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Surgery: light, thermal, and electrical application

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04/10/2014 > 23 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20140100622 - External defibrillation with automatic post-shock anti-tachycardia (apsat) pacing: A medical device such as an external defibrillator delivers electrical therapy using a special pulse sequence. The special pulse sequence includes a defibrillation shock that is automatically followed by a quick succession of automatic post-shock anti-tachycardia (APSAT) pacing pulses. Because of the pacing pulses, the defibrillation shock can be of... Agent: Physio-control, Inc.

20140100621 - Method and apparatus for treating a patient's heart using hemodynamics: An apparatus for treating a patient's heart includes a sensor for measuring hemodynamics of the heart. The apparatus includes a processing unit which receives the hemodynamics from the sensor and uses the hemodynamics to determine whether to shock the heart. A method for treating a patient's heart. The method includes... Agent:

20140100623 - Method and apparatus for arrhythmia detection in a medical device: A method and device for detecting arrhythmias in a patient that includes electrodes positioned subcutaneously within the patient, a microprocessor, coupled to the electrodes, determining one of a sequence of the sensing of cardiac signals by the electrodes and a duration between the sensing of cardiac signals by the electrodes,... Agent:

20140100624 - Cardiac pacing during medical procedures: An implantable medical device may comprise a therapy module configured to generate pacing therapy for a heart of a patient and a control module configured to control the therapy module. The control module may also be configured to detect a condition indicative of the presence of a magnetic resonance imaging... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20140100626 - Activity sensor processing for phrenic nerve activation detection: An implantable cardiac device includes a sensor for sensing patient activity and detecting phrenic nerve activation. A first filter channel attenuates first frequencies of the sensor signal to produce a first filtered output. A second filter channel attenuates second frequencies of the accelerometer signal to produce a second filtered output.... Agent: Cardiac Pacemakers, Inc.

20140100625 - Left ventricular pacing protection in the context of multi-site left ventricular pacing: In a pacing mode where the left ventricle is paced upon expiration of an escape interval that is reset by a right ventricular sense, there is the risk that the left ventricular pace may be delivered in the so-called vulnerable period that occurs after a depolarization and trigger an arrhythmia.... Agent: Cardiac Pacemakers, Inc.

20140100627 - Leadless intra-cardiac medical device with integrated l-c resonant circuit pressure sensor: A leadless intra-cardiac medical device comprises an integrated L-C resonant circuit pressure sensor. In some embodiments, the pressure sensor comprises a passive sensor that measures pressure in response to an externally generated excitation signal. In some embodiments, the pressure sensor comprises an active sensor that measures pressure in response to... Agent: Pacesetter, Inc.

20140100628 - Neural stimulation with respiratory rhythm management: A system embodiment comprises at least one respiration sensor, a neural stimulation therapy delivery module, and a controller. The respiration sensor is adapted for use in monitoring respiration of the patient. The neural stimulation therapy delivery module is adapted to generate a neural stimulation signal for use in stimulating the... Agent: Cardiac Pacemakers, Inc.

20140100629 - Method and system for providing stimulation inputs to a visual prosthesis implant: Stimulation inputs are provided to a visual prosthesis implant. The images captured by a video decoder are received and digitized to provide a plurality of video frames; integrity of the video frames is checked, the checked video frames are filtered, and the filtered video frames are converted to stimulation inputs.... Agent:

20140100630 - Test method for cochlear implant stimulation strategies: An arrangement and method for hearing implant signal processing is described. A hearing implant signal processor converts a speech signal input into multi-channel electrical stimulation signals for a cochlear implant electrode array. A feature adjustment module adjusts feature resolution of the electrical stimulation signals to produce a corresponding sequence of... Agent: Med-el Elektromedizinische Geraete Gmbh

20140100633 - Implantable stimulator: An implantable stimulator includes a tube assembly that is configured to house a number of components that are configured to apply at least one stimulus to at least one stimulation site within a patient. The tube assembly has a shape that allows the stimulator to be implanted within said patient... Agent: Boston Scientific Neuromodulation Corporation

