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Prosthesis (i.e., artificial body members), parts thereof, or aids and accessories therefor August inventions list 08/12

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08/30/2012 > 34 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20120221090 - Branch stent graft for aortic aneurysm repair: Described is a removable shunt adapted for deployment along a brain-supplying artery into an aorta to supply blood to the artery during deployment of a stent-graft in the aorta, the removable shunt including a stiff segment that is stiff enough to remain at least partially open when between the aorta... Agent: The Medical Research, Infrastructure And Health Services Fund Of The Tel Aviv Medical Center

20120221092 - Catheter gripper: A fastener for attaching a device to a catheter used to mediate a procedure in a patient's body, the fastener dimensioned so that it and the device can be introduced into the patient's body with the catheter and comprising: a clutch controllable to lock the fastener onto and to unlock... Agent: Cardioflow Ltd.

20120221089 - Large vessel closure device and method: A low profile stent device consisting of a stent plus an optional covering is placed percutaneously into a blood vessel to provide vascular closure to a nearby large diameter arteriotomy site. A self-expanding stent device is mounted onto a balloon for postdilitation and is held in a small diameter configuration... Agent:

20120221091 - Rotational controlled deployment device: A stent graft deployment device assembly (10) has a cylindrical fixed handle (6) to be gripped and held by a user and an tubular release handle (30) extending through the fixed handle. The release handle can be moved through the fixed handle. The deployment device assembly has a pusher assembly... Agent: William A. Cook Australia Pty. Ltd.

20120221093 - Short throw centered handle for stent delivery system: A stent delivery system and method for implanting a stent are provided. The stent delivery system includes an elongate shaft including a proximal portion, a distal portion, a lumen extending at least partially therethrough, and a stent receiving portion on the distal portion of the shaft. It also includes a... Agent:

20120221094 - Stent graft with valve arrangement: A stent graft (10) has a tubular body with a side aperture (16) covered by a valve arrangement (18) and an arrangement to hold the valve open (32) with a release wire (30). Retraction of the release wire closes the valve. The stent graft can have a tubular body with... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20120221095 - System and method for delivering and deploying an occluding device within a vessel: A system and method for deploying an occluding device that can be used to remodel an aneurysm within the vessel by, for example, neck reconstruction or balloon remodeling. The system comprises an introducer sheath and an assembly for carrying the occluding device. The assembly includes an elongated flexible member having... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20120221096 - Prosthesis having pivoting fenestration: The present disclosure relates to an endoluminal prosthesis, such as a stent graft that includes one or more fenestrations to accommodate endovascular disease, such as an aneurysm in cases where one or more side branches is involved. In one aspect, the prosthesis includes fenestrations that are pivotable to accommodate the... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20120221097 - Circumferentially nested expandable device: Expandable medical implants for maintaining support of a body lumen are disclosed. Some embodiments of these implants comprise a circumferentially nested, diametrically expandable, moveable vascular device for enlarging an occluded portion of a vessel. The device can be configured to allow for motion such as rotating, translating, and/or slide and... Agent: Reva Medical, Inc.

20120221098 - Endoluminal device for in vivo delivery of bioactive agents: The present invention consists of an implantable structural element for in vivo delivery of bioactive active agents to a situs in a body. The implantable structural element may be configured as an implantable prosthesis, such as an endoluminal stent, cardiac valve, osteal implant or the like, which serves a dual... Agent: Advanced Bio Prosthetic Surfaces, Ltd., A Wholly Owned Subsidiary Of Palmaz Scientific, Inc.

20120221099 - Coated biological material having improved properties: Some embodiments of the present invention relate to coated biological material for the manufacture of heart valve prostheses, characterized in that the surface of the biological material is covered entirely or partially with a coating which contains or is composed of a biocompatible anorganic material, and to a process for... Agent:

20120221100 - Methods and devices for repair or replacement of heart valves or adjacent tissue without the need for full cardiopulmonary support: Methods and systems for endovascular, endocardiac, or endoluminal approaches to a patient's heart to perform surgical procedures that may be performed or used without requiring extracorporeal cardiopulmonary bypass. Furthermore, these procedures can be performed through a relatively small number of small incisions. These procedures may illustratively include heart valve implantation,... Agent:

20120221101 - Adjustable annuloplasty ring activation system: An adjustable annuloplasty device is described. The device includes a body member comprising a shape memory material, the body member configured to be placed at or near a base of a valve of a heart. The device further includes a hysteretic material configured to undergo magnetic hysteresis in response to... Agent: Micardia Corporation

20120221102 - Intraocular lens insertion device: An intraocular lens insertion device having a novel configuration, capable of more accurately arranging front and back surfaces of an intraocular lens in a proper direction. The intraocular lens insertion device is adapted in such a manner that the intraocular lens is set on a stage in a state placed... Agent: Menicon Co., Ltd.

20120221103 - Retinal prosthesis with efficient processing circuits: A medical device includes an array of electrodes, configured for implantation in contact with tissue in an eye of a living subject. Driver circuitry is configured to drive the electrodes in an alternating pattern, such that different groups of the electrodes are driven to stimulate the tissue during different, predetermined... Agent: Nano-retina, Inc.

20120221104 - Prosthetic device and method of manufacturing the same: An implantable device for use in tissue and ligament repair comprising at least one knitted section and at least one single continuous fiber traversing the at least one knitted section, the at least one single continuous fiber forming a plurality of traverses extending through the at least one knitted section.... Agent: Allergan, Inc.

20120221105 - Prosthetic device and method of manufacturing the same: An implantable device for use in tissue and ligament repair comprising at least one knitted section and at least one single continuous fiber traversing the at least one knitted section, the at least one single continuous fiber forming a plurality of traverses extending through the at least one knitted section.... Agent: Allergan, Inc.

20120221106 - Extra-articular implantable load sharing systems: A system and method for sharing and absorbing energy between body parts. In one particular aspect, the system facilitates absorbing energy between members forming a joint such as between articulating bones.... Agent: Moximed, Inc.

20120221107 - Disk fusion implant: An implant strip is disclosed. In some cases, the prosthesis can take the form of an implant strip that may be implanted through the use of a surgical procedure that minimizes incision sizes and may be considered less invasive than typical spinal implant procedures. The implant strip includes provisions for... Agent: Jmea Corporation

20120221108 - Orthopedic device assembly with elements coupled by a retaining structure: The present invention provides an orthopedic device assembly comprising a first assembly element, a second assembly element, and a retaining mechanism. The first assembly element has a recess that receives the second assembly element, and the retaining mechanism holds the second element in an assembled state with the first assembly... Agent: K2m, Inc.

20120221109 - Cranial burr hole plug and insertion tool: A cranial burr hole plug with an insertion tool and method of implantation is provided. The burr hole plug includes a shell; a collet interlocked within the shell; a clamp compressing the collet around an elongated medical device exiting the skull of a patient, such as a catheter or lead;... Agent: Boston Scientific Neuromodulation Corporation

20120221110 - Artificial joint: An artificial joint includes a ball and a cup constituting a pair of joint members which forms a joint. A convex curved surface and a concave curved surface which constitute a pair of friction surfaces which slides relative to each other are provided between the pair of joint members. The... Agent:

20120221111 - Glenoid implant for a shoulder prosthesis, and surgical kit: A glenoid implant for a shoulder prosthesis for implantation in the glenoid of a scapula according to embodiments of the present invention includes a central fixation element; an articular body configured for articulation with a humerus, the articular body comprising a plate, the plate comprising a side configured to be... Agent:

20120221112 - Rotatable reverse metaglene: A metaglene assembly for use in a shoulder prosthesis includes a metaglene body, an augment, a void, at least one fastener hole, and at least one fastener. The metaglene body has a lateral, prosthesis-facing side, and a medial, bone-facing side. The augment extends medially from the medial, bone-facing side of... Agent: Depuy Products, Inc.

