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Power plants

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04/10/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140096503 - Magnetic de-icing: An apparatus has a first member having an exposed peripheral surface and an electrically and thermally conductive portion. A circumferential array of magnets of alternating polarity are mounted for rotation about an axis relative to the first member inboard of the peripheral surface, the magnets being in sufficient proximity to... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140096504 - Compressed air energy system integrated with gas turbine: An apparatus performs a power cycle involving expansion of compressed air utilizing high pressure (HP) and low pressure (LP) air turbines located upstream of a gas turbine. The power cycle involves heating of the compressed air prior to its expansion in the HP and LP air turbines. Taking into consideration... Agent: Lightsail Energy Inc.

20140096500 - Exhaust diffuser: An exhaust diffuser includes an outer shroud and an inner shroud radially separated from the outer shroud so as to define a fluid passage between the outer shroud and the inner shroud. A strut extends between the outer shroud and the inner shroud. The strut generally includes an outer surface,... Agent: General Electric Company

20140096501 - Upturned exhaust system for rotary wing aircraft: An exhaust system for reducing infrared emissions of a rotary wing aircraft includes a manifold; an opening in the manifold, the opening configured to face upwards and away from the rotary wing aircraft; and a chimney including a wall positioned about the opening, the chimney configured to eject an emission... Agent: Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

20140096502 - Burner for a gas turbine: A burner for a gas turbine is provided. The burner has a pilot combustor, a supply module providing pilot fuel and air into a pilot combustion room enclosed by a pilot burner housing having a tapered exit throat discharging radicals and heat generated in a pilot combustion zone into a... Agent:

20140096505 - Jet propulsion boat: A deflector control portion in a jet propulsion boat causes a deflector to swing by controlling a deflector drive mechanism in response to an operation of a shift operating portion. The deflector control portion causes the deflector to move to a first trim position when the shift operating portion is... Agent: Yamaha Hatsudoki Kabushiki Kaisha

20140096506 - Jet propulsion boat: A jet propulsion boat includes a boat body, an engine, a jet propulsion mechanism, and a reverse gate. The reverse gate is arranged rearward of the jet propulsion mechanism and is configured to move to a forward movement position that allows a jet flow from the jet propulsion mechanism to... Agent: Yamaha Hatsudoki Kabushiki Kaisha

20140096507 - Bi-directional compression fan rotor for a gas turbine engine: A fan rotor has a hub, and a plurality of axial flow fan blades extending radially outwardly of the hub. A radial compressor impeller is positioned radially inwardly of the fan blades. The radial compressor impeller has an upstream inlet which extends generally in an axial direction defined by an... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140096508 - Systems and methods involving multiple torque paths for gas turbine engines: A turbofan engine includes a fan, a compressor section, a combustor in fluid communication with the compressor section, a turbine section in fluid communication with the combustor, a shaft configured to be driven by the turbine section and coupled to the compressor section through a first torque load path, and... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140096509 - Geared turbofan engine with increased bypass ratio and compressor ratio ...: A gas turbine engine is typically comprised of a fan stage, multiple compressor stages, and multiple turbine stages. These stages are made up of alternating rotating blade rows and static vane rows. The total number of blades and vanes is the airfoil count. An overall pressure ratio is greater than... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140096510 - Slotted multi-nozzle grid with integrated cooling channels: An apparatus includes a slotted multi-nozzle grid with a plate having multiple elongated slotlettes through the plate. Each of at least some of the slotlettes has a convergent input, a divergent output, and a narrower throat portion separating the convergent input and the divergent output. At least some of the... Agent: Raytheon Company

20140096511 - Method and device for operating an scr system: A method for operating a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system having a urea solution supply and an ultrasound based urea concentration sensor, the measurement signal of the urea concentration sensor being representative of a propagation time of an ultrasonic pulse along a predefined path length in a fluid of the... Agent:

20140096512 - Reducing agent tank having a sensor for determining a fill level and motor vehicle having the tank: A tank for a reducing agent includes a tank wall having an outer side and an interior at least partially delimited by the tank wall. A sensor is disposed at the tank wall and has a first electrical contact and a second electrical contact. The first electrical contact and the... Agent: Emitec Gesellschaft Fuer Emissionstechnologie Mbh

20140096513 - Super efficient regulator: A system for producing mechanical energy. In some embodiments, the system includes a first source providing a first fluid, a fluid pressurization device, a second source supplying a second fluid, a first motor, and a second motor. The fluid pressurization device draws in the first fluid from the first source... Agent: National Oilwell Varco, L.p.

20140096514 - Drain system for torque converter: A drain system for a torque converter may include a hydraulic drain path draining the oil used in the torque converter to the transmission, a hydraulic control path adapted to transmit the oil discharged out of the hydraulic pump to the hydraulic drain path, and a switch valve disposed at... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140096515 - Hydrostatic transmission: In a hydrostatic transmission (HST), a lubricating fluid passage is formed in an input shaft and has a pair of radially opposite lubricating fluid spill ports open at an outer peripheral surface of the input shaft. Both of the radially opposite lubricating fluid spill ports face a lubricated object of... Agent: Kanzaki Kokyukoki Mfg. Co., Ltd.

20140096516 - Intrinsic monitoring of shape memory alloy actuated devices: Some on-vehicle devices, such as air dams, air spoilers, and HVAC system baffles, may have movable components that are pulled from one position to another by shrinkage of a linear shape memory alloy (SMA) actuator. Upon an activation signal, the shrinkage of the SMA actuator occurs when it is resistance... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140096517 - Primary piston component for a master cylinder of a hydraulic brake system and method of operating a hydraulic brake system: A primary piston component for a master cylinder of a hydraulic brake system includes a primary piston housing and an additional piston component, which is configured to be at least partially movable into a cavity of the primary piston housing. An inner piston body extends through the cavity along a... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140096518 - Exhaust arrangement: An exhaust arrangement for an internal combustion engine. The exhaust arrangement includes a diffuser duct including a wall surface which diverges between an inlet and a first outlet. The arrangement further includes an auxiliary duct extending from a second outlet of the diffuser duct. The second diffuser duct outlet being... Agent: Rolls-royce PLC

20140096520 - Thermal energy conversion plant: A thermal energy conversion plant, wherein a pressurized liquefied working fluid gasifies in an evaporator unit located at the lower level of a closed-loop thermodynamic circuit, ascends through a widening ascending conduit to a condenser unit located at the upper level of said thermodynamic circuit, condenses and falls because gravity... Agent:

20140096519 - Thermal energy system and method for its operation: The present invention relates to a thermal energy system (1) that includes at least one exchanger module (100, 200, 300) that includes at least one heat exchanger (110a, 110b, 210a, 210b, 310a, 310b), in particular two heat exchangers, each module including at least a first circuit (140a, 140b, 240a, 240b,... Agent: Dcns

20140096521 - Driven starter pump and start sequence: Aspects of the disclosure generally provide a heat engine system with a working fluid circuit and a method for starting a turbopump disposed in the working fluid circuit. The turbopump has a main pump and may be started and ramped-up using a starter pump arranged in parallel with the main... Agent: Echogen Power Systems, LLC

20140096522 - Steam power plant with steam turbine extraction control: Provided is a power plant and a method of operating thereof. The power plant includes a boiler for heating process fluids; and a multistage first steam turbine with an outlet line that passes through the boiler. The outlet line includes an extraction line that is configured and arranged to extract... Agent: Alstom Technology Ltd

20140096523 - Compressed air energy system integrated with gas turbine: An apparatus performs a power cycle involving expansion of compressed air utilizing high pressure (HP) and low pressure (LP) air turbines located upstream of a gas turbine. The power cycle involves heating of the compressed air prior to its expansion in the HP and LP air turbines. Taking into consideration... Agent: Lightsail Energy, Inc.

