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Prosthesis (i.e., artificial body members), parts thereof, or aids and accessories therefor November recently filed with US Patent Office 11/11

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11/24/2011 > 36 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20110288622 - Expandable endoprostheses, systems, and methods for treating a bifurcated lumen: An endoprosthesis for treating a bifurcated lumen. The distal end of the endoprosthesis can include at least two wings and at least two troughs so the endoprosthesis can adequately scaffold the ostium of a bifurcated lumen by at least partially straddling the carina of the lumen bifurcation. The distal end... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems, Inc.

20110288623 - Medical device: Novel devices and methods for implanting medical stents are provided. A novel apparatus, which may be in a first compressed position, may be inserted into the artery, such as by being positioned over a catheter. The apparatus may be expanded to a second position. In one embodiment, the apparatus is... Agent: Rbkpark LLC

20110288624 - Variable diameter trigger wire: A self-expanding medical device delivery system includes a plurality of trigger wires. The trigger wires retain a self-expanding medical device by forming a bend about structural members located on the proximal portion of the medical device. The proximal portions of the trigger wires have a greater diameter than the distal... Agent:

20110288625 - Vessel support device and methods for supporting a vessel: The present invention is directed to a vessel support member having opposing ends adapted to move in a circumferential plane, the support member configured for deployment in a substantially radial direction to support a substantial portion of the circumference of a vessel, the support member adapted to change between a... Agent: Macquarie University

20110288626 - Catheter system for introducing an expandable heart valve stent into the body of a patient, insertion system with a catheter system and medical device for treatment of a heart valve defect: The invention relates to catheter system for introducing an expandable heart valve stent (150) into the body of a patient, the catheter system comprising: a catheter tip (10) having a seat portion for accommodating the stent (150) in its collapsed state and a stent holder (15) for releasably fixing the... Agent:

20110288627 - Stent graft with integral side arm: A fenestrated stent graft with a tubular side arm extending there from in which the side arm can be turned inside out to extend into the stent graft during deployment of the stent graft and extended out during deployment. Also disclosed is a deployment device for such a side arm... Agent: Williams A. Cook Australia Pty. Ltd.

20110288628 - Composite prosthesis with external polymeric support structure and methods of manufacturing the same: A prosthesis including a support structure for enhancing kink and/or crush resistance. The support structure is connected to an outer surface of the prosthesis and includes at least two components, one of which has a lower melting point than the other. The component with the lower melting point is used... Agent: Maquet Cardiovascular LLC.

20110288630 - Endoprosthesis containing multi-phase ferrous stell: An endoprosthesis fabricated from multi-phase ferrous steel. Endoprostheses can include a variety of devices such as staples, orthodontic wires, heart valves, filter devices, and stents, many of which devices are diametrically expandable devices. Multi-phase ferrous steels include dual phase steels and transformation induced plasticity steels (TRIP steels).... Agent:

20110288629 - Repositionable endoluminal support structure and its applications: An endoluminal support structure includes strut members interconnected by pivot joints to form a series of linked scissor mechanisms. The structure can be remotely actuated to compress or expand its shape by adjusting the scissor joints within a range of motion. In particular, the support structure can be repositioned within... Agent:

20110288631 - Preventing vascular stenosis of cardiovascular stent: A novel cardiovascular stent for preventing vascular stenosis is disclosed. The basic components of the cardiovascular stent of the present invention include V-shape rib unit, multi-link unit and connective ring unit. In addition, each ring rib part is formed by a plurality of double V-shape rib units that are connected... Agent: National Taiwan University

20110288632 - Repositionable endoluminal support structure and its applications: An endo luminal support structure (10) includes strut members (11) interconnected by swivel joints (15) to form a series of linked scissor mechanisms. The structure can be remotely actuated to compress or expand its shape by adjusting the scissor joints within a range of motion. In particular, the support structure... Agent: Jenesis Surgical, LLC

20110288633 - Stent with dual support structure: A intraluminal stent comprises a reticulated tube having an un-deployed diameter and expandable to an enlarged diameter. The tube includes a structural beam extending between first and second ends. The structural beam changes from a first geometry to a second geometry when the tube changes from the un-deployed diameter to... Agent: Ev3 Peripheral, Inc.

20110288621 - Prosthetic valve with external support frame: Prosthetic valves, methods of making medical devices, and methods of treatment are provided. The prosthetic valves of the invention have a valve portion moveable between first and second positions, and a spacing member that has a thickness and protects a portion of the valve portion from contact with a wall... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20110288634 - Valve prosthetic fixation techniques using sandwiching: A prosthesis is provided for implantation at a native semilunar valve of a native valve complex. The prosthesis includes a distal fixation member, configured to be positioned in a downstream artery, and shaped so as to define exactly three proximal engagement arms that are configured to be positioned at least... Agent: Medtronic Vascular, Inc.

20110288635 - Adjustable artificial chordeae tendineae with suture loops: Apparatus is provided, including an artificial-chordeae-tendineae-adjustment mechanism and at least one primary artificial chordea tendinea coupled at a distal portion thereof to the artificial-chordeae-tendineae-adjustment mechanism. A degree of tension of the at least one primary artificial chordea tendinea is adjustable by the artificial-chordeae-tendineae-adjustment mechanism. One or more loops are coupled... Agent: Valtech Cardio, Ltd.

20110288637 - Percutaneous mitral annular stitch to decrease mitral regurgitation: This invention relates to methods and devices for treatment of regurgitation by connecting the anterior and posterior mitral annulus with a plurality of stitches or anchors called “mitral annulus bands”, instead of anchoring via the coronary sinus.... Agent:

20110288636 - Support device for valve prostheses and corresponding kit: A support device for implanting stentless valve prostheses, such as biological heart valves, includes a hub and a plurality of support portions for supporting the stentless valve prosthesis. The hub defines a manipulation axis for the device and is flexibly connected to the support portions to allow displacing the manipulation... Agent: Sorin Biomedica Cardio S.r.l.

20110288638 - Accommodating intraocular lenses: Accommodating intraocular lenses containing a flowable media and their methods of accommodation.... Agent:

20110288639 - Inflatable prostheses and methods of making same: An inflatable tissue expander, suitable for implantation in a breast, is provided. The tissue expander includes a puncturable, self-sealing anterior portion forming a fillable cavity, and posterior portion that is puncture resistant. The anterior portion includes a silicone-based elastomer material having a mesh embedded therein. The posterior portion includes a... Agent: Allergan, Inc.

