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Plant husbandry

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04/16/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150101243 - Needleless inoculation: The present disclosure provides systems and methods for inoculating a plurality of plants. In various embodiments, an exemplary method includes spraying a plurality of plants with an inoculum utilizing an automated inoculum spraying subsystem of a mobile inoculation system. The method additionally includes spraying the plurality of plants with a... Agent:

20150101244 - Method for hydrating cut flowers and an absorbent pad for use therewith: A method for hydrating cut flowers during packing, storage, and transport is provided. The present disclosure also provides a method for hydrating cut flowers in which a particular absorbent pad is used therein. The present disclosure further provides that the absorbent pad can contain an active agent that is activated... Agent:

20150101245 - Seed coating compositions: Disclosed herein are several exemplary seed coating compositions, and exemplary methods for creating and using the same. Also disclosed are several exemplary seed coating manufacturing processes, and the products created by such processes. The seed coating compositions for increasing crop production by protecting coated seeds after planting and during seedling... Agent:

20150101246 - Illumination apparatus used for plant cultivation: The present invention provides an illumination apparatus for plant cultivation, including a unit configured to change light in any wavelength region of 300 nm or higher and 600 nm or lower (wavelengths of 452 nm to 474 nm, for example) to light in the wavelength region having dominantly a right-circularly... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150101247 - Method for remediating soil with single or combined contamination of cd and pb by hyperaccumulator emilia sonchifolia l.: A method for remediating soil which is contaminated by an individual or a mixture of Cd and Pb with a hyperaccumulator Emilia sonchifolia L. includes steps of: planting seeds or seedlings of Emilia sonchifolia L. in soil which is contaminated by an individual or a mixture of Cd and Pb;... Agent:

20150101248 - Mesh lined planter box: Disclosed herein is a mesh lined planter box for use in growing of plants where mobility and/or easy removal of the plants and/or growing media is desired. The mesh lining in one example comprises a replaceable fabric mesh bag into which growing media is placed for growing of plants. Also... Agent:

04/09/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150096224 - Method of indoor mushroom cultivation: For indoor mushroom cultivation, a method of irrigating the mushrooms includes drip irrigation pipes in the bed. The drip irrigation pipes can be disposed in a casing layer that overlies a substrate layer, and irrigation can be according to measurements taken in the environment outside of the bed.... Agent:

20150096225 - Mini greenhouse having an automated temperature control: A greenhouse comprises a body, a lid, an actuator, a temperature sensor and a controller. The body has a front wall, a back wall and two opposite lateral walls. The actuator is connected to the body and is in contact with the lid. The temperature sensor is connected to the... Agent:

20150096226 - Method and apparatus for non-dispersing ground cover: An enhanced ground cover whereby voids in the bodies are created for reception of material that exceeds the density of water that is placed in the voids for stable engagement by adhesive, fixing agents or by puncturing the material and inserting high density material or by embedding into the ground... Agent:

20150096230 - Method of improving the growth and production output of plants of the family cannabaceae sensu stricto: A method of improving the growth of plants belonging to the family Cannabaceae sensu stricto by providing a plant nutrient solution about the plant roots and a gas mixture circulating about the plant shoot; by selecting the gas mixture and plant nutrient solution temperature independently of the other; and providing... Agent:

20150096227 - Wire pot hanger: Wire pot hangers are presented including: a wire form including a number of bends, a planar base portion sized and formed to support a pot, a lateral portion extending inwardly from the planar base portion to a centered balance point of the planar base portion, a vertical portion extending upwardly... Agent:

20150096228 - Automatic subterranean watering system with refill indicator and gripping mechanism: An automatic watering system includes a water storage reservoir and a water feed reservoir positioned elevationally below the water storage reservoir. The water feed reservoir has a plurality of water feed apertures aligned substantially horizontally for allowing water to pass from the water feed reservoir to outside of the water... Agent: Sustainable Products, LLC

20150096229 - Flowerpot with water distribution device: A flowerpot assembly is provided a support including a plurality of equally spaced openings from top to bottom; and a plurality of flowerpots each disposed on the opening and including a container and a conduit wherein the container includes a storing section for anchoring a plant and a water distribution... Agent:

04/02/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150089864 - Raised bed garden wall system: A raised bed garden system has a plurality of panels that can be designed in any size and shape. The panels can be pre-formed in various sizes and can be joined together by various types of couplings to make larger sizes. The panels can have hollow insertion members on at... Agent:

20150089865 - Pick-up and delivery system and associated methods: The present disclosure relates to a pick-up and delivery system including a pick-up assembly and a delivery assembly. The pick-up assembly includes a robotic arm, a pick-up device rotatably mounted on the robotic arm, and a first vacuum pressure supply port operably connected to the pick-up device. The delivery assembly... Agent: Weyerhaeuser Nr Company

