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Prosthesis (i.e., artificial body members), parts thereof, or aids and accessories therefor February patent applications/inventions, industry category 02/13

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02/28/2013 > 47 patent applications in 33 patent subcategories.

20130053939 - Method for manufacturing cylindrical nitinol objects from sheet: An article cut from a metallic sheet, has a first pattern of struts forming a plurality of inner apexes situated substantially within a plane that contains the plurality of the inner apexes. There is a second pattern of struts forming a plurality of outer apexes that are situated substantially within... Agent:

20130053938 - Surface protective and release matrices: A molecular plasma deposition (MPD) method in combination with an atomic layer deposition (ALD) procedure is used to produce amorphous, nonconformal thin metal film coatings on a variety of substrates. The films are porous, mesh-like lattices with imperfections such as pinholes and pores, which are useful as scaffolds for cell... Agent: Metascape LLC

20130053943 - Deformable lumen support devices and methods of use: Lumen support devices and methods of their use are provided. A lumen support includes one or more plastically deformable cells having two stable configurations with no stable configurations between the two stable configurations. The lumen support device may be plastically deformed to other stable configurations.... Agent:

20130053942 - Emergency vessel repair prosthesis deployment system: A deployment device to deploy a prosthesis for interconnecting vessel portions of a body vessel is described herein. The device includes a support frame and an actuation member coupled to the support frame. The actuation member is movable between a first and a second position. A retaining member is movable... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20130053944 - Endoluminal prosthesis assembly: The endoluminal prosthesis assembly comprises a first stent graft having a first end and a second end and an interior lumen. The first stent graft has an expanded position and a compressed position and defines an access port disposed through a wall of the first stent graft between the first... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20130053941 - Reconstrainable stent system: A system for the delivery and repositioning of a stent is provided that allows the stent to be reconstrained after full or partial expansion for deployment to and removal from a target region.... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20130053940 - Side branch accessible balloon for bifurcation stenting: A balloon catheter for treating a condition of a vessel near a bifurcation comprises a shaft including a proximal and distal end, and a side surface, at least one guide wire lumen extending longitudinally, a distal port extending from the guide wire lumen through the distal end, a side port... Agent:

20130053945 - Retention system for an endoluminal device: A delivery system for an endoluminal device including an introducer, the introducer having a distal end intended to remain outside a patient in use and a proximal end. A stent graft having a first and second end is retained upon the introducer, the stent graft defining a fenestration disposed through... Agent: Cleveland Clinic Foundation

20130053946 - Bioabsorbable polymer stent with metal stiffeners: A composite stent comprises an expandable framework made from a bioabsorbable polymer and a plurality of metallic structures disposed on, adhered to or force fit into openings of the expandable framework. Each opening has a perimeter defined by a plurality of struts of the expandable framework. Each strut has a... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20130053947 - Medical device with crystalline drug coating: A medical device having a polymer-free outer surface layer comprising a crystalline drug selected from the group consisting of everolimus, tacrolimus, sirolimus, zotarolimus, biolimus, and rapamycin. The device may be produced by a method comprising the steps of providing a medical device; applying a solution of the drug to said... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20130053948 - Prosthetic device including electrostatically spun fibrous layer & method for making the same: In accordance with certain embodiments of the present disclosure, a process of forming a prosthetic device is provided. The process includes forming a dispersion of polymeric nanofibers, a fiberizing polymer, and a solvent, the dispersion having a viscosity of at least about 50,000 cPs. A tubular frame is positioned over... Agent:

20130053949 - Quick-connect prosthetic heart valve and methods: A heart valve prosthesis that can be quickly and easily implanted during a surgical procedure is provided. The prosthetic valve has a base stent that is deployed at a treatment site, and a valve component configured to quickly connect to the base stent. The base stent may take the form... Agent: Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

20130053950 - Device and method for replacing mitral valve: A prosthetic mitral valve assembly is disclosed. The assembly comprises a radially-expandable stent including a lower portion sized for deployment between leaflets of a native mitral valve and an upper portion having a flared end. The upper portion is sized for deployment within the annulus of the mitral valve and... Agent: Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

20130053951 - Prosthetic band, in particular for repairing a mitral valve: Prosthetic band (1), in particular for repairing a mitral valve, comprising an elongate band (2) made of a flexible material for the fixation of artificial cords, and including a plurality of separable pads (4) that are joined along the trajectory of said elongate band (2) and protrude with respect thereto,... Agent:

20130053952 - Cornea reshaping: A corneal reshaping kit may include a mold defining a concavity that is sized and shaped for receiving an outer corneal surface, such that a corneal surface pressed against the concavity will adopt a convex shape complementary to the concavity, and a biocompatible, flowable material suitable for introduction into a... Agent: The Johns Hopkins University

20130053953 - Ophthalmic devices having a degradation resistant polymer: Disclosed are ophthalmic devices configured to be implanted in an eye of a patient. In one embodiment, the ophthalmic device includes a mask configured to increase the depth of focus of the patient and comprising a highly fluorinated polymeric material in which the number of carbon-fluorine bonds equals or exceeds... Agent: Acufocus, Inc.