20110288640 - Systems, methods and apparatus for fabricating an orthopedic implant: Systems, methods and apparatus are provided through which in some aspects a custom orthopedic implant is designed, fabricated and sterilized for immediate surgical use to treat a patient's injury. In some aspects, the orthopedic implant is designed using patient and injury specific scan data, fabricated using a five axis milling... Agent:

20110288641 - Method and apparatus for fixing a graft in a bone tunnel: A method for fixing a bone block in a bone tunnel comprising the steps of placing the bone block in the bone tunnel, advancing spaced-apart first and second metal wires through the bone, transversely of the bone tunnel, so as to intersect the bone block and extend through the bone... Agent: Depuy Mitek, Inc.

20110288642 - Foam cushion for insertion in a knee joint: A cushion is disclosed for insertion in a patient's knee joint to serve as a buffer between a patient's femur and tibia. The cushion is filled with a substantially incompressible fluid, which can be a foam or a gel or a liquid, like water, which is capable of supporting the... Agent: Milux Holding Sa

20110288643 - Meniscus prosthetic device selection and implantation methods: Methods of selecting and implanting prosthetic devices for use as a replacement meniscus are disclosed. The selection methods include a pre-implantation selection method and a during-implantation selection method. The pre-implantation selection method includes a direct geometrical matching process, a correlation parameters-based matching process, and a finite element-based matching process. The... Agent: Active Implants Corporation

20110288644 - Intervertebral prosthetic systems, devices, and associated methods: Intervertebral prosthetic systems, devices, and associated methods are provided. The present disclosure provides intervertebral prosthetic devices that include lateral plates to engage the lateral walls of the vertebral bodies for stability and include a compliant central component, fusion-cage central component, or any other suitable type of motion-preserving or fusion component... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20110288646 - Artificial total lumbar disc for unilateral safe and simple posterior placement in the lumbar spine, and removeable bifunctional screw which drives vertical sliding expansile plate expansion, and interplate widening, and angled traction spikes: A total artificial expansile disc and a method for posterior insertion between a pair of vertebral endplates are disclosed. The total artificial expansile disc includes at least one pair of substantially parallel plates that move apart along a first axis, in order to occupy a space defined by the vertebral... Agent:

20110288645 - Intervertebral prosthetic systems, devices, and associated methods: Intervertebral prosthetic systems, devices, and associated methods are provided. The present disclosure provides top and bottom endplates that engage the lateral walls of the vertebral bodies for stability and incorporate a compliant core, ball-and-socket core, fusion-cage core, or any other suitable type of motion-preserving or fusion cores. The endplate designs... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20110288647 - Methods for treating a defect in the annulus fibrosis: Methods for treating a defect in an annulus fibrous are described. The annulus fibrosis has an outer layer, at least one inner layer, and a defect extending through the outer and inner layers. An implant is inserted into the defect in the annulus fibrosis, the implant having at least one... Agent:

20110288648 - Ceramic to ceramic joint and associated methods: The present invention provides a ceramic to ceramic joint and methods for making such a joint. Generally, the joint includes a first ceramic part and a second ceramic part, wherein the first and second ceramic parts each include a ceramic-carbide or a ceramic-nitride material. In some cases, an aluminum-initiated joint... Agent:

20110288649 - Introduction instrument: An introduction instrument for inserting a liner into an acetabular shell is disclosed. The instrument includes a suction device which may be selectively released once the liner is appropriately situated in the acetabular shell. Such selective release prevents disruption of the positioning of the liner and/or the acetabular shell.... Agent: Zimmer, Inc.

20110288650 - Iliac canal prosthesis: An acetabular prosthetic device for implantation in an iliac canal and acetabulum of an ilium comprises a stem and an acetabular component. The stem may be configured to be implanted in the iliac canal. The acetabular component may be configured to be implanted in the acetabulum and fixed to the... Agent: Smith & Nephew, Inc.

20110288653 - Filler means, feeding device and method for the forming of a support structure in a bone cavity: The invention relates to dry free-flowing filler (1) for forming a support structure in a bone cavity (4a). Said filler comprises a plurality of biocompatible support bodies (2) which are resistant to deformation or fracture under the physiologicalloads usually occurring in the bone cavity (4a). Said support bodies (2) have... Agent:

20110288652 - Materials and methods for treating critically sized defects in mouse bone: Scaffolds equipped to include biologically active reagents such as proteins sized and engineered specifically for use in a mouse were made and implanted into mice. The scaffold was specifically designed for use in a mouse femoral critical sized defect Scaffolds. Special care was taken when casting these scaffolds to ensure... Agent: Indiana University Research & Technology Corporation

20110288651 - Supercritical carbon-dioxide processed biodegradable polymer nanocomposites: A biodegradable nanocomposite and a method of forming a biodegradable nanocomposite are provided. In one aspect, the biodegradable nanocomposite includes a biodegradable polymer and a reinforcing agent substantially dispersed throughout the biodegradable polymer by rapid depressurization of a supercritical fluid. The biodegradable nanocomposite further includes a plurality of pores formed... Agent:

20110288654 - Extracellular matrix based gastroesophageal junction reinforcement device: Provided are medical devices for implantation in patients having suffered the loss of or damage to at least part of their esophagus. The medical device connects the esophagus or remaining part thereof with the stomach to form a gastro-esophageal junction that promotes healing and encourages new host tissue growth while... Agent: University Of Pittsburgh-of The Commonwealth System Of Higher Education

20110288655 - Swallow expansion device: Methods and devices are disclosed for opening a passageway of a patient. The device includes a base plate for attachment to cricoid cartilage of the patient. A post extends from the base plate through the patient's skin. The post is pulled via a force to manually open the passageway.... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20110288656 - Tissue graft compositions and methods for producing same: A tissue graft composition is described herein that includes a segment of small intestinal submucosa having at least one nanoparticle incorporated therein such that the permeability of the segment of small intestinal submucosa is altered, thereby providing the segment of small intestinal submucosa with a more substantially uniform structure for... Agent:

11/17/2011 > 42 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20110282425 - Catheter handle and methods of operating: A delivery system having an improved handle allowing operation of the delivery system with one hand while maintaining accuracy in delivery and deployment of a prosthesis in a body lumen. The delivery system includes a sheath and a handle. The handle includes a slide shaft having a threaded outer surface,... Agent: Medtronic Vascular, Inc.

