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Prosthesis (i.e., artificial body members), parts thereof, or aids and accessories therefor October categorized by USPTO classification 10/12

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10/25/2012 > 39 patent applications in 28 patent subcategories.

20120271398 - Aortic bioprosthesis and systems for delivery thereof: Embodiments of the present disclosure are directed to stents, valved-stents, and associated methods and systems for their delivery via minimally-invasive surgery.... Agent: Symetis Sa

20120271397 - Guidewire with two flexible end portions and method of accessing a branch vessel therewith: A guidewire having flexible or floppy proximal and distal end portions is used for percutaneously accessing a branch vessel through a deployed prosthesis having at least one fenestration near an ostium of the branch vessel. The prosthesis is delivered and deployed via a first percutaneous access site. The guidewire extends... Agent: Medtronic Vascular, Inc.

20120271399 - High metal to vessel ratio landing zone stent-graft and method: A method includes covering an ostium of a branch vessel emanating from a main vessel with a proximal landing zone of a high metal to vessel ratio landing zone stent-graft, wherein a metal to vessel ratio of the proximal landing zone when deployed is sufficiently high to encourage tissue ingrowth... Agent: Medtronic Vascular, Inc.

20120271400 - Introducer for a vascular repair prosthesis: An introducer system and method for introducing a prosthesis for repair of two vessel portions of a transected body vessel is provided. The system can include one or more retaining members fitted over the ends of the prosthesis to retain the ends radially compressed. The retaining member can include an... Agent:

20120271402 - Emergency vascular repair system and method: A system to deliver a prosthesis for repair of a transected body vessel is described herein. The system can have a prosthesis and a plurality of distinct strands. A releasable loop can be formed at a distal end of each strand and positioned to retain one of a plurality of... Agent:

20120271405 - Graft devices and methods of use: A tubular graft device is provided comprising a tubular member and a fiber matrix of one or more polymers about a circumference of the tubular member. The matrix may be electrospun onto the tubular tissue. In one embodiment, the tubular tissue is from a vein, such as a harvested saphenous... Agent: Neograft Technologies, Inc.

20120271401 - Mobile external coupling for branch vessel connection: An endovascular prosthesis includes a tubular body and a mobile external coupling. The tubular body includes a graft material and stents coupled thereto, and forms a lumen therethrough. The mobile external coupling includes a graft material, extends outwardly from the tubular body, and is generally frustoconically shaped. The mobile external... Agent: Medtronic Vascular, Inc.

20120271404 - Patient-specific modifiable stents: Implantable stents and stent systems that include one or more features that can be selectively modified at the point of use, i.e., in the surgical suite, etc. The selectively modifiable features may take a variety of forms such as, e.g., length, the presence of flaps, voids, etc.... Agent: Mayo Foundation For Medical Education And Research

20120271406 - Stent with enhanced friction: A stent for placement in a body lumen is fabricated by forming a tube having an un-deployed diameter sized for the tube to be placed on a deployment balloon and advanced through a body lumen to a deployment site. The tube is expandable upon inflation of the balloon to an... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20120271403 - Tubular structure and method for making the same: A tubular structure and method for making a tubular structure are provided, where the tubular structure includes at least one layer of braided strands. In general, at least one portion of the braided strands exhibits a braid pattern of crests and troughs (e.g., a wave pattern, which may include sinusoidal,... Agent: Aga Medical Corporation

20120271407 - Stent system having interlocking side extension members: Devices, systems and methods are provided for performing intra-lumenal medical procedures in a desired area of the body. Stents, stent delivery devices and methods of performing medical procedures to redirect and or re-establish the intravascular flow of blood are provided for the treatment of hemorrhagic and ischemic disease states.... Agent:

20120271396 - Biodegradable endoprostheses and methods for their fabrication: The disclosure provides biodegradable implantable devices such as a stent comprising a biodegradable polymeric wherein the polymeric material is treated to control crystallinity and/or Tg. The stent is capable to expand at body temperature from a crimped configuration to a deployed diameter and have sufficient strength to support a body... Agent: Elixir Medical Corporation

20120271408 - Low profile medical stent: A medical prosthesis having a low profile for delivery into a body lumen is disclosed. The stent includes a plurality of wire strands woven to form a plurality of joints at the intersections, some of which are helically wrapped. The helically wrapped joints may be offset form the joints of... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120271409 - Helical radiopaque marker: A radiopaque marker includes a core wire having a proximal portion and a distal portion, and a coil wrapped around the distal portion of the core wire. The core wire is formed from a shape memory material and the coil is formed from a radiopaque material. The radiopaque marker includes... Agent: Medtronic Vascular, Inc.

20120271410 - Branch endograft delivery: A system for treating disease involving branching vessels of a mammal is provide. The system may include a main graft assembly (i) having a lumen permitting fluid flow therethrough, and (ii) configured to expand within, and contact a wall of, a first vessel of a mammal; and a branch graft... Agent:

20120271411 - Devices, systems and methods for accurate positioning of a prosthetic valve: The invention is a system and method for accurately positioning a prosthetic valve such as a prosthetic heart valve at a desired position for deployment. The invention includes extendable positioning elements which provide tactile feedback to a user to confirm proper positioning of the catheter with respect to the native... Agent: Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

20120271412 - Intracorneal lens having a central hole: A lens provided for being implanted in a cornea, which comprises an optical portion having an optical axis; and a hole through the lens. The hole is concentric with the optical axis and the dimension and shape of the hole are chosen so that the hole does not impair the... Agent: Biovision Ag

20120271413 - Accommodation compensation systems and methods: Methods and systems for obtaining an ocular aberration measurement of an eye of a patient are provided. Exemplary techniques involve obtaining a first induced metric for the eye that corresponds to a first accommodation state of the eye, obtaining a second induced metric for the eye that corresponds to a... Agent: Amo Development, LLC

