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Plastic and nonmetallic article shaping or treating: processes

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01/22/2015 > 39 patent applications in 38 patent subcategories.

20150021798 - Method of molding a thermoplastic resin article and apparatus for molding same: Aimed at providing a method for molding a thermoplastic resin product and a molding apparatus therefor that enable productivity, transfer quality or the like to be improved. Provided is a method for molding a thermoplastic resin product that includes a heating step, a transfer step, a cooling step and a... Agent:

20150021799 - Method of manufacturing a fiber optic drop cable: A method of manufacturing a fiber optic cable includes manufacturing a subunit and manufacturing an outer portion. Manufacturing the subunit includes extruding a subunit jacket over a first reinforcement material constraining an optical fiber. Manufacturing the outer portion of the fiber optic cable includes extruding an outer jacket over a... Agent: Corning Optical Communications LLC

20150021797 - Metallic mold structure, transfer molding apparatus, transfer molding method, and optical member forming apparatus: A transfer molding method includes supplying melted resin to a first metallic mold, conveying the first metallic mold onto which the resin was supplied to a position opposing a second metallic mold, performing transfer molding by sandwiching the resin between the two metallic molds, and cooling the resin after performing... Agent:

20150021800 - Herbicidal composition: wherein R2 represents a hydrogen atom, an alkyl group having 1 to 15 carbon atoms, a hydroxyl group, a nitro group, or an amino group; and R3 represents a hydrogen atom, an alkali metal atom or an alkyl group. The herbicidal composition exert a pharmacological effect for a prolonged period... Agent:

20150021801 - Making nanocrystalline mesoporous spherical particles: Spherical particles of one or more elemental metals and elemental carbon are prepared from a precursor in the form of a metal oleate. The metal oleate precursor is dispersed in a liquid vehicle and aerosol droplets of the dispersed precursor are formed in a stream of an inert gas. The... Agent:

20150021802 - Thermoplastic resin composition for cleaning molding processing machine: To provide a thermoplastic resin composition for cleaning a molding processing machine, which has good cleaning performance and workability in cleaning an inner side of a molding processing machine of thermoplastic resin composition, such as an extruder and an injection molding machine. A thermoplastic resin composition for cleaning a molding... Agent:

20150021803 - Imprint apparatus, mold, imprint method, and method of manufacturing article: The present invention provides an imprint apparatus which transfers a pattern onto a substrate by using a mold including a first surface with a pattern region where an unevenness pattern is formed, and a second surface opposite to the first surface, the mold including a first pattern group formed between... Agent:

20150021804 - Mold, method for manufacturing molded foam body, and molded foam body: A mold that: makes it possible to manufacture a molded foam body wherein a reinforcing member extends to a portion of the outer face of the molded body main body that corresponds to a parting line in the inner face of the cavity of the mold; and prevents molding problems... Agent: Bridgestone Corporation

20150021805 - Apparatus and methods for producing nonwoven fibrous webs: Methods and apparatus including a fiber opening chamber having an open upper end and a lower end, at least one fiber inlet for introducing a multiplicity of fibers into the opening chamber, a first multiplicity of rollers positioned within the opening chamber wherein each roller has a multiplicity of projections... Agent:

20150021806 - Method of making a multilayer article: A method of making a multilayer article includes providing a mould defining a first cavity with a removable element therein; placing a first particulate component in the cavity; compressing the component along a first axis in a first compression step to form a first layer of the article; removing the... Agent: Philip Morris Products S.a.

20150021807 - Apparatus and method for controlled pelletization processing: An apparatus and process to maintain control of the temperature of low-melting compounds, high melt flow polymers, and thermally sensitive materials for the pelletization of such materials. The addition of a cooling extruder, and a second melt cooler if desired, in advance of the die plate provides for regulation of... Agent: Gala Industries, Inc.

20150021808 - Die and process for strand pelletizing a polymer composition: Die (1) for strand pelletizing a polymer composition, wherein the die surface (4) adjacent to the outflow opening (2) of the die is coated with a ceramic coating (5) or a polytetrafluorethylene containing coating.... Agent: DsmIPAssets B.v.

