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Plastic and nonmetallic article shaping or treating: processes

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08/07/2014 > 28 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20140217626 - Molding apparatus and molding method: A lens molding apparatus (100) of the present invention includes: a mold (1) having a transfer surface (1a); a mold (2) having a transfer surface (2a); heating devices (3a and 3b) for curing, by heating, a resin material which is supplied to the transfer surface (1a) and against which the... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20140217625 - Method of impression-based production of a filter for an electromagnetic radiation: A process for producing an electromagnetic radiation filter includes at least two color filters, each formed from a stack on a stiff substrate of at least one dielectric layer and of metal layers in alternation, in order to transmit at least two colors. The process comprises depositing on said substrate... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

20140217627 - Method for manufacturing optical element and device for manufacturing same: A method for manufacturing an optical element, the method including: heating an optical element material by suspending it in a gas; supplying the heated optical element material from a direction which intersects a central axis interconnecting centers of a first mold and a second mold to a space between molds... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20140217629 - Apparatuses having outlet elements and methods for the production of microfibers and nanofibers: Described herein are apparatuses and methods of creating fibers, such as microfibers and nanofibers. The methods discussed herein employ centrifugal forces to transform material into fibers. Apparatuses that may be used to create fibers are also described. Described herein are fiber producing devices that have various types of outlet elements... Agent: Fiberio Technology Corporation

20140217628 - Systems and methods for the production of microfibers and nanofibers using a fluid level sensor: Described herein are apparatuses and methods of creating fibers, such as microfibers and nanofibers. The methods discussed herein employ centrifugal forces to transform material into fibers. Apparatuses that may be used to create fibers are also described. Described herein are fiber producing devices that have various types of outlet elements... Agent: Fiberio Technology Corporation

20140217630 - Method for the production of multiphase composite materials using microwave plasma process: Disclosed herein is a method to produce multiphase composite materials directly from solution precursor droplets by a fast pyrolysis process using a microwave plasma embodiment containing a microwave generating source, a dielectric plasma torch, and a droplet maker. Here, using homogenous solution precursors, droplets are generated with a narrow size... Agent: Amastan LLC

20140217631 - Sulfur granulator system and method: Sulfur (or sulphur) spray nozzles disposed with a tank spray liquid molten sulfur into the cooling liquid in the tank. Solid sulfur seeds are formed in the cooling liquid and settle in the tank. The tank may be a spiral dewaterer tank that has a screw conveyor at the bottom... Agent:

20140217632 - Method for temperature control of a shaping tool: wherein there is provided at least one sensor by which at least one of the parameters from the group of temperature, through-flow amount and pressure can be detected and that there is provided a control or regulating device for regulating or controlling a delivery of the pump system, to which... Agent: Engel Austria Gmbh

20140217633 - Temperature control device for a shaping tool and method of controlling the same: A method of temperature control of a shaping tool or components of a shaping working machine is performed by a temperature control medium disposed in at least one temperature control branch of a temperature control system. A previously ascertained relationship between geometrical data of the at least one temperature control... Agent: Engel Austria Gmbh

20140217634 - Device and method for immobilizing patients for breast radiation therapy: According to the improved systems and methods described herein, a patient may be immobilized so that one or both breasts are returned to a known position. Additionally, the improved systems and methods reduce respiratory movement of the breasts. Thus, the immobilization devices and techniques described herein provide accurate and reproducible... Agent: Loma Linda University Medical Center

20140217635 - Porous synthetic resin molded part and method of producing the same: A method of producing a porous molded part includes a mixing process for mixing a granular porous organizer composed of a water-soluble compound, a porous forming assistant agent composed of a polyhydric alcohol, and a cross-linking agent composed of an organic peroxide with a thermoplastic resin composition having a glass... Agent: Shachihata Inc.

20140217636 - Articles prepared using recycled materials and methods of preparation thereof: The present invention is directed to articles of manufacture having at least a portion prepared using recycled material, including but not limited recycled rubber or other polymeric materials. The articles may incorporate the recycled materials in a granulated form. In specific embodiments, the article comprises an article of footwear (i.e.,... Agent: Aetrex Worldwide, Inc.

