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Planetary gear transmission systems or components

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05/21/2015 > 9 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20150141188 - Thrust absorbing planetary traction drive superturbo: Disclosed are embodiments of thrust absorbing planetary traction drives that utilize roller-shaft traction interfaces that are slanted to absorb thrust created on a turbo shaft by a turbine or compressor. Slanted traction surfaces on the sun portion of the turbo shaft are slanted inwardly so that the turbo shaft remains... Agent:

20150141189 - Friction engagement device: In friction engagement device having forward clutch 5 and clutch operation pack 6 controlling engagement/disengagement operation of the forward clutch 5, the clutch operation pack 6 has hydraulic piston 61, engagement pressure piston chamber 62, snap ring 64, diaphragm spring 65 and ball lock mechanism BL. The diaphragm spring 65... Agent: Jatco Ltd

20150141190 - Planetary gear assembly: A modified planetary gear box and arrangement of the gear box with a drive motor permits electrical, optical or other types of cabling or wiring to be passed through the planetary gear box along its axis of rotation. The planetary gear box drives or rotates a reel of coiled tubing.... Agent: National Oilwell Varco, L.p.

20150141191 - Two-speed transmission and electric vehicle: A two-speed transmission is provided. The transmission comprises a planetary gear train (8) having a sun gear, a fixed annular gear (8b), at least one planet gear (8c) and a planet carrier (8d). A dual clutch (10) is disposed between the planetary gear train and a prime mover which outputs... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20150141192 - Clutched power transmitting device with filter element: A power transmitting device can include a clutch, filter and housing defining first and second sumps spaced apart by a first wall. First and second members can meshingly engage and rotate through the first sump. The clutch plates can rotate through the second sump. A third member can be drivingly... Agent:

20150141193 - Continuous and reversible mechanical gear system with a power branch: A continuous and reversible mechanical transmission system with a power branch, with an input shaft (17) and an output shaft (16), formed by a continuously variable transmission (1) connected to the shaft of the motor and by at least one planetary gear train (2) linked to the shaft of the... Agent:

20150141194 - Differential having light weight bevel gearing: A differential for use in a vehicle drive train having a pair of rotary members including a gear case that is operatively supported in driven relationship with respect to the drive train and a pair of side gears mounted for rotation with a respective one of the rotary members in... Agent: Eaton Corporation

20150141195 - Multi-speed gearbox: Multi-stage transmission comprises four planetary gear sets, rotatable shafts and six shift elements. Sun of first set is connected to fifth shaft which is connectable, via first clutch, to drive shaft and is couplable, via third brake, to housing. Drive shaft is connectable, via second clutch, to seventh shaft which... Agent: Zf Friedrichshafen Ag

20150141196 - Multi-stage transmission: A multi-stage transmission having more stages using planetary gear sets and employing a forced return means for achieving smooth shifting in a forward operation by acceleration manipulation and a reverse operation by deceleration manipulation is provided. The multi-stage transmission includes a shaft with both ends fixed, a sprocket for receiving... Agent:

05/14/2015 > 11 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20150133251 - Transmission device for work vehicles: Disclosed is a transmission device for work vehicles, said transmission device being capable of being used with high-horsepower engines, without an accompanying loss of power transmission efficiency or fuel economy. The transmission device is provided with: an input shaft that transmits power from an engine; a continuously-variable transmission that is... Agent:

20150133252 - Method for operating a transmission device: A method for operating a transmission device (1), which is transferable into different operating states through the actuation of shifting elements (A to F), is described. At least one of the shifting elements (A, F) is designed as a positive-locking shifting element, which is supplied with operating pressure (p_sys) for... Agent:

20150133253 - Hub motor arrangement or vehicle with hub motor arrangement: A ride-on vehicle, such as for a child, includes a vehicle body and one or more wheels that support the vehicle body relative to a surface. At least one of the wheels includes a hub motor arrangement that provides a drive torque for propelling the vehicle. The hub motor arrangement... Agent:

20150133254 - Electronically actuated locking differential having non-rotating stator and armature: An electronically actuated locking differential for an automotive vehicle includes a gear case, a pair of side gears disposed within the gear case and operatively adapted for rotation with a corresponding pair of axle half shafts, and a lock plate disposed within the gear case and operably associated with one... Agent: Eaton Corporation

