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Plastic and nonmetallic article shaping or treating: processes

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09/18/2014 > 89 patent applications in 70 patent subcategories.

20140264979 - Method of preparing photochromic-dichroic films having reduced optical distortion: The present invention relates to a method of preparing a photochromic-dichroic film that includes a photochromic-dichroic layer. The method includes forming a molten thermoplastic photochromic-dichroic composition that includes a thermoplastic polymer and a photochromic-dichroic compound. Optionally at least one further molten thermoplastic composition is formed, each of which independently includes... Agent:

20140264980 - Corneal implant systems and methods: According to one aspect of the present disclosure, an implant for correcting vision impairment is disclosed. The implant is made from a donor corneal tissue sized and shaped to provide a predetermined refractive correction and reshaping of a cornea. The donor corneal tissue includes a posterior surface and an anterior... Agent:

20140264982 - Fabricating method of transparent liquid crystal display: A fabricating method of a transparent liquid crystal display includes the following steps. First, a first substrate and a second substrate are assembled. Then, a liquid crystal composition is injected between the first substrate and the second substrate. The liquid crystal composition includes a plurality of liquid crystal molecules and... Agent: Chunghwa Picture Tubes, Ltd.

20140264981 - Process for manufacturing an intraocular lens with an embedded mask: Intraocular implants and methods of making intraocular implants are provided. The intraocular implant can include a mask adapted to increase depth of focus. The method of manufacturing the implant can include positioning the mask with an aperture on a protruding pin of a positioning mold portion. The protruding pin can... Agent:

20140264978 - Ophthalmic lens viewing sets for three-dimensional perception of stereoscopic media: The present invention describes methods for creating Viewing Sets of Ophthalmic Lens with translation filters, including embodiments where the translation filters are included in an encapsulated Rigid Insert. The present invention also includes methods for forming a Media Insert capable of powering and controlling activation of an active translation filter,... Agent: Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.

20140264977 - Sealing and encapsulation in energized ophthalmic devices with annular inserts: This invention discloses methods and apparatus for sealing and encapsulating Components on and within an annular Multi-Piece Insert. In some embodiments, an ophthalmic Lens is cast molded from a silicone hydrogel, and the Component includes a sealed and encapsulated Multi-Piece Insert portion.... Agent: Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.

20140264983 - Systems and methods for light lens hot stamping: The present disclosure provides systems and methods for fabricating a patterned lens through hot stamping techniques. In certain example embodiments, a lens material is placed in a heat press. The heat press includes at least one shim having a patterned surface. The shim is pressed onto the lens material with... Agent:

20140264984 - Method of producing uniform polymer beads of various sizes: Speriodal polymer beads having a uniform size are prepared by polymerizing uniformly sized monomer droplets formed by dispersing a polymerizable monomer phase over double-walled cylindrical cross-flow membrane into an aqueous phase. A shear force is provided at a point of egression of the polymerizable monomer phase into the aqueous phase,... Agent: Purolite Corporation

20140264985 - Fibre-forming process and fibres produced by the process: The present invention relates to a process for the preparation of fibres and fibres prepared by the process. The process can provide discontinuous colloidal polymer fibres in a process that employs a low viscosity dispersion medium.... Agent: Cytomatrix Pty Ltd.

20140264986 - Production of acrylate-based solid: According to the invention, there is a method for producing an acrylate-based solid, comprising the steps of: (i) dispersing less than 20% w/v of an alkyl or aryl acrylate polymer/copolymer in a solvent comprising at least one acrylic monomer; (ii) dispersing in the fluid mixture formed by step (i) a... Agent: Makevale Group Ltd.

20140264987 - Method of manufacturing phosphor translucent ceramics and light emitting devices: Disclosed herein is a method of increasing the luminescent efficiency of a translucent phosphor ceramic. Other embodiments are methods of manufacturing a phosphor translucent ceramic having increased luminescence. Another embodiment is a light emitting device comprising a phosphor translucent ceramic of one of these methods.... Agent:

20140264988 - Photovoltaic sputtering targets fabricated from reclaimed materials: A method of: providing one or more spent sputtering targets comprising a photovoltaic compound and grinding the photovoltaic compound in an inert environment to form a powder.... Agent: Sunlight Photonics Inc.

20140264989 - Methods for reducing charge effects and separation forces in nanoimprint: The present invention relates to methods to reduce release force caused by tribo-charge. The invented mold is termed as MicroE mold and substrate is termed as MicroE substrate. The addition of conductive thin coatings (less than 10 nm and approaching monolayer coating) onto surface of insulating mold or substrate provides... Agent:

20140264990 - Apparatus for controlling a tempering device of a blow-molding machine and method for controlling a tempering device of a blow-molding machine: An apparatus for controlling a tempering device of a blow-molding machine for tempering at least one blow mold member of a blow mold or a blow mold member carrier to a target temperature, with a device for receiving a temperature actual value of the blow mold member or the blow... Agent: Krones Ag

20140264991 - System and method for polymer extrusion: Techniques are provided for polymer extrusion. A polyolefin extrusion system may include an extrusion gear pump configured to receive a narrow molecular weight distribution polyolefin from a polyolefin manufacturing system. The polyolefin extrusion system may also include a motor of the extrusion gear pump configured to drive the extrusion gear... Agent: Chevron Phillips Chemical Company Lp

20140264992 - Methods and machines for making oral products: A method of forming an oral product includes extruding a mixture, conveying the extruded mixture through one or more pairs of forming rollers, and cutting the extruded mixture into one or more oral products. The mixture can include polymer and at least one flavorant, sweetener, active ingredient, or combination thereof.... Agent:

20140264993 - Methods for blow molding solid-state cellular thermoplastic articles: Methods for saturating a plurality of parisons simultaneously with a saturating gas are disclosed. The parisons may be saturated using a sealed elongated tube through which the parisons are transferred. Parisons may be stacked vertically or horizontally using modular trays, and then loaded into pressure vessels. Parisons may be saturated... Agent:

20140264994 - Process of forming a personal care article: Provided is a process for forming a personal care article comprising producing a personal care article from a twin screw extruder employing blowing agents, the personal care article including (i) from about 10% to about 60% of one or more anionic surfactants, wherein the one or more anionic surfactants have... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20140264995 - Thin-walled implant structures and related methods: Ceramic implants, such as spinal implants, may comprise a dense shell and a porous core. In some implementations, methods for manufacturing the implants may comprise one or more stages at which the core material abuts the shell so as to form a mechanical attachment therewith while both the core and... Agent: Amedica Corporation

