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Prosthesis (i.e., artificial body members), parts thereof, or aids and accessories therefor November recently filed with US Patent Office 11/12

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11/29/2012 > 29 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20120303108 - Embolization device and a method of using the same: Non-expandable space-occupying devices for treating voids within the body are disclosed. The devices can have multiple non-expandable space-occupying elements connected to a flexible leader. Methods of making and using the devices are also disclosed.... Agent:

20120303110 - Reduced foreshortening stent with bio-resorbable fibers: A device and method for reducing stent foreshortening are provided herein. The device includes a balloon and stent thereon. The stent has a first end portion and a second end portion and bio-resorbable fibers disposed over at least a portion of the first end portion and the second end portion.... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120303109 - Stent delivery system: A stent delivery system has a pusher catheter having an opening to which a filament is tied to the distal end thereof, and a stent having a catching hole. Because a knot is loosely fit in the catching hole from inside, with an inner catheter supporting the loose-fitting, inadvertent uncoupling... Agent: Gadelius Medical K. K.

20120303111 - Attachment mechanism for stent release: An attachment mechanism for coupling a stent to a delivery system is disclosed. The attachment mechanism is configured to pivot relative to an inner shaft assembly of the delivery system in order to release the stent from the delivery system.... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20120303112 - Stent: The invention relates to a medical device and a method of using it. The device is a stent which can be percutaneously deliverable with (or on) an endovascular catheter or via other surgical or other techniques and then expanded. The stent is configured to have a central portion defined by... Agent:

20120303113 - Implantable prosthetic valve assembly and method for making the same: An implantable prosthetic valve assembly having a support stent, or frame, having circumferential struts with multiple bends forming obtuse angles when the valve assembly is expanded to its functional size. The frame can be manufactured with one or more of the circumferential struts in a partially collapsed state and a... Agent: Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

20120303114 - Implantable medical devices fabricated from polymers with radiopaque groups: Implantable medical devices comprising radiopaque star-block copolymers.... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

20120303115 - Expandable devices coated with a rapamycin composition: Medical devices may be utilized for local and regional therapeutic agent delivery. These therapeutic agents or compounds may reduce a biological organism's reaction to the introduction of the medical device to the organism. In addition, these therapeutic drugs, agents and/or compounds may be utilized to promote healing, including the prevention... Agent:

20120303116 - Valve prosthesis: The present disclosure relates to valve replacement devices that are foldable for catheter-based deployment to the site of implantation, as well as systems for the delivery of valve prostheses, including prostheses having the special characteristics of the disclosed valve replacement devices. The devices include highly effective adhering mechanisms for secure... Agent: The Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania

20120303117 - Extracellular matrix material conduits and methods of making and using same: Extracellular matrix (ECM) material conduits are disclosed. Methods for regenerating atrioventricular valves to replace defective atrioventricular valves within a heart of a subject using the ECM material conduits are also disclosed. Methods of sterilizing and decellularizing an ECM material are also disclosed.... Agent:

20120303118 - Accommodating intraocular lens: Systems, devices, and methods are presented for a prosthetic injectable intraocular lens. One or more silicone elastomeric patches located outside the optical path on the anterior side but away from the equator can be accessed by surgical needles in order to fill or adjust optically clear fluid within the lens.... Agent: California Institute Of Technology

20120303119 - Capsular opacification blocking lens: The invention is directed to a lens that comprises an optic and two haptic rings, one positioned to rest against the posterior capsule distally outward from the optic zone, the other to rest on the anterior capsule some distance from the equator. The haptic rings of the lens are connected... Agent: Anew Optics, Inc.

20120303120 - Flush patch for elastomeric implant shell: An elastomeric prosthetic breast implant is provided having a shell and a patch forming a flush interface with the shell and no sudden surface steps on both interior and exterior surfaces of the shell.... Agent: Allergan, Inc.

20120303121 - Device and method for securing a ligature to an osseous structure: Embodiments disclosed herein provide a device for securing a ligature to an osseous structure, the device comprising a first part, a second part, a flexible elongate member for engaging the osseous structure, a closure element, and a deformable element between the first and second parts for holding open a gap... Agent: Zimmer Spine

20120303122 - Prosthetic implant and associated instruments: A prosthetic implant comprises an articular surface and a bone contacting surface. The articular surface has a first concavity extending along a first curved axis and the bone contacting surface has a convexity extending along a second curved axis. Geometric relationships between the concavity of the articular surface and convexity... Agent: Howmedica Osteonics Corp.

20120303124 - Bone fusion device: A bone fusion device provides stability to bones during a bone fusion period. The bones include, for example, the vertebrae of a spinal column. The bone fusion device comprises one or more extendable tabs attached to the bone fusion device by associated rotating means. The bone fusion device is preferably... Agent:

20120303129 - Composite interbody spinal implant having openings of predetermined size and shape: An interbody spinal implant including a body having a top surface, a bottom surface, opposing lateral sides, opposing anterior and posterior portions, a substantially hollow center, and a single vertical aperture. The single vertical aperture extends from the top surface to the bottom surface, has a size and shape predetermined... Agent: Titan Spine, LLC

20120303126 - Fusion system and method for fusing spinal bones: This invention relates to a spinal fusion system and method for use as a prosthetic implant. The system and method includes a housing dimensioned to be situated between adjacent spinal bones, such as adjacent vertebrae. The housing cooperates with the spinal bones to define a graft area for receiving graft... Agent: X-spine Systems, Inc..

20120303127 - Implants having internal features for graft retention and load transfer between implant and vertebrae: An interbody spinal implant, such as a solid-body or composite implant, includes at least one graft contact surface as one or more of the internal surfaces of the implant. The graft contact surface, for example, having at least one ridge or groove is designed to contact and promote retention and... Agent: Titan Spine, LLC

20120303123 - Spinal implant: A spinal implant as provided having a porous body that includes a leading end, a convex trailing end and first and second sides extending between the leading and trailing ends. At least a portion of the leading end is generally straight. The body further includes a generally dome-shaped superior surface... Agent: Zimmer Spine, Inc.

20120303128 - Spinal implant and integration plate for optimizing vertebral endplate contact load-bearing edges: An interbody spinal implant including a body and an integration plate having a top surface, a bottom surface, opposing lateral sides, opposing anterior and posterior portions, and a substantially hollow center in communication with a vertical aperture. The body is recessed in a way that portions of the integration plate... Agent: Titan Spine, LLC

20120303125 - System and methods for performing surgical procedures and assessments: The present invention involves systems and related methods for performing surgical procedures and assessments, including the use of neurophysiology-based monitoring to: (a) determine nerve proximity and nerve direction to surgical instruments employed in accessing a surgical target site; (b) assess the pathology (health or status) of a nerve or nerve... Agent: Nuvasive, Inc.

20120303130 - Spring base glenosphere: A reverse modular humeral implant for implantation into a humerus that includes a natural humeral shaft and a natural humeral head. The implant includes a humeral stem implantable into the natural humeral shaft, and an adapter couplable to the humeral stem, the adapter including an anchoring projection configured to be... Agent: Biomet Manufacturing Corp.

