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Prosthesis (i.e., artificial body members), parts thereof, or aids and accessories therefor July category listing 07/11

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07/28/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110184505 - Components, systems and methods for forming anastomoses using magnetism or other coupling means: Anastomotic components may be attached to hollow bodies or vessels by magnetic or mechanical force to create an anastomosis, form a port in a vessel, or repair a diseased vessel lumen. Anastomoses are created by coupling a first connection to an end of a vessel and then attracting it to... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20110184504 - Methods and apparatus for providing an arteriovenous fistula: Methods and apparatus for creating an artificial arteriovenous fistula between an artery and an adjacent vein are disclosed. Methods include utilizing a hollow spiral shunt that defines a fluid passageway between a proximal port and a distal port thereof. The spiral shunt is loaded within a delivery device that is... Agent: Medtronic Vascular, Inc.

20110184507 - Multi-section stent: A multi-section tubular device suitable for use as a stent is provided. The multisection tubular device includes a first tubular section (12) having a first end and a second end. A second tubular section (18) is connected to the first end of the first tubular section and a third tubular... Agent:

20110184506 - Vascular stent: A vascular stent to be implanted in a vessel of a living body to scaffold the vessel from inside is provided. The stent includes a tubular body formed by assembling a plurality of tubular-body forming elements constituting a part of a tubular body. The tubular-body forming elements are formed by... Agent: Kabushikikaisha Kyoto Iryo Sekkei

20110184508 - Improved tissue supporting devices: A new multiple component stent arrangement which allows for initial self-expansion and subsequent deformation to a final enlarged size.... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20110184509 - Dual sheath assembly and method of use: A sheath assembly is provided for protecting a stent mounted on a catheter. An inner tubular member is positioned over the stent without longitudinal movement of the inner tubular member along the stent surface thereby eliminating the possibility of scraping or scratching a drug coating or polymer coating on the... Agent: Abbott Laboratories

20110184510 - Tricuspid valve repair using tension: A method is provided, including implanting at least a first tissue-engaging element in a first portion of tissue in a vicinity of a heart valve of a patient, implanting at least a second tissue-engaging element in a portion of a blood vessel that is in contact with an atrium of... Agent: 4tech, Sarl

20110184511 - Tricuspid ring: A prosthetic tricuspid remodeling annuloplasty ring having two free ends can be configured to be stiff in the XY plane and relatively flexible along the Z axis. A tricuspid ring can be provided with a substantially elliptical shape in the XY plane, and a saddle shape in the Z direction.... Agent: Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

20110184512 - Valve aptation assist device: An apparatus including a tether, and an aptation device coupled to the tether at a position corresponding to a location to contact cusps of an atrioventricular valve during systole, wherein the tether and aptation device are suitable for percutaneous delivery to a patient. An apparatus including a support annulus comprising... Agent:

20110184513 - Artificial corneal implant: A material that can be applied as implants designed to artificially replace or augment the cornea, such as an artificial cornea, corneal onlay, or corneal inlay (intrastromal lens) is provided. The artificial corneal implant has a double network hydrogel with a first network interpenetrated with a second network. The first... Agent:

20110184514 - Intraocular meniscus lens providing pseudo-accommodation: An intraocular lens providing pseudo-accommodation includes a haptic assembly configured to position the accommodating intraocular lens; and a meniscus-shaped optic having a convex face and a concave face. The meniscus-shaped optic has an uncompressed state within an eye when the ciliary muscles are relaxed and a compressed state within the... Agent:

20110184515 - Devices for introduction into a body via a substantially straight conduit to form a predefined curved configuration, and methods employing such devices: A device for introduction into a body in a straight configuration and assuming within the body a predefined curved configuration, includes an elongated element formed from a number of segments interconnected so as to form effective hinges therebetween. When the elongated element is confined to a straight state, the effective... Agent: Nonliner Technologies Ltd.

20110184516 - Methods and systems for material fixation: A soft tissue fixation system, most typically applicable to orthopedic joint repairs, such as anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) knee repair procedures, comprises an implant which is placeable in a tunnel disposed in a portion of bone, wherein the tunnel is defined by walls comprised of bone. A first member is... Agent: Cayenne Medical, Inc.

20110184517 - Methods and systems for material fixation: A soft tissue fixation system, most typically applicable to orthopedic joint repairs, such as anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) knee repair procedures, comprises an implant which is placeable in a tunnel disposed in a portion of bone, wherein the tunnel is defined by walls comprised of bone. A first member is... Agent: Cayenne Medical, Inc.

