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Organic compounds -- part of the class 532-570 series

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11/13/2014 > 1 patent applications in 1 patent subcategories.

20140336396 - N-hydroxylsulfonamide derivatives as new physiologically useful nitroxyl donors: The invention relates to N-hydroxysulfonamide derivatives that donate nitroxyl (HNO) under physiological conditions and are useful in treating and/or preventing the onset and/or development of diseases or conditions that are responsive to nitroxyl therapy, including heart failure and ischemia/reperfusion injury. Novel N-hydroxysulfonamide derivatives release NHO at a controlled rate under... Agent: The Johns Hopkins University

11/06/2014 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140330026 - 2-fluorophenyl propionic acid derivatives: P

20140330027 - Single step enantioselective process for the preparation of 3-substituted chiral phthalides: The present invention discloses single step, highly enantioselective catalytic oxidative cyclization process for the synthesis of 3-substituted chiral phthalides. In particular, the invention discloses asymmetric synthesis of chiral phthalides via synergetic nitrile accelerated oxidative cyclization of o-cyano substituted aryl alkenes in high yield and enantiomeric excess (ee) in short reaction... Agent:

20140330028 - Photochromic bis-idenofused naphthopryans: The present invention relates to photochromic double-indeno-fused naphthopyrans of the general formula (I) and the use thereof in plastics of all kinds, particularly for ophthalmic purposes. The photochromic compounds according to the invention are characterized by two distinct absorption bands of the open form in the visible wavelength range, i.e.... Agent:

20140330029 - Production of cyclic acetals or ketals using solid acid catalysts: A process for making a cyclic compounds such as cyclic acetal or cyclic ketones by feeding aldehyde or ketone compounds and polyhydroxyl compounds to a reaction zone at a molar ratio of polyhydroxyl compounds to aldehyde or ketone compounds of at least 3:1, reacting these compounds in the presence of... Agent: Eastman Chemical Company

20140330030 - Method and apparatus for processing herbaceous plant materials including the cannabis plant: A method and associated system of treating a plant material consisting essentially of the plant cannabis in order to extract cannabinoids in liquid form from the plant material. The method includes heating the plant material; drying the plant material; grinding the dried plant material into a powder form; marinating the... Agent:

20140330031 - Resist for electron beam and optical lithography: The present invention describes a first generation dendrimers useful in lithography, comprising 1,3,5-trisbromo-methylbenzene as the core and dense, bulky, rigid units selected from trisphenol (1, 1, 1-tris-p-4-hydroxyphenyl ethane), bisphenol-A and 1,5-dihydroxy naphthalene units at the periphery, wherein the peripheral aromatic rigid molecules are connected to the central core through an... Agent:

10/30/2014 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140323743 - Polymethacrylic acid anhydride telomers: The present invention provides hypophosphite (co)telomers of methacrylic anhydride having a weight average molecular weight of from 1,000 to 20,000, and having, on average, at least one phosphorus atom bound to two carbon atoms, and at least one carboxylic acid or salt group.... Agent:

20140323744 - Process for preparation of (3r)-2,4-di-leaving group-3-methylbut-1-ene: e

20140323745 - Polyphenolic selenium compound having functional group of alkali metal ion and selenium complex: A polyphenolic selenium compound having a functional group of alkali metal ion and selenium complex which has an aromatic ring is provided, wherein the aromatic ring comprises at least two functional groups, each of which is one member selected from the group consisting of oxygen functional group, sulphur functional group,... Agent: Shanghai Ai Qi Ecological Technology Co., Ltd.

20140323746 - Isolation of anhydro sugar alcohols by selective adsorbents: A method is disclosed for recovering anhydrosugar alcohols from a mixture comprising closely related compounds, such as sugar alcohols. In the method the mixture is contacted with an adsorbent, whereby the anhydrosugar alcohols are selectively adsorbed. The anhydrosugar alcohols can be recovered by desorption from the adsorbent, using a desorbing... Agent:

20140323747 - Process for the synthesis of aminaphtone: The present invention concerns a new process for the synthesis of aminaphtone, which makes use of non-toxic solvents and reagents, under mild reaction and temperature conditions. The aminaphtone obtained with the method of the present invention also has a purity of at least 98% in weight. The method comprises the... Agent: Laboratori Baldacci Spa

10/23/2014 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140316146 - Process for producing 1,4- butanediol by hydrogenating dialkyl maleate in mixed liquid/vapor phase: b) further hydrogenating the dialkyl succinate in a second stage of reaction, by using a different suitable catalyst, for producing mainly 1,4-butanediol, together with gamma-butyrolactone and tetrahydrofuran as co-products. In both stages of reaction the conditions, as hydrogen/organic feed ratio, pressure and temperature, are such to maintain the reactors in... Agent: Conser Spa

20140316147 - Process for the production of trioxane: The present invention relates to a process for producing cyclic acetal comprising i) preparing a liquid reaction mixture comprising a) formaldehyde source, b) an aprotic compound and c) a catalyst; and ii) converting the formaldehyde source into cyclic acetals.... Agent:

20140316148 - Renewable surfactants derived from sugar alcohols: Polyol ether compounds and processes for their preparation. A representative process comprises melting a polyol, and reacting the molten polyol, a carbonyl compound, and hydrogen in the presence of a hydrogenation catalyst to provide the poly of ether. The polyol ether has surfactant properties.... Agent: Dow Global Technologies LLC

20140316149 - Aldehyde-selective wacker-type oxidation of unbiased alkenes: l

20140316150 - Method of reducing or maintaining the value of an alkylene oxide production parameter in a process of making an alkylene oxide using a high efficiency catalyst: Methods of reducing or maintaining the value of an alkylene oxide production parameter (such as alkylene oxide production rate) in a process of making an alkylene oxide by reacting an alkylene and oxygen over a high efficiency catalyst are shown and described. One method comprises reducing the concentration of oxygen... Agent: Dow Technology Investments LLC

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