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Plastic and nonmetallic article shaping or treating: processes

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04/16/2015 > 23 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20150102513 - Method for producing optical device: A method for producing an optical device includes steps of: providing a first mold set, a second mold set, and an inner mold member cooperating with the first mold set to define a first molding cavity; filling a first plastic material into the first molding cavity so as to form... Agent: Genius Electronic Optical Co. , Ltd.

20150102514 - Apparatus and process for high throughput powder production: Apparatuses and processes for forming powder are disclosed. The apparatus includes a chamber having a head plate and an array of aerosol and burner nozzles attached to the head plate for generating aerosols and flames respectively. Powder is produced by atomizing a liquid composition to project an aerosol of droplets... Agent: Hestia Tec LLC

20150102515 - Closed loop control of auxiliary injection unit: A method and apparatus of controlling commencement of an injection of a melt stream of moldable material from an auxiliary injection unit. A sensor is placed in an injection molding system to sense a condition related to an injection of a first melt stream of a first moldable material provided... Agent:

20150102516 - Crosslinked starches for pore forming in ceramics: Disclosed herein are green bodies comprising at least one ceramic-forming powder; at least one binder; and at least one cross-linked starch present in an amount of at least about 20% by weight as a super addition. Further disclosed herein is a method of making a porous ceramic body comprising mixing... Agent:

20150102517 - Metal mold for carbon fiber reinforced plastic component and method of manufacturing carbon fiber reinforced plastic component: To easily cut CFRP, a metal mold for CFRP component includes a stationary blade that stands still in contact with one surface of a CFRP material made of a carbon fiber reinforced plastic, and a moving blade arranged at a moving blade surface side of the CFRP material, the moving... Agent: Yamasei Corporation

20150102518 - Apparatus and method for high throughput extrudate preparation: The invention relates to a high throughput apparatus and method for preparing extrudate. The apparatus and method allow the production of small quantities (e.g., less than about 50 g) of extrudates quickly and easily. A multi-chamber setup for peptized binder addition, mixing and extrusion, is combined with high speed impeller... Agent: Uop LLC

20150102519 - Thin, smooth nitrile rubber gloves: A nitrile-rubber medical exam glove composed of a glove body which is a flexible layer of nitrile-butadiene rubber. The glove body has a chlorinated first surface forming a donning side of the glove body and an un-chlorinated second surface forming a grip side of the glove body. The elastomeric glove... Agent:

20150102520 - Mould for vulcanizing a tire, installation and method for regulating the temperature of the mould: A mould for vulcanizing a blank tire has an overall shape that is annular about an axis of revolution and includes a configuration for channelling a heat-transfer liquid in a substantially circular path about the axis. The channelling configuration includes an annular wall around the axis, separating at least two... Agent:

20150102521 - Golf ball manufacturing method: A method of manufacturing golf balls having a core and a cover of at least one layer encasing the core includes, when molding the cover, blending a thermal antioxidant into the cover stock in a plurality of divided portions. This method is able to minimize deterioration and discoloration of the... Agent: Bridgestone Sports Co., Ltd.

20150102522 - Method of producing elastic glove: In producing an elastic glove made of rubber or resin and having an interior surface flocked with piles through a step for depositing the piles on a film of a latex composition formed on a surface of a mold conformal to a three-dimensional shape of the elastic glove, a water... Agent: Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd.