20120303131 - Surgical apparatus: A single use cutting jig for use in cutting a bone in orthopaedic surgery, the cutting jig having: a first face shaped to receive the end of the bone to be cut, a second face provided with one or more cutting slot, the or each slot extending through the cutting... Agent:

20120303133 - Porous ureteral stent: In some embodiments, a stent includes an elongate member and a distal retention member. The elongate member is configured to be disposed within a ureter of a patient and has a first portion, a second portion and a plurality of beads bonded together. The plurality of beads define a plurality... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120303134 - Stent with soluble bladder retention member: Ureteral stents having at least a portion of a proximal end of the ureteral stent constructed with a material that dissolves after being exposed to a bodily fluid for a period of time are disclosed herein. At least a portion of the proximal end portion of the elongate member includes... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120303132 - Stent for bile duct: The present invention relates to a stent which is inserted into a stenosed bile duct to enlarge the bile duct. The stent includes a plurality of hooks which extend outwards from the main body of the stent at a predetermined angle and are spaced apart from each other. Therefore, when... Agent: Co., Inc.

20120303135 - Prosthetic devices and methods of making and using the same: Prosthetic devices are disclosed. Methods of making and using prosthetic devices are also disclosed.... Agent:

20120303136 - Mechanical prosthetic finger device: A prosthetic finger that is able to provide independent natural movement to mimic a real finger. The present invention utilizes unique connections to provide users with natural movement and restore their ability to perform activities that require the full dexterity of their hands. Additionally, the present invention also allows users... Agent:

11/22/2012 > 40 patent applications in 28 patent subcategories.

20120296407 - Apparatus and method for proximal-to-distal endoluminal stent deployment: A prosthetic delivery device is adapted for introducing a stent within a patient's vasculature through a reverse deployment procedure, beginning at a proximal location and finishing at a distal location. The device comprises: a guide tube, a rotation tube, and an outer tube. The guide tube threadably receives the rotation... Agent:

20120296406 - Graft within a graft endoluminal graft: A segmented endograft includes at least one positioning segment and at least one main body segment which are separately deployable. The at least one positioning segment and at least one main body segment may be connected one to another. In an embodiment, the at least one positioning segment and at... Agent: The University Of Kentucky Research Foundation

20120296408 - Methods and systems for performing vascular reconstruction: Devices, systems and methods are provided for performing intra-lumenal medical procedures in a desired area of the body. Stents, stent delivery devices and methods of performing medical procedures to redirect and or re-establish the intravascular flow of blood are provided for the treatment of hemorrhagic and ischemic disease states.... Agent:

20120296412 - Delivery system with medical device release by evertable sleeve: A medical device delivery system has a tubular member defining a passageway and an inner member slideably disposed within the passageway. An expandable intraluminal medical device is disposed on a chamber of the inner member, and an evertable sleeve is attached to the inner member proximal to the chamber and... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20120296413 - Methods of implanting a prosthesis: A method of implanting a prosthesis in a patient at a treatment site includes advancing an outer catheter of a prosthesis delivery system in the patient and advancing an inner sheath and a guidewire lumen of the delivery system from the outer catheter to the treatment site along a guidewire... Agent: Bolton Medical, Inc.

20120296411 - Side branched endoluminal prosthesis and methods of delivery thereof: An expandable prosthetic device and method of delivery that allows the initial placement of multiple guidewires into selected target sites. The prosthesis includes a main body device. This main body device has a separate side branch guidewire lumen that passes through the main body device and through a side opening... Agent:

20120296409 - Stent delivery system: A stent delivery system is provided with a stent which, when inserted into an organism, is compressed in the center axis direction and which, when placed in the organism, can be expanded outward and restored to the shape which the stent has before being compressed; an inner tube body (inner... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20120296410 - Stent designs for use in peripheral vessels: System including a delivery catheter and a stent disposed at a distal end of the delivery catheter. The stent includes a plurality of radially expandable rings disposed adjacent to one another to define a tubular member having a proximal end portion, and a distal end portion, and a middle portion,... Agent:

20120296414 - Thoracic aorta stent graft: A stent graft for placement in the thoracic arch of a patient has a tubular body defining a main lumen therethrough, a plurality of zig zag stents along the tubular body, each of the stents comprising a plurality of struts and bends, the bends being between adjacent struts. At least... Agent: William A. Cook Australia Pty Ltd

20120296415 - Bioabsorbable stent: A bioabsorbable stent has a relatively high radial force and can be placed directly at the lesion without the possibility or reducing the possibility of occluding the lesion again after placement. The bioabsorbable stent is formed from a mixture composed of a bioabsorbable aliphatic polyester and an aromatic compound having... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20120296416 - Stent graft assembly and method: A method for assembling a stent graft onto a- balloon delivery catheter is disclosed. The method includes the steps of: assembling a graft over a stent with attached security rings and inserting the ends of the graft between the stent and the rings; placing the assembled stent graft on the... Agent:

20120296417 - Corkscrew annuloplasty device: An annuloplasty device having a plurality of corkscrew anchors is herein disclosed. In some embodiments, the annuloplasty device includes a core wire extending along the length of the device, and at least one corkscrew wire which is operably connected to the corkscrews to screw the corkscrews into heart tissue. In... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120296418 - Encapsulated heart valve: The present disclosure concerns embodiments of implantable prosthetic devices, and in particular, implantable prosthetic valves, and methods for making such devices. In one aspect, a prosthetic device includes encapsulating layers that extend over a fabric layer and secure the fabric layer to another component of the device. In particular embodiments,... Agent: Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

20120296419 - Annuloplasty ring with anchors fixed by curing polymer: Annuloplasty rings and methods for inserting annuloplasty rings are herein disclosed. The annuloplasty ring has a ring shell and a plurality of anchoring fasteners for anchoring the ring shell to adjacent hear tissue. To maintain the shape of the annuloplasty ring upon attachment of the ring to the patient's heart,... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120296420 - Annuloplasty ring with piercing wire and segmented wire lumen: An annuloplasty device having an expandable member, a plurality of lobes, and a piercing wire is herein disclosed. In some embodiments, the lobes extend radially outwardly from the expandable member. The lobes each have a wire lumen disposed therethrough, and the piercing wire is extendable through the wire lumen of... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120296421 - Manufacturing method of foldable artificial vitreous body and mould thereof: The present invention relates to a foldable capsular vitreous body (FCVB), and its mould design, method for manufacturing, product appearance, and drug delivery property and so on. A mould for molding a foldable artificial vitreous body comprises an upper mould (1), a lower mould (2) and a core (3). The... Agent: Guangzhou Visbor Biotechnology Ltd.

20120296422 - Method for designing, evaluating and optimizing ophthalmic lenses and laser vision correction: The present invention relates generally to lens design and, more particularly, to a method for designing, evaluating and optimizing ophthalmic lenses and laser vision correction in order to optimally manage issues resulting from, or related to, halos.... Agent: Amo Groningen Bv

20120296423 - Filling and implanting accommodative intraocular lenses: Advances in filling apparatus, handheld tools, surgical techniques and intraoperative biometry for implanting and adjusting an accommodative liquid lens are disclosed. The lens may be attached to or retained within a handheld surgical tool, which can be fluidly connectable to a filling console to fill the lens with a liquid.... Agent:

20120296424 - Accomodating intraocular lens: An accommodating intraocular lens (AIOL) (10) characterised by a first member (1) and a second member (3) arranged to correspond to anterior and posterior portions of a capsular bag, having an anterior-posterior axis passing centrally through the first and second members (1, 3), the first and second members (1, 3)... Agent:

20120296425 - Variable focus intraocular lens: A variable focus intraocular lens comprises an optic coupled to at least one haptic at a flexion that sets a non-zero angle between the optic and the haptic.... Agent:

20120296426 - Haptic for accommodating intraocular lens: A haptic is provided for use in an accommodating intraocular lens. The haptic has multiple filaments, each connected to the edge of the optic at one end. Each filament has a shape that conforms to an equatorial region of the capsular bag. The haptic couples the forces exerted by the... Agent: Abbott Medical Optics Inc.