20130053954 - Accommodating intraocular lens device: An accommodating intraocular lens (IOL) device adapted for implantation in the lens capsule of a subject's eye. The IOL device includes an anterior refractive optical element and a membrane coupled to the refractive optical element. The anterior refractive optical element and the membrane define an enclosed cavity configured to contain... Agent: Lensgen, Inc.

20130053955 - Intraocular lens (iol): An improved intraocular lens, for example, an accommodating intraocular lens including a lens optic or lens optic portion provided with a light window.... Agent:

20130053956 - Soft prosthesis shell texturing method: A method of texturing a soft prosthetic implant shell, such as a silicone breast implant shell. A soft prosthetic implant with a textured external surface layer of silicone elastomer and having an open-cell structure is made by adhering and then dissolving round salt crystals. The resulting roughened surface has enhanced... Agent: Allergan, Inc.

20130053957 - Middle ear prosthesis having discrete projections for purposes of ossicular attachment: A middle ear ossicle prosthesis in which the component for ossicular attachment comprises a surface bearing a plurality of discrete projections facing the ossicle to which it is attached which minimize total contact between the prosthesis and the ossicle. The prosthesis may comprise a loop forming a partial circle for... Agent:

20130053959 - Cross pinning guide devices and methods: Methods and devices are provided for implanting a cross-pin through a bone tunnel, such as in an arthroscopic surgical procedure. In general, the methods and devices allow a cross-pin hole to be formed in a medial side of a knee bone such that it intersects a bone tunnel formed in... Agent: Depuy Mitek, Inc.

20130053960 - Reinforced biologic material: The present disclosure provides an implantable medical device comprising a composite graft material including a first biologic component, such as an acellular tissue matrix, and a second non-biologic component.... Agent: Lifecell Corporation

20130053961 - Reinforced tissue graft: A biocompatible tissue graft is provided. The tissue graft includes an extracellular matrix patch that has a peripheral surface and at least one fiber stitched in a reinforcing pattern to mitigate tearing of the graft, improve the fixation retention of the graft, and/or limit cyclic stretching of the graft and... Agent: The Cleveland Clinic Foundation

20130053958 - Artificial ligaments and tendons comprising multifilaments and nanofibers and methods for making: Prosthetic ligaments and tendons comprising ligament- or tendon-mimicking nanofibers and methods of making such nanofibers and prosthetic ligaments and tendons.... Agent:

20130053962 - Bi-directional fixating transvertebral body screws and posterior cervical and lumbar interarticulating joint calibrated stapling devices for spinal fusion: A self-drilling bone fusion screw apparatus is disclosed which includes at least first and second sliding boxes. A first screw member having a tapered end and a threaded body is disposed within the first sliding box, and a second screw member having a tapered end and a threaded body disposed... Agent:

20130053964 - Interbody fusion implant and screw guide: An interbody fusion implant fits between adjacent vertebrae for fixation during fusion thereof. Upper bores extend into a cephalid surface of the implant and preferably include threads therein. A guide tool is removably attachable to the implant which supports guide bores along centerlines aligned with the upper bores in the... Agent:

20130053963 - Lumbar fusion device: A lumbar fusion implant device has a pair of first and second body structures. The first body structure has a pair of appendages with enlarged rounded ends, the appendages projecting from the opposite sides of the first body structure. Similarly, the second body structure has a pair of appendages with... Agent:

20130053966 - Methods and apparatus for insertion of vertebral body distraction and fusion devices: An inserter can be used to implant a distractible intervertebral body fusion device into a disc space and expand the device. The inserter includes a shaft frame and a drive shaft assembly for expanding the device and a support shaft assembly for stabilizing the device extending distally from the shaft... Agent:

20130053965 - Spinal implants and related apparatus and methods: Example spinal implants and related apparatus, tools and methods are disclosed. An example spinal implant includes an outer corpus and an inner corpus axially displaceably coupled to the outer corpus. The example implant includes a transport admission provided on at least one of the outer corpus or the inner corpus... Agent:

20130053967 - System for retaining an anchoring member on an implantable part: This system includes a retaining housing formed by a hole intended to receive the anchoring member and a retaining portion arranged on the anchoring member; said retaining housing is arranged in a part having a degree of elastic flexibility and is delimited by a continuous wall of this part; the... Agent: Medicrea International

20130053968 - Patient specific joint prosthesis: A patient-specific implant includes (a) a body having a convex exterior surface configured to attach to a bone and a concave interior surface configured to receive a head portion of another bone, the body including a plurality of holes extending therethrough, the holes sized and shaped to receive a bone... Agent:

20130053969 - Multi-component implant assembly with dual articulating and/or rotating surfaces: An implant assembly for re-establishing a glenohumeral joint between a scapula and humerus. A first receiver is adapted to being mounted to a reconditioned glenoid cavity defined in the scapula, with a second receiver adapted to being mounted to a reconditioned humeral head associated with the humerus. A three dimensional... Agent:

20130053970 - Multi-component shoulder implant assembly with dual articulating surfaces: An implant assembly for re-establishing a glenohumeral joint between a scapular and humerus. A ball is adapted to being mounted to a reconditioned glenoid cavity defined in the scapula along with a receiver mounted to a reconditioned humeral head associated with the humerus. A substantially spherical shaped element is interposed... Agent:

20130053971 - Shoulder prosthesis: A humeral prosthesis includes a stem component and a head component joined by an inclination component. The inclination component is provided with an opening that is designed to accommodate a pair of expandable tabs extending from a side of a plate. The plate is also provided with a taper extending... Agent:

20130053973 - Multi-component knee implant assembly with combined articulating and belt support and traveling surfaces: A joint assembly incorporated into reconditioned end surfaces established between an upper bone and an opposing lower bone. The assembly includes a first component anchored into a first of the reconditioned bone end surfaces and exhibiting a first exposed support surface and a second component anchored into a second of... Agent:

20130053972 - Multi-component knee implant assembly with multiple articulating and traveling surfaces: A multi-component joint assembly incorporated into reconditioned end surfaces established between an upper bone and an opposing lower bone. A first component is anchored into the upper reconditioned bone end surface and exhibits a first exposed support surface, a second component is anchored into the lower reconditioned bone end surface... Agent:

20130053974 - Wrist implants and methods: Wrists implants and methods are disclosed. A wrist implant can advantageously allow motion with respect to a reconstructed wrist to more closely resemble natural motion. For example, in one aspect, motion can include movement in more than one direction to allow for flexion/extension, rotational, and translational movement. The wrist implant... Agent: Integra Lifesciences Corporation

20130053975 - Hammer toe implant method: An implant is disclosed including an elongate threaded portion and a blade portion extending from the elongate threaded portion. The blade portion has a taper terminating at a point.... Agent: Wright Medical Technology, Inc.

20130053976 - Method for producting an implant and implant having at least one break line: The invention relates to a method for producing an implant (1) having at least one surface segment having at least one break line (3) delineating for exposing an opening or recess of a closure segment (2) removable from the surface segment by the effect of force. In a first, preferably... Agent: Jossi Holding Ag

20130053977 - Femoral implant: A femoral implant includes a main shaft with a proximal end and a smooth distal end. A porous circumferential collar is provided between the proximal end and distal end, and a porous distally-extending portion extends distally from the collar to provide for additional bone ingrowth.... Agent:

20130053978 - Knee implant assembly with rotary bearing supported and traveling surfaces: A joint assembly incorporated into a reconditioned end surface established between upper and opposing lower bones. At least one first component is anchored into a first of the reconditioned bone end surfaces and exhibits a rotatably supported wheel. A second component is anchored into a second opposing reconditioned bone end... Agent:

20130053979 - Prosthetic sensing systems and methods: Systems and methods are disclosed for sensing forces, moments, temperature, inclination, acceleration and other parameters associated with prosthetic limbs. The system is capable of measuring forces in three designated axes, and moments about the same designated axes, for a total of six possible degrees of freedom. The system can be... Agent:

20130053980 - Device for supplying energy to hydraulically or pneumatically actuated active implants: A device for supplying energy to hydraulically or pneumatically actuated active implants. The device can take the form of pumping systems, metering systems, and/or occlusion systems. The device comprises a receiving coil for generating an electric voltage due to a changing magnetic flux that is generated by an extracorporeal transmitting... Agent:

20130053981 - Devices and methods for bone stabilization: A compression stabilized prosthetic socket for a patient having an amputated limb and a remaining portion includes a first socket portion for contacting a patient's remaining portion of a limb, and a second socket portion for attachment of a prosthetic device. The first socket portion has compression portions having a... Agent:

20130053982 - Suspension liner with seal component: A suspension liner is provided for use as an interface between a residual limb and a prosthetic socket. The liner has an elongate, generally conical liner body formed from at least one material segment that is at least radially elastically extensible from a relaxed non-extended condition and including proximal and... Agent:

20130053983 - Safe artificial joint: A joint for an artificial limb including a first support pivotally connected to a second support and a braking mechanism for limiting angular displacement between the first support and the second support actuatable when a time derivative of the angular displacement exceeds a predetermined value.... Agent:

20130053984 - Prosthetic apparatus and artificial joint: An artificial joint with two degrees of freedom has two rotary motors that move the joint in one degree of freedom when operated in respective senses of rotation and move the joint in the other degree of freedom when one of the motors is reversed. The movement depends on balancing... Agent: Rsl Steeper Group Limited