20110184518 - Sacro-iliac joint implant: A sacro-iliac implant includes at least one wedge-shaped body. The body defines an outer surface configured to engage at least one articular surface of a sacro-iliac joint. Systems and methods employing the sacro-iliac implant are disclosed.... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20110184519 - Sacro-iliac joint implant system, method and instrument: A sacro-iliac implant delivery instrument includes a first arm connected to a first cannula. The first cannula is rotatable relative to the first arm and is configured for support of a fastening element. A second arm is connected to the first arm. The second arm is rotatable relative to the... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20110184520 - Sacro-iliac joint implant, method and apparatus: A sacro-iliac implant system includes at least one implant including a body defining an outer surface and being expandable in at least one dimension. The body is configured to expand in the at least one dimension from a first orientation to a second orientation such that the outer surface engages... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20110184524 - Implant for insertion between vertebral bodies of the spinal column: An implant (1) for insertion between vertebral bodies of the spinal column as a spacer for intervertebral disks removed from the spinal column, vertebrae, or vertebrae portions, comprises a first implant part (2) and a second implant part (3), which can be displaced relative to each other in the direction... Agent:

20110184522 - Modular interbody devices and methods of use: Methods and devices for spacing vertebral members using modular intervertebral devices and insertion tools. The devices may include opposing first and second endplates, and an intermediate member configured to fit between and support the endplates. The insertion tool may include an elongated handle and a distracter. A method of inserting... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20110184521 - Prosthesis connection mechanism: A prosthesis comprising a component for engaging a surface of a vertebral body is disclosed. The component comprises a bone-engaging surface and an outer surface that is not bone-engaging, wherein the bone-engaging surface is configured to engage a portion of the surface of the vertebral body, wherein the vertebral body... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc

20110184523 - Slide-on end cap for a vertebral implant: An implant for insertion between adjacent vertebral members, comprising an implant body with a base section having positioning teeth, and an end cap adapted for positioning at a selected point on the base section via adjustment of an approach direction. The end cap comprises a seating surface adapted to contact... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20110184525 - Knee joint endoprosthesis: A knee joint endoprosthesis comprises a femoral component, a tibial component and a meniscal component mounted between the femoral component and the tibial component. The meniscal component is mounted on the tibial component for rotation about an axis of rotation extending at the medial side, a rotation guiding device being... Agent: Aesculap Ag

20110184526 - Patient-modified implant: An orthopedic implant includes a first portion including at least one feature modified to be patient-specific and match the anatomy of a specific patient from a three-dimensional digital image of a patient's joint using computer modeling. The orthopedic implant includes a non-custom inner bone-engaging surface including a plurality of planar... Agent: Biomet Manufacturing Corp.

20110184527 - Modular proximal interphalangeal joint: A modular proximal interphalangeal joint implant assembly including a first stem component, a second stem component, and an articulation assembly. The first stem component includes a first locking device and is operable to be implanted in a proximal phalanx bone. The second stem component includes a second locking device and... Agent: Biomet Manufacturing Corp.

20110184528 - Resurfacing implant: An implant for use on a joint-facing end of a bone includes a cap having convex outer surface overlying a concave inner surface and a stem protruding from the inner surface such that an edge of the cap surrounds the stem and overhangs a portion of the stem leading up... Agent: Osteomed L.p.

20110184529 - Implants comprising titanium and carbonate and methods of producing implants: The invention relates to a substrate comprising a bioactive element and a method to obtain the substrate with the bioactive element. The plate comprising the bioactive element relies upon formation of a carbonate layer containing biologically relevant and active ions on a surface of the substrate. Via the surface modification... Agent:

20110184530 - High performance reticulated elastomeric matrix preparation, properties, reinforcement, and use in surgical devices, tissue augmentation and/or tissue repair: This invention relates to reticulated elastomeric matrices, their manufacture, their post-processing, such as their reinforcement, compressive molding or annealing, and uses including uses for implantable devices into or for topical treatment of patients, such as humans and other animals, for surgical devices, tissue augmentation, tissue repair, therapeutic, nutritional, or other... Agent: Biomerix Corporation

20110184531 - Open celled foams, implants including them and processes for making same: Described herein are open celled foams including a matrix of interconnected spheres. Also described herein are methods of making open celled foams as well as making composite members with open celled foam coatings covering at least a portion of the composite member. The open celled foams described herein are silicone... Agent: Allergan, Inc.

20110184532 - Prosthetic device and connecting system using vacuum: A prosthetic device comprises a connecting portion for connecting to a person using vacuum; and a control structure for controlling an amount of vacuum used to connect the connecting portion to the person, wherein the control structure includes: a vacuum pump (502) in fluid communication with the connecting portion for... Agent: Hanger Orthopedic Group, Inc.

07/21/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110178589 - Apparatus and methods for delivery of braided prostheses: Blood vessels and other body lumens are expanded using an evertible braided prosthesis. The braided prosthesis is delivered to the blood vessel in a radially collapsed configuration. A leading edge of the braided prosthesis is then everted so that it expands as it is advanced through the blood vessel. Optionally,... Agent: Xtent, Inc.

