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Surgery: light, thermal, and electrical application

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05/21/2015 > 24 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20150142071 - Systems and methods for determining optimal interventricular pacing delays based on electromechanical delays: Techniques are provided for use with implantable medical devices such as pacemakers for optimizing interventricular (VV) pacing delays for use with cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT). In one example, ventricular electrical depolarization events are detected within a patient in whom the device is implanted. The onset of isovolumic ventricular mechanical contraction... Agent:

20150142070 - Systems and methods for leadless cardiac resynchrinization therapy: Techniques and systems for monitoring cardiac arrhythmias and delivering electrical stimulation therapy using a subcutaneous device (e.g. subcutaneous implantable (SD)) is described. In one or more other embodiments, SD is implanted into a patient's heart. Electrical signals are then sensed which includes moderately lengthened QRS duration data from the patient's... Agent:

20150142069 - Systems and methods for leadless cardiac resynchronization therapy: Techniques and systems for monitoring cardiac arrhythmias and delivering electrical stimulation therapy using a subcutaneous device (e.g. subcutaneous implantable (SD)) and a leadless pacing device (LPD) are described. In one or more embodiments, a computer-implemented method includes sensing a first electrical signal from a heart of a patient through a... Agent:

20150142072 - Systems and methods for determining optimal interventricular pacing delays based on electromechanical delays: Techniques are provided for use with implantable medical devices such as pacemakers for optimizing interventricular (VV) pacing delays for use with cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT). In one example, ventricular electrical depolarization events are detected within a patient in whom the device is implanted. The onset of isovolumic ventricular mechanical contraction... Agent:

20150142073 - Sterilizable containment for implantable medical device: A sterilizable containment that includes an inner packaging and an outer packaging. The outer packaging encloses the inner packaging and includes at least two electric feedthroughs. The inner packaging includes at least two electric contacts, wherein each of the at least two electric contacts of the inner packaging matches one... Agent: Biotronik Se & Co. Kg

20150142074 - Stimulation of the urinary system: Apparatus and methods are provided, including a bladder stimulator that includes an elongate element adapted to pass through a urethra or adapted to pass through another opening in the bladder, an expandable body coupled to said elongate element, and an array of one or more stimulator contacts coupled to the... Agent:

20150142075 - Sleep apnea control device: Disclosed herein are various methods, systems, an apparatuses for determining appropriate situations to treat conditions such as sleep apnea. At appropriate times, treatment can be applied such as through electrical stimulation to a person (e.g., an electrical stimulation of a person's genioglossus muscle in response to detecting that the person... Agent:

20150142078 - External, head-worn electrical stimulator for treating headache conditions: An external, head worn electrical nerve stimulation device is disclosed that includes a head band including inner and outer surfaces, and a plurality of holes each including an interior surface. The device also includes a plurality of mounting baskets disposed within the holes and each including a cylindrical retaining member,... Agent:

20150142076 - Selective high frequency spinal cord modulation for inhibiting pain with reduced side effects, and associated systems and methods: Selective high-frequency spinal chord modulation for inhibiting pain with reduced side affects and associated systems and methods are disclosed. In particular embodiments, high-frequency modulation in the range of from about 1.5 KHz to about 50 KHz may be applied to the patient's spinal chord region to address low back pain... Agent:

20150142077 - Spinal cord stimulation with interferential current: A stimulator and a method for the treatment of intractable pain syndromes by electrical stimulation of the spinal cord is disclosed in which implantable electrodes positioned around a targeted area of the spinal cord transmit an interferential current that has a base medium frequency alternating current between 500 Hz-20 KHz.... Agent:

20150142079 - Method for stimulating facial muscles: mapping a facial nerve being connected to the facial muscle, locating the facial muscle in response to the mapping of the facial nerve and stimulating the facial nerve by applying an electrode and stimulating the facial nerve with current. The step of mapping includes the step of applying current to... Agent:

20150142080 - Treatment or therapeutic apparatus: Apparatus for treatment of an animal or human is disclosed which comprises a pulse delivery system for generating a series of electrical current pulses having a pre-programmed waveform. A flexible belt or belt-like carrier is provided and arranged in use to be secured to, on or around an animal or... Agent:

20150142081 - Implant charging field control through radio link: A charger that evaluates the effectiveness of the charging field generated by the charger at an implantable device. The charger includes a charging coil, a communication module, and a processor. The processor can include instructions to determine the effectiveness of the charging field based on one or several signals or... Agent:

20150142083 - Neurostimulator system and simulation lead: In an embodiment, a neurostimulator system includes a pulse generator module and a power source and control module. The pulse generator module includes an electrical stimulation lead and electrodes and is configured to be implanted within a body of a subject, to provide a therapy to the subject, and to... Agent:

20150142082 - Systems and methods of biofeedback using nerve stimulation: Devices, systems and methods are disclosed that are used to treat a medical condition, by electrical stimulation of a nerve or nerve ganglion, used in conjunction with biofeedback. The system comprises a stimulator that applies electrical impulses sufficient to modulate a nerve at a target site within the patient. A... Agent: Electrocore, LLC

20150142084 - Hybrid method for modulating upper airway function in a subject: A hybrid method is provided for modulating upper airway function in a subject. The method includes applying first and second therapy signals to the subject to modulate at least one extrinsic laryngeal muscle and at least one intrinsic laryngeal muscle to synergistically control laryngeal motion and vocal fold movement, respectively.... Agent:

20150142085 - Pharmaceutical compositions and methods for treating age-related macular degeneration with melatonin analogues: Pharmaceutical compositions and methods for treating and/or preventing age-related macular degeneration with melatonin analogues are provided.... Agent:

20150142086 - Accelerating method, optomedical device, and optomedical system: A method for accelerating the release of neurotransmitters includes a step of radiating light from within a cerebral blood vessel to accelerate the release of the neurotransmitters. An optomedical device includes a main body configured to be introduced into a cerebral blood vessel; a light emitting unit arranged on the... Agent:

20150142087 - Radio-frequency system for skin treatment including a roller with an electrode and a method for skin treatment: A method of treating a skin tissue relief feature (3) in mammalian, in particular human, skin tissue (1) is provided. The method comprises the steps of: determining a perimeter (4) of the relief feature and inducing contraction of skin tissue areas (5) present on opposite sides of the relief feature... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20150142088 - Female undergarment with heating component: A device and method is taught for providing thermo therapeutic relief through the positioning of a heating element at a predetermined position in association with a garment to support and sustain the heat generated by the heating element in a designated area. The invention more particularly relates to a method... Agent:

20150142092 - Header for implantable pulse generator and method of making same: A header for use in implantable pulse generator devices. The header is part of electrical connector assembly having one or more openings designed to receive the terminal pin of an electrical lead wire or electrode. The header is designed to provide and sustain long-term electrical and mechanical lead wire connections... Agent:

20150142090 - Implantable medical leads: An assembly for a medical lead includes an elongated lead body, and a conductive element located at a distal portion of the lead body. The conductive element substantial!)′ encircles a longitudinal axis of the lead body. The assembly further includes a plurality of insulated conductors extending within the lead body,... Agent:

20150142089 - Inducing neurogenesis within a human brain: Methods and apparatus for inducing neurogenesis within a human. The invention utilizes an implantable signal generator to deliver high frequency stimulation to deep brain tissue elements. The implanted device delivers treatment therapy to the brain to thereby induce neurogenesis by the human. A sensor may be used to detect various... Agent: Functional Neuromodulation Inc.

