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Prosthesis (i.e., artificial body members), parts thereof, or aids and accessories therefor December patent applications/inventions, industry category 12/12

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12/27/2012 > 45 patent applications in 32 patent subcategories.

20120330396 - Control system for a stent delivery system: A control system for controlling movement of a medical device delivery system, a stent delivery system and a method for controlling movement of a medical device delivery system are provided. The control system includes a first extendable arm comprising a plurality of first struts interconnected at intermediate points and end... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20120330398 - Plain woven stents: Methods for treating a femoro-popliteal artery of a patient include delivering a self-expanding, woven stent from a delivery system. The methods may include delivering a guidewire to a lesion in the femoro-popliteal artery and advancing the delivery system over the guidewire.... Agent: Idev Technologies, Inc.

20120330397 - Stent delivery systems and methods for making and using stent delivery systems: Stent delivery systems and methods for making and using stent delivery systems are disclosed. An example stent delivery system may include a guide catheter. A push catheter may be slidably disposed over the guide catheter. A stent may be slidably disposed over the guide catheter and disposed adjacent to a... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120330400 - Balloon catheter with stent and method for manufacturing it: The invention relates to a balloon catheter comprising a catheter tube, an inflatable balloon, the ends of which are attached to the catheter tube, and a stent attached around the balloon. The stent extends at least partly along the length of the balloon. In an uninflated state, at least the... Agent: C.r. Bard, Inc.

20120330399 - Endovascular fenestrated stent-grafting: A stent-graft (20) is provided, which is configured to initially be placed in a delivery shaft (40) in a radially-compressed state, and which comprises a support structure (36) and a covering element (38). The support structure (36) has proximal and distal ends, and is shaped so as to define at... Agent: Endospan Ltd.

20120330401 - Stent delivery system: A stent delivery system includes a body and an operation unit disposed at the proximal end of the body. The body includes a self-expanding stent, an inner tube body, and a stent-accommodating tube body in which the stent is accommodated. The inner tube body has a stent-holding part enabling the... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20120330402 - Helical stent: A helical stent is provided that is wound in a zig-zag pattern along a pitch angle with respect to a plane transverse to the axis of the stent. A bisecting line extending through a bend and between two adjacent angular struts is also angled with respect to the longitudinal axis... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20120330403 - Intravascular stent: The invention is directed to an expandable stent for implanting in a body lumen, such as a coronary artery, peripheral artery, or other body lumen. The invention provides for an intravascular stent having a plurality of cylindrical rings connected by undulating links. The stent has a high degree of flexibility... Agent: Advanced Cardiovascular Systems, Inc.

20120330404 - Elastomeric copolymer coatings for implantable medical devices: Implantable medical devices with elastomeric copolymer coatings are disclosed.... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

20120330405 - Implantable medical devices with a topcoat layer of phosphoryl choline for reduced thrombosis, and improved mechanical properties: The present invention relates to implantable medical devices coated with phosphoryl choline acrylate polymer topcoat layer and their use in the treatment of vascular diseases.... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

20120330406 - Drug delivery endovascular stent and method of use: An improvement in drug-eluting stents, and method of their making, are disclosed. The surface of a metal stent is roughened to have a surface roughness of at least about 20 μin (0.5 μm) and a surface roughness range of between about 300-700 μin (7.5-17.5 μm). The roughened stent surface is... Agent: Biosensors International Group, Ltd.

20120330407 - Apparatus and method for heart valve repair: A transcatheter method of gathering tissue of a heart valve leaflet may include inserting an elongated catheter assembly to a position adjacent the heart valve leaflet, the catheter assembly including a capture tool moveable between a retracted position and an extended position, a tissue support, and a clamping member moveable... Agent: St. Jude Medical, Inc.

20120330408 - System for loading a collapsible heart valve: An assembly for collapsing a self-expanding prosthetic heart valve includes a compression member, a support member and a constricting member. The compression member has a tapered wall between its first open end and its second open end, the tapered wall defining an open space adapted to receive the valve. The... Agent: St. Jude Medical, Inc.

20120330409 - Methods and apparatus for endovascularly replacing a patient's heart valve: Methods for endovascularly replacing a patient's heart valve. In some embodiments, the method includes the steps of endovascularly delivering a replacement valve and an anchor to a vicinity of the heart valve, the anchor having a braid, and expanding the braid to a deployed configuration against the patient's tissue. The... Agent: Sadra Medical, Inc.

20120330410 - Closure element for use with an annuloplasty structure: Apparatus and methods are described including an implant structure configured to treat a native atrioventricular valve of a patient, the implant structure including a sleeve having a lumen and at least one end, the at least one end being shaped so as to define an opening. A closure element is... Agent: Valtech Cardio, Ltd.

20120330411 - Closed band for percutaneous annuloplasty: An implantable structure includes a flexible sleeve, having first and second sleeve ends, and a contracting assembly, which is configured to longitudinally contract the sleeve, and includes a contracting mechanism, which is disposed longitudinally at a first site of the sleeve, and a longitudinal contracting member, having (a) a first... Agent: Valtech Cardio, Ltd.

20120330412 - Physiologically harmonized tricuspid annuloplasty ring: A tricuspid remodeling annuloplasty ring having two free ends that are upturned in the inflow direction to help avoid unnecessary leaflet abrasion. The free ends are separated across a gap that is large enough to reduce the risk of passing sutures through the conductive system of the heart, yet not... Agent: Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

20120330413 - Biomedical valve devices, support frames for use in such devices, and related methods: Biomedical valve devices, support frames for use in such devices, methods of making such devices, and methods of treating animals, including humans, for valve-related conditions are described. The biomedical valve devices can includes a native tissue valve attached to a support frame or a tissue attached to a support frame... Agent: Oregon Health & Science University

20120330414 - Intraocular multifocal lens: A multifocal intraocular lens providing greater or lesser refraction in relation to the position of the head and eyes of a user. The lens body is inserted into an artificial capsule bag or into a fluid-filled enucleated natural lens capsule of an eye, wherein the lens body encompasses the optical... Agent:

20120330415 - Haptic devices for intraocular lens: A haptic for fixation to, and manufacture in conjunction with, an intraocular lens to be implanted in the natural lens capsule of the human eye is disclosed. The haptic secures the lens in an appropriate position within the natural capsule so as to provide optimal visual acuity through the aphakic... Agent: Anew Optics, Inc.

20120330416 - Dynamic ossicular prosthesis: An ossicular replacement prosthesis includes first and second engagement structures for engaging middle ear structures, a spring that biases the first and second engagement structures longitudinally apart when under compression, and a rod that axially stabilizes longitudinal movement of the first and second engagement structures and conducts sound waves between... Agent:

20120330417 - Tapered arcuate intervertebral implant: An intervertebral implant can include: a tapered arcuate shape. The implant can include a solid non-elastic portion. The implant can include an implant-suitable material. The implant can be at least partially porous, and optionally, the pores can be filed with a biodegradable material that can include one or more active... Agent: Arthrodisc, L.L.C.

