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Prosthesis (i.e., artificial body members), parts thereof, or aids and accessories therefor

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02/05/2015 > 27 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20150039073 - Stent for bifurcation, a system for intravascular implantation of the stent for bifurcation and a method of implantation of the stent for bifurcation: A stent for bifurcation, including two cylindrical parts: a distal part (1.1) of smaller diameter and a proximal part (1.2) of greater diameter, connected by two arranged as opposite longitudinal connectors (1.3) having length (L1) of 0.5 to 8 mm and forming a cell of the stent having an enlarged... Agent: Balton Sp. Z O.o.

20150039074 - Vascular prosthesis for treating aneurysms: Apparatus for use with a delivery catheter, including a primary stent-graft and a flared endovascular stent-graft, which is configured to initially be positioned in the delivery catheter in a radially-compressed state, and to assume a radially-expanded state upon being deployed from the delivery catheter. The primary stent-graft includes (a) a... Agent: Endospan Ltd.

20150039077 - Medical devices including metallic film and at least one filament: Medical devices, such as endoprostheses, and methods of making the devices are disclosed. The medical device can include a composite cover formed of a deposited metallic film. The cover may include one or more filaments, e.g., wires, which cooperate with the film to provide desirable mechanical properties. The wires may... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20150039076 - One-way heart assist valve: A medical device used in patients with inefficient heart function to improve the efficiency of the pumping action of the heart. This device adds one or more one-way valves in the blood vessels and/or arteries, very near, but not in, the heart, thereby increasing the efficiency of the native heart.... Agent:

20150039075 - Variable stiffness stent: A stent has one or more redundant crests for a ring. The redundant crest is located at a Y-crown for a peak-to-valley type stent pattern in one example. The stent may also have frangible bridges for connecting links. The stent's radial stiffness decreases when a redundant crest fractures and its... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

20150039072 - Flexible stent: The stent of the present invention combines a helical strut band interconnected by coil elements. This structure provides a combination of attributes that are desirable in a stent, such as, for example, substantial flexibility, stability in supporting a vessel lumen, cell size and radial strength. The structure of the stent... Agent:

20150039078 - Highly flexible stent and method of manufacture: Preferred embodiments of a stent with a high degree of flexibility are shown and described. The stent can include a continuous helical winding having interconnected struts joined at vertices, and having bridges connecting sections of the helical winding to each other. An annular ring can be provided at one or... Agent:

20150039079 - Devices and methods for assisting valve function, replacing venous valves, and predicting valve treatment success: Devices and methods for assisting valve function, replacing venous valves, and predicting valve treatment successes. In at least one exemplary embodiment of an endograft body configured for expansion within a luminal organ of the present disclosure, the endograft body comprises (a) a first portion having a proximal end defining a... Agent:

20150039080 - Implant for bundling a plurality of tendons, particularly chordae tendineae: The present invention relates to an implant for bundling a plurality of tendons, particularly chordae tendineae, wherein a three-dimensionally curved element, revolves around a central axis at a radius with respect to the central axis and wherein said radius is larger at a first portion of said curved element than... Agent: Universitatsklinikum Jena

20150039082 - Arrangement, a loop-shaped support, a prosthetic heart valve and a method of repairing or replacing a native heart valve: The present disclosure relates to an arrangement, a loop-shaped support, a prosthetic heart valve and a method of repairing or replacing a native heart valve. With the method or the arrangement, leakage or regurgitation between a prosthetic heart valve and the surrounding valve tissue is prevented. In one embodiment, an... Agent:

20150039083 - Devices, systems and methods for repairing lumenal systems: The disclosure provides systems and related methods for delivering a prosthesis to a target location. Various embodiments of useful valve prostheses are also disclosed.... Agent: Mehr Medical LLC

20150039081 - Mitral valve prosthesis for transcatheter valve implantation: A transcatheter valve prosthesis is disclosed that has a compressed, delivery configuration and an expanded configuration for deployment within a native heart valve. The valve prosthesis includes a self-expanding frame and a prosthetic valve component. The self-expanding frame includes a valve receiving portion defining an opening therethrough and first and... Agent: Medtronic Vascular Galway

20150039084 - Heart anchor device: A medical implant including an anchor portion including a plurality of arms adapted to engage an internal tissue wall of a body from two opposite faces, wherein the anchor portion is configured such that at least one of the arms does not have an entirely overlapping arm on the other... Agent:

20150039085 - Expandable surgical implant device: A surgical implant device may include a first substantially planar portion having a first surface area, a second substantially planar portion having a second surface area, and a coupling device for connecting the first substantially planar portion to the second substantially planar portion. The coupling device facilitates expanding and contracting... Agent:

20150039086 - Implantable micro-textured scar inducing eptfe structures: Bio-implantable textured tubular and sheet structures of un-sintered ePTFE are described. Such micro-textured structures stimulate robust development of beneficial bio-integative scar attachment to adnexal soft tissues. Methods for texturing one side of an un-sintered extruded ePTFE tube or sheet are also described. A select length of tubing of any thickness... Agent:

20150039087 - Method of designing custom device for alleviating temporomandibular joint-related symptoms: An in-ear device with one or more proprioceptive features for providing an indication to a subject to help manage or reduce pain, discomfort, or other symptoms associated with TMJ disorder. Also disclosed are methods of using optical scanning to create a three dimensional replication of the ear canal that is... Agent: United Sciences, LLC

20150039088 - Middle ear prosthesis: A middle ear prosthesis (40) is provided for mounting in the middle ear (4). The middle ear prosthesis comprises a shaft (42) having a distal end configured for the introduction into the inner ear (8) through an aperture (30) formed in a footplate (23) of a stapes bone and in... Agent: Mor Research Applications Ltd

20150039089 - Artificial disc devices and related methods of use: An artificial disc is disclosed. The artificial disc may include a superior endplate having a bi-convex superior surface and a concave inferior surface, and an inferior endplate having a bi-convex inferior surface. The artificial disc may also include a core assembly disposed between the superior endplate and the inferior endplate,... Agent: Globus Medical, Inc.

