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Pipe joints or couplings

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12/18/2014 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140367959 - T-piece preformer: A T-piece preformer for forming a T-piece in a pipe-in-pipe (PIP) pipeline for a marine environment, the PIP pipeline has at least inner and outer pipes having an annular space thereinbetween, and one or more cables extending along the annular space. The T-piece preformer includes at least: (a) inner and... Agent:

20140367960 - Joint including connection surface, pipe including pipe joint, and piping structure including same: A joint having connection surface has a main body including a first connection surface and a second connection surface, each of which is structured to connect to a connection target such as a port of hydraulic equipment, a piping, and a joint, the connection target having a path in which... Agent:

20140367961 - Duct coupler devices, systems, and related methods: Coupler devices, systems, and related methods for coupling ducts are provided. In some aspects, a duct coupling device includes a hollow body, at least one coupler seal disposed about an outer surface of the body, and a plurality of apertures extending through the body for facilitating the passage of a... Agent:

20140367962 - Vacuum coupling for robot arm: A vacuum coupling applies vacuum from a vacuum source to a rotating tool attached to a rotating end of a robotic arm. The vacuum coupling includes a rotating portion attaching the rotating tool to the rotating end of the robotic arm. The rotating portion communicates vacuum with the rotating tool.... Agent:

20140367963 - Threaded sink flange assembly for installation of a food waste disposer to a sink: A threaded sink flange assembly for a food waste disposer includes a threaded sink flange, a sink flange nut, an upper mounting flange and a retainer. The threaded sink flange has a tubular body portion that has an externally threaded portion and a plurality of radially outwardly projecting mounting ledges... Agent: Emerson Electric Co.

20140367964 - Flange joint connection structure: In order to connect pressure piping while ensuring fluid-tightness without requiring welding at the installation site, the outer circumferential surface (4) of a flange joint (1) connects the face (2), on the side on which a pressure pipe (40) aligned on the center line (C) is inserted into a center... Agent:

12/11/2014 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140361528 - Lined sleeve for tube welding: A lined sleeve for tube welding is in the form of an inner tube including a first protruded portion and a second protruded portion. The first protruded portion and the second protruded portion are respectively received in two ends respectively of two tubes to be welded together. The inner tube... Agent: National Pingtung University Of Science And Technology

20140361529 - Pipeline expansion loop protector: An apparatus, kit and for permitting an underground pipeline to expand. The apparatus comprises a sheet of material extending between first and second sides and first and second ends. The sheet of material has a plurality of slots extending from each of the first and second sides towards each other.... Agent:

20140361530 - Threaded tubular component and method for coating such a threaded tubular component: The invention concerns a tubular element for drilling and/or working hydrocarbon wells, having an end (1; 2) comprising at least one threaded zone (3; 4), characterized in that the end (1; 2) is at least partially coated with a dry film (12) comprising a matrix (13) comprising a mixture of... Agent: Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation

20140361531 - Tube strain relievers: A strain reliever for a hollow tube is disclosed. The strain reliever has a fitting dimensioned to fit at a tube segment and a tapered sleeve extending from the fitting. The tapered sleeve is configured to surround the tube segment and to provide relief of strain imposed by forces exerted... Agent: Delavan Inc

20140361532 - Fluid conveyence system connector: A fluid conveyance system connector includes a body and a tube positioned within the body through which a conveyed fluid flows. A moveable adapter is received in a first space between the body and the tube. The moveable adapter sealingly cooperates with the body and tube to define outer and... Agent: Eaton Corporation

20140361533 - Pipe connector: A pipe connector comprises a sealing ring which has a conical outer surface at one end, and a convex spherical outer surface at the other end, or with spherical outer surfaces at both seal ends, a first pipe section interfacing with the conical or spherical outer surface of said sealing... Agent: Subsea Design A/s

20140361534 - Subsea connector: A connector (1) comprises a plurality of latching fingers (5) arranged around a cylindrical body (9) having a central axis (Xc). Each finger has a first end region (5a) extending beyond an end of the body (9) and comprising a first latching structure (4). Each finger is pivotally supported at... Agent:

20140361535 - Connection assembly: A method of connecting a first fitting to a second fitting to provide a fluid coupling between the first fitting and the second fitting includes providing a first fitting having an exterior surface; providing a second fitting having an interior surface and an annular groove provided on the interior surface;... Agent:

12/04/2014 > 10 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140353960 - Locking device: A locking device for a threaded pressure fitting, the locking device comprising first and second clamp members, clamp means operable to apply a clamping load to the first and second clamp members to clamp the first and second clamp members to one another, each clamp member having a first insert... Agent: Viper Subsea Technology Limited

