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Prosthesis (i.e., artificial body members), parts thereof, or aids and accessories therefor April category listing, related patent applications 04/12

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04/26/2012 > 40 patent applications in 28 patent subcategories.

20120101560 - Retractable flow maintaining stent wire: The present invention is a self-expanding stent delivered to the affected site within the human body with a guide wire and hand-manipulable control apparatus. The stent is capable of full expansion only along a pre-determined length of its body with the remainder of the overall length tapering (in substantially conical... Agent:

20120101561 - Stent delivery catheter with rapid exchange capabilities: A stent delivery system having rapid exchange capabilities for delivering a self-expandable stent. The system includes a delivery catheter and a sheath positionable in the lumen of the delivery catheter. The delivery catheter includes an elongate shaft extending distally from a hub assembly. The elongate shaft includes a lumen extending... Agent: Stryker Corporation

20120101563 - Delivery system for branched stent graft: A delivery system for a branched stent graft comprises a double-layer sheath (3, 13) containing the stent graft and a towing and releasing mechanism which tows and releases the stent graft from the double-layer sheath (3, 13). After being bound, a stent main body (8) and a stent branch (11)... Agent:

20120101562 - Stent delivery system: Stent delivery systems and methods for making and using stent delivery systems are disclosed. An example stent delivery system may include an inner member. A sheath may be disposed about the inner member. The sheath may include a compressible coil. A stent may be disposed between the inner member and... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120101564 - Stents with attached looped ends: An open frame prosthesis is formed with looped end terminations at its proximal and distal ends. At one end of the prosthesis, the filaments or strands are welded together in pairs to form strand couplings. A plurality of loop segments are connected to the strand couplings, one loop segment for... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120101565 - Bioabsorbable stent having radiopacity:

20120101567 - Percutaneously implantable flap stent, device for applying the same and method for producing the flap stent: A valve stent includes a plurality of crown elements arranged coaxially one behind the other, each formed by several u-shaped bends with at least one base and two ends. The bases of one crown element are connected to the ends of another crown element via connection bars. To produce this... Agent:

20120101566 - Stent having improved stent design: A stent is provided having a base body circumscribing a cylindrical shape and radially expandable from a contracted starting position into a dilated support position, including a plurality of meander-shaped struts disposed in the circumferential direction and arrayed on one another in the axial direction, each strut being meander-shaped in... Agent: Biotronik Vi Patent Ag

20120101568 - Device for regulating blood: An implantable device for regulating blood flow through a blood vessel comprising an elongated support dimensioned and configured to be implanted in a blood vessel. The support includes a linking member linking axially spaced apart portions to one another. A valve membrane extends between the axially spaced apart support portions... Agent: Deep Vein Medical, Inc.

20120101569 - Devices and methods for loading a prosthesis onto a delivery system: In an embodiment, a device for loading a prosthesis onto a delivery system comprises a cap and a reducing member. The cap has a piston member that seats a prosthesis. The piston member has at least one side wall configured to contact a portion of the side of the prosthesis... Agent:

20120101570 - Methods for implanting a valve prothesis: A method for implanting a valve prosthesis at a native cardiac valve complex of a subject comprises implanting a distal fixation member of the valve prosthesis downstream of a native valve of the native valve complex such that two or more engagement arms of the distal fixation member apply, to... Agent: Medtronic Ventor Technologies Ltd.

20120101571 - Heart valve prosthesis and method: A heart valve prosthesis (100) comprises a housing component (110) and a valve component (130). The housing component (110) comprises a housing body (111) having a housing passage (112) extending therethrough. The housing body (111) is configured to be located in, or adjacent to and communicating with, a native valve... Agent: Percutaneous Cardiovascular Solutions Pty Limited

20120101572 - Mitral bioprosthesis with low ventricular profile: A heart valve prosthesis configured for placement at a mitral valve in the heart is disclosed that includes a stent-like support structure for supporting a prosthetic mitral valve. The support structure is configured to have a low ventricular profile with only a short length thereof protruding into the left ventricle... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20120101573 - Mechanical heart valve apparatus: A mechanical heart valve apparatus includes a loop-shaped frame defining a valve opening and formed with a pair of transverse slot units and a pair of longitudinal slots; and a pair of valve plates mounted on the loop-shaped frame. Each of the valve plates includes a pair of first studs... Agent: National Taiwan Ocean University

20120101575 - Apparatus and methods for nipple and breast formation: Apparatus and methods for nipple and breast formation are described where devices precondition or expand a target nipple tissue to reduce the pressure exerted by the skin on an eventual implant. Generally, the apparatus comprises a mold having a contact surface which is curved in conformance with a breast upon... Agent: Tautona Group Research And Development Company, L.L.C.

20120101574 - Implantable materials: A textured breast implant is provided which generally includes a fluid fillable elastomeric shell having a texture defined by struts, for example, hollow struts, defining interconnected open cells. Methods of making the texture include applying a silicone dispersion to a base material and removing the base material from the coating... Agent: Allergan, Inc.