20150039090 - Systems and methods for vertebral disc replacement: The present invention provides artificial disc prostheses, methods and instrumentation for implantation and revision thereof. Each prosthesis may comprise superior and inferior end plates and a nucleus positioned between articular surfaces of the end plates. The end plates may have planar bone engagement surfaces with a plurality of self-cutting teeth.... Agent: Synergy Disc Replacement, Inc.

20150039091 - Constrained mobile bearing hip assembly: An acetabular hip implant includes an acetabular shell component having a first feature and a first insert having a second feature that cooperates with the first feature of the acetabular shell component and further includes a third feature. The implant further includes a second insert having a fourth feature that... Agent:

20150039094 - Cement-free surface replacement prosthesis for the natural femur head: The invention relates to a ceramic surface replacement prosthesis (I) for the natural femur head (3), comprising an outer spherical surface (5) and an inner receiving space (7) with an inner lateral surface (4). The aim of the invention is to prevent necrosis of the bone tissue as a result... Agent:

20150039093 - Differential porosity prosthetic system: A prosthetic femoral implant for use in a hip joint, as a ball and socket type joint, is disclosed. The implant includes a modular neck having a variety of adjustable positions to adjust the lateral offset and version angle of the femoral implant in relation to the femur. The implant... Agent: Djo Surgical | Chattanooga Group

20150039095 - Hip replacement systems and methods: Disclosed are systems, methods, devices and surgical techniques for joint arthroplasty, including implant components that facilitate the position and implantation of a hip replacement using cutting guides and various femoral implant arrangements.... Agent:

20150039096 - Differential porosity prosthetic hip system: A prosthetic femoral implant for use in a hip joint, as a ball and socket type joint, is disclosed. The implant includes a modular neck having a variety of adjustable positions to adjust the lateral offset and version angle of the femoral implant in relation to the femur. The implant... Agent: Djo Surgical Chatanooga Group

20150039097 - Bone regeneration using biodegradable polymeric nanocomposite materials and applications of the same: A biocompatible structure includes one or more base structures for regeneration of different tissues. Each base structure includes alternately stacked polymer layers and spacer layers. The polymer layer includes a polymer and tissue forming nanoparticles. The polymer includes polyurethane. The tissue forming nanoparticles includes hydroxypatites (HAP) nanoparticles, polymeric nanoparticles, or... Agent:

20150039092 - Mucosal capture fixation of medical device: A medical device adapted to be fixed in a hollow organ or cavity lined with mucosa includes a wall having an outer surface with a size and shape that is configured to a portion of a cavity or hollow organ lined with mucosa and a fixation mechanism. The fixation mechanism... Agent:

20150039098 - System for control of a prosthetic device: A system for control of a prosthetic device includes at least one Inertial Measurement Unit detecting orientation of a user's foot. The at least one Inertial Measurement Unit is in communication with a device module configured to command at least one actuator of a prosthetic device. The at least one... Agent:

01/29/2015 > 33 patent applications in 27 patent subcategories.

20150032197 - Carotid stent assembly and methods for treatment via body lumens: A stent assembly adapted to carotid arterial placement that includes a self-expanding support element comprising metal struts constructed to be positioned in a body lumen and expanded from a retracted state to an expanded state, and a knitted cover disposed over an exterior of the support element and along an... Agent:

20150032196 - Methods and systems for ostial stenting of a bifurcation: A system for treating a bifurcation includes first and second delivery catheters, each having an expandable member. A stent having a side hole is disposed on the second delivery catheter. A portion of the first delivery catheter is disposed under a portion of the stent. The first delivery catheter is... Agent:

20150032198 - Methods and apparatus for luminal stenting: A stent delivery assembly and methods of use are provided. The assembly can comprise a catheter, a cover member, a core member, a stent, and a stent retention mechanism. The stent can extend within the cover member lumen and have a section extending at least partially between an inner layer... Agent: Covidien Lp

20150032199 - Non-thrombogenic stent jacket: Disclosed is the use of serous tissue, such as pericardium, as a component of intracorporeal implants. Particularly, disclosed is a jacketed stent assembly comprising an expandable stent provided with a jacket of processed serous tissue which, in some embodiments, is impregnated with a therapeutic or diagnostic agent. In a preferred... Agent:

20150032200 - Bioabsorbable polymeric medical device: In embodiments there is described a cardiovascular tube-shaped lockable and expandable bioabsorbable scaffold having a low immunogenicity manufactured from a crystallizable bioabsorbable polymer composition or blend.... Agent:

20150032201 - Bio-absorbable composite materials containing magnesium and magnesium alloys as well as implants made of said composites: The invention relates to a composite material that comprises at least one magnesium component, whereby the magnesium component consists of pure magnesium or a magnesium-calcium alloy or a magnesium-calcium-X alloy, whereby X is another biodegradable element. The composite material also contains at least one organic anti-infective agent having a solubility... Agent: Heraeus Medical Gmbh

20150032202 - Drug-eluting stent and method: A drug-eluting stent is disclosed, the stent having an outer cylindrical portion, an inner cylindrical portion disposed within and substantially coaxial with the outer cylindrical portion, a plurality of cross-links connecting the inner cylindrical portion to the outer cylindrical portion, and a first drug affixed to the inner and/or outer... Agent:

20150032203 - Flexible vascular prosthesis, and method for its production: A vascular prosthesis with an impregnation including at least one sealing material in the prosthesis wall and/or with a coating including at least one sealing material on the outer surface of the prosthesis, wherein the prosthesis, when subjected to a force of 1 N acting perpendicularly with respect to the... Agent:

20150032204 - Implantable tissue structure modifiers and methods for using the same: Implantable tissue structure modification devices are provided. Aspects of the tissue structure modification devices include first and second tissue securers separated by a contraction region, wherein the device is configured to be implanted at a cardiac location and assume a first constrained length that is longer than a second relaxed... Agent:

20150032205 - Seamless tubular extracellular matrix prosthetic valve and method for forming same: A seamless prosthetic valve having an outer abluminal surface, a triple walled intermediate portion, and at least one valve leaflet that is configured to selectively restrict fluid flow through the valve, the valve leaflet being formed by suturing the triple walled intermediate portion at a first commissure connection point.... Agent:

20150032206 - Two-stage collapsible/expandable prosthetic heart valves and anchoring systems: Prosthetic heart valve apparatus is adapted for delivery into a patient in a circumferentially collapsed condition, followed by circumferential re-expansion at the implant site in the patient. The apparatus includes an annular anchoring structure that can be implanted in the patient first. The apparatus further includes an annular valve support... Agent: St. Jude Medical, Inc.

20150032207 - Instruments and methods for the implantation of cell-seeded substrates: Disclosed herein are instruments and methods for delivery of substrates, including cell-seeded substrates, to target tissues requiring treatment for various diseases that induce cell death, damage or loss of function. The substrates are configured to provide cells, including stem cells, with a structural support that allows interconnection with and transmission... Agent:

20150032208 - Devices, systems, and methods for implant delivery: A tapered sleeve (4) is provided for implant delivery (2). An implant (e.g., a pre-filled silicon breast implant) is introduced into a large proximal end of the sleeve and extruded into a surgical pocket of minimal access incision size through a small-sized distal end of the device. Features of the... Agent:

20150032209 - Intervertebral disc prosthesis: This disclosure relates to an intervertebral disc prostheses that comprise at least three pieces including an upper plate, a lower plate, and a mobile core, the upper surface of the core being in contact with at least a part of the lower surface of the upper plate, limit stops allowing... Agent:

20150032213 - Articulating disc implant: An intervertebral disc implant for use in the spine including a first part (10) and a second part (20), wherein the first part and second part are configured as a joint prosthesis for the spine. The first part includes one of a concave or convex articulating surface (16) and the... Agent:

20150032211 - Flexible space holder: A flexible space holder made of at least one biocompatible, rigid material having a tube-like body, with one or more flexible areas is described. The flexible space holder can be temporarily or permanently inserted into a human or animal. Furthermore, the flexible space holder can be surrounded by an elastomeric... Agent: Biedermann Technologies Gmbh & Co. Kg

20150032210 - Interbody implant and method: An interbody endcap includes a wall having a first surface connected to an interbody implant and a second surface including an arcuate portion configured for engagement with a vertebral endplate surface. The second surface extends outwardly from the interbody implant to at least adjacent a perimeter of the vertebral endplate... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20150032212 - Lateral spondylolisthesis reduction cage: An intervertebral fusion device comprising inferior and superior fusion cage devices that provide an ability to correct spondylolisthesis via in-situ adjustment.... Agent: Depuy Synthes Products, LLC

20150032214 - Joint prosthesis attachment system, device and method: Prosthetic systems, devices, and methods for attaching prosthetic joint components to a vault-shaped portion of the anatomy. A device for attaching a glenoid joint component for a shoulder prosthesis to a glenoid cavity includes a body adapted to extend into the cortical bony vault of the glenoid cavity for supporting... Agent:

20150032215 - Patient-adapted posterior stabilized knee implants, designs and related methods and tools: Articular repair implants, implant components, systems, methods, and tools are disclosed. Various embodiments provide improved features for knee joint articular repair systems designed for posterior stabilization, including deep-dish configurations, and box, cam, and/or post features. Additionally, various embodiments include patient-adapted (e.g., patient-specific and/or patient-engineered) features.... Agent:

20150032216 - Knee prosthesis: A knee joint prosthesis assembly including a femoral component and a unitary tibial component. The femoral component includes a first condyle and a second condyle. The unitary tibial component includes an engaging structure configured to rigidly secure a stationary bearing thereto. The stationary bearing is configured to articulate with the... Agent:

20150032217 - Patient-adapted and improved orthopedic implants, designs and related tools: Methods and devices are disclosed relating improved articular models, implant components, and related guide tools and procedures. In addition, methods and devices are disclosed relating articular models, implant components, and/or related guide tools and procedures that include one or more features derived from patient-data, for example, images of the patient's... Agent:

20150032218 - Compliant anti-resorption implant: Systems, devices, and methods are described for providing orthopedic implants that reduces the negative effects of stress shielding on surrounding bone structure. The orthopedic implants are comprised of two portions, a shell portion that forms an articulation interfaces and an intermediate portion that forms a bone interface. The shell portion... Agent:

20150032219 - Prosthetic devices and implants: A trochlear ridge prosthesis includes a curved section, the curved section having a span (RS) and a height (RH) above the span, the ratio of the height to the span being in the range 0.15 to 0.35, and a tail extending from a proximal end of the curved section.... Agent: Orthomed (uk) Limited

20150032220 - Wedge osteotomy device and method of use: An orthopedic implant system includes a wedge implant. The implant includes a body having an upper surface extending generally in a first plane. The upper surface has a first plurality of longitudinal grooves and a second plurality of transverse grooves extending therealong. Portions of the upper surface extend between adjacent... Agent:

20150032221 - Bone repair material: Sliceable bone repair material is a porous block-shaped scaffold containing a hydrogel, wherein the hydrogel is formed by Michael type addition of at least two precursor molecules. Said scaffold is made of a synthetic ceramic material and has interconnected macropores having a diameter above 100 μm. In addition said scaffold... Agent:

20150032222 - Porous metal implants with bone cement: An orthopaedic implant for filling a bone void and a method of using the same. The orthopaedic implant comprises an open porous metal portion and a bone cement portion. At a first surface region, the open porous metal portion facilitates hone and/or soft tissue ingrowth into the pores of the... Agent:

20150032223 - Cell sheet transplantation device and method for using the same: A cell sheet transplantation device having a plane for transplanting a sheet of cultured cells, the device comprising, in the plane in the same direction, (1) a planar surface portion for capturing a cell sheet while maintaining a sheet-shaped form, and (2) suction holes for immobilizing a transplantation site by... Agent: Osaka University

20150032224 - Implant: The present invention relates to an implant comprising at least two layers made of fibers and bioactive material arranged between said at least two layers, the bioactive material being selected from the group consisting of bioactive glass, hydroxyapatite, tricalciumphosphate and mixtures thereof. In the implant, at least one of the... Agent: Skulle Implants Oy

20150032225 - System and method for data communication with a mechatronic device: Embodiments include a system for controlling motion of a human limb. The system may include a plurality of mechatronic devices, each of which may be in communication with at least one other of the plurality of mechatronic devices. Each of the mechatronic devices includes one or more of a processor,... Agent:

20150032226 - Connecting system and prosthesis system: The invention relates to a connecting system for detachably connecting a prosthesis shaft to a liner that has been pulled over a residual limb, said system comprising a connecting pin and a receiving device with a receiving portion into which said connecting pin can be introduced, and being characterized in... Agent: Otto Bock Healthcare Gmbh

20150032227 - Prosthesis socket and system comprising a prosthesis socket and prosthesis device: The invention relates to a prosthesis shaft for receiving an amputation stump of an extremity, comprising connecting means for a distal prosthesis device (2), wherein the prosthesis shaft (1) comprises at least one shell (11, 12), which has an arched, open cross-section and the shell ends of which in the... Agent: Otto Bock Healthcare Gmbh

20150032228 - Multi-articulated link knee joint: A multi-articulated link knee joint capable of detecting a bending angle of a knee section without causing problems of an installation space and wiring of a sensor is provided. A four-link knee joint includes a knee section of a four-link mechanism, a fluid cylinder that restrains an action of the... Agent:

01/22/2015 > 41 patent applications in 28 patent subcategories.

20150025615 - Delivery mechanism for implantable stent: A system including a longitudinally elongated housing, a member for incremental rotation of a screw, which moves the screw longitudinally, and a longitudinal sheath connected to the screw. The system has a delivery configuration in which a sheath covers a stent bed, and a deployed configuration in which the sheath... Agent:

20150025616 - Method and apparatus for treating a carotid artery: One disclosed embodiment comprises a method for treating lesions in the carotid artery of a mammalian body. The method comprises transcervical access and blocking of blood flow through the common carotid artery (with or without blocking of blood flow through the external carotid artery), shunting blood from the internal carotid... Agent: Silk Road Medical, Inc.

20150025617 - Ring on a closed web stent-graft for use in tip capture: A stent-graft has a closed web end configuration in which endmost stent crowns do not extend beyond an end or edge of a tubular graft. In order to couple the stent-graft to tip capture fingers or prongs of a delivery system, the stent-graft includes a ring woven between the endmost... Agent:

20150025614 - Stent delivery under direct visualization: Stent delivery under direct visualization utilizing an imaging hood is described herein. A stent may be delivered and placed in or around lesions, e.g., ostial lesions, through a delivery catheter while being directly visualized via an imaging hood. A pre-delivery assessment probe may also be advanced to the desired site... Agent:

20150025618 - Projection-type partially dual-structured stent: Disclosed is a partly projected double-walled stent. Provided is a technique for allowing a stent to be easily secured in a conduit in a human body by a protrusion coupled to a body. According to the stent, first and second ridges of the protrusion are crossed and projected to be... Agent: National Cancer Center

20150025619 - Biodegradable endoprostheses and methods for their fabrication: The disclosure provides biodegradable implantable devices such as a stent comprising a biodegradable polymeric wherein the polymeric material is treated to control crystallinity and/or Tg. The stent is capable to expand at body temperature in a body lumen from a crimped configuration to a deployed diameter and have sufficient strength... Agent: Elixir Medical Corporation

20150025620 - Polymer coatings containing drug powder of controlled morphology: A method for depositing a coating comprising a polymer and pharmaceutical agent on a substrate, comprising the following steps: discharging at least one pharmaceutical agent in a therapeutically desirable morphology in dry powder form through a first orifice; discharging at least one polymer in dry powder form through a second... Agent: Micell Technologies, Inc.

20150025621 - Adapter to actuate a delivery system: Apparatus for actuating a delivery system are disclosed. The apparatus may comprise an adapter. The adapter may comprise an input, a first actuator, and a second actuator. The adapter may be configured to receive a portion of a delivery system. The adapter may be configured to impart translational motion to... Agent:

20150025622 - Clocking valve retainer: Valve retainers and delivery systems with valve retainers are disclosed. In certain embodiments, a portion of the valve retainer can rotate about a central axis of the delivery system relative to a different portion of the valve retainer. In certain embodiments, a first portion of the valve retainer can include... Agent:

20150025623 - System and method for cardiac valve repair and replacement: A method of delivering a prosthetic mitral valve includes delivering a distal anchor from a delivery sheath such that the distal anchor self-expands inside a first heart chamber on a first side of the mitral valve annulus, pulling proximally on the distal anchor such that the distal anchor self-aligns within... Agent:

20150025624 - Transcatheter prosthetic heart valve delivery device with passive trigger release: A delivery device for percutaneously deploying a prosthetic valve includes a sheath, an inner shaft, and a release assembly. The release assembly is disposed between the sheath and the inner shaft, and includes a retraction member, a release member, and a retention member. The retraction member can self-retract in length... Agent:

20150025625 - Cardiac repair prosthesis sets and methods: Cardiac repair prostheses, sets, and methods for implanting in an aorta are disclosed. Cardiac repair prosthesis sets can include a radially expandable support supporting a unidirectional valve that is configured for implantation into the aortic valve region of a patient and a second radially expandable support for a substantially blood... Agent: The Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania

20150025626 - Eye aperture enhancing prosthesis and method: A prosthesis capable of being worn on the eye of a wearer having a convex surface and a concave surface. The prosthesis has an aperture widening zone for widening the natural palpebral fissure of the wearer's eye. The prosthesis widens the natural palpebral fissure (aperture) of the wearer's eye by... Agent: Beautieyes, LLC

20150025627 - Masked intraocular implants and lenses: Intraocular implants and methods of making intraocular implants are provided. The intraocular implants can improve the vision of a patient, such as by increasing the depth of focus of an eye of a patient. In particular, the intraocular implants can include a mask having an annular portion with a relatively... Agent:

20150025628 - Apparatus and methods for realistically simulating the human nipple-areolar complex: An apparatus and method are disclosed for realistically simulating the appearance of a nipple-areolar complex. The apparatus may include a first flat surface having a non-toxic self-adhesive material and a second flat surface comprising a photographic image of a female human nipple complex. The photographic image may be a realistic... Agent: Beveridge Marketing LLC

20150025629 - Medical device, system, and method for regulating fluid flow in bronchial passageways: A medical device for regulating fluid flow within one or more lungs of a patient is disclosed. The medical device includes an elongate tubular member, a first extension, a second extension, and a valve member. The elongate tubular member includes a first plurality of channels extending between a proximal and... Agent:

20150025630 - Methods and apparatus for delivering and positioning sheet-like materials: An implant delivery system for delivering a sheet-like implant is disclosed. The device includes an implant spreader assembly disposed proximate the distal end of a delivery shaft. The implant spreader assembly includes a first arm and a second arm. The arms are coupled to the delivery shaft such that the... Agent:

20150025631 - Methods and devices for positioning and securing ligament grafts: Methods and devices for positioning and securing ligament grafts are provided. In general, the devices and methods utilize an implant having a particular outer surface profile and a bone tunnel having a complementary profile to provide a form fit between the implant and bone that utilizes friction to position and... Agent:

20150025632 - Transforaminal prosthetic spinal disc apparatus: An intervertebral prosthetic implant having a first endplate having a first surface configured to substantially engage with a first vertebral body and a second surface having an extension with a concave contact surface, the concave contact surface being spaced apart from the second surface. A second endplate is provided with... Agent:

20150025634 - Expandable implant for the spinal column: The invention relates to an expandable implant (11) with an upper plate (12) and a lower plate (16) which extend in the xy plane, which serve for anchoring on/in the vertebral support surfaces, and at least three gears (20, 25, 30) which are coupled to each other, wherein the gears... Agent:

20150025633 - Expandable vertebral implant: An expandable implant for engagement between vertebrae includes an inner member, an outer member, and a gear member positioned coaxial with respect to each other such that the inner and outer members are moveable relative to each other along an axis. The inner member includes a longitudinal groove configured to... Agent:

20150025637 - Bi-directional fixating/locking transvertebral body screw/intervertebral cage stand-alone constructs having a central screw locking lever, and pliers and devices for spinal fusion: A bi-directional fixating transvertebral (BDFT) screw/cage apparatus including an intervertebral cage for maintaining disc height, and a method of inserting the same is provided. The intervertebral cage includes a first internal screw guide and a second internal screw guide, a first screw member and a second screw member, and a... Agent:

20150025638 - Intervertebral disc prosthesis and instrumentation for insertion of the prosthesis between the vertebrae: The present invention relates to an intervertebral disc prosthesis and insertion instrumentation, the prosthesis comprising at least first and second osseous anchoring means, the first osseous anchoring means disposed proximal to the periphery of the plate on which it is situated and the second osseous anchoring means being offset along... Agent:

20150025640 - Method of inserting an interbody fusion device: An apparatus for use in spinal interbody fusion comprises, in combination, a spinal interbody fusion implant and an inserter releasably attached thereto. The implant comprises a hollow interior through which the inserter extends, the inserter having a tapered distal tip projecting exteriorly beyond the distal end of the implant to... Agent:

20150025639 - Self-pivoting spinal implant and associated instrumentation: An intervertebral implant includes an insertion end, an opposing engagement end, and first and second opposed main surfaces configured to contact respective adjacent vertebral endplates. Each of the first and second main surfaces has an anterior edge, a posterior edge, and extends between the insertion and engagement ends. Anterior and... Agent:

20150025636 - Spinal construct and method: A spinal construct includes a first member including a surface that defines a first cavity and a second cavity. The first member is configured to engage a first vertebral surface. A second member includes a surface that defines a first cavity and a second cavity. The second member is configured... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20150025635 - Spinal interbody device, system and method: A spinal interbody device, system and method can include use of an interbody cage and plate. The interbody cage can include at least one of a key and a keyway configured to mate with at least one of a mating keyway and key located on the plate. The key and... Agent:

20150025642 - Mobile bearing glenoid prosthesis: A method of installing a prosthesis assembly includes installing a base component in a prepared glenoid vault, axially aligning a plurality of slots in one of a stretched glenoid bearing component and a base component with a plurality of ridges in the other of the glenoid bearing component and the... Agent:

20150025641 - Shock-absorbing humeral implant for shoulder arthroplasty: A shock-absorbing shoulder replacement system has a glenoid cup suitable for affixing to the glenoid surface of a scapula, ahead positioned so as to bear against the glenoid cup, a rod affixed to or integral with the head on the side of the head opposite the glenoid cup, a humeral... Agent:

20150025643 - Shoulder prosthesis: A prosthesis may include a stem, a ball stud, an adaptor, and a head. The stem may include a longitudinal axis and a bore having a central axis that is angled relative to the longitudinal axis. The ball stud may include a cylindrical shaft and a ball end. The cylindrical... Agent:

20150025644 - Femoral knee prosthesis with diverging lateral condyle: A knee prosthesis has a femoral component with a medial condyle defining a constant bearing spacing relative to a central sagittal component plane SP, and a lateral condyle defining divergent bearing spacing from the central sagittal component plane along an extension-to-flexion path. High congruence between the medial articulation surfaces creates... Agent:

20150025645 - Artificial knee joint: This invention relates to an artificial knee joint component capable of adjusting alignment or balancing (extension gap and flexion gap) between the tibia and the femur.... Agent: Corentec Co., Ltd.