20150102523 - Consecutive piecewise molding system and method: The present invention is directed to a method for additively fabricating a solid object from a series of components. The method utilizes additive fabrication with a programmed computer operating a machine to produce a solid object based on a three dimensional, computerized rendering of the solid object. Each component is... Agent:

20150102524 - Method and device for producing a mold: A device for producing a mold part. The device includes a first tool component and a second tool component. The first tool component has a first pressing surface and a first cavity. The second tool component has second pressing surface, a second cavity, and a nozzle configured to supply a... Agent: Lisa Dr&#xe4 Xlmaier Gmbh

20150102525 - Non-naturally balanced feed system for an injection molding apparatus: A low constant pressure injection molding machine forms molded parts by injecting molten thermoplastic material into a mold cavity at low constant pressures of 6,000 psi and lower. As a result, the low constant pressure injection molding machine includes a mold formed of easily machineable material that is less costly... Agent:

20150102526 - Fabric formed by three-dimensional printing process: The present invention is directed generally to fabrics, and more specifically to fabrics and belts employed in industrial processes.... Agent:

20150102527 - Pressure-forming process for thermoplastic objects: A compression forming process includes use of a die comprising: a bottom die (10); a punch (20), mobile with respect to the bottom die (10); an air escape route from the bottom die (10). The process comprises following steps: a) inserting a batch of material in a form of small... Agent:

20150102528 - Light weight articles, composite compositions, and processes for making the same: Provided are composite material comprising hollow glass microspheres and a microcellular thermoplastic resin, articles molded from such materials, and methods of making such materials.... Agent:

20150102529 - Antioxidants for overcoat layers and methods for making the same: Antioxidants used for overcoat layers and processes for making the same. The present process for making the antioxidant has proven to be repeatable, cheaper, faster and safer than conventional processes. In particular, the present process uses a different solvent system where crude bis(4-diethylamino-2-methylphenyl)-(4-diethylaminophenylmethane) is dissolved in methylethyl ketone at room... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20150102530 - Method and apparatus for solid-state microbattery photolithographic manufacture, singulation and passivation: A method for producing a thin film lithium battery is provided, comprising applying a cathode current collector, a cathode material, an anode current collector, and an electrolyte layer separating the cathode material from the anode current collector to a substrate, wherein at least one of the layers contains lithiated compounds... Agent:

20150102531 - Apparatus and method for forming three-dimensional objects using a curved build platform: An apparatus and method for making a three-dimensional object from a solidifiable material using a linear solidification device is shown and described. In certain examples, the linear solidification device includes a laser diode that projects light onto a scanning device, such as a rotating polygonal mirror or a linear scanning... Agent: Global Filtration Systems, A Dba Of Gulf Filtration Systems Inc.

20150102532 - Method and apparatus for three-dimensional fabrication: A method of forming a three-dimensional object, is carried out by (a) providing a carrier and a build plate, the build plate comprising a semipermeable member, the semipermeable member comprising a build surface with the build surface and the carrier defining a build region therebetween, and with the build surface... Agent:

20150102533 - Method for producing a fuel tank with internal accessories: Method for producing a fuel tank provided with internal accessories and having a wall made of plastic made in a single piece by moulding a split parison or a parison in at least two parts, said method comprising the following steps: a) the parison is introduced in the heat-softened state... Agent: Inergy Automotive Systems Research

20150102534 - Sealing bellows, method for the production thereof and sealing bellows arrangement: A method for producing a sealing bellows, involving (1) vulcanizing a sealing bellows having clamping elements integrated into the sealing region and into the attachment region (2) and having a substantially cylindrical casing, thereby forming the sealing bellow; (2) interrupting the vulcanizing after the mold cavity has been filled and... Agent:

20150102535 - Method of liquid resin infusion of a composite preform: An assembly and method for infusing composite material with liquid resin to form a composite part with a smooth outer mold line (OML) surface and a complex inner mold line (IML) surface. The method may include placing a flow media into a deepest tier of a two-tiered recess in a... Agent: Spirit Aerosystems, Inc.

