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Plastic and nonmetallic article shaping or treating: processes

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08/28/2014 > 37 patent applications in 35 patent subcategories.

20140239524 - Hydrophilicity alteration system and method: A system/method allowing hydrophilicity alteration of a polymeric material (PM) is disclosed. The PM hydrophilicity alteration changes the PM characteristics by decreasing the PM refractive index, increasing the PM electrical conductivity, and increasing the PM weight. The system/method incorporates a laser radiation source that generates tightly focused laser pulses within... Agent: Perfect Ip, LLC

20140239523 - Optical film and method of manufacturing the same: The present invention provides an optical film and a retardation film that each include an acryl resin, and 20 to 65 parts by weight of a graft copolymer including a conjugated diene rubber based on 100 parts by weight of the acryl resin, and an electronic device including the same.... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20140239525 - Inhalable pharmaceutical compositions: Inhalable pharmaceutical compositions can include an aqueous dispersion of particles including a hydrophobic bioactive agent (e.g., CoQIO) suitable for continuous aerosolization. Due to their chemical composition and methods of manufacture, the pharmaceutical compositions exhibit distinctive physicochemical properties that provide advantageous aerosol transmission and output.... Agent: Berg Pharma LLC

20140239526 - Process for producing pellets for pharmaceutical compositions: Water is used to control particle size in a process comprising mixing water with a composition comprising a rheology modifying agent and possibly sugar and cellulose to produce a paste. The paste is extruded to form particles which are then spheronised and dried. One advantage of using water to control... Agent: Temrel Limited

20140239527 - Photo-curable resin compositions and method of using the same in three-dimensional printing for manufacturing artificial teeth and denture base: A composition includes a light-curable viscous mixture that includes: 0-50% by weight of a poly(methyl methacrylate)/methyl methacrylate solution; 5-20% by weight of at least one kind of multifunctional aliphatic (meth)acrylate; 5-40% by weight of at least one kind of aliphatic urethane (meth)acrylate oligomer; 25-65% by weight of at least one... Agent: Dentca, Inc.

20140239528 - Porous bioabsorbable implant: In one form, the invention is directed to a method for forming a porous implant suitable for a cavity from which tissue has been removed, including mixing soluble alginate and a radiopaque imaging agent with water; incorporating a gas or a pore forming agent into the alginate-water mixture; transferring the... Agent: Senorx, Inc.

20140239529 - System and methods for nano-scale manufacturing: A system and method for patterning a substrate includes a mold holding fixture for holding a mold with nanostructures and a substrate holding fixture for holding a substrate having a molding surface, a stage assembly has two or more independent axis movements for moving either the mold or the substrate... Agent: Nanonex Corporation

20140239530 - Extrusion process: A method for using the quantity of heat output from an extrudate during a cooling operation in an extrusion process, wherein a fluid, in particular air, is guided along the extrudate and/or through the die counter to an extrusion direction, at least some of the heat from the extrudate and/or... Agent: Battenfeld-cincinnati Germany Gmbh

20140239531 - Composite member and method of making: A method of forming a composite member comprises placing a heat formable resin adjacent fibers to form a fiber member or members and forming the same into a plurality of for example tubular members. The fiber member is placed against a first mold part. An expandable material is distributed into... Agent:

20140239532 - Process for the production of polyurethane composite components: A composite and process for the production of a composite component, comprising a) a support of a thermoplastic composition, and b) at least one polyurethane layer in direct contact with the support.... Agent: Bayer Material Science Ag

20140239533 - Simultaneous resin drying and molding: A low pressure dryer for granular or powdery material includes a plurality of canisters rotatable about a common vertical axis serially among material heating, vacuum drying and material inventory discharge positions; pneumatic piston-cylinder means for rotating the canisters about said axis among said heating, vacuum drying and inventory discharge positions;... Agent:

20140239534 - Nano-structured refractory metals, metal carbides, and coatings and parts fabricated therefrom: Refractory metal and refractory metal carbide nanoparticle mixtures and methods for making the same are provided. The nanoparticle mixtures can be painted onto a surface to be coated and heated at low temperatures to form a gas-tight coating. The low temperature formation of refractory metal and refractory metal carbide coatings... Agent: Lockheed Martin Corporation

20140239535 - Methods for making construction materials using enzyme producing bacteria: Methods for producing construction material utilizing loose pieces of aggregate (30), enzyme producing bacteria, an amount of urea and an amount of calcium ions. A first solution is prepared which includes urease which is formed by enzyme producing bacteria. A second solution is prepared which includes urea and calcium ions.... Agent: Biomason, Inc.

