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Prosthesis (i.e., artificial body members), parts thereof, or aids and accessories therefor March listing by industry category 03/12

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03/29/2012 > 43 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20120078342 - Positioning catheters using impedance measurement: The invention relates to a method for determining the position of a catheter in a blood vessel relative to a change in the vascular cross section, comprising the steps: providing a catheter that includes at least two electrodes which can be brought into electrically conductive contact with the surrounding blood... Agent: Biotronik Se & Co. Kg

20120078340 - Stent positioning and deployment assembly and method for treating a side-branch vessel: A stent positioning and deployment assembly for a constricted branched vessel is provided which includes a guide wire, a stent, a first inflatable balloon disposed within the stent and being separable from the stent, and a second inflatable balloon located proximate the first balloon. The first and second balloons each... Agent:

20120078341 - Stent with support braces: A stent includes expandable rings formed from a plurality of interconnected struts. A plurality of bridges couple adjacent rings together. The bridges are connected to adjacent rings at first and second connection points, and a first brace element is disposed therebetween. The first connection point is circumferentially offset relative to... Agent: Veniti, Inc.

20120078343 - Method and apparatus for the endoluminal delivery of intravascular devices: A dual-balloon delivery catheter system includes a carrier segment that is a lead/carrier balloon or mandrel at a distal portion of a catheter. The carrier segment is sequentially arrayed with a more proximally positioned delivery segment, wherein the delivery segment is a delivery balloon or mandrel. The first carrier segment... Agent: Vela Biosystems LLC

20120078345 - Longitudinally flexible expandable stent: Segmented articulatable stent of open structure comprised of end-connected struts of first and second lengths making up first and second segments with angular interconnects between adjacent first and second segments.... Agent:

20120078346 - Longitudinally flexible expandable stent: Segmented articulatable stent of open structure comprised of end-connected struts of first and second lengths making up first and second segments with angular interconnects between adjacent first and second segments.... Agent:

20120078344 - Stent with support braces: A stent includes expandable rings formed from a plurality of interconnected struts. A plurality of bridges couple adjacent rings together. The bridges are connected to adjacent rings at first and second connection points, and a first brace element is disposed therebetween. The first connection point is circumferentially offset relative to... Agent: Veniti, Inc.

20120078347 - Stent features for collapsible prosthetic heart valves: A prosthetic heart valve includes a stent having an expanded condition and a collapsed condition. The stent includes a plurality of distal cells, a plurality of proximal cells, a plurality of support struts coupling the proximal cells to the distal cells, and at least one support post connected to a... Agent: St. Jude Medical, Inc.

20120078348 - Apparatus and methods for delivering at least one therapeutic agent: The present invention provides apparatus and methods for treating tissue by delivering at least one therapeutic agent to the tissue. In one embodiment, the apparatus comprises first and second membranes (30,32) in sealing engagement with strut segments (25,26) of at least one stent. A first membrane pocket is disposed between... Agent:

20120078349 - Coated implant composed of a biocorrodible magnesium alloy: e

20120078354 - Apparatus for replacing a cardiac valve: A prosthetic heart valve in combination with a delivery assembly that includes a first elongate component that is movably disposed to a second elongate component. The delivery assembly has a temporary valve location relative to the delivery assembly to which the prosthetic heart valve can be releasably mounted in position... Agent:

20120078351 - Delivery system for collapsible heart valve: A delivery system for delivering a collapsible prosthetic heart valve includes a valve support structure for supporting a collapsible prosthetic heart valve, and a distal sheath movable in a longitudinal direction relative to the valve support structure between a first position in which the distal sheath is adapted to surround... Agent: St. Jude Medical, Inc.

20120078355 - Deployment techniques for annuloplasty ring and over-wire rotation tool: Apparatus is provided for use with a subject, including an implant comprising a sleeve shaped so as to define a lumen therein, the sleeve having first and second portions. A contracting mechanism is coupled to a portion of an outer surface of the sleeve in a vicinity of the first... Agent:

20120078353 - Replacement heart valves, delivery devices and methods: A replacement heart valve and method of treating valve insufficiency includes an expandable frame configured to engage a native valve annulus. A valve body is coupled to the frame. The valve body can include a leaflet portion and possibly a skirt portion. A portion of the frame has a foreshortening... Agent: Cardiaq Valve Technologies, Inc.

20120078350 - Retainers for transcatheter heart valve delivery systems: A delivery device for an implantable medical device having at least one retention member at an end thereof includes a shaft extending in a longitudinal direction, an elongated sheath surrounding a longitudinal portion of the shaft, a compartment defined inside of the sheath and adapted to receive the medical device... Agent: St. Jude Medical, Inc.

20120078352 - Staged deployment devices and methods for transcatheter heart valve delivery systems: A delivery device for a collapsible heart valve includes an operating handle, including a frame defining a movement space therein, a carriage assembly moveable within the movement space, and a first resheathing lock having a locked position and an unlocked position. The delivery device further includes a catheter assembly, including... Agent: St. Jude Medical, Inc.

20120078356 - Percutaneously deliverable heart or blood vessel valve with frame having abluminally situated tissue membrane: A prosthetic valve implantable by catheter without surgery includes a frame with an abluminal surface extending between a proximal end of the frame and a distal end of the frame, and a single layer of a biocompatible membrane material mounted to the abluminal surface of the frame. The single layer... Agent: Colibri Heart Valve LLC

20120078357 - Prosthetic heart valve frame with flexible commissures: A prosthetic heart valve can include a valve frame having a wireform portion and a stent portion. The wireform and stent portions can be undetachably coupled together via a plurality of upright struts so as to form a one-piece prosthetic heart valve frame. Alternatively, a self-expanding wireform portion and a... Agent: Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

20120078358 - Devices and methods for heart valve treatment: Devices and methods for treating heart valves include members that assist the valve in closing during at least a portion of the cardiac cycle. Such devices include members configured to alter the shape of a valve annulus, reposition at least one papillary muscle, and/or plug an orifice of the valve... Agent: Edwards Lifesciences LLC

20120078359 - Adjustable annuloplasty ring support: A support for an adjustable annuloplasty ring generally includes a body and a groove. The body has a first end, a second end and an outer surface. The body may also include an inner surface defining a longitudinal bore. The outer surface is configured to slidably receive an annuloplasty ring... Agent: St. Jude Medical, Inc.

20120078360 - Prosthetic devices, systems and methods for replacing heart valves: Exemplary embodiments provide a valve prosthesis for deployment at an annulus of a heart valve. The valve prosthesis includes a series of connected loops that form a looped structure for placement in the annulus. The loops include a first set of fastening mechanisms that extends radially outward over the annular... Agent:

20120078361 - Accommodating intraocular lenses and methods of use: Fluid-driven accommodating intraocular lenses comprising deformable optic portions.... Agent: Powervision, Inc.

