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Plastic and nonmetallic article shaping or treating: processes

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12/04/2014 > 28 patent applications in 27 patent subcategories.

20140353858 - Process for preparing aramid copolymer yarn having low residual sulfur: The present invention concerns methods for producing a yarn comprising the steps of: (a) producing a plurality of dope filaments by spinning a polymer solution in sulfuric acid through a multi-hole spinneret, the polymer comprising imidazole groups; (b) coagulating the plurality of dope filaments into an as-spun yarn; (c) contacting... Agent: E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20140353859 - Methods for the production of microfibers and nanofibers using a multiple chamber fiber producing device: Described herein are apparatuses and methods of creating fibers, such as microfibers and nanofibers. The methods discussed herein employ centrifugal forces to transform material into fibers. Apparatuses that may be used to create fibers are also described. Described herein are fiber producing devices that have various types of outlet elements... Agent: Fiberio Technology Corporation

20140353860 - Electrically-driven fluid flow and related systems and methods, including electrospinning and electrospraying systems and methods: Systems and methods in which the flow of fluid is electrically driven, including electrospinning and electrospraying systems and methods, are generally described.... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20140353861 - Method for stabilizing lignin fiber for further conversion to carbon fiber: A method for producing a stabilized lignin fiber from softwood alkaline lignin by heat treatment in the absence of oxidant is disclosed. The stabilized lignin fiber can be further treated to obtain carbon fiber.... Agent:

20140353862 - Apparatus and method for retreading tyres: The present invention relates to an apparatus (10) and a method for retreading a tyre (16) having a worn surface (12). The worn surface (12) is made of a thermoplastic elastomer. The apparatus (10) includes a heater (34) and a 3D printer (18). The heater (34) is adapted to heat... Agent:

20140353863 - Imprinting apparatus, imprinting method, and manufacturing method of uneven plate: According to one embodiment, an imprinting apparatus includes an ejecting unit, a stage, a moving unit, and an observation unit. The ejecting unit ejects and drips a hardening resin material onto a substrate to be processed. The substrate to be processed is placed onto the stage. The moving unit relatively... Agent:

20140353865 - Imprint apparatus, imprint method, and method of manufacturing article: The present invention provides an imprint apparatus for forming a pattern in a plurality of shot regions on a substrate, comprising a heating unit configured to deform each of the shot regions by heating the substrate, and a control unit configured to control the heating unit, wherein when performing imprint... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140353864 - System, method and apparatus for controlling ground or concrete temperature: A system, method and apparatus is described for achieving and maintaining concrete temperature during curing in order to improve the compressive strength of the finished concrete. A model to predict ambient conditions during a concrete pour is used to design an equipment layout scheme. A heating apparatus and a control... Agent:

20140353866 - Method and device for operating a drawing line or drawing unit: A method and device for operating a drawing line or drawing unit for drawing cables from polymer threads using a plurality of driven drawing rollers. According to the invention, each drawing roller is controlled to a prescribed motion value. To this end, each drawing roller is associated with a separately... Agent:

20140353867 - Thermoplastic elastomer composite, electronic cigarette component and method for producing the same: The invention discloses a thermoplastic elastomer composite, a component of electronic cigarette and a method of preparing the component of electronic cigarette. The thermoplastic elastomer composite comprises 65-85 weight % of a main body material, 10-25 weight % of a microspheres foaming agent and 5-10 weight % of an agent.... Agent:

20140353868 - Methods of using boron-containing additives as silicon carbide crosslinking agents: The present disclosure generally relates to methods of using boron-containing additives for crosslinking polysilazane green fibers, which are precursors to silicon carbide fibers. These methods provide a controllable process for crosslinking silicon carbide fibers while providing a simple way for the introduction of boron as a sintering aid into the... Agent:

20140353869 - End effector assemblies and methods of manufacturing end effector assemblies for treating and/or cutting tissue: A method of manufacturing an end effector assembly including first and second energizable portions configured to supply energy to tissue is provided. The method includes forming a substrate including first and second portions interconnected by a connector portion. The substrate is formed as a single integrated component. The method further... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140353870 - Carpet pellet machine: A carpet pellet machine and method are disclosed. One embodiment provides an apparatus comprising a compressor to receive fibrous material and compress the fibrous material, a mold pipe system to receive compressed fibrous material from the compressor, wherein the compressor is configured to press the fibrous material through the mold... Agent: C-power Tech, LLC

20140353871 - Drying-/degassing device and also device and method for the direct production of moulded articles from polyester melts: The present invention relates to a drying-/degassing device (7) for drying or degassing a polyester granulate, which has a temperature-control zone, a cooling zone, an inlet (6) and an outlet (6) for polyester granulate and also in addition a separate removal possibility (14) for removing hot polyester granulate. In addition,... Agent:

20140353872 - Method for producing long stretched film: A method for producing a long stretched film according to one aspect of the present invention includes at least a film forming step of forming a long film made of thermoplastic resin, an oblique stretching step of obliquely stretching the long film and a winding step of winding the long... Agent: Konica Minolta, Inc.