20140239536 - Hydrogel composition for a mask base and method for manufacturing a hydrogel using same: A hydrogel composition includes 0.1 to 10 wt % of a cross-linking agent, 0.2 to 6 wt % of a gelling polymer, 0.5 to 20 wt % of a polyhydric alcohol, and 70 to 90 wt % of purified water to maintain a form without a supporter, be stable without... Agent: Genic Co., Ltd.

20140239537 - Method for deforming a web: Methods for forming discrete deformations in web materials are disclosed. In some embodiments, the method involves feeding a web into an apparatus having nips that are formed between intermeshing rolls. The apparatus may be in the form of nested or other arrangements of multiple rolls, in which the web is... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20140239538 - Method of fabricating an ornamental urn: A method which allows creation of an ornamental urn from an object such as horns, antlers, rocks, or the like. The method generally includes steps which form an ornamental urn adapted to resemble an object. The ornamental urn may include an access port having a funnel portion leading to an... Agent:

20140239539 - Molded wire harness tool assembly: A system and method of manufacturing an over molded wire harness is disclosed herein. The system and method includes designing and manufacturing a positive mold made from interchangeable and reusable modular blocks. The positive mold is used to create a negative mold tool die, whereby the wire harness can be... Agent: Cvg Management Corporation

20140239540 - Device for fabricating a composite material part: A device for fabricating a composite material part by injecting resin into a fiber structure. The device includes: a first die presenting two adjacent support surfaces defining a reentrant angle between them; at least one chock with a wedge-shaped portion configured to press the fiber structure into the angle; and... Agent: Snecma

20140239541 - Electrochemical fabrication method including elastic joining of structures: Forming multi-layer 3D structures involving the joining of at least two structural elements, at least one of which is formed as a multi-layer 3D structure, wherein the joining occurs via one of: (1) elastic deformation and elastic recovery, (2) relative deformation of an initial portion of at least one element... Agent:

20140239542 - Customization of inner sole board: An inner sole board having varying regions of flexibility is provided for use in an article of footwear. The inner sole board may include different materials along its length at different locations that vary its flexibility. An inner sole board is manufactured in an injection molding process requiring only one... Agent:

20140239543 - Centerset faucet body and method of making same: A molded waterway assembly for a centerset faucet including a hot water inlet tube, a cold water inlet tube, and a central body of a coupler overmolded within hot and cold water bodies of the coupler.... Agent: Mercury Plastics, Inc.

20140239544 - Moulding arrangement and a method for producing an article using the moulding arrangement: A molding arrangement serves for molding articles at each stroke of an injection-molding machine in which an injection mold is mounted. The articles are composed of components made of different materials in cavities formed in the injection mold, with each cavities corresponding to the shape of a component whereby identical... Agent: Ptah Ab

20140239545 - Mold and method of manufacturing mesh-integrated filter using the same: Disclosed are a mold and a method of manufacturing a mesh-integrated filter using the same. The mold includes a lower body; a protruding pin provided to the lower body to protrude upward; a plurality of sliders slidably disposed on the lower body to move forward and surrounding a circumference of... Agent: Hanchang Enpla Co., Ltd.

20140239546 - Vehicle body: A method for forming a vehicle body, comprising: forming a rigid tub; mating the rigid tub to a first mould for a superstructure of the vehicle body; and subsequently rigidifying material in the first mould whilst part of that material is in contact with the tub to thereby form the... Agent: Mclaren Automotive Limited

20140239547 - The manner of production of container candle cartridges: The manner of production of container candle cartridges which consists in the placement of a mould (1) surrounding the wick (2) in the container (3) together with the wick (2) and pouring the flammable mixture into the mould (1) and then its removal; it is also possible to leave the... Agent: Korona Sa

20140239548 - Method and apparatus for fluting a web in the machine direction: A forming device for gathering the width of a traveling web is disclosed. The forming device includes opposing arrays of flute-forming bars that can be interlaced to define therebetween a longitudinal flute-forming labyrinth effective to reduce the width of a web traveling therethrough by a preselected take-up ratio. The flute-forming... Agent: Hbk Family, LLC

20140239549 - Casting member, casting method, and method of manufacturing lubricant used for casting: In the invention, a nano carbon layer that is constituted by a nano carbon group is formed on a molten metal contact surface of a casting member, and a lubricant that has a pulverulent body, which is constituted by BN, graphite, talc or silica, as a main component is applied... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140239550 - In-mold decoration molding method and in-mold decoration molding machine: The surfaces of a decorated sheet are tilted with respect to a parting face before a movement of a clamping member. When the clamping member moves to press the decorated sheet under tension to the parting face, a part of the clamping member first comes into contact with the decorated... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140239551 - Disposable dental valve device: A method for forming a disposable dental valve device is disclosed which comprises the steps of injecting a resin into a mold with the melt temperature of the resin being about 201° C. and the mold temperature being about 35° C., filling the resin in the mold for a fill... Agent: Stoma Ventures, LLC

20140239552 - Shaping of brittle materials with controlled surface and bulk properties: Methods of and devices for forming edge chamfers and through holes and slots on a material that is machined using a laser, such as an ultrafast laser. The shaped material has predetermined and highly controllable geometric shape and/or surface morphology. Further, a method of and a device for preventing re-deposition... Agent: Raydiance, Inc.