20140100632 - Neurostimulation programmer and method for directly assigning parameter values to electrodes: An external control device for use with a neurostimulator coupled to a plurality of electrodes capable of conveying electrical stimulation energy into tissue in which the electrodes are implanted. The external control device comprises a user interface configured for receiving direct input from a user specifying a target value for... Agent: Boston Scientific Neuromodulation Corporation

20140100631 - Neurostimulation programmer and method for globally assigning parameter values to electrodes: An external control device for use with a neurostimulator coupled to electrodes. The external control device comprises a user interface configured for receiving input from a user, and including a display screen configured for displaying graphical representations of the electrodes. The external control device further comprises a controller/processor configured for,... Agent: Boston Scientific Neuromodulation Corporation

20140100634 - Pacemaker event queue to control device processor operating power: In the present disclosure, conservation of an implantable medical device power supply of is facilitated by controlling the power consumption of the device's processing component. The power supplied to the processing component is controlled to enable processing of received events as a function of predetermined criteria rather than the actual... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20140100636 - Antenna providing variable communication with an implant: A device may include a primary antenna configured to be located external to a subject and at least one processor in electrical communication with the primary antenna. The at least one processor may be configured to cause transmission of a primary signal from the primary antenna to an implantable device,... Agent:

20140100635 - Apparatus and method for extending implant life using a dual power scheme: A device according to some embodiments may include a housing configured for location external to a body of a subject. The device may also include at least one processor associated with the housing and configured for electrical communication with a power source, and an antenna associated with the at least... Agent:

20140100637 - Active rejection of mri gradient signals in an implantable medical device: Active rejection techniques are used to cancel MRI gradient signals in an implantable medical device. An active component placed in an input channel of the implantable medical device actively rejects MRI gradient signals received on the input channel. A sensing circuit that senses an external MRI gradient signal generates a... Agent: Pacesetter, Inc.

20140100638 - Functional electrical stimulation system: A functional electrical stimulation system having a boost module to raise an output voltage of a primary power to a first preset voltage, an energy storage module, connected to the boost module, configured to store electrical energy of the first preset voltage, a central control unit configured to generate data... Agent:

20140100640 - Implantable medical device: An implantable medical device includes a housing formed of a first material and a first electronic component provided within the housing. The implantable medical device also includes a second material provided in contact with at least a portion of the housing. At least one of the housing and the first... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20140100641 - Modulator apparatus configured for implantation: An implant unit according to some embodiments may include a flexible carrier, at least one pair of modulation electrodes on the flexible carrier, and at least one implantable circuit in electrical communication with the at least one pair of modulation electrodes. The at least one pair of modulation electrodes and... Agent: Cephalix Sa

20140100639 - Nerve electrode provided with anti-inflammatory drug and method of manufacturing the same: A nerve electrode that is inserted into a living body and that is configured to attach to nerves is provided. The nerve electrode that is inserted into a living body and that is configured to attach to nerves includes: i) a flexible substrate; ii) a plurality of electrodes that are... Agent: Korea Institute Of Science And Technology

20140100642 - System and method for nerve modulation using noncontacting electrodes: An implant unit configured for implantation into a body of a subject may include an antenna configured to receive a signal. The implant unit may also include at least one pair of modulation electrodes configured to be implanted into the body of the subject in the vicinity of at least... Agent: Hyllio Sa

20140100643 - Current output architecture for an implantable stimulator device: Disclosed herein are current output architectures for implantable stimulator devices. Current source and sink circuitry is divided into a plurality of stages, each of which is capable via an associated switch bank of sourcing or sinking an amount of current to or from any one of the electrodes of the... Agent: Boston Scientific Neuromodulation Corporation

04/03/2014 > 29 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20140094864 - Cochlear implant hearing instrument: A hearing instrument for direct stimulation of the cochlea of a patient, comprising an audio signal source for providing audio signals, a sound processor for generating auditory nerve stimulation signals from the audio signals, a stimulation assembly to be implanted into the cochlea and comprising an electrode array to be... Agent: Advanced Bionics Ag

20140094865 - Defibrillator warning of sync mode setting after delivery of shock: An external defibrillator can have a synchronous shock operating mode and an asynchronous shock operating mode and include a controller to set the defibrillator in the synchronous shock operating mode or the asynchronous shock operating mode. The defibrillator can also include a shock module to cause the defibrillator to deliver... Agent: Physio-control, Inc.