20120330418 - Method and implant device for grafting adjacent vertebral bodies: A methodology for grafting together adjacent bony structures is provided using an implant device having an endplate with an inner disc portion and outer ring portion spaced from the inner disc portion by a connecting wall disposed therebetween. An endplate interior surface includes a retaining structure for securing the endplate... Agent:

20120330419 - Bi-directional fixating/locking transvertebral body screw/intervertebral cage stand-alone constructs: A bi-directional fixating transvertebral (BDFT) screw/cage apparatus is provided. The BDFT apparatus includes an intervertebral cage including a plurality of internal angled screw guides, a plurality of screw members, and a cage indentation adjacent to the screw guides that independently or supplemented by other screw locking mechanisms prevents the screw... Agent:

20120330423 - Engineered scaffolds for intervertebral disc repair and regeneration and for articulating joint repair and regeneration: Methods for the engineering and preparation of intervertebral disc repair scaffolds and articulating joint repair scaffolds are disclosed. The methodology utilizes either magnetic resonance images or combined magnetic resonance and computed tomography images as a template for creating either the intervertebral scaffold or the joint repair scaffold (e.g., osteochondral scaffold)... Agent:

20120330421 - Expandable fusion device and method of installation thereof: The present invention provides an expandable fusion device capable of being installed inside an intervertebral disc space to maintain normal disc spacing and restore spinal stability, thereby facilitating an intervertebral fusion. In one embodiment, the fusion device includes a central ramp, a first endplate, and a second endplate, the central... Agent:

20120330422 - Expandable fusion device and method of installation thereof: The present invention provides an expandable fusion device capable of being installed inside an intervertebral disc space to maintain normal disc spacing and restore spinal stability, thereby facilitating an intervertebral fusion. In one embodiment, the fusion device includes a central ramp, a first endplate, and a second endplate, the central... Agent:

20120330426 - Expandable vertebral implant: The present invention relates to an expandable implant for engagement between vertebrae generally comprising an inner member, outer member, and gear member positioned coaxial with respect to each other such that the inner and outer members are moveable relative to each other along an axis. The gear member is axially... Agent:

20120330424 - Intervertebral disc prosthesis: The present invention relates to an intervertebral disc prosthesis comprising at least three pieces including an upper plate (1), a lower plate (2), and a movable core (3) at least in relation to a plate, wherein it also comprises two anatomic adaptation elements (11, 22) of which each has, on... Agent: Ldr Medical

20120330420 - Spinal fusion implants: An improved implant is provided for human implantation, such as a spinal implant for implantation into the intervertebral space between two adjacent vertebrae. Some embodiments include a substrate of high strength biocompatible material, such as doped silicon nitride ceramic for example. In some embodiments, the substrate may also include one... Agent: Amedica Corporation

20120330425 - Systems and methods for delivering an implant between adjacent vertebras using endoscopy: An optical intervertebral implantation system can be used for a method of implanting an intervertebral implant into an intervertebral space with visualization. The system can include an elongate light guide and an intervertebral implant operably coupled with the elongate light guide. The elongate light guide can be configured as a... Agent: Arthrodisc, L.L.C.

20120330427 - Craniofacial implant registration features and methods: Various embodiments of craniofacial implants, surgical instruments, and techniques are described to provide improved surgical results.... Agent:

20120330428 - Expandable reverse shoulder trial: Described herein is an expandable shoulder trial for a reverse shoulder system including a rotatably adjustable insert housed within a humeral cup. The insert has proximal and distal ends, the proximal end having a concave recess therein adapted to receive a glenosphere prosthesis. The distal end of the insert includes... Agent: Howmedica Osteonics Corp.

20120330429 - Prosthetic implant and method of implantation: A prosthetic implant useful in a cementless application is disclosed. The implant may include a curved bone facing surface and one or more pegs or keels. Preferably, the implant is implanted on a bone surface that has been prepared so as to allow for a snap fit between the implant... Agent: Stryker Corporation

20120330430 - Constrained prosthetic knee with rotating bearing: A constrained prosthetic knee having a modular hinge post and a rotating bearing. A cannulated hinge post is rotatably connected to the femoral component of the knee prosthesis so that a hinge post extension may be anteriorly positioned through the hinge post and into the tibial component of the knee... Agent:

20120330431 - Device for unicompartmental knee arthroplasty: A device for unicompartmental arthroplasty of the knee. The device permits arthroplasty of the medial and/or lateral tibial condyle, and allows for securing of the device without the use of bone cement. Such a device comprises a baseplate, the baseplate comprising a first surface configured to be secured to a... Agent:

20120330432 - Finger prosthesis: A finger prosthesis comprising a tip for simulating different functions of a finger and a ring for attaching the prosthesis to a stump. The finger prosthesis further includes a joint coupled between the tip and the ring, wherein the joint includes an interlocking mechanism configured to allow the joint to... Agent: The Chinese University Of Hong Kong

20120330434 - Bilayered bone graft device: A bilayered bone graft device includes a core portion comprising deminernalized gelatin and a shell portion surrounding the core portion. The shell portion includes a calcium silicate and the deminernalized gelatin in a range of 1 to 30 weight percent, and the calcium silicate has a molar ratio of calcium... Agent:

20120330435 - Implants and methods for correcting tissue defects: The present invention relates to mosaic implant (15) comprising a plurality of mosaic plates (17) connected by a wire or mesh anchoring arrangement (9). Methods for forming such implants and methods for using said implants for correction of bone and soft tissue defects are described.... Agent: Oss-q Ab A Corporation

20120330436 - Bone graft substitute: A bone graft substitute in the form of an implantable three-dimensional scaffold that includes calcium phosphate and has pores. The scaffold is impregnated with a calcium and/or phosphate containing substance, and the dissolution rate DRS of the scaffold is slower than the dissolution rate DRD of the calcium and/or phosphate... Agent: Mathys Ag Bettlach

20120330437 - Bioerodible wraps and uses therefor: A tubular tissue graft device is provided comprising a tubular member and a restrictive fiber matrix of a bioerodible polymer about a circumference of the tubular tissue. The matrix may be electrospun onto the tubular tissue. In one embodiment, the tubular tissue is from a vein, such as a saphenous... Agent: Univeristy Of Pittsburgh Of The Commonwealth System Of Highter Education

20120330438 - Repaired organ and method for making the same: A repaired ex vivo organ suitable for transplantation in a human, said repaired ex vivo organ having undergone ex vivo organ perfusion for a maintenance period, wherein said organ had been assessed as being unsuitable for transplantation into a human before the maintenance period and was determined to be suitable... Agent:

20120330433 - Medical stent and production method of medical stent: The medical stent includes: a main body formed into an approximately tubular shape along a longitudinal axis with a first resin material; an elastic member formed of a second resin material which is larger in flexural modulus than the first resin material, and configured to have one end portion connected... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20120330439 - Powered leg prosthesis and control methodologies for obtaining near normal gait: A powered leg prosthesis including a powered knee joint with a knee joint and a knee motor unit for delivering power to the knee joint, a powered ankle joint coupled to the knee joint including an ankle joint and an ankle motor unit to deliver power to the ankle joint,... Agent:

20120330440 - Knee joint prosthesis: A knee joint prosthesis is adapted for interconnecting a prosthetic lower leg and a prosthetic thigh. The knee joint prosthesis includes a knee seat disposed under and connected to the prosthetic thigh, a connecting seat disposed above and connected to the prosthetic lower leg, a link assembly, and an adjusting... Agent:

12/20/2012 > 43 patent applications in 27 patent subcategories.