20140264996 - Method and apparatus for producing hook fasteners: Apparatus and process are described for forming projections on a substrate for use as hook-type fasteners in touch fastening systems, wherein vibration energy may be used to soften a substrate which may be positioned between a mold and a source of vibration. The mold may include a plurality of cavities... Agent:

20140264997 - Automated forming of cast polyurethane: Cast polyurethane parts for shoes or other items may be formed in an automated fashion. A dispensing mechanism may dispense a predetermined amount of a liquid phase polyurethane mixture onto a flat surface face of a mold. A dispersal mechanism may distribute the liquid phase polyurethane mixture over the flat... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140264998 - Methods for manufacturing three-dimensional metamaterial devices with photovoltaic bristles: Various stamping methods may reduce defects and increase throughput for manufacturing metamaterial devices. Metamaterial devices with an array of photovoltaic bristles, and/or vias, may enable each photovoltaic bristle to have a high probability of photon absorption. The high probability of photon absorption may lead to increased efficiency and more power... Agent: Q1 Nanosystems Corporation

20140264999 - Substrate carriers and articles formed from compositions comprising carbon nanotubes: Substrate containers formed from improved compositions comprise a polymer and carbon nanotubes to provide enhanced characteristics. In some embodiments, the carbon fibers, e.g., nanotubes, can be mechanically blended or incorporated into the polymer, while in some embodiments carbon nanotubes also may be covalently bonded to the polymer to form corresponding... Agent: Entegris, Inc.

20140265000 - Water-clear aliphatic polyurethane pultrusion formulations and processes: Clear polyurethane fiber reinforced composites are produced by a pultrusion process with a polyurethane-forming system that includes: (a) a clear, aliphatic polyisocyanate having a viscosity at 25° C. of no more than 1000 centipoise, (b) a colorless polyol component comprising an amine-initiated polyol having a molecular weight of from about... Agent:

20140265001 - Design transfer device and method of using: A design transfer device comprising an elastic planar wall having a first side surface and a second side surface is disclosed herein. An elastic cutting blade is unitary with the elastic planar wall and extends directly from the first side surface of the elastic planar wall. The elastic cutting blade... Agent:

20140265002 - Cellulosic micropowder production system: An improved process is provided for reducing cellulosic biomass into air suspendable micropowder. Although the process is particularly suitable for processing empty fruit bunches of oil palms, it is adaptable to most cellulosic biomass. The incoming biomass has a water content of around 50% and is reduced to centimeter scale... Agent: Biomass Conversions, LLC

20140265003 - Manufacturing method for stone speaker: A manufacturing method for a stone speaker is disclosed. The stone speaker is placed in a garden and blended with the environment. Raw stones of various sizes and colors are crashed and provided as a kind of material for the stone speaker. The manual painting spray step is neglected. The... Agent: Yun Tong Electronic (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140265004 - Pellet based tooling and process for biodegradeable component: An example method of forming a biodegradable component includes extruding the biodegradable material through a die. The extruded biodegradable material is divided to form a plurality of biodegradable pellets. A binding agent is applied onto the biodegradable pellets. The plurality of biodegradable pellets with the binding agent are compressed in... Agent:

20140265005 - Design transfer device and method of using: A design transfer device comprising an elastic planar wall having a first side surface and a second side surface is disclosed herein. An elastic cutting blade is unitary with the elastic planar wall and extends directly from the first side surface of the elastic planar wall. The elastic cutting blade... Agent:

20140265006 - Apparatus for manufacturing and processing films: A film processing apparatus includes a film delivery section and a film stretching section. The film stretching section is positioned downstream of the film delivery section. The film stretching section defines a first inlet and a first outlet. The film processing apparatus includes one or more slitting devices positioned between... Agent: Davis-standard, LLC

20140265007 - Cleansing bars comprising superhydrophilic amphiphilic copolymers and methods of use thereof: Provided are low-irritation, high foaming personal care compositions comprising superhydrophilic amphiphilic copolymers. Also provided are methods of making and using such compositions.... Agent: Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, Inc.

20140265008 - Heated liquid tapered line production device and method: The present invention provides a tapered line production device and method for efficiently producing line of varying thickness. An additional aspect of the present invention is to employ a heat transfer media to provide a tapered fishing line production device and method that operates at high rates of production. Further,... Agent: Shimano American Corp.

20140265009 - Method and apparatus for corrugating filter media: An apparatus for corrugating filter media includes upstream and downstream rollers. The upstream roller has an exterior surface including a corrugation pattern defining a plurality of circumferential channels. A heating source heats the filter media so that the filter media is within its elastic temperature range when the filter media... Agent: Braden Manufacturing, LLC

20140265010 - Method of preparing photochromic-dichroic films having reduced optical distortion: The present invention relates to a method of preparing a photochromic-dichroic film. The method includes forming a molten extrudate that includes a first molten thermoplastic layer that includes one or more photochromic-dichroic compounds, that is interposed between separate second and third outer molten thermoplastic layers. The molten extrudate is cooled... Agent:

20140265011 - Method and apparatus for purifying and recycling synthetic turf: A method and apparatus for purifying and recycling synthetic turf are provided. The method includes removing a section of used synthetic turf, feeding the section to a rotating beater to knock sand infill loose, and passing the section through a rotating brush roll wherein a turf filament surface is directly... Agent: Textile Management Associates, Inc.

20140265012 - Oven for shaping extruded material: A oven and oven system are provided to shape materials. In some embodiments, material is received from an extruder by inlet of an oven. The oven may include segments that are serially engaged to form a shape mold, as well as a heating element that heats the material, such that... Agent: Ajax-united Patterns & Molds, Inc.

20140265013 - Methods for creating large-area complex nanopatterns for nanoimprint molds: Some embodiments of the invention provide methods that can create large area complex patterns for nanoimprint molds without or with very litter of the use of the charged beam or photon beam direct-writing of nanostructures. Some embodiments of the invention use (i) Fourier nanoimprint patterning (FNP), (ii) edge-guided nanopatterning (EGN),... Agent:

20140265014 - Integrated shape memory polymer and caul tool: A method of forming a composite material part using an integrated shape memory polymer (SMP) and caul tool comprises the steps of: placing a caul on a positive feature of a mold, deforming the SMP from a relaxed state such that the SMP integrates with the caul to form an... Agent: Spirit Aerosystems, Inc.

