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Prosthesis (i.e., artificial body members), parts thereof, or aids and accessories therefor

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11/13/2014 > 43 patent applications in 29 patent subcategories.

20140336742 - Delivery catheter including collapsible sleeve and method of operating same: A catheter system includes an introducer sheath and a delivery catheter having an external surface. A sleeve connector is supported on and axially movable relative to the external surface of the delivery catheter. A collapsible sleeve has a first end attached to the external surface of the delivery catheter at... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20140336743 - Device for performing diagnostics and/or therapy: The disclosure relates to a device for performing diagnostics and/or therapy and related kit, system, computer program, methods and computer readable mediums. The device of this disclosure has the advantages that the device does not need access to the pericardium and that the whole system including kit and device can... Agent:

20140336741 - Method of radially-asymmetric stent expansion: This invention gives physicians in situ control to create differences in wall porosity between different areas of a stent wall. This enables a physician to customize the stent within a blood vessel to selectively block blood flow to an aneurysm with a low-porosity area of the stent wall, but allow... Agent:

20140336744 - Stent graft delivery device: The stent graft delivery device includes a shaft on which the stent graft is placed on the distal side; a sheath which is slidable outside of the shaft; a handle which is provided on the proximal side of the shaft and the sheath; and an operation unit which is provided... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140336745 - Stent graft with fixing elements and insertion system: The present invention relates to a stent graft and to an insertion system for the stent graft according to the invention. The stent graft comprises a stent graft portion with a self-expanding stent having successive rings of meandering supports and a first prosthesis material secured on the rings. On at... Agent:

20140336746 - Modular stent graft: The present invention relates to a modular stent graft which is designed for introduction into a blood vessel in a patient and which has a stent connected by means of a graft material; the stent graft has a first stent graft module having a body, a proximal end and a... Agent:

20140336747 - Bioresorbable implants for transmyocardial revascularization: Implants for treating insufficient blood flow to a heart muscle with transmyocardial revascularization are disclosed. Methods of treating insufficient blood flow to a heart muscle with the implant are also disclosed. The implant can have a body with an inner lumen that supports a channel in the heart muscle to... Agent:

20140336748 - Bioabsorbable polymeric medical device: In embodiments there is described a cardiovascular tube-shaped lockable and expandable bioabsorbable scaffold having a low immunogenicity manufactured from a crystallizable bioabsorbable polymer composition or blend.... Agent:

20140336749 - Intraluminal vascular prosthesis: The invention relates to an intraluminal vascular prosthesis, preferably for implanting in the aortic arch. The prosthesis has a hollow cylindrical body with a first end and a second end; a first vascular prosthesis portion; a second vascular prosthesis portion; and a stent portion which is provided between the first... Agent:

20140336750 - Bioresorbable scaffold for neurologic drug delivery: Bioresorbable scaffolds and methods of treatment with such scaffolds for neurologic disorders including Parkinson's disease, Huntington's disease, Alzheimer's disease, and brain neoplasms are disclosed. The bioresorbable scaffold includes a bioresorbable body and an active agent or drug associated with the body for treating or ameliorating the neurological disorder. The bioresorbable... Agent:

20140336753 - Expandable member for deploying a prosthetic device: An apparatus and method for delivering a prosthetic device through the vasculature of a patient includes a radially expandable member coupled to the distal end of an elongate shaft. The expandable member has an open frame configuration and an outer mounting surface for mounting the prosthetic device in a collapsed... Agent: Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

20140336751 - Inflatable transcatheter intracardiac devices and methods for treating incompetent atrioventricular valves: Inflatable heart valve implants and methods utilizing those valves designed to reduce or eliminate the regurgitant jet associated with an incompetent atrioventricular valve. The heart valve implants, which are deployed via a transcatheter venous approach, comprise an inflatable balloon portion movably connected to an anchored guide shaft and movable from... Agent:

20140336754 - Multiple component prosthetic heart valve assemblies and methods for delivering them: Multiple component heart valves and apparatus and methods for implanting them are provided. The heart valve generally includes a first annular prosthesis and a second valve prosthesis. The first prosthesis includes an annular member compressible from a relaxed condition to a contracted condition to facilitate delivery into a biological annulus,... Agent:

20140336752 - System for deploying a device to a distal location across a diseased vessel: Configurations are described for assisting execution of a percutaneous procedure while protecting the vascular pathway to the operational theater. One embodiment is directed to a system for deploying a device to a distal location across a diseased vessel, comprising a sheath comprising an expandable distal portion comprising a porous wall... Agent: Transaortic Medical, Inc.

20140336755 - Tubular scaffold for fabrication of heart valves: A tubular braided mesh scaffold for fabrication of heart valves is described. The tubular braided scaffold can be formed of a shape memory metal, such as Nitinol, and pinched or pressed to form a leaflet shape. When heat treated, the braided mesh scaffold holds and retains its valve-like shape.... Agent:

20140336756 - Methods and apparatus for controlling the internal circumference of an anatomic orifice or lumen: An implantable device is provided for controlling at least one of shape and size of an anatomical structure or lumen. An implantable device has an adjustable member configured to adjust the dimensions of the implantable device. An adjustment tool is configured to actuate the adjustable member and provide for adjustment... Agent:

20140336757 - Accommodating intraocular lens with haptics for sulcus fixation: An accommodating intraocular lens construction includes a lens of fixed optical power to correct refractive error and a lens of variable power to restore accommodation of the eye, which variable lens can have two optical elements which either shift perpendicular to the optical axis, or which variable lens can have... Agent: Akkolens International B.v.