20150133255 - Automatic transmission for power tools: An automatic gearshift device for a power tool includes a speed reduction mechanism that decelerates and transmits a rotary power of a motor, a ring gear that slides and moves to switch a speed reduction ratio, a cam member that moves the ring gear, a rotation body rotated in cooperation... Agent:

20150133256 - Lantern-type gear unit: A lantern-type gear unit, in particular for a camshaft adjuster, comprising at least two meshing gear wheels, a first gear wheel being configured as a lantern gear wheel and a second gear wheel including a lantern gear ring that engages with the lantern gear wheel. The lantern gear ring comprises... Agent:

20150133257 - Continuously variable transmission: The driving force from a drive source is transmitted from a main input shaft to a continuously variable transmission mechanism through an input switching mechanism and a first input path in which a first speed-reducing gear is disposed, and is further transmitted to a first output path in which a... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20150133259 - Automatic transmission: An automatic transmission includes plural planetary gear mechanisms rotatably supported by a housing to be coaxial to a rotation axis, a ring gear of the foremost planetary gear mechanism being connected to a sun gear of the rearmost planetary gear mechanism, an input shaft being connected to a carrier of... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20150133258 - Multi-speed gearbox: A multi-stage transmission which has a sun gear of a fourth planetary gear set connected with the housing in a non-rotatable manner, a ring gear of a first planetary gear set is permanently connected with a ring gear of the fourth planetary gear set, a sun gear of the first... Agent:

20150133260 - Planetary gear stage with plain bearings as planet bearings and use thereof: A planetary gear stage for a gearbox has a ring gear, a sun gear and a planet carrier for driving planet shafts. Each planet shaft has a planet gear with radial and axial contact surfaces and which is rotatably supported by a plain bearing arrangement. The bearing arrangement has two... Agent:

20150133261 - Roller bearing assembly for a pinion in a motor vehicle drive train: A roller bearing assembly for a motor vehicle drive train is provided. The roller bearing assembly includes a bearing including an inner ring, an outer ring and roller elements rotatably supporting the inner ring with respect to the outer ring. The roller elements include a first roller element and a... Agent:

05/07/2015 > 10 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20150126317 - Planetary gear self-actuated control drive-type continuously variable transmission mechanism: Provided is a planetary gear-type continuously variable transmission mechanism which is capable of smooth continuous variation. A support frame (4), which supports parent/child planet gears (7) provided with a one-way mechanism (10), and push gears (1) that mesh with the small gears of the parent/child planet gears (7) and are... Agent:

20150126318 - Transfer case sprocket idler gear actuation: A transfer case includes first and second output shafts selectively driven by an input shaft. A first gearset is driven by the input shaft providing first and second gear ratios to the first output shaft. A range actuator includes an axially moveable member operable to shift the first gearset between... Agent:

20150126319 - Drive device for construction machine: A drive device for a construction machine, which includes a speed reducer and a brake mechanism, wherein the speed reducer has a casing in which lubricating oil and the brake mechanism are provided, and wherein the brake mechanism includes: a ring-shaped brake piston; and a brake plate configured to generate... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)

20150126320 - Differential assembly: The present disclosure provides a differential assembly with at least a first gear ratio and a second gear ratio. The differential assembly of the present disclosure can be integrated with an automatic transmission system thereby increasing the number of available gear ratios. A method of shifting to improve engine efficiency... Agent:

20150126321 - Transmission for vehicle and method for operation of a transmission: e

20150126322 - Supporting and guiding disk in a planetary gear train: A gear unit combination including a differential transmission, a planetary gear stage, a common planet carrier, a plurality of planet sub-carriers arranged to have at least one external planet sub-carrier and to form the common planet carrier in a rotationally fixed manner, a bearing sleeve arranged within the at least... Agent:

20150126323 - Suspended wheel reducer: The present invention provides a Suspended Wheel Reducer and a suspended wheel crossing-zero multilevel transmission, both of which comprise a front planetary gear train, a rear planetary gear train and a suspended wheel. With different design for the dimension of the gear wheels contained in the front planetary gear train,... Agent: Jianli Li A Individual

20150126324 - Multi-stage power-shift transmission: Power-shiftable multi-speed transmission in planetary design for a vehicle for an arrangement between an input shaft (AN) and an output shaft (AB), characterized in that the multi-speed transmission features two parallel shaft trains (WS1, WS2), six shifting elements (K1, K2, K3, K4, B1, B2), at least two spur gear stages... Agent:

20150126325 - Multi-speed gearbox: A multi-stage transmission in which carrier of first gear set is connected to ring gear of fourth gear set, ring gear of first gear set and carrier of second gear set can be coupled to housing via first brake or to drive shaft via first clutch. Sun of first gear... Agent:

20150126326 - Rotational force transmitting apparatus: Provided is a rotational force transmitting apparatus that can prevent jolting of an output shaft in a circumferential direction caused by jolting in an input-side mechanism in the circumferential direction, has a thin and small structure, and is excellent in productivity. In the rotational force transmitting apparatus, a clutch mechanism... Agent: Namiki Seimitsu Houseki Kabushiki Kaisha

04/30/2015 > 12 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20150119177 - Hybrid power train for vehicle: A hybrid power train for a vehicle may include a gear module having a plurality of shift stages of a synchromesh type on a first input shaft and an output shaft arranged in parallel, a second input shaft driven by a motor and disposed coaxially with the first input shaft,... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150119178 - Power transmission system of hybrid electric vehicle: A power transmission system of a hybrid electric vehicle may include an engine being a power source, a torque transmission device including four rotation shafts and a compound planetary gear set, the torque transmission device converting torque input from the engine, and outputting a converted torque, two supplemental power sources... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150119179 - Speed change device: A speed change device comprising an inner race having an outer surface, an outer race having an inner surface, and set of orbital rollers including inner rollers in rolling contact with the outer surface of the inner race and outer rollers in rolling contact with the inner surface of the... Agent: Genesis Advanced Technology Inc.

20150119181 - Clutch system: A clutch system selectably connects a vehicle rear axle to a motor. The clutch system includes an intermediate shaft to fixably attach to a side gear of a differential for rotation therewith. A case of the differential is connected to the motor via a gear train. Another side gear of... Agent:

20150119180 - Powertrain including an electric motor/generator and a final drive unit connected to the electric motor/generator: A powertrain can provide propulsive power to a vehicle and includes an electric motor/generator including a motor housing, and a final drive unit partially disposed in the motor housing. The final drive unit includes a gear case coupled to the motor housing. The final drive unit further includes a differential... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20150119182 - Dual planetary system: An assembly of two independent transmission systems is provided, including a drive system and an output system. The systems are connected by a shaft which transfers a torque from the drive system to a side gear rotating around a fixed gear and forming by this rotating motion a torque on... Agent:

20150119183 - Double clutch transmission of vehicle: A double clutch transmission of a vehicle is disclosed. The double clutch transmission may selectively transmit power of a power source to two input shafts through two clutches and may output changed power through two output shafts after the power selectively transmitted to the two input shafts is changed. The... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150119184 - Axles: An axle comprising: a housing including an interior surface defining a first cavity therein; a differential positioned within the first cavity of the housing; a first planetary gear system coupled to the differential and positioned within the first cavity of the housing.... Agent:

20150119185 - Multi-speed transmission: A transmission gearing arrangement has four simple planetary gear sets and five or six shift elements. One embodiment has three brakes and three clutches and produces nine forward speeds by selective engagement of various combinations of three of the shift elements. A second embodiment has two brakes and four clutches... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150119186 - Multi-speed transmission: A transmission gearing arrangement has four simple planetary gear sets and five or six shift elements. A ring gear is fixedly held against rotation. A sun gear and a carrier are fixedly coupled to the input shaft. One embodiment has two brakes and three clutches and produces seven forward speeds... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150119187 - Multi-speed gearbox: Multi-stage transmission comprising four planetary gear sets, eight rotatable shafts and six shift elements. Sun of first set is connected to eighth shaft connected to sun of second set and is connectable, via third clutch, to drive shaft. Drive shaft is connectable, via first clutch, to fourth shaft connected to... Agent: Zf Friedrichshafen Ag

20150119188 - Multi-speed gearbox: A four-stage multi-stage transmission in which the carrier (12) of the first planetary gear set (1) is connected with a sun gear (41) of the fourth planetary set, a ring gear (43) of the fourth planetary gear set (4) is connected with the output shaft (71), a ring gear (13)... Agent: Zf Friedrichshafen Ag A Corporation

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