20150142091 - Systems and methods for making and using improved leads for electrical stimulation systems: A method for manufacturing a lead includes forming an elongated multi-lumen conductor guide defining a central stylet lumen and a plurality of conductor lumens arranged around the stylet lumen. The multi-lumen conductor guide is twisted to form at least one helical section where the plurality of conductor lumens each forms... Agent:

05/14/2015 > 25 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20150134018 - External cardiac defibrillator system for household use: External cardiac defibrillators that include automatic or semi-automatic self-contained defibrillators to be used by non-health professionals (physicians, nurses and other specifically trained persons). A power subassembly in an automatic or semi-automatic cardiac defibrillator system which, associated with a computer device, is capable of diagnosing a patient's condition by performing a... Agent:

20150134019 - Neural stimulation system for cardiac fat pads: Various aspects relate to a device which, in various embodiments, comprises a header, a neural stimulator, a detector and a controller. The header includes at least one port to connect to at least one lead, and includes first and second channels for use to provide neural stimulation to first and... Agent:

20150134020 - System and method for distinguishing manual from automated cpr: A system and method for use during the administration of CPR chest compressions and defibrillating shock on a cardiac arrest victim. The system analyzes compression waveforms from a compression depth monitor to determine the source of chest compressions, and enables the delivery of defibrillating shock during a compression cycle if... Agent: Zoll Medical Corporation

20150134021 - Therapy delivery method and system for implantable medical devices: Recent advancements in power electronics technology have provided opportunities for enhancements to circuits of implantable medical devices. The enhancements have contributed to increasing circuit miniaturization and an increased efficiency in the operation of the implantable medical devices. The therapy delivery circuits and techniques of the disclosure facilitate generation of a... Agent:

20150134022 - Cell electric stimulator with separate electrodes for electrical field shaping and for stimulation: An electric stimulator for heart, brain, organs and general cells with a possibly random shape and position of electrodes which enhances its performance for breaking the symmetry. Two types of electrodes are introduced: type-1, or active electrodes are similar to prior art, while type-2, or passive electrodes have not been... Agent:

20150134023 - Method and system for selecting lv pacing site in a multipolar lv lead: A method and system for selecting at least one left ventricular (LV) pacing site for an implantable medical device equipped for cardiac stimulus pacing using a multi-pole LV lead are provided. The method and system include sensing LV activation events at multiple LV sensing sites. The arrival times of the... Agent: Pacesetter, Inc.

20150134024 - Adaptive cardiac resynchronization therapy: Cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) delivered to a heart of a patient may be adjusted based on detection of a surrogate indication of the intrinsic atrioventricular conduction of the heart. In some examples, the surrogate indication is determined to be a sense event of the first depolarizing ventricle of the heart... Agent:

20150134025 - System and method for selection of pacing vectors: Various techniques are disclosed for quickly and efficiently determining cardiac pacing vectors that minimize phrenic nerve stimulation.... Agent:

20150134027 - Methods, systems and devices for determining optimal placement for pudendal nerve stimulation lead using patient feedback: The present disclosure involves a method of measuring a physiological feedback from a patient in response to electrical stimulation. A stimulation parameter of a sacral nerve stimulation therapy is ramped up. The sacral nerve stimulation therapy includes electrical pulses generated by a pulse generator based on programming instructions received from... Agent:

20150134026 - Pudendal and sacral nerve stimulation sweep algorithm and method: In response to input from a patient who is being treated by a sacral nerve stimulation therapy, an electronic diary is generated that includes a plurality of voiding responses of the patient over a period of time. The sacral nerve stimulation therapy includes electrical pulses delivered to the patient according... Agent:

20150134028 - Ipg configured to deliver different pulse regimes to different leads for pudendal nerve stimulation: The present disclosure involves a method of generating different stimulation waveforms as a part of sacral nerve stimulation therapy. A first stimulation waveform having a first stimulation waveform characteristic is generated. The first stimulation waveform is delivered to a first body part of a patient at least in part via... Agent:

20150134029 - Orientation and placement of inductive components to minimize noise coupling to a communication coil in an implantable medical device: Preferred orientations and placements of an inductor relative to a communication coil in an Implantable Medical Device (IMD) are disclosed. The inductor can comprise part of a boost converter used to generate a power supply voltage in the IMD, which inductor may interfere with the coil. The inductor may have... Agent:

20150134030 - Cardiac defibrillation with vagus nerve stimulation: A method and system for treating cardiac arrhythmias which includes inserting one or more electrodes into a patient's neck, and connecting the electrodes to the vagus nerve in the patient's neck. A cardiac monitoring device detects a cardiac arrhythmia. A controller connected to an electrical power source provides electrical power... Agent: The Research Foundation For The State University Of New York

20150134031 - Systems, methods, and visualization tools for stimulation and sensing of neural systems with system-level interaction models: A computer implemented system and method generates a patient-specific model of patient response to stimulation on a neural element basis, receives user-input of target neuromodulation sites, and, based on the patient-specific model, determines which stimulation paradigm and settings, including stimulation sites, would result in the target neuromodulation, where the stimulation... Agent:

20150134032 - Method and device for application of photobiomodulation treatment: A device and method for application of photobiomodulation (or as low level laser therapy) treatment is disclosed. The device includes a canopy having a plurality of emitters configured and arranged to emit light in wavelengths between about 600 nm and about 1200 nm. A stand supports the canopy. The canopy... Agent:

20150134033 - Light therapy platform system: Phototherapy systems comprising a therapeutic lamp platform for radiant lamps such as LEDs disposed in an assembly comprising a first wall to which the lamps are affixed thereto and a second wall, closer to the patient, spaced from the first wall wherein the lamps are recessed relative thereto. The second... Agent: La Lumiere LLC

20150134034 - Vasodilation sleeve and method of vasodilating a limb: A vasodilation sleeve (10) is disclosed having a tubular middle section (11) having on opening (12) at each end to which a stretchable cuff (13). The tubular middle section (11) is made of a soft, flexible heat reflective material which retains a patient's body heat. The sleeve (10) is placed... Agent: Encompass Group, LLC

20150134036 - Circuit board for an implantable medical device, and method of fabricating and testing: Designs and methods of construction for a printed circuit board (PCB) in an implantable pulse generator (IPG) are disclosed which facilitate IPG PCB testing while also providing for protection of IPG circuitry in a simple and cost effective manner. The IPG PCB is formed as part of a larger test... Agent:

20150134039 - Elevated hermetic feedthrough insulator adapted for side attachment of electrical conductors on the body fluid side of an active implantable medical device: An elevated feedthrough is attachable to a top or a side of an active implantable medical device. The feedthrough includes a conductive ferrule and a dielectric substrate. The dielectric substrate is defined as comprising a body fluid side and a device side disposed within the conductive ferrule. The dielectric substrate... Agent:

20150134040 - Implantable electric stimulation system and methods of making and using: A lead assembly includes a lead with a distal end and a proximal end. The lead includes a plurality of electrodes disposed at the distal end and a plurality of terminals disposed at the proximal end. The lead also defines at least one central lumen and a plurality of outer... Agent:

20150134038 - Implantable medical lead with collapsible fixation member: In various examples, a stimulation lead for at least partial implantation within a patient includes an elongate lead body and a sheath selectively attachable to the lead body. The sheath includes a fixation member. The fixation member includes a retracted configuration in which the fixation member is disposed proximate the... Agent:

20150134035 - Strain relief loop holders for medical leads and systems: Strain relief loop holders maintaining strain relief loop formed in a lead while also addressing excessive heating at the point in the loop where the medical lead intersects itself. The strain relief loop includes a body section that the medical lead passes through where the intersection occurs. The body section... Agent:

20150134037 - Systems and methods for treating shoulder pain related to subacromial impingement syndrome: Systems and methods are provided for treating chronic pain occurring secondarily to subacromial impingement syndrome in a human body. A system is provided to deliver percutaneous electrical stimulation through at least one electrode to neurological motor points of the posterior and middle deltoid muscles to mediate such pain. One-time, continued... Agent:

20150134041 - Implantable medical lead for stimulation of multiple nerves: In various examples, an apparatus includes a stimulation lead including an elongate body including a distal end and a proximal end. At least one first electrode is disposed proximate the distal end of the elongate body and is configured to stimulate a first target nerve. At least one second electrode... Agent:

20150134042 - Multizone epicardial pacing lead: An epicardial stimulation lead includes a lead body having a connector at a proximal end for coupling the lead to a generator of an active implantable medical device. The lead also includes a distributor housing at a distal end of the lead body and means for anchoring the distal end... Agent: Sorin Crm Sas

05/07/2015 > 23 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20150127059 - Methods and apparatus for treating anaphylaxis using electrical modulation: Methods and devices for treating anaphylaxis, anaphylactic shock, bronchial constriction, and/or asthma include providing an electrical impulse to a selected region of the vagus nerve of a patient suffering from anaphylaxis to block and/or modulate nerve signals that would regulate the function of, for example, myocardial tissue, vasodilation/constriction and/or pulmonary... Agent:

20150127060 - Hermetically sealed electrolytic capacitor: A hermetically sealed capacitor and method of manufacturing are provided. The hermatically sealed capacitor includes an anode element having an anode wire and a feed through barrell, a cathode element, a first case portion having a first opening portion and a second case portion having a second opening portion. The... Agent: Vishay Sprague, Inc.

20150127061 - Systems and methods for avoiding aspiration during autonomic modulation therapy: Some embodiments provide a method comprising delivering neural stimulation for a neural stimulation therapy according to a programmed schedule, detecting a swallow event, and responding to the detected swallow event by overriding the programmed schedule.... Agent:

20150127063 - Neurological stimulator system with detachable lead connection arrangement and related methods: A neural stimulation system may include an electrode lead(s) having a proximal end and a distal end, with the electrode lead(s) including a plurality of spaced apart electrodes carried by the distal end to be positioned adjacent a nerve(s) in a patient. A subcutaneous lead connector plug including a housing... Agent:

20150127062 - Systems and methods for delivering sub-threshold therapy to a patient at a physiological midline: A method of operating an implantable neuromodulator coupled to an electrode array implanted adjacent tissue of a patient includes conveying electrical modulation energy to the tissue per a series of modulation parameter sets, thereby displacing the locus of the resulting electrical field laterally relative to the tissue, associating a plurality... Agent:

20150127064 - Devices, systems, and methods for automated optimization of energy delivery: Devices, systems, and methods for automated optimization of muscle stimulation energy. In some embodiments the disclosure optimizes stimulation parameters and/or stimulation location.... Agent:

20150127066 - Non-regular electrical stimulation patterns for treating neurological disorders: Systems and methods for stimulation of neurological tissue generate stimulation trains with temporal patterns of stimulation, in which the interval between electrical pulses (the inter-pulse intervals) changes or varies over time. Compared to conventional continuous, high rate pulse trains having regular (i.e., constant) inter-pulse intervals, the non-regular (i.e., not constant)... Agent:

20150127065 - Percutaneous neurostimulator: The present invention concerns a percutaneous neurostimulator (11) consisting of a printed circuit board, the main elements of which are a microcontroller (14) and two electrodes having opposed polarity, and operating according to an intensity of about 1 μA and a frequency or a combination of sequential frequencies chosen amongst... Agent:

20150127067 - Remote pace detection in an implantable medical device: A system embodiment for stimulating a neural target comprises a neural stimulator, a pace detector, and a controller. The neural stimulator is electrically connected to at least one electrode, and is configured to deliver a neural stimulation signal through the at least one electrode to stimulate the neural target. The... Agent:

20150127068 - Nerve stimulator system: Devices, systems and methods for applying electrical impulse(s) to one or more selected nerves are described. An electrical stimulator is introduced through a to a target location within, adjacent to, or in close proximity with, the carotid sheath. The stimulator has an antenna that allows it to be powered solely... Agent: Electrocore, LLC

