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Plant husbandry

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10/02/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140290131 - Growth media heating apparatus for a plant propagation container: Apparatus for heating the soil or other growth media in a plant propagation container, including a set of low-voltage silicone-encased heating elements embedded directly in the growth media. The silicone heating elements are sturdy and inherently waterproof, as they are designed to operate in harsh, high moisture industrial environments, and... Agent:

20140290132 - Landscape edging system: A landscape edging system uses a series of holes placed at even intervals vertically and horizontally creating two rows of holes along straight pieces of edging, one row along the top and another along the bottom of the edging. The purpose of these holes is to allow runs of edging... Agent:

20140290133 - Seed mat: A seed mat for placement on a growing medium, such as soil. The seed mat includes a biodegradable mat having at least one hole, and a seed that is placed in the hole. The seed is encapsulated in the hole between top and bottom biodegradable sheets that are adhered to... Agent: Seamates, LLC

20140290134 - Materials and methods for controlling nematodes with pasteuria spores in seed coatings: The subject invention provides novel and advantageous materials and methods for controlling phytopathogenic and/or soil-dwelling nematodes by attaching an effective amount of Pasteuria spores to a seed and delivering the seeds to the situs of nematodes.... Agent:

20140290135 - Method and system for the vacuum infiltration of plants: The present invention relates to a system (1) for infiltrating plant tissue with macromolecules or microorganisms. The system comprises an infiltration chamber (2) having at least one sealable hatch for receiving plant tissue, means (P1) for reducing pressure within the infiltration chamber; a first release valve (V1) in fluid communication... Agent: Philip Morris Products S.a.

20140290137 - Hydroponic growing system: An indoor plant growing system and a method of using the same. The system includes a base defining an interior compartment, a mast extending upwardly from the base, a first arm extending outwardly from the mast, a cable hanging downwardly from the first arm, one or more pots engaged on... Agent:

20140290136 - Raised garden bed with louver-secured corner brackets: A raised garden bed is provided including wood plank sides that are secured at their joints with corner brackets forming corners. The brackets have two panels joined along one edge with a U-shaped channel at the base of each panel to receive a wood plank. Louvers extend into the channels... Agent:

09/25/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140283441 - Method for increasing algae growth and the use thereof in production of algae-derived biofuels and other chemicals: A method of increasing yield of cultivated algae, which entails the step of cultivating one or more species of algae in the presence of one or more species of PPFM bacteria, for at least a portion of the algae cultivation.... Agent:

20140283442 - Stalk inoculation systems and methods: In various embodiments, the present disclosure provides an automated mobile inoculation system (10) for inoculating a plurality of plants with a desired pathogen at a high-throughput. The system includes a chassis (14) having a plurality of wheels (18, 22) rotationally mounted thereto such that the system (10) is terrestrially mobile.... Agent: Monsanto Technology LLC

20140283443 - Method for cultivating sugar cane: The present invention relates to a method for cultivating sugar cane comprising removing buds together with meristematic tissue from the stalk of a 6 to 18 months old sugar cane plant, treating the buds with at least one fungicide and/or at least one insecticide and/or at least one nematicide and/or... Agent: Basf Se

20140283444 - Tomato tower with adjustable support trays: A device for a tomato plant having tomatoes and a vine and replaceably supporting from four orthogonal directions and from varying heights relocation of the tomatoes of the tomato plant from lower elevations to higher elevations as the tomato plant grows. The device includes uprights, cross members, and supports. The... Agent:

20140283445 - Apertured lawn treatment spike: The present invention describes a lawn spike that is configured to distribute a solution of water, fertilizer, or pesticides into the soil. The device includes a proximal end and a spiked distal end, whereby the proximal end includes a reservoir and a removable cap, and the spiked distal end includes... Agent:

20140283446 - Water supply device for planting: A water supply device put on the soil or buried in the soil in which the plants are planted. The water supply device includes a first part, a second part and a pipe. The first part is an annular part with a notch. The first part has a water storage... Agent:

20140283447 - Seed pellets and soils for growing plants: The invention relates to the field of seed germination and growing of plants. A composition comprising a clay, an inert material, optionally a fibrous material, and a fourth component is provided, characterized in that said fourth component comprises a cation selected from the group consisting of Al, Zr and Ti... Agent: Eurochem N.v.