20120323301 - Medical device balloons with improved strength properties and processes for producing the same: A tubular parison for forming a medical device balloon. The parison is formed of a polymeric material, for instance a thermoplastic elastomer. The parison has an elongation at break which is not more than 80% of the elongation of the bulk polymeric material. The elongation of the parison is controlled... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120323300 - Power and/or signal trigger wire for an endovascular delivery system: An endovascular graft delivery system includes an endovascular prosthetic device and one or more trigger wires deployably engaging portions of the endovascular prosthetic device. An electrical element is positioned at a proximal end of a trigger wire. The electrical element is in signal communication with the trigger wire to communicate... Agent:

20120323299 - Rotational alignment wire system for an endovascular delivery system: An endovascular delivery system includes an endovascular prosthetic device and a signal active guide wire engaging the endovascular prosthetic device. A rotary encoder is coupled with the guide wire and the endovascular prosthetic device to provide an encoder signal on the guide wire. The encoder signal is indicative of axial... Agent:

20120323302 - Trigger wire activation lever: An actuation assembly having at least one lever operably connected to one or more trigger wires which are operably connected to a stent retaining device for a stent graft introducer is disclosed. The lever or levers can be extended or detached from the introducer to remove the trigger wires.... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20120323303 - Paraplegia prevention stent graft: A stent graft (10) for deployment into the aorta of a patient has a tubular body (12) with a proximal portion (14) of a selected diameter and a portion (16) of a reduced diameter less than the selected diameter distal of the proximal portion and a tapered portion (18) extending... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20120323304 - Biased endoluminal device: An endoluminal device can comprise a flexible tubular wall and a frame member. The frame member can be comprised of a shape-memory material having sides with protrusions which are partially or substantially flattened when formed together with the flexible tubular wall to thereby create a bias in the side wall... Agent:

20120323306 - Removable covering for implantable frame projections: Medical devices for implantation in a body vessel, and methods of using and making the same, are provided. A medical device can include a frame with one or more projections, each of which can be covered with a biocompatible, water-soluble removable material. The projections can be barbs positioned to engage... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20120323305 - Stents incorporating a plurality of strain-distribution locations: A stent (120) has proximal and distal ends (140, 142), and is configured to assume radially-compressed and radially-expanded states. The stent (120) comprises a plurality of circumferential bands (122) disposed about a longitudinal axis (123) of the stent (120), each of which bands (122) comprises a plurality of struts (124)... Agent: Endospan Ltd.

20120323308 - Coatings for medical devices comprising a therapeutic agent and a metallic material: The invention relates generally to an implantable medical device for delivering a therapeutic agent to the body tissue of a patient, and a method for making such a medical device. In particular, the invention pertains to an implantable medical device, such as an intravascular stent, having a coating comprising a... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120323307 - Hybrid stent: A stent is provided with a series of short pieces or sections connected together by a bioresorbable polymer. The stent sections are designed to separate or articulate with time as the polymer biodegrades. The time of separation can be controlled by the characteristics of the bioresorbable polymer to allow the... Agent: Medinol Ltd.

20120323298 - Shape memory alloy articles with improved fatigue performance and methods therefore: Articles made of shape memory alloys having improved fatigue performance and to methods of treating articles formed from shape memory alloy materials by pre-straining the articles (or desired portions of the articles) in a controlled manner so that the resultant articles exhibit improved fatigue performance. The shape memory articles are... Agent:

20120323309 - Stent with flaps: A medicinal device with a tubular wall made of webs which delimit the cells, and a flexible membrane which forms at least one flap which has a first end connected to at least one first web of a cell, and a free second end which is disposed opposite the first... Agent: Acandis Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120323310 - Gamma-tocopherol therapy for restenosis prevention: The present invention is directed to a drug eluting stent system, including: a stent; a tocopherol agent coupled to the stent; wherein the stent is adapted to elute the tocopherol agent into a surrounding lumenal wall tissue when implanted along the lumen within a body of a patient.... Agent: Celonova Biosciences, Inc.

20120323312 - Stent for endoluminal delivery of active principles or agents: The present invention provides a stent for implantation at a site within a human or animal body comprising: an expandable body having an inner surface and an outer surface; and treatment agents applied to the outer surface of the expandable body, the treatment agents comprising a combination of Paclitaxel and... Agent: Sorin Biomedica Cardio S.r.l.

20120323311 - Stents having controlled elution: Provided herein is a device comprising: a. stent; b. a plurality of layers on said stent framework to form said device; wherein at least one of said layers comprises a bioabsorbable polymer and at least one of said layers comprises one or more active agents; wherein at least part of... Agent: Micell Technologies, Inc.

20120323314 - Epicardial clip: An epicardial clip for reshaping the annulus of the mitral valve of a heart includes a curved member having an anterior segment configured to be positioned in the transverse sinus of the heart, a posterior segment configured to be positioned on the posterior side of the heart, such as on... Agent:

20120323313 - Prosthetic leaflet assembly for repairing a defective cardiac valve and methods of using the same: Methods and apparatus are provided for repairing or replacing a defective cardiac valve including a prosthetic leaflet assembly having an expandable frame with one or more anchors configured to engage a predetermined region of the defective cardiac valve in an expanded deployed state, and at least one prosthetic leaflet coupled... Agent:

20120323315 - Durable multi-layer high strength polymer composite suitable for implant and articles produced therefrom: A thin, biocompatible, high-strength, composite material is disclosed that is suitable for use in various implanted configurations. The composite material maintains flexibility in high-cycle flexural applications, making it particularly applicable to high-flex implants such as heart pacing lead or heart valve leaflet. The composite material includes at least one porous... Agent:

20120323316 - Prosthetic apparatus for implantation at mitral valve: Embodiments of prosthetics configured for implanting in at the native mitral valve region of the heart include a main body that is radially compressible to a radially compressed state and self-expandable from the compressed state to a radially expanded state. The prosthetic apparatus also comprises at least one ventricular anchor... Agent: Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