20120221113 - Elbow prosthesis: An elbow prosthesis according to the present teachings can include a stem structure and an articulating component. The stem structure can be operable to be positioned in a bone of a joint. The stem structure can include a stem portion that is operable to be positioned in the bone and... Agent: Biomet Manufacturing Corp.

20120221114 - Modular orthopaedic component case: A case for modular neck components for hip implants. The case may include indicators based on independent variables associated with physical characteristics of the implant, including leg length, offset, and anteversion. During surgery, the surgeon may be confronted with a need to change a preoperatively-chosen modular neck. For example, the... Agent: Zimmer, Inc.

20120221115 - Maintaining proper mechanics tha: A prosthetic hip joint comprising: (a) a femoral component including a femoral head; and, (b) an acetabular component including an acetabular cup and an acetabular cup insert, the acetabular cup insert sized to receive the femoral head, where the femoral head is sized to have a spherical center that matches... Agent:

20120221116 - Hip stem prosthesis: A hip prosthesis is provided for insertion into a femur. In one exemplary embodiment, the hip prosthesis includes a stem having a proximal end, a distal end, and a longitudinal axis. This stem may include anterior and posterior locking surfaces which diverge away from the longitudinal axis. A shank portion... Agent: Zimmer, Inc.

20120221117 - Ureteral stent: A ureteral stent comprising a short renal coil made of a pliable material and a wick portion made of a material having a hydrophilicity or hydrophobicity different from that of the renal coil and extending from a ureteropelvic junction to a bladder so as to assist in the transfer of... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120221118 - Materials for soft and hard tissue repair: Biomaterials and methods and uses for repair or augmentation of tissues are provided. In particular, the invention provides a multi-layered, naturally occurring multi-axial oriented biomaterial comprising predominately type I collagen fibers. The invention further provides methods and uses for repair or augmentation of tissues using biomaterials of the invention.... Agent: Obi Biologics, Inc.

20120221120 - Method and device for controlling an artificial orthotic or prosthetic joint: The invention relates to a method and device for controlling an artificial orthotic or prosthetic joint of a lower extremity having a resistance device to which at least one actuator is associated, via which the bending and/or stretching resistance is changed depending on sensor data. During the use of the... Agent: Otto Bock Healthcare Products Gmbh

20120221119 - Systems and control methodologies for improving stability in powered lower limb devices: Systems and methods are provided for controlling a lower limb device having at least one powered joint. The method includes detecting a stumble event based on one or more sensor signals associated with an overall motion lower limb device, classifying the stumble event based on sensor signals following the sensor... Agent: Vanderbilt University

20120221121 - Bone fixated, articulated joint load control device: A load control device can be attached to bones on either side of an articulated joint in order to control the forces and loads experienced by the joint. The device comprises an apparatus for controlling the load on articular cartilage of a human or animal joint and includes: a first... Agent: Moximed, Inc.

20120221122 - Method of controlling a prosthesis: The present invention relates to a method of controlling a movable component of a prosthesis or orthosis. The method (100) comprises moving the component by means of a motor (102) and determining when movement of the component is arrested when the component bears against a surface (104, 106). Thereafter a... Agent:

08/23/2012 > 28 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20120215297 - Embolic coils: Coils, such as embolic coils, and related methods, devices, and compositions, are disclosed.... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120215298 - Prosthesis and method of manufacturing the same: A prosthesis (110) comprises a plurality of stent members which are formed of strut elements (120) connected by apexes, wherein at least the proximal apexes of the first stent member or the distal apexes of the second stent member have a shaped portion which is flat or concave. The proximal... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20120215299 - Mrt-compatible valve prosthesis for use in the human or animal body for replacement of an organ valve or a vessel valve: The invention relates to a biological or artificial valve prosthesis (4, 5) for use in the human or animal body for replacement of an organ valve or a vessel valve, in particular a cardiac valve prosthesis or venous valve prosthesis, with a stent (8) or without a stent, with a... Agent: Vueklar Cardiovascular Ltd.

20120215300 - Method and apparatus for bypass graft: A vascular connector includes a main tube having a channel for fluid flow therethrough and opposed ends adapted to be connected to a vascular structure; and at least one inlet tube having a channel for fluid flow therethrough, a proximal end intersecting the main tube, and a distal end adapted... Agent:

20120215301 - Biodegradable implantable medical devices formed from super - pure magnesium-based material: The present invention relates to biodegradable implantable medical device, in particular an endoprosthesis body formed at least partly from a constructional material comprising deformable super-pure magnesium or alloy thereof further comprising one or more super-pure alloying elements. The constructional material has a high formability at room temperature, excellent corrosion stability... Agent: Acrostak Corp Bvi, Tortola

20120215302 - Annuloplasty ring holder: An annuloplasty ring holder including a head having an upper surface and an annuloplasty ring receiving surface facing opposite the upper surface. The annuloplasty ring holder also includes means for attaching an annuloplasty ring to the annuloplasty ring receiving surface. The means for attaching an annuloplasty ring to the annuloplasty... Agent: Medtronic Gbl, Inc.

20120215303 - Replacement heart valve and method: A replacement heart valve has an expandable frame configured to engage a native valve annulus and a valve body mounted to the expandable frame. The valve body can have a plurality of valve leaflets configured to open to allow flow in a first direction and engage one another so as... Agent: Cardiaq Valve Technologies, Inc.

20120215304 - Degenerative valvular disease specific annuloplasty ring sets: Annuloplasty rings optimally sized to take into account more of the common degenerative valve pathologies. Each ring has a structural ring body with a shape that complies with predicted shapes of degenerative valvular diseases. The predicted shapes are obtained through careful echocardiographic and intraoperative measurements, and often differ for different... Agent: Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

20120215305 - Adjustable annuloplasty ring and activation system: An adjustable implantable medical device and adjustment device are described. In some embodiments, the adjustment device includes a lead with a distal end modified to permit better engagement and securement to the described implantable devices. In some embodiments, the contact of the lead is bent. Some embodiments include a coil... Agent: Micardia Corporation

20120215306 - Speech valve, a tool for facilitating insertion of a speech valve and a tool for holding a speech valve: A tool for facilitating insertion of a speech valve with a flexible retention flange into a fistula between the trachea and the oesophagus of a human patient. The tool has a wall curved to define a passage having opposed open first and second passage ends and an axis extending therebetween.... Agent: The University Of Hull

20120215307 - Bioabsorbable multilayer nasal valve spreader graft: Novel bioabsorbable, nasal spreader graft implant devices are disclosed. The devices are useful in rhinoplasty and nasal reconstruction surgical procedures, as well as other surgical procedures. The devices have biodegradable core plates and biodegradable spreader plates or tissue ingrowth plates. The plates may have tissue ingrowth properties.... Agent:

20120215308 - Power transfer in a medical implant: A medical implant comprising a power source configured to generate a direct current (DC) signal, a first interface configured to convert the DC signal to an alternating current (AC) signal; and a DC power storage device. The implant also comprises a second interface configured to convert the AC signal received... Agent:

20120215309 - Power transfer to a medical implant located adjacent tissue while preventing short circuits through the tissue: A medical implant, including a first power storage device, a first switching circuit for receiving power and transferring the received power from an implant connector electrically connected to the medical implant to the first power storage device in a first power transfer stage, a second power storage device, and a... Agent:

20120215310 - Porous implant structures: Porous biocompatible structures suitable for use as medical implants and methods for fabricating such structures are disclosed. The disclosed structures may be fabricated using rapid manufacturing techniques. The disclosed porous structures has a plurality of struts and nodes where no more than two struts intersect one another to form a... Agent: Smith & Nephew, Inc.

