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06/11/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
06/04/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
05/28/2015 > 28 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories.

20150145155 - Method of manufacturing hydrogel ophthalmic devices with electronic elements: The present invention provides methods for forming an ophthalmic lens that can include a media insert and/or electronic components. In particular, the present disclosure provides for adhesion promoting functionalization steps for a biocompatible coating to bind a hydrogel material to a plastic surface or electronic component prior to the polymerization... Agent: Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.

20150145156 - Method of casting in-situ ferrocement ribbed slab with spliced rack and suspended formwork: Disclosed is a method of casting in-situ a ferrocement ribbed slab with a spliced rack and a suspended formwork. The method comprises the following specific steps: step 1: machining at a plant a transverse plane truss girder (1), an incomplete longitudinal plane truss girder (2) and an incomplete longitudinal plane... Agent: Kunshan Ecological Building Technology Co., Ltd.

20150145157 - Production and reparation of non-porous laminates with assessable low degree of fiber content: A method of forming a fiber reinforced composite structure having a fiber volume fraction (14) below 50 vol.-% using vacuum bag molding, the method comprising the steps of placing an assembly of fiber laminates (3) on a tool surface (1.1), creating a predetermined maximum difference of pressure (10) between the... Agent:

20150145158 - 3d print manufacturing of packages with personalized labeling technology: Methods and devices use a three-dimensional scanner and a three-dimensional printing device operatively connected to a processor. The three-dimensional scanner automatically determines a size and shape of an item to be packaged and the processor automatically identifies information corresponding to the item to be packaged. The processor automatically controls the... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20150145159 - Press moulding method: t

20150145160 - Press moulding method:

20150145161 - Method for producing powder from a granular, thermoplastic material and device for producing chips from a powdery, thermoplastic material: A method for producing powder from a coarsely granular, thermoplastic material, comprising a homogenizing first device produces a first melt from a non-homogeneous pre-mixture of the material; first chips are produced from the first melt in a second device; the chips are milled to a powder; the powder is separated... Agent: Bba Innova Ag

20150145162 - Method for making nanostructures: A method of making nanostructures includes following steps. A carbon nanotube structure is suspended, wherein the carbon nanotube structure includes a number of carbon nanotubes orderly aligned. A carbon nanotube composite structure is formed by applying a precoated layer on the carbon nanotube structure, wherein a thickness of the precoated... Agent:

20150145163 - Method and system for impregnating fibers to form a prepreg: A method for impregnating a fibrous material with a curable resin to form a prepreg is disclosed. The method includes conveying a web material through at least one moving pressure nip formed between a moving pressure roller and a moving supporting surface, wherein the moving pressure roller and the moving... Agent: Cytec Industries Inc.

20150145164 - Granular absorbent and system and method for treating or processing granular absorbent during granular absorbent transport: A system and method for treating or processing granular absorbent while the granular absorbent is being transported in a fluid stream that preferably is a stream of air. The system includes a pneumatic conveyor with a conduit that draws pellets exiting an extruder into the conduit drying the pellets as... Agent:

20150145165 - Fiber-containing prepregs and methods and systems of making: Methods of making fiber-containing prepregs are described. The methods may include the steps of providing a plurality of fibers, and applying a reactive resin composition to the plurality of fibers to make a mixture of the plurality of fibers and the resin composition. The reactive resin composition may include at... Agent: Johns Manville

20150145166 - Foulard for applying a binder to a gauze: In a foulard for applying a binder to a gauze, fleece or preliminary fleece, having at least one first roll, which can be rotated about a first roll axis and has an engraved roll sleeve, at least one second roll, which can be rotated about a second roll axis and... Agent:

20150145167 - Cap retainer and a pulley assembly including the cap retainer and method of assembly: An insert moldable cap retainer for securing a bearing cap to a pulley assembly is disclosed. The cap retainer includes a hollow neck configured to receive a bearing cap, a plate that extends outward from the neck with the neck protruding upward from the plate, and a continuous or discontinuous... Agent: DaycoIPHoldings, LLC