20140217637 - Compartmentalized pellet for improved contaminant removal: This invention is to an improved method for cleaning contaminated polymer when that polymer is to be blended with clean material. The method involves combining the contaminated material and the clean material in a compartmentalized pellet wherein the contaminated material is placed in the outermost compartment, the clean material is... Agent: M & G Usa Corporation

20140217638 - Mold and method for manufacturing mold: Provided is a technology for suppressing, in a mold having a heat-insulating layer formed therein, a problem of chipping of the heat-insulating layer and the like even when a penetrating member is inserted through a through-hole provided in the mold. The mold is provided with a mold body having a... Agent: Polyplastics Co., Ltd., 973,

20140217639 - Downhole impression imaging system and methods using shape memory material: A system and method for obtaining an impression of an object in a remote environment. An impression block is affixed to a running string and disposed into the remote environment and used to form an impression. The impression block includes an impression section formed of a shape memory material that... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20140217640 - Mould for producing atomizer nozzles, mould set, negative mould and method for producing an atomizer nozzle: A mould for producing atomizer nozzles, wherein a mouthpiece core mould part defines an inner wall of the mouthpiece, at least in the region of a transition between the mouthpiece and the flow chamber, and is of integral design, wherein the flow chamber core mould part has a substantially smooth... Agent:

20140217641 - Process for the manufacturing of a board for gliding on snow, and board for gliding on snow obtained from this process: Process for the manufacturing of a board for gliding on snow, with the said board including at least one fibrous reinforcement (20) embedded in an acrylic resin, during which one places all the component parts of the board in a mold in order, after closure of the mold, to expose... Agent: Skis Rossignol

20140217642 - Reactor and manufacturing method thereof: Divided cores 11, 12 includes left and right leg portions and a yoke portion and formed by molding a yoke portion side core material within resin. The leg portions of the divided core are formed by tubular core mounting portions 41, 42. I-shaped leg portion side core materials 51-53 and... Agent: Tamura Corporation

20140217643 - Carbon nanotube fiber and method for producing the same: There are provided carbon nanotube fibers having excellent mechanical property and a method for producing the same. In a long carbon nanotube fiber 11 in which a plurality of carbon nanotubes 12 are assembled, the carbon nanotubes 12 comprise a diameter ranging from 0.4 to 100 nm and are oriented... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140217644 - Form for making structures: A form for forming a void or an architectural feature of a predetermined configuration in a moldable forming composition is disclosed. Embodiments of the invention provide an adjustable form body having first and second sides, said form body configurable between a first substantially planar position and a second non-planar position.... Agent:

20140217645 - Moulding methods and apparatus: Valves (110) and other apparatus, methods of moulding and moulds (112) are provided for the moulding of materials such as injection or injection-compression moulding of molten thermoplastic materials. The valve includes a valve element/piston (126) that is orientated at 60 degrees relative to the mould's bounding wall (116) and that... Agent:

20140217646 - Mask manufacturing apparatus and method of manufacturing mask using laser beam: A mask manufacturing apparatus includes a laser irradiator, a stage, a frame, and a heat spreader sheet. The laser irradiator divides a laser beam into a plurality of sub-laser beams and irradiates the sub-laser beams to a shadow mask material which is placed over a stage. The frame is disposed... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20140217647 - Additive manufacturing of tiled objects: Objects and methods for the manufacture of objects are provided such that the manufactured objects comprise a plurality of tile pieces and seams between the tile pieces, the seams allowing for controlled breaking of the objects. In some embodiments, the objects comprise casting molds or mold parts comprising a tile... Agent: Materialise N.v.

20140217648 - Fabric including polyolefin elastic fiber: An article comprising a yarn comprising an elastomeric propylene-based polymer composition; said polymer composition comprising at least one elastomeric propylene-based polymer, wherein said yarn has a draft greater than 200%; wherein said article is a fabric or a garment.... Agent: Invista North America S.a R.l.