20150021809 - Flash removal apparatus and method: The invention is directed to a method and apparatus for removing flash from molded parts. The method and apparatus is primarily used with molded plastic parts, but parts formed of other material can also be processed with the equipment of the present invention. The parts are held in position by... Agent: Met-l-tec LLC

20150021810 - Retarder manufacturing method: A method for producing a phase difference plate includes a step of forming a layered body including a resin layer (a) containing a resin A having a positive intrinsic birefringence, a resin layer (b) that contains a resin B having a negative intrinsic birefringence and is provided on a surface... Agent:

20150021811 - Annular die and method for extrusion: The invention relates to an annular die (1) on an extrusion head for producing tubular or sheet-like preforms with an arcuate die gap and with a melt channel (4) delimited by a mandrel (2) and a die body (3), the cross-sectional profile of the melt channel (4) being variable by... Agent:

20150021812 - Process for preparing yarn derived from aramid copolymer fiber having low residual sulfur: The present invention concerns processes for producing a yarn comprising polymer comprising imidazole groups, the process having the following steps: (a) spinning a solution of polymer in sulfuric acid to give rise to a plurality of dope filaments; (b) coagulating the plurality of dope filaments into a multi-filament as-spun yarn;... Agent: E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20150021813 - Tire mold, tire, and tire manufacturing method: The tread surface of a tire according to the present invention is molded with a tire mold having a tread molding surface, and at least a portion of the tread molding surface is formed by projecting spherical projection material having a predetermined sphericity and causing the spherical projection material to... Agent: Bridgestone Corporation

20150021814 - Core/shell fluoropolymer: A core/shell polymer is provided and is optionally heat aged, wherein the core comprises one of (a) melt-fabricable tetrafluoroethylene/perfluoro(alkyl vinyl ether) copolymer and (b) melt-processible polytetrafluoroethylene and the shell comprises the other of (a) and (b), wherein the amount of (b) in said core/shell polymer is 15 to 45 wt... Agent:

20150021815 - Additive manufacturing heating control systems and methods: An additive manufacturing system includes an additive manufacturing tool configured to supply a plurality of droplets to a part, a temperature control device configured to control a temperature of the part, and a controller configured to control the composition, formation, and application of each droplet to the plurality of droplets... Agent:

20150021816 - Propylene copolymers in elastomeric compositions: Disclosed is an ethylene-propylene copolymer having isotactic polypropylene crystallinity compounded with a halobutyl rubber in an amount effective to improve one or more of aged tensile strength retention, fatigue resistance, and dimensional stability. Also disclosed is an elastomer composition wherein the copolymer can have at least 60 wt % propylene-derived... Agent:

20150021817 - Molded segmented electrode leads and systems and methods of manufacturing and using the leads and systems: A lead with segmented electrodes can be made using one or two mold methods. In one method, segmented electrodes are individually disposed on pins on an interior surface within a mold. Each of the segmented electrodes has at least one opening formed in the exterior surface of the segmented electrode.... Agent:

20150021818 - Hockey blade with wrapped, stitched core: A construct for a hockey blade that includes a foam core. The foam core includes a first core face, a second core face, and a core edge. A first layer of resin preimpregnated tape is wrapped continuously around the first core face, the core edge and the second core face.... Agent:

20150021819 - Method of injecting sealing gel into recess: A method of injecting a sealing gel into a predetermined structure for a work piece is provided. The method includes the following steps: providing a molding tool with an insertion structure shaped with respect to compliment the predetermined structure, enclosing a local region of a recess of the work piece... Agent: Tyco Electronics (shanghai) Co. Ltd.

20150021820 - Method for making a wheel for hot glass sheet conveyance: A method for making a wheel (60) for hot glass sheet conveyance is performed by providing an annular tire (64) of high temperature resistant synthetic resin (65) in which a woven material (74) is embedded, and by molding a synthetic thermoplastic resin (71) in situ within the tire to provide... Agent:

20150021821 - Systems and methods of concrete apparatus with incorporated lifter: Systems and methods for a concrete apparatus with incorporated lifter are provided. A concrete apparatus is formed by placing a reinforcement system in a mold. The reinforcement system comprises a lifter. Concrete is poured into the mold such that the lifter protrudes from the poured concrete. After the concrete has... Agent:

20150021822 - Prefabricated wall panel with tongue and groove construction: A prefabricated wall panel has a precast body including at least one decorative design element. In addition, the wall panel includes a mounting element having a first end embedded in the precast body and a second end projecting from the precast body. A groove is formed between the precast body... Agent:

20150021823 - Method and apparatus for imparting a catheter tip to multi-layered tubing: A method and apparatus for imparting a rounded tip to a length of multi-layered tubing to form a urinary catheter includes a plurality of dies with internal geometry to successively push back an end region of an inner layer of the multi-layered tubing, exposing an interior of an end region... Agent:

20150021824 - Recycled compositions for construction, and methods of utilizing and producing the same: A low density annular grout composition for filling voids. The composition may consist of cementitious fly ash, water, set retarder and cellular foam. The composition may have a compressive strength of between 100 and 600 psi at seven days and less than 1500 psi at 28 days. The composition may... Agent: Flashfill Services, LLC

20150021825 - Method of injection sealing gel into a recess of a work piece: A method of injecting a sealing gel into a recess of a work piece, comprising steps of: injecting the sealing gel into the recess and stopping the injection of the sealing gel when the sealing gel reaches a first depth less than the total depth of the recess; after the... Agent: Tyco Electronics (shanghai) Co., Ltd.

