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Prime-mover dynamo plants

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04/10/2014 > 6 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20140097617 - Multi-capture mode wave energy converter with submergible float: An ocean wave energy converter (WEC) uses one or more buoyant elongated float(s) mechanically linked to a motion-stabilized, controlled-submergence depth frame by either swing or lever arms or down-sloping tracks defining and orienting the motion of the floats relative to the frame to capture both heave and surge wave energy... Agent:

20140097618 - Method of operating a variable speed wind turbine: A method of operating a wind turbine having a rotor with a plurality of blades, and one or more pitch mechanisms for rotating the blades is disclosed. The method comprises a sub-nominal zone of operation and a supra-nominal zone of operation for wind speeds above the nominal wind speed. The... Agent: Alstom Renovables Espana, S.l.

20140097619 - Wind turbine control method: A wind turbine control method is described based on the performance of various measurements of the oscillations of the nacelle of the wind turbine for the purpose of carrying out a series of calculations, the results of which allow parameterisation of certain actions on different wind turbine elements in order... Agent: Acciona Windpower, S.a.

20140097620 - Fluid power conversion device: The present invention relates to a device and method for capturing the kinetic energy of a fluid and converting it to rotational, electrical or mechanical energy, the device including a rotating bar mechanism for enabling rotation of a flow-capturing blade around a central axis of the device while retaining the... Agent:

20140097622 - Modular alternative energy unit: A wind energy apparatus is made up of a plurality of modular wind energy devices or units. Each unit has a housing and at least two turbines mounted on the housing. Each of the turbines has a blade set extending upward from the housing. Each blade set has a vertical... Agent: Windstream Technologies, Inc.

20140097621 - Variable foil machine: The Variable Foil Machine harnesses fluid flow energy and propels fluids. A variable foil (120) with reversible camber is secured to a leading draft member (150) movable on a leading support (122) and to a trailing draft member (130) movable on a trailing support (136). The trailing draft member (130)... Agent:

04/03/2014 > 9 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140091579 - Construction machine: A charge and discharge control unit (41) sets an upper-limit charge and discharge electric power as an upper limit of electric power during charging and discharging of a electric storage device (11) based on temperature of the electric storage device (11) measured by a temperature measuring unit (21) and a... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)

20140091572 - Method for operating a wind energy plant: The present invention concerns a method of operating a wind power installation comprising a pod with an electric generator for generating electric current and an aerodynamic rotor coupled to the generator and having one or more rotor blades, including the steps: operating the wind power installation when ice accretion on... Agent:

20140091571 - Wind turbine system: A wind turbine system includes a tower, a nacelle which is supported on the tower, a plurality of blades which are rotatably supported to the nacelle via a hub, and a generator which generates electricity by rotating the blades, wherein in case the tower shifts from vertical direction, the wind... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20140091573 - Energy recovery drive system and vehicle with energy recovery drive system: Vehicles of embodiments of the invention are propelled by an electric motor (DC or AC motor) coupled to one of the vehicle's axles. The electric motor is powered by two or more electrical storage devices (e.g., batteries or battery banks or capacitors). The electrical storage devices are charged by alternators... Agent: Arc Energy Recovery, Inc.

20140091574 - Device for storing and delivering fluids and method for storing and delivering a compressed gas contained in such a device: A device for storing and delivering fluids, the fluids including a gas and a liquid, the device including: at least one container (1) for storing the fluids, a gas inlet (2) and a gas outlet, an inlet and an outlet for the liquid, at least one facility (8) for injecting... Agent: Storewatt

20140091575 - Articulated-raft/rotary-vane pump generator system: An apparatus and method for generating electricity from ocean wave energy by using a floating device having a first portion that is movably coupled to a second portion. A hydraulic pump is coupled between these portions such that when the floating device is exposed to ocean wave energy, the hydraulic... Agent: Murtech, Inc.

20140091576 - Offshore combined power generation system: A combined offshore system for generating electricity includes of an offshore windmill unit with a generator for extracting power from wind and transferring it into electricity, a electricity export cable connected to the windmill for exporting produced electricity to offshore or onshore consumers, and at least one offshore wave power... Agent: Single Buoy Moorings Inc.

20140091577 - Air separation power generation integration: The present invention provides a method and apparatus for separating air and generating electrical power. A compressed air stream produced in a main air compressor is introduced into an air separation unit that cryogenically rectifies the air into component products. During turndown conditions of the air separation unit, a combustion... Agent:

20140091578 - Looped airfoil wind turbine: A turbine with a basic system of a triangular structure (14) utilizing both lift and drag aerodynamic forces produced by fluid flow energy. The entire triangular structure (14) could either yaw to always face the wind direction (W) or stay in a fixed position. The system (10) uses airfoil blades... Agent: Everlift Wind Technology Inc.