20140096524 - Heat engine and heat to electricity systems and methods with working fluid mass management control: Aspects of the disclosure generally provide a heat engine system and a method for regulating a pressure and an amount of a working fluid in a working fluid circuit during a thermodynamic cycle. A mass management system may be employed to regulate the working fluid circulating throughout the working fluid... Agent: Echogen Power Systems, LLC

20140096525 - Redundant cooling for fluid cooled systems: A fluid cooled system includes a first heat generating component. A first airflow pathway directs a first flow of air across a first heat exchanger. A second airflow pathway directs a second flow of air across a second heat exchanger. A first working fluid is flowed from the first heat... Agent:

20140096526 - System for operating a combustor of a gas turbine: An end cover for a gas turbine combustor includes a main body configured to connect to a casing that at least partially surrounds a portion of the gas turbine. A fuel circuit extends within the main body of the end cover. An orifice extends through the main body. The orifice... Agent: General Electric Company

20140096527 - Gas turbine engine combustor liner: A liner for a combustor of a turbine engine includes a cooling feature which projects from a backside and an effusion hole that communicates through the liner... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140096528 - Cooling for combustor liners with accelerating channels: A combustor liner which reduces cooling flow to a combustion chamber and augments pressure drop split between impingement holes and effusion holes is disclosed. The combustor liner may further include accelerating channels, trip strips, pedestals, and cone-shaped effusion holes to provide further cooling of the liner. The combustor liner may... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140096530 - Air management arrangement for a late lean injection combustor system and method of routing an airflow: An air management arrangement for a late lean injection combustor system includes a combustor liner defining a combustor chamber. Also included is a sleeve surrounding at least a portion of the combustor liner, the combustor liner and the sleeve defining a cooling annulus for routing a cooling airflow from proximate... Agent: General Electric Company

20140096531 - Compressed air energy system integrated with gas turbine: An apparatus performs a power cycle involving expansion of compressed air utilizing high pressure (HP) and low pressure (LP) air turbines located upstream of a gas turbine. The power cycle involves heating of the compressed air prior to its expansion in the HP and LP air turbines. Taking into consideration... Agent:

20140096529 - System and method for fuel and steam injection within a combustor: A system includes a gas turbine combustor configured to combust a fuel and an oxidant, such as O2 and O2 mixtures. The system also includes an aerodynamic peg disposed in the gas turbine combustor. The aerodynamic peg includes a first passage configured to convey a first fluid into the gas... Agent: General Electric Company

20140096532 - System and method for urea decomposition to ammonia in a side stream for selective catalytic reduction: A method for reducing NOx emissions in the exhaust of a combined cycle gas turbine equipped with a heat recovery boiler and a catalyst effective for NOx reduction, wherein a slip stream of hot flowing exhaust gases is withdrawn from the primary gas flow after the catalyst at a temperature... Agent:

20140096533 - Bearing chamber venting system for an aircraft engine and method for providing a required pressure ratio at bearing chamber seals of an air-sealed bearing chamber: A bearing chamber venting system for an aircraft engine includes at least one bearing chamber air-sealed by sealing air via bearing chamber seals, a vent line connected to the bearing chamber, via which an oil/air mixture present in the bearing chamber is vented out, and an oil separator connected to... Agent: Rolls-royce Deutschland Ltd & Co Kg

20140096534 - Low profile compressor bleed air-oil coolers: An air-oil cooler (AOC) for a gas turbine engine is disclosed. The AOC may comprise an oil inlet, an oil outlet, and heat exchange elements between the oil inlet and the oil outlet. The AOC may be longitudinally positioned between a fan and a V-groove of the engine and radially... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140096535 - Gas turbine system with reheat spray control: The present application provides a gas turbine system. The gas turbine system may include a gas turbine engine producing a flow of exhaust gases, a heat recovery steam generator with a reheater and an evaporator in communication with the flow of exhaust gases, and a gas flow control system for... Agent: General Electric Company

20140096536 - Bleed air slot: A disclosed gas turbine engine includes a case for a case for a compressor section including a bleed air slot. The bleed air slot includes an inlet having a first area radially inward of an outlet having a second area with the second area being greater than the first area.... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140096537 - Thin metal duct damper: A damper for damping vibration of a structural member of a gas turbine engine is disclosed. The damper may include a first metal mesh pad which abuts an outer circumferential surface of the structural member, and a garter spring which abuts the first metal mesh pad. Both the metal mesh... Agent: Pratt & Whitney

20140096538 - Platform cooling of a turbine blade assembly: A turbine blade generally includes a platform having a pressure side, a suction side, a leading edge, a trailing edge, a pressure side slash face and a suction side slash face. A platform cooling circuit extends within the platform. The platform cooling circuit may extend from the suction side of... Agent: General Electric Company

04/03/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140090352 - Sealing system for a continuous feed system of a gasifier: A modular power generation system including a gasification reactor is disclosed for converting fuel, such as, but not limited to, biomass, to syngas to replace petroleum based fuels used in power generation. The system may include a reactor vessel with distinct reaction zones that facilitate greater control and a more... Agent: Adaptivearc, Inc.