20140265015 - Method and device for preparing artificial bones of cerebral cranium from polyether ether ketone: A method for preparing bones of cerebral cranium, including: a) selecting polyetheretherketone (PEEK) as a raw material according to data obtained by computed tomography (CT) of a patient; b) heating the PEEK material in a heating device to reach a softening point of 260°±10°; c) hot pressing the heated PEEK... Agent: Wuhan Constant Science And Technology Ltd.

20140265016 - Articulated mold assembly and method of use thereof: An apparatus for molding articles includes a first mold carrier configured to angularly displace relative to a fixed structure from a first molding position to first accessing position and a second mold carrier traveling with the first mold carrier and configured to angularly displace relative to the first mold carrier... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140265017 - Golf ball manufacturing method:

20140265018 - Overmolding for an orthopedic walking boot: A method of manufacturing an orthopedic walking boot, comprising providing a base configured to support a user's foot and receive a support assembly configured to support the user's lower leg; and overmolding an outer sole to the base.... Agent:

20140265019 - Manufacturing method of an activated-carbon filter element: A manufacturing method of an activated-carbon filter element has steps of: preparing a non-woven cloth, spreading activated-carbon powders, combining the activated-carbon powders with the non-woven cloth, and winding. In the step of spreading activated-carbon powders, the activated-carbon powers are scattered onto the non-woven cloth by a scattering device. In the... Agent:

20140265020 - Methods for three-dimensional weaving of composite preforms and products with varying cross-sectional topology: Methods creating composite preforms with a three-dimensional weaving pattern include stacking material layers and then connecting them with interlayer reinforcements. First and second layers are aligned and separated by a first layer spacing. First interlayer reinforcements are then inserted through at least the first and the second layers. At least... Agent:

20140265021 - Apparatus and method for solar heat gain reduction in a window assembly: A window assembly having at least one pane is presented for use in a building. Positioned within the pane are a plurality of spaced-apart micro-louvers which extend substantially across the length of the pane. The micro-louvers are positioned to block transmission of direct sunlight through the pane when the sun... Agent:

20140265022 - Golf ball manufacturing method: This invention provides a method of manufacturing a golf ball composed of a core encased by a cover of at least one layer using an injection mold. The method includes the step of using, as a cover-forming material, a resin composition which is composed primarily of a thermoplastic polyurethane material... Agent: Bridgestone Sports Co., Ltd.

20140265023 - Die reduction machine, reducing die, and method of installation for a pipe liner: Systems and methods for reducing the diameter of a pipe liner to repair a damaged pipe, including means of reducing the pulling force required. This is done through use of a multi-section reduction die using a two-step reduction and pushing means for advancing the non-reduced liner portion into the die.... Agent: Sak Construction, LLC

20140265024 - Echogenic surfaces with pressed-dimple formations: Disclosed are embodiments of methods and devices for providing enhanced echogenicity to medical devices. The method includes rolling an impression roller having a plurality of protrusions and an outer surface against a medical device. The protrusions create depressions in the surface of the medical device. A guide roller forms a... Agent:

20140265025 - Method of sheared guiding patterns: The embodiments disclose a method including depositing a resist layer using a mixture of several different length polymer strings materials spanning a range of natural periodicity, and imprinting the mixture of several different length polymer strings using sheared guiding patterns to increase flexibility.... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20140265026 - Tampon having spirally shaped grooves: A tampon for feminine hygiene, having an insertion end, a recovery end, a recovery tape, and a longitudinal axis. The tampon is made of compressed fibrous material and has an outer surface that is at least partially provided with spirally shaped, pressed longitudinal grooves. The grooves define spirally shaped longitudinal... Agent: Eveready Battery Company Inc.

20140265027 - Scaffold forming system: A concrete forming system combining the ease of erection and load carrying capabilities of scaffolding with a simplified erection system. Scaffold frames provide the vertical support and walers, supported by and spanning from scaffold frame to scaffold frame, provide the horizontal support. The wet concrete's hydrostatic pressure is placed on... Agent:

20140265028 - Methods and apparatus for forming indicia on panels: A die in combination with a panel includes a die and a panel. The die includes a stamping surface and an outer edge. The panel includes an outer surface, and the outer surface includes a recessed portion. The recessed portion includes a contact surface, indicia on the contact surface, and... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140265029 - Fabric cutting system and method: A fabric cutting system and/or method can include a mandrel having a body and first and second legs, a chuck, the chuck configured to receive either one of the legs or body to rotatingly support the mandrel. The mandrel can be rotated and the fabric mounted on the mandrel can... Agent: Atex Technologies Inc.

20140265030 - Methods of manufacturing slotted vascular treatment devices: Vascular treatment and methods include a plurality of self-expanding bulbs and a hypotube including interspersed patterns of longitudinally spaced rows of kerfs. Joints between woven structures and hypotubes include solder. Woven structures include patterns of radiopaque filaments measureable under x-ray. Structures are heat treated to include at least shapes at... Agent: Insera Therapeutics, Inc

20140265031 - Resin composition for laser engraving, flexographic printing plate precursor for laser engraving and process for producing same, and process for making flexographic printing plate: s

20140265034 - 3d printing using spiral buildup: Methods, devices and systems for efficient 3D printing that address conventional inefficiencies while utilizing a single compact device are set forth. Some embodiments utilize a circular-shaped build area revolving symmetrically around a single center point utilizing a continuous helical printing process. In one embodiment a liquid photopolymer for solidification is... Agent: Orange Maker LLC

20140265033 - Method for improved tire mold manufacturing: The present invention includes methods and apparatus for developing and forming a tire-related mold configured to at least mold a portion of a tire tread. Particular embodiments of such methods include creating a digital model representing a three-dimensional structure comprising a tread model molding member, the tread model molding member... Agent: Compagnie Generale Des Etablissements Michelin

20140265032 - System and method for three-dimensional printing: Methods and apparatus for preparing a layer of an object being fabricated by a three-dimensional printing process. Embodiments of the invention combine selective deposition with selective curing to benefit from the respective advantages of both techniques. Multiple printing heads deposit a two-dimensional cross section of the object being fabricated on... Agent: Stratasys Ltd.