02/21/2013 > 25 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20130046373 - Actively controllable stent, stent graft, heart valve and method of controlling same: Sealable and repositionable implant devices are provided with features that increase the ability of implants such as endovascular grafts and valves to be precisely deployed or re-deployed, with better in situ accommodation to the local anatomy of the targeted recipient anatomic site, and/or with the ability for post-deployment adjustment to... Agent: Syntheon Cardiology, LLC

20130046372 - Delivery system for new slide-and-lock bioabsorbable stent: A transcatheter delivery device for delivering a slide-and-lock stent to a stenosed lumen consists of an outer cannula (3), an inner sheath (2) and a balloon catheter (1). The distal end of the balloon catheter (1) is a balloon (5). The length and diameter of the balloon (5) can be... Agent: Xinhua Hospital Affiliated Medicalschool Of Shanghai Jiaotong University

20130046371 - Endoluminal prosthesis having multiple branches or fenestrations and methods of deployment: A system for facilitating deployment of an endoluminal prosthesis may include a main tubular graft body including a proximal end opening, a distal end opening, a lumen, and a sidewall. A branch may extend from the sidewall and may include a first end opening, a second end opening, and a... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20130046374 - Small vessel stent and methods of use: A drug delivery device comprising an intraluminal stent for improving coronary luminal diameter of small vessels in patients with symptomatic heart disease is disclosed. The intraluminal stent comprises struts having a thickness of less than approximately 110 μm. A polymer is adhered to the intraluminal stent that includes from about... Agent:

20130046375 - Plasma modified medical devices and methods: Coatings, devices and methods are provided, wherein the contacting surface of a medical device with at least one contacting surface for contacting a bodily fluid or tissue, wherein long-lasting and durable bioactive agents or functional groups are deposited on the contacting surface through a unique two-step plasma coating process with... Agent:

20130046377 - Apparatus for replacing a cardiac valve: A delivery assembly for delivering a prosthetic heart valve can include a first elongate component and a second elongate component. The delivery assembly includes a temporary valve location to which the prosthetic heart valve can be releasably mounted and an implantation location to which the prosthetic heart valve can also... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20130046376 - Method and devices for flow occlusion during device exchanges: A method of reducing the risk of clinical sequelae to catheter induced vascular injuries may include introducing a guide wire into a vascular sheath residing in a blood vessel, proximally retracting the vascular sheath while leaving the wire in place, and observing indicia of the presence or absence of a... Agent:

20130046378 - Stented prosthetic heart valves: A surgical sutureless valve that is attached to a stent frame for delivery to a location in a patient using percutaneous implantation devices and methods.... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20130046379 - Aortic conduit configured with terminal ends having neosinuses of valsalva: A prosthetic aortic conduit (1) for use during surgery on the aorta of a patient. The conduit includes an elongate tubular portion (10) extending along a longitudinal axis (11) between a first conduit terminal end (12) and a second conduit terminal end (13). The first conduit terminal end (12) is... Agent: Coroneo, Inc.

20130046380 - Tricuspid valve repair using tension: Apparatus is provided including a stent, which is configured to assume compressed and expanded states. The stent includes one or more elongated members, and two or more rings, which are coupled together by the one or more elongated members and by no other elements of the stent. The rings define... Agent: 4tech Inc.

20130046381 - Multi-focal lens: An imaging lens structure and method of imaging are presented. The imaging lens structure comprising a lens region defining an effective aperture of the lens structure. The lens region comprises an arrangement of lens zones distributed within the lens region and comprising zones of at least two different optical functions... Agent:

20130046382 - Minimally-invasive method and apparatus for restructuring the retina: The present invention comprises an implant for placing inside the eye such that the implant comes into contact with the interior tissue of the eye such that it conforms to the inner globe geometry of the eye. Implants of the present invention may also be used to alter the focal... Agent:

20130046383 - Method and devices for tissue expansion: A device for maintaining or achieving soft tissue expansion applicable to any body region already temporarily expanded including: an adhesive element deformable and capable of adapting to the shape of this body region, and which can then itself become mechanically rigid enough to resist tendency of the expanded tissue to... Agent: Thompson Coburn LLP

20130046384 - High performance knee prostheses: Knee prostheses featuring components that more faithfully replicate the structure and function of the human knee joint in order to provide, among other benefits: greater flexion of the knee in a more natural way by promoting or at least accommodating internal tibial rotation in a controlled way, replication of the... Agent: Smith & Nephew, Inc., A Delaware Corporation

20130046385 - Tibial implant base: An orthopedic prosthesis includes a tibial implant and a tibial insert. The tibial implant includes an upper surface, a medial side, a lateral side and a first locking structure provided on the upper surface where the medial side and the lateral side of the tibial implant are defined by a... Agent: Wright Medical Technology, Inc.

