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Pipes and tubular conduits

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08/07/2014 > 7 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140216587 - Pipeline leak detection and repair device: The pipeline leak detection and repair device is an autonomous machine that travels through a pipeline to detect very small leaks therein. The device also repairs those leaks with an on-board repair component. The repair occurs nearly simultaneously with the leak detection as the device passes the leak. The device... Agent: King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

20140216588 - System and method for irrigating liquids over an obstacle: A system, apparatus, and method for use in liquid fertilizer irrigation to transport liquid fertilizer, such as manure, over an obstacle. A raised pipeline apparatus includes a raised pipeline for transporting liquid fertilizer having a first end and a second end, and a first support structure operably connected to the... Agent:

20140216590 - Duct element for the exhaust system of a motor vehicle: A duct element for the exhaust system of a motor vehicle with an internal combustion engine, including at least one flexible duct part, preferably a bellows. The flexible duct part is embodied at least partially from a first type of steel with a Mo-content ≧4% or ≧6% and with a... Agent: Witzenmann Gmbh

20140216589 - Multifunctional energy saving and carbon reduction apparatus: A multifunctional energy saving and carbon reduction apparatus includes an outer pipe and a foam layer. The outer pipe includes an inlet and an outlet, and each of the inlet and outlet is connected to an outer-pipe connector, inside the outer pipe is formed an inner space in communication with... Agent:

20140216591 - Reinforced hose: A hose comprising a tubular body of flexible material arranged between an inner and outer helically wound wire. The hose further comprises an elongate member having opposing longitudinal edges, the elongate member being helically wound around the tubular body such that the opposing longitudinal edges of the layer are in... Agent: Bhp Billiton Petroleum Pty Ltd.

20140216592 - Umbilical hose with improved cyclic ovalisation resistance: A high pressure hose for use within an umbilical includes a hose liner tube surrounded by a first reinforcement layer comprised substantially of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene fibres and a second reinforcement layer surrounding the first reinforcement layer. The second layer comprises at least 50% aramid fibres. The hose... Agent: Oceaneering International Services Limited

20140216593 - Tubular component with an internal wear-resistant surface: A tubular component is for a pipe system. The tubular component comprises an external shell. and an internal wear element which is attached to the inner jacket surface of the shell by a bonding mass in a first annular space formed between the outer jacket surface of the wear element... Agent: Materix As

07/31/2014 > 7 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.
07/24/2014 > 9 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140202569 - Apparatus and method to repair the junction of a sewer main line and lateral pipe: A liner assembly and method for lining a damaged pipe junction between a main and lateral pipe is provided. The liner assembly includes a main liner member and a lateral liner tube. A collar disposed near the juncture between the main liner member and lateral liner tube is impregnated with... Agent: Lmk Technologies, LLC

20140202570 - Method of repairing a manhole chimney using a stretchable sleeve: A method of repairing and renewing a manhole chimney utilizes a circumferentially stretchable liner sleeve which is inserted into the manhole and pressed by an inflatable bladder into engagement with the walls of the manhole chimney. The sleeve is coated with an uncured resin, which is allowed to cure as... Agent:

20140202571 - Optical fiber cable installation in a pressure sewerage: A house connection for a cable in a medium conduit comprises a cable passage with which the cable is taken out of the medium conduit. The cable passage is provided with a cable tensioner with which a portion of the cable can be tensioned in the medium conduit. The cable... Agent:

20140202572 - Air-flow channel for a ventilation device of a motor vehicle, and a method for producing same: The invention relates to an air-flow channel (1) for a ventilation device of a motor vehicle. According to the invention, a sealing element (7) is arranged in a bonded manner on at least one pipe opening (6) of the air-flow channel (1), in the region of an opening edge (2),... Agent: Johnson Controls Interiors Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140202573 - Implementing pre-treatment of water cooling hoses to increase reliability: Pre-treated water cooling hoses and a method for implementing pretreatment of water cooling hoses for increased reliability are provided. Pretreatment of the water cooling hoses includes attaching the water cooling hose to a water cooling system, filling the water cooling system with a high concentration corrosion inhibitor solution, and running... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140202574 - Umbilical with fatigue resistant fibres: An umbilical casing for an umbilical, for use in underwater drilling operations includes an inner thermoplastic polymer layer, an outer thermoplastic polymer layer and at least two fibre reinforcement layers between the inner and outer thermoplastic layers. The fibre reinforcement layers are contra helical with each including at least one... Agent: Oceaneering International Services Limited

20140202575 - Method of running a conduit in an incineration plant and device with such a conduit: The invention relates to a method of running a conduit in an incineration plant as well as a device with a conduit, in which the conduit is surrounded by a ceramic component onto which flue gas flows from at least two opposite directions, wherein between the conduit and ceramic component... Agent: Martin Gmbh Fuer Umwelt- Und Energietechnik

20140202576 - Method for producing welded steel pipe and welded steel pipe: e

20140202577 - Duct fitting apparatus with reduced flow pressure loss and method of formation thereof: A duct fitting apparatus comprising a duct fitting having an aspect ratio of generally 1:1 at each end and transitioning toward a middle section having a non-uniform aspect ratio up to about 2.4:1. The transition section may have an elliptical cross-sectional shape. A plurality of surface treatments associated with the... Agent:

07/17/2014 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20140196808 - Supply system for a liquid: A supply system for liquid including a liquid tank and a liquid supply line forming a passage for the liquid from the tank to an outlet of the supply system. The supply line includes at least one part configured to form at least one gas pocket communicating with the passage... Agent: Inergy Automotive Systems Research (societe Anonyme)

20140196809 - Low flow drain pipe: A pipe fitting includes a pipe fitting body having a first end in fluidic communication with a second end, the ends configured to receive a pipe. At least one of the first or second ends comprises a non-circular sectional shape having a low flow enhancement channel disposed at a bottom.... Agent:

20140196810 - Armouring element for unbonded flexible pipe: The invention relates to an armouring element for an unbonded flexible pipe. The armouring element has a longitudinal axis and an elongated outer shape along said axis. The armouring element further has a longitudinal recess configured for fully or partly taking up a sensor element. The recess has a recess... Agent: National Oilwell Varco Denmark I/s

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