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Plastic and nonmetallic article shaping or treating: processes

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11/13/2014 > 24 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories.

20140332991 - Method and device for the production of an injection-moulded part: A method for the production of an injection-moulded part including casting an injection-moulding material at least two injection-moulding stations by at least two injection-moulding processes. A pre-moulded part, produced in one of the at least two injection-moulding processes, is cooled in a cooling station between the at least two injection-moulding... Agent: Engel Austria Gmbh

20140332992 - Production method of phosphor: A production method of a phosphor includes firing a starting material mixture in a nitrogen atmosphere at a temperature range between 1,500° C. inclusive and 2,200° C. inclusive. The starting material mixture is a mixture of metallic compounds, and is capable of constituting a composition including M, A, Al, O,... Agent: National Institute For Materials Science

20140332993 - Method for producing graphite sheet: With a manufacturing method of a graphite sheet, a cavity-forming sheet having a mesh structure or a nonwoven fabric structure is firstly impregnated with polyamide acid and then molded into a sheet. The molded sheet is then heat treated to imidize polyamide acid so as to produce a polyimide sheet... Agent:

20140332994 - Detection in thermoplastics: A method including steps of providing at least one sensor; detecting a plurality of parameters in a thermoplastic using the at least one sensor; generating a plurality of outputs in response to the detecting; and characterizing a contaminant or a percentage of post-consumer recycled thermoplastic content in the thermoplastic as... Agent:

20140332995 - Specimen for dynamic testing: Molds for preparing a viscoelastic material for dynamic analysis that include mold sections that when closed in alignment define such elements as a specimen cavity having an open end and dimensioned to provide a sample of the viscoelastic material of a predetermined size. Other elements may include a support member... Agent: Compagnie Generale Des Etablissements Michelin

20140332996 - Method of manufacturing a composite material: A method of manufacturing a structural member includes preheating a plurality of fibers to a first temperature, moving the preheated fibers along an assembly line, applying a binder to at least one of the preheated fibers, providing a die shaped to receive the preheated fibers, wherein the die moves together... Agent: Neuvokas Corporation

20140332997 - Flexible manufacture of polymeric tubing: Tubular polymeric structures are formed by creating a convex mold conforming to a fluid pathway design, depositing a coating of polymer over the mold, and in situ removing the mold without drawing it against the polymer.... Agent:

20140332998 - Methods of producing and using microporous membranes: A method of producing microporous membranes includes stretching a multi-layer layer extrudate having first and second layers, the first layer including a first polyolefin and a first diluent, and the second layer including a second polyolefin and a second diluent, the second polyolefin including polypropylene in an amount of 1.0... Agent:

20140332999 - Method of separating strands on a stretching surface: A method of separating strands of a slit web is disclosed. The method includes providing a slit web having a length in a machine direction and running the slit web in the machine direction onto a stretchable surface. The slit web includes multiple strands provided by a plurality of slits... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20140333000 - Ceramic honeycomb filter and its production method: A ceramic honeycomb filter including a ceramic honeycomb structure having large numbers of flow paths partitioned by porous cell walls, and plugs disposed in the flow paths alternately on the exhaust gas inlet or outlet side, to remove particulate matter from an exhaust gas passing through the porous cell walls;... Agent: Hitachi Metals, Ltd.

20140333001 - Thermoplastic polyurethane with reduced tendency to bloom: The present invention discloses a thermoplastic polyurethane which is comprised of the reaction product of (1) a hydroxyl terminated polyester intermediate, (2) a polyisocyanate, and (3) a glycol chain extender; wherein the hydroxyl terminated polyester intermediate is comprised of repeat units that are derived from 1,3-propylene glycol and a dicarboxylic... Agent:

20140333002 - Melt processable composition from recycled multi-layer articles containing a fluoropolymer layer: The invention relates to an article that has been obtained by the melt-process recycling of one or more multi-layer articles, where the multi-layer articles are composed of at least one melt-processible polyvinylidene fluoride layer. The composition of the invention is a compatible blend of the different layers from the multi-layer... Agent: Arkema Inc.

