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Prosthesis (i.e., artificial body members), parts thereof, or aids and accessories therefor June invention type 06/11

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06/30/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110160837 - Apparatus and methods for delivering prostheses to luminal bifurcations: A catheter for delivering luminal prostheses comprises a catheter body having an expandable member near a distal end. The prosthesis has a side hole, and a guidewire extends beneath a proximal portion of the prosthesis and over the exterior of the expandable member. A distal end of the guidewire is... Agent: Trireme Medical, Inc.

20110160833 - Implantable graft assembly: An implantable graft-assembly has a) a radially expandable substantially tubular frame (e.g., a stent); and b) a graft having an at least partially curved periphery, such as an oval or circular graft. Also provided are methods of treating aneurysms using such graft assemblies, methods of making the graft assemblies, use... Agent:

20110160835 - Indirect-release electrolytic implant delivery systems: Medical devices and methods for delivery or implantation of prostheses within hollow body organs and vessels or other luminal anatomy are disclosed. The subject technologies may be used in the treatment of atherosclerosis in stenting procedures or be used in variety of other procedures. The systems may employ a self... Agent: Biosensors International Group, Ltd.

20110160834 - Rapid exchange catheter: A rapid exchange catheter includes a stiff proximal tube and a relatively flexible tapered distal tube, a guide wire tube being provided in the distal tube, with an aperture for access to the guide wire lumen being provided at the junction between the distal tube and the proximal tube, the... Agent: Cook Incorporated

20110160836 - Valve device: A valve such as an esophageal valve (1) has a normally closed configuration in which the valve (1) is closed and an open configuration in which the valve (1) is opened for flow through the valve (1). A support (102) for the valve (1) is adapted for mounting to a... Agent: Vysera Biomedical Limited

20110160838 - Endoprosthesis containing multi-phase ferrous steel: An endoprosthesis fabricated from multi-phase ferrous steel. Endoprostheses can include a variety of devices such as staples, orthodontic wires, heart valves, filter devices, and stents, many of which devices are diametrically expandable devices. Multi-phase ferrous steels include dual phase steels and transformation induced plasticity steels (TRIP steels).... Agent:

20110160842 - Clad composite stent: A body compatible stent is formed of multiple filaments arranged in at least two sets of oppositely directed helical windings interwoven with one another in a braided configuration. Each of the filaments is a composite including a central core and a case surrounding the core. In the more preferred version,... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc., A Minnesota Corporation

20110160839 - Endoprosthesis: An endoprosthesis, e.g., a bioerodable stent, that is treated by plasma immersion ion implantation on the surface and optionally in the bulk. Releasable therapeutic agent, drug, or pharmaceutically active compound may be incorporated into the treated surface of the endoprosthesis to provide desired medical benefits.... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20110160841 - Medical appliance and surface treatment method thereof: A surface treatment method for a medical appliance is provided. The surface treatment method includes providing a metal layer; forming an intermediate layer on a surface of the metal layer, in which a thickness of the intermediate layer is greater than a thickness of a native oxide layer of the... Agent: Metal Industries Research&development Centre

20110160840 - Repetitive cell bifurcation / side branch ostia support stent: A stent comprises at least one closed pathway that defines a single cell. In some embodiments, the closed pathway includes a plurality of petals constructed and arranged to extend away from the tubular wall of the stent. In one embodiment, some of the petals of the closed pathway overlap other... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20110160843 - High strength low opening pressure stent design: A stent has a plurality of expansion columns that extend in a radial direction to form a circumference of the stent and interconnected in the axial direction to form an overall axial length of the stent. Each expansion column has a plurality of first cells and a plurality of second... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20110160844 - Intravascular device attachment system having biological material: An attachment system for attaching an intravascular device to a vessel wall of a body vessel is disclosed. The attachment system includes an intravascular device and biological attachment material connected to the intravascular device. The biological attachment material is configured to attach the intravascular device to the vessel wall.... Agent: Med Institute Inc.

20110160845 - Drug delivery system and method of manufacturing thereof: In one embodiment, a drug delivery system and method provide a member including a combination of a drug substance and a polymer or other material, and an encapsulating layer formed in an outer surface of the member by gas cluster ion beam irradiation of the outer surface of the member,... Agent: Exogenesis Corporation

20110160847 - Apparatus for delivery and deployment of an expandable stent within a blood vessel: An improved apparatus for delivering and deployment of an expandable stent with a protection sheath within a blood vessel is provided. The system comprises a fluid pressure device which is coupled with a retraction device for the protection sheath such that after retraction of the protection sheath the stent is... Agent: Abbott Laboratories Vascular Enterprises, Ltd.

20110160848 - Methods for crossing a heart valve: The present invention provides for methods of using guide wires adapted for passage across a heart valve. The guide wires have an increased diameter and a shorter, relatively floppy distal tip; the increased diameter providing improved pushability to facilitate positioning in a blood jet and passage through a heart valve.... Agent: Abbott Laboratories Vascular Enterprises Limited

20110160846 - Translumenally implantable heart valve with formed in place support: A cardiovascular prosthetic valve, the valve comprising an inflatable cuff comprising at least one inflatable channel that forms, at least in part, an inflatable structure, and a valve coupled to the inflatable cuff, the valve configured to permit flow in a first axial direction and to inhibit flow in a... Agent: Direct Flow Medical, Inc.

20110160849 - Bimodal tricuspid annuloplasty ring: A prosthetic remodeling tricuspid annuloplasty ring having two free ends can be configured to more accurately mimic native valve anatomy (e.g., shape) and movement during the cardiac cycle. A tricuspid ring can be provided with a substantially elliptical shape in the X-Y plane, and a bimodal saddle shape in the... Agent: Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

20110160850 - Blood pump system with mounting cuff: An implantable blood pump system includes a blood pump housing and a mounting cuff. The blood pump housing at least partially contains a pump drive system adapted to transfer blood from an interior chamber of a heart and return the blood to a circulatory system. The blood pump housing includes... Agent: Thoratec Corporation

20110160851 - Keratoprosthesis: A keratoprosthesis having a central optical part tightly connected to a peripheral haptic part both made of hydrophobic polymers. Smooth surfaces of the optical part are present where the surface oriented toward the eyelid has been rendered hydrophilic, whereas, the chemical nature of the surface oriented to the anterior chamber... Agent: Coronis Gmbh

20110160852 - Interfacial refraction accommodating lens (iral): This invention relates to intraocular lenses. More particularly, this invention relates to intraocular lenses that have the ability to alter the light refractive power in response to changes in the tension of the ciliary muscle or ciliary body of the eye or any other accommodative forces. Lenses of this invention... Agent:

20110160853 - Capsular tension ring with coil for inductive coupling to an external electromagnetic field: A closed capsular tension ring, with a coil having at least one winding turn 6, wherein the winding turn 6 is disposed in the capsular tension ring 1. The closed capsular tension ring according to the invention has the advantage that it may be used without limitation to a particular... Agent:

20110160854 - Breast implants having drug-eluting reservoirs and methods therefor: A breast implant includes an implant shell having an outer surface and defining a first fluid reservoir, and a porous membrane overlying the outer surface of the implant shell and defining a second fluid reservoir. The breast implant includes a filling tube having a first conduit in communication with the... Agent: Ethicon, Inc.