20120101576 - Expandable orthopedic implant system and method: An orthopedic implant includes a first member that defines a longitudinal axis, a first wall and a second wall. The first wall defines at least a portion of a chamber. The second wall defines a first graft containment cavity. The chamber is separate from the first graft containment cavity. A... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic

20120101577 - Activatable devices containing a chemonucleolysis agent: Effective devices and methods using a chemonucleolysis agent are provided for treating an intervertebral disc or treating spinal arachnoiditis. The devices and methods comprise a chemonucleolysis agent to degrade or to shrink at least a portion of the intervertebral disc. In some embodiments, the methods and devices are configured to... Agent: Kyphon Sarl

20120101578 - Devices containing a chemonucleolysis agent and methods for treating an intervertebral disc or spinal arachnoiditis: Effective devices and methods using a chemonucleolysis agent are provided for treating an intervertebral disc or treating spinal arachnoiditis. The devices and methods comprise a chemonucleolysis agent to degrade or to shrink at least a portion of the intervertebral disc. In some embodiments, the methods and devices are configured to... Agent: Kyphon Sarl

20120101582 - Implants and methods for spinal fusion: An implant is provided for performing spinal fusion. The implant includes an implant body having a leading side and a trailing side at opposing ends along a longitudinal axis. Between the leading side and trailing side are an upper surface, a lower surface, an anterior side, and a posterior side.... Agent: Nuvasive, Inc.

20120101580 - Intervertebral implant: An intervertebral implant includes a three-dimensional body and a securing plate. The three-dimensional body includes a front surface and a rear surface. The three-dimensional body further includes a plurality of boreholes for accommodating fixation elements. The intervertebral implant also includes a front plate disposed at the front surface of the... Agent:

20120101581 - Intervertebral implant: The intervertebral three-dimensional structure comprises a top side, an underside, a front face, a rear face, and a plurality of boreholes designed to receive affixation elements.... Agent:

20120101579 - Prosthetic intervertebral disc with movable core: An intervertebral disc for a prosthetic intervertebral disc system for insertion from a posterior of the spine includes first and second end plates sized and shaped to fit within an intervertebral space, each end plate having a vertebral contacting surface and an inner surface, a first bearing surface on an... Agent: Spinalmotion, Inc.

20120101583 - Set of reconstruction of a fractured shoulder joint: A set of reconstruction includes an element of reconstruction (1) having a base part (11) and an upper part (10) connected to the base part (11) or intended to be connected to this base part (11); the base part (11) includes elements (12, 25, 26) for its mounting on the... Agent: Fx Solutions

20120101584 - Patellar implant with variable weights for knee repair surgery: The present disclosure relates to a device for repairing a patient patella. The device comprises a patellar trial piece and a patellar implant. The patellar trial piece has selectable variable weights to correct mechanical properties of the patient patella. Such mechanical properties to be corrected include a moment of inertia... Agent:

20120101585 - Motion facilitating tibial components for a knee prosthesis: An orthopaedic tibial prosthesis includes a tibial baseplate sized and shaped to cover substantially all of a resected proximal tibial surface, and a tibial bearing component sized to leave a posteromedial portion of the tibial baseplate exposed when the tibial bearing component is mounted to the baseplate. The exposed posteromedial... Agent: Zimmer, Inc.

20120101586 - High flexion articular insert: A knee prosthesis is provided that allows for increased flexion. The knee prosthesis includes (a) a femoral component adapted to fit on a distal end of the femur which includes a lateral condylar structure and a medial condylar structure and (b) an intermediate structure configured to cooperate with a femoral... Agent: Smith & Nephew, Inc.

20120101587 - Knee joint device and method: A medical device for implantation in a knee joint of a human patient is provided. The medical device comprises: an inner surface and an outer surface. The inner surface comprises: a first point, a second point, a third point, a fourth point, a fifth point, and a sixth point, all... Agent: Milux Holding Sa

20120101588 - Hip joint device and method: A medical device for implantation in a hip joint of a human patient is provided. The natural hip joint having a ball shaped caput femur as the proximal part of the femoral bone with a convex hip joint surface towards the centre of the hip joint and a bowl shaped... Agent: Milux Holding Sa

20120101590 - Ceramic ball socket insert having inverse-conical guide pins: A hip joint prosthesis having a socket insert and a hip socket, a conical guide pin being situated on the pole of the socket insert and a guide bore being situated at the base of the hip socket and the guide pin being located in the guide bore in the... Agent:

20120101591 - Stem with pressfit porous element: An implant assembly comprises a stem and an augment. The augment includes a porous outer region which is integrally formed onto a solid inner region. The augment further includes, solid posts integrally formed on the solid inner region and extend through the porous outer region to the outer surface of... Agent: Howmedica Osteonics Corp.

20120101592 - Pyrolytic carbon implants with porous fixation component and methods of making the same: An orthopedic implant including an articulation portion having a pyrolytic carbon bearing surface and a porous bone on- or in-growth structure, and methods of making the same.... Agent: Zimmer, Inc.

20120101593 - Implantable polymer for bone and vascular lesions: A solidifying implant composition of a polymer mixed with a bioabsorbable solvent. A method of treating a patient, by implanting the solidifying implant composition into bone, and solidifying the implant composition. A method of improving bone structure in patients by applying the solidifying implant composition to bone, shoring up bone... Agent: Bios2 Medical, Inc.