20150021826 - Silane based coating of aluminium mold: A method of preparing an aluminum mold for injection molding is provided, the method comprises the steps of providing an aluminum mold having a least one surface, subjecting the at least one surface to a gas or liquid phase silane to thereby form an anti-stiction coating, the anti-stiction coating comprising... Agent:

20150021827 - Method and device for producing an optimized base contour on preforms: The present invention relates to a method and a device for producing a preform with a base geometry optimized for the subsequent stretch blow molding. The preform produced in the injection mold is removed in a cooled removal sleeve and cooled in the shaft by intensive contact cooling, while to... Agent:

20150021828 - Rubber vulcanizer and rubber vulcanizing method: A rubber vulcanizer includes: a pair of heat plates disposed to be opposed to each other in a prescribed direction and to be apart from each other in the prescribed direction; and one or more dies for rubber molding stacked on each other in the prescribed direction between the heat... Agent: Jtekt Corporation

20150021829 - Molded product manufacturing apparatus, and molded product manufacturing method: A molded product manufacturing method and a molded product manufacturing apparatus are realized, each of which has improved quality and productivity of a molded product. A pressure to be applied to an upper mold (ML) and a lower mold (ML) is reduced in stages during a process from a start... Agent:

20150021830 - Method and apparatus for printing 3d objects using additive manufacturing and material extruder with translational and rotational axes: A 5D printer, which additively manufactures an object, includes an extruder that can move linearly along three orthogonal axes and rotationally around at least one of the axes with respect to the object while depositing a material. A gantry is movable along X, Y and Z axes, and a trunnion... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories, Inc.

20150021831 - Injection molding method with infrared preheat: A plastic injection molding system includes a mold having an interior surface and an exterior surface. The interior surface defines a mold cavity, which is configured in a shape of a part to be formed. A source of plastic, having a known heat deflection temperature, is injected into the mold... Agent:

20150021832 - Method and apparatus for additively manufacturing of objects based on tensile strength: A 5D printer, which additively manufactures an object, includes an extruder that can move linearly along three orthogonal axes and rotationally around at least one of the axes with respect to the object while depositing a material. A gantry is movable along X, Y and Z axes, and a trunnion... Agent:

20150021833 - Method of blowing, filling and capping containers: The invention concerns a method of blowing and filling a container (120) from a preform, the method comprising: —placing a preform within a mould (140), —stretching the preform —injecting a liquid into the preform after the stretching has started so as to cause expansion of the preform within the mould,... Agent:

20150021834 - Production method for expansion balloon: The present invention is a production method for an expansion balloon (2) for use in a balloon catheter (1), including the steps of; forming a balloon tube (8) by extrusion molding so as to have a cross section orthogonal to an axial direction with the shape of a circle on... Agent:

20150021835 - Use of biodegradable plastics films in processes for producing fiber-reinforced plastics by means of vacuum infusion: The present invention relates to the use of biodegradable plastics films as vacuum films in processes for producing fiber-reinforced plastics or fiber-reinforced plastics components by means of vacuum infusion. The invention further relates to a process for producing fiber-reinforced plastics or fiber-reinforced plastics components, in particular fiber-reinforced rotor blades for... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 29 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories.

20150014875 - Lens plate for wafer-level camera and method of manufacturing same: A lens plate includes a transparent substrate wafer, and a plurality of lenses and spacers that are formed of a single portion of material on the transparent substrate wafer. An assembly includes a first lens plate that includes a first transparent substrate wafer, a plurality of first lenses and a... Agent:

20150014876 - Imprint apparatus, imprint method, and article manufacturing method: Provided is an imprint apparatus that applies a resin to several locations on a substrate, brings the resin and a mold into contact, and transfers a contoured pattern formed in the mold to the resin, comprising: a controller that sets a principal axis direction according to the contoured pattern and... Agent:

20150014877 - Imprint apparatus, imprint method, and article manufacturing method: Provided is an imprint apparatus that applies a resin (drops) dispersed, at a plurality of locations on a substrate, brings the resin and a mold into contact, and transfers the contoured pattern that is formed in the mold to the resin comprising: a controller that sets a principal axis direction... Agent:

20150014878 - Hot runner nozzle and mold for forming multi-layer molded article using the same: At a filling termination stage when performing multi-layer molding by means of a hot runner nozzle, an intermediate layer in a multi-layer molded article is prevented from being formed in a shape causing the intermediate layer to enter into a sprue in a portion of a mold cavity in a... Agent:

20150014879 - Polymeric material for container: A formulation for producing a polymeric material including high-density polyethylene, a chemical blowing agent, and other optional components is described.... Agent:

20150014880 - Roller device for treating flat material, in particular for smoothing foils or plates, smoothing device, and method for producing flat material, in particular foils or plates: f

20150014881 - Method and apparatus for making an object: The invention relates to a method for making an object, the method comprising forming a plurality of sections of the object, wherein the formation of each of the plurality of sections comprises applying at least two substances within an area having the shape of the section being formed, the at... Agent:

20150014882 - Method of forming molded components: A method of forming a hybrid injection molded component in which a metal core is formed and a chemically inert outer shell is formed over the metal core. The metal core material is thixotropically injected into a first mold, cooled, and removed from the first mold. The metal core is... Agent:

20150014883 - Method of manufacturing fiber-reinforced resin: A method of manufacturing a fiber-reinforced resin in which resin is injected into a reinforcing-fiber substrate placed in a molding die from an injection port opened in a direction facing a surface of the reinforcing-fiber substrate, and the resin is then impregnated into the reinforcing-fiber substrate includes forming a space... Agent:

20150014884 - Moldable wire thread insert, method for its production, component with a moldable wire thread insert as well as a method for its production: A moldable wire thread insert for reinforcing a screw-in opening of a component has the following characteristics: a cylindrical spiral made of a helically, wound wire, the neighboring coils of which are arranged such that a closed cylindrical spiral wall is present, while at least one end of the cylindrical... Agent: B&#xf6 Llhoff Verbindungstechnik Gmbh

20150014885 - Systems and methods for additive manufacturing processes that strategically buildup objects: Systems and methods in accordance with embodiments of the invention implement additive manufacturing techniques that employ different sets of deposition characteristics and/or material formation characteristics during the additive manufacture of an object so as to strategically build up the object. In many embodiments, material used to build up an object... Agent: California Institute Of Technology

20150014886 - Preformed formwork for forming concrete floor slab for a height adjustable shipping container building sturcture: A preformed formwork for forming concrete floor slab for a height adjustable shipping container building structure having spaced apart frame side beams, spaced apart end beams and fork lifting supports. Reinforcing is situated within the internal area of the frame and attached to the side and end beams. A wall... Agent: Lifting Point Pty Ltd.

20150014887 - Hot runner system: A valve gated hot runner system that includes a single movable plate (or movable frame) that retains multiple valve pins. A linear actuator is coupled to rigid transmission elements that convey a linear motion from the actuator to several rotary components via a direct or indirect contact between at least... Agent:

20150014889 - Machining device, machining unit, and machining method: Provided are a machining device (10), a machining unit, and a machining method that irradiate a workpiece (8) with a laser beam to perform cutting or boring machining of the workpiece (8). The invention has a laser output device (12), a guiding optical system (14) that guides a laser beam,... Agent:

20150014888 - Method for forming a mask pattern using a laser: A method of forming a pattern on a mask sheet using a laser beam includes determining a target scan line with respect to the mask sheet, which corresponds to a position of the pattern on a final mask sheet, determining a correction scan line with respect to the mask sheet,... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20150014890 - Surface coating method and method for improving electrochemical performance of an electrode for a lithium based battery: In an example of the surface coating method, an aromatic resin or a polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbonate is dissolved in an organic solvent to form a solution. A film precursor is formed on a surface of an electrode material by immersing the electrode material into the solution, and evaporating the organic... Agent:

20150014894 - Curable composition for imprints, cured product and method for manufacturing a cured product: Provided is a curable composition for imprints having good patternability and dry etching resistance. Disclosed is a curable composition for imprints comprising a polymerizable monomer (Ax) having a substituent having an aromatic group and having a molecular weight of 100 or more, and a photopolymerization initiator.... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150014892 - Imprint apparatus and method of manufacturing article: The present invention provides an imprint apparatus which forms a pattern on an imprint material on a substrate by using a mold, including a first optical member interposed between an illumination optical system and a detection optical system, and a mold, and configured to guide a first light from the... Agent:

20150014891 - Patterned thin films by thermally induced mass displacement: The described invention provides a method of patterning a thin film deposited on a substrate comprising applying a moving focused field of thermal energy to the thin film deposited on the substrate; and dewetting the thin film from the substrate. Dewetting the thin film from the substrate is characterized by... Agent:

20150014893 - Process for producing article having fine pattern on its surface: A process comprising (a) a step of applying a solution of a silane coupling agent to the surface of a substrate 12 to form a primer layer 14, (b) a step of applying a photocurable resin composition to the surface of the primer layer 14 to form a photocurable resin... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20150014895 - Design and methods to package and transmit energy of high intensity led devices: The curing assembly of this invention has one or more fiber optic cables, each transmitting light to a head, which distributes the light onto a substrate in a desired geometric pattern and intensity. Little or none of the heat generated by a light source is transmitted to the vicinity of... Agent:

20150014896 - Process for making fibrous structures: Processes for making fibrous structures and more particularly processes for making fibrous structures comprising filaments are provided.... Agent:

20150014897 - Blow molding device and blow molding method: A blow molding device and method capable of forming a blow molded article having a built-in part with a good yield rate. The blow molding device has a die core, a blow mold, a parison holding unit and a built-in part holding unit. The parison holding unit has parison expanders... Agent: Fts Co., Ltd.

20150014898 - Device and method for producing a moulded part from a composite material: The invention concerns a device (1) for producing a moulded part from a composite material comprising a mixture of reinforcement fibres (2) and a resin (3), said device (1) comprising: a mould (4) wherein a recess (5) is provided, configured for the arrangement of the fibres (2); a counter-mould (6)... Agent:

20150014899 - Method for manufacturing laminated coil component: A method includes: a laminate block preparing step of preparing a laminate block as an assembly of a number of laminates, by alternately laminating magnetic layers containing, as their main constituent, a magnetic metal material containing a glass material and conductor layers containing a conductive material so that the conductor... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20150014900 - Composite conductive powder, conductive paste for external electrode including the same, and manufacturing method of multilayer ceramic capacitor: There is provided a composite conductive powder including a conductive particle, and a coating layer formed on a surface of the conductive particle and including glass, wherein when a thickness of the coating layer in a portion A in which the coating layer is the thickest, on the surface of... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150014901 - Method for manufacturing non-sewing three-dimensional fabric capable of polychrome printing: A method for manufacturing non-sewing three-dimensional fabric capable of polychrome printing comprises steps of setting a mold seat formed by a stack of layers of mold powder, reversely pressing a surface layer thereof by a substantial fabric to form a plurality of low-lying grooves corresponding to the patterns, sintering the... Agent: Nova Leather Enterprises Co. Ltd.

20150014902 - Die for extrusion molding, method of producing die for extrusion molding, and method of producing honeycomb structured body: A die for extrusion molding includes a first face, a second face, a raw material supply section, a molding section, and a structure. The molding section has a second through hole that extends from the second face toward the first face so as to communicate with a first through hole.... Agent: Ibiden Co., Ltd.

20150014903 - Die for extrusion molding, method of producing die for extrusion molding, and method of producing honeycomb structured body: A die for extrusion molding includes a first face, a second face, a raw material supply section, a molding section, and a treated surface. The second face is provided opposite the first face. The molding section has a second through hole that extends from the second face toward the first... Agent: Ibiden Co., Ltd.

01/08/2015 > 25 patent applications in 24 patent subcategories.

20150008601 - Retardation plate manufacturing method: A retardation plate manufacturing method for manufacturing a retardation plate that has an orientation pattern in which is formed a plurality of regions having optical axes oriented in different directions from each other, the retardation plate manufacturing method comprising arranging an unoriented light orientation layer that is to be oriented... Agent:

20150008602 - Method for preparing fibrous polymeric adsorption material: A method of preparing a fibrous polymeric adsorption material includes preparing a linear polymer yarn from a linear polymer via melt-blow spinning, the linear polymer having a molecular weight of 15,000 to 20,000 g/mol; treating the linear polymer yarn with a crosslinking agent and a porogen agent; and heating the... Agent:

20150008603 - De-warping appliance for vinyl records: The present invention relates to an improved device and method for de-warping a warped vinyl record so that it may be played and enjoyed.... Agent:

20150008604 - Method for adjusting sidewall unit and sidewall unit: A method for adjusting a sidewall unit (1) of a casting mold for concrete products, which sidewall unit comprises a support structure (2, 32, 42) and a mold surface plate (3, 3′, 33, 43) fixed to the support structure, and which sidewall unit is fixed on a casting bed (8),... Agent:

20150008605 - Pattern formation method, lithography apparatus, lithography system, and article manufacturing method: A pattern forming method includes: a first step of forming a first pattern to define a first shot arrangement; and a second step of performing an imprint process, thereby forming a second pattern on the imprint material on the first pattern and defining a second shot arrangement. In the second... Agent:

20150008606 - Method, apparatus and hollow core forming member for casting concrete products by slipform casting: A method for casting a hollow core concrete product with a substantially horizontal slipform casting process, where concrete mass is fed at least in one feeding stage through a limited cross-section (5, 6, 7) moving progressively along with the cast, and at least one core is formed in the concrete... Agent:

20150008607 - Method for producing skin-covered polyolefin resin foamed molded article: A method for producing a skin-covered polyolefin-based resin foamed molded article, including blow-molding a polyolefin parison into a skin defining a hollow space; and placing multi-layered polyolefin expanded beads in the hollow space; and heating the expanded beads placed in the hollow space to fuse-bond the expanded beads together and... Agent:

20150008609 - Depositing device: The invention is a depositing device for depositing flowable food containing gas comprising a pressurized feed N line conveying flowable food containing gas under pressure into the food; piston means operatively connected to the feed line comprising a piston and a chamber; an outlet to deliver food at the atmospheric... Agent:

20150008608 - Injection molding apparatus and method of making foamed injection molded product: A method and apparatus for injection molding a foamed product. A short shot of formable resin is injected into a cavity (124) defined by respective inner surfaces (134,136) of a plurality of molding plates (120,122) at an amount less than a volume of the cavity (124), the resin comprising a... Agent:

20150008610 - Method for applying an insert of polymer material onto a support and apparatus for implementing this method: Method for applying an insert 40 of polymer material onto a support layer 30, 30a, comprising the following steps: providing a mould 10 comprising at least one base 12 and at least one cover 18; the base 12 and the cover 18 being suitable for defining with the facing surfaces... Agent:

20150008611 - Method and apparatus for production of an obliquely stretched long film: A method for producing obliquely stretched long film comprises an oblique stretching step and a folding step. In the oblique stretching step, a long film is stretched in the oblique direction with respect to the widthwise direction to create a stretched film (F). In the folding step, while conveying the... Agent: Konica Minolta, Inc.

20150008612 - Production method of reinforced hose: A brake hose 10 is produced by: an inner tube rubber forming step of extrusion molding a rubber tubular body 12A to form an inner tube rubber layer 12; a braiding step of forming a reinforcing yarn layer 13 on the rubber tubular body 12A to produce a braided hose... Agent:

20150008613 - Method of fabricating a part out of cmc material: Fabricating a composite material part comprises the steps of making a consolidated fiber preform, the fibers of the preform being carbon or ceramic fibers that are coated in an interphase formed by at least one layer of pyrolytic carbon (PyC) or of boron-doped carbon (BC). Obtaining a partially densified consolidated... Agent:

20150008614 - Method of manufacturing a multi-layer golf ball: A method of manufacturing a multi-layer golf ball includes injection molding a core from an ionomeric thermoplastic material such that the core has an outer surface that includes a plurality of protrusions extending radially outward from a spherical land portion, with each protrusion having a maximum height relative to the... Agent:

20150008615 - Friction material composition, friction material using the same, and friction member: an inorganic abrasive material having a Mohs hardness of 8 or higher and a particle size of 1 μm or larger as the abrasive material in an amount of 1 wt % or less. The present invention can provide a friction material composition which is less destructive to facing materials... Agent:

20150008616 - Mold and molding apparatus for embedding biological specimen in a block and related methods: A mold for producing a biological tissue embedded in a block of an embedding material is provided. The mold comprises a compartment having a compartment floor and a depression extending downwards from the compartment floor. A molding apparatus, comprising a mold and a press for pressing a sample sheet onto... Agent: Uc-care Ltd.

20150008617 - Method and device for producing a three-dimensional preform from a fibre fabric as part of production of fibre-reinforced formed components: The invention relates to a method and a device for producing a three-dimensional preform (19) from a fibre fabric (1) as part of production of fibre-reinforced formed components, comprising a draping device (3) and a transport device (21) for the fibre fabric (1), wherein said draping device (3) at least... Agent:

20150008618 - Method for forming cylindrical rubber member: A method for forming a cylindrical rubber member includes bringing a die 11 close to a forming drum 2, forming a winding start portion S1 by extruding a rubber S and simultaneously starting to rotate the forming drum 2 to gradually increase an extruding amount to an amount Q1 and... Agent: Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd.