20140217649 - Tissue engineered constructs: The present invention relates to a field of biocompatible membranes, tubes and conduits which comprising a photosensitizer which is capable of being crosslinked to form a three dimensional structure which can be implanted into a subject to assist in tissue bonding and nerve maintenance and development. Methods of making such... Agent: The General Hospital Corporation

20140217650 - System for injection molding and related method: A system for injection molding a part includes a plate, first and second primary mold slides, first and second secondary mold slides and at least a first core post. The first and second primary mold slides define an exterior of a first portion of a molded part and are movable... Agent: Mann+hummel Gmbh

20140217652 - Method and device for manufacturing a cylindrical part from composite material: A method for manufacturing a cylindrical part from composite material, and a molding device to implement the method, the method including: installation of a fibrous structure on a horizontal mandrel; formation of an annular enclosure for molding around the fibrous structure and the mandrel; supply of the enclosure with resin... Agent: Snecma

20140217651 - Pressure sensitive flow distribution medium for vartm: A method for manufacturing a fibre reinforced composite by means of a vacuum assisted resin transfer moulding, comprising the steps of placing a fibre material in a mould, placing a flow distribution medium onto the fibre material, and covering the fibre material and the flow distribution medium with a vacuum... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

07/31/2014 > 28 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.
07/24/2014 > 22 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20140203462 - Method of manufacturing plate workpiece with surface microstructures: A method of manufacturing a plate workpiece with surface microstructures is provided. Before press-molding, a preform is placed between a first mold with a pattern and a second mold, and is disposed on the second mold. Next, the first mold and the second mold are heated to a transition temperature... Agent: Chao-wei Metal Industrial Co. Ltd

20140203461 - Polycrystalline sintered nano-gran zinc sulfide ceramics for optical windows: A method is provided for producing an article which is transparent to visible and infrared radiation. The method includes the steps of forming a green body from a population of nanoparticles; depositing a layer of ZnS powder over the green body, thereby producing a covered green body; and sintering the... Agent:

20140203463 - Multi-layer surgical guide: A drill guide employs multiple layers of materials with different mechanical properties in order to achieve concurrent goals of rigidity, fit and retention. For example, a rigid exterior shell and a soft interior may be used together to securely and precisely fit a drill guide to a surgical site.... Agent: Guided Surgery Solutions, LLC

20140203465 - Cosmetic multi-layered wiper: A multi-layered wiper for removing a product (e.g., a cosmetic product) from an applicator. The multi-layered wiper comprises a wiping body having a wiping face, an acute wiping tip, and vertical slits, formed of a first material, over-molded to a retention body, formed of another material harder than the first... Agent: Hct Group Holdings Limited

20140203464 - Systems and methods for forming a nanopore in a lipid bilayer: A method of forming a nanopore in a lipid bilayer is disclosed. A nanopore forming solution is deposited over a lipid bilayer. The nanopore forming solution has a concentration level and a corresponding activity level of pore molecules such that nanopores are substantially not formed un-stimulated in the lipid bilayer.... Agent:

20140203466 - Closed loop control of auxiliary injection unit: A method and apparatus of controlling commencement of an injection of a melt stream of moldable material from an auxiliary injection unit. A sensor is placed in an injection molding system to sense a condition related to an injection of a first melt stream of a first moldable material provided... Agent: Mold-masters (2007) Limited

20140203467 - Method of forming graphene nanomesh: A method of reducing the diameter of pores formed in a graphene sheet includes forming at least one pore having a first diameter in the graphene sheet such that the at least one pore is surrounded by passivated edges of the graphene sheet. The method further includes chemically reacting the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140203468 - Polymer composites: The present disclosure pertains to resins/filler composites that are formed via a resin infusion process. Certain embodiments are directed to methods and systems that may be used to produce a moulded composite article. An exemplary method comprising: a) filling to a predetermined level a mould tool with particles; b) infusing... Agent: Weir Minerals Australia Ltd

20140203469 - Graphene-sulfur nanocomposites for rechargeable lithium-sulfur battery electrodes: Rechargeable lithium-sulfur batteries having a cathode that includes a graphene-sulfur nanocomposite can exhibit improved characteristics. The graphene-sulfur nanocomposite can be characterized by graphene sheets with particles of sulfur adsorbed to the graphene sheets. The sulfur particles have an average diameter less than 50 nm.... Agent: Battelle Memorial Institute

20140203470 - Apparatus and method for producing layered mats: The invention relates to an apparatus for forming a layered mat of non-oriented particles in a particle board production process, comprising first rollers for size-fractionating a continuous stream of particles into a first and a second fraction; second rollers arranged lower than the first rollers, to receive the first fraction,... Agent: Ikea Industry Ab

20140203471 - Method of molding gas hydrate pellet: A method is for molding a gas hydrate pellet for improving convenience of handling of a natural gas hydrate during transportation and storage, and thereby improving the practical use of the natural gas hydrate. Gas hydrate slurry is fed in a compression chamber, and pressure and compression are applied to... Agent: Mitsui Engineering And Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.

