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Plastic and nonmetallic article shaping or treating: processes

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07/10/2014 > 23 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20140191427 - Selective uv curing of epoxy adjacent to optical fibers by transmitting uv energy through the fiber cladding: A method and system for affixing multi-core fiber (MCF) within a ferrule includes a UV light source and a light guide. MCFs are placed into epoxy filled holders, e.g., channels or v-grooves, of a ferrule. A first MCF in a first holder is clocked to orient its cores to a... Agent: Commscope, Inc. Of North Carolina

20140191428 - Multi-axis diffraction grating: An enhanced optical interference pattern, such as a diffraction grating, is incorporated into a photodefineable surface by shining three or more beams of coherent light from a single source at a photodefinable surface, such as a photosensitive emulsion/photoresist covered glass or an ablatable substrate and mapping the diffraction grating pattern... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

20140191429 - Resin molding apparatus and resin molding method: A lens molding apparatus of the present invention includes: a mold having a transfer surface for transferring a predetermined lens shape to a dielectric resin; a mold having a transfer surface for transferring a predetermined lens shape to the dielectric resin; a support device moving the mold; a heating device... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20140191430 - Method and system for producing calibrated microcapsules: The present invention relates to a method for producing microcapsules having a calibrated diameter and at least one parameter characteristic of the mechanical properties of an equally calibrated microcapsule, characterized in that the method includes the steps of: producing microcapsules by means of injection into a microsystem (10) of three... Agent:

20140191431 - Pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet for immobilization of imprint mold, imprint apparatus, and imprint method: A pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet used for integrally immobilizing an imprint mold to a pressure application unit in an imprint apparatus for transferring a profile of a fine pattern formed on the imprint mold to a transfer-receiving body by pressing the imprint mold having the fine pattern thereon against the transfer-receiving... Agent: Soken Chemical & Engineering Co., Ltd.

20140191432 - Method for the production of a form of administration of a medicament: The present invention relates to a method for producing a medicament dosage form which consists of at least one piece which in each case comprises at least one medicament and at least one additive, the medicament and the additive being mixed and extruded from a die as a strand and... Agent: Gr&#xdc Nenthal Gmbh

20140191433 - Method for discharging a volume flow: In a method for discharging a volume flow consisting of successive drops to produce a three-dimensional object of solidifiable material present in a fluid phase, the fluid phase of the material is introduced into a material storage means. A pressure (p) is applied to the fluid phase, in order to... Agent: Arburg Gmbh + Co. Kg

20140191434 - Vacuum bag with integral fluid transfer conduits and seals for resin transfer and other processes: Disclosed are fluid transfer and evacuation structures formed in a vacuum bag operable for use in vacuum-assisted resin transfer molding, debulking, compaction, or similar processes. A reusable vacuum bag can be provided including an elastomeric membrane having a preform-contact surface and at least one textured surface formed in the elastomeric... Agent: Arjr Group, LLC

20140191435 - Nanocomposites with high thermoelectric figures of merit: The present invention is generally directed to nanocomposite thermoelectric materials that exhibit enhanced thermoelectric properties. The nanocomposite materials include two or more components, with at least one of the components forming nano-sized structures within the composite material. The components are chosen such that thermal conductivity of the composite is decreased... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20140191436 - 3-mode blended fibers in an engineered cementitious composite: Disclosed herein are fiber reinforced cement composite materials incorporating a 3-mode fiber blend that includes cellulose pulp and synthetic fibers in a ratio selected to provide the composite material with improved water absorption characteristics and the same or improved mechanical properties as compared to equivalent composite materials reinforced with predominantly... Agent: James Hardie Technology Limited

20140191437 - Impregnation section with tension adjustment device and method for impregnating fiber rovings: An impregnation section of a die (150) and a method for impregnating at least one fiber roving with a polymer resin are disclosed. The impregnation section includes an impregnation zone (250) configured to impregnate the roving with the resin. The impregnation zone (250) includes a plurality of contact surfaces (252).... Agent: Ticona LLC

20140191438 - Microfluidic devices and methods of fabrication: The present invention relates to microfluidic devices that comprise a 3-D microfluidic network of microchannels of arbitrary complexity and to a method for fabricating such devices. In particular, the invention relates to a method of forming microfluidic devices having 3-D microfluidic networks that contain open or closed loop microchannels using... Agent: University Of Maryland College Park

20140191439 - Continuous feed 3d manufacturing: Disclosed herein is a method and apparatus adapted for the free-form manufacture of complex systems using multiple three-dimensional (3D) printing techniques using multiple materials on a continuously rotating disk with a flat surface in combination with the continuous increasing of distance between the material(s) source(s) and the build surface so... Agent: New York University

20140191440 - Potting method for lamp chain: A potting method for a lamp chain includes a) providing a mold having a potting groove; b) providing a fixing support which is fixedly kept in the potting groove; c) fixedly keeping a printed circuit board provided with a light emitting assembly in the fixed support; d) potting a potting... Agent: Osram Gmbh

20140191441 - Imprint apparatus and article manufacturing method using same: An imprint apparatus of the present invention molds an uncured resin on a substrate using a mold and cures the resin to thereby form a pattern of the cured resin on the substrate. The imprint apparatus includes a gas supply mechanism configured to supply gas from the mold side toward... Agent:

20140191442 - Apparatus and method for making an object: A method for making an object and an apparatus (100) for making the object in accordance with the method is disclosed. A section (124) of the object is formed by irradiating a layer of material (104) with a radiation (116), the layer of material being disposed on a material receiving... Agent: Zydex Pty Ltd

20140191443 - Preparation method of tungsten carbide sintered body for friction stir welding tool: The present invention relates to a preparation method of a tungsten carbide sintered body for a friction stir welding tool used in a friction stir welding tool of a high melting point material such as steel, titanium and the like or a dissimilar material such as aluminum, magnesium-steel, titanium and... Agent: Korea Institute Of Industrial Technology

20140191444 - Apparatuses and methods for extruding a block product from a feed material: An apparatus for extruding a block product from a feed material. A barrel includes an output end. A screw is at least partially disposed within the barrel. The screw flows the feed material in the barrel towards the output end. A die is in fluid communication with the output end... Agent: Koslow Technologies Corporation

20140191445 - Irradiation and molding unit: The invention relates to an irradiation and molding unit which can be cooled for curing light-curable polymer compositions, a method for preparing cured polymer moldings or articles coated with cured polymers by using the irradiation and molding unit which can be cooled, as well as the use of such irradiation... Agent: Momentive Performance Materials Gmbh

20140191446 - Method of forming insulating articles with reduced thickness variation: In one or more embodiment, a method is provided for forming an insulating article from an insulating material having a first thickness, the method including the step of: compressing the insulating material to form a compressed insulating material having a second thickness smaller than the first thickness; and subsequent to... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140191447 - System for manufacturing composite material by vacuuming and resin injection and the method for manufacturing the same: A method for manufacturing composite material by vacuuming and resin injection includes the steps of starting with placing and sealing a fiber substance into a mold. The mold is pumped by a vacuum pumping device, and a pressure tank containing resin is pumped by a vacuum pumping device. After the... Agent:

20140191448 - Method for manufacturing glass-ceramic composite: The invention provides a method for manufacturing a glass-ceramic composite using natural raw material and waste glasses. The invention provides a method for manufacturing a white glass-ceramic composite using waste glass and a whitening agent. The invention also provides a method for manufacturing a colored glass-ceramic composite using waste glass,... Agent: King Abdul Aziz City For Science And Technology (kacst)

20140191449 - Hexaaluminate-comprising catalyst for the reforming of hydrocarbons and a reforming process: A hexaaluminate-containing catalyst containing a hexaaluminate-containing phase which includes cobalt and at least one further element of La, Ba or Sr. The catalyst contains 2 to 15 mol % Co, 70 to 90 mol % Al, and 2 to 25 mol % of the further element of La, Ba or... Agent: Basf Se

07/03/2014 > 36 patent applications in 31 patent subcategories.

20140183766 - Methods for fabricating thermochromic filters: Thermochromic liquid crystal filters are fabricated by providing two polarizers oriented at offset polarity with respect to each other; providing alignment structures adjacent the inner surfaces of the polarizers; placing a plurality of spacers between the polarizers; and filling a space created by the spacers with a thermotropic liquid crystal... Agent: Ravenbrick, LLC

20140183767 - Wettable silicone hydrogel contact lenses and related compositions and methods: Silicone hydrogel contact lenses having ophthalmically acceptable surface wettabilities are obtained from pre-extracted polymerized silicone hydrogel contact lens products having relatively large amounts of removable or extractable materials. The silicone hydrogel contact lenses can be obtained from non-polar resin based contact lens molds and without surface treatments or an interpenetrating... Agent: Coopervision International Holding Company, Lp

20140183768 - Pharmaceutical compositions: Methods of spray drying are described.... Agent: Vertex Pharmaceuticals Incorporated

20140183770 - Methods for determining green electrode electrical resistivity and methods for making electrodes: The instant disclosure is directed towards methods of determining green electrode quality via electrical resistivity measurements on green electrode forms (e.g. prior to baking) The instant disclosure is directed towards methods of making electrodes, utilizing the electrical resistivity measurement(s) from green anodes to monitor and if necessary, adjust electrode processing... Agent:

20140183769 - System and method for manufacturing custom-fit three-dimensional artificial nails: A system and method is provided for quickly and accurately creating custom-fit artificial nails by introducing a secondary shaping process to pre-made nail blanks by using thermoforming method with appropriate nail tooling. The method includes measuring a natural nail and using this information to select a matching, or, close to... Agent:

20140183771 - Hydraulic source control device, injection molding apparatus, and method of controlling hydraulic source: The hydraulic source control device includes an operation input device capable of inputting operation conditions regarding the driving force of a fluid pressure control element, a servo motor including a motor section that drives a hydraulic pump and an amplifier that drives the motor section, and a controller that outputs... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Plastic Technology

20140183772 - Method and apparatus for detecting leak in a vartm process: Producing a composite structure comprising fibre reinforced material impregnated with liquid resin by means of vacuum assisted resin transfer moulding, by method of: providing a forming structure comprising a rigid mould part and a second mould part; placing the fibre material in the rigid mould part; sealing the second mould... Agent: Lm Glasfiber A/s

20140183773 - Nanoimprint lithography: A mold may include a plurality of nanostructures configured to form a lithographic pattern when imprinted into a material. Imprinting may include imprinting the mold a first predetermined distance, modifying a temperature of the material, and altering a position of the mold based on the temperature modification. One or more... Agent:

20140183774 - Method and device for producing a pipe member: An object of the present invention is to provide a method for producing a pipe, which is capable of reducing the amount of thermoplastic material, without complicating an device for producing a pipe. The present invention provides a method for producing a pipe, comprising a thermoplastic material filling process for... Agent: Sanoh Industrial Co., Ltd.