20140094866 - Intelligent sync mode for defibrillation: The defibrillator may include a heart rhythm detector to detect the heart rhythm of a patient, a manual mode controller structured to set the defibrillator in a synchronous shock operating mode or an asynchronous shock operating mode depending on an input from a human operator, a shock module to cause... Agent: Physio-control, Inc.

20140094867 - Defibrillator with sync mode assisting selection of feature to lock-on: An external defibrillator, such as a wearable defibrillator can have a heart rhythm detector to detect the heart rhythm of a patient. The defibrillator can also have a synchronous shock operating mode and an asynchronous shock operating mode. A controller can set the defibrillator in the synchronous shock operating mode... Agent: Physio-control, Inc.

20140094868 - Methods and devices for accurately classifying cardiac activity: Methods, systems, and devices for signal analysis in an implanted cardiac monitoring and treatment device such as an implantable cardioverter defibrillator. In illustrative examples, captured data including detected events is analyzed to identify likely overdetection of cardiac events. In some illustrative examples, when overdetection is identified, data may be modified... Agent: Cameron Health, Inc.

20140094869 - Preventing use of sync mode during cardioversion and defibrillation: An external defibrillator may have a controller to set the defibrillator in a synchronous shock operating mode or an asynchronous shock operating mode, a shock module to cause the defibrillator to deliver shock therapy to a patient according to the present operating mode of the defibrillator, and a heart rhythm... Agent: Physio-control, Inc.

20140094870 - Device for assessment and therapy of the temporal ventricular desynchronization: A device includes a hemodynamic sensor measuring blood flow in the left chambers of a myocardium, at least one motion sensor measuring a displacement of the walls of the left ventricle of the myocardium, a first analysis module determining a time of closure of the aortic valve based on a... Agent:

20140094871 - Digital control for pulse generators: A controller for implementing a method, device and/or system for generating arbitrary waveforms of a desired shape that can be used for generating a stimulation pulse for medical purposes such as for spinal cord stimulation therapy, where such arbitrary waveforms can also be used for charge balancing purposes.... Agent: Greatbatch Ltd.

20140094872 - Delaying the onset of muscle fatigue associated with functional electrical stimulation: The present invention relates a system that can configure a stimulus for functional electrical stimulation (“FES”) to maintain a constant muscle force while delaying the onset of muscle fatigue and a related method of use. The stimulus can be delivered to a nerve via a set of multiple electrode contacts... Agent: Case Western Reserve University

20140094873 - Footwear product for functional electrical stimulation: A product, e.g. an insole for a shoe, fitting onto a person's foot sole based on a platform (SM) of a flexible and electrically isolating material. Multiple stimulation electrodes (S1, S2, S3) with adhesive stimulation areas of at least 1 cm2 are spatially distributed on the platform (SM). A conducting... Agent: Nordic Neurostim Aps

20140094874 - Implant sensor and control: An implant includes a humidity sensor for generating a signal indicative of humidity within the implant. A controller within the implant receives the signal indicative of humidity, and controls the implant based on the signal indicative of humidity.... Agent: Med-el Elektromedizinische Geraete Gmbh

20140094875 - Remote sensing in an implantable medical device: An embodiment uses an accelerometer to sense heart sounds, and determines heart rate information using the sensed heart sounds. An embodiment uses an accelerometer to sense respiratory activity. An embodiment delivers a programmed neural stimulation therapy with a programmed duty cycle, where the programmed duty cycle includes a stimulation ON... Agent: Cardiac Pacemakers, Inc.

20140094876 - Methods and systems for controlling a state of a neurostimulator: A method and system is described for ensuring a state of an active implantable medical device based on the presence and persistence of a magnetic field. The output of a magnetic field sensor is monitored. The active implantable medical device is maintained in a first state, for so long as... Agent: Neuropace, Inc.