20110178588 - Apparatus and methods for improved stent deployment: Apparatus for facilitating deployment of a an implantable medical device includes a control member (20) having at least one tine member (35-37). A proximal region (35b-37b) of at least one of the tine members (35-37) is configured to engage an associated portion of a stent (60). In use, the control... Agent:

20110178590 - Metal stent for treating lesions in blood vessels, comprising a packaging: The system according to the present disclosure includes a metal stent (3) as a medical implant for treating lesions in blood vessels and a packaging (1) having an inside volume, in which the stent (3) is arranged in a protected manner. The stent (3) has a plurality of webs (33),... Agent:

20110178591 - Percutaneous endovascular apparatus for repair of aneurysms and arterial blockages: An endovascular apparatus is provided for treating the effects of vascular disease including aneurysms and arterial blockages using a percutaneous, minimally invasive technique. In one embodiment the endovascular apparatus includes a tubular sleeve having a cranial end, a first caudal branch, and a second caudal branch such that the tubular... Agent:

20110178592 - Implantable tube and coating method thereof: An implantable tube to be implanted in a human body so as to be used as a circulation path, and a coating method thereof are disclosed. The implantable tube is a structure with a lumen coated with a bioactive material containing a material promoting fusing of the structure implanted in... Agent: Co., Inc.

20110178593 - Medication depot for medical implants: An agent depot for mechanical connection to a surface of an endovascular implantable body, comprising one or more polymers, one or more bioactive agents, the agent depot being mechanically connectable to the implantable body by a force fit or an adhesive.... Agent: Biotronik Vi Patent Ag

20110178594 - Bioabsorbable blend for temporary scaffolding of the blood vessel wall: A bioabsorbable blend comprising poly(L-lactide) (PLLA) and a phosphorylcholine group-containing copolymer (PPCP) capable of enduring the mechanical strength of blood vessel walls and applicable for fabricating cardiovascular devices was developed. The blend acts as a scaffold to support blood vessel walls during vascular healing and undergoes biodegradation in vivo after... Agent:

20110178595 - Polymer coating for medical devices: Coatings are provided in which surfaces may be activated by covalently bonding a combination of silane derivatives (A) to the metal surface, covalently bonding a lactone polymer (B) to the silane derivative by in situ ring opening polymerization, and depositing at least one layer of a polyester (C) on the... Agent:

20110178596 - Cardiac valve leaflet attachement device and methods thereof: A medical device system comprising a guide catheter and a leaflet fastening applicator, the guide catheter having suitable dimensions for deployment and insertion percutaneously into a human heart in a vicinity of a heart valve, the leaflet fastening applicator having a size allowing insertion through the guide catheter and being... Agent: Abbott Vascular Inc.

20110178597 - Apparatus and method for replacing a diseased cardiac valve: An apparatus for replacing a diseased cardiac valve is movable from a radially collapsed configuration to a radially expanded configuration. The apparatus comprises an expandable support member and a prosthetic valve secured therein. The main body portion extends between first and second end portions and includes an outer circumferential surface,... Agent: The Cleveland Clinic Foundation

20110178601 - Adjustable insertion device for a vertebral implant: Intervertebral implants configured to engage with an insertion device for insertion between first and second vertebral members. The implants may include a body with a sidewall that forms an interior space. An opening may extend through the sidewall and into the interior space. Receptacles may be positioned at the opening... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20110178600 - Electronically controlled artificial intervertebral disc with motor assisted actuation systems and an active closed-loop microchip responding by sensors to variable human locomotor activity and spinal motion: An electronically assisted artificial vertebral disc having an upper disc plate and a lower disc plate is disclosed. An actuator imparts movement to at least one of the upper and lower disc plates. A control device controls the actuator and the amount of movement between the disc plates. The actuator... Agent:

20110178598 - Expandable vertebral prosthesis: The present invention relates to an expandable prosthetic implant device for engagement between vertebrae generally comprising an inner member, outer member, and gear member positioned coaxial with respect to each other such that the inner and outer members are moveable relative to each other along an axis. The gear member... Agent:

20110178599 - Intervertebral implant having extendable bone fixation members: An intervertebral implant is configured to be fixed in an intervertebral space defined by a first vertebral body and a second vertebral body. The intervertebral implant includes an implant body sized to be inserted into an intervertebral space, and a fixation assembly configured to be attached to the implant body.... Agent:

20110178602 - Methods and apparatus for treating disc herniation and preventing the extrusion of interbody bone graft: Medical devices for treating an annulus fibrosis are described. The annulus fibrosis has an outer layer, at least one inner layer, and a defect extending through the outer and inner layers. The devices include first and second elongate fastening members, each having a first end, a second end, and an... Agent:

20110178603 - Acromion spacer: A prosthesis assembly for use with a scapula in one embodiment includes an acromion spacer unit, a first articulation surface on an inferior surface of the acromion spacer unit, a bone contacting surface on a superior surface of the acromion spacer unit, and a bone mounting member extending sideways from... Agent: Depuy Products, Inc.