20140336758 - Hydrophilizing plasma coating: The invention relates to a method for hydrophilizing surfaces of polymer workpieces. The method has a step (a) of pretreating the workpiece surfaces in a high-frequency gas plasma which is produced on the basis of an inert gas in order to clean and activate the workpiece surfaces; a step (b)... Agent:

20140336759 - Implantable nipple and areola prosthesis: An implantable nipple and areola prosthesis for post-mastectomy breast cancer patients includes a conical areola position bearing a matrix of suture holes and a protruding nipple portion. During post-mastectomy breast reconstruction surgery, a surgeon implants the prosthesis under the pectoralis major muscle, placing the implant with the nipple prominence anterior... Agent:

20140336760 - Device for implanting a system for loading a cruciate ligament in a knee joint: A device for implantation in a bone is disclosed, wherein this device is a component part of a system, for controlled loading of the reconstructure anterior crucual ligament (ACL) of a knee joint. The device may comprise an outer body, which is provided with a damping mechanism between a distal... Agent: Mathys Ag Bettlach

20140336761 - Vocal cord medialization: Medical devices, medical device kits, and related methods of treatment are described. An exemplary medical device comprises a proximal portion having an outer surface defining a thread and an inner surface defining a passageway having a keyed portion, a distal portion providing an atraumatic tip, and a flexible main body... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20140336762 - Method and system for knee joint repair: A method and system for repairing a defect area in a surface of a joint include providing a mold having a first surface and a second surface, positioning the mold within the joint such that at least part of the mold first surface overlies the defect area, and depositing a... Agent:

20140336763 - Systems for and methods of fusing a sacroiliac joint: A sacroiliac joint fusion system including a joint implant, anchor element and delivery tool. The joint implant includes a bore extending non-parallel to the implant longitudinal axis. The anchor element is for receiving in the bore. The delivery tool includes an implant arm and anchor arm. The implant arm distal... Agent: Jcbd, LLC

20140336765 - Anatomy accomodating prosthetic intervertebral disc with lower height: An intervertebral disc includes a superior endplate having an upper vertebral contacting surface and a lower bearing surface, wherein the upper vertebral contacting surface of the superior endplate has a central portion that is raised relative to a peripheral portion of the superior endplate, and wherein the lower bearing surface... Agent: Simplify Medical, Inc.

20140336766 - Expandable interbody fusion device: An expandable interbody fusion device includes superior and inferior plates that are configured to receive a sequentially inserted stack of expansion members or wafers. The superior and inferior plates include features that at least initially interlock the two plates until the superior plate is dislodged by pressure from the growing... Agent:

20140336764 - Expandable spinal fusion cage: A device, system, and method for performing a spinal procedure. The device includes first and second shape-memory outer platforms, the outer platforms expanding at a temperature greater than the transformative temperature, a core member having first and second expansion bodies and first and second wedge members, the first expansion body... Agent:

20140336768 - Flanged interbody fusion device with fastener insert and retaining ring: Methods and devices are disclosed for treating the vertebral column. An integrated fixation plate and spacer having a retaining structure within the screw holes of the fixation plate to resist backout of screws attaching the fixation plate to the bone is provided. A movable joint may be provided between the... Agent:

20140336767 - Intervertebral prosthesis with self-tapping fixing projections: An intervertebral prosthesis, in particular for the cervical spine, has two attachment plates connected in an articulated manner. The attachment surfaces of the attachment plates, which are configured for attachment to adjacent vertebral bodies have a base surface configured to bear on the surface of the vertebral bodies, and self-tapping... Agent: Cervitech, Inc.

20140336769 - Intervertebral spacer device having recessed notch pairs for manipulation using a surgical tool: Instrumentation for implanting an artificial intervertebral disc includes static trials and a dynamic trial for determining the appropriate size of disc to be implanted, static trial holders for manipulating the static trials, inserter/impactors for inserting and removing the static trials and for inserting the artificial intervertebral discs, repositioners/extractors for repositioning... Agent:

20140336770 - Low profile plate: The present application generally relates to orthopedic systems, and in particular, to systems including independent plates and spacers. A plating system can include a spacer and a plate that is independent from the spacer. A number of locking mechanisms can be provided to secure the plate to the spacer. In... Agent:

20140336771 - Spinal intervertebral implant: An intervertebral spinal implant, for insertion between two consecutive vertebral bodies, includes a volume, inclined first and second through-holes formed in the volume, and elongated first and second fastening elements for securing the volume. The first and second through-holes have respective ends that open onto a front face and onto... Agent:

20140336772 - Method and apparatus for use in operating on a bone: An implantable device includes a polymeric body and a metallic first mounting strip connected to a trailing end portion of the body. The body has a leading end portion, a first side surface, a second side surface, an upper surface, a lower surface and a central opening extending through the... Agent: Bonutti Skeletal Innovations LLC

20140336773 - Systems and methods for providing deeper knee flexion capabilities for knee prosthesis patients: Systems and methods for providing deeper knee flexion capabilities, more physiologic load bearing and improved patellar tracking for knee prosthesis patients. Such systems and methods include (i) adding more articular surface to the antero-proximal posterior condyles of a femoral component, including methods to achieve that result, (ii) modifications to the... Agent:

20140336774 - Patient selectable knee arthroplasty devices: Disclosed herein are methods and devices for repairing articular surfaces in a knee joint. The articular surface repairs are customizable or highly selectable for each patient and geared toward providing optimal fit and function. Kits are also provided to enable customized repairs to be performed.... Agent: Conformis, Inc.

20140336775 - Ankle replacement system: A total ankle replacement system, novel surgical method for total ankle replacement, and novel surgical tools for performing the surgical method are described. The total ankle replacement system includes the calcaneus in fixation of a lower prosthesis body, thereby significantly increasing the amount of bone available for fixation of the... Agent:

20140336776 - Medical implant, instrument head and assembly: An assembly of a cup prosthesis (10) and instrument head is described. A cup prosthesis has a circumference and a central axis which defines axial and radial directions. An attachment member (8) is applied around the circumference of the cup. The attachment member comprises: a circumferential band (46); and at... Agent:

20140336777 - Bearing fixation: Disclosed is a method of engaging a bearing liner within a shell member with an integrated projection portion. The integrated projection portion may deform a selected amount during positioning of the bearing liner within the shell. The shell may include a complementary engaging portion.... Agent:

20140336778 - Interlocking acetabular fixation screws and their combination with a reverse hip acetabular cup: Interlocking acetabular fixation screws having a threaded shaft for threading into cancellous bone and a tapered threaded head for threading into tapered threaded screw holes in a reverse hip acetabular cup. The reverse hip acetabular cup has a central stem and the threaded screw holes are drilled at an angle... Agent: Hip Innovation Tchnology, LLC

