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Pipe joints or couplings

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04/16/2015 > 6 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150102595 - Press fitting device, components and method: A pipe fitting and method therefor includes one or more indicators to provide a visual indication that the fitting has been properly pressed around a tube and that the correct amount of pressure has been provided to create a permanent seal. In embodiments, the present invention includes a fitting having... Agent:

20150102596 - Detachable connecting device for connecting at least two functional components and functional components: A detachable connecting device for connecting first and second functional components to each other has a connecting element arranged in a connecting element receptacle of the first functional component so as to be force-transmitting. A bushing that is circumferentially closed is arranged on the connecting element. A bushing receptacle is... Agent:

20150102597 - Hydraulic fitting for a hydraulic hose: A hydraulic hose fitting comprises a hydraulic hose engaging portion and a hydraulic port engaging portion. The hydraulic hose engaging portion includes a body having an axial bore extending therethrough and a stem press-fit into the axial bore. The hydraulic port engaging portion is coupled to the hydraulic hose engaging... Agent:

20150102599 - Connector: A connector comprising a body (1) having a throughway (5) which is open at one end (4). A shoulder (8) in the throughway faces the open end and supports an O-ring (9). A collet (3) in the open end of the throughway has a plurality of legs (18) extending away... Agent:

20150102598 - Connector for connecting to a tube: A connector having a body 1 with a central throughway in which a tube T is received. A collet 30 within the body has a plurality of flexible legs 32 arranged to grip the tube T if a force is applied to withdraw the tube. The connector further comprises at... Agent:

20150102600 - Latching mechanisms for clamshell type couplers: Latching mechanisms in multiple embodiments connect clamshell type couplers comprising a pair of arcuate coupling halves joined at a hinge. One embodiment includes a biased catch lever that engages a corresponding latch plate. Another embodiment includes a plurality of latching extensions that engage an opposing latching housing, along with biased... Agent:

04/09/2015 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20150097366 - Brake line assembly: A brake line assembly including a brake hose and a connector assembly. The connector assembly includes a tube having a portion thereof the tube externally threaded; a flare nut defining a bore and through which the tube is inserted; and a fitting defining a bore configured to receive an end... Agent:

20150097367 - Cooling pipe joint for motor cooling and motor cooling device provided with cooling pipe joint: A cooling pipe joint which enables easy fine adjustment of the length of a cooling pipe which extends from the cooling pipe joint. The cooling pipe joint is provided with a base part, a fastening member which is fastened to the base part, a deforming member which is arranged between... Agent: Fanuc Corporation

20150097368 - Ferrule with internal recess and cylindrical wall: High localized loading, galling, and high torque forces have been generally eliminated or greatly reduced in a two ferrule tube fitting assembly through suitable modification of the rear ferrule so as to redirect the reaction forces acting between the front ferrule and the drive nut. The rear ferrule has a... Agent:

20150097369 - Duct connection system: An apparatus includes a first duct having a first outer surface and a first inner surface. The first outer surface has a protuberance thereon, and the first inner surface defines a first passageway having a first passageway opening. The apparatus also includes a second duct having a second outer surface... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

04/02/2015 > 10 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20150091290 - Method and apparatus for connecting pipes: Methods and apparatuses of joining a first pipe and a second pipe by injecting a pipe joining material into an interstitial space between abutting surfaces are provided. The methods and apparatuses may use a hollow fitting into which pipe ends may be inserted... Agent:

20150091291 - Method and apparatus for connecting pipes: Methods and apparatuses of joining a first pipe and a second pipe by injecting a pipe joining material into an interstitial space between abutting surfaces are provided. The methods and apparatuses may use a hollow fitting into which pipe ends may be inserted... Agent:

20150091292 - Pipe sealing tool and methods for use: A pipe connecting tool having a pipe joining material section including a pipe joining material container, a conduit from the pipe joining material container to a delivery nozzle, and a heater in thermal communication with at least a portion of the pipe joining material section. The pipe connecting tool may... Agent:

20150091293 - Apparatus for preventing spark propagation: A hydraulic joint is disclosed. The hydraulic joint includes a tube, a hydraulic fitting, and a tip seal. The hydraulic fitting may be positioned around the tube. The hydraulic fitting may include a first open end for receiving the tube. The tip seal may be configured to define an opening... Agent:

20150091294 - Integral pump mount and hose attachment for a vehicle: An apparatus is provided that mounts both a pump and either an inlet hose or an outlet hose for the pump to vehicle support structure. The pump has a pump housing with a pump inlet and a pump outlet. An inlet hose is attached to the pump inlet, and an... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20150091295 - Nut, socket and adapter for a fluid nozzle: The invention relates to a nut (1) for arrangement on a hose connector, including a connecting device (2) which is connectable in a fluid-tight manner to a hose connection part (13), and a receiving means (3) for the hose connector (7), having a first end (3a) and a second end... Agent:

20150091296 - Retention and anti-roatation for bulkhead fittings: A bulkhead fitting has a partially assembled configuration and a fully assembled configuration on a bulkhead. The bulkhead includes an interior surface that define a hole. The bulkhead fitting includes a fitting body having a head portion and a shank portion. The shank portion includes a threaded portion, a relief... Agent:

20150091297 - Rotary union: The present disclosure provides for the description of rotary unions. The described rotary unions are provided with a non-rotating union part and a rotating union part affixable to a rotating device. An exemplary rotary union can be positioned relative to a bearing supporting the rotating device and the rotating device... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20150091298 - Coupling: A coupling for attaching to an end of a tube, pipe, conduit or other round solid or hollow section. The coupling includes an inner body and a collar to be provided around the inner body. The inner body has an interior bore passing through at least a portion thereof to... Agent: Parker Hannifin Ltd.

20150091299 - Connector to reduce a fluid volume when mating with a counterpart: A connector to reduce a fluid volume when mating with a counterpart is disclosed. The connector includes a connector body having at least a conical body sector with a sealing surface configured to mate with the counterpart to seal this joint, and a recess inside the connector body and at... Agent: General Electric Company

03/26/2015 > 9 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20150084328 - Compensator arrangement: A compensator assembly, including a metal bellows (2) with a weld end or connecting end (3, 4) in each case on both sides, at least one single-part or multipart guide tube (11), two support rings (5, 6), of which one is connected to a weld end (3, 4) in each... Agent: Witzenmann Gmbh

20150084329 - Threadless pipe coupling: A threadless pipe coupling (x00) comprises a socket (x01), a plug (x02) configured for being inserted into the socket (x01) in an insertion direction (10), a sealing member (x03) arranged between a circumferential outer surface (x04) of the plug (x02) and a cooperating inner surface (x05) of a circumferential side... Agent: Avk Holding A/s

20150084330 - Variable structure seals: A seal (100) for connecting to a tube (110) having a wall, the seal comprising: •an elongated cavity (130) for receiving an end of the tube (110); •a first elastic ring (140) in the cavity (130); and •a fluid inlet (150) for radially pressing the first elastic ring (140) against... Agent:

20150084331 - Drain hub: A drain hub can include a housing, a base, and a damming device. The housing has a cavity that traverses its length and can include a top housing portion, a middle housing portion having at least one wall and a number of drainage apertures that traverse the wall, and a... Agent:

20150084332 - Hose joint with adhesive: A hose joint assembly includes a fitting, a hose receivable onto the fitting, and an adhesive for bonding the hose and the fitting together. For example, the adhesive is a microencapsulated two-part epoxy adhesive that functions as a lubricant when assembling the hose onto the fitting before curing.... Agent:

20150084333 - Method for welding two edges of one or more steel parts to each other including a heat treatment step after the welding step: penstock obtained with such a method: The present application describes a method for welding two parts to each other. The two parts are made from steel having a high thermomechanical yield strength. The welding method includes a welding step in which a weld bead is created inducing a heat-affected zone to appear. The method also includes... Agent:

20150084334 - Flexible bushing: A bushing for insertion into a cylindrical opening is disclosed having a first radius, the bushing comprising a cylindrical base having a top surface, an axial bore through the base, a plurality of walls extending axially from the top surface of the base to a first axial extent and circumscribing... Agent: The Gpm Group, LLC

20150084335 - Pipe coupling system and methods of use thereof: A pipe coupling system for joining a first pipe to a second pipe, the system having: a fitting having a first opening at a first end, a threaded portion, and an interior channel, the first opening capable of receiving the first pipe, a nut having a nut opening and a... Agent:

20150084336 - Corrugated pipe coupling and repair apparatus: A corrugated coupling may be provided. The corrugated coupling may be for coupling two cylindrical corrugated sections. The corrugated coupling may be a tubular element comprising a first portion and a second portion pivotably connected along a first edge, wherein the first edge comprises an integrated hinge. Each portion may... Agent:

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