20140183775 - Stretched and foamed plastic container and method of producing the same: A foamed plastic container in which the cell diameters vary along a gradient so as not to decrease the content protection performance, in a manner quite different from the foamed cells distributed in the conventional foamed containers. The foamed plastic container has a container wall formed by using a plastic... Agent: Toyo Seikan Kaisha, Ltd.

20140183776 - Manufacturing concrete: A method for manufacturing hollow-core concrete slabs, the method comprising: preparing a mould by suspending in the mould between first and second end-pieces a plurality of substantially parallel elongate void formers; filling the mould with a wet concrete mix up to the crown of the void formers; laying an inert... Agent: Poundfield Products Limited

20140183777 - Rotor core assembly: A rotor core assembly that includes a magnet, a first end cap located at an end of the magnet, a second end cap located at an opposite end of the magnet, and a sleeve that surrounds the magnet and the end caps. The sleeve forms an interference fit with each... Agent: Dyson Technology Limited

20140183778 - Method for making a structure for resuming contact: r

20140183779 - Method for manufacturing a three-dimensionally deformable, sheet-like reinforcing structure: A method for manufacturing a three-dimensionally deformable, sheet-like reinforcing structure, wherein material attenuations are incorporated into a sheet-like, cellular base material, distributed over an area of the base material, by means of cutting or sawing, said material attenuations sub-dividing the base material into a plurality of material cells which are... Agent: Esc Extended Structured Composites Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140183780 - Method of producing opened fiber bundle, and method of producing cleaning member, apparatus which opens fiber bundle, and system which produces cleaning member: A method of producing an opened fiber bundle is in a space-saving manner. The method of continuously producing an opened fiber bundle for a cleaning member, includes the steps of (a1) providing (i) first nip rolls, (ii) second nip rolls, (iii) third nip rolls, and (iv) an air feeder; (a2)... Agent: Unicharm Corporation

20140183781 - Die for extruding a pipe and method therof: A die for extruding a pipe includes a die head having an inlet for receiving and a bore for mixing an extrudate, a punch placed axially inside the die head, and a die cavity mounted at an outlet thereof. An outer surface of the die cavity includes flat surfaces at... Agent:

20140183782 - Mold assembly for forming a cast component and method of manufacturing a mold assembly: A mold assembly for forming a cast component includes a primary mold structure having a predetermined geometry portion for shaping a primary region of the cast component. Also included is at least one additional mold structure integrated with the primary mold structure, the at least one additional mold structure comprising... Agent: General Electric Company

20140183783 - Nanoimprint lithography: A mold may include a plurality of nanostructures configured to form a lithographic pattern when imprinted into a material. Imprinting may include imprinting the mold a first predetermined distance, modifying a temperature of the material, and altering a position of the mold based on the temperature modification. One or more... Agent:

20140183784 - Fabrication of reinforced thermoplastic composite parts: A method of fabricating a reinforced thermoplastic composite part comprises moving a laminate of reinforcing fibers embedded in a thermoplastic matrix for sequential operations through a heating station and then a forming station. The heating station is used to soften the thermoplastic matrix in a portion of the laminate while... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140183785 - Process for manufacturing a composite, generally triangular, structural part: A method of fabricating an element (25) out of composite material, the element comprising three arms (22, 23, 24) arranged in a triangle. The method comprises the operations of: fabricating a three-dimensionally woven preform from reinforcing fibers and including through slots defining two arms (22, 23) and two half-arms that... Agent: Messier-bugatti-dowty

20140183786 - Mold base for curing parts for golf ball applications: A method of forming a golf ball construct includes positioning one or more core or mantle portions of a golf ball into respective cavities of a mold system so that the core or mantle portion is substantially centered relative to the respective cavity, delivering injection material into the respective cavities,... Agent: Taylor Made Golf Company, Inc.

20140183787 - Rotary press and method for operating a rotary press: The invention relates to a rotary press with a rotor, whereby the rotor comprises one upper and one lower punch guide and a die plate between the upper and lower punch guides, furthermore with upper and lower press punches which interact with the die holes in the die plate, whereby... Agent: Fette Compacting Gmbh

20140183788 - Methods of injection molding an article: Embodiments of the invention relate to injection mold components, assemblies, and molding system that include superhard materials. Such injection mold components, assemblies, and systems may decrease wear of certain injection mold components, which may result in improved productivity of the injection mold and molding systems that utilize such components.... Agent: Us Synthetic Corporation

20140183790 - Injection molding nozzle with dynamic seal: A manifold, in a first pocket, defines a manifold orifice to supply material to a nozzle in a second pocket. A support ring in the second pocket maintains the nozzle stationary within the second pocket. A bushing extends between the pockets, fixedly attached to the manifold and laterally movable with... Agent: Injectnotech, Inc.

