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Power plants

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02/05/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150033698 - Anti-icing system for a gas turbine: A system includes a gas turbine system that has a turbine, a combustor, and a compressor having an air intake. The air intake is configured to supply an air flow to the compressor. The system also includes a fluid injection system that has a fluid wash system configured to inject... Agent: General Electric Company

20150033699 - Ignition unit for turbojet engine: An ignition unit for a turbojet engine, including: an electrical power supply, a single control channel to receive a control signal from a computer, a main sparkplug ignition channel to energize at least one main sparkplug of a main combustion chamber, and an afterburner sparkplug ignition channel to energize at... Agent: Snecma

20150033697 - Regeneratively cooled transition duct with transversely buffered impingement nozzles: A cooling arrangement (56) having: a duct (30) configured to receive hot gases (16) from a combustor; and a flow sleeve (50) surrounding the duct and defining a cooling plenum (52) there between, wherein the flow sleeve is configured to form impingement cooling jets (70) emanating from dimples (82) in... Agent:

20150033696 - Turbine casing false flange flow diverter: A system includes a turbine casing assembly that includes an outer shell and an inner shell positioned substantially concentrically within the outer shell. The inner shell includes an inner surface facing away from the outer shell and an outer surface facing toward the outer shell, and the outer surface has... Agent: General Electric Company

20150033700 - Defrosting a sensor in a vehicle system: Systems and methods for defrosting sensing components in fluid sensing system. In one embodiment, the invention provides a defrosting system that includes a sensing system. The sensing system includes a sensor operable to sense a characteristic of the fluid in a tank. The defrosting system includes a fluid pickup line... Agent: Ssi Technologies, Inc.

20150033705 - Exhaust fluid dosing control system and method: A dosing control system for an exhaust system of an engine includes: a tank containing a reductant solution having urea; an injector operable to inject the reductant solution into an exhaust flow upstream of an SCR apparatus; first and second NOx sensors disposed to sense NOx emissions in the exhaust... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20150033706 - Method and apparatus for determining the efficiency of an exhaust gas purification device: A method for determining the efficiency of an exhaust gas purification device of a diesel internal combustion engine for motor vehicles, having a first NOx sensor, arranged ahead of an oxidation catalyst and/or a particulate filter, and a second NOx sensor, arranged downstream of a reduction catalyst, and having a... Agent:

20150033707 - Method and system for an exhaust gas particulate filter: A system for determining a regeneration phase of an exhaust gas particulate filter for an internal combustion engine may include a temperature sensor for detecting an elevated exhaust gas temperature, a sensor for detecting the particulate content in the exhaust gas stream exiting from the exhaust gas particulate filter, and... Agent:

20150033701 - Systems, methods, and apparatuses related to vehicles with reduced emissions: This disclosure relates generally to vehicles with reduced emissions. More particularly, this disclosure relates to systems, methods, and apparatuses related to vehicles with reduced carbon dioxide emissions. The carbon dioxide emissions may be stored in a carbon dioxide clathrate.... Agent:

20150033702 - Systems, methods, and apparatuses related to vehicles with reduced emissions: This disclosure relates generally to vehicles with reduced emissions. More particularly, this disclosure relates to systems, methods, and apparatuses related to vehicles with reduced carbon dioxide emissions. The carbon dioxide emissions may be stored in a carbon dioxide clathrate.... Agent:

20150033703 - Systems, methods, and apparatuses related to vehicles with reduced emissions: This disclosure relates generally to vehicles with reduced emissions. More particularly, this disclosure relates to systems, methods, and apparatuses related to vehicles with reduced carbon dioxide emissions. The carbon dioxide emissions may be stored in a carbon dioxide clathrate.... Agent:

20150033704 - Temperature gradient correction of ammonia storage model: An exhaust gas treatment system includes a SCR device that stores a reductant that reacts with the NOx emissions and a reductant supply system to inject the reductant according to a reductant load model. At least one temperature sensor or model generates a temperature signal indicating an SCR temperature of... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20150033708 - Exhaust treatment device for diesel engine: A diesel engine exhaust treatment device includes an exhaust flow divider in an exhaust path. The flow divider causes exhaust to flow EGR gas with PM unevenly distributed and remaining discharged gas in a divided manner. EGR gas is recirculated to a combustion chamber, and the discharged gas is atmospherically... Agent:

20150033709 - Sulfur sensor for engine exhaust: A system and a method of operating the system are presented. The system includes a first sensor, a second sensor and a catalyst. The catalyst is located between the first sensor and the second sensor in the path of an exhaust stream from an engine. The first sensor and the... Agent: General Electric Company

20150033710 - Exhaust gas cooler: For exhaust gas recirculation in internal combustion engines operating, for example, with low sulphur marine diesel oil, an exhaust gas cooler with a cooling unit may be applied that uses a liquid injection system to maintain clean and/or clean a cooling surface of the cooling unit. The liquid injection system... Agent:

20150033711 - Systems, methods, and apparatuses related to vehicles with reduced emissions: This disclosure relates generally to vehicles with reduced emissions. More particularly, this disclosure relates to systems, methods, and apparatuses related to vehicles with reduced carbon dioxide emissions. The carbon dioxide emissions may be stored in a carbon dioxide clathrate.... Agent:

20150033712 - Method for draining a delivery unit for liquid additive, delivery unit and motor vehicle having a delivery unit: A method for draining a delivery unit for a liquid additive, in particular a urea-water solution, includes at least: a) producing an electrical connection by using a currentless switch which is constructed to produce an electrical connection when a temperature falls below a threshold temperature; and b) draining the delivery... Agent:

20150033713 - Device for supplying a liquid additive and motor vehicle having the device: A device for supplying a liquid additive for a motor vehicle includes a tank for storing the liquid additive and a delivery unit for delivering the liquid additive out of the tank. A sensor emits and receives waves and is configured to measure a fill level of the liquid additive... Agent:

20150033714 - Holding material for gas treatment device, gas treatment device, and production processes therefor: Provided are a holding material for a gas treatment device, which is inexpensive, has a simple structure, and exhibits high holding force, a gas treatment device, and a method for manufacturing the same. A holding material for a gas treatment device according to the present invention is a holding material,... Agent: Nichias Corporation

20150033715 - Zoned diesel oxidation catalyst: An oxidation catalyst is described for treating an exhaust gas from a diesel engine, which oxidation catalyst comprises: a substrate; a first washcoat region disposed on the substrate, wherein the first washcoat region comprises a first platinum group metal (PGM) and a first support material; a second washcoat region adjacent... Agent:

20150033716 - Dpf system for an engine generator: A DPF system for an engine generator that performing a recovery process on a filter (DPF) provided to remove particulate matter generated by combustion of fuel when an amount of the particulate matter in the DPF exceeds a predetermined value, the engine generator performing the recovery process by carrying out... Agent: Denyo Co., Ltd.