20150145169 - Fabricating an object with a removable raft by additive manufacturing: An additive-manufacturing removable raft. Layers of material are sequentially deposited on a build platform. Portions of the perimeters of the layers are defined as bevel portions, the bevel portion of each layer after the first overhanging the bevel portion of the preceding layer to form an edge surface of the... Agent:

20150145168 - Method for printing three-dimensional parts wtih crystallization kinetics control: A method for printing a three-dimensional part with an additive manufacturing system, which includes providing a part material that compositionally has one or more semi-crystalline polymers and one or more secondary materials that are configured to retard crystallization of the one or more semi-crystalline polymers, where the one or more... Agent:

20150145170 - Method of making a bayonet sealing closure for containers and lids: A method for forming a container assembly having a lid, a container and a cooperative closure mechanism, includes providing a lid form and flexible members biased toward the lid form, wherein the lid form and the flexible members are operable between a forming position defined by the lid form exerting... Agent:

20150145171 - Systems and methods of post-processing features for additive fabrication: According to some aspects, a method of additive fabrication wherein a plurality of layers of material are formed on a build platform is provided. The method comprises forming a raft structure in contact with the build platform, the raft structure formed from one or more layers of material and comprising... Agent: Formlabs, Inc.

20150145172 - Imprint lithography: An imprint lithography template is provided with an alignment mark, wherein the alignment mark is formed from dielectric material having a refractive index which differs from the refractive index of the imprint lithography template, the dielectric material having a thickness which is such that it provides a phase difference between... Agent: Asml Netherlands B.v.

20150145173 - Discharge plasma machining device and method for manufacturing discharge plasma machined product: A discharge plasma machining device that includes punches as a pressing unit for applying a pressure with respect to a machined item, a direct current pulse current generator as a pulse current applying unit for applying a pulse current with respect to the machined item, a spectroscope as a detection... Agent:

20150145174 - Magnetic platen assembly for additive manufacturing system: A platen assembly for use in an additive manufacturing system, which includes a platen plate that is preferably secured to a gantry mechanism of the additive manufacturing system, and having a top surface, and one or more magnets secured to the platen plate and configured to generate one or more... Agent: Stratasys, Inc.

20150145175 - Nanofiber filtering material for disposable/reusable respirators: Embodiments relate generally to methods of manufacture of a filtration media, such as a personal protection equipment mask or respirator, which may incorporate a forcespinning process to form nanofibers. Some embodiments may comprise forcespinning material onto a convex mold, which may, for example, be in the shape of a human... Agent:

20150145176 - Method for manufacturing reflective film and apparatus for manufacturing the same: A method for manufacturing a reflective film is disclosed. A nozzle is used to spray a mixture of photosensitive adhesive and white powder on a conveyor belt. A first roller and a second roller are used to press the mixture transferred by the conveyor belt. A first light source and... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150145177 - Apparatus and method for forming three-dimensional objects using linear solidification with contourless object data: An apparatus and method for making a three-dimensional object from a solidifiable material using a linear solidification device and contourless object data is shown and described. A voxel matrix is superimposed over an object model defined by three-dimensional object data to determine active voxels that intersect at least a portion... Agent: Global Filtration Systems, A Dba Of Gulf Filtration Systems Inc.