20140283450 - In-room hydroponic air cleansing unit: The unit arranges plants around a media-cylinder in a vertical hydroponic configuration. The unit passes room-air over the roots of the plants, and significantly cleanses the air in a large room of contaminants. The unit is placed to receive light from e.g a window of the room. The unit includes... Agent: Nedlaw Living Walls Inc.

20140283451 - Hydroponic array for the individualized delivery of nutrients: Systems and methods configured to deliver fluids to an array of plant deliver different fluids to different plants or groups of plants. The fluids include one or more of nutrients, dyes, insecticides, and/or herbicides. Delivery may be controlled such that a graphic and/or image is depicted by an array of... Agent: Disney Enterprises, Inc.

20140283452 - Photosynthetic grow module and methods of use: A photosynthetic grow module including a fully enclosed ISO container, within which resides a removable cartridge including a lighting system and hydroponic system, is described. The removable cartridges are configured to be readily removed from within an ISO container for planting and harvesting, and readily inserted into an ISO container... Agent:

20140283448 - Modular garden planter bed structure: The present invention relates to a modular structure for provision of a raised garden planter bed. The structure includes at least first and second receptacles adapted to be juxtaposed and connecting means adapted to bind the juxtaposed receptacles together. The present invention also relates to a kit of parts and... Agent: Vegepod Pty Ltd.

20140283449 - Flower pot holder: A container holder for removably suspending a container, such as a flower pot, to a vertical structure. The container holder comprises a vertical structure securing member configured to frictionally engage the vertical structure and a container supporting member configured to support therein the container, the container supporting member being connected... Agent:

09/18/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140259896 - Systems and methods for cultivating and harvesting blue water bioalgae and aquaculture: Methods and systems for utilizing deep ocean water in the cultivation and harvesting of nutrients and CO2 for algae and other valuable aquaculture species for the production of algal biomass and the like. The systems of the present invention include a floating deep water harvesting barge, a containment device, and... Agent:

20140259898 - Selectively eradicating plants: A method of selectively eradicating plants includes generating images of multiple plants arranged in a bed using a machine vision system mounted to a platform moving along the bed, determining respective locations of the multiple plants from the generated images, selecting from among the multiple plants one or more target... Agent:

20140259897 - Infinitely variable planting or spraying device: In one embodiment, an applicator system comprising a beam; an applicator transducer; an applicator hose system coupled to the beam and the applicator transducer, the applicator hose system comprising: a trolley system configured to move bi-directionally along the beam based on a cable-pulling operation of the applicator transducer; a hose... Agent: Agco Corporation

20140259899 - Movable building crown: Systems for using one or more rotating roofs on a building to track the sun or for other reasons such as for changing the lighting, or views, or for using the rotating roofs as a mobile sculptures are disclosed.... Agent:

20140259900 - Protection system for mechanized covering of plant crops: Protection system for the mechanized covering of plant crops which are usually planted in rows, of the type in which vertical poles (1) are arranged along the rows and have heights greater than those of the crowns of the plants to be protected, the poles being interconnected by longitudinal (3)... Agent: Magif S.a.s. Di Cappi Angelo & C.