20130046386 - Suture-based orthopedic joint devices: Devices and treatments for various joint conditions include a resilient elongate orthopedic device inserted into a joint space using a suture. The suture is passed through the joint space and used to pull the orthopedic device into the joint space. The suture may be using a percutaneously inserted needle or... Agent: Articulinx, Inc.

20130046387 - Toe joint replacement models: In various embodiments, provided are implantable devices for replacing all or a portion of a metatarsophalangeal joint, comprising (i) a metatarsal component comprising a substantially convex bearing surface; or (ii) a phalanx component comprising a substantially concave bearing surface; or (iii) both. In various embodiments, also provided are methods of... Agent: Wright State University

20130046388 - Increasing the breaking load of ceramic cup inserts for hip joint prostheses by a defined back side collision of the cup insert and acetabular cup: The invention relates to an acetabular cup (4) and a cup insert (3) for a hip joint prosthesis (12), wherein the cup insert (3) is coupled to the acetabular cup by means of a clamping cone (5) of a conical clamping device in the equatorial region (7) of the two... Agent: Ceramtec Gmbh

20130046389 - Acetabular roof reinforcement plate: An acetabular implant has (a) a body including a substantially convex exterior surface configured to be received within and engage an acetabulum and a substantially concave interior surface sized and shaped to receive a head portion of a femur; (b) a rim extending about a periphery of the body and... Agent:

20130046390 - Photodynamic articular joint implants and methods of use: Photodynamic devices for replacement of an articular head of a bone are provided. In an embodiment, a photodynamic device includes a photodynamic support member and an articular member attachable, either fixedly or removably, to the photodynamic support member and having a bearing surface. In an embodiment, the articular member includes... Agent: Illuminoss Medical, Inc.

20130046391 - Orthopaedic stem with protrusion and associated surgical procedure: A method of performing joint arthroplasty on a patient with a bone fragment of a bone at least partially separated from the bone in one embodiment includes providing a prosthetic component with a bone connecting portion and a bone fragment portion, implanting the bone connecting portion of the prosthetic component... Agent: Depuy Products, Inc.

20130046392 - System and method for attaching soft tissue to an implant: One embodiment of the present invention is directed to compositions and methods for enhancing attachment of soft tissues to a metal prosthetic device. In one embodiment a construct is provided comprising a metal implant having a porous metal region, wherein the porous region exhibits a nano-textured surface, and a biocompatible... Agent: Purdue Research Foundation

20130046393 - Bone implant for patient with low bone mineral density: A bone implant for a patient with low bone mineral density is disclosed, which includes a strontium element. The bone implant also can further include a calcium element and a phosphorus element. The strontium element is contained in a range from 0.01% mol to 99.98% mol. The calcium element is... Agent: National Cheng Kung University

20130046394 - Systems and methods of myoelectric prosthesis control: Embodiments of the invention provides myoelectric prosthesis control system that include a gel liner that has a plurality of layers and a plurality of leads at least partially positioned between the plurality of layers. In addition, a plurality of electrodes can be coupled to the leads and portions of the... Agent: Rehabilitation Institute Of Chicago

20130046395 - Hand prosthesis: A hand prosthesis (15) including a hand chassis (15), a thumb member (22) mounted on the hand chassis for rotation of the thumb member in relation to the hand chassis about an axis extending generally along the length of the thumb member, a motor (64) disposed on one of the... Agent: Touch Emas Limited

02/14/2013 > 28 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories.

20130041451 - Prosthesis deployment system for open surgical repair: A deployment system for open surgical repair of a body vessel is provided. The system includes a prosthesis retained in a compressed configuration by a retainer sheath. A splitting member can include a portion disposed internally within the retainer sheath and a portion accessible from at least one of the... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20130041452 - Base fabric for stent graft, and stent graft: A base fabric for a stent graft is a woven fabric constituted by a fiber having a total fineness of 1 to 40 decitex and a single yarn fineness of 0.1 to 2.0 decitex and has a yarn density of 150 strands/2.54 cm or more in both longitudinal direction and... Agent: Toray Industries, Inc.

20130041455 - Implant made of a biodegradable magnesium alloy: b

20130041454 - Sensor actuated stent: The invention is an implantable medical device to expand a vascular lumen into various positions, internally or from a remote location. The device is designed as a stent having a framework for radial or longitudinal expansion, including one or more integrated shape memory materials. The shape memory materials, or halos,... Agent: Business Expectations LLC

20130041453 - Vascular shield and delivery system: Devices for providing physical support to vascular regions including vascular regions that may contain an anastomosis region are disclosed. These devices may also deliver therapeutic agents to the vascular region. Methods for using these devices are disclosed, as well.... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems, Inc.

