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Plant husbandry

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02/05/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150033620 - Mycological biopolymers grown in void space tooling: A mycological biopolymer product consisting entirely of fungal mycelium is made by inoculating a nutritive substrate with a selected fungus in a sealed environment except for a void space, which space is subsequently filled with a network of undifferentiated fungal mycelium. The environmental conditions for producing the mycological biopolymer product,... Agent:

20150033626 - Relocatable turf: A turf surface (80) comprising: (a) a reinforcing root-permeable mat (10); (b) a removable root-permeable backing (60) located beneath the reinforcing root-permeable mat (10); (c) a layer of growth media (42) located on the reinforcing root-permeable mat (10); and (d) natural grass plants (30) having roots (32) extending downwardly through... Agent: Technology Licensing Corp.

20150033621 - Flower pot protector for outdoor/indoor planters: The Flower Pot Protector provides flowerpots protection from the harsh outdoor elements. It also provides a decorative esthetics whether being used indoors or outdoors. A disc is used and inserted into the underside of the fabric/vinyl covered pot eliminating moisture from entering into the cavity of the flowerpot. By covering... Agent:

20150033622 - Reflective ground cover material: A reflective ground cover sheet material for agricultural use woven from warp and weft tapes of a plastics film material has an average gap g between edges of adjacent tapes in both the warp and the weft direction in the range about 0.1 mm to about 1.2 mm. The tapes... Agent: ExtendayIPLimited

20150033623 - Adjustable plant support: An adjustable plant support is disclosed. The support includes an upright support, a plurality of holes disposed along a length of the upright support, and at least one support arm configured to be removably secured to the upright support through a selected hole of the plurality of holes. The support... Agent:

20150033624 - Biodegradable pot drying installation, manufacturing installation and associated method of manufacture, and biodegradable pot obtained according to the invention: An installation for drying a thin-walled biodegradable pot having a drying mould wherein one wall has a shape adapted to a corresponding shape of a wall of a moulded pot to be dried, and a means of heating the drying mould wall to a temperature above 160° C., and preferably... Agent: Fertil

20150033625 - Sub-irrigated planter: The sub-irrigated planter includes a basin; a removable basin lid, a removable wick and a fabric potting bag. The basin and basin lid provide an enclosed water storage vessel for the planter. The wick provides the structural platform for supporting the soil and plants grown in the potting bag and... Agent:

01/29/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150027040 - System and method for individual plant treatment based on neighboring effects: A method for plant treatment, including: receiving a first measurement for a plant from a sensor as the sensor moves within a geographic area comprising a plurality of plants; in response to receipt of the first measurement and prior to receipt of a second measurement for a second plant of... Agent:

20150027041 - System and method for plant cauterization: A plant necrosis method including, by a computing system, identifying, for necrosis, an in-situ plant within a geographic area, based on measurements received from a set of sensors; selecting a treatment position on the in-situ plant for electric discharge application based on a plant cross-sectional dimension; and applying electric discharge... Agent:

20150027042 - Phosphate magnesium zinc fertilizer: p

20150027043 - System and method for plant dislodgement: A plant necrosis method including: identifying a junction between a plant and a surface of a substrate mechanically supporting the plant; determining a junction distance between the junction and a traversal path for a treatment mechanism, the treatment mechanism having an active area and configured to traverse along the traversal... Agent:

20150027044 - System and method for plant treatment: A plant treatment method including, by a computing system: identifying a plant, in situ, within a geographic area; identifying an interleaf insertion point relative to leaves of the plant; positioning a treatment mechanism at the insertion point; and operating a treatment mechanism to apply a fluid treatment to a plant.... Agent:

20150027050 - Coating metal oxide particles: The invention relates to methods of forming coated metal oxide particles, suspensions of such coated particles, particles comprising functionalised surface coatings and to fortification of food crops with coated metal oxide particles. Embodiments disclosed include a method of fortifying a food crop with a trace element, the method comprising growing... Agent: The Nottingham Trent University

20150027051 - Controlled environment and method: An illustrative embodiment of an irrigation system may include a carriage that may move along a predetermined path in a reciprocal manner. The carriage may support one or more exit ports that may be fed nutrient supply by a pressurized delivery arrangement. One or more plant stands may be configured... Agent:

20150027052 - Plant growth substrates: A man-made vitreous fibre (MMVF) plant growth substrate is provided. The substrate has properties including a volume of 3 to 20 litres, two layers of differing density. The height of the two layers lie in the ranges of 25 mm to 50 mm and 50 mm to 100 mm This... Agent:

20150027045 - Plant growing system: A plant growing system having a pot with a bottom and sidewalls that form a hollow chamber. A quantity of mixture is disposed within the hollow chamber that includes a growing media, a time released fertilizer, and a water polymer. Covering the top of the pot is a lid that... Agent: E. Krieger Greenhouses, Inc.

