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Power plants

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05/14/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150128558 - Solar fired combined cycle with supercritical turbine: Mechanical work for electric power generation is obtained from thermal energy in a plant arranged for introduction of solar energy, available intermittently, by reflecting and concentrating solar radiation to directly heat a flow medium such as the exhaust gas from a combustion turbine directed into a steam generating boiler/evaporator. Steam... Agent: Bechtel Power Corporation

20150128559 - Advanced humid air gas turbine system: The AHAT includes a gas turbine system; a heat recovery steam generator for generating steam by use of exhaust gas from a turbine; a water recovery system for recovering moisture contained in the exhaust gas; a first steam system for supplying steam, coming from the heat recovery steam generator, to... Agent:

20150128557 - Microscale distributed energy cogeneration method and system: A microscale energy cogeneration system includes at least a micro/nano-turbine set for converting fuel into mechanical energy, and a generator for converting mechanical energy produced by said micro/nano-turbine into electrical energy in the range of 1 to 5 kWh. The system further includes an exhaust passage downstream from said micro/nano-turbine... Agent: Gnc Galileo S.a.

20150128560 - Magnetically shielded miniature hall thruster: Magnetically shielded miniature Hall thrusters are disclosed that use a unique magnetic field topology that prevents the magnetic field lines from intersecting the discharge channel walls in the acceleration region of the thruster. Instead, the lines of force originating from both the inner and outer pole pieces curve around the... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20150128561 - Three stream, variable area, vectorable nozzle: An exhaust nozzle for a gas turbine engine may include a plurality of flap trains in the exhaust stream of the gas turbine engine. The flap trains are operable to selectively control three separate flow paths of gas that traverse the engine. A first stream of is the core airflow.... Agent: Rolls-royce North American Technologies, Inc.

20150128562 - Engine duct and aircraft engine: A projecting part is formed on an inner circumferential wall surface of a nacelle so that the projecting part projects inward in a diametral direction and extends from a front edge of each of circumferentially-oriented side faces of a bottom pylon. The shape of the projecting part seen from an... Agent: Ihi Corporation

20150128563 - Reactor for ammonium dinitramide-based liquid mono-propellants, and thruster including the reactor: The present invention relates to a reactor for the decomposition of ammonium dinitramide-based liquid monopropellants into hot, combustible gases for combustion in a combustion chamber, and a rocket engine or thruster comprising such reactor, which reactor further comprises an inner reactor housing accommodating a heat bed and a catalyst bed,... Agent: Ecaps Ab

20150128567 - Catalyst protection device and catalyst protection method for internal combustion engine: A catalyst protection device includes: a catalyst provided in an exhaust system of an internal combustion engine and purifying exhaust gas; a bed temperature acquisition unit acquiring a current bed temperature of the catalyst; a base increase value calculation unit calculating a base increase value that is a base value... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150128571 - Exhaust gas aftertreatment bypass system and methods: A method for protecting an exhaust aftertreatment system of an internal combustion engine from deterioration by selectively diverting exhaust gasses from the engine away from a component of the exhaust aftertreatment system includes assessing a status of an operating condition associated with a physical condition of the component of the... Agent: Cummins Ip, Inc.

20150128570 - Exhaust gas purification apparatus, and method for thawing liquid reducing agent or precursor thereof: An exhaust gas purification apparatus includes: a reduction catalyst converter that reduces and purifies nitrogen oxides in exhaust gas; a tank that stores a liquid reducing agent or precursor thereof; and an injection nozzle that injects the liquid reducing agent or precursor thereof stored in the tank on an exhaust... Agent:

20150128566 - Exhaust gas purification system and method for purifying exhaust gas: A previous-stage oxidation catalyst device, a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) device, a turbine of a turbocharger, a previous-stage NOx selective reduction catalyst device, and a subsequent-stage NOx selective reduction catalyst device in an exhaust system of an internal combustion engine in this order from an exhaust port side. An ammonia-based... Agent: Isuzu Motors Limited

20150128565 - Method and system for nox sensor degradation: Various systems and method for detecting exhaust NOx sensor degradation are disclosed. In one example, degradation of the NOx sensor is indicated responsive to reductant injection in an exhaust passage under engine off conditions. For example, degradation of the NOx sensor is indicated when an actual NOx sensor output differs... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150128564 - Method and system for reductant injector degradation: Various systems and methods for detecting exhaust reductant injector degradation based on an exhaust NOx sensor are disclosed. In one example, degradation of the reductant injector is indicated when an actual NOx sensor output differs from an expected NOx sensor output by more than a threshold amount under engine off... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150128568 - Method for determining if an injector is in a blocked state: r

20150128569 - Systems and techniques for heating urea injection systems: A reductant delivery system is provided for delivery of reductant to an engine exhaust aftertreatment system that is heated during cold temperature conditions. A heat exchange fluid flows through a heat exchange circuit that provides a flow path from the heat source to the doser, from the doser to the... Agent: Cummins Emission Solutions, Inc.

20150128573 - Diesel engine fluid coolant system having a solenoid-powered gate valve: A diesel engine fluid reservoir system having a reservoir of diesel exhaust fluid in thermal communication with a heating element, a first conduit for the flow of engine coolant fluid to the heating element, a temperature sensor disposed to sense ambient temperature and/or a temperature of the diesel exhaust fluid,... Agent: DaycoIPHoldings, LLC

20150128572 - Exhaust gas control apparatus for internal combustion engine: An exhaust gas control apparatus for an internal combustion engine, controls an exhaust operation of the internal combustion engine (200) provided with an exhaust gas purification catalyst (216) in an exhaust passage (215). The exhaust gas control apparatus for the internal combustion engine is provided with a warming-up device configured... Agent:

20150128574 - Air-fuel ratio control device of internal combustion engine: This invention relates to an air-fuel ratio control device of an internal combustion engine, and an object of the invention is to provide an air-fuel ratio control device of an internal combustion engine that is capable of suppressing a deterioration in the controllability of air-fuel ratio feedback control after restarting... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150128575 - Heat exchanger for a metering unit of an scr exhaust-gas aftertreatment device: In a further aspect, the invention relates to an SCR dosing unit (100) having a heat exchanger (50) according to the invention, wherein an air intake system (78) is arranged on the dosing unit (100), such that it is possible for air to be conveyed into the heat exchanger (50)... Agent:

20150128576 - Exhaust gas purification system and exhaust gas purification method: An exhaust gas purification system includes a previous-stage oxidation catalyst device, an ammonia-based solution feeder, a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) device, a turbine of a turbocharger, and a NOx selective reduction catalyst device in the exhaust system of an internal combustion engine in this order from an exhaust port side.... Agent: Isuzu Motors Limited

20150128577 - Ignition control device for engine: An ignition control device for an engine provided with ignition plugs for each cylinder. The ignition control device includes a sensor that detects a signal that determines whether the engine is in an idling state or not, and an ignition control unit that determines whether the engine is in the... Agent: Suzuki Motor Corporation

20150128578 - Cooling system for actively cooling an exhaust gas system: A cooling system for actively cooling an exhaust gas system, comprises an exhaust pipe which conducts an exhaust gas flow of an internal combustion engine and an air-conducting element. The air-conducting element surrounds the exhaust pipe and forms an air-conducting channel. The exhaust pipe is cooled by an air flow... Agent:

20150128580 - Hydraulic brake: A hydraulic brake mechanism for use in hydraulic systems to provide braking of a hydraulic motor is disclosed. The brake mechanism provides proper braking under a range of operating conditions, including (1) the start of flow from the pump to the brake and motor and braking is not desired; (2)... Agent:

20150128581 - Hydrostatic torque converter and torque amplifier: An example includes a hydraulically controllable coupling to couple a rotating input and to an output to rotate, or to decouple the input and the output, with coupling and decoupling modes selected by switching a hydraulic device such as a vane pump between a pumping mode and a mode in... Agent:

20150128579 - Method and system for storing energy: A method is provided for storing energy including the steps of: during a time period when electrical energy is available at low prices, pumping water from a lower reservoir to a reservoir at a higher elevation wherein the difference between the elevation of the higher reservoir and the lower reservoir... Agent:

20150128582 - One-way plate and stator support structure for torque converter using same: A stator support structure supports a stator of a torque converter on a stationary shaft, and includes an inner race and an annular one-way plate. The inner race is coupled to the stationary shaft to be non-rotatable relative thereto, and has a plurality of protrusions on the outer peripheral surface... Agent:

20150128583 - Travel control valve: A travel control valve includes a valve body and a spool. The valve body includes a first pump port connected on an upstream side from a drive control valve, a first connection port connected on a downstream side from the drive control valve, a second pump port connected to a... Agent: Kayaba Industry Co., Ltd.

20150128584 - Hydraulic soft start system: A hydraulic soft-start system includes a flow control valve which is in fluid communication with a pressure source and an inlet of a motor. The system includes a first flow restricting orifice and a second flow restricting orifice disposed between a pilot for actuating the flow control valve and the... Agent: Maradyne Corporation

20150128585 - Engine control apparatus and method: An engine control apparatus controls an engine, by generating first and second instruction values to adjust an MAF of fresh air supplied to the engine and an MAP indicating a pressure of air supplied to the engine to respective target values, based on measured values of a first sensor which... Agent:

20150128586 - Method to control a wastegate valve in a turbocharged internal combustion engine: A method to control the wastegate valve wastegate in a turbocharged internal combustion engine suited to allow air to directly flow from the intake manifold to the exhaust manifold; the method providing for determining a control law which provides an objective opening of an actuator controlling the wastegate valve as... Agent:

20150128587 - System and method for reducing engine knock: A method includes operating a spark ignition engine and flowing low pressure exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) from an exhaust to an inlet of the spark ignition engine. The method includes interpreting a parameter affecting an operation of the spark ignition engine, and determining a knock index value in response to... Agent:

20150128588 - Method for the load-dependent opening and closing of a blow-off valve flap of an internal combustion engine with a turbocharger: A method for the load-dependent opening and closing of a blow-off valve flap of an internal combustion engine with a turbocharger is provided, in which by at least one detector on an internal combustion engine inlet side, at least one air pressure value, one air mass flow value and/or an... Agent:

20150128589 - Turbocharger system for additionally supplying compressed air to intake manifold: A turbocharger system may include an air storage tank provided in a vehicle so as to supply compressed air to an intake manifold of the vehicle provided with a turbocharger, a compressor connected to the air storage tank to supply compressed air to the air storage tank, and a compressed... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150128590 - Thermoelectric generator insert for engine waste heat recovery: According to the disclosed embodiments, a thermoelectric generator (TEG) insert is used for recovery of engine waste heat. The embodiments include an engine having an exhaust manifold outlet, and an exhaust pipe having an inlet and an outlet. The TEG insert, which is configured to convert heat from exhaust gas... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150128591 - Vehicle hydraulic accumulator system with exhaust energy recovery: An exhaust energy recovery system can include a hydraulic accumulator having an outer shell defining an internal volume containing an energy storage medium. The heat exchanger can be coupled to the outer shell and can selectively receive a flow of exhaust gas. The heat exchanger can have an inlet and... Agent:

20150128592 - Method and system for the emergency start-up of an energy generator set: An emergency starter that allows responsiveness within a few seconds, without having disadvantages associated with mass and size of a back-up hydraulic or pneumatic starter. An instantaneous gas thrust of pyrotechnic type is coupled with a positive displacement transmission generator in conjunction with automatic coupling to/uncoupling from a set that... Agent: Turbomeca

20150128593 - Auxiliary steam supply system in solar power plants: An auxiliary steam supply system in a solar power plant includes a solar receiver having a superheater section, a turbine, a steam circuit, a thermal energy storage arrangement and an auxiliary steam circuit. The thermal energy storage arrangement, including a thermal energy storage medium, is configured for the steam circuit... Agent: Alstom Technology Ltd

20150128594 - Heat transfer fluid flow rate and temperature regulation system: A system for regulating the temperature and flow rate of a heat transfer fluid for use in a hybrid steam-generating plant is described. A bypass section may be incorporated into the piping network of a primary steam-generating source to route heat transfer fluid from a hot source to a mixer... Agent: Esolar Inc.

20150128595 - Method for modifying a solar thermal power plant operating on conventional oil based technology into a hybrid solar thermal power plant and such a hybrid solar thermal power plant: coupling of the respective plants such that the hybrid solar thermal power plant is configured to heat medium temperature steam that is generated by the oil based solar power plant by means of the molten salts mixture thereby producing high temperature steam and subsequently supplying it to a steam turbine... Agent:

20150128596 - Steam turbine blade vibration monitor backpressure limiting system and method: A blade vibration monitor backpressure limiting system (BVMBLS), that in addition to direct blade vibration and condenser backpressure monitoring utilizes other plural types of other parallel, real time monitored power plant operation state (OS) information that influences blade vibration. The system references previously stored information in an information storage device... Agent:

20150128597 - Sky condenser with vertical tube compression and pressurized water utilization: A floated condenser extracts water from the sky. The condenser is part of or supplemental to a typical buoyed wind turbine set, comprising lift element, wind turbine, retention cable, electrical output, and base. The cable is hollow or coextensive with a lumen, the inner diameter thereof is water impermeable. The... Agent:

20150128598 - Cooling air temperature reduction using nozzles: A converging-diverging nozzle that has particular application for providing a cooling air flow to ring segments in a gas turbine engine. The engine includes a turbine section that receives a hot working gas. The turbine section includes at least one row of vanes, at least one row of blades and... Agent:

20150128599 - Continuous detonation combustion engine and system: One embodiment of the present disclosure is a gas turbine engine. Another embodiment is a unique combustion system. Another embodiment is a unique engine. Other embodiments include apparatuses, systems, devices, hardware, methods, and combinations for employing continuous detonation combustion processes. Further embodiments, forms, features, aspects, benefits, and advantages of the... Agent:

20150128600 - Fuel injection system for a turbine engine: A fuel system for a turbine engine for improving efficiency in a fuel system where a major stage and secondary stage can be combined and held to a relatively constant fuel ratio while maintaining acceptable engine dynamics and NOx emissions is disclosed. The fuel system may be formed from a... Agent:

20150128601 - Gas turbine combustor: A gas turbine combustor having a burner including a plurality of fuel nozzles for injecting fuel, air hole plates positioned on a downstream side of the fuel nozzles and a plurality of air holes arranged in pairs with each of the fuel nozzles, and a combustion chamber for mixing fuel... Agent:

20150128602 - Heat shield for a gas turbine combustion chamber: The present invention relates to a combustion chamber heat-shielding element of a gas-turbine, having a bolt for mounting the combustion chamber heat-shielding element on a combustion chamber wall or a combustion chamber head, where the combustion chamber heat-shielding element is designed substantially plate-like and where on one side at least... Agent:

20150128603 - Gas-turbine combustion chamber and method for its manufacture: The present invention relates to a gas-turbine combustion chamber having a head plate and an outer and an inner combustion chamber wall, characterized in that the combustion chamber is designed in one piece by means of a DLD method, or is assembled from segments which are welded to one another... Agent:

20150128604 - Gas turbine engine flow path geometry: A flow path surface of a gas turbine engine at the location of a bladed component is disclosed in which the flow path surface includes a cylindrical upstream side and a conical downstream side. The bladed component is located at the intersection of the cylindrical upstream side and the conical... Agent:

20150128605 - Turbofan with variable bypass flow: A gas turbine engine is disclosed with a bypass flow path having a bypass nozzle positioned downstream of a fan; a core flow path having a compressor, a combustor, a turbine and an exhaust nozzle; an auxiliary duct fluidly connecting the core flow path and the bypass flow path downstream... Agent:

20150128606 - Combustion casing manifold for high pressure air delivery to a fuel nozzle pilot system: The present application provides a pilot manifold system for a combustor of a gas turbine engine. The pilot manifold system may include a casing with a casing manifold, an end cover connected to the casing and having an end cover passage in communication with the casing manifold, and a fuel... Agent: General Electric Company

20150128607 - Multi-swirler fuel/air mixer with centralized fuel injection: A gas turbine combustor assembly has a fuel/air mixer assembly with a plurality of fuel/air mixer elements. Each fuel/air mixer element defines an air flow passage therethrough. A fuel injector is coupled to the fuel/air mixer assembly. The fuel injector has a tip portion with a plurality of fuel outlets... Agent: Woodward, Inc.

20150128608 - Gas turbine power plant with flue gas recirculation: A power plant including a gas turbine, a heat recovery boiler arrangement. The gas turbine includes a compressor inlet with a fresh air intake sector and an intake section for recirculated flue gas. A common control element for the control of the fresh air flow and of the recirculated flue... Agent:

20150128609 - Transition support system for combustion transition ducts for turbine engines: An adjustable transition duct support system for a transition duct that channels hot gases from a combustor exit to a gas turbine inlet of a turbine engine. The adjustable transition duct support system includes an adjustable forward transition flexible support assembly in contact with a transition duct body, whereby the... Agent:

20150128610 - Flexible component providing sealing connection: A sealing component (61) for a turbine (15) positionable at an interface between a transition section (21) for carrying exhaust gas and a turbine inlet section (32). A U-shaped section (45) includes first and second legs (67, 69). When the sealing component is positioned at the interface, the legs extend... Agent:

20150128611 - Stacked wheel assembly for a rotor of a rotary machine: A stacked wheel assembly for a rotor of a rotary machine includes a plurality of stacked wheels for rotation about a common axis and forming a portion of the rotor. Also included is a tie bolt passing through aligned bolt holes of the plurality of stacked wheels for retaining the... Agent: General Electric Company

20150128612 - Systems and methods for varying a throat area between adjacent buckets in a turbine for improved part load performance: A gas or steam turbine is disclosed herein. The turbine may include a throat area formed between adjacent buckets. The turbine also may include a variable throat device associated with at least one of the adjacent buckets. The variable throat device may be configured to vary the throat area between... Agent: General Electric Company

20150128613 - Tapered thread and gas turbine: The object of the present invention is to reduce galling that occurs at a tapered thread according to generation of excessive pressure on a tip end side of the tapered thread. In order to attain the above-mentioned object, a tapered thread according to the present invention is characterized in that... Agent:

05/07/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150121838 - Conjoined reverse core flow engine arrangement: A system of conjoined gas turbine engines has a first engine with a first propulsor having a first axis and a first engine core having a second axis, and a second engine with a second propulsor having a third axis and a second engine core having a fourth axis. The... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20150121840 - Aircraft nozzle system: A nozzle is provided that is capable providing flowpaths for a combined cycle aircraft propulsion system that in one form includes a gas turbine engine and a ramjet. The gas turbine engine produces an exhaust flow that is offset from an exhaust flow from the ramjet. The two streams can... Agent:

20150121841 - Flow control device for a three stream turbofan engine: A gas turbine engine includes a core engine, a first bypass passage disposed about the core engine and a second bypass passage disposed about the first bypass passage. A flow control is disposed within the second bypass for controlling bypass airflow through the second bypass. The flow control translates axially... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20150121842 - Pnuematic system for an aircraft: A pneumatic system 131 for use with gas turbine engines 10 and aircraft 100. The pneumatic system 131 comprises a first engine core compressor bleed offtake in the form of an engine handling bleed offtake 140, and a second engine core compressor bleed offtake in the form of first and... Agent:

20150121839 - Tandem thrust reverser with multi-bar linkage: One embodiment includes a pivot thrust reverser. The pivot thrust reverser includes a first tandem pivot door subassembly comprising an inner panel and an outer panel. The inner panel and the outer panel are connected so as to rotate simultaneously about respective pivot axises that are each positionally fixed axises... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20150121843 - Reactor for ammonium dinitramide-based liquid mono-propellants, and thruster including the reactor: The present invention relates to a reactor for the decomposition of ammonium dinitramide-based liquid monopropellants into hot, combustible gases for combustion in a combustion chamber, and a rocket engine or thruster comprising such reactor, wherein the reactor comprises a heat bed exhibiting catalytic activity.... Agent:

20150121844 - Geared turbofan arrangement with core split power ratio: A gas turbine engine includes a fan section and a compressor section. The compressor section includes both a first compressor section and a second compressor section. A turbine section includes at least one turbine and driving the second compressor section and a fan drive turbine driving at least a gear... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20150121845 - Exhaust-gas aftertreatment device and associated production method: A method for producing an exhaust-gas aftertreatment device (2) inserts a monolith (8) in a housing (4), assembled from a circumferentially enclosed jacket (5) and two end funnels. The monolith (8) is axially inserted into the jacket (5) with a circumferentially enclosing support mat (9). The funnels (6) are connected... Agent:

20150121846 - System for recovering energy from an exhaust gas circuit: The invention relates to a system for recovering energy from an exhaust gas circuit (3) of a heat engine (1), including an exhaust gas by-pass pipe (12) that includes a heat exchanger with two compartments, and has a first manifold (14) leading into one compartment (16) and a second manifold... Agent:

20150121849 - Engine emissions control system using ion transport membrane: The engine emissions control system using an ion transport membrane incorporates an ion transport membrane unit into a closed, recirculating intake and exhaust system in the engine. The unit has a housing defining an air intake channel separated from an exhaust gas recirculation channel by an ion transport membrane. The... Agent: King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

20150121853 - Engine system for increasing available turbocharger energy: An engine system for a machine is disclosed. The engine system may have an intake manifold configured to direct air into a donor cylinder and a non-donor cylinder of an engine. The engine system may also have a first exhaust manifold configured to direct exhaust from the non-donor cylinder to... Agent: Electro-motive Diesel, Inc.