20120296427 - Method and apparatus for tibial fixation of an acl graft: A tensioner system for use in tensioning graft strands in a knee reconstruction procedure can include a handle assembly, a tensioner assembly coupled relative to the handle assembly, and a drive shaft slidably received through and supported by the handle assembly. The tensioner assembly can include an arm support member... Agent: Biomet Sports Medicine, LLC

20120296428 - Systems for and methods of fusing a sacroiliac joint: A sacroiliac joint fusion system including a joint implant, anchor element and delivery tool. The joint implant includes a bore extending non-parallel to the implant longitudinal axis. The anchor element is for receiving in the bore. The delivery tool includes an implant arm and anchor arm. The implant arm distal... Agent: Jcbd, LLC

20120296432 - Advanced intra-spinal decompression implant: A new Intra-spinal decompression implant is introduced that comprises of two plate attachments to a titanium metal implant that fits between the spinous processes of the vertebrae in the lower back, decompressing the neuro elements. The invention has a number of new design features including: double axis adjustable side plates,... Agent:

20120296430 - Expandable intervertebral spacers and methods of use: An intervertebral spacer is inserted between vertebral members in a compact configuration and expanded post-insertion to contact the adjacent vertebral members. The intervertebral spacer comprises a first member and a second member movable with respect to the first member between retracted and extended positions.... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc. An Indiana Corporation

20120296431 - Prosthetic intervertebral disc implants: Prosthetic intervertebral discs and methods for using the same are described. The subject prosthetic discs include upper and lower endplates separated by a compressible core member. The prosthetic discs described herein include one-piece, two-piece, three-piece, and four-piece structures. The subject prosthetic discs exhibit stiffness in the vertical direction, torsional stiffness,... Agent: Spinal Kinetics, Inc.

20120296429 - Prosthetic intervertebral disk: An intervertebral disk prostheses for the total replacement of an intervertebral disk of the lumbar and cervical spine has an upper plate having upwardly projecting formations anchoring it to an upper vertebra on its upper face and a concavity on its inner face surrounded by an edge. A lower plate... Agent:

20120296433 - Spine surgery device: The invention relates to a device intended to replace or partially replace one or more vertebral bodies or intervertebral discs in the cervical, thoracic or lumbar spine, and includes methods for its use and deployment. The invention may be used to restore biomechanical parameters correlating with improved patient outcomes and... Agent:

20120296434 - Knee prosthesis: Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common disease affecting human joints. Mechanical stress through the joint is one of the most important independent etiological factors. The present invention provides a prosthesis that bypasses some of the stress from the joint without destroying the joint surface. It allows full range of joint... Agent:

20120296435 - Shoulder prosthesis: The present disclosure relates to a stemless shoulder prosthesis comprising a fixation device for fixing the prosthesis to a resected humerus bone, the fixation device comprising a base portion and anchoring means, the base portion having a distal side adapted to contact a resection plane of the bone and a... Agent: Zimmer, Gmbh

20120296436 - Humeral head resurfacing implant: A humeral head resurfacing implant (11) that has a modulus of elasticity close to that of human cortical bone as a result of its design from an integral substrate of isotropic graphite covered completely with a reinforcing layer of dense isotropic pyrolytic carbon. A carefully engineered cruciform stem (15) extends... Agent: Ascension Orthopedics, Inc.

20120296437 - Posterior stabilized orthopaedic knee prothesis having controlled condylar curvature: An orthopaedic knee prosthesis includes a tibial bearing and a femoral component configured to articulate with the tibial bearing. The femoral component includes a posterior cam configured to contact a spine of the tibial bearing and a condyle surface curved in the sagittal plane. The radius of curvature of the... Agent:

20120296438 - Knee joint prosthesis system and method for implantation: A prosthesis system for replacing a knee joint between a femur and a tibia can include a first femoral component including a first condylar portion, a second condylar portion, a first sidewall extending superiorly from the first condylar portion and a second sidewall offset from the first sidewall a first... Agent: Biomet Manufacturing Corp.

20120296439 - Joint resurfacing prosthetic implant system: A joint resurfacing prosthetic implant system is disclosed having an anatomically-shaped implant to replace a joint at a pedal digit or finger, including a head having an elliptical bearing surface disposed for engaging the end of an adjacent bone and a seating surface opposite the bearing surface, an elongated stem... Agent:

20120296440 - Device for osteosynthesis of the thoracic wall: A device made up of a textile tubular sheath, which can be implanted in the human body, suitable for containing a filling material and the ends of which are suitable for covering the ends of two portions of a single resected rib. The sheath contains a braid, in which the... Agent: Univeriste Jean Monnet

20120296441 - Graft collection and containment system for bone defects: A device for containing bone graft material comprises a body including an inner sleeve extending longitudinally from a proximal end to a distal end and an outer sleeve surrounding the inner sleeve and extending longitudinally from a proximal end to a distal end such that a bone graft collecting space... Agent:

20120296443 - Sericin extracted fabrics: Silk is purified to eliminate immunogenic components (particularly sericin) and is used to form fabric that is used to form tissue-supporting prosthetic devices for implantation. The fabrics can carry functional groups, drugs, and other biological reagents. Applications include hernia repair, tissue wall reconstruction, and organ support, such as bladder slings.... Agent: Allergan, Inc.

20120296442 - Systems and methods for intra-operative physiological functional stimulation: Improved assemblies, systems, and methods provide safeguarding against tissue injury during surgical procedures and/or identify nerve damage occurring prior to surgery and/or verify range of motion or attributes of muscle contraction during reconstructive surgery. Embodiments of methods according to the present invention provide the ability to intra-operatively simulate post-operative physiologic... Agent: Checkpoint Surgical, LLC

20120296444 - Cortical interface for motor signal recording and sensory signal stimulation: The present invention consists of an implantable device with at least one package that houses electronics that sends and receives data or signals, and optionally power, from an external system through at least one coil attached to the at least one package and processes the data, including recordings of neural... Agent:

20120296445 - Liner having an integrated electrode: The invention relates to a liner that is intended to be pulled over an amputation stump, is made of an electrically non-conducting material, has a form that is adapted or that adapts to the amputation stump, has an inner wall (7) that lies against the skin of the amputation stump,... Agent: Otto Bock Healthcare Gmbh

11/15/2012 > 41 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories.

20120290064 - Elastic cap for the protection of the distal end of a catheter having an inner and an outer hose: An elastic cap for covering the distal end of a catheter having inner and outer hoses, characterized in that the cap consists essentially of an elastic material, has a cavity in which the distal end of the inner and the outer hose of a catheter can be received, and the... Agent: Biotronik Ag

20120290066 - Introducer with ratchet handle drive: A stent graft introducer has stent graft releasably retained onto a deployment catheter and a sheath encloses the stent graft. A handle assembly has a handle, a first slide and a second slide. The first slide retracts within the second slide and the second slide retracts within the handle. An... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20120290063 - Method of increasing stent retention of bioabsorbable scaffolding with a sheath: A medical device includes a polymer stent crimped to a catheter having an expansion balloon. The stent is crimped to the balloon by a process that includes heating the stent to a temperature below the polymer's glass transition temperature to improve stent retention without adversely affecting the mechanical characteristics of... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

20120290065 - Pre-positioned anastomosis device and related methods of use: Embodiments of a medical device and related methods of use are provided in the disclosure. The medical device includes an elongate member having a first end defining a first opening, a second end defining a second opening, and a tapered lumen extending between the first and second openings. The diameter... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed Inc.

