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Plant husbandry

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05/21/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150135585 - Apparatus for non-destructive testing of a seed: The present invention provides a method and apparatus for non-destructive testing of a seed. In various embodiments, the method may comprise vibrating the seed to orient the seed on an axis, identifying a location of a known feature of the seed, determining a sample location on the seed based on... Agent:

20150135586 - Pick-up and delivery system and associated methods: The present disclosure relates to a pick-up and delivery system including a pick-up assembly and a delivery assembly. The pick-up assembly includes a robotic arm, a pick-up device rotatably mounted on the robotic arm, and a first vacuum pressure supply port operably connected to the pick-up device. The delivery assembly... Agent: Weyerhaeuser Nr Company

20150135587 - Landscaping material with water management properties: A composition is provided as a treatment to be added to landscaping material. The treatment includes glycerin and is applied to the landscaping material at a rate of about 0.3 pounds treatment per cubic yard (178 grams per cubic meter) of landscaping material. The treatment formulation may be at least... Agent: Basf Corporation

20150135593 - Hydroponics apparatus: A hydroponics apparatus includes a plurality of rails, a plurality of chambers formed beneath the plurality of rails, a plurality of pod inserts disposed on the upper surfaces of the plurality of rails, a plurality of air lines, and a plurality of hoses. The upper surface of each of the... Agent:

20150135588 - Potted plant display stand: The potted plant display system of the present invention uses plant trays into which potted plants are placed. Watering of the potted plants is accomplished by filling the plant trays with water and allowing the soil within the pots to absorb the water in a bottom up fashion. Multi-tier or... Agent:

20150135589 - Method of manufacturing a plant receptacle as well as a plant receptacle: Method of manufacturing a plant receptacle wherein the following steps are performed: a) a PLA thread is co-extruded with a flexible aliphatic polyester, said flexible aliphatic polyester comprising 10 wt % to 30 wt % bamboo material, such that the flexible aliphatic polyester covers the PLA thread, thereby creating a... Agent:

20150135591 - Assembly of a plant pot having a wick and a container: The present invention relates to an assembly, comprising a plant pot (258) having a bob tons (260) and at least one side wall (264), extending from the bottom up to a top rim and at least one hole (268) which is arranged in or at least near the bottom, at... Agent:

20150135590 - Multiple potted-plant self-watering system: A multiple plant container self-watering system comprises a primary container at a first elevation and a plurality of secondary containers at different elevations, fluidly connected by means of tubing. The primary container comprises a primary outer shell that encloses a primary reservoir pot, having an expanded upper portion and a... Agent:

20150135592 - Modular device for raising seedling: The present invention discloses a modular device for raising seedling that comprises at least two individual containers to receive a culture medium and a seedling, and at least a coupling member. Each of the individual containers is provided with at least a pair of the coupling bumps arranged on two... Agent:

05/14/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150128488 - Lighting device capable of providing horticulture light and method of illuminating horticulture: The invention provides a lighting device (100) with light emitting diodes (10) configured to generate light (11) having a wavelength selected from the range of 400-475 nm, wherein the lighting device (100) comprises at least two light emitting parts (100a, 100b). The first light emitting part (100a) comprises a first... Agent:

20150128489 - Plant growing system: In a plant growing system, a first light source irradiates a plant with light having a peak wavelength in a range from 380 to 560 nm and a peak wavelength in a range from 560 to 680 nm and a second light source irradiates the plant with far-red light having... Agent: Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

20150128490 - Plant illumination device and method for dark growth chambers: An improved method to produce artificial light for plant cultivation, an illumination device with a semiconductor light emission solution and device suited for plant cultivation in a greenhouse and/or dark growth chamber environment are described. The best mode is considered to be a lighting device with LEDs that produces an... Agent:

20150128495 - Multifunctional planting system: A multifunctional planting system includes a supporter and a spraying device. The supporter includes a base and a plurality of lateral walls. The lateral walls are bent from the base to form a sunken structure for storing nutrient solution. The spraying device is disposed on the supporter. The spraying device... Agent: Chunghwa Picture Tubes, Ltd.

20150128491 - Modular magnetic container system: A vessel in a modular magnetic storage system is set forth. The vessel includes at least one magnet housing assembly configured to securely store a magnet therein. The magnet housing assembly is provided on, within a portion, or within a wall of the vessel. An interior wall of the vessel... Agent:

20150128492 - Plant growth substrates: A man-made vitreous fibre (MMVF) plant growth substrate is provided. The substrate has properties including a volume of 3 to 20 litres, two layers of differing density, and the use of an organic binder selected from formaldehyde free binders. This is found to provide a substrate which allows excellent control... Agent:

20150128493 - Method of accelerating the growth and development of trees and shrubs via enhanced root development: A method and container for developing seedlings includes germinating the seeds and air pruning the seedlings to a depth of about 3 inches.... Agent: Wayne Lovelace & Judy Lovelace

