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Pipe joints or couplings December patent applications/inventions, industry category 12/13

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12/26/2013 > 16 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories. patent applications/inventions, industry category

20130341904 - Quick connect and quick disconnect system: A quick connect/disconnect system includes a first component and a second component. The first component includes a tube coupling portion. The second component defines a channel configured to receive the tube coupling portion. The channel opens to a first end portion of the second component. The second component further includes... Agent:

20130341906 - Quick connect and quick disconnect system and method of manipulating a quick connect and quick disconnect system: A method of manipulating a quick connect/disconnect system includes connecting a first coupling portion of a first connecting member to a fluid conductor, inserting a second coupling portion of the first connecting member within a third coupling portion of a second connecting member and inserting the third coupling portion within... Agent:

20130341905 - Quick connect and quick disconnect system male component: A quick connect/disconnect system male component includes a first body and a ring assembly. The first body defines a fluid channel therethrough. The first body includes a first coupling portion at a first end portion and a second coupling portion at a second end portion. The first coupling portion is... Agent:

20130341907 - Tool for drawing a sleeve onto flanges and removing said sleeve from flanges, positioning device, tool arrangement and method: The invention relates to a tool, in particular for the aerospace industry, for drawing a sleeve onto flanges and removing said sleeve from flanges of a pipe arrangement substantially along an axis of the flanges, including a retaining means which has a first effective surface for acting on the sleeve... Agent:

20130341908 - Loading arm counterbalance adjustment mechanism: A fluid system includes a loading arm connected to a swivel joint. A counterbalance mechanism is connected between the loading arm and the swivel joint. An adjustment mechanism adjusts the counterbalance force applied by the counterbalance mechanism to the loading arm. The adjustment mechanism includes a guide plate connected to... Agent:

20130341909 - Crescent shaped hose or hose adapter: A crescent shaped hose end or adapter for interfitting into a crescent shaped opening that is formed in a circular opening of a conduit when another circular hose is present in the circular opening of the conduit. In one embodiment, there is an adapter that has a circular end to... Agent:

20130341910 - Coupling for a plug-in connection: A coupling component is provided for a plug-in connection for media-carrying lines, and includes a flow channel that has an inner cross-section that is enlarged in steps in order to allow the formation of a reflux zone when carrying the media, and a vent opening. The step-like enlargement is asymmetrically... Agent: Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft

20130341911 - Non-metallic expansion/deflection coupling modules: An improved device for coupling rigid non-metallic conduits is disclosed. The claimed device is capable of allowing movement in an axial direction due to expansion and contraction and can also compensate for angular or parallel deflection of the conduits.... Agent: Thomas & Betts International, Inc.

20130341912 - Fuel injector bearing plate assembly and swirler assembly: A bearing plate assembly for a turbine engine fuel injector includes a bearing plate 30, with an opening 80 bordered by a race 82. A swivel ball 90 nests inside the race and is rotatable relative thereto. A lock, which may be a tip bushing 108 resists disengagement of the... Agent:

20130341913 - Coupling system for an expandable fluid distribution system: A coupling system for a fluid module (100) of an expandable fluid distribution system is provided. The coupling system includes a first coupling side (104) of the fluid module (100) with a female coupling part comprising an aperture (105) and a shoulder (108) and a male coupling part comprising a... Agent: Norgren Gmbh

20130341914 - Quick connect and quick disconnect system with positive feedback and method of manipulating a quick connect and quick disconnect system with positive feedback: A quick connect/disconnect system includes a first and second connecting member and a biasing member. The first connecting member includes (i) a first body defining a first fluid channel therethrough and having a first coupling portion at a first end portion, and (ii) a first ring assembly supported by the... Agent:

20130341915 - Pipe coupling device: A coupling device comprises a body in which a passageway is formed which extends from an end aperture of such body to receive a pipe. A collar is positioned partially within the passageway to allow axial translation and has an annular flange outside the end aperture and flexible arms which... Agent:

20130341916 - Male fitting with actuating retaining feature: A male fitting has a body that defines a fluid passage that extends through the body from a first end to a second end. The body may include a first portion adjacent to the first end, a second portion adjacent to the second end and a middle portion separating the... Agent:

20130341917 - Quick connect and quick disconnect system female component: A quick connect/disconnect system female component includes a first end portion, a second end portion, a fluid channel, and a first mating feature. The first end portion defines a first coupling portion. The second end portion defines a second coupling portion. The second coupling portion is configured to couple with... Agent:

20130341918 - Faucet fast connector: A faucet fast connector comprises a connecting part and an outflow part. The connecting part includes a plate used to allow water inflow and configure through holes. The outflow part includes an accommodating element having a stopper to allow an end of an elastic element to abut against, an accommodating... Agent:

20130341919 - Connector fitting: A fluid coupling including an annular adapter with a cam receiving groove and an annular coupler slidable onto the adapter with cam levers movable to engage cams within the cam receiving groove. The adapter is made of Ultra High Density Polyethylene and has a metal insert or collar defining the... Agent: Salco Products, Inc.

