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Pipe joints or couplings

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01/22/2015 > 12 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20150021900 - Quick connector: The disclosure relates to a quick connector comprising a first part and a second part. The first part forms a seal with the second part via a first sealing surface on the first part and a second sealing surface on the second part. The first part comprises an outer connector... Agent:

20150021901 - Guide liner for break-away fitting: A break-away fitting facilitates installation and removal of a pump in wet well system, along at least one guide rail. When installed, the fitting mates an outlet of the pump to an outlet pipe of to wet well. The fitting has a body with a first and a second surface,... Agent: Crane Pumps & Systems, Inc.

20150021903 - Conduit fitting with pull-up indication: A fitting for a tube or pipe capable of functioning a high pressures having a first fitting component adapted to receive the conduit end; a conduit gripping device such as a ferrule or ferrules and a second fitting component that can be joined to the first fitting component to cause... Agent:

20150021902 - Detachable plug connection: A detachable plug connection including a tubular insert part having a retaining projection on its outer circumference, a sleeve-shaped receiving part, and a connecting element connected to the receiving part with an inwardly directed, upwardly pivotable retaining edge that engages behind the retaining projection after pushing in the insert piece.... Agent: Neoperl Gmbh

20150021904 - Brazed fitting assembly: A fitting assembly containing a fitting, a first plate and a second plate are provided. The first plate has a first plate wall and a first-plate aperture, the first-plate wall being positioned along an edge of the first plate defining the first-plate aperture. The second plate has a second-plate wall... Agent:

20150021905 - Composite drill pipe and method for forming same: A method for making a metal to composite tube joint including selecting an elongated interior fitting constructed with an exterior barrel, reduced in exterior diameter to form a distally facing annular shoulder and then projecting still further distally to form an interior sleeve having a radially outwardly facing bonding surface.... Agent: Advanced Composite Products & Technology, Inc.

20150021906 - Pipe fitting assembly: A pipe fitting assembly for use with pipes made of plastics materials. The pipe fitting assembly has a body which includes at least one male pipe engagement section which includes a plurality of engagement ridges. The pipe fitting assembly also includes swage collar over the or each male pipe engagement... Agent:

20150021907 - Fuel line joint: To provide a fuel line joint capable of improving resistance to an external force in a joint configured to store a liquid fuel. A fuel line joint is equipped with an integrally formed main body portion that has a storage region configured to store a liquid fuel in a lower... Agent:

20150021908 - High-pressure bi-directional sealing system: A high-pressure bi-directional sealing system having outer support rings (30, 32), annular, axial seals (100, 300) between the outer support rings (30, 32), inner support rings (150, 160) located between the annular, axial seals (100, 300) and a redundant seal (200) that is located between the inner support rings (150,... Agent: American Seal And Engineering Company, Inc.

20150021909 - Conduit connector for a patient breathing device: In an embodiment, a connector or connector assembly for attaching a nasal cannula with a gas delivery hose includes a sensor port for a sensor probe positioned near an end of a nasal cannula, which can allow the sensor probe to be placed closer to the patient's nostrils than previous... Agent: Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Limited

20150021910 - Split-ring gland pipe coupling with corrugated armor: A pipe coupling for coupling adjacent ends of a pair of pipes includes a sleeve, a split-ring gland positioned around one of the ends of the sleeve, and at least one annular gasket positioned within the split-ring gland and configured to be compressed by the split-ring gland for sealing one... Agent:

20150021911 - Fittings having arcuate stiffness ribs: Fittings, including elbow fittings and Tee fittings have bodies that surround a central space and define openings to receive pipe elements. Ribs surround the openings, and gaps are positioned between the ribs to permit deformation of the body when ends of the body in facing relation are brought together. The... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20150014985 - Vacuum cleaner suction tube: A vacuum cleaner suction tube, having an inner tube received in an outer tube, is provided with an actuating mechanism having a grip structure provides a minimized risk of blocking. A clamping element has a form-fit connection with a pair of clamping wedges, so that both of the clamping wedges... Agent: Fischer Rohrtechnik Gmbh

20150014986 - Magnetic connection structure: A magnetic connection structure, includes a ring-shape magnetic sleeve body, made of mixed magnetic iron powder and plastic by means of ejection-to-mode; and a plastic fastener, provided in an arc-shape opening on both sides of the ring-shape magnetic sleeve body, for fastening a faucet seat or an ejection head. In... Agent:

20150014987 - Multifunction pump with quick connector: The present invention discloses a multifunction pump with quick connector, comprising a pump body (1), inlet pipe (2), outlet pipe (3), a piston rod (4), the said piston rod (4) was installed in a cavity of the pump body (1), one end of the pump body (1) provided with the... Agent:

20150014988 - Ball joint pipe connection: A pipe connection includes a ball joint having shell parts and pipe connection elements at the ends of the shell parts which face away from each other are to be connected to a respective pipe section. The shell parts surround one another in a contacting manner and define a respective... Agent: Leo Dynamische Investeringen B.v.