20120271414 - Plug components for bone tunnel: A component for satisfactorily plugging a bone tunnel formed in surgery such as ACL reconstruction by regenerating bone in a space portion of the bone tunnel (e.g., a bone tunnel for an arthroscope), is provided in order to solve the problems in the conventional technologies. The plug component is made... Agent:

20120271416 - Internal brace for tissue repairs and reinforcements: A reconstruction system and associated techniques for soft tissue repairs and repair augmentation. The reconstruction system is an internal soft tissue brace formed of at least one fixation device (for example, anchors or screws) and a replacement/reinforcement construct (for example, a suture construct in the form of a suture tape... Agent:

20120271415 - Tendon fixation anchor: A tendon fixation anchor is designed for being received in a bone channel and includes at least one first through-hole which extends transversely to an insertion direction of the anchor. The tendon fixation anchor can be inserted into a bone channel. A transplant tendon (TT) to be fastened can be... Agent: Richard Wolf Gmbh

20120271417 - System and method for joint resurface repair: An implant comprising a first, second, and third segment wherein the second and third segments partially overlap the first segment and define a load bearing surface comprising an anterior-posterior (AP) curvature including at least two tangential curves of the portion of the articular surface of the femoral condyle, the tangential... Agent: Arthrosurface Incorporated

20120271418 - Modular tissue scaffolds: Provided are biocompatible and implantable scaffolds for treating a tissue defect, such as a bone gap. The scaffolds can have a modular design comprising a tissue scaffold rack designed to accommodate one or more modules. Also provided are methods for fabrication and use of such scaffolds.... Agent: Tissue Regeneration Systems, Inc.

20120271419 - Expandable implant system and methods of use: A spinal implant includes a first component including a first surface configured for engagement with a first vertebral surface and a second surface configured to define at least a portion of an implant support cavity. A second component is connected to the first component and includes a first surface configured... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20120271420 - Distractable spinal implant assembly: A spinal implant assembly includes a housing for containing a bearing member therein and seating within an intervertebral space and a bearing member disposed within the housing for enabling disc-like movement between vertebrae defining the intervertebral space. A method of inserting the spinal implant assembly into the intervertebral space includes... Agent:

20120271421 - Apparatus and method for inserting intervertebral implants: An instrument for inserting an implant between vertebrae includes an upper and a lower ramp each having a respective proximal and a distal end. A bracket assembly is coupled to the upper and lower ramps at the proximal ends. The bracket assembly biases the upper and lower ramps closed at... Agent: Prescient Surgical Designs, LLC

20120271422 - Expandable implant system and methods of use: A spinal implant includes a first component defining a surface. A second component is movable relative to the first component and defines a surface. An intermediate component is engageable with the first component and the second component. The intermediate component is configured for relative movement along the surface of the... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20120271423 - Spinal interbody spacer with semi-constrained screws: An intervertebral implant system is disclosed which includes a spinal spacer for engagement between vertebrae and at least one semi-constrained bone screw assembly. The spinal spacer includes a body extending between first and second end surfaces to define opposing top and bottom vertebral engaging surfaces. The second end surface of... Agent: K2m, Inc.

20120271424 - Spinal surgery apparatus and method: An apparatus and method for performing specific types of spinal surgeries make the surgeries easier and safer to perform. The apparatus and method assist in permanently locating a fusion cage within a spine.... Agent:

20120271425 - Reverse joint replacement device and methods thereof: Embodiments relate to a joint replacement device, including a fixed socket including an inner surface and an outer surface supporting a ball, an articulating socket including an inner surface and an outer surface the inner surface in contact with the ball and a stem component attached to the outer surface... Agent:

20120271426 - Motion inducing reverse shoulder assembly: One embodiment of the present invention relates to a reverse shoulder assembly. Another embodiment of the present invention relates to a reverse shoulder assembly method of use. In one example, a reverse shoulder assembly of the present invention may be provided such that the reverse shoulder assembly alters the abduction... Agent: Exactech, Inc.

20120271427 - Ceramic manufactures: Prosthetic knee implant or implant component is made with a magnesium oxide stabilized transformationally toughened zirconia.... Agent: Xylon, L.L.C.

20120271428 - Orthopaedic knee prosthesis having controlled condylar curvature: An orthopaedic knee prosthesis includes a femoral component having a condyle surface. The condyle surface is defined by one or more radii of curvatures, which are controlled to reduce or delay the onset of anterior translation of the femoral component relative to a tibial bearing.... Agent:

20120271429 - Ceramic manufactures: Fired magnesium oxide stabilized transformation toughened zirconia ceramic can be for or of an implant or implant component of a one-piece unicompartmental knee spacer device; a multi-piece unicompartmental joint aligning device; a temporal mandibular joint cap implant; a vertebra cap; an ankle joint ensemble or component; a bridge, a tooth... Agent: Xylon, L.L.C.

20120271430 - Ankle arthroplasty: Total ankle arthroplasty with a tibial plate, a talar plate and a middle or core component. The ankle arthroplasty may allow for varus or valgus accommodation through the use of a core component with various medial and lateral heights in varus and valgus orientations. In addition the resurfacing of the... Agent: Medicinelodge, Inc. Dba Imds Co-innovation

20120271431 - Bioactively coated metal implants and methods for the production thereof: The invention relates to methods for producing a partial or complete bioactive coating of an iron and/or zinc based metal implant material with calcium phosphates, a bioactively coated iron and/or zinc based metal implant, which is partially or completely coated with calcium phosphates, and bone implants containing an implant material... Agent: Innotere Gmbh

20120271432 - Methods and devices for delivering and affixing tissue scaffolds: Methods and devices are provided for delivering and affixing tissue replacements. In one embodiment, a tissue scaffold can be delivered into a patient through a cannula to a cavity formed at a defect site in tissue, e.g., cartilage. A delivery shaft can be used to deliver the scaffold through the... Agent:

20120271433 - Active prosthetic socket: An active prosthetic socket including a prosthetic socket shaped to fit a residual limb. An active adjustment system is integrated with the prosthetic socket and is configured to dynamically adjust the fit of the active prosthetic socket to the residual limb of a user during ambulation or motion.... Agent:

20120271434 - Prosthetic foot: A prosthetic foot is provided with a forefoot spring, a heel spring and a base spring. The base spring is connected to the heel spring and to the forefoot spring. The base spring has receiving means for the forefoot spring and the heel spring, into which receiving means the heel... Agent:

10/18/2012 > 40 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20120265286 - Adjustable bifurcation catheter incorporating electroactive polymer and methods of making and using the same: A medical device having at least one static state, at least one activated state, and at least one active region including electroactive polymer (EAP) capable of fine electro-activated movements. The EAP movements include bending components for proper alignment, rotating components for proper fittings, making components more rigid or flexible, and... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120265282 - Carotid sheath with thin-walled shaft and variable stiffness along its length: A sheath to access a patient's vascular system where a portion of the length of the sheath is the proximal portion which has stiffer bending characteristics when taken with respect to a shorter distal section of the sheath which has increased flexibility with regard to bending characteristics.... Agent: Fischell Innovations LLC

20120265287 - In-situ forming foams for treatment of aneurysms: Systems, methods and kits relating to in-situ forming polymer foams for the treatment of aneurysms are disclosed. The systems include an insertable medical device and an in-situ forming foam that is formed from a polymer that reacts in an aqueous environment. When used to treat an aneurysm, the foam is... Agent: Arsenal Medical, Inc.

20120265285 - Medical delivery system and method for delivery of a medically useful payload: The present disclosure concerns a delivery system for delivering a medically useful payload through the vasculature to a site of interest in the patient's body. The medically useful payload may be a therapeutic device, such as a stent, and it may be a diagnostic tool, such as an imaging device.... Agent:

20120265284 - Multilayer balloon for bifurcated stent delivery and methods of making and using the same: An expandable medical balloon useful for treatment at a vessel bifurcation, the balloon having at least one expanded state, the balloon having at least one inner layer and at least one outer layer, the outer layer having at least one cavity therein through which the inner layer protrudes when the... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120265283 - Reperfusion injury devices: A catheter configured for performing reperfusion by alternatively occluding a vessel so as to prevent fluid flow and removing that occlusion to allow fluid flow is described. A first catheter includes an outer member and a retractable valve to allow and prevent fluid flow in the vessel. A second catheter... Agent:

20120265288 - Systems for performing intralumenal reconstruction: Devices, systems and methods are provided for performing intra-lumenal medical procedures in a desired area of the body. Stents, stent delivery devices and methods of performing medical procedures to redirect and or re-establish the intravascular flow of blood are provided for the treatment of hemorrhagic and ischemic disease states.... Agent:

20120265289 - Endoluminal device with kink-resistant regions: An endoluminal prosthesis having a tubular graft comprising a first biocompatible material having a first weave density comprising yarns aligned in a first direction interwoven with yarns aligned in a second direction, and a second biocompatible material having a second weave density less than the first weave density comprising yarns... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20120265290 - Inflatable intraluminal graft: A collapsible stent graft for aortic aneurysms includes a collapsible inner tubular member (26) and an outer layer (24) fused or adhered thereto such as to provide a spiral inflatable member (22) therebetween. The stent graft is inserted into an artery in the collapsed state and then expanded into position... Agent: Trivascular, Inc.

20120265291 - Manufacture of fine-grained material for use in medical devices: Medical devices are manufactured from fine grained materials, processed from of a variety of metals and alloys, such as stainless steel, cobalt-chromium and nickel-titanium alloys. A fine grained metal or alloy is formed from a specimen rapidly heated to its recrystallization temperature, and then subjected to high temperature, multi-axial deformation,... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems, Inc.

20120265292 - Stent: A radially expandable stent comprising a plurality of spaced band-like elements and intersecting links is disclosed. The band-like elements have a generally serpentine configuration to provide continuous waves of generally sinusoidal character to each band-like element. The waves are characterized by a plurality of peaks and troughs taking a generally... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120265293 - Stent system having intermeshing side extension members: Devices, systems and methods are provided for performing intra-lumenal medical procedures in a desired area of the body. Stents, stent delivery devices and methods of performing medical procedures to redirect and or re-establish the intravascular flow of blood are provided for the treatment of hemorrhagic and ischemic disease states.... Agent:

20120265294 - Stent: A stent, having a central axis that extends in a longitudinal direction of the stent, includes a first strand group and a second strand group. The first strand group and the second strand group are woven together. The first strand group is wound in a right-handed spiral around the central... Agent: Asahi Intecc Co., Ltd.

20120265295 - Intravascular stent and method of use: An expandable stent is implanted in a body lumen, such as a coronary artery, peripheral artery, or other body lumen for treating an area of vulnerable plaque. The invention provides for a an intravascular stent having a plurality of cylindrical rings connected by undulating links. The stent has a high... Agent: Advanced Cardiovascular Systems, Inc.

20120265296 - Atrial pressure regulation with control, sensing, monitoring and therapy delivery: The present disclosure relates to improved capabilities for stabilizing and regulating atrial pressure with a shunt in the atrial septum or a stent in the coronary sinus. The disclosure also includes sensing, monitoring, drug therapy and control capabilities to provide improved treatment of patients with heart disease and other cardiac... Agent: Dc Devices, Inc.

20120265297 - Silk fibroin hydrogels and uses thereof: The present specification provides for methods for purifying fibroins, purified fibroins, methods of conjugating biological and synthetic molecules to fibroins, fibroins conjugated to such molecules, methods of making fibroin hydrogels, fibroin hydrogels and fibroin hydrogel formulations useful for a variety of medical uses, including, without limitation uses as bulking agents,... Agent: Allergan, Inc.

