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Surgery: light, thermal, and electrical application

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04/23/2015 > 18 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20150112400 - External defibrillator, expander thereof, and defibrillation guarding system: This disclosure relates to external defibrillators, expanders thereof and defibrillation monitoring systems. The external defibrillator can include a first human-computer interaction unit, a main control unit, a power module, and a first communication interface for transmitting data with an expander corresponding to the external defibrillator. The expander can include a... Agent:

20150112401 - System and method for electrocardiogram analysis and optimization of cardiopulmonary resuscitation and therapy delivery: The system and method provide for electrocardiogram analysis and optimization of patient-customized cardiopulmonary resuscitation and therapy delivery. An external medical device includes a housing and a processor within the housing. The processor can be configured to receive an input signal for a patient receiving chest compressions and to select at... Agent:

20150112402 - Modulator apparatus confirgured for implantation: An implant unit according to some embodiments may include a flexible carrier, at least one pair of modulation electrodes on the flexible carrier, and at least one implantable circuit in electrical communication with the at least one pair of modulation electrodes. The at least one pair of modulation electrodes and... Agent:

20150112403 - Method and a system for optimizing the configuration of multisite transcranial current stimulation and a computer-readable medium: A system and a method for optimizing the configuration of multisite transcranial current stimulation, including providing an electric field characteristic target map on the brain's cortex, the target map including multiple cortical targets, the multiple cortical targets are localized and/or continuously varying and spatially extended, providing a weight map on... Agent:

20150112404 - Healing disc, a pain management assembly incorporating the disc, and a method of using the same: A portable, wearable device for managing pain and promoting healing, a management assembly including such a device, and a method of using the same. The device includes a housing defining a cavity; a microprocessor situated within the cavity; a power source operatively connected with the microprocessor; and a pair of... Agent:

20150112406 - Implantable head mounted neurostimulation system for head pain: An implantable head-mounted unibody peripheral neurostimulation system is provided for implantation in the head for the purpose of treating chronic head pain, including migraine. The system may include an implantable pulse generator (IPG) from which multiple stimulating leads may extend sufficient to allow for adequate stimulation over multiple regions of... Agent:

20150112405 - Systems and methods for auricular peripheral nerve field stimulation: The invention relates to an electrical stimulation device with a stimulator containing a generator for generating electrical stimulation impulses with defined stimulation parameters, and a power supply for supplying the generator with electrical energy, and with at least one needle electrode array for insertion into the skin surface of an... Agent:

20150112407 - Body worn sound processors with directional microphone apparatus: A sound processor, for use with a cochlear implant, that includes directional microphone capabilities.... Agent:

20150112408 - Objective allocation of implant electrode bands based on excitation spread: A cochlear implant arrangement is described for creating sound perception in an implanted patient. An implant electrode contains electrode wires for carrying stimulation signals to corresponding electrode contacts distributed along a length of an outer surface of an apical electrode array section of the implant electrode. An apical portion of... Agent:

20150112410 - Safety control system for implantable neural stimulator: A neural stimulation system includes a safety control system that prevents delivery of neural stimulation pulses from causing potentially harmful effects. The neural stimulation pulses are delivered to one or more nerves to control the physiological functions regulated by the one or more nerves. Examples of such harmful effects include... Agent:

20150112409 - Transcranial stimulation device and method based on electrophysiological testing: The present method and system provides for the clinical application of neurostimulation and/or neuromodulation to a patient. The method and system includes receipt and acquisition of patient data, processing of that data relative to one or more known data sets, and determination of a good-fit trigger specific treatment protocol. The... Agent:

20150112411 - High powered light emitting diode photobiology compositions, methods and systems: Devices with high-power light-emitting diodes (LEDs) for use in human and/or animal phototherapy applications are disclosed. The phototherapy device includes a number of select LEDs for emitting a desired range or ranges of wavelengths of high intensity light for use in treatment. Additionally, the phototherapy treatment includes one or more... Agent:

20150112412 - Methods and devices for selective disruption of fatty tissue by controlled cooling: The present invention relates to methods for use in the selective disruption of lipid-rich cells by controlled cooling. The present invention further relates to a device for use in carrying out the methods for selective disruption of lipid-rich cells by controlled cooling.... Agent:

20150112413 - System and method for treating urinary tract disorders: A method, device, and system for treatment of urinary tract disorders is provided. The device includes a catheter having multiple lumens for insertion into a urinary bladder and for providing fluid flow within the bladder and within the fluid reservoir within the urethra. The device further includes an anchor to... Agent:

20150112415 - Active, reversible fixing of crt electrodes: An implantable medical electrode device includes an elongate electrode line with a tubular electrode body, having a hollow, passing from the proximal to distal ends, an electrode provided at the distal end, and an electrode connection provided at the proximal; a fixing device with a balloon catheter arrangement, having an... Agent:

20150112414 - Medical device lead assembly having integrated pressure-resisting member: A medical device configured to be secured to an individual may include a housing containing one or more electrical components, and one or more leads electrically connected to the housing. Each lead may include an insulating jacket that surrounds a central core including one or more conductors, and at least... Agent: Pacesetter, Inc.