20150025646 - Femoral component with curved central box: A femoral component for a prosthetic knee joint has a medial and a lateral condylar portion each having a bearing surface and a bone contacting surface. The medial and lateral condylar portions defining an opening therebetween. The opening is at least partially open to a cavity surrounded by a wall... Agent:

20150025647 - Dual mobility hip replacement system: A total hip implant system comprising: a prosthetic femoral component having a head with a part-spherical bearing surface; and a dual mobility acetabular cup system comprising a first bearing component made of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene mounted on the head, the first bearing component having a part-spherical inner bearing... Agent:

20150025648 - Tissue sparing implant: A femoral component of a hip implant, where the femoral component may be used specifically in a neck sparing resection and may include a shortened stem (with respect to a conventional stem) having a terminal flare portion for internally contacting a medial calcar portion of the proximal femur, and a... Agent:

20150025649 - Hip stem prosthesis: A hip stem prosthesis is provided for treating a deficient hip joint.... Agent:

20150025650 - Bone plug: A device for bridging a first amputated bone and a second amputated bone is described. The device comprises a first stem configured to be inserted into a cavity of the first amputated bone and a second stem configured to be inserted into a cavity of the second amputated bone. A... Agent:

20150025651 - Bone repair material: Sliceable bone repair material is a porous block-shaped scaffold containing a hydrogel, wherein the hydrogel is formed by Michael type addition of at least two precursor molecules. Said scaffold is made of a synthetic ceramic material and has interconnected macropores having a diameter above 100 μm. In addition said scaffold... Agent:

20150025652 - Continuous indentation lateral lobe apparatus and method: A system and associated method for manipulating tissues and anatomical or other structures in medical applications for the purpose of treating diseases or disorders or other purposes. In one aspect, the system includes a delivery device configured to deploy and implant anchor devices for creating continuous defects or indentations in... Agent:

20150025653 - Neuromorphic controlled powered orthotic and prosthetic system: A neuromorphic controlled powered orthotic and prosthetic system and device including a custom or universal fit fixed-ankle orthosis, to stabilize or immobilize an injured lower limb or act as an ankle prosthesis, and an actuated or powered articulated false-foot connected to the fixed-ankle orthosis or the prosthesis to form an... Agent: Advensys, LLC

20150025654 - Low profile prosthetic foot: A low profile prosthetic foot comprises a foot member extending at an incline from an anterior portion to a posterior portion thereof and configured to flex during motion, and an adapter mounted solely at a posterior section thereof to the posterior portion of the foot member so that the adapter's... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 49 patent applications in 33 patent subcategories.

20150018928 - Percutaneous transluminal angioplasty device with integral embolic filter: A percutaneous transluminal angioplasty device having an embolic filter mounted to the catheter shaft at a location distal to the angioplasty balloon and downstream from the blockage to capture embolic particles that may be set loose into the blood stream as the angioplasty procedure is performed. The embolic filter is... Agent:

20150018929 - Retrieval systems and methods for use thereof: The devices and methods described herein relate to improved structures for removing obstructions from body lumens. Such devices have applicability in through-out the body, including clearing of blockages within the vasculature, by addressing the frictional resistance on the obstruction prior to attempting to translate and/or mobilize the obstruction within the... Agent: Lazarus Effect, Inc.

20150018930 - Attachment mechanism for stent release: An attachment mechanism for coupling a stent to a delivery system is disclosed. The attachment mechanism is configured to pivot relative to an inner shaft assembly of the delivery system in order to release the stent from the delivery system.... Agent:

20150018932 - Iliac stent graft: An iliac artery stent graft has a substantially inverted Y shape comprising a second arm terminating in a second end, and first and third arms terminating respectively in a first end and a third end. Each of the arms comprising a tubular graft of biocompatible graft material and the three... Agent:

20150018931 - Stent graft assembly and method: A graft device can include a graft component and an expandable component that has a longitudinal axis and a coupling portion. The coupling portion has a surface extending radially relative to the longitudinal axis. The graft component also has a portion that is coupled to the surface of the expandable... Agent: Covidien Lp

20150018933 - Aortic stent-graft: An aortic stent-graft capable of avoiding migration of location, which includes a covered stent body and a bare stent connected to a proximal end of the covered stent body, with barbs for looseness-proof fixation which are provided at each wave crest and each wave trough of the bare stent and... Agent:

20150018934 - Polymeric stent with structural radiopaque marker: An implantable sent comprises a radiopaque marker that provides a structural connection between two parts made of a polymer substrate material. The two parts can be one bending element of one radially expandable ring and another bending element of an adjacent expandable ring. The two parts can be two bending... Agent:

20150018936 - Severable support for a stent: A stent with at least one severable supporting device and methods of coating using the same are disclosed. The severable supporting device can be an end tube or a tab attached to some portion of the stent by at least one “gate” or attachment. The end tube or tab may... Agent:

20150018935 - Stent with eased corner feature: An implantable stent includes a plurality of rings. At least a distal end ring has an eased corner feature formed in the polymer substrate at a radially outward, distal-facing corner of the ring while relatively sharp corners of the polymer substrate are maintained in radially inward corners of the ring.... Agent:

20150018937 - Perfusion regulation system: A reperfusion system and method of perfusing a blood vessel using the reperfusion system are provided. The system includes an introducer sheath, a middle catheter extending through the introducer sheath, and a balloon microcatheter extending through the middle catheter. A connecting tube extends between a lumen of the introducer sheath... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20150018938 - Stent-valves for valve replacement and associated methods and systems for surgery: Stent-valves (e.g., single-stent-valves and double-stent-valves), associated methods and systems for their delivery via minimally-invasive surgery, and guide-wire compatible closure devices for sealing access orifices are provided.... Agent: Symetis Sa