20140265035 - Three-dimensional printing with control of thermoalterable build materials: A variety of thermoalterable build materials are disclosed for use in three-dimensional printing, along with techniques for controlling properties of such materials in a fabricated object. In particular, changes in material flow rate permit instantaneous changes in heat transfer and resulting variations in the amount of thermoalteration, without requiring any... Agent: Makerbot Industries, LLC

20140265036 - Polymer microcavity and microchannel device and array fabrication method: A method of forming a microplasma device places a curable polymer material between a mold having a negative volume impression of microcavities and/or microchannels and a substrate. The polymer is cured and then the mold is separated from the solid polymer. The method can form a microplasma device that includes... Agent:

20140265037 - Inductively heated extruder heater: One embodiment of a heated nozzle for extruding meltable material consists of an electrically conductive nozzle, comprised of an inlet, an outlet, and a passage connecting inlet and outlet. The nozzle fits into a hole or gap cut or formed through a loop of high permeability soft magnetic material such... Agent: Protoparadigm LLC

20140265039 - Assembly consisting of a decontamination device and at least one preform, facility and method for producing a sterile container: The invention relates to an assembly (1) consisting of at least one preform (12) and a decontamination device (10) for decontaminating the interior of a preform (12) by irradiation by means of at least one ultraviolet radiation emitted by semi-conductor components (22); relates to a facility (100) for producing a... Agent: Sidel Participations

20140265038 - Magneto-carbonization method for production of carbon fiber, and high performance carbon fibers made thereby: Method for the preparation of carbon fiber from fiber precursor, wherein the fiber precursor is subjected to a magnetic field of at least 3 Tesla during a carbonization process. The carbonization process is generally conducted at a temperature of at least 400° C. and less than 2200° C., wherein, in... Agent: Ut-battelle, LLC

20140265040 - Additive manufacturing system and method for printing three-dimensional parts using velocimetry: An additive manufacturing system that retains a print head for printing a three-dimensional part in a layer-by-layer manner using an additive manufacturing technique, where the retained print head is configured to receive a consumable material, melt the consumable material, and extrude the molten material. The system also includes a velocimetry... Agent: Stratasys, Inc.

20140265041 - Polystyrene product remanufacturing apparatus and methods of use: A polystyrene product remanufacturing apparatus includes a cabinet assembly having four or more side walls, including a front panel, two side panels, and a back panel, a top, and a bottom to create an interior space for used polystyrene products, the front panel includes two hinged doors, first door hinges... Agent:

20140265042 - 3d direct write patterning apparatus and method of generating patterns on doubly-curved surfaces: Disclosed is a system and method for patterning internal and/or external doubly-curved surfaces by use of a light source, three-dimensional scanning optics, computer controller, and a multi-axis robot. The system is capable of digitally receiving shape, location, and pattern data of a three-dimensional doubly-curved surface and applying said pattern over... Agent: Ii-vi Incorporated

20140265043 - Composite core and method of making same: A method of wrapping a plurality of mandrels with a composite material can include rotating each mandrel at a rotational speed; translating each mandrel at a translation speed; positioning each mandrel back to back such that an aft face of a preceding mandrel is approximate to a forward face of... Agent:

20140265044 - Apparatus and method for sintering proppants: An apparatus and method sinters or partially sinters green pellets in a selected temperature range to make proppant particles as the green pellets pass between an electrical arc and a gas flowing in the vortex path and exit an underflow of a vessel. The vessel has an overflow disposed in... Agent: Foret Plasma Labs, LLC

20140265048 - Cartridge for an additive manufacturing apparatus and method: One variation of a method for constructing a three-dimensional structure within a additive manufacturing apparatus includes: reading an identifier from a cartridge transiently loaded into the additive manufacturing apparatus; initiating a build cycle; dispensing a layer of powdered material from the cartridge into a build chamber of the additive manufacturing... Agent: Matterfab Corp.

20140265049 - Cartridge for an additive manufacturing apparatus and method: One variation of a method for constructing a three-dimensional structure within a additive manufacturing apparatus includes: reading an identifier from a cartridge transiently loaded into the additive manufacturing apparatus; based on the identifier, retrieving from a computer network a laser fuse profile for powdered material contained within the cartridge; leveling... Agent: Matterfab Corp.

20140265045 - Chute for laser sintering systems: There is provided improved laser sintering systems that increase the powder density and reduce anomalies of the powder layers that are sintered, that measure the laser power within the build chamber for automatic calibration during a build process, that deposit powder into the build chamber through a chute to minimize... Agent: 3d Systems, Inc.

20140265046 - Laser sintering apparatus and methods: One variation of a method for detecting a temperature at a laser sintering site within a field of view of an image sensor within a laser sintering device includes: based on a selected fuse temperature for a laser sintering build material, setting a first shutter speed for the image sensor,... Agent: Matterfab Corp.

20140265047 - Laser sintering apparatus and methods: One variation of a method for controlling construction of a part over a build platform within a laser sintering device including an opaque door configured to seal the build platform within a build chamber includes: setting a lamp within the build chamber to an off state; detecting electromagnetic radiation within... Agent: Matterfab Corp.

20140265051 - Method for making multiple durometer bulb seals: Method for making multiple durometer bulb seals includes cooling separately at least one structural member and at least one bulb portion of the bulb seal, which have different durometers and shapes. At least a first extrusion is drawn through a die of an extruder for forming a structural member profile... Agent: M&s Extrusions, Inc. (dba Vintech Industries)

20140265050 - Multi-layer and multi-fiber orientation compression rolling process: Embodiments refer generally to systems and methods for manufacturing a cylindrical spar tube of the sort that might be used in a horizontal stabilizer for a helicopter. An exemplary method may comprise laying out onto a flat surface (and possibly stacking) plies of composite material, rolling the material onto a... Agent: Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.

20140265052 - Blow molding device and blow molding method: A blow molding device capable of forming a blow molded article having a built-in part with a good yield rate, and a blow molding method. The blow molding device has a blow mold, a parison holding unit and a built-in part holding unit. The parison holding unit has parison expanders... Agent: Fts Co., Ltd.

20140265053 - Methods for improving chemical and flame resistance with multi-functional photoactive additives: Polymeric blends having improved flame retardance properties and good ductility at low temperatures are disclosed. The blend is formed from (A) a photoactive additive that is a cross-linkable polycarbonate resin containing a photoactive group derived from a dihydroxybenzophenone; and (B) a polymer resin which is different from the photoactive additive.... Agent: Sabic Innovative PlasticsIPB.v.