20140090355 - Reduced trim flow gas turbine engine oil system: A disclosed lubrication system for a gas turbine engine includes a primary passage defining a flow path for lubricant to a gas turbine engine and a bypass passage defining a flow path for lubricant around the gas turbine engine. The lubrication system further includes a primary lubrication pump including a... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140090356 - Heat recovery steam generator and power plant: A heat recovery steam generator has a plurality of heat exchangers, including superheaters 28, 30, an evaporator 32 and an economizer 34, disposed in a duct 27 along the flow direction of an exhaust gas 25 from a gas turbine 14, and generates steam by utilizing the exhaust gas 25... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140090353 - Systems and methods for determining a target exhaust temperature for a gas turbine: Embodiments of the invention can provide systems and methods for determining a target exhaust temperature for gas turbines. In one embodiment of the disclosure, there is disclosed a method for determining a target exhaust temperature for a gas turbine. The method can include determining a target exhaust temperature based at... Agent: General Electric Company

20140090354 - Turbine exhaust plume mitigation system: Various embodiments include an exhaust plume mitigation system for a turbine and systems incorporating the exhaust plume mitigation system. In some embodiments, the exhaust plume mitigation system includes: a first conduit fluidly connecting a compressor to an exhaust chamber of the turbine; a first control valve operably connected with the... Agent: General Electric Company

20140090357 - Hall-effect thruster: A Hall effect thruster includes at least one tank of gas under high pressure, a pressure regulator module, a gas flow rate control device, an ionization channel, a cathode placed in a vicinity of an outlet from the ionization channel, an anode associated with the ionization channel, an electrical power... Agent: Snecma

20140090359 - Mixer that performs reciprocating rotary motion for a confluent-flow nozzle of a turbine engine, and a method of controlling it: The invention provides a mixer for a confluent-flow nozzle of a turbine engine, the mixer comprising an annular cap designed to be centered on a longitudinal axis of the nozzle and having a stationary upstream portion and a downstream portion that is movable in rotation about the longitudinal axis relative... Agent: Snecma

20140090358 - Replaceable thrust generating structures attached to an air vehicle: A replaceable thrust generating structure for an air vehicle, which includes one or more mounts, which are attachable to the air vehicle, and a thrust generating structure attached to each of the one or more mounts, and wherein the thrust generating structure includes an NMSET element.... Agent: Game Changers, LLC

20140090361 - Emission control with a particulate matter sensor: A method for controlling a particulate matter sensor heater is provided. The method includes operating the heater to burn-off soot accumulated on the sensor; and adjusting the heater level based on sensor output generated during the heater operation. In this way, improved heater control can be achieved using the sensor... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140090362 - Method for regenerating nox storage catalytic converters of diesel engines with low-pressure egr: The invention relates to a method for regenerating nitrogen oxide storage catalytic converters and to a correspondingly adapted exhaust-gas purification system for lean-burn engines. In particular, the present invention relates to the regeneration of nitrogen oxide storage catalytic converters during special driving situations of the vehicle.... Agent: Umicore Ag & Co. Kg

20140090360 - Techniques for raising exhaust temperatures: One embodiment is a unique strategy for raising exhaust temperatures which includes deactivating a first group of cylinders while maintaining a second group of cylinders in a combustion mode and injecting fuel into each of one of the second group of cylinders not earlier than 2 degrees before top dead... Agent: Cummins Inc.

20140090363 - Heater control device of oxygen concentration sensor: The heater control device includes a model temperature calculation section that calculates model temperature around the oxygen concentration sensor, a heat amount integration section that calculates an integrated heat amount by integrating the amount of heat passing through an installation position of the oxygen concentration sensor, an energization instruction section... Agent: Bosch Corporation

20140090364 - Exhaust gas treatment device for use near an engine and motor vehicle having the device: An exhaust gas treatment device includes at least a housing and a second exhaust gas treatment unit which is disposed at a distance from the housing and extends into the housing. The housing has an opening that is disposed laterally relative to the second exhaust gas treatment unit and extends... Agent: Emitec Geselleschaft Fuer Emissionstechnologie Mbh

20140090365 - Apparatus and method for converting movement into energy: Apparatus for converting movement into energy, comprising a buoyant or floating body fully (1,9,11) submerged in a fluid medium. The buoyant body is supported in the fluid by a buoyancy or similar force acting in a first direction. A connecting or mooring line connects the buoyant body (1,9,11) to a... Agent: Mathclick Limited

20140090366 - Generator: A generator includes: a housing defining a chamber; a fan in fluid communication with the chamber, wherein the fan is oriented to draw a partial vacuum in the chamber; a pipe including a first opening and a second opening, wherein the first opening is in fluid communication with the chamber... Agent:

20140090367 - Power regeneration device for operating machine: A power regeneration device for an operating machine has a hydraulic cylinder and a return line through which fluid returning to a tank flows when the hydraulic cylinder contracts. The return line branches into a plurality of hydraulic lines through a branching part and includes a regeneration line that which... Agent: Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

20140090368 - Hydraulic system for construction machinery: A hydraulic system for a construction machine is disclosed, which can prevent off-course travel of the machine when a combined operation of a traveling device and a working device such as a boom is performed. The hydraulic system for a construction machine includes first and second hydraulic pumps, left and... Agent: Volvo Construction Equipment Ab

20140090369 - Hydraulic drive device for working machine: A hydraulic drive device for a hydraulic excavator, includes: a first hydraulic pump; a first boom directional control valve and a second arm directional control valve which are connected in parallel to the first pump; a second hydraulic pump; and a second boom directional control valve and a first arm... Agent: Hitachi Contruction Machinery Co., Ltd.

20140090370 - Actuator: An actuator having a housing, a connecting element, a shape memory element which changes shape when heated, a heating element and a heat conducting element. The shape memory element is configured in substantially elongate form and is arranged in the housing such that it displaces the connecting element when it... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140090371 - Electric motor-driven booster: An electric motor is controlled according to an operation of a brake pedal connected to an input rod to drive a ball-screw mechanism through a transmission mechanism, thereby propelling a primary piston and a subpiston to generate brake hydraulic pressure in a master cylinder. The brake hydraulic pressure in the... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

20140090372 - Method for operating a compressor: A method for operating a compressor, which supplies an internal combustion engine that is assigned to the compressor at its output end with air compressed to a boost pressure, in which the boost pressure is reducible by releasing the compressed air at least partially via a pressure release valve. The... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140090373 - Artificial aspiration methods and systems for increasing engine efficiency: Artificial aspiration methods and systems for increasing engine efficiency and or power. The methods include determining an engine operation status, determining an artificial aspiration goal value based on the engine operating status, determining an artificial aspiration system configuration based on the artificial aspiration goal value and the engine operating status,... Agent:

20140090374 - Exhaust aftertreatment system and method: An engine exhaust gas treatment system includes an oxidation catalyst, a NOX adsorber, and a turbine. The oxidation catalyst and the NOX adsorber are fluidly connected to an exhaust manifold of the engine. The turbine is fluidly connected to, and downstream of the oxidation catalyst and the NOx adsorber.... Agent: Caterpollar Inc.