20120290067 - Vascular remodeling device: Described herein are flexible implantable devices or stents that can conform to the shape of vessels of the neurovasculature. In some embodiments, the devices can direct blood flow within a vessel away from an aneurysm or limit blood flow to the aneurysm. In some embodiments, a vascular remodeling device includes... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20120290069 - Paraplegia prevention valve for stent grafts: A stent graft defining a main lumen bounded by a wall of graft material is disclosed. The stent graft has a valve portion between proximal and distal portions. The valve portion is formed by a wall portion having a part-circumferential double layer portion comprising an inner underlap portion and an... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20120290068 - Steerable iliac branch device: A prosthesis may be used for treatment of an aneurysmal body vessel. The prosthesis may include a prosthetic trunk and a prosthetic branch. The prosthetic trunk may include a graft body, an open first end, an open second end, and a trunk lumen extending therebetween. The prosthetic branch may include... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20120290071 - Bioabsorbable scaffold with particles providing delayed acceleration of degradation: Methods of controlling the degradation profile of a biodegradable stent scaffolding are disclosed. A bioabsorbable scaffold having a plurality of particles incorporated into the scaffolding that accelerate the absorption of the scaffolding after an induction time during degradation is disclosed.... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

20120290073 - Bioabsorbable scaffolds made from composites: Bioabsorbable scaffolds made at least in part of a poly(L-lactide)-based composite are disclosed. The composite includes poly(4-hydroxybutyrate) or poly(L-lactide)-b-polycaprolactone block copolymer, which increases the fracture toughness or fracture resistance of the scaffold. The composite can further include bioceramic particles, L-lactide monomer, or both dispersed throughout the composite. The bioceramic particles... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

20120290070 - Control of degradation profile of bioabsorbable poly(l-lactide) scaffold: Methods of controlling the degradation profile of a biodegradable stent scaffolding are disclosed. Disclosed methods include controlling features of the degradation profile including the time to loss of radial strength and the degradation time of the stent.... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

20120290072 - Emergency vascular repair prosthesis: A prosthesis system for repair of a transected body vessel is provided. The system can include first and second prostheses each including a tubular graft body and a support structure. Each prosthesis can be expandable between a compressed and an expanded configuration. In the expanded configuration, outer surfaces of the... Agent:

20120290074 - Implantable medical device having enhanced endothelial migration features and methods of making the same: An implantable medical device having enhanced endothelial migration features, generally comprises: a structural member including a leading edge and a trailing edge interconnected by a third surface region, the leading edge including a second surface region in a generally curvilinear cross-section, and the trailing edge including a fourth surface region... Agent: Palmaz Scientific, Inc.

20120290062 - Intra-atrial implants made of non-braided material: Several unique intra-cardiac pressure devices, placement catheters, methods of placement and methods of treating heart failure are presented. The intra-cardiac pressure devices presented allow sufficient flow from the left atrium to the right atrium to enable the relief of elevated left atrial pressure and resulting patient symptoms. The intra-cardiac pressure... Agent:

20120290076 - Drug-delivery endovascular stent and method for treating restenosis: A radially expandable, endovascular stent designed for placement at a site of vascular injury, for inhibiting restenosis at the site, a method of using, and a method of making the stent. The stent includes a radially expandable body formed of one or more metallic filaments and a liquid-infusible mechanical anchoring... Agent: Biosensors International Group, Ltd.

20120290075 - Modification of bioabsorbable stent to reduce thrombogenecity: Bioabsorbable polymer scaffolds with coatings are disclosed that include immobilized antithrombotic agents on the scaffolds or in or on the coatings. The agents act synergistically with antiproliferative agents released from coatings by providing hemocompatibility during and without interfering with antiproliferative agent release. Methods of modifying scaffolds and coatings with the... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

20120290078 - Heart valve delivery system with valve catheter: A heart valve delivery system is provided wherein a prosthetic valve is carried on a valve catheter inside a tubular delivery sleeve. The valve catheter has a distal end coupled to a mop. The mop comprises a plurality of flexible extensions configured for releasable attachment to the prosthetic valve. A... Agent: Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

20120290079 - Mitral heart valve holder and storage system: An improved holder and storage system for a tissue-type prosthetic mitral heart valve that constricts the commissure posts of the valve and prevents suture looping. A rod axially movable relative to the holder tensions lengths of attachment sutures that extend between the commissure post tips to create a tent and... Agent: Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

20120290080 - Prosthetic tissue valve: A prosthetic tissue valve for aortic, pulmonary, mitral or tricuspid valve replacement is described herein. A sewing ring for use with the prosthetic tissue valve is also described. The valve can have a circumference that is a predetermined distance larger than the circumference of an annulus in a defective valve.... Agent:

20120290081 - Prosthetic tissue valve: A prosthetic tissue valve for aortic, pulmonary, mitral or tricuspid valve replacement is described herein. A sewing ring for use with the prosthetic tissue valve is also described. The valve can have a circumference that is a predetermined distance larger than the circumference of an annulus in a defective valve.... Agent:

20120290082 - Mechanical transcatheter heart valve prosthesis: A mechanical transcatheter heart valve prosthesis including a support structure that can be expanded from a first size designed for minimally invasive insertion to a functional second size and a flexible heart valve made of a composite material containing woven fabric that is embedded in an elastic matrix and locally... Agent: Biotronik Ag

20120290077 - Tissue restraining devices and methods of use: Tissue restraining systems and devices as well as methods of using these devices are disclosed herein. According to aspects illustrated herein, there is provided a tissue restraining device that may include an annuloplasty member having one or more contact points along a portion of the annuloplasty member in a spaced... Agent: Pavilion Medical Innovations

20120290083 - Valve for a heart valve prosthesis: A valve for a heart valve prosthesis comprising a valve membrane composed of at least one spiral strip which, in the closed state of the valve membrane, assumes the form of an Archimedean spiral, wherein the outer edge regions of the spiral strip overlap an inner edge region of the... Agent: Biotronik Ag

20120290084 - Ocular auto-focusing lenses: The present invention relates to an ocular, variable-focus lens, and in particular, to an ocular, fluid-focussed, accommodating lens having first and second fluids which are in contact over a meniscus of changeable shape, for the restoration or improvement of vision in a patient.... Agent:

20120290085 - Extended depth of focus (edof) lens to increase pseudo-accommodation by utilizing pupil dynamics: In one aspect, the present invention provides an ophthalmic lens (e.g., an IOL) that includes an optic having an anterior surface and a posterior surface disposed about an optical axis. At least one of the surfaces (e.g., the anterior surface) has a profile characterized by superposition of a base profile... Agent:

20120290086 - Intraocular capsular tension rings: Arcuate arms each approximately semi-circular extend generally oppositely from a central fixation element. Together the arms and integral fixation element form a capsular tension ring to apply outward pressure along the equator of an ocular lens capsule during surgery. The ring can be loaded into an insertion tube by pulling... Agent: Microsurgical Technology, Inc.