20150033717 - Ocean buoyancy power generating system: A ocean buoyancy power generating system includes a water inlet pipe with a water inlet, a water drawing pipe, a guiding pipe, multiple water drawing devices, a gas charging unit, an ocean power generating and collecting apparatus or ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) power generating and collecting apparatus, a first... Agent:

20150033718 - Forklift and inching control method of forklift: In order to provide a forklift capable of performing an inching control suitable for a specific work and a running operation of the forklift and an inching control method of the forklift, an inching ratio calculating unit calculates an inching ratio, a target engine speed calculating unit calculates a target... Agent:

20150033720 - Hydraulic motor drive system and method: A hydraulic motor drive system is disclosed. The hydraulic motor drive system includes a pump, a flow control module fluidly coupled to a discharge of the pump via a first conduit, and a hydraulic motor fluidly coupled to the flow control module via a second conduit and a third conduit,... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20150033721 - Liquid nitrogen conventional generator: Nitrogen is extracted from the atmosphere, condensed and cooled, stored in liquid form and then expanded to be applied to the generation unit which is selected to provide the type of power needed, allowing reduction of size of the conventional plant supplying power to this system while maintaining the output... Agent:

20150033719 - Reducing dig force in hydraulic implements: In order to avoid cavitation in a boom cylinder head end at the beginning of a dig cycle, fluid from an alternate source is supplied to the head end before or in addition to fluid supplied by the main boom-up hydraulic circuit. In one embodiment, an electronic hydraulic valve, related... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20150033722 - Turbine system for generating power from a flow of liquid, and related systems and methods: A turbine system that can be releasably anchored in a flow of liquid, like a waterfall, and generate power from the flow includes a runner operable to receive some or all of the flow of liquid and rotate to generate power, a penstock operable to direct some or all of... Agent:

20150033723 - Hydraulic system: A hydraulic system, wherein an actuating cylinder and an accelerating cylinder each includes a piston, a rod, and a tube. When the rod of the actuating cylinder extends in an unloaded condition, a circuit is configured such that oil discharged from the bottom-side section of the accelerating cylinder is supplied... Agent: Taguchi Industrial Co., Ltd.

20150033724 - Compressed air energy storage system utilizing two-phase flow to facilitate heat exchange: A compressed-air energy storage system according to embodiments of the present invention comprises a reversible mechanism to compress and expand air, one or more compressed air storage tanks, a control system, one or more heat exchangers, and, in certain embodiments of the invention, a motor-generator. The reversible air compressor-expander uses... Agent:

20150033725 - Hydraulic hybrid safety system: A hydraulic hybrid safety system with an over-center bent-axis rotary pump/motor, a yoke and a calibrated orifice. The yoke has a zero yoke angle and a plurality of non-zero yoke angles. In addition, the pump/motor has zero torque when the yoke angle is at the zero yoke angle and non-zero... Agent:

20150033726 - Hybrid construction machine: A hybrid construction machine includes first and second main pumps, first and second supply passages, first and second circuit systems, a hydraulic motor, a motor generator, an assist pump, a joint passage connected to the assist pump and branching off, first and second logic valves, and a switching valve. The... Agent: Kayaba Industry Co., Ltd

20150033727 - Hybrid construction machine: A hybrid construction machine includes first and second main pumps, first and second supply passages, first and second circuit systems, a hydraulic motor, a motor generator, an assist pump, a joint passage connected to the assist pump and branched off, first and second logic valves, a switching valve disposed in... Agent: Kayaba Industry Co., Ltd.

20150033728 - Hydrostatic drive, in particular hydrostatic fan drive: A hydrostatic fan drive is operated with a closed circuit and includes a variable-displacement pump with a swept volume that is configured to be adjusted by an adjustment device. The variable-displacement pump is connected by two working lines to a motor that is coupled fixedly in terms of torque to... Agent:

20150033730 - Compressor housing for an air cycle machine: A component of an air cycle machine includes a fan housing portion, a compressor housing portion, a main bore housing radius, a static seal radius, a shroud pilot housing radius, and an insulator seal plate housing radius. The fan housing portion includes a shroud for a fan section. The compressor... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20150033729 - Flow control assembly and methods of assembling the same: A flow control assembly for controlling cooling flow of a turbine engine is provided. The flow control assembly includes a first flow control device having a first sidewall and a second sidewall. The first sidewall is coupled to a compressor vane and is configured to define a first flow path... Agent: General Electric Company

20150033731 - Buoyancy engine: Provided is a buoyancy engine that generates power by using buoyancy acting on an object inside a liquid such as water. When a part of moving bodies 5 located in a liquid accumulated in an ascending passage P1 ascend by buoyancy, the plurality of moving bodies 5 arranged in series... Agent: Hiruta Corporation

20150033732 - Air compressing device of bifuel engine: A supercharging device of a bifuel engine using a gas fuel and a liquid fuel as fuels, and having a supercharger supercharging or turbocharger turbocharging a large amount of intake air into a combustion chamber of the engine by driving a compressor arranged in an intake passage of the engine... Agent:

20150033733 - Wastegate valve device: A wastegate valve device for a supercharging device may include a valve disc, which is connected to an actuator device via a drive train. The wastegate valve device may include at least one damping element arranged between the valve disc and the actuator device. The drive train may have an... Agent:

20150033734 - Gas flow distributing flexible coupling: A coupling for routing and distributing exhaust gas flow from an internal combustion engine is disclosed. The coupling includes an upstream duct having a first end and a second end, and a gas flow distribution device arranged between the first and second ends of the upstream duct. The coupling also... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20150033735 - Exhaust gas recirculation control: Methods and systems are disclosed for controlling an exhaust gas recirculation valve in an engine by determining errors in exhaust backpressure estimates and adapting EGR flow estimations based on these errors to meet target EGR dilutions in the engine. In one example approach, a method comprises adjusting valve position based... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150033736 - Exhaust management strategies for opposed-piston, two-stroke engines: Exhaust temperature management strategies for an opposed-piston, two-stroke engine with EGR are based on control of a ratio of the mass of fresh air and external EGR delivered to a cylinder to the mass of the trapped charge (density of the delivered charge multiplied by the trapped volume at port... Agent:

20150033737 - Device and method for utilizing the waste heat of an internal combustion engine, in particular for utilizing the waste heat of a vehicle engine: The invention relates to a method and a device for utilizing waste heat of an internal combustion engine, particularly for utilizing the waste heat of a vehicle engine, comprising at least one heat exchanger to transfer the waste heat from an internal combustion engine to a working medium; at least... Agent:

20150033739 - Electricity-generating system using solar heat energy: Disclosed is an electricity-generating system using solar heat energy. The electricity-generating system concentrates solar heat during the daylight hours through a condenser lens at a collector lens, heats a heat storage medium and steam in a latent heat state through the collector lens so as to produce a sensible heat... Agent:

20150033740 - Multi-thermal storage unit systems, fluid flow control devices, and low pressure solar receivers for solar power systems, and related components and uses thereof: Inventive concentrated solar power systems using solar receivers, and related devices and methods, are generally described.... Agent: Wilson Solarpower Corporation