20110178604 - Expandable endoprosthesis: An implantable device includes a first implant component implantable into a first bone portion, a second implant component implantable to a second bone portion and a third implant component comprising a shape-memory polymer. The second implant component is telescopically coupled to the first component. The third implant component is held... Agent: Biomet Manufacturing Corp.

20110178605 - Knee prosthesis system: A knee prosthesis system for total knee replacement procedures includes a plurality of distinctly-sized femoral components, a plurality of distinctly-sized fixed tibial components, a plurality of distinctly-sized mobile tibial components, a plurality of fixed inserts, and a plurality of mobile inserts. Each of the mobile inserts is sized and shaped... Agent: Depuy Products, Inc.

20110178606 - Tibial components for a knee prosthesis system: A knee prosthesis system for total knee replacement of a patient has a plurality of distinctly-sized fixed tibial components, each of which has a fixed platform defining a first, bone covering profile and a plurality of distinctly-sized mobile tibial components, each of which has a mobile platform defining a second,... Agent: Depuy Products, Inc.

20110178607 - Orthopedic prosthesis: According to one aspect of the present invention, there is provided an orthopedic prosthesis (10) suitable for resurfacing chondral deficient surface areas in knee joints, including a tibial component (30) defining a tibial articular bearing surface (50), a femoral component (20) defining a femoral articular bearing surface (130) and a... Agent:

20110178608 - Implantable repair device: An implantable prosthesis for repairing or reinforcing a tissue or muscle wall defect including a first composite structure including at least one layer of a non-absorbable material, wherein the first composite structure has a central portion sized and shaped to cover at least a portion of the tissue or muscle... Agent:

07/14/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110172754 - Delivery devices and methods for heart valve repair: Devices, systems and methods facilitate positioning of a cardiac valve annulus treatment device, thus enhancing treatment of the annulus. Methods generally involve advancing an anchor delivery device through vasculature of the patient to a location in the heart for treating the valve annulus, contacting the anchor delivery device with a... Agent:

20110172755 - Self-expanding medical device: The invention relates to a helical coil comprising multiple reversing sense helical coil units that are capable of drug elution, come in lengths appropriate for long, diffuse lesions, have the ability to have a step-wise tapering diameter, and provide all the benefits of a small closed cell stent design while... Agent: Tissuegen, Inc.

20110172760 - Apparatus and method for tissue adhesion: An array of a plurality of shape memory material microposts (12) have a proximal end (10) configured to be secured to a substrate (14) with a tissue penetrating distal end (18). The microposts further have a deployment state with the microposts (12) in a substantially straightened configuration with a substantially... Agent: Microkoll, Inc.

20110172756 - Apparatus for medical applications: The present invention relates to an apparatus for medical applications. The apparatus includes an oblong conductive element having a distal end. A resistance element is disposed in the vicinity of the distal end. The resistance element changes the resistance thereof as a function of a temperature and/or an electromagnetic field.... Agent: Biotronik Se & Co. Kg

20110172759 - Axially nested slide and lock expandable device: The invention relates generally to expandable medical implants for maintaining support of a body lumen and, in particular, to an axially nested, diametrically expandable, slide and lock vascular device for enlarging an occluded portion of a vessel. The axially nested vascular device desirably achieves both competitive crossing profiles while maintaining... Agent: Reva Medical, Inc.

20110172757 - Base material for revascularization: The present invention provides a tubular material for revascularization comprising a foamed body comprising a bioabsorbable material, a reinforcing member comprising a bioabsorbable material for reinforcing the foamed body, and a reinforcing yarn comprising a bioabsorbable material for reinforcing the foamed body, wherein the reinforcing yarn and the reinforcing member... Agent: Gunze Limited

20110172758 - Stents formed from polymer-bioceramic composite with radiopaque bioceramic particles: Implantable medical devices fabricated at least in part of a polymer-bioceramic composite having bioceramic particles with radiopaque functional groups grafted to a surface of the bioceramic particles are disclosed. Implantable medical devices fabricated at least in part of a radiopaque material having bioceramic particles with polymer chains grafted onto a... Agent:

20110172753 - Endoprostheses: Endoprosthesis are disclosed.... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc., A Minnesota Corporation

20110172762 - Side branch stent graft construction: A stent graft (10) has a tubular body (12) of a biocompatible material and at least one fenestration (18, 20). The or each fenestration has a tubular side branch stitched into it with a portion of the tubular side branch extending within the tubular body and a portion of the... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20110172761 - Stent: s

20110172763 - Matrix coated stent: The present invention relates generally to a drug eluting stent containing metallic surfaces modified in microsphere metallic matrix structure and methods for making same. More specifically, the invention relates to an expandable and implantable vascular stent having at least one matrix layer that promotes improved cellular adhesion properties for healing... Agent:

20110172764 - Transcorporeal delivery system and method: Transcorporeal delivery system and method for valve replacement surgery that is minimally invasive.... Agent:

20110172765 - Heart valve prosthesis and methods of manufacture and use: A heart valve prosthesis is provided having a self-expanding multi-level frame that supports a valve body comprising a skirt and plurality of coapting leaflets. The frame transitions between a contracted delivery configuration that enables percutaneous transluminal delivery, and an expanded deployed configuration having an asymmetric hourglass shape. The valve body... Agent: Medtronic Corevalve LLC

20110172766 - Apparatus and methods for loading of an iol injector: An IOL injector body including an injector body segment defining a portion of a lumen, and a first loading chamber component coupled to the injector body segments and a second loading chamber component hingedly coupled to the first loading chamber component. The second loading chamber component is capable of rotating... Agent:

20110172767 - Minimally invasive, direct delivery methods for implanting obesity treatment devices: A method includes selecting a template from a plurality of different sizes of templates based on measurements of the abdominal cavity of a patient; orienting the template on the patient at a location overlying the abdominal cavity to select an appropriate size implant using fluoroscopic imaging; marking an incision location... Agent:

20110172768 - Knee joint prosthesis and hyaluronate compositions for treatment of osteoarthritis: A medical device and methods to relieve joint pain and adapted for knee joint repair, replacement and augmentation. The invention discloses joint lubricant, particularly hyaluronate compositions and methods for treatment of osteoarthritis.... Agent:

20110172772 - Devices and methods for inter-vertebral orthopedic device placement: Disclosed are devices and methods for the placement of a bone fusion implant between vertebral bodies in a human or animal subject. In an exemplary method a pathway is formed in the first sacral vertebrae along a trajectory that has a starting point between the inferior aspect of the facet... Agent:

20110172771 - Hydrogel implant with superficial pores: Implantable biomaterials, particularly hydrogel substrates with porous surfaces, and methods for enhancing the compatibility of biomaterials with living tissue, and for causing physical attachment between biomaterials and living tissues are provided. Also provided are implants suitable for load-bearing surfaces in hard tissue repair, replacement, or augmentation, and to methods of... Agent: Georgia Tech Research Corporation

20110172769 - Intervertebral implant intended to allow immobilization of one vertebra in relation to another: An implant that allows immobilization of one vertebra in relation to another, having two lateral walls essentially parallel one with respect to the other and having a length, and at least one transverse wall connecting these lateral walls one to the other, at least one of these lateral walls having,... Agent: Medicrea International

20110172770 - Method for preparing a space in the human spine: A method for use in a vertebral spine to prepare a space between adjacent vertebral bodies to receive an implant. The method is performed using a bone removal device including a shaft and a mounting member at one end of the shaft. A working end is mounted on the mounting... Agent:

20110172773 - Articulating disc implant: An intervertebral disc implant for use in the spine including a first part and a second part, wherein the first part and second part are configured as a joint prosthesis for the spine. The first part includes one of a concave or convex articulating surface and the second part includes... Agent:

20110172779 - Expandable implant, instrument, and method: Embodiments of the invention include expandable, implantable devices and methods. Devices expand linearly to provide secure fixation between or among anatomical structures. In some embodiments, an implant replaces one or more vertebral bodies of the spine.... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20110172774 - Expandable intervertebral implant and associated surgical method: The present invention provides an expandable intervertebral implant that is selectively disposed in the intervertebral space and deployed, thereby in-situ distracting, realigning, and/or stabilizing or fusing a portion of the spine of a patient in the treatment of injury, disease, and/or degenerative condition. The expandable intervertebral implant includes a superior... Agent:

20110172777 - Implant derived from bone: An implant which is particularly suitable for the repair and/or replacement of a skeletal joint, e.g., a vertebral joint, includes a unit of monolithic bone possessing at least one demineralized region exhibiting properties of flexibility and resilience, the demineralized region having diminished or insignificant capacity for promoting new bone growth.... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20110172775 - Interbody implant with graft retaining bone cap: Systems and methods for retaining bone graft material in an interbody implant system are provided. In one embodiment of the invention, there is provided an interbody implant system comprising an implant device and at least one sliding bone cap device. The implant device includes a body defining a cavity for... Agent:

20110172776 - Pivotable interbody spacer system and method: A spinal spacer system includes a handle member, an extension member including a first and a second end, wherein the first end of the extension member is coupled to the handle member. Additionally, a coupling device configured to selectively couple a spacer to the second end of the extension member... Agent:

20110172778 - Vertebral implant including preformed osteoconductive insert and methods of forming: A vertebral implant for insertion into a patient includes an insert formed from an osteoconductive material and further including a biocompatible polymer body that is formed into the insert. The insert may extend over part of or substantially the entire bone contact surface of the implant. The insert includes a... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20110172780 - Method and apparatus for fusing the bones of a joint: v

20110172781 - Elbow prosthesis: An elbow prosthesis can include a capitellar implant that has an articulating head and a stem. The articulating head can have a first substantially hemispherical portion and a second portion that collectively extend between lateral and medial sides of the articulating head and are separated by a plane. The first... Agent: Biomet Manufacturing Corp.