20130041450 - Endoprosthesis for vascular bifurcation: An apparatus for treating an area of bifurcation where a principal body conduit separates into at least two secondary conduits comprises a radially expandable first stent body. The first stent body has a substantially conical shape and a first end having a greater diameter than a second end when fully... Agent:

20130041456 - Branch vessel prostheses: The present embodiments provide a branch vessel prosthesis for placement at least partially between a main vessel and a branch vessel of a patient. The branch vessel prosthesis has a graft including a generally tubular body of a biocompatible material. At least one stent is coupled to a proximal region... Agent:

20130041457 - Stent for bifurcated vessel: A stent for a bifurcated vessel includes a stent body with two open ends. The stent body includes multiple sets of annular units having multiple undulating rods and connecting rods positioned between adjacent annular units and used to connect the adjacent annular units. At least one open end of the... Agent: Shanghai Microport Medical (group) Co., Ltd.

20130041458 - Method of in situ formation of translumenally deployable heart valve support: A method of implanting a prosthetic valve within the heart comprises translumenally advancing a prosthetic valve comprising an inflatable structure to a position proximate a native valve of the heart. A first chamber of the inflatable structure is inflated and then, independently, a second chamber of the inflatable structure is... Agent: Direct Flow Medical, Inc.

20130041459 - Implant delivery and deployment system and method: An implant delivery system comprising a catheter including at least one lumen, an implant configured for receipt in the lumen, and a latching mechanism configured for receipt in the implant. The latching mechanism may be configured to releasably couple the implant to a delivery wire and to transmit torque through... Agent: Cardiosolutions

20130041460 - Blood flow assist devices, systems and methods with active valve control: An implantable pump system for assisting blood flow includes a conduit adapted to be placed in fluid connection with a blood vessel and at least one movable valve in fluid connection with the conduit. The valve includes at least one closure member in operative connection with an opening therein. The... Agent:

20130041461 - Corneal implant and method for correction of impaired vision in the human eye: Corneal implant to be introduced into the optical center (Z) of the cornea of the human eye for the purpose of correcting impaired vision, in particular presbyopia, or presbyopia in combination with hypermetropia or myopia. To propose a corneal implant which is suited for introduction into the optical center (Z)... Agent:

20130041462 - Fillable prosthetic implant with gel-like properties: A fluid-filled prosthetic implant having the properties of a gel-filled implant. The prosthetic implant includes a soft flexible shell defining an inner chamber and having a predetermined volume when the shell is filled or inflated. A quantity of dry nanoparticles is introduced into the inner chamber during manufacture. A surgeon... Agent: Allergan, Inc.

20130041463 - Method and apparatus for treating dilating the ethmoid infundibulum: A method of dilating an infundibular space within the human head includes directing at least a distal portion of an elongate member of a medical device into a nasal cavity of the human head, the distal portion including a piercing tip and an expandable portion. The piercing tip is directed... Agent: Entellus Medical, Inc.

20130041464 - Positioning systems and methods for implanting an energy absorbing system: Positioning instruments and related methods are described for implanting an energy absorbing system for treating joints. The positioning instruments and methods allow the energy absorbing system to be positioned at a joint such that the desired motion will occur for the particular design of a particular energy absorbing system which... Agent: Moximed, Inc.

20130041465 - Positioning systems and methods for implanting an energy absorbing system: Positioning instruments and related methods are described for implanting an energy absorbing system for treating joints. The positioning instruments and methods allow the energy absorbing system to be positioned at a joint such that the desired motion will occur for the particular design of a particular energy absorbing system which... Agent: Moximed, Inc.

20130041466 - Soft tissue reconstruction: Methods and instruments for reconstructing soft tissues of a skeletal joint such as for example of the foot or hand are presented.... Agent: Mtp Solutions, LLC

20130041467 - Methods and systems of matching voice deficits with a tunable mucosal implant to restore and enhance individualized human sound and voice production: The disclosure relates to methods and systems for making customized treatments to a subject's vocal tissues to provide a desired level of vocal function.... Agent: The General Hospital Corporation

20130041468 - Disc-shaped orthopedic devices: Methods and apparatuses for treatment of various joint conditions include a device inserted into a joint space. During delivery, the profile of the device is constrained in at least one dimension to minimize invasive impact on tissue and/or bone. The device may be restrained for implantation by a thread or... Agent: Articulinx, Inc.

20130041469 - Interbody axis cage: An interbody axis cage for promoting stabilization and alignment of the spine following a surgical procedure is described herein. The interbody axis cage of the present invention has alternating points of axes in the X and Y direction that allow for 3-dimensional motion. The axis cage is roughly cylindrical in... Agent:

20130041471 - Laterally deflectable implant: A laterally deflectable asymmetric implant for implanting into a body may comprise a deflectable piece having distal and proximal ends and assuming a straightened insertion state. The backbone may abut or interconnect with said deflectable piece at the distal end of the deflectable piece. In a fully deflected state the... Agent: Nlt Spine Ltd.