20140259901 - Plant protection system: A system and method for deterring animal interaction with woody plants is provided, including a wire mesh cage. The wire mesh cage is formed from one of a sheet of steel wire mesh and a stake cage. The sheet of wire mesh may be formed into a tubular configuration to... Agent:

20140259902 - Landscape edging system: An improved landscape edging system is described. The landscape edging system includes an edge piece having a first end and a second end, the edge piece having a substantially vertical wall and a base, the base comprising a first footing at the first end and a second footing at the... Agent: Keystone Retaining Wall Systems LLC

20140259903 - Water level indicating tree stand: A tree stand is described that secures a tree while monitoring and replenishing a water supply for sustaining the tree. The tree stand includes a tree stand base having a reservoir configured to receive a trunk of a tree and contain water for nourishing the tree, and a water supply... Agent:

20140259904 - System and process for irrigating and monitoring the growth of plants: There is at least one embodiment that comprises a system for harvesting plants comprising at least one container for receiving and growing plants; at least one irrigation system configured to feed water to at least one of said plurality of containers; and at least one microprocessor configured to calculate a... Agent:

20140259905 - Methods for modifying flowering time and seed yield in field crops: Methods for manipulating yield and generation time of short day plants grown in a field environment are provided. The methods comprise manipulating external signals such as photoperiod in order to increase the per plant seed yield. Also provided are methods for synchronizing the flowering times of plants in different maturity... Agent: Monsanto Technology, LLC

20140259906 - Microenvironment for efficient uptake of fertilizers and other agrochemicals in soil: The present invention provides a bead comprising: i) an external zone comprising a super absorbent polymer (SAP) that is capable of absorbing at least about 5 times its weight in water, surrounding ii) at least one internal zone comprising a core that contains at least one agrochemical, wherein the external... Agent: Makhteshim Chemical Works Ltd.

20140259907 - Variable ion generation and delivery: Embodiments of a system and method are described. In one embodiment, the system is generates ions for use in treating vegetation to optimize growth of the vegetation. The system includes an ion generation region having a pair of dissimilar metal plates. The ion generation chamber receives a liquid and routes... Agent: G-ro Technologies, LLC

20140259908 - Configurable modular hydroponics system and method: A modular hydroponic growth system and method for applying the system having a central nutrient solution and nutrient reservoir that feeds nutrient solution and nutrients to one or more growth modules. A wall of the growth module is adapted to be removed to allow unimpeded access along a side of... Agent:

20140259919 - Configurable modular rooftop farming system: A modular hydroponic growth system and method for roof top farming. The system includes a nutrient solution reservoir and preferably at least one plant growth module. Each module may be repositioned upon a roof top to distribute higher weight-density components over strong points or legally specified areas of the roof.... Agent:

20140259921 - Aquaponic system: An aquaponic system for growing organic materials and farming fish comprising a grow bed, a piping system, and a tank. The grow bed is filled with media. Water fills the grow bed via a water-in piping system. Water drains from the grow bed via a water-out piping system. Water drained... Agent:

20140259920 - Led light timing in a high growth, high density, closed environment system: Disclosed herein is a high growth, high density, closed environment growing system and methods thereof. A method of accelerating plant cell growth in a growing system may include adjusting the lighting in accordance with an identified plant growth stage.... Agent:

20140259909 - Growth substrate for plants: A growth substrate for plants including polylactic acid, wherein the polylactic acid is particulate polylactic acid foam. A method for preparing a growth substrate for plants including polylactic acid foam, the method including providing particulate expandable polylactic acid and exposing the particulate expandable polylactic acid to predetermined temperature and pressure... Agent: Synbra Technology B.v.

20140259911 - Low-stress plant training: Provided is a low stress plant training receptacle including a container having a closed bottom and an open top, the later having a rim, and a plurality of pairs of branch training means formed and positioned about the rim to accept and retain the lower plant branches of a plant... Agent:

20140259912 - Rootzone heating for energy conservation using latent heat storage: The invention provides improved compositions and methods for growing and cultivating plants, wherein the compositions and methods comprise placing phase change materials (PCMs) close to, in contact with, or substantially in contact with, a plant root system, a plant pot or a plant soil (containing plant roots) to absorb the... Agent: Entropy Solutions Inc.