20110172782 - Thumb metacarpal implant: A hemi-arthroplasty implant (11) joint replacement for the base of the first metacarpal of the CMC joint is created which can effectively restore and reestablish functional joint mechanics. The implant (11) has a unique head section (13) creating a particular interrelation between a spherical head articular surface (19), that is... Agent: Ascension Orthopedics, Inc.

20110172783 - One-cylinder thrust roll method, device therefor and products manufactured therewith: The invention relates to a single-piece metal strip having no weld seams and made of a polycrystalline metal, comprising at least one region in which the crystallites have a comparatively stronger anisotropic orientation, and at least one region in which the crystallites have a comparatively less strong anisotropic orientation, and... Agent: Dumont Switzerland Ag

20110172784 - Self-assembling modular percutaneous valve and methods of folding, assembly and delivery: The present invention provides a modular prosthetic valve device designed as two or more device modules that may be delivered to a body lumen unassembled and then assembled into the assembled valve device in the body at least in part using a self-assembly member at or near the site of... Agent: Valve Medical Ltd.

20110172785 - Compliant composites for application of drug-eluting coatings to tissue surfaces: A compliant composite for delivering a bioactive agent including a scaffolding material and a polymer coating that together can be attached to compliant tissue surfaces is disclosed, along with methods for constructing and applying these composites. In some embodiments, the composite further comprises a barrier layer for localized delivery of... Agent: The Brigham And Women's Hospital, Inc.

20110172786 - Implantable repair device: An implantable prosthesis for repairing or reinforcing a tissue or muscle wall defect including a first composite structure including at least one layer of a non-absorbable material, wherein the first composite structure has a central portion sized and shaped to cover at least a portion of the tissue or muscle... Agent:

20110172787 - Anchoring system for prosthetic and orthotic devices: Anchoring system for a cable-activated prosthetic or orthotic device includes a fastener comprising a base and a clasp-engaging member, wherein the fastener further comprises an adhesive to secure the base directly to skin of a wearer; and a clasp comprising a first end configured to engage and rotate about the... Agent:

07/07/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110166636 - Method and apparatus for replacing a prosthetic valve: In one aspect, the present disclosure concerns a percutaneously delivered adapter stent that is deployed within a previously implanted prosthetic valve and serves as an anchor or platform for implanting a percutaneously delivered replacement valve within the previously implanted valve. The adapter stent can be delivered to the implantation site... Agent: Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

20110166637 - Self constraining radially expandable medical devices: The current invention comprises tubes that can be constrained and expanded by either axial or torsional strain. By torsionally displacing the tube in a direction counter to the biased helices and angularly displacing the lower angle helix to an angle equal to, but opposite, the starting angle, the tube is... Agent:

20110166638 - Flexible stretch stent-graft: A stent device includes a first graft member, a second graft member and a stent frame defining a central axis. The frame has an abluminal surface engaged with the first graft member and a luminal surface engaged with the second graft member such that the first graft member and the... Agent: C. R. Bard, Inc.

20110166639 - Stent: A stent shaped as a three-dimensional body which is formed by interlaced threads (1) arranged in multistart turns of a helical line. The threads (1) are arranged in at least two groups (2 and 3) of the helical turns featuring opposite senses of helix. The stent ends are established by... Agent: Endovascular Technologies, Inc.

20110166640 - Stent having less invasive ends and improved radial force: The present invention provides a stent having less invasive ends and improved radial force. In one embodiment, the stent comprises a series of proximal apices disposed at a proximal end of the stent, a series of distal apices disposed at a distal end of the stent, and at least one... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20110166641 - Highly flexible stent and method of manufacture: Preferred embodiments of a stent with a high degree of flexibility are shown and described. The stent can include a continuous helical winding having interconnected struts joined at vertices, and having bridges connecting sections of the helical winding to each other. An annular ring can be provided at one or... Agent: C.r. Bard Inc.

20110166643 - Stent: A stent shaped as a three-dimensional body which is formed by interlaced threads (1) arranged in multistart turns of a helical line. The threads (1) are arranged in at least two groups (2 and 3) of the helical turns featuring opposite senses of helix. The stent ends are established by... Agent: Endovascular Technologies, Inc.

