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05/28/2015 > 28 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories.

20150148854 - Medical monitoring and treatment device with external pacing: A non-invasive bodily-attached ambulatory medical monitoring and treatment device with pacing is provided. The noninvasive ambulatory pacing device includes a battery, at least one therapy electrode coupled to the battery, a memory storing information indicative of a patient's cardiac activity, and at least one processor coupled to the memory and... Agent:

20150148855 - Antenna system for signal-attenuating containers: A system can include a container that includes a cabinet capable of attenuating or blocking wireless signals, an AED located within the cabinet, an internal patch antenna removably mounted to an internal surface of the cabinet, an external patch antenna removably mounted to an external surface of the cabinet, and... Agent: Physio-control, Inc.

20150148856 - Rescuer protection from electrical shock during defibrillation: This document relates to cardiac resuscitation, and in particular to systems and techniques for protecting rescuers from electrical shock during defibrillation of a patient.... Agent:

20150148858 - Flexible therapy electrode system: An electrode assembly includes a first surface to be placed adjacent a person's skin and a second surface including a plurality of reservoirs of conductive gel. The plurality of reservoirs of conductive gel are disposed on sections of the electrode assembly that are at least partially physically separated and may... Agent:

20150148857 - Wearable defibrillator with audio input/output: A wearable device and method of monitoring the condition of a patient. The wearable device includes at least one sensor and at least one processor operatively connected to the at least one sensor. The wearable device also includes an operator interface device operatively connected to the at least one processor.... Agent:

20150148859 - Active implantable medical device for atrial stimulation for the treatment of heart failure with preserved ejection fraction: An active implantable medical device includes digital processor circuits configured to sense right and left atrial depolarizations and deliver left atrial stimulation pulses according to a stimulation protocol. The stimulation protocol includes delivering a left atrial stimulation pulse at an inter-atrial coupling interval. The inter-atrial coupling interval is a coupling... Agent:

20150148861 - Sleep apnea treatment: Apparatus and methods are described, including apparatus for treating a subject for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). The apparatus includes an implant, an imaging device, and a control unit. In response to a set of training images received from the imaging device, the control unit learns an association between a position... Agent:

20150148860 - Stimulation of a hypoglossal nerve for controlling the position of a patient's tongue: A method for controlling a position of a patient's tongue includes attaching at least one electrode to the patient's hypoglossal nerve, applying an electric signal through the electrode to the hypoglossal nerve to stimulate at least one muscle of the tongue at least until the number of obstructive sleep apnea... Agent: Imthera Medical, Inc.

20150148862 - Electrical stimulation treatment of hypotension: The present invention includes methods and devices for treating hypotension, such as in cases of shock, including septic shock, anaphylactic shock and hypovolemia. The method includes the step of applying at least one electrical impulse to at least one selected region of a parasympathetic nervous system of the patient. The... Agent:

20150148863 - Brain stimulating system: A brain stimulating system is provided. In some embodiments, the system includes a first electrode configured to supply a minute electric current to stimulate a brain, and a second electrode configured to detect at least one brain signal received from a brain, wherein the second electrode includes a blocking filter... Agent: Ybrain Inc.

20150148864 - Implantable electroacupuncture system and method for treating parkinson's disease and essential tremor through application of stimului at or near an acupoint on the chorea line: An implantable electroacupuncture device (IEAD) treats Parkinson's disease or Essential Tremor through application of stimulation pulses applied to at least one of the acupoints on the chorea line. The IEAD includes an hermetically-sealed implantable electroacupuncture (EA) device and a conduit extending therefrom. At least one electrode is located on the... Agent:

20150148865 - Apparatus and method for relieving pain using transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation:

20150148866 - Method for functional electrical stimulation therapy: A functional electrical stimulation method for rehabilitating, treating, retraining, and/or otherwise improving upper extremity mobility and control in persons having impaired or disabled upper extremities due to stroke or spinal cord injury, comprising stimulation of the lumbricalis muscles.... Agent:

20150148867 - Systems and methods for monitoring neurostimulation dosing: Various implantable device embodiments may comprise a neural stimulator configured to deliver a neurostimulation therapy with stimulation ON times and stimulation OFF times where a dose of the neurostimulation therapy is provided by a number of neurostimulation pulses over a period of time. The neural stimulator may be configured to... Agent:

20150148868 - System and methods for establishing a communication session between an implantable medical device and an external device: A method is provided for establishing a communication session with an implantable medical device (“IMD”). The method includes configuring an IMD and an external device to communicate with one another through a protocol that utilizes a dedicated advertisement channel. The IMD periodically transmitting advertisement notices over the dedicated advertisement channel... Agent: Pacesetter, Inc.

