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Prosthesis (i.e., artificial body members), parts thereof, or aids and accessories therefor April category listing, related patent applications 04/11

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04/28/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110098798 - Angioplasty balloon with therapeutic/aspiration channel: An angioplasty balloon catheter with an added channel for delivering medication or removing body fluids distal to the site of angioplasty is disclosed. The balloons are especially useful in the treatment of occlusions in saphenous vein grafts, the coronary and carotid arteries, arteries arising from the aorta and branches thereof... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of Michigan

20110098799 - Stent combined with a biological scaffold seeded with endothelial cells: Disclosed herein are implantable medical device, and in particular, vascular stent having a biocompatible scaffold seeded with endothelial cells. The stent can provide structural support to maintain the openness of a vessel lumen following angioplasty while the biological scaffold seeded with endothelial cells can provide a new, healthy blood vessel... Agent: Medtronic Vascular, Inc.

20110098800 - Axially anchoring collapsible and re-expandable prosthetic heart valves for various disease states: A stent (10) for use in a prosthetic heart valve has an annulus section (12) adapted for placement within the leaflets and annulus of the native heart valve. The annulus section has latch members (50) adapted to engage the leaflets of the native heart valve when prosthetic valve is implanted... Agent: St. Jude Medical, Inc

20110098801 - Stent with a bio-resorbable connector: A helical stent having bio-resorbable connecting members connecting sections of the stent. The connecting members provide various spring rates or spring constants to the stent, and permit a change in the flexibility of the stent subsequent to implantation while maintaining the unitary design of the stent.... Agent: C. R. Bard, Inc.

20110098802 - Collapsible and re-expandable prosthetic heart valve cuff designs and complementary technological applications: A prosthetic heart valve is provided with a cuff (85, 285, 400) having features which promote sealing with the native tissues even where the native tissues are irregular. The cuff may include a portion (90) adapted to bear native aortic valve. The valve may include elements (210, 211, 230, 252,... Agent: St. Jude Medical, Inc.

20110098803 - Controlled degradation of stents: Stents fabricated from hydrolytically degradable polymers with accelerated degradation rates and methods of fabricating stents with accelerated degradation rates are disclosed.... Agent: Advanced Cardiovascular Systems, Inc.

20110098804 - Stented transcatheter prosthetic heart valve delivery system and method: A percutaneous stented valve delivery device including an inner shaft, a sheath, and a delivery capsule. The sheath slidably receives the inner shaft. A capsule proximal zone is attached to the sheath. A capsule distal zone is configured to transition between normal and flared states. A diameter of the distal... Agent:

20110098805 - Transcatheter valve delivery systems and methods: Delivery devices and methods for percutaneously delivering a prosthetic valve to the heart of a patient. These prosthetic valves may be configured to provide complimentary features that promote optimal placement of the prosthetic valve in a native heart valve, such as the aortic valve, mitral valve, pulmonic valve, and/or tricuspid... Agent:

20110098806 - Device and system for assisting and/or taking over the pumping function of the heart: A device for assisting and/or taking over the pumping function of the heart, with a multilayer sheathing part configured for compressing the heart at least in certain sections, wherein the sheathing part has at least one stabilization layer for shaping the sheathing part and at least one inner extensible augmentation... Agent: Ppa Technologies Gmbh

20110098807 - Total artificial heart system for auto-regulating flow and pressure balance: The present invention provides a total artificial heart system for auto-regulating flow and pressure balance. In one embodiment the system comprises an atrial reservoir comprising inlets and outlets connectable to a mammalian cardiovascular system and at least first and second continuous pumps connected to the atrial reservoir. In further embodiments,... Agent:

20110098808 - Intraocular lens and manufacturing method thereof: An intraocular lens adapted for deployment within a lens capsule. At least part of a lens surface of the intraocular lens constitutes a cell inducing region in which are directly formed a multitude of microgrooves. The microgrooves take a form of minute linear grooves and lands of depth dimension between... Agent: Menicon Co., Ltd.

20110098809 - Ocular implant system and method: An ocular implant and delivery system having a channel tool adapted to extend through at least a portion of Schlemm's canal of a human eye and to determine whether the Schlemm's canal portion provides a suitable location for the delivery of an ocular implant; an ocular implant adapted to be... Agent:

20110098810 - Aspheric lenses and lens family: In an embodiment, an aspheric IOL for use in a pseudophakic ocular system has no inherent spherical aberration. In an embodiment, an aspheric IOL for use in a pseudophakic ocular system has a controlled amount of inherent negative spherical aberration such that the IOL induces no spherical aberration in a... Agent:

20110098811 - Phase-shifted center-distance diffractive design for ocular implant: A diffractive multifocal design for ocular implant is provided. This ocular implant includes a diffractive multifocal intraocular lens (IOL) and a number of haptics. The diffractive multifocal IOL passes optical energy to distance, intermediate and near foci. The haptics mechanically couple to the diffractive multifocal IOL in order to position... Agent:

20110098812 - Attachment plate for accommodating intraocular lens (aiol): An attachment plate for a haptics system for retaining an intraocular lens in a human eye having a visual axis and including a sclera of tough connective tissue, and an annular ciliary sulcus. The haptics system includes a longitudinal axis intended to be co-directional with the human eye's visual axis,... Agent: Nulens Ltd.