20140265054 - Method of manufacturing product filled containers: A method for forming a plastic container in which a heated end product is introduced into a heated preform to expand the preform into at least partial conform with the cavity surfaces of a mold, thereby forming a resultant container, of a first size, with a heated end product. The... Agent: Amcor Limited

20140265055 - Hollow box with identification member and device for making the same: A method for making a hollow box includes a step of cutting a plate into identification members; a step of sucking the plate to be attached on a fixed area of a female mold by a suction device; a step of squeezing melting and semi-solidified thermo-plastic material and sealing a... Agent:

20140265056 - Multifunctional detabber apparatus and method: A multifunctional detabber apparatus and method for producing bottles having a bottom surface with a hook projection integrally molded with and extending from the bottom surface in a deployed position. The bottom surface also includes at least one locking channel in order to receive and releasably secure the hook projection... Agent: Graham Packaging Company, L.p.

20140265057 - Nanostructure neutron converter layer development: Methods for making a neutron converter layer are provided. The various embodiment methods enable the formation of a single layer neutron converter material. The single layer neutron converter material formed according to the various embodiments may have a high neutron absorption cross section, tailored resistivity providing a good electric field... Agent: U.s.a. As Represented By The Administrator Of The National Aeronautics And Space Administration

20140265058 - System and method for maneuvering thin ply technology complexes: A method for maneuvering a flexible pre-impregnated composite sheet is disclosed. The flexible pre-impregnated composite sheet is positioned onto a work surface and a vacuum sheet is operatively coupled to the flexible pre-impregnated composite sheet. The vacuum sheet is operatively coupled to a flexible conveyor sheet and the flexible conveyor... Agent: North Thin Ply Technology LLC

20140265059 - Apparatus for manufacturing and processing films having strips of increased thickness: A device for producing film includes a die defining a die outlet through which molten polymer is extruded. The polymer is suitable for producing one of a pre-stretch film and a conventional stretch film. The device includes a film producing device spaced apart from the die. One or more coolant... Agent: Davis-standard, LLC

20140265060 - Deformation of a polymer tube in the fabrication of a medical article: Methods of manufacturing a medical article that include radial deformation of a polymer tube are disclosed. A medical article, such as an implantable medical device or an inflatable member, may be fabricated from a deformed tube.... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

20140265061 - Methods, systems, and apparatuses for manufacturing rotational spun appliances: The present disclosure relates to methods and systems for manufacturing rotational spun materials. The rotational spun materials are medical appliances or other prostheses made of, constructed from, covered or coated with rotational spun materials, such as polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE).... Agent: Merit Medical Systems, Inc.

20140265062 - Variable-density implants and related methods and systems: Ceramic orthopedic implants may have one or more dense inner layers and one or more porous outer layers. Methods for manufacturing the implants may include one or more stages during which the dense inner layer(s) are partially compressed. At least one porous outer layer may include coating particles that are... Agent: Amedica Corporation

20140265063 - Process for the manufacture of phosphorus removal aggregate from fractionating sand mine waste products: The present invention provides a process for producing granular material useful as a phosphorus removal aggregate and involves the mixing of a pulverized calcium or magnesium oxide material with a dewatered clay waste material in a paddle or ribbon type mixer until reaching a state of a uniform consistency paste... Agent: Pattison Sand Company, L.L.C.

20140265064 - Alumina-zirconia ceramic implants and related materials, apparatus, and methods: Embodiments of apparatus, systems, and methods relating to biomedical implants and other devices made up of unique and improved alumina-zirconia ceramic materials. In an example of a method according to an implementation of the invention, a slurry is prepared, compressed, and fired to obtain a fired ceramic piece comprising at... Agent: Amedica Corporation

20140265065 - Charge-compensating dopant stabilized alumina-zirconia ceramic materials and related materials, apparatus, and methods: Ceramic materials comprising charge-compensating dopants and related methods. In some embodiments, the materials may comprise dopants such as Y2O3, Gd2O3, Nb2O5, and/or Ta2O5. Some embodiments may comprise a molar concentration of Y2O3 and/or Gd2O3 that is at least approximately equal to the molar concentration of Nb2O5 and/or Ta2O5. Certain embodiments... Agent: Amedica Corporation

09/11/2014 > 60 patent applications in 28 patent subcategories.

20140252666 - Method of fabricating a liquid crystal polymer film: A method of fabricating a liquid crystal polymer film includes providing a support substrate having a surface having a shape arranged to define a form of a liquid crystal polymer film to be fabricated; applying a layer of a photoaligning material over the surface of the support substrate, the photoaligning... Agent: U.s. Government As Represented By The Secretary Of The Army

20140252667 - Cast mould and method for manufacturing contact or intraocular lenses: A cast mould for manufacturing a contact lens or an intraocular lens, wherein the cast mould is provided with a central part and a bearing ring and a flexible connection between the central part and the bearing ring. Further, an injection mould is provided for manufacturing such a cast mould... Agent: Innovalens B.v.

20140252668 - Method and apparatus for delivery of cementitious material: An apparatus (100) for performing a multi-layer construction method using cementitious material has a reservoir (4) for containing cementitious material. The reservoir (4) is coupled to a print head (6) with a delivery nozzle (13). The delivery nozzle (13) can be moved by a robotic arm assembly (1) to index... Agent: Loughborough University

20140252669 - Method of fabricating an injection molded component: A method of fabricating an injection-molded component is provided. The method includes the step of introducing pellets into an injection barrel of an injection molding machine. The pellets include a first supercritical fluid. The pellets are plasticized in the injection barrel and a second supercritical fluid is injected into the... Agent: Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

20140252670 - In-molded resistive and shielding elements: An article of manufacture having an in-molded resistive and/or shielding element and method of making the same are shown and described. In one disclosed method, a resistive and/or shielding element is printed on a film. The film is formed to a desired shape and put in an injection mold. A... Agent: T-ink, Inc.

20140252671 - In-molded resistive and shielding elements: An article of manufacture having an in-molded resistive and/or shielding element and method of making the same are shown and described. In one disclosed method, a resistive and/or shielding element is printed on a film. The film is formed to a desired shape and put in an injection mold. A... Agent: T-ink, Inc.