20110160855 - Cochlear implant component having a unitary faceplate: A protective faceplate (37) for an implantable component of a tissue-stimulating prosthesis, such as a cochlear implant. The faceplate (37) comprising a first or outer surface and an opposed second or inner surface. The implantable component can be removably or non-removably mountable to the second surface and adapted to extend... Agent:

20110160856 - Systems and methods for zipknot acl fixation: A system and method for securing an ACL graft. The system may comprise a line routed through a plate, the plate may comprise an elongated body with a plurality of passageways, and a dogbone feature on one end. The line is routed such to create at least one one-way slide... Agent: Medicinelodge, Inc. Dba Imds Co-innovation

20110160858 - Endoprosthesis having a plug-in connection and improved rotary protection: The invention relates to an endoprosthesis, particularly for the at least partial replacement of a long bone, comprising a plug-in connection for connecting a shaft (2) to another part (1) of the prosthesis, wherein the plug-in connection (3) comprises an axial projection (33) and a socket (34). According to the... Agent: Deru Gmbh

20110160857 - Methods for collecting and processing autografts, processed autografts, kits for collecting and transporting autografts, and tools for preparing autografts: The present invention is directed to methods for collecting and processing autografts, processed autografts, kits for collecting and transporting autografts, and tools for preparing autografts. It is also directed to autologous bone grafts, and methods of preparing them.... Agent:

20110160859 - Dynamic six-degrees-of-freedom intervertebral spinal disc prosthesis: The subject invention provides a modular six-degrees-of-freedom spatial mechanism for spinal disc prosthesis, with up to three rotational and up to three translational degrees-of-freedom within the entire workspace of a Functional Spinal Unit (FSU). The prosthetic disc mechanism consists of up to three independent cylindrical joints, each joint providing one... Agent:

20110160860 - Cervical spacer: An anterior cervical column support having a hollow frame having a top load bearing surface and a bottom load bearing surface may be inserted between a first spinal vertebra and a second spinal vertebra. The top load bearing surface and the bottom load bearing surface may each include an opening... Agent: Rhausler, Inc.

20110160864 - Intervertebral implant for transforaminal posterior lumbar interbody fusion procedure: An intervertebral implant for fusing vertebrae is disclosed. The implant may have a body with curved, posterior and anterior faces separated by two narrow implant ends, superior and inferior faces having a plurality of undulating surfaces for contacting vertebral endplates, and at least one depression in the anterior or posterior... Agent:

20110160866 - Intervertebral implant with blades for connecting to adjacent vertebral bodies: An intervertebral implant (300) for insertion into an intervertebral disc space between adjacent vertebral bodies or between two bone portions. The implant includes a spacer portion (310), a plate portion (330) operatively coupled to the spacer portion and one or more blades (350) for securing the implant to the adjacent... Agent: Synthes Usa, LLC

20110160862 - Intervertebral prosthetic disc: A prosthetic disc for insertion between adjacent vertebrae includes upper and lower plates, a core disposed between the plates, and at least one projection extending from at least one of the upper and lower curved surfaces of the core into at least one recess of one of the inner surfaces... Agent: Spinalmotion, Inc.

20110160863 - Method of implanting intervertebral disk prosthesis: Embodiments disclosed herein provide a method of implanting an intervertebral disk prosthesis that can be assembled and disassembled in a minimally invasive fashion. The prosthesis comprises a first fixing element having an anchoring first face and a cooperation second face; a second fixing element having an anchoring first face and... Agent:

20110160861 - Methods and apparatuses for vertebral body distraction and fusion employing a coaxial screw gear sleeve mechanism: Improved methods and apparatuses for vertebral body distraction and fusion in accordance with various embodiments of the present invention employ one or more coaxial screw gear sleeve mechanisms. In various embodiments, coaxial screw gear sleeve mechanisms include a post with a threaded exterior surface and a corresponding sleeve configured to... Agent:

20110160865 - Prosthesis comprising a core of a gel material with a woven envelope and a method for producing the same and use thereof: The present application relates to a prosthesis comprising a core of a gel material and a fibre envelope which surrounds the core. In addition, the present application relates to a method for producing the same. The object of the present application is to provide a prosthesis which is based on... Agent: Technische Universiteit Eindhoven

20110160867 - Patient-specific tools and implants: A method for preparing a femoral neck for receiving a neck implant includes obtaining image data of a proximal femoral bone and femoral neck of a patient by a medical imaging method and constructing a three-dimensional image model of the proximal femoral bone and neck of the patient using the... Agent: Biomet Manufacturing Corp.

20110160868 - Combination male/female hip joint and installation kit: A hip implant assembly including body exhibiting a substantially spherical shaped ball and an elongated stem. An annular defining rim separates the ball from the stem and abuts, in a maximum inserting condition, an exterior surface of a reconditioned femur upon inserting the stem within an interior passageway associated with... Agent: Linares Medical Devices, LLC

20110160869 - Biocompatible materials for mammalian stem cell growth and differentiation: A biocompatible material, wherein at least a part of a surface of the biocompatible material is characterized by a micro or nano-meter scale topographical structure comprising a plurality of features where the structure is selected to promote the growth of undifferentiated pluripotent stem cells or serve to promote the uniform... Agent: Aarhus Universitet

20110160870 - Expandable implant: An implant system includes a fixation device that, in turn can include an expandable implant alone or in combination with an auxiliary implant. The expandable implant includes an expandable implant body that is made from an expandable material. The expandable material includes a polymer matrix and an expandable gas source... Agent:

20110160871 - Self-aligning prosthesis with hydraulic actuators: A hydraulic device includes a first plate that pivots in a first direction, a second plate that pivots in a second direction orthogonal to the first direction, a first hydraulic system comprising a first cylinder and piston, a second cylinder and piston and, channels connecting the first cylinder to the... Agent: Orthocare Innovations LLC

20110160872 - Artificial limb protection system: Disclosed herein is an artificial limb protection system comprising at least one sheath and optionally, a sealing means. The sealing means may be worn over a jointed body part such as a shoulder or a hip. The sheath may be stretched over a prosthesis and over a substantial portion of... Agent:

20110160873 - Humanlike mechanical finger for prostethic hands and massaging device with humanlike mechanical fingers: Presented invention provides mechanical finger which visually and functionally resembles the human one and will be primarily used in the prosthetic hands. The finger consists of three phalanges pivoted in their clevises. The first phalange is driven by the rod located in the arm and being connected to the actuator.... Agent:

06/23/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110152992 - Device and method for tacking plaque to blood vessel wall using wire mesh annular band: A plaque tack device for treating atherosclerotic occlusive disease is formed as a thin, annular band made of thin, flexible wire formed in a mesh structure having a plurality of barbs on its outer periphery. It has a width that is small relative to its diameter, to minimize the amount... Agent:

20110152996 - Apparatus and methods for delivery of multiple distributed stents: Delivery catheters and systems are adapted for delivering multiple discreet prostheses in body lumens. An exemplary delivery catheter comprises a sheath, a pusher for moving the prostheses relative to the sheath, and a valve member for selectively retaining the prostheses in the sheath. For balloon expandable stents, an elongated shaft... Agent: Xtent, Inc.