20140183789 - Small footprint apparatus, method, and tooling for molding large thermoplastic parts: A molding system includes a plurality of injection heads each configured to inject molten polymer into a mold cavity. Each injection head has an outer body, a piston disposed within the outer body and defining a polymer chamber on a first side of the piston and a pressure chamber on... Agent: Edizone, LLC

20140183791 - Biomass pellet and method of producing same: Described is a substantially spherical biomass pellet, comprising compressed particulate biomass including one or more of ligno-cellulosic material, recycling waste, and dewatered municipal solid waste, useful as a fuel. Also described are methods for producing such pellets using one or more of untorrefied biomass and torrefied biomass, and apparatus for... Agent: Queen's University At Kingston

20140183792 - Method and apparatus for freeze-form extrusion fabrication of functionally gradient composite parts: This novel technology relates to a freeze-form extrusion fabrication process for fabricating three-dimensional functionally gradient composite parts by extruding and mixing multiple aqueous pastes prior to depositing and freezing the mixed paste, layer by layer, using a computer controlled multi-extruder apparatus. Various aqueous pastes with low organic binder contents are... Agent:

20140183793 - System, method, and apparatus for solar heated manufacturing: A system for a thermal manufacturing system including a heliostat and a mold. The heliostat includes at least one reflecting surface, a steering mechanism and a controller. The steering mechanism is coupled to the at least one reflecting surface and capable of directing at least a first portion of the... Agent:

20140183794 - Methods for making oxidation resistant polymeric material: The present invention relates to methods for making oxidation resistant medical devices that comprise polymeric materials, for example, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE). The invention also provides methods of making antioxidant-doped medical implants, for example, doping of medical devices containing cross-linked UHMWPE with vitamin E by diffusion, post-doping annealing, and... Agent: The General Hospital Corporation

20140183795 - Nanoimprint lithography: A mold may include a plurality of nanostructures configured to form a lithographic pattern when imprinted into a material. Imprinting may include imprinting the mold a first predetermined distance, modifying a temperature of the material, and altering a position of the mold based on the temperature modification. One or more... Agent: Elwha LLC

20140183765 - Ceramic-ceramic composites and process therefor, nuclear fuels formed thereby, and nuclear reactor systems and processes operated therewith: A process of producing ceramic-ceramic composites, including but not limited to nuclear fuels, and composites capable of exhibiting increased thermal conductivities. The process includes milling a first ceramic material to produce a powder of spheroidized particles of the first ceramic material, and then co-milling particles of a second ceramic material... Agent: Purdue Reseach Foundation

20140183796 - Extrusion blow molding machine and blow molding method using the machine: An extrusion blow molding machine comprises an extrusion apparatus, an electrically-driven parison thickness programming apparatus, an electrically-driven mold-clamping apparatus with a dual-driving function, and a frame, wherein the extrusion apparatus, the parison thickness programming apparatus and the mold-clamping apparatus with a dual-driving function are installed on the frame. The mold-clamping... Agent:

20140183797 - Cross-linkable polyethylene resin for pipes made by a single-site catalyst: An ethylene polymer with a density of less than 955 kg/m3 obtained by polymerisation with a single-site catalyst and having a shear thinning index SHI2.7/210 of less than 5 wherein ethylene polymer comprises two components.... Agent: Borealis Ag

20140183799 - Light-curing ceramic slips for the stereolithographic preparation of high-strength ceramics:

20140183798 - Manufacture of cutting elements having lobes: An apparatus for forming a cutting insert. The apparatus may include compression device having a first sleeve with a bore therein. The first sleeve may receive a substantially hollow can. A plurality of solid particulates may be positioned within the can, and a substrate material or other punch may also... Agent: Smith International, Inc.

20140183800 - Manufacture of cutting elements having lobes: An apparatus for forming a cutting insert may include a compression device having a sleeve with a bore. The sleeve may receive a substantially hollow can. Solid particulates may be positioned within the can, and a substrate material or other punch may also be positioned in the can. A forming... Agent: Smith International, Inc.

06/26/2014 > 30 patent applications in 30 patent subcategories.

20140175684 - Methods and equipment for trimming polarizers in displays: An electronic device is provided with a display such as a liquid crystal display mounted in an electronic device housing. The display includes a glass display layer such as a glass color filter substrate. A polarizer layer is formed on the glass display layer. To ensure that the peripheral edge... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140175683 - Aromatic polyamide films for solvent resistant flexible substrates: This disclosure, viewed from one aspect, relates to a solution of polyamide comprising: an aromatic polyamide, silane coupling agent and a solvent. The solution of polyamide can improve adhesion between the polyamide film and the base of glass or silicon wafer.... Agent: Sumitomo Bakelite Co., Ltd.

20140175685 - Method for making silicone hydrogel contact lenses: The instant invention pertains to a method and a fluid polymerizable composition for producing contact lenses with improved lens quality and with increased product yield. The method of the invention involves adding a water soluble and/or water dispersible quaternary ammonium cationic group containing silicone surfactant into a fluid polymerizable composition... Agent: Novartis Ag

20140175686 - Poorly soluble drug containing microspheres with improved bioavailability and method of preparing the same: A poorly soluble drug containing microsphere with improved bioavailability, an oral formulation comprising the same, and a method of preparing the same are provided, wherein the poorly soluble drug containing microsphere is a solid dispersion wherein the poorly soluble drug is dispersed in the water-soluble polymer carrier in a noncrystalline... Agent: Samyang Biopharmaceuticals Corporation