20150121847 - Exhaust throttling for cabin heating: Embodiments for heating a vehicle cabin are disclosed. In one example, a method for heating a vehicle cabin comprises closing an exhaust throttle while diverting at least a portion of throttled exhaust gas through an exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) cooler coupled upstream of the throttle, and transferring heat from the... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150121848 - Exhaust throttling for cabin heating: Embodiments for heating a vehicle cabin are disclosed. In one example, a method for an engine comprises pumping coolant from a coolant reservoir to an exhaust component and then to a heater core, the coolant heated by the exhaust component, and during engine warm-up conditions, adjusting a flow rate of... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150121850 - Injector corrosion isolation seal: A fluid injector includes a valve assembly constructed and arranged to control flow of fluid from an inlet to an outlet of the injector. A metal housing surrounds at least a portion of the valve assembly. A plastic body is molded over at least a portion of the housing. A... Agent:

20150121852 - Techniques for raising exhaust temperatures: One embodiment is a unique strategy for raising exhaust temperatures which includes deactivating a first group of cylinders while maintaining a second group of cylinders in a combustion mode and injecting fuel into each of one of the second group of cylinders not earlier than 2 degrees before top dead... Agent:

20150121851 - Transient control of exhaust gas recirculation systems through mixer control valves: Systems, methods and techniques for exhaust gas recirculation are provided. The system includes controlling the mixing of exhaust flow from at least one cylinder of an engine with air in an air intake system prior to combustion in response to an EGR fraction deviation condition. The exhaust flow from the... Agent:

20150121854 - Exhaust gas purification apparatus for internal combustion engine: An object is to reduce the increase in the fuel consumption or the increase in emissions caused by processing for raising the temperature of an NOx catalyst in an exhaust gas purification apparatus for an internal combustion engine having the NOx catalyst arranged in an exhaust passage of the internal... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150121855 - Gaseous reductant delivery devices and systems: Systems and devices for delivering a fluid to an exhaust system. An inlet is configured for receiving the fluid, and a conduit includes openings for expelling the fluid into the exhaust system. A compact gaseous delivery system may include a first conduit in fluid communication with a fluid source, a... Agent: Cummins Emission Solutions, Inc.

20150121856 - Exhaust-gas aftertreatment system: An exhaust-gas aftertreatment system including an exhaust-gas module which has an inlet section and an outlet section. The exhaust-gas aftertreatment system has at least one sensor fastening device which comprises at least two, preferably at least three, sensor fastening means that are angularly spaced apart from one another.... Agent:

20150121857 - Burner and filter renewal device: This burner has: a flame stabilizer formed in a tubular shape; a fuel supply unit that supplies fuel within the flame stabilizer; an air supply passage that includes a heater unit for heating air and that supplies air heated by the heater unit into the flame stabilizer; and an ignition... Agent:

20150121858 - Radiant heat discharge arrangement: A radiant heat discharge arrangement for use with a internal combustion engine is disclosed. The internal combustion engine may have an outlet manifold. The radiant heat discharge arrangement may have a cover configured to over the outlet manifold with a clearance between the cover and the outlet manifold. The cover... Agent: Caterpillar Motoren Gmbh & Co. Kg

20150121859 - Apparatus and method for supplying fuel to engine of ship: Disclosed herein are an apparatus and a method for supplying a fuel to an engine of a ship. The apparatus for supplying a fuel to an engine of a ship includes: a high pressure pump pressurizing a liquefied natural gas (LNG) and supplying the pressurized LNG to the engine; a... Agent:

20150121860 - Hydraulic drive circuit: A hydraulic drive circuit 1 supplies pressured liquid discharged from a main hydraulic pump P to drive a hydraulic actuator 2, and includes a first valve 4 arranged in a main flow line 3 that circulates pressured liquid discharged from the main hydraulic pump P to the hydraulic actuator 2,... Agent:

20150121861 - Composite spring retainer and method of assembly in a brake master cylinder: A cup shaped spring retainer is slidably disposed within a cup shaped piston, encapsulating a spring therebetween. The side wall of the spring retainer presents a plurality of recesses and a plurality of slots defining a plurality of fingers. A tang, projects radially outward at the distal end of each... Agent:

20150121862 - Active exhaust pulse management: Methods and systems are provided for adjusting a volume control valve attached to a branch of a split exhaust manifold in a boosted engine system. Volume control valve adjustments are used at different engine operating conditions to improve engine performance and boost response. One example method includes closing the volume... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150121863 - Turbine wastegate: An assembly for a turbocharger can include a turbine housing that defines an exhaust inflow chamber that includes a wastegate valve seat and that defines an exhaust outflow chamber; and a wastegate valve plug that includes a seal surface where, in a closed state, the seal surface seats against the... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20150121864 - Methods and systems for pcv flow estimation with an intake oxygen sensor: Methods and systems are provided for estimating a positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) flow based on outputs of an intake manifold oxygen sensor. For example, during engine operation when exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and fuel canister purge are disabled, PCV flow may be estimated based on a difference between a first... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150121865 - Method and system for limiting output of a boosted engine: A method for operating a turbocharged engine is disclosed. In one example, during a first condition an engine operation is adjusted in response to a turbocharger expansion ratio exceeding a first limit and during a second condition an engine operation is adjusted in response to the turbocharger expansion ratio exceeding... Agent:

20150121866 - Rankine cycle mid-temperature recuperation: A system and method for recuperation is provided including a boiler wherein air and exhaust gas recirculation pass through the boiler and are cooled by thermal transfer with a coolant. The system includes an expander receiving coolant from the boiler, a recuperator receiving coolant from the expander, a condenser receiving... Agent: International Engine Intellectual Property Company LLC

20150121869 - Sustainable economic development through integrated production of renewable energy, materials resources, and nutrient regimes: The present disclosure is directed to a system and method of sustainable economic development, such as development through an integrated production of renewable energy, material resources, and nutrient regimes. In some embodiments, the system utilizes resources extracted from renewable energy sources to assist in the capture of energy from other... Agent:

20150121867 - Scale suppression apparatus, geothermal power generation system using the same, and scale suppression method: A scale suppression apparatus capable of suppressing in a low-priced manner the generation of silica-based scale and calcium-based scale in the influent water containing at least a silica component and a calcium component, a geothermal power generation system using the same, and a scale suppression method are provided. The scale... Agent:

20150121868 - Structural arrangement for a down-hole turbine: In a geothermal power system that includes a turbine generator, a down-hole heat exchanger, and a turbine pump assembly, various arrangements for the turbine pump assembly are described. Those arrangements address considerations related to the design of the down-hole turbine pump. In such a system, the turbine generator receives a... Agent: Geotek Energy, LLC

20150121870 - Thermal sludge to energy transformer: Systems and processes provide for a thermal process to transform sludge (and a variety of other natural waste materials) into electricity. Dewatered sludge and other materials containing a high amount of latent energy are dried into a powdered biofuel using a drying gas produced in the system. The drying gas... Agent: Gate 5 Energy Partners, Inc.

