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Pipes and tubular conduits

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10/02/2014 > 7 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140290780 - Pipe attachment: A pipe attachment for sealing a leak, the attachment comprising a frame formed by a pair of opposed jaws which when closed define a substantially cylindrical cavity, and a stretchable waterproof membrane secured to the frame; wherein each jaw has a distal end and the frame comprises an intermediate portion... Agent:

20140290781 - Exhaust gas treatment unit: An exhaust gas treatment unit includes an exhaust gas treatment device, a bracket and a connecting pipe. The exhaust gas treatment device is mounted on a bracket. The connecting pipe is connected to the exhaust gas treatment device. The connecting pipe directs exhaust gas to the exhaust gas treatment device.... Agent: Komatsu Ltd.

20140290782 - Multilayer pipe with polyamide layer: A pipe or pipeline for use in the oil and gas industry for conveying lines, collection pipelines and transport pipelines with reduced operating risk and increased lifetime is provided. The pipe contains: a) an external reinforcement layer and b) an internal liner which comprises securely bonded to one another: I)... Agent: Evonik Industries Ag

20140290783 - Insulated ducts and insulated ductworks: An HVAC duct is provided. The duct includes an outer tube having a fully continuous external perimeter. The duct further includes an inner tube capable of conveying forced air. The inner tube extends within the outer tube longitudinally. The duct also includes a plurality of support elements spanning between the... Agent:

20140290784 - Reinforcement laminate having an alignment feature: In one aspect, the present disclosure relates to a reinforcement stack of a spoolable pipe composed of a plurality of laminates stacked to form the reinforcement stack. At least one of the plurality of laminates includes an alignment feature configured to align adjacently stacked laminates. In another aspect, the present... Agent: Deepflex Inc.

20140290785 - Ventilation duct: A duct includes a number of wall sections which are at least partly produced from fibre material and a binder agent. Together, the wall sections define a closed, elongate flow space. The wall sections which meet one another are united by the intermediary of at least one longitudinal fold or... Agent: Climate Recovery Ind Ab

20140290786 - Microfluidic channel and microfluidic device: A microfluidic channel includes an agitating flow channel whose central axis is a three-dimensional curve.... Agent: Sony Corporation

09/25/2014 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20140283940 - Extrudable multilayer tubing: Method of fabricating a polymeric tube for attachment to a prefabricated tubular polymer body comprising: selecting an ethylene copolymer functionalized with a conjugated vinyl moiety, and coextruding an outer tubular layer comprised of the selected functionalized ethylene copolymer together with at least one inner tubular layer comprised of a thermoplastic... Agent: Tekni-plex, Inc.

20140283941 - Seamless, self-insulated foam duct and an apparatus and method for manufacturing the same: A seamless self-insulated foam duct made from a single continuous homogenous member of polymeric foam and an apparatus and methods for making such ducts. The homogenous foam member may be transformed to include a plurality of layers such as a densified inner foam layer surrounded by an outer insulating foam... Agent: Evonik Foams, Inc.

20140283942 - Method to make a curved tubular element to convey abrasive materials such as concrete or suchlike, and curved tubular element thus obtained: A method to make a curved tubular element comprising obtaining a first external curved tubular component, and a second internal curved component made of a material with a greater resistance to wear than the first external curved tubular component, and having a cross section which covers a portion of the... Agent: Cifa Spa

20140283943 - Cable protection device and system: A cover is provided for protecting cables. The cover includes a first cover member and a second cover member. The second cover member is configured to mate with the first cover member to define conduits that enclose and permit passage therethrough of one or more cables. Plural covers are couplable... Agent:

09/18/2014 > 23 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20140261827 - Accumulator membrane for a hydraulic hammer: An accumulator membrane is disclosed. The accumulator membrane may include a generally cylindrical tube having a side wall with a first end a second end. A lip may be located at the first end, and may form a pocket with the side wall. An extension may protrude from the second... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20140261828 - In-line water hammer arrester: An in-line water hammer arrester comprises a housing connectable at each end to a piping system, a fluid channel disposed within the housing to permit fluid to flow from the piping system through the housing and back into the piping system, a piston and a pressurized gas chamber. When a... Agent: Lsp Products Group, Inc.,

20140261829 - Outlet tube for a material transfer system: An outlet tube for a material transfer system. The outlet tube comprises a body and at least one restrictor. The body is adapted to be connected to a feed system. The body has an inner wall that defines an opening adapted to receive material from the feed system such that... Agent:

20140261831 - Foreign material exclusion device: Foreign material exclusion devices especially adapted to be positioned in a construction, for example a tube or pipe to temporarily seal off a potentially sensitive area of the construction from foreign materials or debris. In one embodiment the device includes a specifically defined, fixed-size eyelet to assist with insertion and/or... Agent: Advanced F.m.e. Products, Inc.