20150148869 - Charge steering high density electrode array: Technology for deep brain stimulating including devices, systems, computer circuitry, and associated methods is provided. A deep brain stimulating device (100) can include a semiconductor substrate, an array of electrodes (140) coupled to the semiconductor substrate, and circuitry operable to control the array of electrodes (140). Each electrode (142) can... Agent: University Of Utah Research Foundation

20150148870 - Noble metal nanoparticles, method for preparing the same and their application: The present invention discloses a method for preparing noble metal nanoparticles, comprising the following steps: a) preparing an Olea Europaea fruit extract; b) preparing an Acacia Nilotica extract; c) mixing the Olea Europaea fruit extract and the Acacia Nilotica extract for preparing a mixed extract; d) providing an aqueous solution... Agent:

20150148871 - System for dynamically adjusting circadian rhythm responsive to scheduled events and associated methods: A method of dynamically adjusting a circadian rhythm comprising the steps of determining a current circadian rhythm status of a circadian rhythm of an observer, accessing a calendar of the observer, and identifying a future event of the observer to precondition for, defined as an identified future event. A preconditioning... Agent: Biological Illumination, LLC

20150148872 - Synergistic therapies of cannabidiol with hypothermia for neuroprotection: The present invention relates to the combination of the phytocannabinoid cannabidiol with therapeutic hypothermia for use in the treatment of neuroprotection or astroprotection.... Agent:

20150148873 - Therapeutic warming fluid: A solution of erythritol and water, saturated at a desired therapeutic temperature, is contained in a hot water bottle, or other appropriate vessel, for the purpose of therapeutic warming, for example, for the relief of gastro-intestinal or muscular discomfort. The heat of crystallization of the erythritol significantly extends the time... Agent:

20150148874 - Multi-zone electric warming blanket: A multi-zone electric heating blanket. The blanket may be shaped to cover the outstretched arms or other body parts of a patient. The blanket includes first and second body part portions and a connecting bridge. The interconnection via the bridge leaves an open gap between the first and second body... Agent:

20150148875 - Toe tunic for big toe pain: The Toe Tunic is a device with a non-toxic filling that is specifically designed to help reduce the pain and swelling associated with the big toe, and big toe joint injuries, diseases, disorders and ailments. It is a pull-on apparatus that covers the big toe and big toe joint leaving... Agent:

20150148877 - Apparatus and methods for assisted breathing by transvascular nerve stimulation: A catheter may include electrodes for transvascular nerve stimulation. The electrodes may be positioned within lumens of the catheter and aligned with apertures in the outer wall of the catheter. The electrodes may produce focused electrical fields for stimulation of one or more nerves. In one embodiment, the catheter may... Agent: Simon Fraser University

20150148876 - Implantable device with an insulating layer and method: c

20150148878 - Systems and methods of enhancing electrical activation of nervous tissue: Methods and systems for improving nerve stimulation are disclosed and are termed enhanced transcutaneous electrical stimulation (eTENS). One embodiment can be used for enhancing the excitation properties of neural tissue. In one embodiment, systems and methods are provided to enable the selective modulation of specific (targeted) neural substrate, while minimizing... Agent:

20150148879 - Implantable electrode arrangement for cardiological devices and cardiac pacemakers: An implantable electrode arrangement for cardiological devices, such as cardiac pacemakers, that includes an elongate electrode body with a proximal end and distal end, at least one electrode that contacts the body of the implant support and is arranged at, or in the vicinity of, the distal end of the... Agent: Biotronik Se & Co. Kg