20120290087 - Incus replacement partial ossicular replacement prosthesis: An ossicular prosthesis is described which includes an elongated prosthesis member formed from a single foldable plane structure and having a proximal end and a distal end. A cochlear striker surface is located at the distal end of the prosthesis member for engaging an outer cochlear surface of a recipient... Agent: Vibrant Med-el Hearing Technology Gmbh

20120290088 - System and method for prosthetic fitting and balancing in joints: A device for intraoperative use in balancing joint forces and verifying the placement of the tibial component in total knee arthroplasty includes a spacer defining an enclosure; the spacer is sized to engage a top portion of the tibial component. A sensor array is embedded in the spacer, the sensor... Agent: The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Illinois

20120290090 - Expandable fusion device and method of installation thereof: The present invention provides an expandable fusion device capable of being installed inside an intervertebral disc space to maintain normal disc spacing and restore spinal stability, thereby facilitating an intervertebral fusion. In one embodiment, the fusion device includes a body portion, a first endplate, and a second endplate, the first... Agent:

20120290097 - Expandable intervertebral implant: A method of inserting an expandable intervertebral implant is disclosed. The implant preferably includes first and second members capable of being expanded upon movement of first and second wedges. The first and second wedges, while being capable of moving with respect to each other and the first and second members... Agent: Stryker Spine

20120290096 - Flexible elongated chain implant and method of supporting body tissue with same: Implants and methods for augmentation of the disc space between two vertebral bodies to treat disease or abnormal pathology conditions in spinal applications. The implant includes a chain of biocompatible material suitable for insertion into a disc space between two adjacent vertebral bodies in a patient's spinal column, wherein the... Agent: Synthes Usa, LLC

20120290094 - Minimally invasive expanding spacer and method: A minimally invasive spacer for positioning between vertebral members. The spacer is adjustable between a first orientation having a reduced size to facilitate insertion between the vertebral members. A second orientation has an enlarged size for contacting the vertebral members. The spacer includes linkages that are attached to a pair... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20120290091 - Prosthetic implant with biplanar angulation and compound angles: A prosthetic implant, and more particularly, with a prosthetic implant having biplanar angulation and that can be inserted into a disk area generally straight using a posterolateral approach.... Agent: X-spine Systems, Inc.

20120290092 - Spinal implants: The present invention is directed to a variety of spinal implants.... Agent: Sdgi Holdings, Inc.

20120290095 - Tissue prosthesis and a method of, and equipment for, forming a tissue prosthesis: A tissue prosthesis 100 comprises an envelope 38 of a biologically inert, elastically deformable material capable of being expanded to conform to an interior surface of a cavity 36 formed at a site 10 in a patient's body. A filler material 60 is received in a fluent state in the... Agent: Spinecell Private Limited

20120290093 - Transforaminal prosthetic spinal disc apparatus: An intervertebral prosthetic implant having a first endplate having a first surface configured to substantially engage with a first vertebral body and a second surface having an extension with a concave contact surface, the concave contact surface being spaced apart from the second surface. A second endplate is provided with... Agent:

20120290089 - Vertebral spacer: A vertebral spacer includes a body having a top side, a bottom side, a front side, and a rear side. The top side is configured to be positioned adjacent to a first vertebra and the bottom side is configured to be positioned against a second vertebra. First, second, third and... Agent:

20120290098 - Methods of using, providing and manufacturing a shoulder prosthesis with a one-piece humeral head: A humeral head augment device for use in a modular shoulder prosthesis. The humeral head augment device has an external bearing surface with at least one surface portion that includes a radius of curvature. The radius of curvature is configured to constrain translational movement of the implanted shoulder prosthesis when... Agent: Tornier, Inc.

20120290099 - Minimally invasive surgical tools for hip prosthesis: Instrumentation for a modular prosthesis having a stem and a neck comprises a handle and an adaptor. The handle extends along an axis. The handle has a distal end and a proximal end. The proximal end has a blunt surface configured to be struck. The adaptor has a male end... Agent: Smith & Nephew, Inc.

20120290100 - Medical apparatuses for delivery of urologically beneficial agents: The present invention provides implantable or insertable medical apparatuses that deliver one or more urologically beneficial agents to the urinary tract. In one aspect, the medical apparatuses comprise a reservoir, a catheter, an implantable or insertable urological medical device, and an optional pump.... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120290101 - Adjusting device and method for operating an adjusting device: The invention relates to an adjusting device for a prosthetic device, having a drive (1) for adjusting at least one first component of the prosthetic device relative to a second component, wherein the drive (1) is designed as a permanent magnet electric motor and comprises a stator (4) having exciter... Agent: Otto Bock Healthcare Products Gmbh

20120290102 - Knee crutch system: Disclosed embodiments, as well as features and aspects thereof, are directed towards providing a knee crutch system. Embodiments of a knee crutch system provide support to a user's injured lower leg, safely positioning it such that it bears no weight other than its own, while enabling the user to remain... Agent:

11/08/2012 > 36 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20120283814 - Methods for improving stent retention on a balloon catheter: A method of crimping a stent on a balloon of a catheter assembly is provided. A polymeric stent is disposed over a balloon in an inflated configuration. The stent is crimped over the inflated balloon to a reduced crimped configuration so that the stent is secured onto the balloon. The... Agent: Advanced Cardiovascular Systems, Inc.

20120283812 - Polarizable delivery mechanism for medical device deployment: A medical device assembly having a polarizable delivery mechanism reversibly engaged with a medical device and a method used by an operator to deploy said medical device at a targeted site in a body vessel is provided. The polarizable release mechanism generally comprises a pusher element having a distal end... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20120283813 - Tissue penetration device and method: A medical device for canalization of a tissue comprises a radially expandable and crimpable or collapsible substantially tubular member that has a rear end, a front end, and a pattern of struts or a mesh of wires arranged in-between the rear end and the front end, arranged around an interior... Agent:

20120283816 - Prosthesis anchoring and deploying device: A system for intraluminally delivering and deploying stents and other prostheses includes an outer catheter, an inner catheter movable axially relative to the outer catheter, and an anchoring device mounted to a distal end region of the inner catheter. The anchoring device includes one or more control features that interact... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120283815 - System and method for delivering and deploying an occluding device within a vessel: A system and method for deploying an occluding device that can be used to remodel an aneurysm within the vessel by, for example, neck reconstruction or balloon remodeling. The system comprises an introducer sheath and an assembly for carrying the occluding device. The assembly includes an elongated flexible member having... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20120283817 - Helical hybrid stent: An expandable helical stent is provided, wherein the stent may be formed of an amorphous metal alloy or other non-amorphous metal with a securement. The stent is formed from flat or tubular metal in a helical coiled structure which has an undulating pattern. The main stent component may be formed... Agent: Medinol, Ltd.

20120283818 - Secured strand end devices: A woven, self-expanding stent device has one or more strands and is configured for insertion into an anatomical structure. The device includes a coupling structure secured to two different strand end portions that are substantially aligned with each other. The two different strand end portions include nickel and titanium. The... Agent: Idev Technologies, Inc.