20150112416 - Electrical contacts on a medical device patch: A device for conveying power from a location external to a subject to a location within the subject may include a flexible carrier and an adhesive on a first side of the carrier. A coil of electrically conductive material may be associated with the flexible carrier. A mechanical connector may... Agent:

20150112417 - Cosmetology device: A device for applying electrical stimulation to a surface of the human body utilizes a calibrated, pre-arranged pattern of conducting, current emitting elements to distribute current throughout an entire surface at once, such as human face, without needing to alter the device to accommodate various are sizes, including varying face... Agent:

04/16/2015 > 13 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20150105836 - Leadless pacemaker system: A device includes a signal generator module, a processing module, and a housing. The signal generator module is configured to deliver pacing pulses to an atrium. The processing module is configured to detect a ventricular activation event and determine a length of an interval between the ventricular activation event and... Agent:

20150105835 - Methods and apparatus for detecting heart failure event using impedance vector switching: Devices and methods for detecting physiological target event such as events indicative of heart failure (HF) decompensation status are described. An ambulatory medical device (AMD) can detect device site maturation such as in a device encapsulation pocket, and classify the maturation status into one of two or more device site... Agent:

20150105837 - Brain therapy system and method using noninvasive brain stimulation: v

20150105838 - Regulation of neurotrophins: Disclosed are methods for regulating neurotrophin levels within a human body. The invention utilizes an implantable signal generator to deliver stimulation to neural tissue elements. Alternatively, an implantable pump may be utilized to delivery one or more drugs. The implanted device delivers treatment therapy to the neural tissue to thereby... Agent:

20150105839 - Systems and methods for producing asynchronous neural responses to treat pain and/or other patient conditions: Systems and methods for producing asynchronous neural responses to treat pain and/or other patient conditions are disclosed. A method in accordance with a particular embodiment includes selecting a target stimulation frequency that is above a threshold frequency, with the threshold frequency corresponding to a refractory period for neurons of a... Agent:

20150105840 - Systems and methods to place one or more leads in tissue for providing functional and/or therapeutic stimulation: Systems and methods make possible the placement of one or more electrode leads in a tissue region for providing functional and/or therapeutic stimulation to tissue. The systems and methods are adapted to provide the relief of pain.... Agent:

20150105841 - Sensitive measurements in a hearing prosthesis: Aspects of the present invention are generally directed to taking measurements in a hearing prosthesis. In an embodiment, a power circuit, which may be a switched mode power circuit, is shut down during performance of the measurements to reduce interference. Then, power capacitively stored by the power circuit is used... Agent:

20150105842 - Power supply disconnect current measurement for an implantable medical device: An implantable medical device (IMD) is disclosed having measurement circuitry for measuring one or more currents in the IMD, such as the currents drawn from various power supply voltages. Such currents are measured without disrupting normal IMD operation, and can be telemetered from the IMD for review. Switching circuitry in... Agent:

20150105843 - Metal complexes comprising condensed heteroaromatic rings: The present invention relates inter alia to a new class of heteroleptic metal complexes comprising condensed aromatic heterocyclic rings, their preparation and use.... Agent:

20150105844 - Device and method for stimulation by means of thermal stimuli: The invention relates to a device for the stimulation of thermal receptors in the skin of a patient by means of thermal stimuli. The device comprises a plurality of noninvasive stimulation units for irradiating the skin of the patient with electromagnetic radiation, wherein thermal stimuli are produced by absorption of... Agent:

20150105845 - Adjustable heating/cooling pack: The present device generally relates to an adjustable heating/cooling pack. The heating/cooling pack is especially suitable for use on an injured or sore leg or arm of a user. The heating/cooling pack may first be placed in a freezer or refrigerator (or microwave if heat is desired) and removed prior... Agent:

20150105846 - Implantable device lead including a distal electrode assembly with a coiled component: A medical device lead includes an insulative body having a proximal region with a proximal end, and a distal region with a distal end. The medical device lead also includes a connector coupled to the proximal end of the insulative body of the lead to electrically and mechanically connect the... Agent:

20150105847 - Lead for implantable cardiac prosthesis, including protection against the thermal effects of mri fields: A heat dissipating housing to be positioned at a distal end of a stimulation/defibrillation lead, the housing including a housing body having a distal contact face at a distal end, an inner wall, and an outer wall. The housing further includes an anchoring screw, wherein at least a portion of... Agent: Sorin Crm Sas

04/09/2015 > 13 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20150100100 - Inhibition of inflammatory cytokine production by cholinergic agonists and vagus nerve stimulation: A method of inhibiting the release of a proinflammatory cytokine in a cell is disclosed. The method comprises treating the cell with a cholinergic agonist. The method is useful in patients at risk for, or suffering from, a condition mediated by an inflammatory cytokine cascade, for example endotoxic shock. The... Agent:

20150100101 - Heart stimulator: An implantable cardioverter-defibrillator system that includes at least one or more stimulation units, one or more detection units, one or more control units, two or more electrode poles and one or more high voltage capacitors. The at least one control unit is connected with the at least one stimulation unit,... Agent: Biotronik Se & Co. Kg

20150100102 - Dual-mode defibrillator with latched panel: A medical device includes a device housing and a door mounted to the device housing. The device also includes a first magnet mounted to the door, wherein magnetic force applied to the door exerts a moment on the door, and a second magnet mounted in the housing and positioned to... Agent:

20150100103 - Cardiac pacing with anodal stimulation detection: Methods and device for determining a pacing vector for delivering an electrostimulation therapy are described. An implantable medical device may be configured to determine an anode capture threshold and a cathode capture threshold for a first anode and cathode pair of electrodes, switch a polarity of the first anode and... Agent:

20150100104 - Controller unit for a functional electrical stimulation (fes) orthotic system: Various embodiments are described herein for a method and system for facilitating a gait of a user with a functional electrical stimulation (FES) orthotic system. In some described embodiments, the method includes receiving a foot orientation indicator for a foot of the user; receiving a body inclination indicator for the... Agent:

20150100105 - Sensor unit for a functional electrical stimulation (fes) orthotic system: Various embodiments are described herein for a method and system for improving a gait of a user with a functional electrical stimulation (FES) orthotic system. In some described embodiments, the method includes receiving motion information associated with the gait of the user; generating a foot orientation indicator for the foot... Agent:

20150100107 - Electrical stimulation for a functional electrical stimulation system: An electrical stimulation system and method for generating a stimulation signal for at least two electrodes coupled to a body part in a functional electrical stimulation system. One example embodiment includes a controller unit operable for receiving stimulation parameters and a trigger signal, and in response to receiving the trigger... Agent:

20150100106 - Trial stimulation systems: A trial stimulation system includes a disposable trial electrical stimulator that, in some examples, is sterilized for a single use in a stimulation trial of one patient. Additionally, systems for securing a disposable trial stimulator to the body of a patient are described, which may function to improve the durability... Agent:

20150100108 - Implantable medical device with a primary and rechargeable battery: An implantable medical device (IMD) having a rechargeable and primary battery is disclosed, as are algorithms for automatically selecting use of these batteries at particular times. In one IMD embodiment, the primary battery acts as the main battery, and an algorithm allows the IMD to draw power from the primary... Agent:

20150100109 - Implantable medical device with one or more magnetic field sensors to assist with external charger alignment: An implantable medical device (IMD) is disclosed having one or more magnetic field sensors for measuring a strength of a magnetic charging field provided by an external charger and used to provide operational power to the IMD, for example, to charge its battery. The measured field strength data, or derivations... Agent:

20150100110 - Controlled stimulation delivery from neurostimulator: A system for providing neurostimulation includes an external device (“external exciter”) and an implanted device. The external exciter includes an energy source which inductively powers the implanted device. Examples of such external exciters include devices having at least one of: ultrasonic transducers, Radio Frequency (RF) transmitters, and solar cells. The... Agent: Arizona Board Of Regents On Behalf Of Arizona State University

20150100111 - Vision restoration assist apparatus: A vision restoration assist apparatus includes an insulating case including a biocompatible body portion and a biocompatible cover portion that are joined to each other to form a storage space in the case, an electrode disposed outside the case, an electronic circuit disposed in the storage space of the case,... Agent:

20150100112 - Electromagnetic stimulation device for changing nerve threshold: The electromagnetic stimulation device contains at least a positive electrode and at least a negative electrode. An insulating gap having width of a first distance is maintained between the positive and negative electrodes. The positive and negative electrodes are at least at a second distance away from a nerve to... Agent: Gimer Medical Co. Ltd.

