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Pipes and tubular conduits

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12/04/2014 > 7 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140352837 - Box detector for a threaded joint for pipes: A box protector 21 for protecting the inner surface of a box 11 of a threaded joint for pipes having a female threaded portion and a shoulder surface 14 with the shoulder surface being sloped by an angle θ with respect to the direction perpendicular to the pipe axis has... Agent:

20140352831 - Shaped water supplying extension arm: A water supplying extension arm for supplying water from a water source to a showerhead has an elongated hollow extension arm element extending along its longitudinal axis and having a first end connectable to the water source turnably about a horizontal axis and a second end spaced in a direction... Agent:

20140352832 - Method for connecting connection piece to thermally insulated conduit pipe: In order to connect a connection piece (10), which is, for example, a pipe coupling or a mounting or a fitting, to a thermally insulated conduit pipe (1), a clamping sleeve (9) with an internal thread (8) is screwed in between the internal pipe (2) of the conduit pipe and... Agent:

20140352833 - Method and device for cutting wound hoses: A method for cutting a wound hose (1), made form mutually engaging windings (11, 12, 13, 14) of a metallic tape (2), with the wound hose (1) being welded in a predetermined axial area (10) and then cut within the area (10) essentially in a plane (6) extending radially, with... Agent: Witzenmann Gmbh

20140352834 - Stiffener for flexible hose: A hose stiffener consisting of multiple rods or strips to be oriented parallel to the axis of a hose connected to multiple partial rings to be oriented perpendicular to the hose, preferably molded or machined as a single piece, for use in water, salt water, chlorinated water, fluid, chemical and... Agent:

20140352836 - High-strength seamless steel pipe for oil well use having excellent resistance to sulfide stress cracking: A seamless steel pipe has a composition containing, by mass %, C: 0.15 to 0.50%, Si: 0.1 to 1.0%, Mn: 0.3 to 1.0%, P: 0.015% or less, S: 0.005% or less, Al: 0.01 to 0.1%, N: 0.01% or less, Cr: 0.1 to 1.7%, Mo: 0.40 to 1.1%, V: 0.01 to... Agent: Jfe Steel Corporation

20140352835 - Welding process, welding system, and welded article: A welding process, welding system and welded article are disclosed. The welding process includes generating a first beam from a stationary fusion apparatus and generating a second beam from a rotatable fusion apparatus. The first beam and the second beam form a weld in an article. The welding system includes... Agent:

11/27/2014 > 11 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140345732 - Modular hydraulic hammer reduction system for railroad tank cars: A modular hydraulic hammer reduction system for railroad tank cars includes tubular hydraulic hammer reduction devices which include means to connect the tubular devices to flanges other than by welding or being cast together. For example, the tubular devices can be press fit into the flanges, or the tubular devices... Agent:

20140345733 - Damper for air lines of an internal combustion engine having a turbocharger and method for producing said damper: A method for producing a damper for an air line of an internal combustion engine includes the following steps: providing a temperature-controlled inner part having passages; producing a tubular preform of an outer jacket from a thermoplastic melt; and attaching the temperature-controlled inner part to a blowing mandrel of a... Agent: Umfotec Gmbh

20140345734 - Commercial hose: A flexible hose having an inner tube member made from a thermoplastic elastomer material and an outer tube member made from a non-elastic polyester material. The inner tube member is secured to the outer tube member only at an inlet coupler and an outlet coupler. The inlet coupler is constructed... Agent:

20140345735 - Combination hanger and reinforcement bracket: A hanger bracket for supporting duct having an extended plate portion configured to support a surface of a duct and configured to accommodate coupling of the hanger bracket to the bottom surface of the duct; a vertical back plate portion attached to the extended plate portion and configured to couple... Agent:

20140345736 - Tube fitting with integrated seal: A tube for a fuel injection system having an end form defining a spherical surface to seal against a receiver in fluid tight relation. The tube and end form may be made of steel or stainless steel. The spherical surface includes an integrated seal surface defining layer comprising material bonded... Agent:

20140345737 - Under cabinet snaking air ducting kit: This invention provides a under cabinet ducting kit comprising an under cabinet supply cover; at least two oval collars, wherein a first oval collar is connected to the under cabinet supply cover at a first end; a flexible duct hose, wherein a first end of the flexible duct hose is... Agent:

20140345738 - Hose burst suppression sleeve system: A protective suppression system including one or more sleeves of expansion coil of energy-absorbing material wrapped around a hose and a blanket which can be wrapped loosely around the wrapped hose. The longitudinal edges of the blanket fasten together to form a protective cylindrical tube, and can be joined end-to-end... Agent:

20140345739 - Flexible pipe body and method of manufacture: A flexible pipe body and method of manufacturing a flexible pipe body are disclosed. The pipe body includes a carcass layer (303) including a plurality of adjacent interlocked annular elements (301), each annular element comprising a main body portion communicating with a male connection region and a female connection region,... Agent:

20140345741 - Flexible pipe body and method of manufacture: A flexible pipe body (400) and method of producing a flexible pipe body are disclosed. The flexible pipe body (400) includes a collapse resistant layer (404); and a fluid retaining layer (406) provided radially outwards of the collapse resistant layer (404), wherein the collapse resistant layer (404) comprises at least... Agent: Wellstream International Limited

20140345740 - Method for monitoring the integrity of a flexible line extending through a fluid exploitation facility, and associated flexible line, kit and production process: A method including the provision of at least one wire sensor (54A) including a polymeric matrix and having greater electric conductivity than that of the tubular body (52). The method includes the measurement of an electric quantity representative of the integrity of the flexible line, in at least one measurement... Agent:

20140345742 - Coiled tubing with heat resistant conduit: Coiled tubing is provided with one or more conduits passing through and secured to an inner wall of the coiled tubing. The conduits are resistant to annealing temperatures and therefore are welded to flat plate which is used for forming the coiled tubing or are retained in a groove formed... Agent:

11/20/2014 > 13 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20140338770 - Dual resonator chamber with variable volume: The dual resonator chamber with variable volume includes first and second housings. The second housing is slidably mounted within the first housing such that a second inner neck portion of the second housing is slidably mounted about the first inner neck portion of the first housing and forms a fluid-tight... Agent: King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

20140338771 - Flow conditioner and method for optimization: A flow conditioner for a circular pipe having an axis. The flow conditioner includes a plate having a face to be disposed in the circular pipe with the face of the plate perpendicular to the axis of the pipe. The plate has a central circular passage area through which fluid... Agent: Cameron International Corporation

20140338772 - Active sealing member: A sealing member, a component including a sealing member, and a method of sealing a hole are disclosed. In an embodiment, the sealing member includes a plug member for occluding a hole in a wall of a passageway. The plug member includes at least one cooling feature disposed on a... Agent: General Electric Company

20140338773 - Clean air duct and retaining clip and assembly thereof: A clean air duct and retaining clip assembly for installation on a receiving port includes an assembly with a tubular body and a cuff extending from the tubular body. The cuff has a cuff groove, at least the cuff receivable on a receiving port, and a retaining clip only partially... Agent: Steere Enterprises, Inc.

20140338774 - Garden hose and hose irrigation system comprising said garden hose: The invention relates to a garden hose (GS) with at least one cover layer. The aim of the invention is to improve the grip of the hose relative to the hand of a user and/or on a connection to a connecting element (SK) via a compression-type fitting (UM, HK). For... Agent:

20140338775 - Bend protector for a pipeline bend: A protector for protecting the internal bore of a pipeline bend from a line being pulled through the pipeline bend during servicing operations including a first liner section which will travel along the pipeline to the pipeline bend bend but which will not pass through the pipeline bend, a one... Agent:

20140338776 - Flexible pipe body and method: Flexible pipe body and method of manufacturing a flexible pipe body, the pipe body including a tubular layer (304) of corrugated material for forming a collapse resistant layer, wherein a radially outer surface of the layer has alternately repeating grooves (318) and ridges (316), and a radially inner surface of... Agent:

20140338777 - Fluid dispensing apparatus and method of manufacture: The present invention provides a fluid dispensing apparatus and a method of manufacturing a fluid dispensing apparatus.... Agent:

20140338778 - Ultra-efficient two-phase evaporators/boilers enabled by nanotip-induced boundary layers: Microfluidic devices, along with methods of their fabrication, are provided. The microfluidic device can include a substrate defining a microchannel formed between a pair of side walls and a bottom surface and a plurality of nanotips positioned within the microchannel and proximate to each side wall such that a boundary... Agent:

20140338780 - Compressed-air brake line: A compressed-air brake line which comprises: I) an external layer made of a moulding composition which comprises at least 50% by weight of PA11 and/or PA12, and II) an internal layer made of a moulding composition which comprises at least 50% by weight of polyamide whose monomer units comprise on... Agent: Evonik Industries Ag

20140338779 - Method for producing tubular bodies for packaging tubes, and a packaging tube with a tubular body: A method for manufacturing tubular bodies (1) exhibiting an inner circumferential surface and outer circumferential surface (8) for packaging tubes out of a strip-shaped film substrate (2) that encompasses a barrier layer (19) against moisture and/or oxygen, exhibits at least one weldable plastic layer (3), and comprises a beveled first... Agent:

20140338782 - Manufacturing method for bellow pipes: A method that enables a thermoplastic pipe in a partial or complete bellows-form, preferably having connecting elements such as clip, bracket, etc. thereon to be manufactured in a single process.... Agent: Teklas Kaucuk Sanayi Ve Ticaret A.s.

20140338781 - Swirl vane air duct cuff assembly and method of manufacture: A swirl vane air duct cuff assembly includes a tubular body and a swirl vane cuff extending from the tubular body. The swirl vane cuff has an exterior surface which has a cuff groove, and an interior surface which has at least one inward radially extending vane.... Agent: Steere Enterprises, Inc

11/13/2014 > 7 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140332105 - Pipe systems: A system relating to ceramic/rubberized lined steel pipes adapted to carry crushed rock and other highly abrasive materials.... Agent: Corrosion Engineering, Inc.

20140332106 - Accumulator: In an accumulator having an accumulator housing which is provided with an oil port connected to a pressure piping of equipment, and an inner portion of the accumulator housing being sectioned into a gas chamber filling with gas and a fluid chamber communicating with the oil port by a bellows... Agent:

20140332107 - Line and delivery system having such a line: The present general inventive concept, in some of its many example embodiments, relates to a line, in particular for the conduction of gaseous media under high pressure, preferably in the range of 150 bar to 400 bar, very preferably in the range of 200 bar to 350 bar, in particular... Agent:

20140332108 - Stretch hose and hose production method: An extensible-retractable helically reinforced hose is formed by helically wrapping a freshly extruded bead of thermoplastic material about a rotating mandrel to form a helical array of spaced reinforcing coils, and by helically wrapping a freshly extruded thin yet wide web of thermoplastic material so edge regions of the wide... Agent: Schauenburg Hose Technology Gmbh

20140332109 - Propylene-based terpolymers for pipes:

20140332110 - Flexible high-pressure pipe structure: A pipe structure includes a carcass made from an arrangement of hoop segments that join to form a series of articulating joints. A hard yet flexible outer shell is formed around the carcass. The hoop segments are reinforced with fiber to increase strength and reduce weight. The shell anchors to... Agent: James L. Gallagher, Inc.

20140332111 - Reinforcing assembly for air conditioning ducts and reinforced air conditioning duct incorporating such assembly: A reinforcing assembly for an air conditioning duct comprises a plurality of annular elements having outer circumferences configured to define an inner cross section of the conditioning duct, at least three interconnecting cords for linking the outer circumferences of the annular elements in a series, and fixing means for securing... Agent: Prihoda S.r.o.

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