20150033738 - Method of extracting energy from a cavity created by mining operations: An energy-extracting mine ventilation system comprises: a ventilation unit for conditioning the intake air of a mine; a network of pipes installed in at least one cavity of the mine, the network of pipes comprising a geothermal fluid circulating therethrough wherein the network is in contact with a minefill material... Agent: The Royal Institution For The Advancement Of Learning/mcgil University

20150033741 - Turbine facility and water treatment method for heater drainage water: Provided are a turbine facility, in which iron oxide particle scale that adheres to inner surfaces of boiler tubes and impedes heat transfer can be efficiently removed from heater drainage water; and a water treatment method for heater drainage water in the turbine facility. The turbine facility includes a boiler... Agent:

20150033742 - Method for improving thermal-cycle yield in nuclear power plants: The present invention relates to a method for increasing the efficiency of electric power generation in pressurized water nuclear power plants, comprising steps of superheating a main steam and reheating the reheated steam by means of an auxiliary circuit, where the streams for the superheating and the reheating work in... Agent:

20150033743 - Fluid machine: A fluid machine (29A) including: a casing section (56) having a suction port (55) into which a working fluid that becomes a high pressure heated vapor flows; a housing section (54) having a discharge port (53); and a scroll section (51, 52) driven by the working fluid suctioned from the... Agent:

20150033744 - Fluid machine: A fluid machine (29A) including: a casing section (56) including a suction port (55); a housing section (54) including a discharge port (53); and scrolls (51, 52) driven by a working fluid suctioned from the suction port (55). In the fluid machine (29A), a bypass section (80), which includes a... Agent:

20150033745 - Laser for steam turbine system: A steam turbine system uses a laser to instantaneously vaporize water in a nozzle within a turbine. This steam is then used to rotate the turbine. Thus, the turbine system does not require an external boiler. The steam turbine system may be used in either an open system, where the... Agent: Bastian Family Holdings, Inc.

20150033746 - Heat shield with standoffs: A heat shield for a combustion chamber of a gas turbine engine is disclosed. The heat shield includes a plate portion, an inner ring, and a plurality of standoffs. The plate portion includes an annular sector shape. The inner ring extends from an inner part of the plate portion. The... Agent: Solar Turbines Incorporated

20150033747 - Convergent-divergent nozzle for a turbine engine: A turbine engine convergent-divergent nozzle including an annular central element and an annular cap arranged coaxially around the central element to co-operate with the central element to define an annular flow channel for a gas stream from the engine. Between a throat section and an ejection section of the nozzle,... Agent: Snecma

20150033748 - System and method for an oxidant heating system: A system includes an oxidant compressor and a gas turbine engine. The gas turbine engine includes a combustor section having a turbine combustor, a turbine driven by combustion products from the turbine combustor, and an exhaust gas compressor driven by the turbine. The exhaust gas compressor is configured to compress... Agent:

20150033749 - System and method of controlling combustion and emissions in gas turbine engine with exhaust gas recirculation: In one embodiment, a system includes a turbine combustor having a combustor liner disposed about a combustion chamber, a head end upstream of the combustion chamber relative to a downstream direction of a flow of combustion gases through the combustion chamber, a flow sleeve disposed at an offset about the... Agent:

20150033750 - Gas turbine system control adjustment for gas turbine shaft speed change: A power system includes a gas turbine configured to rotate a shaft to supply power to an electricity grid and a controller configured to detect a change in a speed of the shaft and to adjust a formula for controlling a fuel supplied to a combustor of the gas turbine... Agent: General Electric Company

20150033751 - System and method for a water injection system: A system includes a compressor configured to compress a gaseous stream, an exhaust gas cooler configured to cool an exhaust gas from combustion with a cooling water, and a water injection system configured to inject the cooling water from the exhaust gas cooler into at least one of a compressor... Agent:

20150033752 - Gas turbine combustion system and method of flame stabilization in such a system: A gas turbine combustion system is provided. In an embodiment, the system includes a first radial inflow swirler having first radial outer intake openings, first radial inner outlet openings and first flow passages, each first flow passage including a first angle (a) with respect to the radial direction, a second... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150033753 - Relighting a turbofan engine: The method and apparatus for in-flight relighting of a turbofan engine involve in one aspect selectively controlling an accessory drag load on one or more windmilling rotors to permit control of the windmill speed to an optimum value for relight conditions.... Agent:

20150033754 - Relighting a turbofan engine: The method and apparatus for in-flight relighting of a turbofan engine involve in one aspect selectively controlling an accessory drag load on one or more windmilling rotors to permit control of the windmill speed to an optimum value for relight conditions.... Agent:

20150033755 - Treatment of a feedstock material: The present invention relates to a method for the treatment of a feedstock material, the method comprising: (i) thermally treating a feedstock material to produce an syngas; and (ii) plasma-treating the syngas in a plasma treatment unit in the presence of additional carbon dioxide to produce a refined syngas, wherein... Agent: Advanced Plasma Power Limited

20150033756 - Gas turbine with primary and secondary lubricating oil cooler: A gas turbine including: a turbine package, a gas turbine, a ventilation system for cooling the interior of the turbine package, and a lubricating oil circuit. The lubricating oil circuit comprises a lubricating oil pump, a lubricating oil tank, a primary lubricating oil cooler, and a secondary lubricating oil cooler.... Agent:

20150033758 - Combined heat and power plant and method for operation thereof: Electrical and thermal energy is generated for at least one load by a combined heat and power plant, wherein the retrieved heat output is increased when a threshold value for a difference between a provided and retrieved heat output is exceeded.... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150033757 - System and method for a gas turbine engine sensor: A system includes a gas turbine engine that includes a combustor section having a turbine combustor that generates combustion products, a turbine section having one or more turbine stages driven by the combustion products, an exhaust section disposed downstream of the turbine section, an oxygen sensor adaptor housing disposed in... Agent:

20150033759 - Gas turbine engine component: The invention concerns a gas turbine engine component (27) comprising an outer ring (21), an inner ring (20), a plurality of circumferentially spaced elements (22) extending between the inner ring (20) and the outer ring (21), wherein an annular load transfer structure (23) extends circumferentially along an inner side of... Agent: Gkn Aerospace Sweden Ab

20150033760 - Solar assisted gas turbine system: It is an object of the present invention to provide a solar assisted gas turbine system that has a largely reduced number of heat collectors and a reduced installation area required for installation of the heat collectors. The solar assisted gas turbine system of the invention includes a gas turbine... Agent: Mitsubishi Httachi Power Systems, Ltd.