20120323317 - Heart valve prosthesis anchoring device and methods: Apparatus and methods for securing heart valve repair or replacement prostheses in or near the heart. The apparatus and methods are particularly well suited for traditional surgery or minimally invasive surgery. The invention secures a heart valve repair or replacement prosthesis in place while lowering surgical exposure. The invention improves... Agent:

20120323318 - Flexible magnetic membrane based actuation system and devices involving the same: A flexible magnetic membrane based actuation system comprising magnetic nanoparticles loaded into a polymeric material such as polyurethane and adapted to actuation of to and fro pumping motions of the membrane under application of magnetic field on the magnetic nanoparticles loaded membrane. More particularly, the present invention is directed to... Agent:

20120323319 - Intracorneal diffractive lens having phase inversion: The invention relates to an intracorneal diffractive lens having phase inversion, said intracorneal diffractive lens including: a core (2) having a first surface and a second surface opposite the first surface; at least one first hydrogel layer (5) extending over the first surface of the core; and a second hydrogel... Agent:

20120323320 - Adjustable intraocular lens: An adjustable intraocular lens is disclosed comprising at least one optical element and at least one haptic. Rotation of the lens in a plane perpendicular to the optical axis and bounded by an oval boundary adjusts the lens diameter which provides a corresponding adjustment of optical power. Preferably the lens... Agent: Akkolens International B.v.

20120323321 - Intraocular lenses for variable focus: A novel lens for variable focus has two optical elements which simultaneously move in a lateral and an axial direction. The lens also includes variable corrective optics to correct for undesired variable optical aberrations. The lens can be used as an accommodating lens for implantation in the capsular bag. The... Agent: Akkolens International B.v.

20120323322 - Surgical instrument for corporeal internal fixation septoplasty: A septoplasty instrument having a pair of opposing articulating longitudinal jaws or blades configured to contact the septum or overlying mucosal lining of a patient when the jaws are closed. A guide tube is connected to at least one of the jaws or blades for guiding a fixation wire into... Agent:

20120323323 - Micro-alloyed porous metal having optimized chemical composition and method of manufacturing the same: A micro-alloyed porous metal is disclosed having an optimized chemical composition to achieve targeted mechanical properties for use as an orthopaedic implant and a cell/soft tissue receptor. The porous metal may achieve a targeted compressive strength and a targeted ductility, for example. These targeted mechanical properties may allow the porous... Agent: Zimmer, Inc.

20120323324 - Soft and calcified tissue implants: Disclosed herein is processed dermis graft for use in orthopedic surgical procedures. Specifically exemplified herein is a processed dermis graft comprising one or more bone blacks having a groove cut into the surface thereof, wherein said groove is sufficient to accommodate a fixation screw. Also disclosed is a method of... Agent:

20120323325 - Autologous in situ tissue engineering: A kit that may be used to process autologous skin tissue that is grafted to the patient's wound for in situ growth of new skin tissue may include: a skin collection packet, a skin processing packet, a skin tissue application packet, and a wound preparation packet.... Agent:

20120323326 - Insertion of artificial/prosthetic facet joints with ballotable/compressible joint space component: A system for replacement of the natural facet joints of the spine is provided. The system is designed to be placed using a minimally-invasive technique, with passage of a unitized prosthesis through a working channel. Alternative embodiments of the prosthesis and method are also provided. The inventor also contemplates a... Agent:

20120323328 - Expandable fusion device and method of installation thereof: The present invention provides an expandable fusion device capable of being installed inside an intervertebral disc space to maintain normal disc spacing and restore spinal stability, thereby facilitating an intervertebral fusion. In one embodiment, the fusion device includes a central ramp, a first endplate, and a second endplate, the central... Agent:

20120323327 - Expandable spinal implant and flexible driver: Expandable spinal implants and drivers connected by a bendable joint are disclosed. The flexible connector allows the implant and driver to move to different angular orientations with respect to each other, and to apply rotational force or torque from the driver to the implant and its expansion mechanism. During insertion... Agent:

20120323330 - Low profile intervertebral implant: The present invention is directed to a low profile intervertebral implant (10) for implantation in an intervertebral disc space (D) in-between adjacent vertebral bodies (V). The intervertebral implant includes a plate (40) preferably coupled to a spacer (20). The plate is preferably formed from a first material and the spacer... Agent: Synthes Usa, LLC

20120323329 - Methods and apparatuses for vertebral body distraction and fusion employing a coaxial screw gear sleeve mechanism: Improved methods and apparatuses for vertebral body distraction and fusion in accordance with various embodiments of the present invention employ one or more coaxial screw gear sleeve mechanisms. In various embodiments, coaxial screw gear sleeve mechanisms include a post with a threaded exterior surface and a corresponding sleeve configured to... Agent:

20120323332 - Spacerless artificial disc replacements: Spacerless artificial disc replacements (ADR) are disclosed. One preferred embodiment includes two saddle-shaped components to facilitate more normal spinal flexion, extension, and lateral bending while limit axial rotation, thereby protecting the facet joints and the annulus fibrosus (AF). Either or both of the superior and inferior components are made of... Agent: Spinecore, Inc.

20120323331 - Spinal implant and instruments: A kit including an artificial implant for insertion between two adjacent vertebrae along a coronal plane.... Agent:

20120323333 - Revision knee tibial locking mechanism: A tibial prosthesis assembly can comprise a tibial tray and a tibial insert. The tibial tray can have an inferior bone engaging surface, a superior surface, and a first retaining feature. The tibial insert can have an inferior tray engaging surface, a superior bearing surface, and a second retaining feature.... Agent: Biomet Manufacturing, Corp.

20120323335 - Femoral component for a knee prosthesis with improved articular characteristics: An orthopaedic knee prosthesis includes a femoral component which exhibits enhanced articular features, minimizes removal of healthy bone stock from the distal femur, and minimizes the impact of the prosthesis on adjacent soft tissues of the knee.... Agent: Zimmer, Inc.

20120323336 - Femoral component for a knee prosthesis with improved articular characteristics: An orthopaedic knee prosthesis includes a femoral component which exhibits enhanced articular features, minimizes removal of healthy bone stock from the distal femur, and minimizes the impact of the prosthesis on adjacent soft tissues of the knee.... Agent: Zimmer, Inc.

20120323337 - Femoral component for a knee prosthesis with improved articular characteristics: An orthopaedic knee prosthesis includes a femoral component which exhibits enhanced articular features, minimizes removal of healthy bone stock from the distal femur, and minimizes the impact of the prosthesis on adjacent soft tissues of the knee.... Agent: Zimmer, Inc.