20120283811 - Biodegradable, bioabsorbable stent anchors: Biodegradable/bioabsorbable stent anchors are provided to prevent stent migration and permit repositioning and/or removal of the stent after the anchors or portion thereof has sufficiently degraded or been absorbed.... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20120283819 - Medical device suitable for location in a body lumen: A stent suitable for deployment in a blood vessel to support at least part of an internal wall of the blood vessel includes plurality of longitudinally spaced-apart annular elements, and a plurality of connecting elements to connect adjacent annular elements. Each connecting element is circumferentially offset from the previous connecting... Agent:

20120283820 - Endovascular prosthetic heart valve replacement: A prosthetic aortic valve intended for native or valve-in-valve within bioprostheses includes an expandable support scaffold and valve leaflets disposed within an upper leaflet portion of the support scaffold. The valve leaflets within the upper portion may be located within the annulus (intravalvular), above the annulus, or above the native... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20120283821 - Stent for protecting bifurcated blood vessels in bifurcation lesion: The present invention relates to a stent for protecting a branch blood vessel at a branch-point lesion. The stent is inserted into and widened in a main blood vessel having the branch blood vessel extending in a slant from the branch-point lesion, thereby simultaneously expanding the main blood vessel and... Agent: Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation, Yonsei University

20120283822 - Antithrombotic and anti-restenotic drug eluting stent: An expandable medical device includes a plurality of elongated struts, forming a substantially cylindrical device which is expandable from a cylinder having a first diameter to a cylinder having a second diameter. A plurality of different beneficial agents may be loaded into different openings within the struts for delivery to... Agent: Cordis Corporation

20120283823 - Methods of implanting an implantation device: The implant implantation unit (2), at a determined position in the tubular element (51) with a wall comprising a cavity (50), is pushed there by a catheter (60) and the unit comprises deformable feelers (31) to, under the control of remote activation elements (42), change from a stowed form to... Agent: Jenavalve Technology Inc.

20120283824 - Heart valve stent: A heart valve stent having a section equipped to receive a heart valve implant and several proximally disposed anchoring elements, characterized by several anchoring threads, which with the one end thereof are fastened to the stent, and also with a brace fastening the anchoring threads with the other end thereof... Agent:

20120283825 - Intraocular lens.: The invention relates to an intraocular lens (1) including an anterior surface (4) and a posterior surface (5) and having a substantially antero-posterior optical axis (6). In this lens, one of these anterior and posterior surfaces includes a first diffractive profile (9) forming at least one first diffractive focal point... Agent: Physiol

20120283826 - Systems and methods for mastopexy: A mastopexy implant for maintaining the breast in an elevated and aesthetically pleasing position includes a lower pole support comprising end portions which may be affixed to the chest wall or to a previously installed upper suspension strut. The implant is loaded in an insertion device. The insertion device is... Agent:

20120283827 - Ossicular prosthesis with stabilizer and method of use with intact stapes: A system is provided for stabilized total ossicular replacement in a middle ear having an intact stapes with a capitulum and a footplate. The system includes an ossicular replacement prosthesis including with elongate shaft and a head coupled to the shaft, and a stabilizer that couples the prosthesis to the... Agent:

20120283828 - Non-woven fabric for medical use and process for the preparation thereof: Process for preparing a non-woven fabric for medical use, comprising the following steps: —performing a spraying process in which —a spray jet is generated from a polycarbonate urethane plastic solution having a viscosity of from 800 to 1500 Pa×s using a spraying unit from which the polycarbonate urethane plastic solution... Agent: Nonwotecc Medical Gmbh

20120283829 - Fan folded fascia lata for cruciate ligament substitution and method and apparatus for making the same: Cruciate ligament substitutes are formed using fan-folded fascia lata grafts. Devices of making the same and methods of making and using the same are described herein. The fan-folded fascia lata cruciate ligament substitutes disclosed herein are used in a single-loop fashion and have surprisingly exhibited load to failure and stiffness... Agent:

20120283830 - Double bundle acl repair: A system for single tunnel, double bundle anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction includes implant constructs and instruments. The implant constructs provide a combination of cortical fixation and bone tunnel aperture fixation. The implant constructs separate a graft into distinct bundles. The instruments are used to prepare shaped bone tunnels to receive... Agent: Imds Corporation

20120283832 - Apparatus and method for tibial fixation of soft tissue: An apparatus and method for fixation of a soft tissue graft. The apparatus may include a member having a first surface and a second surface. Each of the surfaces extend a distance relative to one another. A member is operable to resist movement of the apparatus relative to an anatomical... Agent: Biomet Sports Medicine, LLC

20120283831 - Methods and procedures for ligament repair: Methods and devices for the repair of a ruptured ligament using a scaffold device are provided. Aspects of the invention, may include a scaffold attached by a suture to an anchor. In aspects of the invention, the anchor may be secured to a bone near or at the repair site.... Agent: Children's Medical Center Corporation

20120283833 - Articular cartilage treatment method: The present invention provides an method to alleviate a deteriorated condition at an articular joint site and for repair of damaged cartilage the method including the steps of imaging for the presence of osteonecrosis in the underlying bone, forming a cylindrical plug comprising articular cartilage and osteonecrotic bone using an... Agent:

20120283836 - Interbody fusion device: An interbody fusion device related to implants for orthopedic surgery has a hollow skeleton made of titanium alloy to hold nonstructural cancellous bone graft. The skeleton is a U-shaped plate, whose front wall is disposed with holes. The upper and the lower end of the bottom of the U-shaped plate... Agent: Ding, Zhenqi

20120283834 - Intervertebral body fusion implant device: An intervertebral body fusion implant device configured for being engaged between two adjacent vertebrae comprises an implant device body having an upper bone engaging portion and a lower bone engaging portion, a plurality of protrusions extending from each one of the upper and lower bone engaging portions, and a guide... Agent: Omni Surgical, L.p. D/b/a Spine 360

20120283838 - Intervertebral implant: A vertebral implant for fusing adjacent vertebrae or for replacing vertebral bodies is disclosed. The implant is a biocompatble metal resorbable or radiolucent implant conforming substantially in size and shape with an end plate of a vertebra. The implant preferably has a wedge-shaped profile to restore disc height and the... Agent: Synthes Usa, LLC

20120283837 - Intervertebral implant with integrated fixation: A surgical instrument and method for inserting a spinal implant in the intervertebral disc space between two adjacent vertebrae and an anchor engageable with the implant and an adjacent vertebra are provided. The instrument includes an inserter having an engagement portion including a distal engagement surface for interfacing with the... Agent: Howmedica Osteonics Corp.

20120283835 - Tissue fixation and repair systems and methods: A system and method for securing an implantable medical device to an anatomical feature, such as bony structures and/or soft tissues near the spine. The system includes a tissue fixation device and a tissue fixation device delivery tool. The tissue fixation device includes at least one bone or tissue anchor... Agent: Anulex Technologies, Inc.

20120283839 - Dynamic surgical implant: A surgical implant device capable of conforming to a variety of surface topographies facilitates the growth and regeneration of site to which the device is applied. The device employs a plurality of elongate members supporting a column of discrete, rotatable elements in contact with each adjacent element. Anchor plates secure... Agent:

20120283840 - Methods and apparatus for fai surgeries: A partial rim implant for an acetabulum in a pelvic bone comprises a ridge, a bearing surface, and a fixation surface. The ridge is oriented to replace a labrum. The bearing surface is configured to align with the articulating surface of the acetabulum. The bearing surface extends from the ridge... Agent:

20120283841 - Joint prosthesis with infinitely positionable head: A joint prosthesis includes a bone engaging portion having a first recess portion, and an internal wall defining a second recess portion, an articulating component, an insert component having (i) a first insert portion configured to snugly fit within said second recess portion in contact with the internal wall, and... Agent: Depuy Products, Inc.