20150127069 - High efficiency magnetic link for implantable devices: Systems and devices for a high-efficiency magnetic link for implantable devices are disclosed herein. These devices can include a charging coil located in the implantable device and a charging coil located in a charge head of a charger. The charging coils can each include an elongate core and wire windings... Agent:

20150127070 - Method, system, and apparatus for dermatological treatment: Embodiments of dermalogical cell treatment are described generally herein. Other embodiments may be described and claimed.... Agent:

20150127071 - Method for treating oily skin: The present invention relates to a method for the cosmetic (non-therapeutic) treatment of oily skin, including the steps: a) exposing the oily skin to a first quasi-monochromatic light of artificial origin having a dominant wavelength peak between 300 and 700 nm, better still between 400 and 600 nm, even better... Agent:

20150127075 - Cellulite and fat reducing device and method utilizing optical emitters: A cellulite and fat reducing device and method utilizing optical emitters includes an array housing a plurality of optical emitters which are positioned to produce an optical output directed to a recipient, and a controller for instructing an operation of the array. The optical output being generated by a plurality... Agent:

20150127072 - Device for emitting light by means of leds of the continuous and pulsed type for aesthetic and therapeutic treatments: A device for emitting light by means of LEDs of the continuous and pulsed type for aesthetic and therapeutic treatments, of the type comprising an electric power supply circuit which is connected to a respective external control and management unit and at least one LED controlled by the circuit and... Agent: Espansione Marketing S.p.a.

20150127073 - Device for external medical treatment using light of varying pulse lengths: Device for external medical treatment using light, including a light emitting element arranged to abut against or near the body of an individual and a drive device for the light emitting element, which includes light emitting diodes. The drive device controls the light emitting element to emit light of one... Agent: Biolight Patent Holding Ab

20150127074 - Device for external medical treatment using light with several series of increasing pulse frequencies: Device for external medical treatment using light, including a light emitting element arranged to abut against or near the body of an individual and a drive device for the light emitting element, which includes light emitting diodes. The drive device controls the light emitting element to emit light of one... Agent: Biolight Patent Holding Ab

20150127076 - Shapeable light therapy device and method: Methods, devices and systems for delivering light therapy to human or non-human animal subjects. Included are shapeable light therapy devices which are formable into different shapes suitable for delivery of therapeutic light to different regions of the subject's body and will retain the desired shape without a need for the... Agent:

20150127078 - Method of determining hypoxia: A method of determining hypoxia in fetal scalp blood sampled during labor including the determination of total lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) in plasma obtained from the sample. The method can include the additional determination of K, Mg, Ca, AST, ALT, lactate in the plasma and/or blood. Increased values of one or... Agent:

20150127077 - Thermal stimulation probe and method: A portable device for thermal stimulation of tissue of a patient comprising a heat control element having a proximal side and a distal side wherein a temperature difference can be generated between the proximal side and the distal side, and wherein the proximal side is capable of contacting the tissue.... Agent: Medoc Advanced Medical Sysytems, Ltd.

20150127079 - Cold plasma treatment devices and associated methods: A cold plasma treatment device for delivery of a cold plasma to patient treatment area. Gas is fed to a gas compartment where it is energized by an electrode coupled to a pulse source to thereby generate a cold plasma. A dielectric barrier is sandwiched between the gas compartment and... Agent:

20150127081 - Living body stimulating electrode, living body stimulating electrode apparatus, and method for producing living body stimulating electrode: Provided are a living body stimulating electrode, a living body stimulating electrode apparatus, and a method for producing a living body stimulating electrode. The living body stimulating electrode has a flexible circuit board (FPC) between a living body stimulating electrode and a resin part. The resin part and the FPC... Agent:

20150127080 - Medical implantable lead and manufacture thereof: A medical implantable lead includes a core formed of elongated filaments formed of a first biocompatible conductive wire in a matrix formed of a second biocompatible metal, surrounded by a biomechanical insulating material, wherein filaments of the first biocompatible conductive wire extend from one or both ends of the lead.... Agent:

04/30/2015 > 22 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20150119947 - Method and apparatus for determining cardiac performance in a patient: An apparatus for determining heart transplant rejection of a heart in a patient includes at least two electrodes adapted to be sewn into the heart that span the left ventricle. The apparatus includes a voltage generator adapted to be inserted in the patient which generates a voltage to the two... Agent: Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System

20150119948 - Method for low voltage defibrillation with far-field stimuli of variable timings based on feedback from the heart: The present invention includes a method for cardiac defibrillation, especially low-voltage defibrillation, in a subject, including converting fibrillation into tachycardia and using feedback or an estimation thereof from the heart to time stimuli to occur when large amounts of tissue are excitable in the heart of the subject. The resultant... Agent:

20150119949 - Sensing unit for a tissue stimulator: A tissue stimulator including a sensing unit, wherein the sensing unit includes an A/D converter that samples an analog signal using a sampling clock and converts the analog signal into a digital signal. The tissue stimulator includes a digital filter with an input, wherein the input is connected to an... Agent: Biotronik Se & Co. Kg

20150119950 - Automated phrenic nerve stimulation and pacing capture threshold test: A medical device system performs a method for determining pacing threshold data. Signals are received from a cardiac capture sensor and a phrenic nerve stimulation sensor. A cardiac capture threshold is determined from the cardiac capture sensor signal and a phrenic nerve stimulation threshold is determined from the phrenic nerve... Agent:

20150119951 - Electrical stimulation therapy for lower urinary tract dysfunction and sexual reflex dysfunction: Electrical stimulation therapy may be delivered to a patient to selectively and independently address different conditions of a pelvic floor disorder of the patient. The conditions of a pelvic floor disorder may include, for example, a lower urinary tract dysfunction (e.g., urinary or fecal incontinence) and sexual dysfunction (e.g., an... Agent:

20150119953 - Responsive gastric stimulator: A responsive gastrointestinal stimulation device is provided where one or more sensors sense data corresponding to a subject or the gastrointestinal tract of a subject and responds to sensing the data by stimulating, adjusting stimulation, or stopping stimulation of the gastrointestinal tract. A stimulation device is also provided to stimulate... Agent:

20150119952 - Systems and methods for electrical stimulation of biological systems: Systems and methods for the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) include at least one electrically stimulating electrode coupled to a pulse generator. Individuals with GERD are treated by implanting a stimulation device within and/or proximate the patient's lower esophageal sphincter, gastric fundus, or other nearby gastrointestinal structures and applying... Agent:

20150119954 - Systems and methods that provide electrical stimulation to a nerve to reduce a reflex that affect a bodily function: One aspect of the present disclosure relates to a system for electrical stimulation. A waveform generator can be configured to generate an electrical waveform. An electrode can be electrically coupled to the waveform generator and configured to deliver the electrical waveform to a nerve to reduce at least one reflex... Agent:

20150119955 - System for stimulating a hypoglossal nerve for controlling the position of a patient's tongue: A system for controlling a position of a patient's tongue includes attaching at least one electrode to the patient's Hypoglossal nerve and applying an electric signal through the electrode to at least one targeted motor efferent located within the Hypoglossal nerve to stimulate at least one muscle of the tongue.... Agent: Imthera Medical, Inc.

