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Pipes and tubular conduits

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07/10/2014 > 2 patent applications in 2 patent subcategories.

20140190585 - Method for controlling creep in spirally expandable profile: An elongated web or strip (200) comprising a wall portion bounded by edge portions and adapted to form a conduit by spirally winding said web and joining adjacent edge portions. The edge portions (210, 220) are adapted to permit relative movement between adjacent portions of the spiral conduit and thereby... Agent: Elegant Technical Solutions Pty Limited

20140190586 - Tubular support structure with variable wall thickness: A support structure may include a metallic tube having two opposing ends. The first end may have a first length, a first wall thickness, and a first outer diameter. The second end may have a second length, a second wall thickness, and a second outer diameter. A transition area may... Agent: L & W Engineering

07/03/2014 > 11 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140182727 - Method, system, and apparatus for flood control: A dynamic fluid flow control structure is provided that allows precise control over fluid flow using a series of two or more orifices, at least one of which may be reconfigured to change its flow characteristics. A flood control system and a flood control process are provided that emulate a... Agent:

20140182728 - Bore plug: An apparatus and method for plugging a tubular bore is disclosed herein. The apparatus comprises: a shaft member; one or more cylindrical compressible seals slideably disposed around the shaft member, wherein the shaft member passes axially through the one or more cylindrical seals; one or more cylindrical hard sleeves having... Agent:

20140182729 - Apparatus for sealing a conduit: An apparatus and a method for sealing a conduit. The apparatus includes a housing, a tube for reciprocably extending through the housing bore, a rod reciprocably extending through the tube, a seal assembly associated with the tube and the rod, wherein the seal assembly includes at least one seal element... Agent: Treadstone Oilfield Services Ltd.

20140182731 - Drainpipe, method for preventing blockage of drainpipe and installation structure of drainpipe: A drainpipe comprising a concentrating flow path to concentrate flow of fluid on an inner wall of the pipe, which makes it possible to inhibit freezing of the fluid hydrodynamically without providing heat energy from outside, to thereby prevent blockage of the pipe.... Agent: Yoshida Anny Co., Ltd.

20140182730 - Work vehicle and method for manufacturing the same: A work vehicle includes: a top having a first hole; a plate having a second hole and attached to the top with the second hole in alignment with the first hole; an exhaust pipe having an internal path and a flange projecting outward and abutting against and thus attached to... Agent: Komatsu Ltd.

20140182732 - Flush joint pipe: A pipe has a tubular body with a male end and a female end. The male end has an external surface with a first engagement groove. The female end has an internal surface with a second engagement groove, and an aperture extending from an outer surface of the tubular body... Agent:

20140182733 - Extruded multiwall tubular structure: An extruded multiwall tubular structure formed from extrusion dies, the structure includes a core having a longitudinal axis and a first wall surrounding the core. At least one form extends helically relative to the longitudinal axis and between the core and the outer wall in supporting relationship therewith. At least... Agent: Gyre Innovations Lp

20140182734 - High pressure hose with polymeric tube: A high pressure hose that is resistant to microvoid formation includes an inner tube comprising a blend of crosslinked fluoroplastic material and fluoroelastomeric material, a first reinforcement layer constructed of para-aramid synthetic fibers, and an adhesive layer, and an outer cover.... Agent: Eaton Corporation

20140182735 - Thermoplastic extrusion with vapor barrier and surface sulfonation: A reinforced thermoplastic extrusion and a related method of manufacture are provided. The reinforced thermoplastic extrusion includes an extruded polymeric member, a thermoplastic reinforcing layer, and an intermediate vapor barrier between the extruded polymeric member and the thermoplastic reinforcing layer. The intermediate vapor barrier is bonded to the exterior of... Agent: Thercom Holdings, LLC

20140182736 - Corrugated metal pipe: A metal pipe of single piece construction including a wall formed of a single corrugated metal sheet. The sheet has opposing first and second edges extending longitudinally along the sheet. The wall includes a seam that is formed by abutting portions of the first and second edges. The seam extends... Agent: W.e. Hall Company, Inc.