20120215311 - Arthroplasty shim: An arthroplasty shim configured to be inserted into a gap between a bone and a prosthetic joint component. The shim strengthens the prosthetic joint component. The shim can reduce the side-effects of an erroneous bone cut, loss of bone mass or bone failure which may result during revision surgery. The... Agent:

20120215312 - Percutaneous technique and implant for expanding the spinal canal: Expanding a spinal canal by drilling a cylindrical passage in each pedicle of a vertebra, making a circumferential pedicle cut (osteotomy) through each pedicle from within the passage, separating each pedicle cut by inserting an implant into the passage to distract the pedicle cut (i.e., lengthen the pedicle) to expand... Agent: Isd - Innovative Surgical Designs, Inc.

20120215315 - Apparatus and method for stabilizing adjacent bone portions: A method and apparatus for stabilizing first and second adjacent bone portions. The method includes the steps of: providing a spacer; providing a stabilizer, with the spacer and stabilizer configured to be movable guidingly, one relative to the other, between a pre-assembly relationship and an operative relationship; and placing the... Agent:

20120215313 - Expandable interbody fusion implant: Disclosed is an expandable interbody fusion implant that is configured to have an initial configuration having a first footprint width suitable for being inserted into an intervertebral space and an expanded configuration having a second footprint width that is greater than the first footprint width. The implant may include a... Agent:

20120215316 - Expandable intervertebral spacer: A spinal implant system, specifically an intervertebral spacer. The system is designed to change its physical conformation from a minimal profile to an expanded state, enabling it to be placed through a smaller incision and operative cannula. The ability to change from a minimal profile to an expanded state may... Agent: Medicinelodge, Inc. Dba Imds Co-innovation

20120215318 - Implant with openings adapted to receive bone screws: A spinal fusion implant for surgical implantation at least in part within a disc space between two adjacent vertebral bodies in a segment of a human spine. The implant has a trailing end with bone screw receiving holes that each have a diameter that intersects with one of the upper... Agent:

20120215314 - Six degree spine stabilization devices and methods: An implant stabilizes two adjacent bones of a joint, while enabling a natural kinematic relative movement of the bones. Support components are connected to each bone of the joint, and a flexible core is interposed between them. The core and at least one of the support components are provided with... Agent:

20120215317 - Systems and methods for spinal fusion: A system and method for spinal fusion comprising a spinal fusion implant of non-bone construction releasably coupled to an insertion instrument dimensioned to introduce the spinal fusion implant into any of a variety of spinal target sites.... Agent: Nuvasive, Inc.

20120215319 - Reusable orthopaedic instrument having drain holes: A reusable orthopaedic instrument includes a reusable orthopedic trial having a first outer surface and a second outer surface that is opposite the first outer surface. The second outer surface includes a plurality of sidewalls extending outwardly therefrom to form a cavity. A drain hole is formed in the second... Agent:

20120215320 - Metatarsal hemiarthroplasty implant: An implant for metatarsal hemiarthroplasty according to embodiments of the present invention includes a resurfacing body configured to at least partially resurface distal and dorsal surfaces of an articular head of a metatarsus, the resurfacing body including a first side and a second side, the first side configured to articulate... Agent:

20120215321 - Methods for making oxidation resistant polymeric material: The present invention relates to methods for making oxidation resistant medical devices that comprise polymeric materials, for example, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE). The invention also provides methods of making antioxidant-doped medical implants, for example, doping of medical devices containing cross-linked UHMWPE with vitamin E by diffusion and materials used... Agent: The General Hospital Corporation Dba Massachusetts General Hospital

20120215322 - Artificial dura biomedical device and brain surgery method utilizing the same: An artificial dura biomedical device and a brain surgery method utilizing the same are disclosed. The steps includes: fixing an artificial dura to a partial skull; and fixing the partial skull with the artificial dura to a cut hole of a whole skull. The artificial dura biomedical device includes an... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20120215323 - Device and method for controlling an artificial orthotic or prosthetic joint: The invention relates to a method and device for controlling an artificial orthotic or prosthetic joint of a lower extremity with a resistance device to which at least one actuator is associated, via which the bending and/or stretching resistance is changed depending on sensor data. During the use of the... Agent: Otto Bock Healthcare Products Gmbh

20120215324 - Airflow regulation system for artificial limb and associated methods: The airflow regulation system is to be attached to a residual limb of an amputee. The device includes an airflow liner to define a regulated environment between the residual limb and the airflow liner. The liner has a plurality of airflow passageways defining inflow air channels and an outflow air... Agent:

08/16/2012 > 41 patent applications in 27 patent subcategories.

20120209367 - Bifurcation catheter dual balloon bond and methods: A catheter assembly includes a main catheter branch having a catheter shaft and a distal end portion. A main balloon and a side balloon are positioned at the distal end portion of the catheter shaft. The main balloon includes a distal waist portion at a distal end thereof and a... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120209366 - Stent and stent delivery system: A stent includes a plurality of annular bodies arrayed in an axial direction, each having a plurality of one-end-side bent sections and other-end-side bent sections, and adjacent ones of the annular bodies being linked by link sections. The stent includes at least three kinds of link sections selected from four... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20120209368 - System and method for delivering a stent to a bifurcated vessel: A stent delivery catheter system for accurately positioning a stent in a bifurcated vessel is disclosed. The system includes a catheter having a terminal portion and distal tip that is placed in a main branch of the vessel proximate the bifurcation. A fixed guidewire is attached to distal tip. A... Agent: Abbott Laboratories

20120209369 - Fenestrated endograft: A fenestrated endograft having an expandable stent frame and a lumen is described herein. The stent frame has a proximal end portion, a distal end portion, and a central portion. The central portion may include a fabric that has an aperture partially surrounded by part of the expandable stent frame.... Agent: University Of Rochester

20120209370 - Stentless support structure: A stentless support structure capable of being at least partly assembled in situ. The support structure comprises a braided tube that is very flexible and, when elongated, becomes very long and very small in diameter, thereby being capable of placement within a small diameter catheter. The support structure is preferably... Agent:

20120209371 - Drug eluting implantable medical device with hemocompatible and/or prohealing topcoat: The present invention relates to implantable medical devices coated with polymer having hemocompatible and/or prohealing moieties appended thereto and to their use in the treatment of vascular diseases.... Agent: Abbott Cardiovasular Systems Inc.