20140239553 - Multi-frequency induction heating of generatively produced components: The invention relates to a method and device for generatively producing components, said device comprising a radiation device for selectively radiating a powder bed, and an induction device for inductively heating the component produced by radiating the powder bed, Said induction device comprising at least one voltage source which can... Agent: Mtu Aero Engines Ag

20140239554 - Process and device for producing a three-dimensional object: e

20140239555 - Apparatus and method for producing two-sided patterned web in registration: An apparatus for casting a patterned surface on both sides of an opaque web. The apparatus includes a first patterned roll, a second pattered roll, and a means for rotating the first and second patterned rolls such that their patterns are transferred to opposite sides of the opaque web while... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20140239556 - System and method for applying heat and pressure to three-dimensional articles: A flexible manufacturing system can be used to fuse different layers of material together for forming an article of footwear. The system includes a base portion, an intermediate member and an upper member. The intermediate member includes a flexible membrane. The intermediate member can be sealed with the base portion... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140239557 - Blow molding process and apparatus: In at least some implementations, a blow molding process provides that portions of the parison are engaged by one or more clamping devices disposed on or adjacent to the blow mold parts, and that the blow mold is opened whereby the parison is torn apart between the clamping devices, into... Agent:

20140239558 - System for manufacturing a polymer endoprosthesis by injection molding and blow molding: A polymer endoprosthesis is fabricated by a combination of injection molding and blow molding which form a tubular substrate of polymer material, followed by laser cutting, crimping and sterilization. After the injection and blow molding processes, a subtractive process is performed on the tubular substrate to transform it into a... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

20140239559 - High pressure low temperature hot pressing method for producing a zirconium carbide ceramic: A method for producing monolithic Zirconium Carbide (ZrC) is described. The method includes raising a pressure applied to a ZrC powder until a final pressure of greater than 40 MPa is reached; and raising a temperature of the ZrC powder until a final temperature of less than 2200° C. is... Agent: United States Department Of Energy

08/21/2014 > 22 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20140232025 - Manufacturing method for shape memory polymer intraocular devices: A shape memory polymer (SMP) intraocular lens may have a refractive index above 1.45, a Tg between 10° C. and 60° C., inclusive, de minimis or an absence of glistening, and substantially 100% transmissivity of light in the visible spectrum. The intraocular lens is then rolled at a temperature above... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of Colorado

20140232026 - Method for manufacturing diffractive optical element: A diffractive optical element includes a diffractive surface. Raised portions and recessed portions are alternately arranged on the diffractive surface. A shape of the valley bottoms of the recessed portions varies according to regions of the diffractive surface.... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140232027 - Continuous method for the production of light guide plates: The present invention relates to a method for continuously producing light guide plates, e.g. for use as backlighting in LC displays, and to an apparatus for carrying out said method.... Agent: Evonik Roehm Gmbh

20140232028 - Diffractive optical element and method for manufacturing same: An element includes a first resin layer and a second resin layer disposed between a first glass lens substrate and a second glass lens substrate, a boundary surface between the first resin layer and the second resin layer having a diffraction grating shape including a plurality of inclined surfaces and... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140232029 - Kit for measuring the thrombin generation in a sample of a patient's blood or plasma: The invention provides a kit for measuring the thrombin generation in a sample of a patient's blood or plasma, or in a sample of clotting factors. The kit contains lyophilized tissue factor/phospholipid-complex and a lyophilized mixture containing a thrombin-substrate and CaCl2. The invention also provides processes for preparing the reagents... Agent: Baxter Healthcare Sa

20140232030 - Lithium silicate glass ceramic and lithium silicate glass comprising a hexavalent metal oxide: Lithium silicate glass ceramics and glasses containing specific oxides of hexavalent elements are described which crystallize at low temperatures and are suitable in particular as dental materials.... Agent: Ivoclar Vivadent Ag

20140232031 - Method for producing a composite structure composed of porous carbon and electrochemical active material: In order to provide an inexpensive product composed of a porous carbon provided with electrochemical active material, said product being suitable particularly for use as a cathode or anode material for a secondary battery, a process comprising the following process steps is proposed: (a) producing a template from inorganic material... Agent: Heraeus Quarzglas Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140232032 - Lithography original checking device, lithography original checking method, and pattern data creating method: In one embodiment, a lithography original checking method includes applying resin onto a first lithography original having a first concavo-convex pattern, hardening the resin, releasing the hardened resin from the first lithography original and producing a second lithography original having a second concavo-convex pattern corresponding to the first concavo-convex pattern,... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140232033 - Porous membrane: A membrane comprises a sheet of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene. The sheet includes a first extrudate made from a first PTFE fine powder resin mixed with processing lubricant at a first lube rate. A second extrudate is made from the first PTFE fine powder resin mixed with processing lubricant at the first... Agent: Bha Altair, LLC

