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Planetary gear transmission systems or components

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07/10/2014 > 8 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140194238 - Hybrid vehicle driving apparatus: A hybrid vehicle driving apparatus includes: a first planetary gear mechanism; a second planetary gear mechanism; a clutch that connects and disconnects a carrier of the first planetary gear mechanism to and from a carrier of the second planetary gear mechanism; and a brake that regulates the rotation of the... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140194239 - Hybrid vehicle driving device: A hybrid vehicle driving device includes a first planetary gear mechanism, a second planetary gear mechanism, a clutch configured to connect and disconnect a carrier of the first planetary gear mechanism to and from a ring gear of the second planetary gear mechanism, and a brake configured to regulate a... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140194240 - Journal pin oil supply for gear system: An example journal pin includes a generally cylindrical body disposed on an axis having a supply passage. A first chamber and a second chamber are disposed in the generally cylindrical body and are in fluid communication with the supply passage. A recess on an outer diameter of the cylindrical body... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140194241 - Bidirectional mems driving arrangement: A micro-electromechanical system (MEMS) driving arrangement comprising a driven wheel comprising (n) teeth about an outer periphery thereof, an actuator ring around the driven wheel, itself comprising (n)+(x) teeth about an inner periphery thereof, wherein the (n)+(x) teeth of the actuator ring progressively engage and disengage subsets of the (n)... Agent: Timex Group Usa, Inc.

20140194242 - Ball type cvt/ivt including planetary gear sets: Disclosed herein are power transmissions having one or more operational modes, for example, a continuously variable transmission (CVT) mode, an infinitely variable transmission (IVT) mode, and an IVT/CVT mode, that can be selected for by engaging different clutches and brakes. Disclosed herein are power transmissions comprising a power input shaft,... Agent: Dana Limited

20140194243 - Ball type continuously variable transmission/infinitely variable transmission: A variable transmission includes an input shaft, a planetary gear set drivingly engaged with a variator comprising, a variator carrier assembly, a first ring assembly, and a second ring assembly; and the output shaft, arranged with various combinations of brakes and clutches to produce transmissions with continuously variable or infinitely... Agent: Dana Limited

20140194244 - Axial bearing of pinion gears of a planetary gear set: An axial mounting of the planetary gearwheels of a planetary gearset having a sun gear that meshes with at least one planetary gearwheel mounted on a planetary bolt that is supported on the planetary carrier. The at least one planetary gearwheel meshes with a ring gear. At least one check-plate,... Agent: Zf Friedrichshafen Ag

20140194245 - Planetary gear unit: A planetary gear unit, having at least one first set of first planetary wheels arranged at a radial distance to a central axis, which mesh with a first sun gear that is rotatable around the central axis. The planetary gear unit further includes at least one second set of second... Agent: Schaeffler Technologies Ag & Co. Kg

07/03/2014 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140187373 - Rotation driving device: A rotation driving device includes a motor provided in a housing, a planetary gear reducer connected to the motor coaxially with the motor, an output shaft connected to an end reduction member of the planetary gear reducer coaxially with the end reduction member, and a rotation detector located at the... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140187374 - Liquid-lubricated bearing and vehicle pinion shaft support device: An outer lubricating liquid inflow passage that provides communication between an outside of a liquid-lubricated bearing and a rolling element arrangement chamber is formed between an outer ring and a cage, on the lubricating liquid inflow side. The outer lubricating liquid inflow passage has an annular axially extending outer passage... Agent: Jtekt Corporation

20140187375 - Energy generation method and apparatus by the harnessing of centrifugal force: An energy generation apparatus uses centrifugal force to generate energy in a controlled manner. The apparatus includes a dual function input shaft and output shaft rotatably attached to opposite sides of a housing defining an axis of orbit, an output gear fixed upon the output shaft, an input sprocket rotatably... Agent:

20140187376 - Utility vehicle: A utility vehicle is capable of switching between a two wheel drive mode for transmitting drive force to rear wheels and a four wheel drive mode for transmitting the drive force to front wheels and the rear wheels. The transmission includes an input shaft to which the drive force from... Agent: Kawasaki Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140187377 - Range shift system for transfer case: Disclosed is a range shift mechanism in the form of a floating planetary gear assembly for a transfer case. The range shift mechanical according to the present invention can improve power efficiency and generate low noises by suppressing gear rotation in a high range mode of the range shift system.... Agent: Hyundai Wia Corporation

20140187378 - Multi-speed transmission: A family of transmission gearing arrangements produces up to nine forward and one reverse speed ratios by selective engagement of three couplers in various combinations. Each disclosed transmission includes four planetary gear sets and six couplers. Three of the couplers may be brakes. Three of the couplers may selectively couple... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

06/26/2014 > 11 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140179477 - Vehicle: A vehicle using a first MG, a second MG, and an engine as drive sources includes an electric oil pump, a mechanical oil pump driven by power of the engine, and a hydraulic circuit. The hydraulic circuit includes first oil passages for supplying oil to the first MG, a second... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140179478 - Continuously variable bicycle transmission mechanism and bicycle hub: A continuously variable bicycle transmission mechanism includes a ring roller, at least one conical planetary roller, a sun roller and a carrier. The at least one conical planetary roller is frictionally engaged with the ring roller. The at least one conical planetary roller is rotatable about a rotational axis of... Agent: Shimano Inc.

20140179479 - Continuously variable transmission: Inventive embodiments are directed to components, subassemblies, systems, and/or methods for continuously variable transmissions (CVT). In one embodiment, a control system is adapted to facilitate a change in the ratio of a CVT. In another embodiment, a control system includes a stator plate configured to have a plurality of radially... Agent: Fallbrook Intellectual Property Company LLC

20140179480 - Continuously variable transmission for vehicle: Construction of a continuously variable transmission device for a vehicle is achieved that, when a shift lever is shifted to a selection position for a direction opposite the traveling direction at that time, it is capable of preventing the vehicle from continuing to travel at high speed in a direction... Agent: Nsk Ltd.