20120323334 - Femoral prosthesis system: A provisional femoral component, in one embodiment, including at least one first visual indicator and at least one second visual indicator, the first and second visual indicators providing indicating means for simultaneously visually representing a first profile of a first femoral prosthesis and a second profile of a second femoral... Agent: Zimmer, Inc.

20120323338 - Modular proximal interphalangeal joint: A method for replacing a proximal interphalangeal joint with a modular implant assembly is provided. During a first surgical procedure, a first stem component of the implant assembly having a first articulation component removably attached thereto is implanted in a proximal phalanx bone. A second stem component of the implant... Agent: Biomet Manufacturing Corp.

20120323339 - Porous peek article as an implant: The present invention refers to a porous PEEK-type polymer article comprising a porous PEEK-type polymer structure and presenting at least a trimodal pore distribution. The invention describes a process for the production of said porous PEEK-type polymer article comprising: a) contacting a PEEK-type polymer with a composition comprising at least... Agent:

20120323340 - Implantable end pad: Disclosed is an implantable end pad. The end pad includes a bone attachment portion having a recess configured to receive an amputated bone of a residual limb. The end pad further includes an end portion having a contour corresponding to at least a portion of a socket of an artificial... Agent:

12/13/2012 > 26 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20120316633 - Durable stent drug eluting coating: In embodiments, medical devices, such stents, can deliver a therapeutic agent to body tissue of a patient. The medical device includes a porous therapeutic layer that is substantially free of a polymer matrix which can withstand expansion or contraction of the medical device, with minimal delamination.... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120316634 - Endovascular flow direction indicator: An endovascular tool is provided, which includes a longitudinal delivery shaft and a fin coupled to the delivery shaft. The fin is configured to assume a compressed state for endoluminal delivery, and an expanded state for endoluminal deployment, in which state the fin is configured to pivot around an axis... Agent: Endospan Ltd.

20120316635 - Methods for crimping a polymeric stent onto a delivery balloon: A medical device-includes a polymer stent crimped to a catheter having an expansion balloon. The stent is crimped to the balloon by a process that includes heating the stent to a temperature below the polymer's glass transition temperature to improve stent retention without adversely affecting the mechanical characteristics of the... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

20120316637 - Endoprosthesis delivery system: The present disclosure relates to catheters for delivering medical devices to a human patient's vasculature. A catheter comprises a sock which covers the medical device at the end of the catheter, and an introducer sheath which is reduced in diameter. This reduced diameter introducer sheath minimizes the crossing of the... Agent:

20120316636 - Lock/floating marker band on pusher wire for self-expanding stents or medical devices: An apparatus for deploying and retrieving a self-expanding intravascular stent includes an intravascular delivery wire and floating marker band movably retained over the intravascular stent delivery wire and releasably mounting the self-expanding intravascular stent. The floating marker band is movably retained to a fixed marker band, and a distance between... Agent: Micrus Endovascular Corporation

20120316638 - Method and device for treating cerebrovascular pathologies and delivery system therefor: In one embodiment, a delivery system for a medical device includes a flexible sheath defining a lumen having a distal end and a flexible shaft having a proximal portion and a distal portion. A retention element and a pushing element, spaced proximally from the retention element, are disposed on the... Agent: Surpass Medical Ltd.

20120316632 - Retrievable covered stent for bifurcation aneurysms: A retrievable covered stent has a self-expandable covered stent on the distal end and is particularly useful for occluding the neck of an aneurysm located in the vicinity of bifurcations or trifurcations of vessels. The said retrievable covered stent comprises a proximal retrieving structure and a proximal self-expandable supporting stent... Agent:

20120316639 - Systems and delivery handles for delivering prosthetic heart valves disposed on valve holders: A system delivering a prosthetic heart valve includes a delivery handle, a heart valve, and a valve holder. The delivery handle includes a rod, a button, and a valve holder attachment interface, where the button is configured to move between a first position and a second position along an axial... Agent:

20120316640 - Device and method for improving function of heart valve: A device for improving the function of a heart valve comprises a first loop-shaped support, which is configured to abut a first side of the heart valve, and a first flange unit being connected to said first loop-shaped support. The flange unit is configured to be arranged against said annulus... Agent:

20120316641 - Device and method for reducing cardiac valve regurgitation: A catheter (4) based medical system (1) and medical procedure for reducing cardiac valve regurgitation are disclosed. The system comprises a resilient curvilinear shaped annuloplasty implant (3) for reducing the size of a dilated annulus (18) of said valve for reducing said regurgitation having resilient anchoring elements (300), and a... Agent:

20120316642 - Invasive cardiac valve: An invasive cardiac valve comprises a tubular stent (1) and a valve (2). One end of the tubular stent (1) is of a frusto-conical structure, the other end is wide open, and the diameter of the open end is greater than the diameter of the frusto-conical end. The valve (2)... Agent: Microport Medical (shanghai) Co., Ltd

20120316643 - Device and method for improving function of heart valve: A device for improving the function of a heart valve comprises a first loop-shaped support, which is configured to abut a first side of the heart valve, and a first flange unit being connected to said first loop-shaped support. The flange unit is configured to be arranged against said annulus... Agent:

20120316644 - Intraocular lens implant fixation: An intraocular lens fixation device including a deformable, medically inert clip that affixes a haptic of an intraocular lens to a patient's iris. A method of affixing an intraocular lens, having haptics, within a patient's eye includes piercing the iris in at least two locations that closely flank a portion... Agent:

20120316645 - Resilient medically inflatable interpositional arthroplasty device: This disclosure is directed to a resilient interpositional arthroplasty implant for application into joints to pad cartilage defects, cushion joints, and replace or restore the articular surface, which may preserve joint integrity, reduce pain and improve function. The implant may endure variable joint compressive and shear forces and cyclic loads.... Agent:

20120316646 - Collagen coated article: The invention provides a biocompatible article having a surface comprising collagen fibrils attached to said surface via one or more linker molecules, wherein each of said collagen fibrils is attached to at least one of said one or more linker molecules at a proximal end of the fibril, and wherein... Agent: Dentsply International Inc.

20120316647 - Device for expandable spinal laminoplasty: The invention relates to devices, implants, systems, techniques and methods for addressing certain conditions of the spine, including devices, implants, systems and methods for performing spinal laminoplasty or other expansion of the spinal canal. The devices of the invention are expandable in situ, providing greater versatility for surgeons performing various... Agent:

20120316649 - Cervical spacer: An anterior cervical column support having a hollow frame having a top load bearing surface and a bottom load bearing surface may be inserted between a first spinal vertebra and a second spinal vertebra. The top load bearing surface and the bottom load bearing surface may each include an opening... Agent: Rhausler, Inc.