20150145180 - Blow moulding machine with a changing robot and a gripping device and a method for its operation: An apparatus for shaping plastics material pre-forms into plastics material containers has a conveying device which conveys the plastics material pre-forms along a pre-set conveying path. The conveying device has a movable station carrier arranged at least indirectly on a stationary base carrier and on which a plurality of shaping... Agent:

20150145178 - Blow moulding machine with blow mould changing robot with additional treatment function: A system for transforming plastic parisons to plastic containers with a transport device which transports the plastic parisons along a predetermined transport path, wherein the transport device has a movable station support disposed at least indirectly on a stationary base support on which a plurality of transforming stations is disposed.... Agent:

20150145179 - Blow moulding machine with changing robot and method of operating it: Apparatus for shaping plastics material pre-forms into plastics material containers includes a conveying device which conveys the pre-forms along a pre-set path. The conveying device has a movable station carrier arranged at least indirectly on a stationary base carrier on which are arranged a plurality of shaping stations which have... Agent:

20150145181 - Method and apparatus for preparing a molded article: This disclosure relates to a method and apparatus of preparing a molded article, and more particularly to a method and apparatus of automated molding using male molds and thermoplastic sheets in which the thermoplastic sheets are systematically draped across the mold contour.... Agent:

20150145182 - Press moulding method: i

05/21/2015 > 35 patent applications in 32 patent subcategories.

20150137398 - Machine-to-machine plant automation using 3d printed fiber splicing: A system may include a fiber distribution hub including a plurality of fiber-optic cables, wherein a particular one of the plurality of fiber-optic cables includes a machine-readable identifier; and a robotic device configured to access particular ones of the plurality of fiber-optic cables. The robotic device may include a print... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing, Inc.

20150137397 - Multilayer contact lens and production process therefor: A method for manufacturing a contact lens having a multilayer structure using a mold, includes: (a) charging a first polymerizing composition into a space formed by combining a first mold with a second mold, and polymerizing a first semi product having a thinner thickness and a smaller outer diameter than... Agent: Menicon Nect Co., Ltd.

20150137399 - Manufacture of multiple minicapsules: An extrusion process comprises extruding a material that is flowable when heated and passing the extrudate thus formed through a nozzle 10 to shape the extrudate into a plurality of substantially uniformly shaped elements such as minispheres or minicapsules.... Agent: Sigmoid Pharma Ltd.

20150137400 - Methods for shaping green bodies and articles made by such methods: A method of shaping a green body provides a shaped green body comprised of a plurality of sinterable particles and an organic binder. Such a method includes: (1) molding a mixture of sinterable particles and organic binder into the shape of an initial green body or intermediate, wherein the sinterable... Agent:

20150137401 - Head tool changer for use with deposition-based digital manufacturing systems: A head tool changer for use with a deposition-based digital manufacturing system, the head tool changer comprising a tooling unit configured to retain a deposition head, a grip unit configured to engage with tooling unit and to relay electrical power to the tooling unit, and a master unit operably mounted... Agent:

20150137402 - Three-dimensional printer tool systems: An extruder or other similar tool head of a three-dimensional printer is slidably mounted along a feedpath of build material so that the extruder can move into and out of contact with a build surface according to whether build material is being extruded. The extruder may be spring-biased against the... Agent:

20150137403 - Deformation-based micro surface texturing system:

20150137404 - Processes for making functionally graded materials and products produced by these processes: The invention relates to a novel process for commercial production of bulk functionally graded materials (FGM) with a per-determined axial, radial, and spherical gradient profiles. The process is based on the reiterated deformation of the layers of variable cross-section thicknesses made of different materials. That allows significant savings of time,... Agent:

20150137405 - Method for manufacturing seat pad: A pad main body is bonded integrally with an inner pad while covering the front side of the inner pad. A back-side reinforced fabric located on the back side of the pad main body and the inner pad is integrally bonded on the back side of the inner pad and... Agent: Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd.