20140353873 - Microparticle organization: Methods and compositions are described for organizing nanoparticles or microparticles into nanostructures or microstructures using collagen as a template.... Agent: Northeastern University

20140353874 - Cover window and manufacturing method of the same: A cover window and a method of manufacturing the cover window include a film layer and a resin layer disposed on the film layer to surround an edge of the film layer.... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20140353875 - Actuator cooling apparatus and method: An injection molding apparatus comprising a heated manifold, an actuator comprised of an actuator housing containing a drive member interconnected to a valve pin having a drive axis, one or more heat convectors each heat convector comprised of a heat conductive leg disposed within a gap disposed between the manifold... Agent:

20140353876 - Method and device for molding fiber-reinforced plastic member: The molding method of the present invention configures: a mandrel 2 being a mold for molding the material of a fiber-reinforced plastic 1 and having multiple pieces 21 to 24 adjacent to one another in a longitudinal direction D; and an angle material 3 formed of a material having a... Agent: Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation

20140353877 - Control of degradation profile of bioabsorbable poly(l-lactide) scaffold: Methods of controlling the degradation profile of a biodegradable stent scaffolding are disclosed. Disclosed methods include controlling features of the degradation profile including the time to loss of radial strength and the degradation time of the stent.... Agent:

20140353878 - Substrate-based additive fabrication process and apparatus: A method and apparatus for additive fabrication which provides a substrate which helps the newly hardened resin layer to separate from the substrate while providing a substrate of appropriate strength and durability. In an embodiment, the substrate is a multi-layer substrate comprising a transport layer and a structural layer, the... Agent: DsmIPAssets B.v.

20140353879 - Method and device for scooping candle wax: In one embodiment of the present invention, a heated candle scoop comprises a handle, a scoop, and a means for heating the scoop. In one embodiment, the means for heating the scoop comprises a heating element, which may be a typical 80/20 (80% nickel, 20% chromium) wire, ribbon, or strip,... Agent:

20140353880 - Process for sintering thermoelectric materials: The process for producing, processing, sintering, pressing or extruding thermoelectric materials with heat treatment under inert gas or under reduced pressure at temperatures in the range from 100 to 900° C. comprises producing, processing, sintering, pressing or extruding in the presence of oxygen scavengers which form thermodynamically stable oxides in... Agent: Basf Se

20140353881 - Electronic dosage dispensing system for filling softgel capsules: The invention relates to a rotary die device for producing soft capsules, comprising a capsule forming unit for forming a soft-capsule shell and a novel dosing unit for feeding a filling material into the capsule forming unit, characterized in that the dosing unit comprises a dispensing system that includes (a)... Agent:

20140353882 - Electrospinning apparatuses & processes: Provided herein are electrospinning systems, apparatuses, components, and processes for the preparation of nanofibers, including high throughput systems, apparatuses, and processes for producing high performance nanofibers.... Agent: Cornell University

20140353883 - Method for forming thermoplastic composites: A method for forming thermoplastic composites comprising: (a). cutting a thermoplastic film and a cloth material, wherein the thermoplastic film is comprised of a surface layer and an adhesive layer, and a melting point of the surface layer is higher than the adhesive layer; (b). placing the thermoplastic film on... Agent:

20140353884 - Blow molding device and a method for manufacturing a blow molded container: To effectively prevent a mouth portion of a preform from being deformed and enlarged in diameter during blow molding, provided is a blow molding device that includes: a blow mold inside which a cavity is provided for accommodating therein a preform, except for a mouth portion which is an orifice... Agent: Yoshino Kogyosho Co., Ltd.

