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Plastic and nonmetallic article shaping or treating: processes

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05/21/2015 > 35 patent applications in 32 patent subcategories.

20150137398 - Machine-to-machine plant automation using 3d printed fiber splicing: A system may include a fiber distribution hub including a plurality of fiber-optic cables, wherein a particular one of the plurality of fiber-optic cables includes a machine-readable identifier; and a robotic device configured to access particular ones of the plurality of fiber-optic cables. The robotic device may include a print... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing, Inc.

20150137397 - Multilayer contact lens and production process therefor: A method for manufacturing a contact lens having a multilayer structure using a mold, includes: (a) charging a first polymerizing composition into a space formed by combining a first mold with a second mold, and polymerizing a first semi product having a thinner thickness and a smaller outer diameter than... Agent: Menicon Nect Co., Ltd.

20150137399 - Manufacture of multiple minicapsules: An extrusion process comprises extruding a material that is flowable when heated and passing the extrudate thus formed through a nozzle 10 to shape the extrudate into a plurality of substantially uniformly shaped elements such as minispheres or minicapsules.... Agent: Sigmoid Pharma Ltd.

20150137400 - Methods for shaping green bodies and articles made by such methods: A method of shaping a green body provides a shaped green body comprised of a plurality of sinterable particles and an organic binder. Such a method includes: (1) molding a mixture of sinterable particles and organic binder into the shape of an initial green body or intermediate, wherein the sinterable... Agent:

20150137401 - Head tool changer for use with deposition-based digital manufacturing systems: A head tool changer for use with a deposition-based digital manufacturing system, the head tool changer comprising a tooling unit configured to retain a deposition head, a grip unit configured to engage with tooling unit and to relay electrical power to the tooling unit, and a master unit operably mounted... Agent:

20150137402 - Three-dimensional printer tool systems: An extruder or other similar tool head of a three-dimensional printer is slidably mounted along a feedpath of build material so that the extruder can move into and out of contact with a build surface according to whether build material is being extruded. The extruder may be spring-biased against the... Agent:

20150137403 - Deformation-based micro surface texturing system:

20150137404 - Processes for making functionally graded materials and products produced by these processes: The invention relates to a novel process for commercial production of bulk functionally graded materials (FGM) with a per-determined axial, radial, and spherical gradient profiles. The process is based on the reiterated deformation of the layers of variable cross-section thicknesses made of different materials. That allows significant savings of time,... Agent:

20150137405 - Method for manufacturing seat pad: A pad main body is bonded integrally with an inner pad while covering the front side of the inner pad. A back-side reinforced fabric located on the back side of the pad main body and the inner pad is integrally bonded on the back side of the inner pad and... Agent: Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd.

20150137406 - Method of making a personal protective article: A method of making personal protective equipment, such as a push-in earplug, is disclosed. The method includes the steps of covering a substrate with an outer layer that includes an unactivated foaming agent, positioning at least a portion of the outer layer in a mold, and activating the foaming agent... Agent:

20150137407 - Method of manufacturing porous ceramic body and composition for porous ceramic body: Disclosed is a method of manufacturing a porous ceramic body, which includes: (S1) mixing silica powders having a particle size of 0.045˜0.5 mm, zircon flour and wax, thus preparing a ceramic mixture; (S2) placing the ceramic mixture into a mold, thus producing a green body; and (S3) sintering the green... Agent:

20150137408 - Method for producing rubber molding: A method of producing a rubber molded article, involving utilizing a compound different from a compound that has been used as a crosslinking agent. The method of producing a rubber molded article includes a crosslinking step of crosslinking a rubber component by decomposing a compound to be used as a... Agent:

20150137409 - Method for forming textile article: A method for forming a textile article includes the steps of providing at least one shaping yarn and at least one basic yarn; processing the shaping yarn and the basic yarn to form a primitive textile structure; fitting the primitive textile structure to a shaping mold; applying high temperature to... Agent:

20150137410 - Process of forming a rubber reinforced article with voided fibers: The process of forming a reinforced rubber article comprising, in order, slit extruding fibers having at least a first layer containing a polymer, orienting the fibers monoaxially forming monoaxially drawn fibers having a plurality of voids in the first layer in an amount of between about 3 and 15 percent... Agent:

20150137411 - Method for producing inorganic fiber-bonded ceramic material: Provided is a method for producing an inorganic fiber-bonded ceramic material, which can produce, at a high yield, an inorganic fiber-bonded ceramic material with fewer defects, and with an end part and a central part equivalent to each other in microstructure and mechanical properties, and also makes it possible to... Agent:

20150137412 - Method of using additive materials for production of fluid flow channels: An additive manufacturing process is described that is particularly useful in the production of compact heat exchangers, chemical reactors, static chemical mixers and recuperators.... Agent:

20150137413 - Multicomponent fibers comprising a disolvable starch component, processes thereof, and fibers therefrom: A melt spinnable fiber is provided that comprises a first component comprising a thermoplastic polymer, and a second component comprising thermoplastic starch where the second component is not encompassed by another component or components or if encompassed by another component or components then the second component encompasses a hollow core.... Agent:

20150137414 - Catalyst composition and method for growing spinable carbon nanotube arrays: A method of forming an array of aligned, uniform-length carbon nanotubes on a planar surface of a substrate employing a composite catalyst layer of iron and cobalt. The carbon nanotubes have visible length and are useful for producing spun threads of carbon nanotubes having improved spinability and mechanical and electrical... Agent:

20150137415 - Filtration materials using fiber blends that contain strategically shaped fibers and/or charge control agents: A filtration material comprising a blend of polypropylene and acrylic fibers of round, flat, dog bone, oval or kidney bean shape in any size from 0.08 to 3.3 Dtex. A preferred blend contains about 50 weight percent polypropylene fibers and about 50 weight percent acrylic fibers. The fibers can be... Agent:

20150137416 - Advanced thermal processing techniques of \"sacrificial\" polylactic acid: A method of making a sacrificial fiber, comprising: forming a molten sacrificial composition comprising a poly(hydroxyalkanoate) and a metal catalyst; extruding the molten sacrificial composition to form a sacrificial fiber comprising the poly(hydroxyalkanoate) and the metal catalyst, where the concentration of the metal catalyst in the sacrificial fiber is at... Agent: The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Illinois

20150137417 - Method for producing resin skin: A method for producing a resin skin allows preparation of a molding die in a short time, and easy control of accuracy of a molded resin skin. The method includes: preparing a molding die, which includes a stationary die and a movable die; NC machining a molding surface of a... Agent:

20150137418 - Method and manufacturing facility for casting concrete products: A method and manufacturing facility for casting concrete products with a circulating line casting process, where molds are transferred through production stages along a circulating line, and reinforcements for the concrete products to be cast are prefabricated in a separate reinforcement shop and transferred to the circulating line casting process,... Agent: Elematic Oy Ab

20150137419 - Bonding method and apparatus: Assembly parts are bonded together, the parts having adhesive surfaces on end surfaces thereof to be joined together, e.g., for bonding together rotor blade half shells to form a rotor blade for a wind turbine. The assembly parts can be bonded together by injection-bonding, an adhesive being injected into an... Agent: Durr Systems Gmbh

20150137420 - Securing to a pneumatic tire: A pneumatic tire assembly includes a pneumatic tire having an inner cavity and an inner surface at least partially defining the inner cavity, a rigid structure for facilitating operation of the tire assembly, and a docking base for securing the rigid structure to the inner surface of the inner cavity.... Agent:

20150137421 - Method and device for producing a hollow plastic object having at least one transverse reinforcement: A core (14) which is typically held in front of the mold (13) is required for producing hollow plastic objects (10). This does not allow for a transverse reinforcement (11) which is formed from a prefabricated reinforcement tube to be pulled over the core (14). A method and device is... Agent: Thomas Gmbh + Co. Technik + Innovation Kg

20150137422 - Insulated sealing plate: An end effector assembly for use with an electrosurgical instrument is provided. The end effector assembly has a pair of opposing jaw members. Each of the jaw members has a support base, an electrical jaw lead, and a sealing plate coupled to the electrical jaw lead. The sealing plate has... Agent:

20150137423 - Three-dimensional printing method: A three-dimensional printing method for forming a three-dimensional object on a base is provided. The method comprises providing a model library comprising at least one supporting member, selecting the at least one supporting member from the model library and disposing the at least one supporting member onto the base. The... Agent: Kinpo Electronics, Inc.