20120265299 - Femoral fixation: Various methods and devices are provided for a graft fixation device for fixing a graft member within a bone tunnel. In one embodiment, a graft fixation device is provided having a radially expandable sheath adapted to be disposed within a bone tunnel, and a sheath expander adapted to be received... Agent: Depuy Mitek, Inc.

20120265298 - Method for creating a double bundle ligament orientation in a single bone tunnel during knee ligament reconstruction: A method and construct for joint repair in which attachment of a double bundle graft ligament approximates anatomic orientation using interference fixation in a single bone tunnel. The double bundle graft features separable strands. A threaded screw is inserted between the separable strands and provides interference fixation of the graft... Agent:

20120265300 - Aligned fibrous materials with spatially varying fiber orientation and related methods: Provided are materials comprising layers of anisotropically aligned fibers, the alignment of which fibers may be adjusted so as to give rise to circumferentially-aligned fibers that replicate the fiber alignment of native fibrous tissue, such as the meniscus or the annulus fibrosis. Also provided are laminates formed from the disclosed... Agent: The Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania

20120265301 - Intraosseous fixation assembly for an osteotomy and method of use: An intraosseous fixation assembly for insertion into an osteotomy includes a wedge member for creating a resultant angle in the osteotomy, where the wedge member includes a body portion and a plurality of apertures. The fixation assembly also includes a first member adapted for coupling to the body portion at... Agent:

20120265302 - Surgical procedure for expanding a vertebral canal: To provide a method with which expansion of the vertebral canal of vertebrae is possible with less stress for the patient than with the surgical methods used to date, it is proposed that herein the vertebral arch be split and an incision gap thereby be formed, and the incision gap... Agent: Aesculap Ag

20120265303 - Vertebral body replacement device and method for use to maintain a space between two vertebral bodies within a spine: A vertebral body replacement device includes a body member and a central rod member having two threaded portions and configured to be operatively associated with the body member. The device also includes a first end member and a second end member with the end members configured to threadingly engage the... Agent: Aesculap Implant Systems, LLC

20120265304 - Intervertebral disc prosthesis, method for assembling, method for implanting prosthesis, and method for explanting: Prosthesis for inserting into a damaged intervertebral disc. The prosthesis has an elongated tubular main prosthesis body with a length to fit laterally from one side of a disc to the other at its mid-plane. The main prosthesis body is composed of two parts transversely oriented and has a vertical... Agent:

20120265309 - Expandable fusion device and method of installation thereof: The present invention provides an expandable fusion device capable of being installed inside an intervertebral disc space to maintain normal disc spacing and restore spinal stability, thereby facilitating an intervertebral fusion. In one embodiment, the fusion device includes a body portion, a first endplate, and a second endplate, the first... Agent:

20120265307 - Implantable intervertebral fusion device: The present application relates to an implantable intervertebral fusion device for use when surgical fusion of vertebral bodies is indicated. The implant is comprised of bone conforming in size and shape with the end plates of the adjacent vertebrae and has a wedge-shaped profile with a plurality of footings and... Agent:

20120265311 - Intervertebral implant facilitating unilateral placement, instruments and methods: Implants, tools and methods for performing unilateral posterior lumbar interbody fusion are provided. An interbody implant includes a body having a top and bottom surface extending along a length thereof; and first and second side surfaces extending between the top and bottom surfaces on opposite sides of the body. The... Agent:

20120265308 - Osteogenic fusion device: An osteogenic fusion device is provided that includes opposite end pieces with an integral central element. The end pieces are sized to maintain the height of an intervertebral disc space. The central element has a smaller diameter so that the fusion device forms an annular pocket around the central element.... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20120265305 - Pivoting insertion apparatus and method: A pivoting insertion apparatus and method includes a main body comprising a shaft including a longitudinal channel cavity and a forked end coupled to the shaft; an actuator seated within the channel cavity; a hinge joint including a hinge joint main body coupled to the main body and a pair... Agent: Custom Spine, Inc.

20120265306 - Spinal implant with attachable bone securing componet: A spinal implant for insertion into an intervertebral disc space for intervertebral stabilization, the implant comprising a radiopaque substrate having bone securing serrations coupled to a radiolucent insert. The implant's radiolucent and radiopaque properties facilitate radiographic assessment of fusion across the disc space, assessment of osseointegration between vertebral endplates and... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20120265310 - Spine surgery method and inserter: A surgical inserter for use in inserting an implant into a vertebral space may include: (a) a handle; (b) a gripper having one end attached to the handle and a second end having a pair of arms; and (c) a grip activator having an opening that threadingly receives the gripper.... Agent:

20120265313 - Method of cranial repair and cranial repair implant molding device: A method of cranial repair and the cranial implant molding device used therein, the device having a frame or base that receives a bottom or convex molding plate and a top or concave molding plate in a manner whereby the two plates are separated a distance to receive a settable... Agent:

20120265312 - System and method for manufacture of a cranial repair implant and a cranial repair implant produced thereby: A custom cranial repair implant is prepared by conforming a malleable sheet material, such as for example a thin metal foil, a polymer sheet material or a laminate of various materials, a formable cement or putty-like material, or a spray or liquid settable material, to the edges and depth of... Agent:

20120265314 - Prosthetic system: A prosthetic device having a housing, an axle, at least three housing vanes, a flow medium and a valve. The axle is disposed within the housing and moveable independently of the housing. The axle has an axle reservoir and at least three axle vanes extending from the axle to contact... Agent:

20120265315 - Shoulder prosthesis: The present disclosure relates to a stemless shoulder prosthesis comprising a fixation device for fixing the prosthesis to a resected humerous bone, the fixation device comprising a base portion and anchoring means the base portion having a distal side adapted to contact a resection plane of the bone and a... Agent: Zimmer, Gmbh

20120265316 - Prosthetic device with damper: A prosthetic joint assembly supports articulation of a joint. The joint assembly includes a first component configured to be fixed to an anatomical feature. The first component includes a first impact surface and a second component that engages the first component. The second component includes a second impact surface that... Agent: Biomet Manufacturing Corp.