20120101589 - Prosthetic devices coated with heated cross-linked fibrin: The present invention relates to methods of coating prosthetic devices with dried fibrin. Particularly, the present invention relates to methods of coating the surface of prosthetic devices with fibrin and drying the fibrin-coated prosthetic devices at moderately-high temperatures for extended periods of time under low atmospheric pressure to obtain prosthetic... Agent: Hadasit Medical Research Services And Development Ltd.

20120101594 - Endoscopic implantable device and method for the apposition of the stomach walls for reducing the stomach internal volume in a weight loss surgery procedure: The present invention is referred to an endoscopic implantable device for the apposition of the stomach walls for reducing the stomach internal volume, comprising a cylindrical elongated body comprising two hinged halves, each of which having a plurality of suction nozzles and a set of aligned grabbing teeth. Said suction... Agent:

20120101595 - Communication interface for sensory stimulation: Techniques, apparatuses, and systems for interfacing multiple sensors with a biological system can include amplifying signals from respective sensors associated with an external device; modulating the amplified signals based on respective different frequency values; and summing the modulated signals to produce an output signal to stimulate a biological system.... Agent: Arizona Board Of Regents For And On Behalf Of Arizona State University

20120101596 - Method for setting up a control and technical orthopedic device: The invention relates to a method for setting up a control, and to a control for a technical orthopedic device, and a technical orthopedic device as such. Actuations of the technical orthopedic device (1) are provided by means of an output device (2, 3), biomettric signals are received by sensors... Agent: Otto Bock Healthcare Products Gmbh

20120101597 - Adjustable socket system: An adjustable socket system is configured to accommodate a residual limb. The adjustable socket system has first and second opposed sides and includes a rigid first component arranged along the first side of the socket. An adjustable second component has a plurality of interconnected vertebrae elements connected to the first... Agent:

20120101598 - Dynamic support apparatus and system: A dynamic support apparatus having a frame, a dynamic interface, a temperature control mechanism, and a control system. The dynamic interface is capable of changing its geometry and is disposed on the top surface of the frame. The control system is operably connected to the dynamic interface and controls the... Agent: Deka Products Limited Partnership

20120101599 - Momentum free bearing for use in prosthetic and orthotic devices: A momentum free bearing assembly for use in orthotic and prosthetic devices and a prosthetic knee incorporating the same are disclosed. The bearing assembly includes an engaging ring having a swivel portion received within the engaging ring. The engaging ring is received within a bore in a mount. Retainer rings... Agent:

04/19/2012 > 32 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20120095542 - Intraluminal medical device: A multi-sided intraluminal medical device having a self-expanding frame and a pair of guide bars located on opposite ends of the frame and adapted to enable the frame to be retracted for delivery or retrieval from either end is provided. The intraluminal device may further include a partial or full... Agent: Cook Incorporated

20120095543 - Retrievable device having a reticulation portion with staggered struts: A retrievable device for treatment of a stenotic lesion in a body vessel is disclosed. The device comprises a reticulation portion including a plurality of struts connected together in a singly staggered configuration distally along a longitudinal axis. The plurality of struts of the reticulation portion is configured to fold... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20120095541 - Stent for temporary fitting in a body cavity: A stent for positioning in a body lumen having a cylindrical shape extending along a longitudinal axis surrounded by a stent wall which defines a diameter of an axial passage communicating with openings on two opposite ends of the stent. The wall is configured so as to be elastic under... Agent:

20120095544 - Stent movement preventing device: A device for preventing stent movement during delivery including a securement connector arranged to engage a catheter, at least one flexible connecting member, the flexible connecting member having a first end portion and a second end portion, the first end portion coupled to the securement connector, and a locking member... Agent:

20120095545 - Medical stent: A medical stent comprising a coil formed by winding a wire around an axis, an outer layer formed substantially tubular made from a first resin material, provided on an outer peripheral side of said coil and coaxial to said coil, and an inner layer formed substantially tubular made from a... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20120095546 - Marker and stent: A marker formed on a stent which is to be mounted within a human body, the marker being formed without applying gold plating or gold foil onto the stent and allowing the position of the stent in the human body to be confirmed by a recognition means. A marker (A,... Agent:

20120095547 - Modular grafting system and method: A system and method for treating and repairing complex anatomy characterized by a plurality of vessel portions oriented at various angles relative to each other. The system including a graft device that is capable of being assembled in situ and has associated therewith a method that avoids the cessation of... Agent: Endovascular Technologies, Inc.

20120095548 - Medical implant including a magnesium-based tie layer: A medical implant includes a metallic base, a tie layer, and at least a first layer overlying an outer surface of the tie layer. The tie layer is bonded to at least a portion of a surface of the metallic base. The tie layer includes magnesium or a magnesium-based alloy.... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120095549 - Prosethetic haert valves, scaffolding structures, and systems and methods for implantation of same: Prosthetic valves and their component parts are described, as are prosthetic valve delivery devices and methods for their use. The prosthetic valves are particularly adapted for use in percutaneous aortic valve replacement procedures. The delivery devices are particularly adapted for use in minimally invasive surgical procedures.... Agent:

20120095551 - Method for implanting a cardiovascular valve: A method is provided for implanting a valve having at least one valve leaflet within the cardiovascular system of a subject. One step of the method includes preparing a substantially dehydrated bioprosthetic valve and then providing an expandable support member having oppositely disposed first and second ends and a main... Agent: The Cleveland Clinic Foundation

20120095550 - Reinforced commissural support structure: A device and method for controlling commissural tip deflection of a prosthetic valve, thereby both preventing failure due to repeated movement and/or uneven loading of the commissural points and also improving coaptation of the valve leaflets, including connecting reinforcing material between the commissural points so a spring-like span is created... Agent: Heart Leaflet Technologies, Inc.