20120316651 - Composite implants having integration surfaces composed of a regular repeating pattern: A composite interbody spinal implant including a body having a top surface, a bottom surface, opposing lateral sides, and opposing anterior and posterior portions; a first integration plate affixed to the top surface of the body; and an optional second integration plate affixed to the bottom surface of the body.... Agent: Titan Spine, LLC

20120316650 - Implants having three distinct surfaces: An interbody spinal implant having at least three distinct surfaces including (1) at least one integration surface having a roughened surface topography including macro features, micro features, and nano features, without sharp teeth that risk damage to bone structures; (2) at least one graft contact surface having a coarse surface... Agent: Titan Spine, LLC

20120316648 - Intervertebral disc reinforcement systems: An implant system for reinforcing an intervertebral disc and opposing endplate is provided wherein a flexible blocking member for blocking a defect is coupled to a first endplate anchor. An opposing endplate reinforcement member is coupled to a second endplate anchor and implanted in the opposing endplate.... Agent: Intrinsic Therapeutics, Inc.

20120316652 - Self-distracting cage: Various spinal implants and methods for stabilizing the spine are provided. In one exemplary embodiment, a spinal implant is provided having an expandable container with an interior volume that is selectively expandable between a compressed condition and an expanded condition. The expandable container is coupled to a superior endplate member... Agent: Depuy Spine, Inc.

20120316653 - Spinal implant having a transverse aperture: An interbody spinal implant including a body having a top surface, a bottom surface, opposing lateral sides, opposing anterior and posterior portions, and optionally a substantially hollow center. The implant includes at least one transverse aperture on one or more of the posterior portion, the anterior portion, and at least... Agent: Titan Spine, LLC

20120316654 - System and method for installing an annular repair rivet through a vertebral body port: A method for repairing a defect in the annulus of an intervertebral disc uses a port through a vertebra adjacent the disc for passage of a rivet insertion tool to place a first part of a two-part annulus repair rivet against an internal surface of the annulus adjacent the defect.... Agent:

20120316655 - Prophylactic bactericidal implant: A medical implant system is described for inhibiting infection associated with a joint prosthesis implant. An inventive system includes an implant body made of a biocompatible material which has a metal component disposed on an external surface of the implant body. A current is allowed to flow to the metal... Agent: Argentumcidalelectrics, Inc.

20120316656 - Balloon expandable stent: An apparatus is provided that includes an elongate member having a distal end portion, a proximal end portion, and a medial portion that is disposed between the distal end portion and the proximal end portion. The medial portion is configured to be disposed in a ureter of a patient. The... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120316657 - Releasable attachment system for a prosthetic limb: A releasable attachment system is provided for use with a bone anchored post and related external prosthesis such as a prosthetic limb or the like, wherein the attachment system includes a safety release mechanism designed to release or break away when encountering an excess mechanical load. The bone anchored mounting... Agent: University Of Utah Research Foundation

12/06/2012 > 54 patent applications in 35 patent subcategories.

20120310321 - Reconstrainable stent delivery system: The reconstrainable stent delivery system of the present invention comprises a proximal end and distal end which include inner and outer members. A pusher is positioned at the proximal end of the inner member. A slider is located coaxially with the inner member and is positioned within the inner diameter... Agent:

20120310320 - Stent delivery systems and methods: Apparatus, systems, and methods are provided for deploying an implantable device, such as a stent, within a lumen of a body of a patient. The delivery device may include an inner member and an outer sheath surrounding a distal portion of the inner member and configured to retain the implantable... Agent: Merit Medical Systems, Inc.

20120310323 - Introducer for deploying an implant: An introducer system includes a release wire and wire receivers forming a constraining mechanism that facilitates constraining at least one segment of an implant while permitting the remainder of the implant to expand during deployment. The constrained segment includes wire receivers associated with the implant that couple to the release... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20120310322 - Prosthesis delivery system: A deployment system is configured to deploy a prosthesis into an internal lumen of a patient. The system can include an introducer with the loaded prosthesis. A spacing mechanism can be disposed axially along the introducer. When the prosthesis is mounted onto the introducer in a radially compressed configuration, an... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20120310325 - Prosthesis deployment device with translucent distal end: A prosthesis delivery and deployment device includes an elongate and flexible outer catheter. The outer catheter has a tubular wall of layered construction, including translucent layers, opaque layers, and a braid composed of helically wound metal filaments. The outer catheter has a translucent distal adapted to constrain a radially self-expanding... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120310324 - Treatment of a main body lumen in the vicinity of a branching body lumen: An endovascular prosthesis (100) comprises a structural member (131), which defines, when the prosthesis (100) assumes an expanded state, a substantially tubular structure (111), and two wings (107, 108), which are coupled to a proximal end (118) of the tubular structure (111). If the wings (107, 108) are placed within... Agent: Endospan Ltd.

20120310326 - Interior liner for tubes, pipes, and blood conduits: A tube which circumferentially distends from its initial circumference upon the application of a circumferentially distending force such as applied by an internal pressure, and which exhibits minimal recoil following the removal of the circumferentially distending force. The tube preferably has a second circumference larger than the initial circumference which... Agent:

20120310327 - Non-foreshortening, axial tension constrainable stent: Methods and devices for a non-foreshortening, axial tension constrainable stent are illustrated such that a length of the stent in a collapsed state is about equal to the length of the stent in an expanded state which provides for better stent placement, easier repositioning and removal, and reduced stent migration.... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20120310328 - System and method for treating valve insufficiency or vessel dilatation: A medical device for treating aortic insufficiency (and associated aneurysms or defects of any other vessel associated with a valve) includes a support structure, a stent, a prosthetic valve and a deflector. Generally, the support structure is configured to cooperate with the prosthetic valve to pinch the native valve therebetween... Agent: Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

20120310319 - Stent: In one embodiment according to the present invention, a stent is described having a generally cylindrical body formed from a single woven nitinol wire. The distal and proximal ends of the stent include a plurality of loops, some of which include marker members used for visualizing the position of the... Agent:

20120310329 - Sustained drug-releasing stent: A stent includes a stent body of a cylindrical configuration having outer and inner surfaces, a first coated layer coating at least the outer surface, and a second coated layer coating substantially completely over the first coated layer. The first coated layer is prepared of a first composition comprising a... Agent: Tokai University Educational System

20120310332 - Delivery catheter system with micro and macro movement control: A prosthetic valve delivery system that is improved in controllability by way of a proximal handle system. Such a handle system of the present invention advantageously permits a controlled fine or micro movement or adjustment of a distal sheath for uncovering a plunger that is to be loaded with a... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20120310331 - Methods and apparatus for atrioventricular valve repair: Methods and devices are disclosed for minimally invasive procedures in the heart. In one application, a catheter is advanced from the left atrium through the mitral valve and along the left ventricular outflow tract to orient and stabilize the catheter and enable a procedure such as a “bow tie” repair... Agent: Cedars-sinai Medical Center

20120310330 - Percutaneous transcatheter repair of heart valves via trans-apical access: Apparatus, systems, and methods are provided for repairing heart valves through percutaneous transcatheter delivery and fixation of annuloplasty rings to heart valves via a trans-apical approach to accessing the heart. A guiding sheath may be introduced into a ventricle of the heart through an access site at an apex of... Agent: Micardia Corporation

20120310334 - Prosthetic valve delivery system: A prosthetic valve delivery system for percutaneously delivering and deploying a prosthetic valve within an existing valve is disclosed. The delivery system includes a stented prosthetic valve having a balloon-expandable stent portion with a prosthetic valve disposed therein and at least one self-expanding stent portion. The delivery system further includes... Agent: Medtronic Vascular, Inc.