20150137406 - Method of making a personal protective article: A method of making personal protective equipment, such as a push-in earplug, is disclosed. The method includes the steps of covering a substrate with an outer layer that includes an unactivated foaming agent, positioning at least a portion of the outer layer in a mold, and activating the foaming agent... Agent:

20150137407 - Method of manufacturing porous ceramic body and composition for porous ceramic body: Disclosed is a method of manufacturing a porous ceramic body, which includes: (S1) mixing silica powders having a particle size of 0.045˜0.5 mm, zircon flour and wax, thus preparing a ceramic mixture; (S2) placing the ceramic mixture into a mold, thus producing a green body; and (S3) sintering the green... Agent:

20150137408 - Method for producing rubber molding: A method of producing a rubber molded article, involving utilizing a compound different from a compound that has been used as a crosslinking agent. The method of producing a rubber molded article includes a crosslinking step of crosslinking a rubber component by decomposing a compound to be used as a... Agent:

20150137409 - Method for forming textile article: A method for forming a textile article includes the steps of providing at least one shaping yarn and at least one basic yarn; processing the shaping yarn and the basic yarn to form a primitive textile structure; fitting the primitive textile structure to a shaping mold; applying high temperature to... Agent:

20150137410 - Process of forming a rubber reinforced article with voided fibers: The process of forming a reinforced rubber article comprising, in order, slit extruding fibers having at least a first layer containing a polymer, orienting the fibers monoaxially forming monoaxially drawn fibers having a plurality of voids in the first layer in an amount of between about 3 and 15 percent... Agent:

20150137411 - Method for producing inorganic fiber-bonded ceramic material: Provided is a method for producing an inorganic fiber-bonded ceramic material, which can produce, at a high yield, an inorganic fiber-bonded ceramic material with fewer defects, and with an end part and a central part equivalent to each other in microstructure and mechanical properties, and also makes it possible to... Agent:

20150137412 - Method of using additive materials for production of fluid flow channels: An additive manufacturing process is described that is particularly useful in the production of compact heat exchangers, chemical reactors, static chemical mixers and recuperators.... Agent:

20150137413 - Multicomponent fibers comprising a disolvable starch component, processes thereof, and fibers therefrom: A melt spinnable fiber is provided that comprises a first component comprising a thermoplastic polymer, and a second component comprising thermoplastic starch where the second component is not encompassed by another component or components or if encompassed by another component or components then the second component encompasses a hollow core.... Agent:

20150137414 - Catalyst composition and method for growing spinable carbon nanotube arrays: A method of forming an array of aligned, uniform-length carbon nanotubes on a planar surface of a substrate employing a composite catalyst layer of iron and cobalt. The carbon nanotubes have visible length and are useful for producing spun threads of carbon nanotubes having improved spinability and mechanical and electrical... Agent:

20150137415 - Filtration materials using fiber blends that contain strategically shaped fibers and/or charge control agents: A filtration material comprising a blend of polypropylene and acrylic fibers of round, flat, dog bone, oval or kidney bean shape in any size from 0.08 to 3.3 Dtex. A preferred blend contains about 50 weight percent polypropylene fibers and about 50 weight percent acrylic fibers. The fibers can be... Agent:

20150137416 - Advanced thermal processing techniques of \"sacrificial\" polylactic acid: A method of making a sacrificial fiber, comprising: forming a molten sacrificial composition comprising a poly(hydroxyalkanoate) and a metal catalyst; extruding the molten sacrificial composition to form a sacrificial fiber comprising the poly(hydroxyalkanoate) and the metal catalyst, where the concentration of the metal catalyst in the sacrificial fiber is at... Agent: The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Illinois

20150137417 - Method for producing resin skin: A method for producing a resin skin allows preparation of a molding die in a short time, and easy control of accuracy of a molded resin skin. The method includes: preparing a molding die, which includes a stationary die and a movable die; NC machining a molding surface of a... Agent:

20150137418 - Method and manufacturing facility for casting concrete products: A method and manufacturing facility for casting concrete products with a circulating line casting process, where molds are transferred through production stages along a circulating line, and reinforcements for the concrete products to be cast are prefabricated in a separate reinforcement shop and transferred to the circulating line casting process,... Agent: Elematic Oy Ab

20150137419 - Bonding method and apparatus: Assembly parts are bonded together, the parts having adhesive surfaces on end surfaces thereof to be joined together, e.g., for bonding together rotor blade half shells to form a rotor blade for a wind turbine. The assembly parts can be bonded together by injection-bonding, an adhesive being injected into an... Agent: Durr Systems Gmbh