20110152995 - Device and method for providing a stent for implantation: A device and a method for providing a stent for implantation into a body lumen are provided, wherein the stent (3) has a proximal end (31) and a distal end (32), between which a stent lumen having a compressible diameter d extends. The device comprises a crimping apparatus (4), having... Agent:

20110152994 - Implantable device: An intracranial stent formed from Nitinol has variable flexibility. The stent (10) is formed from a plurality of stent rings (12) connected by tie bars (14). The tie bars (14) in a central soft zone (16) are heat treated so as to confer a higher transition temperature on the Nitinol.... Agent: Cook Incorporated

20110152997 - Delivery system for multiple stents: A stent delivery balloon (1) is used to deploy a plurality of mini-stents (5) into a bodily lumen at a controlled spacing. The balloon (1) has formations (3) for retaining the stents in a designed position. The formations may comprise ridges (3), or retractable bridging elements, on the surface of... Agent:

20110153000 - Non-destructive tissue repair and regeneration: A surgical stent made of biocompatible material for implantation in human tissue to enable blood and nutrients to flow from an area of vascular tissue to an area of tissue with little or no vasculature.... Agent: Howmedica Osteonics Corp.

20110152998 - Procedures for vascular occlusion: A method of reducing blood flow within an aneurysm includes: injecting a contrast agent into a blood vessel including an aneurysm; deploying an occlusion device across the aneurysm; producing an image of the aneurysm including the contrast agent; and withdrawing the delivery device from the vessel after observing that the... Agent: Chestnut Medical Technologies, Inc.

20110152999 - Systems and methods for making and using percutaneously-delivered pumping systems for providing hemodynamic support: A percutaneous pumping system for providing hemodynamic support to a patient includes a pumping sleeve that defines a lumen extending along the length of the pumping sleeve. The pumping sleeve is configured and arranged for insertion into patient vasculature. At least one rotatable magnet is disposed in the pumping sleeve.... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20110153001 - Biodegradable stent: A biodegradable stent includes flexible connection units comprising extensions and a base perpendicular thereto. The base includes ring members coupled by links. The extension includes a first end, a ring element at a second end and a hollow double-convex shaped intermediate section. The width of the intermediate section is greater... Agent: Chang Gung University

20110153002 - Extendible stent apparatus: The present invention concerns novel stent apparatuses for use in treating lesions at or near the bifurcation point in bifurcated cardiac, coronary, renal, peripheral vascular, gastrointestinal, pulmonary, urinary and neurovascular vessels and brain vessels. More particularly, the invention concerns a stent apparatus with at least one side opening which may... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20110153003 - Stent with flexible hinges: A helical stent includes at least one helical winding. Each helical winding includes a plurality of alternating long struts and short struts, ends of at least some of the long struts being joined to an end of an adjacent short strut by a flexible hinge arrangement, the struts being substantially... Agent: Innovational Holdings LLC

20110152993 - Multiple layer filamentary devices or treatment of vascular defects: Devices and methods for treatment of a patient's vasculature with some embodiments configured for delivery with a microcatheter for treatment of the cerebral vasculature of a patient. Some embodiments may include a permeable shell and inner structure configured to occlude blood flow therethrough.... Agent: Sequent Medical Inc.

20110153004 - Poly(ester amide)-based drug delivery systems with controlled release rate and morphology: A method of forming a coating on a medical device having a controlled morphology is described. A method of treating a disorder in a patient using the medical device is described.... Agent: Advanced Cardiovascular Systems, Inc.

20110153006 - Biocorrodible implants having a functionalized coating: One example embodiment of the present invention relates to an implant comprising a biocorrodible metallic material and having a coating, characterized in that the coating contains at least one layer in which ionic channels are embedded.... Agent:

20110153005 - Medical implant, coating method and implantation method: One example of the invention relates to a medical implant having a base body comprising a first end and a second end, which are arranged at opposite ends of the base body in a main direction of the extent of the base body, and a coating, such that the coating... Agent:

20110153007 - Taxane coatings for implantable medical devices: This disclosure relates to implantable medical devices coated with a taxane therapeutic agent, such as paclitaxel, in one or more solid form(s) having varying dissolution rates. Particularly preferred coatings comprise amorphous and/or solvated solid forms of taxane therapeutic agents that provide durable coatings that release the taxane over a desired... Agent: Cook Incorporated

20110153008 - Artificial valve: The invention relates to a valve endoprosthesis, characterised in that it substantially comprises an extensible stent or frame (1) made of several parts, i.e. an upper cylinder (11), a lower bearing portion (21) having the shape of a truncated cone and a maximum diameter higher than that of the aortic... Agent:

20110153009 - Apparatus and methods for repair of a cardiac valve: An apparatus for repairing a cardiac valve includes an annuloplasty ring having an expandable support member with oppositely disposed proximal and distal end portions and a main body portion between the end portions. The proximal end portion includes a plurality of wing members extending from the main body portion. Each... Agent: The Cleveland Clinic Foundation

20110153010 - Intracardiac implant - total artificial heart: The embodiment consists of 2 layers. Layer 1 (16) is immobile and adherent to the basement. Layer 2 (17) reflects from layer 1 and faces the cavity. Layer 2 moves inwards (systole) and backwards (diastole) by between-layers Concertina-like elastic fibers and/or a spring (22), on-surface diagonally crossing elastic fibers (27),... Agent:

20110153011 - Mrt-adjusted iegm-scanning: A device and a method for working with electromagnetic fields, specifically those fields that occur in image-guided nuclear spin tomography examinations (MRT or MRI). More precisely, the invention concerns an at least partially implanted medical device (IMD) that permits the delivery of electrical stimulation impulses by an electrode only in... Agent: Biotronik Crm Patent Ag

20110153012 - Systems and methods for the regulation of emerging myopia: In accordance with exemplary embodiments of the present invention, an eye is presented with a therapeutic optical structure (e.g., corneal reshaping or by way of a contact lens) that focuses the peripheral image field in at least one meridian in front of the mid peripheral retina. In general, the therapeutic... Agent:

20110153013 - Surgical microscopy system and method for performing eye surgery: A surgical microscopy system comprises microscopy optics for generating an image of an eye under surgery. A pattern generator generates a pattern to be superimposed with the image. An eye-tracker is provided for tracking a position of the superimposed pattern with respect to the image in case of a movement... Agent: Carl Zeiss Surgical Gmbh

20110153014 - Intraocular devices and associated methods: Visual aids and associated methods for improving the eye sight of low vision patients are provided. Generally, the devices of the present disclosure address the needs of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and other low vision patients by providing a magnified retinal image while keeping a large visual field of view.... Agent:

20110153015 - Accommodating intraocular lens: An accommodating intraocular lens (AIOL) construction having optics (2) and haptic (1) connected with the optics for positioning the optics within the eye, wherein the introcular lens construction is made of a single material having spatially-distributed different elasto-mechanical properties, and the elasto-mechanical properties of the haptic differ from the elasto-mechanical... Agent: Akkolens International B.v.