20140232034 - Method for molding powder mold product: The present invention relates to a method for molding a powder mold product according to which a powder mold product of uniform quality can be molded with excellent productivity. The present invention includes the steps of: preparing raw material powder 3 (a preparing step); interposing a mold assembly-use lubricant between... Agent:

20140232035 - Reinforced fused-deposition modeling: An apparatus for manufacturing an object includes an extrusion head having an extrusion needle for extruding thermoplastic material associated with one or more fiber strands. The apparatus may further include a turn-table, a more robotic arm for moving the extrusion head and needle, thermoplastic filament and fiber strand spools and... Agent:

20140232036 - Dry-wet spinning device and method for manufacturing synthetic fiber: There is provided a dry-wet spinning device for an acrylic precursor fiber bundle for manufacturing carbon fibers, the device enabling stable spinning by making the coagulability of spun yarn (2) uniform by suppressing the vibration of the coagulating liquid surface to make the spun yarn (2) spun downward from a... Agent: Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd.

20140232037 - Nanostructure die, embossing roll, device and method for continuous embossing of nanostructures: A nanostructure die with a concavely curved nanostructured die surface for seamless embossing of at least one peripheral ring of a jacket surface of an embossing roll in a step-and-repeat process and an embossing roll for continuous embossing of nanostructures with an embossing layer, which has been applied on a... Agent: Ev Group E. Thallner Gmbh

20140232038 - Article comprising calcium for reducing the production of tsst-1: Articles comprising one or more calcium salts are provided. The articles can contain one or more calcium salts in an amount effective to reduce the production of TSST-1 by at least about 50% when measured by the Shake Flask Method. In certain embodiments, the one or more calcium salts can... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20140232039 - Method for manufacturing detecting sensor, detecting sensor, and transmission: A detecting sensor is disclosed having a magnet, a plurality of magnetic field detecting sensor elements, and a housing. The magnetic field detecting sensor elements have a plurality of adjacent, overlapped bodies and a plurality of terminals projecting from the bodies in a same direction. The housing is disposed over... Agent: Tyco Electronics Japan G.k.

20140232040 - Shoe customization system having interchangeable platens: Heat press platens for a shoe customization/decoration system and a method of using the same are disclosed. The platens may be quickly interchanged to allow the same equipment to be used to dye shoes of different sizes. The platens individually accommodate a pair of assembled shoes and are shaped to:... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140232041 - Internal mold release agents for polyurethane materials: An internal mold release agent (IMRA) which effectively releases a cured polyurethane (PU) material from a metal, in particular steel, mold. The IMRA is a surface active agent containing phosphorus or a combination (blend or reaction product) of the agent with other chemicals. In one embodiment the agent is a... Agent: Henkel Ag & Co. Kgaa

20140232042 - Method and apparatus for fabricating composite fasteners: Composite fasteners have a high fraction of discontinuous, randomly oriented reinforcing fibers. A charge of thermoplastic fiber flakes are heated to melting temperature within a reservoir, flowed into multiple mold cavities and compression molded. The molded fasteners have high strength, exhibit quasi-isotropic properties and may be produced in high volume.... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140232043 - Composition of polymers derived from renewable resources: The present invention relates to a polymer composition comprising polylactide and, based on the weight of this polymer, from 17 to 25 wt % of a chain modifier, from 30 to 55 wt % of an elastomeric polymer and from 20 to 45 wt % of a plasticizer. The invention... Agent: Futerro S.a.

20140232044 - Distribution system for injection moulding: A distribution system 18 of an injection moulding system 10 comprises an inlet 19 for receiving pressurized liquid plastic material, at least a first nozzle 24a and a second nozzle 24b for injecting liquid plastic material into a mould cavity 34, a distributor 20 for distributing the liquid plastic material... Agent:

20140232045 - One-star system for feeding and discharging containers for processing machines: The invention relates to a processing machine having a processing wheel, which is in particular continuously driven, comprising at least one processing station for processing containers; comprising only one star for feeding and removing containers into and out of the processing device, which has at least two gripper elements for... Agent: Krones Ag

20140232046 - Process for manufacturing an object from a sol-gel solution: A process for manufacturing an object made of a constituent material obtained from a sol-gel solution, the process including, successively: a) introducing the sol-gel solution into a mold of the object to be manufactured; b) gelling the sol-gel solution; c) drying the gel obtained in b) in the mold, by... Agent: Commissariat A I'energie Atomique Et Aux Ene Alt

08/14/2014 > 31 patent applications in 28 patent subcategories.