20140353961 - Fast snap-on connector with latches with symmetrical jaws: A female snap-on connector (1) intended to cooperate with a male attachment end fitting (20) of the type with a central bush (26) and a flange (25) includes a body (2) forming a cylindrical cavity and to which is fixed a cap (10) forming a housing for two symmetrical latch... Agent:

20140353962 - Structured tee with wear pocket: A hopper tee having a horizontal portion through which granular material is unloaded from a tank trailer or hopper car, the hopper tee integrally forms a vertical segment, that secures with the bottom of the hopper, to provide for unloading of granular material for usage or storage. The upper front... Agent:

20140353963 - Telescoping pipe connector: A pipe connector comprises a first pipe section 2 having a first end 2a and having teeth 17 formed on its outer surface proximate to but spaced axially apart from the first end 2a. A second pipe section 3 having a second end 3 which, in use, is to be... Agent: Oil States Industries (uk) Limited

20140353964 - Connecting piece for multilayered conduits, method of connecting, and an assembly obtained by the method: Coupling piece (1) for an outer end of a multilayered conduit (26), comprising a coupling pipe (2) which is provided on the outer side with a radially upright wall (4), wherein the wall is widened in axial direction at a radial distance from the outer side of the body, wherein... Agent:

20140353965 - Pipe joint: To provide a pipe joint with which the construction is made simple and compact, and basic sealing ability and resistance to pipe drawing force are shown, the pipe joint is composed only two parts of a pipe joint main body 2 and an outer cylinder body 5, the pipe joint... Agent: Higashio Mech Co., Ltd.

20140353966 - Coupling device for the connection of hoses, especially dental supply hoses: The invention relates to a coupling device for the connection of hoses, especially for the connection of dental supply hoses made up of a first male connecting element that can be connected to a first hose section and including a male engaging section and a female connecting element that can... Agent:

20140353967 - Device for sealed connecton having no retention zone: Device for the connection of a duct including a tubular body provided with an axial stop for a cylindrical sleeve that defines a tubular accommodating housing and has an end which delimits an annular inlet to the housing that is radially deformable elastically. The housing includes a maintaining member for... Agent:

20140353968 - Positioning mechanism and expansion assembly thereof: An expansion assembly includes a connecting plug, a deformable sealing sleeve, and an expansion sleeve. The connecting plug defines a through hole configured for air flow to pass therethrough. The deformable sealing sleeve is sleeved on the connecting plug. The expansion sleeve houses the deformable sealing sleeve and is sleeved... Agent: Fu Tai Hua Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140353969 - Tube connection structure: A tube connection structure includes a joint body and a coupling member. The coupling member has a fastening part threaded with the joint body and a tool-engaging part gripable with a fastening tool. The coupling member and the joint body are-configured such that the tool-engaging part is separated from the... Agent:

11/27/2014 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140346767 - Wet/dry vacuum hose attachment: In one embodiment, a vacuum attachment for reaching smaller spaces includes a gasket and narrow tubing. The gasket includes i. a cap member sized to fit over an open end of a vacuum hose, the cap member having an inner surface and a central hole to accommodate a narrow tube;... Agent:

20140346768 - Adapter and turbomachine: An adapter for connecting a fluid line to a housing section of a turbomachine is disclosed. A lower and an upper pair of flanges are arranged offset from each other about a channel axis of a fluid channel and are arranged without a space between each other in a direction... Agent: Mtu Aero Engines Ag

20140346769 - Fitting for joining pipe elements: A fitting for joining pipe elements together includes housing portions held preassembled in spaced apart relation to permit pipe elements to be inserted without disassembly of the fitting. Elbow and tee fittings include sealing elements which support the housing portions in spaced relation. Angled surfaces on each housing portion interact... Agent:

20140346770 - Rotatable joint: A rotatable joint includes a body configured for connecting to an external system and provided with an internal hole arranged for being traversed by pressurised fluid, a tubular element on an end of which a hose can be inserted that is sealingly coupled with the joint and provided with a... Agent: Manuli Rubber Industries S.p.a.

20140346771 - Rotatable joint: This invention provides a rotatable joint for use with piping systems, optionally sanitary piping systems such as those used in food processing, pharmaceutical processing, and the like, essentially anything which enters a living body or otherwise requiring a “clean room” manufacturing environment. The rotatable joint offers a structure which can... Agent:

20140346772 - Elastomeric sleeve-enabled telescopic joint for a marine drilling riser: A telescopic joint for a marine drilling riser has an outer barrel and an inner barrel defining a central lumen for passage of a drill pipe string. The inner barrel is received within the outer barrel, and there is a clearance fit between the barrels for sliding of the inner... Agent: Oil States Industries, Inc.

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