20120095552 - Heart valve repair apparatus and methods: Valve repair apparatus and methods for ensuring proper coaptation and operation of the leaflets of a heart valve. Main aspects of the disclosure relate to devices including a support member configured for attachment to the heart valve annulus, a post extending from the support member away from the plane of... Agent: Cardiac Valve Technologies LLC

20120095553 - Cornea implant: Annular cornea implant for inserting into a cornea pocket of the human eye via a narrow, tunnel-shaped access, with the end shape of the cornea implant depending on the shortsightedness or astigmatism to be corrected. To enable the cornea implant to be implanted in the cornea pocket in a simple... Agent:

20120095554 - Compressed haptics: An injectable intraocular implant including an optics portion and a resilient, flexible haptics portion mounted coaxially with the optics portion and a method for inserting the implant into the eye.... Agent: Visioncare Ophthalmic Technologies Inc.

20120095555 - Medical implant, thin film thereon, and method for manufacturing the same: A thin film of a medical implant includes a surface, a plurality of walls and a plurality of paths. The walls are disposed on the surface, and formed to shapes of arc. The paths are disposed on the surface, wherein each of the paths is located among the walls. The... Agent: Metal Industries Research&development Centre

20120095556 - Apparatus and method for reconstructing a ligament: A system for use in reconstructing a ligament is provided. The system includes a graft ligament support block for supporting a graft ligament in a bone tunnel. The support block includes a body, a graft hole extending through the body transverse to a longitudinal axis and configured to receive a... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20120095557 - Dermal micro-organs, methods and apparatuses for producing and using the same: Embodiments of the present invention provide Dermal Micro-organs (DMOs), methods and apparatuses for producing the same. Some embodiments of the invention provide a DMO including a plurality of dermal components, which substantially retain the micro-architecture and three dimensional structure of the dermal tissue from which they are derived, having dimensions... Agent:

20120095558 - Synthetic bone grafts constructed from carbon foam materials: A porous, self-sustaining body useful as a scaffold for bone grafting is provided. The scaffold comprises a carbonaceous matrix comprising a continuous phase having a surface and defining a plurality of open spaces throughout the matrix. The internal and external surfaces of the matrix are coated with a layer or... Agent: Cibor, Inc.

20120095559 - Intervertebral spinal implant, installation device and system: Improved interbody spinal implant devices and related instrumentation used for surgical installation of such implant devices for use in spinal fusion surgeries. The spinal implant devices are configured with apertures preferably used in conjunction with the instrumentation of the invention to improve the retention of bone graft material within the... Agent:

20120095560 - Systems for and methods of fusing a sacroiliac joint: One implementation of the present disclosure may take the form of a sacroiliac joint fusion system including a joint implant, an anchor element and a delivery tool. The join implant includes a distal end, a proximal end, a body extending between the proximal and distal ends, and a first bore... Agent: Jcbd, LLC

20120095562 - Artificial disc: An artificial intervertebral disc includes an upper joint (3) and a lower joint (7) configured according to the corresponding upper and lower positions, and which includes a removable fixing structure which makes a permanent connection between the upper joint (3) and the lower joint (7).... Agent: Beijing Naton Technology Group Co., Ltd.

20120095561 - Intervertebral implant: A method for fixation of an intervertebral implant includes the steps of: a) applying a spreading force to a first and second adjacent vertebral bodies; b) removing the intervertebral disc between the adjacent first and second vertebral bodies; c) inserting a shaft of the bone anchors into the vertebral bodies,... Agent: Synthes Usa, LLC

20120095563 - Anterior cruciate ligament substituting knee implants: The present disclosure provides knee prostheses that replicate at least a portion of the function of an individual patient's anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). An exemplary knee prosthesis includes a femoral component configured to be implanted on the distal end of the patient's femur and a tibial component configured to be... Agent: Zimmer, Inc.

20120095564 - Knee prosthesis: A knee prosthesis having a femoral component with two condyles, an opening disposed between the two condyles, and a tibial component having bearing surfaces to engage and support each of the femoral component condyles. Moving the femoral and tibial components in flexion from about 0° to about 165° causes medial... Agent: Aesculap Implant Systems, LLC

20120095565 - Method and apparatus for wrist arthroplasty: A method of implanting a prosthesis relative to a carpal complex of a wrist is provided. The method can include providing a carpal implant having a body including an ulnar flange and a radial flange, and locating a bone abutment surface of the ulnar flange against a triquetrum of the... Agent: Biomet Manufacturing Corp.