20140094879 - Light-emitting device and photo-therapy device comprising a light-emitting device: A light-emitting device (100) is disclosed. The light-emitting device (100) comprises a plurality of light-emitting elements (135) or light sources and a power module (120) adapted to selectively convey, supply or provide electrical power to the light-emitting elements (135). The power module (120) may be dimensioned such as to be... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140094878 - Method for producing a micro-led matrix, micro-led matrix and use of a micro-led matrix: A method for producing a micro-LED matrix by (A) depositing an LED layer structure onto a working substrate; (B) singulating a plurality of LED structures from the LED layer structure on the working substrate; (C) applying a first contact-making structure to a carrier substrate; and (D) transferring the plurality of... Agent:

20140094877 - Using light to regulate uterine contractions: Methods of regulating uterine contractions using light are described. An exemplary method of regulating uterine contractions comprises suppressing a nocturnal endogenous melatonin level of a pregnant female experiencing uterine contractions by exposing the pregnant female during nighttime to a light source emitting visible light.... Agent:

20140094881 - Intravascular heat exchange catheter and system with rfid coupling: A system includes a heat exchange catheter line assembly configured to convey working fluid circulating to and from at least one heat exchange element on an intravascular heat exchange catheter. The system also includes a heat exchange system that itself includes a processor and is configured for fluidly communicating with... Agent: Zoll Circulation, Inc.

20140094880 - Intravascular heat exchange catheter with multiple spaced apart discrete coolant loops: A catheter has a series of hollow loops arranged along a tube for carrying working fluid from a heat exchange system to exchange heat with a patient in whom the catheter is advanced. The loops when inflated are transverse to the catheter axis and parallel to each other, and circumscribe... Agent: Zoll Circulation, Inc.

20140094882 - Intravascular heat exchange catheter with non-round coiled coolant path: A catheter has a hollow conduit through which working fluid from a heat exchange system flows. The conduit in turn is configured to extend along a longitudinal central axis in a continuously varying non-constant azimuthal orientation so that it defines a non-round enclosed passageway through which blood can flow to... Agent: Zoll Circulation, Inc.

20140094883 - Intravascular heat exchange catheter with rib cage-like coolant path: An intravascular heat exchange catheter has serpentine-like supply and return conduits circulating working fluid with a heat exchange system to warm or cool a patient in which the catheter is intubated.... Agent: Zoll Circulation, Inc.

20140094884 - Warming system: In an embodiment, a warming system is disclosed. The warming system may include an elastic pad having inner and outer surfaces, wherein a chamber is defined along the inner surface. The warming system may also include a hollow air conveyor positioned within the chamber and supported relative to the elastic... Agent:

20140094885 - Electrode and a feedthrough for medical device applications: The present disclosure provides an electrode and an feedthrough for an implantable medical device. In one embodiment, the implantable electrode and the implantable feedthrough both comprise electrically insulating diamond material and electrically conductive diamond material that form an interface. Further, the present disclosure provides method for fabricating the implantable electrode... Agent: The University Of Melbourne

20140094886 - Method for treating depression by indirectly stimulating raphe nuclei: A method for treating a patient suffering from depression, the method including applying electrical stimulation energy to afferent nerve fibers leading to the medial preoptic region of the hypothalamus of the patient, thereby activating serotonin in the raphe nuclei to treat depression.... Agent: Boston Scientific Neuromodulation Corporation

20140094887 - Pinch to open cuff electrode: The present invention provides a cuff electrode assembly for implantation on a target nerve. The cuff electrode assembly can include a resilient cuff body configured to be disposed about the target nerve. The cuff body includes a first end portion having a first free end, and a second end portion... Agent: Cardiac Pacemakers, Inc.

20140094888 - Pinch to open cuff electrode: The invention describes a cuff electrode assembly that includes a resilient cuff body configured to be disposed about a nerve. The cuff body includes a first end portion and a second end portion. The cuff body can be pre-formed to define a closed configuration having a generally annular cross-sectional shape... Agent: Cardiac Pacemakers, Inc.

20140094889 - Implantable therapy lead with conductor configuration enhancing abrasion resistance: An implantable therapy lead employs electrical conductors configured to enhance the abrasion resistance of the lead. Specifically, conductors are configured to create a surface contact area with walls of a wall lumen of a tubular body that is greater than would otherwise be possible with traditional conductors that have a... Agent: Pacesetter, Inc.