20140353885 - Pet blow moulding machines: A blow moulding machine for blow moulding a container having an integrally formed handle; said container blow moulded from a previously injection moulded preform; said preform comprising a body portion and said integrally formed handle; said machine including a preform loading station at which said preform is oriented by a... Agent: B & R Industries Pty Ltd

11/27/2014 > 28 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20140346690 - Apparatus for manufacturing lens array and method of manufacturing lens array: An apparatus for manufacturing a lens array includes a first lens forming unit that has a plurality of blades forming partition walls on a polymer substrate on which a parallax image is formed and a plurality of nozzles discharging a polymer, a detecting unit that detects a position of the... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

20140346691 - Molding die structure of molded article and manufacturing method of molded article: Fixed side molding dies are removed from fixed side molding dies insertion hole portions in accordance with the disconnection in the connection/disconnection while maintaining a contact state that a second transfer portion is in contact with a portion other than a fixed side optical functional surface of each molded article... Agent:

20140346693 - Methods of forming a tir optical fiber lens: Methods of forming a total-internal-reflection (TIR) optical fiber lens are disclosed. The methods include heating an end of an optical fiber with a defocused infrared laser beam to form a bulbous tip having a curved outer surface that defines a lens surface. The bulbous tip is laser cleaved to define... Agent:

20140346694 - Position detection apparatus, imprint apparatus, and position detection method: A position detection apparatus includes an illumination optical system for illuminating a first diffraction grating having periods in each of a first direction and a second direction different from the first direction, and a second diffraction grating having a period different from the period in the second direction of the... Agent:

20140346692 - Method of manufacturing optical element: Disclosed is a method of manufacturing an optical element capable of increasing surface accuracy of an optical surface of an optical element with a plastic lens portion. A cavity which is formed when a pair of molds are closed has a compression molding space and an annular injection molding space,... Agent:

20140346695 - Method of manufacturing an ophthalmic lens with a passive event-based coloration system: The present invention discloses methods and apparatus for methods and apparatus for manufacturing an Ophthalmic Lens with passive event coloration mechanisms, which may not require a power source. In some embodiments, the passive event coloration mechanisms may be combined with Rigid Inserts or Media Inserts, wherein the inserts may provide... Agent: Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.

20140346696 - Apparatus and method of preparing electronic ink microcapsules: An apparatus and a method of preparing electronic ink microcapsules are disclosed. The apparatus of preparing electronic ink microcapsules includes: a first input tube, a second input tube, a UV light source, and an output tube connected to both the first input tube and the second input tube, respectively. The... Agent:

20140346697 - Aggregated thread structure, production method thereof, and electric wire using the same: A method for producing an aggregated thread structure includes (a) a process of dispersing carbon nanotube to a first solvent, which is water or a mixed solvent containing organic solvent and water, with a surfactant, to create a dispersion and (b) a process of injecting the dispersion, in which carbon... Agent:

20140346698 - Method of spray-drying and apparatus for spray-drying: Method of spray-drying a high-viscosity fluid, e.g. comprising a food product. The method comprises providing a nozzle plate wherein at least one nozzle is provided, said nozzle plate having an inner main surface and an outer main surface. The method comprises providing the high-viscosity fluid in a reservoir that is... Agent: Nederlandse Organisatie Voor Toegepast-natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek Tno

20140346699 - Uniform texture for concrete walls: A method of forming a concrete wall having a substantially uniform exterior surface texture. The method includes the initial step of pouring concrete into a wall form. The concrete is poured from a first mixture and is allowed to cure. After the concrete is cured, the wall form is removed... Agent:

20140346700 - Imprinting method, imprinting apparatus, and device manufacturing method: An imprinting method of this disclosure includes supplying an imprint material on a substrate having a pattern including a mark on the substrate formed thereon; bringing a mold having a pattern including a mark on the mold into contact with the imprint material; curing the imprint material in a state... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140346702 - Method and apparatus for material densification: A process and apparatus for densification of material compresses the material, then heats and cools the compressed material to provide structural integrity and durability to the resultant densified product. For a lignocellulosic biomass material an inherent binder is used. The binder is activated substantially only along the periphery of the... Agent:

20140346701 - Pattern formation device, method for pattern formation, and program for pattern formation: According to one embodiment, a pattern formation device that presses a template that includes a concave and convex part onto a transferring object and that forms a pattern in which a shape of the concave and convex part is transferred is provided. The device includes: a calculation part; an adjustment... Agent:

20140346703 - Bacteriostatic textile based on polyamide 11: The present invention relates to a bacteriostatic textile material of polyamide 11 where said polyamide 11 has an inherent viscosity of from 0.5 to 1.7 and contains no impurities with a diameter greater than 5 μm. The bacteriostatic textile material is useful in the fields of medicine, hygiene, baggage, clothing... Agent: Arkema France