20140252672 - 3d printing powder compositions and methods of use: Powder compositions that can be used with traditional 3D printing technology and methods for producing 3D printed building materials that have comparable compressive strength to standard concrete and tensile strength up to 70% greater than standard concrete.... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20140252673 - Method for molding annular member and apparatus for molding annular member: The object of the present invention is to provide a method and an apparatus for molding an annular member capable of accurately molding an annular member into a predetermined cross-sectional shape even if the annular member has a thick-walled inner peripheral part and a thin-walled outer peripheral part. The method... Agent: Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd.

20140252674 - Architected materials for enhanced energy absorption: A three-dimensional lattice architecture with a thickness hierarchy includes a first surface and a second surface separated from each other with a distance therebetween defining a thickness of the three-dimensional lattice architecture; a plurality of angled struts extending along a plurality of directions between the first surface and the second... Agent:

20140252675 - Medical device fabrication process including strain induced crystallization with enhanced crystallization: Methods of fabricating a polymeric implantable device, such as a stent, with improved fracture toughness through annealing a polymer construct below the glass transition temperature of the polymer of the construct prior to a deformation step are disclosed herein. The deformation of the construct induces crystallization in the polymer construct... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

20140252676 - Load bearing panel member: A load bearing panel member having a first portion, a second portion, and an appearance surface portion is formed by injection molding such that the first portion includes a plurality of ribs forming a grid pattern on the first portion and another plurality of ribs extending toward the periphery of... Agent: Century Plastics, Inc.

20140252677 - Multiple-component injection mold method: An injection mold method for manufacturing multiple-component articles includes providing a mold assembly with first and second mold halves mounted for reciprocation, and having mold cores in a mold core assembly, each mold core mounted for rotation about an axis of rotation. The mold cores rotate to a first position,... Agent: Tech Mold

20140252678 - Grain bin sensor cable forming method and apparatus: A method and apparatus for forming a grain bin sensor cable including a plurality of mold members defining a mold cavity. A pre-formed cable with wires disposed therein is placed into the mold cavity, heated, and formed into a post-formed cable. The post-formed cable includes a recessed portion and a... Agent: Ctb, Inc.

20140252679 - Large-scale imprint apparatus and method: A large-scale imprint apparatus includes a roll-to-roll unit configured to wind or rewind a flexible substrate, a stage arranged adjacent to a winding path of the flexible substrate, the stage being configured to support a stamp master with a master pattern or to support a substrate, and a stamping pressing... Agent:

20140252680 - Method for making a light handle cover: A method of making a light handle cover including providing a first mold tool and a second mold tool. The first mold tool engages with the second mold tool to form a mold cavity. The mold cavity is injected with a moldable material. The light handle cover is formed as... Agent: Aspen Surgical Products, Inc.

20140252681 - Interior panel and injection molding method: A resin-made interior panel molded into a thin-plate shape using a cavity die and a core die in which portions which corresponds to undercut portions with respect to the die-cutting direction of the molding die includes on the front surface side of a panel a flat bottom portion having a... Agent: Toyota Shatai Kabushiki Kaisha

20140252682 - Method for filling large volume holes: The present disclosure provides methods to fill large holes rapidly with polyurethanes by injecting polyurethanes in a plurality of containers having volumes less than the volume of the hole to be filled, letting the polyurethanes cure in the containers, and using the polyurethane-filled containers to fill the large hole. Additional... Agent:

20140252683 - Surface treatment of a polymeric stent: Methods of treating the polymeric surfaces of a stent with a fluid including a solvent for the surface polymer are disclosed.... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

20140252684 - Additive manufacturing method for printing three-dimensional parts with purge towers: A method for printing a three-dimensional part with an additive manufacturing system, the method including printing layers of the three-dimensional part and of a support structure for the three-dimensional part from multiple print heads or deposition lines, and switching the print heads or deposition line between stand-by modes and operating... Agent: Stratasys, Inc.

20140252685 - Powder bed fusion systems, apparatus, and processes for multi-material part production: Powder bed fusion systems, apparatus, and processes for the production of multi-material parts are provided, in which the material composition varies throughout the part, including different regions within a particular layer. Present embodiments include the capability to selectively deliver fusion-inducing energy over the part bed as each layer of the... Agent: University Of Louisville Research Foundation, Inc.

20140252686 - Method for detecting the presence of bubbles during operations of injecting resin for the manufacture of fibre composite components: A method of detecting bubbles during operations for injecting resin for the manufacture of fibre composite components, is noteworthy in that the electrical capacitance or conductivity of at least one part of the medium formed by the fibres and the liquid is measured.... Agent: Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique

20140252687 - System and method for high power diode based additive manufacturing: A system is disclosed for performing an Additive Manufacturing (AM) fabrication process on a powdered material forming a substrate. The system may make use of a diode array for generating an optical signal sufficient to melt a powdered material of the substrate. A mask may be used for preventing a... Agent: Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC

20140252688 - In-molded resistive and shielding elements: An article of manufacture having an in-molded resistive and/or shielding element and method of making the same are shown and described. In one disclosed method, a resistive and/or shielding element is printed on a film. The film is formed to a desired shape and put in an injection mold. A... Agent: T-ink, Inc.

20140252689 - Thermoforming sheet loading apparatus and method: A thermoforming system includes a vacuum device operable to simultaneously hold a first object and a second object that are overlapped and abutted against each other. The system also includes a thermoforming machine that simultaneously receives the first object and the second object from the vacuum device. The thermoforming machine... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140252690 - Air intake hose for vehicle and production method thereof: An air intake hose for a vehicle may include a blow molding portion formed in a hollow hose shape by blow molding, an injection molding portion formed in a hollow hose shape by injection molding, and a coupling portion formed at one end of the blow molding portion, wherein the... Agent: Kia Motors Corporation

20140252691 - Solar thermal solutions using extrusion blow moulding technologies: This invention relates to the use of plastic material in order to make a solar thermal collector/panel and a modular independent hot water storage unit using extrusion blow moulding technologies.... Agent:

20140252692 - Pressure-maintenance device for producing composite parts by resin injection and associated method: A pressure-maintenance device for a resin injection system including an injection network connected to an injection mould, includes a pressurisation device adapted to inject a pressurised gas into a channelling; a first connector adapted to be connected to the resin injection network and adapted to be connected to the channelling;... Agent: Snecma