20150033761 - Heat transfer assembly and methods of assembling the same: A heat transfer assembly for controlling heat transfer of a turbine engine is provided. The turbine engine includes a housing and includes a compressor, a combustor and a turbine located within the housing. The heat transfer assembly includes a flow control device having a sidewall coupled to the turbine, the... Agent: General Electric Company

01/29/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150027100 - System for performing staging control of a multi-stage combustor: A control system is provided for performing staging control of a multi-stage combustor of a gas turbine engine. The fuel is fed to the combustor by a fuel supply system comprising: a plurality of fuel manifolds distributing fuel to respective stages of the combustor, a fuel metering valve operable to... Agent:

20150027099 - Gas turbine facility: A gas turbine facility 10 of an embodiment has a combustor 20 combusting fuel and oxidant, a turbine 28 rotated by combustion gas exhausted from the combustor 20, a heat exchanger 25 cooling the combustion gas from the turbine 28, a pipe 46 guiding a part of the combustion gas... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150027101 - Geared gas turbine engine architecture for enhanced efficiency: An example gas turbine engine includes, among other things, a geared architecture rotatably coupled to the fan drive shaft, and a high pressure compressor. The gas turbine engine is configured so that a core temperature at an exit of the high-pressure compressor is approximately in a range of about 1150... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20150027102 - Tri-propellant rocket engine for space launch applications: A tri-propellant rocket engine for space launch applications is disclosed. The tri-propellant rocket engine comprises three main assemblies: an injector, a chamber head, and a chamber.... Agent:

20150027103 - Methods and systems for humidity detection via an exhaust gas sensor: Various methods and system are described for determining ambient humidity via an exhaust gas sensor disposed in an exhaust system of an engine. In one example, a reference voltage of the sensor is modulated between a first and second voltage during non-fueling conditions of the engine. The ambient humidity is... Agent:

20150027106 - Control apparatus for operating an internal combustion engine: A method and control apparatus is disclosed for operating an internal combustion engine equipped with an after-treatment system including a catalyst. The control is configured to: perform a DeNOx regeneration event; monitor a parameter (1up) representative of an air-to-fuel ratio upstream of the catalyst and a parameter (1down) representative of... Agent:

20150027104 - Exhaust system and method for reducing particulate and no2 emissions: An exhaust system for reducing particulate and NO2 emissions from diesel engine exhaust gases. The exhaust system includes a diesel particulate filter, an inlet for receiving the exhaust gases, a first conduit for providing a first fluid connection between the inlet and the diesel particulate filter, and a second conduit... Agent: Eminox Limited

20150027107 - Nox control during engine idle-stop operations: Methods and systems are provided for improving engine exhaust emissions while enabling exhaust catalyst regeneration following an engine lean event. Prior to a VDE event, or prior to an engine idle-stop, ammonia is produced and stored on an exhaust underbody SCR catalyst. Then, during the engine restart after the VDE... Agent:

20150027105 - Scr treatment of engine exhaust gases using temperature control: The exhaust system of an internal combustion engine is periodically dosed to recharge an SCR catalyst with ammonia. If dosing is scheduled and exhaust gas temperature is too low to ensure recharging, a forced increase in exhaust gas temperature is effected for the period of dosing. A diagnostic to confirm... Agent:

20150027108 - Water-cooled dosing module: The invention relates to a dosing module (10) for metering a reducing agent into an exhaust system of an internal combustion engine. Said dosing module (10) comprises at least one cooling member (22, 24) through which a cooling fluid flows that is used to cool the internal combustion engine. An... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20150027109 - Hydraulic system including a kinetic energy storage device: A hydraulic system including hydraulic fluid, a hydraulic machine for pressuring the hydraulic fluid, a hydraulic circuit for delivering the hydraulic fluid to a hydraulic actuator, the hydraulic machine being configured to receive the hydraulic fluid from the hydraulic actuator and a kinetic energy storage device for storing energy in... Agent: Jc Bamford Excavators Limited

20150027110 - Torque converter including an elastic element preloading an axially movable turbine: A torque converter is provided. The torque converter includes an impeller; a turbine axially movable toward and away from the impeller; and a damper coupled to the turbine, the damper including an elastic element forcing the turbine against the impeller in a no pressure condition. A method of forming a... Agent:

20150027111 - Turbine shell defining a spring receiving pocket: A torque converter is provided. The torque converter includes a plurality of arc springs and a turbine shell defining a pocket receiving the plurality of arc springs. The turbine shell may further include a rounded portion supporting turbine blades, an outer radial portion extending radially from the rounded portion and... Agent:

20150027112 - Hydraulic drive system for construction machine: Pressure compensating valves not fully closing at the stroke end are employed, and upon the operators operation for the traveling, pilot primary pressure is reduced and supplied to remote control valves 34c-34h of non-travel operating devices. Thus, the inflow of the hydraulic fluid into non-travel actuators is suppressed and a... Agent:

20150027113 - Method for operating a hydraulic system and brake system: A method for operating a hydraulic system with a plurality of consumers an electrically controllable pressure supply device and an electrically actuable inlet valve, per consumer, which inlet valve is arranged between the pressure supply device and the consumer, wherein a pressure/volume relationship is predefined or determined for each consumer,... Agent:

20150027114 - Air intake apparatus for internal combustion engine: A case is connected between an outlet side of a turbocharger and an intake port of an engine. A cooling passage and a bypass passage are partitioned in the case to split intake air into two flows. A storage unit is formed in a bottom portion of the case to... Agent:

20150027115 - Interstage gas injection for multi-stage turbocharged natural gas engine: A turbocharged internal combustion engine system includes at least one high pressure turbocharger and at least one low pressure turbocharger arranged in series. A fuel source that provides fuel for gaseous fuel induction operation of the engine is connected to inject fuel between the low pressure compressor of the low... Agent: Cummins Inc.

20150027116 - Volume-controlled four-stroke reciprocating internal combustion engine and method for operating the four-stroke reciprocating internal combustion engine: The invention relates to a volume-controlled four-stroke reciprocating internal combustion engine comprising a first cylinder, in which a first piston that is operationally connected to a crankshaft via a first connecting rod, is arranged so as to be displaceable in a reciprocating motion, and at least one second cylinder, in... Agent:

20150027117 - Oil atomizer lubrication system: A lubricant delivery system for an oil consumption-type engine utilizes an atomizer to atomize lubricant obtained from a lubricant reservoir of the engine. The lubricant from the reservoir may be used to lubricate auxiliary components prior to being atomized and consumed in the combustion chamber of the engine. The atomizer... Agent:

20150027118 - System and method for determining the net output torque from a waste heat recovery system: The disclosure provides a waste heat recovery system with a system and method for calculation of the net output torque from the waste heat recovery system. The calculation uses inputs from existing pressure and speed sensors to create a virtual pump torque sensor and a virtual expander torque sensor, and... Agent:

20150027119 - Optical condenser, rotational axis setting method therefor, and heat collection apparatus and solar power generation apparatus equipped with optical condenser: Optical axis vectors indicating a direction of an optical axis of a mirror structure that directs the light from the sun at a plurality of times on a predetermined day to a condensed position are obtained for each of the plurality of times. Next, a cone having generatrices along which... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20150027120 - Unknown: t

20150027121 - Method to integrate regenerative rankine cycle into combined cycle applications: A system is disclosed that incorporates a regenerative Rankine cycle integrated with a conventional combined cycle. An added duct firing array, typically located after the combustion turbine exhaust and before the conventionally designed Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG), is used to boost enthalpy of said exhaust. An added heating element... Agent:

20150027122 - Energy storage power plant amd method for operating such a power plant: An energy storage power plant for harvesting electric energy, and suitable for converting electric energy into thermal energy is provided. The thermal energy can be temporarily stored in at least two thermal stores until demanded and retrieved to increase the energy content of water in a water circuit upon demand.... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150027123 - Machine for generating power by harnessing highly viscous fluids: A machine for generating power by harnessing highly viscous fluids with invention is a hydro-electric motor with piston like reciprocating motion, two 250 gallon tanks one on bottom and one on top hold all fluids, viscous fluids are circulated throughout the motor invention via a water pump, there is no... Agent:

20150027124 - Drive cascade system for a watercraft: A drive method is disclosed. An embodiment includes an operation of at least one drive propeller of the drive system below a first predefinable propeller rotational speed according to a first operating state by operating at least one drive motor, connected to the at least one drive propeller, of the... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150027125 - Process for harvesting, storing, and using renewable energy to propel and power boats and ships, and maximize their average speed: A boat or ship (marine vessel) can be powered and propelled by using wind or solar energy. This propulsion results in the forward movement and six degrees of motion (roll, heave, pitch, yaw, surge, and sway) of the marine vessel. These motions have kinetic energy. This invention capitalizes on the... Agent:

20150027126 - System for providing fuel to a combustor: A fuel supply system for a gas turbine combustor includes an annular duct that at least partially defines a hot gas path within the combustor. An orifice is at least partially defined by the annular duct and defines a flow path through the annular duct into the hot gas path.... Agent:

20150027127 - Combustion chamber tile of a gas turbine: The present invention relates to a combustion chamber tile of a gas turbine with a plate-like basic element which is provided with at least one effusion cooling hole extending through the basic element from a surface of one side to the other side, with the effusion cooling hole being designed,... Agent:

20150027128 - Heat-shield element for a compressor-air bypass around the combustion chamber: A heat-shield element (14), for lining a combustion-chamber wall (13), the chamber wall has a first wall (17) with a hot side (18) which can be loaded with a hot medium, a cold side (19) which lies opposite the hot side (18), and a circumferential edge (24) which extends on... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150027129 - Gas turbine with adjustable cooling air system: In order to improve the cooling of an air-cooled gas turbine in the partial load operating mode it is proposed to provide a connecting line between two cooling air lines with different pressure levels, which connecting line leads from the second cooling air line at a relative high pressure level... Agent:

20150027130 - Split ring valve: A valve includes a body with bleed ports and a ring. The ring surrounds the body and includes two adjacent ring segments. The ring is movable between an open position and a closed position, the latter of which prevents flow through the ports.... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20150027131 - Axial compressor, gas turbine with axial compressor, and its remodeling method: An axial compressor includes: a rotor as a rotational shaft; a plurality of rotor blades mounted on the rotor; a compressor casing that covers the rotor and the rotor blades; a plurality of stator vanes mounted on the compressor casing. The rotor blades and the stator vanes are each disposed... Agent:

01/22/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150020499 - Control valve control method and control device, and power generating plant utilizing same: A gas turbine plant including a gas turbine and a compressor is provided with a steam turbine plant including a steam turbine and a condenser, and, an exhaust heat recovery boiler. Steam from the exhaust heat recovery boiler is directly flown to the condenser of the steam turbine plant through... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150020497 - Gas turbine facility: A gas turbine facility 10 of an embodiment has a combustor 20 combusting fuel and oxidant, a turbine 21 rotated by combustion gas exhausted from the combustor 20, and a pipe 41 guiding a part of the combustion gas exhausted from the turbine 21 to a pipe 42 supplying the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150020500 - Micro gas turbine system havnig an annular recuperator: A micro gas turbine system (16) having an annular recuperator (24). The recuperator (24) serves to transfer heat from an exhaust stream (27) of the turbine (17) to an air stream (23) compressed by a compressor (19). Passages (1) for the exhaust stream (27) and passages (2) for the air... Agent: Babcock Borsig Steinmuller Gmbh

20150020501 - An annular combustion chamber in a turbine engine: An annular combustion chamber of a turbine engine, the chamber including inner and outer coaxial walls forming two surfaces of revolution, which are connected together upstream by an annular chamber end wall including injection systems passing therethrough, each including an injector and at least one swirler for producing a rotating... Agent: Snecma

20150020498 - Cooling cover for gas turbine damping resonator: A cover (54, 54A-B) enclosing with clearance (65) an acoustic damping resonator (24) on a working gas path liner (22) of a gas turbine component (28). The cover includes a coolant inlet chamber (56, 56B) with a top wall (58, 58B) that is closer to the liner than a top... Agent:

20150020502 - Plasma thruster and method for generating a plasma propulsion thrust: The invention, which relates to a miniaturisable plasma thruster, consists of: —igniting the plasma by microhollow cathode discharge close to the outlet and inside the means for injecting the propellant gas, said injection means being magnetic and comprising a tip at the downstream end thereof; —bringing the electrons of the... Agent:

20150020503 - Control of passive soot oxidation: A system and method for controlling passive soot oxidation in a diesel particulate filter that includes sensing the temperature of exhaust gases upstream and downstream of the diesel particulate filter. The sensed temperatures are used by a control unit to predict whether the temperature of the exhaust gas within the... Agent:

20150020504 - Exhaust flow estimation: The present technology provides systems for monitoring particulate matter buildup on a filter installed in the engine exhaust stream of a vehicle. A filter differential pressure sensor monitors a pressure differential across the filter. A downstream differential pressure sensor monitors a pressure differential across an exhaust stream outlet. A processor... Agent:

20150020506 - Method and system for the removal of noxious compounds from engine exhaust gas: Method and system for the removal of noxious compounds from lean burning engines, the method comprising in series the steps of contacting the exhaust gas with a catalyst being active in oxidation of volatile organic compounds and carbon monoxide, passing the treated exhaust gas through a particulate filter catalysed with... Agent: Haldor Tops&#xf8 E A/s

20150020505 - Method for calculating the no2 content at the inlet of a selective reduction catalyst and device for the implementation of this method: A method for the calculation of the NO2 content at the inlet of a selective catalytic reduction—SCR—device (22) of an exhaust system (4) with: an exhaust pipe (10); a tank for a reducing agent and injection elements (18); a first sensor (20) for measuring the concentration of nitrogen oxides upstream... Agent: Continental Automotive France

20150020507 - Particulate filter performance monitoring: A method for particulate filter performance monitoring in an exhaust gas treatment system is provided. The method includes monitoring a current received from a soot sensor in the exhaust gas treatment system and comparing the current to a soot sensor current threshold. Based on determining that the current is greater... Agent:

20150020508 - Trapped soot measurement: A quantity of soot trapped in a particulate filter in an engine exhaust system is calculated for use in a regeneration control strategy by drawing electric current from an electric power supply through a circuit which comprises in series an internal portion of the particulate filter and an electric impedance... Agent: International Engine Intellectual Property Company, LLC