20120283842 - Esophageal valve device for placing in the cardia: A luminal valve for placing in a body lumen comprises at least four valve leaflets. The valve has a normally closed configuration in which the leaflets are engaged and an open configuration in which the leaflets are open. The valve may be mounted to an esophageal support.... Agent: Vysera Biomedical Limited

20120283843 - Synthetic serous membranes and methods for making the same: The present disclosure relates to casting-mold imprints and synthetic reproductions of serous membranes for tissue engineering and organogenesis. The imprints and synthetic membranes disclosed herein may be composed of distinct biocompatible polymers, which provide a mechanism for separation. Further disclosed herein are methods for making imprints and synthetic membranes that... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

20120283845 - Biomimetic joint actuators: In a powered actuator for supplying torque, joint equilibrium, and/or impedance to a joint, a motor is directly coupled to a low-reduction ratio transmission, e.g., a transmission having a gear ratio less than about 80 to 1. The motor has a low dissipation constant, e.g., less than about 50 W/(Nm)2.... Agent:

20120283844 - Impedance simulating motion controller for orthotic and prosthetic applications: An impedance simulating motion controller for orthotic and prosthetic devices includes an equilibrium trajectory generator that receives locomotion data regarding the locomotion of a user, a dynamic trajectory compensator that generates one or more control parameters based on the locomotion data and one or more physiological characteristics of the user,... Agent:

20120283846 - Artificial limb casing and method for the production thereof: The invention relates to an artificial limb casing (1) having an insertion opening (4) for inserting the artificial limb, wherein a joint area (3) to which an end area (2) is integrally connected is formed on the casing (1). The invention further relates to a method for producing an artificial... Agent: Otto Bock Healthcare Gmbh

11/01/2012 > 42 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20120277846 - Apparatus and method of placement of a graft or graft system: An endoluminal prosthesis system deployable in a region of a patient's vasculature having one or more branch vessels, having a main graft body having a first opening in a wall portion of the main graft body and a pre-loaded guidewire positioned inside the main graft body and advanced through the... Agent: Endologix, Inc.

20120277844 - Biodegradable drug eluting stent pattern: In embodiment, pattern for polymeric radially expandable implantable medical devices such as stents for implantation into a bodily lumen are disclosed.... Agent:

20120277845 - Delivery system with retractable proximal end: A medical device delivery system is described, the medical device delivery system comprising: a medical device carrier portion comprising a proximal end; a release mechanism cooperating with said medical device carrier portion and operable to release a medical device from said medical device carrier portion; and a proximal tip portion.... Agent:

20120277842 - Method and device for treatment of hypertension and other maladies: Systems and methods for treating hypertension and other maladies are implemented using an implant device that is configured with one or more coils of ribbon which form ring-like structures when deployed in a patient's vasculature and are interconnected via respective extension arms formed from at least one helical winding. In... Agent:

20120277843 - Protective surfaces for drug-coated medical devices: Medical balloons having one or more folds, on which are disposed protective surfaces e.g., protective lines or strips, and at least one therapeutic agent between the lines. The protective surfaces prevent, inhibit, or reduce the contact between therapeutic agent on one area, e.g., a surface area, and an opposing area... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120277847 - Catheter system and methods of using same: Some embodiments are directed to a catheter system comprising an introducer having a main body, an introducer sheath projecting from the main body, and a first seal supported within the introducer and a catheter having a main body, an outer sheath projecting from the main body, a second seal supported... Agent: Endologix, Inc.

20120277848 - Stent and stent-graft designs: The present embodiments provide stents and stent-grafts for use in medical procedures. In one embodiment, a stent comprises a series of proximal apices, a series of distal apices, and at least one imaging element. A distal region of the stent, including the series of distal apices and a first suture... Agent:

20120277849 - Artificial blood vessel: An artificial blood vessel includes one proximal-end and at least one distal-end communicating with the proximal-end, and an inserting port positioned between the proximal-end and the distal-end. The inserting port is provided with a check valve that permits an intravascular curing device to pass through up to the proximal-end and... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20120277850 - Method of making an endoluminal vascular prosthesis: A flat sheet of woven material includes warp yarns and weft yarns interlaced at substantially right angles to each other. A graft material is cut from the flat sheet of woven material such that the graft material includes a graft material longitudinal axis and the warp yarns are disposed at... Agent: Medtronic Vascular, Inc.

20120277851 - Catheter with attached flexible side sheath: A method of positioning a main stent at a vessel bifurcation includes positioning a main guidewire in the main vessel; and advancing a stent delivery system to a position proximate the bifurcation. The stent delivery system includes a catheter with a flexible side sheath attached thereto and a main stent... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120277852 - Coating compositions, methods and coated devices: In various embodiments, a coated device comprises: a substrate; a film coating at least part of the substrate, which film comprises a multilayer unit comprising a first layer and a second layer associated with one another via a hydrogen bond, wherein the first layer comprises a first natural polymeric material... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20120277854 - Delivery systems and methods of implantation for replacement prosthetic heart valves: A method of delivering a replacement prosthetic valve to a previously implanted prosthetic valve including the steps of compressing a replacement prosthetic valve having an expandable stent within a sheath of a delivery system, wherein the delivery system comprises a proximal end, a distal end, and a centering structure positioned... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20120277853 - System and method for percutaneous mitral valve repair: A system for minimally invasive repair of a mitral valve including a catheter, a capture body and a surgical fastener. The capture body includes legs extending from a center portion, and is self-transitionable from a collapsed arrangement to a normal arrangement in which the legs extend in a common wind... Agent: Medtronic Vascular, Inc.

20120277856 - Implantable prosthetic valve: A method of replacing a deficient native aortic valve with a self-expandable prosthetic valve is disclosed. The method involves advancing a self-expandable prosthetic valve through a tapered tube for crimping the prosthetic valve into a crimped diameter. The prosthetic valve is then advanced into a restriction tube for maintaining the... Agent: Edwards Lifesciences Pvt, Inc.

20120277855 - Percutaneous heart valve with inflatable support: An implantable prosthetic valve for a human heart is disclosed. The prosthetic valve has an inflatable tubular annular support structure and at least one moveable occluder that controls the flow of blood through the support structure. The support structure has a flow control valve configured for coupling to an inflation... Agent: Direct Flow Medical, Inc.

20120277857 - Intraocular lens with fresnel prism: An intraocular lens is described which comprises, as one face thereof, a linear Fresnel prism array with facets angled relative to the optical axis of the lens so as to deviate light incident thereon to an off-axis position. The facets are modified so as to reduce at least one of... Agent: Rayner Intraocular Lenses Limited

20120277858 - Implant for anatomical reconstruction or volumetric augmentation: An implant for anatomically reconstructing, or increasing the positive displacement of, a soft portion of a living body is formed of a casing made of a flexible biocompatible material and filled with a gel. The inner surface of the cover that is in contact with the gel is texturized, comprising... Agent:

20120277859 - Porous bioabsorbable implant: An implant for insertion into a breast lumpectomy cavity to serve as a guide for orienting a radiation source relative to the breast lumpectomy cavity, includes a body formed of a bioabsorbable material comprised of chitosan having a porosity sufficient to ensure tissue in-growth before significant bio-absorption of the implant,... Agent: Senorx, Inc.

