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04/10/2014 > 10 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140099087 - Image shake correction apparatus, and optical equipment and imaging device provided with same: An image shake correction apparatus includes a fixed member; a movable member configured to hold a correcting member that corrects image shake and configured to have a first connecting unit and a second connecting unit; a first moving member connected to the first connecting unit, and configured to move the... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140099089 - Optical apparatus and image pickup apparatus having the same: An optical apparatus includes a first optical member (10) on which a concave curved surface is formed, a second optical member (20) on which a convex curved surface is formed, and a light amount adjuster (23) that includes a plurality of blade members (233) each having a convex curved shape... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140099088 - Optical apparatus and image-pickup apparatus including the same: An optical apparatus includes an image stabilizer configured to drive a first optical member in a direction perpendicular to an optical axis and to stabilize an image, a light amount adjuster that includes a plurality of blades, and is configured to change a diameter of an aperture configured to transmit... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140099090 - Method and system for intelligent dynamic autofocus search: Embodiments of the present invention initially calculate a confidence score for the image environment surrounding the subject matter in order to determine the initial number of lens positions. Once the initial lens positions are determined, a sharpness score is calculated for each determined initial lens position. Using these sharpness scores,... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20140099091 - Methods and apparatus for flash intensity value management based on a ttl value: Methods for providing a flash management feature (“FMF”) in a camera system include obtaining a flash intensity value calculated for a flash device by a camera, saving the calculated flash intensity value in memory, accepting a user-provided adjustment of the calculated value, saving the adjusted flash intensity value in a... Agent: Leap Devices, LLC

20140099092 - System for camera stabilization: A rig for supporting a camera. A left rod and a right rod, each rod extending generally forwards and having a front end and a back end. Each rod configured to be operably connected to the other rod via a support structure that is configured for supporting a camera, each... Agent: The Alba Group, Ltd

20140099093 - Extendible l-plate for camera equipment: A two-piece extendable L-plate provides clearance between a camera and a quick-release receiver securing the camera to a support permitting a camera having cables connected to the side of the camera's body to be secured in either a landscape or a portrait orientation.... Agent:

20140099094 - Long hinge actuator snubbing: A device may comprise an upper module cover, a lower module cover, an outer frame, and an actuator having a movable frame. The movable frame may be at least partially disposed intermediate the upper module cover and the lower module cover. A hinge flexure may interconnect the outer frame and... Agent: Digitaloptics Corporation Mems

20140099095 - A rotatable flash trigger: A rotatable flash trigger is disclosed. The rotatable flash trigger may include a hot shoe connector, a trigger body, and a rotation mechanism positioned between the trigger body and the hot shoe connector. The trigger body may be configured to rotate with respect to one axis or multiple axes. Additionally,... Agent: Phottix Hk Ltd.

20140099096 - Camera lens adjustment ring control: A device and a method for facilitating the rotation of an adjustment ring from a plurality of adjustment rings of a camera lens. The device comprises a tightening ring having an adjustable diameter and a control lever protruding from the tightening ring allowing a user to rotate the adjustment ring... Agent:

04/03/2014 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20140093228 - Trend-based temperature compensation for a monitoring device: A method, performed by a monitoring device, may include detecting a temperature change, greater than a temperature change threshold, from a previous temperature to a current temperature; retrieving a trend-based motor position setting for a focus motor from a trend statistics memory based on the current temperature; and selecting a... Agent: Axis Ab

20140093229 - Holding device for a camera: The invention pertains to a device which allows a person to hold a camera with a first arm (10) which extends longitudinally in the first extension direction (E). The first arm (10) is designed to be attached to or detached from the camera (2) and features a first free end... Agent:

20140093230 - Multi-function retractor body, adjustable strap, and camera mounting system using same: The present invention is directed towards a versatile retractable strap assembly adapted to mount to the bottom of a camera, or other device, and to be used in a variety of configurations. The strap resides in a retractor and is adapted to be used as a wrist strap or a... Agent:

03/27/2014 > 3 patent applications in 2 patent subcategories.

20140086567 - Imaging enclosure apparatus and methods: An imaging apparatus for imaging an object has an enclosure chassis that defines an enclosed imaging volume and that provides an imaging aperture to a camera apparatus that mounts against the chassis and that further provides at least a first lateral access opening for access to the object. A light-obstructing... Agent:

20140086568 - Imaging apparatus: An imaging apparatus includes a front lens group including a front lens element and a prism, a prism holder which supports the prism, a movable frame which supports the front lens element and is supported by the prism holder to be movable along a plane orthogonal to the optical axis,... Agent: Hoya Corporation

20140086569 - Imaging apparatus: An imaging apparatus includes a front lens group including a front lens element and a reflector, a movable frame supporting the front lens element, and a driver driving the movable frame to reduce image shake. The driver includes first and second voice coil motors, each including a coil and a... Agent: Hoya Corporation

03/20/2014 > 7 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140079378 - Universal underwater enclosure for cameras and camcorders: A universal underwater enclosure has a spherical shell having a hollow in which a camera, camcorder, or other device can be inserted, a lens attached to the shell that can be opened to insert a device, and glove assemblies extending into the hollow for manipulation of a device placed therein.... Agent: Salamanderskinz, LLC

20140079379 - Lens apparatus, support apparatus therefor, and image capturing system: A lens apparatus is electrically connected to a support apparatus including a detecting unit that detects displacement information corresponding to pan or tilt. The lens apparatus includes a converter configured to convert the displacement information into control information; an image stabilization unit configured to perform image stabilization by using the... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140079380 - Optical device: An optical device includes an optical system, a diaphragm unit, a diaphragm unit, a focus-lens driving unit, a diaphragm driving unit, and a diaphragm control unit. The diaphragm control unit controls the diaphragm driving unit in accordance with the position to which the focus lens group has been moved by... Agent: Olympus Imaging Corp.

20140079381 - Light focusing device: A light focusing device for detachably coupling to a camera with a built-in flash. The device comprises a mount for detachably coupling to the camera; a housing coupled with the mount, the housing configured to enclose the built-in flash when the built-in flash is an enabled position; and a lens... Agent: Expolmaging, Inc.

20140079382 - Light focusing device: A light focusing device for detachably coupling to a camera with a built-in flash. The device comprises a mount for detachably coupling to the camera; a housing coupled with the mount, the housing configured to enclose the built-in flash when the built-hi flash is an enabled position and comprising an... Agent: Expoimaging, Inc.

20140079383 - Method and apparatus for composing 3d photographs: A 3D photographic printer uses a monochrome panel for displaying two or more images for composing a 3D photograph. Each image has a plurality of color image components. A light source with selectable color light components is used to illuminate the monochrome panel corresponding to the displayed color image components.... Agent: 3dv Co. Ltd.

20140079384 - Lens barrel assembly and photographing apparatus including the same: A lens barrel assembly includes: a lens group; a lens barrel that support the lens group and includes, on an outer circumferential surface thereof, a first movement pin projected outwardly and a second guide groove that is extended along a circumferential direction; and an outer barrel disposed outside the lens... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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