20140090375 - Cooling structure of bearing housing for turbocharger: It is intended to provide a cooling structure for a bearing housing for a turbocharger, the cooling structure being configured so that the cooling structure is manufactured with improved productivity, the occurrence of heat soak-back is reduced, and the cooling structure has improved cooling performance. The cooling structure is configured... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20140090376 - Organic rankine cycle for mechanical drive applications: A combined thermodynamic system for the production of mechanical power. The system comprises a gas turbine and a turbomachinery driven by the gas turbine. The system further comprises a thermodynamic organic Rankine cycle with a turboexpander. A heat transfer arrangement transfers heat from exhaust combustion gases of the gas turbine... Agent: Nuovo Pignone Srl

20140090377 - Nuclear-fossil fueled hybrid power generation system: An electric generating system employing a nuclear reactor to heat feedwater prior to fossil fueled boiler and superheater sections to economically produce electricity with reduced greenhouse gas and other polluting emissions... Agent:

20140090378 - Control system for matching the output of a steam turbine to a changed load: The invention relates to a control system for matching the output of a steam turbine (2) to a changed load, in particular for the short-term matching of the output of a power plant steam turbine (2) to changed network loads within the context of primary control. The control system according... Agent: Steag New Energies Gmbh

20140090379 - Exhaust gas diverter and collection system for ocean going vessels: An exhaust gas collection system for capturing the exhaust gas emitted by auxiliary engines, auxiliary boilers and other sources on an Ocean Going Vessel (OGV) while at berth or at anchor, so that these gases may be carried to an emissions treatment system for removal of air pollutants and greenhouse... Agent:

20140090380 - Endwall controuring: An airfoil array is disclosed. The airfoil array may include an endwall, and a plurality of airfoils radially projecting from the endwall. Each airfoil may have a first side and an opposite second side extending axially in chord between a leading edge and a trailing edge. The airfoils may be... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140090382 - Annular combustion chamber for a turbine engine: An annular combustion chamber for a turbine engine, the chamber including an annular row of fuel injectors including heads engaged in fuel injection systems mounted in openings in the chamber end wall, each injector head including at least one fuel-passing helical channel for causing fuel to rotate about the longitudinal... Agent: Snecma

20140090381 - Injection device for a combustion chamber of a turbine engine: A fuel injection device (110) for a turbine engine, the device comprising a pilot injector opening out into a venturi (120) and an annular row of multipoint injection orifices (136) opening out axially in a downstream direction and radially outside the venturi, the venturi being connected at its downstream end... Agent: Snecma

20140090383 - Method of casting parts using heat reservoir, gating used by such method, and casting made thereby: A casting, mold and method for producing a casting are disclosed. The casting may have an area of small thermal mass and an area of large thermal mass. The method may comprise providing a casting having a work product and an appendage engaged to, and suspended over, the work product... Agent:

20140090384 - Gas turbine engine cooling hole with circular exit geometry: A gas turbine engine component includes a structure having an exterior surface. A cooling hole extends from a cooling passage to the exterior surface to provide an exit area on the exterior surface that is substantially circular in shape. A gas turbine engine includes a compressor section and a turbine... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140090385 - System and method for swirl flow generation: A system includes a turbine combustor containing a first wall portion disposed about a combustion zone, a second wall portion disposed about the first wall portion, and a plurality of vanes disposed within an annulus between the first and second wall portions. The plurality of vanes is configured to swirl... Agent: General Electric Company

20140090391 - Combuster with radial fuel injection: A combustor for a gas turbine engine includes an forward fuel injection system in communication with a combustion chamber and a downstream fuel injection system that communicates with the combustion chamber downstream of the forward fuel injection system.... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140090390 - Flamesheet combustor dome: The present invention discloses a novel apparatus and way for controlling a velocity of a fuel-air mixture entering a gas turbine combustion system. The apparatus comprises a hemispherical dome assembly which directs a fuel-air mixture along a portion of the outer wall of a combustion liner and turns the fuel-air... Agent:

20140090387 - Fuel heating system for a power plant and method of heating fuel: A fuel heating system for a power plant includes an exhaust structure having an interior region for receiving an exhaust gas therein. Also included is a fluid injection arrangement comprising a first fluid duct for transferring a fluid, the first fluid duct extending at least partially throughout the interior region... Agent: General Electric Company

20140090386 - Geared turbofan with fan and core mounted accessory gearboxes: A disclosed accessory drive system provides for the reduction in the overall diameter of the outer nacelle by splitting the number of accessory components between a first gear box mounted within the outer nacelle and a second gearbox mounted to the core engine. The first gear box mounted to the... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140090388 - Off-take power ratio: An example method of allocating power within a gas turbine engine includes driving an off-take power delivery assembly using a first amount of power from a spool, the first amount of power corresponding to an off-take power requirement of a gas turbine engine; and driving the spool of the gas... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140090389 - Variable length combustor dome extension for improved operability: The present invention discloses a novel apparatus and method for operating a gas turbine combustor having a structural configuration proximate a pilot region of the combustor which seeks to minimize the onset of thermo acoustic dynamics. The pilot region of the combustor includes a generally cylindrical extension having an outlet... Agent:

20140090392 - Model based fuel-air ratio control: A gas turbine engine comprises a compressor, a combustor, a turbine, and an electronic engine control system. The compressor, combustor, and turbine are arranged in flow series. The electronic engine control system is configured to estimate combustor fuel-air ratio based on a realtime model-based estimate of combustor airflow, and commands... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140090396 - Combustor with radially staged premixed pilot for improved: The present invention discloses a novel apparatus and method for a mixing fuel and air in a gas turbine combustion system. The mixer helps to mix fuel and air while being able to selectively increase the fuel flow to a shear to a shear layer of a pilot flame in... Agent:

20140090394 - Flow modifier for combustor fuel nozzle tip: A fuel injector nozzle assembly includes a body extending along an axis and a core swirl plug positioned at least partially within the body. The core swirl plug has a flow modifying structure configured to swirl fuel at a location upstream from a distal end of the nozzle assembly.... Agent:

20140090395 - Gas turbine engine: A cooling system for a gas turbine engine (10). The system is comprises a fuel air heat exchanger (78) comprising a fuel passage (80) in thermal contact with an engine cooling air passage (82). The system further comprises a fuel deoxygenator (72) located upstream of the fuel air heat exchanger... Agent: Rolls-royce PLC

20140090393 - Minimum pressure and shutoff valve: An apparatus and method for controlling a pressure drop of a fluid is disclosed. A sleeve includes a plurality of flow passages in a wall of the sleeve. A member slides relative to the sleeve to reveal at least a portion of the plurality of flow passages to control flow... Agent:

20140090397 - Bleed tube attachment: An anti-vortex assembly for a gas turbine engine includes a support ring including a seat surrounding an opening and a bleed tube including a base with a bearing face sealing against the seat. A retaining ring is mounted within the support ring and engages the base of the bleed air... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140090398 - Flexible connection between a wall and a case of a turbine engine: A wall assembly includes a wall that extends axially along a centerline, and circumferentially at least partially around the centerline. The wall assembly also includes a plurality of mounting brackets arranged circumferentially around the centerline, and a plurality of wall brackets. Each of the mounting brackets includes a groove that... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140090399 - Panel support hanger for a turbine engine: A support hanger is provided for a turbine engine. The support hanger includes a pin with a pin head, a retainer and a flexible seal. The retainer is pivotally connected to the pin head. The retainer includes a seal bearing surface facing towards the pin head. The seal includes a... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140090400 - Variable flow divider mechanism for a multi-stage combustor: The present invention discloses a novel apparatus and way for altering the airflow to a gas turbine combustion system. The apparatus comprises a flow divider mechanism which splits the airflow surrounding a combustion liner into two distinct portions, one directed towards a pilot and one directed towards a main stage... Agent:

20140090401 - Endwall controuring: An airfoil array is disclosed. The airfoil array may include an endwall, and a plurality of airfoils radially projecting from the endwall. Each airfoil may have a first side and an opposite second side extending axially in chord between a leading edge and a trailing edge. The airfoil array may... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140090402 - Combustor bulkhead assembly: A heat shield is disclosed. The heat shield may comprise a body having a back surface and an opposite front surface, wherein an opening in the body communicates through the front and back surfaces. The heat shield may further comprise at least one radial rail disposed on the back surface... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

03/27/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140083076 - Gas turbine engine with geared turbofan and oil thermal management system: A lubricant supply system for a gas turbine engine has a lubricant lube pump delivering lubricant to an outlet line. The outlet line is split into at least a hot line and into a cool line, with the hot line directed primarily to locations associated with an engine that are... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140083078 - Method and system for controlling co2 emissions: A system, including a turbine fluid supply system, including a fuel supply assembly, including a first fuel supply configured to supply a first fuel to a gas turbine engine; and a second fuel supply configured to supply a second fuel to the gas turbine engine, wherein the first fuel has... Agent: General Electric Company

20140083077 - Environmentally sealed combustion powered linear actuator: A combustion powered linear actuator features an actuator body having a first chamber therein and a power piston mounted in the first chamber movable between retracted and extended positions. The power piston has a combustion chamber therein. A first seal about the piston seals the piston with respect to the... Agent: Boston Dynamics, Inc.

20140083080 - Diode electrical ground for fan blades: A rotor has a rotor body with at least one slot receiving a blade. The blade has an outer surface, at least at some areas, formed of a first material and having an airfoil extending from a dovetail. The dovetail is received in the slot. A diode is in contact... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140083079 - Geared turbofan primary and secondary nozzle integration geometry: A disclosed example geared turbofan engine includes a fan section including a plurality of fan blades rotatable about an axis and a core engine section defined about an engine axis. The core engine section includes a primary nozzle including a primary outer diameter at a primary nozzle trailing edge and... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140083081 - Rocket engine systems: The present invention relates to improved rocket engine systems. In one embodiment, an improved rocket engine system includes a propellant source, at least one power source, at least one power source motor, a rocket engine, and at least one pump. The improved rocket engine system may further include at least... Agent:

20140083083 - Method for controlling the nox concentration in the exhaust gas of an internal combustion engine: In a method for controlling the NOx concentration in the exhaust gas of an internal combustion engine in which an NOx control deviation is calculated from an actual NOx value and a desired NOx value, a control value is calculated based on the NOx control deviation via an NOx controller... Agent: Mtu Friedrichshafen Gmbh

20140083082 - Method for regenerating a nitrogen oxide storage catalytic converter and a device for this purpose: Methods for regenerating a nitrogen oxide storage catalytic converter which is monitored to ensure that it exhibits a sufficient operating temperature for its regeneration, and a regeneration occurs at a point in time in which a flow rate (v) of an exhaust flow through the nitrogen oxide storage catalytic converter... Agent:

20140083084 - Engine system: To provide a configuration that can discharge condensed water remaining in an exhaust gas passage in an engine in which a catalyst is placed in the exhaust gas passage. An engine system (100) is an engine system having an engine (10) in which a catalyst (6) is placed in an... Agent: Yanmar Co., Ltd.

20140083086 - Gerotor pump, a gerotor motor and a gerotor transmission system: A gerotor pump (1) comprising; a housing (2) which comprises a first and a second supply socket (18a, 18b; 19a, 19b), an inner rotor (4); and an outer rotor (5) rotatably located relative the housing (2); wherein the inner rotor (4) is located within the outer rotor (5), and lobes... Agent: Volvo Car Company

20140083085 - Hydraulic drive and hydraulically operable working tool: A hydraulic control, for example of a hydraulically operable working tool, includes a hydroconsumer that can be acted upon against a permanent force via a pressure source, and a switching valve with working power/pressure control function reacting against a spring force depending on a pressure and/or through flow volume. The... Agent: Hawe Hydraulik Se

20140083089 - Energy management system for machinery performing a predictable work cycle: Industrial machines and methods of operating the same. One industrial machine includes at least one controller that is configured to (1) detect an occurrence of a regenerative work cycle segment within a repetitive work cycle performed by the industrial machine and including a plurality of work cycle segments and (2)... Agent:

20140083087 - Hydraulic tank pressurization system: A closed loop hydraulic system includes a hydraulic tank, a hydraulic power source, and an air pump. The hydraulic power source is in fluidly coupled to the hydraulic tank to draw the hydraulic fluid from the hydraulic tank. The air pump is in fluid communication with an air space in... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20140083088 - Method and system for compensation of an insufficient pressure buildup in the braking system of a vehicle: A method is described for compensation of an insufficient pressure buildup in the braking system of a vehicle in the event of a failure or malfunction of a brake booster for brake force support when an actuating element of the braking system is actuated, the compensation occurring with the aid... Agent:

20140083091 - Assembly of air and pneumatic devices: The subject of the present invention is an assembly of air and pneumatic devices, especially a high power unit, intended for power generation. The invention consists in that the assembly is preferably made up of three columns consisting of segments arranged coaxially, connected with rigid connecting bars. The stators of... Agent:

20140083090 - Sea-wave power generation plant: A sea-wave power generation plant including a turbine having an inlet opening and an outlet opening; a rig; and an axially extending pump unit. The stationary body is connected to the rig. The pump unit includes an axially extending stationary body, a diaphragm connected to the stationary body, and a... Agent:

20140083092 - Hydraulic circuit for construction equipment: A hydraulic circuit for construction equipment is provided, which supplements hydraulic fluid of a hydraulic pump for a cooling fan and hydraulic fluid of a main hydraulic pump and uses the supplemented hydraulic fluid as a hydraulic source of a RCV in order to supply signal pressure to a control... Agent: Volvo Construction Equipment Ab

20140083093 - Vehicle height adjusting device for motorcycle: An object of the present invention is to reduce current consumption for switching and holding an actuation position of an electromagnetic change-over valve included in a vehicle height adjusting device for a motorcycle and to surely hold the actuation position. In a rear-wheel side vehicle height adjusting device for a... Agent: Showa Corporation