20140252693 - Method for manufacturing ceramic electronic component: A ceramic electronic component which can achieve favorable electrical properties in such a way that the insulation property of a magnetic section can be ensured, and that the oxidation of Cu as an internal conductor is suppressed. A method for manufacturing ceramic electronic component has a feature that includes a... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140252694 - Honeycomb structure and manufacturing method of the same: There is provided a honeycomb structure including a honeycomb base material including a porous partition wall parent material; plugged portions; and a porous collecting layer disposed on the surface of the partition wall parent material in the remaining cells. A melting point of a material constituting the collecting layer is... Agent: Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

20140252695 - Fast firing method for ceramics: A method for firing a green honeycomb ceramic body in a kiln may include heating the green honeycomb ceramic body in four stages. The first stage may include heating the green honeycomb ceramic body from room temperature to a first temperature that at a first heating rate that is greater... Agent: Corning Incorporated

09/04/2014 > 19 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.
08/28/2014 > 37 patent applications in 35 patent subcategories.

20140239524 - Hydrophilicity alteration system and method: A system/method allowing hydrophilicity alteration of a polymeric material (PM) is disclosed. The PM hydrophilicity alteration changes the PM characteristics by decreasing the PM refractive index, increasing the PM electrical conductivity, and increasing the PM weight. The system/method incorporates a laser radiation source that generates tightly focused laser pulses within... Agent: Perfect Ip, LLC

20140239523 - Optical film and method of manufacturing the same: The present invention provides an optical film and a retardation film that each include an acryl resin, and 20 to 65 parts by weight of a graft copolymer including a conjugated diene rubber based on 100 parts by weight of the acryl resin, and an electronic device including the same.... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20140239525 - Inhalable pharmaceutical compositions: Inhalable pharmaceutical compositions can include an aqueous dispersion of particles including a hydrophobic bioactive agent (e.g., CoQIO) suitable for continuous aerosolization. Due to their chemical composition and methods of manufacture, the pharmaceutical compositions exhibit distinctive physicochemical properties that provide advantageous aerosol transmission and output.... Agent: Berg Pharma LLC

20140239526 - Process for producing pellets for pharmaceutical compositions: Water is used to control particle size in a process comprising mixing water with a composition comprising a rheology modifying agent and possibly sugar and cellulose to produce a paste. The paste is extruded to form particles which are then spheronised and dried. One advantage of using water to control... Agent: Temrel Limited

20140239527 - Photo-curable resin compositions and method of using the same in three-dimensional printing for manufacturing artificial teeth and denture base: A composition includes a light-curable viscous mixture that includes: 0-50% by weight of a poly(methyl methacrylate)/methyl methacrylate solution; 5-20% by weight of at least one kind of multifunctional aliphatic (meth)acrylate; 5-40% by weight of at least one kind of aliphatic urethane (meth)acrylate oligomer; 25-65% by weight of at least one... Agent: Dentca, Inc.

20140239528 - Porous bioabsorbable implant: In one form, the invention is directed to a method for forming a porous implant suitable for a cavity from which tissue has been removed, including mixing soluble alginate and a radiopaque imaging agent with water; incorporating a gas or a pore forming agent into the alginate-water mixture; transferring the... Agent: Senorx, Inc.

20140239529 - System and methods for nano-scale manufacturing: A system and method for patterning a substrate includes a mold holding fixture for holding a mold with nanostructures and a substrate holding fixture for holding a substrate having a molding surface, a stage assembly has two or more independent axis movements for moving either the mold or the substrate... Agent: Nanonex Corporation

20140239530 - Extrusion process: A method for using the quantity of heat output from an extrudate during a cooling operation in an extrusion process, wherein a fluid, in particular air, is guided along the extrudate and/or through the die counter to an extrusion direction, at least some of the heat from the extrudate and/or... Agent: Battenfeld-cincinnati Germany Gmbh

20140239531 - Composite member and method of making: A method of forming a composite member comprises placing a heat formable resin adjacent fibers to form a fiber member or members and forming the same into a plurality of for example tubular members. The fiber member is placed against a first mold part. An expandable material is distributed into... Agent:

20140239532 - Process for the production of polyurethane composite components: A composite and process for the production of a composite component, comprising a) a support of a thermoplastic composition, and b) at least one polyurethane layer in direct contact with the support.... Agent: Bayer Material Science Ag

20140239533 - Simultaneous resin drying and molding: A low pressure dryer for granular or powdery material includes a plurality of canisters rotatable about a common vertical axis serially among material heating, vacuum drying and material inventory discharge positions; pneumatic piston-cylinder means for rotating the canisters about said axis among said heating, vacuum drying and inventory discharge positions;... Agent:

20140239534 - Nano-structured refractory metals, metal carbides, and coatings and parts fabricated therefrom: Refractory metal and refractory metal carbide nanoparticle mixtures and methods for making the same are provided. The nanoparticle mixtures can be painted onto a surface to be coated and heated at low temperatures to form a gas-tight coating. The low temperature formation of refractory metal and refractory metal carbide coatings... Agent: Lockheed Martin Corporation

20140239535 - Methods for making construction materials using enzyme producing bacteria: Methods for producing construction material utilizing loose pieces of aggregate (30), enzyme producing bacteria, an amount of urea and an amount of calcium ions. A first solution is prepared which includes urease which is formed by enzyme producing bacteria. A second solution is prepared which includes urea and calcium ions.... Agent: Biomason, Inc.

20140239536 - Hydrogel composition for a mask base and method for manufacturing a hydrogel using same: A hydrogel composition includes 0.1 to 10 wt % of a cross-linking agent, 0.2 to 6 wt % of a gelling polymer, 0.5 to 20 wt % of a polyhydric alcohol, and 70 to 90 wt % of purified water to maintain a form without a supporter, be stable without... Agent: Genic Co., Ltd.