20140182737 - Fluid conduit: A fluid conduit (2) comprises a wall (4) defining a fluid flow path (6) and a confinement feature (24) within the wall (4) and being configured to confine energy within a cavity (26), wherein at least a portion of the fluid flow path (6) extends through the cavity (26). The... Agent:

06/26/2014 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140174580 - Fuel filling device for a ship and a fuel cap thereof: A fuel filling device includes a fuel pipe seat having a filling port and a fuel pipe in communication with the filling port. Three engagement portions are formed on an inner peripheral face of the fuel pipe. A fuel cap includes a body and an operative portion mounted to the... Agent:

20140174584 - Open ended industrial pipe cap for smaller diameter pipes: An open ended cap for an industrial pipe is provided, comprising a flexible tubular body having first and second open ends, the first end having an inwardly-extending radial rim serving as an abutment surface for a pipe when inserted into the end cap, the rim extending in a plane perpendicular... Agent: Protective Industries, Inc.

20140174581 - Exhaust pipe cover structure for saddle-ride type vehicle: An exhaust pipe cover structure for a saddle-ride type vehicle allows an exhaust pipe cover to be easily positioned and attached even in the case of attaching the exhaust pipe cover to an exhaust pipe attached to an engine. Boss portions each having an internal thread through which an exhaust... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140174582 - Integrated hvac case and pipe retention feature: A heating, ventilation, and air cooling (HVAC) assembly including a blower subassembly and an HVAC subassembly. The blower subassembly includes a first heater core pipe retention member. The HVAC subassembly includes a second heater core pipe retention member. The first and the second heater core pipe retention members are configured... Agent: Denso International America, Inc.

20140174583 - Linepipe with cermet internal liner: A linepipe with cermet internal liner includes: a base pipe; a cermet layer comprising corundum and titanium; and an alloy layer comprising chromium, nickel and iron; wherein the cermet layer and the alloy layer are respectively provided on an internal wall of the base pipe from inside out along a... Agent:

06/19/2014 > 8 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140166142 - Compensator of an exhaust gas aftertreatment system: A compensator (10) of an exhaust gas aftertreatment system has a flow inlet-side connection flange (13) for connecting a flow inlet-side assembly (11), a flow outlet-side connection flange (14) for connecting a flow outlet-side assembly (12), a connection pipe (18) which extends between the two connection flanges (13, 14) and... Agent:

20140166144 - Composite ducts and methods: A duct has: a first non-metallic member extending between a first end and a second end, at least at the first end having an outwardly-projecting flange portion; a metallic flange member having a sleeve extending between a first end and a second end and a flange extending outward from the... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140166143 - Flow through cylindrical bores: A flow directing apparatus for directing fluid flow includes a flow body defining a bore therethrough configured and adapted to direct fluid flowing therethrough. The bore includes an outlet and an opposed inlet with an enlargement, formed as a countersink and/or a chamfer using a suitable boring device. The enlargement... Agent: Delavan Inc.

20140166145 - Substrate processing apparatus and method of manufacturing semiconductor device: Substrate processing uniformity is improved in the surfaces of wafers and between the wafers. An inner tube for a substrate processing apparatus for forming a high-k film, includes: a gas exhaust outlet formed at a sidewall of the inner tube; and a gas injection hole located at position spaced outward... Agent: Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc.

20140166146 - Sheath protection: An apparatus and method are disclosed for protecting an outer layer of a flexible pipe. The apparatus includes a protective sleeve body comprising a first end region and a further end region. At least one connector element is also provided which is securable to the first end region of the... Agent: Wellstream International Limited

20140166147 - Multilayer film: The invention refers to a multilayered film, preferably in form of a tubular film, with a layer sequence made up of at least the following layers: At least one layer (1) containing at least one homo- and/or copolyamide, preferably as one of the external layers, at least one adhesive promoter... Agent: Buergofol Gmbh

20140166148 - Multilayer film: The invention refers to a multilayered film, especially in form of a tubular film for use as preliner in trenchless sewage pipe renovation that uses the pipe lining process. The multilayered film according to the invention is characterized by at least one layer (a), which contains at least a homo-... Agent: Buergofol Gmbh

20140166149 - Erosion resistant flow conduit: A particulate-accommodating fluid flow directing apparatus comprises a failure detection housing containing a flow directing insert, the housing serving as a pressure boundary; failure at any location along the insert being detectable by means associated with the housing. The insert can be manufactured of erosion resistant materials, including non-ductile materials... Agent: Specialized Tech Inc.

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