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Pipes and tubular conduits

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05/21/2015 > 6 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150136264 - Flexible pipe body and method: A flexible pipe body and method of manufacturing a flexible pipe body are disclosed. The flexible pipe body includes a fluid retaining layer for preventing ingress of fluid into the flexible pipe body from an environment outside of the flexible pipe body; and a fibre element arranged generally along a... Agent: Wellstream International Limited

20150136265 - Integrated pipeline protection system: The pipeline protection system includes a plurality of modules and a central control unit. The modules are adapted to be disposed circumferentially around the pipeline and capable of communicating to each other and with the central control unit to generate a plurality of real time data related to the pipeline.... Agent:

20150136266 - Concrete dispensing boom for concrete pumps: A concrete dispensing boom for stationary and mobile concrete pumps has a plurality of boom arms, connected to one another at joints, and a concrete conveying line consisting of a plurality of pipe segments preferably connected to one another in an articulated manner via pipe bends and rotary couplings. Said... Agent:

20150136267 - Single stream discharge drain hose assembly: A drain hose assembly comprises an articulated extendable flexible hose having a plurality of articulating sections, the flexible hose further includes a first end configured to couple to a sink drain, a U-bend pipe integrally coupled to a second end of the articulated extendable flexible hose configured to couple to... Agent:

20150136268 - Flexible pipeline: A flexible pipeline for transporting a pressurized flowable medium, includes two pipes of metal which are undulated transversely of their longitudinal direction, an inner pipe and an outer pipe which are arranged concentrically relative to each other with the inclusion of an annular gap. A vacuum insulation is arranged in... Agent:

20150136269 - Pressure-resistant hose: Disclosed herein is a pressure-resistant hose. The hose includes an inner lining (10), a fabric woven layer (30) and an outer sheath (20). The fabric woven layer includes first-direction threads (31) and second-direction threads (32) that are wound around the inner lining such that the second-direction threads cross the first-direction... Agent:

05/14/2015 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20150129073 - Quick-release end cap with identification card: The disclosure relates to a quick release end cap device for manually attaching to, or removal from, a hose line, pipeline or pipeline termination bank. The quick release end cap device is useful to identify the contents of the hose line, pipeline, or pipeline termination bank. The end cap device... Agent:

20150129074 - Tubular knitted liner: A liner or prepreg for installation in pipelines includes a deformable circular knitted fabric impregnated with synthetic resin, which is preferably UV-curable.... Agent:

20150129075 - Self-draining hose: The present disclosure provides a self-draining hose. The self-draining hose includes a flexible hose connected to an inlet end fitting and an outlet end fitting and defines a fluid passage through the flexible hose. The flexible hose is made from an elastomer material having a memory with a cross-sectional flat... Agent:

20150129076 - Fuel supply routing assembly for engine to detect fuel leakage: A tube assembly is disposed between a cylinder head of an engine and a fuel supply valve housing. The tube assembly includes a tube member, a first fitting member coupled to each end of the tube member, a second fitting member coupled to the first fitting member proximate to the... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

05/07/2015 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150122362 - Direct electrical heating arrangement comprising a power electronic converter: It is described an arrangement for providing an AC current to a load for direct electrical heating, the arrangement comprising a AC-DC-AC converter cell (133, 433, 533, 633, 733), the converter cell having at least two converter input terminals (111, 112, 113) connected to at least two transformer output terminals,... Agent:

20150122363 - Sealing plug: A plug (1) for sealing a hole (2) provided in a work piece (3). The plug (1) comprises a front part (4) and a sealing part (5), and the surface hardness of at least the sealing part is greater than the hardness of the work piece (3). The sealing part... Agent:

20150122364 - Systems and methods for pipeline device propulsion: A method for sealing a leak in a pipeline used to transport fluid includes positioning a sealing device within the pipeline, moving the sealing device through the pipeline to a leak location, and internally generating an inflation pressure to inflate the sealing device to substantially cover a leak opening and... Agent: Elwha LLC

20150122365 - Components with an atomic layer deposition coating and methods of producing the same: Liquid chromatography and gas chromatography components with a conformal protective coating on internal surfaces thereof and methods for producing the same are provided. The conformal protective coating is formed via an atomic layer deposition (ALD) process. The components and methods of the present disclosure find use in providing protective coatings... Agent:

20150122366 - Wastewater pipe structure: Disclosed herein is wastewater pipe having a shape that is operable to flow both small and large volumes of wastewater. The wastewater pipe includes a bottom portion with a different diameter than to top portion. The top and bottom portions of the wastewater pipe are connected by side walls that... Agent:

04/30/2015 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20150114507 - Method and system for coating a pipe: A method and system for evaluating the interior surface and exterior wall conditions of a pipeline while also dynamically installing a repair coating in a pipeline, such as an underground water pipeline. The system is towed into the pipeline and drawn back therethrough. As the system is drawn back, one... Agent: Warren Environmental, Inc.

20150114508 - Metal-resin composite pipe that can be easily wound into ring shape and, methods for manufacturing the same: The present invention may manufacture a composite pipe by forming an adhesive layer and a resin layer on an outer surface of a metal pipe, and although the composite pipe is wound in a ring shape after the composite pipe is manufactured, a circular cross sectional shape may be maintained... Agent:

20150114509 - Techniques for protecting pipe coatings: A method of protecting a layered coating on a length of pipe for subsea use includes applying an edge finisher to the coating to encase an edge of the coating by fusing the edge finisher with the coating or by moulding the edge finisher at an edge of the coating.... Agent:

20150114510 - Encapsulated insulation: This application describes insulated casings with cores of insulating material, coated with or otherwise encapsulated in a shell material are disclosed. A hinge may be fixed to first and second encapsulated cores and couple the first and second encapsulated cores to allow the insulated casings to removably cover a conduit.... Agent:

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