04/09/2015 > 18 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20150097304 - Tio2-containing quartz-glass substrate for an imprint mold and manufacturing method therefor: The present invention relates to a TiO2-containing quartz glass substrate for an imprint mold having a main surface and a side surface, in which the side surface has an arithmetic average roughness (Ra) of 1 nm or less, and the side surface has a root mean square (MSFR_rms) of concaves... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20150097305 - Milling method for the manufacture of dental prostheses: The invention relates to a dental milling tool for machining pre-sintered ceramic white bodies on multi-axis CNC machines, comprising a ball head portion (1) which is rounded in a semispherical manner and which, at its largest outer diameter (Dk), approximately 1-4 mm, transitions into an axial cutting portion (2) that... Agent: Hufschmied Zerspanungssysteme Gmbh

20150097306 - Valve device for controlled introduction of a blowing medium: A valve device for controlled introduction of a blowing medium into plastic parisons, includes at least one controllable valve body, at least one actuating device, and a control device for controlling the actuating device. The actuating device is at least indirectly operatively connected to the valve body, and includes at... Agent:

20150097307 - Additive manufacturing process with dynamic heat flow control: A liquefier assembly for use in an additive manufacturing system, which includes a rigid member having a gap, a liquefier tube operably disposed in the gap, one or more heater assemblies disposed in the gap in contact with the liquefier tube, and configured to heat the liquefier tube in a... Agent: Stratasys, Inc.

20150097308 - Additive manufacturing system and process with material flow feedback control: A liquefier assembly for use in an additive manufacturing system, which includes a rigid member having a gap, a liquefier tube operably disposed in the gap, one or more heater assemblies disposed in the gap in contact with the liquefier tube, and configured to heat the liquefier tube in a... Agent: Stratasys, Inc.

20150097309 - Process and apparatus for making tufted article: A process for making a tufted article from a thermoplastic material comprises controlling injection pressure according to a pressure-dominated algorithm including detecting at least 100 melt-pressure measurements per second upstream a front end of a mold cavity. An apparatus comprises a pressure-control mechanism for monitoring and adjusting an injection pressure... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20150097310 - Mineral paper: A process to manufacture a paper derived from minerals includes the steps of preparing a mineral preparation that includes 50% to 70% of total dry weight of rocks that have been crushed and ground into a powdery substance; combining the mineral preparation with a sodium silicate solution of total dry... Agent: New Millenium LLC

20150097311 - Method and device for granulating melted material: A device and method for producing pellets from a melt material. The device comprises a perforated plate with nozzles from which a melt material emerges. The device further comprises a cutting chamber in a housing adjoining the perforated plate and enclosing at least a part of a cutter arrangement. A... Agent:

20150097312 - Block, block system and method of making a block: A block, block system and method of making a wall block. A block with multiple embodiments of a visually exposed surface having three dimensional shaped areas and three dimensional angular valleys or joints that can be used to construct a patio, wall, fence or the like; the multiple embodiments creating... Agent: Keystone Retaining Wall Systems LLC

20150097313 - Method for making a molded composite article: A method for making a molded composite article includes the steps of: providing a sleeve body on a pressing portion of a male mold body, the sleeve body being made of a heat-expansible material and having a primary engaging segment and an abutting segment; disposing a composite laminate material on... Agent:

20150097314 - Tire curing mold and method of manufacturing tire: A tire curing mold comprises a plurality of vent holes provided on a side forming surface coming into contact with a side wall portion of a tire. The side forming portion is provided with a recess portion which is recessed toward an outer side in a tire width direction from... Agent: Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd.

20150097315 - Continuous liquid interphase printing: A method of forming a three-dimensional object, comprises providing a carrier and an optically transparent member having a build surface, the carrier and the build surface defining a build region therebetween; filling the build region with a polymerizable liquid; irradiating the build region through the optically transparent member to form... Agent:

20150097316 - Method and apparatus for three-dimensional fabrication with feed through carrier: A method of forming a three-dimensional object, is carried out by (a) providing a carrier and a build plate, the build plate comprising a semipermeable member, the semipermeable member comprising a build surface with the build surface and the carrier defining a build region therebetween, and with the build surface... Agent:

20150097317 - Method of fabricating magnetically actuated artificial cilia: Provided is a method of fabricating magnetic cilia including the following steps. Step (A): A mold is provided in which a plurality of micro-channels are formed, wherein the aperture of each of the micro-channels is between 50 μm and 350 μm, and the depth of each of the micro-channels is... Agent: National Taiwan University Of Science And Technology

20150097318 - Manufacturing method of interposed substrate: o

20150097319 - Method and apparatus for in-mold finishing of blow molded parts: A method for creating a blow molded article includes providing a first mold portion and a second mold portion, each having an inner molding surface against which a wall of the blow molded article is blown, positioning a first cutting device moveably disposed in the first mold portion and a... Agent:

20150097320 - Method for producing a fibre composite component by means of a vacuum build-up, and use therefor: A fiber composite component is made by infiltrating and curing at least one textile component preform that is placed on a molding tool surface and covered with an air-tight covering and on which pressure is exerted, in at least one stage of production, by evacuating a vacuum chamber between the... Agent:

20150097321 - Method for making super-hard constructions: A method of making a construction comprising a polycrystalline super-hard structure joined to a side surface of an elongate substrate. The method includes: providing a vessel configured for an ultra-high pressure, high temperature furnace, the vessel having an elongate cavity for containing a pre-sinter assembly and defining a longitudinal axis,... Agent:

04/02/2015 > 26 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20150091197 - Molding system having a residue cleaning feature and an adjustable mold shut height: A method is provided of cleaning of a portion of a mold component, the portion of the mold component including a passage configured, in use, to allow passage of fluid and to prevent passage of melt, the method comprising: entering the mold component into a cleaning configuration, whereby a portion... Agent:

20150091198 - Injection molding flow control apparatus and method: An apparatus for controlling the rate of flow to a mold cavity including a controller instructing a valve system to drive an actuator and a valve pin and including instructions that instruct the valve system to drive an actuator and a valve pin and including instructions that instruct the valve... Agent:

20150091199 - Imprint apparatus, and method of manufacturing article: The present invention provides an imprint apparatus for molding an imprint material on a target region on a substrate using a mold to form a pattern on the target region, the apparatus comprising a heater configured to deform the target region by heating the substrate, a measurement device configured to... Agent:

20150091200 - Smooth 3d printing using multi-stage filaments: This document describes techniques and apparatuses for smooth 3D printing using multi-stage filaments. These techniques are capable of creating smoother surfaces than many current techniques. In some cases, the techniques determine a portion of a surface of a 3D object that includes, or will include, a printing artifact or is... Agent: Adobe Systems Incorporated

20150091201 - Process for the production of an abuse-proofed dosage form: The present invention relates to a process for the production of an abuse-proofed dosage form containing, apart from one or more active ingredients with potential for abuse and optionally physiologically acceptable auxiliary substances, at least one synthetic or natural polymer (C) with a breaking strength of at least 500 N,... Agent: Gr&#xdc Nenthal Gmbh

20150091202 - Free-flowing pressure sensitive adhesives: The invention relates to hot melt adhesives which are pressure sensitive adhesives whereby the adhesive is provided in a granulated form and is free-flowing and does not block during storage. Such pellets can be used as feed for automated feeder devices for the supply hot melt application systems.... Agent:

20150091203 - Method for contour shaping honeycomb structures: A method of manufacturing a honeycomb structure includes providing a honeycomb body having a first contour extending between opposing first and second ends and chamfering a corner of the first end in a radial and axial direction toward the first contour to form a second contour. The method further includes... Agent:

20150091204 - Method for producing polyimide film, and polyimide film: A method for producing a polyimide film in which a first polyimide precursor solution containing a polyamic acid and a solvent is cast or applied onto a support and heated, wherein the first polyimide precursor solution contains an organic material different from the polyamic acid and the solvent, the volatilization... Agent: Ube Industries, Ltd.