04/02/2015 > 12 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20150094782 - Electrode with feature for indicating prior use with adult or pediatric subject and systems and methods including same: Methods and systems of applying treatment to a subject experiencing cardiac distress. In one example, there is provided a defibrillation electrode. The defibrillation electrode includes a non-volatile memory element and a circuit configured to store an indication of a level of energy delivered to a subject during the application of... Agent:

20150094783 - Method for detecting and treating ventricular arrhythmia: A system and method for long-term monitoring of cardiac conditions such as arrhythmias is disclosed. The invention includes a pulse generator including means for sensing an arrhythmia. The pulse generator is coupled to at least one subcutaneous electrode or electrode array for providing electrical stimulation such as cardioversion/defibrillation shocks and/or... Agent:

20150094784 - Implantable stimulation devices, and methods and systems for use therewith, that automatically adjust stimulation parameters to improve preload in an hf patient: Methods, systems and devices described herein can be used for automatically adjusting one or more cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) pacing parameters (and more generally stimulation parameters), to achieve a long term reduction in left ventricular (LV) diastolic pressure (and more generally, preload) of a heart failure (HF) patient. A reduction... Agent: Pacesetter, Inc.

20150094785 - Methods, systems, and devices for pairing vagus nerve stimulation with motor therapy in stroke patients: A method of treating motor deficits in a stroke patient, comprising assessing a patient's motor deficits, determining therapeutic goals for the patient, based on the patient's motor deficits, selecting therapeutic tasks based on the therapeutic goals, performing each of the selected therapeutic tasks repetitively, observing the performance of the therapeutic... Agent:

20150094786 - Autonomous intracorporeal capsule with frequency conversion energy harvesting: The energy harvester module of the capsule comprises: a primary oscillating structure subjected to an external low-frequency stress; a secondary oscillating structure comprising an elastic element and able to vibrate in high-frequency resonance; and an electrostatic structure with a first electrode coupled to the primary structure and a second electrode... Agent:

20150094787 - Methods and materials for treating syncope: This document provides methods and materials for treating syncope (e.g., neurocardiogenic syncope). For example, methods and materials involved in using electrical techniques to stimulate nerves (e.g., renal efferent and/or afferent nerves) in a manner that results in systemic blood vessel constriction and/or increased blood pressure are provided.... Agent: Mayo Foundation For Medical Education And Research

20150094788 - Apparatus for electrostimulation and method for controlling multiple electrodes in an apparatus for electrostimulation: An apparatus for electrostimulation has a whole-body support and electrodes disposed in the support. The electrodes are disposed in pairs, relative to a center longitudinal axis of the apparatus, and are configured so that they can be controlled one after the other or simultaneously. A method for controlling multiple electrodes... Agent: Pierenkemper Gmbh

20150094789 - Implantable device with chassis element: A implantable active medical device includes a chassis plate having a first major surface and an opposing second major surface, an elongate lead connector fixed to the first major surface and extending orthogonally away from the first major surface and a circuit board fixed to the first major surface and... Agent:

20150094790 - Trial stimulation systems: A trial stimulation system includes a disposable trial electrical stimulator that, in some examples, is sterilized for a single use in a stimulation trial of one patient. Additionally, systems for securing a disposable trial stimulator to the body of a patient are described, which may function to improve the durability... Agent:

20150094791 - Color coded header bore identification: An implantable pulse generator includes a device housing containing pulse generator circuitry and a header connected to the device housing. The header includes a core assembly defining first and second lead bore cavities sized for receiving terminal pins of leads, first and second labels, and an outer layer. The first... Agent:

20150094792 - Labeled implantable medical devices: In general, techniques are described for labeling an implantable medical device (IMD). In one example, an IMD can include a housing including electronic circuitry. The IMD can include a header coupled to the housing and includes a core. The core can define a bore and include a first metal label... Agent:

20150094793 - Fluidic conductors for implantable electronics: Fluidic conductors deliver electrical signals to targeted locations within an organ. Both the insulating materials and conductive media components of the fluidic conductors are ultra-flexible. The small size of the fluidic conductors makes the technology particularly applicable to auditory prostheses, for example, cochlear implants, that deliver electrical signals to very... Agent:

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