20140333003 - Thin film with high load of active ingredient: A method of preparing a thin film, the method comprising: (a) mixing a lipid, emulsifier, and solvent to provide a uniform first mixture; (b) contacting an active ingredient with the uniform first mixture to provide a thickened second mixture; (c) contacting a binder with the thickened second mixture to provide... Agent:

20140333004 - Insulated concrete battery mold, insulated passive concrete curing system, accelerated concrete curing apparatus and method of using same: The invention comprises a concrete form. The concrete form comprises a first mold for concrete and a second mold for concrete, the first and second molds being in thermal communication with each other. The concrete form also comprises thermal insulating material substantially surrounding the first and second molds but not... Agent:

20140333005 - Methods of forming golf club heads: Wood-type golf clubs and/or golf club heads include: (a) a golf club head base member including a face member having a ball striking face; and (b) a polymeric body member engaged with the golf club head base member, wherein the polymeric body member is formed via a rotational molding process... Agent:

20140333006 - Apparatus for molding a semiconductor wafer and process therefor: Mold pieces (105 and 110) for molding a layer of mold compound on the interconnect side of a bumped semiconductor wafer (118) include a primary cavity (117) and secondary cavities (120) into which excess mold compound from the primary cavity (117) flows. The secondary cavities (120) include a plunger (130)... Agent:

20140333007 - Airway device: An airway device for human or animal use comprising an airway tube having a distal end and a proximal end, the distal end of which is surrounded by a laryngeal cuff, adapted to fit anatomically over the laryngeal structure of a patient, wherein the device optionally further comprises a buccal... Agent:

20140333008 - System and method for feeding a fluid to a mold for molding a reinforced composite structure: A system and method for feeding a composite fluid to a mold for casting a reinforced composite structure, such as a rotor blade for a wind turbine are provided. The system includes a first feeding unit for feeding a first flow of composite fluid to the mold through a first... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140333009 - Thermally efficient tooling for composite component manufacturing: A method and apparatus for manufacturing composite components. A tool is present for use in manufacturing composite components. The tool comprises an encapsulation layer having a shape, an insulation layer on the encapsulation layer, and an isolation layer on the insulation layer. The isolation layer has an outer surface capable... Agent:

20140333010 - Removable composite insulated concrete form, insulated precast concrete table and method of accelerating concrete curing using same: The invention comprises a concrete form. The concrete form comprises a first panel having a first primary surface for contacting plastic concrete and a second primary surface opposite the first surface, wherein the first panel is made from a rigid plastic sheet or a metal sheet; and a second panel... Agent:

20140333011 - Method and assembly for additive manufacturing: An additive manufacturing method (1600) may involve additive manufacturing (1602) a walled structure (e.g., a shell or an enclosure) onto a print bed, positioning (1604) a support piece having a non-stick surface (e.g., a Teflon®) near or inside the structure, additive manufacturing (1606) a layer of material onto one or... Agent:

20140333012 - Method of manufacturing a hearing aid component: A method of manufacturing a hearing aid component (24, 25, 30, 32, 34), having the steps of providing a substrate component (23); and applying a functional structure (22) of a viscoelastic material having a thickness of at least 50 μm onto a surface of the substrate component by an inkjet... Agent: Phonak Ag

20140333013 - Plural blow molding with servo controls: A system for forming a container from a preform includes a first mold having a plurality of first portions that cooperate to define a first internal surface against which the preform is blown for forming a first form. The system also includes a second mold having a plurality of second... Agent: Amcor Limited

20140333014 - Extrusion head and method for producing hollow bodies: The invention relates to an extrusion head and a method with which the thickness distribution of hollow bodies, for example, can be further improved. The extrusion head consists of at least one mandrel (1) and one nozzle (2), which have a rigid geometry and therefore cannot be varied or can... Agent:

11/06/2014 > 29 patent applications in 28 patent subcategories.

20140327163 - Method for making a dense sic based ceramic product: A process for obtaining granules for manufacturing a silicon carbide based sintered product, includes a) mixing a powder of silicon carbide SiC particles, whose average diameter d50 is at least about 2 micrometers with a powder of a boron compound particles, whose average diameter d50 is at least about 2... Agent:

20140327164 - Method of producing polypropylene spunbond fibers: Disclosed is a process for producing spunbond fibers comprising melt blending a polypropylene having a melt flow rate (230/2.16) of from 10 to 30 dg/min with a peroxide visbreaker such that the resulting melt flow rate of the visbroken polypropylene is from 50 to 100 dg/min; melt extruding the visbroken... Agent:

20140327165 - Method for preparing a material of a battery cell: A continuous process for producing a material of a battery cell using a system having a mist generator, a drying chamber, one or more gas-solid separators and a reactor is provided. A mist generated from a liquid mixture of two or more metal precursor compounds in desired ratio is dried... Agent:

20140327166 - Translucent veneering for a dental prosthesis formed by a press to metal process: A dental prosthesis, typically formed in a press to metal process, includes application of a porcelain composition sufficient to form a veneer on a dental prosthesis supporting metal structure, the composition having an integrated tooth-like translucency providing an aesthetic appearance. The composition is formed of a dentin frit and an... Agent:

20140327167 - Systems for forming aggregate materials from heat fusable powered materials: In one embodiment, a system for forming aggregate materials may include a lower open-topped mold, an upper mold, an actuation assembly, a heating system, a pressure sensor, and a controller. The lower open-topped mold can receive a heat moldable material that can include a foaming agent. The lower open-topped mold... Agent:

20140327168 - Carbon dioxide treatment of concrete upstream from product mold: Fresh concrete is treated with carbon dioxide prior to delivery to a product mold for forming concrete products. Carbon dioxide gas is directed through a manifold, which may be coupled to a feedbox or a hopper, upstream from the product mold. Treating the fresh concrete with the carbon dioxide gas... Agent: Carboncure Technologies, Inc.

20140327169 - Apparatus for carbon fiber processing and pitch densification: A pitch densification apparatus may be used to form a carbon-carbon composite material. The apparatus may be used to compress a carbon fiber material, and, thereafter, pitch densify the carbon fiber material. The compression and pitch densification of the carbon fiber material may be carried out within the same mold... Agent:

20140327170 - Process for manufacturing polyolefin films: A process for manufacturing a film of ultra-high molecular weight polyolefin includes (a) feeding an ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene with a weight average molecular weight of at least 500,000 gram/mole as a powder having a bulk density below 0.5 g/cm3 to a compaction zone of an isobaric double belt press;... Agent:

20140327171 - Method for preparing polyamide granules: The present invention relates to a method for preparing polyamide granules. This method comprises, in particular, steps of extruding the polymer, cooling and cutting the extruded material, and a step of cooling the granules. The method of the invention is simple and quick to implement.... Agent: Rhodia Operations

20140327172 - Block copolymer film and method of producing the same: Provided is a block copolymer film in which a microphase separation structure formed by a block copolymer is arranged perpendicularly to the film surface, and all components forming the block copolymer are uncovered to the film surface, whereby the microphase separation structure penetrates the film surface. A method of producing... Agent:

20140327173 - Reducing crown flash in injection-molding processes: Crown-flash-reduction systems, methods, and apparatuses for actively reducing the likelihood of formation of crown flash on injection-molded objects. The active reduction includes moving at least one of a valve member and a mold gate periphery in a manner that actively weakens or separates molding material present in a molded object... Agent: Husky Molding Systems Ltd. A Corporation

20140327174 - Axially oriented confined crystallization multilayer films: A method of forming a confined crystallization multilayer film includes coextruding a plurality of first polymer layers and a plurality of second polymer layer to form a multilayer film wherein each first polymer layer is sandwiched between second polymer layers and axially orienting the multilayer film at a temperature below... Agent:

20140327175 - Stretch film using a multi-manifold die: A die for forming a stretch film includes at least: a primary passage for receiving a primary stream, the primary passage having a length extending from a die inlet opening to a die outlet opening; and a flow assembly for supplying a secondary stream to the primary passage at a... Agent: Paragon Films, Inc.

20140327176 - Preform extrusion molding apparatus, method for extrusion molding, and preform: A process includes: supplying a main resin from outer and inner flow channel, to a joined flow channel at a predetermined supply velocity for a predetermined time; supplying a second resin from a middle flow channel to the joined flow channel simultaneously with the main resin at a predetermined supply... Agent: Yoshino Kogyosho Co., Ltd.

20140327177 - Oral care implement having multi-component handle: An oral care implement having a multi-component handle, and method of manufacturing the same. The invention can be a method of forming a handle for an oral care implement comprising: a) forming a core structure of a first hard plastic; b) forming an elongated handle body of a second hard... Agent:

20140327178 - Method and apparatus for manufacturing a wind turbine blade component with uniform temperature curing: A molding apparatus for manufacturing a wind turbine blade component includes a main mold body (30) and a flexible bladder (38). The main mold body includes a shape defining surface (32) for receiving composite material forming the blade component and a heat reservoir (40) for heating the blade component during... Agent:

20140327179 - Header for module of hollow fiber membranes and method of potting hollow fibers: Hollow fiber membranes are potted by injecting a liquid material into a substantially closed cavity (44) containing the fibers. The cavity may be formed in part by the interaction of a mold a permeate pan (52) and a layer of an adhesive pre-applied to a bundle of the membranes.... Agent:

20140327180 - Floating core for glass insert molding method and apparatuses therefrom: A tool (1000) includes a mold defining a cavity (1002). The cavity can be for receiving a glass layer (402). A floating core insert (1001) can be placed in the cavity to apply a preloading force against a first major face of the glass layer, preclude an overmolding operation on... Agent: Motorola Mobility LLC