20110282426 - Endovascular devices and associated systems and methods: An endoluminal device having a reduced delivery profile for delivery through a lumen and a greater released profile for placement in the lumen. The reduced profile configuration allows the compact delivery of agents or other components of a delivery system to a target site.... Agent:

20110282427 - Partially crimped stent: A crimping method that crimps a stent over multiple catheters. The method includes differentially crimping a stent on certain portions of a balloon catheter so that a second catheter can be threaded through the uncrimped portion of the stent and exit through the links of a conventional stent design or... Agent: Advanced Bifurcation Systems, Inc.

20110282428 - Biodegradable composite stent: A biodegradable stent body is defined by a composite of a biodegradable polymer and a biodegradable metal insert. The composition, geometry, and location of the metal and polymer are selected for desirable stent performance.... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20110282431 - Endoprostheses: A medical device is provided with a porous region including a reservoir zone including a polymer and a protective zone between adjacent tissue and the reservoir zone that restricts the tissue from direct contact with the polymer.... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20110282430 - Endoprosthesis: In embodiments, a stent includes a copolymer having a modulus of about 10 MPa or less and exhibiting hydrolytic degradation substantially by surface erosion.... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20110282429 - Plastic stent and stent operation apparatus for the same: Disclosed herein are a plastic stent and a stent operation apparatus for plastic stents. The plastic stent includes a stent body with a flow hole formed through the stent body in the longitudinal direction thereof. The stent operation apparatus includes a stent push rod having an externally threaded end. The... Agent:

20110282432 - Vascular graft with lateral opening: A vascular graft includes a flexible conduit including a sidewall defining a cavity extending between a first end and a second end. The first end includes an opening that is oriented substantially perpendicular to a centerline axis of the conduit. The second end includes a end wall and a tapered... Agent: Washington University In St. Louis

20110282434 - Axially-radially nested expandable device: Expandable medical implants for maintaining support of a body lumen are disclosed. These implants comprise an axially-radially nested, diametrically expandable, moveable vascular device for enlarging an occluded portion of a vessel. The device can be configured to allow for motion such as translating and/or slide and lock. One advantage of... Agent: Reva Medical, Inc.

20110282435 - Longitudinally flexible expandable stent: Segmented articulatable stent of open structure comprised of end-connected struts of first and second lengths making up first and second segments with angular interconnects between adjacent first and second segments.... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20110282433 - Stent design allowing extended release of drug and/or enhanced adhesion of polymer to od surface: The invention is directed to mechanisms and methods that reduce the delamination of a therapeutic agent from a stent. The mechanisms include holes (channels, wells, and other hole configurations), protrusions, sintered metal cores, clamps/staples, pins, and stainless steel shields.... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20110282436 - Endoprosthesis: A stent includes a MOF which adjusts pore size upon desorption or adsorption of organic molecules.... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20110282437 - Endoprosthesis: In embodiments, a stent comprises a biodegradable polymer functionalized with an adhesion-enhancing amino acid.... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20110282438 - Valve introducers and methods for making and using them: A valve introducer is provided for delivering a valve prosthesis into a biological annulus. During use, a gasket member is introduced into the biological annulus, and secured relative to the biological annulus. A distal end of a valve introducer is introduced into a passage communicating with the biological annulus, and... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20110282439 - Stentless support structure: A stentless support structure capable of being at least partly assembled in situ. The support structure comprises a braided tube that is very flexible and, when elongated, becomes very long and very small in diameter, thereby being capable of placement within a small diameter catheter. The support structure is preferably... Agent:

20110282440 - Low gradient prosthetic heart valve: A low pressure gradient prosthetic heart valve for implant in a human. The valve includes a support frame with undulating inflow cusps and outflow commissure posts to which flexible leaflets attach and coapt in a flow area. The commissure posts angle outward in a neutral state to widen the outflow... Agent: Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

20110282442 - Accommodating intraocular lenses: An accommodating intraocular lens includes an optic portion a haptic portion and a backstop. The optic portion of the lens includes an actuator that deflects a lens element to alter the optical power of the lens responsive to forces applied to the haptic portion of the lens by contraction of... Agent: Powervision, Inc.

20110282443 - Accommodating intraocular lenses: Accommodating intraocular lenses containing a flowable media and their methods of accommodation.... Agent:

20110282441 - Intraocular lens with post-implantation adjustment capabilities: Disclosed are accommodating intraocular lenses for implantation in an eye having an optical axis. In certain embodiments, an intraocular lens includes an anterior optic, a posterior optic, and a support structure configured to move the optics relative to each other along an optical axis between an accommodated state and an... Agent: Abbott Medical Optics Inc.

20110282444 - Porous materials, methods of making and uses: The present specification discloses porous materials, methods of forming such porous materials, biocompatible implantable devices comprising such porous materials, and methods of making such biocompatible implantable devices.... Agent: Allergan, Inc.

20110282445 - Transport device for ossicular prosthesis: A transport device for receiving and securely holding an ossicular prosthesis for implantation in a middle ear during transport to an operating surgeon for replacing or bridging at least parts of a component of a human ossicular chain, the transport device has a flat base plate of thin metal sheet... Agent:

20110282446 - Methods and apparatus for delivering tissue treatment compositions to stapled tissue: A surgical stapler includes first and second tissue clamping members and a knife member. The first tissue clamping member is configured to receive a plurality of staples. The second tissue clamping member comprises an anvil configured to form the staples. A tissue treatment member is positionable between the first and... Agent:

20110282447 - Compressible tubes for placing implants and related medical kits and methods of using same: Medical delivery devices include a needle and a flexible compressible impermeable tube attached to the needle. The compressible tube has an open interior channel. The device is adapted to releasably hold a length of a medical implant in the open interior channel of the tube. The medical implant can be... Agent:

20110282448 - Methods of making collagen fiber medical constructs and related medical constructs, including tubes for auto and/or allo-grafts: The disclosure describes methods of winding collagen fiber to make medical constructs and related collagen fiber tube and patch devices.... Agent:

20110282449 - Devices, systems, and methods for material fixation: A material fixation system is particularly adapted to improve the tendon-to-bone fixation of hamstring autografts, as well as other soft tissue ACL reconstruction techniques. The system is easy to use, requires no additional accessories, uses only a single drill hole, and can be implanted by one person. Additionally, it replicates... Agent: Cayenne Medical, Inc.