20150119957 - Automatic anode and cathode fractional control and location to selectively avoid dorsal root stimulation: A therapeutic neurostimulation system configured for providing therapy to a patient. The neurostimulation system comprises a neurostimulation lead having an array of electrodes arranged along a longitudinal axis configured for being implanted along a spinal cord of a patient, a neurostimulation device configured for delivering electrical stimulation energy to active... Agent:

20150119959 - Implantable neurostimulator for providing electrical stimulation of cervical vagus nerves for treatment of chronic cardiac dysfunction with bounded titration: A system for providing electrical stimulation of cervical vagus nerves for treatment of chronic cardiac dysfunction with bounded titration is provided. The system includes a patient-operable external controller to transmit a plurality of unique signals. The system further includes an implantable neurostimulator, which includes a pulse generator to deliver electrical... Agent:

20150119956 - Implantable neurostimulator-implemented method utilizing multi-modal stimulation parameters: Multi-modal stimulation therapy may be utilized in which two or more stimulation therapies having different stimulation parameters may be delivered to a single patient. This can preferentially stimulate different nerve fiber types and drive different functional responses in the target organs. The stimulation parameters that may vary between the different... Agent:

20150119958 - System and method to automatically incorporate lead information from medical image into programmable user interface: An external control system for use with a neurostimulation device and at least one neurostimulation lead implanted within the tissue of a patient is provided. The external control system comprises a user interface configured for receiving input from a user, output circuitry configured for communicating with the neurostimulation device, and... Agent:

20150119960 - Correction of female urinary incontinence and skin reduction: The invention relates to devices and compositions useful for and methods of female genital skin reduction, improvement of skin tone and treatment of female urinary incontinence, as well as the treatment or improvement of other clinical conditions, including but not limited to those involving the female genitalia.... Agent:

20150119961 - Malignant tumor heat therapy kit comprising anti-regulatory t cell antibody and magnetic fine particles and heat therapy method thereof: The present invention discloses a heat therapy kit for malignant tumor treatment that comprises a pharmaceutical agent containing anti-regulatory T cell antibody and a pharmaceutical agent containing magnetic fine particles, and a heat therapy method that uses that kit.... Agent:

20150119962 - Temperature management systems: Systems and methods for managing patient temperature are disclosed. Temperature management systems that are suitable for an out-of-hospital setting are disclosed. Temperature management systems having a low power requirement are disclosed. Temperature management systems that include a disposable, single-use reservoir are disclosed.... Agent:

20150119963 - Mechanically bistable thermal devices: Mechanically bistable thermal devices and methods of utilizing the same. The mechanically bistable thermal devices include a mechanically bistable element and a thermal element. The mechanically bistable element is configured to be selectively transitioned between a straight conformation, in which the mechanically bistable element defines an elongate shape, and a... Agent:

20150119965 - Lead anchor with pivotable paddles and systems and methods using the lead anchor: A lead anchor includes a first paddle assembly and a flexible housing. The first paddle assembly includes an assembly housing, an actuator, and at least one pivotable paddle attached to the housing and operably coupled to the actuator. The at least one pivotable paddle is suitably arranged to pivot out... Agent:

20150119964 - Medical lead fastener including integrated clamp: This disclosure includes techniques for securing the proximal ends of a medical lead to the connector block of an IMD with a fastener device that incorporates a flexible clamp. A fastener device for a medical device comprising a flexible clamp forming a clamp aperture, wherein the flexible clamp includes a... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20150119966 - Method and system for characterizing stimulus sites and providing implant guidance: A method and system for characterizing an accessibility of potential left ventricular stimulus sites in connection with surgical planning for transvenous implant of a cardiac medical lead in or near a heart of a patient are provided. The method and system include obtaining image data representative of a coronary venous... Agent: Pacesetter, Inc.

20150119967 - Stimulating assembly fixation features: Embodiments presented herein are generally directed to a stimulating assembly of a cochlear implant. The stimulating assembly comprises one or more fixation features configured to be inserted into a recipient's cochlea via an opening in the cochlea. Following insertion, the one or more fixation features are configured to engage an... Agent:

20150119968 - Stimulation device: A stimulation device for the application of a transcutaneous electric stimulation stimulus onto the surface of a section of the human ear, which includes a holding element an electrode arranged in a electrode carrier. The holding element has a linear guide. A resting part is arranged at the holding element.... Agent:

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