20140179481 - Differential having two-piece case split through planetary carrier wall: A differential gear mechanism constructed in accordance to one example of the present disclosure can include a planetary gear assembly having a plurality of planetary gears rotatably mounted on a corresponding plurality of planetary gear shafts. A first differential case portion can have a plurality of first planetary gear shaft... Agent: Eaton Corporation

20140179482 - Welding structure and method for manufacturing welding structure: Assuming that a direction in which a first member and a second member are arranged is a first direction and a direction orthogonal to the first direction is a second direction, a welding structure includes: a pressure fit portion; a first cavity; a second cavity; a first weld bead formed... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140179483 - Forward carrier assembly with a reversible inter-axle differential for a tandem axle vehicle, a powertrain for a tandem axle vehicle, and a tandem axle vehicle: A tandem axle vehicle includes a powertrain. The powertrain includes an input shaft, a forward drive axle assembly including a forward carrier assembly including a forward differential, and a rear drive axle assembly coupled to the forward drive axle assembly via a connecting driveshaft and including a rear carrier assembly... Agent: Mack Trucks, Inc.

20140179484 - Differential having externally mounted plenum: A differential gear mechanism can include a differential casing, a piston and an externally mounted plenum assembly. The differential casing can have a differential gear set configured to selectively rotate a first axle shaft and a second axle shaft. The piston can be slidably disposed in the differential casing and... Agent: Eaton Corporation

20140179485 - Limited slip differential: A limited slip differential assembly includes a planetary gear assembly, a differential case, a differential gear assembly and a hydraulic clutch assembly. The differential case is coupled for rotation with a portion of the planetary gear assembly. The differential gear assembly is arranged within the differential case and includes a... Agent: Eaton Corporation

20140179486 - Transmission: A racing transmission that is lightweight and simplistic. The racing transmission features a low gear, reverse gear, neutral and a direct drive gear. The transmission utilizes a drive shaft; two sets of planetary gears and a common sun gear. The transmission disclosed herein does not use a countershaft to accomplish... Agent:

20140179487 - Multiple speed transmission with integrated low range: A transmission gearing arrangement includes four simple planetary gear sets, three brakes, and four rotating clutches. The brakes and clutches may be engaged in combinations of three to establish at least ten forward transmission ratios and at least three reverse transmission ratios. The lowest forward transmission ratio and lowest reverse... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

06/19/2014 > 9 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140171248 - Gear-change device for a motor vehicle: A gear-change device includes a primary shaft, a secondary shaft, and a third shaft, which bears both a gear of the reverse and an output pinion meshing with a gear of a differential. The third shaft is connected via a gear reducer to the shaft of an electrical machine, the... Agent: C.r.f. Societa Consortile Per Azioni

20140171247 - Multi-mode hybrid variable drive unit: A hybrid transmission providing multiple modes of operation in a compact package. The hybrid transmission utilizes compact electric motors and features simple construction in comparison to conventional hybrid transmissions.... Agent:

20140171250 - Eccentric oscillating gear device and assembling method for crankshaft in eccentric oscillating gear device: An eccentric oscillating gear device comprises a crankshaft 46 having an eccentric portion 46a, 46b, an externally toothed gear 48a, 48b having external teeth and a through-hole in which the eccentric portion 46a, 46b is inserted, an outer cylinder 12, and a carrier 14. The carrier 14 rotatably supports the... Agent: Nabtesco Corporation

20140171249 - Method of reducing a rotational output rate from a coaxially arranged rotating input: A method of rotating an output gear at a rotational rate that is slower than an input rotational rate. The input rotation moves a planetary gear in a circular motion about a central axis. A first stage external gear configuration of the planetary gear engages with an internal gear configuration... Agent: Aktiebolaget Skf

20140171251 - Coaxially arranged reduction gear assembly: A reduction gear assembly integrates a stationary section having a stationary internal gear configuration, an output section having an output internal gear configuration, an input shaft and planetary carrier comprising an input shaft having a shaft rotational axis and a planetary gear cam having a planetary gear rotational axis, wherein... Agent: Aktiebolaget Skf

20140171252 - Locking differential having combination preload springs for maintained contact: A locking differential for a vehicle includes a rotatable housing and a differential mechanism supported in the housing. The differential mechanism includes a pair of clutch members wherein each of the clutch members presents an inwardly directed face. Each face includes a groove disposed in spacing relationship with respect to... Agent: Eaton Corporation

20140171253 - Planetary gear train of automatic transmission for vehicles: A planetary gear train of an automatic transmission may include: a first input shaft; a second parallel shaft; a compound planetary gear set on the second shaft, and including a first rotation element engageable with the first shaft through two paths respectively having an external gear, a second rotation element... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140171254 - Rotary units, rotary mechanisms, and related applications: The invention relates to rotary units and rotary mechanisms that are suitable for use in numerous applications. Rotary units typically include rotational components that are configured to rotate. In some embodiments, for example, multiple rotary units are assembled in rotary mechanisms such that neighboring pairs of rotational components counter-rotate or... Agent:

20140171255 - Epicyclic gear system having two arrays of pinions mounted on flexpins with compensation for carrier distortion: An epicyclic gear system includes sun and ring gears (2, 4), planet pinions (6, 8) arrayed (a, b) between these gears, and a carrier (10) to which planet pinions are coupled through flexpins (30). The pinions are located between carrier walls (20, 22) with flexpins for the respective arrays cantilevered... Agent: The Timken Company

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