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Powder metallurgy processes

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01/22/2015 > 5 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20150023827 - Porous amorphous alloy artificial joint and manufacturing method thereof: The present invention relates to a porous amorphous alloy artificial joint and a manufacturing method thereof The porous amorphous alloy artificial joint is formed of at least one of amorphous alloy compounds represented by Formula 1 to Formula 4 as described in the present specification.... Agent: National Central University

20150023828 - Process for manufacturing a porous body by powder metallurgy and metallurgic composition of particulate materials: The process comprises the steps of: mixing a load of oxide ceramic material particles (10) with a load of space holder particles (20), defined by graphite and/or amorphous carbon; compacting the mixture formed by ceramic material particles (10) and space holder particles (20), to form a compact body (E); and... Agent: Universidade Federal De Santa Catarina (ufsc)

20150023829 - Electronic device and manufacturing method thereof: A method for manufacturing an electronic device, the method comprising: providing a conducting wire; forming a mixture with the conducting wire buried therein, wherein the mixture comprises: a first magnetic powder and a second magnetic powder, wherein the mean particle diameter of the first magnetic powder is larger than the... Agent:

20150023830 - Diamond metal composite: The present invention relates to a method for producing diamond-metal composites including mixing diamond particles with metal-filler particles forming a diamond/metal-filler mixture, forming a green body of the diamond/metal-filler mixture, optionally green machining the green body to a work piece before or after pre-sintering by heating the green body to... Agent: Alfa Laval Corporate Ab

20150023831 - Method for producing an r-t-b-m sintered magnet: The present invention provides a method for producing an R-T-B-M sintered magnet having an oxygen content of less than 0.07 wt. % from R-T-B-M raw materials. The composition of R-T-B-M includes R being at least one element selected from a rare earth metal including Sc and Y. The composition also... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 5 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20150017051 - Method of speedily forming dental implant auxiliary devices: A method of speedily forming dental implant auxiliary devices comprises a tooth mold reproducing step, a processing drawing setting step, and a formation step. In the tooth mold producing step, a buccal mold is made according to a shape of an oral cavity; in the processing drawing setting step, an... Agent:

20150017052 - Method for joining metal components: A method for joining metal components by welding includes welding a first component to a second component. At least one of the components is a nitrogen-containing component, and titanium is added to at least one of the components before the welding step.... Agent:

20150017053 - Neodymium-based rare earth permanent magnet and process for producing same: Provided is a neodymium-based rare earth permanent magnet having a purity of 99.9 wt % or higher excluding gas components and component elements. The present invention can remarkably improve the magnetic properties in a neodymium-based rare earth permanent magnet by highly purifying the magnetic materials. Furthermore, the present invention aims... Agent: Jx Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation

20150017054 - Control in generative production: Disclosed is a method for generatively producing components by layer-by-layer building from a powder material by selective material bonding of powder particles by a high-energy beam. An eddy current testing is carried out concurrently with the material bonding. Also disclosed is an apparatus which is suitable for carrying out the... Agent:

20150017055 - Method for manufacturing three-dimensional shaped object: A manufacturing method of a three-dimensional shaped object is capable of suitably forming a solidified layer by subsequent formation of a powder layer. The manufacturing method according to an embodiment of the present invention is performed by repetition of a powder-layer forming and a solidified-layer forming, the repetition including forming... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

01/08/2015 > 2 patent applications in 2 patent subcategories.

20150010422 - Methods of manufacturing a drug-eluting stent: Methods for manufacturing an endovascular stent having channel(s) formed therein for containing a therapeutic material. A molding and sintering process forms a thin-walled tubular component having a tubular core structure encapsulated therein. Portions of the thin-walled tubular component are removed to form at least a portion of the endovascular stent... Agent:

20150010423 - Sintered body and method of producing a sintered body: The present disclosure relates to a method of making a sintered cutting body having a side with binder metal capping and another side without binder metal capping. The disclosure also relates to a sintered cutting body produced according to the method.... Agent:

01/01/2015 > 7 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150004042 - Biomedical device, method for manufacturing the same and use thereof: A method for manufacturing a three-dimensional biomedical device for fitting in a bone defect having an osteoinductive first area with a controlled porosity and a second area, which is produced by laser technology from an absorbent and from a first powder including one of ceramics, metals, metal alloys, bioactive glasses,... Agent:

20150004041 - Method for manufacturing porous aluminum: A method for manufacturing porous aluminum, comprising steps of: press-molding a powder mixture of aluminum powder and supporting powder under pressure of not lower than 200 MPa, the aluminum powder having a volume ratio of 5 to 30% with respect to a total volume of the powder mixture; sintering a... Agent:

20150004044 - Nanostructured ferritic alloy and method of forming: An alloy and method of forming the alloy are provided. The alloy includes a matrix phase, and a multimodally distributed population of particulate phases dispersed within the matrix. The matrix includes iron and chromium, and the population includes a first subpopulation of particulate phases and a second subpopulation of particulate... Agent: General Electric Company

20150004043 - Precipitate strengthened nanostructured ferritic alloy and method of forming: An alloy and method of forming the alloy are provided. The alloy includes a matrix phase, and a population of particulate phases dispersed within the matrix. The matrix includes iron and chromium; and the population includes a first subpopulation of particulate phases and a second subpopulation of particulate phases. The... Agent:

20150004045 - Method and apparatus for additive manufacturing: A method for forming a three-dimensional article comprising the steps of: applying a model of the three dimensional article, applying a first powder layer on a work table, directing a first electron beam from a first electron beam source over the work table causing the first powder layer to fuse... Agent:

20150004046 - Systems and methods for creating compensated digital representations for use in additive manufacturing processes: A system for fabricating a component includes an additive manufacturing device and a computing device. The additive manufacturing device is configured to fabricate a first component by sequentially forming a plurality of superposed layers based upon a nominal digital representation of a second component, which includes a plurality of nominal... Agent:

20150004047 - Binderless metal injection molding apparatus and method: A metal injection molding apparatus includes a metal injection mold die having first and second die halves, a first set of features provided in the first die half, a second set of features provided in the second die half and complementary to the first set of features provided in the... Agent:

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