20140175687 - Carbon-coated lithium titanium spinel: A carbon-containing lithium titanium oxide containing spherical particle aggregate with a diameter of 1-80 μm, consisting of lithium titanium oxide primary particles coated with carbon. Also, a method for the production of such a carbon-containing lithium titanium oxide as well as an electrode containing such a carbon-containing lithium titanium oxide... Agent: Sued-chemieIPGmbh & Co., Kg

20140175688 - Methods of making carbon fiber from asphaltenes: Making carbon fiber from asphaltenes obtained through heavy oil upgrading. In more detail, carbon fiber is made from asphaltenes obtained from heavy oil feedstocks undergoing upgrading in a continuous coking reactor.... Agent: Honeywell Federal Manufacturing & Technologies, LLC

20140175689 - Tubing reshaping method and apparatus: Further, a tubing reshaping apparatus (10) for use in reshaping a deformed tubing section (52) comprises a reshaping module (20) configured to be located within a deformed tubing section (52) and comprises an inflatable bladder (22) to be inflated by application of fluid pressure to expand and reshape the deformed... Agent: Maersk Olie Og Gas A/s

20140175690 - Injection-molding tool and method for modifying such an injection-molding tool in an injection-molding machine: An injection-molding tool (1) for a clamping unit of an injection-molding machine for producing injection-molded parts, comprising a frame tool, consisting of a first, nozzle-side tool half (2) and a second, ejector-side tool half (3), is described. Mold insert halves (50, 51) of at least one mold insert (11) are... Agent:

20140175691 - Mold protection apparatus, mold protection method and mold clamping apparatus: According to one embodiment, a mold protection apparatus for use in an opening/closing apparatus, the movable platen being formed to be movable in a direction towards or away from a fixed platen having a fixed mold and being fixedly provided with a movable mold, the mold protection apparatus comprises a... Agent: Toshiba Kikai Kabushiki Kaisha

20140175692 - Method for monitoring a temperature control media supply: In a method of monitoring an apparatus for temperature control media supply of a tool of an injection molding machine, the apparatus for temperature control media supply has a feed and a return, between which at least one temperature control conduit is arranged, wherein at least one through-flow sensor is... Agent: Engel Austria Gmbh

20140175693 - Method of fabricating a porous orthopedic implant: A tissue scaffold fabricated from bioinert fiber forms a rigid three-dimensional porous matrix having a bioinert composition. Porosity in the form of interconnected pore space is provided by the space between the bioinert fiber in the porous matrix. Strength of the porous matrix is provided by bioinert fiber fused and... Agent:

20140175694 - Manufacturing method for fiber-reinforced resin sheet and manufacturing device therefor: Provided is a manufacturing method for a fiber-reinforced resin sheet, the method being able to favorably impregnate a reinforcing-fiber base material with a thermoplastic resin. A fiber-reinforced resin sheet S is manufactured by introducing a reinforcing-fiber base material F in sheet form and a thermoplastic resin P into the gap... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140175695 - Melt processing plant: The present invention relates to a melt processing plant, comprising a melt charger for charging a processing head, in particular palletizing head, with melt, wherein upstream of the processing head a diverter valve for discharging the melt during a starting and/or retooling phase is associated to the melt charger, and... Agent: Gala Industries, Inc.

20140175696 - System and method for forming fiber reinforced polymer tape: Systems and methods for forming fiber reinforced polymer tapes are disclosed. A method may include, for example, traversing a polymer impregnated roving through a system comprising an inlet and an outlet, applying a consolidation pressure within the system to the polymer impregnated roving, and applying a smoothing pressure within the... Agent: Ticona LLC

20140175697 - Modified long chain polyamide: A modified long chain polyamide is provided. The modified long chain polyamide is polymerized by monomers comprising a long-aliphatic-chain monomer, and equimolar of an aromatic diacid and polyethyleneoxy diamine. A fiber made from the modified long chain polyamide is also provided.... Agent: Taiwan Textile Research Institute

20140175698 - Method and apparatus employing modular engageable components for formation of maintenance hole platforms: A method for forming a maintenance hole base for the bottom surface of a maintenance shaft using a configurable modular mold and thermoforming or rotational molding. The modular mold is formed of individual members of groups of central core components engageable to surrounding periphery components to yield a mold which... Agent:

20140175699 - Mold for injection-molding a golf ball, and golf ball manufactuing method: The invention provides a mold for injection-molding a golf ball, which mold has a cavity inner wall with a vertical diameter connecting both poles in a vertical direction thereof that is longer than a horizontal diameter connecting both poles in a horizontal direction thereof. A method of manufacturing golf balls... Agent: Bridgestone Sports Co., Ltd.

20140175700 - Molding tools with interchangeable inserts to form a variety of parts with differing geometries from a single tool: A first aspect of the invention relates to the manufacture of disparate workpieces by the process of injection molding using a single base tool. The tool is made up of cavity and core halves, and each half is made up of separate, removable/interchangeable, inserts which, when combined in a particular... Agent:

20140175701 - Method and device for the production of form parts: The invention relates to a method for the production of form parts from multi-component reactive plastic material, especially from polyurethane, wherein a plurality of moulds are moved by means of mould carriages (1) at least temporarily along a closed, preferably oval, production line (2). To allow a simple and quick... Agent: Hennecke Gmbh

20140175702 - Double-layer composite metal powder particle, manufacturing method thereof, and method of manufacturing soft magnetic core: There is provided a method of manufacturing a double-layer composite metal powder particle, the method including preparing an iron (Fe)-based powder particle, forming an insulating layer on a surface of the iron (Fe)-based powder particle, and forming a lubricating wax coating layer on the insulating layer.... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20140175703 - Apparatus for molding polymers and composite laminates: An apparatus molds sheets of thermoplastic material, thermoset plastic material and other similar molding materials into various desired shapes and contours. The apparatus has a molding surface that supports the thermoplastic sheet, thermoset plastic sheet or other similar material to be molded where the molding surface is adjustable vertically to... Agent: Taylor Cable Products, Inc.