20120078362 - Drug eluting ocular implant: Disclosed herein are drug delivery devices and methods for the treatment of ocular disorders requiring targeted and controlled administration of a drug to an interior portion of the eye for reduction or prevention of symptoms of the disorder. The devices are capable of controlled release of one or more drugs... Agent: Dose Medical Corporation

20120078363 - Accommodating intraocular lens: An accommodating intraocular lens includes an adjustable optic, wherein the optic is capable of being moved between an accommodated state and an unaccommodated state. The optic includes an anterior portion, a posterior portion, and a sidewall between the anterior portion and the posterior portion. The lens further includes a ring... Agent:

20120078364 - Accommodating intraocular lens: An Accommodating Intraocular Lens (AIOL) is disclosed herein, that is comprised of a flexible optic and a flexible haptic rim that conforms to the human eye capsule. The spherical or custom shape of the optic is engineered to be maintained during accommodation through the mechanical/optic design of the implant and... Agent:

20120078365 - Method for reconstruction and augmentation of the breast: The invention provides a method for manufacturing a breast prosthesis, which method comprises the determination of existing contours of a breast of an individual in an upright position using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or ultrasound (US), the planning of a moulage or virtual moulage using a computer-assisted modeling software, with... Agent:

20120078366 - Tissue expanders and methods of use: Tissue expanders and their methods of use.... Agent:

20120078367 - Columellar strut for nasal tip support: Novel bioabsorbable, columellar strut implants are disclosed. The struts are useful in rhinoplasty and nasal reconstruction surgical procedures. The devices have opposed lateral sides connected to a spine member to form a tissue-receiving channel.... Agent:

20120078368 - Device for variable-length fixing of the actuator end piece of an active hearing implant in the middle ear: A device for adjusting and fixing relative position between an actuator end piece of an active hearing implant and an element of the ossicular chain or a coupling part to the human inner ear has a connecting element with a first coupling element for coupling to the actuator end piece,... Agent:

20120078369 - Method of anchoring autologous or artificial tendon grafts in bone: An anchor assembly for autologous or artificial tendon grafts comprises an insertion element and a stabilizing element. The insertion element has a stem and a head containing an aperture large enough to receive a graft. The stabilizing element is adapted to be embedded in bone, and comprises a sleeve with... Agent: Depuy Mitek, Inc.

20120078371 - Fusion cage with in-line single piece fixation: Methods for securing a intervertebral cage to one or more levels of the spine with fixation. The fixation, which is typically a staple, is intended to be driven perpendicular to the proximal face of the cage and in-line with the inserter. After the cage is placed and positioned according to... Agent:

20120078372 - Novel implant inserter having a laterally-extending dovetail engagement feature: A spinal implant inserter having a) an outer sleeve having a bore, and b) a forked inner shaft having a proximal rod and a pair of distal tynes extending therefrom, each distal tyne comprising an engagement feature having a laterally-extending dovetail feature. An assembly comprising the implant inserter and an... Agent:

20120078370 - Spinal implants: Disclosed are improved spinal implants that are configured to help prevent post-operative migration of the implant. In some embodiments, the implant system includes multi-axial tooth geometry and other geometrical configurations such as but not limited to peripheral curvatures that aid in the prevention of such post-operative migration. Also disclosed are... Agent:

20120078374 - Spinal midline indicator: A spinal midline indicator (10) has a body (14) of radiolucent material for insertion between adjacent vertebrae (18, 20) and a radiographic marker (12) located centrally with the body to indicate the position of the spinal midline (22) in anterior-posterior images when the body is centrally located between the vertebrae.... Agent: Spinalmotion, Inc.

20120078373 - Stand alone intervertebral fusion device: An angled fixation device, such as an angled screw. This angled fixation device may be used by the surgeon to secure a spacer to a spinal disc space. The proximal end portion of the angled fixation device is driven perpendicular to the anterior wall of the spacer, and so is... Agent:

20120078375 - Variable prosthesis: The present teachings are directed to a shoulder prosthesis having an adjustable radial offset and/or angular inclination provided by relative rotation of an adapter interdisposed between a stem and a head. In one example, a prosthesis has a stem having a first longitudinal axis. The prosthesis can also include an... Agent: Biomet Manufacturing Corp.

20120078376 - Method and apparatus for wrist arthroplasty: A method of implanting a distal radial wrist implant relative to a host radius while salvaging at least portions of fractured radial bone can include, determining a size of a host radius. A distal radial component can be selected based on the determination. The distal radial component can have a... Agent: Biomet Manufacturing Corp.

20120078377 - Systems, devices and methods for providing therapy to an anatomical structure using high frequency pressure waves and/or cryogenic temperatures: A system, device and method for dilating an anatomical structure. Systems, devices and methods may comprise a therapeutic component configured to treat a paranasal sinus. Specific embodiments may use high frequency pressure waves and/or cryogenic temperatures.... Agent: Entrigue Surgical, Inc.

20120078379 - Cellular control and tissue regeneration systems and methods: A system for in-vivo and ex-vivo tissue regeneration and cellular control, manipulation and management includes a source of cell manipulating factors, which are administered to a therapy zone via active pressure-differential components including a pump and a controller, or pulse-waves generated passively. A plate comprising tissue or an inert, bio-compatible... Agent:

20120078378 - Placental tissue grafts and improved methods of preparing and using the same: Described herein are tissue grafts derived from the placenta. The grafts are composed of at least one layer of amnion tissue where the epithelium layer has been substantially removed in order to expose the basement layer to host cells. By removing the epithelium layer, cells from the host can more... Agent:

20120078380 - Actuator assembly for prosthetic or orthotic joint: A system and method associated with the movement of a limb. In one example, the system, such as a prosthetic or orthotic system, includes an actuator that actively controls, or adjusts, the angle between a foot unit and a lower limb member. The actuator preferably selectively locks during a desired... Agent: Ossur Hf

20120078381 - Human-machine interface based on task-specific temporal postural synergies: A synergy-based human-machine interface that uses low-dimensional command signals to control a high dimensional virtual, robotic or paralyzed human hand is provided. Temporal postural synergies are extracted from angular velocities of finger joints of five healthy subjects when they perform hand movements that are similar to activities of daily living.... Agent: University Of Pittsburgh - Of The Commonwealth System Of Higher Education

20120078382 - Amputation bone cap: A muscle fastening cap includes a head having one or more groups of openings along a direction of its axial length. The cap also may include a stem adapted for insertion into a muscle-supporting structure such as an intramedullary canal or a prosthesis device.... Agent:

03/22/2012 > 29 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20120071960 - Artificial blood vessel and artificial blood vessel system: An artificial blood vessel includes a flexible tube and a structure provided at one end portion of the tube and capable of being deformed to a first outside diameter and a second outside diameter greater than the first outside diameter, wherein the tube is provided with a lock part which... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20120071963 - Expandable medical device for delivery of beneficial agent: An expandable medical device having a plurality of elongated struts, the plurality of elongated struts being joined together to form a substantially cylindrical device which is expandable from a cylinder having a first diameter to a cylinder having a second diameter, and the plurality of struts each having a strut... Agent: Innovational Holdings LLC

20120071962 - Intravascular stent: Stents are provided with scaffold structures which have low exposures when implanted in arteries and other blood vessels and lumens. The cross-sectional dimensions, materials, and patterns are controlled to provide sufficient strength and coverage while maintaining the low exposure.... Agent: Elixir Medical Corporation

20120071964 - Medical implant and method for producing medical implant: The invention relates to a medical implant, particularly a stent, having a wall (11) braided out of multiple wires (10a, 10b) said wall extending along a longitudinal axis L and curving around the longitudinal axis L at least in sections, wherein in each case at least two wire ends (12)... Agent: Acandis Gmbh & Co., Kg.

20120071961 - Stent with hollow drug-eluting elements: A stent includes a plurality of cylindrical elements joined along a common longitudinal axis to form a tube. The cylindrical elements include struts joined by crowns. Hollow, drug-eluting elements are disposed between adjacent cylindrical elements and connect adjacent cylindrical elements to each other. A therapeutic substance fills the lumen of... Agent: Medtronic Vascular, Inc.

20120071965 - Implantable graft connector: A connector for fluidically connecting a graft to a patient's natural vessel to enable fluid to flow through the graft into the vessel. The connector comprises a main conduit having opposing ends each configured to be implanted in the vessel; and a branch conduit having a first end integral with... Agent:

20120071966 - Drug-releasing stent with ceramic-containing layer: A vascular or endoluminal stent is adapted to be implanted in a vessel, duct or tract of a human body to maintain an open lumen. The stent includes a base layer of a biologically compatible metal. An intermediate metal particle layer of substantial greater radiopacity overlies the base layer, with... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120071967 - One-step phosphorylcholine-linked polymer coating and drug loading of stent: A one step method for drug coating an interventional device is disclosed by mixing a drug with a phosphorylcholine-linked methacrylate polymer in a liquid and applying the mixture to an interventional device, such as a stent, in a single step.... Agent:

20120071968 - Robotic heart valve annulus sizer: A heart valve annulus sizer is provided for measuring a valve to be fitted with an annuloplasty ring. The sizer may include a body having a peripheral portion defining an opening, at least one rib disposed within the opening and dividing the opening into at least a first opening and... Agent: St. Jude Medical, Inc.

20120071969 - Valve leaflet attachment in collapsible prosthetic valves: A prosthetic heart valve includes a stent having a collapsed condition and an expanded condition. The stent includes a plurality of cells, each cell being formed by a plurality of struts, and a plurality of commissure features. The heart valve further includes a valve assembly secured to the stent and... Agent: St. Jude Medical, Cardiology Division, Inc.d/b/a St. Jude Medical, Cardiovascular Division

20120071970 - Physiologic tricuspid annuloplasty ring: A prosthetic tricuspid remodeling annuloplasty ring for use in tricuspid valve repairs to provide annular support after reconstructive valve surgery. The ring maintains an optimal annular dimension to prevent excessive dilatation of the natural valve annulus while adapting to the dynamic motion of the tricuspid annulus during the cardiac cycle.... Agent: Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

20120071971 - Artificial eye and method of manufacture: An artificial eye comprises a transparent cup-shaped body member having a substantially concave inner surface and a substantially convex outer surface. The body member includes a pupil portion at the center, a substantially annular iris portion abutting the peripheral edge of the pupil portion for defining a boundary between the... Agent: Mckenzie Sports Products, Inc.

20120071972 - Multiphase eyecare: A novel multiphase optic lens contains an elastic chamber including a fluid or gel to transfer an eye positioning to a lens shape with a refractive power and visual axis matching an eye's targeting. The elasticity of an anterior wall of the elastic chamber is higher than that of the... Agent:

20120071973 - Three layer breast prosthesis: A breast prosthesis that includes an outer first layer, a middle second layer and an inner third layer. The outer first layer includes a first material that has a first firmness. The first firmness allows for a 20 mm to a 25 mm penetration by a cone penetrometer. The first... Agent: American Breast Care, Lp

20120071974 - Medical device with degradation-retarding coating: The present disclosure relates to implantable bioabsorbable medical devices having an amphiphilic coating for delaying the degradation of the device and methods of making such devices.... Agent: Sofradim Production

20120071975 - Device and method for assisting in flexor tendon repair and rehabilitation: A device and method used to protect at least one end of a severed flexor tendon from contacting the edge of a flexor tendon pulley. The device, in one embodiment, can include a body forming a complete perimeter around at least a portion of a cavity passing through the device.... Agent:

20120071976 - Implantable cross-pin for anterior cruciate ligament repair: A novel cross-pin for use in ACL reconstructive surgical procedures. The cross-pin has an elongated body having a distal tapered end. A guide wire opening in the distal end is in communication with a tunnel contained in the distal end. There is a trough extending into the outer surface of... Agent: Depuy Mitek, Inc.

20120071977 - Apparatus for bone restoration of the spine and methods of use: The subject disclosure is directed to systems, apparatuses, devices and methods for vertebral and spinal correction. In some embodiments, an expandable implant is provided which may be inserted inside the vertebral body and/or between two vertebrae, for instance, for maintenance and/or restoration of a space therein or there between. In... Agent: Vexim

20120071982 - Anatomic spinal implant having anatomic bearing surfaces: The present application is directed to an interbody spinal implant having a structural configuration that provides for maintaining the normal anatomic relationship of two adjacent vertebrae of the spine. The spinal implant is sized to fit within the disc space created by the removal of disc material between two adjacent... Agent:

20120071983 - Bone grafts: Spinal spacers for fusion of a motion segment. A spinal spacer includes a body, which may be formed of a bone composition. The body includes a first end, an opposite second end, a superior face defining a superior vertebral engaging surface and an inferior face defining an inferior vertebral engaging... Agent:

20120071978 - Distractible intervertebral implant: A distractible intervertebral implant configured to be inserted in an insertion direction into an intervertebral space that is defined between a first vertebral body and a second vertebral body is disclosed. The implant may include a first body and a second body. The first body may define an outer surface... Agent:

20120071984 - Method for inserting an artificial implant between two adjacent vertebrae along a coronal plane: A method for inserting an artificial implant between two adjacent vertebrae along a corona plane,... Agent:

20120071981 - Methods and systems for interbody implant and bone graft delivery: A spacer for implantation between adjacent vertebrae is provided. The spacer includes a distal end and a proximal end. The spacer also includes top and bottom surfaces spaced by sides. The top and bottom surface define a height, and the sides define a width. Each of the sides of the... Agent:

20120071979 - Minimally invasive apparatus to manipulate and revitalize spinal column disk: A method and apparatus are provided to manipulate and revitalize a spinal column disc while minimizing or preventing the removal of material comprising the disc. The method allows a device to be inserted in the disc either through a pre-existing rupture or through an opening formed in the front, back,... Agent:

20120071980 - Steerable spine implant and system: Embodiments of the invention being disclosed are directed to a spine implant that allows for in situ adjustment or steering during implantation which allows for precise placement. The structure of the device is composed of a series of hinged link components connected by dowel or shear pins allowing for the... Agent: Alphatec Spine, Inc.