20120209372 - Drug eluting implantable medical device with hemocompatible and/or prohealing topcoat: The present invention relates to implantable medical devices coated with polymer having hemocompatible and/or prohealing moieties appended thereto and to their use in the treatment of vascular diseases.... Agent: Abbott Cardiovasular Systems Inc.

20120209373 - Coated stint: The invention relates to a stent, in particular intended for cardiovascular applications, provided with a bioresorbable polymer coating containing a restenosis-inhibiting agent, with said stent below its polymer coating having a metal surface which is smoothed by electropolishing and passivated and into which carbonium ions are implanted, with said polymer... Agent:

20120209376 - Device and method for reshaping mitral valve annulus: Methods for treating a defective mitral valve are provided. One preferred method comprises attaching opposing ends of a tether to opposing regions of the mitral valve annulus. The tether is advanced percutaneously into the left atrium by a therapy catheter. Vacuum ports may be provided on the therapy catheter for... Agent: Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

20120209377 - Devices, systems, and methods for reshaping a heart valve annulus, including the use of magnetic tools: Implants or systems of implants and methods apply a selected force vector or a selected combination of force vectors within or across the left atrium, which allow mitral valve leaflets to better coapt. The implants or systems of implants and methods make possible rapid deployment, facile endovascular delivery, and full... Agent: Mvrx, Inc.

20120209374 - Methods of treating valves: The implant implantation unit (2), at a determined position in the tubular element (51) with a wall comprising a cavity (50), is pushed there by a catheter (60) and the unit comprises deformable feelers (31) to, under the control of remote activation elements (42), change from a stowed form to... Agent: Jevavalve Technology Inc.

20120209375 - Stability device for use with percutaneous delivery systems: A delivery system for stabilizing a catheter shaft across an aortic arch can include one or more stabilizing members configured to fix or stabilize the position of the catheter relative to the aortic arch of a patient.... Agent:

20120209378 - Venous valve with sinus: A venous valve-with a structural member and valve leaflets that provide a sinus.... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed Inc.

20120209379 - Adjustable annuloplasty ring and activation system: An adjustable annuloplasty device is described. In some embodiments, the device includes a body member having a surface that conforms at least partially to a cardiac valve annulus. The body member comprises a shape-memory member that transforms from a first configuration to a second configuration in response to an applied... Agent: Micardia Corporation

20120209380 - Intra-annular mounting frame for aortic valve repair: An intra-annular mounting frame for an aortic valve having native aortic cusps is provided which includes a frame body with native leaflet reorienting curvatures and interconnecting points; the curvatures shaped to be received inside the valve below the native aortic cusps and to reorient the native aortic cusps within the... Agent:

20120209381 - Bioerodible matrix for tissue involvement: Disclosed herein are polyurethane polymer matrices with a porosity of from about 20 microns to about 90 microns that are useful in promoting closure and protection of incision sites; supporting the lower pole position of breast implants; and providing a partial or complete covering of breast implants to provide a... Agent: Allergan, Inc.

20120209382 - Implantable medical device and method of implanting the medical device: An implantable medical device for implantation in a mammal joint having at least two contacting surfaces is provided. The medical device comprises; an artificial contacting surface adapted to replace at least the surface of at least one of the mammal's joint contacting surfaces, wherein the artificial contacting surface is adapted... Agent: Milux Holding Sa

20120209383 - Intervertebral cage and implanting apparatus and operating method thereof: An intervertebral cage, an implanting apparatus and an operating method thereof are provided. The intervertebral cage for being implanted between two adjacent vertebral bodies includes a body and a connecting portion. The body has a lateral convex surface, an inclined surface, a lateral concave surface and a connecting surface connected... Agent: Wiltrom Co., Ltd.

20120209384 - Vertebral body replacement: The present invention involves a system and methods for assembling and implanting a vertebral body implant. The vertebral body implant includes, but is not necessarily limited to, an expandable core body and endplates that can be attached at both ends. Endplates of various shapes, sizes and angles are attachable to... Agent: Nu Vasive Inc.

20120209385 - Anterior intervertebral fusion with fixation system, device and method: A system, device, and method are disclosed for anterior intervertebral fusion with fixation. An intervertebral fusion with fixation device includes a spacer configured to fit into a disc space between plural vertebrae, the spacer including through holes between and through plural sidewalls. A first fixating element is rigidly preloaded in... Agent:

20120209389 - Artificial disc replacement device: An artificial disk replacement device includes opposing plate members with a pivoting assembly disposed therebetween. The pivoting assembly allows the plate members to pivot relative to each other in a first direction, but inhibit movement of the plate members in a second direction. The plate members may be installed prior... Agent:

20120209386 - Expandable intervertebral implants and instruments: Systems for interbody fusion of adjacent bone portions may include an expanding implant and related instruments. An expanding implant may be formed as a linkage which is movable between a compact configuration and an expanded configuration. A shaft of the implant may increase and decrease in length to move between... Agent: Medicinelodge, Inc. Dba Imds Co-innovation

20120209387 - Methods and systems for repairing an intervertebral disc using a transcorporal approach: The invention includes a system and methods for performing surgery on a spinal disc. The system includes an implantable bone plate with an access port to accommodate a bone cutting device, a spinal repair device insertable through the access port of the bone plate configured to occupy a surgically-formed vertebral... Agent: Transcorp, Inc.

20120209388 - Systems and methods for spinal fusion: A system and method for spinal fusion comprising a spinal fusion implant of non-bone construction releasably coupled to an insertion instrument dimensioned to introduce the spinal fusion implant into any of a variety of spinal target sites.... Agent: Nuvasive, Inc.

20120209390 - Implant for bone and cartilage reconstruction: The aim of the invention is to restore the mobility of an articular end (2) of a bone (3) of a patient by means of a reconstruction implant. This implant (1), which permits reconstruction both of bone and of cartilage, comprises a grated framework (10) and a sheet (20) made... Agent: Tornier Sas

20120209391 - Modular prosthesis: Modular prosthesis components having first and second relief patterns, the first relief pattern being complementary to the second relief pattern such that a component having the first relief pattern may seat fully on and in register with a component having the second relief pattern.... Agent: Omni Life Science, Inc.

20120209392 - Adjustable reverse shoulder prostheses: Adjustable reverse shoulder prostheses are disclosed herein. A glenoid assembly includes a glenoid plate configured for fixation to a glenoid bone for a reverse shoulder prosthesis; a glenosphere configured for connection to the glenoid plate; and an adjustment plate, wherein the adjustment plate has a connection for directly engaging the... Agent: Exactech, Inc.

20120209393 - Patellar prostheses and instrumentation: A prosthetic patellar implant has a posterior articulation surface and an anterior attachment surface. The anterior attachment surface has a medial attachment surface and a lateral attachment surface. The medial and lateral attachment surfaces can be planar and angled relative to one another, meeting at a common intersection medially offset... Agent: Medicinelodge, Inc. Dba Imds Co-innovation

20120209394 - Patient-adapted and improved articular implants, designs and related guide tools: Methods and devices are disclosed relating improved articular models, implant components, and related guide tools and procedures. In addition, methods and devices are disclosed relating articular models, implant components, and/or related guide tools and procedures that include one or more features derived from patient-data, for example, images of the patient's... Agent: Conformis, Inc.