20150020509 - Method and system for maximizing fuel efficiency of an internal combustion engine: The exemplary embodiments herein provide a system and method for maximizing the fuel efficiency of an internal combustion engine. The system includes an insert for placement in portions of an exhaust system downstream from the header but before the muffler. Inserts can also be placed within the intake system of... Agent:

20150020510 - Exhaust rain cap assembly with channel vane member: An exhaust rain cap assembly for covering the end of an exhaust conduit, the exhaust rain cap assembly including a channel vane member comprising a channel vane for attaching to the lid and stop member. The exhaust rain cap assembly may also include a counterbalance that interacts with a spacer,... Agent:

20150020511 - Method for energy recovery of hydraulic motor: A method to recover energy in a reversible hydraulic motor system during a motor reverse event is disclosed. A swashplate of a hydraulic motor is pivoted over a center position when the hydraulic motor rotates in a first direction and is due to receiving a pressurized fluid from a pump.... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20150020512 - Torque converter with turbine mass absorber: A piston plate assembly for a torque converter comprising: an aperture including a chamfer portion; and, a bushing installed in the aperture and including a radius portion proximate the chamfer portion, wherein the bushing is arranged to seal the piston directly to a transmission input shaft and the radius portion... Agent:

20150020513 - Vehicle using compressed gas, and control device therefor: A power unit that can periodically determine a leakage of a compressed gas to early discover a defect, such as a crack, and a vehicle in which the power unit is used are provided. A vehicle that runs with an air engine including a gas machinery includes a control device.... Agent:

20150020514 - Hydraulic control device of wheeled industrial vehicle: An object is to reduce a load acting on an engine upon starting up the engine such that the engine can be quickly started up to reliably feed pressure oil from a hydraulic pump to an accumulator. A hydraulic control system is provided with first accumulators (24,25) connected to a... Agent: Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

20150020515 - Drive system for ground engaging member of machine: The present disclosure is related to a drive system for a ground engaging member of a machine. The drive system includes first and second hydraulic motors that are disposed parallel to each other. The drive system also include first and second brake valves that are configured to regulate flow of... Agent: Caterpillar Global Mining LLC

20150020516 - Hydraulic circuit: A relief valve device for reducing the main circuit pressure in the hydraulic circuit including a hydraulic pump includes a first valve unit having a pilot spool and a pilot spring, a position of the pilot spool being determined by a balance between a throttle pressure supplied from the main... Agent: Bosch Rexroth Corporation

20150020517 - High-pressure hose vibration suppressor: A vibration suppressor is disclosed that is configured for use in a system having a hose under pulsating hydraulic pressure. The pulsating hydraulic pressure causes vibration of the hose at the pulsation frequency. The vibration suppressor is applied to the hose and is constructed to have a resonant frequency slightly... Agent: International Engine Intellectual Property Company ,llc

20150020518 - Gravity-buoyancy object turbine: A Gravity-Buoyancy Object Turbine (GBOT) is provided to generate kinetic energy using gravitational force and buoyancy force exist in the nature. The turbine of the invention has a gravity (air) chamber and a buoyancy (liquid) chamber, arranged side-by-side in such a way that both gravity and buoyancy exerts force directly... Agent:

20150020519 - Pulsed plasma engine and method: Pulsed plasma engine and method in which a noncombustible gas is introduced into an explosion chamber, the gas is ionized to form a plasma within the chamber, an electrical pulse is applied to the plasma to heat the plasma, the pulse is turned off to produce an explosive pressure pulse... Agent:

20150020520 - Method for calibrating analog-controlled hydraulic valves and brake system comprising an electronic control and regulating unit in which the method is carried out: A method for determining a driving characteristic of an analogized or analog-controlled hydraulic valve of a motor vehicle hydraulic brake system in which a brake pressure generated with the aid of an electrically controllable, electric-motor-driven pressure supply device, is conducted to a wheel brake via an inlet valve and can... Agent:

20150020521 - Charge air cooler housing water trap: A charge air cooler includes a cooler housing configured to couple with an intercooler core outlet and having a condensate/water trap disposed within the cooler housing. The water trap is configured to inhibit water passing through the housing outlet. The water trap is further configured to collect the water and... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150020522 - Engine system: An engine system may include a first intake line connected to an intake manifold and supplying the intake manifold disposed on a cylinder block with outside air, an intake bypass valve disposed on the first intake line, a second intake line that bypasses the first intake bypass valve to the... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150020523 - Wastegates and wastegate components: A wastegate assembly can include a plug configured to plug a wastegate opening where the plug includes a concave, at least partially spherical surface; a shaft configured for receipt by a bore in a wastegate chamber; and a rotatable arm extending from the shaft where the arm includes a convex,... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20150020524 - Aspirator and ejector system: An engine system having a flowpath between a junction upstream of a turbocharger and an intake manifold that includes an ejector and an aspirator connected in parallel relative to one another within the flowpath is disclosed. The motive flow through the ejector is in the opposite direction relative to the... Agent: DaycoIPHoldings, LLC

20150020525 - Exhaust-gas distributor: An exhaust gas distributor for an exhaust gas system of a motor vehicle internal combustion engine includes a distributor housing having a first exhaust gas path fluidically connecting a first inlet opening, associated with at least one cylinder of the internal combustion engine, to a first outlet opening associated with... Agent: Daimler Ag

20150020526 - Steam power plant with integrated solar receiver: A hybrid steam power plant is disclosed using the steam generator as a sub-construction for a solar receiver.... Agent:

20150020527 - Steam turbomachine having a bypass circuit for throttle flow capacity adjustment: A steam turbomachine includes a housing having a shell that defines a steam flow path, a first stage bowl cavity formed in the shell, a first stage including a plurality of first stage nozzles and a plurality of first stage buckets arranged downstream of the plurality of first stage nozzles,... Agent:

20150020528 - Fuel manifold and fuel injector arrangement for a combustion chamber: A fuel manifold and fuel injector arrangement for a gas turbine engine combustion chamber includes an annular combustion chamber casing arranged around the combustion chamber. Circumferentially spaced fuel injectors supply fuel into the combustion chamber and a fuel manifold supplies fuel to each of the fuel injectors. The fuel manifold... Agent:

20150020529 - Gas turbine emissions control system and method: Embodiments of the present disclosure are directed towards a system including a gas turbine engine configured to produce exhaust gas, a selective catalytic reduction system configured to produce processed exhaust gas from the exhaust gas, and a control system. The control system includes a first controller configured to regulate operation... Agent: General Electric Company

20150020530 - Gas turbine emissions control system and method: Embodiments of the present disclosure are directed towards a system including a gas turbine engine, a selective catalytic reduction system, and a control system configured to regulate operation of the selective catalytic reduction system based at least partially on preset variations in an emissions compound of exhaust gases produced by... Agent:

20150020531 - Gas turbine-heated high-temperature battery: A power plant system is provided having a high temperature battery, supplied with fluid via at least one supply line, for storing and releasing electrical energy, a gas turbine for generating electrical energy, and a heat exchanger which is designed to extract thermal energy from the exhaust stream of the... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