20120310333 - Single catheter mitral valve repair device and method for use: A single catheter valve repair device for stabilizing a tissue portion and selectively applying a tissue fastener thereto. The single catheter valve repair device of the present invention includes an extendable engagement tip having at least one vacuum port formed thereon, at least one deployable fastener in communication with the... Agent: Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

20120310335 - Extracellular matrix material valve conduit and methods of making thereof: Methods for forming extracellular matrix valve conduits are disclosed. Extracellular matrix valve conduits produced using the disclosed methods are also disclosed. Methods of sterilizing and decellularizing extracellular matrix materials are also disclosed.... Agent:

20120310336 - Device for the implantation and fixation of prosthetic valves: A device for the transvascular implantation and fixation of prosthetic heart valves having a self-expanding heart valve stent (10) with a prosthetic heart valve (11) at its proximal end is introducible into a patient's main artery. With the objective of optimizing such a device to the extent that the prosthetic... Agent:

20120310337 - Method and arrangement for selecting an iol and/or the surgical parameters within the framework of the iol implantation on the eye: Selection of an appropriate intraocular lens (IOL) and/or the applicable surgical parameters for optimizing the results of refractive procedures on the eye. Features of the IOL are crucial for the selection and/or adjustment of the optimal IOL, but so is the IOL selection method (and parameters) from a surgical perspective.... Agent: Carl Zeiss Meditec Ag

20120310338 - Masked intraocular implants and lenses: Intraocular implants and methods of making intraocular implants are provided. The intraocular implants can improve the vision of a patient, such as by increasing the depth of focus of an eye of a patient. In particular, the intraocular implants can include a mask having an annular portion with a relatively... Agent: Acufocus, Inc.

20120310339 - Electronically controlled focusing ophthalmic device: According to a first aspect, the invention relates to an electrically controlled focusing ophthalmic device (43) to be worn by a user, comprising:—at least one active liquid lens comprising a liquid/liquid interface movable by electrowetting under the application of a voltage,—a driver for applying a DC voltage to said active... Agent: Parrot

20120310341 - Accommodative intraocular lens driven by ciliary mass: The invention relates to an intraocular accommodative lens, comprising an optical arrangement and haptics, the lens being adapted for variable focusing by movement of at least one part of the optical arrangement by at least one of the haptics, wherein the haptics comprise a part adapted to transfer a movement... Agent: Akkolens International B.v.

20120310342 - Intraocular lens: An accommodating intraocular lens has an anterior portion including an anterior viewing element and an anterior biasing element connected to the anterior viewing element. A posterior portion has a posterior viewing element and a posterior biasing element connected to the posterior viewing element. The anterior and posterior biasing elements are... Agent: Visiogen, Inc.

20120310340 - Method for modifying the refractive index of an optical material and resulting optical vision component: A method for modifying the refractive index of an optical polymeric material. The method comprises continuously irradiating predetermined regions of an optical, polymeric material with femtosecond laser pulses to form a gradient index refractive structure within the material. An optical device includes an optical, polymeric lens material having an anterior... Agent:

20120310343 - Accommodative intraocular lens and method of implantation: An accommodating intraocular lens (AIOL) adapted for implantation into a capsular bag includes an outer shell, a valve, and a force transfer assembly. The outer shell includes at least one surface modification on at least a periphery of the outer shell to promote bonding with the capsular bag. The valve... Agent:

20120310344 - Biased accommodating intraocular lens: An accommodating intraocular lens has a lens optic that is coupled to at least one haptic and is anteriorly biased with respect thereto.... Agent:

20120310345 - Accomodative intraocular lens: Accommodative intraocular lens comprising an optic part (1), which in turn comprises at least one incurving notch (3) and a peripheral edge of the optic (2); a haptic part (8), which in turn comprises at least one central branch (9), one lateral branch (10) and one angular branch of the... Agent:

20120310346 - Test device for having thermal dummy for ossicular prosthesis with memory effect: A test appliance (1) with an auditory ossicle prosthesis (2), which is made at least partially of a shape-memory material and which has a first securing element (2a), for mechanical connection to the ear drum or to a member of the auditory ossicle chain, and a second securing element (2b),... Agent:

20120310347 - Devices, methods, and systems for prosthetic meniscus selection, trialing, and implantation: Methods of selecting and implanting prosthetic devices for use as a replacement meniscus are disclosed. The selection methods include a pre-implantation selection method and a during-implantation selection method. The pre-implantation selection method includes a direct geometrical matching process, a correlation parameters-based matching process, and a finite element-based matching process. The... Agent: Active Implants Corporation

20120310355 - Apparatus and methods for vertebral augmentation using linked expandable bodies: Implants and methods for osteopathic augmentation and repositioning of vertebrae may comprise a chain having one or more beads or bodies configured for insertion into a vertebral body. The one or more bodies may be expandable. As the chain is inserted into the vertebral body, it may fill a central... Agent: Synthes Usa, LLC

20120310348 - Bone grafts: Spinal spacers 20 are provided for fusion of a motion segment. The spacers include a load bearing member 21 having a wall 22 sized for engagement within a space between adjacent vertebrae to maintain the space and an effective amount of an osteogenic composition to stimulate osteoinduction. The osteogenic composition... Agent:

20120310349 - Expandable articulating intervertebral implant with limited articulation: An artificial functional spinal unit including an expandable intervertebral implant that can be inserted via a posterior surgical approach and used with one or more facet replacement devices to provide an anatomically correct range of motion is described. Lordotic and non-lordotic expandable, articulating implants and cages are described, along with... Agent: Flexuspine, Inc.

20120310352 - In-situ intervertebral fusion device and method: In some embodiments, the balloon has a footprint that substantially corresponds to a perimeter of a vertebral endplate. An inflatable device is inserted through a cannula into an intervertebral space and oriented so that, upon expansion, a natural angle between vertebrae will be at least partially restored. At least one... Agent: Depuy Spine, Inc.