20150121871 - Forced cooling in steam turbine plants: A turbine plant (3), in particular a steam turbine plant, and a method (100) for cooling the turbine plant (3). The turbine plant (3) has a turbine (29) through which a process gas (15) flows in a flow direction (27) during operation. A cooling medium (7) is drawn or blown... Agent:

20150121872 - Steam turbine power plant and method for activating steam turbine power plant: Providing a steam turbine power plant that can be safely activated at a high speed while maintaining thermal stress at a level equal to or lower than a limit in consideration of operational results of the plant, and a method for activating the steam turbine power plant. The steam turbine... Agent:

20150121873 - Compositions comprising e-1,2-difluoroethylene and uses thereof: The present invention relates to compositions for use in refrigeration, air-conditioning, and heat pump systems wherein the composition comprises E-1,2-difluoroethylene. The compositions of the present invention are useful in processes for producing cooling or heat, as heat transfer fluids, foam blowing agents, aerosol propellants, and power cycle working fluids.... Agent:

20150121874 - Activation control device: Provided is a steam turbine plant activation control device that can flexibly handle an initial state amount of a steam turbine plant and activate a steam turbine at a high speed. The activation control device 21 for the steam turbine plant includes a heat source device 1 configured to heat... Agent:

20150121876 - Exhaust heat recovery apparatus, heating system, steam boiler, and deodorization system: An exhaust heat recovery apparatus includes an exhaust heat passage through which a first heat medium holding exhaust heat flows; a second heat medium passage through which the second heat medium, of which temperature is lower than that of the first heat medium, flows; a Rankine cycle which includes a... Agent:

20150121875 - Steam generation: A steam generator for generating a superheated fluid from a working fluid using a stream of heated gas, the steam generator comprising: a housing, which defines a gas flow path having an inlet at one, upstream end thereof into which a stream of heated gas is delivered and an outlet... Agent:

20150121877 - Compressor: To improve the exhaust heat recovery efficiency, a compressor includes a heat exchanger for cooling a gas, coolant, water, or oil heated by the compressor during compressor operation by heat exchange with a working fluid, for circulating the working fluid of a Rankine cycle. The Rankine cycle is implemented by... Agent:

20150121878 - Apparatus for generating energy: Apparatus for generating energy in which an oscillating air column created by wave motion continuously drives a turbine in one direction.... Agent:

20150121879 - Gas turbine combustor: The gas turbine combustor includes: a cylindrical combustion chamber that burns combustion air and fuel to thereby produce combustion gas; an outer casing disposed concentrically on an outside of the combustion chamber; an end cover disposed at an upstream side end portion of the outer casing; an annular passage formed... Agent:

20150121880 - Interface assembly for a combustor: An interface assembly for a combustor includes an interface housing having a channel defined by a forward wall and at least one aft wall segment, the aft wall segment operatively coupled to an aft flange of a flow sleeve. Also included is a piston ring fittingly disposed in the channel.... Agent: General Electric Company

20150121881 - Gas turbine inlet system and related method for cooling gas turbine inlet air: An inlet air conditioning system for a gas turbine includes an inlet duct for the with an air flow path to provide inlet air to the gas turbine; evaporative cooling media disposed in the air flow path; a water chiller; and a circulation pump that circulates water through the water... Agent: General Electric Company

20150121882 - Mixer assembly for a gas turbine engine: A mixer assembly for a gas turbine engine is provided, including a main mixer with fuel injection holes located between at least one radial swirler and at least one axial swirler, wherein the fuel injected into the main mixer is atomized and dispersed by the air flowing through the radial... Agent:

20150121883 - Fluid conduit: A gas turbine engine is provided. The gas turbine engine includes a compressor assembly and a combustion assembly in flow communication with the compressor assembly. The combustion assembly includes a plurality of fuel nozzles and a fluid conduit for delivering fuel to the fuel nozzles. The fluid conduit has a... Agent:

20150121884 - Stress relieved rectilinear duct: A duct liner includes a corner flanked by a pair of keyhole slots. An exhaust duct assembly includes an impingement liner received within a duct and a duct liner received within the impingement liner, the duct liner with a multiple of corners, each of the corners flanked by a pair... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20150121885 - Gas turbine combustor: A gas turbine combustor structure includes a plurality of circularity recesses 20 formed on a side of an annular passage 11 on a partial area of a combustion liner 8 that requires cooling. The circularity recesses 20 each have a rectangular surface 25 forming a convex at a right angle... Agent:

20150121886 - Gas turbine engine afterburner: An afterburner is disclosed for use with a gas turbine engine and, in one form, is structured to receive a bypass air. The afterburner can be situated in a bypass duct and can be a toroidal combustor or a can combustor. In one embodiment, the afterburner includes a combustor arranged... Agent:

20150121889 - Aircraft nozzle: A nozzle for an aircraft powerplant is disclosed which provides two separate flow paths. A flow path is provided in the nozzle for a core flow of the powerplant and another flow path is provided for a bypass flow of the powerplant. The nozzle can have a variety of configurations... Agent:

20150121887 - Automated control of part-speed gas turbine operation: A method of controlling operability of a gas turbine during part-speed operation includes identifying that a combustion system of the gas turbine is operating at part-speed, the combustion system including a fuel source, fuel circuits and valves operably interposed between the fuel source and the fuel circuits, respectively, defining first... Agent: General Electric Company

20150121888 - Gas turbine online wash control: A gas turbine online wash control system may obtain geospatial data for an area in which a gas turbine is located. The gas turbine online wash control system may determine wash control parameters for the gas turbine based on the geospatial data.... Agent: General Electric Company

20150121892 - Gas turbine power plant with flue gas recirculation and catalytic converter: The invention pertains to a power plant including a gas turbine, a heat recovery boiler arrangement with at least a boiler inlet, and an outlet side with a first exit connected to a stack and a second exit connected to a flue gas recirculation, which connects the second exit to... Agent:

20150121890 - High velocity combustor: A combustor provides reaction anchoring by injecting a voltage or charge into an exothermic reaction such as aflame, and anchoring the exothermic reaction to a conductive surface positioned adjacent to a fuel jet nozzle.... Agent: Clearsign Combustion Corporation

20150121891 - Oxidation system for treatment of low-concentration methane gas provided with multiple oxidizers: A low-concentration methane gas oxidation system includes a single heat source device, and an oxidation device which catalytically oxides a low-concentration methane gas by using heat from the single heat source device. The oxidation device includes a plurality of oxidation lines each including each of a plurality of branching low-concentration... Agent: Kawasaki Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20150121893 - Adaptive fan reverse core geared turbofan engine with separate cold turbine: A turbine engine includes a first fan including a plurality of fan blades rotatable about an axis and a reverse flow core engine section including a core turbine axially forward of a combustor and compressor. The core turbine drives the compressor about the axis and a transmission system. A geared... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20150121894 - Bifurcation fire purge system: A bifurcation assembly for a gas turbine engine is disclosed and includes a housing defining an inner cavity. A first partition and a second partition extend across the inner cavity and define a buffer area therebetween. Openings through the first and second partitions define passageway for supply conduits. A control... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20150121895 - Full ring sliding nacelle with thrust reverser: A gas turbine engine includes a first annular portion that is stationary and adapted for partially surrounding an engine core. The first annular portion includes a fore pylon connecting portion. The gas turbine engine also includes a rail coupled to the fore pylon and extending in the aft direction from... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20150121896 - Reverse core flow engine mounting arrangement: A mounting arrangement for an aircraft engine includes a mounting structure attached to an aircraft body and not directly connected to an engine core of the aircraft engine, a propulsor mounted to the mounting structure, and a thrust reverser mounted directly to either the propulsor or mounting structure.... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20150121897 - Gas turbine engine with soft mounted pre-swirl nozzle: An exemplary gas turbine engine may include a compressor, a turbine, and a combustor disposed between the compressor and the turbine. The combustor generally may have an inner casing. The exemplary gas turbine may further include a pre-swirl nozzle configured to receive a cooling stream. The cooling stream may be... Agent: Rolls-royce North American Technologies, Inc.