20110098813 - Complementary drug delivery sheath for an implantable medical device: A complementary drug delivery sheath for implantable medical devices. The complementary drug delivery sheath is covered, impregnated or otherwise carries one or more drugs. The complementary drug-delivery sheaths are manufactured separately from to the implantable device and are operationally combined with one or more components subsequent to the device's manufacture... Agent: Cochlear Limited

20110098814 - Medical implant: The invention relates to a medical implant in the form of an elongated helix wherein at least one part of the helix is preformed in such a manner that it has a secondary structure of identically sized loops which it assumes during implantation at the placement site, with said structure... Agent: Micro Therapeutics, Inc.

20110098815 - Skin substitute membrane, mold, and method of evaluating external preparation for skin: A skin substitute membrane includes a surface on one side including a groove-shaped depressed portion and a planar portion, the depressed portion having a cross section having a chamfered V-letter shape, the surface having an arithmetic mean roughness Sa of more than or equal to 10 μm to less than... Agent: Shiseido Company, Ltd.

20110098818 - Radiolucent spinal fusion cage: An improved bone graft is provided for human implantation, particularly such as a spinal fusion cage for implantation into the inter-vertebral space between two adjacent vertebrae. The improved spinal fusion cage includes a substrate block of high strength biocompatible material having a selected size and shape to fit the anatomical... Agent:

20110098816 - Sacro-iliac joint implant system and method: An orthopedic implant includes at least one circular body. The at least one circular body defining an outer surface configured to engage at least one articular surface of a sacro-iliac joint along a plane substantially parallel to the articular surface.... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20110098817 - Sacro-iliac joint implant system and method: An orthopedic implant includes at least one elongated body. The body defines an outer surface. The outer surface is configured to engage an articular surface of a sacro-iliac joint along a plane substantially parallel to the articular surface.... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20110098819 - Spinal disc prosthesis and associated methods: A prosthetic device for insertion into a spondylosed intervertebral space is provided. The prosthetic device includes a first component having a first flange for longitudinally engaging a first vertebra during longitudinal insertion therein, and a second component having a second flange for longitudinally engaging a second vertebra during longitudinal insertion... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20110098820 - End cap for a vertebral implant: An implant for insertion between adjacent vertebral members, comprising an implant body with at least one base section and an end cap. The end cap is adapted for selective positioning on a base section via rotational adjustment of the end cap. The end cap comprises an exterior contact surface that... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedics, Inc.

20110098821 - Transforaminal prosthetic spinal disc replacement and methods thereof: The present invention relates generally to a prosthetic spinal disc for replacing a damaged disc between two vertebrae of a spine and methods for inserting said discs. The present invention also relates to prosthetic spinal disc designs that are implanted using a transforaminal approach, methods thereof, and apparatus thereof.... Agent:

20110098822 - Intra-articular joint replacement: A method of forming a shoulder prosthesis includes forming a concave articular surface into an end portion of a humerus, including compacting bone of the end portion to define the concave articular surface. An implant having a convex articular surface is secured to a glenoid. The concave articular surface of... Agent:

20110098824 - Tibial component with enhanced radial cement fixation: A cemented tibial prosthesis having a bone-contacting surface with a porous outer rim. With the bone-contacting surface seated against a resected proximal tibia, bone cement or another suitable adhesive will travel into the pores of the porous outer rim to enhance the connection between the tibial prosthesis and the tibia.... Agent: Zimmer, Gmbh

20110098823 - Tibial component with flexible rim: A tibial prosthesis including an articulating component and a tray component with a rim that extends proximally to support the articulating component, the tray component enabling flexion of the rim relative to a bone-contacting surface of the tray component.... Agent: Zimmer, Gmbh

20110098825 - Stent for prostatic urethra expansion: Disclosed herein is a stent for prostatic urethra expansion which does not generate bladder stones, is removable without causing injury on a urethra, and does not generate atrophy of a prostatic urethra even after removal. The stent for prostatic urethra expansion include a stent unit including a cylindrical body with... Agent:

20110098826 - Disc-like angle-ply structures for intervertebral disc tissue engineering and replacement: Provided are implant scaffolds comprising angle-ply arrays of two or more layers of substantially aligned fiber, methods of making and using said scaffolds, and kits comprising such scaffolds.... Agent: The Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania

20110098827 - Prosthetic locking liner with improved knee flexion: A prosthesis comprising an elastomeric locking liner sized and configured to surround a limb of a patient about a knee joint, the liner having an inner surface for facing the limb of the patient and an outer surface defining an anterior region and a posterior region which are demarcated by... Agent: Alps South Ip

20110098828 - Automatic prosthesis for above-knee amputees: A above knee prosthesis (P) applied to femoral connection (100) of an amputee that comprises a upper hinge (1) connected to femoral connection of the patient, an articulation axis (2) with the function of reproducing the knee movements, a tibia-calf muscle unit (3) pivotally connected to the femoral•segment and a... Agent: Rizzoli Ortopedia S.p.a.