20110166642 - Stent configurations: The invention is directed to an expandable stent which is longitudinally flexible in both the unexpanded and expanded conditions. The stent includes spiral structures which at least partially unwind upon expansion of the stent to limit stent recoil. Regions of low strain in the stent during expansion are provided by... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20110166644 - Blood vessel prosthesis and delivery apparatus: A prosthesis for locating at a branch region of a blood vessel. The prosthesis comprises a main conduit (10) having a tubular portion (11) with first and second ends (12,13), and at least one projecting portion (14,15,16) projecting from the first end of the tubular portion. One or more branch... Agent: Barts And The Londhon Nhs Trust

20110166645 - Device viewable under an imaging beam: The invention provides a stent made from a material operable to perform a stent's desired therapeutic functions, and also made from a material that has a radiopacity that substantially preserves the appearance of the stent when the stent is viewed under a CT imaging beam. Such a stent can allow... Agent:

20110166646 - Drug eluting stent and method of making the same: A drug eluting stent comprising a multilayer tubular structure which includes at least one intermediate layer having reservoirs therein for deposition of a drug, the intermediate layer eluting drug in a lateral direction, and methods of making the same.... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20110166647 - Implantable medical device: The invention provides an implantable medical device comprising a fibrous polymer body comprising a plurality of electrospun poly(urethane) fibers, a support filament wrapped around the body, an outer layer around the filament for adhering the filament to the body, the outer layer comprising a plurality of electrospun poly(urethane) fibers, and... Agent: Nanovasc, Inc.

20110166648 - Profile reduction of valve implant: A method for reducing an axial profile of a valve implant includes providing a valve implant having a longitudinal axis and a delivery catheter having a central axis and a distal receiving section. The method further includes helically rolling the valve implant around a rolling axis that is offset at... Agent: Direct Flow Medical, Inc.

20110166649 - Annuloplasty devices and methods of deliver therefor: Apparatus is provided, including a tube (421) shaped to define a tube lumen at least one implant (100) reversibly coupled to the tube (421), and configured for implantation within a body of a patient. The apparatus also comprises two or more longitudinal guide members (470) disposed at least in part... Agent: Valtech Cardio Ltd.

20110166650 - New technique for preparing, storing and transplanting endothelial grafts: The present invention relates to a new isolated cornea wherein the Descemet's membrane is separated from the overlying corneal stroma by an air cushion. For “DMEK” surgery a spatula (1) is provided, comprising a rounded glide (2) suitable for receiving on its upper surface (3) two overlapping separated buttons; said... Agent:

20110166651 - Lens having independent non-interfering partial zones: A lens, particularly a contact lens or intraocular lens, for improving the image quality of incident polychromatic light exhibiting wave front errors, including a central zone and at least one annular zone, is characterized in that such that positive or negative optical wavelength differences exist between adjoining zones of the... Agent:

20110166652 - Toric lens with decreased sensitivity to cylinder power and rotation and method of using the same: A method, system and apparatus for vision correction are disclosed. The method, system and apparatus include a toric intraocular element for correcting astigmatism and having a cylinder power, and a depth of focus extender coupled to the toric intraocular element, the depth of focus extender extending a depth of focus.... Agent: Amo Groningen B.v.

20110166653 - Medical devices: Medical devices comprising an anti-connexin agent suitable for introduction into a subject.... Agent:

20110166655 - Spinal implant having deployable bone engaging projections: Instrumentation is disclosed for inserting an interbody spinal fusion implant for implantation at least in part within and across the generally restored height of a disc space between two adjacent vertebral bodies of a human spine. The implant has an external housing and a substantially hollow internal rotatable member having... Agent:

20110166654 - Spine implant insertion device and method: A spinal implant include a top, wherein at least a portion of the top is configured to contact a first vertebra, a bottom, wherein at least a portion of the bottom is configured to contact a second vertebra, a side having a releasable attachment to receive an insertion device and... Agent: G&l Consulting

20110166659 - Implant device: The present invention is directed to an implant device, in particular an implant device placed between bony, cartilaginous or soft tissues or between prosthetic surfaces to restore or create a gap. More particular the present invention is directed to an implant device made from polymeric material and having a stiffness... Agent: Dr. H.c. Robert Mathys Stiftung

20110166660 - Implant with spiral anchor: An intervertebral implant (100) for insertion into an intervertebral disc space between adjacent vertebral bodies. The implant includes an intervertebral spacer (105) and a spiral anchor (110) for securely coupling to both the intervertebral spacer and to at least one of the adjacent vertebral bodies. The at least one spiral... Agent: Synthes Usa, LLC

20110166657 - Spinal implant configured for lateral insertion: The embodiments provide a spinal implant that is configured for lateral insertion into a patient's intervertebral disc space. The spinal implant may have a body having a tapered anterior portion and one or more apertures. The tapered anterior portion allows for concomitant distraction of soft tissue during insertion of the... Agent: Centinel Spine, Inc.

20110166656 - Spinal implant configured for midline insertion: The embodiments provide a spinal implant that is configured for midline insertion into a patient's intervertebral disc space. The spinal implant may have a body and the body comprises one or more apertures. The apertures receive fixation elements, such as a screw and the like. The fixation element may comprise... Agent: Centinel Spine, Inc.