20140327181 - Floating core for glass insert molding method and apparatuses therefrom: A tool (1200) includes a mold defining a cavity (1202). The cavity can be for receiving a glass layer (402). A floating core insert (1201) can be placed in the cavity. One or more wedge-shaped backing plates (1203,1204) can translate along a first axis, in response to a servo or... Agent: Motorola Mobility LLC

20140327182 - Container with microwave interactive web: One aspect of the present invention is a container that includes a microwave interactive web at least partially overlying and joined to a three-dimensional support, wherein the three-dimensional support may be formed prior to having the microwave interactive web mounted thereto. The three-dimensional support may be a preformed container that... Agent:

20140327183 - Imprint method and imprint apparatus: An object is to provide an imprint method or an imprint apparatus that not only reduces the time for filling with resin or reduces pattern defects, but also reduces the surface roughness of resin. An imprint method brings a resin on a substrate and a mold having a pattern into... Agent:

20140327184 - Transport and assembly system and method for composite barrel segments: A barrel assembly for a composite structure includes a barrel of composite material, a first end ring, and a mid support. The barrel of composite material has a first end, an interior surface and an outer surface, and the first end ring is removably attached to the first end. The... Agent:

20140327185 - Apparatus and method for multi-beam direct engraving of elastomeric printing plates and sleeves: Described herein are an apparatus and a method for direct engraving an elastomeric printing plate by multiple laser beams simultaneously. In one embodiment, an elastomeric printing plate or sleeve is positioned on an imaging drum for direct engraving. The imaging drum is rotatable around its longitudinal axis. Such rotation defines... Agent:

20140327186 - Rapid drying of ceramic greenwares: Systems and methods for rapid drying of ceramic greenwares having a high graphite content are disclosed. The methods include employing microwave drying to bring the dryness of the ceramic greenware to a first select dryness and then employing close-coupled hot-air drying to bring the dryness to the final target dryness.... Agent: Corning Incorporated

20140327187 - Process and apparatus for molding composite articles: A method and an apparatus for molding composite articles are disclosed. The method generally involves the saturation of reinforcing fibers (e.g. glass fibers, carbon fibers, etc.) with a matrix (e.g. resin, epoxy, cyanate ester, vinyl ester, polyester, etc.) in/on a mold using a conventional resin transfer molding (“RTM”) process (e.g.... Agent:

20140327188 - Method for producing fine convex pattern structure and fine convex pattern production system: A method for producing a fine convex pattern structure having a fine convex pattern projecting from a flat portion in a predetermined direction with respect to the flat portion includes: using an imprint mold that has a fine concave pattern corresponding to the fine convex pattern and forming the fine... Agent:

20140327189 - Plant for making containers of thermoplastic material: A plant for making containers of thermoplastic material in continuous cycle comprises: a rotary moulding machine (1) configured to make parisons (2) of thermoplastic material having a body (3) with a closed bottom and a neck (4) which defines an opening; an oven (5) for heating the parisons (2), connected... Agent:

20140327190 - Vacuum bag molding assembly and methods: An assembly for vacuum bag molding includes a mold for receiving a workpiece. An edge breather comprising a plurality of braided polymer threads is disposed about a periphery of the workpiece. A vacuum bag film is disposed over the workpiece and the edge breather. A seal seals the vacuum bag... Agent: Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation

20140327191 - Tunnel kiln and method for producing fired body using same: The tunnel kiln according to the present invention includes a tunnel kiln main body having an inner wall constituted by a furnace material, and having a debinding zone and a sintering zone wherein respectively debinding and sintering of a body to be fired containing an organic component are performed; a... Agent: Sumitomo Chemical Company, Limited

10/30/2014 > 36 patent applications in 32 patent subcategories.

20140319707 - Manufacturing method of optical device, and optical device: In order to produce high-quality optical elements stably at all times without the flow of molten resin inside an injection molding cavity being hindered by the protrusion of the outer peripheral edge of a lens after compression molding, a cavity formed when a pair of molds for molding is closed... Agent:

20140319708 - Internal optical elements produced by irradiation-induced refractive index changes: Systems and methods are provided for forming an optical element within a transparent material using an irradiating optical beam, where the irradiating optical beam is employed to induce internal refractive index changes in the transparent substrate. Optical elements such as bulk and gradient index lenses may be formed in the... Agent:

20140319709 - Lens with low birefringence, method of fabricating the lens, and light scanning unit including the lens: There are provided a lens, a method of fabricating the lens, and a light scanning unit. The lens includes a lens portion having an effective optical surface, and a gate-side flange portion between the lens portion and a gate-side end of the lens. If the lens is disposed between two... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd

20140319710 - Method of making light redirecting fabric: A flexible sheet-form optical system, referenced to as a light redirecting fabric, which has a fabric-like behavior and light redirecting properties. The light redirecting fabric comprises a soft and flexible sheet of optically transmissive material, such as plasticized polyvinyl chloride. A surface of the flexible sheet includes a plurality of... Agent:

20140319711 - Multi-wavelength composite light-storing powder and method of manufacturing and applying the same: A multi-wavelength composite light-storing powder and method of manufacturing and applying the same. It utilizes organic compound having double-imide-bond steric structure, to produce high speed collisions with light-storing material containing rare earth elements in an environment of extremely low temperature, to make collision surface produce instantaneous high temperature, so that... Agent:

20140319712 - Plasma device for production of metal powder: A plasma device for production of metal powder includes a reaction vessel, a plasma torch, a carrier gas supply unit and a cooling tube. A metal starting material is supplied to the vessel. The torch produces plasma between the torch and the metal starting material to evaporate the metal starting... Agent: Shoei Chemicals Inc.

20140319713 - Casting jig including elongate handle for chair-side manufacture of customizable sculptable anatomical healing caps, and method for forming bis-acrylic crown: Casting jigs, methods, and kits that may be used in manufacture of anatomical healing caps. A casting jig may include a body having one or more wells within the body, each well being open at a proximal end thereof and having a negative shape corresponding to an anatomical healing cuff... Agent:

20140319714 - Green honeycomb molding defect examination method, green honeycomb structure manufacturing method, and green honeycomb molding defect examination device: Disclosed is a method of examining defects in a green honeycomb molding having partition walls which form a plurality of flow channels extending in parallel with one another, and sealing portions which close the upper ends of some of the plurality of flow channels and the lower ends of the... Agent: Sumitomo Chemical Company, Limited

20140319715 - Method to start-up a process to make non-expandable vinyl aromatic polymers: A method for producing non-expandable pellets can include introducing a vinyl aromatic polymer to a pelletizer (L). The pelletizer (L) can have a die plate having a holes of large diameter. During the start-up of the production of the non-expandable pellets, pellets can be produced in the pelletizer (L). When... Agent:

20140319716 - Rapid production apparatus with production orientation determination: A method of producing an object by sequentially printing layers of construction material one on top of the other, the method comprising: providing the construction material at a first lower temperature; flowing the construction material through a heated flow path in a flow structure to heat the construction material and... Agent:

20140319717 - Methods for producing bicycle saddles: A method for producing a bicycle saddle including a cover, a shell and a filler. The method is carried out by a mold including upper part with a male portion and a lower part with a female portion, which are pin-jointed together. The method comprises the steps of preheating the... Agent: Velo Enterprise Co., Ltd.

20140319718 - Imprinting device and imprinting method: An imprinting device to transfer the mold pattern on a die to a molding target includes a casing forming a pressure-adjusting chamber, a stage supporting the die and the molding target, a frame encircling a circumference of the stage, first moving means moving the casing and the stage in a... Agent: Scivax Corporation

20140319719 - Moulding device and production process: A production process includes introducing the material to be moulded into a mould, placing the mould in an envelope comprising a vacuum port; creating a low pressure in the envelope by formation of a gas flow through the vacuum port; deforming the mould; stopping the gas flow; and applying pressure... Agent:

20140319720 - Pharmaceutical compositions comprising rivaroxaban: The invention relates to pharmaceutical compositions comprising rivaroxaban, suitable for immediate release, and processes of preparing such compositions, preferably by a melt-granulation process or by a specific direct-compression process.... Agent:

20140319721 - Oven for manufacturing a mineral wool product: An oven for baking a thermally curable binder in a mat of mineral fibers, including plural compartments through which the mat of fibers passes successively, the mat being compressed and transported through the compartments by gas-permeable upper conveyors and lower conveyors, each compartment having a length along a direction of... Agent: Saint-gobain Isover

20140319722 - Digital embossing and creasing before printing: A method of printing and embossing a receiver is disclosed. The method includes depositing an embossing pattern of embossing particles on the receiver, the embossing pattern having an embossing-pattern thickness corresponding to a fixed stack height of at least 30% of the thickness of the receiver, wherein the embossing particles... Agent:

20140319723 - Method of manufacturing a catheter tube and catheter: A method of making a catheter tube includes extruding a first resin having a first predetermined rigidity through a first extruder; extruding a second resin having a second predetermined rigidity through a second extruder; controlling a mixing ratio of the first and second resins extruded from the first and second... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140319724 - Bioabsorbable scaffold with particles providing delayed acceleration of degradation: Methods of controlling the degradation profile of a biodegradable stent scaffolding are disclosed. A bioabsorbable scaffold having a plurality of particles incorporated into the scaffolding that accelerate the absorption of the scaffolding after an induction time during degradation is disclosed.... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

20140319725 - Individual cavity flow control methods and systems for co-injection molding: Methods and systems for co-extruding multiple polymeric material flow streams into a mold having a plurality of cavities to produce a plurality of multi-layer polymeric articles each having a consistent coverage of an interior core layer are disclosed herein. In an example method, a flow rate of a first skin... Agent:

20140319726 - Maximum body security in non-horizontal burials: A method whereby a body is fully protected and held securely in a dignified position in curing and setting material forming a capsule which can be interred non-horizontally directly into the ground or placed within a screw-in or self-digging type burial container for non-horizontal interment in ponds, near trees or... Agent:

20140319727 - Patterning of non-convex shaped nanostructures: Methods of making nano-scale structures with geometric cross-sections, including convex or non-convex cross-sections, are described. The approach may be used to directly pattern substrates and/or create imprint lithography templates or molds that may be subsequently used to directly replicate nano-shaped patterns into other substrates, such as into a functional or... Agent: Molecular Imprints, Inc.

20140319728 - Dried hydrogel, dried vitrigel membrane, and methods for producing the same: A dried vitrigel membrane is produced by a method including the following steps of (1) a step of keeping a hydrogel in the inside of a wall surface mold with a shape the same as the desired shape disposed on a substrate, and discharging a part of free water within... Agent:

20140319730 - Casing, electronic apparatus, and method and machine for forming casing: A casing includes a first casing and a second casing that sandwich an elastic member, wherein the first casing includes a pressed portion that is pressed by the elastic member, and an engaging portion adjacent to the pressed portion that has a flange protruding toward the pressed portion that engages... Agent:

20140319729 - Non-coaxially mounted electric actuator and transmission: an electric actuator comprising an electric motor comprised of a motor housing that houses a drive shaft having a drive gear and a drive axis, a transmission comprised of a gear shaft, the drive gear and the transmission gear being drivably interconnected and arranged such that the drive axis and... Agent:

20140319732 - Apparatus and method for injection molding and cooling pet preforms: In an aspect, an injection molding machine is provided and incorporates a mold block with a plurality of sides including an injection side at which hollow parts are formed in mold cavities, a first post-mold cooling side whereat the hollow parts are cooled, and a part transfer side where parts... Agent:

20140319731 - Collapsible core assemblies for injection molding devices: An injection molding assembly comprising a collapsible core assembly, an injection mold press comprising an internal cavity configured to receive the collapsible core assembly, and an actuator configured to insert the collapsible core assembly into the internal cavity of the mold press and method of using the same. The collapsible... Agent: Ecovision Technologies, LLC

20140319733 - Cavity blocker: Disclosed herein, amongst other things, is an apparatus for use with a mold that includes a blocker that is configured to selectively block an opening of a cavity defined in a cavity member of the mold after retraction of a core member from the cavity, whereupon with ejection of a... Agent: Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd.

20140319734 - Real time manufacturing of softening polymers: Embodiments of the invention is directed to a manufacturing process to mold and cast custom softening polymers into complex shaped devices, said process comprising the steps of: creating a 3D mold or shell; injecting the shell with a polymer or pre-polymer; cooling or curing the polymer in a short period... Agent: Syzygy Memory Plastics Corporation

20140319736 - Apparatus and method for forming three-dimensional objects using linear solidification: An apparatus and method for making a three-dimensional object from a solidifiable material using a linear solidification device is shown and described. In certain examples, the linear solidification device includes a laser diode that projects light onto a linear scanning device, such as a rotating polygonal mirror or a linear... Agent:

20140319737 - Apparatus and method for forming three-dimensional objects using linear solidification: An apparatus and method for making a three-dimensional object from a solidifiable material using a linear solidification device is shown and described. In certain examples, the linear solidification device includes a laser diode that projects light onto a scanning device, such as a rotating polygonal mirror or a linear scanning... Agent:

20140319738 - Apparatus and method for forming three-dimensional objects using linear solidification: An apparatus and method for making a three-dimensional object from a solidifiable material using a linear solidification device is shown and described. In certain examples, the linear solidification device includes a laser diode that projects light onto a scanning device, such as a rotating polygonal mirror or a linear scanning... Agent:

20140319735 - Method and apparatus for making three-dimensional objects from multiple solidifiable materials: Methods and apparatuses for making three-dimensional objects from multiple solidifiable materials is shown and described. Multiple solidifiable material container assemblies are provided for holding different solidifiable materials. Relative movement between the solidifiable material container assemblies and a build platform allows the solidifiable materials to be switched as an object is... Agent:

20140319739 - Digital embossing and creasing: A method of printing and embossing a receiver having first and second sides and having a thickness is disclosed. The method includes depositing a pattern of image toner on a first side of a receiver, the image toner including toner particles; fixing the pattern of image toner onto the receiver;... Agent:

20140319740 - Electrospun fiber mats from polymers having a low tm, tg, or molecular weight: Methods and apparatus for forming non-woven fiber mats from polymers and monomers that are traditionally difficult to use for fiber formation are shown and described. Applicable techniques include electrospinning and other traditional fiber formation methods. Suitable polymers and monomers include those having low molecular weight, a low melting point, and/or... Agent: Stc.unm

20140319741 - Method of forming a transparent one piece timepiece component: t

20140319742 - Cement and skinning material based on a water-swellable clay, and method for producing segmented or skinned ceramic honeycomb structures: Skins and/or adhesive layers are formed on a porous ceramic honeycomb by applying a layer of a cement composition to a surface of the honeycomb and firing the cement composition. The cement composition contains a water-swellable clay, high aspect inorganic filler particles and water, and are nearly or completely devoid... Agent: Dow Global Technologies LLC

10/23/2014 > 24 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories.

20140312516 - Methods and apparatus useful in manufacturing lenses: Methods of manufacturing a contact lens are provided. Such methods include using an adjustable mandrel to fixedly retain a single mold section carrying a polymerized contact lens product and delensing the contact lens product from the single mold section. Adjustable mandrels are also provided.... Agent: Coopervision International Holding Company, Lp

20140312517 - Storage stable premixed hydraulic cement compositions, cements, methods, and articles: Refrigerated hydraulic cement compositions comprise a mixture of (a) β-tricalcium phosphate powder, (b) monocalcium phosphate comprising monocalcium phosphate anhydrous (MCPA), monocalcium phosphate monohydrate (MCPM), or a combination thereof, wherein a 0.1 g/ml saturated aqueous solution of the monocalcium phosphate has a pH less than 3.0, (c) non-aqueous water-miscible liquid, and... Agent: Ossdsign Ab

20140312518 - Cold bending of a laminated glazing: The invention relates to a process for the preparation of bent glazed modules comprising a metal framework and a panel comprising a laminated glazing comprising glass substrates separated by an interlayer made of polymer material, the panel being bent, after the laminated glazing has been assembled, by a force which... Agent: Saint-gobain Glass France

20140312519 - Temperature control sequence determination device, molding device, recording medium, and temperature control sequence determination method: A molding device (1) includes a temperature control section (4) and a temperature control sequence determining section (3) that corrects a temperature control sequence for instructing the temperature control section (4) to operate, the temperature control sequence determining section (3) including predicting means (31) for predicting a temporal shift of... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20140312520 - Control structure for a molding system: Disclosed herein, amongst other things, is a control structure for a molding system (900). The control structure includes a controller (106, 934) and a valve actuator (104) for positioning a valve member (102) of a valve (101) for regulating flow of molding material in the molding system (900), wherein the... Agent:

20140312521 - Mold, molding machine, and foamed molded body manufacturing method: A mold, a molding machine, and a foamed molded body manufacturing method are provided that are capable of more reliably preventing ingress of foamed resin into a gas discharge hole using a gas-impermeable member and capable of adequately discharging gas inside the cavity to the cavity outside through the gas... Agent: Bridgestone Corporation

20140312522 - Machine and method to produce structural elements for the building trade made of cement material, having one or more polymer material inserts: A machine and method to produce structural elements for the building trade made of cement material with one or more inserts made of polymer material. The machine comprises at least a molding member, a loading unit for loading the inserts and a depositing member to deposit the cement material. The... Agent:

20140312523 - Thick rare earth magnet film and low-temperature solidifying and molding method: A thick magnet film contains a rare earth magnet phase represented by formula R-M-X, where R contains at least one of Nd and Sm, M contains at least one of Fe and Co, and X contains at least one of N and B. The thick magnet film has a density... Agent:

20140312524 - Concrete runways, roads, highways and slabs on grade and methods of making same: The invention comprises a method of forming a slab on grade. The method comprises placing a first layer of insulating material horizontally on the ground and placing plastic concrete for a slab on grade on the first layer of insulating material. The plastic concrete is then formed into a desired... Agent:

20140312525 - Color control of polyester-cobalt compounds and polyester-cobalt compositions: The present invention is to a composition made from a polyester produced by the acid or ester polyester process, a cobalt salt and a base, preferably an alkaline metal base. The composition can be made by blending a cobalt salt with a polyester which has been polymerized in the presence... Agent:

20140312526 - Method for recycling artificial grass containing fibrous material: The present invention relates to a method for recycling artificial grass containing fibrous material, and comprises: a supplying step for supplying the artificial grass comprising a base material, and a yarn; a separation step for separating the filler from the artificial grass yarn and the base material; and a crushing... Agent: Kolonglotech. Inc

20140312527 - Die assemblies and die assembly components and methods of making and using the same: Die assemblies and die assembly components are disclosed. Methods of making and using die assemblies and die assembly components are also disclosed.... Agent:

20140312528 - Utility truck base reinforcement and method of manufacture: A utility truck with arched reinforcing rods incorporated into the base of a plastic truck during molding. The reinforcing rods are held in place in a mold at a predetermined distance above the mold's inner surface by spacers attached to the ends of the rods. Plastic is molded around the... Agent: Chem-tainer Industries, Inc.

20140312529 - Form for casting a concrete light pole base: A process and form for casting a concrete light pole base having a decorative upper portion with a configuration for mounting a light pole. The form includes a base having an opening in which a resilient insert is positioned. The insert has openings for holding threaded ends of mounting bolts... Agent: Redi-rock International, LLC

20140312530 - System and method for laminating photovoltaic structures: A method for forming a laminated photovoltaic structure includes providing a sheet of transparent material having light concentrating features, disposing adhesive material adjacent to the sheet of transparent material, disposing photovoltaic strips adjacent to the adhesive material, wherein the photovoltaic strips are positioned relative to the sheet of transparent material... Agent:

20140312531 - Corrugation device for sheets of paper material: Provided is a corrugation device for sheets of paper material including two corrugation cylinders having work surfaces configured to substantially engage reciprocally so as to define a deformation zone and impress a deformation force on sheets of paper material and at least one thrust member suitable to define a working... Agent: Italdry S.r.l.

20140312532 - Imprint apparatus and article manufacturing method: Provided is an imprint apparatus that imprints a pattern formed on a mold onto a substrate. The imprint apparatus includes a substrate holder that holds the substrate and can move in a direction along the surface of the substrate; a gas supply unit for supplying a gas into a space... Agent: Molecular Imprints, Inc.

20140312533 - Molded article extractor and method: A tire tread extractor used in the manufacture of treads includes a frame, a first nip roller rotatably associated with the frame, and a second nip roller rotatably associated with the frame. The first and second nip rollers are adapted to engage a tire tread at least partially resident in... Agent:

20140312534 - Method of making a droplet-generating device: Method of making a droplet-generating device. In the method, a first droplet-generating device may be produced. The first droplet-generating device may include a molded portion created at least in part with a mold and also may include a plurality of droplet generators each formed at least in part by the... Agent:

20140312535 - System and method for fabricating a body part model using multi-material additive manufacturing: A method for physically reconstructing a body part using multi-material additive manufacturing includes receiving image data of the body part in the form of arrays of voxels, each array of voxels representing image data pertaining to cross-section of the body part, translating the image data in the arrays of voxels... Agent: Stratasys Ltd.

20140312536 - Epoxy resin composition for neutron shielding, and method for preparing the same: Provided is an epoxy resin composition including a nano-sized radioactive radiation shielding material which has superior shielding effects for against radiation, and to a method for preparing same. In particular, the method for preparing the epoxy resin composition for neutron shielding, includes the steps of: a step of mixing a... Agent: Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute

20140312537 - Container formed via plural blow molding: A system for forming a container from a preform includes a first mold operable to receive the preform and operable to blow mold a first form of the container from the preform. The system also includes a second mold operable to receive the first form and operable to blow mold... Agent: Amcor Limited

20140312538 - Plural blow utilization of counter stretch rod and/or base pushup: A molding system for molding a container includes a first blow mold operable for blow molding a first form of the container and a second blow mold operable for blow molding a second form of the container. The system further includes a counter stretch rod and/or a base pushup operable... Agent: Amcor Limited

20140312539 - Ceramic multilayer substrate and method for producing the same: A ceramic multilayer substrate incorporating a chip-type ceramic component, in which, even if the chip-type ceramic component is mounted on the surface of the ceramic multilayer substrate, bonding strength between the chip-type ceramic component and an internal conductor or a surface electrode of the ceramic multilayer substrate is greatly improved... Agent:

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