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Pipe joints or couplings

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08/28/2014 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140239629 - Garden hose kink mender apparatus: A mending apparatus or kink mender (100) is utilized to un-kink a soft wall hose section (102), without cutting or splicing the hose. The apparatus (100) is preferably a molded part that encompasses the hose section (102) around the exterior wall (110) by clamping around the outer surface of the... Agent:

20140239630 - Scoop assembly and method: The present invention describes a tubular scoop that may be utilized with various assemblies for sampling fluid in a pipeline. The scoop includes a bend with a bend radius that is from two to four times the diameter of the scoop. The scoop defines a scoop face that is parallel... Agent:

20140239631 - Pipe joint: To provide a pipe joint with which loss of rotational force added by electric tools or man power is made remarkably small, and a fastening ring can be diminished with small torque, plural fastening rings 6 vertically wound for a predetermined center angle of 360° to 480°, a guiding member... Agent: Higashio Mech Co., Ltd.

20140239632 - Connecting system for adjacent ends of insulation tubing: A system and method to make stacked connector members for readily joining adjacent ends of sections of insulation tubing. Each of the stacked connector members includes a carrier member having a central opening. A layer of double-sided adhesive material is coated on each side of the carrier member, such that... Agent: Aeroflex Usa, Inc.

20140239633 - Cut-in fitting for connecting pipe: A cut-in fitting has a flange hub, a flange ring, a central body, a first gasket, a second gasket, a split flange hub, a split flange ring and a band clamp.... Agent: Spears Manufacturing Co.

20140239634 - Adjustable securing mechanism for a space access device: A securing mechanism comprising a plurality of outwardly projecting members having a plurality of contact points that are configured to contact a surface of an opening when disposed on a space access device that is inserted in the opening, the securing mechanism being configured to apply a pressure to a... Agent:

08/21/2014 > 11 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140232101 - Magnetically attracted fluid transfer system: A magnetic connection system with at least three components for connecting host and target systems. A first magnetic connector is attached to the host system, a second magnetic connector is attached to the target system; a third magnetic connector or puck is positioned between the first connector and the second... Agent: The Government Of The Us, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

20140232102 - Glass plate for concrete conveying pump: Disclosed in the present invention is a glass plate for a concrete conveying pump which comprises a steel base (2) with two feeding through holes (1), the end face of the steel base (2) is embedded and welded with a wear-resistant material slide joint surface (3); shear rings (4) are... Agent: Zhengzhou Yian Machinery Co., Ltd

20140232103 - Bulkhead fitting: A method and apparatus for electrically separating two fluid lines across a structural boundary. Fluid is transported between a first channel through a first fluid line and a second channel through a second fluid line across the structural boundary formed by a structure. The first channel and the second channel... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140232104 - Fitting for a heat pump and method of installation: A fitting for a heat pump having at least one heat exchanger includes a first fitting element configured for connection with a tubing portion of the heat exchanger and a second fitting element removably connectable to the first fitting element and configured for connection with a tubing portion of the... Agent: United States Thermoamp Inc.

20140232105 - Nickel-base radiant tube and method for making the same: Nickel-base radiant tube includes straight and curved elbow tube sections. The straight tube section has constant inner and outer radii. The elbow tube section has a constant inner radius and variable outer radius. The inner diameter of the elbow tube section is equal the inner radius of the straight tube... Agent: Arcelormittal Investigacion Y Desarrollo, S.l.

20140232106 - Sump wall penetration fitting: A penetration fitting includes a first fitting half having an inner surface and an outer surface opposite the inner surface, the first fitting half defining an arcuate channel, and a second fitting half having an inner surface and an outer surface opposite the inner surface, the second fitting half defining... Agent: S. Bravo Systems, Inc.

20140232107 - High-flow hose fitting: A high-flow hose assembly includes a hose, a fitting, and a ferrule. The hose includes an outer surface and an inner surface. In an unsecured configuration, an insertion portion of the fitting is positioned within a hose passage and the hose is positioned within a ferrule passage, and the inner... Agent:

20140232108 - Medium connector: A medium connector including a passage configured to allow for the flow of medium, and a multi-portion engagement surface positioned about the passage. The multi-portion engagement surface includes a first surface portion, and a second surface portion. The first surface portion is configured to provide an interference fit with a... Agent: Deka Products Limited Partnership

20140232109 - Connection assembly: Connection assembly (I) for connecting a first and second pipe end (201, 301) of pipes (200, 300). The pipe ends exhibit outwardly facing pipe locking profiles (203, 303). Locking segments (101) are distributed about the second pipe end (301) and have a connected (103) and a movable portion (105) with... Agent: Aker Subsea As

20140232110 - Pipe connector assembly and method for connecting a pipe using the same: A pipe connector assembly which is locked and assembled on a holder after required parts are assembled in sequence on a nut of a pipe connecting device during the process of connecting a joint of a pipe, and a method for connecting a pipe using same are disclosed. A holder... Agent: Woojung Mechatronics Co., Ltd

20140232111 - Flareless tube connection structrue: A flareless tube connection structure includes a joint body, a coupling member threadedly mounted to the joint body, and front and back ferrules thrilled separately from the joint body and the coupling member and clamped between the joint body and the coupling member. The front and back ferrules are formed... Agent:

08/14/2014 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140225363 - Heat exchanger with self-aligning fittings: A heat exchanger has inlet and outlet fittings, each having a base portion and a top portion, and having a circumferential groove provided with a resilient sealing element for sealing within a bore of a coolant manifold. Each fitting also has a base fitting with an annular sealing surface sealed... Agent:

20140225364 - Quick-mounting pipe structure: A quick-mounting pipe structure comprises a first tubular fitting, a coupling sleeve, and a hose assembly. The first tubular fitting includes a locking ball. The coupling sleeve is formed with an inner annular protrusion and internal threads at an inner surface thereof. The hose assembly includes a hose and a... Agent: Tektro Technology Corporation

20140225365 - Coupling unit: The coupling element is characterized in that that on the locking pieces, on the coupling element and on the nipple element there are formed circumferentially extending projections which viewed in cross-section are substantially roof-shaped or substantially serrated and which extend around a part of the whole circumference of the locking... Agent:

20140225366 - Fuel line connector assembly: A fuel line connector assembly that includes a connector, collar, and insert. The connector has a first interconnector, and the collar has a second interconnector and is constructed for attachment to a conduit of a fuel line assembly. The connector, collar, and insert are connectable together such that the first... Agent: Norma U.s. Holding LLC

20140225367 - Gasket retainer for surface mount fluid component: A gasket retainer that is absent sharp corners, has apertures of reasonable dimensional tolerance, and may be conveniently made by a variety of manufacturing processes. The retainer is made from thin flat springy material that readily returns to form after slight bending. Representative gasket capturing apertures are of smoothly non-convex... Agent:

20140225368 - Fastening device for combining a pressure gauge on an air pump: A fastening device for combining a pressure gauge on an air pump has a connector, a three-way pipe, a screw and multiple fixers. The connector has a first fool-proof plane and a locating hole. The three-way pipe is mounted on the connector and has a second fool-proof plane facing the... Agent:

08/07/2014 > 10 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140217719 - Closed male luer connector: A fluid flow connector including a housing assembly, having a first end and a second end arranged along a common longitudinal axis, and a resilient fluid flow conduit member having a forward end, disposed alongside the first end of the housing assembly, formed with a selectably closable slit and with... Agent: Elcam Medical Agricultural Cooperative Association

20140217720 - Pipe insulating joint: Provided is a pipe insulating joint for insulating in between a first pipe element and a second pipe element, wherein at least one of which includes an electrical current impressed therein. The pipe insulating joint including a pipe segment having a wall portion made of an electrical insulating material and... Agent: Mekorot Water Company, Ltd

20140217721 - Connecting device: In an electrostatic coating apparatus, an electrically conductive coating material is supplied through a coating material supplying path to a coating gun to which a high voltage is applied. The electrostatic coating apparatus is provided with an insulating and separating valve capable of electrically insulating and separating the coating material... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140217722 - Composite drill pipe and method for forming same: A method for making a metal to composite tube joint including selecting an elongated interior fitting constructed with an exterior barrel, reduced in exterior diameter to form a distally facing annular shoulder and then projecting still further distally to form an interior sleeve having a radially outwardly facing bonding surface.... Agent: Advanced Composite Products & Technology, Inc.

20140217723 - Lever quick connect intercom fitting: Embodiments of the present invention provide a lever quick connect and disconnect fitting that provides a secure fit for tank-to-tank connections and prevents any leakage from occurring. The fitting provide two separate, independent locking features that can secure tank sleeves to one another. There is provided male and female components... Agent: Aerazur S.a.

20140217724 - Connection methods and systems: Various novel connectors are provided. In one embodiment, the connector includes a collar configured to receive first and second components. In this embodiment, the connector may also include a load ring configured to be received in a groove of the second component and to move into and out of engagement... Agent: Cameron International Corporation

20140217725 - Tubular connection center shoulder seal: A metal-to-metal sealing system connecting first and second tubular members includes a first seal configuration on the first tubular member and a second seal configuration on the second tubular member. The first seal configuration includes a first annular groove and a first annular tooth, and the second seal configuration includes... Agent:

20140217726 - Pipe coupling assembly: A coupler assembly (10) and method of manufacture (10) for use with pipe comprising a unitary annular body (20) forming first and second cylindrical openings for surrounding a pipe or piping sections to facilitate forming a fluid-tight seal therein. The unitary annular body (20) comprises a medial portion (64) formed... Agent: Springseal, Inc.

20140217727 - Connector member: A connector member according to this disclosure includes: a hollow pipe-shaped portion molded by injection molding of a synthetic resin; two ring-shaped seal grooves disposed at an outer peripheral surface of the pipe-shaped portion; and a ring-shaped gate mark formed at a region close to a pipe end with respect... Agent: Tigers Polymer Corporation

20140217728 - Profile clamp with pre-positioner: Profile clamp and method of connecting two flanged pipes or lines. The profile clamp includes a clamping band having two flanks; and a pre-positioner having at least one attachment section and being connected to the clamping band. The at least one attachment section runs axially beyond one of the flanks... Agent: Norma Germany Gmbh

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