20140083094 - Implementing microscale thermoacoustic heat and power control for processors and 3d chipstacks: A method and apparatus are provided for implementing microscale thermoacoustic heat and power control for processors and three dimensional (3D) chip stacks. A thermoacoustic heat engine is integrated with a 3D chip-stack and high power processors. The thermoacoustic heat engine is used in cooperation with a heat sink associated with... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140083095 - Thermal energy harvesting device: A thermal energy harvesting device includes a rotatable shaft and a shape memory alloy element secured to rotatable shaft. The shape memory alloy element is adapted to undergo a shape memory effect upon reaching a transition temperature, which causes rotation of the rotatable shaft. The rotatable shaft may be operatively... Agent: The University Of Akron

20140083096 - Method and apparatus for controlling turbine efficiency: A method of controlling turbine efficiency in a turbo unit provided on an internal combustion engine includes providing a flow of gas in an area upstream a turbine at a direction different to the flow of exhaust gases in the same area, regulating the flow by a valve, and controlling... Agent: Volvo Lastvagnar Ab

20140083097 - Concentrated solar tower assembly and method: A concentrated solar tower assembly includes a hollow tower structure defining lower and upper portions. The lower portion includes a closable opening region for configuring a closable opening, and the upper portion includes a top gird having inner and outer top grids. The assembly further includes a solar receiver steam... Agent: Alstom Technology Ltd.

20140083098 - Modular power infrastructure network, and associated systems and methods: Disclosed illustrative embodiments include modular power infrastructure networks, distributed electrical power infrastructure networks, methods for operating a modular power infrastructure network, and methods for fabricating a modular power infrastructure network.... Agent:

20140083099 - Multi-stage high pressure compressor case: A compressor case assembly according to an exemplary embodiment of this disclosure, among other possible things, includes a case. A plurality of vane stages circumscribe an interior of the case. Each of the plurality of vane stages include a vane guide and at least one window for inserting a respective... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140083102 - Gas turbine combustor: The combustor has at least one premixing burners for premixing fuel with air and jetting the mixed gas into a chamber for combustion. A cylindrical guide attached to an outer circumferential portion of an end face of the burner is provided with air supply holes. An interval D1 defined between... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20140083100 - Gas turbine engine combustor: A swirler assembly for a gas turbine engine includes an outer annular injector which at least partially surrounds an inner injector.... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140083101 - Gas turbine engine preswirler with angled holes: A gas turbine engine preswirler (470) includes an outer ring (471) and an inner ring (472). The inner ring (472) includes a plurality of angled holes (490). Each angled hole (490) follows a vector which is angled in at least one plane. A component of the vector is located on... Agent: Solar Turbines Incorporated

20140083103 - Gas turbine asymmetric nozzle guide vanes: A gas turbine engine includes a multiple of Nozzle Guide Vanes (NGVs) arranged asymmetrically and a multiple of NGVs clocked with respect to the multiple of fuel nozzles around a 360 degree circumference.... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140083104 - Stroke transmitter for gas turbine: A stroke transmitter is presented. The stroke transmitter includes a conduit for providing a passage to a fluid, an actuating unit for increasing pressure in an hydraulic fluid, a valve unit configured to operate depending on the pressure of the hydraulic fluid, the valve unit arranged inside the conduit to... Agent:

20140083105 - Gas turbine combustor: An annular type gas turbine combustor having a plurality of fuel nozzle assemblies (10) on a circumference includes a pilot nozzle unit (12) for spraying a fuel for diffusive combustion from a pilot outer peripheral nozzle (34) into a combustion chamber (8), a main nozzle unit (14) provided so as... Agent: Kawasaki Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140083106 - Heat exchanger systems and methods for controlling airflow cooling: Heat exchanger systems and methods for controlling airflow cooling are provided. One system includes a bypass pre-cooler having a housing, an inlet configured to receive core engine airflow into the housing from one or more aircraft ducts, a heat exchanger within the housing and a bypass section within the housing... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140083108 - Method for controlling cooling system of gas turbine, control device performing the same, and gas turbine plant comprising the control device: A gas turbine cooling system of the present invention includes a cooler that cools compressed air extracted from an air compressor to make cooling air, a cooling air compressor that supplies the cooling air to a combustion liner of a combustor, and an IGV that regulates a flow rate of... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20140083107 - Method for setting a gear ratio of a fan drive gear system of a gas turbine engine: A gas turbine engine according to an exemplary aspect of the present disclosure includes, among other things, a fan section including a fan rotatable about an axis and a speed reduction device in communication with the fan. The speed reduction device includes a star drive gear system with a star... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140083109 - Systems and methods for carbon dioxide capture in low emission combined turbine systems: Systems, methods, and apparatus are provided for generating power in combined low emission turbine systems and capturing and recovering carbon dioxide from the exhaust. In one or more embodiments, the exhaust from multiple turbine systems is combined, cooled, compressed, and separated to yield a carbon dioxide-containing effluent stream and a... Agent:

20140083110 - Seal for fuel distribution plate: A fuel flow passes through a micromixer section of a gas turbine that includes a plurality of mixing tubes for transporting a fuel/air mixture and a distribution plate including a plurality of distribution holes and a plurality of tube holes for accommodating the mixing tubes. Each of the mixing tubes... Agent: General Electric Company

20140083111 - Gas turbine asymmetric fuel nozzle combustor: A combustor of a gas turbine engine includes a multiple of fuel nozzles arranged asymmetrically... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140083112 - Cooled combustor liner grommet: A combustor liner grommet is disclosed. The grommet may include a peripheral wall defining a hole in a combustor liner and further including at least one cooling air flow channel. The cooling air flow channel in the grommet wall may be a slot or a hole. The channel may increase... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140083113 - Flow control tab for turbine section flow cavity: Flow control tabs for turbine sections are provided. The turbine section includes a stator assembly and a rotor assembly. The rotor assembly includes a bucket, the bucket having a shank. The rotor assembly and the stator assembly are spaced apart along a longitudinal axis and defining a flow cavity therebetween... Agent: General Electric Company

20140083115 - Article with dielectric mirror coating system: An article includes a substrate having a surface arranged to receive radiation. A thermal barrier coating system is disposed on the surface and includes a ceramic-based coating. A dielectric mirror coating system is disposed on the ceramic-based coating such that the ceramic-based coating is located between the dielectric mirror coating... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140083116 - Gas turbine engine components with blade tip cooling: A turbine rotor blade for a turbine section of an engine is provided. The rotor blade includes a platform and an airfoil extending from the platform into a mainstream gas path of the turbine section. The airfoil includes a pressure side wall, a suction side wall joined to the pressure... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140083114 - Turbine blade root profile: A turbine blade for a gas turbine engine includes an airfoil that extends in a first radial direction from a platform. A root extends from the platform in a second radial direction and has opposing lateral sides that provide a firtree-shaped contour. The contour includes first, second and third lobes... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

03/20/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140075916 - Method and device for supplying a lubricant: A device and method feeding turbomachines with lubricant, the turbomachine including a first set of bearings and a second set of bearings. Both the first and the second sets of bearings are fed with lubricant, and the second set of bearings operate at a temperature higher than the first set.... Agent: Turbomeca

