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Power plants

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01/22/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150020499 - Control valve control method and control device, and power generating plant utilizing same: A gas turbine plant including a gas turbine and a compressor is provided with a steam turbine plant including a steam turbine and a condenser, and, an exhaust heat recovery boiler. Steam from the exhaust heat recovery boiler is directly flown to the condenser of the steam turbine plant through... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150020497 - Gas turbine facility: A gas turbine facility 10 of an embodiment has a combustor 20 combusting fuel and oxidant, a turbine 21 rotated by combustion gas exhausted from the combustor 20, and a pipe 41 guiding a part of the combustion gas exhausted from the turbine 21 to a pipe 42 supplying the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150020500 - Micro gas turbine system havnig an annular recuperator: A micro gas turbine system (16) having an annular recuperator (24). The recuperator (24) serves to transfer heat from an exhaust stream (27) of the turbine (17) to an air stream (23) compressed by a compressor (19). Passages (1) for the exhaust stream (27) and passages (2) for the air... Agent: Babcock Borsig Steinmuller Gmbh

20150020501 - An annular combustion chamber in a turbine engine: An annular combustion chamber of a turbine engine, the chamber including inner and outer coaxial walls forming two surfaces of revolution, which are connected together upstream by an annular chamber end wall including injection systems passing therethrough, each including an injector and at least one swirler for producing a rotating... Agent: Snecma

20150020498 - Cooling cover for gas turbine damping resonator: A cover (54, 54A-B) enclosing with clearance (65) an acoustic damping resonator (24) on a working gas path liner (22) of a gas turbine component (28). The cover includes a coolant inlet chamber (56, 56B) with a top wall (58, 58B) that is closer to the liner than a top... Agent:

20150020502 - Plasma thruster and method for generating a plasma propulsion thrust: The invention, which relates to a miniaturisable plasma thruster, consists of: —igniting the plasma by microhollow cathode discharge close to the outlet and inside the means for injecting the propellant gas, said injection means being magnetic and comprising a tip at the downstream end thereof; —bringing the electrons of the... Agent:

20150020503 - Control of passive soot oxidation: A system and method for controlling passive soot oxidation in a diesel particulate filter that includes sensing the temperature of exhaust gases upstream and downstream of the diesel particulate filter. The sensed temperatures are used by a control unit to predict whether the temperature of the exhaust gas within the... Agent:

20150020504 - Exhaust flow estimation: The present technology provides systems for monitoring particulate matter buildup on a filter installed in the engine exhaust stream of a vehicle. A filter differential pressure sensor monitors a pressure differential across the filter. A downstream differential pressure sensor monitors a pressure differential across an exhaust stream outlet. A processor... Agent:

20150020506 - Method and system for the removal of noxious compounds from engine exhaust gas: Method and system for the removal of noxious compounds from lean burning engines, the method comprising in series the steps of contacting the exhaust gas with a catalyst being active in oxidation of volatile organic compounds and carbon monoxide, passing the treated exhaust gas through a particulate filter catalysed with... Agent: Haldor Tops&#xf8 E A/s

20150020505 - Method for calculating the no2 content at the inlet of a selective reduction catalyst and device for the implementation of this method: A method for the calculation of the NO2 content at the inlet of a selective catalytic reduction—SCR—device (22) of an exhaust system (4) with: an exhaust pipe (10); a tank for a reducing agent and injection elements (18); a first sensor (20) for measuring the concentration of nitrogen oxides upstream... Agent: Continental Automotive France

20150020507 - Particulate filter performance monitoring: A method for particulate filter performance monitoring in an exhaust gas treatment system is provided. The method includes monitoring a current received from a soot sensor in the exhaust gas treatment system and comparing the current to a soot sensor current threshold. Based on determining that the current is greater... Agent:

20150020508 - Trapped soot measurement: A quantity of soot trapped in a particulate filter in an engine exhaust system is calculated for use in a regeneration control strategy by drawing electric current from an electric power supply through a circuit which comprises in series an internal portion of the particulate filter and an electric impedance... Agent: International Engine Intellectual Property Company, LLC

20150020509 - Method and system for maximizing fuel efficiency of an internal combustion engine: The exemplary embodiments herein provide a system and method for maximizing the fuel efficiency of an internal combustion engine. The system includes an insert for placement in portions of an exhaust system downstream from the header but before the muffler. Inserts can also be placed within the intake system of... Agent:

20150020510 - Exhaust rain cap assembly with channel vane member: An exhaust rain cap assembly for covering the end of an exhaust conduit, the exhaust rain cap assembly including a channel vane member comprising a channel vane for attaching to the lid and stop member. The exhaust rain cap assembly may also include a counterbalance that interacts with a spacer,... Agent:

20150020511 - Method for energy recovery of hydraulic motor: A method to recover energy in a reversible hydraulic motor system during a motor reverse event is disclosed. A swashplate of a hydraulic motor is pivoted over a center position when the hydraulic motor rotates in a first direction and is due to receiving a pressurized fluid from a pump.... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20150020512 - Torque converter with turbine mass absorber: A piston plate assembly for a torque converter comprising: an aperture including a chamfer portion; and, a bushing installed in the aperture and including a radius portion proximate the chamfer portion, wherein the bushing is arranged to seal the piston directly to a transmission input shaft and the radius portion... Agent:

20150020513 - Vehicle using compressed gas, and control device therefor: A power unit that can periodically determine a leakage of a compressed gas to early discover a defect, such as a crack, and a vehicle in which the power unit is used are provided. A vehicle that runs with an air engine including a gas machinery includes a control device.... Agent:

20150020514 - Hydraulic control device of wheeled industrial vehicle: An object is to reduce a load acting on an engine upon starting up the engine such that the engine can be quickly started up to reliably feed pressure oil from a hydraulic pump to an accumulator. A hydraulic control system is provided with first accumulators (24,25) connected to a... Agent: Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

20150020515 - Drive system for ground engaging member of machine: The present disclosure is related to a drive system for a ground engaging member of a machine. The drive system includes first and second hydraulic motors that are disposed parallel to each other. The drive system also include first and second brake valves that are configured to regulate flow of... Agent: Caterpillar Global Mining LLC

20150020516 - Hydraulic circuit: A relief valve device for reducing the main circuit pressure in the hydraulic circuit including a hydraulic pump includes a first valve unit having a pilot spool and a pilot spring, a position of the pilot spool being determined by a balance between a throttle pressure supplied from the main... Agent: Bosch Rexroth Corporation

20150020517 - High-pressure hose vibration suppressor: A vibration suppressor is disclosed that is configured for use in a system having a hose under pulsating hydraulic pressure. The pulsating hydraulic pressure causes vibration of the hose at the pulsation frequency. The vibration suppressor is applied to the hose and is constructed to have a resonant frequency slightly... Agent: International Engine Intellectual Property Company ,llc

20150020518 - Gravity-buoyancy object turbine: A Gravity-Buoyancy Object Turbine (GBOT) is provided to generate kinetic energy using gravitational force and buoyancy force exist in the nature. The turbine of the invention has a gravity (air) chamber and a buoyancy (liquid) chamber, arranged side-by-side in such a way that both gravity and buoyancy exerts force directly... Agent:

20150020519 - Pulsed plasma engine and method: Pulsed plasma engine and method in which a noncombustible gas is introduced into an explosion chamber, the gas is ionized to form a plasma within the chamber, an electrical pulse is applied to the plasma to heat the plasma, the pulse is turned off to produce an explosive pressure pulse... Agent:

20150020520 - Method for calibrating analog-controlled hydraulic valves and brake system comprising an electronic control and regulating unit in which the method is carried out: A method for determining a driving characteristic of an analogized or analog-controlled hydraulic valve of a motor vehicle hydraulic brake system in which a brake pressure generated with the aid of an electrically controllable, electric-motor-driven pressure supply device, is conducted to a wheel brake via an inlet valve and can... Agent:

20150020521 - Charge air cooler housing water trap: A charge air cooler includes a cooler housing configured to couple with an intercooler core outlet and having a condensate/water trap disposed within the cooler housing. The water trap is configured to inhibit water passing through the housing outlet. The water trap is further configured to collect the water and... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150020522 - Engine system: An engine system may include a first intake line connected to an intake manifold and supplying the intake manifold disposed on a cylinder block with outside air, an intake bypass valve disposed on the first intake line, a second intake line that bypasses the first intake bypass valve to the... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150020523 - Wastegates and wastegate components: A wastegate assembly can include a plug configured to plug a wastegate opening where the plug includes a concave, at least partially spherical surface; a shaft configured for receipt by a bore in a wastegate chamber; and a rotatable arm extending from the shaft where the arm includes a convex,... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20150020524 - Aspirator and ejector system: An engine system having a flowpath between a junction upstream of a turbocharger and an intake manifold that includes an ejector and an aspirator connected in parallel relative to one another within the flowpath is disclosed. The motive flow through the ejector is in the opposite direction relative to the... Agent: DaycoIPHoldings, LLC

20150020525 - Exhaust-gas distributor: An exhaust gas distributor for an exhaust gas system of a motor vehicle internal combustion engine includes a distributor housing having a first exhaust gas path fluidically connecting a first inlet opening, associated with at least one cylinder of the internal combustion engine, to a first outlet opening associated with... Agent: Daimler Ag

20150020526 - Steam power plant with integrated solar receiver: A hybrid steam power plant is disclosed using the steam generator as a sub-construction for a solar receiver.... Agent:

20150020527 - Steam turbomachine having a bypass circuit for throttle flow capacity adjustment: A steam turbomachine includes a housing having a shell that defines a steam flow path, a first stage bowl cavity formed in the shell, a first stage including a plurality of first stage nozzles and a plurality of first stage buckets arranged downstream of the plurality of first stage nozzles,... Agent:

20150020528 - Fuel manifold and fuel injector arrangement for a combustion chamber: A fuel manifold and fuel injector arrangement for a gas turbine engine combustion chamber includes an annular combustion chamber casing arranged around the combustion chamber. Circumferentially spaced fuel injectors supply fuel into the combustion chamber and a fuel manifold supplies fuel to each of the fuel injectors. The fuel manifold... Agent:

20150020529 - Gas turbine emissions control system and method: Embodiments of the present disclosure are directed towards a system including a gas turbine engine configured to produce exhaust gas, a selective catalytic reduction system configured to produce processed exhaust gas from the exhaust gas, and a control system. The control system includes a first controller configured to regulate operation... Agent: General Electric Company

20150020530 - Gas turbine emissions control system and method: Embodiments of the present disclosure are directed towards a system including a gas turbine engine, a selective catalytic reduction system, and a control system configured to regulate operation of the selective catalytic reduction system based at least partially on preset variations in an emissions compound of exhaust gases produced by... Agent:

20150020531 - Gas turbine-heated high-temperature battery: A power plant system is provided having a high temperature battery, supplied with fluid via at least one supply line, for storing and releasing electrical energy, a gas turbine for generating electrical energy, and a heat exchanger which is designed to extract thermal energy from the exhaust stream of the... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

01/15/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150013300 - Method and apparatus for capturing carbon dioxide during combustion of carbon containing fuel: A boiler system having a series of boilers. Each boiler includes a shell having an upstream end, a downstream end, and a hollow interior. The boilers also have an oxidizer inlet entering the hollow interior adjacent the upstream end of the shell and a fuel nozzle positioned adjacent the upstream... Agent: Washington University

20150013304 - Acoustically triggered nano/micro-scale propulsion devices: Techniques, devices and systems are disclosed for implementing acoustically triggered propulsion of nano- and micro-scale structures. In one aspect, an ultrasound responsive propulsion device includes a tube that includes one or more layers including an inner layer having an electrostatic surface, and an ultrasound-responsive substance coupled to the inner layer... Agent:

20150013302 - Engine propulsion system: An engine propulsion system is configured to utilize bursts of media in order to create mechanical energy. The engine propulsion system includes at least one cannon, wherein each cannon is configured to displace the media and further includes a firing pin casing configured to accommodate a firing pin. The firing... Agent:

20150013303 - Engine propulsion system: An engine propulsion system is configured to utilize bursts of media in order to create mechanical energy. The engine propulsion system includes at least one cannon, wherein each cannon is configured to displace the media and further includes a firing pin casing configured to accommodate a firing pin. The firing... Agent:

20150013301 - Turbine engine including balanced low pressure stage count: A turbine engine includes at least a compressor section and a turbine section, each having at least a first and second portion. A ratio of turbine section second portion stages to compressor section second portion stages is less than or equal to 1.... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20150013305 - Dual-mode combustor: A new dual-mode ramjet combustor used for operation over a wide flight Mach number range is described. Subsonic combustion mode is usable to lower flight Mach numbers than current dual-mode scramjets. High speed mode is characterized by supersonic combustion in a free-jet that traverses the subsonic combustion chamber to a... Agent:

20150013306 - Hybrid gas turbine propulsion system: A hybrid aerodynamic thrust system as a prime mover for aircraft or other high-speed vehicles. An arrangement of dual thrust resources to alternately accommodate low and high airspeed regimes. Electromotive force is used in lieu of hot section power turbines to achieve engine air compression or alternately perform thrust work... Agent:

20150013307 - Turbofan jet engine: A turbofan engine includes a core engine, having a high-pressure compressor, a combustion chamber and a high-pressure turbine which are coupled to one another via a high-pressure shaft, at least one fan from which gas is supplied into both a primary flow duct and a secondary flow duct of the... Agent:

20150013309 - Ammonia storage management for scr catalyst: Various systems and methods are described for managing ammonia storage in an SCR catalyst. In one example approach, a method comprises, in response to a vehicle-off event, injecting ammonia during a final exhaust blowdown until a predetermined value of ammonia is stored in the SCR catalyst; and in response to... Agent:

20150013310 - Emission control system including an oxidation catalyst and selective catalytic reduction catalyst: An emission control system is provided. The emission control system includes an oxidation catalyst having a precious metal loading of less than 100 grams (g)/cubic foot (ft3) and a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) component positioned downstream of the oxidation catalyst operated between 150° C. and 300° C. during engine operation... Agent:

20150013312 - Method and system for regeneration in a vehicle in a consist: Methods and systems for distributing engine output among vehicles of a consist are disclosed. One example system comprises a controller including non-transitory media having instructions stored on the media and executed by the controller for adjusting distribution of engine output between at least a first engine and a second engine... Agent:

20150013311 - Method for the load dependent reduction of fuel consumption following deceleration fuel cut out: A method for controlling a motor vehicle with an internal combustion engine and a catalytic converter is disclosed. The method includes: determining an oxygen storage value, which is a dimension for oxygen stored in the catalytic converter, detecting an engine load, carrying out a part evacuation of the oxygen from... Agent:

20150013313 - Multistage plate mixer: A mixing and/or evaporating device (12) for an exhaust system (5) of an internal combustion engine (1) encloses in the circumferential direction a cross section, through which flow is possible. The device (12) has two mutually opposite long side walls (21, 22) and two mutually opposite short side walls (23,... Agent: Eberspacher Exhaust Technology Gmbh & Co. Kg

20150013314 - Controlling exhaust temperatures: An exhaust manifold cooling jacket has internal passages for the circulation of liquid coolant and encloses an exhaust manifold such that a gap is created between the exhaust manifold and cooling jacket. Flowing coolant through the jacket regulates outer jacket temperature while enabling high intra-manifold exhaust gas temperatures for thorough... Agent:

20150013315 - Delivery unit for a liquid additive with a temperature sensor, method for checking the operating state of a delivery unit and motor vehicle having a delivery unit: A delivery unit for delivering a liquid additive in a motor vehicle, includes at least one temperature sensor for contactlessly measuring a temperature at least at one measurement point in the delivery unit. The temperature sensor and the measurement point have a spacing therebetween and a radiation channel which is... Agent:

20150013316 - Cylinder head mount: A cylinder head mount comprising a base portion for mounting to a cylinder head of an engine; a bracket portion configured to receive and support an engine component; and a body portion interposed between the base portion and the bracket portion.... Agent:

20150013317 - Responsive three-dimensional surface controller: A system to generate and control a three-dimensional (3D) surface may include a surface supported by a plurality of actuating units, a control center, and a common media tank. The control center may include a movement control assembly that has a plurality of movement control unit, and each movement control... Agent: Calex LLC

20150013318 - Hydraulic pressure control device for swing motor for construction machinery: The present disclosure relates to a hydraulic pressure control device for a swing motor for construction machinery, and more particularly, to a hydraulic pressure control device for a swing motor for construction machinery, which supplements working fluid in the swing motor when a turning operation of an upper body of... Agent:

20150013319 - Hydraulic load-sensing control arrangement: A hydraulic load-sensing control arrangement for a first and second hydraulic consumer has a variable displacement pump having load-sensing regulation, to which the highest respective load-sensing pressure of consumers is reported. The first consumer has the highest load pressure in normal operation and therefore the highest load-sensing pressure dependent on... Agent:

20150013320 - Hydraulic drive system: A hydraulic cylinder causes a work implement to be lowered due to the exhaust of hydraulic fluid from a first chamber and the supply of hydraulic fluid to a second chamber. A hydraulic fluid flowpath has a first flowpath and a second flowpath. The first flowpath connects a first pump... Agent:

20150013321 - Separate hydraulic unit with cooling of oil: A separate hydraulic power pack for providing at least one user with an oil flow. The hydraulic unit includes a motor, a hydraulic pump driven by the motor, a tank, an oil inlet, an oil outlet, a heat exchanger, and a first conduit system for oil. The first conduit system... Agent: Construction Tools PC Ab

20150013323 - Circuit pressure control device, hydraulic control circuit using circuit pressure control unit, and hydraulic control circuit of construction machine: A circuit pressure control unit includes a relief valve and a variable throttle valve. The relief valve is connected to a connecting passage communicating with an actuator upstream. The variable throttle valve is disposed upstream of the relief valve and is configured to change an opening degree thereof according to... Agent: Kayaba Industry Co., Ltd.

20150013322 - Fluid pressure control device: A fluid pressure control device includes a first control valve that switches to supply a working fluid to the pressure chamber of a cylinder on which a load pressure by the load acts so as to control the extension operation of the cylinder, a second control valve that switches to... Agent:

20150013324 - Forklift hydraulic control apparatus: An outlet port of a hydraulic pump/motor and a bottom chamber of a lift cylinder are connected to each other by a hydraulic fluid passage. A hydraulic fluid passage that is connected to a hydraulic fluid tank is formed to branch off the hydraulic fluid passage. A flow control valve... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki

20150013326 - Power generating apparatus: Power generating apparatus comprising a deep liquid container having a deep liquid therein, an endless rotatable loop element at least in part in the deep liquid container, and configured to be rotated by a driver about a horizontal or substantially horizontal axis of rotation, and energy harvester associated with the... Agent:

20150013325 - Wave energy converter system: The invention is a wave energy device which optimizes energy conversion from waves with a stable submerged platform coupled to compliant chain of floats (“pods”) which are connected to the platform by piston pumps. Wave action drives pumps to deliver pressurized water to a hydro turbine coupled to an electric... Agent: Dehlsen Associates, LLC

20150013327 - Hydroelectric power system and pump: A hydroelectric power system and pump suitable for the system are disclosed which can make efficient use of the energy available in water flows with considerably variable flow rates. A simple, compact variable displacement axial piston pump can be operated so as to provide an essentially constant output pumping pressure... Agent:

20150013328 - Drive unit for a motor vehicle: A drive unit for a motor vehicle that has a combustion machine having an internal combustion engine (10) as well as an exhaust gas system via which exhaust gas can be discharged from the internal combustion engine (10), and has a cyclic device that can be used to convert the... Agent:

20150013329 - Inlet device for an aftercooler: An inlet device for an aftercooler is provided. The inlet device includes a body defining an elongated flowpath therein. The body includes a front opening disposed at a beginning of the flowpath. The body further includes a bottom opening disposed at an angle with respect to the front opening and... Agent:

20150013331 - Control apparatus for internal combustion engine: A control apparatus for an internal combustion engine of the present invention switches a steady-state characteristic that defines a relation between an engine load factor and a throttle opening degree between a high atmospheric pressure steady-state characteristic and a low atmospheric pressure steady-state characteristic in accordance with whether or not... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150013330 - System and method for variable tongue spacing in a multi-channel turbine in a charged internal combustion engine: An internal combustion engine comprising a dual flow turbocharger includes an annular support with at least one tongue-like end wherein the annular support is adjustable in a translational fashion along the turbines axis of rotation. Moving the annular support influences the degree of separation behavior of turbine channels by varying... Agent:

20150013332 - System having dual-volute axial turbine turbocharger: A turbocharger is disclosed for use with an engine system. The turbocharger may have a housing at least partially defining a compressor shroud and a turbine shroud. The turbine shroud may form a first volute and a second volute, each having an inlet configured to receive exhaust from an exhaust... Agent:

20150013333 - Heat recovery system for an internal combustion engine: A heat recovery system for an internal combustion engine may include a heat transfer device flowed through by a fluidic heat carrier for transferring the heat from a combustion exhaust gas of the internal combustion engine to the heat carrier, a heat power machine flowed through by the heat carrier... Agent:

20150013334 - Heat recovery system for an internal combustion engine: A heat recovery system for an internal combustion engine may include a heat exchanger, through which a fluid heat-transfer medium flows, for transferring heat from an exhaust gas system to the heat-transfer medium. A heat engine, through which the heat-transfer medium flows, may be included for converting the heat transferred... Agent:

20150013335 - Heat exchange device and drive unit for a motor vehicle: A heat exchange device having a first media channel for a first medium and a second media channel for a second medium is further refined in that, in at least one section of the heat exchange device, a third media channel for a transfer medium is arranged between the first... Agent:

20150013337 - Thermal transpiration generator system: A thermal transpiration generator system includes a parabolic dish, a secondary reflector receiving solar energy from the parabolic dish, and a carrier tube directing solar energy from the secondary reflector to a thermal transpiration generator. The thermal transpiration generator includes a sealed vacuum container, a horizontally disposed rotatable shaft within... Agent: Engineering Manufacturing Contractors, LLC

20150013336 - Renewable energy storage system: A solar collector (2) associated with or incorporated in a heat sink (4), such as a concrete slab, powers an organic Rankine cycle heat engine. Preferably, the working fluid can be heated by a second heat source, derived from biomass or waste incineration for example, after the heat sink (4)... Agent:

20150013338 - Device for controlling a working fluid in a closed circuit operating according to the rankine cycle, and method using said device: s

20150013339 - Mixing arrangement for mixing a fuel with a stream of oxygen containing gas: The invention relates to a mixing arrangement for mixing a fuel with a stream of oxygen containing gas flowing along an axis in an axial channel, especially in the second combustor of a gas turbine with sequential combustion. The mixing is improved and the mixing length reduced by said mixing... Agent:

20150013340 - Gas turbine engine combustor liner: A gas turbine engine variable porosity combustor liner has a laminated alloy structure. The laminated alloy structure has combustion chamber facing holes on one side and cooling plenum facing holes on a radially opposite side. The combustion chamber facing holes are in fluid communication with the cooling plenum facing holes... Agent: Rolls-royce Corporation

20150013341 - Exhaust mixer with offset lobes: An exhaust mixer for a gas turbine engine where each outer lobe has at the downstream end a circumferential offset in a direction corresponding to that of the swirl component of the flow entering the mixer. The mixer has a crest line having at least a downstream portion curved with... Agent:

20150013342 - Air flow conditioner for fuel injector of gas turbine engine: A fuel injector for a gas turbine engine is provided. The fuel injector includes a central body, an air inlet duct, a mixing duct, a swirler, and a flow conditioner. The air inlet duct and the mixing duct are positioned around the central body to define an air flow passage.... Agent:

20150013343 - Method and device for safely operating a gas turbine plant: A method and a device are disclosed for the safe operation of a gas turbine plant, whose operation is both controlled by at least one process controller, which at least triggers and/or influences operationally relevant processes of the gas turbine plant, and is also monitored by a separate protection unit... Agent:

20150013344 - Tube: The present disclosure relates generally to the field of tubes for carrying fluids. More specifically, the present disclosure relates to a tube having an oval shaped cross-section. In some embodiments, the tube with oval cross-section comprises a tube within a cavity in a gas turbine engine.... Agent:

20150013345 - Gas turbine shroud cooling: A shroud segment for a casing of gas turbine includes a body configured for attachment to the casing proximate a localized critical process location within the casing. The body has a leading edge, a trailing edge, and two side edges. The critical process location is located between the leading edge... Agent:

01/08/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150007547 - Combustion device: The combustion device includes a burner, a combustion chamber downstream of the burner, a lance projecting into the burner for fuel and air injection, and a plenum that at least partly houses the burner. The plenum is connected to the inside of the lance to supply an oxidiser to it.... Agent:

20150007548 - Rotary pulse detonation engine: A rotary pulse detonation engine produces mechanical output by detonating a fuel/air mixture in detonation chambers between adjacent impeller blades. The impeller is housed within an outer casing and rotated around an inner sleeve. Air is passed through a velocity stack and through intake ports on the inner sleeve into... Agent:

20150007550 - Combined cycle integrated combustor and nozzle system: An engine that operates and produces the entire required vehicle thrust below Mach 4 is useful for a Hypersonic combined cycle vehicle by saving vehicle and engine development costs. One such engine is a combined cycle engine having both a booster and a dual mode ramjet (DMRJ). The booster and... Agent:

20150007549 - Rotary turbo rocket: A turbojet is combined with a co-axially integrated rotary rocket to form a propulsion system called a Rotary Turbo Rocket that can function as a turbojet, as an afterburning turbojet, as an Air Turbo Rocket, or as a rotary rocket. The Rotary Turbo Rocket can operate in any of these... Agent:

20150007551 - Control system and control method for electrical heating catalyzer: A control system includes an electrical heating catalyzer, a measuring device and an electronic control unit. The measuring device measures an insulation resistance between a catalyst carrier and case of the electrical heating catalyzer. The electronic control unit determines that the electrical heating catalyzer has a failure when a variation... Agent:

20150007552 - Diesel particulate filter regeneration in transport refrigeration system: A method and system are provided for performing a regeneration cycle for regenerating a diesel particulate filter (56) for removing particulate matter from a flow of engine exhaust gas from a diesel engine associated with a refrigeration system (10) having a refrigeration unit (20) powered by the diesel engine (32)... Agent:

20150007553 - Information-display-equipped electric-heating-type heater and method of using information therefor: There are disclosed an information-display-equipped electric-heating-type heater, and a method of using the above information. An information-display-equipped electric-heating-type heater includes a tubular honeycomb structure made of a conductive material and having porous partition walls to define and form a plurality of cells which become through channels for a fluid and... Agent:

20150007554 - Oxygen sensor heat sinking boss: A vehicle having an engine is disclosed. The vehicle includes an exhaust pipe receiving exhaust gas from the engine and a muffler connected to the exhaust pipe. An oxygen concentration sensor is disposed in a boss defining a port in the exhaust pipe. The boss includes a diameter greater than... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20150007555 - Transaxle: A transaxle includes a hydrostatic transmission and an axle driven by the hydrostatic transmission. The hydrostatic transmission includes a hydraulic pump and a hydraulic motor fluidly connected to each other. The hydraulic pump has a pump shaft. The hydraulic motor has a motor shaft drivingly connected to the axle. The... Agent: Kanzaki Kokyukoki Mfg. Co., Ltd.