20150091205 - Mold and associated methods: A method of producing a mold includes obtaining a master mold, the master mold including surface details; exposing a curable material to the surface details; and curing the curable material with the surface details. A mold includes a surface for molding a composite part, the surface including surface details, wherein... Agent: Taylor Made Golf Company, Inc.

20150091206 - Method of resin molding and system for resin molding: A terminal fitting includes an electric wire end connecting part that crimps an end portion of an electric wire, and a protruding part that is provided on the electric wire end connecting part. The protruding part interferes with an inner wall which forms a cavity of a main body of... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20150091207 - Center insulated concrete form: The invention is the manufactured assembly and process of using the concrete/cementous material flow through lattice panels to form and pour a center insulated concrete/cementous material poured wall. The center insulating solid panel, such as rigid insulation foam, is attached on both faces of the insulating solid panel to the... Agent:

20150091208 - Three-dimensional printing with multi-material support: Three-dimensional printer fabrication is improved receiving a digital model of an object, the digital model specifying two or more different build materials; prioritizing the two or more different build materials with a ranking; identifying exclusive locations in the plurality of layers where a surface layer of the object has one... Agent:

20150091209 - Molding apparatus and process: A molding process (100) comprising the step of inserting an uncured blank (102) in a mold cavity (14) formed in a mold system, the uncured blank including fiber and uncured binder, transferring heat from the mold system to a cool pressurized gas (108) to establish a hot pressurized gas, injecting... Agent:

20150091210 - Method for fabricating anisotropic polymer particles: A method for fabricating anisotropic polymer particles comprises steps: providing a first substrate; arranging a plurality of polymer spheres on the first substrate; providing a second substrate to cover the polymer spheres; heating at least one of the first substrate, the second substrate, and the polymer spheres; and applying force... Agent: National Chiao Tung University

20150091211 - Polylactic acid resin composition: A method for producing an injection-molded article of a polylactic acid resin composition, including filling a melt-kneaded product of a polylactic acid resin composition containing a polylactic acid resin, a plasticizer containing a polyoxyalkylene group or an oxyalkylene group, and a mold releasing agent having a melting point of from... Agent: Kao Corporation

20150091213 - Injection molding flow control apparatus and method: An apparatus for controlling the rate of flow of mold material to a mold cavity, the apparatus comprising: an injection molding machine and a manifold; an actuator interconnected to a valve pin having a tip end; a valve system in fluid communication with the actuator to drive the actuator at... Agent:

20150091212 - Gate valve and manufacturing method of gate valve: A gate valve is configured to have a first fluid flow path. In a state where a gate valve pin is at a first pin position, a front end section on an injection hole side of the gate valve pin closes an injection hole. In a state where the gate... Agent: Toray Industries, Inc.

20150091214 - Method for bending thermoplastic pipes: A method for producing a bent pipe from thermoplastic material with end cross-sections, central points of which have in relation to one another a positional tolerance on the basis of LN xy/JAR xy/FAR xy in relation to one another. A straight pipe element is introduced into a tool and a... Agent: Pfw Aerospace Ag

20150091215 - Fabricating lightweight skin systems for large scale robotic characters: A method of fabricating a skin system or its elements using a laser cutter. The laser cutter is controlled to perform multiple passes to selectively cut away layers of material on a surface of a sheet of cellular foam materials. Each layer of material to be removed is defined by... Agent:

20150091216 - Resin-soluble veils for composite article fabrication and methods of manufacturing the same: Embodiments of the invention are directed to resin-soluble thermoplastic veils for use in liquid resin infusion processes, methods of manufacturing resin-soluble thermoplastic veils for use in liquid resin infusion processes, and methods of manufacturing composite articles using resin-soluble thermoplastic veils for use in liquid resin infusion applications. The resin-soluble thermoplastic... Agent: Cytec Technology Corp.

