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Plant husbandry

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11/13/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140331552 - Bioreactor: According to embodiments of the present invention, a bioreactor for growing photoautotrophic organisms is provided. The bioreactor includes a vessel configured to receive the photoautotrophic organisms, the vessel having a longitudinal axis, which a circumferential wall extends around said axis, wherein said circumferential wall is translucent so as to enable... Agent:

20140331553 - Plant hydration method and composition: A composition comprising super absorbent polymers, such as polyacrylates, combined with other materials, and provided to the seed at the time of planting in the soil, or shortly thereafter, provides hydration to the seed for proper germination of the seed. The composition is effective to provide hydration for an extended... Agent:

20140331555 - Methods and systems for growing plants using silicate-based substrates, cultivation of enhanced photosynthetic productivity and photosafening by utilization of exogenous glycopyranosides for endogenous glycopyranosyl-protein derivatives, and formulations,: Methods for promoting plant growth based on novel photosafening treatment regimes with glycopyranosides including glycopyranosylglycopyranosides, and aryl-a-D-glycopyranosides, and more specifically, with one or more compounds comprising terminal mannosyl-triose, optionally in the presence of light enhanced by one or more light reflecting and/or refracting members such as silicon-based substrates. Furthermore, chemical... Agent:

20140331554 - Plant tray: A horticulture tray including a growing cell. The growing cell includes a first end, a second end, a sidewall, and a plant supporting portion. The first end defines a first aperture having a first diameter. The second end is opposite the first end and has a second diameter that is... Agent: Blackmore Company, Inc.

11/06/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140325902 - Bioreactor: Biomass production apparatus is disclosed and comprises a stack of trays, each tray, in use, being in receipt of a respective layer of liquid, the layers being spaced apart from one another such that each layer has associated therewith a respective headspace. Light sources are provided for each layer and... Agent:

20140325903 - Ground-embeddable plant surround having a weed-abatement collar: This invention provides a truncated, ground-embeddable conical irrigation ring having an integral weed-abatement collar. The slight conical nature of the ring allows for nested stacking of the devices. A first embodiment device has an annular collar with a circular outer perimeter. The weed-abatement collar is wide enough to prevent most... Agent:

20140325908 - High density three dimensional multi-layer farming: In order to achieve food and energy security, while at the same time eliminating the “food vs. biofuel” conflict, a transformational three dimensional multilayer farming, MLF, is presented. This exploits the third dimension. This goal is realizable by the disclosed means and methods to increase the 3D plant productivity, 3D... Agent:

20140325909 - Permeable three dimensional multi-layer farming: To achieve food and energy security a transformational three dimensional multilayer farming, multilevel farming (MLF) is required. This is path to eliminating the conflict of “food vs. biofuel” and achieving both food and energy security. However, this goal is only realizable if such 3D MLF systems are economically viable. Each... Agent:

20140325910 - Traveling seed amplifier, tsa, continuous flow farming of material products, mp: A novel continuous flow farming method for the production of material products is introduced. It is based on 3D SansSoil, (soil-less) mobile multi-layer architecture comprising the traveling seed amplifier, TSA concept, which features the continuous planting of seed mass mi in planting layers, and synchronously harvesting an amplified mass M=Gsthmi,... Agent:

20140325905 - Plant pot arrangement with an outer pot and an insert pot which can be inserted into and removed from the outer pot: Plant pot system, having an outer pot and inner pot insertable into outer pot and removable from outer pot, for holding a plant with planting soil. Inserting and removing inner pot is possible without handles; after insertion, no grasping by hand is necessary, and an attractive plant pot system is... Agent:

20140325904 - Plywood garden container: The instant invention provides a plywood garden container that is inexpensive to manufacture, that may be produced sustainably, that is lightweight, that is durable, that is not prone to bowing of straight sides, that preserves the shape of curved sides, that is not prone to aliasing during handling, and that... Agent:

20140325906 - Structure for growing plants in rotatable modules: A structure (20) for growing plants comprises an array (22) of containers (24), for example intermodal shipping containers, each having a floor (28) and an open end (30), and being arranged in a plurality of stacked rows (32), each row comprising a plurality of containers. The array defines a space... Agent:

20140325907 - Wall planting module: Disclosed is a containment unit for a living wall that includes a rear wall with two side walls, a top and a liquid collection trough at the bottom with several ribs extending down the front of the containment unit between the side walls, where the ribs are angled and arranged... Agent: Molly Meyer, LLC

10/30/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140318005 - Colored or fragranced horticultural/agricultural products: The present invention relates to horticultural products and a method for making gardening products which have a dye or fragrance added to the products.... Agent:

20140318006 - Apparatus for lighting a mini greenhouse: There is disclosed a dome and lighting apparatus for a mini greenhouse. In an aspect, the dome has one or more grooves or channels adapted to receive a lighting module. In an embodiment, the one or more channels are positioned laterally or longitudinally on the top surface of a dome,... Agent: Future Harvest Development Ltd.

20140318007 - Adjustable height carriages for raising, lowering, holding, locking and releasing objects on elevated structures: A system for raising and lowering objects includes a carriage subsystem with a tubular body having an interior central channel an inner diameter greater than the outer diameter of an elongated tubular support structure. A plurality of guides facilitate linear translation of the carriage on the vertical structure without marring.... Agent:

20140318008 - Environmental conditoning system for cut flowers and other flora: An environmental controlling system to better preserve cut flowers and other flora in vase water. The system uses thermoelectric modules, heat exchangers, fans, power supply, and a thermal conductor to cool and/or heat the water in a flower vase as required. By cooling the water, formation of algae and formation... Agent:

20140318009 - Loss-in-weight control for seed treating equipment: A particulate material treating system (458) includes a loss-in-weight particulate material bin assembly (460), a particulate material metering device (462), and a downstream treater (464) yielding a treated material output (468). A controller (470) is employed to determine the flow rates of material from the bin assembly (460) using loss-in-weight... Agent: Usc, L.L.C.

20140318012 - Plant growing device: A plant growing device 1 is provided with a ventilation unit 6 including an intake unit 61 for taking the air into a growing chamber R and an exhaust unit 62 for exhausting the air from the growing chamber R. The ventilation unit 6 operates in either an intake/exhaust mode... Agent:

20140318010 - Modular tensile vegetated wall system: Embodiments include but are not limited to modular tensile vegetated wall systems. A module may be comprised of a modular structural frame consisting of not less than two parallel vertically oriented structural members supporting at least one transverse support, wherein a first continuous fabric is folded horizontally over the modular... Agent:

20140318011 - Apparatus for the growing of plants and a growing device: The invention relates to an apparatus for the growing of plants, which includes a frame, to which plants can be set to grow in a substrate, irrigation means fitted to the frame, for irrigating the substrate with an irrigation liquid, and means fitted to the frame for creating an airflow... Agent: Naturvention Oy

10/23/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140311025 - Controlled environment enclosure with built-in sterilization/pasteurization functionality: A controlled environment enclosure features a heating and cooling system and a control system linked to the heating and cooling system for control of same. The control system being operable to switch between an environmental control mode for achieving user-prescribed environmental conditions within the interior space and a sterilization/pasteurization mode... Agent:

20140311026 - Methods and devices for protecting plants from underground dwelling mammals: A method of protecting plants from underground dwelling mammals provides for the insertion of devices having pointed elongated members adjacent the root systems of the plants. A device for this purpose has a plurality of pointed elongated members joined by a handle section.... Agent: A.b. Johnson, Inc.

20140311029 - Controlled environment and method: An illustrative embodiment of an irrigation system may include a carriage that may move along a predetermined path in a reciprocal manner. The carriage may support one or more exit ports that may be fed nutrient supply by a pressurized delivery arrangement. One or more plant stands may be configured... Agent:

20140311030 - Irrigation system: An irrigation system that includes a carriage may move along a predetermined path in a reciprocal manner. The carriage supports one or more exit ports that are fed plant growth material by a pressurized delivery arrangement. One or more plant stands are configured and arranged to straddle the carriage as... Agent:

20140311027 - Plant containment system having two-position valve: A plant growing, transportation, display, and maintenance system including a plant pot and corresponding container having a selectable valve that controls the flow of liquid into and out of the container. In the “open” position, the valve allows water to pass into and out of the container in order to... Agent:

20140311028 - Floral sleeve having an insert or extension: A floral sleeve having a body and an insert or extension attached thereto is used to cover a pot. The sleeve may have a detachable upper portion for enclosing a floral grouping disposed within the pot.... Agent:

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