01/15/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150013300 - Method and apparatus for capturing carbon dioxide during combustion of carbon containing fuel: A boiler system having a series of boilers. Each boiler includes a shell having an upstream end, a downstream end, and a hollow interior. The boilers also have an oxidizer inlet entering the hollow interior adjacent the upstream end of the shell and a fuel nozzle positioned adjacent the upstream... Agent: Washington University

20150013304 - Acoustically triggered nano/micro-scale propulsion devices: Techniques, devices and systems are disclosed for implementing acoustically triggered propulsion of nano- and micro-scale structures. In one aspect, an ultrasound responsive propulsion device includes a tube that includes one or more layers including an inner layer having an electrostatic surface, and an ultrasound-responsive substance coupled to the inner layer... Agent:

20150013302 - Engine propulsion system: An engine propulsion system is configured to utilize bursts of media in order to create mechanical energy. The engine propulsion system includes at least one cannon, wherein each cannon is configured to displace the media and further includes a firing pin casing configured to accommodate a firing pin. The firing... Agent:

20150013303 - Engine propulsion system: An engine propulsion system is configured to utilize bursts of media in order to create mechanical energy. The engine propulsion system includes at least one cannon, wherein each cannon is configured to displace the media and further includes a firing pin casing configured to accommodate a firing pin. The firing... Agent:

20150013301 - Turbine engine including balanced low pressure stage count: A turbine engine includes at least a compressor section and a turbine section, each having at least a first and second portion. A ratio of turbine section second portion stages to compressor section second portion stages is less than or equal to 1.... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20150013305 - Dual-mode combustor: A new dual-mode ramjet combustor used for operation over a wide flight Mach number range is described. Subsonic combustion mode is usable to lower flight Mach numbers than current dual-mode scramjets. High speed mode is characterized by supersonic combustion in a free-jet that traverses the subsonic combustion chamber to a... Agent:

20150013306 - Hybrid gas turbine propulsion system: A hybrid aerodynamic thrust system as a prime mover for aircraft or other high-speed vehicles. An arrangement of dual thrust resources to alternately accommodate low and high airspeed regimes. Electromotive force is used in lieu of hot section power turbines to achieve engine air compression or alternately perform thrust work... Agent:

20150013307 - Turbofan jet engine: A turbofan engine includes a core engine, having a high-pressure compressor, a combustion chamber and a high-pressure turbine which are coupled to one another via a high-pressure shaft, at least one fan from which gas is supplied into both a primary flow duct and a secondary flow duct of the... Agent:

20150013309 - Ammonia storage management for scr catalyst: Various systems and methods are described for managing ammonia storage in an SCR catalyst. In one example approach, a method comprises, in response to a vehicle-off event, injecting ammonia during a final exhaust blowdown until a predetermined value of ammonia is stored in the SCR catalyst; and in response to... Agent:

20150013310 - Emission control system including an oxidation catalyst and selective catalytic reduction catalyst: An emission control system is provided. The emission control system includes an oxidation catalyst having a precious metal loading of less than 100 grams (g)/cubic foot (ft3) and a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) component positioned downstream of the oxidation catalyst operated between 150° C. and 300° C. during engine operation... Agent:

20150013312 - Method and system for regeneration in a vehicle in a consist: Methods and systems for distributing engine output among vehicles of a consist are disclosed. One example system comprises a controller including non-transitory media having instructions stored on the media and executed by the controller for adjusting distribution of engine output between at least a first engine and a second engine... Agent:

20150013311 - Method for the load dependent reduction of fuel consumption following deceleration fuel cut out: A method for controlling a motor vehicle with an internal combustion engine and a catalytic converter is disclosed. The method includes: determining an oxygen storage value, which is a dimension for oxygen stored in the catalytic converter, detecting an engine load, carrying out a part evacuation of the oxygen from... Agent:

20150013313 - Multistage plate mixer: A mixing and/or evaporating device (12) for an exhaust system (5) of an internal combustion engine (1) encloses in the circumferential direction a cross section, through which flow is possible. The device (12) has two mutually opposite long side walls (21, 22) and two mutually opposite short side walls (23,... Agent: Eberspacher Exhaust Technology Gmbh & Co. Kg

20150013314 - Controlling exhaust temperatures: An exhaust manifold cooling jacket has internal passages for the circulation of liquid coolant and encloses an exhaust manifold such that a gap is created between the exhaust manifold and cooling jacket. Flowing coolant through the jacket regulates outer jacket temperature while enabling high intra-manifold exhaust gas temperatures for thorough... Agent:

20150013315 - Delivery unit for a liquid additive with a temperature sensor, method for checking the operating state of a delivery unit and motor vehicle having a delivery unit: A delivery unit for delivering a liquid additive in a motor vehicle, includes at least one temperature sensor for contactlessly measuring a temperature at least at one measurement point in the delivery unit. The temperature sensor and the measurement point have a spacing therebetween and a radiation channel which is... Agent:

20150013316 - Cylinder head mount: A cylinder head mount comprising a base portion for mounting to a cylinder head of an engine; a bracket portion configured to receive and support an engine component; and a body portion interposed between the base portion and the bracket portion.... Agent:

20150013317 - Responsive three-dimensional surface controller: A system to generate and control a three-dimensional (3D) surface may include a surface supported by a plurality of actuating units, a control center, and a common media tank. The control center may include a movement control assembly that has a plurality of movement control unit, and each movement control... Agent: Calex LLC

20150013318 - Hydraulic pressure control device for swing motor for construction machinery: The present disclosure relates to a hydraulic pressure control device for a swing motor for construction machinery, and more particularly, to a hydraulic pressure control device for a swing motor for construction machinery, which supplements working fluid in the swing motor when a turning operation of an upper body of... Agent:

20150013319 - Hydraulic load-sensing control arrangement: A hydraulic load-sensing control arrangement for a first and second hydraulic consumer has a variable displacement pump having load-sensing regulation, to which the highest respective load-sensing pressure of consumers is reported. The first consumer has the highest load pressure in normal operation and therefore the highest load-sensing pressure dependent on... Agent:

20150013320 - Hydraulic drive system: A hydraulic cylinder causes a work implement to be lowered due to the exhaust of hydraulic fluid from a first chamber and the supply of hydraulic fluid to a second chamber. A hydraulic fluid flowpath has a first flowpath and a second flowpath. The first flowpath connects a first pump... Agent:

20150013321 - Separate hydraulic unit with cooling of oil: A separate hydraulic power pack for providing at least one user with an oil flow. The hydraulic unit includes a motor, a hydraulic pump driven by the motor, a tank, an oil inlet, an oil outlet, a heat exchanger, and a first conduit system for oil. The first conduit system... Agent: Construction Tools PC Ab

20150013323 - Circuit pressure control device, hydraulic control circuit using circuit pressure control unit, and hydraulic control circuit of construction machine: A circuit pressure control unit includes a relief valve and a variable throttle valve. The relief valve is connected to a connecting passage communicating with an actuator upstream. The variable throttle valve is disposed upstream of the relief valve and is configured to change an opening degree thereof according to... Agent: Kayaba Industry Co., Ltd.