04/21/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110093055 - Stent with segmented graft: A stent-graft comprising an expandable stent and a plurality of graft segments, each graft segment having a first end attached to the stent and a second end not attached to the stent. In one embodiment, the plurality of overlapped graft segments form a continuous conduit wherein each overlap between axially... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20110093056 - Use of plasma in formation of biodegradable stent coating: Metallic stents are treated with a gaseous species in a plasma state under conditions causing the species to polymerize and to be deposited in polymerized form on the metallic stent surface prior to the application of a drug-polymer mixture, which is done by conventional non-plasma deposition methods. The drug-polymer mixture... Agent: Xtent, Inc.

20110093057 - Mitigating thrombus formation on medical devices by influencing ph microenvironment near the surface: The present disclosure provides treatments of medical devices which inhibit thrombus formation. At least a portion of a substrate of a medical device includes a surface possessing a functionality and/or surface charge adapted to modulate the pH of the surface of the medical device, as well as the pH microenvironment... Agent: Confluent Surgical, Inc.

20110093060 - surgical implant devices and methods for their manufacture and use: This disclosure is directed toward sealable and repositionable implant devices that are provided with one or more improvements that increase the ability of implants such as endovascular grafts to be precisely deployed or re-deployed, with better in situ accommodation to the local anatomy of the targeted recipient anatomic site, and/or... Agent:

20110093058 - Graft including expandable materials: A graft for facilitating treatment of a deformity in a blood vessel wall includes a tubular body defining a first end and an opposing second end. At least a portion of the tubular body includes a super-absorbent material integrated into the tubular body and configured to expand upon exposure to... Agent:

20110093059 - Hybrid stent with helical connectors: The present invention is a hybrid stent design using half-slot circumferential sets of strut members with short (<1.5 mm) slot length that has minimal fish scaling and excellent stent retention and flexibility. These half-slot circumferential sets of strut members are connected one to the other with helical connectors similar to... Agent: Svelte Medical Systems, Inc.

20110093061 - Stent having radially expandable main body: A stent made of a material having a low strength and having a main body circumscribing a cylindrical shape and radially expandable from a contracted starting position into a dilated support position, comprising a) a plurality of support segments disposed around the circumference and arrayed on one another in the... Agent: Biotronik Vi Patent Ag

20110093064 - Heart valve holder for use in valve implantation procedures: A valve holder for a prosthetic valve having a stent with a stent base and multiple commissure posts projecting from the stent base, the valve holder including a central base portion, a plurality of legs radially extending from the central base portion, each leg comprising a first prong portion spaced... Agent:

20110093062 - Inflatable minimally invasive system for delivering and securing an annular implant: A delivery device for an annular implant that includes a balloon expansion mechanism and an annular implant having an adjustable dimension. The balloon expansion mechanism includes an inflation tube attached to a non-occluding balloon collar which is supported by trusses radially extending from a trocar. The annular implant further includes... Agent: St. Jude Medical

20110093063 - Sequential heart valve leaflet repair device: A heart valve and tissue repair device for independently, selectively and sequentially grasping heart valve leaflets and independently, selectively and sequentially applying one or more fasteners thereto is disclosed. The device includes a leaflet engaging tip having one or more graspers capable of individually and sequentially grasping leaflets, and one... Agent: Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

20110093065 - Mitral and tricuspid annuloplasty rings: A mitral annuloplasty ring with an inner core and an outer band located therearound. The ring has an anterior region, a posterior region opposite the anterior region, and two side regions therebetween. A cross-sectional width dimension of the outer band is greater in the posterior region of the ring than... Agent: Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

20110093066 - Degradable biocompatible block copolymer: Disclosed is a biocompatible block copolymer containing the polycondensation product of a diol and an additional component selected from the group of the same diol, an α,ω-dihydroxy-polyester or an α,ω-dihydroxy-polyether. Also disclosed are a medical implant containing the block copolymer, the use of said block copolymer for the production of... Agent: Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule Zurich

20110093067 - Method of manufacturing an implantable intraocular planar/convex, biconvex, planar/concave or convex/concave lens and a lens made using this method: A method of manufacturing an implantable lens from liquid polymer precursor in an open mold includes metering the liquid into the mold in a measured amount that comes into contact with a functional shaping inner surface of the mold located under a peripheral circular sharp edge of the stationary mold... Agent: S.k.y. Polymers, Inc.

20110093068 - Capsule capture snare: A surgical tool for manipulating a haptic of an intraocular lens. The surgical tool includes an elongated center rail having a traveler slideably disposed within the center rail, the center rail being at least partially disposed in a first housing, an actuator operatively connected to the traveler and fixedly connected... Agent: Werblin Research & Development Corp.

20110093069 - Implants and methdos for manufacturing same: Implantable prosthesis, components of prosthesis, and methods of making same are provided. The methods generally include the steps of providing an implant shell, applying a curable fluid composition to the shell to form a coating thereon and applying a particulate component to the composition. The composition is a mixture, for... Agent: Allergan, Inc.