03/27/2014 > 13 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140084594 - Standby generator including two air-cooled engines: A standby generator includes an alternator, a first air-cooled engine, a second air-cooled engine, and a housing. The alternator includes a stator, a rotor, and an input shaft coupled to the rotor for rotating the rotor. The first air-cooled engine is coupled to the input shaft. The second air-cooled engine... Agent: Briggs & Stratton Corporation

20140084596 - Reciprocal spring arrangement for power generation system: A vehicle energy harvester including a subunit having an upper surface forming a roadway surface; a vehicle activated treadle on the subunit, the vehicle activated treadle moveable between a first position in which an upper surface of the treadle is at an angle with respect to the upper surface of... Agent:

20140084597 - Structure of hydraulic damper: A structure of hydraulic damper (100) comprises a cylinder (10) with a bottom wall (11), a head wall (12) and side walls (13) that define a damping chamber (15) containing a damping fluid (17); in the damping chamber (15) a piston (20) slides with a first face (20a) and a... Agent:

20140084595 - Thermodynamic cycle with compressor recuperation, and associated systems and methods: Disclosed illustrative embodiments include modular power infrastructure networks, distributed electrical power infrastructure networks, methods for operating a modular power infrastructure network, and methods for fabricating a modular power infrastructure network.... Agent: Supercritical Technologies, Inc.

20140084598 - Power generation system that optimizes the power provided to start a generator: Some embodiments relate to a power generation system. The power generation system includes a first generator and a first battery charger. The first battery charger is adapted to charge a first battery and a second battery. The first battery and the second battery are each adapted to provide power to... Agent: Kohler Co.

20140084586 - Method of controlling a device for converting wave energy to electrical energy: The invention is a method of converting wave energy into electrical energy using a device comprising a moving device cooperating with an electric motor which oscillates with respect to the motor under the action of the waves.... Agent:

20140084587 - Wind turbine generator system and method for operating a wind turbine generator system: The present invention concerns a method of controlling a wind power installation connected to an electric network having a generator with an aerodynamic rotor with an adjustable rotary speed, in which the wind power installation can be operated at an operating point which is optimum in relation to prevailing wind... Agent: Wobben Properties Gmbh

20140084588 - Gas bearing supported turbomachine with reduction gear assembly: A turbine-driven generator (i.e., a turbomachine) is provided for extracting energy and generating electrical power from a process gas. A turbine impeller mounted on a rotating shaft is rotatably disposed within a turbine housing for processing process gas flowing between an inlet and an outlet of the turbine. The rotating... Agent:

20140084589 - Hydrokinetic energy converters on bridge structures: This is a low-cost, ingenious, high-efficiency energy producing system from hydrokinetic energy in water waves, currents and tides. Cost advantages are due to the use of existing bridge structures to mount the water energy converter to withstand fierce wind and water forces.... Agent:

20140084590 - Mechanical assembly for maintaining an air gap between a stator and rotor in an electro-mechanical energy converter: An apparatus and corresponding method for maintaining an air gap between a stator and rotor in an electro-mechanical energy converter is provided. The apparatus includes a structural sleeve and a plurality of stator sections attached to an inner surface of the structural sleeve. A hub is enclosed by the structural... Agent: Columbia Power Technologies, Inc.

20140084591 - Energy producing building structures: A renewable energy system is disclosed for generating electricity that is self-sustaining. In accordance with an important aspect of the present invention, the system takes advantage of the stack effect to create a natural updraft in at least one vertical air column based on the temperature differences of the air... Agent:

20140084593 - Generator rotor, assembly method and related insertion tool: Generator rotor comprising a rotor rim and a plurality of permanent magnet modules and a plurality of anchors arranged at an outer or inner circumference of the rotor rim such that the anchors substantially fix the permanent magnet modules to the rotor, wherein the permanent magnet modules comprise a base... Agent: Alstom Renovables Espa&#xd1 A, S.l.

20140084592 - Wind turbine: A wind-driven machine for generating power, which comprises a structure divided so as to facilitate its transportation and assembly constituted by a tower, a gondola on its top end, a plurality of wind collecting blades and a rotary equipment which comprises an electric power generator constituted by an inner stator... Agent: Industrias Metal&#xda Rgicas Pescarmona S.a.i.c.y F.

03/20/2014 > 15 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140077506 - Modular configuration for an lp towable genset: Some embodiments relate to an example towable power generation system. The towable power generation system includes an internal combustion engine and an alternator driven by the internal combustion engine to generate electrical power. The towable power generation system further includes a skid such that the internal combustion engine and alternator... Agent: Kohler Co.

