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20150143743 - Plant container cover and insulation: The present invention provides an apparatus for plants, said apparatus that features a planter with a closed bottom, sidewalls, and an open top, wherein a protruding lip is defined on an exterior surface of the sidewalls in proximity to the open top; and a first cover with an open bottom,... Agent:

20150143744 - Method of preserving cut flowers: A method of preserving cut flowers includes the following steps. Provide a first material for forming a rigid, impermeable structure. Then define a hollow inner space by making a rigid, shaped, impermeable exoskeleton form defining a hollow inner space from the first material. Then fill the hollow inner space with... Agent:

20150143745 - Methods for manipulating yield of plants and identifying yield genes: Methods for manipulating yield and generation time of plants, especially short day plants such as soybean are provided. The methods comprise manipulating external signals such as long day conditions, short day conditions, growth medium, and nutrient supply.... Agent:

20150143746 - Hydration maintenance apparatus and method: A material may include a substrate, such as sand, treated with a binder, for securing a layer of hydrating particles thereto. Typical binders may include lignicite, or other naturally occurring materials such as sugars, molasses, corn syrup, gelatin, water, a combination, or the like. Substrates may include natural organic materials... Agent:

20150143747 - Floral assembly: A floral display comprising a frame for securing water retaining florist foam in a decorative shape that may be hung for display. The floral display frame provides for simple securing of the foam and allows access to the foam for complete floral coverage.... Agent: Jolly Blossoms LLC

20150143748 - Wicking planter system: The invention involves an apparatus and system for a self-watering planter. The system includes a liquid container and a growth medium container secured together with snap type fasteners. A plurality of evenly distributed growth medium wells extends downwardly from the growth medium container into the liquid container for utilizing capillary... Agent:

05/21/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150135585 - Apparatus for non-destructive testing of a seed: The present invention provides a method and apparatus for non-destructive testing of a seed. In various embodiments, the method may comprise vibrating the seed to orient the seed on an axis, identifying a location of a known feature of the seed, determining a sample location on the seed based on... Agent:

20150135586 - Pick-up and delivery system and associated methods: The present disclosure relates to a pick-up and delivery system including a pick-up assembly and a delivery assembly. The pick-up assembly includes a robotic arm, a pick-up device rotatably mounted on the robotic arm, and a first vacuum pressure supply port operably connected to the pick-up device. The delivery assembly... Agent: Weyerhaeuser Nr Company

20150135587 - Landscaping material with water management properties: A composition is provided as a treatment to be added to landscaping material. The treatment includes glycerin and is applied to the landscaping material at a rate of about 0.3 pounds treatment per cubic yard (178 grams per cubic meter) of landscaping material. The treatment formulation may be at least... Agent: Basf Corporation

20150135593 - Hydroponics apparatus: A hydroponics apparatus includes a plurality of rails, a plurality of chambers formed beneath the plurality of rails, a plurality of pod inserts disposed on the upper surfaces of the plurality of rails, a plurality of air lines, and a plurality of hoses. The upper surface of each of the... Agent:

20150135588 - Potted plant display stand: The potted plant display system of the present invention uses plant trays into which potted plants are placed. Watering of the potted plants is accomplished by filling the plant trays with water and allowing the soil within the pots to absorb the water in a bottom up fashion. Multi-tier or... Agent:

20150135589 - Method of manufacturing a plant receptacle as well as a plant receptacle: Method of manufacturing a plant receptacle wherein the following steps are performed: a) a PLA thread is co-extruded with a flexible aliphatic polyester, said flexible aliphatic polyester comprising 10 wt % to 30 wt % bamboo material, such that the flexible aliphatic polyester covers the PLA thread, thereby creating a... Agent:

20150135591 - Assembly of a plant pot having a wick and a container: The present invention relates to an assembly, comprising a plant pot (258) having a bob tons (260) and at least one side wall (264), extending from the bottom up to a top rim and at least one hole (268) which is arranged in or at least near the bottom, at... Agent:

20150135590 - Multiple potted-plant self-watering system: A multiple plant container self-watering system comprises a primary container at a first elevation and a plurality of secondary containers at different elevations, fluidly connected by means of tubing. The primary container comprises a primary outer shell that encloses a primary reservoir pot, having an expanded upper portion and a... Agent:

20150135592 - Modular device for raising seedling: The present invention discloses a modular device for raising seedling that comprises at least two individual containers to receive a culture medium and a seedling, and at least a coupling member. Each of the individual containers is provided with at least a pair of the coupling bumps arranged on two... Agent:

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