20140261830 - Pipe coupling: The invention relates to a pipe coupling, which can be coupled with one of its ends to a pipe and which has a clamping band and a tightening means for tightening the clamping band. A cover is provided on the other end of the pipe coupling, which is inserted in... Agent: Ge Jenbacher Gmbh & Co Og

20140261849 - Pipe thread protector with a detent: A thread protector comprises a substantially closed end and a threaded inner annular wall extending from the substantially closed end. There is a detent disposed within an interior of the thread connector. The detent includes a resilient flap with an edge which is spaced-apart from and facing the threaded inner... Agent:

20140261832 - Method and apparatus for lining a pipe: The method for rehabilitating a damaged section of a pipe without a need for a resin absorbent liner is provided. The method includes pumping a low viscosity material towards a damaged section of pipe and changing the viscosity prior to dispensing of the material. For example, the material may be... Agent: Lmk Technologies, LLC

20140261833 - Method and apparatus for sealing and structurally renewing a wall of a manhole: An apparatus and method is provided for structurally renewing and sealing a wall of a manhole. The apparatus includes a tubular sleeve impregnated with a hydrophilic or hydrophobic material capable of expanding when in contact with water, and a liner impregnated with a resinous material capable of curing and hardening.... Agent: Lmk Technologies, LLC

20140261834 - Assembly to support a conduit on a crane: A system for storing a conduit on a crane includes a crane that has a structure to which a mooring point is attached. A first strap is configured to wrap at least partly around the conduit. The strap includes a first end and a second end spaced apart from the... Agent: Manitowoc Crane Companies, LLC

20140261835 - Pliable-wall air ducts with internal expanding structures: Example air ducts comprising pliable tubular sidewalls are provided with example internal frameworks that hold the duct in a generally expanded shape even when the duct is depressurized. The framework tensions the pliable sidewall material along the length of the ducts to keep the material taut. In some examples, the... Agent:

20140261836 - Adaptable cable hanger insert: The present invention is a hollow, spool-shaped cylindrical insert for a standard transmission line hanger that comprises a cylinder with a rim at either end, a round opening through the cylinder's center, a slit extending from the exterior of the insert to the interior opening and multiple standing ribs in... Agent:

20140261838 - Column filter retainer connector with structural reinforcement and biocompatible fluid passageway: A connector with a biocompatible fluid passageway to be used as a column filter retainer and the method for manufacturing it is described. The connector has a reinforcement insert and a biocompatible molding covering portions of the reinforcement insert. The reinforcement insert has a first portion, a second portion, and... Agent:

20140261839 - Concentric flexible hose assembly: Provided is a flexible hose assembly having an inner nipple coupled to an inner flexible hose and an outer nipple at least partially surrounding the inner nipple and being coupled to an outer flexible hose, wherein a first fluid flowing through the inner nipple is directed outward in-between the inner... Agent: Parker-hannifin Corporation

20140261837 - Hose joint incorporating two or more swivels: A hose joint for a pool cleaner or other apparatus that includes at least two swivels. The first swivel is configured to rotate about a first axis and the second swivel is configured to rotate about a second axis that is different from the first axis. In some embodiments, one... Agent: Zodiac Pool Systems, Inc.

20140261840 - Manufacture method of tubular member and tubular member manufactured by the same: An expandable tube portion including slots arranged in a staggered fashion is expanded. When the expandable tube portion is expanded, the individual slots open to a cut end portion of the expandable tube portion are transformed to open in V-shape while the whole body of the expandable tube portion is... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140261841 - Kink resistant hose system with coil layer and method of manufacturing: A fluid conduit includes a flexible member having a tubular wall for conveying a fluid and a circumferential structural member positioned adjacent to the tubular wall. The structural member is disposed about a central axis of the conduit so as to form a plurality of spaced segments along the wall.... Agent: Robert Bosch Tool Corporation

20140261842 - Flexible tube for exhaust pipe of automobiles: A flexible tube for an exhaust pipe of an automobile includes a bellows member having corrugations thereon; an interlocking member positioned in the bellows member with a predetermined gap from the bellows member and having a spiral groove formed thereon to absorb deformation; a braid member positioned to surround the... Agent: Sjm Co., Ltd.

