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Pavel Berkhin patents

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Geocoding multi-entity queries

07/07/16 - 20160196349 - Aspects of the present invention relate to providing search results on a map view for a multi-entity query. A search query submitted by a user may be received. A tile in a map may be identified based on the search query. Valid query patterns for the search query corresponding to
Inventors: Pavel Berkhin, Michael Evans, Florin Teodorescu

Tile-based geocoder

12/10/15 - 20150356088 - A geocoding architecture that generates and associates one or more tile documents with geocoded tiles. When connected entities are defined, the connected entity attributes are collected in a single tile document so that tile-document terms are attributes of all connected entities. These terms later serve as keys that enable search
Inventors: Pavel Berkhin, Florin Teodorescu, Bimal Mehta, Andrew P. Oakley, Erik C. Wahlstrom, David L. Racz, Anurag Sharma, Michael R. Evans

Bid optimization in search engine marketing

09/04/14 - 20140249914 - Methods and apparatus are described for optimally allocating an online advertising budget for a search engine marketing (SEM) campaign among a fixed set of keywords.
Inventors: Pavel Berkhin, Usama M. Fayyad, Scott Gaffney, Bassel Ojjeh, Rajesh Girish Parekh, Andrew Tomkins

Granular data for behavioral targeting

07/17/14 - 20140200999 - A method of targeting receives several granular events and preprocesses the received granular events thereby generating preprocessed data to facilitate construction of a model based on the granular events. The method generates a predictive model by using the preprocessed data. The predictive model is for determining a likelihood of a
Inventors: John Canny, Shi Zhong, Scott Gaffney, Chad Brower, Pavel Berkhin, George H. John

Personalized real-time recommendation system

07/03/14 - 20140188956 - Content is proactively presented to a user, to enable the user to more efficiently access such content. A user context is correlated to content that is likely to be subsequently accessed. One such a correlation is specific to a given user, while another such correlation is general to a collection,
Inventors: Rajen Subba, Dragomir Yankov, Pavel Berkhin, Steven William Macbeth, Zhaowei Charlie Jiang, Benoit Dumoulin

Evaluating performance of binary classification systems

01/02/14 - 20140006145 - Methods and apparatus are described for evaluating a binary classification system operable to classify each of a plurality of events as a first event type or a second event type. At least some of the events of the first event type are independently verifiable with reference to verification data. The
Inventors: Richard Tao-hwa Chow, Pavel Berkhin, Elena Eneva, Boris Klots, Nicolas Eddy Mayoraz, Rajesh Girish Parekh

Bid estimation for contextual advertisements

12/26/13 - 20130346219 - Methods and systems for estimating the value of a contextual ad impression are provided. Requests for value-based bids for ad impressions are received from bidders and the value of the ad impression is estimated based primarily upon leveraging sell-side data (user and publisher). The estimation is highly economized through a
Inventors: Ye Chen, Pavel Berkhin, Jie Li, Xia Sharon Wan, Tak Yan

Polymorphic advertisements

09/12/13 - 20130238449 - Various embodiments pertain to techniques for generating advertisement templates for use in various technological environments. In various embodiments, an advertiser can select one or more advertisement templates and provide the specified components to an advertisement service. The advertisement service can bind the components into a selected template for presentation to
Inventors: Ian Ferreira, Pavel Berkhin

Unified yield management for display advertising

11/29/12 - 20120303464 - Systems and method can be provided for selecting advertising payloads for display in an available advertising impression location. The advertising payloads can be selected based on an auction between various types of hosted and third party campaigns, including hosted reserved advertising campaigns and hosted non-reserved advertising campaigns. The rules of
Inventors: Robert Paul Gorman, Pavel Berkhin, Nikhil Devanur Rangarajan, Marc Diamond, Peng Han, Bashar Kachachi, Muthukrishnan Paramasivam, John A. Beaver, David G. Heindel, Izzet Can Envarli, Ye Chen

Search engine with augmented relevance ranking by community participation

09/13/12 - 20120233161 - Embodiments of the present invention provide systems and methods for ranking a result set. The method according to one embodiment comprises selecting an item from the result set, selecting a user profile from one or more user profiles and selecting one or more items of personalized information from the selected
Inventors: Zhichen Xu, Pavel Berkhin, Daniel E. Rose, Jiangchang Mao, David Ku, Qi Lu, Eckart Walther, Chung-man Tam

Method and system for generating a linear machine learning model for predicting online user input actions

06/02/11 - 20110131160 - A method of targeting receives several granular events and preprocesses the received granular events thereby generating preprocessed data to facilitate construction of a model based on the granular events. The method generates a predictive model by using the preprocessed data. The predictive model is for determining a likelihood of a
Inventors: John Canny, Shi Zhong, Scott Gaffney, Chad Brower, Pavel Berkhin, George H. John

Keyword set and target audience profile generalization techniques

01/20/11 - 20110015991 - A variety of techniques are described by which keyword sets and target audience profiles may be generalized in a systematic and effective way with reference to relationships between keywords, profiles, and the data of an underlying user population.
Inventors: Usama M. Fayyad, Pavel Berkhin, Andrew Tomkins, Rajesh Girish Parekh, Jignashu Parikh, David Wellspring Sculley, Ii

Large-scale behavioral targeting for advertising over a network

07/15/10 - 20100179855 - A method and a system are provided for large-scale behavioral targeting for advertising over a network, such as the Internet. In one example, the system receives training data that is processed raw data of user behavior. The system generates selected features by performing feature selection on the training data. The
Inventors: Ye Chen, Dmitry Pavlov, Pavel Berkhin, John Canny

User-sensitive pagerank

01/28/10 - 20100023513 - Techniques are described for generating an authority value of a first one of a plurality of documents. A first component of the authority value is generated with reference to outbound links associated with the first document. The outbound links enable access to a first subset of the plurality of documents.
Inventors: Pavel Berkhin, Usama M. Fayyad, Prabhakar Raghavan, Andrew Tomkins

Method for efficiently building compact models for large multi-class text classification

11/05/09 - 20090274376 - A method of classifying documents includes: specifying multiple documents and classes, wherein each document includes a plurality of features and each document corresponds to one of the classes; determining reduced document vectors for the classes from the documents, wherein the reduced document vectors include features that satisfy threshold conditions corresponding
Inventors: Sathiya Keerthi Selvaraj, Dmitry Pavlov, Scott J. Gaffney, Nicolas Eddy Mayoraz, Pavel Berkhin, Vijay Krishnan, Sundararajan Sellamanickam

Personalizing sponsored search advertising layout using user behavior history

09/24/09 - 20090240677 - Embodiments of the invention relate to methods of presenting personalized search results pages to users, and to search engine systems and servers configured to implement such methods. For example, a method of presenting such a page to a user of a search engine includes steps of computing an engagement index
Inventors: Inventors: Rajesh Parekh, Jignashu Parikh, Pavel BerkhinRajesh Parekh, Jignashu Parikh, Pavel Berkhin, Rajesh Parekh, Jignesh Parmar, Pavel Berkhin

Differentiated treatment of sponsored search results based on search context

04/16/09 - 20090100051 - Methods and apparatus are described for presenting sponsored search results. A user is enabled to initiate a search from a context. The sponsored search results and organic search results are presented in a search results page in response to the search, an order of the sponsored search results and placement
Inventors: Rushi Bhatt, Jignashu Parikh, Rajesh Girish Parekh, Pavel Berkhin

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