20140094890 - Implantable therapy lead with conductor configuration enhancing abrasion resistance: An implantable therapy lead employs electrical conductors configured to enhance the abrasion resistance of the lead. Specifically, conductors are configured to create a surface contact area with walls of a wall lumen of a tubular body that is greater than would otherwise be possible with traditional conductors that have a... Agent: Pacesetter, Inc.

20140094891 - Systems, devices, and methods for selectively locating implantable devices: Method and systems for determining the location or identify of implantable devices are disclosed. An implantable device generates an electrical output and then modifies the output at a pre-configured interval for a pre-configured period. A sensor detects the modified output and locates or identifies the implantable device based on the... Agent: Ebr Systems, Inc.

20140094892 - Mid-scalar electrode array: In one example, a cochlear lead includes a flexible body, an array of electrodes in the flexible body, and a plurality of wires passing along the array of electrodes. The plurality of wires includes a flexural geometry between each pair of adjacent electrodes and a substantially straight geometry over the... Agent:

03/27/2014 > 21 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20140088656 - Therapy delivery method and system for implantable medical devices: Recent advancements in power electronics technology have provided opportunities for enhancements to implantable medical device circuits. The enhancements have contributed to increasing circuit miniaturization and increased efficiency in the operation of the implantable medical devices. Stimulation therapy waveforms generated by the circuits include a stepped leading-edge that may be shaped... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20140088658 - Automatic external defibrillator for implatable cardiac defibrillator patients undergoing procedures involving electromagnetic interference: An embodiment in accordance with the present invention provides an automatic external defibrillator including an anterior pad designed such that it can be used during an endoscopic or surgical procedure that may generate electromagnetic interference. The anterior pad has a first arm adhered longitudinally along and substantially parallel to a... Agent: The John Hopkins University

20140088657 - Systems for hydrating defibrillation electrodes: According to an aspect of the present disclosure, an automated external defibrillator is configured to deliver one or both of electrical pulses and shocks to a heart of a patient during a cardiac emergency. The defibrillator includes a defibrillator electrode delivery system and a hydrating system. The defibrillator electrode delivery... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140088659 - Therapy delivery method and system for implantable medical devices: The disclosure relates to an apparatus and method for inducing ventricular fibrillation in a patient to facilitate defibrillation threshold testing. The apparatus includes a plurality of output capacitors that are dynamically configurable in a selected stacking arrangement that facilitates delivery of energy for inducing the ventricular fibrillation. An output of... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20140088660 - Wearable cardiac defibrillator system with anti-bradyarrhythmia pacing & methods: In one embodiment, a wearable defibrillation system may sense whether its wearer meets an unconscious bradyarrhythmia condition that can be associated with becoming unconscious. Even though such a condition might not be helped with a defibrillation pulse, the wearable-defibrillation system may still administer pacing pulses to prevent the bradycardia from... Agent: Physio-control, Inc.

20140088661 - Electrical inibition of the phrenic nerve during cardiac pacing: According to various method embodiments for pacing a heart and avoiding unwanted stimulation of a phrenic nerve during cardiac pacing, a desired pacing time for delivering a cardiac pace is determined, and a desired nerve traffic inhibition time to inhibit nerve traffic in the phrenic nerve is determined using the... Agent: Cardiac Pacemakers, Inc.

20140088662 - Reducing inappropriate delivery of therapy for suspected non-lethal arrhythmias: An implantable medical device (IMD) identifies suspected non-lethal ventricular arrhythmia, and takes one or more actions in response to the identification to avoid or delay delivery of a defibrillation or cardioversion shock. The IMD employs number of intervals to detect (NID) thresholds for detection of ventricular arrhythmias. When a NID... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20140088663 - Devices and methods for stimulating nerves: A device for stimulating nerves adjacent the vagina includes a nerve stimulating element coupled to a body. The nerve stimulating element is positioned and designed to stimulate the vesical, Frankenhauser's and/or inferior hypogastric plexuses. The device may reside in the vaginal fornices.... Agent:

20140088664 - Device and implantation system for electrical stimulation of biological systems: The present specification discloses devices and methodologies for the treatment of achalasia. Individuals with achalasia are treated by implanting a stimulation device within the patient's lower esophageal sphincter and applying electrical stimulation to the patient's lower esophageal sphincter, in accordance with certain predefined protocols. The presently disclosed devices have a... Agent: Endostim, Inc.