20120265317 - Pivoting tibial tray: A tibial component for use with a resected tibia can include a medial tray portion adapted to engage a portion of the resected tibia and a lateral tray portion adapted to engage a portion of the resected tibia. A linkage can couple the medial tray portion to the lateral tray... Agent: Biomet Manufacturing Corp.

20120265318 - Hip joint device and method: A medical device for implantation in a hip joint of a patient is provided. The medical device comprises a first and second piece and a releasing member adapted to, in a first state hold the first piece attached to the second piece, and in a second state release the first... Agent: Milux Holdings Sa

20120265319 - Total hip arthroplasty: A total hip arthroplasty includes a femoral prosthesis and an acetabular prosthesis. The femoral prosthesis has a ball on a neck portion of a femoral component including a noncircular femoral body a portion coated with a porous bone ingrowth coating for noncemented fixation within a resected patient femur. The femoral... Agent: Total Joint Orthopedics

20120265320 - Joint prosthesis system: A joint prosthesis system has a metal shaft, which is implanted in the femur, a throat having an outer cone, a joint ball made of ceramic and an accommodation for the throat. The accommodation has an inner cone, and a sheath-shaped adapter, which is arranged between the shaft and the... Agent: Merete Medical Gmbh

20120265321 - Artificial bones and methods of making same: An artificial bone generally includes a substantially continuous outer wall defining an inner cavity, an inner core disposed within at least a portion of the inner cavity, wherein the inner core includes a porous material having stiffness within a range of stiffness properties for mammalian cancellous bone and strength within... Agent: Pacific Research Laboratories, Inc.

10/11/2012 > 36 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20120259401 - Balloon catheter for launching drug delivery device: A method and apparatus for delivering a therapeutic and/or diagnostic agent to tissue within a bodily cavity is provided herein. The apparatus may include a catheter assembly including a catheter and a delivery balloon having an expandable material disposed thereon, wherein the expandable material may be an absorbent at least... Agent:

20120259400 - Flexible intraluminal scaffold: Expandable intraluminal scaffold defining a longitudinal axis is provided, wherein the scaffold includes at least two filaments extending from a head portion disposed along the longitudinal axis at a first longitudinal end, each of the at least two filaments including a free end portion at a second longitudinal end opposite... Agent: Abbott Laboratories

20120259399 - Intraluminal scaffold system and use thereof: Intraluminal scaffold assembly implantable in a body lumen of a patient to manipulate a valve of the lumen is provided. The intraluminal scaffold assembly includes an intraluminal scaffold, an elongated core member coupled with the intraluminal scaffold having a length sufficient to traverse a valve in a body lumen with... Agent: Abbott Laboratories

20120259402 - Medical devices for medical device delivery systems: An interluminal medical treatment device configured to treat a targeted treatment site within a body lumen. The interluminal medical treatment device can include an elongated generally tubular outer member. The outer member can include an expandable distal portion, an expandable proximal portion, and a central portion of limited expandability. The... Agent:

20120259403 - Device for loading a self expandable prosthesis into a sheath: An assembly comprising: a protective sheath and a loading device for loading a self-expandable prosthesis into said sheath, the loading device having a conical distal section, which radially compresses the prosthesis and an annular lip that engages with the interior of the distal end of said sheath to guide the... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20120259405 - Radial radiopaque markers: A deployable medical device having at least one radiopaque marker is herein disclosed. In particular, the deployable medical device comprises a bio-absorbable stent or expandable medical balloon. Upon insertion of the deployable medical device, the at least one radiopaque marker is inserted into adjacent tissue, where it will remain even... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc

20120259404 - Stent: In one embodiment according to the present invention, a stent is described having a generally cylindrical body formed from a single woven nitinol wire. The distal and proximal ends of the stent include a plurality of loops, some of which include marker members used for visualizing the position of the... Agent: Microvention, Inc.

20120259406 - Method and system for treating aneurysms: Methods for treatment of aneurysms using a sequential manifold console to deploy multiple filling structures are provided herein. In one aspect, aneurysms are treated by simultaneously filling two double-walled filling structure using a sequential manifold console to guide a user in the steps to be followed in the procedure and... Agent:

20120259407 - Radiopaque polymeric stent: The invention relates to an implantable radiopaque stent adapted to be disposed in a body lumen. In one aspect of the invention, at least one radiopaque filament is arranged for permanent attachment to a hollow tubular structure. The filament is desirably arranged in a linear direction traverse to a longitudinal... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120259408 - Medical device with anchor members: An implantable medical support frame (104) having a central longitudinally extending axis is expandable from a collapsed configuration having a first diameter to an expanded configuration having a second diameter. The frame also includes an anchoring mechanism with an elongate member (110). At least a portion of the elongate member... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20120259409 - Heart valve prosthesis and methods of manufacture and use: A heart valve prosthesis is provided having a self-expanding multi-level frame that supports a valve body comprising a skirt and plurality of coapting leaflets. The frame transitions between a contracted delivery configuration that enables percutaneous transluminal delivery, and an expanded deployed configuration having an asymmetric hourglass shape. The valve body... Agent: Medtronic Corevalve, Inc.

20120259410 - Retinal prosthesis techniques: Apparatus for use with an external non-visible light source is provided. The apparatus comprises an intraocular device configured for implantation in a human eye, and comprising an energy receiver. The energy receiver is configured to receive light emitted from the external non-visible light source, and extract energy from the emitted... Agent: Nano-retina, Inc.