20150121898 - Turbine and power generation system: A turbine and so on capable of enabling high reliability are provided. In the turbine of an embodiment, a turbine rotor is accommodated in a turbine casing, and is rotated by a working medium which is introduced after flowing in an inlet pipe of a combustor. A sleeve is provided... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

04/30/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150113937 - Enhanced fire protection for fuel manifold: One embodiment includes a fuel manifold segment for supplying fuel to a fuel injector. The fuel manifold segment contains a fuel line surrounded by a first firesleeve. A pigtail line connects to the fuel line. A connector on the pigtail line connects to a fuel injector inlet fitting. A second... Agent: Delavan Inc.

20150113938 - Weather hood water removal system and method for assembly: An air intake system for use with a gas turbine is provided. The air intake system includes a weather hood coupled to a filter house. The air intake system also includes a prefilter assembly configured within said weather hood, wherein said prefilter assembly includes at least three air filtration units,... Agent: Bha Altair, LLC

20150113939 - Combined cycle power plant with improved efficiency: A CCPP includes a gas turbine, a HRSG, a steam turbine a flash tank and first and second supply lines. The gas turbine, the HRSG and the steam turbine are interconnected to generate power. The gas turbine may include an air preheating system to preheat the air supplied in the... Agent:

20150113940 - Systems, methods, and devices for liquid air energy storage in conjunction with power generating cycles: Systems, methods, and devices are provided for liquid air energy storage in conjunction with power generating cycles. A system can comprise a power generation apparatus and an energy storage apparatus. The energy storage apparatus can comprise a thermal energy storage unit, and the power generation apparatus and energy storage apparatus... Agent:

20150113941 - Translating outer cowl flow modulation device and method: A flow control device includes a first axially extending flow control surface, a second axially extending flow control surface radially offset from the first surface to define a gas flow path therebetween, the gas flow path having a downstream flow path exit, and a third axially extending flow control surface... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20150113943 - Geared turbofan engine with power density range: A gas turbine engine turbine has a high pressure turbine configured to rotate with a high pressure compressor as a high pressure spool in a first direction about a central axis and a low pressure turbine configured to rotate with a low pressure compressor as a low pressure spool in... Agent:

20150113942 - Phosphor thermometer with two waveguides: A phosphor thermometer is disclosed. The phosphor thermometer may comprise a light source configured to emit an excitation light, and an input waveguide configured to transmit at least a portion of the excitation light from the light source to a temperature sensing end. A phosphor may be located at the... Agent:

20150113945 - Pivoting blocker door: A gas turbine engine that has a fan case radially surrounding a fan hub, and plural fan exit guide vanes rotatably connected between the fan hub and the fan case. The fan section also has a thrust reverser opening within the case, axially upstream of the guide vanes. The gas... Agent:

20150113944 - Thrust reverser doors having side openings: A door for a door-type thrust reverser is able to move between a direct jet mode of a nacelle and a reverse jet mode. The door includes an inner wall being integrated into a flow path of an air flow generated by a turbojet engine, an outer wall, at least... Agent: Aircelle

20150113946 - Methods and apparatus for passive thrust vectoring and plume deflection: A flow vectoring turbofan engine employs a fixed geometry fan sleeve and core cowl forming a nozzle incorporating an asymmetric convergent/divergent (con-di) and/or curvature section which varies angularly from a midplane for reduced pressure in a first operating condition to induce flow turning and axially symmetric equal pressure in a... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150113950 - Method and apparatus for detecting selective catalytic reduction injector opening time: A method for detecting an opening time of a valve, includes receiving a valve current profile of the valve and processing the valve current profile using at least a slope reflection detector to determine a status of the valve based on an output of the slope reflection detector.... Agent: Continental Automotive Systems Us, Inc.

20150113955 - Method and device for reducing the emissions of an internal combustion engine: A method for reducing the pollutant emissions in the exhaust gas in a start/catalytic converter heating phase of an internal combustion engine featuring externally supplied ignition and having at least one catalytic converter in an exhaust gas tract of the internal combustion engine, and for adapting a catalytic converter heating... Agent:

20150113948 - Method and system for control of an egr valve during lean operation in a boosted engine system: Methods and systems are provided for reducing EGR estimation errors during lean engine operating conditions. During lean engine operation, EGR is disabled if the estimated exhaust air-fuel ratio becomes leaner than a lean threshold. The lean threshold is adjusted based on an upper limit of EGR errors that may be... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150113957 - Method for determining reducing agent slippage and motor vehicle employing the method: A method for determining reducing agent slippage from an exhaust-gas treatment device includes determining a difference between sensor signals of a second nitrogen oxide sensor and of a device for determining a nitrogen oxide compound quantity upstream of an SCR catalytic converter in an exhaust-gas flow direction; determining a controlling... Agent:

20150113958 - Method for feeding reducing agent and motor vehicle and stationary installation in which the method is performed: A method for feeding reducing agent to an exhaust gas mass flow in an exhaust gas treatment device provides a reducing agent feed port, a storage catalytic converter storing reducing agent and an SCR catalytic converter for selective catalytic reduction of nitrogen oxygen compounds in exhaust gas. A first dosing... Agent:

20150113956 - Method for metering a reducing agent into an exhaust-gas treatment device, exhaust-gas treatment device and motor vehicle: A method for metering reducing agent to an exhaust gas treatment device having a feed point and an SCR catalytic converter converting nitrogen oxide compounds in the exhaust gas, includes at least: a) calculating the following target conversion rates indicating what fraction of the nitrogen oxide compounds in the exhaust... Agent:

20150113954 - Operating system for catalyst of vehicle and method thereof: A system and a method for operating a catalyst of a vehicle may include a catalyst configured to purify an exhaust gas of a vehicle engine, and a controller configured to perform a detection of internal temperature of the catalyst, wherein the controller detects the internal temperature of the catalyst... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150113952 - Particulate matter sensor regeneration: The present disclosure relates to a controller apparatus for regenerating a particulate matter sensor. The controller apparatus includes a sensing module configured to detect a soot loading on a particulate matter sensor and generate a regeneration request indicating a desired regeneration temperature and a heating module configured to receive the... Agent: Cummins Ip, Inc.

20150113951 - Selective catalyst reduction filter washcoat thickness ammonia compensation system: An exhaust treatment system includes a selective catalyst reduction filter (SCRF) device, a reductant delivery system, and a reductant storage module. The SCRF device includes a filter portion having a washcoat disposed thereon that defines a washcoat thickness (WCT). The reductant delivery system is configured to inject a reductant that... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20150113949 - Selectively trapping and storing so3 in an exhaust gas effluent: Systems, apparatus, and methods for selectively, preferentially, and/or actively removing or trapping SO3 from un-oxidized sulfur constituents in an exhaust gas effluent produced by an internal combustion engine are disclosed. Also disclosed are embodiments for regenerating an SO3 trap.... Agent: Cummins Inc.

20150113953 - Self-diagnosing method for diagnosing a scr system: A self-diagnosing method for diagnosing a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system of a vehicle that includes an internal combustion engine. An SCR system is arranged downstream of the engine, and the SCR system includes at least one exhaust gas sensor that is sensitive to nitrogen oxides (NOx) gas. The method... Agent: Volvo Lastvagnar Ab

20150113947 - Systems and methods for thermal management of aftertreatment system components: An exhaust aftertreatment system includes an oxidation catalyst and a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) catalyst disposed in an exhaust stream of an internal combustion engine. A stay warm thermal management strategy is employed after warm-up of the aftertreatment system is complete to maintain the aftertreatment system above a temperature providing... Agent: Cummins Inc.