20140259910 - Seedling container with frangible tear-off strip: One embodiment of the present invention is a seedling container having seedling compartment(s). Frangible tear-off strip(s) divide seedling compartment(s) into top portion(s) and bottom portion(s). Pulling on pull tab(s) of frangible strip(s) permits removal of frangible strip(s) from seedling compartment(s) so as to permit bottom portion(s) to be conveniently removed... Agent:

20140259913 - Stackable elevated planter: A stackable elevated planter has a rectangular or oval body that holds potting soil. Two or four legs sockets are attached to and extend away from the bottom of the planter body to define a rectangle. Legs are provided such that each leg has one end sized to fit within... Agent: Adams Mfg. Corp.

20140259914 - Hollow pot: A hollow pot includes a pot unit and a hollow tube. The hollow tube is a hollow unit and installed to inner surface of a mold set before pressurized air is introduced in the mold set and before the mold set is closed. A probe is inserted into the mold... Agent:

20140259915 - Vegetative roofing systems: Vegetative systems are described. In one embodiment, a vegetative system has substantially distinct or separate zones or layers in which each zone or layer performs primarily one of the functions of water retention, a growth medium for vegetation, and weed suppression. An upper may comprise coarse aggregate and serve the... Agent: Furbish Company, LLC

20140259916 - Agriculture production system with temperature controlled root zone: An agriculture production system includes a plurality of plant housings interconnected by conduit portions of a conduit assembly. Each plant housing has an upper housing portion that supports a plant in a growing media therein and a lower housing portion defining a chamber cavity below the upper housing portion so... Agent: Inoag, LLC

20140259918 - Expandable hanging garden with automatic watering and fertilizing device: The invention relates generally to a hanging gardening and watering apparatus comprising: a set of trellises pivotally connected to each other and to opposing sides in a vertical scissor arrangement allowing for the frame to expand and contract varying the volume occupied by the frame; a fertilizing system carried by... Agent:

20140259917 - Hanging basket cover: A hanging basket cover including a body having a first, open end and an opposing second end, and at least two flexible arms transversely extending from the first end of the body. The arms are movable between a rest position and a flexed position, where a hanging basket is inserted... Agent:

09/11/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140250778 - Photon modulation management system: Embodiments described herein provide systems for optimizing organism growth, destruction or repair, by controlling the duty cycle, wavelength band and frequency of photon bursts to an organism, through the high frequency modulation of photons in an individual color spectrum to the organism, where the photon modulation is based upon the... Agent: Xiant Technologies, Inc.

20140250779 - Guide and fastening device for plant support wires: Guide and fastening device for plant support wires, in particular for rows of grapevines, the device having at least one pair of vertical upright elements, fastened to a head pole and provided with longitudinal guides within which are made to slide fastening elements for the lateral containment wires for the... Agent:

20140250780 - Removable support surface: A removable support surface has knitted loops of yarn, and has piles extending from the knitted yarn to form an artificial turf, or to form a hybrid turf when combined with natural grass which grows between the knitted yarn. The piles may be hollow to retain liquid, and the dimensions... Agent:

20140250781 - Novel light sources and methods for illuminating plants to achieve effective plant growth: A method of growing a plant or its propagule is described. The method includes: (i) powering a light source with input power to generate an incident light; (ii) illuminating, for a period of time, a growth area of the plant/propagule with the incident light having a spectral profile defined by... Agent:

20140250782 - Roof growth system: The present invention relates to a roof growth system, comprising: at least one holder-like container (6) for placing on a roof (3, 5) and having a growth substrate (18) therein during use; a connection (11, 12) for arranging the container on the roof at least during use, further comprising: at... Agent: Visser 's-gravendeel Holding B.v.

20140250783 - Biodegradable plant container: A biodegradable container including a base, at least one sidewall extending from the base and comprising an inner surface and an opposite outer surface, at least a portion of the base and the at least one side wall is formed from seaweed, and a biodegradable polymer coating applied to at... Agent:

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