20110282450 - Method of performing anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction using biodegradable interference screw: A method of replacing an ACL with a graft. The method provides for the drilling bone tunnels in a femur and a tibia. A replacement graft is provided having first and second ends. A biodegradable composite screw is provided. The screw is made from a biodegradable polymer and a bioceramic... Agent: Depuy Mitek, Inc.

20110282451 - Medical component: A biocompatible medical component comprising•a hybrid fabric comprising i. at least one type of second fibre, and ii. at least one type of first fibre, and•a structural component, wherein the Young's modulus of said second fibre is at least 125% of the Young's modulus of the first fiber.... Agent:

20110282452 - Auxetic material: The invention relates to an auxetic material that is composed of a periodic arrangement of three-dimensional structural elements (G, G1, G2, G3) connected to each other, wherein each of the structural elements (G) comprises a first (3) and at least three second supporting elements (4), wherein the first (3) and... Agent: Friedrich-alexander-universitat Erlangen-numberg

20110282459 - Articulating interbody spacer, vertebral body replacement: An interbody spacer implant assembly for interbody fusion in a vertebral body and a method of insertion comprises a plurality of links and an elongated connector mechanism adapted to retain the plurality of links and allow the plurality of links to articulate with respect to one another. An interbody spacer... Agent: Custom Spine, Inc.

20110282457 - Connectable interbody implant: An intersomatic implant (1a, 1b) maintains bone graft material in a receiving cavity formed in a disc in order to obtain intervertebral fusion. The implant (1a, 1b) includes of a plurality of parts provided with means for in situ connection of two consecutive parts. Instruments (33) are used to connect... Agent:

20110282453 - Fixation device and method: An implantable orthopedic stability device is disclosed. The device can have a contracted and an expanded configuration. A method of using the device between adjacent vertebral body surfaces surfaces for support and/or fixation of either or both of the adjacent vertebrae is also disclosed.... Agent: Stout Medical Group, L.p.

20110282456 - Implantable device for sealing a spinal annular fissure tear and method for deploying the same: The present application relates to an implantable device (104) and a method for delivering the implant for the repair and closure of annular defects and in particular, to such a device and method in which spinal annular defects are repaired with an elastic-plastic implant adept to securely seal an annular... Agent: Newvert Ltd.

20110282458 - Implantable spinal disk: Spinal disk including a shell, first endplate, second endplate and core. The shell includes sidewalls, back wall, front wall, top wall and bottom wall defining a compartment. The first endplate includes a first base, first top and first attachment. The first base is retained in the compartment. The first top... Agent: International Spinal Innovations, LLC

20110282454 - Interbody spinal implant having internally textured surfaces: An interbody spinal implant including a body, the body comprising: a top surface; a bottom surface; opposing lateral sides; and opposing anterior and posterior portions; the top surface, bottom surface, opposing lateral sides, internal wall surface, and opposing anterior and posterior portions defining a substantially hollow center having a single... Agent: Titan Spine, LLC

20110282455 - Stackable intervertebral devices and methods of use: An intervertebral device for spacing apart vertebral members comprises a plurality of stackable shims including at least a first shim and a second shim. The first shim includes a first body with a first portion of a male-female connector, and a removable guide that is affixed to the first body... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20110282460 - Hip joint socket: In order to avoid any metallic wear of the material of the outer shell of a hip joint socket for implantation into the pelvic bone, comprising an outer shell consisting of metal and an insert arranged in it for supporting a joint ball of a femur implant, due to the... Agent: Aesculap Ag

20110282462 - Hip-joint prosthesis: A method of optimizing the geometry of a femoral stem of a hip joint prosthesis is disclosed. The femoral stem comprises a neck and an anchoring blade that is attached to the neck and that tapers towards a distal end with a lateral narrow side comprising a distal straight portion... Agent: Smith And Nephew Orthopaedics Ag

20110282463 - Tissue-bondable material for medical use: The present invention relates to a medical tissue-binding material, especially a soft tissue-binding material capable of attaching to a soft biological tissue such as a bone reconstruction material or a transdermal terminal, and a method for preparation thereof. In particular, the present invention relates to a medical tissue-binding material which... Agent:

20110282464 - Reactive surgical implants: The present disclosure relates to a sprayable surgical implant. The implant includes a first component including microparticulates and a second component including at least one cross-linking reagent. The at least one cross-linking reagent reacts with the microparticulates to form the surgical implant.... Agent:

20110282465 - In situ forming biphasic osteochondral plug: An osteochondral plug includes a first scaffold and a second scaffold. The first scaffold may be a solid scaffold containing one or more pendant reactive functional groups. The second scaffold capable of reacting with the one or more pendant reactive functional groups of the first scaffold... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20110282461 - Stent: Disclosed herein is a stent implanted in the body of a patient. The stent includes a hollow cylindrical stent body which is made of a super-elastic shape memory alloy and has an expanded diameter part on one end thereof, and a support stent which has an elastic spherical structure and... Agent:

20110282466 - Prosthetic liner with perspiration elimination mechanism: A prosthetic elastomeric liner, which can be used without lanyards or straps, in which, upon ambulation, perspiration is voided simultaneously with the reestablishment of a vacuum-aided seal without a vacuum pump. The liner's distal tip comprises a buttress anchored sweat port containing a one way valve continuous with a channel... Agent:

11/10/2011 > 31 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20110276119 - Apparatus for curving an implantable medical device in a lumen: An introducer assembly (100) including at its distal end a dilator tip (20) and an inner catheter for supporting an implantable medical device (1) for deployment, is provided with a plurality of strut elements (102, 202) extending from the dilator tip (20) to the proximal end of the medical device... Agent: William Cook Europe Aps

20110276120 - Vascular device for use during an interventional procedure: A vascular device for use during an interventional procedure, the device having a stent structure having a collapsed configuration, an expanded configuration, a proximal end, and a distal end; and a delivery member for delivering the stent to a treatment site within a vasculature, wherein the proximal end of the... Agent: Salviac Limited