20140175704 - Draping and compression molding tool and method for producing a preform and a fiber-plastic composite component: A draping and molding tool to manufacture a preform is consolidated at least in sections and includes two tool halves, the surfaces of which are arranged facing one another. At least one of the tool halves includes a plurality of ram segments, which have a lifting movement, and are individually... Agent: Daimler Ag

20140175705 - Manufacturing method for substrate: A method for manufacturing a substrate includes manufacturing a substrate with an identifying mark having a plurality of elements, the substrate having a laminated construction including a plurality of resin insulating layers. The method includes the steps of: forming a first element of the identifying mark by irradiating the substrate... Agent: Ngk Spark Plug Co., Ltd.

20140175706 - Method for printing of three-dimensional objects: A method for forming three dimensional objects is disclosed. The method includes printing building material, layer by layer, to form a three dimensional object on a printing tray by moving a printing block that comprises a printing head , at least two curing sources and a leveler in forward and... Agent: Stratasys Ltd.

20140175707 - Methods of using nanostructured transfer tape and articles made therefrom: A method of making patterned structured solid surfaces is disclosed that includes filling a structured template with backfill material to produce a structured transfer film and laminating the structured transfer film to a receptor substrate. The receptor substrate comprises a patterned adhesion promotion layer. The template layer is capable of... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20140175708 - Three-dimensional object building apparatus and method for building three-dimensional object: The three-dimensional object building apparatus includes a powder delivering unit that delivers a powder on an object building area, a powder flattening device that flattens the powder delivered from the powder delivering unit to form a powder layer, and a light beam radiating unit that is disposed above the object... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140175709 - Method for forming shaped preform: A method for shaping dry preform material prior to resin infusion is disclosed. The starting material to be shaped is a preform blank (e.g. flat sheet) of dry, fibrous material. The shaping process is a vacuum forming process that relies on controlling the vacuum pressure and deformation speed to produce... Agent: Cytec Industries Inc.

20140175710 - Blow molding techniques: In blow mold apparatus, the emergence of a parison from an extruder may be controlled (the parison supported), such as by pulling on the parison or resisting gravity pull to tailor parison wall thickness, overall and locally. The process may proceed discontinuously, such as by stopping extrusion before a parison... Agent:

20140175711 - Microvalve using surface tension, microfluidic chip comprising same, and method for manufacturing same: The present disclosure relates to a microvalve using surface tension, a microfluidic chip including same and a method for manufacturing same. More particularly, the present disclosure relates to a microvalve using surface tension, a microfluidic chip including same and a method for manufacturing same, wherein the microvalve can be manufactured... Agent: Korea University Research And Business Foundation

20140175712 - Cellular ceramics apparatus and methods of production: Cellular ceramic materials, for example closed cell glass ceramic materials, for use in construction of buildings comprising a clay material, carbon, and water used to form the cellular ceramic blocks, slabs and beams by expansion of the particles inside the ware. The cellular ceramic materials are produced by first mixing... Agent:

06/19/2014 > 38 patent applications in 35 patent subcategories.

20140167298 - Alignment apparatus, exposing appratus including the same, and manufacturing method of liquid crystal display device: Exemplary embodiments of the invention relate to an alignment apparatus including a source unit providing an electromagnetic signal, a receiving unit detecting the provided electromagnetic signal, and a polarization element positioned between the source unit and the receiving unit and having a transmissive axis fixed in a predetermined direction. A... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20140167299 - Process for producing dispersible powders: A process for producing dispersible powders by spray-drying aqueous polymer dispersions and adding antiblocking agent, wherein antiblocking agents present in agglomerated form and having a particle size from 10 μm to 250 μm, or having a particle size from 5 mm to 5 cm in the case of agglomerates in... Agent: Wacker Chemie Ag

20140167300 - Photo-curable resin compositions and method of using the same in three-dimensional printing for manufacturing artificial teeth and denture base: Photo-curable compositions for artificial teeth and denture base and a method for manufacturing denture by a three-dimensional printing system are provided. The compositions include photo-curable organic compounds, surface modified nano-sized inorganic filler, photo-initiator, colorant, and stabilizer. The composition is in a viscous liquid state having 1500-5000 cps at ambient temperature... Agent: Dentca, Inc.