20140088665 - Signal strength indicator for adjusting communication in a medical implant: It is critical in an inductively link medical implant, such as a visual prosthesis or other neural stimulator, to adjust the external coil to a location to maximize communication between the external coil and internal coil. Converting the signal strength between the coils to a signal easily discernible by a... Agent:

20140088666 - Unwrapped 2d view of a stimulation lead with complex electrode array geometry: The disclosure is directed to programming implantable stimulators to deliver stimulation energy via one or more implantable leads having complex electrode array geometries. The disclosure also contemplates guided programming to select electrode combinations and parameter values to support efficacy. The techniques may be applied to a programming interface associated with... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20140088667 - Anti-sleep glasses: A device for keeping awake a person that is about to fall asleep is proposed, comprising a pair of glasses with a frame that has two arms, at least one sensor for detecting the movements of an eye blink, at least one battery, and at least one electrode for issuing... Agent:

20140088668 - Color light therapy device: Provided is a color light therapy device. The color light therapy device includes: a body that is used by being attached to a color light therapy portion of a human body by using a double-sided adhesive tape, a hydrogel pad, or an air suction plate, and includes a printed circuit... Agent: Color Seven Co., Ltd.

20140088669 - Particles: Particles and related methods are disclosed.... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20140088670 - Devices and methods for stimulation of hair growth: Disclosed are methods and devices for stimulating hair regrowth by causing localized heating in an area of skin using electrodes to deliver localized electrical energy.... Agent:

20140088671 - Devices and methods for vestibular and/or cranial nerve stimulation: An in-ear stimulator for administering thermal stimulation to the ear canal of a subject includes (a) an earpiece configured to be insertable into the ear canal of said subject, the earpiece having an outer surface and an internal cavity formed therein, the internal cavity having an inner surface; and (b)... Agent: Scion Neurostim, LLC

20140088672 - Devices and methods for tissue modulation and monitoring: A tissue stimulating device has an elongate member, a proximal annular stimulating region and a distal annular stimulating region. Each of the annular stimulating regions circumscribe the elongate member, and each has a plurality of independently energizable electrodes that deliver current into tissue. Adjacent electrodes in the annular stimulating regions... Agent: Boston Scientific Neuromodulation Corporation

20140088673 - Mri compatible co-radially wound lead assembly: An MRI compatible lead assembly construct is provided. The construct includes at least two filter components constructed from an electrode wire. One filter component may be a resonant LC filter proximate an electrode that resolves the issue of insufficient attenuation by effectively blocking the RF induced current on the wire... Agent: Imricor Medical Systems, Inc.

20140088674 - Method for epidural stimulation of neural structures: A method for treating a patient having nociceptive pain in a body region using at least one electrode implanted within a spinal column of the patient. The method comprises conveying electrical stimulation energy from the at least one implanted electrode to an efferent motor neural structure innervating the body region,... Agent: Boston Scientific Neuromodulation Corporation

20140088675 - Medical implantable lead and manufacture thereof: A medical implantable lead comprising a core formed of a conductive wire formed from a biocompatible, corrosion-resistant conductive material, wrapped in a fibrous material formed of a valve metal, and surrounded by a biocompatible insulation material.... Agent: Composite Materials Technology, Inc.

20140088676 - Neural stimulation system for cardiac fat pads: Various aspects relate to a device which, in various embodiments, comprises a header, a neural stimulator, a detector and a controller. The header includes at least one port to connect to at least one lead, and includes first and second channels for use to provide neural stimulation to first and... Agent: Cardiac Pacemaker, Inc.

03/20/2014 > 26 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20140081344 - Cardiac waveform template creation, maintenance and use: The present disclosure describes methods, devices, and systems for generating, adjusting, and using cardiac waveform morphology templates. The morphology templates include target regions associated with features of cardiac waveforms. The target regions may be adjusted based on relationships between the target regions and features of detected cardiac waveforms associated with... Agent: Cardiac Pacemakers, Inc.