20150137420 - Securing to a pneumatic tire: A pneumatic tire assembly includes a pneumatic tire having an inner cavity and an inner surface at least partially defining the inner cavity, a rigid structure for facilitating operation of the tire assembly, and a docking base for securing the rigid structure to the inner surface of the inner cavity.... Agent:

20150137421 - Method and device for producing a hollow plastic object having at least one transverse reinforcement: A core (14) which is typically held in front of the mold (13) is required for producing hollow plastic objects (10). This does not allow for a transverse reinforcement (11) which is formed from a prefabricated reinforcement tube to be pulled over the core (14). A method and device is... Agent: Thomas Gmbh + Co. Technik + Innovation Kg

20150137422 - Insulated sealing plate: An end effector assembly for use with an electrosurgical instrument is provided. The end effector assembly has a pair of opposing jaw members. Each of the jaw members has a support base, an electrical jaw lead, and a sealing plate coupled to the electrical jaw lead. The sealing plate has... Agent:

20150137423 - Three-dimensional printing method: A three-dimensional printing method for forming a three-dimensional object on a base is provided. The method comprises providing a model library comprising at least one supporting member, selecting the at least one supporting member from the model library and disposing the at least one supporting member onto the base. The... Agent: Kinpo Electronics, Inc.

20150137424 - System and method for manufacturing monolithic structures using expanding internal tools: A tooling system may include an outer mold line (OML) tool and one or more inner mold line (IML) tools. The OML tool may have an OML tool surface. Each one of the IML tools may have an IML tool surface and may be receivable within the OML tool 202.... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150137425 - Apparatus and method for injection molding: An apparatus simultaneously operates all split locking nuts of an injection molding machine two-platen clamp unit to engage and disengage the split locking nuts with clamp unit strain rods. Each split locking nut has opposed pivoting nut halves operated by coupling rotation of a rotating member through a predetermined angular... Agent:

20150137426 - Additive manufacturing device and method: Disclosed is an additive manufacturing device, comprising: a vessel for containing a material which is polymerisable on exposure to radiation; a build platform having a build surface, the build platform being mounted or mountable for movement relative to the vessel; and a programmable radiation module comprising an array of individually... Agent:

20150137427 - Consolidation of complex contoured thermoplastic structures: A method and apparatus for forming a stiffened thermoplastic panel is presented. The method may comprise placing a number of forming tools within a number of concave areas of a thermoplastic preform. The method may also place the thermoplastic preform with the number of forming tools within the number of... Agent:

20150137428 - Methods of stabilizing molecular weight of polymer stents after sterilization: Methods of stabilizing the molecular weight of polymer stents scaffolds after E-beam sterilization are disclosed. The molecular weight of the polymer of the irradiated scaffolds is stabilized through exposure to gas containing oxygen.... Agent:

20150137429 - Fabrication method for a three dimensional micro-structure on polymers: The present invention provides a fabrication method of a three dimensional micro-structure on polymers. The fabrication method of the present invention comprises the following steps of: preparing a sacrifice material; micro-processing the sacrifice material to form a pattern with micro-features; putting the sacrificed material with the micro-features into a mold... Agent: National Taiwan University Of Science And Technology

20150137430 - Over-molded vacuum barrier and inner mold line bag carrier with soluble details in trapped closed mold tooling: A vacuum barrier system for curing a composite part may include a bag carrier and a compliant, relatively thin film bladder formed over the bag carrier to function as a vacuum barrier. The bag carrier may be configured complementary to the composite part. The bladder may seal the bag carrier... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150137431 - Method of producing honeycomb structural body: A method feeds raw material into a metal die and extrudes the raw material to produce a honeycomb molded body. The method fires the honeycomb molded body to make a honeycomb structural body. The metal die has a first metal die and a second metal die arranged at an upstream... Agent:

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