20140346704 - Method for producing an absorbent paper product having visual elements: A method of manufacturing a strip of absorbent paper product. The method includes: providing a strip that has a strip width, which has a first dimension, disposed between a first edge and a second edge and a centerline extending in a longitudinal direction equidistant between the first edge and the... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20140346705 - Systems, methods and apparatuses for direct embossment of a polymer melt sheet: A continuous single-stage embossing station comprised of two (2) temperature controlled engraved rollers which is located immediately after the extrusion die in the manufacturing process for multi-layer laminated glass panels and allows for dual simultaneous embossment of both sides of a polymer melt sheet and produces a polymer interlayer sheet... Agent: Solutia Inc.

20140346706 - System and method for producing preforms: A system for producing a composite preform, especially for continuous preforming of reinforcing material for a composite component, is provided. The system includes: a feeding device for feeding one or more layers of preform material from a material supply along a process path; a heating device arranged in the process... Agent:

20140346707 - Acrylic rubber composition, acrylic rubber molded product, and method for producing same: The present invention aims to provide an acrylic rubber composition capable of giving an acrylic rubber molded product good in low-friction properties and non-sticking properties. The present invention relates to an acrylic rubber composition containing an acrylic rubber (A) and a fluororesin (B), the fluororesin (B) being a perfluororesin.... Agent: Daikin Industries, Ltd.

20140346708 - Connector housing: A connector housing (1) is molded by using a resin material essentially containing a polybutylene terephthalate reinforced with fibers, the polybutylene terephthalate having properties with a flexural modulus of 5000 to 7000 MPa as measured by ASTM D790 and a bar flow length of 80 to 130 mm.... Agent:

20140346709 - Heating preforms: An apparatus for reheating and conditioning an elongate preform for forming a blow moulded container, said apparatus comprising: a receiver including an elongate annular non-cylindrical inner surface portion, wherein the surface portion defines a cavity and is adapted to engage with an elongate outer surface of an elongate preform to... Agent: Gr8 Engineering Limited

20140346710 - Thermally conductive sheet and process for producing same: A thermally conductive sheet has cut surfaces with low surface roughness and hence shows reduced thermal resistance at the interfaces, and high thermal conductivity in the thickness direction. Thus, the thermally conductive sheet can be interposed between any of various heat sources and a radiation member. The process for producing... Agent: Dexerials Corporation

20140346711 - Food service articles bearing decorative markings, images and/or custom content and method therefor: A plastic food service article bearing a decorative mark or image and method therefor is disclosed. The method includes providing an article made from a colored plastic such as polystyrene, polypropylene, polyethylene, PET, PLA, ABS, etc., that discolors when irradiated with a laser beam; applying a laser beam to cause... Agent:

20140346712 - Cable with injection molded coupling part: A method of making cable includes injection molding a coupling part which is manufactured from a polymer mixture with a thermoplastic material as polymer component, where the cable casing contains thermoplastic polyurethane cross-linked by radiation. The cable has a water-tight and fixed connection between the casing of the cable and... Agent:

20140346713 - Method and device for forming fine patterns: A method for forming fine patterns, including: holding, by a holding member, a sheet-like deformable thin-plate mold with fine patterns having been predeterminedly formed, above a UV-light-transparent substrate such that a UV hardening resin has been applied beforehand on a surface thereof, in such a manner that the mold is... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140346714 - Multilayer blown films for shrink applications: The present invention discloses multilayer blown films for shrink label and related applications. These multilayer blown films can comprise a core layer containing an ethylene polymer, and inner and outer layers containing conjugated diene monovinylarene block copolymers.... Agent: Chevron Phillips Chemical Company Lp

20140346715 - Method and device for the production of tubular structural components: A method for producing a tubular structural component and device for production thereof are disclosed. A tubular moulding tool has an inner mould surface shaped corresponding to an outer surface of the structural component. A support surface of an expandable support, formed corresponding to the moulding tool shape such that... Agent:

20140346716 - Handle positioning apparatus outside mould for pre-inserted-handle bottle blow moulding machine, and method of use thereof: A handle positioning apparatus outside mould for pre-inserted-handle bottle blow moulding machine, and a method of use thereof. The apparatus comprises a sliding block base, a handle positioning assembly, and a bottle pre-form positioning assembly. The bottle pre-form positioning assembly is provided in the middle of the sliding block base,... Agent:

20140346717 - Flat container comprising thermoplastic resin and method for molding the same: The invention realizes easy manufacturing of a flat container molded by blow molding, in which the wall thickness of a container wall is made uniform, and which provides improved mechanical strength, heat resistance, etc. and has a good appearance. The flat container obtained by the blow molding of a polyester... Agent: Toyo Seikan Group Holdings, Ltd.

