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Pipe joints or couplings

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08/07/2014 > 10 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140217719 - Closed male luer connector: A fluid flow connector including a housing assembly, having a first end and a second end arranged along a common longitudinal axis, and a resilient fluid flow conduit member having a forward end, disposed alongside the first end of the housing assembly, formed with a selectably closable slit and with... Agent: Elcam Medical Agricultural Cooperative Association

20140217720 - Pipe insulating joint: Provided is a pipe insulating joint for insulating in between a first pipe element and a second pipe element, wherein at least one of which includes an electrical current impressed therein. The pipe insulating joint including a pipe segment having a wall portion made of an electrical insulating material and... Agent: Mekorot Water Company, Ltd

20140217721 - Connecting device: In an electrostatic coating apparatus, an electrically conductive coating material is supplied through a coating material supplying path to a coating gun to which a high voltage is applied. The electrostatic coating apparatus is provided with an insulating and separating valve capable of electrically insulating and separating the coating material... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140217722 - Composite drill pipe and method for forming same: A method for making a metal to composite tube joint including selecting an elongated interior fitting constructed with an exterior barrel, reduced in exterior diameter to form a distally facing annular shoulder and then projecting still further distally to form an interior sleeve having a radially outwardly facing bonding surface.... Agent: Advanced Composite Products & Technology, Inc.

20140217723 - Lever quick connect intercom fitting: Embodiments of the present invention provide a lever quick connect and disconnect fitting that provides a secure fit for tank-to-tank connections and prevents any leakage from occurring. The fitting provide two separate, independent locking features that can secure tank sleeves to one another. There is provided male and female components... Agent: Aerazur S.a.

20140217724 - Connection methods and systems: Various novel connectors are provided. In one embodiment, the connector includes a collar configured to receive first and second components. In this embodiment, the connector may also include a load ring configured to be received in a groove of the second component and to move into and out of engagement... Agent: Cameron International Corporation

20140217725 - Tubular connection center shoulder seal: A metal-to-metal sealing system connecting first and second tubular members includes a first seal configuration on the first tubular member and a second seal configuration on the second tubular member. The first seal configuration includes a first annular groove and a first annular tooth, and the second seal configuration includes... Agent:

20140217726 - Pipe coupling assembly: A coupler assembly (10) and method of manufacture (10) for use with pipe comprising a unitary annular body (20) forming first and second cylindrical openings for surrounding a pipe or piping sections to facilitate forming a fluid-tight seal therein. The unitary annular body (20) comprises a medial portion (64) formed... Agent: Springseal, Inc.

20140217727 - Connector member: A connector member according to this disclosure includes: a hollow pipe-shaped portion molded by injection molding of a synthetic resin; two ring-shaped seal grooves disposed at an outer peripheral surface of the pipe-shaped portion; and a ring-shaped gate mark formed at a region close to a pipe end with respect... Agent: Tigers Polymer Corporation

20140217728 - Profile clamp with pre-positioner: Profile clamp and method of connecting two flanged pipes or lines. The profile clamp includes a clamping band having two flanks; and a pre-positioner having at least one attachment section and being connected to the clamping band. The at least one attachment section runs axially beyond one of the flanks... Agent: Norma Germany Gmbh

07/31/2014 > 10 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.
07/24/2014 > 12 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20140203545 - Fluid device unit: Either the base part 4 or the coupling part 3 includes a first coupling member 3a which is substantially circular in cross-section in a radial direction perpendicular to the central axis and has a diameter of a first length D1, while the other of the base part 4 and the... Agent: Surpass Industry Co., Ltd.

20140203546 - Connecting structure for vacuum system: A connecting structure includes housing, a first fixing member, a second fixing member, a sealing member, and an elastic member. A stepped hole is defined on the housing, and includes a first vent, a second vent, and a third vent communicating with each other. A diameter of the second vent... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen)co., Ltd.

20140203547 - Expansion joint with one way movement feature: A telescoping joint is used to space out ends of a string and distribute the string weight between the tie-down locations. The joint can be compressed to reduce its length but has a locking mechanism that prevents extension under tensile loading. The seals in the joint provide a longer service... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20140203548 - Electrical switchgear unit: An embodiment of the invention relates to an electrical switchgear unit, in particular a high voltage switchgear unit. A housing is present, which is provided with a housing wall which contains a bore. A corrugated tube is present, which is coupled to the bore. For this purpose, the corrugated tube... Agent: Alstom Grid Gmbh

20140203549 - Armored hose assembly: A hose assembly is provided having a bendable inner hose, a bendable outer hose, and a ferrule, wherein both the inner and outer hose are connected to the ferrule.... Agent:

20140203550 - Connection apparatus: A connection apparatus for establishing a vacuum-tight connection, in particular a flange connection, between at least two components of a vacuum arrangement, having a first coupling element for coupling to the one component and a second coupling element for coupling to the other component. The first coupling element and the... Agent: Pfeiffer Vacuum Gmbh