20150013322 - Fluid pressure control device: A fluid pressure control device includes a first control valve that switches to supply a working fluid to the pressure chamber of a cylinder on which a load pressure by the load acts so as to control the extension operation of the cylinder, a second control valve that switches to... Agent:

20150013324 - Forklift hydraulic control apparatus: An outlet port of a hydraulic pump/motor and a bottom chamber of a lift cylinder are connected to each other by a hydraulic fluid passage. A hydraulic fluid passage that is connected to a hydraulic fluid tank is formed to branch off the hydraulic fluid passage. A flow control valve... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki

20150013326 - Power generating apparatus: Power generating apparatus comprising a deep liquid container having a deep liquid therein, an endless rotatable loop element at least in part in the deep liquid container, and configured to be rotated by a driver about a horizontal or substantially horizontal axis of rotation, and energy harvester associated with the... Agent:

20150013325 - Wave energy converter system: The invention is a wave energy device which optimizes energy conversion from waves with a stable submerged platform coupled to compliant chain of floats (“pods”) which are connected to the platform by piston pumps. Wave action drives pumps to deliver pressurized water to a hydro turbine coupled to an electric... Agent: Dehlsen Associates, LLC

20150013327 - Hydroelectric power system and pump: A hydroelectric power system and pump suitable for the system are disclosed which can make efficient use of the energy available in water flows with considerably variable flow rates. A simple, compact variable displacement axial piston pump can be operated so as to provide an essentially constant output pumping pressure... Agent:

20150013328 - Drive unit for a motor vehicle: A drive unit for a motor vehicle that has a combustion machine having an internal combustion engine (10) as well as an exhaust gas system via which exhaust gas can be discharged from the internal combustion engine (10), and has a cyclic device that can be used to convert the... Agent:

20150013329 - Inlet device for an aftercooler: An inlet device for an aftercooler is provided. The inlet device includes a body defining an elongated flowpath therein. The body includes a front opening disposed at a beginning of the flowpath. The body further includes a bottom opening disposed at an angle with respect to the front opening and... Agent:

20150013331 - Control apparatus for internal combustion engine: A control apparatus for an internal combustion engine of the present invention switches a steady-state characteristic that defines a relation between an engine load factor and a throttle opening degree between a high atmospheric pressure steady-state characteristic and a low atmospheric pressure steady-state characteristic in accordance with whether or not... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150013330 - System and method for variable tongue spacing in a multi-channel turbine in a charged internal combustion engine: An internal combustion engine comprising a dual flow turbocharger includes an annular support with at least one tongue-like end wherein the annular support is adjustable in a translational fashion along the turbines axis of rotation. Moving the annular support influences the degree of separation behavior of turbine channels by varying... Agent:

20150013332 - System having dual-volute axial turbine turbocharger: A turbocharger is disclosed for use with an engine system. The turbocharger may have a housing at least partially defining a compressor shroud and a turbine shroud. The turbine shroud may form a first volute and a second volute, each having an inlet configured to receive exhaust from an exhaust... Agent:

20150013333 - Heat recovery system for an internal combustion engine: A heat recovery system for an internal combustion engine may include a heat transfer device flowed through by a fluidic heat carrier for transferring the heat from a combustion exhaust gas of the internal combustion engine to the heat carrier, a heat power machine flowed through by the heat carrier... Agent:

20150013334 - Heat recovery system for an internal combustion engine: A heat recovery system for an internal combustion engine may include a heat exchanger, through which a fluid heat-transfer medium flows, for transferring heat from an exhaust gas system to the heat-transfer medium. A heat engine, through which the heat-transfer medium flows, may be included for converting the heat transferred... Agent:

20150013335 - Heat exchange device and drive unit for a motor vehicle: A heat exchange device having a first media channel for a first medium and a second media channel for a second medium is further refined in that, in at least one section of the heat exchange device, a third media channel for a transfer medium is arranged between the first... Agent:

20150013337 - Thermal transpiration generator system: A thermal transpiration generator system includes a parabolic dish, a secondary reflector receiving solar energy from the parabolic dish, and a carrier tube directing solar energy from the secondary reflector to a thermal transpiration generator. The thermal transpiration generator includes a sealed vacuum container, a horizontally disposed rotatable shaft within... Agent: Engineering Manufacturing Contractors, LLC

20150013336 - Renewable energy storage system: A solar collector (2) associated with or incorporated in a heat sink (4), such as a concrete slab, powers an organic Rankine cycle heat engine. Preferably, the working fluid can be heated by a second heat source, derived from biomass or waste incineration for example, after the heat sink (4)... Agent:

20150013338 - Device for controlling a working fluid in a closed circuit operating according to the rankine cycle, and method using said device: s

20150013339 - Mixing arrangement for mixing a fuel with a stream of oxygen containing gas: The invention relates to a mixing arrangement for mixing a fuel with a stream of oxygen containing gas flowing along an axis in an axial channel, especially in the second combustor of a gas turbine with sequential combustion. The mixing is improved and the mixing length reduced by said mixing... Agent:

20150013340 - Gas turbine engine combustor liner: A gas turbine engine variable porosity combustor liner has a laminated alloy structure. The laminated alloy structure has combustion chamber facing holes on one side and cooling plenum facing holes on a radially opposite side. The combustion chamber facing holes are in fluid communication with the cooling plenum facing holes... Agent: Rolls-royce Corporation

20150013341 - Exhaust mixer with offset lobes: An exhaust mixer for a gas turbine engine where each outer lobe has at the downstream end a circumferential offset in a direction corresponding to that of the swirl component of the flow entering the mixer. The mixer has a crest line having at least a downstream portion curved with... Agent:

20150013342 - Air flow conditioner for fuel injector of gas turbine engine: A fuel injector for a gas turbine engine is provided. The fuel injector includes a central body, an air inlet duct, a mixing duct, a swirler, and a flow conditioner. The air inlet duct and the mixing duct are positioned around the central body to define an air flow passage.... Agent:

20150013343 - Method and device for safely operating a gas turbine plant: A method and a device are disclosed for the safe operation of a gas turbine plant, whose operation is both controlled by at least one process controller, which at least triggers and/or influences operationally relevant processes of the gas turbine plant, and is also monitored by a separate protection unit... Agent:

20150013344 - Tube: The present disclosure relates generally to the field of tubes for carrying fluids. More specifically, the present disclosure relates to a tube having an oval shaped cross-section. In some embodiments, the tube with oval cross-section comprises a tube within a cavity in a gas turbine engine.... Agent:

20150013345 - Gas turbine shroud cooling: A shroud segment for a casing of gas turbine includes a body configured for attachment to the casing proximate a localized critical process location within the casing. The body has a leading edge, a trailing edge, and two side edges. The critical process location is located between the leading edge... Agent:

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