20140336779 - Compressed fiber structural material and method for producing the same: Provided is a method for easily producing a lamellar compressed fiber structural material which has mechanical characteristics close to those of in vivo bone and which is capable of easily increasing osteoblast even when a difference in strength exists. In order to solve the issues, the method for producing compressed... Agent: Shinshu University

20140336780 - Extracellular matrix (ecm) structures for tissue regeneration: An extracellular matrix (ECM) structure for tissue regeneration, the ECM structure having a a sheet member comprising small intestine submucosa (SIS), the SIS sheet member being folded and laminated proximate the sheet member edge, wherein a folded laminated ECM structure having a cavity therein is formed, the ECM structure further... Agent:

20140336781 - Hybrid augmented reality multimodal operation neural integration environment: A method of controlling a device relative to one or more objects in an environment of a user employing the device may include receiving a volitional input from the user indicative of a task to be performed relative to an object with the device, receiving object targeting information associated with... Agent: The Johns Hopkins University

20140336782 - Passive orthopedic aid in the form of a foot prosthesis or foot orthosis: The invention relates to a passive orthopedic aid in the form of a foot prosthesis or foot orthosis, with a first part which is connected to a second part in a rotatable manner via a swivel joint, with a sensor arrangement for measuring parameters that provide indications of instantaneous operation... Agent:

20140336783 - Adjustable socket system: An adjustable socket system is configured to accommodate a residual limb. The adjustable socket system has first and second opposed sides and includes a rigid first component arranged along the first side of the socket. An adjustable second component has a plurality of interconnected vertebrae elements connected to the first... Agent:

11/06/2014 > 37 patent applications in 24 patent subcategories.

20140330358 - Guidewire loaded stent for delivery through a catheter: A guidewire loaded stent for delivery through a catheter is described herein. The stent delivery assembly can deliver and place a stent within tortuous regions of the body which are accessible to guidewires but inaccessible to stenting catheters. The assembly comprises a guidewire covered in part by a retractable sheath... Agent: Bay Street Medical, Inc.

20140330359 - Methods and apparatus for stent delivery and deployment: For scaffolds delivered and deployed intravascularly, one or several configurations may be employed for creating a smoother transition from balloon-to-scaffold. For instance, one or more spacers may be positioned in proximity to the scaffold. Alternatively, portions of the inflatable balloon may be configured to provide a smooth transition. In another... Agent: Amaranth Medical Pte.

20140330360 - Segmented scaffold designs: Segmented scaffolds composed of disconnected scaffold segments with overlapping end rings are disclosed. Scaffolds with at least one discontinuous link are also disclosed.... Agent:

20140330361 - Segmented scaffold designs: Segmented scaffolds composed of disconnected scaffold segments with overlapping end rings are disclosed. Scaffolds with at least one discontinuous link are also disclosed.... Agent:

20140330362 - Stent delivery system: One preferred embodiment includes a stent delivery system including a retractable sheath and an outer stability sheath. The stability sheath freely rotates relative to the retractable sheath, relieving compression forces caused by twisting of stability sheath in when in a tortuous conformation.... Agent:

20140330363 - Polymer scaffolds having a low crossing profile: A medical device includes a polymer scaffold crimped to a catheter having an expansion balloon. The scaffold, after being deployed by the balloon, provides a crush recovery of about 90% after the diameter of the scaffold has been pinched or crushed by 50%. The scaffold also has a reduced crimped... Agent:

20140330364 - Endoprosthesis with filament repositioning of retrieval member and guard structure: An endoprosthesis includes a stent structure having an elongate member longitudinal portions of which overlap to define the crossover structures. The stent structure may also include loop structures, which are contiguous with the crossover structures, through which a filament extends. A guard structure is secured to the stent structure and... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed Inc.

20140330365 - Hollow stent filled with a therapeutic agent formulation: A composition for loading into a structural element of a stent, where the structural element is defined by a lumen and at least one opening to access the lumen. The composition may comprise a therapeutic agent, and a chelator, a precipitation agent, or a combination thereof. Medical devices, such as... Agent:

20140330367 - Personalized aortic valve prosthesis: A personalized prosthetic valve for implantation at a native valve treatment site includes a self-expanding mesh and a plurality of valve leaflets coupled to the mesh. The mesh may be delivered to the native valve in a collapsed configuration, and in an expanded configuration the mesh engages the native valve.... Agent: Qarius LLC

20140330366 - System and method for transaortic delivery of a prosthetic heart valve: A delivery system and method for delivering a prosthetic heart valve to the aortic valve annulus via a transaortic approach. The system includes a balloon catheter for delivering a balloon-expandable prosthetic heart valve through an introducer from an approach from outside the patient, through a minimally-invasive opening in the chest... Agent: Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

20140330368 - Valve delivery tool: A system includes a medical device for implanting in a valve of a subject, the implantable medical device having a self-expanding frame; and a holder configured to retain the frame of the implantable medical device in a constricted configuration and to control expansion of the frame. The holder has a... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20140330369 - Prosthetic tissue valves and methods for anchoring same to cardiovascular structures: A prosthetic atrioventricular tissue valve comprising a continuous tubular member formed from a first biocompatible material, the tubular member having proximal and distal ends, and at least one valve leaflet formed therein, the distal end of the tubular member including cardiovascular structure engagement means for connecting the tubular member to... Agent:

20140330370 - Prosthetic valve delivery and mounting apparatus and system: A valve mounting apparatus having an elongated tubular mesh structure with proximal and distal ends, a cardiovascular structure engagement region disposed between the proximal and distal ends, and a lumen therethrough, the distal end of the structure including a valve engagement region that is configured to engage a first end... Agent:

20140330371 - Prosthetic valves and associated appartuses, systems and methods: A valve prosthesis includes an expandable frame comprising an outflow portion and an inflow portion connected to the outflow portion. The frame defines a central lumen extending between the outflow portion and the inflow portion. The frame is generally cylindrical in a fully expanded configuration. When the frame is in... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20140330372 - Medical devices for implanting in a valve and associated methods: A device, such as a prosthetic heart valve, for implantation in a patient's valve, having one or more visible markings configured to be aligned with one or more anatomical structures of the patient's valve, such as an annulus or a commissure. The markings facilitating accurate implantation of the device at... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20140330373 - Reinforced prosthetic tissue valves: A prosthetic atrioventricular valve that includes a continuous tubular member having proximal and distal ends, the tubular member comprising an extracellular matrix (ECM) material, and a reinforcement member disposed in the tubular member lumen and attached to the distal end of the tubular member, the reinforcement member comprising at least... Agent:

20140330374 - Implanting oversized objects into surgical beds: The present invention relates to a deformable object to be implanted into a surgical site (exemplified by but not limited to a cornea lenticule, e.g., that could be native corneal tissue or a synthetic or biosynthetic construct), surgical instrumentation for altering the curvature and arc length of the deformable object... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20140330375 - Accommodating intraocular lens system with mutually-deforming opposing surfaces: An accommodating (re-focusable) intraocular lens (IOL) a body of which includes, upon being assembled, first and second individual lenslets having first and second optical portions sequentially disposed along an optical axis and respective haptic portions, interlocked as a result of rotating of one lenslet with respect to another such as... Agent:

20140330376 - Apparatus and method for the treatment of presbyopia in a pseudophakic eye: A method and apparatus to treat presbyopia or pseudophakic refractive error including but not limited to astigmatism and higher order aberrations is disclosed. An intraocular lens is pierced and the resulting opening becomes a pinhole device or becomes a dual lens system device to include a primary IOL and a... Agent: Cataract Innovations LLC

20140330377 - Tubular prostheses: Tubular prostheses are provided for use in airways, upper digestive, and urinary tracts. Each of these uses has its own specific sets of biological specifications, based on what it must contain and exclude and the physical and chemical pressures and stresses to which it is subjected. The prostheses may be... Agent:

20140330378 - Double-loop endobutton, ovoid tunnel guide, and method of acl re-construction using the ovoid tunnel guide and the double-loop endobutton: A graft attachment apparatus including at least two separately formed filament loops, and a fixation member comprising at least one opening configured to receive the at least two separately formed filament loops. The at least two separately formed filament loops are continuous loops.... Agent:

20140330379 - Clamping assemblies for securing ligaments to a bone: An assembly for securing a plurality of end looped ligaments to a bone by a combination clamp and bone screw. The clamp exhibits a tapered or non-linear three dimensional shape to accommodate the folded over ligament end-loop and can be constructed of a plastic or other suitable material, and includes... Agent: Linares Medical Devices, LLC

20140330380 - Clamping assemblies for securing ligaments to a bone: A clamp assembly for engaging a bunched end of ligaments to a bone mounting location, the assembly including pair of split body portions, each including an enlarged head adapted to being mounted within a location of the bone, the split body portions each further including an extending stem portion. Each... Agent: Linares Medical Devices, LLC

20140330381 - Tissue repair assembly: The present disclosure relates to a fixation device. The fixation device includes a base portion including a first leg, a second leg, and a groove located between the first and second legs and a top portion extending from the base portion. A tissue repair device and a method of tissue... Agent:

20140330382 - Artificial si joint: An artificial SI-Joint includes a sacrum component and an ilium component. The sacrum component may include a ridge, foundation, perimeter surface and a fitting member. The ilium component may include a polybearing, edge, foundation, perimeter surface, and a ridge or sockets. The fitting member of the sacrum component may engage... Agent:

20140330385 - Bone stabilization member with bone screw retention mechanism: A spinal implant for stabilizing first and second vertebrae. The spinal implant includes an intervertebral spacer and a bone stabilization member configured to be coupled to the intervertebral spacer. The bone stabilization member includes a plurality of bone screw openings and a plurality of bone screws extendable through the bone... Agent:

20140330384 - Inter-body implant: A system for implanting an inter-body device between adjacent vertebrae comprises an inter-body device having a plurality of cans secured to a flexible bridge and having a relief portion therebetween. An inserter tube and complementary bullnoses are advantageously secured to the vertebrae by an extension arm for securing the assembly... Agent:

20140330386 - Modular anchor bone fusion cage: A modular anchor bone fusion cage is provided. The cage includes a spacer configured to fit into a space between the faces of two bones that are to be fused together. A fusion plate having at least a main body portion is coupled to the spacer by a connector. Fasteners... Agent:

20140330387 - Spinal cage: A spinal cage (80) including first and second spinal attachment members (82, 84) attachable to vertebrae (83, 85), the first and second spinal attachment members (82, 84) articulating with one another by means of an articulation joint (86, 88), characterised by a wedge element (90) arranged for wedging between the... Agent:

20140330383 - Vertebral body replacement or fusion device: The present disclosure relates to a spinal implant or spacer that addresses the variation in anatomy of vertebrae along the spine by having inferior and superior surface angle and convexity variations that are adapted to address the differences in lordosis and endplate surface convexity of the spine. The difference between... Agent:

20140330388 - Artificial knee joint implant: An artificial knee joint includes a femoral component and a tibial plate. The femoral component includes a first joint face disposed adjacent to a medial collateral ligament of a patient, and a second joint face disposed adjacent to a lateral collateral ligament of the patient. The first and second joint... Agent: Kyocera Medical Corporation

20140330389 - Application of diffusion hardened material: An improved implant having components comprising an oxidized zirconium bearing surface adapted to decrease pain, lower friction, and minimize wear when coupled with natural femoral articular cartilage. The improved implant components also provide for reduced backside wear effects in fixed and mobile implants. The improved implant components further provide for... Agent: Smith & Nephew, Inc.