20150018939 - Delivery system with projections: Delivery systems for delivering medical devices and prosthetic heart valves in a patient's body are disclosed. The delivery system may include a catheter-based delivery system. The delivery system may include a tip, a capsule, an inner sheath, and a projection. The delivery system may include an outer sheath and a... Agent:

20150018940 - Helical coil mitral valve annuloplasty systems and methods: Systems and methods for modifying a heart valve annulus in a minimally invasive surgical procedure. A helical anchor is provided, having a memory set to a coiled shape or state. The helical anchor is further configured to self-revert from a substantially straight state to the coiled state. The helical anchor... Agent:

20150018942 - Method of implanting an aortic stent: A method of implanting an aortic stent comprising steps of: putting a main tube on a metal guide wire; moving the main tube along the metal guide wire to the descending aorta, the main tube is constrained by a first cover, and first and second tube bifurcations are branched from... Agent:

20150018941 - Methods and apparatus for controlling the internal circumference of an anatomic orifice or lumen: An implantable device is provided for controlling shape and/or size of an anatomical structure or lumen. The implantable device has an adjustable member configured to adjust the dimensions of the implantable device. The implantable device is housed in a catheter and insertable from a minimally invasive surgical entry. An adjustment... Agent:

20150018943 - Percutaneous prosthetic heart valve: A method of making a replacement heart valve device whereby a fragment of biocompatible tissue material is treated and soaked in one or more alcohol solutions and a solution of glutaraldehyde. The dried biocompatible tissue material is folded and rehydrated in such a way that forms a two- or three-leaflet/cusp... Agent:

20150018944 - Valve positioning device: Medical devices for positioning a valve in a subject's body, such as a prosthetic heart valve in a subject's heart, are disclosed. The prosthetic heart valve may include a valve assembly, a frame, and a control arm. The prosthetic heart valve may include a commissural post or multiple commissural posts.... Agent:

20150018946 - Nonaugmentive mastopexy: Disclosed are methods and devices for minimally invasive mastopexy, or other soft tissue suspension, which may be accomplished with our without augmentation.... Agent:

20150018945 - Small incision, customizable specific gravity prosthesis: The present invention relates to a customizable prosthesis, for instance a breast prosthesis, comprised of an outer shell, removable micro-compartments and flexible filling tubes formulated out of soft Poly (methyl 2-methylpropenoate) gel, wherein the removable micro-compartments of the prosthesis are arranged in a hierarchical layering scheme to create a prosthesis... Agent:

20150018947 - Tenodesis system: A tendon anchoring device may include an implant having a pair of spaced apart legs for straddling a tendon. A push rod removably attached to the implant may be utilized to guide and push a portion of the tendon into a pre-drilled bore in a bone. A fixation member may... Agent:

20150018948 - Orbicular tissue expander: Provided herein is a tissue stretching device configured for orbicular expansion of a tissue placed therein. Methods of use of the device to stretch a tissue as well as for culturing organized tissues are also provided. Stretched and/or cultured tissues produced by these processes are also provided, as well as... Agent:

20150018949 - Cost-effective method for manufacturing metal cranial prostheses: The present invention relates to a method for manufacturing an implantable prosthesis, in other words, a biomodel, which can be implanted in a patient, preferably in the cranium of a patient. The method is based on the use of commercially available adhesive tape, in order to reduce the manufacturing costs... Agent: Industrias Medicas Sampedro S.a.

20150018950 - Flexure limiter for spinal prosthesis: Apparatus including a first spinal prosthetic member that may articulate with a second spinal prosthetic member, the first and second spinal prosthetic members flexing relative to one another about a lateral-medial axis corresponding to a lateral-medial axis of a body, and a flexure limiting member attached to the first and... Agent:

20150018952 - Lateral interbody fusion devices, systems and methods: According to some embodiments, a method of inserting a lateral implant within an intervertebral space defined between an upper vertebral member and a lower vertebral member includes creating a lateral passage through a subject in order to provide minimally invasive access to the intervertebral space, at least partially clearing out... Agent: Raed M. Ali, M.d., Inc.

20150018953 - Minimally invasive corpectomy cage and instrument: An assembly comprising an expandable corpectomy cage and an insertion instrument, wherein the expandable cage comprises an instrument attachment features, including mating holes on the sides of the outer sleeve, and a ball-shaped pocket on the endplate of the inner sleeve, and the insertion instrument features a tuning-fork shaped holder,... Agent: Depuy Synthes Products, LLC

20150018951 - Orthopedic implant with adjustable angle between tissue contact surfaces: An implant having a base with a first contact surface and a hinged element, hingedly interconnected with a first portion of the base, providing a second contact surface. The first portion of the base is displaceable relative to a second portion so that the base can be shortened from an... Agent: Nlt Spine Ltd.

20150018958 - Friction-fit spinal endplate and endplate-preserving method: An interbody spinal implant including a body having a top surface, a bottom surface, opposing lateral sides, and opposing anterior and posterior portions. At least a portion of the top surface, the bottom surface, or both surfaces has a roughened surface topography including both micro features and nano features, without... Agent:

20150018955 - Laterally deflectable implant: A laterally deflectable asymmetric implant for implanting into a body may comprise a deflectable piece having distal and proximal ends and assuming a straightened insertion state. The backbone may abut or interconnect with said deflectable piece at the distal end of the deflectable piece. In a fully deflected state the... Agent: Nlt Spine Ltd.

20150018954 - Orthopedic implant with adjustable angle between tissue contact surfaces: An implant having a base with a first contact surface and a hinged element, hingedly interconnected with a first portion of the base, providing a second contact surface. The first portion of the base is displaceable relative to a second portion so that the base can be shortened from an... Agent: Nlt Spine Ltd.

