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Pipe joints or couplings

Below are recently published patent applications awaiting approval from the USPTO. Recent week's RSS XML file available below.
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10/02/2014 > 9 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20140291978 - Joint and method for manufacturing joint: An inner tubular portion and an outer tubular portion 16 for forming an insertion space for a plastic pipe are formed integrally with a joint body. Two fitting grooves are formed in the outer peripheral surface of the inner tubular portion 15. Two sealing members for maintaining water-tightness in the... Agent:

20140291979 - Connection assembly for air supply device: A connection assembly includes a connector and a coupler. The connector has a housing member, which is provided on an end with a plurality of air inlet pipes, one of which is a blocked pipe while all other ones are open pipes, and on another end with an air outlet... Agent: Caremed Supply Inc.

20140291980 - Vacuum pump connecting apparatus and method for installing vacuum pump connecting apparatus: A vacuum pump connecting apparatus has a first vibration absorbing portion and a second vibration absorbing portion which are connected to an evacuation connection portion so as to dispose the first vibration absorbing portion and the second vibration absorbing portion opposite each other via the evacuation connection portion. The first... Agent: Ebara Corporation

20140291981 - End connector for high pressure high temperature reinforced rubber hose: An improved swage fitted end connector for high pressure large diameter reinforced flexible rubber hose utilizing sine-wave locking of the reinforcement and carefully machined internal grippers to cause a portion of the reinforcement wire to connect directly to the connector and particularly suited to the petrochemical and drilling industries is... Agent:

20140291982 - Pipe coupling: A plastic pipe to metal pipe coupling includes a metal pipe, a plastic pipe and a metal retaining collar. The metal pipe has an inner diameter, a first end, a second end and a barbed outer portion proximate to the second end. The plastic pipe has an inner diameter, a... Agent: Superior Fit, LLC

20140291983 - Welding connection structure for pipe: Provided is a welding connection structure for a pipe (1), in which the pipe has a double-pipe portion (2) at at least one end thereof and the double-pipe portion is formed by bending back a pipe wall (6) at the one end of the pipe inward and forming a bent-back... Agent:

20140291984 - Connector unit: A connector unit includes a base body with a mount for a pipe, at least one holding element which enters into holding engagement with a circumferential recess of the pipe, and a control sleeve displaceable relative to the base body, wherein the control sleeve is displaceable between a first and... Agent:

20140291985 - Snap connection for two tubes: A medical tube assembly is disclosed, and includes a first tube portion defining a longitudinal axis, a second tube portion, and a coupling member. The coupling member is configured to couple the first tube portion and the second tube portion. The coupling member is configured to circumferentially engage the second... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140291986 - Quick connect fitting apparatus: A fitting for coupling of smooth wall tubes including an elongated body, a collet, a ram insert, a seal and a socket insert. The socket insert is positioned between the ram insert and the collet whereupon the socket provides an adjustment for the fitting so as to accommodate tubes having... Agent: Ramer Products, Inc.

09/25/2014 > 12 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20140284913 - Pressure vessel with safety features: A vessel, such as a rocket motor tube, comprised of an insert, and a joint that allows the insert to decouple from the vessel to relieve pressure when subjected to excessive temperatures and/or a predetermined temperature or temperature range.... Agent: General Dynamics-ots, Inc.

20140284914 - Pipe weld coating guard: A pipe shield for providing a portable onsite protection system for weld coating material applied over and extending from a pipe joint weld line on a pipe. The pipe shield is a split sleeve that is positioned and held in annular spaced relation on the pipe protecting the weld coating... Agent:

20140284916 - Assembly for fastening, with fluid connection, a mold bottom to a holder: Disclosed is an assembly (10) for fastening, with fluid connection, a mould bottom to a holder (12), in which the mould bottom, of principal axis (O), is able to be removably fastened to a plate (14) forming an interface between the mould bottom and the holder (12), the assembly (10)... Agent: Sidel Participations

20140284915 - Locking quick connect assembly: A locking quick connect assembly is provided for removably coupling a first tube and a second tube. A quick connect housing presents a central bore for receiving the second tube. A redundant latch component positionable between an unlocked position and a locked position may be provided to slidingly engage the... Agent: Miniature Precision Components, Inc.

