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Plant husbandry

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07/24/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140202074 - Methods and apparatuses for stabilizing trees against toppling forces: The invention provides methods for inhibiting the uprooting and toppling of trees during storms, and tree-stabilizing apparatuses adapted for this purpose.... Agent:

20140202075 - Seed labels and manufacturing method thereof: A seed label including a label layer removably attached to a clear film layer by an adhesive layer, and at least one seed disposed between the label layer and clear film layer. The label layer may be made of a biodegradable material. The adhesive layer may be a dry release-clean... Agent: Raypress Corporation

20140202076 - Plant culture box assembly: A plant culture box assembly is composed of a box and an upper cover. The box includes a bottom portion, a first peripheral wall, and a fastening portion. The first peripheral wall is connected with a peripheral edge of the bottom portion, so that an opening is formed between the... Agent: Green Culture Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

20140202077 - Plant cultivation method, and cultivation container and cultivation device used therefor: A purpose of the present invention is to provide a plant cultivation method with which the growth of plants can be promoted by adjusting the environment within a culture medium, and to provide a plant cultivation container with which this cultivation method can be easily and effectively performed. The present... Agent: Osaka Prefecture University Public Corporation

20140202078 - Collapsible plant container: A collapsible plant container has a collapsible body in a tapered shape with corrugated body wall and a base attached to the body. The plant container further includes a water leakage passage located at the center of the base. The water storage tank is disposed outside of the water leakage... Agent: Jiangsu Zhongheng Pet Supplies Co., Ltd.

07/17/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140196363 - Automatic agricultural cultivating equipment with a loading unit rotatable about a vertical axis: An automatic agricultural cultivating equipment includes a supporting unit, a rotating unit, a driving unit, a loading unit, an operating unit, and a supply unit. The rotating unit is driven by the driving unit to rotate on the supporting unit about a vertical axis, and defines an operation region and... Agent: Fung Gin Da Energy Science And Technology Co., Ltd.

20140196364 - Apparatus and system to convert planters into individual greenhouses: A kit is provided that protects vegetation from external elements by turning any pot or planter into a greenhouse so that a person can grow fruit, vegetables, or flowers on a deck, patio, rooftop or yard. The kit provides a frame structure and a transparent cover supported by the frame... Agent:

20140196367 - Hydroponics attachment and hydroponics kit: The hydroponics attachment capable of steady growing of even taproot-type plant and easy plant relocation includes: the cap member with the opening at its top, which is detachably screwed, via the threaded portion, on the mouth of the drink bottle; the bottomed cylinder-shaped case body fitted in the opening; and... Agent: Midori No Market Inc.

20140196365 - Plant pot and support structure: A plant pot and support structure for supporting a plant growing in the pot including the plant pot, at least one pillar connected to the plant pot, and at least one mesh supported by and connected to the pillar. The plant grows upwardly through, and is supported by, the mesh.... Agent:

20140196366 - Robotic plantlet handling system: p

07/10/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140190075 - Method and device for protecting crop plants: A method for protecting crop plants from harmful organisms, which comprises the step of covering one or more of the plants with a device, comprising a stabilizing structure and a meshed fabric, where the meshed fabric is impregnated with a pesticide and is penetrable by light, air and water.... Agent: Basf Se

20140190078 - Domestic plant factory capable of air purification: The present invention relates to a domestic plant factory able to achieve the aims of reducing hydroponic culture costs and improving air quality, wherein a culture solution is supplied to plants through salt ions generated while removing atmospheric NOX, SOX, PM10, HOCL and the like using an effective microbe fermented... Agent: Sungbo Technology Co., Ltd

20140190079 - Hydroponics reservoir with bottom mounted drainage system: A hydroponics reservoir having a liquid reservoir, one or multiple drainage bowls attached to the bottom of the liquid reservoir, a pipe, a tube fitting, or a threaded fitting can be attached to each drainage bowl; the hydroponics reservoir can further comprise a bottom support strip, at least one reinforce... Agent:

20140190076 - Vegetation growth bag and method of use: A vegetation growth bag comprising a casing, where the casing is made from a biodegradable material; a mixture of organic matter within the casing; where the mixture of organic matter includes a plurality of plant seeds, where as the plant seeds grow they erupt through the casing; and a pair... Agent:

20140190077 - Detachable and collapsable pallet box assembly: Pallet box assembly configured as planter box or workman's utility box is disclosed. The pallet box assembly includes a pallet base, two side panels, a front panel, and a rear panel, which are collapsible and reusable. Pallet base has tenon joint parts with locking mechanisms that extend out. Pallet base... Agent:

07/03/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140182197 - Rotary type automatic agricultural cultivating equipment: Agricultural cultivating equipment includes a support unit, a rotating unit, a driving unit for driving the rotating unit, a transmission unit extending around the rotating unit, a plurality of loading units, and a supply unit. The transmission unit includes a plurality of hangers. The loading units are disposed respectively on... Agent: Fung Gin Da Energy Science And Technology Co., Ltd.

20140182198 - Water retention agent and preservation method: A fiber aggregate having cellulose fibers as a principal component. The cellulose fibers have an average fiber diameter of about 25 microns or less, and may be clustered together. Per gram of fiber aggregate, the cellulose fibers may hold about 10-21 mL of an impregnating solution that has water as... Agent: Blue Norther Investments, LLC

20140182199 - Growth substrate products and their use: The invention provides a multiple density growth substrate product (1) formed of a coherent matrix of man-made vitreous fibres (MMVF) bonded with binder, having an upper surface (2) provided with a recess (3) adapted to receive a seed or seedling and an opposite lower surface (4) on which the product... Agent: Rockwool International A/s

20140182200 - Articles and methods for administering co2 into plants: Methods and articles are provided for reducing the amount of water consumed by a plant over a period of time, sequestering CO2, and producing electricity, where each method includes providing the plant with a composition including at least about 0.1 (wt./wt. or vol./vol.) % CO2 and/or at least about 0.1... Agent: Elwha LLC

20140182203 - Apparatus and method for growing plants hydroponically in containers: An apparatus is provided for growing plants hydroponically. In one embodiment, the apparatus includes a plurality of containers each having a supply and a drain positioned above the supply. Methods of growing plants hydroponically in individual containers are also provided.... Agent:

20140182204 - Apparatus and method for growing plants hydroponically in multi-chamber containers: An apparatus is provided for growing plants hydroponically. In one embodiment, the apparatus includes a plurality of containers each having a supply and a drain positioned above the supply. Methods of growing plants hydroponically in individual containers are also provided.... Agent:

20140182201 - Blow molded nursery container with stiffened rim and flexible handles: A blow molded nursery container is disclosed that includes a substantially circular side wall, a closed bottom end, an open top end, and a projecting lip positioned on the outer circumference of the open top end with a radial flange and recessed portion with a substantially hollow cross-section. At least... Agent: Nursery Supplies, Inc.

20140182202 - Supportive device and mounting system, and method for installing and using the same: A supportive device and mounting system for positioning potting or planting systems on a support surface and enabling convenient and secure location, adaptive replacement and optional irrigation use. A base support member is secured to a structural support system. An insert member is adaptive positioned within the based support member... Agent: Wellspring Systems, LLC

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