20110276121 - Method and apparatus for caged stent delivery: In combination a device for delivering a stent within an intraluminal cavity and a stent including an elongated member configured to receive a stent thereon, a stent mounted on the elongated member and movable between a smaller diameter delivery position and an expanded placement position and a tubular portion attached... Agent:

20110276122 - Stent: A stent (10) for transluminal implantation comprises a first, second and third stent section (11, 12, 13) for splinting and/or keeping open a hollow organ which are connected to each other via elastic tubular sections (14, 15). The stent (10) combines at least three different stent designs in one stent... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20110276124 - Biocorrodable implant in which corrosion may be triggered or accelerated after implantation by means of an external stimulus: The present invention relates to a biocorrodable implant in which corrosion may be triggered or accelerated after implantation by means of an external stimulus, the implant having a base body which is completely or partially composed of a biocorrodable metallic material, and the base body having a coating with a... Agent: Biotronik Ag

20110276125 - Medical devices, methods of producing medical devices, and projection photolithography apparatus for producing medical devices: Stents and other medical devices that can have specific geometric configurations (curves, contours, tapers) and/or patterns (e.g., grooves) thereon, methods of making such medical devices, and apparatuses for making such medical devices are disclosed. Projection photolithography is used to define patterns the medical devices. The methods can form grooves, ridges,... Agent:

20110276123 - Vascular stent design: This invention is directed to the design of radially expandable vascular stents to optimize hemodynamic flow characteristics that are favorable for the inhibition of stent-associated thrombosis, inflammation, and restenosis (neointimal formation) and that will reduce the risk of adverse events post-deployment.... Agent:

20110276126 - Longitudinally flexible expandable stent: In at least one embodiment, a stent comprises a plurality of serpentine bands and a plurality of connector columns. Each serpentine band comprises a plurality of alternating straight band struts and turns. Adjacent serpentine bands are connected across a connector column by a plurality of connector struts. Each connector strut... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20110276127 - Multiple inflation of an expandable member as a precursor to an implant procedure: Devices and methods for assessing the orientation and shape of vessel lumens and hollow portions of organs are described. The devices and methods are particularly adapted for determining the orientation and shape of the native heart valves to facilitate the later implantation of a prosthetic heart valve. The devices are... Agent:

20110276128 - Prosthetic heart valve: Disclosed prosthetic valves can comprise a sewing ring configured to secure the valve to an implantation site. Some disclosed valves comprise a resiliently collapsible frame having a neutral configuration and a collapsed deployment configuration. Some disclosed frames can self-expand to the neutral configuration when released from the collapsed deployment configuration.... Agent:

20110276129 - Replacement valve and anchor: Apparatus for endovascularly replacing a patient's heart valve, including: a replacement valve adapted to be delivered endovascularly to a vicinity of the heart valve; an expandable anchor adapted to be delivered endovascularly to the vicinity of the heart valve; and a lock mechanism configured to maintain a minimum amount of... Agent: Sadra Medical Inc.

20110276130 - Mitral valve ring for treatment of mitral valve regurgitation: An active bodily ring having a housing adapted to be sutured to a bodily component and a loop disposed in the housing, the loop capable of actively expanding and compressing during the bodily components normal function. The housing defines a first chamber and a second chamber, the first chamber containing... Agent:

20110276131 - Nasolacrimal drainage system implants for drug therapy: An implant for insertion through a punctum and into a canalicular lumen of a patient. The implant includes a matrix of material, a therapeutic agent dispersed in the matrix of material, a sheath disposed over a portion of the matrix of material and configured to inhibit the therapeutic agent from... Agent: Qlt Inc.

20110276132 - Method and implant for refractive error correction: The patentable subject matter is the method and implant used in refractive error correction, in particular in short-sightedness, hypermetropia, astigmatism and presbyopia treatment consisting in a new method and implant causing changes to the curvature of the front surface of the cornea through a controlled increase in the corneal epithelium... Agent:

20110276136 - Implant for prostheses: The invention is directed to an implant comprising an envelope filled with a core filling material, such as breast implants and implants for aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, comprising at least one biocompatible gel material and evenly dispersed through the gel material at least one particulate radiopaque, MRI and/or ultra-sound visible... Agent: Dumedic B.v.

20110276133 - Porous materials, methods of making and uses: The present specification discloses porous materials, methods of forming such porous materials, biocompatible implantable devices comprising such porous materials, and methods of making such biocompatible implantable devices.... Agent: Allergan, Inc.

20110276135 - Prosthetic implant shell: A fluid-filled prosthetic implant having a shell comprising a matrix material and an additive distributed in the matrix material. The implant can be imaged in vivo using magnetic resonance imaging to more clearly reveal defects in the shell, relative to a implant having a shell without the additive material.... Agent: Allergan, Inc.

20110276134 - Silicone implant with imprinted texture: A procedure for manufacturing an implant having a textured silicone surface is disclosed. An example procedure includes forming a component having a silicone surface; pressing a plurality of polymer fibers at least partially into the silicone surface, before the silicone has completely cured; allowing the silicone to at least partially... Agent: Allergan, Inc.

20110276137 - Tubular implantable cord: A surgical cord (100, 200,101)comprising a tubular section along its main length and comprising regions (600, 608, 601) exhibiting different mechanical and/or physical properties resultant from a change in material, pattern type, pattern density, yarn thickness and/or shape. Different regions along the length of the cord are optimised to provide... Agent:

20110276139 - Systems and methods for spinal surgery: Disclosed herein are methods and devices for distracting adjacent vertebrae during surgical procedures for implanting spinal prostheses. In an exemplary embodiment, a distractor is disclosed that maintains the empty space between adjacent vertebrae following a discectomy, and that can removably mate with other surgical instruments, such as, for example, a... Agent: Depuy Spine, Inc.