20140330390 - Cementless hip stem: A cementless femoral stem prosthesis for use in hip replacement surgery is disclosed. The stem has a collar and a body having a fixed end and a shank end. The shank end is divided into a pair of adjustable endosteal plates that are secured to the cortical bone of the... Agent:

20140330391 - Placental tissue grafts: A method for preparing placenta membrane tissue grafts for medical use, includes obtaining a placenta from a subject, cleaning the placenta, separating the chorion tissue from the amniotic membrane, mounting a selected layer of either the chorion tissue or the amniotic membrane onto a drying fixture, dehydrating the selected layer... Agent:

20140330392 - Scaffolds for tissues and uses thereof: The present invention provides tissue scaffolds, methods of generating such scaffolds, and methods of use of such scaffolds to generate aligned and functional tissues for use in methods including regenerative medicine, wound repair, and transplantation.... Agent: The Trustees Of Princeton University

20140330393 - Quasi-active prosthetic joint system: The first clutch is locked to engage the first compliant member. A second compliant member is coupled to the main body and foot portion. A sensor is coupled to the prosthetic joint device to measure a physical state of the prosthetic joint device. The engagement and disengagement of the first... Agent:

20140330394 - Methods and systems for controlling body parts and devices using ipsilateral motor cortex and motor related cortex: A system for controlling a body part includes a number of sensing devices that sense signals from a hemisphere of a brain. A signal translating unit translates the signals into a command signal for controlling the body part, which is on a same side of the body as the hemisphere... Agent: Washington University

10/30/2014 > 44 patent applications in 31 patent subcategories.

20140324152 - Delivery system having stent retention structure: A drainage stent delivery system including an elongate shaft of a medial device, a drainage catheter or stent, and an interference fit member for selectively coupling the drainage stent to the elongate shaft. The drainage stent is selectively coupled to a distal portion of the elongate shaft by an interference... Agent:

20140324149 - Delivery system with profiled sheath having balloon-oriented position: A delivery system for delivering a self-expanding medical device such as a stent. The delivery system includes a sheath profiled or shaped to reduce instances of interference between a distal edge of the sheath and a vessel or with any lesion or lesions that might be present in the vessel.... Agent: Cappella, Inc.

20140324148 - Pusher guide wire: In a pusher guide wire, a protective film is suspended with respect to a core shaft with a distal end thereof being fitted in a distal-end holder and a proximal end thereof being fitted in a proximal-end holder. Hence, the frictional resistance generated between the protective film and a stent... Agent: Asahi Intecc Co. Ltd.

20140324151 - Stent delivery system: An operating unit constituting a stent delivery system is provided with a first rotary roller having a first gear and a second rotary roller having a second gear. The first gear is meshed with a first tooth portion of a rack member and the second gear is meshed with a... Agent:

20140324150 - Systems and methods for guidewire crossover for bifurcated prostheses: An endovascular delivery system includes a bifurcated prosthesis including a main tubular body having an open end and opposed ipsilateral and contralateral legs and a delivery catheter for deployment of the prosthesis. The delivery catheter includes an elongate outer tubular sheath, an elongate inner tubular member releasably disposed within the... Agent:

20140324153 - Systems for performing intralumenal reconstruction: Devices, systems and methods are provided for performing intra-lumenal medical procedures in a desired area of the body. Stents, stent delivery devices and methods of performing medical procedures to redirect and or re-establish the intravascular flow of blood are provided for the treatment of hemorrhagic and ischemic disease states.... Agent:

20140324155 - Blood perfusion device delivery system: A delivery system deploys a prosthesis for open surgical repair of a body vessel. The system includes a sleeve to retain segments of a prosthesis in a compressed configuration and retraction members. The sleeve has outer segments associated with each end of the prosthesis. Retraction of the retraction members removes... Agent:

20140324154 - Stent-grafts with post-deployment variable radial displacement: An endovascular stent-graft includes a generally tubular body configured to assume a radially-compressed delivery state and a radially-expanded deployment state. The body includes a flexible stent member, and a tubular fluid flow guide attached to the stent member. The body includes a compliance-restoration body portion extending axially along a portion... Agent: Endospan Ltd.

20140324156 - Implantable device with plasma polymer surface: A deformable implantable medical device such as a stent comprising metallic, polymer and/or composite substrate having a columnar structured plasma polymer surface capable of binding functional biological molecules. The polymer surface can be bound to the substrate through a mixed or graded interface formed by a co-deposition process where a... Agent: The University Of Sydney

20140324157 - Methods and apparatus for stenting comprising enhanced embolic protection coupled with improved protections against restenosis and thrombus formation: Apparatus and methods for stenting are provided comprising a stent attached to a porous biocompatible material that is permeable to endothelial cell ingrowth, but impermeable to release of emboli of predetermined size. Preferred stent designs are provided, as well as preferred manufacturing techniques. Apparatus and methods are also provided for... Agent:

20140324158 - Biosorbable endoprosthesis: A biosorbable magnetisable endoprosthesis, may be useful in the therapy of restenosis. A method for the treatment of prevention of restenosis or a disease of thecoronary artery, comprises fitting a patent with an endoprosthesis according to the invention, which has either been magnetized prior to placement in the body or... Agent: Magnus Stent Ic

20140324159 - Drug eluting stent and a guide catheter device assembly for implanting the same: The present invention relates to a drug eluting stent for delivering therapeutic agents to a body lumen. The stent includes an expandable substrate configured for implantation in a vessel of a human body and a therapeutic agent composition coated over the stent. The balloon catheter shaft has a resilient unit... Agent:

20140324160 - Low-profile heart valve and delivery system: Disclosed replacement heart valves can be designed to be delivered to a native valve site while crimped on a delivery catheter. The crimped profile of the replacement valve can be minimized by, for example, separating a frame or stent structure from a leaflet structure, along the axial direction. Disclosed replacement... Agent: Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

20140324161 - Retrieval and repositioning system for prosthetic heart valve: This invention relates to the design and function of a retrieval device for a prosthetic heart valve for re-positioning or removal of a previously implanted valve prosthesis from a beating heart without extracorporeal circulation using a transcatheter retrieval system.... Agent: Tendyne Holdings, Inc.