20140225287 - Method for manufacturing diffractive optical element: A diffractive optical element includes a diffractive surface. The diffractive surface includes a plurality of raised portions. Each of the raised portion has a first surface having a diffraction function, and a second surface extending upright to be connected to the first surface. A tilt angle of the second surface... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140225289 - Method and apparatus for clamping a spinning preform and reducing the vibration of twisted optical fiber from a spinning preform: An apparatus for manufacturing an optical fiber is provided. The apparatus includes a spindle having a bore for receiving a preform of the optical fiber along a longitudinal axis defined by the spindle. A plurality of work holding devices are positioned apart from each other along the longitudinal axis of... Agent: Ofs Fitel, LLC

20140225288 - Manufacturing method for optical compensation film:

20140225290 - Lithium silicate glass ceramic and lithium silicate glass comprising a trivalent metal oxide: Lithium silicate glass ceramics and glasses containing specific oxides of trivalent elements are described which crystallize at low temperatures and are suitable in particular as dental materials.... Agent: Ivoclar Vivadent Ag

20140225291 - Process and apparatus for fluffing a cleaning implement: A method of and apparatus for fluffing a cleaning article. The cleaning article has a layer of tow fibers and a layer of sheet material, joined together in a layered construction. The apparatus and process spray a fluid blast onto the article, disrupting the tow fibers. The fluid may be... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20140225292 - Mold monitoring for unauthorized use: A monitor for a reciprocating tool reporting the removal of the monitor from the tool, for determination of a reason for removal, such as routine maintenance cleaning, unauthorized use of the mold to produce parts, and the like. The reason for removal can be reported to any party, including but... Agent:

20140225293 - Systems and methods for manufacturing bulked continuous filament: A method of manufacturing bulked continuous carpet filament which, in various embodiments, comprises: (A) grinding recycled PET bottles into a group of flakes; (B) washing the flakes; (C) identifying and removing impurities, including impure flakes, from the group of flakes; (D) passing the group of flakes through an MRS extruder... Agent:

20140225294 - Subfloor component and method of manufacturing same: A method of manufacturing a subfloor component comprises providing a mold configured to form an insulating foam panel, the mold including pedestal-forming structures for forming the panel to have, in cross-section, a plurality of pedestals with walls that extend into the panel from a first face of the panel toward... Agent:

20140225295 - Method for producing microcellular foam polypropylene thick board: Disclosed is a method for producing a microcellular foam polypropylene thick board, by foaming a polypropylene motherboard by a flat foaming equipment, wherein the polypropylene motherboard bears a core structure and a pore canal structure in the core of the foam polypropylene motherboard, shortening a diffusion path of supercritical carbon... Agent: Microcell Technology Co., Ltd

20140225296 - Method of making a sandwich-type, compression-molded, composite component having improved surface appearance: A method of making a sandwich-type, compression-molded, composite component having improved surface appearance is provided. Resin skins and a core of a blank or stack of sandwich materials are heated to a softening temperature of the resin. A compression mold is provided including component-forming, upper and lower dies with opposing... Agent: GlobalIPHoldings, LLC

20140225297 - Composite connecting rod having an increased mechanical strength: A method of fabricating a connecting rod (6) out of composite material using three-dimensional fabric of woven reinforcing fibers, the connecting rod (6) extending in a main direction. The method comprises the steps of: cutting out one or more base pieces (7, 8) from a three-dimensional fabric; cutting out one... Agent: Messier-bugatti-dowty

20140225298 - Lining part and method for producing a lining part: A lining part, in particular for the interior of a motor vehicle, has a base body which is formed of a wood material. Slip-prevention elements which have a higher adhesion force than the surface of the base body are located on the surface of the base body.... Agent: Audi Ag

20140225299 - Solubilized collagen fibers and method for producing the same: Provided are novel solubilized collagen fibers with which solubilized collagen can be obtained by instantaneous uniform dissolution in water at the time of use. The solubilized collagen fibers are formed from a solubilized collagen solid content of 66 to 87 wt %, buffer salt content of 2 to 6 wt... Agent: Midori Hokuyo Co., Ltd.