20110093070 - Method and apparatus for expanding tissue: An implantable tissue expander is provided for supporting a body tissue. The tissue expander includes an implantable support member that is externally positioned with respect to the body tissue to be shaped. The support member includes a first end and an opposing second end. The first end includes a first... Agent:

20110093071 - Voice prothesis automatic flange deployment confirmation method: A gel cap is loaded on a folded flange of a voice prosthesis which is loaded on an end portion of an inserter, wherein a tip is pressed against a valve flap of the voice prosthesis. The voice prosthesis includes a strap that is stretched for engagement with an attachment... Agent: Helix Medical, LLC

20110093072 - Devices for forming curved or closed-loop structures: A device for forming structurally stable curved structures includes an elongated element (10) with a number of segments (12) interconnected at effective hinges (14) to allow deflection of each segment relative to adjacent segments between a reduced-curvature state and a flexed state. Neighboring segments have interlocking features (16) forming an... Agent: Non-linear Technologies Ltd

20110093073 - Tissue engineered fibrocartilage replacement: Fibrocartilage implants characterized by circumferential fiber networks embedded in arcuate or torroidal scaffolds with orthogonal fiber networks embedded therein to prevent separation of the circumferential fiber networks. The fiber networks convert axial compressive forces on the scaffolds to tensile loads on the circumferential fibers. Artificial knee meniscus and vertebral disc... Agent:

20110093075 - Artificial intervertebral spacer: An artificial intervertebral spacer comprises a first arm and a second arm, each of the arms having first and second ends and wherein the first ends of each of the arms are connected together and wherein the second ends of each of the arms are generally separated from each other... Agent: Kinetic Spine Technologies Inc.

20110093074 - Expandable fusion device and method of installation thereof: The present invention provides an expandable fusion device capable of being installed inside an intervertebral disc space to maintain normal disc spacing and restore spinal stability, thereby facilitating an intervertebral fusion. In one embodiment, the fusion device includes a body portion, a first endplate, and a second endplate, the first... Agent:

20110093077 - Intervertebral implant with joint elements carried by universal joint: e

20110093078 - Intervertebral spacer: An interbody spacer for insertion between vertebral members. The spacer includes a body having posterior and anterior sides, and inferior and superior faces. The spacer further includes a plurality of teeth to maintain the position of the spacer between the vertebral members. The teeth are aligned in a pattern and... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20110093076 - Prosthetic lumbar disc assembly having natural biomechanical movement: Described here is a surgical device. Specifically, the device is a prosthetic spinal implant that replaces a natural lumbar disc in the spine. The device has biomechanical attributes substantially similar to a natural disc.... Agent:

20110093079 - Extra-articular implantable mechanical energy absorbing assemblies having a tension member, and methods: Implantable assemblies/devices and methods are provided for manipulating energy transferred by members defining an articulating anatomical joint, wherein the members collectively define a path of motion. Assemblies/devices are provided with a first component configured to be attached to a first anatomical member of the anatomical joint, a second component configured... Agent:

20110093082 - Enhanced bonding layers on titanium materials: The present invention provides a dense-coverage, adherent phosphorous-based coating on the native oxide surface of a material. Disclosed phosphorous-based coatings include phosphate and organo-phosphonate coatings. The present invention also provides further derivatization of the phosphorous-based coatings to yield dense surface coverage of chemically reactive coatings and osetoblast adhesion-promoting and proliferation-promoting... Agent: The Trustees Of Princeton University

20110093080 - Extra-articular implantable mechanical energy absorbing assemblies having two deflecting members and methods: Implantable assemblies for manipulating energy transferred by members defining an anatomical joint, and methods of implanting and using. The members of the anatomical joint collectively define a path of motion. An assembly includes a first component configured to be attached to a first member of the anatomical joint; a second... Agent:

20110093081 - Knee balancing for revision procedures: Methods, systems and devices are provided for facilitating a surgical procedure on a knee, particularly, a revision total knee replacement procedure. Prior femoral and tibial prostheses are removed. A cut end of a distal femur is engaged with a femoral adjustment member, which will typically center itself about an intermedullary... Agent: Synvasive Technology, Inc.

20110093083 - Distal femoral knee prostheses: A set of distal femoral knee prostheses which are designed to be more narrow in medial/lateral dimensions with increasing anterior/posterior size than existing prostheses to more closely correspond to the physical anatomy of female patients. The prostheses are designed to have a substantially trapezoidal shape or profile when viewed distally... Agent: Zimmer, Inc.

20110093085 - Artificial joint and insert: An artificial joint utilizes a ball in socket joint structure, an insert and arms or side walls which are exterior to the bone. The insert may be configured to adjust joint distance and/or correct joint angle by adjusting thickness and tapering. The resulting joint provides improved strength and durability, and... Agent:

20110093084 - Artificial joint preserving tendon and/or sesamoid bone structure: An artificial toe joint utilizes a ball in socket joint structure and arms or side walls which are exterior to the bone, the side walls extending around depressions in the metatarsal bone or phalangeal bone, respectively so as to not interfere with sesamoid bones or the attachment of tendons. The... Agent:

20110093086 - Patient-specific hip joint devices: A patient-specific acetabular resection guide includes a dome-shaped surface bounded by a periphery. The dome-shaped surface is a three-dimensional patient-specific surface designed to anatomically match and be received into an acetabulum of the patient, based on a three-dimensional image of a hip joint of the patient reconstructed from a medical... Agent:

20110093087 - Method and system of mapping femoral head for acetabular prosthesis alignment: An apparatus for orienting a prosthetic femoral head relative to an acetabulum comprises a femoral stem and a femoral head member. The femoral stem is configured to be received within the intramedullary canal of a femur. The femoral head member is configured to couple to the femoral stem and further... Agent: Smith & Nephew, Inc.

