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Pipes and tubular conduits

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04/16/2015 > 4 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20150101695 - Sealing device, aircraft engine provided with such a sealing device and method for placing such a sealing device in an aircraft engine: The present invention relates to a sealing device designed for sealing a fuel inlet opening of an aircraft engine and to an aircraft engine provided with such a sealing device. The invention further relates to a method for sealing a fuel inlet opening of an aircraft engine.... Agent:

20150101696 - Fuel pipe protective structure: A fuel pipe protective structure includes a fuel pipe, a connecting member, and a protective member. The protective member is to protect a connection between the fuel pipe and the connecting member. The protective member includes a base and a cover. The base is to be connected to a vehicle... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20150101697 - Fire-rated modular duct assembly and improvements therein: A fire-rated exhaust duct system comprising a modular configuration or structure. The fire-rated exhaust duct system comprises a plurality of exhaust duct sections. Each of the exhaust duct sections is configured to be joined or connected with other exhaust duct sections in the field or at an installation site, e.g.... Agent:

20150101698 - Method of manufacturing a field joint coating: A method of manufacturing a Field Joint Coating (FJC) for a pipeline, the method comprising: providing a pipe section to be joined to a similar pipe section or free end of a pipeline, wherein each pipe section is provided with a coating comprising a thermal insulation layer over a length... Agent:

04/09/2015 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20150096639 - Composite pulsation dampener: A pulsation control device is constructed at least partially of a composite carbon (and/or other fibers)/epoxy exostructure having an oblong cylindrical or spheroidal shape, optionally with metallic portions or reinforcements, together with a non-metallic polymer non-load sharing liner. A pressure drop tube preferably extends from an opening through an exterior... Agent:

20150096640 - In-line water hammer arrester: An in-line water hammer arrester comprises a housing connectable at each end to a piping system, a fluid channel disposed within the housing to permit fluid to flow from the piping system through the housing and back into the piping system, a piston and a pressurized chamber. When a pressure... Agent:

20150096641 - Flow regulating apparatus: A flow regulating device in a fluid system according to one embodiment may include a housing defining a cavity receiving an orifice body. The orifice body defines a bore extending axially therethrough and includes a flexible end section, with axial slits in one example, to allow the end section to... Agent: Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp.

20150096642 - Aerial refueling hose: An in-flight refueling hose and method. The hose includes an inner braid including pseudoelastic shape memory alloy (e.g., nitinol) wires. These wires undergo a stress induced phase change absorbing energy to dampen oscillations of the hose in use.... Agent: Mide Technology Corporation

04/02/2015 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20150090358 - Multilayer reinforced hose: This invention pertains to an umbilical hose comprising in order a thermoplastic inner liner, at least one fibrous reinforcement layer having a layer thickness no greater than 1.5 mm, comprising continuous filament yarns having a yarn tenacity of at least 13 g/dtex and a linear density no greater than 6667... Agent:

20150090359 - Hot-dip galvanized steel pipe and method of manufacturing the same: i

20150090360 - Insulated duct with air jacket and method of use: An insulated duct includes an inflatable jacket surround the duct. The jacket is inflated, preferably with air traveling in the duct, to create a static condition in the air space formed by the jacket to provide additional insulation for the duct. When the jacket is combined with additional insulation and... Agent:

20150090361 - Uoe steel pipe and structure: A UOE steel pipe used to form a structure by performing butt circumferential welding and having an outside diameter shape in a waveform in a longitudinal direction is shaped to have no local minimum of the outside diameter shape in the waveform within a predetermined length from both longitudinal end... Agent:

03/26/2015 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20150083261 - Apparatus and method of manufacturing pressure compensator type drip irrigation tubes with desired molecular orientation and tubes obtained thereby: A method for manufacturing high speed pressure compensator-type drip irrigation tubes and the tubes obtained thereby having absolute radial orientation of molecular chains, the orientation imparting strength as well as flexibility to the tube material. The said method comprises extruding a tube using a plurality of extruders; blowing up the... Agent:

20150083262 - Orifice plates: Implementations of an orifice plate used to regulate flow through a conduit are provided. In some implementations, a balanced restriction orifice (BRO) plate configured to maximize pressure loss is provided. In some implementations, the BRO plate may be configured to limit pipe and plate noise, erosion, cavitation, shear stress, etc.... Agent:

20150083263 - Flexible water pipe: A flexible water pipe, including: an inner pipe, which can extend or contract when water-filling or dewatering in the flexible water pipe; an outer pipe, which can unfold or wrinkle when water-filling or dewatering in the flexible water pipe; several rings arranged outside the inner pipe; a joint in inflow... Agent: Jinhua Haoquang Co., Ltd.

20150083264 - Hydrogen transfer tube: Disclosed is a hydrogen transfer tube, including: a first layer having elusion resistance to hydrogen; and a second layer surrounding an outer surface of the first layer, formed of polyurethane in order to prevent the permeation of hydrogen. In one form the hydrogen transfer tube includes at least one protective... Agent:

20150083265 - Self-illuminating tubing: The disclosure provides self-illuminating tubing that may be uncoupled from external power sources. The disclosed tubing is useful in a variety of low-light environments. Applications include medical devices and tubing for use in building construction and for industrial purposes. Embodiments in which the illuminating material indicates where tubing has been... Agent:

20150083266 - High-strength thick-walled electric resistance welded steel pipe having excellent low-temperature toughness and method of manufacturing the same: The steel has a chemical composition consisting of C: 0.025% to 0.084%, Si: 0.10% to 0.30%, Mn: 0.70% to 1.80%, controlled amounts of P, S, Al, N, and O, Nb: 0.001% to 0.065%, V: 0.001% to 0.065%, Ti: 0.001% to 0.033%, and Ca: 0.0001% to 0.0035% on a mass percent... Agent: Jfe Steel Corporation

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