20140324162 - Staged deployment devices and methods for transcatheter heart valve delivery: A delivery device for a collapsible heart valve includes an operating handle and a catheter assembly. The operating handle includes a frame defining a movement space therein, a carriage assembly moveable in a longitudinal direction within the movement space, and a coupler having locked and unlocked conditions, the coupler being... Agent:

20140324163 - Device and method for improving fixation of a medical device: A device for improving the function of a heart valve comprises a first loop-shaped support, which is configured to abut a first side of the heart valve. A first flange unit is may be configured as a fabric sleeve covering the loop-shaped support. A portion of the fabric sleeve forms... Agent:

20140324164 - Techniques for percutaneous mitral valve replacement and sealing: Apparatus is provided for use with a native valve of a heart of a subject, the apparatus including (1) an annular upstream support portion, configured to be transluminally placed against an atrial surface of the native valve; (2) a tissue-engaging element that includes a coupling portion configured to be transluminally... Agent: Mitraltech Ltd.

20140324165 - Controlling implanted blood pumps: A blood pump controller includes a microcontroller and a communication interface. The microcontroller is configured to communicate with various types of blood pump communication modules. The microcontroller is further configured to determine, based on communication with a particular type of blood pump communication module, the particular type of blood pump... Agent: Thoratec Corporation

20140324166 - Apparatus, system, and method for providing an optical filter for an implantable lens: An apparatus, system and method for providing an optical filter for an intraocular lens. The apparatus, system and method may include at least one optical filtering layer applied to at least one surface of the optic, wherein the optical filtering layer may at least partially filter light through the intraocular... Agent:

20140324167 - Method for creating a double bundle ligament orientation in a single bone tunnel during knee ligament reconstruction: A method and construct for joint repair in which attachment of a double bundle graft ligament approximates anatomic orientation using interference fixation in a single bone tunnel. The double bundle graft features separable strands. A threaded screw is inserted between the separable strands and provides interference fixation of the graft... Agent: Arthrex, Inc.

20140324168 - Clamping assemblies for securing ligaments to a bone: An assembly for securing a plurality of ligaments to a bone includes a first portion exhibited by such as a ring shaped clamp with a tab and slot or a split stem incorporating a plurality of spaced apart ring shaped clamps compressively gripping about the ligaments. A second portion includes... Agent:

20140324169 - Multi-component non-biodegradable implant, a method of making and a method of implantation: An implant comprising at least three components, namely, a solid hydrogel, a porous hydrogel adjacent to or surrounding the solid hydrogel (together considered “the hydrogel”), and a porous rigid base. The solid hydrogel and porous rigid base carry joint load, and the porous hydrogel layer and the porous rigid base... Agent: New York Society For The Ruptured And Crippled Maintaining The Hospital For Special Surgery

20140324170 - Facet arthroplasty devices and methods: A prosthesis replaces all or a portion of a natural facet joint on a vertebral body. The prosthesis has a prosthesis body accommodating fixation to the vertebral body at or near a pedicle and without support by a lamina. The prosthesis body has a fastening element installed within the vertebral... Agent:

20140324171 - Expandable fusion device and method of installation thereof: Two or more expandable fusion devices are capable of being installed inside an intervertebral disc space. The devices may be implanted at varying heights to maintain disc spacing and restore spinal stability, thereby facilitating an intervertebral fusion. In one embodiment, two implants are implanted into the intervertebral disc space and... Agent:

20140324172 - Dynamic spinal implants incorporating cartilage bearing graft material: A dynamic spinal implant utilizes cartilage bearing graft material in dynamic disc replacement and/or facet arthroplasty. Methods and apparatus for dynamic spinal implants incorporate bulk articular graft tissues derived from donor joint sources in human (allograft or autograft) or non-human (xenograft) tissue. The donor joint is preferably prepared as a... Agent:

20140324173 - Fusion system and method for fusing spinal bones: This invention relates to a spinal fusion system and method for use as a prosthetic implant. The system and method includes a housing dimensioned to be situated between adjacent spinal bones, such as adjacent vertebrae. The housing cooperates with the spinal bones to define a graft area for receiving graft... Agent: X-spine Systems, Inc.

20140324174 - Instrumentation for recording and replicating orthopaedic implant orientation: A system for preparing an implant for implantation includes a trial implant including a first dialable component and a datum, a final implant including a second dialable component, and an instrument including (i) a base assembly configured to support the trial implant so that the datum is in a predetermined... Agent: Depuy Synthes Products, LLC

20140324175 - Elbow prosthesis: A joint prosthesis is provided and may include first and second stem structures and first and second bearing members. The first stem structure may include a generally U-shaped portion having first and second legs. The second stem structure may include first and second bearing surfaces. The first bearing member may... Agent: Biomet Manufacturing, LLC

20140324176 - Constrained knee prosthesis: A tibial insert includes a base and a post extending from the base along a longitudinal axis. The post has a medial surface, a lateral surface, and a height along the longitudinal axis. The medial surface has a medial section, and the lateral surface has a lateral section oriented substantially... Agent: Smith & Nephew, Inc.

20140324177 - Prosthetic joint: A joint prosthesis comprising, e.g., a femoral component and a tibial component. The medial and lateral condylar articular surfaces may have substantially uniform and equal radii from full extension to about 90° of flexion. From 90°, the lateral condylar articular surface has a smaller radius than the medial condylar articular... Agent:

20140324178 - Cruciate-retaining tibial prosthesis: A tibial prosthesis comprises a medial base portion configured to engage a medial surface of a tibia and a lateral base portion configured to engage a lateral surface of the tibia. At least a portion of the medial and lateral base portions are separated by a passage interposed therebetween. The... Agent:

20140324179 - Orthopedic insert systems and methods: Systems, devices, and methods are described for providing orthopedic knee inserts. The orthopedic knee inserts include a surface portion having a lip configured to couple with a mating member of a tibial component, where the lip has recesses that define non-continuous contact regions between the lip and the mating member... Agent:

20140324180 - Tibial implant base: An orthopedic prosthesis includes a tibial implant and a tibial insert. The tibial implant includes an upper surface, a medial side, a lateral side and a first locking structure provided on the upper surface where the medial side and the lateral side of the tibial implant are defined by a... Agent:

20140324182 - Control system, method and computer program for positioning an endoprosthesis: A computer-aided control system, a computer-based method and a computer program or a computer program product control an implant positioning of an endoprosthesis. Planning data are generated on the basis of a preoperatively acquired first image data set. The endoprosthesis is provisionally positioned intraoperatively. A second image data set representing... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140324181 - Patient-matched acetabular component alignment device and method: Embodiments of the invention are directed to a prosthetic hip system that includes acetabular alignment structures and methods. Acetabular alignment structures and methods may include use of patient-matched components configured to reduce tissue disruption during implantation.... Agent: Smith & Nephew, Inc.

