system is disclosed for repairing and reconstructing an injured intra-articular, extra-articular ligament or tendon to a bone. The system includes realigning the axis of a bone, and further includes fixing fragments of a bone together. Novel devices, instruments and methods are disclosed, including a cortical loop for engaging a... Agent:

20150134061 - Piezoelectric composites and methods of making: There is a need for methods that can produce piezoelectric composites having suitable physical characteristics and also optimized electrical stimulatory properties. The present application provides piezoelectric composites, including tissue-stimulating composites, as well as methods of making such composites, that meet these needs. In embodiments, methods of making a spinal implant... Agent:

20150134062 - Spine surgery method and inserter: A surgical inserter for use in inserting an implant into a vertebral space may include: (a) a handle; (b) a gripper having one end attached to the handle and a second end having a pair of arms; and (c) a grip activator having an opening that threadingly receives the gripper.... Agent:

20150134064 - Spinal implant with expandable fixation: A spinal implant which is configured to be deployed between adjacent vertebral bodies. The implant has at least one fixation element with a retracted configuration to facilitate deployment of the implant and an extended configuration so as to engage a surface of an adjacent vertebral body and secure the implant... Agent:

20150134063 - Surgical implant devices incorporating porous surfaces and a locking plate: A surgical implant device, comprising: a body portion defining a plurality of ports; a plurality of bone screws disposed partially through the plurality of ports defined by the body portion; a locking plate disposed over a head portion of at least one of the plurality of bone screws and engaging... Agent:

20150134065 - Mulit-phasic solid implants for tissue repair: This invention provides aragonite- and calcite-based solid substrates for the repair, regeneration, enhancement of formation or a combination thereof of cartilage and/or bone, which solid substrates comprise or are made to ultimately comprise three phases, wherein each phase differs in terms of its chemical content, or structure, kits comprising the... Agent:

20150134066 - Shoulder implant with stem: A humerus implant has a stem, cup shaped body and a locking adapter. The cup shaped body is locked to the stem by a key-slot mechanism. The cup shaped body has a center portion and a plurality of flexible first sidewall segments and second sidewall segments, with gaps between neighbored... Agent: Arthrex, Inc.

20150134067 - Artificial knee joint: An artificial knee joint includes a femoral component (1) and a tibial component (2). The femoral component (1) includes an intercondylar box (11). A cam (12) is provided on posterior of the intercondylar box (11). The tibial component (2) includes a medial condyle bearing surface (21) and a lateral condyle... Agent:

20150134068 - Spacer implant for the temporary replacement of a knee prosthesis: The present invention relates to a spacer implant (I) for the temporary replacement of a knee prosthesis, said implant (I) having a femoral condyle (1) and a tibial plateau (2), the lower surface (7) of the femoral condyle (1) resting on the upper surface (8) of the tibial plateau (2),... Agent:

20150134070 - Surgical instruments and method for use in surgically preparing a tibia for implantation of a prosthetic component: Orthopaedic surgical instruments including a base trial adapted to be positioned on a proximal end of a patient's resected tibia, and a guide tower including a tower base adapted to be positioned on the base trial. A method of use is also described.... Agent:

20150134069 - Tibial prosthetic component for a partial or unicondylar bearing knee replacement, method of selecting such a tibial prosthetic component, method of implanting such a tibial prosthetic component and a kit for a surgeon: The invention concerns a tibial prosthetic component comprising a plate (100) for forming a tibial plateau of a tibia (16), wherein a peripheral region of the plate (100) has a thickness of less than 3 mm. The invention also concerns a tibial prosthetic component having a keel of depth less... Agent:

20150134071 - Intramedullary ankle technique and system: A prosthesis suited for orthopedic implantation comprising a modular intramedullary rod that provides intramedullary guidance and that supports an artificial joint surface that can articulate with another artificial joint surface in various ways. Intramedullary guidance systems and methods introduce some and/or all surgical tools and ankle prostheses components through the... Agent:

20150134072 - Hip joint method: A surgical or arthroscopic method for resurfacing at least one surface of a hip joint of a human patient using a medical device comprising a first sealing member. The hip joint has an acetabulum surface and a caput femur surface and the method comprises the steps of creating at least... Agent:

20150134075 - Orthopaedic implant and method of installing same: An orthopaedic implant comprises an articulation head comprising a bearing surface and a reverse surface and a securement disk. The securement disk comprises an attachment surface attached to at least a portion of the reverse surface of the articulation head, a securement surface opposite the attachment surface and adapted for... Agent:

20150134074 - Endoluminal device: The present invention relates to an endoluminal device for implantation in a body lumen, such as a pancreatic duct. The device is provided with a distal end region having greater flexibility than that of a medial region of the device.... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20150134073 - Ureteral stents with waveform interlayers and interstitching: Ureteral stents include a tubular body defining a lumen and have a distal kidney section, a proximal bladder section, and a ureter section between the distal and proximal sections. The tubular body has a first material layer and a stiffening member that extends through at least a portion of a... Agent: Gyrus Acmi, Inc.

20150134076 - Hybrid adjunct materials for use in surgical stapling: Implantable materials for use with end effectors like surgical stapling devices, and methods associated with the operation of such end effectors, are provided. In one exemplary embodiment, a staple cartridge assembly includes a cartridge body and a hybrid adjunct material associated therewith. The hybrid adjunct material can include one or... Agent:

20150134077 - Sealing materials for use in surgical stapling: Implantable materials for use with end effectors like surgical stapling devices, and methods associated with the operation of such end effectors, are provided herein. In one exemplary embodiment, a tissue reinforcement material is releasably retained on a portion of a surgical stapler end effector for delivery to tissue upon deployment... Agent: Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.

20150134078 - Device and method for decreasing energy consumption of a person by use of a lower extremity exoskeleton: A lower extremity exoskeleton, configurable to be coupled to a person, includes: leg supports configurable to be coupled to the person's lower limbs and designed to rest on the ground during stance phases, with each leg support having a thigh link and a shank link; two knee joints, each configured... Agent: Ekso Bionics, Inc.

20150134079 - Walk-assistive robot and method of controlling the same: Provided are a walk-assistive robot and a method of controlling the same. The method of controlling the walk-assistive robot includes: obtaining ground information that is information regarding ground a walking direction; determining control patterns of the walk-assistive robot by analyzing the obtained ground information; and controlling the walk-assistive robot based... Agent:

20150134080 - Wearable robot and method for controlling the same: A wearable robot may include a gear part having an exoskeleton structure to be worn on legs of a user, a sensor part including a first electromyogram (EMG) sensor attached at a first location of at least one leg of the user, and a second EMG sensor attached at a... Agent:

20150134081 - Hydraulic valve: A valve includes a case comprising a pin bore, a pin configured to move axially in the pin bore, wherein the pin seals the pin bore, a first channel in communication with the pin bore, a second channel in communication with the pin bore, wherein the second channel comprises a... Agent: Otto Bock Healthcare Gmbh

05/07/2015 > 38 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20150127084 - Bifurcated stent and delivery system: A stent system is provided for stenting a bifurcated vessel structure having a parent vessel and a daughter vessel. The stent system has a parent vessel stent and a daughter vessel stent. The parent vessel stent has a substantially tubular body that is configured to be deployed into the parent... Agent:

20150127082 - Pediatric application of bioabsorbable polymer stents in infants and children with congenital heart defects: Methods of treating congenital heart defects in infants and children with bioabsorbable polymer stents are described. The treatments reduce or eliminate the adverse affects of congenital heart defects or may be palliative.... Agent:

20150127083 - Prosthesis and delivery system: A prosthesis delivery system including a prosthesis mounted on an elongate member. The prosthesis has a locking member positioned on the prosthesis. The locking member includes a reduced diameter portion with two opposing surfaces that are configured to engage opposing proximal and distal sides of a radially extending member on... Agent: Back Bay Medical Inc.