20140261843 - Construction of pipes: An elongate hollow structure and method of constructing the hollow structure is described, the hollow structure including a radially inner portion and a radially outer portion merging together to form a tubular wall structure. The method includes providing the radially inner portion, assembling the radially outer portion about the radially... Agent:

20140261845 - Bonded high-pressure rubber hose, particularly for conveying gaseous media: The invention relates to a bonded high-pressure rubber hose comprising a flexible internal stripwound tube (10), a liquid and gas tight liner (2) made from rubber or plastic, reinforcing plies embedded in rubber, and in specific cases an adhesively bonded coupling body (11), the lower reinforcing ply or plies being... Agent: Contitech Rubber Industrial Gumiipari Kft.

20140261844 - Kink resistant hose system with layer of spaced geometrical units and method of manufacturing: A fluid conduit includes a flexible member having a tubular wall and a plurality of geometric segments located adjacent to the tubular wall. The geometric segments are disposed about a central axis of the conduit and spaced apart relative to each other to define a gap therebetween. The gap is... Agent: Robert Bosch Tool Corporation

20140261846 - Clad duct: A clad duct comprising an outer sheet of thermoplastic material and an inner duct of rigid foam is disclosed. The outer sheet of thermoplastic material is bonded to the inner duct. The outer sheet has a first edge and a second edge and a seal is provided to seal the... Agent:

20140261847 - Composite mandrel for an isolation tool: A mandrel for an isolation tool for completion of oil and gas wells and a method for making the mandrel is disclosed. The mandrel comprising a composite tube, wherein the composite tube has an inner diameter; wherein a first section of the composite tube has a first outer diameter and... Agent:

20140261848 - Integral valve assembly: An integral valve assembly includes a major span of piping having a first end and a second end opposite the first end, a first minor span of piping extending perpendicularly from the major span between the first end and the second end of the major span, and a second minor... Agent: Tyl, Inc.

09/11/2014 > 18 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140251480 - Pipeline liner monitoring system: A pipeline monitoring system and systems and methods of producing the same. A system for producing a liner for a pipe can comprise a source of material to form a body of the liner and a source of material to form a monitoring sensor in the liner. The system may... Agent:

20140251481 - Additive layer manufacturing method for producing a three-dimensional object and three-dimensional object: An additive layer manufacturing method is disclosed for producing a three-dimensional object and to a corresponding object. Layers of a powder material are applied to a carrier and irradiated, before the following layer is applied, with a laser beam or particle beam selectively only in the areas of the layer... Agent:

20140251482 - Fluid supply hoses having a heat-shrunk, antifungal outer cover and method for making same: A fluid supply hose includes a hose body having a first end for connection to a fixture and a second end for connection to a water supply. The fluid supply hose includes a tubular cover formed of a heat-shrinkable, antifungal material, which is heat shrunk in place to cover at... Agent: Durst Corporation, Inc.

20140251483 - Tube assembly for use in fuel injection assemblies and methods of assembling same: A tube assembly for use in a fuel injection assembly of a turbine engine is provided. The tube assembly includes a housing, and a plurality of tube assembly units positioned adjacent to one another within the housing such that each tube assembly extends along a longitudinal axis of the housing.... Agent: General Electric Company

20140251484 - Sanitary hose with an inner hose and a sheathing: A sanitary hose (1) has an inner hose (2) and a braided sheathing (4), made of mutually intersecting braiding parts (3), which encloses the inner hose (2). At least one of the braiding parts (3) or preferably all braiding parts (3) are configured here as single-part ribbons which thus replace... Agent: Neoperl Gmbh

20140251485 - Hybrid pipe design and method of manufacture: A hybrid flexible pipe and method of manufacture having one or more web layers over a tubular core and a polymer layer over the web layers and tubular core. A flexible helical reinforcement layer having gaps between strips is wrapped on top of the polymer layer. A second flexible helical... Agent: Changchun Gaoxiang Special Pipe Co., Ltd.

20140251486 - Reinforced flexible pipe: A flexible conduit for transporting abrasive slurry, includes a flexible tubular body, such as rubber tube, and a plurality of wear-resistant rings provided in the body along the length of the conduit for protecting the inner surface of the body against abrasive action of the slurry, wherein at least one... Agent:

20140251487 - Invisible seam laminated article and process of manufacture: The present disclosure relates to a laminated article with an invisible seam. The laminated article, in accordance with the present disclosure, is a laminate tube or lamitube. The present disclosure also relates to a process for manufacturing of laminated articles with substantially invisible seam.... Agent: Essel Propack Ltd.

20140251488 - Hot-forged copper alloy part: A hot-forged copper alloy part which has a tubular shape, in which an alloy composition contains 59.0 mass % to 84.0 mass % of Cu and 0.003 mass % to 0.3 mass % of Pb with a remainder of Zn and inevitable impurities, a content of Cu [Cu] mass %... Agent: Mitsubishi Shindoh Co., Ltd

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