11/20/2014 > 29 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20140339717 - Appartuses and methods for the delivery of material to a fiber producing device: Described herein are apparatuses and methods of creating fibers, such as microfibers and nanofibers. The methods discussed herein employ centrifugal forces to transform material into fibers. Apparatuses that may be used to create fibers are also described. Described herein are fiber producing devices that have various types of outlet elements... Agent:

20140339718 - Fiber-reinforced silicon carbide composite materials, method for producing the fiber-reinforced silicon carbide composite materials, and uses of the fiber-reinforced silicon carbide composite materials: Silicon carbide composite materials contain CSiC with a density of 2.95 to 3.05 g/cm−3 and a fiber bundle content of 2 to 10 wt. %. The fiber bundles have a length of 6 to 20 mm, a width of 0.2 to 3 mm, and a thickness of 0.1 to 0.8... Agent:

20140339719 - Lock ring mounting arrangement for blow heads: A blow head mounting arrangement for use to facilitate installation and removal of a blow head from a blow head mounting member. The blow head has a first engagement member for removable engagement with a second engagement member to removably attach the blow head to the blow head mounting member.... Agent: Emhart Glass S.a.

20140339720 - System and method for printing a three-dimensional object: A three-dimensional printing system to print three-dimensional objects and a method of printed are disclosed. The system includes one or more printing heads, two or more cartridges, two or more sensors configured to determine the status of building material in the cartridges and a controller configured to receive data from... Agent:

20140339721 - Imprinting apparatus, device fabrication method, and imprinting method: An imprinting apparatus that imprints a pattern on a resin on a substrate using a mold, includes a detector configured to detect a mold mark and a substrate mark, a driving unit configured to change relative positions of the mold and substrate, a curing unit configured to cure the resin,... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140339722 - Multilayer porous membrane and process of manufacture: A multilayer porous membrane formed of an extrudable polymer is provided. The membrane is formed by co-extruding at least two compositions, each of which comprises a heated porogen and polymer while in contact with each other under conditions to minimize or prevent unstable interfacial flow between extruded layers. In a... Agent: Entegris, Inc.

20140339723 - Method and composition for filling elongated channels with expanding foam insulation: The invention described herein generally pertains to the use of low boiling point, low vapor pressure blowing agents with froth polyurethane or polyisocyanurate foams to fill hollow cavities (particularly window lineals) and which have lowered exotherms, which prevent deformation of the hollow cavity (e.g., window lineal) and additional achieve filling... Agent: Fomo Products, Inc.

20140339724 - Piezoelectric polymer material and method for producing same: A piezoelectric polymer material comprising a helical chiral polymer having a weight average molecular weight of from 50,000 to 1,000,000 and optical activity, the piezoelectric polymer material having: crystallinity as obtained by a DSC method of from 40% to 80%; a transmission haze with respect to visible light of 50%... Agent: A School Corporation Kansai University

20140339725 - Method to produce a surface covering: The present invention relates to a method to produce a polymeric sheet comprising the steps of providing an acid-based polymer, providing a neutralizing agent, the neutralizing agent being selected from the group consisting of an organic metallic compound, a metallic salt of a fatty acid, and an ionomer, or a... Agent: Tarkett Inc.

20140339726 - Method for recycling waste thermoplastic materials and using this recycled thermoplastic in composite material production: This invention is related to a method for production of high strength and low cost thermoplastic composite materials by processing and treating waste plastic materials with some minerals. The object of the invention is to embody a recycling method wherein it contains high amounts of additives and therefore composite materials... Agent:

20140339727 - Molding system and method of manufacturing molded article: A molding system 10 for manufacturing a molded article Q by integrally molding a sheet-shaped insert member S and a molding material R, the molding system comprising: a sheet supply part 20 configured to supply the insert member S; a sheet heating part 30 configured to heat the insert member... Agent: Toshiba Kikai Kabushiki Kaisha