20120259411 - Optical structures with nanostructre features and methods of use and manufacture: An ophthalmic lens system comprises a lens body with a curved outer surface and an assembly including a plurality of spaced apart nanostructures. The assembly covers at least a portion of the curved outer surface.... Agent: Novartis Ag

20120259412 - Breast prosthesis: The present invention relates to a breast prosthesis having a support shell which is accommodated in a fabric cover, wherein one or more filling chambers for accommodating a filler material is/are located at the rear side of the breast prosthesis, wherein the breast prosthesis has a silicone shell which is... Agent: Amoena Medizin-orthop&#xc4 Die-technik Gmbh

20120259413 - Devices, compositions and methods utilizing ep4 and ep2 receptor agonists for preventing, reducing or treating capsular contracture: Provided are devices, compositions and methods utilizing EP4 and EP2 receptor agonists for preventing, reducing, or treating capsular contracture occurring in response to the implantation of breast prostheses.... Agent: Allergan, Inc.

20120259414 - Silicone breast implant delivery: A tapered sleeve is provided that includes a hydrophilic coating on an inner surface. In use, the device is typically removed from sterile packaging and soaked to activate the lubricous properties of the coating. An implant (e.g., a pre-filled silicon breast implant) is introduced into a large end of the... Agent:

20120259415 - Structurally modified acellular tissue engineering scaffolds and methods of production: Methods are provided for producing a bioscaffold from natural tissues by oxidizing a decellularized tissue to produce a bioscaffold having pores therein. The pore size and porosity is increased to better accommodate intact cells so that live cells can better infiltrate and inhabit the bioscaffold. The bioscaffold may be freeze-dried... Agent:

20120259416 - Laterally expandable interbody spinal fusion implant: A spinal implant particularly adapted for lateral expansion while disposed in the disc space between adjacent vertebrae. The implant includes a first frame member pivotally linked to a second frame member via at least one, and preferably multiple, pivoting links. The implant may be inserted into the disc space in... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20120259417 - Posterior stabilized orthopaedic prosthesis: A posterior stabilized knee orthopaedic prosthesis includes a tibial bearing and a femoral component configured to articulate with the tibial bearing. The tibial bearing includes a spine having a concave cam surface and a convex cam surface. The femoral component includes a posterior cam having a concave cam surface and... Agent:

20120259418 - Sigmoid notch implant: A sigmoid notch resurfacing prosthesis for application to the sigmoid notch of the distal radius. The sigmoid notch prosthesis generally includes a saddle and a radius portion for attachment to the distal radius. The saddle may be formed from ultra high molecular weight polyethylene or another durable self-lubricating material. The... Agent: Mayo Foundation For Medical Research And Education

20120259419 - Method and apparatus for the treatment of metatarsophalangeal joint degenerative arthritis: An implantable device includes a prosthetic, an anchor having an outer surface forming a threaded structure, and a retainer securing the anchor to the prosthetic, the retainer limiting the relative movement between the anchor and the prosthetic to rotation of the anchor relative to the prosthetic. A method of repairing... Agent:

20120259420 - Proximal trial instrument for use during an orthopaedic surgical procedure to implant a revision hip prosthesis: A modular femoral prosthesis for use during performance of a hip revision procedure includes a proximal body component, a distal stem component, and a locking bolt. Surgical instruments and methods for use in implanting such a modular femoral prosthesis are disclosed.... Agent:

20120259421 - Version-replicating instrument and orthopaedic surgical procedure for using the same to implant a revision hip prosthesis: A modular femoral prosthesis for use during performance of a hip revision procedure includes a proximal body component, a distal stem component, and a locking bolt. Surgical instruments and methods for use in implanting such a modular femoral prosthesis are disclosed.... Agent:

20120259422 - Femoral neck prosthesis: A femoral neck prosthesis (10) with a cross-section defined by a perimeter comprising: first and second arcuate portions (12, 14) disposed opposite one another; and first and second substantially straight portions (16, 18) disposed opposite one another and in between the first and second arcuate portions, wherein the first and... Agent: Biomet Uk Limited

20120259423 - Orthopaedic surgical procedure for implanting a revision hip prosthesis: A modular femoral prosthesis for use during performance of a hip revision procedure includes a proximal body component, a distal stem component, and a locking bolt. Surgical instruments and methods for use in implanting such a modular femoral prosthesis are disclosed.... Agent:

20120259424 - Revision hip prosthesis having an implantable distal stem component: A modular femoral prosthesis for use during performance of a hip revision procedure includes a proximal body component, a distal stem component, and a locking bolt. Surgical instruments and methods for use in implanting such a modular femoral prosthesis are disclosed.... Agent:

20120259425 - Precision shaped compressed demineralized cancellous bone product and method to make same: The precision formed compressed demineralized cancellous bone matrix product is made by the process of: (a) providing a demineralized cancellous bone matrix in a compression mold for the tissue implant; (b) freeze-drying the demineralized cancellous bone matrix in the mold to form freeze-dried compressed demineralized cancellous bone matrix; (c) compressing... Agent: Dynamic Surgical Solutions

20120259426 - Plga/hydroxyapatite composite biomaterial and method of making the same: The present invention is a new composite bone graft material made from biocompatible poly(D,L-lactic-co-glycolic acid) (PLGA) and nano-sized hydroxyapatite particles exposed on its surface using a gas foaming particle leaching (GF/PL) method. A further embodiment of this invention involves coating this PLGA/hydroxyapatite biomaterial with an adherent, fast, uniform coating of... Agent:

20120259427 - Pyloric valve: A pyloric valve for regulating the flow of fluids in the pyloric region a patient's gastrointestinal tract is disclosed herein. In one embodiment, a pyloric valve includes a plurality of axially connected blocking members located along a longitudinal axis of the valve in a proximal to distal direction. Each blocking... Agent: E2 LLC

20120259428 - Soft tissue implant and method of using same: A soft tissue implant for correction of temporalis depressions or hollowing. The implant has a symmetric shape or external configuration, so that the device may be used as either a right or left temporalis implant. The implant may lie under or on top of the remaining temporalis muscle, or in... Agent:

20120259430 - Controlling powered human augmentation devices: In a communication system for controlling a powered human augmentation device, a parameter of the powered device is adjusted within a gait cycle by wirelessly transmitting a control signal thereto, whereby the adjusted parameter falls within a target range corresponding to that parameter. The target range is selected and the... Agent:

20120259429 - Powered joint orthosis: A powered device augments a joint function of a human during a gait cycle using a powered actuator that supplies an augmentation torque, an impedance, or both to a joint, and a controller that modulates the augmentation torque, the impedance, and a joint equilibrium according to a phase of the... Agent:

20120259431 - Terrain adaptive powered joint orthosis: A powered device augments a joint function of a human during a gait cycle using a powered actuator that supplies an augmentation torque, an impedance, or both to a joint. A controller estimates terrain slope and modulates the augmentation torque and the impedance according to a phase of the gait... Agent:

20120259432 - Above-the-knee modular prosthesis system: An above-the-knee modular prosthetic system contains an outer housing and connector assembly which may both be adjusted to create a custom-like fit for a residual limb. The outer housing contains an inner liner which provides circumference and volume adjustability, while an outer shell adjusts for circumference of a residual limb... Agent:

20120259433 - Modular prosthesis system: A modular prosthesis system that can be inexpensively manufactured using modern technology and advanced polymer materials. The modular prosthesis system will be immediately fit on the residual limb and aligned for optimal gait without specialized tools or labs, alleviating the many steps involved with conventional labor-intensive and costly prosthesis construction.... Agent:

20120259434 - Rapid fit modular prosthetic device for accommodating gait alignment and residual limb shape and volume: A Rapid Fit Modular Prosthetic Device that can be inexpensively manufactured using modern technology and advanced polymer materials. The Rapid Fit Modular Prosthetic Device will be immediately fit on the residual limb and aligned for optimal gait without specialized tools or labs, alleviating the many steps involved with conventional labor-intensive... Agent:

10/04/2012 > 31 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories.

20120253447 - Balloon catheter: A balloon catheter includes: an inner tube adapted to receive a guide wire; an outer tube disposed on the outer surface side of the inner tube and cooperating with the inner tube to define an inflation lumen therebetween; and a balloon joined at the distal end thereof to the inner... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20120253448 - Stent graft with integral side arm: A fenestrated stent graft (1) with a tubular side arm (11) extending therefrom in which the side arm can be turned inside out to extend into the stent graft during deployment of the stent graft and extended out during deployment. Also disclosed is a deployment device (19) for such a... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20120253446 - Valve device with inflatable chamber: Prosthetic valve devices for implantation in body vessels are provided. The prosthetic valve device includes at least one flexible member that permits fluid flow in a first direction and substantially prevents fluid flow in a second. The valve device also includes an inflatable chamber at least partially attached to the... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20120253451 - Implantable medical devices: A medical device includes a balloon catheter having an expandable member, e.g., an inflatable balloon, at its distal end and a stent or other endoprosthesis. The stent is, for example, an apertured tubular member formed of a polymer and is assembled about the balloon. The stent has an initial diameter... Agent:

20120253450 - Prosthesis adapted for placement under external imaging: An expandable prosthesis having an imageable structure comprising one or more elements visually distinguishable by an external (e.g., radiographic or ultrasonic) imaging system, the structure being located about a first axis that corresponds to a structural feature of the prosthesis that is configured to perform a specific function particular to... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20120253449 - Stent: The present invention discloses a stent for supporting a sidewall of a lumen which contains a first fluid. The stent comprises a stent body, a film and a photosensitizing layer. The stent body is disposed inside the lumen. The film is adapted to be penetrated by a light and covers... Agent: National Taiwan University

20120253452 - Thoracic graft having yarn modifications: An endoluminal prosthesis (110) for a curved vessel includes a tubular graft defining a lumen between a proximal end and a distal end, the tubular graft comprising a proximal section (114) and a second section distal (116) of the proximal section, where a proximal end of the second section is... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20120253453 - Durable high strength polymer composite suitable for implant and articles produced therefrom: A thin, biocompatible, high-strength, composite material is disclosed that is suitable for use in various implanted configurations. In one aspect, the composite material maintains flexibility in high-cycle flexural applications, making it particularly applicable to high-flex implants such as heart pacing lead or heart valve leaflet. The composite material includes a... Agent: Gore Enterprise Holdings, Inc.

20120253455 - Low profile improved radiopacity intraluminal medical device: A stent or other intraluminal medical device having markers formed from housings integral with the stent and marker inserts having a higher radiopacity than the stent provides for more precise placement and post-procedural visualization in a vessel, by increasing the radiopacity of the stent under X-ray fluoroscopy. The housings are... Agent: Cordis Corporation

20120253454 - Stent designs having enhanced radiopacity: The present embodiments provide stents for use in medical procedures. In one embodiment, a stent comprises a first flanged region and a body region. A first diameter of the first flanged region is greater than a second diameter of the body region when the stent is in an expanded deployed... Agent:

20120253456 - Method for preparation of artificial blood vessel using tube-type porous biodegradable scaffold having a double-layered structure and stem cell, and artificial blood vessel made by the same: The present invention relates to a method for preparation of an artificial blood vessel using a tube-type porous biodegradable scaffold having a double layered structure and a stem cell, and an artificial blood vessel made by the same. Specifically, the present invention relates to a method for preparation of an... Agent: Inje University Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation

20120253457 - Compressible heart valve annulus sizing templates: Compressible heart valve annulus sizing templates suitable for minimally-invasive or otherwise reduced accessibility surgeries. The sizing templates may be folded, rolled, or otherwise compressed into a reduced configuration for passage through an access tube or other such access channel. Once expelled from the access tube the sizing templates expand to... Agent: Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

20120253458 - Multifocal accommodating intraocular lens: An intraocular lens for providing accommodative vision includes an adjustable optic and a haptic that is operably coupled to the optic. The adjustable optic comprises a central zone and an annular zone surrounding the central zone. The optic may also comprise additional annular zones. The haptic comprises a transparent portion... Agent: Abbott Medical Optics Inc.