20150127085 - Endovascular devices with axial perturbations: Endovascular devices are provided. The endovascular devices include a conformable scaffold with one or more outpocketings. The outpocketing in the endovascular device creates a corresponding outpocketing of a vessel wall, thereby altering local fluid dynamics.... Agent:

20150127087 - Method of manufacturing stent attached to artificial blood vessel and stent attached to artificial blood vessel manufactured by the same: A stent may be inserted and placed in a lesion portion that is being stenosed or has been stenosed in a blood vessel or a lumen in the body to expand the lesion portion that is being stenosed or has been stenosed. Further, the stent and the artificial blood vessel... Agent:

20150127086 - Stent graft: The stent graft (10) comprises a cylinder comprising a graft material in the form of a film and a stent that supports the cylinder. Further, the stent graft (10) is inserted within a region from the ascending aorta to the sinus of valsalva, and the stent graft comprises cylindrical body... Agent:

20150127088 - Woven fabric with shape memory element strands: The disclosure relates to a woven fabric for use in an implantable medical device. The woven fabric comprises shape memory element strands woven with textile strands. At least one of the shape memory element strands has at least one float of at least five textile strands between binding points.... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20150127089 - Stent graft with valve arrangement: A stent graft has a cylindrical wall, an internal lumen within the cylindrical wall and a fenestration in the wall. The fenestration is closed off by a valve arrangement to prevent the flow of liquids from within the internal lumen to outside of the wall. The valve arrangement is a... Agent:

20150127090 - Breach detection in solid structures: An implantable device includes at least one solid structure having an external surface and a volume beneath the surface. One or more of a first conductor or set of conductors is disposed externally and/or internally on or within the structure and an array of elongate electrically conductive elements are disposed... Agent: Sensurtec, Inc.

20150127092 - Catheter system for introducing an expandable heart valve stent into the body of a patient,: The invention relates to catheter system for introducing an expandable heart valve stent (150) into the body of a patient, the catheter system comprising: a catheter tip (10) having a seat portion for accommodating the stent (150) in its collapsed state and a stent holder (15) for releasably fixing the... Agent: Jenavalve Technology Gmbh

20150127093 - Magnetic retaining mechanisms for prosthetic valves: Disclosed herein are representative embodiments of methods, apparatus, and systems used to deliver a prosthetic heart valve to a deficient valve. In one embodiment, for instance, a support member is positioned to at least partially surround the native chordae tendineae and/or leaflets of a valve. The support member can comprise... Agent: Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

20150127094 - Systems and methods for delivering a medical implant: The present invention relates to apparatus and methods for endovascularly delivering and releasing a prosthesis, e.g., an aortic prosthesis, within and/or across a patient's native heart valve, referred to hereinafter as replacing the patient's heart valve. In some embodiments the delivery system comprises a plurality of first actuatable element adapted... Agent: Sadra Medical, Inc.

20150127095 - Heart valve prosthesis and methods of manufacture and use: A heart valve prosthesis is provided having a self-expanding multi-level frame that supports a valve body comprising a skirt and plurality of coapting leaflets. The frame transitions between a contracted delivery configuration that enables percutaneous transluminal delivery, and an expanded deployed configuration having an asymmetric hourglass shape. The valve body... Agent: Medtronic Corevalve, Inc.

20150127096 - Method for replacing mitral valve: A method of implanting a prosthetic mitral valve assembly using a transapical procedure is disclosed. An incision is formed in the chest in the apex of the patient's heart. A delivery catheter containing the prosthetic mitral valve assembly is advanced over a guidewire into the patient's heart. The prosthetic mitral... Agent: Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

20150127097 - Implantable device for improving or rectifying a heart valve insufficiency: The invention relates to an implantable device for improving or rectifying a heart valve insufficiency, comprising a closure element (1) which can be positioned in the passage area of a heart valve, in particular in the area between an atrium (2) and a ventricle (3) of the heart, and which... Agent:

20150127098 - Paravalvular leak sealing mechanism: A prosthetic heart valve includes a stent body with a generally tubular annulus section, which may include one or more circumferential rows of cells. One or more prosthetic valve elements mounted to the stent body operate to allow blood flow in an antegrade direction but to substantially block flow in... Agent:

20150127099 - Methods of implanting an annuloplasty ring for reduced dehiscence: A prosthetic remodeling annuloplasty ring for use in tricuspid or mitral valve repairs to provide support after annuloplasty surgery. The annuloplasty ring includes a relatively rigid core extending around an axis that is discontinuous to define two free ends. A suture-permeable interface surrounding the core includes floppy regions adjacent both... Agent:

20150127100 - Reduced profile prosthetic heart valve: A prosthetic heart valve may include a stent body with a plurality of cells arranged in circumferential rows and a cuff attached to the stent. A leaflet attachment panel may be attached to and span a portion of one of the cells. A prosthetic valve element, such as a leaflet... Agent:

20150127091 - Device for soft tissue support and method for anchoring: A device for supporting soft tissue comprises a tubular body and is constituted of a sequence of compliant portions and anchoring portions. The anchoring portions each comprise anchor members adapted to penetrate into soft tissue. The compliant portions each comprise deformable members extending between ends of the compliant portion, at... Agent:

20150127101 - Intraocular lens having helical haptics of shape memory: For easy handling at placement of intra ocular lenses (IOLs) for cataract operations, these are equipped with helical haptics of memory materials circumferring the lens. Said haptics adhere to the rim of the lens as long as being cooled down to constriction temperature. On regaining body temperature the haptics expand... Agent: Doci Innovations Gmbh (claus Simandi)

20150127102 - Prosthethic capsular bag and method of inserting the same: The present invention relates to a prosthetic capsular bag and method for inserting the same. The prosthetic capsular bag helps to maintain the volume of the natural capsular bag, thereby stabilizing the effective lens position of an IOL so that refractive outcomes may be improved with cataract surgery. The prosthetic... Agent:

20150127103 - Connective tissue repair: The invention relates to an implantable prosthetic device, a patch, for the repair of connective tissue in an animal or a human. In one embodiment, a biocompatible repair patch (10) for repair of human or animal tissue is disclosed which comprises a tensile load-bearing component in the form of a... Agent: Xiros Limited

20150127104 - In-situ formation of a joint replacement prosthesis: An expandable mold configured to be arthroscopically introduced into a joint for in-situ formation of a joint replacement prosthesis, and a flowable, curable substance configured for forming the joint replacement prosthesis inside said mold. In addition, a surgical kit for arthroscopic, in-situ formation of a joint replacement prosthesis, the surgical... Agent: Ultimate Joint Ltd. A Corporation

20150127106 - Composite bone graft device: A composite bone graft which comprises an allograft bone component; a synthetic bone substitute, wherein the synthetic bone substitute is in contact with the allograft bone component. The composite is arranged within a resorbable mesh casing.... Agent:

20150127105 - Method of treating scoliosis using a biological implant: The present invention is a bone growth stimulating and promoting cytokine type biological implant preferably comprising PTH coated with a controlled release biodegradable coating that is implanted preferably in the concave side of a scoliotically curved spine in combination with a bone growth inhibiting type biological implant preferably comprising methotrexate... Agent:

20150127107 - Cage having spike: The present invention relates to a cage which is inserted between vertebral bodies of a cervical vertebra or spine during an operation for treating a cervical disc disease, myelosis, or fracture of the cervical vertebra or spine, and more particularly, to a cage with spikes, including upper and lower spikes... Agent:

20150127109 - Intervertebral implant having extendable bone fixation members: An intervertebral implant is configured to be fixed in an intervertebral space defined by a first vertebral body and a second vertebral body. The intervertebral implant includes an implant body sized to be inserted into an intervertebral space, and a fixation assembly configured to be attached to the implant body.... Agent:

20150127108 - Spinal fusion implant with bone screws and a bone screw lock: An interbody spinal fusion implant made of a material other than bone adapted for placement across an intervertebral space formed across the height of a disc space between two adjacent vertebral bodies. The implant has a trailing end with a bone screw receiving hole for receiving at least one bone... Agent:

20150127110 - Method of implanting a reverse shoulder orthopaedic implant having a metaglene component with a screw locking cap: A method of surgically implanting a reverse shoulder orthopaedic implant, the method comprises the step of installing a glenosphere component having a bore formed therein over a metaglene component implanted within bone tissue of a glenoid surface of a scapula, capturing a screw cap within the bore of the glenosphere... Agent:

20150127111 - Anterior stabilized knee implant: A posterior cruciate ligament retaining knee implant prosthesis comprising a femoral component including a medial condyle and a lateral condyle separated from one another by an intercondylar channel adapted to accommodate throughput of a native cruciate ligament, both the medial condyle and the lateral condyle posteriorly terminate individually, the medial... Agent:

20150127113 - Orthopedic instrument, system and method for implanting an acetabular cup: An orthopedic instrument for installing a new reverse hip prosthesis, particularly the acetabular cup thereof, wherein the cup can be affixed to the pelvis with or without screws. The acetabular cup is releasably attached to the instrument and the instrument is used to position the cup in the pelvis. Optional... Agent: Hip Innovation Technology, LLC

20150127114 - Bionic joint device with closed lubrication: A bionic joint device with closed lubrication comprises a main body bionic bone (1), a driven bionic bone (4), an elastic easily-stretching cavity housing (2), a cavity sealing hoop (3), an elastic shock-proof material (5), a high-strength wear-resistant self-lubricating material (6) and a powerful inelastic limit connection (7). The elastic... Agent:

20150127112 - Deforming implant-bone interface: A prosthesis can have a wall portion that deforms to conform to a surface. The deformation of the wall can be plastic (i.e. permanent) or elastic (i.e. able to return to the pre-deformed configuration). The surface can be an anatomical surface.... Agent: Biomet Manufacturing, LLC

20150127115 - Open lumen stent: A stent according to an embodiment of the invention includes an elongate body having a proximal end portion and a distal end portion. The elongate body defines a lumen and an opening in communication with the lumen between the proximal end portion and the distal end portion configured to enable... Agent:

20150127116 - Dehydration device and methods for drying biological materials: This invention relates generally to a dehydration device and methods for drying biological materials to produce dried biological materials having enhanced structural properties. More specifically, the invention relates to a dehydration device and related methods for drying biological tissue to produce enhanced tissue grafts.... Agent: Mimedx Group, Inc.

20150127117 - Active ankle foot orthosis: An Active Ankle Foot Orthosis (AAFO) is provided where the impedance of an orthotic joint is modulated throughout the walking cycle to treat ankle foot gait pathology, such as drop foot gait. During controlled plantar flexion, a biomimetic torsional spring control is applied where orthotic joint stiffness is actively adjusted... Agent:

20150127118 - Prosthetic, orthotic or exoskeleton device: A time-dependent decay behavior is incorporated into one or more joint actuator control parameters during operation of a lower-extremity, prosthetic, orthotic or exoskeleton device. These parameters may include joint equilibrium joint impedance (e.g., stiffness, damping) and/or joint torque components (e.g., gain, exponent). The decay behavior may be exponential, linear, piecewise,... Agent: Iwalk, Inc.

20150127119 - Impedance parameter power control for lower limb assistive device: Systems and methods are described that relate to the control of a powered lower limb assistive device with one or more joints, where a controller of the assistive device is configured to receive one or more user-generated signals, determine control information using information in the one or more user-generated signals,... Agent: Rehabilitation Institute Of Chicago

04/30/2015 > 30 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20150119969 - Unit and device having a unit for positioning a prosthetic component: A prosthesis delivery handle with a bushing (66) with two adjacent internal threads (64, 74) with different diameters and pitch surrounding a tubular threaded first shaft member (36) cooperating with the first thread (64) and a second inner member with a protrusion (82) extending through an axial slot in the... Agent:

20150119971 - Stent-mesh assembly and methods: A method of affixing a stent jacket to a stent, comprising aligning the stent jacket coaxially with the stent, placing a portion of the stent within a portion of the stent jacket, wherein a central axis of the stent is aligned with a central axis of the stent jacket, and... Agent:

20150119970 - Valved stent, base material for forming valved stent, and method for producing valved stent: The present invention provides a valved stent that can provide a valve function without blocking a branch blood vessel, and also can provide a valve function with minimum covering of blood vessel tissue in a stent indwelling section. Specifically, a cylindrical stent body 4 is provided. A leaflet 5 that... Agent:

20150119973 - Elliptical element for blood pressure reduction: Apparatus is provided for treating hypertension of a subject. The apparatus includes an implantable element which has a non-circular shape and which is configured to reduce the hypertension by facilitating an assumption of a non-circular shape by a blood vessel in a vicinity of a baroreceptor of the subject, during... Agent:

20150119972 - Support for treating vascular bifurcations: A prosthesis is disclosed for placement across an ostium opening from a main body lumen to a branch body lumen. The prosthesis has a radially expansible support and a bifurcation traversing portion. The radially expansible support is configured to be deployed in at least a portion of the branch body... Agent:

20150119974 - Modular valve prosthesis with anchor stent and valve component: A modular valve prosthesis includes an anchor stent and a valve component. The anchor stent includes a self-expanding tubular frame member configured to be deployed in the aorta and a proximal arm component extending from a proximal end of the tubular frame member and configured to be deployed in the... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20150119975 - Branched vessel prosthesis for repair of a failed stent graft: One aspect of the present disclosure relates to a branched vessel prosthesis for repair of a failed stent graft. The branched vessel prosthesis can include a main stent graft body having a proximal end portion, a distal end portion, and a frusto-conical midsection that tapers to the distal end portion.... Agent:

20150119976 - Extravascular device for limiting blood flow adjacent an arteriovenous fistula: A medical device that can be wrapped around a segment of an artery downstream of an arteriovenous fistula. The wrap, when used in this manner, creates a stenosis for reducing retrograde flow at the fistula. Sutures are positioned in holes present in the upper and lower halves or connecting ends... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

20150119978 - Apparatus and methods for delivery of transcatheter prosthetic valves: In some embodiments, an apparatus includes a catheter assembly and a handle assembly that can be removably coupled to the catheter assembly. A valve holding tube defines a lumen configured to receive a prosthetic mitral valve in a compressed configuration and can be removably coupled to a distal end portion... Agent: Tendyne Holdings, Inc.

20150119979 - Heart valve repair system: Techniques are described for use with one or more sutures. For some applications, techniques are described for fixedly-coupling two or more sutures to each other. For some applications, such techniques are used for treating a heart valve of a subject. Techniques are also described for treating a heart valve of... Agent:

20150119977 - System and method to limit cerebral ischemia: A system to limit cerebral ischemia occurring as a consequence of aortic valve replacement includes an aortic valve having proximal and distal ends, a sleeve having proximal and distal ends, the proximal end of the sleeve disposed at the distal end of the aortic valve, and a filter attached to... Agent:

20150119980 - Stented prosthetic heart valve: A stented prosthetic heart valve including a stent assembly, a leaflet assembly, and mounting members. The stent assembly includes a stent post frame, a stent post frame covering, and a base frame. The stent post frame includes a continuous rail forming a closed-curved shape defining a longitudinal axis, and a... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20150119981 - Systems and methods for transcatheter treatment of valve regurgitation: The invention relates to a device for use in the transcatheter treatment of mitral valve regurgitation, specifically a coaptation assistance devices for implantation across the valve; a system including the coaptation enhancement element and anchors for implantation; a system including the coaptation enhancement element, and one or more of the... Agent:

20150119982 - Heart valve prosthesis: Mitral valve prosthesis are disclosed that include a frame or support structure having an inflow portion, a valve-retaining tubular portion and a pair of support arms. The inflow portion radially extends from a first end of the valve-retaining tubular portion and the pair of support arms are circumferentially spaced apart... Agent:

20150119983 - Cosmetic surgery sizer: Disclosed herein is a sizer for use in cosmetic surgery augmentation procedures, along with methods for using same.... Agent:

20150119984 - Flexible tibial sheath: A radially expandable sheath is provided having a substantially closed distal end with at least two sidewalls extending proximally therefrom and defining a central lumen. Each sidewall can have a substantially concave outer surface adapted to seat a graft member, and each side wall is at least partially separated by... Agent:

20150119985 - Filler for removing wrinkles: The present invention relates to a filler for removing wrinkles, comprising: a slim and long tubular main body penetrating through the subcutaneous tissue; and a through-hole provided so as to enable the cells of the peripheral tissue of the main body to move to the inside of the main body... Agent: Pacificpharma Corporation