20150014989 - Connector assembly: The invention provides a connector assembly for interconnecting tubular elements. The connector assembly comprises at least one pin member, at least one box member, and for each box member a respective coating layer. Each pin member has a threaded outer surface and each box member has a threaded inner surface... Agent:

20150014990 - Ring for fastening a pouch in a bottle: A fastening ring (1) for fastening a pouch (2) in a container (4) made up of a bottle (42, 43) provided with an upper opening closeable by extraction means (3) optionally mounted on a cup (5), an upper tubular portion, preferably cylindrical, provided at its upper end with an outwardly... Agent: Lindal France Sas

01/08/2015 > 8 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20150008662 - Electrofusion fittings and methods: An electrofusion fiting (20) comprises a fitting body (24) and an electrofusion collar (26). The fitting body (24) has an exterior surface (30), an interior surface (32), and a terminal portion (44) extending to a rim (34). The collar (26) has: an inner wall (42) having a heating element (60);... Agent:

20150008663 - Clamping device comprising a collar and a sleeve: The clamping device comprises a clamping collar (10) having a belt (12) that is suitable for being tightened. The device further comprises an outer sleeve (16) carried by the collar (10) while being disposed around the belt, the sleeve extending axially on either side of the belt.... Agent:

20150008664 - Cover for male member: A head portion (150) is provided at one end of an outer circumferential wall (101) capable of elastic compression deformation. The outer circumferential wall includes multiple compression units (110, 120) that undergo deformation due to compression force in a central axis (100a) direction. Letting N be an integer of 2... Agent:

20150008665 - Exhaust pipe spherical joint: In an exhaust pipe spherical joint X, a spherical annular seal member 36 is fitted and fixed to a pipe end portion 42, the spherical annular seal member 36 is seated by abutting against a flange 43, a flared portion 47 formed of an Fe—Cr base stainless steel and containing... Agent: Oiles Corporation

20150008666 - Condulet coupler: A condulet coupler is provided for attachment to a condulet. The condulet coupler can facilitate tapping into an existing conduit system and reclosing the condulet opening to introduce new conduit runs beginning midstream in an in-place conduit and to introduce splices in an existing run. Other functional changes, such as... Agent:

20150008667 - Tightly threaded joint for oil field pipes: A threaded joint for oil field pipes includes a male pipe having a male thread and a female pipe having a female thread. The male thread and the female thread engage along a thread profile, the male pipe with a first end face and the female pipe with a second... Agent:

20150008668 - Pipe fitting: A compression pipe fitting is provided. The fitting comprises a body defining one or more sockets for receiving an end of a pipe, a clamping nut and a grip ring. The socket is encircled by a threaded face, and is internally adapted to receive a compressible O-ring. The nut can... Agent:

20150008669 - Pipe joint, air conditioner, method for producing connecting pipe, connecting pipe, and connection method: A pipe joint is connected with a connecting pipe, and includes a pipe joint body and a nut member. When the connecting pipe formed with a bead expanded in the radial direction is connected with this pipe joint, a male thread of the pipe joint body is engaged with a... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

01/01/2015 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20150001841 - Threaded joint for pipes: A threaded joint for pipes comprises a pin and a box, each having a threaded and unthreaded portion metal contact surface. The unthreaded metal contact portion includes a sealing surface and a shoulder surface, the shoulder surface of the pin located on the pin end surface. A non-contacting region where... Agent:

20150001842 - Multi-axis hose connector assembly: A multi-axis hose connector is provided. The assembly comprises a first and second hose connector end secured to a first and second housing. The housings and the inner end of each connector end support a captive ball therein, where the captive balls form a first and second ball joint that... Agent:

20150001843 - Removable coupling device for coupling together two flexible pipes: A removable coupling device (50) for coupling together two flexible pipes (11, 21) of two tanks (10, 20), and also provides a fuel storage system. Said removable coupling device (50) comprises two connector seats (51, 52), each connector seat (51, 52) being secured to a respective flexible pipe (11, 21)... Agent:

20150001844 - Female quick coupling element and quick coupling including such an element: This female quick coupling (2) element (10) is intended to cooperate, by press fitting (F1) along a press fitting axis (X10-X20), with a male element (20). It comprises a body (102) centred on a longitudinal axis (X10) of the passage of fluid and comprising a flat front face (108), a... Agent:

20150001845 - Connector: A connector comprising a housing having a longitudinal axis normal to a base, and wall projecting from the base is described. The wall comprises a plurality of cut-outs formed through the wall, the plurality of cut-outs extending in a partial helix configuration about the longitudinal axis of the housing. A... Agent:

20150001846 - Method and apparatus for retaining a flange on a fluid meter: A sensor assembly (5) for a fluid meter (100) is provided. The sensor assembly (5) comprises a sensor assembly body (6) and one or more circumferential grooves (303) formed in the sensor assembly body (6). Two or more retaining components (105, 106) are removably coupled together around at least one... Agent: Micro Motion, Inc.

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