20110153016 - Mastectomy prosthesis and bra: The present document describes a prosthesis for a mastectomy bra comprising: a lower portion comprising a manually malleable material having a first density; and an upper portion comprising a manually malleable material having a second density smaller than the first density, the lower portion being substantially located below the upper... Agent: La Vie En Rose

20110153017 - Systems and methods for tissue expansion with fluid delivery and drainage system: The invention provides systems and methods for tissue expansion. A tissue expander may have an implant portion which may be used to expand the tissue. A delivery/drainage system may be also be provided, which may be in fluid communication with a pocket surrounding the tissue expander. Various port configurations may... Agent:

20110153018 - Method and apparatus for graft fixation: An apparatus and method for performing a surgery, especially an ACL replacement surgery, where a flexible strand insertion rod co-operates with a U-Guide apparatus to insert a flexible strand into a tunnel formed in a bone portion and to guide a pair of drill points to form a pair of... Agent: Biomet Sports Medicine, LLC

20110153019 - Devices for introduction into a body via a substantially straight conduit to for a predefined curved configuration, and methods employing such devices: A device for introduction into a body in a straight configuration and assuming within the body a predefined curved configuration, includes an elongated element formed from a number of segments interconnected so as to form effective hinges therebetween. When the elongated element is confined to a straight state, the effective... Agent: Nonliner Technologies Ltd.

20110153020 - Anterior lumbar interbody: A system having an expandable intervertebral fusion implant assembly for insertion between two vertebrae bodies. The system includes an anterior lumbar interbody component having an upper component and a lower component, each having an inner and outer surface, pivotally connected through a hinge. A distracting component includes a wedge having... Agent: Custom Spine, Inc.

20110153022 - Balloon-assisted annulus repair: The present invention is directed to an inflatable annulus repair device (10) for sealing an annulus defect located in an annulus fibrosis of an intervertebral disc space. In use, the inflatable device is introduced, in a first non-expanded state, preferably via a cannula (100) into the annulus defect. After the... Agent: Drexel University

20110153021 - Nucleus pulposus replacement device: A nucleus pulposus replacement device comprises a body of an elastomeric material which is able to be introduced and positioned within an annulus of an intervertebral disc of a patient. The material is of a form which undergoes a change from a first state, in which the body of material... Agent: Spinecell Pty Ltd. Acn 114 462 725

20110153023 - Modular glenoid prosthesis and associated method: A glenoid implant assembly is provided. The assembly includes a first component for attachment to the glenoid fossa of a scapula. The component defines an assembly face of the component. The assembly also includes a second component removably secured to the first component. The second component includes an assembly face... Agent: Depuy Products, Inc.

20110153024 - Modular elbow prosthesis: A modular elbow prosthesis including an ulnar component and a humeral component. The ulnar component includes an ulnar head and an ulnar stem. The humeral component includes a humeral head and a humeral stem. The humeral component also includes a locking system for securing the humeral head onto the humeral... Agent: Zimmer, Inc.

20110153025 - Method of forming a polymer component: This invention relates to a method of forming a polymer component and comprises blending polymer particles with antioxidant to form a mixture in which the antioxidant coats the polymer particles, irradiating the mixture to cross-link the polymer particles therein and forming the irradiated mixture into a consolidated component. The invention... Agent:

20110153026 - J-curve for a femoral prosthesis component: One or both of the condyles in a femoral component for a partial or total knee prosthesis includes a J-curve with a plurality of distinct radii, such as 5 or more radii. The centers of the radii are arranged along an arcuate path extending anteroposteriorly so that successively larger radii... Agent: Zimmer, Gmbh

20110153028 - Hybrid polymer/metal plug for treating chondral defects: Osteochondral implants for repair of chondral defects and providing bone fixation through bone ongrowth and/or ingrowth. The implant is provided with a base allowing for bone ongrowth and/or ingrowth and a top attached to the base, the top being formed of a material having a compressive resistance similar to that... Agent:

20110153029 - Bioresorbable and flexible membranes exhibiting asymmetric osteoconductive behavior in both faces: The present invention concerns a process for the preparation of a flexible composite membrane, biocompatible and biodegradable, obtained from natural or synthetic materials, containing inorganic osteoconductive elements with a gradient of concentration along the thickness of the membrane or an asymmetric concentration of such elements in both sides of the... Agent:

20110153030 - Positioning tools and methods for implanting medical devices: Described herein is a positioning tool having an elongate portion for carrying a medical implant. Also described is a method of positioning a medical implant using an elongate positioning tool. One form of the method includes positioning a medical implant on a distal portion of an elongate positioning tool, inserting... Agent: Synecor, LLC

20110153027 - Drug delivery system: A drug delivery medical device such as a gastrointestinal stent comprises a support 1 which has an outer cover or coating 2. The cover or coating comprises a plurality of patches or tiles 3 of a polymeric material which contain a drug. The patches 3 form a continuous or discontinuous... Agent: Vysera Biomedical Limited

06/16/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110144735 - Introducer: A stent graft introducer (1) has a distally opening capsule (5) on a nose cone dilator (3) and a plug device (17; 53) in the capsule. The plug device (17; 53) is movable longitudinally within the capsule (5) to move to a distal end (7) of the capsule (5) to... Agent: Cook Incorporated

20110144738 - Endoprosthesis having struts linked by foot extensions: The present invention relates to an endoprosthesis having a plurality of web rings coupled by connectors, which include two or more essentially parallel struts and a foot extension protruding from one of the struts. An endoprosthesis constructed according to the principles of the present invention provides an elevated degree of... Agent: Abbott Laboratories Vascular Enterprises, Ltd.

20110144736 - Flexible stent: The present invention is directed to a flexible expandable stent for implantation in a body lumen, such as a coronary artery. The stent generally includes a series of metallic cylindrical rings longitudinally aligned on a common axis of the stent and interconnected by a series of links which be polymeric... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

20110144737 - Polymeric stent having modified molecular structures: A biocompatible material may be configured into any number of implantable medical devices including intraluminal stents. Polymeric materials may be utilized to fabricate any of these devices, including stents. The stents may be balloon expandable or self-expanding. By preferential mechanical deformation of the polymer, the polymer chains may be oriented... Agent:

20110144739 - Medical device and method for producing a device of said kind: A medical device is provided with a rotation-symmetrical lattice structure (10) having at least two wire elements (11, 12) which are wound about a common rotational axis R in a spiral shape and form first and second intersection points S′, S″ with a common plane L arranged perpendicular to the... Agent: Acandis Gmbh & Co. Kg

20110144740 - Medical devices including metallic film and at least one filament: Medical devices, such as endoprostheses, and methods of making the devices are disclosed. The medical device can include a composite cover formed of a deposited metallic film. The cover may include one or more filaments, e.g., wires, which cooperate with the film to provide desirable mechanical properties. The wires may... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20110144741 - Coating construct with enhanced interfacial compatibility: The present invention provides a method of forming a coating on a medical device having a topcoat and a basecoat and an improved compatibility between a topcoat and a basecoat on the medical device.... Agent: Advanced Cardiovascular Systems, Inc.

20110144742 - Expansion device for treatment of vascular passageways: A delivery system for delivering an expandable member to a treatment location includes an elongate shaft and an expandable member coupled to a distal end of the elongate shaft. The expandable member is moveable between a collapsed configuration and an expanded configuration, and has an inner expandable member and a... Agent: Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

20110144743 - Treatments for a patient with congestive heart failure: Improved devices for these procedures include a minimally invasive grasping device having an inner lumen for advancing connecting members and other instruments through the device to the distal end thereof. Other improved devices include a pacing lead implant instrument which is releasably secured by its distal end to the exposed... Agent: Transcardiac Therapeutics, Inc.