20140225300 - Powder molding device and production method for powder molded product: A powder molding device, including: a pre-molding unit (6) for molding a sheet-form powder (14) having a first density higher than a density of the powder and not having fluidity by compressing a powder; and a molding roll (8) for molding a sheet-form molded product (16) having a second density... Agent: Zeon Corporation

20140225301 - Device and method for dynamic extrusion molding of plastic article having variable micro-channel: Disclosed is a device and method for dynamic extrusion molding of plastic articles having variable micro-channel. The device mainly includes a single-screw extruder, a dynamic extrusion die, a fluid source, a water sink, a tractor, a winding device, and a data acquisition and control system. Near outlet of extrusion die,... Agent: Zhejiang University

20140225302 - Vehicle-suspension shrinkable-tube producing device and a shrinkable-tube production method using same: A vehicle suspension thermally shrinkable tube of the present invention is formed in a shape corresponding to a vehicle-suspension coil spring having a spiral shape and is formed so as to have a larger diameter than the diameter of the spring so as to allow the spring to be coupled... Agent: Hankyung Component Trading Co., Ltd

20140225303 - Medicinal compositions quickly disintegrating in the oral cavity and process for producing the same: This invention relates to a medicinal composition, which rapidly disintegrates when taken in the oral cavity and shows sufficient hardness upon production, distribution and use in usual manner, can be obtained by adding, to a sugar alcohol and/or saccharide, a sugar alcohol and/or saccharide having a lower melting point than... Agent: Daiichi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

20140225304 - Helical graft: A graft includes a flow tubing having a tubing portion defining a flow lumen. The flow lumen of the tubing portion is substantially free of ribs or grooves. A centre line of the flow lumen follows a substantially helical path with a helix angle less than or equal to 65°.... Agent: Veryan Medical Limited

20140225305 - Hollow overlay molding process and system: A molding apparatus has a first top assembly which includes a first, a second, and a third top molding station; and a bottom assembly which includes a first, a second, and a third bottom molding station. The top and bottom assemblies may be repositioned relative to one another so that... Agent: Windsor Mold Inc.

20140225306 - Bundle tie with head dampener: An apparatus according to the present invention provides a bundle tie including a head dampener. The tie generally comprises a strap and a tie head coupled to the strap. The tie head is adapted to engage a free end of one strap, thereby forming a loop, which may be formed... Agent: Hellermann Tyton Corporation

20140225307 - Method for producing a fiber-reinforced plastics part with a connecting region: A process for producing a fiber-reinforced plastic part, includes the steps of providing a mat-type reinforcing matrix consisting of a fiber material; inserting the reinforcing matrix into an injection molding tool; closing the injection molding tool; placing a liquid thermosetting plastic material in the injection molding tool, the reinforcing matrix... Agent: Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft

20140225308 - Method for producing stretchable sheet: A method for producing a stretchable sheet that can uniform the shape, such as the width and thickness, and the strength, of a stretched nonwoven fabric. The method for producing a stretchable sheet according to the invention comprises a step of stretching a nonwoven fabric in the cross-machine direction perpendicular... Agent: Unicharm Corporation

20140225309 - Plastic bottle: Disclosed is a bottle for containing a beverage which has plastic body. The bottle includes a bottom surface having a non-sliding element located to be in contact with a surface when the bottle is in the upright position. In addition or alternately, the bottle includes a neck portion which has... Agent: Field Manufacturing Corp.

20140225310 - Manufacturing method for friction material: [Means to Resolve] This manufacturing method includes the mixing step of mixing the raw friction material compounds to obtain the raw friction material mixture, the kneading step to apply the raw friction material mixture in the sealed type kneader to knead while maintaining the melting temperature of the thermosetting resin... Agent: Nisshinbo Brake, Inc.

20140225312 - Biodegradable polymeric stents: Methods and systems of fabricating a polymeric stent are disclosed herein.... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

20140225311 - Manufacturing process for polymeric stents: Methods and systems of fabricating a polymeric stent are disclosed herein.... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

20140225313 - Methods of forming arrays of fuel cells on a composite surface: Methods of manufacturing a fuel cell array that include selectively removing portions of a coating layer from a composite layer. The composite layer includes a first surface and a second surface and a first coating is disposed over at least a portion of the first surface. A laser or mechanical... Agent: Societe Bic

20140225314 - Electromagnetic wave irradiation molding apparatus and electromagnetic wave irradiation molding method: An electromagnetic wave irradiation molding apparatus 1 includes a mold 2 made of an insulating material and electromagnetic wave irradiation means 4 for irradiating specific electromagnetic waves X including a wavelength region of 0.01 m to 100 m. The mold 2 is separated into mold parts 2A and 2B, between... Agent: Jsr Corporation

20140225315 - Blow-molding method for container with handle and blow-molding equipment: A blow molding device and a blow molding method are disclosed that can blow-mold a container with a handle without requiring a handle inserter that inserts a handle into a blow molding section. A blow molding method for blow-molding a container with a handle includes heating a preform (2) that... Agent:

20140225316 - Ferrite magnetic powder for bond magnet and manufacturing method of the same, and bond magnet: To provide ferrite magnetic powders for bond magnet capable of surely suppressing residual hexavalent chrome, being an environmental load substance, having no adverse influence on the magnetic characteristics, which is an obstacle in use, and without damaging productivity and at a low cost. The method includes the steps of obtaining... Agent: Dowa Electronics Materials Co., Ltd.