20140203472 - Novel oriented polymer composite article, composition and method of manufacture: The disclosure generally relates to a solid state non-proportional, adjustable, tapered drawing die and an oriented polymer article formed therefrom. More specifically, embodiments relate to a non-proportional draw die used to produce oriented, dimensionally accurate, symmetric or asymmetric polymer composite profiles having simple profiles or complicated profiles with multiple edges.... Agent:

20140203473 - Multi-layered fuel tubing: The invention describes a flexible tubular article for transport of volatile hydrocarbons comprising: (a) an inner layer of a polyvinylidene difluoride (PVDF) polymer or a polyvinylidene difluoride copolymer; (b) an intermediate thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) layer extruded in tubular form over the inner PVDF layer, and (c) a polyvinyl chloride polymer... Agent: Saint-gobain Performance Plastics Corporation

20140203474 - Device for coating electrically conductive wires: e

20140203475 - Antimicrobial, molded laminate shopping cart part and method of manufacturing same: An antimicrobial, molded laminate shopping cart part and method of manufacturing same are provided. The part, such as a small child seat, includes a structural carrier made from a thermoplastic resin and having an outer surface. The part further includes a formed plastic film sheet having upper and lower surfaces.... Agent: GlobalIPHoldings, LLC

20140203476 - A method of treating a net made from ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene: A method of treating a net (2) formed from interconnecting strands (4a, 4b) of ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE), the net (2) being formed with knotless intersections (6), comprising the steps of: a) heating the net (2) to a temperature of from 80° to 135° C.; b) applying tension to the net... Agent:

20140203477 - Method and apparatus for fabricating composite stringers: Method and tooling apparatus for forming a composite charge into a stringer having an I-shaped cross-section. A substantially flat composite charge is placed on a die set and pressed formed into a die set cavity to form a stringer hat. A stringer base is formed by press forming the composite... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140203478 - System and method for molding soft fluid-filled implant shells: Systems and methods for molding shells for fluid-filled prosthetic implants, including spinning and rotating dip- or spray-mandrels during a devolatilization step to ensure an even covering. The mandrels may be spun during the dipping or spraying step, and/or afterward while a solvent evaporates until a gum state is formed. The... Agent: Allergan, Inc.

20140203479 - Method and system for reuse of materials in additive manufacturing systems: Embodiments of the present invention are directed to a system and method for reusing surplus material generated by an Additive Manufacturing system in the process of manufacturing a 3-dimensional (3D) object. Surplus material removed from deposited layers and purged material used for printing head maintenance are transferred to back to... Agent:

20140203480 - Production of unit dose constructs: Dissolvable unit dose constructs and their method of manufacture are disclosed in which the unit dose constructs are formed of a composition including a polymer matrix that includes a water soluble polymer, active ingredient, and a liquid carrier. The composition is deposited directly, such as by stenciling, to form individual... Agent: Arx, LLC

20140203460 - Laser sintering systems and methods for remote manufacture of high density pellets containing highly radioactive elements: The invention relates to remotely operated laser sintering systems and methods for manufacturing pellets containing highly radioactive elements. The highly radioactive elements can be recovered from used nuclear fuels. The systems and methods of the invention employ a feed composition including one or more highly radioactive elements and a ceramic... Agent: Westinghouse Electric Company LLC

20140203481 - Method for the stretch-blowing of a container, comprising a retraction of the stretch rod during a boxing operation: A method of manufacturing a container from a blank in a stretch blowing assembly equipped with a mold provided with a wall and a mold bottom axially movable between an extended position and a retracted position and a stretch unit having a rod axially movable with respect to the wall... Agent: Sidel Participations