20150008619 - Method and device for producing a three-dimensional preform from a laid scrim in the course of production of fiber reinforced molded parts: The invention relates to a method and a device for producing a three-dimensional preform (19) from a laid scrim (1) in the course of the production of fiber-reinforced molded parts, comprising a draping device (3) and a transport device (21) for the laid scrim (1), the draping device (3) comprising... Agent:

20150008620 - Solid soap fragment melting apparatus and method: An apparatus and method for melting soap fragments to create a soap bar from the soap fragments. The apparatus includes various replaceable molds to create soap bars having various shapes.... Agent:

20150008621 - Method of producing pressed paper piece and apparatus therefor: The objective of the present invention is to provide a method of forming a pressed paper piece by deep drawing a sheet of blank that is primarily made of paper in use of a punch and a die, and a production apparatus for implementing the method, whereby no distinguishable wrinkles... Agent: Tokan Kogyo Co., Ltd.

20150008622 - Method of making a concrete block: Molds and processes that permit high-speed, mass production of retaining wall blocks having patterned or other processed front faces, as well as retaining wall blocks formed by such processes. The invention permits the front face of the block to be impressed with a pattern or otherwise directly processed, to allow... Agent:

20150008623 - Method and mould system for net moulding of a co-cured, integrated structure: The present invention relates to a mould system and a method for net moulding of a co-cured integrated structure (1) comprising a skin (26) provided with stringers (4) and rib feet (2) and with a gap (6) between the stringers (4) and the rib feet (4). The mould system comprises... Agent: Saab Ab

20150008624 - Vacuum bag processing of composite parts using a conformable vacuum bag assembly: A vacuum bag assembly is used to process the composite part. The vacuum bag assembly includes a stretchable vacuum bag attached to a stretchable breather.... Agent:

20150008625 - Method of producing honeycomb structured body, and die for extrusion molding: In a method of producing a honeycomb structured body, a die for extrusion molding is provided to produce at least one honeycomb molded body. The die includes a die body having a raw material inlet side face and a molded body extrusion side face. The raw material inlet side face... Agent: Ibiden Co., Ltd.

01/01/2015 > 23 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20150001746 - Imprint method, imprint apparatus, and method for manufacturing device: An imprint method for transferring a pattern to an imprint material supplied to a plurality of shot areas on a substrate using a mold includes removing a foreign matter attached to a pattern of the mold in such a manner that the plurality of shot areas includes a part shot-area... Agent:

20150001747 - Method and apparatus for shaping plastics material pre-forms into plastics material containers: A method of shaping plastics material pre-forms into plastics material containers is provided, in which the plastics material pre-forms are expanded inside a blow mould with the aid of an expansion agent and a stretch rod to form the plastics material containers, and in which at least the blow mould... Agent: Krones Ag

20150001749 - Imprint apparatus and method of manufacturing article: The present invention provides an imprint, apparatus which performs an imprint process of transferring a pattern onto a substrate, the apparatus comprising a deforming unit configured to deform the pattern surface by applying a force to the mold, an obtaining unit configured to obtain thickness information of the mold, a... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20150001750 - Method for building and using three-dimensional objects containing embedded identification-tag inserts: A method for building a three-dimensional object containing an identification-tag insert, the method comprising performing a build operation to form layers of the three-dimensional object using a layer-based additive technique, placing the identification-tag insert on at least a portion of the layers during the build operation, and reading information from... Agent:

20150001748 - Method of laser processing mold surface: A method of laser processing a mold surface may include a first stage of extracting mapping data for forming an embossing pattern on the mold surface using laser processing, a second stage of extracting scanning data obtained by scanning the mold surface and matching the scanning data with the mapping... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150001751 - Imprint apparatus and article manufacturing method using same: An imprint apparatus forms a pattern of a resin on a region to be processed of a substrate using a mold including a pattern region on which a pattern is formed and includes a correction unit configured to correct a shape of a target region that is either the pattern... Agent:

20150001752 - Melt molding method of germanium: In a melt molding method of germanium, the germanium which is brought into a molten state is sealed in molding dies in an inert gas atmosphere. The molding dies are temperature-controlled from the outside. While gradually cooling the molding dies at a portion or a plurality of portions thereof up... Agent: Nachi-fujikoshi Corp.