20110144744 - Total artificial heart: A total artificial heart having a rotor with an impeller, wherein the rotor is mounted within a pump housing on a hollow shaft. The rotor is magnetically driven to produce rotary motion of the impeller for pumping blood. The motor is disposed within the pump housing such that axial translation... Agent:

20110144745 - Ophthalmic endoillumination system: An endoillumination system comprises a system controller and a light modulation apparatus responsive to the controller to alter at least one parameter associated with a input light beam to generate a modulated light beam. The endoillumination system further comprises an optical fiber for carrying the modulated light beam and a... Agent:

20110144746 - Intraocular lens: An intraocular lens comprising: (a) monomeric units derived from at least one cationically polymerizable branched alkene monomer; (b) monomeric units derived from at least one cationically polymerizable monomer having a pendant benzocyclobutene group; and (c) a UV-absorbing benzotriazole component having the formula I.... Agent:

20110144747 - Adjustable intraocular lens: Methods and devices for altering the power of a lens, such as an intraocular lens, are disclosed. In one method, the lens comprises a single polymer matrix containing crosslinkable pendant groups, wherein the polymer matrix increases in volume when crosslinked. The lens does not contain free monomer. Upon exposure to... Agent: The Ohio State University Research Foundation

20110144748 - Structure of breast augmentation pocket: A structure of breast augmentation pocket comprises a biocompatible liquid pocket, wherein a biocompatible liquid and a plurality of hollow silicone gel particles in the forms of large, small circles, or various shapes are filled inside. The silicone gel is applied with colors to form recognizable silicone gel such that... Agent: Chang Gung University

20110144749 - Cochlea implant system in ite (in the ear) type using infrared data communication: There are provided a cochlea implant system including an in the ear (ITE) speech processor and an implanted part. In the cochlea implant system, the speech processor and the implanted part transfer and receive a signal by infrared data communication. The implanted part includes a receiving unit for receiving an... Agent: Nurobiosys

20110144750 - Brow lift implant and method: A substantially flat implant for repositioning a patient's eyebrow that may allow for a gradient lift across the eyebrow. The implant may be geometrically non-symmetrical, and/or may have non-symmetric physical properties. The implant may include a foot portion that extends along a first longitudinal axis and has a length, and... Agent:

20110144752 - Customized implants for bone replacement: The present invention relates to customized implants for bone replacement that are prepared from poly(ether ketone ketone) or PEKK, and to a computer-based imaging and rapid prototyping (RP)-based manufacturing method for the design and manufacture of these customized implants. The PEKK customized implants made using rapid prototyping demonstrate biomechanical properties... Agent:

20110144751 - Multi-modal shape memory polymers: The present disclosure relates to a multi-modal shape memory polymer material comprising a blend of at least one polymer component having a first molecular weight and at least a second polymer component having a second molecular weight that is less than the first component.... Agent: Smith & Nephew, Inc

20110144753 - Bellows-like expandable interbody fusion cage: An interbody fusion device having an accordion-like structure, wherein the device in inserted into the disc space in its collapsed configuration and then expanded into its expanded configuration by compressing the accordion-like portion of the device. In some embodiments, a pre-formed tube with an accordion-like structure over a portion of... Agent:

20110144755 - Plif opposing wedge ramp: A spinal fusion implant for implantation between adjacent vertebrae is formed in the approximate shape of a hollow cube. The device has an upper section and a lower section separated by a distractor all of which are relatively movable. The sidewalls of the upper section and the lower section terminate... Agent:

20110144754 - Prosthetic intervertebral discs assemblies having compressible core elements with enhanced torque transmission: This description deals with a medical device, specifically a prosthetic intervertebral disc having a compressible core that is mechanically interactive with the prosthetic disc's end plates thereby providing excellent torque or twisting transmission between the end plates.... Agent:

20110144757 - Artificial joint support between first and second bones: An artificial joint associated with an implant including a pair of three dimensional and structurally extending bones, each defining a contoured and opposing end face, and which collectively defines a joint location. At least one plasticized layer is applied to one of, or both, the end faces in a coacting... Agent: Linares Medical Devices, LLC

20110144756 - Method and apparatus for restoring a joint, including the provision and use of a longitudinally-adjustable and rotationally-adjustable joint prosthesis:

20110144758 - Glenoid augment and associated method: A augmented glenoid implant assembly for use in performing shoulder arthroplasty is provided. The augmented glenoid implant assembly is used for cooperation with the glenoid fossa of a scapula. The implant assembly includes a first component for attachment to the scapula. The first component defines a support surface for cooperation... Agent:

20110144759 - Modular prosthesis and use thereof for replacing a radial head: A modular prosthesis system for replacement of a head portion of a proximal radius includes a monolithic stem component, a head component, and a locking mechanism formed by the stem and head components. The stem component defines a stem anchoring portion having a longitudinal axis and configured to couple to... Agent: Biomet Manufacturing Corp.

20110144760 - Patient-specific and patient-engineered orthopedic implants: Disclosed herein are methods and devices for repairing a knee joint, including customizable and/or highly selectable implants and/or implant components for each patient to provide optimal fit and function.... Agent: Conformis, Inc.

20110144762 - Fluted sleeve hip prosthesis for modular stem: An intramedullary implant for mounting within an intramedullary canal of a bone is disclosed. The intramedullary implant includes a lower stem portion, an upper stem portion, and a modular sleeve body. The modular sleeve body is connected to one of the lower stem portion or the upper stem portion. The... Agent: Smith & Nephew, Inc.

20110144761 - Biocorrodible implant having a corrosion-inhibiting coating:

20110144764 - Bone graft material: The present disclosure relates to a bone graft material and a bone graft implant formed from the material. In some embodiments, the bone graft implant comprises a porous matrix having a plurality of overlapping and interlocking bioactive glass fibers and a plurality of pores dispersed throughout the matrix, whereby the... Agent: Prosidyan Inc.

20110144763 - Dynamic bioactive bone graft material having an engineered porosity: The present disclosure relates to a dynamic bioactive bone graft material having an engineered porosity. In one embodiment, a bone graft material is provided having bioactive glass fibers arranged in a porous matrix that is moldable into a desired shape for implantation. The material can be substantially without additives and... Agent: Prosidyan Inc.

20110144765 - Process for producing porous scaffolds from sinterable glass: The invention relates to a process for producing a porous glass construct with interconnected porosity, the resulting porous construct and its use as a macroporous scaffold in bone repair and regeneration.... Agent: Imperial Innovations Limited

20110144766 - Allograft bone plugs, systems and techniques: The present invention provides a system, device, instruments and methods for inserting and/or improving the holding strength and purchase of a bone screw, bone pin, or bone dowel in bone. Embodiments include monolithic allograft tissue forms, multi-piece allograft tissue forms, distally expandable portions, partially and fully demineralized portions, and flexible... Agent:

20110144767 - Devices and methods for treating defects in the tissue of a living being: An implant for deployment in select locations or select tissue for regeneration of tissue is disclosed. The implant includes collagen and or other bio-resorbable materials, where the implant may also be used for therapy delivery. Additionally, the implant may include, or have blended in, an additive, such as an osteoinductive... Agent:

20110144768 - Device and method for securing an attachment device for a prosthesis and/or a prosthesis adapter to a prosthesis shaft and protective lining:

20110144769 - Member for artificial limb: A member for an artificial limb comprises a base member which is made of a fiber cloth and has air permeability and a plurality of protuberances which are made of silicon rubber on both of the inside and outside surfaces of the base member, adjoining protuberances being apart to one... Agent: Nakamura Brace Co., Ltd.