20140075917 - Fault tolerant control system for distributed micro-thrusters: A control system for controlling the operation of a plurality of micro thrusters arranged in a plurality of parallel horizontal rows and a plurality of parallel vertical columns, the control system requires a power source, a first plurality of power lines connected to the power source and coupled to at... Agent: Game Changers, LLC

20140075918 - Nacelle leading edge electrical latching system: A nacelle structure for a gas turbine engine includes an outer nacelle surrounding a fan section and defining an outer boundary of a bypass flow passage and an inner nacelle surrounding a core engine section and defining an inner boundary of the bypass flow passage. A panel of the inner... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140075919 - Tec mixer with variable thicknesses: A mixer of a bypass turbine aeroengine according to one embodiment, includes circumferential inner and outer flow surfaces in a wavy configuration to form a plurality of lobes of the mixer. The mixer has an upstream end portion of sheet metal with a first thickness and a downstream end portion... Agent: Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp.

20140075920 - Method and apparatus for treating exhaust gas: A method for treating exhaust gas is provided, which includes measuring SO3 concentration in the exhaust gas which contains at least SO2 and SO3 by using an SO3 gas analyzer; injecting fine particles into the exhaust gas after the step of measuring; cooling the exhaust gas after the step of... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20140075921 - Power system for controlling phosphorus aging: A method of controlling a power system including an engine and an exhaust treatment system having an exhaust treatment device is disclosed. The method includes determining a catalyst parameter indicative of a conversion efficiency of the exhaust treatment device. The method further includes determining a weighted index based on the... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20140075922 - Ammonia storage device and exhaust line equipped with such a device: An ammonia storage device has an enclosure, a solid material provided to absorb and desorb ammonia, and a heating member that heats the solid material. The storage device also has a metal foam that is positioned in the enclosure and which has open pores. The solid material essentially includes particles... Agent: Faurecia Systemes D'echappement

20140075923 - Injection device for injecting a fluid and motor vehicle having an injection device: An injection device for injecting a fluid into an exhaust-gas treatment device includes an injector positioned in an injector holder. The injector has a supply opening and a component of the injector holder extends into the supply opening. The injection device is suitable, in particular, for supplying a urea/water solution... Agent: Emitec Gesellschaft Fuer Emissionstechnologies Mbh

20140075924 - Correction device for air/fuel ratio sensor: A correction device for an air/fuel ratio sensor in the present invention, the sensor issuing an output according to an air/fuel ratio and installed on the downstream from catalyst of the exhaust passage, has air/fuel ratio control means for controlling an air/fuel ratio of an exhaust gas on the upstream... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140075925 - Exhaust system for a motor vehicle: An exhaust system (1) for a motor vehicle includes an exhaust gas-purifying device (2) for purifying exhaust gas (3) removed from an internal combustion engine with a reducing agent feed (4), which is arranged downstream and at a spaced location from the exhaust gas-purifying device (2) and by which a... Agent: Ebersp&#xe4 Cher Exhaust Technology Gmbh & Co., Kg

20140075926 - Exhaust gas cooler for cooling combustion exhaust gas of an internal combustion engine, water collecting adapter, exhaust gas cooling system and method for manufacturing an exhaust gas cooling system: An exhaust gas cooler for cooling combustion exhaust gas of an internal combustion engine having a cooling medium, wherein the exhaust gas cooler has an exhaust gas inlet for introducing hot combustion exhaust gas into the exhaust gas cooler. Furthermore, the exhaust gas cooler has an exhaust gas outlet for... Agent: Behr Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140075927 - Header for curved pipes: A header for several curved pipes of a motor vehicle carrying exhaust gas, including a first shell and a second shell, which can be connected to one another in a sealed manner by a shell connection that forms a connection plane (E), at least one outlet port for connecting to... Agent: Tenneco Gmbh

20140075931 - Energy trasfer and recycling open-closed hybrid system: In a Energy Transfer and Recycling Open-Closed Hybrid System, the combination comprising an outer sphere, an inner sphere located within and movable relative to the outer sphere, a shaft attached to the inner sphere, impulse generating means operatively connected to the inner sphere, and generating impulses, and springs located to... Agent:

20140075929 - Hydraulic anti-cavitation system: An anti-cavitation system for hydraulic equipment is provided. The anti-cavitation system includes at least one high pressure hydraulic pump, at least one secondary hydraulic pump, and a motor configured to provide power to the secondary hydraulic pump. The anti-cavitation system also includes at least one accumulator fluidly connected to the... Agent: Caterpillar Global Mining LLC

20140075928 - Hydraulic control manifold assembly: A hydraulic manifold assembly for hydraulic equipment is provided. The hydraulic manifold assembly includes a hydraulic manifold. The hydraulic manifold includes at least four control valves substantially disposed within the hydraulic manifold, at least three check valves substantially disposed within the hydraulic manifold, at least one control module, at least... Agent:

20140075930 - Over-speed control system and method: A hydraulic power control system includes an engine driving a variable displacement pump. The variable displacement pump is fluidly connected to a first passageway and a second passageway, and has a selectively variable displacement that is adjustable in response to a pump displacement command signal. A hydraulic motor fluidly connected... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20140075932 - Wave power converting device: A wave power converting device includes a platform, a plurality of first and second fluid guide assemblies and floating assembly. The platform has a retaining post anchored to an underwater ground. The first and second fluid guide assemblies are disposed underwater so that the water could flow into the first... Agent:

20140075933 - Exhaust-gas turbocharger having a ball-cock waste-gate valve with a stress-relieved crank arm: An exhaust-gas turbocharger has a turbine housing and a waste-gate valve of a ball-cock configuration which is arranged therein. The actuating crank of the waste-gate valve has a crank arm, to which the closing element is fastened, and a crank spindle which is connected integrally to the crank arm and... Agent:

20140075934 - Line circuit and method for operating a line circuit for waste-heat utilization of an internal combustion engine: A line circuit (4) and a method for operating a line circuit (4) for waste-heat utilization of an internal combustion engine (2) are proposed. A working medium circulates in the line circuit (4). The line circuit (4) contains a feed pump (6), at least one heat exchanger (8), an... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140075935 - Turbo-compound system, in particular of a motor vehicle: The invention relates to a turbo-compound system, in particular of a motor vehicle having an internal combustion engine which has an output shaft; having an exhaust-gas power turbine which is arranged in the exhaust-gas flow of the internal combustion engine and has an impeller wheel which is mounted fixedly on... Agent: Voith Patent Gmbh

20140075936 - Exhaust power turbine driven egr pump for diesel engines: A power plant is provided and may include an engine configured to receive charge air and produce exhaust. A first turbo machine may be driven by the exhaust and may drive a compressor that receives air and produces the charge air. A second turbo machine may receive the exhaust and... Agent: Avl Powertrain Engineering, Inc.