20120071985 - Implant positioning systems and associated methods: A system for securing a prosthesis in a bone includes a reference anchor for insertion into a cavity of a bone to define a reference point during prosthesis implantation, the reference anchor including a body having a mating feature and a gripping projection for engaging an inner surface of the... Agent: Tomier, Inc.

20120071986 - Implant with surface with calcium, and methods for modifying the surface of an implant to provide said surface with calcium: The invention relates to an implant for the human or animal body, which on its outer surface comprises at least one calcium salt that is soluble in a polar liquid. The invention also refers to various methods for the preparation of the preceding implant. The calcium ions contained on the... Agent: Biotechnology Institute, I Mas D, S.l.

20120071987 - Removable and/or retrievable stents and kits: Stents, kits and methods of using the stents are described herein. The stents may include one or more features that assist in removal and/or retrieval of the stent after deployment.... Agent: Mayo Foundation For Medical Education And Research

20120071988 - Tissues patches and related delivery systems and methods: Endoluminally delivered tissue patches and related systems and methods for delivering the tissue patches for treating lesions of the alimentary tract are disclosed. A system for delivering a tissue implant includes a catheter having an expandable member at a distal end portion, a carrier placed around the expandable member, and... Agent: Boston Scientific Schimed, Inc.

03/15/2012 > 26 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20120065718 - Catheter balloon and method for forming same: A catheter balloon and method involves extruded tubing with multiple layers of different durometer values, selected such that the blow up ratio (BUR) at the balloon's inner surface is increased. In one method a two stage blow mold process uses a small radius initial stage where radial growth is limited,... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

20120065719 - Medical device shield and methods for delivering a medical device: Device shields for packaging and protecting medical devices during storage and deployment. A device shield includes a body or housing configured to maintain a medical device and at least a portion of a medical device delivery apparatus within the body or housing, and a limit element having a first constraining... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems, Inc.

20120065720 - System and method for mechanically positioning intravascular implants: An intravascular implant delivery system carries an implant by retaining an engagement member engaging the implant in a position proximal of an aperture at a distal end of the delivery system. The engagement member is retained proximal to the aperture by a cord that obstructs the movement of the engagement... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp, As Successor In Interest To Micro Therapeutics,inc.

20120065721 - Thermoplastic fluoropolymer-coated medical devices: A medical device provided with at least a partial surface coating of a thermoplastic copolymer of tetrafluoroethylene and perfluoroalkylvinylether that is free of cross-linking monomers and curing agents. The fluoropolymer coating is preferably an amorphous thermoplastic, is highly inert and biocompatible, has elastomeric characteristics that provide desirable mechanical properties such... Agent:

20120065722 - Bioabsorbable superficial femoral stent patterns with designed to break links: Bioabsorbable polymeric stent patterns with linking struts between rings that are designed to fail upon deployment of the stent are disclosed.... Agent:

20120065723 - Intravascular hinge stent: A balloon or self expandable endoprosthesis formed of a single or multiple joined stent sections. Each section has a node and strut structure extending throughout in order to uncouple expansion forces of the stent to hold a blood vessel outward from crush forces that resist the formation of an oval... Agent:

20120065724 - Intravascular stent: A stent in a non-expanded state has a first and second expansion column, each consisting of a plurality of expansion strut pairs. An expansion strut pair includes a first expansion strut, a second expansion strut and a joining strut that couples the first and second expansion struts at one end.... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120065725 - Prosthesis for antegrade deployment: An endoluminal tubular prosthesis for use in an open surgical repair comprises a tubular graft having a longitudinal axis, a first tubular section having a plurality of self-expanding stents and extending along the longitudinal axis and a second stent-less tubular section extending from the first tubular section and along the... Agent: Medtronic Vascular, Inc.

20120065726 - Bioerodible endoprostheses and methods of making the same: A bioerodible endoprosthesis erodes by galvanic erosion that can provide, e.g., improved endothelialization and therapeutic effects.... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120065727 - Mechanically attached medical device coatings: The present invention relates to nanofibrous coatings on medical devices such a surgical mesh or stent, wherein the coating is mechanically attached to the device. The principal mechanism for attaching the coating is through causing the fibers to permeate and entangle with the substrate.... Agent: The University Of Akron

20120065728 - Stentless support structure: A stentless support structure capable of being at least partly assembled in situ. The support structure comprises a braided tube that is very flexible and, when elongated, becomes very long and very small in diameter, thereby being capable of placement within a small diameter catheter. The support structure is preferably... Agent: Heart Leaflet Technologies, Inc.

20120065729 - Systems and methods for rapidly deploying surgical heart valves: A quick-connect heart valve prosthesis that can be quickly and easily implanted during a surgical procedure is provided. The heart valve includes a substantially non-expandable, non-compressible prosthetic valve and a plastically-expandable frame, thereby enabling attachment to the annulus without sutures. A small number of guide sutures may be provided for... Agent:

20120065730 - In situ adjustable ossicular implant and instrument for implanting and adjusting an adjustable ossicular implant: A system for adjusting an adjustable ossicular prosthesis including an ossicular implant and an adjusting device is provided. The ossicular implant includes a first fixation element, an elongated member extending from the first fixation element with a plurality of notches, a receiving member receiving a portion of the elongated member,... Agent: Gyrus Ent L.L.C.