20140225317 - Method for manufacturing ferroelectric film:

08/07/2014 > 28 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20140217626 - Molding apparatus and molding method: A lens molding apparatus (100) of the present invention includes: a mold (1) having a transfer surface (1a); a mold (2) having a transfer surface (2a); heating devices (3a and 3b) for curing, by heating, a resin material which is supplied to the transfer surface (1a) and against which the... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20140217625 - Method of impression-based production of a filter for an electromagnetic radiation: A process for producing an electromagnetic radiation filter includes at least two color filters, each formed from a stack on a stiff substrate of at least one dielectric layer and of metal layers in alternation, in order to transmit at least two colors. The process comprises depositing on said substrate... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

20140217627 - Method for manufacturing optical element and device for manufacturing same: A method for manufacturing an optical element, the method including: heating an optical element material by suspending it in a gas; supplying the heated optical element material from a direction which intersects a central axis interconnecting centers of a first mold and a second mold to a space between molds... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20140217629 - Apparatuses having outlet elements and methods for the production of microfibers and nanofibers: Described herein are apparatuses and methods of creating fibers, such as microfibers and nanofibers. The methods discussed herein employ centrifugal forces to transform material into fibers. Apparatuses that may be used to create fibers are also described. Described herein are fiber producing devices that have various types of outlet elements... Agent: Fiberio Technology Corporation

20140217628 - Systems and methods for the production of microfibers and nanofibers using a fluid level sensor: Described herein are apparatuses and methods of creating fibers, such as microfibers and nanofibers. The methods discussed herein employ centrifugal forces to transform material into fibers. Apparatuses that may be used to create fibers are also described. Described herein are fiber producing devices that have various types of outlet elements... Agent: Fiberio Technology Corporation

20140217630 - Method for the production of multiphase composite materials using microwave plasma process: Disclosed herein is a method to produce multiphase composite materials directly from solution precursor droplets by a fast pyrolysis process using a microwave plasma embodiment containing a microwave generating source, a dielectric plasma torch, and a droplet maker. Here, using homogenous solution precursors, droplets are generated with a narrow size... Agent: Amastan LLC

20140217631 - Sulfur granulator system and method: Sulfur (or sulphur) spray nozzles disposed with a tank spray liquid molten sulfur into the cooling liquid in the tank. Solid sulfur seeds are formed in the cooling liquid and settle in the tank. The tank may be a spiral dewaterer tank that has a screw conveyor at the bottom... Agent:

20140217632 - Method for temperature control of a shaping tool: wherein there is provided at least one sensor by which at least one of the parameters from the group of temperature, through-flow amount and pressure can be detected and that there is provided a control or regulating device for regulating or controlling a delivery of the pump system, to which... Agent: Engel Austria Gmbh

20140217633 - Temperature control device for a shaping tool and method of controlling the same: A method of temperature control of a shaping tool or components of a shaping working machine is performed by a temperature control medium disposed in at least one temperature control branch of a temperature control system. A previously ascertained relationship between geometrical data of the at least one temperature control... Agent: Engel Austria Gmbh

20140217634 - Device and method for immobilizing patients for breast radiation therapy: According to the improved systems and methods described herein, a patient may be immobilized so that one or both breasts are returned to a known position. Additionally, the improved systems and methods reduce respiratory movement of the breasts. Thus, the immobilization devices and techniques described herein provide accurate and reproducible... Agent: Loma Linda University Medical Center

20140217635 - Porous synthetic resin molded part and method of producing the same: A method of producing a porous molded part includes a mixing process for mixing a granular porous organizer composed of a water-soluble compound, a porous forming assistant agent composed of a polyhydric alcohol, and a cross-linking agent composed of an organic peroxide with a thermoplastic resin composition having a glass... Agent: Shachihata Inc.

20140217636 - Articles prepared using recycled materials and methods of preparation thereof: The present invention is directed to articles of manufacture having at least a portion prepared using recycled material, including but not limited recycled rubber or other polymeric materials. The articles may incorporate the recycled materials in a granulated form. In specific embodiments, the article comprises an article of footwear (i.e.,... Agent: Aetrex Worldwide, Inc.