20140339728 - Dual tenter clip and table assembly and transverse sheet stretching plant comprising same: Disclosed is a dual tenter clip and table assembly for moving, by means of an endless chain consisting of alternating pairs of first chain links and pairs of second chain links rotatably connected by pins arranged in parallel to the plane of a rail and perpendicular to the direction of... Agent: Andritz Ag

20140339729 - Method of sealing a gap: A sealing unit for sealing a gap between a pair of surfaces, the apparatus comprising a nozzle for injecting sealant into the gap; two or more rollers; an endless track which passes round the rollers; and a curing device for directing energy into the gap to initiate cure of the... Agent:

20140339730 - Method and device for producing a footbed for a shoe: A method is described for producing a footbed for a shoe having an open planar formation (5), which absorbs tensile forces, and which is held freely stretched in a support frame (4), which defines the edge profile of the footbed, with the aid of a cover frame (9). To provide... Agent:

20140339731 - Molded article manufacturing apparatus, and method of manufacturing molded article: A molded article manufacturing apparatus is configured to include a mold clamping device configured to be able to support a die which shapes a sheet-shaped insert member, the die including a fixed die with a gate, and a movable die which is movable relative to the fixed die; an injection... Agent: Toshiba Kikai Kabushiki Kaisha

20140339732 - Molded article manufacturing apparatus, method of manufacturing molded article, and molded article: A molded article manufacturing apparatus includes a conveying device configured to convey an insert member in a vertical attitude, and a die including a positioning pin configured to pierce the insert member which has been conveyed by the conveying device.... Agent: Toshiba Kikai Kabushiki Kaisha

20140339733 - Method and system for producing an injection moulded product and a label transfer device: In an injection mould, a plastic injection-moulded product is manufactured. The plastic injection-moulded product comprises a tubular body, a neck part and a head part. The injection mould comprises three mould parts, which are displaceable with respect to each other between a closed position and an open position. The first... Agent: Polymac B.v.

20140339734 - Imprint apparatus, imprint method, and method of manufacturing article: The present invention provides an imprint apparatus for transferring a pattern of a mold to a shot region on a substrate by curing an imprint material on the substrate while the mold and the imprint material are in contact with each other, comprising a heating unit configured to deform a... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140339735 - Resin for thermal imprinting: A cyclic-olefin-based thermoplastic resin for thermal imprint to be used in the production of a sheet or a film which contains at least one of skeletons represented by the following chemical equation 1 or the following chemical equation 2 in a main chain. The glass transition temperature Tg (° C.)... Agent:

20140339736 - Tooling concepts for reducing sink and improving as-molded cosmetics and drawings: The described embodiments relate generally to improvements to injection molding equipment. More specifically, concepts for reducing sink and improving cosmetics of portions of injection molded parts in close proximity to gate areas of an injection mold are disclosed. A cold runner system is described in which molding material disposed in... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140339737 - Injection moulding plastic components with a slit: A method of injection moulding a plastics component includes providing a first mould member with a mould cavity, which is defined by an internal surface, and a second mould member with an external surface whose shape is complementary to the shape of the mould cavity. Either the internal surface or... Agent:

20140339738 - Floating core for glass insert molding method and apparatuses therefrom: A tool (1000) includes a mold defining a cavity (1002). The cavity can be for receiving a glass layer (402). A floating core insert (1001) can be placed in the cavity to apply a preloading force against a first major face of the glass layer, preclude an overmolding operation on... Agent: Motorola Mobility LLC

20140339740 - Mechanism for and method of correcting yawing of conveyed workpiece: A holding device to hold a side portion of a conveyed workpiece; a running device to convey the holding device in a feeding direction along a rail; and a support mechanism to support the holding device at front portion and rear portions of the mechanism. Eccentric shafts are with the... Agent: Kawasaki Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140339739 - System for preparing and producing a stamp plate: The invention describes a system for preparing and producing a stamp plate, comprising at least one input device, a control device, and a processing device, with a processing insert and apertures arranged therein. The processing device, in particular a laser plotter, comprises a processing table, which is designed to accommodate... Agent: Trodat Gmbh

20140339741 - Apparatus for fabrication of three dimensional objects: An apparatus for bottom-up fabrication of three dimensional objects, the apparatus comprising: a vat for a photosensitive polymer, the floor of the vat including a working surface arranged such that, in use, light incident on the working surface interacts with the photosensitive polymer at the working surface to fabricate a... Agent:

20140339742 - Method for direct inline molding of pre-impregnated composites: A system for fabricating a composite article includes a pre-impregnation station for forming a prepreg comprising a reinforcement impregnated with a resin. The prepreg is provided to a blanking station where a blank is cut from the partially cured prepreg and arranged onto a preforming mold. The blank is then... Agent:

20140339743 - Blow moulding machine with separate pressure pad control: Plastic preforms are introduced into a blow mould and are expanded by applying a flowable medium thereto, which is introduced into the internal space of the plastic preforms, wherein the blow mould includes at least two lateral parts which form a cavity during the expansion of the plastic preforms, within... Agent: Krones Ag

20140339744 - Porous ceramic article and method of manufacturing the same: The present disclosure relates to porous ceramic articles and a method of making the same. The porous ceramic articles have microstructure of sinter bonded or reaction bonded large pre-reacted particles and pore network structure exhibiting large pore necks. The method of making the porous ceramic articles involves using pre-reacted particles... Agent: Corning Incorporated

20140339745 - Molds for ceramic casting: A method of making an object using mold casting, comprising the steps of applying a slip mixture into a mold fabricated by 3D printing or additive manufacturing technique, and firing the mold containing the slip mixture. A composition of a slip mixture for use with a mold fabricated by 3D... Agent:

11/13/2014 > 24 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories.

20140332991 - Method and device for the production of an injection-moulded part: A method for the production of an injection-moulded part including casting an injection-moulding material at least two injection-moulding stations by at least two injection-moulding processes. A pre-moulded part, produced in one of the at least two injection-moulding processes, is cooled in a cooling station between the at least two injection-moulding... Agent: Engel Austria Gmbh

20140332992 - Production method of phosphor: A production method of a phosphor includes firing a starting material mixture in a nitrogen atmosphere at a temperature range between 1,500° C. inclusive and 2,200° C. inclusive. The starting material mixture is a mixture of metallic compounds, and is capable of constituting a composition including M, A, Al, O,... Agent: National Institute For Materials Science

20140332993 - Method for producing graphite sheet: With a manufacturing method of a graphite sheet, a cavity-forming sheet having a mesh structure or a nonwoven fabric structure is firstly impregnated with polyamide acid and then molded into a sheet. The molded sheet is then heat treated to imidize polyamide acid so as to produce a polyimide sheet... Agent:

20140332994 - Detection in thermoplastics: A method including steps of providing at least one sensor; detecting a plurality of parameters in a thermoplastic using the at least one sensor; generating a plurality of outputs in response to the detecting; and characterizing a contaminant or a percentage of post-consumer recycled thermoplastic content in the thermoplastic as... Agent:

20140332995 - Specimen for dynamic testing: Molds for preparing a viscoelastic material for dynamic analysis that include mold sections that when closed in alignment define such elements as a specimen cavity having an open end and dimensioned to provide a sample of the viscoelastic material of a predetermined size. Other elements may include a support member... Agent: Compagnie Generale Des Etablissements Michelin

20140332996 - Method of manufacturing a composite material: A method of manufacturing a structural member includes preheating a plurality of fibers to a first temperature, moving the preheated fibers along an assembly line, applying a binder to at least one of the preheated fibers, providing a die shaped to receive the preheated fibers, wherein the die moves together... Agent: Neuvokas Corporation

20140332997 - Flexible manufacture of polymeric tubing: Tubular polymeric structures are formed by creating a convex mold conforming to a fluid pathway design, depositing a coating of polymer over the mold, and in situ removing the mold without drawing it against the polymer.... Agent:

20140332998 - Methods of producing and using microporous membranes: A method of producing microporous membranes includes stretching a multi-layer layer extrudate having first and second layers, the first layer including a first polyolefin and a first diluent, and the second layer including a second polyolefin and a second diluent, the second polyolefin including polypropylene in an amount of 1.0... Agent:

20140332999 - Method of separating strands on a stretching surface: A method of separating strands of a slit web is disclosed. The method includes providing a slit web having a length in a machine direction and running the slit web in the machine direction onto a stretchable surface. The slit web includes multiple strands provided by a plurality of slits... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20140333000 - Ceramic honeycomb filter and its production method: A ceramic honeycomb filter including a ceramic honeycomb structure having large numbers of flow paths partitioned by porous cell walls, and plugs disposed in the flow paths alternately on the exhaust gas inlet or outlet side, to remove particulate matter from an exhaust gas passing through the porous cell walls;... Agent: Hitachi Metals, Ltd.