20110093088 - Self deploying implant in needle: Described, in certain inventive embodiments, are unique devices and methods for introducing implants into soft tissue of a patient. One of these devices includes a tissue-penetrating member that is configured to pass in its entirety through a volume of patient tissue. The tissue-penetrating member has a leading end and a... Agent:

20110093089 - Electronically controlled prosthetic system: A prosthetic joint system for users comprising a housing having an interior cavity, a center axis in said interior cavity, and an attachment means for fixedly connecting said housing to said user; an inner cylinder disposed in said housing interior cavity wherein said inner cylinder rotates around said center axis... Agent:

20110093090 - Method and apparatus for decreasing build height of prosthetic products: An adapter assembly allows mechanical coupling of prosthetic components such that a distal end of a socket adapter (160) extends below a top surface of a prosthetic (100). The adapter assembly may include sets of external threads (314, 324) to operatively engage internally threaded surfaces (170, 110) of the prosthetic... Agent: Ossur Hf

20110093091 - Tensegrity joints for prosthetic, orthotic, and robotic devices: Embodiments of the invention relate to a prosthetic, orthotic, or robotic foot having at least two joints. One joint is located in a position analogous to the human MTP joint, and the other is located in a position analogous to the human subtalar joint. Motions of these two joints are... Agent: Tensegrity Prosthetics, Inc.

04/14/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110087318 - Bifurcated highly conformable medical device branch access: The present invention comprises a highly conformable stent graft with an optional portal for a side branch device. Said stent graft comprises a graft being supported by a stent, wherein said stent comprises undulations each which comprise apices in opposing first and second directions and a tape member attached to... Agent:

20110087319 - Bifurcated highly conformable medical device branch access: The present invention comprises a highly conformable stent graft with an optional portal for a side branch device. Said stent graft comprises a graft being supported by a stent, wherein said stent comprises undulations each which comprise apices in opposing first and second directions and a tape member attached to... Agent:

20110087320 - Devices, systems, and methods for prosthesis delivery and implantation, including a prosthesis assembly: Devices, systems, and methods for implanting radially expandable prostheses in the body lumens rely on tacking or anchoring the prostheses with separately introduced fasteners. The prostheses may be self-expanding or balloon expandable, and may include a single lumen or more than one lumen. After initial placement, a fastener applier system... Agent: Aptus Endosystems, Inc.

20110087321 - Surface-coated structures and methods: The present invention relates to a method for covalently attaching a compound to a stainless steel, tin, iron, or titanium substrate, by contacting exposed surface(s) of the substrate with a synthetic pilin peptide containing a disulfide loop derived from the C-terminal receptor binding protein of Type IV P. aeruginosa (T4P)... Agent: Arch Biophysics, Inc.

20110087322 - Method of treating aortic stenosis using an implantable prosthetic valve: A method of implanting a prosthetic valve in a stenosed aortic valve via a catheterization technique. A balloon catheter is advanced into a patient's vasculature and a balloon is expanded within the stenosed aortic valve to push aside the calcified leaflets. The prosthetic valve is then introduced into a patient's... Agent: Edwards Lifesciences Pvt, Inc.

20110087323 - Apparatus for mitral lifting annuloplaty: Therefore, a portion of the mitral annulus adjacent to the posterior leaflet can be lifted up to a mitral annuloplasty band located at the wall of the left atrium and fixed thereto to recover the function of the mitral valve, without disturbing movement of the mitral valve and movement of... Agent: Sciencity Co., Ltd.

20110087324 - Systems and methods for implanting and examining intraocular lens: Systems and methods for designing and implanting a customized intra-ocular lens (IOL) is disclosed. In one embodiment, a system includes an eye analysis module that analyzes a patient's eye and generates biometric information relating to the eye. The system also includes eye modeling and optimization modules to generate an optimized... Agent: Sifi Diagnostic S.p.a.

20110087325 - Electronic component configuration: An electronic system is provided which includes a number of components. Each component includes one or more integrated circuits. During normal operation of the system, each integrated circuit provides individual operating functionality for its respective component. At least one of the integrated circuits is installed as a generic integrated circuit... Agent:

20110087326 - Method & apparatus for arthroscopic biceps tenodesis: A method and apparatus for arthroscopic biceps tenodesis wherein the method involves arthroscopically determining that biceps tenodesis is desirable; arthroscopically separating the long head of the biceps tendon from bone attachment; creating and placing a wedge at the proximal end of the long head of the biceps tendon; and allowing... Agent:

20110087328 - Centrally driven expandable implant and method: Embodiments of the invention include expandable, implantable devices and methods. Devices expand linearly to provide secure fixation between or among anatomical structures. In some embodiments, an implant replaces one or more vertebral bodies of the spine.... Agent: Sdgi Holdings, Inc.