20150091217 - Molding process, molded printed material, process for producing in-mold molded article, in-mold molded article, and decorative sheet: A molding process that comprises, in order, a preparation step of preparing a sheet having a textured pattern due to projections formed by curing an ink composition above one face of a substrate, a placement step of placing the face of the sheet having the textured pattern so that it... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150091218 - Apparatus and method for making an article: An apparatus for forming an injection molded article is disclosed. The apparatus includes a pumping system to deliver a silicone formulation to a mold, the silicone formulation having a viscosity of about 50,000 centipoise to about 2,000,000 centipoise. The mold has an exterior housing and an interior cavity therein, wherein... Agent:

20150091219 - Method and apparatus for preparing a contoured biological tissue: An assembly and methods for providing a contoured biological tissue are described. The assembly comprises a first plate and a second plate. The first plate is configured to receive a biological tissue. The second plate is configured to apply a compressive force on the biological tissue that is disposed on... Agent:

20150091220 - Molding method and molding device: A shaping method and a shaping device are provided which can easily and inexpensively form a curved face in a film including a micropattern. A shaping method is for forming, in a predetermined shaping-target area of a film including a patterned face with a micropattern, and a rear face opposite... Agent:

20150091221 - Balloon catheter and method of manufacture: A method of manufacturing a balloon catheter in which an extruded tubular balloon parison is attached to a component of a catheter shaft prior to blow molding a balloon from the extruded tubular balloon parison. A distal end region of the tubular balloon parison is attached to the outer surface... Agent:

20150091222 - Curing composite materials comprising latent-cure resins: The invention relates to a method for curing of a composite material. The method involves applying heat to only a first region of said composite material, such that said first region is heated to a temperature above the cure onset temperature of said curable resin, thus initiating curing of said... Agent: Vestas Wind Systems A/s

03/26/2015 > 30 patent applications in 27 patent subcategories.

20150084216 - Injection mold, injection-molded product, optical element, optical prism, ink tank, recording device, and injection molding method: There is provided an injection mold to manufacture an injection-molded product formed of a molten resin that is injected into a molding space and is solidified. The injection mold includes an insert that forms a high quality required surface corresponding to a high quality required surface of an injection-molded product.... Agent:

20150084217 - Micro-feature methods for over-molding substrate: A method of making a microplate, including: injection molding a resin to form a substrate (900) having a grating region feature on a surface of the substrate, and at least one micro-feature (910) in the vicinity of the grating region feature; waveguide treating (920) the resulting molded substrate; and over-molding... Agent: Corning Incorporated

20150084219 - Method and kit for forming plastic lenses from molds formed on surface with varied wettability: This disclosure provides a monolithic mold including a plurality of lens forming features that can be used to simultaneously form a plurality of lenses with different sizes and shapes. The mold can be formed by disposing a polymeric material around a plurality of physical objects with different shapes and sized.... Agent:

20150084218 - Method of cast moulding a translating multifocal contact lens: There is provided a contact lens (60) which is produced by cast moulding. The cast moulding is achieved by the use of an anterior face mould insert (30) which has a cap (24) with a domed surface (26) and a body (10). The domed surface has provision for a distance... Agent: Ezekiel Nominees Pty Ltd

20150084220 - Multifunctional dental workstation: A multifunctional dental workstation for manipulating and shaping dental wax comprises a plurality of electric hotplates; an electrically controlled knife power socket, control panels; and an induction coil heater. The workstation comprises at least two electric hotplates.... Agent:

20150084221 - Injection molding machine with viscosity measuring function and method for measuring viscosity using injection molding machine: A nozzle is attached to a heating cylinder via a nozzle adapter. A sensor for pressure measurement is attached to the nozzle adapter. A molten resin is injected into the air with a front of the nozzle open, and a resin pressure is measured by pressure measuring unit while the... Agent:

20150084222 - Filament for fused deposit modeling: An apparatus for forming an object by an additive process, commonly referred to as 3-D printing, is provided. The apparatus includes a filament comprising a series of irregularities along the length of the filament, a nozzle depositing a layer of melted material onto a surface and a feeder feeding the... Agent:

20150084223 - Composition for latex pad, producing method thereof, and the latex pads made therefrom: The present invention relates to a composition for preparation of latex pads, comprising natural latex, artificial latex, sliver nanoparticles, zinc oxide nanoparticles, and active carbon mixed in a specified proportion. The present invention also provides a method for manufacturing latex pads from the composition.... Agent: Der You Enterprise Co., Ltd.

