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Plant husbandry

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12/04/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140352208 - Grass protector: A cover is provided for protecting grass from sun damage. The cover is perforated to allow an optimal amount of sunlight to reach the underlying grass, as well as allowing water to reach the grass. The cover is secured to the ground by inserting an anchor through an anchor hole... Agent:

20140352209 - Plant support frame, plant support frame system, and use of a plant support frame and plant support frame system: A plant support frame for supporting plants, comprising a rod attachment for supporting flat holding elements adapted for receiving a vertically adjustable rod, said rod attachment comprising a substantially H-shaped attachment member having a first slot, a first recess and a first connecting web formed between the first slot and... Agent:

20140352210 - Ultrasonically enhanced seed germination system: The invention consists of a sonication and imbedding process for the uptake of water and/or other beneficial substances into a seed for the purposes of reducing the time needed for germination of a plant and the time needed for full maturity growth of the resultant plant. This invention teaches that... Agent:

20140352211 - Luminaire system, method, and apparatus for optimizing plant growth in a controlled farming environment technological field: A luminaire system, apparatus, and method of using thereof, is disclosed for optimizing plant growth in a controlled farming environment. Different types of plants have different light requirements, and different inputs to controlled farming environment have different costs. For example, there may be certain times of day where, if power... Agent:

20140352212 - Granular compositions and methods for drought mitigation: The present application relates to methods and compositions and compositions for watering plant roots, and more particularly, to water soluble granular compositions for application to grass and other root bearing plants, the granules including a wood, mineral and binder granule impregnated with a root watering composition having a humectant as... Agent: Ecologel Solutions, LLC

20140352213 - Herbicidal compositions and methods: Described are preferred methods and compositions for controlling weeds in soil that involve the use of a bleaching herbicide such as fluridone in combination with at least one other additional selected herbicidal agent, which is preferably a PPO-inhibitor such as fomesafen or flumioxazin. Also described are safening effects of bleaching... Agent:

11/27/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140345194 - Tree injection system: A tree injection system operates to deliver fluid chemistry to a tree. The tree injection system includes a tree injection device. The tree injection device includes an injection gun and a motorized fluidics system. Some embodiments further include a pod system that includes a pressurizable fluid container that receives fluid... Agent:

20140345195 - Solar energy funneling using thermoplastics for agricultural applications: Disclosed is a wavelength-conversion material, and methods for its use, that includes an organic fluorescent dye and a polymeric matrix, wherein the organic fluorescent dye is solubilized in the polymeric matrix, and wherein the polymeric matrix is capable of absorbing light comprising a wavelength of 500 to 700 nm and... Agent: Saudi Basic Industries Corporation

20140345196 - Method and apparatus for repelling flying insects: The present disclosure provides an apparatus and method for repelling flying insects. In particular, the present apparatus and method is effective at repelling mosquitoes via the mechanical movement of air in a space that is subject to mosquito presence. The mechanical movement of air is achieved via the utilization of... Agent: Lancaster Outdoor Inc.

20140345197 - Instant tomato growing kit: A kit for cultivating a plant having at least one seed of said plant, an amount of a compressed growing medium for germination and growth of said seed or seeds upon the absorption of water into said compressed medium, said growing medium comprising at least one growing composition; a collapsible... Agent: X-seed, Inc.

11/20/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140338257 - Novel strain of pleurotus nebrodensis and method for cultivating the same: A novel strain of Pleurotus nebrodensis (Daewang No. 1, Accession No.: KACC93181P) and a method for cultivating it are provided. The novel strain of Pleurotus nebrodensis is different from the existing Pleurotus ferulae in shape and physiological characteristic, has an extra after-ripening period, can be grown at a low temperature... Agent:

20140338258 - Thermal plant treatment and a machine to apply the treatment: The invention relates to a method of impacting the fruit production of a plant or crop by applying short-duration thermal shock streams of hot air to the plant periodically to impact the flavonoid biosynthetic pathway mechanisms in a plant thereby improving its fruit. The method includes the steps of (1)... Agent:

20140338259 - Pluggtrainer: The present invention relates to a container for propagating growth of seedlings, having a main body comprising a base, a central wall extending vertically from the base. A first wall section and a second wall section are arranged to the main body. The first wall section and the second wall... Agent: Nelson Garden Ab

20140338260 - Support for vine plants and tomato plants: e

20140338261 - Modular aeroponic system and related methods: Disclosed is a modular aeroponic system that accommodates different support-mediums and misting or spray configurations. In one embodiment, the disclosed system comprises: a root chamber with plumbing that is coupled to a nutrient distribution system; a first interchangeable-lid for the root chamber that functions as a first type of support... Agent:

11/13/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140331552 - Bioreactor: According to embodiments of the present invention, a bioreactor for growing photoautotrophic organisms is provided. The bioreactor includes a vessel configured to receive the photoautotrophic organisms, the vessel having a longitudinal axis, which a circumferential wall extends around said axis, wherein said circumferential wall is translucent so as to enable... Agent:

20140331553 - Plant hydration method and composition: A composition comprising super absorbent polymers, such as polyacrylates, combined with other materials, and provided to the seed at the time of planting in the soil, or shortly thereafter, provides hydration to the seed for proper germination of the seed. The composition is effective to provide hydration for an extended... Agent:

20140331555 - Methods and systems for growing plants using silicate-based substrates, cultivation of enhanced photosynthetic productivity and photosafening by utilization of exogenous glycopyranosides for endogenous glycopyranosyl-protein derivatives, and formulations,: Methods for promoting plant growth based on novel photosafening treatment regimes with glycopyranosides including glycopyranosylglycopyranosides, and aryl-a-D-glycopyranosides, and more specifically, with one or more compounds comprising terminal mannosyl-triose, optionally in the presence of light enhanced by one or more light reflecting and/or refracting members such as silicon-based substrates. Furthermore, chemical... Agent:

20140331554 - Plant tray: A horticulture tray including a growing cell. The growing cell includes a first end, a second end, a sidewall, and a plant supporting portion. The first end defines a first aperture having a first diameter. The second end is opposite the first end and has a second diameter that is... Agent: Blackmore Company, Inc.

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