20120209395 - Trochlear groove prosthesis: A trochlear groove prosthesis includes a base plate and cap. The base plate and cap are shaped to correspond to the shape of the trochlear groove. A cut is made in the femur to remove the worn or damaged trochlear groove. The base plate is attached to the cut portion... Agent:

20120209396 - Orthopedic implants having gradient polymer alloys: Orthopedic implants having a bone interface member and a water swellable IPN or semi-IPN with a stiffness, hydration, and/or compositional gradient from one side to the other and physically attached to the bone interface member. The invention also includes an orthopedic implant system including an implant that may conform to... Agent:

20120209397 - Acetabular cup with rotatable bearing: A prosthetic hip implant system includes a prosthetic femoral component having a stem portion, a neck portion coupled to the stem portion and a part-spherical head coupled to the neck portion. An acetabular component is provided which has a housing, the housing having a part-spherical inner surface having an open... Agent: Howmedica Osteonics Corp.

20120209398 - Acetabular cup with rotatable bearing member: A prosthetic hip implant system includes a prosthetic femoral component having a stem portion, a neck portion coupled to the stem portion and a part-spherical head coupled to the neck portion. An acetabular component is provided which has a housing, the housing having a part-spherical inner surface having an open... Agent: Howmedica Osteonics Corp.

20120209400 - Medical implant: A medical implant is disclosed, said implant having a flexible hollow body (1) which can be implanted inside the stomach (8) of a patient and which has a first tube-like end section (2) and a second tube-like end section (3), wherein the first tube-like end section (2) is dimensioned such... Agent:

20120209399 - Two-stage system and method for oxygenating and removing carbon dioxide from a physiological fluid: A two-stage system for oxygenating and removing carbon dioxide from a physiological fluid, including: a primary exchange module configured to receive a gas having oxygen therein and a carrier fluid having carbon dioxide therein. The primary exchange module is configured to transfer oxygen from the gas to the carrier fluid... Agent:

20120209402 - Implant for tissue engineering: The present invention relates to uses of resorbable medical implants that are metallic or semi-metallic, to produce soft tissues, membranous tissues, organs or organ parts within the body by fibrosis. The present invention further relates to such uses when the implants are made of specified alloys or metals, e.g. magnesium... Agent:

20120209401 - Methods and apparatus for delivering and positioning sheet-like materials: An implant delivery system for delivering a sheet-like implant is disclosed. The device includes an implant spreader assembly disposed proximate the distal end of a delivery shaft. The implant spreader assembly includes a first arm and a second arm. The arms are coupled to the delivery shaft such that the... Agent:

20120209403 - Vascularized tissue graft: The present invention relates to improved methods for tissue engineering including tissue transplantation, augmentation and regeneration, and more particularly, a method for the generation of donor vascularized tissue suitable for use in tissue transplantation, augmentation and/or repair. The present invention enables the use of a support matrix in the generation... Agent: Victorian Tissue Engineering Centre Pty Ltd

20120209404 - Amputation residuum device and method of using the same: An apparatus and method for post amputation residuum maintenance and for preserving motion of the knee are provided. The apparatus includes an elongated shell having a longitudinal axis and defining a hollow interior closed at a distal end, the shell having an opening extending from a proximal end and adapted... Agent: Pando Innovations

20120209405 - Artificial ankle-foot system with spring, variable-damping, and series-elastic actuator components: An artificial foot and ankle joint consists of a curved leaf spring foot member having a heel extremity and a toe extremity, and a flexible elastic ankle member that connects the foot member for rotation at the ankle joint. An actuator motor applies torque to the ankle joint to orient... Agent:

20120209406 - Foot plate device for an artificial foot: A foot plate device is connected to a prosthetic lower leg of an artificial foot, and includes a flexible foot plate. The foot plate has a front plate section, an inclined intermediate plate section extending rearwardly and upwardly from a rear end of the front plate section, and a rear... Agent: Teh Lin Prosthetic & Orthopaedic Inc.

08/09/2012 > 38 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20120203323 - Method and system for delivery of coated implants: An implant delivery system comprises an implant delivery device having a releasable implant retention region, with the releasable implant retention region having a delivery device coating including a therapeutic agent. The implant delivery device may be a balloon catheter. An implant is releasably positioned in physical communication with the releasable... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120203324 - Non-compliant multilayered balloon for a catheter: Multilayer balloon for a catheter comprising at least a first layer, a second layer, and a third layer having a combined wall thickness. The first layer is made of a first polymer material having a first maximum blow-up-ratio. The second layer is made of a second polymer material having a... Agent:

20120203322 - Quick release mechanism for medical device deployment: A medical device assembly having a quick release mechanism reversibly engaged with a medical device and a method used by an operator to deploy said medical device at a targeted site in a body vessel is provided. The quick release mechanism generally comprises an inner core wire and an outer... Agent:

20120203325 - Rapid exchange stent delivery system: Stent delivery systems and methods for making and using stent delivery systems are disclosed. An example stent delivery system may include a guide member having a proximal portion and a distal portion. A stent may be disposed about the distal portion of the guide member. The stent may have a... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120203326 - Medical product comprising a chitosan-coated wall and a method for manufacturing a medical product: A method for manufacturing a medical product comprising a hollow body (2), wherein at least part of a wall of the hollow body (2) is coated at least on the inside with a layer comprising a polymer; at least the part of at least the inside of the wall of... Agent: Medovent Gmbh

20120203327 - Intralumenally-implantable frames: Implantable frames for use in body passages are provided herein. The implantable frames can include a plurality of hoop members joined by a plurality of longitudinal connecting members to form a tubular frame defining a cylindrical lumen. The plurality of longitudinal connecting members may include first and second longitudinal connecting... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20120203328 - Scaffold device for preventing tissue trauma: A scaffold is provided for managing access through tissue. The scaffold can support the tissue during medical procedures. The scaffold is placed around or proximate an opening in tissue. The scaffold can expand when medical devices are introduced through the scaffold and through the opening and retract when the medical... Agent:

20120203329 - Bifurcated stent and method of use: A stent system is provided for percutaneous insertion in an artery of a main stent which may include at least one peripheral fenestration defined through the stent wall. The peripheral fenestration may be configured to be expanded in situ to receive a peripheral stent. The stent system also may include... Agent:

20120203332 - Apparatus and method for delivering an implantable medical device to a diseased cardiac valve: An apparatus is provided for delivering an implantable medical device to a diseased cardiac valve includes an elongated shank, a brace member, and a locking mechanism. The shank has a first end portion, a second end portion, and a first longitudinal axis extending between the end portions. The first end... Agent:

20120203331 - Implantation device: The invention relates to an implantation device (10a-d) comprising at least one medical implant (12a-d) and at least one implantation aid (14a-d) comprising at least one expansion element (16a-d). It is provided that the expansion element (16a-d) can be inserted into at least one cavity (18a-d) of the implant (12a-d),... Agent: Biotronik Ag

20120203334 - Leaflet valve: A device and method for improving flow through a native blood vessel valve, such as the aortic valve, are provided. The present invention allows a miniature valve to be implanted into affected leaflets percutaneously, obviating the need for coronary bypass surgery. The method includes the cutting of small holes, on... Agent:

20120203330 - Method of post-operative adjustment for mitral valve implant: The present invention is directed to a mechanism and procedure for adjusting a cardiac implant during the early post-operative period, such as, for example, the first 2-5 days after surgery. During the implant procedure, an adjustment tool is releasably attached to the adjustable implant. The adjustment tool remains connected to... Agent: St. Jude Medical, Cardiology Division, Inc.