20110144770 - One motor finger mechanism: A mechanical finger comprises a plurality of phalanges coupled to a single actuator using a kinematic linkage and a differential linkage arranged in parallel. The mechanical finger is capable of exhibiting consistent predictable motion when moving in free space or when contacting an object at the fingertip, and of curling... Agent: Kinea Design, LLC

06/09/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110137395 - Catheter system: A catheter system, comprising a catheter having a distal end and a proximal end; a functional section situated close to the distal end of the catheter; an inner shaft having a guidewire lumen; an outer tubing, such that the outer tubing completely or partially surrounds the functional section; a guidewire... Agent: Biotronik Vi Patent Ag

20110137398 - Method of loading a medical device into a delivery system: A method of loading a medical device into a delivery system includes providing a two-stage shape memory alloy at a temperature at which at least a portion of the alloy includes austenite. A stress which is sufficient to form R-phase from at least a portion of the austenite is applied... Agent: Cook Inc.

20110137394 - Methods and systems for penetrating adjacent tissue layers: Penetration and dilation of passages from a first body lumen to a second body lumen are achieved while providing tension anchoring of the luminal walls to inhibit the leakage of body fluids. In one embodiment, one or more T-bar anchors may be used to provide the tensioning of the body... Agent: Xlumena, Inc.

20110137397 - Prosthetic valve for replacing mitral valve: Embodiments of prosthetic valves for implantation within a native mitral valve are provided. A preferred embodiment of a prosthetic valve includes a radially compressible main body and a one-way valve portion. The prosthetic valve further comprises at least one ventricular anchor coupled to the main body and disposed outside of... Agent: Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

20110137396 - Stent device delivery system with inwardly tapering stent bed: A stent device delivery system and method of making. The stent device delivery system includes a stent device, an outer sheath overlaying the stent device in a radially compact, delivery configuration of the stent device, and an inner catheter extending axially and radially within a lumen of the stent device.... Agent: C. R. Bard, Inc.

20110137403 - Introducer for endovascular implants: An introducer assembly for introducing a stent-graft or other device into a vessel of a patient is provided with a dilator tip which is naturally curved, preferably to be substantially a U-shape. The dilator tip is flexible so as to be able to become substantially straight with a guide wire... Agent:

20110137399 - Microvalve protection device and method of use for protection against embolization agent reflux: An apparatus is provided that is useful in an embolization procedure and enables substantially unrestricted forward flow of blood in a vessel and reduces or stops reflux (regurgitation or backward flow) of embolization agents which are introduced into the blood. A method of using the apparatus is also provided.... Agent:

20110137402 - Stent device delivery system with a heat shrink resistant support member: A stent device delivery system and method of making. The stent device delivery system includes a stent device and an outer sheath overlaying the stent device in a radially compact, delivery configuration of the stent device. The system also includes a pull member for pulling proximally on to retract the... Agent: C. R. Bard, Inc.

20110137400 - Stent device delivery system with a varying radial profile pull member: A stent device delivery system and method of making. The stent device delivery system includes a stent device, an outer sheath overlaying the stent device in a radially compact, delivery configuration of the stent device, and a pull member. The outer sheath may include a first layer and a reinforcement... Agent: C. R. Bard, Inc.

20110137401 - Stent device delivery system with an outer sheath polymeric reinforcement layer: A stent device delivery system and method of making. The stent device delivery system includes a stent device and an outer sheath overlaying the stent device in a radially compact, delivery configuration of the stent device. The outer sheath may include a first layer of polymeric material and a reinforcement... Agent: C. R. Bard, Inc.

20110137404 - Inflatable porous implants and methods for drug delivery: The present invention provides inflatable porous implants, such as grafts, stent-grafts, and bladders, as well as methods and kits for drug delivery. In particular, the grafts and stent-grafts of the present invention provide for the delivery of a therapeutic agent into a flow conduit in the body. The inflatable porous... Agent: Trivascular, Inc.

20110137405 - Stent with expandable foam: A stent for treating a physical anomaly. The stent includes a skeletal support structure for expanding in the physical anomaly and a shape memory material coupled to the skeletal support structure.... Agent: Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC

20110137407 - Bare metal stent with drug eluting reservoirs: Implantable medical devices may be utilized to locally delivery one or more drugs or therapeutic agents to treat a wide variety of conditions, including the treatment of the biological organism's reaction to the introduction of the implantable medical device. These therapeutic agents may be released under controlled and directional conditions... Agent:

20110137406 - Bioactive stents for type ii diabetics and methods for use thereof: The present invention is based on the discovery that a vascular stent or other implantable medical device can be coated with a biodegradable biocompatible polymer to which is attached a bioligand that specifically captures progenitors of endothelial cells (PECs) from the circulating blood to promote endogenous formation of healthy endothelium... Agent: Medivas, LLC

20110137408 - Method and system for cardiac valve delivery: The invention provides methods and systems for introducing a delivery device in the heart at or near the apex of the heart, wherein the delivery device includes a prosthesis, advancing the prosthesis to the target site, and disengaging the prosthesis from the delivery device at the target site for implantation.... Agent:

20110137409 - Prosthetic heart valve having flared outflow section: Expandable, percutaneously deployable, prosthetic heart valves and systems for minimally invasive replacement of damaged or diseased native aortic valves comprise an expandable, tubular stent body and a unidirectional valve assembly. Embodiments of the stent body comprise an annulus anchoring section, a sinus section, and an outflow section, with the outflow... Agent: Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

20110137410 - Foldable hinged prosthetic heart valve: Apparatus and methods are provided for use with a prosthetic valve that is designated for implantation at a patient's native heart valve, including a valve ring having a plurality of ring segments, each of the segments being hingedly coupled to an adjacent segment at a pivot joint. The valve ring... Agent:

20110137411 - Heart valve annulus device and method uf using same: A heart valve implant has a body sized and configured to rest near or within a heart valve annulus. A plurality of spaced-apart retainers extend outwardly from the body to contact tissue near or within the heart valve annulus. The retainers are sized and configured to secure the body to... Agent: Mvrx, Inc.