20120095568 - Hip prosthesis: The present invention relates to a hip prosthesis (1) comprising a femoral stem (20) that can be inserted within the medullar channel of a patient femur, the medial side (21) of said femoral stem (20) having, in the proximal portion (40), the shape of an arc, said femoral stem (20)... Agent:

20120095569 - Prosthetic joint assembly and joint member therefor: A prosthetic joint member includes: a generally concave cup with an outer surface that is bone-implantable, the cup including a first indexing feature; a concave insert disposed inside the cup, the insert comprising a rigid material and including a concave interior defining a nominal surface, the interior including a cantilevered... Agent:

20120095566 - Flexible ureteral stent: In one embodiment, a medical device includes an elongated member having a sidewall defining a lumen. The lumen extends through the member and defines a center line which extends through a center of the lumen in a direction longitudinal to the member. The sidewall defines a plurality of slots. Each... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120095567 - Outer tube for stent repositioning and deployment: A drainage stent delivery system including a stent, a guide catheter, a push catheter, and an outer sheath. The guide catheter extends through the lumen of the stent and the push catheter is disposed over a portion of the guide catheter proximal of the distal end of the stent. The... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120095570 - Skin-like prosthesis cover having substantially permanently attached and releasably attached portions: A prosthesis cover for protecting and cosmetically enhancing a prosthetic device. The prosthesis cover includes a flexible stocking portion overlapping with a flexible tubular portion. The flexible tubular portion is configured to be substantially permanently attached to the prosthetic device and to at least partially cover an outer surface of... Agent: Daw Industries, Inc.

20120095571 - Suspension liner system with distensible seal: A suspension liner is adapted to provide an interface between a residual limb and a prosthetic socket. The liner includes an elongate, generally conical body portion, and a volume control pad located along the body portion. The volume control pad is arranged to distend outwardly from the body portion. A... Agent:

20120095572 - Adaptive sports ankle joint prosthesis: An ankle joint prosthesis comprised of a central core element capable of attachment to an artificial leg, coupled to two side elements capable for attachment to an artificial foot. The medial and lateral side elements envelop the central core lower region along a common central axis, and are coupled together... Agent:

04/12/2012 > 23 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20120089216 - Method and apparatus for allowing blood flow through an occluded vessel: A device arranged to sustain and/or provide at least partial patency of a small blood vessel exhibiting an occlusion, the device constituted of a tubular body expandable from a first small diameter state for manipulation to, and through, the occlusion of the small blood vessel and a second large diameter... Agent: Perflow Medical Ltd.

20120089218 - Hydrogel jacketed stents: Hydrogel jacketed stents provide the ability to fill in the stent frame in vivo to at least partially cover the interior of the surface of the stent following deployment while having the convenience of attaching the jacket to the exterior of the stent. The hydrogel can be pleated and/or folder... Agent:

20120089217 - Medical implant, in particular a stent, for implantation in an animal body and/or human body: d

20120089219 - Stent having increased visibility in the x-ray image: A stent comprising a tubular base body having a lumen along a longitudinal axis. The base body has a plurality of circumferential support structures and one or more connectors. Two successive circumferential support structures are connected to one another via at least one connector. The stent is characterized in that... Agent: Biotronik Ag

20120089220 - Microcatheter: An endolumenal for delivering and positioning an endolumenal expandable prosthesis for a bifurcation is provided. The endolumenal device includes a guidewire tracking device and an elongated body that has a central longitudinal axis and an expansion device configured to expand symmetrically relative to the central longitudinal axis. The guidewire tracking... Agent: E.v.r. Endovascular Researches S.a.

20120089221 - Bioabsorbable stent with layers having different degradation rates: A bioabsorbable stent and method of forming the same including a stent scaffolding formed from polymer layers with different degradation rates is disclosed. The polymer layers include an abluminal layer, a luminal layer, and optionally one or more middle layers. A degradation rate of the layers increases from the luminal... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

20120089222 - Photo-activated attachment of cholesterol to polyurethane surfaces for adhesion of endothelial cells: A polymer is provided according to structure (I) wherein Y is a thiol-reactive group selected from one or more of the following moieties and Z is an ionogenic group selected from one or more of the following moieties. The surface of a polymeric substrate is modified by contacting the surface... Agent: The Children's Hospital Of Philadelphia

20120089223 - Bar-less commissure attachment for prosthetic valve: An implantable prosthetic valve, according to one embodiment, comprises a radially collapsible and expandable frame and a leaflet structure supported within the frame. The leaflet structure can comprise a plurality of leaflets paired together at commissures. In one embodiment, the commissures can comprise leaflet tabs rolled into spirals around non-rigid... Agent: Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

20120089224 - Methods and apparatus for endovascularly replacing a patient's heart valve: The present invention provides methods and apparatus for endovascularly replacing a patient's heart valve. The apparatus includes a replacement valve and an anchor having an expandable braid. In some embodiments, the expandable braid is fabricated from a single strand of wire. In some embodiments, the expandable braid comprises at least... Agent: Sadra Medical, Inc.

