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Prime-mover dynamo plants

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07/10/2014 > 8 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140191512 - Generating device of vehicle: A generating device of vehicle installed on a car body's bottom and comprising: at least a fastening device; at least a girder joining the fastening device and oscillating vertically; at least a strut fixed at the girder far away from the fastening device; at least an alternator under the girder;... Agent:

20140191513 - Method and apparatus for starting an engine: A method of starting an engine is disclosed in which two or more starter motors are used to start the engine in an alternating sequence so as to equalize wear and reduce the wear of each starter motor by a factor equal to the number of starter motors provided. The... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140191506 - Method and apparatus for operating a wind turbine: A method for operating a wind turbine is provided. The wind turbine includes a rotor with at least one rotor blade. The method includes determining an actual value of at least one of a first variable indicative of a failure state of the wind turbine and a second variable of... Agent: General Electric Company

20140191507 - Method for controlling power flow within a wind park system, controller, computer program and computer program products: The invention relates to a method for controlling power flow within a wind park system (100) for power transmission to a main power grid (90), the wind park system (100) comprising two or more parallel-connected island wind park grids. The method comprises the steps of: controlling a first voltage source... Agent: Abb Technology Ag

20140191508 - Rotary joint for underwater operation and system equipped therewith for generating energy from waterpower: A rotary joint for use in a system for generating energy from water power, the joint comprising a first rotationally symmetrical connecting element and a second rotationally symmetrical connecting element disposed concentrically with the first connecting element and rotatable relative thereto, an annular gap between the two connecting elements, and... Agent: Imo Holding Gmbh

20140191510 - Pneumatic thrust combined cycle power generator: A pneumatic thrust combined cycle power generator comprises a startup air compressor operated together with a high-pressure gas regulator to fill a high-pressure gas into a pneumatic motor and start operating a transmission bearing, such that the transmission bearing can drive a high power generation motor to produce a power... Agent:

20140191509 - Stauffer submerged electricity generator: A submerged waterfall hydroelectric energy generator using a submerged ocean or lake siphon pipeline and gravity for the production of hydroelectric power.... Agent:

20140191511 - System for generating electricity: Disclosed is a system for storing and recovering energy, the system comprising an energy capturing device, a storage vessel operably linked to the energy capturing device, the storage vessel adapted to receive and store energy captured by the energy capturing device, and an energy recovery device adapted to receive the... Agent: Flying By Design, Inc.

07/03/2014 > 16 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20140183873 - Energy regeneration device of suspension system for vehicle: An energy regeneration device of a suspension system for a vehicle, includes a suspension link that connects a wheel carrier to a vehicle body, a bush unit that is disposed between a vehicle body connection portion of the suspension link and the vehicle body and outputs hinge motion of the... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140183874 - Pumped swing based spinning system: Our invention is a Pumped Swing Based Spinning System, where we managed to find a combination of viscous fluid and metal spheres within a hollow structure that swings back and forth driven by gravitational acceleration, and springs at the end of every swing to pump the pendulum and drive an... Agent:

20140183875 - Method and apparatus for direct energy conversion: A method and apparatus for direct energy conversion that combines the properties of Type II superconductor thin films, including the Meissner effect to create vortices to control and modulate static flux coupled in a magnetic circuit, where the laws of induction are used to produce an electrical signal without the... Agent:

20140183863 - Heat exchanger for combustion engines: A novel heat exchange device to provide sufficient amounts of heat within a manifold including a working fluid within heating coils to generate electricity through an external combustion steam engine and electrical generator is provided. Such a novel heat exchanger includes coils that surround a central heating compartment thereby exposing... Agent:

20140183876 - Hybrid type construction machine: Provided is a construction machine capable of achieving an energy conservation effect while restraining overcharge of an electrical storage device, including an engine, a slewing electric motor, an electrical storage device, a generator-motor, and an assist controller which causes the generator-motor to assist the engine to consume an electric power... Agent: Kobelco Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

20140183877 - Permanent magnet generator: A permanent magnet generator having the unique feature of a speed proportionally adjusted air gap for self-regulation of coil output voltage over a wide range of operating rotational speed of a steam turbine to which the invention is coupled. The Permanent Magnet Generator rotor is supported by the turbine end... Agent: Lovejoy Controls Corporation

20140183878 - Electric power generation control device and electric power generation control system: An ECU in an electric power generation control system obtains a vehicle state containing a battery state and a driving state of a motor vehicle. The ECU calculates charging parameters necessary for maintaining a residual charge of a battery and vibration suppression parameters necessary for suppressing vibration of a vehicle.... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140183864 - Arrangement and method for avoiding stray currents in wind power plants: The invention relates to a method and an arrangement for avoiding stray currents in a wind power plant. There is an insulating power source having a galvanic decoupled secondary side, an electrical load coupled to the secondary side of the insulating power source through an electrical conductor and a stray... Agent: Areva Wind Gmbh