20150119986 - System and method for performing minimally invasive facelifts: A system for performing minimally invasive facelifts is provided. The system includes a plate having a base having a top surface and an opposing bottom surface. The base has a plurality of through holes formed therein that extends between the top surface and the bottom surface. A plurality of barbs... Agent:

20150119987 - Implant design using heterogeneous bone properties and probabilistic tools to determine optimal geometries for fixation features: An implant, and a method of designing the implant, takes into account heterogeneous bone properties. The method may be directed to designing a fixation feature of the implant using a virtual bone model. Bone property information derived from image data may be mapped to the virtual bone. A virtual model... Agent:

20150119988 - System and methods for facet joint treatment: A method of resurfacing a facet joint with a facet implant system. The facet joint includes a superior facet and an inferior facet that are adjacent to each other and movable with respect to each other. A first facet implant component is provided that has a first visualization marker. The... Agent:

20150119990 - Intervertebral body implant, instrument and method: Interbody implant systems and methods of implant interbody implants are described. In one aspect, an implant includes a body have a distal end portion and a proximal end portion and a first articulation surface formed at a proximal end of the proximal end portion. An insertion instrument includes an elongate... Agent:

20150119991 - Intervertebral disc prosthesis and method: The present disclosure generally relates to an intervertebral disc prosthesis for partially or totally replacing an organic intervertebral disc. The disc prosthesis includes an interbody device, a face plate and a pair of locking mechanisms for achieving dual fixation in the cephalad and caudal direction. Methods according to the present... Agent: Blackstone Medical, Inc.

20150119992 - Spinal implant co-insertion system and method: A system and method for substantially simultaneous co-insertion of an implant, such as a cage and plate. An inserter is secured to the cage and plate and is used to hold the components while implanting the components during a surgical procedure.... Agent: X-spine Systems, Inc.

20150119989 - Surgical access system and related methods: A surgical access system including a tissue distraction assembly and a tissue retraction assembly, both of which may be equipped with one or more electrodes for use in detecting the existence of (and optionally the distance and/or direction to) neural structures before, during, and after the establishment of an operative... Agent:

20150119993 - Method for fusing a human or animal joint as well as fusion device and tool set for carrying out the method: The fusion device for fusing a synovial joint of a human or animal patient, in particular a human facet joint, finger joint or toe joint, includes two pin-shaped anchorage portions and arranged therebetween a stabilization portion. The anchorage portions include a thermoplastic material which is liquefiable by mechanical vibration. The... Agent:

20150119994 - Integrated organ and tissue printing methods, system and apparatus: A method of making an organ or tissue comprises: (a) providing a first dispenser containing a structural support polymer and a second dispenser containing a live cell-containing composition; (b) depositing a layer on said support from said first and second dispenser, said layer comprising a structural support polymer and said... Agent:

20150119995 - Magnesium alloy, method for the production thereof and use thereof: A magnesium alloy, implants and method for the production thereof. The magnesium alloy includes 1.5 to 7.0% by weight Zn, 0.5 to 3.5% by weight Al, the remainder being magnesium which contains impurities, which promote electrochemical potential differences and/or the formation of precipitations and/or intermetallic phases, in a total amount... Agent:

20150119996 - Wearable robot and method of controlling the same: Provided is a method of controlling a wearable robot, the method including: measuring a ground reaction force (GRF) exerted on a wearer's soles; calculating a time variation rate of the measured GRF; measuring the wearer's knee joint angle; and detecting a time point at which the calculated time variation rate... Agent:

20150119997 - Adjustable prosthetic limb socket: The present relates to an adjustable prosthetic limb socket system having a partial rigid support, a non-elastic, flexible support and adjustment means. The adjustable socket system of the present invention can be used for several types of amputations including transfemoral amputations, transtibial amputations, transhumeral amputations, transradial amputations, and other types... Agent:

20150119998 - Exoskeleton arm having an actuator: The invention relates to an assist arm intended to be fitted on an exoskeleton, having a mounting plate (2) carrying a drive member (20), a shoulder segment (4) articulated on the mounting plate, an arm segment (6) having a proximal end articulated on the shoulder segment, a forearm segment (8)... Agent:

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