20110276138 - Techniques for spinal surgery and attaching constructs to vertebral elements: Techniques for spinal surgery include accessing at least one vertebral element of the spinal column. At least one loading member is engaged to the at least one vertebral element. The loading member is allowed to integrate with the bony structure of the vertebral element over time. The integrated loading member... Agent:

20110276142 - Articulating spacer: Spinal implants are disclosed. One spinal implant includes a support body, an articulating element, a blocking member and a motion limiting member. The support body includes a superior end surface and a lower end surface having teeth. In between the superior end surface and the lower end surface is a... Agent:

20110276141 - Intervertebral spacer, system and method to distract adjacent vertebrae and insert a spacer: Intervertebral spacer being a longitudinal body with a cross-section that has a long axis and a short axis, at least one component of which may be deployed following an axis that is essentially perpendicular to the longitudinal body's long axis and to the axis of the spine.... Agent:

20110276140 - Method and apparatus for implanting a hydrogel prosthesis for a nucleus pulposus: An instrument for inserting an elongated hydrogel prosthesis into an intervertebral disc includes an insertion cannula that is inserted through the annulus fibrosus of an intervertebral disc to provide access to the nucleus region of the disc, an elongated hydrogel prosthesis packaged within a tubular container adapted to be coupled... Agent:

20110276143 - Surface crosslinked polyethylene: A method for producing a wear resistant polyethylene medical implant includes forming a medical implant, such as an orthopedic implant, made at least partially of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE). The polyethylene may be irradiated with gamma ray or e-beam radiation to form free radicals and then crosslinked to... Agent: Howmedica Osteonics Corp.

20110276144 - Mobile bearing glenoid prosthesis: A prosthesis assembly configured for use with a scapula in one embodiment includes a spherical humeral component, an elongated glenoid bearing including a first bearing surface with (i) a first spherical end portion with a first radius of curvature, (ii) a second spherical end portion with a second radius of... Agent: Depuy Products, Inc.

20110276145 - Marking template for installing a custom replacement device for resurfacing a femur and associated installation method: A replacement device for resurfacing a joint surface of a femur and a method of making and installing such a device is provided. The custom replacement device is designed to substantially fit the trochlear groove surface, of an individual femur. Thereby creating a “customized” replacement device for that individual femur... Agent:

20110276146 - Prosthetic implant device comprising a sealing arrangement and a chamber adapted to receive debris particles: A prosthetic implant device designed to protect against debris-related dysfunction when implanted in a living body, the device including: (a) a ball-and-socket prosthesis having: a ball component having a first articulating surface, and a socket component having a second articulating surface, the socket component adapted to receive the ball component,... Agent:

20110276147 - Bone graft substitutes and methods thereof: An osteoinductive bone graft substitute composition that does not return to its original shape upon hydration or manipulation is disclosed, comprising, in combination, about 86-89% by weight of a calcium phosphate particulate mineral component and about 11-14% by weight of a purified fibrillar collagen, the mineral component including about 20%... Agent: Nuvasive, Inc.

20110276148 - Implantable medical device: An implantable medical device, which comprises a device substrate, a coating on the substrate which includes a drug which is highly soluble in water, and a protective layer which overlies the coating. The protective layer comprises a polymer selected from the group consisting of polylactic acid, polyglycolic acid and a... Agent: Depuy International Limited

20110276149 - Low profile prosthetic foot: A low profile prosthetic foot comprises a foot member extending at an incline from an anterior portion to a posterior portion thereof and configured to flex during motion, and an adapter mounted solely at a posterior section thereof to the posterior portion of the foot member so that the adapter's... Agent: Ossur Hf

11/03/2011 > 46 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20110270373 - Closure device: Described here are devices and methods for closing one or more vascular openings. The devices may include a stent graft comprising a stent framework and a graft material at least partially covering the stent framework. The stent framework may comprise one or more axial segments, and at least one of... Agent:

20110270377 - Device for treating aortic dissection: A stent assembly (42) adapted for endoluminal placement by endovascular deployment for the treatment of a false lumen (10) associated with a vascular dissection. The stent assembly has a number of self expanding stents (35) connected together to define an elongate substantially cylindrical lumen wall engaging surface. The stents are... Agent: William A. Cook Australia Pty, Ltd.

20110270376 - Introducer for a side branch device: An introduction arrangement for a fenestrated or branched stent graft (13) intended for deployment into the lumen of a vessel having a blind vessel extending from it. The introducer (1) has a distal end intended to remain outside a patient in use and a proximal end with a nose cone... Agent: William A. Cook Australia Pty. Ltd

20110270375 - Introducer for an iliac side branch device: An introduction arrangement for a fenestrated or branched stent graft (13) intended for deployment into the lumen of a vessel having a blind vessel extending from it. The introducer (1) has a distal end intended to remain outside a patient in use and a proximal end with a nose cone... Agent: William A. Cook Australia Pty. Ltd

20110270371 - Stent graft delivery system: A stent graft delivery system including a tip assembly, a middle member tube, a sheath assembly, and a unitary front grip. The sheath tube is axially slideable within the distal front grip lumen, the threaded assembly distal end is disposed in the proximal front grip lumen and fixed to the... Agent: Medtronic Vascular, Inc.

20110270372 - Stent graft delivery system and method of use: A stent graft delivery system including a tip assembly, a middle member tube, a sheath assembly, a threaded assembly, and a unitary endoseal. The tip tube is disposed in and longitudinally slideable within the proximal portion of the endoseal lumen, the middle member proximal end of the middle member tube... Agent: Medtronic Vascular, Inc.

20110270374 - System and method for deploying and positioning an endovascular device: A dilator tip (100) for deploying and positioning an endovascular device (570) at a treatment site includes an elongate body (105) having at least two substantially longitudinal channels (110) in an outer surface (105s) of the body and at least two deployment struts (115). Each deployment strut (115) has a... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20110270382 - Drug delivery after biodegradation of the stent scaffolding: Disclosed is a stent comprising a bioabsorbable polymeric scaffolding; and a plurality of depots in at least a portion of the scaffolding, wherein the plurality of depots comprise a bioabsorbable material, wherein the degradation rate of all or substantially all of the bioabsorbable polymer of the scaffolding is faster than... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

20110270381 - Methods and apparatus for stenting comprising enhanced embolic protection coupled with improved protections against restenosis and thrombus formation: Apparatus and methods for stenting are provided comprising a stent attached to a porous biocompatible material that is permeable to endothelial cell ingrowth, but impermeable to release of emboli of predetermined size. Preferred stent designs are provided, as well as preferred manufacturing techniques. Apparatus and methods are also provided for... Agent: Abbott Laboratories Vascular Enterprises Limited

20110270379 - Mobile external coupling for branch vessel connection: An endovascular prosthesis includes a tubular body and a mobile external coupling. The tubular body includes a graft material and stents coupled thereto which forms a lumen therethrough. The mobile external coupling extends outwardly from the tubular body. The mobile external coupling includes a graft material and is generally frustoconically... Agent: Medtronic Vascular, Inc.