20150027046 - Planter system: A planter system has a base and an insert. The base is to be placed in the ground and includes a top, outwardly extending lip to limit the depth that the planter may be inserted into the ground. The base includes water drainage apertures and an upper channel to direct... Agent:

20150027049 - Holder for plants and a plant cultivation method: A holder for producing a plant of any one of lettuce, sprout and herbs, having a container and a semi-permeable filter, for defining a closed space for wholly accommodating the plant; a reservoir for holding an amount of liquid in the close space; and a passage which is open during... Agent: Vivi B.v.

20150027047 - Plant shape template: Disclosed herein are devices and related methods for using those devices in the planting and/or placing of plants, flowers, and/or other vegetation in specific and defined shapes. The devices and methods for using those devices are related to carpet bedding, gardens, home gardening, gardening kits, floating plant shapes and designs,... Agent:

20150027048 - Produce production system and process: A process and system for growing produce decouples farming from the unpredictability of the external environment by moving the farm into a highly-controlled enclosed environment in which all variables are optimized to grow produce of exceptional quality in a consistent, predictable manner, while minimizing or eliminating deleterious environmental impacts. A... Agent:

01/22/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150020445 - Architecture for symbiotic livestock and biofuel production: Methods and apparatus involve locating an algae production facility in close proximity to a livestock production facility whereby the outputs of one or both facilities promotes productivity levels in the facility. In an illustrative example, the algae production facility includes a bioreactor in fluid communication with the atmosphere inside, for... Agent:

20150020446 - Handheld bouquet container: An assembly for displaying a flower bouquet that includes a container for holding the flower bouquet and a stand for supporting the container in a substantially upright position. The container is composed of three parts. A tube holds the stem of the flowers with the base of the tube providing... Agent:

20150020447 - Method and device for eradicating invasive, proliferating plants: A mobile device for eradicating proliferating terrestrial plants has a feeder to introduce the plants to be treated and a generator to generate electromagnetic waves for sterilizing the plants within the layer of plants. The generator can be configured to emit microwaves and/or to heat the seeds of the plants... Agent:

20150020448 - Method for forming ornamental tree by pruning and inducing growth of branches: A method for forming an ornamental tree by pruning and inducing growth of branches, which appears to grow after being compressed by snow and then be compressed again by snow, appears to grow into a new form by barely remaining persistent life force in a stem after being bent by... Agent: Sungsihwa Lands Cape Archecture Co., Ltd.

20150020449 - Simulated palm tree trunk planter: The simulated palm tree trunk planter combines the head of a living palm tree with a faux trunk and trunk top that simulates the trunk and trunk top of a real palm tree. This arrangement permits the tree to assume a relatively tall, mature status without the long growing period... Agent:

01/15/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150013217 - Cross-functional architectural greenhouse glass, greenhouses including same, and/or associated methods: Certain example embodiments of this invention relate to cross-functional architectural greenhouse glass, greenhouses including cross-functional architectural greenhouse glass, and/or associated methods. Certain example embodiments involve combining sensor, functional coating, glass patterning, and/or glass composition selection technologies to produce flat or bent substrates suitable for use in such example applications. It... Agent:

20150013218 - Fence and post barrier: A fence post base featuring a circumferential disc that provides a larger ground coverage area than that of the fence post itself is disclosed. The disc prevents weeds and grass from growing immediately adjacent to the fence post by cutting off sunlight to the relevant area of ground. Since the... Agent:

20150013219 - Tree stands: A tree stand is described including a fluid reservoir of a tree retaining member including tree gripping means. The gripping means comprises projections arranged on an interior surface of the tree retaining member and extending in a radial fashion, inwardly from the interior surface of the tree retaining member. The... Agent:

20150013220 - Save-a-tree-system apparatus: An apparatus and system for irrigation is disclosed. The Save-A-Tree-System Apparatus is an apparatus for sub-surface irrigation which uses a rigid or semi-rigid tube with a plurality of fluid emitters disposed in the tube, which is buried in order to deliver irrigation to the root-zone of plants, which can be... Agent:

20150013221 - Methods and uses for improved sowing of seeds: Methods and uses of controlling the flowability of a population of plant seeds and dust drift therefrom by placing individual seeds in contact with particles of a flowability enhancing agent that is made up of at least one species of wax that adheres more firmly to the said plant seeds... Agent: Exosect Limited

20150013222 - Plant pot: The present invention relates to the field of household items and provides a plant pot which includes a pot body and a base, wherein the pot body has a wall with a porous structure, the pot body is in good engagement with the base, the pot body includes a first... Agent: Sweeoo (shenzhen) Trading Co., Ltd.

20150013223 - Vertical living wall planter: A vertical planter having a partitioned tray, a liner, and a sliding wire support grid, wherein the partitioned tray engages the sliding wire support grid to provide access to the partitioned tray.... Agent:

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