20120203333 - Percutaneous aortic valve: A method of minimally invasively replacing a cardiac valve of a patient including inserting a delivery catheter intraluminally, inserting a valve resecting instrument intraluminally through the delivery catheter to a position adjacent the cardiac valve of a patient, manipulating the valve resecting instrument to resect the cardiac valve, removing the... Agent:

20120203335 - Collapsible docking station: A collapsible docking station for a valve assembly that includes the collapsible docking station and an exchangeable valve member detachably coupled thereto. The collapsible docking station includes a band that is moveable between a collapsed position where the band forms a wound coil, and a fully expanded position where the... Agent:

20120203336 - Device and method for temporary or permanent suspension of an implantable scaffolding containing an orifice for placement of a prosthetic or bio-prosthetic valve: In a surgical method for improving cardiac function, an implantable scaffold Or valve support device is inserted inside a patient's heart and attached to the heart in a region adjacent to a natural mitral or other heart valve. The scaffold or valve support device defines an orifice and, after the... Agent:

20120203337 - Intraocular implant: An intraocular implant (1) including an optical portion (2) and a haptic portion (3), the haptic portion including two diametrically opposite haptic systems (3a, 3b), characterized in that each of the haptic systems (3a, 3b) includes two substantially identical haptics (4, 5) interconnected by their respective distal ends (4a, 5a),... Agent:

20120203338 - Apparatus, system and method for providing a coating for an implanatable lens: An apparatus, system and method for coating an implantable lens. The apparatus, system and method may include at least one coating layer applied to at least one surface of the optic of the implantable lens, wherein the coating layer at least partially protects the optic at least during the implantation,... Agent: Abbott Medical Optics Inc.

20120203341 - Biologic diarthrodial joint: A biologic diarthrodial joint includes an artificial subchondral bone shaped in the form of a joint replacement member and formed of an artificial fiber material. The artificial fiber material includes synthetic fibers formed in a fibrous network with the synthetic fibers arranged in multiple orientations. The artificial subchondral bone includes... Agent:

20120203340 - Scapholunate construct and reconstruction: A scapholunate dissociation/instability construct including an anchor having a proximal end and a distal end, and a threaded internal bore which may communicate with an eyelet at the distal end. The anchor is provided with two lateral, parallel sides that are smooth and non-threaded, and adjacent to sides that are... Agent:

20120203339 - System and method for securing tissue to bone: Disclosed herein are methods and devices for securing soft tissue to a rigid material such as bone. A tissue anchoring device is described that comprises an anchor body and a spreader such that tissue may be captured or compressed between outside surfaces on the anchor and inside surfaces of a... Agent: Kfx Medical Corporation

20120203342 - Articular cartilage implants: Implant devices having an articular end for repair of articular cartilage defects are provided. The articular end has an oval perimeter, a convex upper face, and a concave lower face. The convex upper face has a first circular pitch radius and a first circular roll radius. At least a portion... Agent: Moirai Orthopaedic, LLC

20120203343 - Methods of articular cartilage implants: Methods of utilizing implant devices for the repair of articular cartilage defects are provided herein. The implant devices have circular, or oblong, articular ends. The articular ends have a convex upper face and a concave lower face, the convex upper face blending to the concave lower face, and the concave... Agent: Moirai Orthopaedic, LLC

20120203347 - Expandable fusion device and method of installation thereof: The present invention provides an expandable fusion device capable of being installed inside an intervertebral disc space to maintain normal disc spacing and restore spinal stability, thereby facilitating an intervertebral fusion. In one embodiment, the fusion device includes a body portion, a first endplate, and a second endplate, the first... Agent:

20120203346 - Implant, method and tool for kyphoplasty: An implant contains two end pieces disposed coaxially and at an axial distance, a cage, which connects the end pieces, and webs connecting the two end pieces. The two ends of each web are offset from each other by an equal initial angle in an initial state of the implant.... Agent: Tpl Technology Patents Licenses, Kilian Kraus

20120203345 - Lumbar disc replacement implant for posterior implantation with dynamic spinal stabilization device and method: The invention consists of disc replacement implant for the lumbar spine designed for insertion into the disc space via a posterior approach. The implant can be stabilized in the disc space by connection to the vertebra or can be connected to dynamic spinal stabilization device consisting of interconnected bullets nested... Agent:

20120203348 - Push-in interbody spinal fusion implants for use with self-locking screws: An apparatus including an interbody spinal fusion implant having a leading end, a trailing end, and a length therebetween, and opposed upper and lower portions adapted to contact each of the adjacent vertebral bodies. Each of the upper and lower portions having at least one opening adapted to communicate with... Agent:

20120203344 - System and methods for inserting a spinal disc device into an intervertebral space: A system for replacing a natural nuclear disc in an intervertebral space has a spinal device configured for placement in the intervertebral space. An insertion tool is configured for holding the spinal device while the spinal device is inserted into the intervertebral space. A gripping member of the insertion tool... Agent:

20120203349 - Prosthetic material for replacing at least one portion of the radial glenoid of a radius: The prosthetic material for replacing at least one portion of the radial glenoid of a radius includes a prosthetic structure (1′) with a plate (2) extended by an endpiece (3) and a set of screws (4) for fastening the plate (2) on the receiving bone material (R). The plate (2)... Agent: D.l.p.

20120203350 - Knee joint endoprosthesis: In accordance with the invention a knee joint endoprosthesis comprises a femoral component and a meniscal component mounted for movement relative to and on said femoral component. Said femoral component comprises a medial and a lateral condyle having a medial and a lateral condylar surface. Said meniscal component comprises a... Agent: Aesculap Ag

20120203351 - Extended life prosthetic hip joint: A prosthetic hard-on-hard orthopaedic hip joint comprising a femoral head with a diameter of approximately 40 mm and a dimpled surface, an acetabular cup with a diameter such that the diametric clearance is less than or equal to 50 μm, a sphericity less than 10% of the diametric clearance, a... Agent:

20120203352 - Minimally invasive total hip replacement: A femoral implant for total hip replacement includes a cage screw, a femoral head and a base plate provided between the cage screw and the femoral head, to minimize the stress transferred from the femoral head to the bone. The femoral implant may optionally include devices for lateral fixation (for... Agent:

20120203353 - Apparatus and methods for treatment of arthrosis or osteoarthritis in a joint of a mammal or human patient: A proposed treatment of arthrosis/osteoarthritis in a joint of a mammal or human patient involves deposing a liquid material on at least one damaged surface of the joint. To accomplish this, a reservoir (110) is provided, which holds a volume of a biocompatible material in liquid form outside of a... Agent: Milux Holdings Sa

20120203354 - Soft tissue attachment mechanism: A prosthesis humeral implant has a stem including a coupling element at a proximal end thereof and a head having a coupling element at a distal portion thereof for coupling to the stem portion coupling element. The head has a bearing surface portion for articulating on a prosthetic glenoid and... Agent: Howmedica Osteonics Corp.