20120065732 - Adjustable suture-button construct for knotless stabilization of cranial cruciate deficient ligament stifle: An adjustable, knotless button/loop/needle construct for fixation of cranial cruciate ligament deficient stifle. The adjustable, knotless construct includes two fixation devices (for example, two buttons), at least one flexible, adjustable loop attached to at least one of the fixation devices (e.g., the buttons), and two needles (each needle being attached... Agent:

20120065731 - Systems and methods for intra-operative tension and fixation of zipknot acl fixation: A line lock system may include a line routed through a plate. The plate may have an elongated body with a plurality of passageways. The line is routed to form at least one one-way slide so no knots are required. The system may include filaments routed through the passageways of... Agent: Medicinelodge, Inc. Dba Imds Co-innovation

20120065733 - Inter-vertebral implant having drain cavities therethrough: An inter-vertebral implant having drainage cavities therethrough is disclosed. Drainage of surgical byproducts, spinal fluid and blood, and administration of medicine or cooled saline to the volume between the inter vertebral implant and the spinal cord are enabled during and after surgery.... Agent:

20120065735 - Annulus repair systems and techniques: Systems and methods for repairing annulus defects include at least one blocking member positionable in or adjacent to the annulus defect, at least one attachment portion for securing the blocking member to adjacent tissue, and instruments for placing and engaging the blocking member in and/or adjacent to the annulus defect.... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20120065734 - Intervertebral plate system: Devices and methods are provided for assisting in spinal stabilization. An improved intervertebral plate system is provided that includes an intervertebral spacer, a curvilinear plate, a plurality of bone screws, a curvilinear cover element and a cover screw. The curvilinear plate is configured and arranged to at least inhibit the... Agent: Spinal Usa LLC

20120065736 - Acetabular cup fixation: An acetabular cup system includes an acetabular cup having a wall with an inner surface and an outer surface. The acetabular cup includes a fixation opening through the wall, the fixation opening including a first wall portion adjacent to the inner surface and a second wall portion adjacent to the... Agent: Biomet Manufacturing Corp.

20120065737 - Prosthetic femoral stem for use in high offset hip replacement: A total hip femoral prosthesis provides high lateral offset with a construct including a conventional length neck. The neck is shifted medially to position the head center in a high offset location. The proximal medial portion of the stem is augmented to provide adequate support to the medialized neck. Modular... Agent:

20120065738 - Cortical bone spacers for arthrodesis: A spacer is used in a damaged bone to provide a contact surface that complements the shape of a cooperating bone so a corrective arthrodesis may be performed across the two bones. The spacer further may restore the length and, preferably, the shape of the damaged bone, particularly when a... Agent:

20120065739 - Method of making porous metal articles: In one embodiment, the present invention may be a method of making a porous biocompatible metal article by combining a metal powder with a homogenizing aid to form metal granules, including blending the metal granules and an extractable particulate to form a composite, forming the composite into a green article,... Agent: Praxis Powder Technology, Inc.

20120065740 - Method for connecting nerves via a side-to-side epineurial window using artificial conduits: The disclosure provides methods for repairing nerves and inhibiting atrophy of a muscle via a side-to side neurorraphy using a bridging element between a first epineurial window on a donor nerve and a second epineurial window on a recipient nerve.... Agent:

20120065741 - Guided tissue regeneration membrane: A guided tissue regeneration membrane has a top surface, a bottom surface and a plurality of through holes formed through the top and bottom surfaces. Each of the plurality of through holes has a base opening on the top surface and a tip opening on the bottom surface. The diameter... Agent:

20120065742 - Rotation structure of knee joint of artificial limb: A rotation structure of knee joint of artificial limb includes a rotation head forming a rotation-head bore and having a top surface forming a rotation-head recess. The rotation-head recess has an open notch extending outside the rotation head. An arrest block is received in the rotation-head recess and has an... Agent:

20120065743 - Prosthesis covering: The present invention relates to a covering (10) for a prosthetic hand. The covering (10) comprises a first layer (12) in the form of a glove or mitten configured to cover a prosthetic hand, with the first layer (12) comprising an elastomer. The covering (10) also comprises a second layer... Agent: Touch Emas Limited

03/08/2012 > 42 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20120059448 - Everting deployment system and handle: A stent deployment system, handle, and method of loading of a medical device are provided. The system includes an outer catheter having an inner liner extending past the end of the outer catheter and an inner catheter disposed within the outer catheter. The inner liner is inverted and attached to... Agent:

20120059447 - Stent deployment device: A stent deployment device (1) over which a stent (2) is securable for the purpose of delivery into an operative position in a human body is provided. The device comprises a plurality of elongate wings (16), each of which has a length consistent with the length of a stent to... Agent: Southern Access Technologies (pty) Limited

20120059449 - Delivery device for delivering a stent device: A delivery device (12) for delivering a stent device (3) in a reduced profiled delivery configuration is provided. A distal region (9) of the stent device is axially anchored to an inner catheter (2) by annular rings (5, 6) about the inner catheter. A remaining portion (10) of the stent... Agent: C. R. Bard

20120059450 - Prosthesis delivery systems and methods: Apparatus and method deliver a prosthesis into a hollow body organ or blood vessel. The systems and methods make use of a catheter. A carrier on the distal end of the catheter is sized and configured to carry the prosthesis. A release mechanism and an enclosure mechanism on the distal... Agent:

20120059451 - Method of manufacturing a polymeric stent having reduced recoil: Methods of manufacturing polymeric intraluminal stents, and stents made by such methods, are disclosed. The methods provide for manufacturing polymeric intraluminal stents by inducing molecular orientation in the stents by radial compression thereby providing stents with low recoil post-deployment.... Agent:

20120059452 - Percutaneous endoprosthesis using suprarenal fixation and barbed anchors: An endoprosthetic device for treating abdominal aortic aneurysms using suprarenal fixation. A stent ring is anchored in an area above the renal arties using self-flaring barbs that project during the nitinol expansion process. Sutures extend from the stent ring to an area below the renal arties to a bifurcated trunk... Agent:

20120059453 - Endoprosthesis for controlled contraction and expansion: Endoprosthesis including a plurality of annular elements, each annular element connected to an adjacent annular element at least one connection location, is provided. Each annular element includes an interconnected series of strut members, at least one strut member connected to a first circumferentially adjacent strut member at a first longitudinal... Agent:

20120059454 - Stented prosthetic heart valves: A surgical sutureless valve that is attached to a stent frame for delivery to a location in a patient using percutaneous implantation devices and methods.... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20120059455 - Bioerodible magnesium alloy containing endoprostheses: A bioerodible endoprosthesis includes a bioerodible magnesium alloy. The bioerodible magnesium alloy includes magnesium, between 7 and 8 weight percent aluminum, between 0.4 and 0.8 weight percent zinc, and between 0.05 and 0.8 weight percent manganese.... Agent: Boston Scientific Seimed, Inc.