20140284917 - Connecting device, and connector comprising such a device: The invention relates to a connecting device (10) adapted for transmitting pressurized fluids, comprising a pipe end (30) delimiting an inner flow channel (38) for a fluid, an end body (20) including an inner cavity isolated from the inner flow channel (38), and displacement means (40) for moving the pipe... Agent: Staubli Faverges

20140284918 - Coupling nut assembly: A coupling assembly for coupling annular fittings includes first and second coupling elements. The first coupling element defines interior and exterior opposite surfaces, and first and second end opposite portions. The first coupling element includes a plurality of flexible tabs slantedly protruding from the exterior surface; and also includes threads... Agent:

20140284919 - Tubular threaded joint having improved high torque performance: A tubular threaded joint is constituted by a pin and a box each having a contact surface comprising an unthreaded metal contact portion including a seal portion and a shoulder portion and a threaded portion. Of the contact surface of at least one of the pin and the box, the... Agent: Vallourec Oil And Gas France

20140284920 - Fish-mouth pipe fittng and method of assembling pipes at various angles: A method and apparatus for joining a first length of pipe to a second length of pipe at an arbitrary angle is provided. The apparatus includes a fitting having a substantially circular opening at a first end thereof for receiving an end of a first length of pipe, and a... Agent: Creative Fittings & More , LLC

20140284921 - Coupling device, line path and line end section: a bayonet fastening which is formed by a labyrinth-like guide (12) in the wall (7) of the female coupling element (3) and the radial projection (6) of the male coupling element (2). Also described are a line path and a line end section in which the coupling device has been... Agent:

20140284922 - Dual use coupling end for pipes and fittings: The disclosure relates to a dual use coupling end including a pipe section having an annular recessed cam groove a distance from an annular endwardly facing surface of the pipe section, the cam groove defined by a curved or tapered cam groove surface extending gradually radially inwardly from an annular... Agent: Ultraflo Corporation

20140284923 - Pipe coupling: A pipe coupling has a lashing ring, a fastening screw and a gap shield. The lashing ring is mounted around a junction where two pipes are telescoped together. The fastening screw fastens two ends of the lashing ring. The gap shield is mounted on an inner surface of the lashing... Agent:

20140284924 - Process for the adhesive bonding of plastics pipes by means of (meth)acrylate adhesive: A process for the adhesive bonding of plastic pipes with and without a fitting by use of a (meth)acrylate adhesive and also corresponding pipe connections, are described.... Agent:

09/18/2014 > 24 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20140265302 - Apparatus for easily installable /removable faucet and method of same: An apparatus and method in which an adaptor mechanism that can be coupled with a faucet to permit the faucet to be installed or removed from the top of the counter top surface without the need for needing installation connection materials or installation connections underneath the countertop. Lugs or feet... Agent:

20140265303 - Combination glue hub and mechanical coupler for pipe fittings: A fitting for plumbing systems, such as drain/waste/ventilation (DWV) systems that is chemically and mechanically joinable is described. A socket of the fitting has an interior surface configured for chemically joining with tubing. An exterior surface of the socket includes a plurality of projections extending radially outward therefrom. A collar... Agent: Sioux Chief Mfg. Co., Inc.

20140265304 - Composite isolation joint for gap sub or internal gap: A non-conductive composite insert is provided between conductive portions, useful, for example, in downhole EM telemetry applications as an external “gap sub” in a drill collar, or as a sonde-based internal gap. In a preferred embodiment, the composite is made from a glass-fiber reinforced plastic, and separates non-magnetic conductive portions... Agent: Sharewell Energy Services, LLC

20140265305 - Conduit coupling system and method: A conduit coupling construction including a coupling body threadably mounting a pair of lock nuts on its ends. Conduit ends are passed through the lock nuts and into the coupling body. Each lock nut receives a respective lock ring adapted for compression onto a respective conduit. The lock ring transforms... Agent:

20140265306 - Separately replaceable seal systems for use with a pressure transmitter: A replaceable seal system with high and low sides connectable to a coplanar inlet plate on a pressure transmitter. A first side of the seal system can be replaced without disturbing the sealing of a second side of the seal system. The seal system includes a stack of first and... Agent: Rosemount, Inc.

20140265307 - Ac dual joint-block design: A dual joint block for pressing a seal against an air conditioner thermal expansion valve housing. The dual joint block includes a body having an inner face and an outer face. The body defines a first aperture and a second aperture. The first aperture extends through the body between the... Agent: Denso International America, Inc.