20150148880 - Implantable medical device: A device comprising: a lead extending between a proximal end and a distal end, the lead comprising, at its distal end portion, an electrode element configured for fixing in a first body tissue, the lead further comprising: an anchoring element disposed between the proximal and the distal end for anchoring... Agent:

20150148881 - Compressible electrodes: A compressible electrode for the stimulation of the musculature of the pelvic floor complex e.g. for the treatment of anterior and posterior pelvic floor muscle dysfunction, is reversibly compressible and has electro-conductive elements. The compressible electrode may be used with all the usual control units and treatment regimes for the... Agent:

05/21/2015 > 24 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20150142071 - Systems and methods for determining optimal interventricular pacing delays based on electromechanical delays: Techniques are provided for use with implantable medical devices such as pacemakers for optimizing interventricular (VV) pacing delays for use with cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT). In one example, ventricular electrical depolarization events are detected within a patient in whom the device is implanted. The onset of isovolumic ventricular mechanical contraction... Agent:

20150142070 - Systems and methods for leadless cardiac resynchrinization therapy: Techniques and systems for monitoring cardiac arrhythmias and delivering electrical stimulation therapy using a subcutaneous device (e.g. subcutaneous implantable (SD)) is described. In one or more other embodiments, SD is implanted into a patient's heart. Electrical signals are then sensed which includes moderately lengthened QRS duration data from the patient's... Agent:

20150142069 - Systems and methods for leadless cardiac resynchronization therapy: Techniques and systems for monitoring cardiac arrhythmias and delivering electrical stimulation therapy using a subcutaneous device (e.g. subcutaneous implantable (SD)) and a leadless pacing device (LPD) are described. In one or more embodiments, a computer-implemented method includes sensing a first electrical signal from a heart of a patient through a... Agent:

20150142072 - Systems and methods for determining optimal interventricular pacing delays based on electromechanical delays: Techniques are provided for use with implantable medical devices such as pacemakers for optimizing interventricular (VV) pacing delays for use with cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT). In one example, ventricular electrical depolarization events are detected within a patient in whom the device is implanted. The onset of isovolumic ventricular mechanical contraction... Agent:

20150142073 - Sterilizable containment for implantable medical device: A sterilizable containment that includes an inner packaging and an outer packaging. The outer packaging encloses the inner packaging and includes at least two electric feedthroughs. The inner packaging includes at least two electric contacts, wherein each of the at least two electric contacts of the inner packaging matches one... Agent: Biotronik Se & Co. Kg

20150142074 - Stimulation of the urinary system: Apparatus and methods are provided, including a bladder stimulator that includes an elongate element adapted to pass through a urethra or adapted to pass through another opening in the bladder, an expandable body coupled to said elongate element, and an array of one or more stimulator contacts coupled to the... Agent:

20150142075 - Sleep apnea control device: Disclosed herein are various methods, systems, an apparatuses for determining appropriate situations to treat conditions such as sleep apnea. At appropriate times, treatment can be applied such as through electrical stimulation to a person (e.g., an electrical stimulation of a person's genioglossus muscle in response to detecting that the person... Agent:

20150142078 - External, head-worn electrical stimulator for treating headache conditions: An external, head worn electrical nerve stimulation device is disclosed that includes a head band including inner and outer surfaces, and a plurality of holes each including an interior surface. The device also includes a plurality of mounting baskets disposed within the holes and each including a cylindrical retaining member,... Agent:

20150142076 - Selective high frequency spinal cord modulation for inhibiting pain with reduced side effects, and associated systems and methods: Selective high-frequency spinal chord modulation for inhibiting pain with reduced side affects and associated systems and methods are disclosed. In particular embodiments, high-frequency modulation in the range of from about 1.5 KHz to about 50 KHz may be applied to the patient's spinal chord region to address low back pain... Agent:

20150142077 - Spinal cord stimulation with interferential current: A stimulator and a method for the treatment of intractable pain syndromes by electrical stimulation of the spinal cord is disclosed in which implantable electrodes positioned around a targeted area of the spinal cord transmit an interferential current that has a base medium frequency alternating current between 500 Hz-20 KHz.... Agent:

20150142079 - Method for stimulating facial muscles: mapping a facial nerve being connected to the facial muscle, locating the facial muscle in response to the mapping of the facial nerve and stimulating the facial nerve by applying an electrode and stimulating the facial nerve with current. The step of mapping includes the step of applying current to... Agent:

20150142080 - Treatment or therapeutic apparatus: Apparatus for treatment of an animal or human is disclosed which comprises a pulse delivery system for generating a series of electrical current pulses having a pre-programmed waveform. A flexible belt or belt-like carrier is provided and arranged in use to be secured to, on or around an animal or... Agent:

20150142081 - Implant charging field control through radio link: A charger that evaluates the effectiveness of the charging field generated by the charger at an implantable device. The charger includes a charging coil, a communication module, and a processor. The processor can include instructions to determine the effectiveness of the charging field based on one or several signals or... Agent:

20150142083 - Neurostimulator system and simulation lead: In an embodiment, a neurostimulator system includes a pulse generator module and a power source and control module. The pulse generator module includes an electrical stimulation lead and electrodes and is configured to be implanted within a body of a subject, to provide a therapy to the subject, and to... Agent:

20150142082 - Systems and methods of biofeedback using nerve stimulation: Devices, systems and methods are disclosed that are used to treat a medical condition, by electrical stimulation of a nerve or nerve ganglion, used in conjunction with biofeedback. The system comprises a stimulator that applies electrical impulses sufficient to modulate a nerve at a target site within the patient. A... Agent: Electrocore, LLC

20150142084 - Hybrid method for modulating upper airway function in a subject: A hybrid method is provided for modulating upper airway function in a subject. The method includes applying first and second therapy signals to the subject to modulate at least one extrinsic laryngeal muscle and at least one intrinsic laryngeal muscle to synergistically control laryngeal motion and vocal fold movement, respectively.... Agent:

20150142085 - Pharmaceutical compositions and methods for treating age-related macular degeneration with melatonin analogues: Pharmaceutical compositions and methods for treating and/or preventing age-related macular degeneration with melatonin analogues are provided.... Agent:

20150142086 - Accelerating method, optomedical device, and optomedical system: A method for accelerating the release of neurotransmitters includes a step of radiating light from within a cerebral blood vessel to accelerate the release of the neurotransmitters. An optomedical device includes a main body configured to be introduced into a cerebral blood vessel; a light emitting unit arranged on the... Agent:

20150142087 - Radio-frequency system for skin treatment including a roller with an electrode and a method for skin treatment: A method of treating a skin tissue relief feature (3) in mammalian, in particular human, skin tissue (1) is provided. The method comprises the steps of: determining a perimeter (4) of the relief feature and inducing contraction of skin tissue areas (5) present on opposite sides of the relief feature... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20150142088 - Female undergarment with heating component: A device and method is taught for providing thermo therapeutic relief through the positioning of a heating element at a predetermined position in association with a garment to support and sustain the heat generated by the heating element in a designated area. The invention more particularly relates to a method... Agent:

20150142092 - Header for implantable pulse generator and method of making same: A header for use in implantable pulse generator devices. The header is part of electrical connector assembly having one or more openings designed to receive the terminal pin of an electrical lead wire or electrode. The header is designed to provide and sustain long-term electrical and mechanical lead wire connections... Agent:

20150142090 - Implantable medical leads: An assembly for a medical lead includes an elongated lead body, and a conductive element located at a distal portion of the lead body. The conductive element substantial!)′ encircles a longitudinal axis of the lead body. The assembly further includes a plurality of insulated conductors extending within the lead body,... Agent:

20150142089 - Inducing neurogenesis within a human brain: Methods and apparatus for inducing neurogenesis within a human. The invention utilizes an implantable signal generator to deliver high frequency stimulation to deep brain tissue elements. The implanted device delivers treatment therapy to the brain to thereby induce neurogenesis by the human. A sensor may be used to detect various... Agent: Functional Neuromodulation Inc.

20150142091 - Systems and methods for making and using improved leads for electrical stimulation systems: A method for manufacturing a lead includes forming an elongated multi-lumen conductor guide defining a central stylet lumen and a plurality of conductor lumens arranged around the stylet lumen. The multi-lumen conductor guide is twisted to form at least one helical section where the plurality of conductor lumens each forms... Agent:

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