20150084224 - Pressed, self-solidifying, solid cleaning compositions and methods of making them: The present invention relates to a method of making a solid cleaning composition. The method can include pressing and/or vibrating a flowable solid of a self-solidifying cleaning composition. For a self-solidifying cleaning composition, pressing and/or vibrating a flowable solid determines the shape and density of the solid but is not... Agent: Ecolab Usa Inc.

20150084225 - Method for producing a pellet from powdered material: The invention relates to a method for producing a pellet from powdered material with the method steps: during a pressing process, a tipping of the upper and/or lower force transmission bridge and/or the upper and/or lower die plate and/or a force causing this tipping is measured; depending on the determined... Agent: Fette Compacting Gmbh

20150084226 - Filler material for a floor and method for producing filler material for a floor: The present invention relates to a filler material for a floor, comprising a natural base material and a mixture containing loess and a resin in powder or pellet form, as well as to a method for producing the filler material. The filler material uses the natural base material and is... Agent:

20150084227 - Method of manufacturing resin molded member: A method of manufacturing a resin molded member having a recess includes a press molding process and an injection molding process. The press molding process includes placing a flat plate shaped molding material containing fibers and a thermoplastic resin between dies in pair one having a die projection and another... Agent:

20150084228 - Reinforced hollow profiles: A hollow lineal profile formed from a continuous fiber reinforced ribbon (“CFRT”) that contains a plurality of continuous fibers embedded within a first thermoplastic polymer matrix. To enhance the tensile strength of the profile, the continuous fibers are aligned within the ribbon in a substantially longitudinal direction (e.g., the direction... Agent: Ticona LLC

20150084229 - Fabric and die design for divided conduit: An apparatus for forming a conduit having at least one strip-shaped substrate dividing the conduit into channels. The apparatus contains an extrusion die having an exit and defining a flow direction for polymeric material forming the conduit. The extrusion die contains a first point for the introduction into the extrusion... Agent:

20150084230 - Method for manufacturing encapsulating material sheet for solar battery: A method for manufacturing an encapsulating material sheet for a solar battery of the invention includes a step of producing an additive-containing pellet by soaking an additive A into a pellet including a polyolefin-based resin as a main component, a step of injecting the additive-containing pellet into a cylinder from... Agent: Mitsui Chemicals Tohcello, Inc.

20150084231 - Thermoplastic fibres with reduced surface tension: The present invention relates to a process for producing thermoplastic fibres having reduced surface tension and also to products obtainable by the melt-spinning process from these thermoplastic fibres having reduced surface tension, wherein the thermoplastic to be used is admixed with a copolymer of at least one α-olefin and at... Agent:

20150084232 - Poly(ethylene glycol) cross-linking of soft materials to tailor viscoelastic properties for bioprinting: Extrudable hydrogel compositions for printing 3D objects, such as cell growth scaffolds, are provided. Also provided are methods for making the crosslinked hydrogel compositions and the printed objects and methods for culturing cells using the cell growth scaffolds. The hydrogel precursor solutions are aqueous solutions comprising a biocompatible polymer, functionalized... Agent:

20150084233 - Semi-ipn polyurethane/polyurea protective films: Briefly, the present disclosure provides a film, tape or outer layer of a composite part comprising: a) at least one layer comprising a crosslinked polymer selected from the group consisting of crosslinked polyurethane, crosslinked polyurea, and crosslinked mixed polyurethane/polyurea polymer; and in some embodiments b) an adhesive layer. In some... Agent:

20150084234 - Building block and cladding system: A cladding system for cladding a supporting wall is disclosed. The cladding system includes a plurality of building blocks, each having a body and a facing; and a plurality of support brackets for mounting the blocks on the supporting wall at a plurality of adjoining horizontal rows. The body of... Agent:

20150084236 - Composite film assemblies having sealing and barrier properties for use as in-mold labels, articles with in-mold labels, and methods of making same: Composite film assemblies, in-mold label formed from the composite film assemblies, and articles incorporating in-mold labels. Film assemblies according to embodiments of the invention include multi-layer or composite films that include one or more optional layers of a barrier material sandwiched between films, such as heat sealable films. The composite... Agent:

20150084235 - Overmolding buckles at the same time as overmolding a lens respirator: A respirator mask and a method of making the respirator mask that includes a lens member and a plurality of buckle members spaced around the lens member. A flange member is overmolded to the lens member and to the spaced buckle members at the same time by the following method.... Agent: Moldex-metric, Inc.

20150084237 - Preform station and method: A preform station for forming a flexible semi-finished product and for transforming a flexible semi-finished product into a geometrically stable preform is provided. The preform station comprises a first pin array having a multitude of pins, on which the semi-finished product can be draped. Furthermore, the pins are movable along... Agent:

20150084238 - Modular fabrication systems and methods: The present invention relates to an article fabrication system having a plurality of material deposition tools containing one or more materials useful in fabricating the article, and a material deposition device having a tool interface for receiving one of the material deposition tools. A system controller is operably connected to... Agent:

20150084239 - Ribbon liquefier and method of use in extrusion-based digital manufacturing systems: A ribbon liquefier comprising an outer liquefier portion configured to receive thermal energy from a heat transfer component, and a channel at least partially defined by the outer liquefier portion, where the channel has dimensions that are configured to receive the ribbon filament, and where the ribbon liquefier is configured... Agent:

20150084240 - Method and apparatus for forming three-dimensional articles: The present disclosure relates to a method and apparatus for forming a three-dimensional article. The method includes establishing control commands effective to form a three-dimensional article and dispensing a first layer of particulate material onto a build platform. The method also includes irradiating the first layer of particulate material with... Agent:

20150084241 - Method and system for performing an infrared treatment: A method for performing an infrared treatment includes the steps of receiving an extruded product and feeding the extruded product to an oven including at least one lamp unit. The lamp unit includes a lamp, a reflective surface enclosing a first side of the lamp and positioned to direct radiation... Agent:

20150084242 - Cover for air conditioning device for vehicle, and method for manufacturing same: A cover for an air conditioning device for a railway vehicle is a cover for an air conditioning device for a vehicle, which covers an air-conditioner main body. The cover includes a core made of a foamed material having heat insulating property, and a surface member made of a fiber... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150084243 - Machine for forming containers made of thermoplastic material: Machine for forming containers made of thermoplastic material by blow-moulding preforms obtained by means of injection/moulding within the machine, for which at least one longitudinal direction for feeding of the preforms between the stations thereof is defined, said machine including: an injection unit provided with a longitudinal injector; a station... Agent:

20150084244 - Method for producing hollow bodies from thermoplastic material and apparatus for carrying out the method: The invention relates to a method for producing hollow bodies from thermoplastic material and to an apparatus for carrying out the method. The method comprises the molding of at least two sheet-like preforms in web form of thermoplastic material into two complementary shells in a multi-part tool, which in a... Agent:

20150084245 - Method for producing means with thermal resist for applying at a surface of a heat exposed component: cooling the ceramic body and causing micro-cracking during heating and or/sintering and/or cooling to obtain the means with thermal resist. The forming is performed such that a first mixture forming a first layer onto which a second mixture is applied forming a second layer differs in porosity from that first... Agent:

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