07/17/2014 > 27 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20140197559 - Mold, mold manufacturing method and method for manufacturing anti-reflection film using the mold: A mold of at least one embodiment of the present invention includes: a base; a conductive layer provided on the base; and an anodized film provided on the conductive layer, the anodized film having an inverted motheye structure in its surface, the inverted motheye structure having a plurality of recessed... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20140197558 - Method of ring-shaped structure placement in an eye-mountable device: Example eye-mountable devices and methods for fabricating eye-mountable devices are described. A method may include applying a first amount of polymerizable material to a ring-shaped structure, where the ring-shaped structure comprises at least one sensor configured to detect an analyte. The method also may include positioning the ring-shaped structure with... Agent:

20140197560 - Production of carbon-fiber reinforced coke: A method produces carbon fiber-reinforced coke. Carbon fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP) materials derived from components and semi-finished products are continuously fed through a top side of the drum of a delayed coker as a partial flow or as a main flow, and the CFRP materials sink through the gas phase into... Agent: Sgl Carbon Se

20140197561 - Detection of change in orientation of central axis of platen assembly: A molding system (100), comprising: a platen assembly (102) having: (i) a mold-support face (104), and (ii) a central axis (106) extending orthogonally from the mold-support face (104); and a detection assembly (108) being positioned relative to the central axis (106), the detection assembly (108) being configured to detect, at... Agent:

20140197562 - Composite material for making articles out of polyurethane doped with polymeric gel and the procedure for making it: A standard polyurethane doped with a polymeric gel uniformly diffused in the body, where the polyurethane acquires the properties of the gel without any change to its structure in a durable stable manner.... Agent: New Wind S.r.l.

20140197563 - Carbon dioxide sequestration in concrete articles: Concrete articles, including blocks, substantially planar products (such as pavers) and hollow products (such as hollow pipes), are formed in a mold while carbon dioxide is injected into the concrete in the mold, through perforations.... Agent:

20140197564 - Method for producing fine particles: Provided is a method for producing fine particles in which fine particles having a uniform particle size distribution can be simply obtained with a low environmental load. The present invention relates to a method for producing fine particles including the step of preparing minute pieces by cutting a resin film... Agent:

20140197565 - Circumferential walker: An orthopedic device in the form of a circumferential walker includes a first member (posterior shell) and a second member (dorsal shell) corresponding to the first member. An outsole or plantar shell portion is attached to, or formed on or with the posterior shell. A hinge mechanism is provided between... Agent: Ossur Hf

20140197566 - Twin screw extruder: An extruder is disclosed, and more particularly, a twin screw extruder for mixing, compounding, kneading and/or extruding of materials. The twin screw extruder includes a barrel assembly having a housing. The twin screw extruder further includes a first screw provided within the housing and comprising threads. The twin screw extruder... Agent: King Abdulaziz City For Science And Technology

20140197567 - Compacting and injection mold for a fiber preform for fabricating a turbine engine guide vane made of composite material: A compacting and injection mold for a fiber preform is for use in fabricating a turbine engine guide vane out of composite material. The mold includes a shell forming a trough that is to receive the fiber preform and that is closed in leaktight manner by bottom and top covers,... Agent: Snecma

20140197568 - Mineral composite panel and its production process: The embodiments herein provide a prefabricated mineral composite panel and a method for producing the same for constructing the internal walls, the lateral walls and the corner walls in a building. The method comprising the steps of: preparing and assembling a cast, fixing a mesh in the cast, pouring a... Agent: Easy Wall Holding Fze

20140197569 - Method of fabricating a hole in a composite panel: A method of forming a hole in a composite panel includes positioning a first fiber sheet on a layup table, where the layup table has a forming tool extending outward from a portion of the table, and the fiber sheet includes a plurality of fibers oriented along a first common... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140197570 - Injection molding method and injection molding machine: After a first die and a second die are opened, a base film of a film is separated from the first die so as to tilt the surface of the film with respect to a parting face of the first die.... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140197571 - Prevention of fretting crevice corrosion of modular taper interfaces in orthopedic implants: A thin high strength polymer based self-reinforced composite (SRC) made from a biocompatible and commonly used orthopedic implant material is interposed between the hard connections of the modular taper interface of an orthopedic implant. A thick film of this ultra high strength SRC with the fibers oriented to maximally resist... Agent: Syracuse University

20140197573 - Concrete forming systems and methods: Systems and methods for constructing concrete foundations are provided which allow for rapid and high-precision placement and alignment of anchor bolts across large distances. A frame system is constructed outside of an excavation and then suspended, using supports, over an excavation. The frame system can include a frame having one... Agent: Goss Construction, Inc.