20140333001 - Thermoplastic polyurethane with reduced tendency to bloom: The present invention discloses a thermoplastic polyurethane which is comprised of the reaction product of (1) a hydroxyl terminated polyester intermediate, (2) a polyisocyanate, and (3) a glycol chain extender; wherein the hydroxyl terminated polyester intermediate is comprised of repeat units that are derived from 1,3-propylene glycol and a dicarboxylic... Agent:

20140333002 - Melt processable composition from recycled multi-layer articles containing a fluoropolymer layer: The invention relates to an article that has been obtained by the melt-process recycling of one or more multi-layer articles, where the multi-layer articles are composed of at least one melt-processible polyvinylidene fluoride layer. The composition of the invention is a compatible blend of the different layers from the multi-layer... Agent: Arkema Inc.

20140333003 - Thin film with high load of active ingredient: A method of preparing a thin film, the method comprising: (a) mixing a lipid, emulsifier, and solvent to provide a uniform first mixture; (b) contacting an active ingredient with the uniform first mixture to provide a thickened second mixture; (c) contacting a binder with the thickened second mixture to provide... Agent:

20140333004 - Insulated concrete battery mold, insulated passive concrete curing system, accelerated concrete curing apparatus and method of using same: The invention comprises a concrete form. The concrete form comprises a first mold for concrete and a second mold for concrete, the first and second molds being in thermal communication with each other. The concrete form also comprises thermal insulating material substantially surrounding the first and second molds but not... Agent:

20140333005 - Methods of forming golf club heads: Wood-type golf clubs and/or golf club heads include: (a) a golf club head base member including a face member having a ball striking face; and (b) a polymeric body member engaged with the golf club head base member, wherein the polymeric body member is formed via a rotational molding process... Agent:

20140333006 - Apparatus for molding a semiconductor wafer and process therefor: Mold pieces (105 and 110) for molding a layer of mold compound on the interconnect side of a bumped semiconductor wafer (118) include a primary cavity (117) and secondary cavities (120) into which excess mold compound from the primary cavity (117) flows. The secondary cavities (120) include a plunger (130)... Agent:

20140333007 - Airway device: An airway device for human or animal use comprising an airway tube having a distal end and a proximal end, the distal end of which is surrounded by a laryngeal cuff, adapted to fit anatomically over the laryngeal structure of a patient, wherein the device optionally further comprises a buccal... Agent:

20140333008 - System and method for feeding a fluid to a mold for molding a reinforced composite structure: A system and method for feeding a composite fluid to a mold for casting a reinforced composite structure, such as a rotor blade for a wind turbine are provided. The system includes a first feeding unit for feeding a first flow of composite fluid to the mold through a first... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140333009 - Thermally efficient tooling for composite component manufacturing: A method and apparatus for manufacturing composite components. A tool is present for use in manufacturing composite components. The tool comprises an encapsulation layer having a shape, an insulation layer on the encapsulation layer, and an isolation layer on the insulation layer. The isolation layer has an outer surface capable... Agent:

20140333010 - Removable composite insulated concrete form, insulated precast concrete table and method of accelerating concrete curing using same: The invention comprises a concrete form. The concrete form comprises a first panel having a first primary surface for contacting plastic concrete and a second primary surface opposite the first surface, wherein the first panel is made from a rigid plastic sheet or a metal sheet; and a second panel... Agent:

20140333011 - Method and assembly for additive manufacturing: An additive manufacturing method (1600) may involve additive manufacturing (1602) a walled structure (e.g., a shell or an enclosure) onto a print bed, positioning (1604) a support piece having a non-stick surface (e.g., a Teflon®) near or inside the structure, additive manufacturing (1606) a layer of material onto one or... Agent:

20140333012 - Method of manufacturing a hearing aid component: A method of manufacturing a hearing aid component (24, 25, 30, 32, 34), having the steps of providing a substrate component (23); and applying a functional structure (22) of a viscoelastic material having a thickness of at least 50 μm onto a surface of the substrate component by an inkjet... Agent: Phonak Ag

20140333013 - Plural blow molding with servo controls: A system for forming a container from a preform includes a first mold having a plurality of first portions that cooperate to define a first internal surface against which the preform is blown for forming a first form. The system also includes a second mold having a plurality of second... Agent: Amcor Limited

20140333014 - Extrusion head and method for producing hollow bodies: The invention relates to an extrusion head and a method with which the thickness distribution of hollow bodies, for example, can be further improved. The extrusion head consists of at least one mandrel (1) and one nozzle (2), which have a rigid geometry and therefore cannot be varied or can... Agent:

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