20120203355 - Devices and methods for tissue engineering: A resorbable tissue scaffold fabricated from bioactive glass fiber forms a rigid three-dimensional porous matrix having a bioactive composition. Porosity in the form of interconnected pore space is provided by the space between the bioactive glass fiber in the porous matrix. Strength of the bioresorbable matrix is provided by bioactive... Agent: Bio2 Technologies, Inc.

20120203356 - Calcium sulfate composite particles including aggregated calcium sulfate nanoparticles and method of use for bone augmentation: Calcium sulfate composite particles for bone augmentation are disclosed. The composite particles are composed of aggregated calcium sulfate nanoparticles of a diameter from about 50 to about 800 nm, which include a mixture of calcium sulfate dihydrate and calcium sulfate hemihydrate. The composite particles have a diameter from about 200... Agent:

20120203357 - Urethral anastomosis device: Provided is a device for urethral anastomosis, for example, following prostatectomy. The device has a flexible slender shaft including a flexible outer sleeve and a flexible inner sleeve inside a lumen of the outer sleeve. A bladder anchoring system anchors the distal end of the inner sleeve inside a urinary... Agent: I.b.i Israel Biomedical Innovations Ltd.

20120203358 - Mesofluidic controlled robotic or prosthetic finger: A mesofluidic powered robotic and/or prosthetic finger joint includes a first finger section having at least one mesofluidic actuator in fluid communication with a first actuator, a second mesofluidic actuator in fluid communication with a second actuator and a second prosthetic finger section pivotally connected to the first finger section... Agent:

20120203359 - Passive ankle prosthesis with energy return simulating that of a natural ankle: Disclosed are passive lower limb prosthetic devices comprising at least a two degree of freedom mechanism and a network of compression springs.... Agent: Marquette University

08/02/2012 > 40 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories.

20120197378 - Balloon catheter with integrated stop feature for precise stent placement, for ostial, renal and other locations: Systems and methods for delivering a medical device to a vessel within a mammalian body are provided. The medical device may have a tubular body with an interior and an exterior surface. A delivery device may include a balloon assembly having one or more balloons, with a proximal and portion... Agent:

20120197379 - Delivery systems and methods of implantation for prosthetic heart valves: A delivery system with sequential release mechanism and method of delivering and deploying an implantable stented device into a body lumen including a tabular body, a plurality of activation members extending from the distal end of the tubular body, and a plurality of disks. Each disk includes a proximal and... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20120197380 - Medical devices and related methods: This disclosure relates to medical devices and related methods. In some embodiments, the methods include applying a material to the balloon and then removing the material from one or more regions of the balloon.... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120197381 - Stent-graft with proximal and distal attachment, delivery catheter and methods of making same: A metallic or pseudometallic covered stent in which the stent component and the cover component are each fabricated of biocompatible metallic or pseudometallic materials, in which the cover and the stent are joined by at least one juncture at each of a proximal and distal end of the stent and... Agent: Advanced Bio Prosthetic Surfaces, Ltd., A Wholly Owned Subsidiary Of Palmaz Scientific, Inc.

20120197376 - Vascular delivery system and method: A delivery device and method for deploying a stent-graft within a body lumen of a patient are provided. According to one embodiment, the delivery device includes a tubular member lock that couples an outer tubular member of the device with an inner tubular member, such that as the outer tubular... Agent: Aga Medical Corporation

20120197377 - Wire with compliant sheath: An apparatus for deployment and retrieval of a self-expanding intravascular stent includes an intravascular delivery wire and one or more rings of compliant material fixedly mounted over at least a portion of the intravascular delivery wire. The distal portion of the intravascular delivery wire can be stepped, having a smaller... Agent: Micrus Endovascular Corporation

20120197382 - Endoluminal prosthesis comprising a valve replacement and at least one fenestration: An endoluminal prosthesis comprises a graft having a tubular body comprising proximal and distal ends, and a valve replacement disposed between the proximal and distal ends of the graft. At least one stent is coupled to the graft and has a contracted delivery state and an expanded state for maintaining... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20120197383 - Thoracic stent graft with guide arrangement: A stent graft (1) has at least one fenestration (13) or low profile side arm (34). A guide assembly (17) surrounds the fenestration or low profile side arm. The guide assembly has a continuous wall extending laterally away from the outer surface of the stent graft. The continuous wall is... Agent:

20120197384 - Implantable and lumen-supporting stents and related methods of manufacture and use: An implantable medical stent system, including a radially expandable stent including a filamental structure in a pattern surrounding a bore to form a substantially tubular wall along a length relative to a longitudinal axis; wherein the filamental structure includes at least one actuate crown with a crown peak having a... Agent:

20120197385 - Stent: Provided is a stent wherein the water-swellable polymer fine particles applied thereto rarely peel off even when the stent is deformed or when the water-swellable polymer fine particles are swollen. A stent wherein a plurality of water-swellable polymer fine particles are chemically fixed on the stent surface in a dispersed... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20120197386 - Stent-valves for valve replacement and associated methods and systems for surgery: Stent-valves (e.g., single-stent-valves and double-stent-valves), associated methods and systems for their delivery via minimally-invasive surgery, and guide-wire compatible closure devices for sealing access orifices are provided.... Agent: Symetis Sa

20120197387 - Stent with internal force and fabrication method thereof: A stent includes: a main body unit including a plurality of through holes and configured to have a net-like shape; and a coating unit filling the through holes of the main body unit and configured as a layer on the main body unit, wherein the main body unit has force... Agent: Korea Institute Of Science And Technology

20120197388 - Coaptation enhancement implant, system, and method: Implants, implant systems, and methods for treatment of mitral valve regurgitation and other valve diseases generally include a coaptation assist body which remains within the blood flow path as the leaflets of the valve move, the valve bodies often being relatively thin, elongate (along the blood flow path), and/or conformable... Agent:

20120197389 - Device and method for modifying the shape of a body organ: An intravascular support device includes a support or reshaper wire, a proximal anchor and a distal anchor. The support wire engages a vessel wall to change the shape of tissue adjacent the vessel in which the intravascular support is placed. The anchors and support wire are designed such that the... Agent:

20120197390 - Blunt ended stent for prosthetic heart valve: A collapsible prosthetic heart valve includes a stent and a valve assembly. The stent has a proximal end and a distal end and includes a plurality of struts. The struts have free ends configured to inhibit tissue penetration. The valve assembly, including a plurality of leaflets, is disposed within the... Agent: St. Jude Medical, Cardiology Division, Inc., D/b/a St. Jude Medical Cardiovascular Division

20120197391 - Leaflet suturing to commissure points for prosthetic heart valve: A collapsible prosthetic heart valve includes a collapsible and expandable stent and a collapsible and expandable valve assembly. The stent has a proximal end and a distal end. A plurality of commissure points is disposed on the stent. The valve assembly is disposed within the stent and includes a plurality... Agent: St. Jude Medical, Cardiology Division, Inc. D/b/a St. Jude Medical Cardiovascular Division

20120197392 - Adjustable annuloplasty ring with subcutaneous activation port: Annuloplasty rings are employed to treat heart valve defects, such as regurgitation. Synching the heart tissue to the ring restores the valve opening to its approximate original size and operating efficiency. Adjustable annuloplasty rings allow for a proper degree of synching both during open heart surgery and over the patient's... Agent: Micardia Corporation