20150128494 - Plant tower: The stackable plant container module of the present invention is adapted such that a plurality of plant container modules will nest together for storage and/or shipping while allowing the plant container modules to be stacked vertically into a multi-level plant tower. The stacked plant tower includes a water bowl, defining... Agent:

05/07/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150121750 - Covering mechanism for a cold frame: A mechanism for covering and uncovering a cold frame includes a starting base and a spaced-apart terminal base, a frame, and a cover deployable over the frame starting at the starting base and ending at the terminal base. The cover is wrapped from its midline around a cover shaft rotated... Agent:

20150121751 - Seed-delivered, soil-amendment method and composition: A material for assisting in at least one of germination, protection, hydration, and thriving of seeds and the plants originating therefrom treats a seed with a tackifier or binder, such as corn syrup or the like, which secures a layer of hydrating polymer particles thereto. Nutrients, protectants, and the like... Agent:

20150121752 - Method of growth for the chile del monte chili plant: Disclosed herein is a method directed to growing the Capsicum annuum var. glabriusculum chili plant also known as the Chile Del Monte chile plant. More specifically, the present invention generally relates to a method of growing the Chile Del Monte chili plant through a series of steps starting with the... Agent:

20150121753 - Method and apparatus for selective photomorphogenesis in plants: Disclosed is a method and apparatus for selective photomorphogenesis of plants by directly illuminating the plant stem or other plant structures using various wavelengths of light and various light sources. The methods and apparatus disclosed can be used in commercial agriculture, plant breeding research programs, genetically engineered plant research and... Agent:

20150121754 - Methods and compositions using fungal laccases to reduce turf thatch: The present disclosure includes methods and compositions for reducing turf thatch and/or preventing turf thatch buildup. The compositions include isolated fungal laccase enzymes, such as laccase enzymes from white rot fungi. Methods of reducing and/or preventing turf thatch buildup include applying compositions including isolated fungal laccase enzymes to turfgrass.... Agent:

20150121757 - Watering device: An example arrangement includes a vessel, a foam block positioned within the vessel, and a watering device positioned at least partially within the foam block. The watering device may include a reservoir portion positioned outside the foam block and a stem portion in fluid communication with the reservoir portion, the... Agent: Provide Commerce, Inc.

20150121755 - Configurable segmented plant pots: The present invention includes a system and method of aggregating different flowers or plants in a single container. Different plant types (species, colors, sizes, shapes, etc.) are grown in individual smaller pots having particular horizontal cross-sections. A plurality of the individual smaller pots are then closely fit into an outer... Agent: W.j. Griffin, Inc.

20150121756 - System for plant cultivation in containers in a vertical or sloped arrangement: A system for plant cultivation in containers located in a vertical or sloping arrangement on different levels includes a module. The module includes an internal volume for receiving at least one nutritive substrate and at least one plant. The internal volume is delimited by a front wall having at least... Agent:

04/30/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150113869 - Modular plant growing system with support and protection features: A plant growing system protects plants during spring, for early and/or fast growth, and supports the plants later in the growing season. Frames hold panels that protect the plants by enclosing, shielding, and/or shading the interior growing space, and upon removal of the panels, the frames may support the larger... Agent:

20150113870 - In situ production of fertilizer: A system for creating a nitrate combined with a liquid. A corona discharge cell to generate an electrical field. The corona discharge cell further comprising a conduit to pass air through the electrical field to produce nitric oxide NO, wherein the air comprises a mixture of at least nitrogen N2... Agent:

20150113871 - Plant growth substrate medium: The present disclosure provides materials and methodology for growing plants, such as small fruit plants. For example, and in one embodiment, agricultural by-products, such as nut shells, could be used as or in a plant growth medium for growing a strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, blueberry, and/or black-raspberry.... Agent: Plant Sciences, Inc.

20150113872 - Fast growing plants of the family violaceae: The present invention relates to a plant of the family Violaceae, in particular to a pansy plant having shortened growing time. In particular, a plant of the invention grows significantly faster than a control plant when grown at the same time and under the same conditions. Methods of growing a... Agent: Syngenta Participations Ag

20150113873 - Hydrophilization polymers and methods for use: Soil/seed hydrophilization polymers comprising: monomer Ab comprising at least one betaine group or at least one cationic group; and optionally, monomer Ba comprising at least one non-ionic group or at least one anionic group, wherein the polymer is water-soluble or water-dispersible; and provided that if the monomer Ab comprises a... Agent: Rhodia Operations

20150113875 - Apparatus and method for optimizing delivery of nutrients in a hydroponics system: A method and apparatus for improving nutrient delivery to plants in a hydroponics system is disclosed. A farming assembly in accordance with the various embodiments of the present invention include a frame (18), a flume (12), and an adjuster (16). The frame is configured to hold a plurality of plants... Agent:

20150113874 - Apparatus for watering plants: An apparatus to water plants made from a pliable and flexible sheet that, in a storage position, comprises a plane. The apparatus includes an elongated main part with a central, longitudinal axis. The main part includes a first arm that extends along a first edge of the main part on... Agent:

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