20120253459 - Intraocular accommodating lens and methods of use: Described herein are intraocular lenses and methods of implantation. In one aspect, the lens includes a shape changing optical element; a force translation element having a first end region coupled to the optical element and a second end region extending towards a ciliary structure, and an attachment portion coupled to... Agent:

20120253460 - Modulating buttress saline mammary prosthesis including limpet fill port: An implantable mammary prosthesis includes a limpet buttress fill port structure. The fill port structure preferably comprises a shell, the shell including an opening, a compartment interior to the shell adapted to contain a filler. The limpet buttress is generally cup-shaped, and is disposed within the shell. The limpet buttress... Agent:

20120253461 - Prosthetic ligament for transverse fixation and method for making it: A prosthetic ligament for replacing a natural articular ligament, comprising a first intraosseous end part, called the tibial end part, and a second intraosseous end part, called the femoral end part, the two intraosseous end parts surrounding an intraarticular central part, characterized in that the first intraosseous end part is... Agent:

20120253462 - Method and apparatus for fixing a graft in a bone tunnel: A method and apparatus for fixing a ligament in a bone tunnel by cross-pinning the ligament in the bone tunnel.... Agent: Depuy Mitek, Inc.

20120253463 - Methods of generating a tendon tissue: Methods of generating and expanding proliferative, multipotent connective tissue progenitor cells from adult stem cells are provided. Also provided are methods of generating functional tendon grafts in vitro and bone, cartilage and connective tissues in vivo using the isolated cell preparation of connective tissue progenitor cells.... Agent: Technion Research & Development Foundation Ltd.

20120253464 - Scaffold for connective tissue repair: A connective tissue scaffold including opposed first and second anchoring segments formed from a plurality of bioresorbable polymeric fibers oriented in a direction substantially parallel to a longitudinal axis of the scaffold and a plurality of bioresorbable polymeric fibers oriented in a direction substantially transverse to a longitudinal axis of... Agent: Depuy Mitek, Inc.

20120253465 - Dual tendon bundle: The present invention relates generally to methods for preparing a dual tendon bundle that is useful as a replacement ligament or tendon graft for, for example, anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction. More particularly, the dual tendon bundle prepared according to the present invention has a functional cross section diameter and/or... Agent: Biomet Manufacturing Corp

20120253466 - Methods and devices for the treatment of intervertebral discs disorders: Devices for the treatment of intervertebral discs are described. The devices, when implanted into the nucleus pulposus of an intervertebral disc, are specifically configured with an inert outer layer and an inner layer containing at least one chemonucleolysis agent so as to provide a delayed and controlled release of the... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20120253467 - Shoulder arthroplasty systems and configurations for components thereof: Shoulder arthroplasty systems and configurations for components thereof are described. For example, implant systems for a total should arthroplasty (TSA), hemi shoulder arthroplasty, and reverse should arthroplasty (RSA) are described. In addition, exemplary configurations for baseplates, glenoid components, glenosphere components, humeral components, humeral head components, humerosocket components, connectors, and adaptors,... Agent:

20120253469 - Orthopedic implant insertion instrument: A surgical instrument is disclosed that facilitates the implantation of one of a number of differently sized or differently configured hip stem prostheses into a proximal end of a femur while also providing a surgeon with a substantial amount of rotational control over the prosthesis during the implantation. A suitable... Agent: Zimmer, Inc.

20120253468 - Medical implant device: A medical implant device comprises a substrate (10) having an undulating surface provided by peaks (12) which are separated by recesses (14). The device includes a porous coating layer provided on the undulating surface of the substrate which comprises a plurality of particles (16). The spacing between adjacent peaks on... Agent: Depuy International Limited

20120253470 - Compositions for bone tissue repair and uses thereof: The technology described herein relates to compositions for promoting bone growth or regeneration. The compositions described herein can comprise bioactive agents and scaffold materials.... Agent: President And Fellows Of Harvard College

20120253471 - Variable length airway stent graft with one-way valves: An airway stent graft includes a plurality of openings through the surface of the graft material and one-way valves at the openings to permit air from outside of the stent graft to enter a lumen thereof during exhalation and to prevent air from exiting the lumen through the openings during... Agent: Medtronic Vascular, Inc.

20120253473 - Composite matrix: The present invention relates to a composite matrix that includes a reinforcing textile portion having two surfaces coated over at least 90% of the respective surface areas thereof, by means of at least a first layer including at least one resorbable macro-molecule and having a collagen content of between 50... Agent: Biom'up

20120253472 - Tissue repair devices of rapid therapeutic absorbency: Novel implantable tissue repair medical devices are disclosed. The devices have a central fabric member having anti-adhesion films on both opposed sides. The films have pores, and are arranged such that the pores on the opposed films are offset. The devices are useful in hernia repair procedures.... Agent:

20120253474 - Platform for soft tissue attachment: One embodiment of the implant comprises a porous metal bone ingrowth portion (14) having a first side connected to a high density or solid (fully dense) metal portion (16) which in turn has an opposite side connected to a porous metal soft tissue ingrowth portion (12) thus forming a sandwich... Agent: Howmedica Osteonics Corp.

20120253475 - Fabric-covered polymeric prosthetic liner: A prosthetic cushion liner and cushion locking liner for use as a standalone interface between an amputee's residual limb and the interior of a prosthetic socket. The liners include a fabric covering having an open end for introduction of a residual limb and a closed end opposite said open end,... Agent: The Ohio Willow Wood Company

20120253476 - Four-bar-linkage brake-included knee joint: A four-bar-linkage brake-included knee joint includes a knee carriage, first and second links rotatably coupled to the carriage, and a clamp member coupled to a joint body. The clamp member forms a through hole that receives an axle to couple the second links. A compression block is received in a... Agent:

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