20150137424 - System and method for manufacturing monolithic structures using expanding internal tools: A tooling system may include an outer mold line (OML) tool and one or more inner mold line (IML) tools. The OML tool may have an OML tool surface. Each one of the IML tools may have an IML tool surface and may be receivable within the OML tool 202.... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150137425 - Apparatus and method for injection molding: An apparatus simultaneously operates all split locking nuts of an injection molding machine two-platen clamp unit to engage and disengage the split locking nuts with clamp unit strain rods. Each split locking nut has opposed pivoting nut halves operated by coupling rotation of a rotating member through a predetermined angular... Agent:

20150137426 - Additive manufacturing device and method: Disclosed is an additive manufacturing device, comprising: a vessel for containing a material which is polymerisable on exposure to radiation; a build platform having a build surface, the build platform being mounted or mountable for movement relative to the vessel; and a programmable radiation module comprising an array of individually... Agent:

20150137427 - Consolidation of complex contoured thermoplastic structures: A method and apparatus for forming a stiffened thermoplastic panel is presented. The method may comprise placing a number of forming tools within a number of concave areas of a thermoplastic preform. The method may also place the thermoplastic preform with the number of forming tools within the number of... Agent:

20150137428 - Methods of stabilizing molecular weight of polymer stents after sterilization: Methods of stabilizing the molecular weight of polymer stents scaffolds after E-beam sterilization are disclosed. The molecular weight of the polymer of the irradiated scaffolds is stabilized through exposure to gas containing oxygen.... Agent:

20150137429 - Fabrication method for a three dimensional micro-structure on polymers: The present invention provides a fabrication method of a three dimensional micro-structure on polymers. The fabrication method of the present invention comprises the following steps of: preparing a sacrifice material; micro-processing the sacrifice material to form a pattern with micro-features; putting the sacrificed material with the micro-features into a mold... Agent: National Taiwan University Of Science And Technology

20150137430 - Over-molded vacuum barrier and inner mold line bag carrier with soluble details in trapped closed mold tooling: A vacuum barrier system for curing a composite part may include a bag carrier and a compliant, relatively thin film bladder formed over the bag carrier to function as a vacuum barrier. The bag carrier may be configured complementary to the composite part. The bladder may seal the bag carrier... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150137431 - Method of producing honeycomb structural body: A method feeds raw material into a metal die and extrudes the raw material to produce a honeycomb molded body. The method fires the honeycomb molded body to make a honeycomb structural body. The metal die has a first metal die and a second metal die arranged at an upstream... Agent:

05/14/2015 > 24 patent applications in 24 patent subcategories.

20150130095 - Method and device for producing a plurality of microlenses: Device and method for producing a plurality of microlenses from a lens material. The method includes: applying lens material intended for the embossing of the microlenses to a plurality of first lens molds distributed on a first embossing side of a first die for embossing of the microlenses, moving the... Agent: Ev Group E. Thallner Gmbh

20150130096 - Enhanced nuclear spin polarization: The polarization of nuclear spins of a material may be enhanced by encapsulating the material within a reverse micelle.... Agent:

20150130097 - Method for manufacturing an antimicrobial filament fibre and method for manufacturing an antimicrobial fabric: A method for manufacturing an antimicrobial filament fibre includes the following steps of: mixing diiodomethyl p-tolyl sulfone with a plastic mother particle so that the particle contains diiodomethyl p-tolyl sulfone; and melt-spinning the particle to form the antimicrobial filament fibre.... Agent: Jenell-tex Int'l Co., Ltd.

20150130098 - Polyamic acid, polyimide, and method for manufacturing graphite sheet: Disclosed is a method of fabricating a graphite sheet, including: polymerizing diamines and a dianhydride to form a polyamic acid. The polyamic acid is solvent casted on a substrate and hot baked to form a polyamic acid film or gel film. The polyamic acid film or gel film is biaxially... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20150130099 - Formation method of a middle ear prosthesis: The process of preparing a middle ear prosthesis of polymeric material by injection moulding technology according to the presented invention is characterized by drying the thermoplastic polymer granules, preferably high density polyethylene or polyamide or polysulphone, at a temperature in the range of 60 to 150° C. for a period... Agent: Akademia Gorniczo-hutnicza Im. Stanislawa Staszica W Krakowie

20150130100 - Method and apparatus for leveling a three dimensional printing platform: This invention relates to a method and apparatus for leveling a three dimensional printing platform. In one embodiment of the invention, the printer assembly is provided with a sensor for determining the distance between the sensor and the printing platform or plate. Inasmuch as printer assembly is movable about an... Agent:

20150130101 - Method and apparatus for feeding print material: This invention relates to providing a printing assembly having a small hopper and a heating element disposed therein. The small hopper is configured to receive a plurality of pellets therein and feed the pellets to the heating element. The heating element melts the pellets to form a molten material for... Agent:

20150130102 - Insulator with embedded masses: An insulator, especially a sound insulator, can be manufactured by introducing and mixing constituent compounds of a basis material for the insulator with masses to form an insulator mixture. The insulator mixture is formed into the insulator by a suitable mold or tool so that the masses are distributed within... Agent: Toyota Motor Eng. & Mtfg. North America, Inc.

20150130103 - Method of making a manikin with an embedded stand component: A method of making a foam manikin with a stand is provided. The method includes sculpting a sculpture of the manikin and forming the sculpture around a mating portion. Then a mold is formed using the sculpture. The mold may include an opening that is formed around the mating portion.... Agent:

20150130104 - Method of fabricating a foamed, injection molded component with improved ductility and toughness: A method of fabricating a foamed, injection-molded component is provided. The method includes the step ofplasticizing pellets including a first polymeric material and a second polymeric material within an injection barrel to form an injection material. The first polymeric material defines a first phase of the injection material and the... Agent: Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

20150130105 - Method of making a sandwich-type, compression-molded, composite component having a cellulose-based core and improved surface appearance: A method of making a sandwich-type, compression-molded, composite component having improved surface appearance is provided. Reinforced thermoplastic skins, first and second sheets of thermoplastic adhesive and a cellulose-based core of a blank or stack of sandwich materials are heated to a softening temperature of the thermoplastics. The heated blank or... Agent:

20150130106 - Process of recycling a fiber-reinforced polymeric material and related apparatus: The present invention is related to a process of recycling fiber-reinforced polymeric material including the following steps: a) crushing the material so as to reduce it into fragments; b) mixing the material obtained in the previous step with a liquid adhesive; c) pouring the mixture obtained in step b) into... Agent:

20150130107 - Recycling method of waste fishnet: A recycling method of waste fishnet is provided. The waste fishnet is processed with steps of cutting, removing impurities, cleaning, and drying to form fishnet chips. The recycling method of waste fishnet includes the following steps. The fishnet chips are mixed with nylon-66, wherein the fishnet chips are of 70%... Agent:

20150130108 - Manufacturing process for rice husk fiber synthetic resin powder and rice husk fiber product: A manufacturing process for rice husk fiber synthetic resin powder includes grinding rice husks into rice husk powder, feeding the powder into a mixer, adding and uniformly mixing cellulose, starch, and water, removing and cooling the mixture into rice husk fiber powder; additionally putting natural resin and lignin into a... Agent: Husk's Green Technology Co., Limited

20150130109 - Method and device for producing a textile preform: A method for producing a textile preform includes manufacturing a multi-layer fiber fabric, which includes a first flange portion and a web portion connected to the first flange portion, deforming a first fiber layer of the first flange portion with respect to the web portion, such that the first fiber... Agent:

20150130110 - Fit and finish methods: Fit and finish methods using shape memory polymers (“SMP”) are disclosed herein. In an example of the fit and finish method, a first part and a second part are positioned adjacent to one another such that a shape memory polymer in a temporary shape is adjacent to a gap between... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20150130111 - Wafer-level underfill and over-molding: A mold includes a top portion, and an edge ring having a ring-shape. The edge ring is underlying and connected to edges of the top portion. The edge ring includes air vents. The edge ring further encircles the inner space under the top portion of the mold. A plurality of... Agent:

20150130112 - Apparatus and process for providing a coiled collagen carrier: The present invention relates inter alia to an apparatus for providing a coiled collagen carrier. An apparatus according to the invention preferably comprises a device for applying moisture to a collagen carrier prior to coiling of the collagen carrier and a coiling device. The coiling device preferably comprises rotatable gripping... Agent:

20150130113 - Method of transferring a molded article: Disclosed herein, amongst other things, is a method of transferring a molded article from a moveable mold half of a mold into a receptacle of a post-mold tool. The method includes positioning the moveable mold half relative to the post-mold tool to position the molded article thereon closer to the... Agent:

20150130114 - Domain-based variable exposure for additive manufacturing devices: Devices, systems, methods and computer program products are disclosed that facilitate part layer curing by an additive manufacturing device wherein each element of the part layer is exposed to light from a light source until the element receives sufficient energy to cure. In an aspect, received energy is calculated based... Agent: B9creations, LLC

20150130115 - Method for preparing aluminum substituted garnet: A method for preparing a cubic phase Li7La3Zr2O12 (LLZ) includes dry-mixing Li2CO3, La2O3, ZrO2 and Al2O3. The mixture is fired at 800° C. to 1,000° C. for 5 to 7 hours, naturally cooled, and dry-mixed. A pellet having a size from 8 mm to 12 mm at 120 MPa to... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150130116 - Capsule for non-ferrous metal collection and method for collecting non-ferrous metal: Provided are: a capsule for non-ferrous metal collection that can collect a non-ferrous metal; and a method for collecting a non-ferrous metal using same. The capsule for non-ferrous metal, collection comprises capsule contents and a covering section covering the capsule contents, and collects a non-ferrous metal within the capsule for... Agent:

20150130117 - System and method for enabling the partial printing of a device: An apparatus and method for multi-stage printing teaches means for removing and replacing a printed component during the printing process and accurately placing the component in the printer for continuation of the printing process. This can be accomplished through the use of a scanner, probe machine, or scanning Additionally, the... Agent:

20150130118 - Powder shaping method and apparatus thereof: A powder shaping method comprises: providing a powder on a target surface; providing a laser beam to illuminate the powder so as to form a pre-treated powder; and providing an energy beam to illuminate the pre-treated powder for enabling a shaping process. In addition, a powder shaping apparatus comprises a... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

05/07/2015 > 26 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20150123298 - Compositions and methods for use in three dimensional model printing: A method for the preparation of a composite material having a pre-designed structure and properties according to the intended use of said composite material is provided. The method includes generating data for dispensing two or more different interface materials having different properties into at least two different phases; selectively depositing... Agent:

20150123300 - Method for determining pattern of mold for imprint, imprint method, and apparatus: A determination method for determining a pattern of a mold is disclosed. The pattern of the mold is used in imprint processing of forming a pattern on imprint material by performing the steps of pressing the imprint material on a substrate against the pattern of the mold in an atmosphere... Agent:

20150123299 - Method of fabricating a composite part and an apparatus for fabricating a composite part: A method of fabricating a composite part comprising fibre reinforced material in a mould (10a, 10b, 10c), the method comprising the steps of: depositing fibre material on a mould surface; covering the fibre material with a vacuum film to create a mould cavity that contains the fibre material and is... Agent: Vestas Wind Systems A/s

20150123301 - Imprinting apparatus and article manufacturing method: The imprint apparatus presses resin disposed on a substrate and a mold to each other to form a resin pattern on the substrate. The apparatus includes a driving device configured to move the mold and the substrate relatively to apply a pressing force between the mold and the resin, a... Agent:

20150123302 - Paper-like film and process for making it: A micro-voided film comprising high density polyethylene having a molecular weight of at least about 200,000, and low aspect ratio filler having a mean particle size from about 1 to about 25 microns. The film has a thickness of from about 0.1 to about 20 mils and a void fraction... Agent:

20150123303 - Paper-like film and process for making it: The present invention relates to a method for enhancement of the minimal shear molding process utilizing pellets and/or micropellets produced through controlled extrusional and pelletization processes in combination with nonpowder melt flow rheology that incorporates reduced molding temperature and/or reduced cure time, reduced rotation axis ratios and/or reduced rotation rates.... Agent: Gala Industries, Inc.

20150123304 - Nonwoven web material including fibers formed of rcecycled polyester, and methods for producing: A nonwoven web material including fibers formed of a polyolefin and a polyester is disclosed. The fibers may include fine fibers produced by, for example, a meltblowing process. The polyolefin may be polypropylene and the polyester may be polylactic acid. The polylactic acid may be obtained and included by recycling... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20150123305 - Textured elements incorporating non-woven textile materials and methods for manufacturing the textured elements: A method of manufacturing a textured element may include (a) collecting a plurality of filaments upon a textured surface to form a non-woven textile and (b) separating the non-woven textile from the textured surface. Another method of manufacturing a textured element may include depositing a plurality of thermoplastic polymer filaments... Agent:

20150123306 - Method of waterproofing coated electric wire attached connector terminal: A method of waterproofing a coated electric wire attached connector terminal which is formed of metal material and which includes a barrel part which is crimped to a conductor which is exposed from a sheath, a terminal part, a connecting plate which is formed between the barrel part and the... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20150123307 - Fastenable member for sealing, baffling or reinforcing and method of forming same: There is disclosed a member for sealing, baffling and/or reinforcing components of an automotive vehicle. The assembly generally includes a carrier, an expandable material and at least one fastener.... Agent:

20150123308 - Method of making a sheet of building material: A method of making a sheet of building material, useful for roofing or siding applications, and the sheet material made by such method. A mixture of a thermoplastic resin and mineral filler is prepared, the resin comprising about 10% to 40% by weight of the mixture and the filler comprising... Agent:

20150123309 - Methods and tools for forming contoured composite structures with shape memory alloy: Methods and tools for forming contoured composite structures are disclosed. Methods include positioning a sheet of composite material relative to a structure of shape memory alloy, heating the structure of shape memory alloy to deform the structure of shape memory alloy to a deformed conformation and thereby conform the sheet... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150123310 - Method for injection molding end muckets to a previously molded vehicle panel and prior to installation of a separately extruded and elongated compression seal: A method for injection molding a pair of end muckets to a previously injection molded panel and prior to attaching a separately formed seal. The method includes the step of initially forming a vehicle panel from a first material in a closed cavity, following which a second stage injection molding... Agent:

20150123311 - Method of producing a syringe barrel for medical purposes and device for carrying out said method: The equipping of syringe barrels (11) with needles (25) takes place before the injection of the plastic, in which the needles (25) are introduced through the fixed part (5) of the injection mold (1) by a suitable transport device (transport rollers 33).... Agent:

20150123312 - Imprint apparatus, and method of manufacturing article: The present invention provides an imprint apparatus for performing an imprint process of molding an imprint material on a substrate with a mold to form a pattern on the substrate, the apparatus including a supply device configured to supply, to a space between the imprint material on the substrate and... Agent:

20150123313 - Imprint apparatus, imprinting mold, and method of manufacturing article: An imprint apparatus for forming a pattern on a substrate by contacting an imprint material on the substrate with a mold includes a mold holding member configured to hold the mold and a mold deforming mechanism for applying a force to a side surface of the mold in a direction... Agent:

20150123314 - Process for the manufacture of shape memory polymer material: The present invention relates at least in part to methods for the manufacture of shape memory polymer (SMP) materials. Particularly, although not exclusive, the present invention relates to processes for the formation of complex shaped devices composed of shape memory polymer.... Agent: Smith & Nephew PLC

20150123315 - Roof ditch molding process incorporating conformed shaping features in a molding fixture: An assembly for reshaping an elongated plasticized article includes a heated fixture upon which the elongated article is supported in adhering fashion to a contoured upper surface. Following heating, the article is transferred to a cooling fixture exhibiting a further contoured upper surface and, upon subsequent cooling, the article exhibits... Agent:

20150123316 - Roof ditch molding assembly and process with heated air assist: A method and assembly for reshaping an elongated plasticized article including a pair of first and second spaced apart fixtures adapted to supporting extending ends of an elongated article. The fixtures each exhibit a contoured upper surface upon which the elongated article is adapted to being supported in adhering fashion.... Agent:

20150123318 - Method and an apparatus for making laser engravures on a moving web: A method for making laser engravings on a web of paper, including prearranging a paper web conveying device; defining a working area along a path of the web; prearranging an emitter of laser pulses; prearranging a movable pointing device, selecting an engraving pattern to be engraved on the web; calculating... Agent: El.en. S.p.a.

20150123317 - Methods of laser scoring multi-layer films and related structures: The present disclosure relates to methods of scoring packaging structures, including multi-layer polymeric films incorporating an encapsulated oxygen-impermeable layer, using laser energy. The methods are able to score structures which contain an oxygen-impermeable barrier without disrupting the permeability characteristics of the structure, and retain good printability, clarity, and gloss.... Agent:

20150123320 - Exposure time-based projector normalization for additive manufacturing devices: Systems, methods and computer program products are disclosed that facilitate measuring the light output of an additive manufacturing device light source without utilizing additional equipment, such as a light meter. Once the light source output has been measured, such information can be utilized for a variety of purposes, including, but... Agent: B9creations, LLC