20140183865 - Alternative energy sourse: The present invention may be used for generating electricity using the change in air pressure generated by a difference in altitude. Air current is created in a tube due to its position, having its openings at different elevations above sea level. The bottom end of the tube being in a... Agent:

20140183866 - Oxygen transport membrane based advanced power cycle with low pressure synthesis gas slip stream: A method and system for generating electrical power is provided in which a high pressure synthesis gas stream generated in a gasifier is partially oxidized in an oxygen transport membrane based reactor, expanded and thereafter, is combusted in an oxygen transport membrane based boiler. A low pressure synthesis gas slip... Agent:

20140183867 - Tunnel power turbine system to generate potential energy from waste kinetic energy: A system for generating energy from waste includes a generator device and an ejector device integrated in a pipe line unit. The generator device includes nozzle venture inlets. The ejector device is coupled with the generator device and includes a slit venture outlet to restore any velocity pressure loss in... Agent:

20140183868 - Wave energy power conversion mechanism: The present invention provides a power conversion mechanism incorporated as part of a wave energy converter device which utilises the kinetic energy of an incident wave field experienced through the relative motion of a body or any other similar means connected to a reactive structure resulting in the localisation of... Agent: Albatern Limited

20140183869 - Method and apparatus for using wind energy or solar energy for an underwater and/or for an under seabed compressed air energy storage system: The pressure vessel may be constructed of high compression strength reinforced concrete or reinforced fiber plastic material that need not have a high thermal capacitance or high thermal conductivity because the exhaust from the pressure vessel feed a near constant air temperature to the turboexpander on the surface via several... Agent:

20140183870 - Power recovery system using a rankine power cycle incorporating a two-phase liquid-vapor expander with electric generator: A power recovery system using the Rankine power cycle incorporating a two-phase liquid-vapor expander with an electric generator which further consists of a heat sink, a heat source, a working fluid to transport heat and pressure energy, a feed pump and a two-phase liquid-vapor expander for the working fluid mounted... Agent: Ebara International Corporation

20140183872 - Electric current generating turbine: The invention relates to a turbine Which can generate an electric current, comprising a motor and a stator. The rotor is formed by a blade having a permanent magnet mounted thereon. The stator includes first and second coils which are positioned close to one another and have substantially orthogonal winding... Agent: Save Ingenierie

20140183871 - Wind turbine apparatus powered by wind generated from building cooling and chiller unit: Wind turbine apparatus of two embodiments of vertical 12 and horizontal 10 structural tubing bolted together with generator 20 and blades 22, horizontally paralleling building chilling 18 and cooling unit 40, bolted into foundation surface. The structural tubing is made of weather resistant material consisting of metal, aluminum, hard plastic,... Agent:

06/26/2014 > 12 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140175803 - Biomass conversion reactor power generation system and method: Methods and systems for generating power using syngas created using biomass gasification are provided. Exemplary power generation systems include a biomass dryer for receiving biomass, a biomass conversion reactor (either a biomass gasifier or a steam-biomass reformer) for receiving the dried biomass and generating syngas therefrom, and an external combustor... Agent: General Electric Company

20140175805 - Drive assembly: A drive assembly for providing a driving force to generate electricity. The assembly includes: a first track declined in a first direction through a first declination; a second track having a first portion which extends in a second direction in a substantially horizontal configuration, and a second portion which is... Agent:

20140175804 - Method and apparatus of generating power from atmospheric pressure and vacuum: A method and apparatus utilizing atmospheric pressure and vacuum force to generate electricity by pushing water in a water tank through an upward pipeline to a first vacuum tank and letting the water flow down to strike against the vanes of a hydraulic power generator installed in a second vacuum... Agent:

20140175806 - Emergency starting system and method for fuel cell hybrid vehicle: An emergency starting system and an emergency starting method of a fuel cell hybrid vehicle perform an emergency start when a DC power converter for starting fails. The emergency starting system includes: a fuel cell and a super capacitor connected through a main bus terminal in parallel; a driving inverter... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140175795 - Control system, method and program, and floating wind turbine generator provided therewith: The control system of this floating wind turbine generator is a control system of a floating wind turbine generator in which the control system controls a pitch angle control section by a pitch angle instruction value calculated on the basis of signals detected by a second sensor detecting a relative... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20140175797 - Wind energy capture device for a system for producing electricity from jetstreams: A jet stream wind energy capture device including two pair of parallel sail line tracks. Each track pair includes chain support beams; a plurality of rotatable chain gears connected to the support beams of each track; and sail-line chains that ride upon the chain gears. Generator(s) are attached to the... Agent:

20140175796 - Wind turbine having a hts generator with a plurality of phases: The present invention relates to a wind turbine having a wind turbine tower with a nacelle provided on the top to which a rotor hub with one or more wind turbine blades is rotatably mounted by a rotor shaft. A generator is arranged in the nacelle, wherein the superconducting rotor... Agent: Envision Energy (denmark) Aps