20140217637 - Compartmentalized pellet for improved contaminant removal: This invention is to an improved method for cleaning contaminated polymer when that polymer is to be blended with clean material. The method involves combining the contaminated material and the clean material in a compartmentalized pellet wherein the contaminated material is placed in the outermost compartment, the clean material is... Agent: M & G Usa Corporation

20140217638 - Mold and method for manufacturing mold: Provided is a technology for suppressing, in a mold having a heat-insulating layer formed therein, a problem of chipping of the heat-insulating layer and the like even when a penetrating member is inserted through a through-hole provided in the mold. The mold is provided with a mold body having a... Agent: Polyplastics Co., Ltd., 973,

20140217639 - Downhole impression imaging system and methods using shape memory material: A system and method for obtaining an impression of an object in a remote environment. An impression block is affixed to a running string and disposed into the remote environment and used to form an impression. The impression block includes an impression section formed of a shape memory material that... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20140217640 - Mould for producing atomizer nozzles, mould set, negative mould and method for producing an atomizer nozzle: A mould for producing atomizer nozzles, wherein a mouthpiece core mould part defines an inner wall of the mouthpiece, at least in the region of a transition between the mouthpiece and the flow chamber, and is of integral design, wherein the flow chamber core mould part has a substantially smooth... Agent:

20140217641 - Process for the manufacturing of a board for gliding on snow, and board for gliding on snow obtained from this process: Process for the manufacturing of a board for gliding on snow, with the said board including at least one fibrous reinforcement (20) embedded in an acrylic resin, during which one places all the component parts of the board in a mold in order, after closure of the mold, to expose... Agent: Skis Rossignol

20140217642 - Reactor and manufacturing method thereof: Divided cores 11, 12 includes left and right leg portions and a yoke portion and formed by molding a yoke portion side core material within resin. The leg portions of the divided core are formed by tubular core mounting portions 41, 42. I-shaped leg portion side core materials 51-53 and... Agent: Tamura Corporation

20140217643 - Carbon nanotube fiber and method for producing the same: There are provided carbon nanotube fibers having excellent mechanical property and a method for producing the same. In a long carbon nanotube fiber 11 in which a plurality of carbon nanotubes 12 are assembled, the carbon nanotubes 12 comprise a diameter ranging from 0.4 to 100 nm and are oriented... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140217644 - Form for making structures: A form for forming a void or an architectural feature of a predetermined configuration in a moldable forming composition is disclosed. Embodiments of the invention provide an adjustable form body having first and second sides, said form body configurable between a first substantially planar position and a second non-planar position.... Agent:

20140217645 - Moulding methods and apparatus: Valves (110) and other apparatus, methods of moulding and moulds (112) are provided for the moulding of materials such as injection or injection-compression moulding of molten thermoplastic materials. The valve includes a valve element/piston (126) that is orientated at 60 degrees relative to the mould's bounding wall (116) and that... Agent:

20140217646 - Mask manufacturing apparatus and method of manufacturing mask using laser beam: A mask manufacturing apparatus includes a laser irradiator, a stage, a frame, and a heat spreader sheet. The laser irradiator divides a laser beam into a plurality of sub-laser beams and irradiates the sub-laser beams to a shadow mask material which is placed over a stage. The frame is disposed... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20140217647 - Additive manufacturing of tiled objects: Objects and methods for the manufacture of objects are provided such that the manufactured objects comprise a plurality of tile pieces and seams between the tile pieces, the seams allowing for controlled breaking of the objects. In some embodiments, the objects comprise casting molds or mold parts comprising a tile... Agent: Materialise N.v.

20140217648 - Fabric including polyolefin elastic fiber: An article comprising a yarn comprising an elastomeric propylene-based polymer composition; said polymer composition comprising at least one elastomeric propylene-based polymer, wherein said yarn has a draft greater than 200%; wherein said article is a fabric or a garment.... Agent: Invista North America S.a R.l.

20140217649 - Tissue engineered constructs: The present invention relates to a field of biocompatible membranes, tubes and conduits which comprising a photosensitizer which is capable of being crosslinked to form a three dimensional structure which can be implanted into a subject to assist in tissue bonding and nerve maintenance and development. Methods of making such... Agent: The General Hospital Corporation

20140217650 - System for injection molding and related method: A system for injection molding a part includes a plate, first and second primary mold slides, first and second secondary mold slides and at least a first core post. The first and second primary mold slides define an exterior of a first portion of a molded part and are movable... Agent: Mann+hummel Gmbh

20140217652 - Method and device for manufacturing a cylindrical part from composite material: A method for manufacturing a cylindrical part from composite material, and a molding device to implement the method, the method including: installation of a fibrous structure on a horizontal mandrel; formation of an annular enclosure for molding around the fibrous structure and the mandrel; supply of the enclosure with resin... Agent: Snecma

20140217651 - Pressure sensitive flow distribution medium for vartm: A method for manufacturing a fibre reinforced composite by means of a vacuum assisted resin transfer moulding, comprising the steps of placing a fibre material in a mould, placing a flow distribution medium onto the fibre material, and covering the fibre material and the flow distribution medium with a vacuum... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

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