20140265308 - Adjustable backshell for wiring harness: A backshell includes a cable-receiving portion presenting a front end, a rear end, and a first longitudinal axis; a connector portion presenting a front end, a rear end, and a second longitudinal axis; and a swivel joint operably coupling the front end of the cable-receiving portion with the rear end... Agent: Power In Operation, LLC

20140265309 - Emt connector and methods for making and using the same: A connector 1 comprises a connector body 2 comprising an inlet end 16 and an outlet end 14 and a bore 7 extending therethrough; a threaded portion 3 on the outlet end 14; a flange 10 circumscribing the threaded portion 3; a spring 23 located in the connector body 2,... Agent: Sigma Electric Manufacturing Corporation

20140265310 - Large diameter pipe flexible connection: A flexible connection is described for use between a vertical, large diameter cold water conveying pipe and a floating platform that supports the cold water conveying pipe or another pipe to permit the pipe and the platform to rotate in roll and pitch directions relative to one another without imposing... Agent: Lockheed Martin Corporation

20140265311 - Inner coupler for joining non-metallic pipe method and system: A process for joining thin walled non-metallic pipe using a tubular inner coupler. The inner coupler may be inserted into the pipe and bonded to the pipe. The inner coupler may include a shoulder to form an attachment point for clamping inner coupled pipe joints together. The pipe joint may... Agent: Composite Fluid Transfer, LLC

20140265312 - Apparatuses and methods for providing finger-tightened and ratchet-secured connections between conduits: An apparatus for providing a connection to a conduit may include a first part configured to be threadably attached to a second part. The first part can include a male threaded section spaced axially apart from a ratchet section having radially protruding teeth. The second part can be at least... Agent:

20140265313 - Instrument port attachment adapter: Adapters for attaching a device to a port and methods of use thereof are disclosed. The adapter may include a housing to receive the device, wherein the housing includes an inner cavity configured to receive the port, and a sealing member; and an engaging member coupled to and moveable relative... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20140265314 - Quick connect coupler rapid disengagement extension mechanism: A coupler engagement mechanism includes a female member that detachably couples to a corresponding male member. The female member may include a central axis opening and a telescopically slidable outer sleeve. The outer sleeve may be spring-biased in a forward direction towards the central axis opening. A pull member may... Agent: Silicon Graphics International Corp.

20140265315 - Female element and coupling intended to form the disconnectable connection of two fluid pipe lines: The locking element (7a) has a first guide surface (S71) in the form of a portion of a cylinder with a circular section centred on an axis (X7a-X′7a) of the locking element (7a) and the locking element (7a) is arranged in a slot (401) arranged in the body (4) of... Agent: Staubli Faverges

20140265316 - Locking catch and latch for quick connect hydraulic coupler: A double locking mechanism for male and female fluid coupling members that can lock the moveable sleeve on the female member in the open position to facilitate coupling with the male member, or in the closed position to prevent male member from disconnecting from female member. A catch is integrated... Agent:

20140265317 - High pressure fitting: A fitting, such as an anti-blowback fitting, that includes a friction reducing device that enables easy removal of the fitting from a high pressure connection such as one associated with an HVAC unit. When used in connection with refrigeration, anti-blow back fittings function to keep the refrigerant in the hose... Agent: Uniweld Products, Inc.

20140265319 - Adaptive connector: A connector has a first member with a distal portion non-removably coupled to a proximal portion of a second member. Respective through passages at the first and second members are in alignment to establish a through channel longitudinally along the connector. A seal in the connector prevents fluid leakage from... Agent: Smiths Medical Asd, Inc.

20140265318 - Needle free connector: A needle free connector includes a tube device having a first tube, a first locking elements formed on a distal end of the first tube and having a transverse channel in communication with the first tube and a push rod integrally formed on a side face of the first locking... Agent: Pacific Hospital Supply Co., Ltd

20140265320 - Sealed pipe joint: In a pipe joint where two pipe sections (14, 16) have threadably engaged end portions (17, 18), joint ends (32, 34) are substantially sealed to each other by a sealing surface (40, 50) on one pipe section that substantially abuts a sealing surface (42, 52) on the other pipe section.... Agent:

20140265321 - Raintight compression connector and raintight compression coupler for securing electrical metallic tubing or rigid metallic conduit: A raintight compression connector has a connector body with first and second portions and a bore extending therethrough. The first portion is dimensioned for receipt of an EMT or RMC conduit. A gland nut threads onto the first portion and a split compression ring contacts the gland nut so as... Agent: Bridgeport Fittings, Inc.