20140175798 - Power generation system and method of use thereof: A power generation system comprising a first vessel, a second vessel, a pump operably connected to the first vessel and the second vessel, and a turbine manifold assembly operably connected to the first vessel and the second vessel, wherein the pump creates a positive pressure in the first vessel to... Agent:

20140175799 - Advanced methods and systems for generating renewable electrical energy: Disclosed embodiment provides enclosed wind and hydropower energy generation being disposed with electrical energy generation apparatus, comprising advanced methods and systems for maximizing net impact on wind turbine operations. The enclosed wind and hydropower energy generation provides an effective environment for turbine maintenance scheduling, refurbishment, and replacement. Embodiment comprises advanced... Agent:

20140175800 - Non-rotating wind energy generator: In an embodiment of the invention, a non-rotating wind energy generator uses the fluid flow principles of vortex shedding and transverse galloping to generate oscillatory, linear motion of a beam, and linear alternators, optionally located near both ends of the beam, generate electrical power when the beam is in motion.... Agent: Northeastern University

20140175802 - Water cooled wind power generation apparatus and electric generator cooling method for wind power generation apparatus: According to one embodiment, there is provided a wind power generation apparatus including a rotor unit including blades configured to convert wind energy into a rotary motion, and an electric generator configured to convert the rotary motion energy of the rotor unit into power includes a water cooling pipe arranged... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140175801 - Wind turbine power generator: A wind turbine generator, particularly designed for de-centralized and mobile use, having a generally spherical shape formed from multi-bladed hemispheres connected at the equator of the spherical shape is disclosed. The inventive wind turbine generator is designed to be smaller in size, lighter in weight, and, in certain preferred embodiments,... Agent:

06/19/2014 > 10 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140167422 - Downhole energy harvesting method and device: A device generates electrical energy from mechanical motion in a downhole environment. The device includes a magnetostrictive element and an electrically conductive coil. The magnetostrictive element has a first end and a second end. The first and second ends are coupled between a rotor and a bearing. The magnetostrictive element... Agent: Oscilla Power Inc.

20140167423 - Generator control system for smooth operation with combusion engine: A combustion engine comprising at least a cylinder, a generator having a generator shaft with a generator shaft gear, a crankshaft having a crankshaft gear and a control unit, which controls at least the generator in such a way that it is possible to avoid a tooth flank change between... Agent: Fev Gmbh

20140167414 - Variable diameter and angle vertical axis turbine: A wind turbine, particularly vertical axis, whose diameter is extensible and retractable, either from the length of the arms or the angle of the blades, or both, has advantages in operating in low wind speed regimes and surviving in high wind speed, regimes. The current application describes how to construct... Agent: Flower Turbines LLC

20140167415 - Method of wind turbine yaw angle control and wind turbine: The present invention relates to the wind power engineering and to the method of controlling a yaw angle of the wind turbine, equipped with a horizontal rotor shaft as well as to the wind turbine for implementing the method. According to the method of the present invention, the time difference... Agent: Mita-teknik A/s

20140167416 - System and method for controlling speed and torque of a wind turbine during post-rated wind speed conditions: A method and system for controlling a wind turbine generator detect wind speeds and, at a first defined wind speed, control generator torque and generator rotational speed to achieve a pre-defined power for the wind turbine generator at the first defined wind speed. As wind speed increases beyond the first... Agent: General Electric Company

20140167417 - Horizontally-laid tangential rooftop wind power generator: The present application is directed to a horizontally-laid tangential rooftop wind power generator comprising: a generator mounted on a chassis and coupled to a tangential fan wheel or a plurality of tangential fan wheels, all housed in a cover with two long fan openings one at each of the two... Agent:

20140167418 - Dynamo: The dynamo of the present invention is provided in the flow field of a fluid, and has: a columnar oscillating body, one end of the oscillating body being supported in the flow field of the fluid by a shaft that is parallel to the flow direction of the fluid, and... Agent: National University Corporation Okayama University

20140167420 - Air-gap secure system for a wind turbine: Disclosed is a wind turbine, which comprises a rotatable structure being coupled to a hub of the wind turbine and to a generator rotor comprising a brake disc, a stationary structure being coupled to a generator stator and comprising a stator frame and a safety bearing element. The rotatable structure... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140167421 - Offshore wind turbine on offset floating support: The present invention relates to an offshore wind turbine on a floating support (1) comprising either a rotor with a horizontal rotation axis (horizontal-axis wind turbine HAWT) or a rotor with a vertical rotation axis (vertical-axis wind turbine VAWT) with the rotor being mounted on a floating support having a... Agent: Ifp Energies Nouvelles

20140167419 - Systems, devices and methods for improving efficiency of wind power generation systems: According to some aspects of the invention, a turbine, such as a wind turbine, is provided that includes one or more fluid (e.g., air) flow components for inducing a secondary fluid flow that emanates from a rearward location on the turbine to minimize wake effects. According to some aspects of... Agent: Tufts University

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