20110270380 - Mobile external coupling for branch vessel connection: An endovascular prosthesis includes a tubular body and a mobile external coupling. The tubular body includes a graft material and stents coupled thereto which forms a lumen therethrough. The mobile external coupling extends outwardly from the tubular body. The mobile external coupling includes a graft material and is generally frustoconically... Agent: Medtronic Vascular, Inc.

20110270378 - Mobile external coupling with internal sealing cuff for branch vessel connection: An endovascular prosthesis includes a tubular body and a mobile external coupling. The tubular body includes a graft material and stents coupled thereto, a forms a lumen therethrough. The mobile external coupling extends outwardly from the tubular body. The mobile external coupling includes a graft material and is generally frustoconically... Agent: Medtronic Vascular, Inc

20110270383 - Methods for crimping a polymeric stent onto a delivery balloon: A medical device-includes a polymer stent crimped to a catheter having an expansion balloon. The stent is crimped to the balloon by a process that includes heating the stent to a temperature below the polymer's glass transition temperature to improve stent retention without adversely affecting the mechanical characteristics of the... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

20110270384 - Polymeric stents and method of manufacturing same: A pattern is used to form a stent scaffold from a polymeric precursor tube having a particular outer diameter. A new pattern can be derived from a base pattern, wherein the new pattern can be used to form a stent scaffold from a precursor tube having an outer diameter ODPR... Agent:

20110270386 - Stent with self-deployable portion having wings of different lengths: The present invention provides methods and devices for placement of a stent in a bifurcation or ostial lesion. The stent comprises a main body and a flaring portion. The main body is designed to expand and support a main vessel of the bifurcation and defines a main body axis. The... Agent: Trireme Medical, Inc.

20110270385 - Tethered pop up branch structure stent graft and method: A method includes tethering a first pop up branch structure of a tethered pop up branch structure stent graft to a second pop up branch structure of the tethered pop up branch structure stent graft with a tether. The tethered pop up branch structure stent graft is deployed into a... Agent: Medtronic Vascular, Inc.

20110270387 - Implantable medical devices comprising poly[l-lactide-co-(3,6-dialkyl-1,4-dioxane-2,5-dione)]: This invention is directed to implantable medical device comprising a polymeric composition comprising poly[L-lactide-co-(3,6-dialkyl-1,4-dioxane-2,5-dione)], alone or as a blend with one or more polymers selected from the group consisting of poly(L-lactide) and poly(3,6-dialkyl-1,4-dioxane-2,5-dione).... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

20110270388 - Endovascular aortic valve replacement: The subject invention relates to a valve replacement system together with methods of preparation and use, are provided for endovascular replacement of a heart valve in a host. The valve replacement system includes up to five components: (1) a prosthetic valve device, (2) a valve introducer device, (3) an intraluminal... Agent:

20110270389 - Injectable physiologically adaptive intraocular lenses (iol's): A device and method for forming an adaptive optic in the capsule of a human eye is disclosed, comprising a capsular interface enclosing an optically acceptable medium. The device establishes a physiologic range of optical power in response to a range of ciliary contractile states. The preferred bi-phasic medium of... Agent:

20110270390 - Method for manufacturing aphakic intraocular lens: A method of manufacturing an aphakic intraocular lens that is capable of ensuring every multi-focusing effect more securely, while reducing the impact of aperture changes and lens eccentricity. At least two reliefs whose first order diffracted lights give respective focal distances different from one another are set to overlap with... Agent: Menicon Co., Ltd.

20110270392 - All-barrier elastomeric gel-filled breast prosthesis: An elastomeric gel-filled prosthetic implant having a shell made of a single gel barrier layer. The barrier layer is formed of a homogeneous silicone elastomer capable of sterically retarding permeation of the silicone gel through the shell and having a bleed rate that is less than about 40% of the... Agent: Allergan, Inc.

20110270391 - Inflatable prostheses and methods of making same: An inflatable tissue expander or more permanent prosthesis, suitable for implantation in a breast, is provided. The tissue expander includes a puncturable, self-sealing anterior portion forming a fillable cavity, and posterior portion that is puncture resistant. The anterior portion includes a silicone-based elastomer material having a mesh embedded therein. The... Agent: Allergan, Inc.

20110270393 - Buffer for a human joint and method of arthroscopically inserting: A buffer (10) for placement in a human knee between the femur and tibia comprises an outer sack (14) formed of a pliable material and having a one-way valve (22), a generally circularly shaped inner ring (16) received within the outer sack (14), and a friction reducing fluid (18) received... Agent:

20110270394 - Method and membrane for skin regeneration: Skin regeneration or grafting is promoted utilizing a structure including a multi-layer sheet of collagen membrane material which includes a purified collagen barrier sheet material derived from natural collagen-containing tissue, the barrier sheet material including a barrier layer with an outer smooth barrier face and a fibrous face opposite the... Agent: Geistlich Pharma Ag

20110270395 - Device and method for delivering radiation in selected directions: Embodiments of the invention include a device for supplementing or replacing a spinal structure and therapeutically delivering radiation to tissue. Some embodiments include a radiation source and a combination of members surrounding the radiation source that move relative to one another to permit or restrict emission of radiation from the... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20110270396 - Expandable implants for stabilizing adjacent anatomical structures: In one form, an expandable implant configured for positioning between one or more adjacent bones or bony portions, such as vertebrae of the spinal column for example, is provided. In one aspect, the implant includes a plurality of deformable members that is each positionable between an unexpanded configuration and an... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc

20110270397 - Spinal covering device: A spinal covering device for covering exposed neural spinal elements after a spinal procedure includes a body at least substantially or completely free of openings and first and second support planes extending longitudinally along the body adapted to overlay or abut remaining tissues on opposite sides of the exposed neural... Agent:

20110270398 - Selectively expanding spine cage, hydraulically controllable in three dimensions for enhanced spinal fusion: A selectively expanding spine cage has a minimized diameter in its unexpanded state that is smaller than the diameter of the neuroforamen through which it passes in the distracted spine. The cage conformably engages between the endplates of the adjacent vertebrae to effectively distract the anterior disc space, stabilize the... Agent: Coalign Innovations, Inc.