20120310351 - Lordotic spacer: A spacer includes a distal end and a proximal end. The spacer also includes top and bottom surfaces spaced by first and second sides. The top and bottom surfaces define a height, and the sides define a width. The height generally increases distally and from the second side to the... Agent:

20120310354 - Spinal implant having variable ratios of the integration surface area to the axial passage area: An interbody spinal implant including a body having a top surface, a bottom surface, opposing lateral sides, opposing anterior and posterior portions, and a substantially hollow center in communication with a vertical aperture. The body, vertical aperture, and bone contact surfaces of the implant each have a surface area that... Agent: Titan Spine, LLC

20120310356 - Transforaminal intersomatic cage for an intervertebral fusion graft and an instrument for implanting the cage: This disclosure presents various embodiments of a transforaminal intersomatic cage for an intervertebral fusion graft, and an instrument and method for implanting the cage, an embodiment of the cage having a body in the shape of a circular arc and comprising a lateral concave surface, a lateral convex surface, a... Agent:

20120310353 - Trial intervertebral distraction spacers: An orthopedic spacer device comprising a spacer body having an external surface that includes at least two relative angle designation marks such that a rotational angle of the spacer body relative to a known reference is determinable.... Agent: Spinecore, Inc.

20120310350 - Unidirectional dynamic interbody fusion device and method of use: Unidirectional dynamic interbody fusion devices and methods of use for insertion into a patient in order to maintain a space between two vertebral bodies. A first interbody fusion device including a body member, at least one side member, and a means for moving the at least one side member relative... Agent: Biospine, LLC

20120310357 - Porous titanium: The present invention provides a porous block for implantation in the maxillofacial area of a human or animal, wherein the porous block:—comprises titanium metal and/or a titanium alloy;—has a porosity of at least 40%;—is a geometrical structure shaped to fit at least a part of a degraded alveolar process of... Agent:

20120310358 - Joint for an orthopedic brace equipped with a rapid locking and unlocking system: A locking system to be fitted on a joint device (10) is equipped with means of control of the relative range of motion (R.O.M.) between two rods or uprights (11, 12) connected to it; said joint consists of a pair of plates (13, 14) connected to each other by means... Agent: F.g.p. S.r.l.

20120310359 - Shoulder implant device and method: An apparatus comprises a head, a neck, and a stem. The head is shaped to be insertable into an interval. The interval is formed using a reamed upper glenoid, a coracoid, and an acromion. The neck is in communication with the head. The neck is dimensioned to seat the head... Agent:

20120310360 - Extended articular surface resurfacing head: A modular humeral head resurfacing implant including a head, an anchoring stem, and a modular extended articulation flange. The head includes an exterior hemispherical articulating surface defining a terminating rim, an interior concave surface opposite to the exterior articulating surface, and a first coupling mechanism proximate to the terminating rim.... Agent: Biomet Manufacturing Corp.

20120310362 - Implant for restoring normal range flexion and kinematics of the knee: Embodiments of the invention provide knee prostheses which more faithfully and closely replicate the function, anatomy and physiology of the normal human knee yielding a number of advantages. Among other things, such prostheses can provide an increased range of motion and function more normally particularly in extension, deep flexion and... Agent: The General Hospital Corporation D/b/a Massachusetts General Hospital

20120310361 - Stabilizing prosthesis support structure: A tibial support structure includes a platform portion and a medullary portion that are monolithically formed as a single piece. The medullary and platform portions of the augment component are adapted to accommodate and mechanically attach to a tibial baseplate, and are individually shaped and sized to replace damaged bone... Agent: Zimmer, Inc.

20120310364 - Patient-specific manufacturing of porous metal prostheses: A patient-specific porous metal prosthesis and a method for manufacturing the same are provided. The orthopaedic prosthesis may be metallic to provide adequate strength and stability. Also, the orthopaedic prosthesis may be porous to promote bone ingrowth.... Agent: Zimmer, Inc.

20120310365 - Reinforced biocompatible ceramic implant and manufacturing method thereof: A cranial implant designed to fill a cranial defect of the skull of a mammal or a human, wherein the cranial implant is made of biocompatible ceramic and includes an implant body having a shape and size substantially matching the shape and size of the cranial defect to be filled,... Agent: 3dceram

20120310366 - Methods and compositions to enhance bone growth comprising a statin: Implantable medical devices and methods are provided that have one or more statins disposed therein. The medical devices may be implanted at near or in a bone defect to enhance bone growth. In some embodiments, the medical device provided allows for sustain release of the statin and facilitates bone formation... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20120310363 - Esophageal stent: A stent comprised of a scaffolding structure having components configured to allow at least a portion of the stent to decrease in diameter in response to an axial force applied to the stent. Further, the components and elements of the stent may be configured to balance transverse forces applied to... Agent: Merit Medical Systems, Inc.

20120310367 - Adipose tissue matrices: The present disclosure provides tissue products produced from adipose tissues, as well as methods for producing such tissue products. The tissue products can include acellular extracellular matrices. In addition, the present disclosure provides systems and methods for using such products.... Agent: Lifecell Corporation

20120310368 - Surgical implant: A surgical implant comprising: a substrate having an exterior surface and a plurality of layers disposed over the substrate exterior surface. The substrate comprises a polymeric material, and the plurality of layers comprises: an activated substrate surface layer; a valve metal layer; and a porous valve metal oxide layer, wherein... Agent: Synthes Usa, LLC

20120310369 - High torque active mechanism for orthotic and/or prosthetic devices: A high torque active mechanism for an orthotic and/or prosthetic joint using a primary brake which can be provide by magnetorheological (MR) rotational damper incorporating and an additional friction brake mechanism driven by the braking force generated by the MR damper. This combination of MR damper and friction brake mechanism... Agent: Victor Human Bionics Inc.

20120310370 - Systems and methods for providing a neural-machine interface for artificial legs: A neural-machine interface system is disclosed for providing control of a leg prosthesis. The system includes a plurality of input channels for receiving electromyographic signals from a subject, a feature vector formation unit for processing the electromyographic signals, and a pattern classification unit for identifying the intended movement of the... Agent: The Board Of Governors For Higher Education, State Of Rhode Island And Providence Plantations

20120310371 - Releasable attachment system for a prosthetic limb: Releasable prosthetic connectors are provided for use with prosthetic limbs and prosthetic mounting systems. The prosthetic connectors provide a secure, rigid connection between the prosthetic limb and the prosthetic mounting system under normal service loads. The prosthetic connectors provide safety release mechanisms which permit relative movement within the prosthetic connector... Agent: The University Of Utah Research Foundation (uurf)

20120310372 - Prosthetic knee: A prosthetic knee provides security and stability, particularly to low activity users, household and limited community ambulators, single and/or slow speed ambulators, and those with little voluntary control, while also balancing walking (dynamic) performance for low activity users. The prosthetic knee includes a housing, parallel anterior links, a posterior link,... Agent:

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