20140081345 - Method for treating hypertension via electrical stimulation of neural structures: A neuromodulation system comprises a sensor configured for sensing a blood pressure of a patient, modulation output circuitry configured for conveying electrical modulation energy to at least one electrode, and a controller/processor coupled to the sensor and the modulation output circuitry. The controller/processor is configured for comparing the blood pressure... Agent: Boston Scientific Neuromodulation Corporation

20140081347 - Assessing cognitive disorders based on non-motor epileptiform bioelectrical brain activity: Various embodiments concern assessing a degenerative cognitive disorder of a patient based on a plurality of episodes of non-motor epileptiform bioelectrical activity. The non-motor epileptiform bioelectrical activity can be detected from one or more bioelectrical brain signals. A worsening cognitive disorder may be indicated by an increase in one or... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20140081348 - Low-frequency stimulation systems and methods: Described here are devices and methods for delivering a low-frequency stimulation signal to tissue. In some variations, the low-frequency stimulation signal is delivered using one or more stimulation sequences, in which the low-frequency stimulation is sequentially delivered to a plurality of stimulation pathways. The stimulation pathways may comprise one or... Agent:

20140081346 - Vestibular prosthesis: A vestibular prosthesis includes micro-electric-mechanical (MEMS) sensors, gyroscopes in each sensitivity axis (X, Y, Z), accelerometers in each sensitivity axis (X, Y, Z) to detect an angular and linear movement providing displacement measurements, gyroscopes in each one of the spatial axes (X, Y, Z), a microprocessor connected to the MEMS... Agent: Benemerita Universidad Autonoma De Puebla

20140081350 - Method for estimating desired stimulation amplitude for electrode configuration: A method of providing therapy to a patient comprises (a) receiving input from a user, (b) selecting a first electrode configuration in response to receiving the user input, (c) predicting a neural response induced by electrical energy theoretically conveyed by the first electrode configuration at a specified amplitude, (d) deriving... Agent: Boston Scientific Neuromodulation Corporation

20140081349 - Method for selectively modulating neural elements in the dorsal horn: A method of providing therapy to a patient. The method comprises conveying pulsed electrical current at a defined pulse width and a defined pulse rate into spinal cord tissue. The defined pulse width is equal to or less than 200 μs, and the defined pulse rate is less than 1500... Agent: Boston Scientific Neuromodulation Corporation

20140081351 - Method of neurostimulation of distinct neural structures using single paddle lead to treat multiple pain locations and multi-column, multi-row paddle lead for such neurostimulation: In some embodiments, a paddle lead is implanted within a patient such that the electrodes are positioned within the cervical or thoracic spinal levels. An electrode combination on a first row of electrodes can be determined that is effective for a first pain location with minimal effects on other regions... Agent: Advanced Neuromodulation Systems, Inc. D/b/a St. Jude Medical Neuromodulation Division

20140081352 - Inner hair cell stimulation model for use by a cochlear implant system: The stimulation provided in the electrically stimulated cochlea is modulated in accordance with the amplitude of a received acoustic signal and the onset of a sound in a received acoustic signal to provide increased sound perception. An onset time that corresponds to the onset of a sound is detected in... Agent: Advanced Bionics Ag

20140081354 - Assignment and manipulation of implantable leads in different anatomical regions with image background: This disclosure describes techniques for combining an image of a region defined by the user to receive stimulation therapy with an image of representation of leads which will deliver the therapy to the defined region, and importing the combined image on an implantable medical device connected to the leads that... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20140081353 - Pulse generator for cranial nerve stimulation: Disclosed herein is a system for trigeminal nerve stimulation. In one embodiment, the system includes a storage medium, a pulse generator in communication with the storage medium, a power source coupled to the pulse generator, and at least one electrode communicatively coupled to the pulse generator. The pulse generator includes... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20140081355 - Apparatus, systems, and methods for treating body organ aging: One aspect of the present disclosure relates to a method for treating body organ aging in a mammal. One step of the method includes identifying at least one target organ in need of a therapy signal. Next, a therapy delivery device is placed into electrical communication with an autonomic nervous... Agent: Ohio State Innovation Foundation

20140081357 - Protective lighting system: The present application is directed to an eye-wear borne electromagnetic radiation refractive therapy system that may comprise an electromagnetic radiation source comprising a ring of LEDs that directs one of its on axis or off axis electromagnetic radiation to a desired peripheral retina area of a wearer's eye. The system... Agent: Myolite, Inc.