20110087327 - Intervertebral implant: An intervertebral implant having a three-dimensional body (10) and a securing plate (1). The three-dimensional body (10) includes an upper side (1) and an underside (2) which are suitable for abutting the end plates of two adjacent vertebral bodies, a left side surface (3) and a right side surface (4),... Agent:

20110087331 - Articulating disc implant: An intervertebral disc implant for use in the spine including a first part (10) and a second part (20), wherein the first part and second part are configured as a joint prosthesis for the spine. The first part includes one of a concave or convex articulating surface (16) and the... Agent: Synthes Usa, LLC

20110087329 - Lumbar implant: The present disclosure relates to an intervertebral disc prostheses or implant, and more particularly to an intervertebral disc prosthesis that can be surgically introduced between adjacent vertebral bodies and adjusted or expanded in situ to occupy an optimal or desired space between the vertebral bodies. The implant is preferably inserted... Agent:

20110087330 - Vertebral implant containment device and methods of use: A containment device is inserted between vertebral members in a patient and provides a rapid implant solution adapted for use in different applications. The device includes an interior volume to contain a curable substance at substantially atmospheric pressure. Upon filling the enclosure member with a curable substance, the enclosure member... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20110087332 - Patient-adapted and improved articular implants, designs and related guide tools: Methods and devices are disclosed relating improved articular models, implant components, and related guide tools and procedures. In addition, methods and devices are disclosed relating articular models, implant components, and/or related guide tools and procedures that include one or more features derived from patient-data, for example, images of the patient's... Agent:

20110087333 - Prosthetic knee joint: A prosthetic knee joint includes: (a) a femoral member comprising rigid material with a convex, wear-resistant femoral contact surface including a convex ridge; (b) a tibial assembly including: (i) at least one cup comprising rigid material with a body and a rim substantially thicker than the body defining a wear-resistant... Agent:

20110087334 - Artificial toe joint: An artificial toe joint utilizes a ball in socket joint structure and arms or side walls which are exterior to the bone. The resulting joint provides improved strength and durability, and may be used to repair joints which are not suitable for installation of a prior art artificial joint.... Agent:

20110087335 - Acetabular cup conversion ring: An acetabular implant for hip replacement surgery includes a shell component and first and second alternative bearing components interchangeably engageable with the shell component to provide a choice in bearing components. The shell component has a shell component engagement mechanism suitable for engaging the first alternative bearing component. A conversion... Agent: Zimmer, Inc.

20110087337 - Apparatus for controlling flow in a bodily organ: An apparatus for controlling a flow of fluid and/or other bodily matter in a lumen formed by a tissue wall of a patient's organ comprises an implantable constriction device for gently constricting (i.e. without substantially hampering the blood circulation in the tissue wall) at least one portion of the tissue... Agent:

20110087336 - Self-expanding plastic stent: The self-expanding plastic stent is a resilient plastic stent with such expansional strength that a small diameter delivery system may be used to implant the stent, thereby minimizing possible complications for the patient. The stent is made from a braided monofilament, which may be polyetheretherketone (PEEK), polyetherketone (PEK), polyetherketoneketone (PEKK),... Agent:

20110087338 - Use of epineural sheath grafts for neural regeneration and protection: Described herein is conduit material that causes minimal inflammatory reaction, and serves as a structural guide for regenerating nerve tissue (e.g., axons). Thus, the invention is directed to methods of treating a nerve injury in an individual in need thereof. The methods employ an isolated, naturally occurring epineural sheath, and... Agent: The Cleveland Clinic Foundation

20110087339 - Orthopedic knee joint and method for controlling an orthopedic knee joint: The invention relates to an orthopedic knee joint, comprising an upper part (2), on which upper connecting means (20) are disposed, a lower part (3) pivotally supported on the upper part (2), connecting means for orthopedic components (4), and a stop ( ) for delimiting an extension movement, wherein the... Agent: Otto Bock Healthcare Gmbh

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20110082534 - Ultrasound-enhanced stenosis therapy: Apparatus and methods are disclosed for vascular stenosis therapy, including enhancing permeability of the vessel wall using ultrasound energy and delivering a therapeutic agent into the arterial wall. Ultrasound energy may also be delivered using transcutaneous techniques and endovascular methods. In some embodiments, ultrasound energy and therapeutic agent application may... Agent:

20110082535 - Balloon type stent system for treatment of obesity: A balloon type stent system for treatment of obesity is disclosed. An injection expansion unit and a plurality of distribution expansion units extend in a longitudinal direction of a stent unit body formed by coupling two sheets of synthetic vinyl in the shape of a cylinder. The injection expansion unit... Agent:

20110082536 - Implantable product with improved aqueous interface characteristics and method for making and using the same: An implantable medical device including a porous membrane that is treated with a hydrophilic substance to obtain rapid optimum visualization using technology for viewing inside of a mammalian body. These technologies include ultrasound echocardiography and video imaging such as that used during laparoscopic procedures.... Agent:

20110082537 - Transvascular neural stimulation device: This document discusses, among other things, apparatus, systems, and methods for transvascularly stimulation of a nerve or nerve trunk. In an example, an apparatus is configured to transvascularly stimulate a nerve trunk through a blood vessel. The apparatus includes an expandable electrode that is chronically implantable in a blood vessel... Agent:

20110082533 - Extendible stent apparatus: A stent apparatus with at least one side opening which may further comprise an extendable stent portion laterally extending from the side opening and at least partly in registry with the wall of the side opening. Devices constructed in accordance with the invention include, singularly or in combination, a main... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20110082538 - Medical device, kit and method for constricting tissue or a bodily orifice, for example, a mitral valve: A device, kit and method may include or employ an implantable device (e.g., annuloplasty implant) and a tool operable to implant such. The implantable device is positionable in a cavity of a bodily organ (e.g., a heart) and operable to constrict a bodily orifice (e.g., a mitral valve). The tissue... Agent:

20110082539 - Minimally invasive aortic valve replacement: A minimally invasive method of implanting a prosthetic aortic valve includes forming a surgical site within a patient's chest that includes a first access port, a second access port, a viewing port and a delivery port. A camera is inserted into the viewing port. The native aortic valve leaflets may... Agent: Mayo Foundation For Medical Education And Research

20110082540 - Prosthetic heart valves, scaffolding structures, and systems and methods for implantation of same: Prosthetic valves and their component parts are described, as are prosthetic valve delivery devices and methods for their use. The prosthetic valves are particularly adapted for use in percutaneous aortic valve replacement procedures. The delivery devices are particularly adapted for use in minimally invasive surgical procedures.... Agent:

20110082541 - Optical method and system for extended depth of focus: An imaging arrangement and method for extended the depth of focus are provided. The imaging arrangement comprises an imaging lens having a certain affective aperture, and an optical element associated with said imaging lens. The optical element is configured as a phase-affecting, non-diffractive optical element defining a spatially low frequency... Agent: Xceed Imaging Ltd.

20110082542 - Methods of obtaining ophthalmic lenses providing the eye with reduced aberrations: The present invention discloses methods of obtaining ophthalmic lens capable of reducing the aberrations of the eye comprising the steps of characterizing at least one corneal surface as a mathematical model, calculating the resulting aberrations of said corneal surface(s) by employing said mathematical model, selecting the optical power of the... Agent: Amo Groningen Bv

20110082543 - Methods and devices for preventing or delaying posterior capsule opacification: Several methods for preventing, minimizing, or delaying the incidence of posterior capsule opacification are provided. A first method involves chemically activating the surface of an implantable ocular device, such as an intraocular lens or a capsular tension ring, by grafting a chemical moiety onto the surface of the device, covalently... Agent: Cleo Cosmetic And Pharmaceutical Company, LLC

20110082544 - Accommodating lens assembly: A method of anchoring an accommodating intraocular lens assembly in the posterior chamber of an eye whereby the lens assembly includes an optical axis that corresponds with the visual axis of a human eye. The posterior chamber includes a ciliary sulcus and a capsular unit with a collapsed natural lens... Agent: Nulens Ltd.

20110082546 - Breast implant implantation method and apparatus: A method for implanting a breast implant into a subject, the method includes: providing a sterile, flexible, elastic biodegradable bag sized to contain the breast implant; providing a sterile breast implant; inserting, using sterile handling, the sterile breast implant into the sterile bag to form a sterile breast implant assembly;... Agent: Breast Shield Materials, Inc.

20110082545 - Drug eluting breast implant cover or coating: A biodegradable cover or coating for a breast implant includes a biodegradable cover or coating over the breast implant and contains one or more drugs for delivery at the surgical site, particularly for treating or preventing infection, pain, inflammation, capsular contracture, scarring or other indication or complication associated with breast... Agent: Lipose Corporation

20110082547 - Tissue marking implant: An implant for marking an area within a living body includes a matrix material and a marking material. The implant is formable to fit the shape and size of a cavity in the human body. The implant is configured to support tissue surrounding the cavity and to allow in-growth of... Agent: Senorx, Inc.

20110082548 - Low friction resurfacing implant: A low friction resurfacing implant system including a first implant component and a second implant component. The first implant component has a first bearing surface. The second implant component has a second bearing surface. The first implant component and the second implant component are each fabricated from a durable material... Agent: Zyga Technology, Inc.

20110082549 - Mineralized three-dimensional bone constructs formed from osteoblasts: The present disclosure provides ex vivo-derived mineralized three-dimensional bone constructs. The bone constructs are obtained by culturing osteoblasts under randomized gravity vector conditions. Preferably, the randomized gravity vector conditions are obtained using a low shear stress rotating bioreactor, such as a High Aspect Ratio Vessel (HARV) culture system. The bone... Agent: Osteosphere, LLC

20110082550 - Intervertebral fixation device: This invention discloses an intervertebral fixation device including a plate member, a body, and at least one bending portion disposed on the plate member. The thickness of the bending portion is slightly smaller than the thickness of the plate member and ear portions, such that the bending portion is provided... Agent:

20110082551 - Intervertebral implant: Embodiments are directed to bone-joining or bone-bridging intervertebral implants with an inner channel-type structure of channels, which extend parallel from a bone contacting-surface of the implant to the inside of the implant, whereby the channels are connected by lateral openings.... Agent:

20110082556 - Artificial spinal disc: An artificial disc prosthesis is provided. The prosthesis enables spinal segment alignment by having a variable height across its surface. The variable height is achieved by an asymmetric artificial nucleus or by at least one variable height end plate. The prosthesis may have a central keel on one end plate... Agent: Synergy Disc Replacement, Inc.