20150123319 - Stereolithography method for producing a three-dimensional object, comprising a movement according to which a supporting surface for said object intermittently approaches the bottom of a container, and stereolithography machine using said method: The invention is a method for producing a three-dimensional object in layers through stereolithography, comprising the following operations: moving a supporting surface (6a, 7a) near the bottom (2a) of a container (2) containing a liquid substance (3), so as to arrange it in a predefined operating position (17); selectively irradiating... Agent:

20150123321 - Multifunctional bopp cigarette packaging film and manufacturing method thereof: A multifunctional BOPP cigarette packaging film comprises an upper layer (1), a middle-upper layer (2), a middle layer (3), a middle-lower layer (4) and a lower layer (5). The upper layer (1) is a binary copolymerized polypropylene surface layer, both the middle-upper layer (2) and the middle-lower layer (4) are... Agent:

20150123322 - Connecting port arrangement for use in an apparatus for producing a composite material component: A connecting port arrangement for use in an apparatus for producing a composite material component comprising a base member attached to a surface of a foil adapted to seal a mold of the apparatus for producing a composite material component. The base member is provided with a channel extending therethrough.... Agent:

20150123323 - Wind turbine blade segment and method of manufacturing the wind turbine blade segment: A method of forming a wind turbine component, the method including forming a segment (10, 12) by impregnating a portion (18, 20) of a fiber reinforcement (50) with a thermoset resin (60) up to a boundary (56), curing the thermoset resin, and leaving unimpregnated fiber reinforcement (22) extending from the... Agent:

04/30/2015 > 24 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20150115485 - Method for producing ophthalmic lenses: The invention provides a method for producing ophthalmic lenses, preferably contact lenses, more preferably silicone hydrogel contact lenses. This method involves applying a coat of catanionic vesicles onto the molding surfaces of a mold. By having a coat of catanionic vesicles on the molding surfaces of a mold, mold separation... Agent:

20150115484 - Process for manufacture of a thermochromic contact lens material: Disclosed in this specification is a process for manufacturing a thermochromic contact lens. The process includes (1) selecting a photoinitiator that absorbs at a first wavelength and at least one thermochromic dye that displays substantial absorption at the first wavelength when the dye is at a first temperature and exhibits... Agent:

20150115486 - Method of making a spectacle lens: A method for making a spectacle lens includes joining a mold and a sealing ring. The mold has an integrated block piece and a mold shell made by primary shaping and the sealing ring has a first end face, a second end face, a peripheral seal, an opening disposed on... Agent:

20150115487 - Systems for production of polymer encapsuated solids: Encapsulated solids are made by first encapsulating precursor materials in a polymer shell. The precursors are some combination of solids, liquids, gases, and/or gels. The precursors are then transformed into solids by emplacement of the capsule in an environment where gas or fluid transport into or out of the polymer... Agent: Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC

20150115488 - Microfluidic liposome synthesis, purification and active drug loading: Microfluidic methods and systems are provided for continuous flow synthesis and active loading of liposomes, which include a liposome formation region configured to form a population of liposomes and a microdialysis region downstream from the liposome formation region and configured to form a transmembrane gradient for active drug loading of... Agent: University Of Maryland, College Park

20150115489 - Methods of repairing matrix cracks in melt infiltrated ceramic matrix composites: A method of repairing matrix microcracks in MI-CMC components includes heating “free” silicon phase present within the cracked matrix portion of the component to a temperature above the melting point of the silicon phase. During heating of the component an additional source of silicon phase is supplied to the component.... Agent: General Electric Company

20150115490 - Method and divice for producing components in a beam melting installation: The invention relates to a beam melting installation and method for producing components thereof, in which a component to be produced is produced layer-wise, wherein, a coating slide moves across a build platform, a powder layer is applied onto the build platform and already produced component layers by a blade... Agent: Eos Gmbh Electro Optical Systems

20150115491 - Injection molding machines and methods for accounting for changes in material properties during injection molding runs: A method and a machine account for changes in material properties of molten plastic material during an injection run. A change in a control signal is calculated by a controller during the injection molding run. If the change in the control signal indicates a change in material flowability, the controller... Agent:

20150115492 - Multi zone cementitious product and method: A multi-zone cementitious product, which includes a base zone made of a first cementitious material composition and forming a portion of the product. At least one facing zone is adjacent to and bonded to the base zone, the facing zone made of a second cementitious material composition and forming at... Agent:

20150115493 - Method for densifying a fibrous mat: A method for densifying a fibrous mat, such as scrim, to achieve a uniform mat density, comprising a set of parallel bars each having a row of pins extending downward therefrom which can engage the mat fibers, a plurality of shafts along which the bars slide so as to maintain... Agent:

20150115494 - Three-dimensional metal printing: One or more metal printing techniques are described for generating a three-dimensional metal structure, such as a one-dimensional or two-dimensional anti-scatter grid. The techniques comprise applying a thin layer of powdered metal onto a printing area and using a binder (which is printed onto the printing area according to a... Agent:

20150115495 - Imprinting method and apparatus: An imprinting method includes applying a forming material onto a glass sheet, forming a concavo-convex layer on the glass sheet by holding a layer of the forming material between the glass sheet and a mold and transferring a concavo-convex pattern of the mold to the layer of the forming material,... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20150115496 - Automated rubber molding and de-molding: Molded rubber objects may be molded and de-molded by defining both a desired final form for the molded rubber object and a tab extending from the final form of the molded rubber object using a cavity in a mold. Rubber pellets may be dispensed in predetermined amounts at desired location(s)... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20150115497 - Preparing a precured tread for application to a tire carcass: The present invention comprises methods and apparatus for preparing a tread for application to a tire carcass by abrading a bottom side of the tread. In particular, the tread has a thickness extending depthwise between a top side and a bottom side of the tread. The tread thickness extends in... Agent: Compagnie Generale Des Etablissements Michelin

20150115498 - Nozzle for sheet or film extrusion: A die and a method for producing a structural part from hardenable material by way of a die. The die includes a die bottom part; a die top part; a die control unit; a flexible element extending along a lower edge of the die top part; and at least one... Agent:

20150115499 - Summit diagonal matrix for tire manufacture: A standardization system for the manufacture of tires is provided. The same size tire components can be used in the summit of tires having different sizes i.e., tires having different section widths, sidewall heights, and/or aspect ratios. A matrix of tire sizes can be associated with one or more tire... Agent: Compagnie Generale Des Etablissements Michelin

20150115500 - Filter element, filter device and method for producing a filter element: Filter element (1) has opposing end sections (3A, 3B) of a filter material sheet (2) that are connected to each other in a fluid-tight manner, wherein a molded or extruded plastic casing (5) encloses the end edges (4A, 4B) of the end sections (3A, 3B). A method for producing a... Agent:

20150115501 - Process for producing plastic moulded pieces: A process for producing plastic moulded pieces which include, in particular, at least one formed continuous fibre-reinforced thermoplastic sheet (9) overmoulded with a thermoplastic material, includes the steps of: —providing a continuous fibre-reinforced thermoplastic sheet (9); —providing an oven (10) for heating a continuous fibre-reinforced thermoplastic sheet (9) placed in... Agent: Kraussmaffei Technologies Gmbh

20150115502 - Collapsible core of a mold for forming internal features such as threads: A collapsible core of an injection mold includes relatively movable components arrayed about an imaginary centerline. When in an operational position for molding a new product, the movable components each define a separate segment of the exterior of the core, such as side by side segments of interior features such... Agent: Paradise Mold And Die LLC

20150115503 - Method of fabrication and a mold for fabricating a gasket of spiral shape: The invention relates to a mold for fabricating a spiral-shaped gasket made out of plastics material, the mold including at least one spiral-shaped cavity and, for the purpose of feeding molten plastics material, also including two distinct ingates, these ingates being arranged on the same face of a cavity.... Agent:

20150115504 - Molding method and molding apparatus: A molding method includes drawing cross-section elements of a three-dimensional object as a molding target on a drawing surface of a drawing stand with a liquid whose curing is precipitated by receiving activation energy as cross-section patterns; applying the activation energy to the liquid configuring the cross-section patterns in a... Agent:

20150115505 - Press moulding method: m

20150115506 - Press moulding method:

20150115507 - Method of making high purity polycrystalline aluminum oxynitride bodies useful in semiconductor process chambers: A method of making high purity crystalline AlON bodies by synthesizing and calcining AlON powders having less than 80 ppm Si, Mg, Ca, Na, and K impurities. The AION powders are milled to reduce the particle size of the AlON powders using a high purity milling media. An AlON body... Agent: Surmet, Corp.

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