20140324183 - Prosthetic acetabular cup: A prosthetic acetabular cup comprising a dome-shaped expandable shell having an annular rim portion (2) and an apex portion and a concave inner cavity extending therebetween for receiving a bearing liner; the shell further comprising an apex aperture (21) centrally disposed in the apex portion relative to a shell axis... Agent:

20140324184 - Prosthesis component: A prosthesis component 2 is disclosed, the component comprising a shell (2) formed form a carbon fibre reinforced polymer material and having an inner bearing surface (10); and a liner (6) formed from a ceramic material and having an outer bearing surface(12); wherein the liner (6) is received in an... Agent: Biomet Uk Healthcare Limited

20140324185 - Method and apparatus for restoring a joint, including the provision and use of a longitudinally-adjustable and rotationally-adjustable joint prosthesis: p

20140324187 - Implants and methods for correcting tissue defects: An implant comprises a plurality of discrete biocompatible molded cement mosaic plates of maximum width w and thickness d connected by wire arms molded into and extending substantially laterally from the mosaic plates. Neighbouring mosaic plates are separated by a gap of width t, and at least some of the... Agent:

20140324186 - Medical implants with enhanced osseointegration: Medical implants with non-equilibrium surface structures are disclosed. The surface treatment of the implants greatly enhances osseointegration, reduces time to recovery following implant surgery, reduces surgery-related infections, and improves outcomes. The implants, including dental implants and other implants for insertion into or attachment to bone, are applicable to treatment of... Agent:

20140324188 - Implant: The invention relates to implants that are implanted into living beings as temporary implants and that disintegrate in the body through biological adsorption over a period of time, in addition to a process for producing aforesaid implants. The implant according to the invention consists of magnesium or a magnesium master... Agent: Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.

20140324190 - Actuator assembly for prosthetic or orthotic joint: A system and method associated with the movement of a limb. In one example, the system, such as a prosthetic or orthotic system, includes an actuator that actively controls, or adjusts, the angle between a foot unit and a lower limb member. The actuator preferably selectively locks during a desired... Agent: &#xd6 Ssur Hf

20140324189 - Prosthetics and orthotics: A prosthesis (1) or an orthosis and method of operating the same. The prosthesis or orthosis comprising a moveable component (2), a motor (7) operable to move the component, wherein the motor has at least one operating parameter, the application of which to the motor results in the component having... Agent: Touch Emas Limited

20140324191 - Socket system for a prosthesis, prosthesis and production method: The invention relates to a socket system for a prosthesis. The socket system including a prosthesis socket which has a proximal opening for receiving a residual limb and a distal end and which is made, at least partially, of a first fiber-reinforced plastic. The socket system also includes an adapter... Agent: Otto Bock Healthcare Gmbh

10/23/2014 > 27 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20140316510 - Dual capture device for stent graft delivery system and method for capturing a stent graft: A delivery system for delivering and deploying stents with proximal and distal apices includes a guidewire catheter, a nose cone assembly, a proximal capture portion and a stent graft with proximal and distal stents. The nose cone assembly is at the distal end of the guidewire catheter and includes a... Agent:

20140316511 - Endovascular graft: An endovascular graft, which is configured to conform to the morphology of a vessel to be treated, includes a tubular ePTFE structure; an inflatable ePTFE structure disposed over at least a portion of the ePTFE tubular structure; and an injection port in fluid communication with the inflatable ePTFE structure for... Agent:

20140316508 - Implant delivery system with marker interlock: An implant delivery system is disclosed. The delivery system includes an elongated member having an implant mounting location. A self-expandable implant is mounted at the implant mounting location. The implant is held in a compressed orientation by a retractable sheath. An interlock structure prevents the implant from deploying prematurely as... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140316509 - Interconnection between selectively-expandable and self-expandable sections of an ostial stent: An ostial stent is operable to be placed at the ostium of a patient's vascular system so as to improve vessel patency in the ostial region. The ostial stent includes a stent tube that presents spaced apart proximal and distal stent openings and a longitudinal stent passage that extends between... Agent: Medical Ingenuities, LLC

20140316512 - Stent and living organ dilator: A stent configured to closely contact tissue in vivo by being deformed when set indwelling in vivo. The stent has a plurality of axially arranged annular members, with axially adjacent annular members being interconnected by at least one link part; and a metallic wavy-linear annular member positioned at each end... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140316513 - Heart valve and endovascular graft components and method for delivery: A medical device including a valve member with an elongate tubular portion with at least one aperture disposed in a sidewall at a location between the proximal and distal ends, and a plurality of leaflets; a first endovascular graft coupled to the valve member; and a second endovascular graft coupled... Agent:

20140316514 - Devices and methods for treatment of the aortic arch: The present disclosure includes an endoprosthesis comprising a descending stent-graft, an ascending stent-graft, and/or a side-branch stent-graft. In various embodiments, an ascending stent-graft is capable of being coupled to a descending stent-graft, and/or a descending stent-graft can comprise a fenestration capable of being coupled to a side-branch stent-graft. In addition,... Agent: W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.

20140316515 - Method for producing a bioactive surface on an endoprosthesis or on the balloon of a balloon catheter: In a method for producing a bioactive surface on an endoprosthesis or on the balloon of a balloon catheter, the surface of the endoprosthesis or the surface of the balloon is softened. The surface of the endoprosthesis or of the balloon is moistened with a solution of an active ingredient... Agent:

20140316516 - Multi-component cuff designs for transcatheter mitral valve replacement subvalvular sealing apparatus for transcatheter mitral valves and wire framed leaflet assembly: This invention relates to improved devices and methods for deploying and sealing a prosthetic cardiac valve, including (i) a mitral valve with a cuff or atrial sealing gasket formed from tissue or fabric-covered wire or laser cut metal originating from one end of an expandable stent, wherein such cuff or... Agent: Tendyne Holdings, Inc.