12/19/2013 > 7 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories. patent applications/inventions, industry category

20130334809 - Containment apparatus and method of removing a fire sprinkler head: A containment apparatus includes a clamp having an axially extending passage and a containment assembly having an engagement element and a flexible elongated hose connected to the engagement element. A method of removing a fire sprinkler head from a pipe entails installing the clamp onto the pipe such that an... Agent:

20130334811 - Apparatus and method for connecting between a fluid supply and a service pipe in a building: A tubular coupling member is configured to couple a fluid delivery pipe located external to a building with a service pipe located inside the building. The tubular coupling member includes a longitudinal axis and a pipe extending along the longitudinal axis. The pipe has a first end with a straight... Agent:

20130334810 - Convolute tube with integrated preformed angle fitting: A connector assembly for a fluid system comprising a flexible tube with a series of convolutions integrated with a connector having tubular portions disposed at a sharp angle to each other. In one form, the connector and flexible hose are made from the same material, nylon-12 and are spin welded... Agent: Ti Group Automotive Systems, LLC

20130334812 - Non-metallic expansion/deflection coupling modules: An improved device for coupling rigid non-metallic conduits is disclosed. The claimed device is capable of allowing movement in an axial direction due to expansion and contraction and can also compensate for angular or parallel deflection of the conduits.... Agent: Thomas & Betts International, Inc.

20130334813 - System and method for connecting two flexible containers: A system and method for connecting two flexible containers is provided, in particular for the environmentally sealed connecting of two open ends of tubular films. The method has at least the following method steps of: everting a first open end of a first flexible container over a first ring; everting... Agent:

20130334814 - Fluid coupling element and corresponding assembly: s

20130334815 - Profile clamp: Profile clamp and method of forming same. The profile clamp includes a first half-shell having a first tensioning head on a first circumferential end and a first connection geometry on a second circumferential end, a second half-shell having a second tensioning head on a first circumferential end and a second... Agent:

12/12/2013 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories. patent applications/inventions, industry category

20130328300 - Roof pipe flashing: A roof pipe flashing with a raised boot and elongated opposite extensions extending therefrom which roof pipe flashing is used to cover and weatherproof an existing but damaged roof pipe flashing on the pitched roof of a building. The roof pipe flashing can be made manually by cutting or tearing... Agent:

20130328301 - Threaded union for tubulars used in high-pressure fluid applications: A threaded union for tubulars used for high-pressure fluid applications includes a unitary nut supported by at least two nut retainer segments received under a top wall of the nut in an annular segment retainer groove in one of the tubulars. The nut retainer segments fully support the unitary nut.... Agent: Oil States Energy Services, L.L.C.

20130328302 - Facilitating access of pole-mounted items: Apparatus for use in a pivoting pole assembly including a first component comprising an outside face adapted for connection with a support element, and a first inside face, and defining a first central wiring passage; and a second component defining a second central wiring passage, and comprising an outside face... Agent:

20130328303 - Pipe system: A pipe system comprises a metallic pipe section having a wall comprising a metal material, and a deformation absorber coupled to the first pipe section in end-to-end relation. The deformation absorber comprises a composite pipe section having a wall comprising a composite material formed of at least a matrix and... Agent:

20130328304 - Connector and medical device for extracorporeal blood treatment comprising such connector: A connector adapted to be detachably arranged in an opening of a housing of a medical device and including a connecting element to which a single-use article can be connected outside of the housing is disclosed. Via a hollow link portion the connecting element is connected to a coupling adapted... Agent:

20130328305 - Seal holding device for pipe clamp: A pipe clamp including an annular clamp housing having an opening for inserting therein a pipe, opposing clamp members located near ends of the annular clamp housing, one or more tightening elements for fastening and tightening the clamp members towards each other in a direction transverse to an axial length... Agent:

20130328306 - Joint member, joint, substrate processing apparatus and limit member: A joint member that includes a cylindrical sleeve member having a first outer diameter portion having a first outer diameter and a second outer diameter portion having a second outer diameter smaller than the first outer diameter. The joint member further includes a cylindrical nut member having an inner peripheral... Agent:

20130328307 - Composite tubes for a fluid transport system: A method and apparatus for reducing an intensity of an electrical discharge that occurs within a fluid transport system in an aerospace vehicle. In one illustrative embodiment, an apparatus comprises a transport member. The transport member is configured for use in the fluid transport system. The transport member is comprised... Agent: The Boeing Company

12/05/2013 > 12 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories. patent applications/inventions, industry category

20130320662 - Process fluid pressure measurement system with improved coupling: A process pressure measurement system includes a remote seal assembly configured to couple to a process. The system has a remote seal diaphragm with a first side adapted to contact a process fluid and a second side adapted to contact a fill fluid. A first capillary conduit has a first... Agent:

20130320663 - Coupling device for fluid lines: A coupling device for fluid lines includes a female part having a rotatable locking arm with a cam, and a male part defining a longitudinal channel and a circumferential groove on its external surface. The male part is inserted into the female part by rotating the locking arm to its... Agent:

20130320664 - Connector: The invention provides a connector, comprising a male member and a female member, one of said members is stationary whilst the other member is retrievable. The connector is distinctive in that the interface between the male and female members comprises a facing surface of a ceramic sleeve, ceramic insert or... Agent: Roxar Flow Measurement As

20130320665 - Process for coating a threaded tubular component, threaded tubular component and resulting connection: A threaded tubular component for drilling or working hydrocarbon wells, including at one of its ends a threaded zone produced on its outer or inner peripheral surface depending on whether the threaded end is male or female in type, in which at least a portion of the end is coated... Agent: Vallourec Mannesmann Oil & Gas France

20130320666 - Locking device for pipe member: A locking device for a pipe member includes a pipe member, a moving member, a locking member. At least a portion of the moving member is slidably disposed into the pipe member. The locking member is coupled to an end portion of the moving member. The locking member is made... Agent: Samsung Medison Co., Ltd.

20130320667 - Leakage-proof pipe fitting of quick connection for reverse osmosis membrane (ro) water treatment unit of household: A leakage-proof pipe fitting of quick connection for Reverse Osmosis Membrane (RO) water treatment unit of household comprises a pipe fitting of elbow type, a sealing O-ring, an annular cooperative bushing collar, an accessory latching clip and an adapted cylindrical elastic sleeving collet with an elongated annular delimiting flange, whose... Agent:

20130320668 - Coupling with automatic seal: A conduit coupling can have a male portion and a female portion, with each portion having an internal biasing member. When the male portion is disconnected from the female portion, the internal biasing member in the male portion can cause a seal on a moveable plug to be biased against... Agent: Koolance. Inc.

20130320669 - Apparatus and method for positioning flexible tubing in alignment with vehicle exhaust pipe: An apparatus and method for positioning a length of flexible tubing in alignment with the exhaust pipe of an automotive vehicle located in an enclosed space. The apparatus includes a length of flexible tubing having an adapter or boot at its inner end. The boot is adapted to be positioned... Agent:

20130320670 - Swivel joint: A fluid system swivel joint includes a body and a tail rotatably connected together and which partially define a fluid passageway. The tail has an integrally formed flange for connecting to other fluid conduits. A counterbalancing mechanism is disposed within the fluid passageway. The counterbalancing mechanism has a selectively adjustable... Agent: Hiltap Fittings, Ltd.

20130320671 - Coupling device for tube with annular corruguations: The disclosure includes the combination of a flexible rubber tube with annular corrugations and a coupling device for connecting the tube to a fitting. The device includes a latch secured to an end of the tube and a catch associated with the fitting. When the latch is engaged with the... Agent: Crushproof Tubing Company

20130320672 - Twist lock connector with reinforcing wing grips and reverse snap assembly: A connector assembly may be formed by the combination of a latch member and a connector member. The latch member has an annular collar and an arcuate latch wall extending from a circumferential edge of the annular collar. A latch recess and a latch arm are defined within the latch... Agent: Nordson Corporation

20130320673 - Coupling with locking bars: The female coupling half includes: a body, a plurality of locking bars, a spring, a locking ring, and, a cam. The body includes a plurality of grooves, an exterior, and an internal longitudinal bore. The cam, locking ring and locking bars are movable between first and second positions. The cam... Agent: Parker-hannifin Corporation

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