20150089866 - Intelligent light sources to enhance plant response: A grow system is disclosed herein. The grow system can include a grow device that can include a light system including a plurality of light sources, a light position controller, and a processor. The processor can receive information relating to a plant to be grown by the grow system and... Agent:

20150089867 - Intelligent light sources to enhance plant response: A grow system is disclosed herein. The grow system can include a grow device that can include a light system including a plurality of light sources, a light position controller, and a processor. The processor can receive information relating to a plant to be grown by the grow system and... Agent:

20150089870 - Population control of invasive plant species and restoration of native plant communities: The invention provides methods for controlling invasive plants, comprising treating one or more populations of invasive plant species with a composition comprising an effective amount of nucleic acids, wherein the nucleic acids have been produced using gene silencing techniques to target specific plant species, and specific aspects of plant development.... Agent:

20150089868 - Reducing maintenance costs by replacing current lawns with blends containing mostly fine fescue mixtures: A method of improved turf management comprises the steps of: removing the existing inefficient-to-maintain lawn/field; prepping the land for preferred planting conditions; then seeding with a mostly fine fescue mixture that includes: (a) about 20-50% by weight Hard Fescue; (b) about 20-50% by weight Creeping Red Fescue; and (c) about... Agent:

20150089869 - Sand bucket with handle for use on golf course: In a specialized sand bucket for use in golfing, the bucket is pivotably affixed to a durable metal handle and is covered by an easy-lifting, tight-fitting lid. The scoop fits easily inside for convenient carrying. A permanently affixed metal stand elevates the bucket to a comfortable height and reduces the... Agent:

20150089871 - Container for growing and displaying a nursery item: A container assembly for displaying plants and other nursery items. The container assembly including a lower container portion for containing a plant for growing and having a container wall with an open top end. The container wall includes at least two mounting flanges extending laterally from the wall. An upper... Agent:

20150089872 - Substance introduction method for plant, container, and combination of plant and container: A method for introducing a substance into a plant, in particular a pot plant, includes forming a hole into a stem of the plant to get access to a transportation system of the plant; arranging a container around the stem of the plant, such that substances held by the container... Agent: Hanson Uitgevers B.v.

03/26/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150082692 - Ventilated grow light housing: A grow light housing with passive cooling, including a shell having a reflective interior surface, a lower opening for directing light downwardly onto plants, and at least one ventilation opening in an upper portion. A grow light socket is coupled to the housing so as to position a grow light... Agent: Hydrofarm, Inc.

20150082693 - Multipurpose, adjustable, collapsible and portable stand: A multi-faceted multi-task system for horticultural adaptations including water dispersion and irrigation, animal and plant/crop protection, and plant shading, which includes a multipurpose head that allows a user to operate an irrigation system or a radial misting apparatus while using a tarp for shade and construct a fence using the... Agent:

20150082694 - Tree-style potted plant holder and hubs, supports, adapters and watering system for same: A potted plant holder features a number of post pieces that assemble to form a post structure that supports a number of hubs thereon, which in turn each support a number of branch-like supports. A reduced diameter end of each post piece nests within the other end of another post... Agent:

20150082695 - Method and system for extracting buds from a stalk of a graminaceous plant: The present invention relates to a method for extracting buds 8 from a stalk 1 of a graminaceous plant comprising the steps of automatically detecting a bud 8 on the stalk 1 and cutting out a vegetal tissue comprising the bud 8 based on the detected position of the bud... Agent:

20150082699 - Plant cultivation device: A plant cultivation device includes: a planting container having an accommodation space; a planting pan disposed in the accommodation space of the planting container for dividing the accommodation space into a leaf region and a root region; an atomizing sheet disposed in a bottom plate of the planting container, used... Agent: Chunghwa Picture Tubes, Ltd.

20150082696 - Horticultural grow gutter: A horticultural system having a horticultural grow gutter produced from a single sheet of material and including an upper bridge a length, a bottom surface, and two side edges. Two upwardly facing upper channel sections are each individually integral with one of the two side edges along the length of... Agent: Formflex Automation Usa, Ltd.

20150082697 - Planter or gardening container: A low-maintenance and water-conserving container-gardening system used indoors or outdoors to grow plants, vegetables, herbs, fruits, and flowers. Combining the advantages/benefits of natural bacteria-enriched soil with the advantages/benefits of hydroponics to feed plant roots oxygenated nutrient/fluid precisely at the time of need, the system uses one or more gardening containers... Agent:

20150082698 - Planting wall container structure: A planting wall container structure includes a container main body and a planting panel. When the stem of a plant is inserted through any one of hole sealing portions of the planting panel to pass a through hole, a central aperture will be enlarged and clip pieces will be deformed... Agent:

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