20140167301 - Apparatus for heating plastic preforms with safety device: An Apparatus for heating plastic preforms, with a transport device which transports the plastic preforms along a predefined transport path, wherein the transport device has a plurality of holding elements for holding the plastic preforms, with at least one heating device which heats the plastic preforms transported by the transport... Agent: Krones Ag

20140167302 - Pulp molded biodegradable remove-ably connectable lid: By creating a slurry of biodegradable material, forming it in a mold under a vacuum, a channel may be created in the lid which can be release-ably connected to a traditional rolled lip coffee cup, among other common liquid holding vessels but be made out of biodegradable material. The resulting... Agent: Natures Solutions LLC

20140167303 - Pressing tool and method for producing a silicone element: A pressing tool for pressing a silicone element may include: an upper pressing tool half and a lower pressing tool half, which in the closed state of the pressing tool form a cavity for pressing a silicone element, and a carrier foil, which bears on one of the pressing tool... Agent: Osram Opto Semiconductors Gmbh

20140167304 - Honeycomb structure, manufacturing method thereof, and catalyst carrying honeycomb structure: There is disclosed a honeycomb structure onto which a large amount of catalyst can be carried while suppressing an increase in pressure drop. In a honeycomb structure comprising porous partition walls by which a plurality of cells that become through channels of a fluid are partitioned and in which a... Agent: Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

20140167305 - Polishing pad with multi-modal distribution of pore diameters: Polishing pads with multi-modal distributions of pore diameters are described. Methods of fabricating polishing pads with multi-modal distributions of pore diameters are also described.... Agent:

20140167306 - Sealing apparatus and method of foam injection mold: A sealing apparatus of a foam injection mold that includes an upper mold that is disposed on an upper side as a movable mold to inject a core and a vacuum forming mold to form a skin. The upper mold and the vacuum forming mold are operated integrally and a... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140167307 - Chemical compositions for delivery of pharmaceutical agents: One or more of hydrolysed wheat flour, soluble dietary fibre, prebiotic dietary fibre, polydextrose and soluble corn fibre are used as basic matrix-forming ingredients in an expanded food product. The matrix-forming ingredients are mixed together with water, plus a whey protein isolate or whey protein concentrate, to increase the protein... Agent: Carritech Research Limited

20140167308 - Dipping mandrel with a gap: A mandrel (5) for molding polymer valve leaflets for heart valve prostheses is disclosed, including a body portion (52) including an outer surface with ridges (60) and contoured surfaces (64) corresponding to the leaflets, the upper edge of the contoured surfaces corresponding to the free upper edge of the leaflets,... Agent: St. Jude Medical, Inc

20140167309 - Integration of devices and electrical connections in components or structural parts of polymeric material installed on a vehicle: The invention relates to a method for the manufacturing of a component or a structural part made of polymeric material, adapted to integrate electrical devices and connections, and a system for carrying out the method. The method includes injection moulding of a composite material including: a non-conductive polymeric matrix; a... Agent:

20140167311 - Container forming process: A container includes a body formed to include an interior region and a floor coupled to a lower portion of the body to form a boundary of the interior region. A thermoforming process is provided for making the container using a polymeric material.... Agent:

20140167310 - Process for forming container blank: A blank is used to form at least a portion of a container. A process for forming the blank includes several steps such as providing a sheet of material and cutting the sheet of material to establish the blank and scrap.... Agent:

20140167313 - A pellet mill with an improved feed system and a method of forming pelleted material: The invention pertains to a pellet mill 2 for forming pelleted material, the pellet mill 2 comprising: A die 4 having a cylindrical inner surface 6 with a plurality of apertures 8 formed therein and extending to the outside of the die 4, the volume bounded by said inner cylindrical... Agent: Andritz Ag

20140167312 - Method of curing thermoplastic polymer for shape memory material: A method of preparing a cured thermoplastic material includes curing a thermoplastic polymer having a thermal decomposition temperature greater than or equal to about 200° C., at a temperature of about 200° C. to about 400° C., for a total time of less than or equal to 200 hours. A... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20140167314 - Cellular polymeric material: A formulation includes a polymeric material and can be used to form an insulated container.... Agent:

20140167315 - Continuous fiber reinforced biocomposites and polymers: A device for introducing continuous fiber into a product material is provided. The continuous fiber is provided from at least one continuous fiber supply. The device comprises a housing having a first opening and a second opening. A channel is formed through the housing from the first opening to the... Agent:

20140167316 - Method and device for the production of form parts: The invention relates to a method for the production of form parts from multi-component reactive plastic material, especially from polyurethane, wherein a plurality of moulds are moved by means of mould carriages (1) at least temporarily along a closed, preferably oval, production line (2). To allow an easy, efficient and... Agent: Hennecke Gmbh

20140167317 - Methods of manufacturing a contact array assembly and leads and systems containing the assembly: A method of making an electrical stimulation lead includes disposing conductive contacts in a spaced-apart longitudinal arrangement within a mold. A portion of a stylet tube is disposed within the mold, and the stylet tube extends through the conductive contacts. Conductive wires are positioned external to the stylet tube and... Agent: Boston Scientific Neuromodulation Corporation

20140167318 - Apparatus and method for producing plastics material pre-forms from a thermoplastic plastics material: The invention relates to an apparatus for producing plastics material pre-forms from a thermoplastic plastics material (12) with a device (1) for providing flowable thermoplastic plastics material (12), a hot runner tool (2) arranged downstream of the device (1) and a conveying device (4) having a plurality of cavities (3),... Agent:

20140167319 - Collapsible mandrel for manufacturing three-dimensional structures: A mandrel for manufacturing a three-dimensional structure from a composite material. The external surface of the mandrel can at least partially correspond to the inner surface of the three-dimensional structure. The mandrel can include a plurality of expandable particles configured to increase responsive to a threshold condition. The mandrel can... Agent: General Electric Company