20110137413 - Breast implant: A breast implant (1) having a flexible, but impermeable casing (2) and with an electrically conductive filling (3) is provided with an internal electrode (4) and an external electrode (5), with the electrodes being connected to a resistance or impedance measurement device integrated in a transponder (6). In case of... Agent: Peter Osypka Stiftung Stiftung Des Burgerlichen Rechts

20110137412 - Delivery device for breast implant surgery: An irrigation device is adapted to be placed into the body with and at the same time as a breast implant. The device delivers irrigation solution and/or antibiotic gels through small holes directly to the anterior (valve side) surface of a saline filled breast implant. The remaining implant surfaces, breast... Agent:

20110137414 - Connection housing and manufacture of same: A medical implant includes a hermetically sealed hollow housing having a hermetically sealed feedthrough suitable for conducting electrical signals to and from the hollow housing without impairing the hermetic seal thereof. The hollow housing includes a circuit suitable for measuring signals from the human body, sending signals to the human... Agent: Biotronik Crm Patent Ag

20110137416 - Double bundle acl repair: A system for single tunnel, double bundle anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction includes implant constructs and instruments. The implant constructs provide a combination of cortical fixation and bone tunnel aperture fixation. The implant constructs separate a graft into distinct bundles. The instruments are used to prepare shaped bone tunnels to receive... Agent: Medicinelodge, Inc. Dba Imds Co-innovation

20110137415 - Extra-articular implantable mechanical energy absorbing systems and implantation method: A system and method for sharing and absorbing energy between body parts. In one aspect, the method involves identifying link pivot locations, fixing base components and minimally invasive insertion techniques. In one particular aspect, the system facilitates absorbing energy between members forming a joint such as between articulating bones.... Agent: Moximed, Inc.

20110137418 - Aspirating implants and method of bony regeneration: Devices and methods for in situ drawing, filtering and seeding cells from the marrow of surrounding bone into a fusion cage without any of the challenges mentioned above. Various implants and devices with aspiration ports that enable in-situ harvesting and mixing of stem cells. These devices may include spinal fusion... Agent:

20110137419 - Biocompatible tantalum fiber scaffolding for bone and soft tissue prosthesis: A tissue scaffolding agent for repair and regeneration of bone and soft cell tissue.... Agent:

20110137417 - Multiple wafer cortical bone and cancellous bone allograft with cortical pins: A bone allograft and cortical pin for inserting into a surgically altered site of a human. The cortical pin is cylindrically shaped and has a thick middle diameter surrounded by two smaller end portions. The allograft has two end cortical wafers with small canals to receive the small ends of... Agent: Transplant Technologies Of Texas

20110137420 - Expandable push-in orthopedic implant: A push-in orthopedic implant having an expandable height. The implant includes an upper member, a lower member, and a blocker pivotally attached to one of the upper and lower members. The blocker is attached proximate one of the proximal and distal ends of the one of the upper and lower... Agent:

20110137421 - Transforaminal prosthetic spinal disc apparatus: An intervertebral prosthetic implant having a first endplate having a first surface configured to substantially engage with a first vertebral body and a second surface having an extension with a concave contact surface, the concave contact surface being spaced apart from the second surface. A second endplate is provided with... Agent:

20110137422 - Temporomandibular joint replacement apparatus and methods: Embodiments of the invention are related to temporomandibular joint replacement apparatus and methods, amongst other things. In an embodiment, the invention includes an apparatus for treating dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint including a base plate comprising a bottom surface defining a tongue, and a surface plate comprising a substantially convex... Agent:

20110137423 - Mechanical joint imitating creatures' joints: A mechanical joint system comprises at least a pair of segments swivelable relative to each other. The swivel of the segments are actuated by ligament(s) and the ligament(s) are actuated by either or the combination of “a two-direction control by force transmitting device,” “a right-hand thread and left-hand thread co-existence... Agent:

20110137424 - Shoulder prosthesis assembly having glenoid rim replacement structure: A prosthesis assembly for use with a scapula is disclosed. The prosthesis assembly includes a glenoid bearing support and a bearing. The glenoid bearing support includes a glenoid vault-occupying portion configured to occupy at least a portion of a glenoid vault of the scapula, the glenoid-vault occupying portion having a... Agent: Depuy Products, Inc.

20110137426 - High performance knee prostheses: Knee prostheses featuring components that more faithfully replicate the structure and function of the human knee joint in order to provide, among other benefits: greater flexion of the knee in a more natural way by promoting or at least accommodating internal tibial rotation in a controlled way, replication of the... Agent:

20110137425 - Total knee prosthesis and range of elements for producing said prosthesis: The invention concerns a prosthesis (1) comprising a femoral implant (2) and a tibial implant (3) equipped with anchoring rods (21), each anchoring rod (21) not being integral with the corresponding implant and capable of being connected thereto, the prosthesis (1) including therefor means (16, 20; 36, 34) for assembling... Agent:

20110137427 - High performance knee prostheses: Knee prostheses featuring components that more faithfully replicate the structure and function of the human knee joint in order to provide, among other benefits: greater flexion of the knee in a more natural way by promoting or at least accommodating internal tibial rotation in a controlled way, replication of the... Agent:

20110137428 - Liner for tubular body portion and apparatus and methods for application thereof: A tubular body portion lining assembly adapted for insertion into a tubular body portion of a patient including a flexible tubular liner, liner placing functionality adapted to place at least a portion of the tubular liner between first and second locations within the tubular body portion, and at least one... Agent:

20110137429 - Control device and system for controlling an actuated prosthesis: A device and system for controlling an actuated prosthesis. The device includes a data signal input for each of the main artificial proprioceptors. Also, means for obtaining a first and a second derivative signal for at least some of the data signals, and means for obtaining a third derivative signal... Agent: Victhom Human Bionics, Inc.

06/02/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110130821 - Device for treating a blood flow conduit: The present invention relates to a device for processing a blood circulation conduit comprising: at least one endoprosthesis deployable between a retracted state and a dilated state; a stent for mounting the endoprosthesis, the stent including a body extending longitudinally between a proximal end region and a distal end region,... Agent:

20110130820 - Modular endograft devices and associated systems and methods: Modular endograft devices and associated systems and methods are disclosed herein. In several embodiments, an endograft system can include a first endograft device and a second endograft device that each include an integrated frame, a cover and a lumen within the cover. Each endograft device further includes a superior portion... Agent: Altura Medical, Inc.

20110130822 - Bioabsorbable polymeric compositions and medical devices: The present invention comprises a stent forming a plurality of meandering elements comprising a blend formed from a polymer. The polymer comprises poly-L-lactide, poly-D-lactide or mixtures thereof and a copolymer moiety comprising poly-L-lactide or poly-D-lactide linked with ε-caprolactone or trimethylcarbonate. The poly-L-lactide or poly-D-lactide sequence in the copolymer moiety is... Agent: Orbusneich Medical, Inc.

20110130824 - Modular endograft devices and associated systems and methods: Modular endograft devices and associated systems and methods are disclosed herein. In several embodiments, an endograft system can include a first endograft device and a second endograft device that each include an integrated frame, a cover and a lumen within the cover. Each endograft device further includes a superior portion... Agent: Altura Medical, Inc.

20110130825 - Modular endograft devices and associated systems and methods: Modular endograft devices and associated systems and methods are disclosed herein. In several embodiments, an endograft system can include a first endograft device and a second endograft device that each include an integrated frame, a cover and a lumen within the cover. Each endograft device further includes a superior portion... Agent: Altura Medical, Inc.

20110130826 - Modular endograft devices and associated systems and methods: Modular endograft devices and associated systems and methods are disclosed herein. In several embodiments, an endograft system can include a first endograft device and a second endograft device that each include an integrated frame, a cover and a lumen within the cover. Each endograft device further includes a superior portion... Agent: Altura Medical, Inc.