20140239537 - Method for deforming a web: Methods for forming discrete deformations in web materials are disclosed. In some embodiments, the method involves feeding a web into an apparatus having nips that are formed between intermeshing rolls. The apparatus may be in the form of nested or other arrangements of multiple rolls, in which the web is... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20140239538 - Method of fabricating an ornamental urn: A method which allows creation of an ornamental urn from an object such as horns, antlers, rocks, or the like. The method generally includes steps which form an ornamental urn adapted to resemble an object. The ornamental urn may include an access port having a funnel portion leading to an... Agent:

20140239539 - Molded wire harness tool assembly: A system and method of manufacturing an over molded wire harness is disclosed herein. The system and method includes designing and manufacturing a positive mold made from interchangeable and reusable modular blocks. The positive mold is used to create a negative mold tool die, whereby the wire harness can be... Agent: Cvg Management Corporation

20140239540 - Device for fabricating a composite material part: A device for fabricating a composite material part by injecting resin into a fiber structure. The device includes: a first die presenting two adjacent support surfaces defining a reentrant angle between them; at least one chock with a wedge-shaped portion configured to press the fiber structure into the angle; and... Agent: Snecma

20140239541 - Electrochemical fabrication method including elastic joining of structures: Forming multi-layer 3D structures involving the joining of at least two structural elements, at least one of which is formed as a multi-layer 3D structure, wherein the joining occurs via one of: (1) elastic deformation and elastic recovery, (2) relative deformation of an initial portion of at least one element... Agent:

20140239542 - Customization of inner sole board: An inner sole board having varying regions of flexibility is provided for use in an article of footwear. The inner sole board may include different materials along its length at different locations that vary its flexibility. An inner sole board is manufactured in an injection molding process requiring only one... Agent:

20140239543 - Centerset faucet body and method of making same: A molded waterway assembly for a centerset faucet including a hot water inlet tube, a cold water inlet tube, and a central body of a coupler overmolded within hot and cold water bodies of the coupler.... Agent: Mercury Plastics, Inc.

20140239544 - Moulding arrangement and a method for producing an article using the moulding arrangement: A molding arrangement serves for molding articles at each stroke of an injection-molding machine in which an injection mold is mounted. The articles are composed of components made of different materials in cavities formed in the injection mold, with each cavities corresponding to the shape of a component whereby identical... Agent: Ptah Ab

20140239545 - Mold and method of manufacturing mesh-integrated filter using the same: Disclosed are a mold and a method of manufacturing a mesh-integrated filter using the same. The mold includes a lower body; a protruding pin provided to the lower body to protrude upward; a plurality of sliders slidably disposed on the lower body to move forward and surrounding a circumference of... Agent: Hanchang Enpla Co., Ltd.

20140239546 - Vehicle body: A method for forming a vehicle body, comprising: forming a rigid tub; mating the rigid tub to a first mould for a superstructure of the vehicle body; and subsequently rigidifying material in the first mould whilst part of that material is in contact with the tub to thereby form the... Agent: Mclaren Automotive Limited

20140239547 - The manner of production of container candle cartridges: The manner of production of container candle cartridges which consists in the placement of a mould (1) surrounding the wick (2) in the container (3) together with the wick (2) and pouring the flammable mixture into the mould (1) and then its removal; it is also possible to leave the... Agent: Korona Sa

20140239548 - Method and apparatus for fluting a web in the machine direction: A forming device for gathering the width of a traveling web is disclosed. The forming device includes opposing arrays of flute-forming bars that can be interlaced to define therebetween a longitudinal flute-forming labyrinth effective to reduce the width of a web traveling therethrough by a preselected take-up ratio. The flute-forming... Agent: Hbk Family, LLC

20140239549 - Casting member, casting method, and method of manufacturing lubricant used for casting: In the invention, a nano carbon layer that is constituted by a nano carbon group is formed on a molten metal contact surface of a casting member, and a lubricant that has a pulverulent body, which is constituted by BN, graphite, talc or silica, as a main component is applied... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140239550 - In-mold decoration molding method and in-mold decoration molding machine: The surfaces of a decorated sheet are tilted with respect to a parting face before a movement of a clamping member. When the clamping member moves to press the decorated sheet under tension to the parting face, a part of the clamping member first comes into contact with the decorated... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140239551 - Disposable dental valve device: A method for forming a disposable dental valve device is disclosed which comprises the steps of injecting a resin into a mold with the melt temperature of the resin being about 201° C. and the mold temperature being about 35° C., filling the resin in the mold for a fill... Agent: Stoma Ventures, LLC

20140239552 - Shaping of brittle materials with controlled surface and bulk properties: Methods of and devices for forming edge chamfers and through holes and slots on a material that is machined using a laser, such as an ultrafast laser. The shaped material has predetermined and highly controllable geometric shape and/or surface morphology. Further, a method of and a device for preventing re-deposition... Agent: Raydiance, Inc.

20140239553 - Multi-frequency induction heating of generatively produced components: The invention relates to a method and device for generatively producing components, said device comprising a radiation device for selectively radiating a powder bed, and an induction device for inductively heating the component produced by radiating the powder bed, Said induction device comprising at least one voltage source which can... Agent: Mtu Aero Engines Ag

20140239554 - Process and device for producing a three-dimensional object: e

20140239555 - Apparatus and method for producing two-sided patterned web in registration: An apparatus for casting a patterned surface on both sides of an opaque web. The apparatus includes a first patterned roll, a second pattered roll, and a means for rotating the first and second patterned rolls such that their patterns are transferred to opposite sides of the opaque web while... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20140239556 - System and method for applying heat and pressure to three-dimensional articles: A flexible manufacturing system can be used to fuse different layers of material together for forming an article of footwear. The system includes a base portion, an intermediate member and an upper member. The intermediate member includes a flexible membrane. The intermediate member can be sealed with the base portion... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140239557 - Blow molding process and apparatus: In at least some implementations, a blow molding process provides that portions of the parison are engaged by one or more clamping devices disposed on or adjacent to the blow mold parts, and that the blow mold is opened whereby the parison is torn apart between the clamping devices, into... Agent:

20140239558 - System for manufacturing a polymer endoprosthesis by injection molding and blow molding: A polymer endoprosthesis is fabricated by a combination of injection molding and blow molding which form a tubular substrate of polymer material, followed by laser cutting, crimping and sterilization. After the injection and blow molding processes, a subtractive process is performed on the tubular substrate to transform it into a... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

20140239559 - High pressure low temperature hot pressing method for producing a zirconium carbide ceramic: A method for producing monolithic Zirconium Carbide (ZrC) is described. The method includes raising a pressure applied to a ZrC powder until a final pressure of greater than 40 MPa is reached; and raising a temperature of the ZrC powder until a final temperature of less than 2200° C. is... Agent: United States Department Of Energy

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