20140265322 - Conduit coupler with collar: A conduit coupler system that employs a collar to prevent deformation of the coupler when compressed air is used to feed cable through the conduit ducts. The coupler includes a number of separate ducts and an end-seal which allows two sections of conduit to be joined together. The coupler utilizes... Agent:

20140265323 - Joint device for corrugated pipe: Disclosed therein is a joint device for a corrugated pipe. A socket pipe in which a packing is forcedly inserted is joined to a non-corrugated part of the corrugated pipe and the non-corrugated part is expanded at the position of the packing, so as to keep airtightness in a pressed... Agent:

20140265324 - Apparatuses and methods for providing quick-connections with retaining features: Fittings and coupling assemblies for relatively easy and quick connections to conduits are disclosed herein. A fitting assembly configured in accordance with an embodiment of the disclosure includes a male connector and a female connector that can be coupled together to form a fitting assembly for attachment to a conduit... Agent: Mcalister Technologies, LLC

20140265325 - Wave washer, method of manufacture, method of use, and pipe joint using same: A wave washer includes an annular member surrounding an opening arranged to receive a pipe axially therethrough, the annular member having a plurality circumferentially spaced holes formed therein. The wave washer also has associated with it at least one spring portion protruding axially from the annular member between two of... Agent: Crane Chempharma Resistoflex

09/11/2014 > 22 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20140252755 - Multipositional fitting: A fitting assembly for connecting a first tube to a second tube includes first and second end fittings fixedly coupled to the first and second tubes, respectively. The first end fitting has a first aperture and a first sealing surface. The second end fitting is sized to be at least... Agent: Paccar Inc

20140252756 - Roof drain recession plate: One embodiment of a recessed roof drain support (recession plate) is to be mounted under structural roof sheathing at the location of a roof deck penetration for a roof drain body. The roof drain body mounting flange, when mounted to the recession plate, will be below the surface of the... Agent:

20140252757 - Joint lock ring system for lined pipes: A joint ring, system for lined pipes includes a first pipe and a second pipe joined end-to-end, each pipe having an interior lining covering substantially all of an interior wall of the respective pipe. A first ring is disposed within and substantially flush with the joined end of the first... Agent: Imperial Pipe, Inc.

20140252758 - Pull-up by torque fitting with female threaded nut and integral dynamic wedge: A fitting is provided that may optionally be pulled-up to its final assembled condition by torque rather than by turns. In one embodiment, at least one fitting component includes a structure that facilitates pull-up by torque. The structure may take a wide variety of different forms.... Agent: Swagelok Company

20140252759 - Retractable sample scoop and method: A retractable sample scoop is shown that is mountable to a pipeline for taking samples from the pipeline. A retractable mounting mechanism mounts to the pipeline wall. A tubular is extendable into the opening of pipeline and retractable from the pipeline. A first seal creates sealing around the tubular portion... Agent:

20140252760 - Hose connector assembly for coupling pressurized hoses: A hose connector assembly configured to repair or connect hoses, such as hydraulic hoses including a crimping sleeve, a hose insert and a first and second clamping nut. The hose insert is positioned within the crimping sleeve. The first clamping nut extends about the crimping sleeve on one side with... Agent:

20140252761 - Crimp fitting having reversed barbs: A crimp fitting for a hose member including a nipple and a socket coupled thereto. The nipple has an outer surface provided with a plurality of axially extending reverse angled first barbs and a plurality of axially extending forward angled second barbs alternatingly formed thereon. The first barbs are configured... Agent: Visteon Global Technologies, Inc.

20140252762 - Apparatus and method for connecting pipe systems: A groove-making tool consisting of a hardened grooving-wheel that can be substituted for the cutting-wheel on any hand-held pipe-cutting tool and can make at least one circumferential groove in a pipe. A method of coupling the pipe to a variety of standard off-the-shelf components by placing at least one O-ring... Agent:

20140252763 - Device for a hose fitting: A device for a hose fitting having at least one cartridge housing with a first connecting piece or a spray plate with a second connecting piece and a hose, which can be connected at least to the first connecting piece or the second connecting piece, whereby further a clamping sleeve... Agent: Grohe Ag

20140252764 - Two-piece self-locking mechanism for tube assemblies: A fitting for connecting tubular assemblies according to an exemplary aspect of the present disclosure includes, among other things, a base member defining a first bore configured to receive a tube therein. A retaining band defines a second bore for receiving a portion of the base member. The retaining band... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140252765 - Arrangement of an oblique-contact seal in a trapezoidal groove: An arrangement of a biconical annular joint having a laid down V shaped cross-section, in an annular groove having a trapezium shaped cross-section, a small base of the trapezium corresponding to a cylindrical bottom of the groove and being radially inwardly open at a great base of the trapezium. The... Agent: Snecma

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