20140316519 - Cardiac valve with shields for tissue retraction: A tissue retraction system for a bioprosthetic cardiac valve base configured for attachment to a separate leaflet set includes a plurality of retraction shields releasably attached to the valve base. The retraction shields are configured to restrain tissue within a surgical site. The retraction shields may be flexible and transparent.... Agent: Valvexchange, Inc.

20140316518 - Handle mechanism and functionality for repositioning and retrieval of transcatheter heart valves: Improved catheter devices for delivery, repositioning and/or percutaneous retrieval of percutaneously implanted heart valves are described, including a medical device handle that provides an array of features helpful in conducting a percutaneous heart valve implantation procedure while variously enabling radial expansion or contraction and/or lateral positioning control over the heart... Agent: California Institute Of Technology

20140316517 - Methods and devices for delivery of prosthetic heart valves and other prosthetics: Prosthetic valves and their component parts are described, as are prosthetic valve delivery devices and methods for their use. The prosthetic valves are particularly adapted for use in percutaneous aortic valve replacement procedures. The delivery devices are particularly adapted for use in minimally invasive surgical procedures. The preferred delivery device... Agent: Cardiacmd, Inc.

20140316520 - Support segment for ocular structures: Devices and methods for providing capsular support to areas of zonular weakness and for iris dilation in complex cataract surgery and other ophthalmological procedures. In one embodiment, a device for implantation into an eye includes at least one engagement feature and at least one attachment mechanism. The engagement feature is... Agent: Accutome, Inc.

20140316521 - Rewriteable aberration-corrected gradient-index intraocular lenses: Systems and methods for rewritable aberration-corrected gradient-index intraocular lenses are provided. Various embodiments relate to rewritable aberration-corrected gradient-index intraocular lenses. Some embodiments provide for polymer materials and processing to create full or partial rewritable phakic or pseudophakic intraocular lenses which allow for adjustable visual performance by doctors. Various methods to... Agent:

20140316522 - Articulating and expandable vertebral implant: An implant is insertable in the joint space to separate bones of the joint. The implant has two endplates each configured to engage a separate articulating bone of the joint, and a threaded member positioned between the two endplates and configured to increase the space between the two endplates when... Agent:

20140316524 - Artificial disc: An artificial disc to replace a damaged spinal disc in a spinal column includes a resilient core which is fixedly connected to first and second plates. The first and second plates engage upper and lower vertebra in the patient's spine. The inner side of at least one of the first... Agent: Axiomed Spine Corp.

20140316525 - Bioactive spinal implants and method of manufacture thereof: A bioactive spinal implant used in cervical fusion, Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion (ALIF), Posterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion (PLIF), and Transforaminal Interbody Fusion (TLIF), having properties and geometries that enhance bone contact, stability, and fusion between adjacent vertebral bodies.... Agent: Orthovita, Inc.

20140316523 - Intervertebral disc and insertion methods therefor: A method of inserting an intervertebral disc implant into a disc space includes accessing a spinal segment having a first vertebral body, a second vertebral body and a disc space between the first and second vertebral bodies. The method includes securing a first pin to the first vertebral body and... Agent:

20140316526 - Resilient interpositional arthroplasty device: This disclosure is directed to a resilient interpositional arthroplasty implant for application into a joint to pad cartilage defects, cushion, and replace or restore the articular surface, which may preserve joint integrity, reduce pain and improve function. The implant may endure variable joint compressive and shear forces and cyclic loads.... Agent:

20140316527 - Tibial component: Methods, systems, and apparatuses are disclosed for a tibial component having shock absorbing features.... Agent:

20140316528 - Femoral implant for preserving cruciate ligaments: A femoral prosthetic component comprises a pair of condyles having an intercondylar notch interposed substantially therebetween. Each of the pair of condyles comprises an edge that borders the intercondylar notch. At least one of the pair of condyles comprises a condylar notch disposed within the respective edge of the at... Agent:

20140316529 - Bone prosthesis for maintaining joint operation in complex joints: A prosthesis for reconstructing a multibone joint such as a wrist. A patient's scaphoid is removed to create a void. The scaphoid has a plurality of adjacent bones, each of the adjacent bones comprising a surface generally facing the void. The surface of at least two of the adjacent bones... Agent:

20140316530 - Metatarsalphalangeal joint apprartus and method: A metatarsalphalangeal joint apparatus and method includes a metatarsal stem conformed to make cortical contact at the isthmus of a metatarsal bone and metatarsal head conformed to connect with the metatarsal stem. A phalangeal stem is conformed to make cortical contact at the isthmus of a phalangeal bone and a... Agent: Bespa, Inc

20140316531 - Method and system for modular hip resurfacing: A scalable modular hip resurfacing arthroplasty system includes (1) an alignment guide for precise guide pin insertion, (2) a modular cannulated cylindrical reamer assembly for accurate femoral head cylindrical reaming and central bone channel drilling, (3) a saw guide for an accurate femoral head osteotomy, (4) a soft tissue protector... Agent: Revortho LLC

20140316532 - Prosthesis: A prosthesis (2) comprising: a first component (4) formed from a fibre reinforced polymer material and having a bearing surface; and a second component (6), the second component being adapted to articulate with the bearing surface of the first component (4), wherein a surface treatment is applied to at least... Agent: Biomet Uk Healthcare Limited

20140316533 - Endosseous implant: Endosseous implant to be applied to a human or animal bone, wherein the surface of the implant is made from titanium or a titanium alloy, said implant having a smooth or rough surface texture, which is characterized in that said surface has been treated with at least one selected organic... Agent:

20140316534 - Stent: This invention relates to the treatment and diagnosis of abnormalities of the epithelial-lined surface of the esophagus and, in particular, to esophageal stents having a surface coating comprising a photosensitizing agent or a precursor thereof for use in methods of photodynamic treatment (PDT) or photodynamic diagnosis (PDD) of the esophagus.... Agent:

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