20120089225 - High efficiency blood pump: A high efficiency blood pump includes a pump housing, wherein the pump housing provides an inlet and outlet. The pump includes a motor housing, wherein the motor housing contains a motor. An impeller is housed in the pump housing, wherein the impeller is radially supported by a hydrodynamic bearing providing... Agent: Everheart Systems LLC

20120089226 - Implantable one-piece heart prosthesis: Implantable one-piece heart prosthesis. According to the invention, the prosthesis comprises a main hydraulic actuator (13t) arranged between the artificial ventricles (2 and 8) and designed to actuate, with desired flow rates, one (8) of said artificial ventricles, and also an auxiliary hydraulic actuator (7t) designed to correct the diastolic... Agent: Carmat

20120089227 - Hollow highly-expandable prosthetic vertebral body: An expandable vertebral prosthesis for replacement of a vertebral body includes opposed end plates that are respectively adapted to abut two other vertebral bodies for fastening engagement therewith and a hollow expandable body interconnecting the end plates. The end plates each define a central opening which extends therethrough for receiving... Agent:

20120089230 - Intervertebral disc prosthesis with transversally arched, curved cylindrical articulation surfaces for the lumbar and cervical spine: An intervertebral disc prosthesis for the total replacement of a intervertebral disc within the lumbar and cervical spine is disclosed. The intervertebral disc prosthesis comprises articulating sliding partners and at least one sliding surface that is between two sliding partners. Two part designs are described in which only a dorsoventral-... Agent:

20120089231 - Intervertebral implant and tool for placing same: The invention relates to an intervertebral implant (1) designed to be placed in an intervertebral space by 90° pivoting and without preliminary spacing of the vertebrae, that comprises two bearing surfaces (7a, 7b) adapted for interacting with the lower or upper portions of the vertebral bodies on the one hand,... Agent: Creaspine

20120089228 - Lordotic expandable interbody implant and method: The present disclosure relates to an intervertebral implant that can be surgically introduced between adjacent vertebral bodies and adjusted or expanded in situ to occupy an optimal or desired space between the vertebral bodies. The implant is preferably inserted into the evacuated disc space obliquely and then oriented so as... Agent:

20120089229 - Method and apparatus for intervertebral disc support and repair: An intervertebral disc device is provided to support or repair one or both of the disc annulus and the disc nucleus. The intervertebral disc device includes an annulus support and an elongated member to support the disc nucleus. The disc annulus support has an elongated wire and an annulus closure.... Agent: Lanx, Inc.

20120089232 - Medical devices with galvanic particulates: Implantable medical devices having galvanic particulates are disclosed. The particulates may be coated onto at least part of a surface of the medical device. In addition, the galvanic particulates may be contained in the material used to manufacture the antimicrobial medical devices, or may be embedded into the surface of... Agent:

20120089233 - Glenoid implant: A cup intended to interact with a prosthetic humeral head has a generally circular shape and positioning and anchoring devices for embedding the cup in an anatomical glenoid cavity in such a way that a load-bearing and sliding surface of the cup is integrated into the continuity of the anatomical... Agent: Aston Medical Developments Limited

20120089234 - Knee joint prosthesis: A knee joint endoprosthesis is provided with a simplified construction. The knee joint endoprosthesis consists of a femur component and a tibia component which comprise cooperating joint surfaces that are in contact with one another. A rotation guide arrangement is provided for forcing the femur component and the tibia component... Agent: Aesculap Ag

20120089235 - Implant components and methods: Systems, devices, and methods are provided for orthopedic implants. The implants may include a base member, such as an acetabular shell or an augment, that is configured to couple with an augment, flange cup, mounting member, or any other suitable orthopedic attachment. Mounting members include, for example, flanges, blades, hooks,... Agent: Smith & Nephew, Inc.

20120089236 - Anti-reflux devices and methods for treating gastro-esophageal reflux disease (gerd): Devices, systems, and methods for treating gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD) include anti-reflux valves and retainers for securing them within the lumen of the esophagus, stomach, or a hiatal hernia. The retainers contain inflatable balloons, some of which may be enveloped by a flexible shell that is used to secure the... Agent: E2 LLC

20120089237 - Composite and its use: The present invention relates to a composite comprising a structural part, a porous part, and at least two interconnecting parts arranged at a distance from each other and extending from the structural part to the porous part, thus connecting them to each other. The implant is characterised in that each... Agent:

20120089238 - Integrated organ and tissue printing methods, system and apparatus: A method of making an organ or tissue comprises: (a) providing a first dispenser containing a structural support polymer and a second dispenser containing a live cell-containing composition; (b) depositing a layer on said support from said first and second dispenser, said layer comprising a structural support polymer and said... Agent:

04/05/2012 > 34 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20120083869 - Delivery system for a prosthesis: The invention provides a delivery system for a prosthesis, said delivery system comprising a catheter shaft with a distal end, a proximal end and a longitudinal axis, a space for a prosthesis with a distal end and a proximal end, the space being at the distal end of the catheter... Agent: C. R. Bard, Inc.

20120083868 - Methods and apparatuses for flow restoration and implanting members in the human body: A medical device for blood flow restoration and/or for use as an implantable member in a human vessel includes a self-expanding member, a guidewire, and a connection mechanism. The self-expanding member includes a plurality of cells and filaments having specific ranges of thicknesses, widths, and heights. The self-expanding member can... Agent: Micro Therapeutics, Inc

20120083870 - System and method of pivoted stent deployment: The invention provides a stent-graft system comprising a graft member and a stent having a connection end interconnected with the graft member and a free end opposed thereto. A belt retaining structure is provided at the stent free end. A belt is releasably retained in the belt retaining structure and... Agent: Trivascular, Inc.