20120197393 - Silicone artificial breast prosthesis which minimizes stress concentration, and production method therefor: The present invention relates to an artificial breast prosthesis which minimizes stress concentration and to a production method therefor, and more specifically relates to an artificial breast prosthesis which has excellent mechanical properties, superior tactile texture, and excellent safety and efficacy as a breast prosthesis, and also relates to a... Agent:

20120197394 - Auditory ossicle prosthesis with stabiliser element: An auditory ossicle prosthesis (10) with a sound transmitting prosthesis body (13) has first and second coupling elements (11, 12) provided at opposite ends. A stabiliser element (14) fixes the prosthesis on a level with the plane of the tympanic membrane and stabilizes the position of the prosthesis in the... Agent:

20120197395 - Hybrid solid-flexible passing pin and anterior cruciate ligament repair using the pin: A unitary hybrid solid-flexible wire pin with a leading portion composed of a solid, substantially rigid member and a trailing portion composed of a flexible component, the leading portion having a free first end and a second end, the trailing portion having a free first end and a second end,... Agent:

20120197396 - Hybrid solid-flexible passing pin and anterior cruciate ligament repair using the pin: A unitary hybrid solid-flexible wire pin with a leading portion composed of a solid, substantially rigid member and a trailing portion composed of a flexible component, the leading portion having a free first end and a second end, the trailing portion having a free first end and a second end,... Agent:

20120197397 - Structural/biological implant system: A structural/biological implant and method of use. The implant being utilized as a single or multiple staged system that is designed to encourage new alveolar bone growth with or without the need to obtain autologous bone. The implant has an apical portion that is fastened into existing bone, with the... Agent: University Of Connecticut

20120197399 - Intervertebral fustion device utilizing multiple mobile uniaxial and bidirectional screw interface plates: A system and method includes a housing dimensioned to be situated between adjacent spinal bones, such as adjacent vertebrae. Screws are provided in one embodiment and are dimensioned or configured to lock against each other to retain the screws and, consequently, the cover in place. Another embodiment illustrates a plurality... Agent: X-spine Systems, Inc.

20120197398 - Vertebral implant end cap: An implant and method for insertion between adjacent vertebral members. The implant comprises an implant body with a base section having a plurality of base extensions, and an end cap adapted for selective axial positioning at a selected point on the base section. The end cap comprises locking, variable slot... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20120197400 - Artificial cervical vertebrae composite joint: An artificial cervical vertebrae composite joint is composed of two upper and lower fixing members disposed vertically symmetrically, a cervical vertebrae body member, and two connection members, the cervical vertebrae body member being connected between the fixing members through the connection members. The fixing members each have an L shape... Agent:

20120197406 - Anterior prosthetic spinal disc replacement: The present invention relates generally to a prosthetic spinal disc for replacing a damaged disc between two vertebrae of a spine. The present invention also relates to a method for implanting a prosthetic spinal disc via anterior or anterior lateral implantation. Other surgical approaches for implanting the prosthetic disc may... Agent:

20120197403 - Expandable medical implant: An implant with an adjustable height for spacing apart skeletal structures. The implant includes a base with a hollow interior. Collars include threaded inner surfaces and are positioned within the hollow interior of the base and are rotatable relative to the base. Threaded posts extend outward from the base and... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic. Inc.

20120197401 - Interbody spinal implants with modular add-on devices: An implant assembly for a spinal column includes at least an interbody element and an add-on element that is removably attachable to the add-on element to form an implant assembly. At least a portion of the add-on element is positionable in a space between vertebrae along with the interbody element... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20120197405 - Intervertebral implant: An intervertebral implant and related methods of use are provided for treatment of spaces between two vertebrae. The implant can comprise a first member and a second member that are configured for engagement in a stacked configuration. The first member and second member can be inserted separately so that the... Agent: Interventional Spine, Inc.

20120197404 - Intervertebral implant having extendable bone fixation members: An intervertebral implant is configured to be fixed in an intervertebral space defined by a first vertebral body and a second vertebral body. The intervertebral implant includes an implant body sized to be inserted into an intervertebral space, and a fixation assembly carried by the implant body. The fixation assembly... Agent:

20120197402 - Intervertebral implant with rotating member: An implant for spacing apart skeletal structures. The implant includes a base, a rotatable member, and a connector. The base extends around at least a portion of the member, and the member is pivotally connected to the base by the connector. The member includes a first pair of opposing sides... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc

20120197407 - Highly lubricating sliding member and artifical joint using same: Disclosed are: a sliding member which is capable of maintaining wear resistance over a long period of time; an artificial joint member in which the polymer base is reduced in thickness; and an artificial joint which exhibits high lubricating properties in the body, biocompatibility and resistance to dislocation. Specifically disclosed... Agent: Japan Medical Materials Corporation

20120197408 - Joint arthroplasty devices: A mobile bearing implant includes a first component. The first component includes a bone facing surface for engaging one of a substantially uncut articular cartilage surface and a substantially uncut subchondral bone surface. The bone facing surface substantially matches the one of the articular cartilage surface and the subchondral bone... Agent: Conformis, Inc.

20120197409 - Constrained knee prosthesis: A tibial insert includes a base and a post extending from the base along a longitudinal axis. The post has a medial surface, a lateral surface, and a height along the longitudinal axis. The medial surface has a medial section, and the lateral surface has a lateral section oriented substantially... Agent: Smith & Nephew, Inc.

20120197410 - System and methods for patellar tendon advancement in quadrupeds: Various methods and apparatus for cranially advancing the tuberosity and patellar tendon of a quadruped are disclosed. The patellar tendon can be advanced directly or indirectly by performing an osteotomy on the tuberosity, and subsequently advancing the tuberosity cranially to an advanced position. Implants are further disclosed for maintaining the... Agent:

20120197411 - Knee joint device and method: A medical device for implantation in a knee joint of a human patient is provided. The medical device comprises: an inner surface and an outer surface. The inner surface comprises: a first point, a second point, a third point, a fourth point, a fifth point, and a sixth point, all... Agent: Milux Holding Sa

20120197412 - Acetabular cup with high retention capacity: An acetabular cup includes an articular insert (1) having a substantially semi-spherical articular cavity (1c), and a spherical head (2) engaged in the articular cavity (1c). A retaining device (10a) opposes the axial release (4) of the spherical head (2) from the articular cavity (1c) of the articular insert (1).... Agent:

20120197413 - Biocompatible and low-abrasion member, and artificial joint using the same and method of producing the same: The object of the present invention is to provide a sliding member, a prosthesis and a method of producing the sliding member, which can suppress production of abrasive wear debris by suppressing friction of the sliding section, and also can maintain satisfactory mechanical characteristics in vivo. A sliding member comprising:... Agent:

20120197414 - Nerve graft: A nerve graft includes a carbon nanotube structure, a hydrophilic layer, and a nerve network. The hydrophilic layer having a polar surface is located on a surface of the carbon nanotube structure. The nerve network positioned on the polar surface of the hydrophilic layer includes a number of neurons connecting... Agent: Tsinghua University

20120197415 - Gripping fabric coated with a bioresorbable impenetrable layer: The present invention relates to a prosthetic fabric (5) comprising an arrangement (2) of yarns that define at least first and second opposite faces (2a, 2b) for said fabric, said fabric comprising on at least said first face, one or more barbs (3) that protrude outwards relative to said first... Agent: Sofradim Production

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