20150001753 - Porous articles, methods, and apparatuses for forming same: A mold for forming a ceramic article can include a first material having a first thermal conductivity and a second material having a second thermal conductivity different from the first thermal conductivity. The first material may be at least partially embedded within the second material and configured to create regions... Agent:

20150001754 - Mold, method for manufacturing molded foam body, and molded foam body: A mold that: makes it possible to manufacture a molded foam body wherein a reinforcing member extends to a portion of an outer face of the molded body main body that corresponds to a parting line in the inner face of the cavity of the mold; and prevents molding problems... Agent: Bridgestone Corporation

20150001755 - Forming different plastic products from a single melt: Systems (200) and methods for making different plastic products (202, 204) in a single melting process are provided. A method includes melting a plastic resin in a first extruder (104) to form a melt (106) and transferring at least a portion of the melt to a second extruder (114). Any... Agent: Univation Technologies, LLC

20150001757 - Consumable assembly for use in extrusion-based layered deposition systems: A consumable assembly comprising a container portion configured to retain a supply of filament, a guide tube connected to the container portion, and a pump portion connected to the guide tube.... Agent:

20150001756 - Process for the production of polymeric film/leaf articles and relative apparatus: It is disclosed a process in continuous for the production of film/leaves or composites comprising the following phases a) preparation of a bi-component mixture to spread and feeding of the mixture to the spreading phase wherein the mixture is prepared, fed and disposed in continuous, in the pot-life time of... Agent:

20150001758 - Method and device for extrusion of hollow pellets: Described herein are extrusion processes to produce hollow pellets. Also disclosed are pelletizer devices that can be used to produce the hollow pellets. The processes and devices make use of an extrusion die having a die orifice and an insert that is placed in the die orifice to produce the... Agent:

20150001759 - Method for manufacturing thermoplastic synthetic resin products: Disclosed is a method of manufacturing a thermoplastic synthetic resin product, including preparing a mold having a cavity formed in a predetermined shape; filling the cavity of the mold with a thermoplastic synthetic resin material in an amount greater than the volume of the cavity of the mold; heating the... Agent:

20150001760 - In-mold-decoration method for manufacturing compound material article: A method to manufacture a compound material article decorated with patterns includes providing a fiber cloth impregnated with resin, providing a carrier film with a pattern layer, placing the fiber cloth and the carrier film in a hot-press die, closing the hot-press die to adhere the carrier film to a... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd .

20150001761 - Method and appartus for moulding: In the moulding of cementitious articles, a flexible plastics mould e.g. of LDPE may be used to permit de-moulding of the articles e.g. by flexion of the mould. Moulds filled with hydraulically settable material may be supported in frames configured e.g. with plug and socket formations on upper and lower... Agent: Bbm Technology Ltd

20150001762 - Method for deployable rapid on-site manufacturing using 3d printing in combination with vacuum metallization: Deployable On-Site Manufacturing Using 3D Printing is a low cost approach to manufacturing any of thousands of designs at any location. Crowd-sourcing populates a large library of models that can be produced using a small set of standard parts and 3D printed components, as well as highly specialized products. A... Agent:

20150001763 - Apparatus and method for making an object: An apparatus (100) for making an object (122) is disclosed. The apparatus has a flexible element (101) having an upwardly facing surface for disposing thereon a material (104) used to make the object, and a member (110) connected to an actuator (112) that can move the member (110). A controller... Agent:

20150001764 - Mold for construction structure and method for manufacturing construction structure using same: Disclosed is a mold for a construction structure which includes a plurality of hollow mold units arranged in a predetermined 3D pattern; a plurality of connecting units detachably connecting the mold units and communicating the mold units; and an outside wall fixing and supporting the outermost mold units in the... Agent: Ajou University Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation

20150001765 - Method for producing spacers and device therefor: The invention also relates to a device for producing spacers from a bone cement through said method comprising a casting mould and a temperature control facility for controlling the temperature of the casting mould, whereby at least 80% of the inner surface of the casting mould comprises a negative image... Agent:

20150001766 - Process for sintering silicon carbide: A process for sintering silicon carbide is provided which includes the steps of providing a silicon carbide powder of silicon carbide granules; purifying the silicon carbide powder; subjecting the purified silicon carbide powder to a gel-casting process; removing the gel-cast part from the mold; drying the gel-cast part; obtaining a... Agent:

20150001767 - Machine for the manufacture of dosage forms utilizing radiofrequency energy: The present invention features the present invention features a machine for the production of a solid dosage form including: (a) a die platen having one or more forming cavities each having an inner wall, a first opening at the surface of one side of the die platen, and a second... Agent: Mcneil-ppc, Inc.

20150001768 - Thermoplastic component repair: Thermoplastic components may experience local damage, including cracks and decohesion of fiber reinforcements, among others. Such thermoplastics may be repaired by heating them to a suitable softening/melting temperature under pressure and maintaining them under pressure and at elevated temperature until the damage is healed. This may be done in-place using... Agent:

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