20110166658 - Spinal implant with attachment system: The embodiments of the present disclosure relate to a spinal implant assembly having features to prevent or minimize fixation elements, such as screws, from being dislodged, or from backing out over time and with use. The spinal implant assembly may comprise an implantable body having first apertures for receiving fixation... Agent: Centinel Spine, Inc.

20110166661 - Apparatus for fitting a shoulder prosthesis: Method and set of surgical instruments for fitting a shoulder prosthesis, and the shoulder prosthesis. The proposed method seeks to interpose a bone graft between the previously prepared glenoid surface of a scapula of a patient's shoulder and the face of a glenoid prosthetic component opposite the articular surface. The... Agent: Tornier Sas

20110166662 - Humeral component: The invention relates to a humeral component of a shoulder joint prosthesis, comprising a bearing body (38, 66), a shaft (32) and a transitional area (34) which is arranged between the bearing body (38, 66) and the shaft (32). One surface of the transitional area (34) comprises, on a large... Agent: Zimmer Gmbh

20110166663 - Lateral elbow prosthesis - proximal radioulnar joint: A proximal radioulnar joint (lateral elbow) prosthesis includes an ulnar brace member to be secured to the outer surface of the ulna bone. The ulnar brace member defines a bearing surface for supporting the radius. The prosthesis may also include a radial brace member which cooperates with the ulnar brace... Agent: Aptis Medical, LLC

20110166665 - Methods and systems for total hip replacement: Methods and apparatus of the present invention provide for orthopaedic total replacement of the hip while substantially preserving muscles and soft tissues around the hip joint resulting in reduced healing time and decreased risk of dislocation following the procedure. In an exemplary embodiment, the acetabulum is prepared and fitted with... Agent:

20110166664 - Socket having physiological load transmission: The invention relates to a joint socket (1) for a hip-joint endoprosthesis (2), wherein the joint socket (1) comprises ageing-resistant materials and forms a low-abrasion sliding pair together with a joint head (3). The joint socket (1) provides an implant surface (4), which is formed from a material with a... Agent: Mathys Ag Bettlach

20110166666 - Modular orthopaedic component case: A case for modular neck components for hip implants. The case may include indicators based on independent variables associated with physical characteristics of the implant, including leg length, offset, and anteversion. During surgery, the surgeon may be confronted with a need to change a preoperatively-chosen modular neck. For example, the... Agent: Zimmer, Inc.

20110166668 - Prosthetic hip implants: Prosthetic hip stems for use in prosthetic hip joints and, in particular, provides prosthetic hip stems that are designed to achieve more optimized outcomes with certain types of patient anatomy, such as the anatomy of female patients and/or patients having osteoporosis. Each hip stem in a family or set of... Agent: Zimmer, Inc.

20110166667 - Prosthetic ball-and-socket joint: A prosthetic joint includes: (a) first member having a balanced centroidal axis, and comprising a rigid material and a concave interior defining a cup surface, the cup surface including: (i) a cantilevered first flange defining a wear-resistant protruding first contact rim, the first flange being asymmetric relative to the balanced... Agent:

20110166669 - Cancellous constructs, cartilage particles and combinations of cancellous constructs and cartilage particles: Constructs that are at least partially constructed of allograft cancellous bone are disclosed, along with cartilage particles that may be used with the constructs for repairing articular cartilage defects. A multi-piece construct includes a base member, a cap member and at least one pin that secures the cap member to... Agent:

20110166671 - Prosthetic joint: A prosthetic joint has a central axis and includes: (a) a first member of rigid material and including a body having a cantilevered perimeter flange extending therefrom, the flange defining a wear-resistant, concave first contact surface having a protruding rim and a recessed central portion; and (b) a second member... Agent:

20110166670 - Pufa covered implants: A medical or dental implant which contains a metal material selected from the group consisting of titanium or an alloy thereof, wherein at least part of the surface of the metal material is coated with a layer of a polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA). In a preferred embodiment, the implant has... Agent:

20110166672 - Bone defect filler not adsorbing bone growth factor and not inhibiting the activity of the same: Inventors of the invention anticipated that the bone filling material adsorbs a growth factor like PRP, and the combined use of the bone filling material with PRP, the bone regeneration effect of PRP might be impaired. Further, the invention is basically related to the inhibition of this adsorbing effect of... Agent: Next21 K.k.

20110166673 - Quilted implantable graft: Described are embodiments of a multilaminate or multiple layer implantable surgical graft with an illustrative graft comprising a remodelable collagenous sheet material, the graft including one or more interweaving members to stitch together the graft to help prevent the layers from delaminating or separating during handling and the initial stages... Agent:

20110166674 - Ankle prosthesis: The invention relates to a prosthetic or orthetic device (1, 1′) of the prosthesis or orthesis articulation module type, particularly for an ankle or ankle foot, comprising: —at least one upper fastening (7′, 7′″) and a lower fastening (7, 7″) connected to one another by at least two link rods... Agent: Proteor

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