20150113959 - Particulate matter processing apparatus: Aggregation of the particulate matter is facilitated. A particulate matter processing apparatus (1) comprises an electrode (5) which is provided in an exhaust gas passage (3) of an internal combustion engine, which extends from a wall surface of the exhaust gas passage (3) toward an inner side of the exhaust... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150113960 - Leak detection and mitigation in reductant delivery systems: Solid storage media stores a reductant in a reductant source that is released from the solid storage media in a gaseous form into an exhaust system. A leak detection and/or leak mitigation system, method and apparatus is disclosed for the gaseous reductant.... Agent:

20150113961 - Diesel engine nox reduction: An engine system for treating nitrogen oxides present in an exhaust gas generated by the combustion of fuel. The engine system includes one or more long breathing lean nitrogen oxide traps that is/are configured to store at least a portion of the nitrogen oxide in the exhaust gas when the... Agent:

20150113963 - Control of regeneration in a diesel after-treatment system: A method is disclosed for controlling regeneration in a diesel engine after-treatment system having a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and a diesel particulate filter (DPF). The method includes injecting an amount of fuel into an exhaust gas flow upstream of the DOC to superheat the gas flow and assessing a... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20150113962 - Gaseous reductant injection control system: A gaseous reductant injection control system for exhaust aftertreatment is disclosed. In one embodiment, a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) catalyst is in fluid communication with an exhaust stream generated from an engine. An oxidation catalyst (OC) is upstream of the SCR catalyst and in fluid communication with the exhaust stream.... Agent: General Electric Company

20150113964 - Systems and methods for control of engine nox emissions using liquid and dry reductant sources: Reductant delivery systems are disclosed that include a dry reductant source and a liquid reductant source which are operable to selectively provide gaseous reductant and liquid reductant to an exhaust aftertreatment system for treatment and reduction of NOx emissions. The gaseous reductant is provided to the exhaust aftertreatment system for... Agent: Cummins Emission Solutions Inc.

20150113965 - Exhaust system for a diesel engine: The walls 13 are coated with an AMOX catalyst coating 29 from the end 21 over a distance 27. The end plugs 17 in the outlet ends have a length that at least equals said distance 27. As a result, one side of the wall sections coated with the AMOX... Agent: Daf Trucks N.v.

20150113966 - Aftertreatment systems with reduced n2o generation: Systems, apparatus and methods are disclosed for reducing the amount of nitrous oxide (N2O) produced in a selective catalytic reductant (SCR) catalyst in an exhaust aftertreatment system. The SCR catalysts are arranged to reduce the amount of N2O produced during NOx reduction while not adversely affecting NOx conversion.... Agent: Cummins Inc.

20150113967 - Diffuser plate: A diffuser plate for a vehicle exhaust system comprises a body having a primary opening and a plurality of secondary openings circumferentially spaced apart from each other about the primary opening. In one example, the diffuser plate is positioned between an exhaust manifold and a catalytic converter. Exhaust gas from... Agent: Faurecia Emissions Control Technologies Usa, LLC

20150113968 - Transient liquid pressure power generation systems and associated devices and methods: A transient liquid pressure power generation system and associated devices and methods are disclosed. The system can include a liquid source and a transient pressure drive device fluidly coupled to the liquid source to receive liquid from the liquid source. The transient pressure drive device can include a drive component,... Agent:

20150113969 - Hydraulic hybrid: A hybrid system, consisting of an internal combustion engine (1) with added-on and/or integrated hydraulic pumps (2) to supply consumers (5) and/or the drive unit (12), at least one engine control unit (3) for electronic engine regulation and/or fuel-injection regulation, at least one hydraulic control unit (4) to control at... Agent:

20150113970 - Hydraulic system for construction machinery: Disclosed is a hydraulic system for performing land preparation works by means of a simultaneous boom-up and arm-in operation. The hydraulic system according to the present invention includes: an arm cylinder and a boom cylinder that are connected to first and second hydraulic pumps, respectively; a first boom control valve... Agent: Volvo Construction Equipment Ab

20150113971 - Hydraulic control system: A hydraulic control system includes a first oil passage, a first oil pump, a second oil passage, a second oil pump and a check valve. The first oil pump is disposed in the first oil passage. The second oil passage bypasses the first oil pump, includes an intake oil passage... Agent:

20150113972 - Fluid transmission device for vehicle: A fluid transmission device for a vehicle includes a cover and a positioning member. The cover is configured to be driven rotatably about the axis of the fluid transmission device integrally with a drive plate. The drive plate includes a positioning hole that positions the drive plate and the cover.... Agent: Aisin Aw Co., Ltd.

20150113974 - Sma actuation apparatus: An SMA actuation apparatus moves a movable element, such as a camera lens element, relative to a support structure in any direction perpendicular to a notional primary axis using N pairs of SMA actuator wires extending perpendicular to said primary axis, where N is three or more. The SMA actuator... Agent: Cambridge Mechatronics Limited

20150113973 - Thermal torque engine: A thermal torque engine comprising a hot box heated by a thermal agent and a wheel having a plurality of peripherally mounted canisters with diametrically opposed canisters connected by a conduit. One of the pair of canisters having a quantity of refrigerant that is pressurized when within the hot box.... Agent:

20150113975 - Thermal actuator: Disclosed is a thermal actuator that utilizes the dimensional change of a phase change media hermetically sealed within a shell. This thermal actuator may be utilized in a variety of environments where electric thermostatic actuators are impossible or impractical.... Agent:

20150113976 - Actuator device and method for setting a position of a linearly movable element: An actuator device for producing a linear movement, has a hydraulic actuator which includes a first piston element for actuating the actuator and a second piston element for producing the linear movement. The piston elements are assigned respective fluidically coupled working chambers, the volumes of which can be changed by... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150113977 - Master brake cylinder arrangement for a motor vehicle brake system, and integral sealing throttle element for the same: A master brake cylinder arrangement (10) for a motor vehicle brake system, comprising a master brake cylinder housing (12) with a cylindrical recess (28), at least one pressure piston (30, 32) which is displaceable and sealingly guided in the cylindrical recess (28) of the master brake cylinder housing (12), a... Agent: Lucas Automotive Gmbh

20150113979 - Method for estimating charge air cooler condensation storage with an intake oxygen sensor: Methods and systems are provided for estimating water storage in a charge air cooler (CAC). In one example, an amount of water accumulating in the CAC may be based on an output of an oxygen sensor positioned downstream of the CAC and ambient humidity. Further, engine actuators may be adjusted... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150113978 - System and method for an aftercooler bypass: Embodiments of systems and methods for bypassing an aftercooler are disclosed. According to one embodiment, the bypass valve system may include a turbocharger, an air temperature sensor, an aftercooler, a three-way bypass valve, an aftercooler conduit, a bypass conduit, a pipe fitting, an engine, a radiator, an expansion tank, a... Agent: Norfolk Southern Corporation

20150113980 - Method and system for operating an engine turbocharger: A system and method for operating an engine turbocharger is described. In one example, the turbocharger is rotated in different directions in response to operating conditions. The system and method may reduce engine emissions.... Agent:

20150113981 - Turbocharger controller: A turbocharger controller includes a turbocharger compressor temperature module having a compressor inlet air temperature input, and a turbocharger compressor pressure module including a compressor inlet pressure input and a compressor outlet pressure input. A memory module includes a compressor outlet temperature calibration map and a compressor pressure ratio look-up... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20150113982 - Axial turbine wheel with curved leading edge: A turbocharger including a turbine wheel having a hub-to-tip ratio of no more than 60% and blades with a high turning angle and a curved leading edge, a turbine housing forming an inwardly spiraling primary-scroll passageway that significantly converges to produce highly accelerated airflow into the turbine at high circumferential... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20150113983 - Control device and control method for internal combustion engine: Provided are a control device and a control method for an internal combustion engine, which enable a throttle-valve upstream pressure through simple calculation processing without being affected by a state of an opening degree of a wastegate valve (WGV). When a wastegate (WG) command value to a WGV driving section... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150113984 - Motorcycle: A motorcycle has a crankcase containing a crank shaft and a balancer shaft, and a cylinder and a cylinder head positioned above the crankcase, and an exhaust pipe extends from the cylinder head. The balancer shaft is positioned in front of the crank shaft, and the crankcase has a balancer... Agent: Suzuki Motor Corporation

20150113985 - Exhaust gas purification system for an internal combustion engine: The present invention discloses an exhaust gas purification system for an internal combustion engine, which is provided with: a low pressure EGR mechanism that is equipped with a low pressure EGR passage and a low pressure EGR valve; a selective reduction type catalyst that is arranged in a portion of... Agent:

20150113986 - Combined power and heat pump system using a common working fluid: A thermodynamic system and method for performing work includes a working fluid and a fluid pump for pumping the working fluid through a cycle. A thermal input supplies heat to the working fluid. An expansion device downstream of the thermal input converts at least the heat of the working fluid... Agent:

20150113987 - Integrated renewable energy and asset system: An integrated renewable energy and asset system is provided. In some embodiments, the system comprises: an existing parking lot positioned adjacent to a building structure, wherein the existing parking lot has an associated pattern; bore holes that are formed into the existing parking lot, wherein the bore holes are organized... Agent:

20150113988 - Start-up method of steam turbine plant: A start-up method of a steam turbine plant includes a first step and a second step. The first step is performed at an aeration start time. In the first step, a reheat steam pressure of an aeration boiler is set to be a reheat steam pressure required by a steam... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150113989 - Method for operating a power plant installation: The invention relates to a method for operating a power plant, wherein in partial load operation the increase of temperature results at the outlet of the high-pressure turbine section as a consequence of a throttling by means of the intermediate pressure valve.... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150113992 - Damper for gas turbine: The invention relates to a damper for reducing the pulsations in a chamber of a gas turbine. The damper includes a resonator cavity and a neck in flow communication with the resonator cavity and the chamber. The neck includes a mouth to communicate with the chamber. The air flow inside... Agent:

20150113991 - Damping device for a combustor of a gas turbine: The present invention relates to a damping device for a combustor of a gas turbine for suppressing combustion instabilities. More specifically, the invention relates to a design of a broadband damping device for a low emission combustor having at least one resonator for damping pressure fluctuations in the combustion chamber.... Agent:

20150113990 - Helmholtz damper for gas turbine with cooling air flow: A Helmholtz damper for a combustor of a gas turbine includes an enclosure defining a damping volume from which a neck portion extends and which has a flow path (F) for cooling and purging air with an inlet opening and an outlet opening to the enclosure. The outlet opening is... Agent:

20150113993 - Gas turbine engines having fuel injector shrouds with interior ribs: A fuel injector assembly includes a fuel injector and a fuel injector shroud housing the fuel injector. The fuel injector includes a body and a nozzle coupled to the body. The fuel injector shroud includes a swirler device defining a center opening proximate to the nozzle of the fuel injector... Agent:

20150113994 - Combustor for gas turbine engine: In a gas turbine combustor having an inner and outer liner defining an annular combustion chamber, at least an annular scoop ring provided on each inner and outer combustor liner. The annular scoop ring includes a solid radial inner base provided with bores defined therein and communicating with the combustion... Agent: Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp.

20150113995 - Isothermal compression type heat engine: The present invention relates to an isothermal compression type heat engine using air as a heat working medium. It is technically characterized as follows. An air compressor is used to replace an adiabatic air compressor. Two engineering courses being air compression and expansion work are performed separately in different engine... Agent:

20150113996 - Cascaded multi-variable control system for a turboshaft engine: A control system for a gas turbine engine is disclosed. The control system may include a computer processor. The control system may also include an outer loop control module programmed into the computer processor to determine a torque request based at least in part on a real-time collective lever angle... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20150113997 - Method and system for gas turbine power augmentation using steam injection: A method of augmenting power output by a gas turbine engine includes channeling fuel into the gas turbine engine at a predetermined fuel flow rate to generate a first power output. Steam is then injected into the gas turbine engine at a first steam flow rate, and a firing temperature... Agent: General Electric Company

20150113998 - Gas turbine combustor and gas turbine combustor control method: The burners include a central burner and a plurality of outer burners disposed around the central burner. Each of the outer burners is equipped with a fuel supply system that includes a fuel flow regulating valve. The outer circumference of the combustor liner is provided with a cylindrical flow sleeve.... Agent:

20150113999 - Inlet system for a precooler: An apparatus comprises a leading edge of an inlet. The leading edge of the inlet is positioned relative to a direction of air flow such that a total pressure of air along the leading edge of the inlet is equalized within selected tolerances.... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150114000 - Method and system for controlling compressor forward leakage: A system for controlling compressor forward leakage to the compressor flow path in a gas turbine is provided. The system includes a first compressor rotor wheel coupled to an upstream face of a compressor spacer wheel. A second compressor rotor wheel is coupled to a downstream face of the compressor... Agent: General Electric Company

20150114001 - Sealing component for reducing secondary airflow in a turbine system: A sealing component for reducing secondary airflow in a turbine system includes a first end segment configured to be disposed between, and retained in a radial direction by, a first land on a first rotor disk and a first turbine bucket platform operatively coupled to the first rotor disk. Also... Agent: General Electric Company

20150114002 - Geared turbofan engine with a high ratio of thrust to turbine volume: A gas turbine engine turbine has a high pressure turbine configured to rotate with a high pressure compressor as a high pressure spool in a first direction about a central axis and a low pressure turbine configured to rotate with a low pressure compressor as a low pressure spool in... Agent:

20150114004 - Gas turbine enclosure: A gas turbine enclosure apparatus is provided and includes a frame defining an interior, gas turbine equipment disposed in the interior, the gas turbine equipment being pre-assembled at a first site and connectable with a gas turbine disposed at a second site and wall panels connectable with the frame. The... Agent:

20150114005 - Gas turbine engine: A gas turbine engine having a fan and a bypass duct for discharging airflow from the fan to generate engine thrust. The bypass duct includes a first component and a second component each having a gas washed surface, the first component being positioned adjacent the second component with a gap... Agent:

20150114003 - Transition duct assembly with modified trailing edge in turbine system: Transition duct assemblies for turbine systems and turbomachines are provided. In one embodiment, a transition duct assembly includes a plurality of transition ducts disposed in a generally annular array and comprising a first transition duct and a second transition duct. Each of the plurality of transition ducts includes an inlet,... Agent: General Electric Company

20150114006 - Aircraft engine strut assembly and methods of assembling the same: An engine strut for providing fan hub frame structural support and monitoring an air flow within an aircraft engine includes an airfoil coupled to the aircraft engine and has a first portion and a second portion. The first portion is positioned upstream of the second portion with respect to the... Agent: General Electric Company

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