20150018956 - Surgical implant devices incorporating porous surfaces: A surgical implant device, comprising: a body portion; and one or more surfaces comprising a plurality of protruding structures; wherein the body portion and the one or more surfaces comprising the plurality of protruding structures are integrally formed. The one or more surfaces comprising the plurality of protruding structures are... Agent:

20150018957 - Tissue spacer implants, insertion and adjustment tools, and method of use: Tissue spacer implants and surgical methods for inserting the implants are disclosed. The implants may include a first cylindrical body with an outer surface, an axially extending hole, and a first end, a second cylindrical body with an outer surface and an axially extending hole, and an adjustment member with... Agent: Medivest, LLC

20150018959 - Glenoidal component, set of such components and shoulder prosthesis incorporating such a glenoidal component: s

20150018960 - Artificial knee joint: An artificial knee joint (1) is described and comprises a femoral component (10) and a tibial component (30), for attachment to the femur (2) and tibia (3) of a patient (4) respectively. The femoral component (10) comprises a lateral condyle (11) and a medial condyle (12) which extend from the... Agent: Smith & Nephew Orthopaedics Ag

20150018961 - Discretely adjustable hip-replacement trial: Hip replacement surgery (hip arthroplasty) includes implantation of a distal stem into a femur of a patient, and implantation of a proximal body to connect to the distal stem. A practitioner uses a “trial” or “provisional” to determine a suitable size and configuration for the implantable proximal body, then selects... Agent:

20150018963 - Joint fluid drainage system for the problem of aseptic loosening in the total joint prostheses: A joint fluid drainage system provides a solution to the aseptic loosening problem resulting from the utilization of total joint prostheses, lowering the pressure inside the joint capsule and draining the joint fluid comprising particles. The system includes a canal outlet starting from the articulation surface. This high pressure joint... Agent:

20150018964 - Bone void plugs and methods of use: A bone void plug according to an exemplary aspect of the present disclosure includes, among other things, a plug body that extends along a longitudinal axis between a proximal face and a distal opening and a recessed opening that extends from the distal opening toward the proximal face, the recessed... Agent:

20150018965 - Bioimplant: Provided is a bioimplant which is capable to inhibit the biofilm formation over a long period of time after an operation. The bioimplant of the present invention comprises a base material of metal, ceramic, or plastic and a thermal spraying film of a calcium phosphate-based material formed at least partially... Agent: Saga University

20150018966 - Decellularisation of tissue matrices for bladder implantation: The invention provides an improved method of producing a natural, acellular matrix scaffold for subsequent use in tissue-engineered replacement of tissues such as the bladder. Decellularisation is carried out on an expanded or distended bladder and the product retains the strength and compliance of natural material. The invention also provides... Agent:

20150018967 - Duodenum endothelium membrane made from degradable biocompatible materials and application thereof: This invention provides a duodenum endothelium membrane made of degradable shape-memory biocompatible materials. The endothelium membrane planted in the duodenum can divide chyme and bile-pancreatic juice, avoiding direct digestion, absorption, and metabolism of gastric effluent in the duodenum. After being implanted, the endothelium membrane is stable and difficult to slip... Agent:

20150018962 - Medical tube: i

20150018968 - Method for creating an internal transport system within tissue scaffolds using computer-aided tissue engineering: An artificial tissue including an internal mass transport network having a plurality of channels, wherein the channels are designed to substantially mimic naturally occurring vascular network and a method for creating an internal transport system within a tissue scaffold to improve circulation, diffusion, and mass transport properties by utilizing computer-aided... Agent: Drexel University

20150018969 - Drug-impregnated encasement: A drug-impregnated sleeve for encasing a medical implant is provided. In one embodiment, the sleeve may include a body made of a biologically-compatible material that defines an internal cavity configured to receive the medical implant. In one embodiment, the biologically-compatible material is bioresorbable. The body may include a plurality of... Agent:

20150018971 - Method and device for controlling an artificial orthotic or prosthetic joint: The invention relates to a device and method for controlling an artificial orthotic or prosthetic joint of a lower extremity, comprising a resistance unit with which at least one actuator is associated, via which the bending and/or stretching resistance is varied depending on sensor data. During the use of the... Agent: Otto Bock Healthcare Products Gmbh

20150018970 - Torque limiting clutch for orthotic and prosthetic devices: A torque limiting assembly for use with an actuator having a torque transfer output, the assembly comprising a brake pad, a band connected at a first extremity to a first extremity of the brake pad and a cam linking a second extremity of the band to a second extremity of... Agent:

20150018972 - Method for controlling an artificial orthotic or prosthetic knee joint: The invention relates to a method for controlling an artificial orthotic or prosthetic knee joint, on which a lower leg component is arranged and which is assigned a resistance device having at least one actuator, by means of which the bending resistance is modified depending on sensor data that is... Agent: Otto Bock Healthcare Gmbh

20150018973 - Feet extensions: e

20150018974 - Modular prosthetic devices and prosthesis systems: An adjustable prosthesis system for a residual limb includes: an adjustable outer shell having a bottom, an adjustable inner volume, and an adjustable inner shape; at least one closure component attached to the outer shell and adapted to adjust the width of the inner volume and/or inner shape; an inner... Agent:

20150018975 - Movement support apparatus: There is provided a movement support apparatus including a lower limb coupling portion configured to be coupled to a lower limb, an elastic member, a ground contact unit configured to include a ground contact plate coming into contact with a surface and a transmission portion transmitting force generated by the... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150018976 - Prosthetic foot with modular construction: A prosthetic foot includes a heel member having a heel member shaft extending upwardly from a heel end thereof and a forefoot member having a forefoot member shaft extending upwardly from a toe end thereof. An ankle member receives the heel member shaft and forefoot member shaft so as to... Agent:

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