20140203551 - Hybrid redundant seal for refrigerant systems: A connection system for carrying a refrigerant may provide a hybrid redundancy in sealing a refrigerant flow from the surround system environment. The connection system may include a first sealing ring of a first type and a second sealing ring of a second type positioned downstream from the first sealing... Agent: Honeywell International, Inc., Patent Services M/s Ab/2b

20140203552 - Restraining systems for belled pipe: A restraining system for connecting a belled end of a female pipe to a spigot end of a male pipe is disclosed. The system includes a ring-shaped casing having circumferential grooves separated by an abutment surface. One or more restraining rings or members are disposed in the grooves so as... Agent:

20140203553 - Connector assembly for liquid media pipes: A connector assembly for liquid media pipes, particularly for joining fittings and/or parts of systems for transporting domestic liquid media or the like, comprising a corrugated pipe and at least one tubular head with a central through-hole, wherein the tubular head has a concentric tubular extension with the central through-hole,... Agent: Tucai, S.a.

20140203554 - Pipe joint: An annular sealing material seals a pipe joint between a socket and a spigot. The sealing material includes a bulb part which is composed of a first bulb, a second bulb located closer to the inner side of the socket than the first bulb, and a narrow part present between... Agent: Kubota Corporation

20140203556 - Assembly for producing a threaded joint for the drilling and operation of hydrocarbon wells, and resulting threaded joint: An assembly for production of a threaded connection, including a first and a second tubular component with an axis of revolution and each including at one of its ends at least one first threaded zone produced on an external or internal peripheral surface of the component depending on whether the... Agent: Vallourec Oil And Gas France

20140203555 - Proximal fitting for a catheter: A proximal fitting for a catheter is provided for manipulating a guide wire. The proximal fitting includes a first hub and a second hub that engage one another. A collet having a passage can be inserted into the passage of the first hub while being unable to pass through the... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

07/17/2014 > 9 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20140197627 - Vibration damper for vacuum pumps: In a vibration damper of a turbomolecular vacuum pump, a vacuum tightness function and a vibration damping function are both performed by one ore more toroidal rings made of an elastic material. The elastic rings assume a resting configuration while the vacuum pump is not operating and the damper is... Agent:

20140197628 - Safety connector: A connector for use with a coupled first hose and second hose, the second hose including a hose fastener is provided including a connector body configured to mount to a first hose end. An arm extends generally perpendicularly from the connector body. A front side of the arm has a... Agent: Consolidated Edison Company Of New York, Inc.

20140197629 - Quick connector: A quick connector for making a releasable connection in a fluid line with a connector body, a male member, a retainer and a verification element. The connector body comprises a through bore, wherein the male member introduced into the through bore is releasably fixable in the through bore by the... Agent: Ti Automotive (fuldabr&#xfc Ck) Gmbh

20140197630 - Device at a pipe and/or a tube: A device at pipes for the connection of pipes is provided. The device has an outer ring with first and second free ends, and a tensioning device for converging and interconnection of the first and second free ends of the outer ring. An inner ring is arranged on the inside... Agent: Levi Peterson Industri Ab

20140197631 - Method for manufacturing an exhaust system and exhaust system: An exhaust system is manufactured in the following manner. Initially, a plurality of pipe sections are put into each other with a clearance fit, so that connecting points are formed, at which two pipe sections overlap each other. The pipe sections then are calibrated at the connecting points, so that... Agent:

20140197632 - Pipe coupling: A pipe coupling for connecting adjacent pipes. The pipe coupling has a connection type at each end that may be male or female. A female end may have an interior surface defining a receiving chamber. An interior circumferential groove is formed in the interior surface in which a band is... Agent: Bilfinger Water Technologies, Inc.

20140197633 - Fitting for joining tubes and method of joining tubes: A crimp fitting comprises a female socket that is configured to be crimped to an end portion of a hard tube. The socket comprises an annealed annular wall that has an inner cylindrical surface portion and at least one annular sealing portion. The cylindrical surface portion lies axially between the... Agent:

20140197634 - Device for the sealed connection of communicating ducts in adjoining and/or connected components of an internal combustion engine: A device for the sealed connection of communicating ducts in adjoining components or an internal combustion engine includes a connecting pipe inserted into the ducts and which has a pipe portion which projects into a first component. A sealing ring is disposed between the pipe portion and an associated duct... Agent: Man Truck & Bus Ag

20140197635 - Airbag clamp: The present invention is directed to an apparatus and method for utilizing an airbag clamp for securing an airbag onto an inflating tube of an airbag system. An embodiment of the present invention includes a body, a first engaging portion, and a second engaging portion. The body may be capable... Agent: A. Raymond Et Cie

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