20140077507 - Pressurization of generator: Systems and methods for pressurization of a generator in a gas turbine engine. The system may include a fluid valve for permitting or inhibiting airflow into a housing of the generator. The fluid valve may be in fluid communication with an air source within the engine, and may be configured... Agent: Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp.

20140077508 - Steam powered turbine, electric power regeneration system for a vehicle: The present invention provides a steam powered turbine battery regeneration system for a vehicle hay an electrically operable drive system. The system includes at least one battery which is mounted within such vehicle and is connected to such drive system and at least one steam powered turbine which is mounted... Agent:

20140077494 - Methods and apparatus to power an exercise machine: Methods and apparatus to power an exercise machine are disclosed herein. An example method includes measuring a power supply current produced by a user of the exercise machine. A rotations per minute of the exercise machine is measured. A power supply reference current is determined, the power supply reference current... Agent:

20140077495 - System for converting wind energy into electrical energy through the flight of power wing profiles tethered to the ground by cables of a fixed length, without passive phases, and with automatic adaptation to wind conditions: Wind energy is converted into electrical or mechanical energy through the flight of at least one power wing profile tethered via one or more cables to a ground unit moved by the power wing profile along a path of alternating displacement for driving a generator, where the path of alternating... Agent: Kitenergy S.r.i.

20140077496 - Ocean wave energy converter (owec) with counter-rotating flywheels: An OWEC designed to convert the energy of an oscillating water column within a wave into electricity for use during peak hours and into compressed air for use during off peak hours, and to withstand adverse weather conditions. Located off-shore, and submerged about 95%, the OWEC comprises: a vertically adjustable... Agent:

20140077503 - Deep ocean current power plant and constructing procedure thereof: The invention provides a deep ocean current power plant. In one embodiment, the deep ocean current power plant comprises at least one relay platform, a plurality of platform anchorage cables, a plurality of turbine generators, and power conversion equipment. The at least one relay platform floats and is submerged in... Agent: National Taiwan University

20140077498 - Energy generation apparatus for ships: A system for recapturing energy from a ship moving through the water utilizes a hydraulic turbine positioned within the ship's hull. Water pushed up from the bow of the ship is fed into a water conducting tube and used to drive the turbine. The turbine may produce electricity for powering... Agent:

20140077501 - Fluid flow energy converter: A novel oscillator comprises a curved sheet structure. The curved sheet structure comprises a curved sheet and a tensioner. The curved sheet structure oscillates when the tensioner of the curved sheet structure is extended between two rigidly or semi rigidly fixed points and the curved sheet structure is exposed to... Agent:

20140077497 - Fluid-driven power generating apparatus: A fluid-driven power generating apparatus is a power generator in form pipes with either water wheels or balls with circumferential indents rotating therewithin. The water wheels or the balls are rotated by the fluid flow within the pipes. Each of the water wheels or each the balls has a wheel... Agent:

20140077500 - Gravity-assisted oscillating-wing power generator with flow-induced pitch-plunge phasing: A new method for converting the kinetic energy of wind and water flows into electric energy, comprising oscillating-wing power generators with vertical wings or blades mounted on essentially horizontal wings that are attached elastically to a rigid surface so that the essentially horizontal wings can be excited into flapping oscillations... Agent:

20140077502 - Method and apparatus for generative motive and electric power by using buoyancy force: A buoyancy force power generation apparatus for producing motive and electric power, includes: a system housing which is a vertically standing cylindrical tower in which a liquid is stored thereby forming a liquid section from its bottom and a gas section over the liquid section; a plurality of floatation members... Agent:

20140077499 - Underwater electric rotating device having waterproofing structure and underwater generator using the same: The present invention provides an underwater electric rotating device and an underwater generator using the same. The device includes a rotating shaft, at least a portion of which is rotated in an underwater environment; a rotor which is rotated along with the rotating shaft; a stator which is provided around... Agent: Eegen Co., Ltd.

20140077504 - Vertical axis wind turbine with cambered airfoil blades: A wind turbine having blades that rotate in a horizontal plane about a vertical axis. A single output shaft is directly connected by one-way bearings to the driven shaft of a permanent magnet generator. This eliminates the need for a gearbox and also eliminates the need for inverters. Friction losses... Agent:

20140077505 - Wind turbine apparatus: A wind turbine apparatus includes a wind turbine, a support column supporting the wind turbine, and a turning base as a base for the support column, the turning base including a turning gear and a turning base shaft. By turning the turning gear 360 degrees or more, only the wind... Agent:

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