20110082553 - Devices and methods for inter-vertebral orthopedic device placement: A bone prosthesis device is comprised of an upper and lower abutment surfaces and an intervening malleable member. The device is sufficiently small so that implantation into an inter-vertebral disc space can be performed from a substantially posterior approach without significant impingement upon the neural elements.... Agent:

20110082554 - Devices for delivering spinal disc implants: A spinal disc implant delivery device includes a blocking component having opposed distal and proximal ends. The proximal end of the blocking component includes an anchor member configured and adapted for movement between an undeployed position in which the anchor member can pass into and out of an opening in... Agent:

20110082552 - Prosthetic intervertebral discs implantable by minimally invasive surgical techniques: The described devices are bound spinal implants that may be surgically implanted into the spine to replace damaged or diseased discs using a posterior, lateral, or postero-lateral approach. The discs are prosthetic devices that approach or mimic the physiological motion and reaction of the natural disc.... Agent:

20110082555 - Transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion (tlif) implant, surgical procedure and instruments for insertion of spinal implant in a spinal disc space: Various instrumentation, implants and methodology are disclosed for implanting bone implants in the TLIF approach. The implants are preferably cortical bone of various shapes. The instruments include chisels, rasps, trials, inserters, spreaders, adjustors, curettes, rongeurs, and impactors. The instruments have straight and bent shafts. The implants may have recesses or... Agent:

20110082557 - Integral, one-piece humeral head device: A humeral head augment device for use in a modular shoulder prosthesis. The humeral head augment device has an external bearing surface with at least one surface portion that includes a radius of curvature. The radius of curvature is configured to constrain translational movement of the implanted shoulder prosthesis when... Agent: Tornier, Inc.

20110082558 - Artificial knee joint: An artificial knee joint comprise a femoral component and tibial component. The posterior side of the femoral component comprises medial and lateral condyles, wherein the width and offset of the posteromedial condyle is greater than the width and offset of the posterolateral condyle. At the posterior the tibial bearing component... Agent:

20110082559 - Tibial implant base: An orthopedic prosthesis includes a tibial implant and a tibial insert. The tibial implant includes an upper surface, a medial side, a lateral side and a first locking structure provided on the upper surface where the medial side and the lateral side of the tibial implant are defined by a... Agent: Wright Medical Technology, Inc.

20110082560 - Prosthetic body for an upper leg prosthetic: The invention relates to a prosthetic body for an upper leg prosthetic comprising a shaft (5, 5a, 5b) having a proximal support plate (4) for a prosthetic head (15), wherein at least two proximally spaced and distally converging shaft posts (5a, 5b) are mounted on the support plate (4), descending... Agent:

20110082561 - Surgical implant: A surgical implant having an elliptically-shaped base, a bottom surface, a peripheral rim and a top surface, the top surface having a concave portion. The stem extends from the bottom surface, and includes a core, a first wing portion extending laterally outwardly from the core and a second wing portion... Agent:

20110082562 - Bone repair material and method for producing the same: A bone repair material being superior in apatite-forming ability and its stability in a storage and high in scratch resistance is disclosed. The material is produced by a method comprising the steps of: immersing a substrate made of titanium or a titanium alloy in a first aqueous solution that does... Agent: Sagawa Printing Co., Ltd.

20110082563 - Microscale multiple-fluid-stream bioreactor for cell culture: Microfluidic bioreactor devices may feature intercommunicating microchannels defined in two polymer layers separated by a membrane. A geometric parameter associated with the microchannels in one layer may vary along a length of those channels.... Agent: The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Inc.

20110082564 - Devices and methods for tissue engineering: A tissue scaffold fabricated from bioinert fiber forms a rigid three-dimensional porous matrix having a bioinert composition. Porosity in the form of interconnected pore space is provided by the space between the bioinert fiber in the porous matrix. Strength of the porous matrix is provided by bioinert fiber fused and... Agent: Bio2 Technologies, Inc

20110082565 - Nonwoven structure and method of fabricating the same: A method for fabricating a nonwoven structure is disclosed. The method comprises: forming a nonwoven layer of polymer fibers on the collector liquid surface, transferring the layer to a solid surface, and repeating the formation and the transfer in a layerwise manner. The method is generally effected by spinning liquefied... Agent: Technion Research & Development

20110082566 - Implementing a stand-up sequence using a lower-extremity prosthesis or orthosis: Knee orthoses or prostheses can be used to automatically when it is appropriate to initiate a stand-up sequence based on the position of the person's knee with respect to the person's ankle while the person is in a seated position. When the knee is moved to position that is forward... Agent:

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