20130041470 - Method for providing disc nucleus replacement in a spine: A spinal interbody device includes a compliant inner dampener in combination with a rigid outer material of outer shells. An inner dampener includes a rim with pillars and heads coupled to a complimentary inner structure of the outer shells.... Agent: Medgem, LLC

20130041472 - Systems and methods for joint stabilization: Photodynamic devices for stabilizing a joint are provided. In some embodiments, a photodynamic joint spacer is provided that includes an expandable member configured for attachment to a bone having an excised region; a formable bar configured for attachment to the bone along at least a portion of the expandable member;... Agent: Illuminoss Medical, Inc.

20130041473 - Ankle prosthesis with simplified adjustment: The invention relates to an ankle prosthesis including a talar implant, a tibial implant, and an intermediate implant designed to be mounted to move relative to said talar implant in order to impart mobility to the ankle, said prosthesis further including embedded adjustment structure designed to alternate between a releasing... Agent: Newdeal

20130041474 - Acetabular screw hole covers: An acetabular shell can include a substrate and a screw hole cover. The substrate can define a screw hole configured to receive a screw to fix the substrate to bone. The screw hole cover is formed separate from the substrate and attached to the substrate to cover the screw hole,... Agent: Biomet Manufacturing Corp.

20130041475 - Bioceramic coating, method of making and use thereof: Disclosed are a gradient bioceramic coating comprising a rare earth oxide, a broadband laser method for preparing the bioceramic coating, and the use of the bioceramic coating in the field of medical materials.... Agent: Guizhou University

20130041476 - Method to move and hold a phalanx: A method for movement of at least a finger limb whereby, in order to maintain a position of the finger limb, the electric motor is supplied with a current. In order to maintain a position of the finger limb, the electric motor is supplied the with less energy than the... Agent:

20130041477 - Artificial body part control system using ultrasounic imaging: The artificial body part control system using ultrasonic imaging includes of an ultrasonic transducer coupled with an ultrasonic image analyzer which may be adapted to transmit a control signal to an artificial body part.... Agent:

02/07/2013 > 24 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20130035749 - Delivery device having a variable diameter introducer sheath: An introducer sheath has a tubular structure that is expandable and contractible to a desired diameter. In a first configuration, the tubular structure has a first diameter and a first axial length. In a second configuration, the tubular structure has a larger second diameter and a shorter second axial length.... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20130035748 - Implant system including guiding accessory and methods of use: A guiding accessory, for use in conjunction with a guidewire and a catheter of an implant system, facilitates passage of an elongate and flexible conductor of a relatively compact therapy delivery device to an implant site, for example, within the cardiac venous system, when a therapy generator of the device... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20130035750 - Systems, methods and devices for ablation, crossing, and cutting of occlusions: Ablation, crossing, and cutting systems, devices and associated methods, including a crossing device, comprising, in combination: a spring-enhanced handle and body configured to controllably extend and retract a blade within a microcatheter for addressing an occlusion within a vessel of a patient to provide improved access for supplemental treatment and... Agent: Reflow Medical, Inc.

20130035751 - Thermal energy application for prevention and management of endoleaks in stent-grafts: Apparatus (10) is provided, which includes an endovascular stent-graft (20) and a heating device (22) that is coupled to the stent-graft (20). The stent-graft (20) is configured to be implanted in at least one blood vessel in a vicinity of an aneurysm (102). The heating device (22) is configured to... Agent: Endospan Ltd.

20130035752 - Dialysis arterial-venous graft: This disclosure relates to an improved arterial-venous graft. In one embodiment, an arterial-venous stent-graft can comprise a tube comprising a first section and a second section, said first section comprising at least fifty percent of said tube. Additionally, the arterial-venous stent-graft can comprise a stent surrounding all of said first... Agent:

20130035754 - Drug-delivery endovascular stent and method of forming the same: An intravascular stent and method for inhibiting restenosis, following vascular injury, is disclosed. The stent has an expandable, linked-filament body and a drug-release coating formed on the stent-body filaments, for contacting the vessel injury site when the stent is placed in-situ in an expanded condition. The coating releases, for a... Agent: Biosensors International Group, Ltd.

20130035753 - Multiple scaffold design and coating thereof: A multiple stent structure including a plurality of stent bodies arranged end to end in which adjacent stent bodies of the structure are connected by a severable connecting portion disposed between the adjacent stent bodies is disclosed. A method of coating a plurality of stents including depositing a coating on... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

20130035755 - Medical device with coating that promotes endothelial cell adherence: The invention relates to a method for healing blood vessels by stimulating the formation of a confluent endothelial autologous cell layer in vivo on an implantable metallic stent having a lumen and a luminal surface, and an exterior surface. More specifically, the method includes implanting the stent with a coating... Agent: Orbusneich Medical, Inc.