20120277860 - Lightweight breast implant material: A prosthetic implant material for use in a prosthetic implant, comprising a gel and optionally a gas.... Agent:

20120277861 - Expandable spinal interbody implant: An expandable spinal implant for insertion into and positioning in an intervertebral disc space for intervertebral stabilization, the implant comprising a first implant section, an opposing second implant section and at least one expander attached between the first and second implant sections. The at least one implant expander can be... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20120277862 - Nuclear implant: A process for nucleotomy of an intervertebral disk to create a nuclear space and a method for replacing a nucleus pulposus of an intervertebral disk after a nucleotomy are provided. The methods position a nuclear implant between two overlying and underlying vertebrae of a spine segment in the form of... Agent: Clariance

20120277863 - Maphbe 1: The Maphbe 1: Artificial Tissue and Joint Replacement System is a method of replicating the physiological function of tissue as described in the claims. The Maphbe 1 is unique because it employs methods of manufacturing needed to successfully combine the different materials needed to replicate tissue.... Agent:

20120277866 - Angled bullet-nose banana cage: A banana-shaped cage adapted for use as an intervertebral fusion cage, wherein the leading direction of the nose of the banana cage is substantially in-line with the angle of the inserter shaft that inserts the cage into the disc space. It has been found that insertion of this cage requires... Agent:

20120277874 - Bone implants, systems and methods: An implantable elastic material configured for use with bone implants is provided with a wire wound in an axially expanded coil form, with the expanded coil formed into a tight mesh. In some embodiments, the wire is formed from a titanium alloy. Methods of manufacturing the implantable material, and implantable... Agent:

20120277864 - Cannula assembly with non-circular profile and method of use: A cannula assembly and related methods of use. The cannula assembly includes a cannula and a stylet. The cannula has an outer surface that is non-circular. Rotation of the cannula about its longitudinal axis changes the orientation of the cannula's larger outer dimension so that the cannula may be used... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20120277878 - Expandable corpectomy spinal fusion cage: An intervertebral expandable spacer having a pair of co-axial annuluses locked together by an engagement member having i) a set screw and ii) a pressure plate having an outer face contacting the set screw and an inner face having teeth adapted to mate with the ratchet notches of the second... Agent:

20120277865 - Expandable implant system and methods of use: An implant includes a first component including a wall that defines a first surface and a second surface. The first surface defines a first opening and the second surface defines a second opening. The second opening is spaced apart from the first opening to define a cavity therebetween. A second... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20120277867 - Interbody fusion device and associated methods: A medical device comprising a non-enclosed housing configured to fit between two adjacent vertebrae; one or more housing fasteners extending at least partially through the housing, one or more driving mechanisms operationally positioned in relationship to at least one housing fastener, such that activation of at least one driving mechanism... Agent: Spinesmith Partners

20120277873 - Interbody fusion device with lipped anterior plate and associated methods: A method and apparatus is provided for use in spinal fusion procedures. An interbody fusion device has a first piece that is a load bearing device designed to bear the axial loading from the end plates of adjacent vertebrae. A second piece of the interbody fusion device is a retention... Agent:

20120277872 - Interbody fusion device with snap on anterior plate and associated methods: A method and apparatus is provided for use in spinal fusion procedures. An interbody fusion device has a first piece that is a load bearing device designed to bear the axial loading from the end plates of adjacent vertebrae. A second piece of the interbody fusion device is a retention... Agent:

20120277871 - Interbody fusion system with intervertebral implant retention assembly: An implant assembly is disclosed, and includes an implant member and a plate configured to be coupled with the implant member. The plate defines a horizontal plane and includes at least one bore through the plate. The bore has an inlet aperture and at least one exit aperture. The inlet... Agent: Spartan Cage Holding, LLC

20120277869 - Intervertebral implant for the fusion between two vertebral bodies of a vertebral column and corresponding positioning instrument: An intervertebral implant for the fusion between two vertebral bodies of a vertebral column may include a body having two opposite surfaces and holes or cavities for filling purposes during bone growth, and an engagement portion for receiving a gripping end of a positioning instrument. The engagement portion may be... Agent: Medacta International Sa

20120277877 - Intervertebral spacer and insertion tool providing multiple angles of insertion: An intervertebral spacer can have a leading end and a trailing end that includes an engaging portion configured to securely engage complementary features of an insertion tool at any of a plurality of different angles. The engaging portion can have a first radius and a major axis extending from the... Agent: Seaspine, Inc.

20120277875 - Spinal fusion cage having post-operative adjustable dimensions: A spinal implant including first spinal attachment member for attaching to a first spinal portion, second spinal attachment member for attaching to a second spinal portion, and a post-implantation variable dimension device disposed between the first and second spinal attachment members, which is operable after completing surgery in which said... Agent: Spine21 Ltd.

20120277876 - Spinal implant having a passage for enhancing contact between bone graft material and cortical endplate bone: An interbody spinal implant including a body having a top surface, a bottom surface, opposing lateral sides, opposing anterior and posterior portions, and a substantially hollow center in communication with a vertical aperture, which are filled with a bone graft material. The dimensions, shape, and position of the vertical aperture... Agent: Titan Spine, LLC

20120277870 - Spinal interbody implant with bone screw retention: A spinal interbody implant has a bone screw retention mechanism that prohibits bone screws from backing out after the bone screws are installed. A bone screw retention plate is received in a plate retention area of the implant to provide a barrier that keeps the installed bone screws from backing... Agent:

20120277868 - Stand alone interbody fixation system: An interbody spacer system includes a cage and at least one first fixation blade. The cage includes an anterior wall and a posterior wall connected by a pair of side walls. The at least one first fixation blade partially extends around an outer surface of a first of the pair... Agent: Alphatec Spine, Inc.

20120277879 - Osteogenic device for inducing bone formation in clinical contexts: This invention relates to an osteogenic device for the de novo induction of bone formation in a mammal. The device contains a at least one transforming growth factor-&bgr;3 isoform and a retention matrix. The device is introduced by direct injection or surgical implantation into an area where de novo bone... Agent: Ugo Ripamonti Of Bone Research Laboratory

20120277880 - Modular glenoid prosthesis: The present teachings provide a modular glenoid prosthesis for replacing a portion of the anatomy. The prosthesis can comprise a platform having a coupling portion, a base and a central bore that extends from the coupling portion through the base. The central bore can define a tapered region, and the... Agent: Biomet Manufacturing Corp.

20120277881 - Tibial component: Methods, systems, and apparatuses are disclosed for a tibial component having shock absorbing features.... Agent:

20120277882 - Implant composite particle, method for making the same, and uses thereof: A biocompatible implant composite particle and the method of making the same are provided. The implant composite particle includes a bone filler particle and a plurality of fibers, in which each fiber is partially embedded in the bone filler particle, and has a free portion extending from a surface of... Agent: Far Eastern New Century Corporation

20120277883 - Orthopedic device: An orthopedic device includes two components that are configured to be movable relative to on another (e.g., longitudinally translatable, pivotable, etc.). The relative movement of the two components is transmitted as unidirectional mechanical energy by means of a transmitting mechanism which includes an energy accumulator connected to a generator. The... Agent:

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Thank you for viewing Prosthesis (i.e., artificial body members), parts thereof, or aids and accessories therefor patents on the website. These are patent applications which have been filed in the United States. There are a variety ways to browse Prosthesis (i.e., artificial body members), parts thereof, or aids and accessories therefor patent applications on our website including browsing by date, agent, inventor, and industry. If you are interested in receiving occasional emails regarding Prosthesis (i.e., artificial body members), parts thereof, or aids and accessories therefor patents we recommend signing up for free keyword monitoring by email.

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