20120059456 - Modification of stent surfaces to impart functionality: In a yet further aspect, at least one nanoparticle or microparticle is positioned within one or both of the anionic polymer layer and the cationic polymer layer. In a still further aspect, the outermost polymer layer has a surface having fractal characteristics. This abstract is intended as a scanning tool... Agent:

20120059457 - Minimally invasive surgical instrument for delivery of cardiac devices: A minimally invasive surgical instrument for delivering an external basal annuloplasty device to a heart includes a hollow shaft with a telescopically center tube extending from an end of the hollow shaft. The center tube includes a heart gripping member. A plurality of delivery prongs are slidably coupled to the... Agent:

20120059458 - Cardiac valve support structure: Cardiac valve supports and their methods of use.... Agent:

20120059459 - Treating congestive heart failure: This document relates to materials and methods for circulatory bypass of a ventricle in the heart of a mammal. For example, materials and methods for bypassing a permanently or temporarily impaired left ventricle in the heart of a mammal (e.g., a human) are provided.... Agent: Mayo Foundation For Medical Education And Research

20120059460 - Catheter pump: The invention refers to a catheter pump to be positioned in the ascending aorta (11) near the aortic valve (10) of a human being, comprising an elongated sleeve 6 with a drive cable (5) extending through the sleeve and connectable at its proximal end to an external drive source and... Agent: Cardiobridge Gmbh

20120059461 - Intraocular implants and related kits and methods: Devices, methods and kits are described for reducing intraocular pressure. The devices include a support that is implantable within Schlemm's canal and that may restore or maintain at least partial patency of the canal without substantially interfering with transmural or transluminal fluid flow across the canal. The devices utilize the... Agent:

20120059462 - Methods for reducing or preventing transplant rejection in the eye and intraocular implants for use therefor: Methods for reducing or preventing transplant rejection in the eye of an individual are described, comprising: a) performing an ocular transplant procedure; and b) implanting in the eye a bioerodible drug delivery system comprising an immunosuppressive agent and a bioerodible polymer.... Agent: Allergan, Inc.

20120059463 - Methods of obtaining ophthalmic lenses providing the eye with reduced aberrations: The present invention discloses methods of obtaining ophthalmic lens capable of reducing the aberrations of the eye comprising the steps of characterizing at least one corneal surface as a mathematical model, calculating the resulting aberrations of said corneal surface(s) by employing said mathematical model, selecting the optical power of the... Agent: Amo Groningen Bv

20120059464 - Microincision lens: A foldable lens comprises an outer refractive surface portion comprising a first plurality of convexly curved refractive profile regions having positive optical power to converge light energy with refraction toward a focus on the retina. The convexly curved refractive profile regions of the outer region may correspond to at least... Agent: Abbott Medical Optics Inc.

20120059465 - Capsular membrane implants to increase accommodative amplitude: A support is coupled to the lens capsule to increase accommodation. The support may be adjustable, such that patient refraction and accommodation can be adjusted following surgery. The support may comprise rigidity sufficient to decrease radial movement of the intermediate portion of the lens capsule. The support can be placed... Agent: Abbott Medical Optics Inc.

20120059466 - Intraocular lenses with interlenticular opacification resistance: The present invention is directed to an intraocular lens, an intraocular lens system and a method of producing and/or implanting the lens or system in an eye wherein at least one intraocular lens includes a coating that aids in resisting opacification (e.g., posterior capsule opacification (PCO), interlenticular opacification (ILO) or... Agent:

20120059467 - cover having self-anchoring protrusions for use with an implantable medical device: A cover for receiving an implantable medical device includes self-anchoring protrusions that engage tissue of a pocket where the device is implanted to resist movement including rotation and flipping. The implantable medical device is placed into the cover prior to being placed into the pocket so that once in the... Agent:

20120059469 - Double bundle acl repair system: A system for single tunnel, double bundle anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction includes implant constructs and instruments. The implant constructs provide a combination of cortical fixation and bone tunnel aperture fixation. The implant constructs separate a graft into distinct bundles. The instruments are used to prepare shaped bone tunnels to receive... Agent: Medicinelodge, Inc. Dba Imds Co-innovation

20120059468 - Systems and methods for repair of a soft tissue to bone attachment: A strap for repairing the attachment between a bone and a soft tissue according to embodiments of the present invention includes an elongated flexible textile body including, along its longitudinal direction, first and second longitudinal parts, the first longitudinal part including a fixation mechanism, the fixation mechanism configured to mechanically... Agent:

20120059470 - Expandable fusion device and method of installation thereof: The present invention provides an expandable fusion device capable of being installed inside an intervertebral disc space to maintain normal disc spacing and restore spinal stability, thereby facilitating an intervertebral fusion. In one embodiment, the fusion device includes a central ramp, a first endplate, and a second endplate, the central... Agent:

20120059471 - Prosthesis for partial replacement of a vertebral body: A prosthesis for partial replacement of a vertebral body includes upper and lower contact plates that contact upper and lower vertebral bodies and a bridging element to be inserted into a bone cavity that bridges an intermediate vertebral body to be replaced that lies between the upper and lower vertebral... Agent: Cervitech, Inc.

20120059472 - Expandable fusion device and method of installation thereof: The present invention provides an expandable fusion device capable of being installed inside an intervertebral disc space to maintain normal disc spacing and restore spinal stability, thereby facilitating an intervertebral fusion. In one embodiment, the fusion device includes a central ramp, a first endplate, and a second endplate, the central... Agent:

20120059479 - Apparatus and method for performing spinal surgery: An embodiment of an intervertebral prosthetic device for implantation in a spine includes a rigid fixation member and a compressible member. The fixation member is configured to be placed in a cavity of a first vertebral body and against bone of the first vertebral body. The compressible member is configured... Agent: Dynamic Spine, Inc.

20120059473 - Expandable fusion device and method of installation thereof: The present invention provides an expandable fusion device capable of being installed inside an intervertebral disc space to maintain normal disc spacing and restore spinal stability, thereby facilitating an intervertebral fusion. In one embodiment, the fusion device includes a central ramp, a first endplate, and a second endplate, the central... Agent:

20120059474 - Expandable fusion device and method of installation thereof: The present invention provides an expandable fusion device capable of being installed inside an intervertebral disc space to maintain normal disc spacing and restore spinal stability, thereby facilitating an intervertebral fusion. In one embodiment, the fusion device includes a central ramp, a first endplate, and a second endplate, the central... Agent:

20120059475 - Expandable fusion device and method of installation thereof: The present invention provides an expandable fusion device capable of being installed inside an intervertebral disc space to maintain normal disc spacing and restore spinal stability, thereby facilitating an intervertebral fusion. In one embodiment, the fusion device includes a central ramp, a first endplate, and a second endplate, the central... Agent:

20120059478 - Intervertebral prosthetic disc with metallic core: A prosthetic disc for insertion between adjacent vertebrae includes a core having upper and lower curved surfaces and upper and lower plates. At least one of the curved surfaces of the core is metallic, and in some embodiments the entire core is metallic. Each plate has an outer surface which... Agent: Spinalmotion, Inc.