20150007556 - Hydraulic motor: A hydraulic motor includes a motor mechanism that rotates by hydraulic liquid pressure led from a hydraulic liquid pressure source. The hydraulic motor includes a casing that defines a casing chamber which accommodates the motor mechanism, a brake mechanism that brakes the rotation of the motor mechanism, a brake release... Agent:

20150007557 - Boom driving device: A boom driving device comprises a boom control valve causing a boom cylinder to elongate and contract. The boom control valve returns a hydraulic fluid discharged from an working chamber of the boom cylinder to a tank in a boom descending position A part of the discharged hydraulic fluid is... Agent:

20150007558 - Energy recovery device: The present application relates to the field of energy recovery and in particular to the use of shape memory alloys (SMA) for same. An energy recovery device is provided which comprises a one way drive mechanism for incrementally winding a spring. An SMA engine comprising a length of SMA material... Agent:

20150007559 - Brake apparatus: In a system including a reservoir tank RSV integral with a master cylinder M/C, an inlet fluid passage 16 for connecting an inlet portion 22 of a pump P to the reservoir tank RSV, a pressure reducing fluid passage 32 that connects the inlet fluid passage 16 to wheel cylinders... Agent:

20150007561 - Active conditioning system of a gaseous fluid intake of an internal combustion engine: Intake system for a supercharged internal combustion engine, comprising an intake duct with a cooling line comprising a high temperature cooler and a lower temperature cooler arranged in series along the intake duct, and a by-pass branch arranged in parallel with the low temperature cooler, and a heating line with... Agent:

20150007560 - Turbocharged single cylinder internal combustion engine using an air capacitor: Internal combustion engine system. The system includes a single cylinder engine having an engine volume, the single cylinder engine having an intake manifold for introducing air into the engine and an exhaust manifold for discharge of exhaust gases. A turbocharger communicates with the exhaust manifold to receive exhaust gases to... Agent:

20150007562 - Control apparatus for internal combustion engine: A control apparatus for an internal combustion engine according to the invention is applied to an internal combustion engine that is equipped with an exhaust gas treatment device that is provided in an exhaust passage, and a burner device that is provided in the exhaust passage upstream of the exhaust... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150007563 - Direct inlet axial automotive turbine: Systems and methods for operating a turbocharged engine are described. In one example, a turbocharger system, comprising: a bearing housing including a turbine and at least one compressor coupled to the turbine via a shaft; and wherein the turbine comprises a stator stage and a rotor stage mounted to the... Agent:

20150007564 - Failure detection device for exhaust recirculation apparatus of engine with supercharger: In an engine with a supercharger, a low pressure loop EGR apparatus includes a EGR passage to allow part of exhaust gas discharged from a combustion chamber of the engine to an exhaust passage to flow as EGR gas in an intake passage to return to the combustion chamber, and... Agent:

20150007566 - Method for manufacturing mirror structure, mirror structure, light collection device having same, heat collection facility, and solar thermal power generation facility: A mirror (31) that reflects solar light, a rear plate (35) that supports a rear surface of the mirror (31), and a support frame (36) that is disposed on a rear surface of the rear plate (35) are prepared. Next, the rear plate (35) and the support frame (36) are... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20150007565 - Method and apparatus for producing power from two geothermal heat sources: A method for producing power from two geothermal heat sources includes: separating a first geothermal fluid from a first geothermal heat source into geothermal vapor comprising steam and non-condensable gases, and geothermal brine; supplying the geothermal vapor to a vaporizer; vaporizing a preheated motive fluid using heat from the geothermal... Agent:

20150007567 - Plant and method for increasing the efficiency of electric energy production: A plant (10, 110) for the production of electric energy comprises a fuel boiler (11) in which a fluid is heated in order to produce steam, a turbine (15) which is connected to an electric generator (16) and to which said steam is conveyed, and a condenser unit (19) which... Agent: Falck Renewables Spa

20150007568 - Power generation apparatus, power generation method, decomposition-gas turbine and decomposition-gas boiler: A power generation apparatus, a power generation method, a decomposition-gas boiler, and a decomposition-gas turbine with which nitrous oxide may be used as an environmentally friendly energy source. A fuel gas including nitrous oxide (N2O) is supplied to a decomposition reactor (22) in which a catalyst (21) for decomposing nitrous... Agent: Showa Denko K.k.

20150007569 - Volumetric energy recovery device and systems: A volumetric expander (20) configured to transfer a working fluid and generate useful work includes a housing. The housing includes an inlet port (24) configured to admit relatively high-pressure working fluid and an outlet port (26) configured to discharge to a relatively low-pressure working fluid. The expander also includes first... Agent:

20150007570 - Method for manufacturing of a gas turbine engine component: The invention concerns a method for manufacturing of a gas turbine engine component (37) comprising an outer ring structure (42, 47), an inner ring structure (41), and a plurality of circumferentially spaced elements (46, 46a, 46b) extending between the inner ring structure (41) and the outer ring structure (42), wherein... Agent: Gkn Aerospace Sweden Ab

20150007571 - Gas turbine combustor: A combustor for a gas turbine that includes a front panel, an elongated sleeve with first end and second ends and a burner mounted in the sleeve. The second end of the sleeve seallessly mounted on the front panel. The sleeve and burner are configured to enable slidable mounted of... Agent:

20150007572 - Fuel injector for a turbine engine: A fuel injector for a turbine engine, the injector including a body including a mechanism for admitting fuel under pressure, a stop valve for feeding a primary fuel circuit, and a metering valve mounted downstream from the stop valve for feeding a secondary fuel circuit. The injector further includes at... Agent: Snecma

20150007573 - Annular-combustion-chamber bypass: An annular combustion chamber (1) for a gas turbine, the chamber having an outer shell (12) which has at least one inlet opening (4) for a burner (3) and an outlet (7) which opens into a turbine chamber (8), wherein ducts (14) which can be closed, which are oriented substantially... Agent:

20150007577 - Combined cycle power plant and method for operating such a combined cycle power plant: The invention relates to a combined cycle power plant including a gas turbine the exhaust gas outlet of which is connected to a heat recovery steam generator, which is part of a water/steam cycle, whereby, for having a large power reserve and at the same time a higher design performance... Agent:

20150007576 - Gas turbine power plant with non-homogeneous input gas: The invention relates to a method for operating a gas turbine which includes a compressor with annular inlet area, at least two burners, a combustion chamber and a turbine. According to the method, at least one first partial intake flow, consisting of oxygen-reduced gas which has an oxygen concentration which... Agent:

20150007578 - Method for operating a combined cycle power plant and combined cycle power plant for conducting said method: The invention relates to a method for operating a combined cycle power plant, which includes a steam turbine powertrain with a high-pressure steam turbine, an intermediate pressure steam turbine and a low-pressure steam turbine, whereby intermediate pressure steam flowing from the exit of the high-pressure steam turbine to the inlet... Agent:

20150007579 - Method for operating a combined cycle power plant and combined cycle power plant for using such method: The invention discloses a method for operating a combined cycle power plant with an integrated CO2 capture unit, wherein flue gas of a gas turbine is led along an flue gas path through a heat recovery steam generator, a flue gas cooling circuit and a CO2 absorber. A reduction in... Agent:

20150007575 - Power plant with integrated fuel gas preheating: The invention refers to a CCPP comprising a gas turbine, a water steam cycle with a steam turbine and a HRSG with at least two pressure levels, and a fuel preheater for preheating the fuel of the gas turbine. The fuel preheater includes a first heat exchanger for preheating the... Agent:

20150007574 - Systems and methods for control of a gas turbine: A system includes a gas turbine system including a compressor, a combustor, and a turbine. The system also includes a controller communicatively coupled to the gas turbine system and configured to control operations of the gas turbine system. The system further includes a life consumption model configured to determine an... Agent:

20150007580 - Method of producing suspension for a structure in a turbojet engine using a hyperstatic trellis with pre-stressed link elements: The invention relates to a method of manufacturing an assembly comprising a first structure (23), arranged to be rigidly connected to a housing of a turbojet engine, a second annular structure (21) surrounding the first structure, and a hyperstatic trellis of connecting rods (40a, 40b, 40c, 40d, 40e, 40f) maintaining... Agent: Snecma

20150007581 - Shroud block segment for a gas turbine: A shroud block segment for a gas turbine includes a main body having a leading portion, a trailing portion, a first side portion and an opposing second side portion that extend axially between the leading portion and the trailing portion. The main body further includes an arcuate combustion gas side,... Agent:

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20150000245 - Hybrid electric rotary engine: A hybrid electric rotary engine is provided having a pair of rotors separated by a divider and configured for rotation in opposite directions, a timing gear engaged between the inner faces of the rotors, and at least one pair of slanted rotor openings in the rim of each rotor for... Agent:

20150000246 - Jet engine with at least one oil separator: A jet engine includes at least one oil separator, through which an air-oil volume flow can be guided out of several areas supplied with oil for separating the oil, where a device for spraying oil into the air-oil volume flow is provided. Oil can be sprayed in using the device... Agent:

20150000247 - System and method for detecting airfoil clash within a compressor: A system for detecting airfoil clashing within a compressor comprises a compressor having a row of rotor blades and an adjacent row of stator vanes, an acoustic emission detection system that generates an acoustic emissions signal, a rotor blade monitoring system that generates a blade pass signal, and a processing... Agent:

20150000248 - Combined cycle caes technology (ccc): This is a system that stores energy by compressing atmospheric air and confining it in tanks or caverns, combining the thermodynamic cycle followed by the atmospheric air (Brayton cycle) with another thermodynamic cycle followed by an auxiliary fluid, that is confined in the same cavern within a membrane, following two... Agent: Prextor Systems, S.l.

20150000249 - Combined cycle power plant: The invention relates to a combined cycle power plant that includes, a gas turbine plant, a heat recovery steam generator heated by hot waste gases of a gas turbine plant, and a steam turbine plant driven by the steam produced, and a waste gas purification plant, arranged downstream of the... Agent:

20150000244 - System and method for reducing emissions: A system for reducing emissions includes a gas production source that produces nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides, hydrogen sulfide, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, formaldehyde, benzene, metal oxides, or volatile organic compound emissions. An exhaust plenum is downstream from the gas production source, and structure for dispersing a solvent is in the... Agent:

20150000250 - Hall effect thruster: A Hall effect thruster including a downstream end of its annular channel presenting a cross-section that is variable to vary a thrust and a specific impulse of the thruster.... Agent: Snecma

20150000251 - System, method and apparatus for lean combustion with plasma from an electrical arc: The present invention provides a plasma arc torch that can be used for lean combustion. The plasma arc torch includes a cylindrical vessel, an electrode housing connected to the first end of the cylindrical vessel such that a first electrode is (a) aligned with a longitudinal axis of the cylindrical... Agent:

20150000252 - Rotational annular airscrew with integrated acoustic arrester: A propulsion system and methods are presented. A substantially tubular structure comprises a central axis through a longitudinal geometric center, and a first fan rotates around the central axis, and comprises a first fan hub and first fan blades. The fan hub is rotationally coupled to the substantially tubular structure,... Agent:

20150000255 - Arrangement for exhaust-gas aftertreatment system for an internal combustion engine and method for operating the exhaust-gas aftertreatment system arrangement: A method for operating an exhaust-gas aftertreatment system arrangement is provided. The method includes in a first operating state, flowing a substantial majority of an exhaust-gas stream from the internal combustion engine through a first NOx storage catalytic converter positioned in a main exhaust branch of an exhaust aftertreatment system... Agent:

20150000254 - Soot pre-loading of particulate matter aftertreatment devices as means for reducing hydrocarbon emissions during cold start: Methods and systems for reducing hydrocarbon emissions from an internal combustion engine. The engine's exhaust aftertreatment system has at least a particulate matter (soot) filter and means for actively regenerating the particulate matter filter. During operation of the engine, the soot loading state of the particulate matter filter is monitored.... Agent:

20150000253 - Vehicle and method of treating an exhaust gas: A method of treating an exhaust gas produced by a vehicle internal combustion engine includes conveying the gas through a first reactor including a non-thermal plasma. The gas includes nitric oxide and is transitionable between a first condition in which the gas has a cold-start temperature that is less than... Agent:

20150000256 - Engine unit and work vehicle: Two sets of assemblies are arranged such that a diesel particulate filter device of an assembly as a first set, a selective catalytic reduction device of the assembly as the first set, a selective catalytic reduction device of an assembly as a second set, and a diesel particulate filter device... Agent:

20150000257 - Active regeneration control device for a diesel particulate filter: An active regeneration control device for a diesel particulate filter (DPF) according to the present disclosure includes: an active regeneration determining unit judging an active regeneration time of the (DPF); an active regeneration signal generating unit generating an active regeneration signal according to the decision of the active regeneration determining... Agent: Doosan Infracore Co., Ltd.

20150000258 - Work vehicle: A radiator is arranged behind an engine, a selective catalytic reduction apparatus, and a connecting pipe. A partition wall partitions first and second accommodation spaces. The engine, the selective catalytic reduction apparatus, and the connecting pipe are arranged in the first space. The radiator is arranged in the second space.... Agent:

20150000259 - Thermally insulated components for exhaust systems: A component of an exhaust system for an internal combustion engine. The component comprises an exhaust system structure (20) having an interior (22) through which exhaust gases flow and an exterior (21), and a thermal insulating wrap (10) for thermally insulating at least a portion of the exterior (21) of... Agent:

20150000260 - Environmentally friendly power generation process: A new power generation process where thermal energy can be taken from the air, bodies of water or other heat sources and converted to mechanical energy without generating environmentally harmful emissions is disclosed. This process is based on the use of turbo-expanders, compressors, wet working gases and liquid heat sinks.... Agent:

20150000261 - Pressure reduction of gaseous operating media: There are described an apparatus, a system and a method for the reduction of a pressure of a gaseous operating medium by expansion means which are arranged parallel with pressure reduction means, a portion of the gaseous operating medium being directed through the expansion means, the expansion means being configured... Agent:

20150000262 - Vehicle drive device: A vehicle drive device having a case that includes a support wall portion that extends in a radial direction of the rotary electric machine at a location between the rotary electric machine and the fluid coupling in the axial direction. A rotor member and the coupling input member are coupled... Agent:

20150000263 - Wave powered generator: The generator comprises: at least one energy capturing float (2) which is movable in response to wave motion; a reaction member (1) to be positioned below the energy capturing float; connecting lines (4a, 4b,4c,4d) for connecting the at least one energy capturing float to the reaction member and defining a... Agent:

20150000264 - 100% conversion of thermal energy to mechanical energy using sma heat engines: An energy harvesting system includes a first heat engine, a second heat engine, and an nth heat engine. The heat engines each include at least two rotatable pulleys and a first shape memory alloy (SMA) member. The SMA member is disposed about the at least two rotatable pulleys and defines... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20150000265 - Hydraulic master cylinder with back-up ring: Disclosed herein is a hydraulic master cylinder body having a bore defined at least in part by a bore wall, wherein the bore wall includes an opening for hydraulic fluid to be passed into the bore, and a piston assembly situated at least substantially in the bore, the assembly having... Agent:

20150000266 - Brake system for vehicle designed to improve mountability: A braking device for a vehicle is provided which is equipped with a hydraulic booster. The hydraulic booster includes a master cylinder, a braking simulator, and an input piston. The input piston is disposed in the master cylinder in connection with a brake actuating member such as a brake pedal... Agent:

20150000267 - Master cylinder: A master cylinder for a hydraulic brake system or clutch system, in particular of a vehicle steered by handlebars, in particular of a bicycle, includes a housing containing a piston chamber. The housing accommodates a piston slidable therein and a pressure chamber. A compensating chamber communicates with the pressure chamber... Agent:

20150000268 - Variable geometry nozzle and associated method of operation: The method includes moving at least one of a first support and a second support to vary a position of the plurality of main blades and tandem blades relative to each other to control one or more flow control characteristics across the turbine. The turbine includes a nozzle having the... Agent:

20150000269 - Turbo-compound apparatus having variable geometry turbocharger turbine and engine system having the same: A turbo-compound apparatus having a variable geometry turbocharger turbine and an engine system having the same are provided. The turbo-compound apparatus includes a variable geometry turbocharger turbine connected to an exhaust manifold of the engine and having an adjustable mechanism to distribute the exhaust energy between two turbines; a power... Agent:

20150000271 - Turbocharger: A turbocharger includes: a turbine housing which houses a turbine impeller; an introduction hole provided in the turbine housing and configured to guide an exhaust gas, which flows into the introduction hole from an exhaust manifold of an engine, to the turbine impeller; a valve provided inside the introduction hole... Agent: Ihi Corporation

20150000270 - Turbocharger with bypass valve providing complete bypass of the turbine for improved catalyst light-off: A turbocharger includes a turbine housing defining an exhaust gas inlet, and an exhaust gas exit. The turbine housing is integrated with a housing for a 3-way valve defining a primary through-passage that supplies exhaust gas directly to a catalyst. The exhaust gas inlet is connected to a bypass passage... Agent:

20150000272 - Turbocharger assembly with direct-mounted bearing housing: A turbocharger pressurizes an airflow for delivery to an internal combustion engine having a cylinder block, a cylinder head, and an oil supply passage formed in at least one of the cylinder block and the cylinder head. The turbocharger includes a bearing housing having a mounting flange for direct mounting... Agent:

20150000273 - Turbocharger with annular rotary bypass valve for the turbine, and catalyst disposed in the bypass channel of the turbine housing: A turbocharger includes a turbine wheel mounted within a turbine housing and connected to a compressor wheel by a shaft. The turbine housing defines an exhaust gas inlet connected to a volute that surrounds the turbine wheel, and an axial bore through which exhaust gas that has passed through the... Agent:

20150000274 - Waste heat recovery system including connection to a vehicle air conditioning system: The disclosure describes a Rankine cycle waste heat recovery (WHR) system that provides cooling to an air conditioning condenser and may use waste heat from the air conditioning condenser to raise the temperature of a working fluid of the WHR system. The Rankine cycle WHR system also converts waste heat... Agent:

20150000278 - Solar concentrator, and heat collection apparatus and solar thermal power generation apparatus including same: A center of gravity Q1 of a mirror structure 31, which has a plurality of mirrors 32, is located between the plurality of mirrors 32. A driving mechanism 40 that rotates the mirror structure 31 includes a first rotational shaft 52 that has a first rotational axis A1 as a... Agent:

20150000277 - Solar power plants and energy storage systems for solar power plants: A thermal energy storage system includes a storage tank, a first heat exchanger and a second heat exchanger. The tank includes a plurality of stacked compartments. The first heat exchanger is disposed inside the tank proximate to the periphery of the tank and extends from a top portion of the... Agent:

20150000275 - Multi-stage otec power plant: A multi-stage power plant. The condenser side of the power plant runs the cold water in series through the stages. The boiler side runs the incoming warm water in parallel among the stages. Furthermore, it has a separate channel for using warm ocean water to drive a super heater for... Agent:

20150000276 - Auxiliary steam generator system for a power plant: An auxiliary steam generator system for a power plant, comprising a water-steam circuit, which has a condensate line and a feed-water line, wherein a condensate pump is connected in the condensate line and a feed-water pump is connected in the feed-water line, and wherein a pressure accumulating vessel is connected... Agent:

20150000279 - Method for operating a power plant:

20150000280 - Electricity generation device and method: The present invention relates to electricity generation devices and methods that use a cryogenic fluid such as liquid nitrogen or liquid air and a source of low grade waste heat, and means of increasing the efficiency of energy recovery from such devices by combining Rankine and Brayton cycles.... Agent:

20150000281 - Automated mass management control: Embodiments of the invention generally provide a heat engine system, a mass management system (MMS), and a method for regulating pressure in the heat engine system while generating electricity. In one embodiment, the MMS contains a tank fluidly coupled to a pump, a turbine, a heat exchanger, an offload terminal,... Agent: Echogen Power Systems, LLC

20150000282 - Annular helmholtz damper: The damper arrangement include two concentric hollow shapes, each having a wall, wherein the walls form an annular volume therebetween. The damper arrangement further includes one or more necks for connecting to a combustion chamber at corresponding one or more contact points. The one or more necks are connected to... Agent:

20150000284 - Cap assembly for a bundled tube fuel injector: A cap assembly for a bundled tube fuel injector includes an impingement plate and an aft plate that is disposed downstream from the impingement plate. The aft plate includes a forward side that is axially separated from an aft side. A tube passage extends through the impingement plate and the... Agent:

20150000283 - Combustor apparatus in a gas turbine engine: A combustor apparatus defining a combustion zone where air and fuel are burned to create high temperature combustion products. The combustor apparatus comprises an outer wall including a fuel inlet opening for receiving a fuel feed pipe. A coupling assembly is engaged with the fuel feed pipe at the fuel... Agent:

20150000285 - Fuel nozzle for two fuels: A fuel nozzle (2) for two fuels, with an inner pipe (5) with radially oriented outlet openings (7) for a first fuel and with an outer pipe (6), surrounding the inner pipe (5), with axially oriented outlet openings (10) for a second fuel; an axially extending groove (18) on an... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150000286 - System for supporting a bundled tube fuel injector within a combustor: A combustor includes an end cover having an outer side and an inner side, an outer barrel having a forward end that is adjacent to the inner side of the end cover and an aft end that is axially spaced from the forward end. An inner barrel is at least... Agent:

20150000287 - Combustor assembly including a transition inlet cone in a gas turbine engine: A combustor assembly defining a main combustion zone where fuel and air are burned to create hot combustion products includes a liner, a transition duct, and a transition inlet cone. The liner defines an interior volume including a first portion of the main combustion zone, and has an inlet and... Agent:

20150000288 - Abradable liner for a gas turbine engine: Described is an abradable component for a gas turbine engine, comprising: a base having an outboard side which receives a supply of cooling air in use and a plurality of walls on an inboard side thereof, the walls adjoining one another to provide an abradable network of open faced cells... Agent:

20150000289 - Gas ejection cone for aircraft turbojet engines: A gas ejection cone includes a cylindrical-shaped front cone portion, a conical-shaped rear cone portion, a ventilation tube and a support bearing of this drainage and/or ventilation tube. The ventilation tube extends inside the cylindrical-shaped front and conical-shaped rear cone portions and emerges at the end of the conical-shaped rear... Agent:

20150000290 - Gas turbine engine and method of operating thereof: A turbine system and method of operating is provided. The system includes a compressor configured to generate a compressed low-oxygen air stream and a combustor configured to receive the compressed low-oxygen air stream and to combust a fuel stream to generate a post combustion gas stream. The turbine system also... Agent:

20150000291 - Gas turbine engine combustor heat exchanger: A gas turbine engine having a combustor is disclosed in which a heat exchanger is disposed within the combustor. The heat exchanger can take the form of a fuel/air heat exchanger. In one form the heat exchanger includes a path for cooling air to be conveyed to a location external... Agent: Rolls-royce Corporation

20150000297 - Method for determining at least one firing temperature for controlling a gas turbine and gas turbine for performing the method: The invention relates to a method for determining at least one firing temperature for controlling a gas turbine that comprises at least one compressor, at least one combustion chamber and at least one turbine, compressed air being drawn off at the compressor in order to cool the turbine and being... Agent:

20150000296 - Method for operating a gas turbine and gas turbine for performing the method: In a method for operating a gas turbine, NOx is removed from the exhaust gases of the gas turbine by means of a selective catalysis device with the addition of NH3. The method achieves an extremely low NOx content while simultaneously achieving economic consumption of NH3 and avoiding NH3 in... Agent:

20150000295 - Process to obtain a compressed gas: The invention is directed to a process to obtain a compressed gas starting from a starting gas having a lower pressure by performing the following steps: (i) increasing the pressure and temperature of a gas having an intermediate pressure by means of indirect heat exchange against a fluid having a... Agent: Ice Industrial Properties Bv

20150000292 - System and method for exhausting combustion gases from gas turbine engines: A system includes a gas turbine engine that includes a combustor section having one or more combustors configured to generate combustion products and a turbine section having one or more turbine stages between an upstream end and a downstream end. The one or more turbine stages are driven by the... Agent:

20150000293 - Systems and methods for controlling exhaust gas flow in exhaust gas recirculation gas turbine systems: A method of controlling an exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) gas turbine system includes adjusting an angle of a plurality of inlet guide vanes of an exhaust gas compressor of the EGR gas turbine system, wherein the plurality of inlet guide vanes have a first range of motion defined by a... Agent:

20150000294 - Systems and methods for monitoring gas turbine systems having exhaust gas recirculation: A system includes a plurality of extraction passages configured to passively extract a portion of a gas flow from a downstream region of a gas flow path. The system includes a plurality of sensors respectively coupled to the plurality of extraction passages, wherein the plurality of sensors is configured to... Agent:

20150000298 - Fuel conditioner, combustor and gas turbine improvements: Advanced gas turbines and associated components, systems and methods are disclosed herein. A gas turbine configured in accordance with a particular embodiment includes a rotor operably coupled to a shaft and a stator positioned adjacent to the rotor. A coolant line extends at least partially through the stator to transfer... Agent: Advanced Green Technologies, LLC

20150000300 - Gas turbine having fuel monitoring: The invention relates to a method for detecting a fuel leakage in the fuel distribution system between a fuel control valve and at least one burner of a gas turbine during the operation of the gas turbine. In order to detect a fuel leakage, the fuel consumption is approximated in... Agent:

20150000299 - System and method for a fuel nozzle: A system includes an oxidant compressor and a gas turbine engine turbine, which includes a turbine combustor, a turbine, and an exhaust gas compressor. The turbine combustor includes a plurality of diffusion fuel nozzles, each including a first oxidant conduit configured to inject a first oxidant through a plurality of... Agent:

20150000302 - Power plant comprising a condensed water recovery device: A power plant including a thermal machine, an inlet duct for delivering a combustive first fluid in said thermal machine, a ventilation circuit for delivering a cooling second fluid to said thermal machine, the first and/or the second fluid including water therein, and a water recovery device connected with the... Agent: Nuovo Pignone S.p.a.

20150000301 - System and method for modeling bottoming cycle performance of a combined cycle power plant: A bottoming cycle modeling system for a combined cycle power plant includes one or more measurement devices configured and disposed to measure energy of exhaust gases passing from a gas turbine portion, one or more measurement devices configured and disposed to measure at least one bottoming cycle parameter of the... Agent:

20150000303 - Wireless power for gas turbine engine instrumentation: A gas turbine engine includes a compressor section, a combustor section and a turbine section mounted relative to an engine static structure. A module includes instrumentation that is mounted to the engine static structure. The module includes an energy harvesting power source that is configured to provide electricity to the... Agent:

20150000304 - Removable nosecone for a gas turbine engine: A gas turbine engine includes a nosecone assembly attached to a gas turbine engine. The nosecone assembly includes a support structure and a nosecone attached to the support structure. The nosecone includes at least a first tool hole extending through the nosecone. The first tool hole is structurally reinforced.... Agent:

20150000306 - Bearing support for a hot section of a turboshaft engine, and an associated turboshaft engine: A support, for example for a turboshaft engine, or for at least one bearing for a hot section of a turboshaft engine. The support includes at least a central hub incorporating an outer bearing seat for directly receiving the bearing, an annular casing segment around the central hub, and a... Agent: Turbomeca

20150000305 - Pivoting ring petal actuation for variable area fan nozzle: A variable area fan nozzle comprising an array of rigid petals and a petal actuation system comprising left and right assemblies, each assembly comprising: a multiplicity of tracks attached to or integrally formed with respective petals; a curved pivoting ring segment; an actuator coupled to the ring segment; and a... Agent: The Boeing Company

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