20130035756 - Vascular stent having a dual coating structure: Disclosed is a vascular stent which is inserted inside a blood vessel. The disclosed vascular stent includes: a first coating film comprising a restenosis inhibiting drug provided on the outside surface of the stent strut; and a second coating film comprising an internal-capsule cellularization promoting drug provided on the inside... Agent:

20130035758 - Apparatus for treating a heart valve, in particular a mitral valve: An apparatus for treating a heart valve apparatus includes at least two anchoring elements designed to be anchored at the annulus and/or heart wall of the valve to be treated. Each anchoring element has a support surface. At least one linking element includes a central branch and two curved side... Agent: Medtronic Corevalve LLC

20130035757 - Minimally invasive repair of heart valve leaflets: A method of repairing a heart valve provides intravascular access for repair of a heart valve through a ventricular trans-septal approach. An external guide catheter can be inserted through a vein of a patient into the right ventricle via the right atrium. An internal guide catheter can be inserted through... Agent:

20130035759 - Techniques for percutaneous mitral valve replacement and sealing: Apparatus is described for use with a native heart valve of a subject, the apparatus including (1) a prosthetic valve support, comprising an upstream support portion, the upstream support portion having (a) a compressed configuration and an uncompressed configuration in which the upstream support portion has an inner perimeter that... Agent:

20130035760 - Switchable diffractive accommodating lens: A lens in accordance with the present invention includes an accommodating cell having two chambers with at least one chamber filled with optical fluid with the refractive index matching the refractive index of the accommodating element separating them. The accommodating element has a diffractive surface with surface relief structure that... Agent:

20130035762 - Medical device lock mechanism: A medical device (10) includes an implant body (20) with a number of segments (30) hingedly interconnected so as to assume a straightened state for delivery and a flexed or roughly curved deployed state. Implant body may have engagement elements on at least two different segments, for example on a... Agent: Nlt-spine Ltd.

20130035761 - Subchondral treatment of joint pain of the spine: Methods for altering the natural history of degenerative disc disease and osteoarthritis of the spine are proposed. The methods focus on the prevention, or delayed onset or progression of, subchondral defects such as bone marrow edema or bone marrow lesion, and subchondral treatment to prevent the progression of osteoarthritis or... Agent: Knee Creations, LLC.

20130035763 - Spinal fusion device: A spinal fusion device is disclosed. The spinal fusion device includes a first endplate configured for fitting within a disc space and engaging with a first vertebra and a second endplate configured for fitting within the disc space and engaging with a second vertebra. The two endplates are separated by... Agent:

20130035764 - Subchondral treatment to prevent the progression of osteoarthritis of the joint: Methods for the prevention, or delayed onset or progression of, bone marrow edema or bone marrow lesion, and subchondral treatment to prevent the progression of osteoarthritis of a joint are disclosed. The methods involve treating the subchondral bone, while preserving, as much as possible, the joint's articular and cartilage surface.... Agent: Knee Creations, LLC

20130035765 - Total knee arthroplasty with symmetric femoral implant having double q-angle trochlear groove: A total knee arthroplasty includes a symmetric femoral prosthesis for articulating with a tibial prosthesis in the left or right leg of a patient. The symmetric femoral prosthesis includes an anterior flange having a symmetric and upwardly diverging, generally V-shaped, double Q-angle trochlear groove formed in an anterior side thereof... Agent: Total Joint Orthopedics

20130035766 - Patient-specific pelvic implants for acetabular reconstruction: A pelvic implant includes a first surface including a recess configured for receiving a portion of a flange of an acetabular cage and a patient-specific second surface opposite to the first surface. The patient-specific second surface is preoperatively configured from a three-dimensional digital image of a pelvis of a patient... Agent: Biomet Manufacturing Corp.

20130035767 - Neural graft: A neural graft includes a biological substrate, a carbon nanotube structure and a neural network. The carbon nanotube structure is located on the biological substrate. The carbon nanotube structure includes a number of carbon nanotube wires crossed with each other to define a number of pores. The neural network includes... Agent: Tsinghua University

20130035768 - Variable density tissue graft composition: Disclosed are tissue graft compositions made of materials having different densities, methods of making, and methods of treatment for restoring tissues in a patient.... Agent:

20130035769 - Actuated leg prosthesis for above-knee amputees: The actuated leg prosthesis comprises a knee member, a socket connector provided over the knee member, an elongated trans-tibial member having a bottom end under which is connected an artificial foot, and a linear actuator. A first pivot assembly allows to operatively connect the trans-tibial member to the knee member.... Agent: Victhom Human Bionics, Inc.

20130035770 - Liner for prosthetic and orthopedic systems: A liner is arranged for use in prosthetic and orthopedic devices. The liner defines first and second end portions, and inner and outer surfaces. The liner includes an inner layer having a frictional component and forms at least part of the periphery of the inner liner surface. The inner layer... Agent:

20130035771 - Aid device including a tool and an attaching of the tool: This invention relates to aid devices for assisting people inhibited in their movement of especially the hands and/or wrists, such as people who are physically impaired due to arthritis, injury, or other physiological problems giving reduced strength. This is solved by introducing an aid tool comprising at least two grippers... Agent: Invencon Aps

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