20120059476 - Method and apparatus for spine joint replacement: A prosthesis for the replacement of the cartilaginous structures of a spine motion segment is described. The prosthesis comprises an intervertebral disc prosthesis in combination with a facet joint prosthesis.... Agent:

20120059482 - Methods of distracting tissue layers of the human spine: The present invention relates to methods of separating, supporting or both separating and supporting layers of tissue in the human spine. Such methods generally comprise inserting at least one member between layers of tissue in the human spine and changing the configuration of the member to define a support structure... Agent: Benvenue Medical, Inc.

20120059480 - Percutaneous arthrodesis method and system: A method and system for percutaneous fusion to correct disc compression is presented. The method has several steps, for instance, inserting a percutaneous lumbar interbody implant; positioning guide wires for each facet screw to be implanted; performing facet arthrodesis in preparation for the facet screws; fixating the plurality of facet... Agent: Amendia, Inc.

20120059481 - Spinal fusion cage, method of design, and method of use: A fusion cage of the present invention includes a first housing portion, a second housing portion, and an insert portion adapted to be received therebetween, wherein the geometry of the fusion cage corresponds substantially to the geometry of a void into which the fusion cage is to be inserted. Also... Agent:

20120059477 - Tools and methods for spinal fusion: The present disclosure relates to a spinal fusion impactor tool that includes an attachment means for securing an implant device to the distal end of the tool, a means for adjusting the angle of the distal head relative to the handle to better position the implant for introduction into the... Agent:

20120059483 - Orthopedic interface device and method: An orthopedic joint implant component and implant component surface are disclosed. The implant component can have a resilient or compliant structure to distribute force loads. The implant component surface can be attached by one or more springs or other resilient or compliant elements to the remainder of the implant. Methods... Agent: Stout Medical Group, L.p.

20120059484 - Modular bone implant, tools, and method: Modular bone implants, means of assembly, and their method of use are presented.... Agent: Zimmer Technology, Inc.

20120059485 - Total knee trochlear system: A method of performing a knee replacement procedure in an individual in need thereof. The method comprises preparing the distal end of the individual's femur to receive a femoral component of a knee prosthesis. The preparation includes resecting a proximal surface and a distal surface of a medial and/or lateral... Agent: Advanced Surgical Design & Manufacture Ltd.

20120059486 - Esophageal valve: An esophageal valve comprising a polymeric valve body having an outer support region, at least three valve leaflets, and a main body region extending between the support region and the valve leaflets. The valve has a normally closed configuration in which the valve is closed, an antegrade open configuration in... Agent: Vysera Biomedical Limited

20120059487 - Biomaterials with enhanced properties and devices made therefrom: Biomaterials with enhanced properties such as improved strength, flexibility, durability and reduced thickness are useful in the fabrication of biomedical devices, particularly those subjected to continuous or non-continuous loads where repeated flexibility and long-term durability are required. These enhanced properties can be attributed to elevated levels of elastin, altered collagen... Agent:

20120059488 - Transplantation device: The present invention is intended to provide a transplantation device which can transplant a graft into a layered tissue easily and without damaging the graft or a tissue around the transplantation site. A transplantation device (1) according to the present invention is a device for transplanting a graft to a... Agent: Keio University

03/01/2012 > 32 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20120053670 - Fenestrated intraluminal stent system: An intraluminal prosthesis is provided for strengthening a main lumen and a branch lumen that branches from the main lumen. The intraluminal prosthesis can comprise two tubular grafts. The first tubular graft can have a flexible body with a fenestration. The second tubular graft can have a flexible body that... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies, LLC

20120053669 - Stent delivery device and methods of use thereof: Device for delivering an airway stent to patients and methods of using the stent. The device may comprise a sheath to position the stent in the airway, and a fiber scope or ventilator to assist in delivering the stent. The device may be used to deliver, for example, a tracheal... Agent: E. Benson Hood Laboratories

20120053671 - Proximal release delivery system: A delivery device for proximally releasing an expandable prosthesis and method of use thereof are described. The delivery device comprises an introducer sheath that is capable of distally advancing relative to the endoprosthesis to thereby expose the endoprosthesis from a proximal end thereof. The device is also capable of resheathing... Agent: Cook Ireland Limited

20120053674 - Bioerodible endoprostheses and methods of making the same: A bioerodible endoprosthesis erodes to a desirable geometry that can provide, e.g., improved mechanical properties or degradation characteristics.... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120053672 - Correction and optimization of wave reflection in blood vessels: The present invention provides methods and modalities that can modify wave reflection in the vascular system in order to create constructive interactions between existing wave dynamics and new reflective waves for the purpose of lowering the workload on the heart and increasing cardiac output, providing a viable option for the... Agent:

20120053673 - Method and system of devices for permanent access to the circulatory system for chronic hemodialysis: The system and method provide ways to achieve vascular access, e.g., for chronic hemodialysis. The system includes a port which may be bonded to a vascular graft which is installed between an artery and vein. A movable seal occludes a lumen of the port which when deployed allows access to... Agent: Imtec Biomedical Inc.

20120053675 - Medical implant, particularly valve implant, for implantation in an animal and/or human body and method, particularly production method, for producing an implantation apparatus for the medical implant: A medical implant (10), and particularly to a valve implant (12), for implantation in an animal and/or human body (14), comprising a base body (16) which can be expanded at least in some regions. It is proposed that the base body (16) which can be expanded at least in some... Agent: Biotronik Ag

20120053676 - Implantable prosthetic vascular valves: In one embodiment, an implantable prosthetic valve includes a body that defines an inlet end and an inlet orifice, the body being constructed of a flexible biocompatible material, an outlet that extends from the body and that defines an outlet end and an outlet orifice, the outlet being constructed of... Agent:

20120053677 - Implant with a surface layer having a topographic modification: The present invention refers to an implant with a surface layer having a topographic modification. The topographic modification includes a line pattern with ridge and groove widths of 0.9 to 1.1 μm and a ridge height of more than 0.9 μm.... Agent: Biotronik Ag

20120053679 - Implant and method for producing the same: c) plasmachemical treatment of the portion of the body surface provided with the coating in an aqueous solution for producing a plasmachemically generated layer (3, 5, 7) by means of applying a plasma-generating pulsating voltage to the body of the implant, wherein the pulsating voltage has sufficient energy that the... Agent: Biotronik Ag

20120053678 - Inert heat treatment to improve coating adhesion and product performance characteristics for biodegradeable coatings: An implantable metallic medical device having a dual-layered coating with a primer layer having functional groups capable of forming an organo-metallic complex with iron species and a second biocompatible polymer layer. The primer layer is baked onto the metallic medical device functioning as a tie layer between the surface of... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120053684 - Instrument and method for in situ deployment of cardiac valve prostheses: An instrument for deploying a cardiac valve prosthesis, including a plurality of radially expandable portions, at an implantation site, includes a plurality of deployment elements each independently operable to obtain the radial expansion of a radially expandable portion of the valve prosthesis. A method for deploying the cardiac valve prosthesis... Agent: Sorin Biomedica Cardio S.r.l.