20110270402 - Devices and techniques for a posterior lateral disc space approach: This invention relates to devices and instruments for implant insertion through a posterior lateral opening to the disc space. The instruments include an implant inserter, and the devices include a spinal fusion implant engageable by the implant inserter. The implant provides bilateral support of the adjacent vertebrae when inserted into... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20110270399 - Mechanical apparatus and method for artificial disc fusion and nucleus replacement: The present invention relates to a device and method to perform 1) disc fusion, 2) artificial replacement of the nucleus, 3) artificial replacement of the annulus, or 4) artificial replacement of both the nucleus and annulus. The device is designed to be placed into the intervertebral space following discectomy. The... Agent:

20110270400 - Phase transitioning hydrogels: A method of forming and the resulting hydrogel composition comprising poly(vinyl alcohol) at a final concentration of about 20% (w/w) to about 65% (w/w) and polyethylene glycol at a final concentration of about 2% (w/w) to about 20% (w/w), wherein the hydrogel composition has a total polymer content, above about... Agent: Synthes Usa, LLC

20110270401 - Synthetic reinforced interbody fusion implants: Interbody fusion implants that include a load bearing body composed of a calcium phosphate material hardened around one or more structural reinforcing members are provided. The reinforcing members aid the load bearing body in resisting bending forces and, in certain forms, aid in preventing expulsion of the implant after implantation.... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20110270403 - Implantable mobile bearing prosthetics: A knee prosthesis including a femoral implant, a tibial implant, a tibial insert and a cam post. The femoral implant is secured to a femur and has a gap for receiving a natural PCL. The tibial implant is secured to a tibia. The tibial insert comprises a medial cavity with... Agent: Medicinelodge, Inc. Dba Imds Co-innovation

20110270404 - prosthestic bearing component: A prosthetic bearing component (10) comprising a bearing surface (40), wherein in use one or more openings (20) are provided on the bearing surface (40) and wherein the one or more openings (20) are suitable for receiving one or more attachment means (30) to secure the prosthetic bearing component (10)... Agent: Biomet Uk Limited

20110270407 - Medical or veterinary material, method for the production and use thereof: A sterile endosseous implant suitable for an insertion into a living tissue, the implant includes a moulded piecework made of poly (etheretherketon) as a binder and the moulded piecework includes an external graft surface embedded crystallized calcium phosphate particles emerging from the surface.... Agent: Cadorel, Catherine

20110270408 - Concrete scaffold made of bone powder and fibrin glue: The present invention relates to a bone-regenerating scaffold, and more particularly, to a bone-regenerating scaffold which is made of a mixture of fibrin glue and bone powder, the interior of which has a plurality of pores for accommodating bone growth factors, and which has a predetermined concrete shape. The present... Agent:

20110270409 - Orthotopic artificial bladder prosthesis: An orthotopic artificial bladder prosthesis includes an enclosure or bag or balloon and hollow elements (200; 300) for the forced connection of ureters and urethra to the bladder in the absence of sutures.... Agent:

20110270410 - Satiation devices and methods: A device for inducing weight loss in a patient includes a tubular prosthesis positionable at the gastro-esophageal junction region, preferably below the z-line. In a method for inducing weight loss, the prosthesis is placed such that an opening at its proximal end receives masticated food from the esophagus, and such... Agent: Barosense, Inc.

20110270406 - Anti-obesity stent: The anti-obesity stent includes a tubular structure having outer and inner surfaces and proximal and distal ends. The tubular structure is sized to fit within a duodenum in substantially coaxial relation therewith. The tubular structure is impervious or semi-permeable to digestive substances and chyme within the duodenum. The anti-obesity stent... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20110270405 - Duodenal metabolic stent: In at least one embodiment, the invention is directed to an endoluminal device comprising a stent and a sleeve. In one embodiment, the endoluminal device is implanted in a portion of the gastrointestinal tract. In some embodiments, the stent has a first region and a second region where the first... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20110270412 - Fabrication of a vascular system using sacrificial structures: The first aspect of the present invention is directed to a method of producing a vascular network preform (VNP). This method involves forming a network of elongate fibers and at least one elongate structure from a sacrificial material. The diameter of the elongate structure is greater than that of the... Agent: Cornell University

20110270411 - Nerve graft prepared by electrostatic spinning, the preparing method and the special apparatus used therefor: The present invention discloses an artificial nerve graft prepared by electrostatic spinning, the preparing method and a special apparatus used therefor. Said artificial nerve graft is in the shape of a tube composed of nano-fiber that is prepared by electrostatic spinning of a polymer. The materials used in the present... Agent: Nantong University

20110270413 - Prosthetic system and method utilizing microprocessor-controlled electric vacuum pump: A prosthetic system having a microprocessor-controlled socket evacuation device, and a method of retaining a prosthesis on the residual limb of an amputee using such an evacuation device. The evacuation device preferably includes at least an electrically powered vacuum pump and a power source. The microprocessor control allows the evacuation... Agent: The Ohio Willow Wood Company

20110270414 - Prosthetic locking liner with improved knee flexion: A prosthesis comprising an elastomeric locking liner sized and configured to surround a limb of a patient about a knee joint, the liner having an inner surface for facing the limb of the patient and an outer surface defining an anterior region and a posterior region which are demarcated by... Agent:

20110270415 - Artificial knee joint: An artificial knee joint includes a lower joint member, an axle, a kneecap member, and a press member. The lower joint member is formed with a horizontally extending axle-receiving hole, and a clearance extending from and in spatial communication with the axle-receiving hole. The axle is received in the axle-receiving... Agent:

20110270416 - Gripping mechanism: A gripping mechanism for gripping an object includes a base, a first gripping module, a second gripping module, and a driving device. The first gripping module is disposed on the base and has at least one receiving slot. The second gripping module is movably disposed in the receiving slot. The... Agent: National Taiwan University Of Science And Technology

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