20120083872 - Device and method for tacking plaque to a blood vessel wall: A tack device for holding plaque against blood vessel walls in treating atherosclerotic occlusive disease can be formed as a thin, annular band of durable, flexible material. The tack device may also have a plurality of barbs or anchoring points on its outer annular periphery. The annular band can have... Agent:

20120083871 - Soft crowns: Soft crowns are provided for use in a medical device. Soft crowns may reduce the incidence of tissue perforations as a medical device engages a luminal wall. In certain embodiments, a soft crown may include a first strut and a second strut interconnected by an end portion. The end portion... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20120083873 - Expandable medical device with ductile hinges: An expandable tissue supporting device employs ductile hinges at selected points. When expansion forces are applied to the device as a whole, the ductile hinges concentrate expansion stresses and strains in small well defined areas. The expandable medical device including ductile hinges provides the advantages of low expansion force requirements,... Agent: Innovational Holdings LLC

20120083875 - Assembly and method for loading a self-expanding collapsible heart valve: An assembly for collapsing a prosthetic heart valve includes a compression member and a pusher member. The compression member has a first open end with a first diameter, a second open end with a second diameter less than the first diameter, and a tapered wall between the first open end... Agent:

20120083874 - Device for collapsing and loading a heart valve into a minimally invasive delivery system: A device is provided for collapsing a stented bioprosthetic valve, including first section and second sections, each spanning between first and second ends of the device. The second section of the device is associated with the first section to at least partially enclose an internal cavity formed by the first... Agent: St. Jude Medical, Inc.

20120083877 - Expandable sheath for introducing an endovascular delivery device into a body: Embodiments of an expandable sheath can be used in conjunction with a catheter assembly to introduce a prosthetic device, such as a heart valve, into a patient. Such embodiments can minimize trauma to the vessel by allowing for temporary expansion of a portion of the introducer sheath to accommodate the... Agent:

20120083876 - Preparation methods for transcatheter heart valve delivery systems: A delivery device for a collapsible prosthetic heart valve includes a support shaft around which a compartment is defined, an inner shaft extending through the support shaft and adapted to slide relative to the support shaft along a longitudinal axis thereof, the inner shaft having a lumen therethrough, and a... Agent:

20120083878 - Prosthetic valve for transluminal delivery: A prosthetic valve assembly for use in replacing a deficient native valve comprises a replacement valve supported on an expandable valve support. If desired, one or more anchors may be used. The valve support, which entirely supports the valve annulus, valve leaflets, and valve commissure points, is configured to be... Agent: Medtronic Corevalve LLC

20120083879 - Prosthetic cardiac valve from pericardium material and methods of making same: A prosthetic stented heart valve which includes a compressible and expandable stent structure having first and second opposite ends, an expanded outer periphery, and a compressed outer periphery that is at least slightly smaller than the expanded outer periphery when subjected to an external radial force. The valve further includes... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20120083880 - Intra-annular mounting frame for aortic valve repair: The present disclosure provides an intra-annular mounting frame that is roughly elliptical in shape and has outward flaring posts, which provides improved results in the repair of defective aortic valves. Also disclosed are surgical methods for implanting the elliptical intra-annular mounting frame.... Agent: Biostable Science & Engineering, Inc.

20120083882 - Spinal implant structure and method for manufacturing the same: A spinal implant structure includes a hollow cylinder and a biodegradable polymer membrane. The hollow cylinder is implanted in a bone damaged part of human vertebra. The biodegradable polymer membrane is formed to a part of a surface of the hollow cylinder. Thus, the biodegradable polymer membrane blocks invasion of... Agent: Metal Industries Research&development Centre

20120083881 - Stand-alone anterior fusion device: Disclosed herein is a stand-alone anterior fusion device that is positioned in the space between adjacent vertebrae to be fused. The device comprises an annular cage having a thickness defined by an outer surface and an inner surface. The inner surface is defined by a cavity adapted to receive graft... Agent:

20120083883 - System and method for sacro-iliac stabilization: Configurations are described for conducting minimally invasive medical interventions utilizing elongate instruments and assemblies thereof to stabilize and/or fixate a sacro-iliac joint. In one embodiment, a tool assembly may be advanced from a posterior approach into the SI junction and configured to create a defect defined at least in part... Agent:

20120083890 - Anterior impacted bone graft and driver instruments: Instrument and implants are disclosed which provide for insertion of an implant into an intervertebral disc space from multiple approaches to the spine. Specifically, as a preferred aspect of the invention the implant includes a tapered portion and the implant may be inserted from multiple approaches to the spine with... Agent:

20120083891 - Cervical intervertebral prosthesis: A spinal implant includes two connection plates dimensioned for connection to adjacent vertebral bodies and a hinge core. The hinge core together with one connection plate forms a hinge between a generally spherical hinge extending from the one connection plate into an opening of a generally spherical depression in the... Agent: Cervitech, Inc.