20110130823 - Stent having function elements: An endoprosthesis, in particular an intraluminal endoprosthesis, including a tubular base body and at least one function element, the at least one function element also being tubular and being arranged on the base body in such a way that the at least one function element surrounds the base body at... Agent: Biotronik Vi Patent Ag

20110130827 - Vascular protective device: A medical device to protect and/or heal a diseased and/or injured area in the body passageway.... Agent: Icon Medical Corp.

20110130819 - Modular endograft devices and associated systems and methods: Modular endograft devices and associated systems and methods are disclosed herein. In several embodiments, an endograft system can include a first endograft device and a second endograft device that each include an integrated frame, a cover and a lumen within the cover. Each endograft device further includes a superior portion... Agent: Altura Medical, Inc.

20110130828 - Stent graft apparatus and method: An apparatus and associated surgical method for repairing abdominal aortic aneurysms is disclosed. The apparatus includes first and second stent grafts made from a metal form structure in combination with a flexible fabric, and a flexible guidewire detachably attached to the first stent graft. The first stent graft has an... Agent:

20110130829 - Medical devices containing therapeutic agents: The present invention pertains to implantable or insertable medical devices which comprise a substrate and one or more therapeutic-agent-containing regions contain one or more therapeutic agents. In various aspects of the invention, one or more characteristics of such therapeutic-agent-containing regions are controlled. Further aspects of the invention relate to methods... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20110130830 - Aortic ring and ancillary device for implanting it: Aortic ring (1) made of a flexible, suturable and biocompatible material, having a length, in the implanted state, making it possible to maintain a normal aortic ring diameter, said ring comprising, or being able to be combined with, means for holding the ring in a closed position in its site... Agent: Assistance Publique - Hopitaux De Paris

20110130831 - Intraocular implants and methods and kits therefor: Devices, methods and kits are described for reducing intraocular pressure. The devices include a support that is implantable within Schlemm's canal and maintains the patency of the canal without substantially interfering with transmural fluid flow across the canal. The devices utilize the natural drainage process of the eye and can... Agent:

20110130832 - Soft intraocular lens: A soft intraocular lens is provided, with IRHD hardness thereof being 40 to 60, wherein distance L is in a range of 3.75 mm-4.50 mm, which is a distance from an optical central axis of the optical part to a reference point of a supporting part side edge of the... Agent: Hoya Corporation

20110130833 - Intraocular lens having edge configured to reduce posterior capsule opacification: An intraocular lens (IOL) for implantation within a capsular bag includes an optic and a plurality of haptics. The optics has an anterior optic face and a posterior optic face joined by a peripheral wall. The peripheral wall includes a straight portion of uniform width extending posteriorly from the anterior... Agent:

20110130834 - Bronchial flow control devices and methods of use: Methods and systems for lung volume reduction of a patient are described. The methods include implanting a flow control device in a bronchial passageway of the lung. The flow control device regulates fluid flow through the bronchial passageway and includes a valve protector that at least partially surrounds a valve... Agent: Pulmonx Corporation

20110130835 - Adjustable distraction cage with linked locking mechanisms: A spinal implant which is configured to be deployed between adjacent vertebral bodies. The implant has at least one extendable support element with a refracted configuration to facilitate deployment of the implant and an extended configuration so as to expand the implant and effectively distract the disc space, stabilize the... Agent: Innvotec Surgical, Inc.

20110130836 - Compositions and methods for use of scar tissue in repair of weight bearing surfaces: Compositions and methods are provided for weight bearing surface, i.e., intervertebral disc (“disc”), between spinous processes and articular cartilage, repair. Compositions include fibrosis inducing agents for facilitating fibrosis in or on the site in need of repair in order to form fibrotic connective tissue. In addition, methods are provided for... Agent: Lanx, Inc.

20110130837 - Intervertebral implant: An intervertebral implant for insertion into an intervertebral disc space having a contact face for connection to an adjacent vertebral body. The contact face has a porous coating that allows bone tissue ingrowth into the porous coating to form an intimate connection between the contact face and the bone tissue.... Agent: Cervitech, Inc.

20110130838 - Intervertebral implant and installation tool: An intervertebral implant (25), an installation tool (500), and related methods are provided for ensuring a minimum distance between two vertebrae. The implant (25) can comprise a pair of opposing body portions (1, 2) and an expansion component. The expansion component can rotate relative to the body portions (1, 2)... Agent: Interventional Spine, Inc.

20110130839 - Space holder for vertebrae or intervertebral discs: The present invention concerns a space holder, especially for vertebrae or intervertebral discs for implantation into human or animal organisms, having a cylinder-like body (1) and, at the ends of the cylinder-like body, means (2) provided for connecting to adjacent body parts, said cylinder-like body (1) essentially being formed as... Agent: Biedermann Motech Gmbh

20110130840 - Soft tissue attachment device and method: An attachment device that secures soft tissue to an orthopedic prosthetic implant or bone. The attachment device includes a receptor surface, an attachment plate with an attachment surface, and fasteners. The receptor surface can be formed on the implant or on a separate receptor plate. The receptor surface accepts the... Agent:

20110130841 - High performance knee prostheses: Knee prostheses featuring components that more faithfully replicate the structure and function of the human knee joint in order to provide, among other benefits: greater flexion of the knee in a more natural way by promoting or at least accommodating internal tibial rotation in a controlled way, replication of the... Agent:

20110130842 - High performance knee prostheses: Knee prostheses featuring components that more faithfully replicate the structure and function of the human knee joint in order to provide, among other benefits: greater flexion of the knee in a more natural way by promoting or at least accommodating internal tibial rotation in a controlled way, replication of the... Agent:

20110130843 - High performance knee prostheses: Knee prostheses featuring components that more faithfully replicate the structure and function of the human knee joint in order to provide, among other benefits: greater flexion of the knee in a more natural way by promoting or at least accommodating internal tibial rotation in a controlled way, replication of the... Agent:

20110130844 - Pyrolytic carbon implant with adhesive polymer or elastomer layer: The invention relates to an articular resurfacing implant which is characterized in that it is composed of a sheet (1) of pyrolytic carbon deposited on a graphite substrate and a layer (8) composed of an adhesive elastomer or polymer material adherent to the inner surface of the sheet (1) on... Agent:

20110130845 - Cup component of an orthopaedic joint prosthesis: A cup component of an orthopaedic joint prosthesis comprises a hollow shell wherein the head part of a mating component of the joint can be received. The shell has a flange at its open face extending around at least part of its periphery with at least two major threaded bores... Agent: Depuy (ireland)

20110130846 - Orthopedic device comprising a joint and method for controlling said orthopedic device: The application relates to an orthopedic device comprising a joint and to a method for controlling an orthopedic device, which has an upper part (1) and a lower part (2) supported pivotally thereon, wherein upper connecting means for fixation onto a limb are disposed on the upper part (1), and... Agent: Otto Bock Healthcare Products Gmbh

20110130847 - Instrumented prosthetic foot: The present invention discloses an instrumented prosthetic foot for use with an actuated leg prosthesis controlled by a controller, the instrumented prosthetic foot comprising a connector to connect the instrumented prosthetic foot to the leg prosthesis, an ankle structure connected to the connector, a ground engaging member connected to the... Agent: Victhom Human Bionics Inc.

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