20140197572 - Method for producing a tubular hollow body, and tubular hollow body: The invention relates to a method for producing a tubular hollow body (1) with at least three pipe openings, partly or completely consisting of plastics material. It is provided that a lost core pipe (9), which has a connection opening (13, 14) on each of its ends and has at... Agent: Georg Fischer Jrg Ag

20140197574 - Apparatus and method usable with an injection molder for producing articles: An apparatus usable with an injection molder for producing articles includes a first mold support including a first mold, and a second mold support including a second mold and a first die. The first mold support is movable relative to the second mold support between a first position and a... Agent: Dentsply International Inc.

20140197575 - Device for injecting a filling material in the fluid phase into a canal space: A method is for fabricating a device for injecting a filler material in the fluid phase into a root canal space, the device including an adapter nozzle, an auto-mixer connected to the adapter nozzle, an intra-oral injection nozzle positioned at the upper end of the auto-mixer. The method includes using... Agent:

20140197576 - Device and method for the production of a three-dimensional object: The device and the method serve for the production of a three-dimensional object from a solidifiable by a sequential discharge of drops onto an object carrier for the object to be produced, the device including discharge unit with an outlet orifice discharges drops along an axis (s) in a direction... Agent: Arburg Gmbh + Co. Kg

20140197577 - Durable earthenware engraving process: A method of forming a detailed image on a surface of an earthenware item is disclosed. The method comprises: (a) processing a digital image to produce an output image; (b) etching a burnable material to create peaks, valleys and indents corresponding to the output image to form a mold; (c)... Agent:

20140197578 - Electrophotographic endless belt, method for producing the same, and electrophotographic apparatus: A high-quality electrophotographic endless belt and a method capable of efficiently producing the belt are provided. A method for producing an electrophotographic endless belt comprising a base layer including a thermoplastic resin composition and an inner-surface layer, which includes: (1) forming an energy curable film having a glass transition temperature... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140197579 - Polymer additive layer manufacturing: An additive layer manufacturing method for producing a shaped article, comprising providing a powdered thermoplastic polymer material (7, 8) having a re-solidification temperature at most 10% below its melting temperature on the Celsius scale, depositing successive layers of the powdered polymer material (7, 8) and selectively sintering each layer prior... Agent: Eads Uk Limited

20140197557 - Method for preparing a porous nuclear fuel: A method for producing a porous fuel including uranium, optionally plutonium, and optionally at least one minor actinide, the method including: a) compacting a mixture including a first type of agglomerate including uranium oxide in a form of uranium dioxide UO2, optionally plutonium oxide, and optionally at least one minor... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Ene Alt

20140197580 - Method for producing a bio-pet polymer: The invention relates to a method for producing a bio-PET polymer comprising the following steps: Step A) providing at least one diacid compound, comprising a terephtalate compound; Step B) providing at least one diol compound, comprising monoethylene glycol; wherein—at least one of the terephtalate compound and/or the monoethylene glycol is... Agent:

20140197581 - Apparatus for the heating of plastics material pre-forms with aeration screening capable of being dismantled: An apparatus (1) for the heating of plastics material pre-forms (10) with a conveying device (2) which conveys the plastics material pre-forms (10) along a pre-set conveying path (T), with at least one heating element (4) which is arranged along the conveying path (P) of the plastics material pre-forms (10)... Agent:

20140197582 - Pressure maintaining device for creating composite components by injecting resin and associated method: A pressure maintaining device for a resin injecting system, including a first chamber that can be connected to a pressurizing device and is able to be connected to a vacuum generating device; a second chamber that can be connected to a resin injection network of the injection system by a... Agent: Snecma

20140197583 - Ceramic composition and ceramic injection-molding process: A ceramic composition for an injection-molding process for producing a combustion chamber pressure sensor, in particular for producing an insulation punch of a combustion chamber pressure sensor, includes a ceramic component in a proportion of greater than or equal to 50% by weight and a glass component in a proportion... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

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