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Pipe joints or couplings

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04/10/2014 > 7 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140097610 - Breakaway coupling for a liquid line: The invention relates to a breakaway coupling for a liquid line comprising a first and a second coupling part (3, 4) which each have a liquid connection and which can be separated by a defined force in the axial direction of the coupling and/or a tilting moment acting transversally to... Agent: Elaflex Hiby Tanktechnik Gmbh & Co.

20140097611 - Tool for deflecting spray from flange coupling: An apparatus for blocking discharge from a flanged pipe coupling, including a s trap configured to surround, and cover a gap between flanges. The apparatus includes a tensioning mechanism with a lever pivotally coupled to the strap, a clamp pin mounted on the opposing end of the strap, and an... Agent: Gearench Division Of Orbix Corporation

20140097612 - Rehabilitation pipe and pipe rehabilitation method: A plurality of segments is provided which comprises an inner surface plate, and side plates and end plates provided upright on a peripheral edge of the inner surface plate. The inner surface plate, the side plates, and the end plates are formed integrally from a plastic material. The segments are... Agent: Shonan Gosei-jushi Seisakusho K.k.

20140097613 - Flexible expansion joint: A flexible expansion joint is capable coping with a great extension for its limited length. The flexible expansion joint includes: a first sleeve to be put on an end part of a first pipe; an outer sleeve to be put on an end part of a second pipe so as... Agent: The Victaulic Co., Of Japan, Ltd.

20140097614 - Joint fastening structure: A joint fastening structure includes a first tube, a second tube, and at least one insert member. The first tube is provided at one end with a coupling section, on which at least one sealing portion and at least one locating portion are formed, and the sealing portion is configured... Agent: Asia Vital Components (china) Co., Ltd.

20140097615 - Fitting connection including compression nut with retainer: A compression nut including a retaining tooth for use with a fluid coupling.... Agent: Masco Corporation Of Indiana

20140097616 - Device for centering and clamping tubular parts: A device for centering and clamping tubular parts such as conduits designed to form pipeline pipes of the type consisting of an elongated cylinder comprising in particular a clamping device, such as at least clamping shoes arranged over its entire periphery and adapted to be radially mobile projecting from said... Agent: Serimax

04/03/2014 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20140091567 - Connector for fuel tank: A connector attached to a fuel tank for connecting a ventilation flow passage thereof to the fuel tank is provided. The connector includes an upper chamber provided with a first communication portion relative to the ventilation flow passage; and a lower chamber provided with a second communication portion relative to... Agent: Nifco Inc.

20140091568 - Device for connecting a rotatable element to a stationary element: A device for connecting a rotatable element to a stationary element allows a flowable material to pass from the stationary element to the rotatable element, or vice versa. The device (1) comprises a stator body (2) suitable for being connected to the stationary element and a rotor body (4) suitable... Agent: Deublin Italiana S.r.l.

20140091569 - Overmolded medical connector tubing and method: A high pressure medical connector tubing assembly includes a high pressure medical connector tubing assembly, including a tube element having opposed tube ends and a passageway, an end element overmolded to at least one of the opposed tube ends, the end element having an annular end portion having a preselected... Agent: Medrad, Inc.

20140091570 - Sliding duct connection: A duct connection including a first flange configured to couple with a first duct and a slip fit attached to the first flange. The slip fit has a first portion extending from the first flange substantially perpendicular with respect to the first flange and a second portion extending from the... Agent: Westinghouse Electric Company LLC

03/27/2014 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140084580 - Sealed transverse locking pipe and fittings: A pipe and fitting coupling system includes a first pipe, a second pipe, and a joint. A receiving end of the second pipe includes a first axial flange, a second axial flange, an axial groove, and a sealant. The second axial flange extends further axially than the first axial flange.... Agent: Famous Industries, Inc.

20140084581 - Tee and unload line with integrated cam lock: A grooved lock coupler for holding a tee to a flow line for forced air conveyance and unloading of dry bulk granular material from a storage container vehicle is disclosed which comprises a tee having a first end, a second end, an inlet end, and a circumferential groove provided on... Agent:

20140084582 - Tubular threaded connection: A threaded tubular connection includes a first tube and a second tube. The first tube includes a pin member and the second tube includes a box member. A cross-sectional area of a pin critical cross-section is within approximately ±5% of cross-sectional area of a box critical cross-section of the box... Agent:

20140084583 - Connectors manufactured by three-dimensional printing: A hollow conduit is provided. In another aspect, a quick connector, suitable to carry fluid therethrough, is made of layers of material, a light curable material and/or multiple built-up materials. Another aspect uses a three-dimensional printing machine to emit material from an ink jet printing head to build up a... Agent: A. Raymond Et Cie

20140084584 - Lightweight fire hose coupling with protective shoulder and method of manufacturing the coupling: A fire hose coupling comprises a substantially annular body having a first end adapted to connect to a fire hose and a second end having male threads, the annular body having a central bore. The coupling includes a plurality of circumferentially spaced-apart lugs extending radially outwardly from an outer surface... Agent: Mercedes Textiles Ltd.

20140084585 - Connection apparatus for fluid pressure devices: In relation to fluid pressure devices, a connection apparatus, by which a filter, a regulator and a lubricator that constitute a fluid pressure unit are mutually connected, is equipped with a base member having a hole therein, a pair of first and second fastening members mounted respectively on one side... Agent: Smc Kabushiki Kaisha

03/20/2014 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140077488 - Fluid flow conduits and apparatus and methods for making and joining fluid conduits: Fluid flow conduits and apparatus and methods for joining the conduits, preferably in a sterile manner, are disclosed. Each conduit has a polymeric open end that is sealed by a sealing member that may include a heating element. The polymeric end material is melted, the sealing members are moved to... Agent: Fenwal, Inc.

20140077489 - Adjustable connector system for connection to a modular appliance: An adjustable connector system for use in an appliance is provided, wherein the adjustable connector system includes a channel disposed on a surface of the appliance, an access aperture defined by a surface adjacent the channel, and a utility enabled connector at least partially received in the channel, and extending... Agent: Whirlpool Corporation

20140077490 - Meter lock and extender system and method use: In various embodiments, the present invention describes a system that attaches to an existing pipeline, pipe, valve or meter in order to prevent unwanted theft and tampering with fluids and gasses flowing through the pipeline, pipe, valve or meter. In one embodiment of the present invention, the inventive device has... Agent:

20140077491 - Branching apparatus for branching pipes: The branching apparatus according to the present invention includes two power supply terminals mounted on a saddle in the opposite direction of a branch connection part branched from a cylindrical body, so that they are not overlapped with the branch connection part when an electric socket is connected to the... Agent:

20140077492 - Plug and pump system for routing pressurized fluid: A plug and pump system for routing pressurized fluid from a fluid source is disclosed. The system includes a platform and a docking station interface mounted on the platform and including multiple points of articulation. A wellhead interface is mounted on the platform and includes multiple points of articulation. The... Agent:

20140077493 - Hydraulic tube assembly for a hydraulic system: A hydraulic tube assembly for connecting two hydraulic components in a hydraulic system is provided. The hydraulic tube assembly may include a first hydraulic component, a second hydraulic component, a tube subassembly, and at least one port connection subassembly. The tube subassembly may include a tube having two ends, a... Agent: Caterpillar Global Mining LLC

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