20140075937 - Exhaust power turbine driven egr pump for diesel engines: The present invention provides a method for operating a plurality of independent, closed cycle power plant modules each having a vaporizer comprising the steps of. serially supplying a medium or low temperature source fluid to each corresponding vaporizer of one or more first plant modules, respectively, to a secondary preheater... Agent: Ormat Technologies, Inc.

20140075939 - Solar thermal power plant: A solar thermal power plant includes a solar radiation receiver mounted on a tower surrounded by a heliostat field to receive solar radiation reflected by heliostats forming the heliostat field. The power plant includes a power generation circuit including a steam turbine for driving an electrical generator to produce electrical... Agent: Alstom Technology Ltd

20140075940 - Apparatus for heating working fluid of gas turbine-solar power generation system: An apparatus for heating a working fluid of a gas turbine-solar power generation system, comprising, sequentially connected, a cold air flow channel, a heat collecting cavity, and a hot air passage. The hot air passage is formed by connecting an inner housing on the front side to a supplemental heating... Agent: Xiangtan Liyuan Electric Tooling Co., Ltd

20140075938 - Method and apparatus for producing power from geothermal fluid: A method for producing power from geothermal fluid includes: separating the geothermal fluid in a flash tank into geothermal vapor comprising steam and non-condensable gases, and geothermal brine; supplying the geothermal vapor to a vaporizer; vaporizing a preheated motive fluid in the vaporizer using heat from the geothermal vapor to... Agent: Ormat Technologies Inc.

20140075942 - Method for operating a steam cycle process: The invention relates to a method for operating a steam cycle process for using the heat of an internal combustion engine (2), comprising a conduction circuit (4) in which a working medium circulates. Said conduction circuit (4) comprises at least one pump (6, 13), at least one heat exchanger (8),... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140075941 - Power generating apparatus and operation method thereof: Provided is a power generating apparatus capable of using power generated by a heat engine in combination with power of a driving source provided separately from the heat engine. In order to prevent a problem caused when activating and stopping the apparatus, the apparatus of the present invention includes a... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)

20140075943 - Method for operating fuel supply system for marine structure having reliquefaction apparatus and high-pressure natural gas injection engine: Provided is a method for operating a fuel supply system for a marine structure. The fuel supply system includes a BOG compression unit configured to receive and compress BOG generated in a storage tank, a reliquefaction apparatus configured to receive and liquefy the BOG compressed by the BOG compression unit,... Agent: Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co., Ltd.

20140075944 - Method to maximize energy recovery in waste-to-energy process: In a fossil fuel waste incineration or plasma gasification process, waste heat generated by combustion of waste is captured by a heat transfer fluid and conveyed to an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) for energy recovery. In the case of a fossil fuel-fired waste incineration system, the heat transfer fluid captures... Agent: Pyrogenesis Canada Inc.

20140075945 - System combining power generation apparatus and desalination apparatus: In a system combining a power generation apparatus and a desalination apparatus, the power generation apparatus includes a circulation circuit in which a first heat exchanger, an expander, a second heat exchanger having a space, the second heat exchanger for evaporating seawater and generating water vapor, and a working medium... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)

20140075946 - Hydroelectric power generation device: A hydroelectric power generation device, comprises at least a potential energy generation unit including a control and load device, a withdrawal tank, a withdrawal pipe and a collection tank, where the control and load device acquires water from the withdrawal tank through the withdrawal pipe, and the collection tank is... Agent:

20140075948 - Fire seal: A fire seal includes a molded body having a base portion, a curved portion extending from the base portion, and a metal seal support surrounding said base portion and a radially inward surface of said curved portion. The curved portion has a partially circular cross section.... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140075947 - Gas turbine engine component cooling circuit: A component for a gas turbine engine, according to an exemplary aspect of the present disclosure includes, among other things, a body portion and a cooling circuit disposed inside of the body portion. The cooling circuit includes a first baffle received within a first core cavity that extends inside of... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140075949 - Multipoint fuel injection arrangements: A multipoint fuel injection system includes a plurality of fuel manifolds. Each manifold is in fluid communication with a plurality of injectors arranged circumferentially about a longitudinal axis for multipoint fuel injection. The injectors of separate respective manifolds are spaced radially apart from one another for separate radial staging of... Agent: Delavan Inc.

20140075950 - Minimum pressure shut-off valve: A minimum pressure shut-off valve closes off fuel flow responsive fuel pressure being below a predefined pressure. A sleeve includes at least a first flow window and a second flow window. The second window includes a notch providing a flow area based on an axial position of a spool moveable... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20140075952 - Method for the elimination of rotational stall in a turbine engine: A method for eliminating rotational stall in a compressor of a turbine engine, includes automatically detecting surge in the turbine engine; automatically shutting-down the turbine engine; in the event surge is detected, automatically restoring a surge margin; and automatically re-igniting the turbine machine.... Agent: Snecma

20140075951 - Mid-turbine frame buffer system: A mid-turbine frame buffer system for a gas turbine engine includes a mid-turbine frame that supports a shaft by a bearing. An air compartment and a bearing compartment are arranged radially inward of the mid-turbine frame. The bearing compartment is arranged within the air compartment and includes first and second... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140075954 - Methods and systems for substance profile measurements in gas turbine exhaust: Methods and systems for substance profile measurements in gas turbine exhaust. In an embodiment, a concentration of a substance may be determined and associated with a combustor out of a plurality of combustors. An alert may be transmitted in reference to the combustor when the concentration of the substance crosses... Agent: General Electric Company

20140075953 - System and method for detecting and controlling flashback and flame holding within a combustor: A system is provided for detecting and controlling flashback and flame holding in a combustor of a gas turbine. The system includes at least one flame indicator disposed in a combustor and at least one detector disposed downstream from the flame indicator. The flame indicator may be configured to produce... Agent: General Electric Company

20140075955 - Easily adaptable compressor bleed system downstream of a vane platform: Discrete bleed behind stator vane platform is provided. The discrete bleed behind stator vane platform relates to a system for bleeding off a working fluid from an inner volume (Vi) of a turbo-machine. The system includes a vane carrier with an annular rail and a vane device comprising at least... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140075956 - Turbomachine with bleed valves located at the intermediate case: An assembly including an intermediate case of a bypass turbojet engine and of an inter-jet case extending upstream of the intermediate case to separate a primary air jet of the turbojet engine from its bypass air jet, the inter-jet case including, passing through it, a closable duct for diverting part... Agent: Snecma

20140075957 - Formed gussets for brackets on gas turbine engines: Disclosed is a bracket mount assembly for use in a gas turbine engine. The bracket mount assembly includes a communicating member, a mount, and a bracket. The bracket is supported by a static engine structure, and is mounted to the communicating member by way of the mount. Further, the bracket... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

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