20120053683 - Leaflet engagement elements and methods for use thereof: The present invention relates to apparatus for methods for endovascularly replacing a patient's heart valve. The apparatus includes an expandable anchor with leaflet engagement elements on the proximal end of the anchor and a replacement valve. The leaflet engagement elements can be used to prevent distal migration and insure proper... Agent: Sadra Medical, Inc.

20120053682 - Prosthetic valve support structure: The present invention is directed to prostheses including a support structure having a proximal end and a distal end, and a motion limiting member attached to the distal end of the support structure, wherein the motion limiting member is configured to restrict radial expansion of the distal end of the... Agent: Medtronic Vascular Galway Limited

20120053680 - Reconfiguring heart features: Among other things, a tool to attach a support to a heart valve annulus includes a stabilizing body that includes features to stabilize an axial position of the tool relative to the annulus, and an attachment device connected to the stabilizing body, the stabilizing body and the attachment device being... Agent:

20120053681 - Repositioning of prosthetic heart valve and deployment: A collapsible prosthetic heart valve includes a stent and a valve assembly. The stent has an annulus section with a relatively small cross-section, and an aortic section with a relatively large cross-section. The valve assembly, including a cuff and a plurality of leaflets, is secured to the stent in the... Agent: St. Jude Medical, Inc.

20120053685 - Medical valve implant for implantation in an animal body and/or human body: A medical valve implant (10a, 10b) for implantation in an animal body and/or human body, comprising a base body (12a, 12b) that includes a collar (16a, 16b) extending in circumferential direction (14a, 14b), wherein the collar (16a, 16b) includes at least one first cell structure (18a, 18b) which is provided... Agent: Biotronik Ag

20120053686 - Prosthesis for reducing intra-cardiac pressure having an embolic filter: The present disclosure relates to devices and methods for implanting a prosthesis into a heart of a mammal, such as a person. The disclosure includes a prosthesis that acts as a pressure vent between the left and right atria of the heart. The intracardiac pressure vents disclosed allow sufficient flow... Agent: Dc Devices, Inc.

20120053687 - Flexible annuloplasty ring with select control points: An annuloplasty repair segment for heart valve annulus repair. In one embodiment a multi-stranded cable replaces solid core wire for both the tricuspid and mitral valves. Cable allows for greater deployment flexibility for minimally-invasive surgical (MIS) implant, while still maintaining the required strength and similar tensile properties of solid-core wire.... Agent: Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

20120053688 - Biologically implantable prosthesis and methods of using the same: A method of using a prosthetic heart valve assembly can include implanting a first prosthesis directly into a native annulus. The first prosthesis can have a central longitudinal axis and a first engagement element. The method can also include engaging the first engagement element of the first prosthesis with a... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20120053689 - Coatings for the manufacture and application of polyhydroxyalkanoate medical devices: Biocompatible coatings and spin finishes that can be applied to polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) polymers, and medical devices made from PHA polymers, have been developed. The coatings impart good lubricity to PHA polymers, particularly to fibers and braids made from these materials, making the coatings ideal for use on medical devices such... Agent: Tepha, Inc.

20120053690 - Implantable prosthesis for positioning and supporting a breast implant: An implantable prosthesis for use in positioning a breast implant comprising a sheet of a prosthetic material configured to form a sling-shaped receiving area for receiving and supporting the breast implant. The surface area of the implantable prosthesis contacting the breast implant comprises a biocompatible or chemically inert material to... Agent:

20120053691 - Graft ligament anchor and method for attaching a graft ligament to a bone: A graft ligament anchor comprises a graft ligament engagement member disposed in an opening in a bone, the graft ligament engagement member being arranged to receive a graft ligament alongside the engagement member, and a locking member for disposition in the opening, and at least in part engageable with the... Agent: Depuy Mitek, Inc.

20120053692 - Compositions and methods for treating bone defects: A bone graft composition includes a biologically-resorbable cement and a plurality of processed bone particles, where each of the bone particles have a shape configured to interconnect with adjacent bone particles. A method for treating a bone defect using the bone graft compositions includes providing the bone graft composition and... Agent: University Of Louisville Research Foundation, Inc.

20120053693 - Intervertebral disc prosthesis: The present invention relates to an intervertebral disc prosthesis preferably comprising at least three pieces including an upper plate (1), a lower plate (2) and a mobile core (3) at least in relation to the lower plate (2), co-operation means (23, 33) allowing to limit or eliminate the movements of... Agent: Ldr Medical

20120053694 - Intervertebral prosthetic disc with shock absorption: A prosthetic disc for insertion between adjacent vertebrae includes upper and lower plates and a core having upper and lower curved surfaces disposed between the plates. At least one of the plates and/or the core includes a resilient material for absorbing shock or other forces applied by vertebrae. Optionally, resilient... Agent: Spinalmotion, Inc.

20120053695 - Threaded frusto-conical spinal implants: The present invention is directed to a variety of interbody spinal fusion implants having at least a partially frusto-conical configuration. An external thread is employed to increase implant stability and implant surface area, and for the purpose of advancing the spinal fusion implant into the fusion site. The spinal fusion... Agent:

20120053696 - Retaining member for a joint prosthesis: A novel and improved retaining member can be used with a joint prosthesis which may be implanted with a minimally invasive surgical technique. The retaining member can be configured to releasably link together two or more components of a joint implant in an orientation suitable for implantation. The retaining member... Agent:

20120053697 - Elbow prosthesis and method for use: The elbow prosthesis includes an ulnar component that has a bearing end and a stem. The stem is attached to the bearing end and extends in a distal direction from it. The elbow prosthesis also has a humeral component that includes a holder end and a stem with the stem... Agent:

20120053698 - Disassembly tool: A disassembly tool for disassembly of a first component of a prosthesis to a second component of the prosthesis for use in joint arthroplasty. The tool includes a first member having a radial portion operably associated with the first component and adapted to exert a radial force on the first... Agent: Depuy Products, Inc.

20120053699 - Acetabular cup having deformation resistant features: An acetabular cup component can include a hemispherical first shell, an annular ring, and a second shell. The annular ring can laterally extend from and circumscribe an outer surface of the first shell and can include a first portion for engaging an anatomy. The second shell can include a second... Agent: Biomet Manufacturing Corp.

20120053700 - Anti-refluxive and trigone sparing internal ureteral stent: A ureteral stent has an elongated body connecting a coiled, renal segment to a coiled, bladder end segment. In one embodiment of the present invention, the coiled, bladder end segment and a lower, intramural segment of the elongated body are provided as a first flap and a second flap. The... Agent:

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