20140167320 - Thread forming device for compression molding and apparatus incorporating same: A thread forming device for compression molding comprises a base positioned adjacent a compression molding device, a plurality of posts extending from the base, a carrier moveable along the posts and supporting at least one rotatable threaded shaft, each shaft being configured for forming a threaded bore during compression molding... Agent:

20140167321 - Method to warm plastic side of mold: An ice producing mold has a first mold portion having a top surface and a second mold portion having a bottom surface. When the mold is in a closed position, a bottom surface of the first mold portion abuts a top surface of the second mold portion and when the... Agent: Whirlpool Corporation

20140167322 - System and method for molding elastomer parts using a temperature-activated pressure applicator: This invention provides a method and system for manufacturing rubber parts that utilize a high temperature and high pressure molding process. In this method and system, uncured rubber in sheet form is contained within a metallic or other type of rigid mold cavity along with a pressure applicator which expands... Agent: Eastern Technical Products LLC

20140167323 - Safety and clamping device for an apparatus for fabricating parts: An apparatus of the present invention presents a housing for engaging a mold device that includes a top plate having a top mold and a bottom plate having a bottom mold. The top plate presents side edges presenting a plurality of male elements extending therefrom. A top portion of the... Agent: Aktiebolaget Skf

20140167324 - Polymeric stent polishing method and apparatus: A method and apparatus for simultaneously polishing the inner and outer surfaces of an unpolished polymeric stent using a heat process. The unpolished stent can be mounted, for example, on a “spiral-mandrel,” a tubular helical structure with gaps in between a series of coils of the structure. Heat from a... Agent:

20140167325 - Molding method and molding apparatus: A molding method includes drawing cross-section elements of a three-dimensional object as a molding target on a drawing surface of a drawing stand with a liquid whose curing is precipitated by receiving activation energy as cross-section patterns; applying the activation energy to the liquid configuring the cross-section patterns in a... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140167326 - Additive building: An additive building method for building a plurality of layers to form a build stack is provided. The method includes creating a variable potential difference between a conducting element at a first voltage potential and an ion source at a second voltage potential, and creating an electric field between the... Agent: University Of Warwick

20140167327 - Surface annealing of components for substrate processing chambers: A method of fabricating a processing chamber component comprises forming a processing chamber component having a structural body with surface regions having microcracks, and directing a laser beam onto the microcracks of the surface regions of the structural body for a sufficient time to heal and close off the microcracks... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20140167328 - Method of treating a fiber cushion body: A fiber cushion body, which is formed from cross-linked fiber material and which is resiliently deformable when load is applied along a main load direction, is treated using ultrasonic energy. A portion of the fiber cushion body is displaced, for example using a sonotrode, and ultrasonic vibrations are applied to... Agent:

20140167329 - High temperature melt integrity battery separators via spinning: A method for preparing a high temperature melt integrity separator, the method comprising spinning a polymer by one or more of a mechanical spinning process and an electro-spinning process to produce fine fibers.... Agent: Sabic Innovative PlasticsIPB.v.

20140167330 - Method for the production of a component or a structual part on-board a vehicle adapted to integrate electrical devices and connections, and composite material for the realization of said component or structural part: A composite material for the realization of a component or a structural part, in particular for installation on-board a vehicle, adapted to integrate electrical devices and connections, includes a non-conductive polymeric matrix; a dispersed phase including at least one promoter of carbonization adapted to form carbonaceous conductive structures; and a... Agent:

20140167331 - Method for producing a ceramic filter element: In a method for manufacturing a ceramic filter element for an exhaust gas filter of internal combustion engines, a combustible non-ceramic filter medium is shaped to a coil and impregnated with a ceramic slurry having a powder size distribution selected such that the ceramic filter element in the finished state... Agent: Mann+hummel Gmbh

20140167332 - Fingerprint-erasing cured film, method for manufacturing same, display and touch panel using same, and electronic device using these: Fingerprint-erasing cured films for rendering fingerprint depositions on various surfaces quickly less visible, or invisible; a manufacturing method therefor; a display or touch panel using the same; and electronic devices using these are provided. A liquid coating film including a solvent and a polymerizable resin composition curable by an activating... Agent: Tsujiden Co., Ltd.

20140167333 - Radiation curable resin systems for composite materials and methods for use thereof: Methods of forming a curable pre-impregnated composite precursor material with radiation (e.g., actinic or electron-beam) curable resin composition systems are provided, as are the curable pre-impregnated composite precursor materials themselves. The resin systems have reversible temperature-viscosity control, which are advantageously used to form curable pre-impregnated composite precursor materials (pre-preg) that... Agent: Autoliv Asp, Inc.

20140167334 - Optimized preform feed: A device for transporting plastic preforms to a stretch blow molding machine comprising a feeder device, which transports the plastic preforms to a separating device, which is arranged in transport direction upstream of the stretch blow molding machine, wherein the feeder device comprises a pneumatically actuable blocking device, which in... Agent: Krones Ag

20140167335 - Method of manufacturing coil: Disclosed herein is a method of manufacturing a coil, including: preparing a mold having vertically movable fixing pins disposed therein and slidable left and right sidewalls; seating a magnetic plate on an inner bottom of the mold; loading the coil on the magnetic plate so that lead parts of the... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

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