20140081356 - Thermal capacitors for minimizing complications and side effects from thermal medicine: A system for controlling temperatures during medical procedures is disclosed. The system can include a high-thermal conductivity matrix with embedded thermal capacitors. The matrix can be a cream or gel, for example, and can enable the system to be easily applied to the skin, or other area to be treated.... Agent: Georgia Tech Research Corporation

20140081358 - Systems and methods for use in treating sensory impairment: Methods and systems for use in treating one or more patient's sensory impairment, e.g., associated with peripheral neuropathy. An exemplary system may be configured to generate treatment information for treating sensory impairment in at least one body portion using photonic energy from a therapeutic laser based on data indicative of... Agent: Biolyst, LLC

20140081359 - Enhanced light based lipoplasty: A light applicator configured for contacting a portion of a subject's body surface and applying light irradiation thereto for lipolysis of target tissue underlying the subject's body surface is provided. The light applicator includes: a substrate; a plurality of light emitting diodes (LEDs) arranged on the substrate. A beam divergence... Agent:

20140081360 - Capsule phototherapy: l

20140081361 - Periorbital edema reduction device: A portable head-mounted device for cooling the under-eye area of skin, said device comprising at least one cooling element arranged to be located adjacent the skin of the under-eye area when the device is mounted to the head, the cooling element having a first side that faces the under-eye area... Agent: Karstark Ltd.

20140081364 - Crimp terminations for conductors in implantable medical lead and method of making same: A method of manufacturing an implantable medical lead is disclosed herein. The method may include: providing a lead body including a proximal end, a distal end, and an electrode near the distal end; provide a conductor extending between the proximal and distal ends; providing a crimp including a ribbon-like member... Agent: Pacesetter, Inc.

20140081363 - Fixation mechanisms for temporary implantable medical electrical stimulation leads: A temporary implantable medical device lead includes a connector configured to connect the lead to an external control module, a helically coiled conductor including a plurality of insulated filars and having a proximal end mechanically and electrically connected to the connector, and one or more electrodes defined by uninsulated portions... Agent: Cardiac Pacemakers, Inc.

20140081362 - Implantable medical stimulator lead with a deployable array element and method of use: Stabilizing array, which includes a body elongating the distal tip of an implantable cylindrical stimulator lead, a storable, deployable and retroflexing array element for stabilizing distal tip of said lead, a keeper for storing array element during implantation, and a deploying lumen within the body which accepts a deploying stylet.... Agent:

20140081365 - Multi-durometer reinforced suture sleeve: Suture anchors for securing therapy delivery elements, such as stimulation leads or catheters, within a living body. The suture anchor includes an inner sleeve constructed with an inner layer of a softer, more pliable material that easily conforms to the therapy delivery element to reduce slippage and an outer layer... Agent: Greatbatch Ltd.

20140081366 - Medical device anchoring systems and methods: An anchor assembly includes an anchoring member having a body portion. The anchoring member defines a longitudinal lumen in the body portion to slidably receive a portion of an electrode assembly. The anchor assembly also includes a shell assembly having first and second mating shell portions to be disposed on... Agent: Boston Scientific Neuromodulation Corporation

20140081367 - Expandable lead jacket: Methods, devices and systems for separating an implanted object, such as a lead attached to a cardiac conduction device, from formed tissue within a blood vessel are provided. The methods, devices and systems for separating a lead from the tissue relate to dilating the tissue surrounding the lead from underneath... Agent: The Spectranetics Corporation

20140081369 - Headache-treatment device with gel dispensing kit and method: Electrical-stimulation device with gel-dispensing kit, and a method of making and using the parts of the kit. A convenient and easy-to-use system to provide an electrically conductive path from a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) device to the skin surface of a patient to supply transcutaneous stimulation, even through hair.... Agent:

20140081368 - Punctual stimulation device: The invention relates to a device for the punctual stimulation of endings, located in the region of the ears, of nerves leading to brain stem nuclei, and device (1) having a battery-powered therapeutic current generator (3), which is arranged in a housing (2) to be worn in the ear region... Agent:

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