20120083886 - Disc implant: A problem with total disc implant surgery appears to be the positioning of the implant which if not correct may lead to pain and eventually new surgery. The present invention relates to an improved disc implant (1) for total disc replacement, comprising two inter-vertebral elements (2) which are flexibly connected... Agent: Fbc Device Aps

20120083888 - Disc prosthesis having remote flexion/extension center of rotation: An intervertebral disc prosthesis comprises a first endplate, a second endplate, and a bearing surface positioned between the first endplate and the second endplate. The bearing surface may be provided by a mobile bearing disc including a convex bearing surface configured to engage the first endplate and a concave bearing... Agent: Depuy Spine, Inc.

20120083887 - Intervertebral device and methods of use: A minimally invasive intervertebral implant includes a circuitous body defining a luminal axis extending longitudinally therethrough. The circuitous body includes proximal and distal ends oppositely disposed along a lateral axis of the circuitous body. Each of the proximal and distal ends includes an aperture disposed therethrough such that the circuitous... Agent: Alphatec Spine, Inc.

20120083889 - Intervertebral device and methods of use: An intervertebral device comprises a plurality of struts that are rotatably associated with each adjacent strut to form a modifiable inner volume V for bone graft containment.... Agent: Alphatec Spine, Inc.

20120083885 - Method of inserting surgical implant with guiding rail: A prosthetic intervertebral spacer is disclosed. The spacer preferably includes a body and an interface extending away from the body for use during implantation of the spacer. Methods of implanting the spacer and tools used during such procedure are also disclosed.... Agent: Stryker Spine

20120083884 - Surgical implant with guiding rail: A prosthetic intervertebral spacer is disclosed. The spacer preferably includes a body and an interface extending away from the body for use during implantation of the spacer. Methods of implanting the spacer and tools used during such procedure are also disclosed.... Agent: Stryker Spine

20120083892 - Modular radial head prostheses: According to various embodiments, provided is a prosthesis system for replacement of a head portion of a proximal radius. The system can include a first polymeric articulation component having a first locking portion and a metal head component having a second locking portion. The second locking portion can mate with... Agent: Biomet Manufacturing Corp.

20120083893 - Knee arthroplasty prosthesis and method: A knee arthroplasty prosthesis includes a femoral component having multiple pieces with engagement means provided for engaging various pieces of the femoral component to one another following their insertion in the incised area of the femur. A tibial component includes multiple pieces designed for assembly following positioning in the incision.... Agent: Zimmer, Inc.

20120083894 - Femoral component of a knee prosthesis having an angled cement pocket: An implantable orthopaedic knee prosthesis includes a femoral component that is configured to be coupled to a surgically-prepared distal femur. The femoral component has an articular side that includes a posterior femoral condyle surface. A fixation side is opposite the articular side, and it includes a posterior fixation surface that... Agent:

20120083895 - Implant components and methods: Systems, devices, and methods are provided for orthopedic implants. The implants may include a base member, such as an acetabular shell or an augment, that is configured to couple with an augment, flange cup, mounting member, or any other suitable orthopedic attachment. A mounting member may be used to attach... Agent: Smith & Nephew, Inc.

20120083896 - Prosthetic ball-and-socket joint: A prosthetic joint includes: (a) first member having a balanced centroidal axis, and comprising a rigid material and a concave interior defining a cup surface, the cup surface including: (i) a cantilevered first flange defining a wear-resistant protruding first contact rim, the first flange being asymmetric relative to the balanced... Agent:

20120083898 - Prosthesis component with antimicrobially coated sliding surface: In a prosthesis component of a joint endoprosthesis, the prosthesis component comprises a sliding surface that is designed to form a sliding joint with a counter sliding surface of another prosthesis component. The sliding surface may be formed by a sliding surface coating deposited on the body of the prosthesis... Agent: Deru Gmbh

20120083899 - Ureteral stent: A ureteral stent is designed to be placed within a patient's ureter to facilitate drainage from the patient's kidneys to the bladder. An elongated portion of the stent includes a length sufficient to extend substantially within the ureter from the kidney to the bladder, and the elongated portion defines a... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120083897 - Radiation and radiochemically sterilized fiber-reinforced, composite urinogenital stents: A radiation and radiochemically sterilized, multi-component, fiber-reinforced composite, absorbable/disintegratable urinogenital stent, such as an endoureteral stent, with radiomodulated residence time in the biological site of 1 to 10 weeks depending on the high energy radiation dose used for sterilization.... Agent: Poly-med, Inc.

20120083900 - Multi-layer tissue systems and methods: Embodiments of the present invention encompass anti-adhesion wound dressings including patches made from amnion tissue obtained from human birth tissue. Exemplary amnion patches can be fabricated by folding a section of amnion over on itself with the epithelial layer on the outside of the folded patch and the fibroblast layer... Agent: Allosource

20120083901 - Prosthetic and orthotic devices and methods and systems for controlling the same: Prosthetic and/or orthotic devices (PODS), control systems for PODS and methods for controlling PODS are provided. As part of the control system, an inference layer collects data regarding a vertical and horizontal displacement of the POD, as well as an angle of the POD with respect to gravity during a... Agent: Ossur Hf

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