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Organic compounds -- part of the class 532-570 series

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11/13/2014 > 4 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20140336369 - Process for preparing heparinoids and intermediates useful in the synthesis thereof: Processes are disclosed for the synthesis of the Factor Xa anticoagulant fondaparinux and related compounds. Protected pentasaccharide intermediates and efficient and scalable processes for the industrial scale production of fondaparinux sodium by conversion of the protected pentasaccharide intermediates via a sequence of deprotection and sulfonation reactions are provided.... Agent: Apicore US LLC

20140336370 - Oligomeric compounds and compositions for use in modulation of small non-coding rnas: Compounds, compositions and methods are provided for modulating the expression and function of small non-coding RNAs. The compositions comprise oligomeric compounds, targeted to small non-coding RNAs. Methods of using these compounds for modulation of small non-coding RNAs as well as downstream targets of these RNAs and for diagnosis and treatment... Agent: Regulus Therapeutics Inc.

20140336371 - Sirna molecule for inhibiting growth of melanin and application thereof: Provided is a double-chain siRNA molecule targeting a microphthalmia-associated transcription factor MITF coding gene. A sense strand of the siRNA molecule has a sequence of SEQ ID NO: 3 and an anti-sense strand has a sequence of SEQ ID NO: 4, and the anti-sense strand specifically binds to mRNA of... Agent:

20140336372 - Dna extraction from seeds using osmoticum: The invention broadly relates to methods of fragmenting seed by use of mechanical devices such as crushing pins or other crushing devices with a preconditioned hard seed. Methods of preconditioning the seeds to soften the seed for more effective fragmentation which are adapted to enhance extracted DNA yields and/or DNA... Agent: Syngenta Participations Ag

11/06/2014 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140330001 - Methods and compositions related to nucleic acid binding assays: Small molecule fluorescent probes for established drug targets such as nucleic acids including DNA and RNA has been developed and disclosed herein. These nucleic acid probes bind to multiple DNA and RNA structures, and to sites crucial for nucleic acid function, such as DNA and RNA major grooves. Displacement of... Agent: Nubad, LLC

20140330002 - Specificity, flexibility and valence of dna bonds for guided emulsion architecture: A method of forming an end product by self-assembly of a first component having a patch of a linker component, such as DNA strands, cadherins, adhesive proteins and nanoparticle linkers. Such emulsions can be used to process personal care products, skin cremes, foods and animal feedstocks.... Agent: New York University

20140330003 - Diacylglycerol acyltransferase 2 genes and proteins encoded thereby from algae: The present disclosure relates to the isolation, purification, and characterization of a diacylglycerol acyltransferase 2 (DGAT2), and genes encoding DGAT2, from algae. DGAT2 can incorporate very long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids into triacylglycerol more efficiently than DGAT1. The disclosure concerns methods of regulating seed oil content, fatty acid synthesis and fatty... Agent: National Research Council Of Canada

20140330004 - Oligonucleotide: wherein X represents an oxygen atom or the like, R1 represents formula (II) wherein Y1 represents a nitrogen atom or the like, R5 represents halogen or the like, R6 and R7 may be the same or different, and each represents a hydrogen atom or the like, and R3 represents a... Agent: Kyowa Hakko Kirin Co., Ltd.

20140330005 - Polysaccharide therapeutic conjugates: A composition includes a polysaccharide at least one retinoid linked to at least one monosaccharide subunit of the polysaccharide with a covalent linkage. The linkage being degradable by hydrolysis during digestion of the composition to provide controlled, delayed, and/or sustained delivery of the at least one retinoid upon enteral administration... Agent:

10/30/2014 > 12 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140323705 - Manufacture of lacto-n-tetraose: The present invention relates to the synthesis of the tetrasaccharide of formula (I) and novel intermediates used in the synthesis.... Agent:

20140323706 - Nucleic acids encoding receptor for il-17 homologous polypeptides and uses thereof: The present invention is directed to novel polypeptides and to nucleic acid molecules encoding those polypeptides. Also provided herein are vectors and host cells comprising those nucleic acid sequences, chimeric polypeptide molecules comprising the polypeptides of the present invention fused to heterologous polypeptide sequences, antibodies which bind to the polypeptides... Agent: Genentech, Inc.

20140323710 - Sequences and their use for detection and characterization of stec bacteria: This invention relates to a rapid method for detection and characterization of STEC bacteria based on the presence of nucleic acid sequences, in particular, to a PCR-based method for detection, and to oligonucleotide molecules and reagents and kits useful therefore. This method is preferably employed to detect STEC bacteria in... Agent:

20140323709 - Oligonucleotide and therapeutic agent for hyperlipidemia containing same as active ingredient: The oligonucleotide of the present invention includes a sugar-modified nucleoside, the sugar-modified nucleoside has a cross-linked structure between 4′-position and 2′-position, and the oligonucleotide is capable of binding to the apolipoprotein C-III gene. According to the present invention, an oligonucleotide useful as a therapeutic agent for hyperlipidemia that is excellent... Agent:

20140323707 - Selective antisense compounds and uses thereof: The present invention provides oligomeric compounds. Certain such oligomeric compounds are useful for hybridizing to a complementary nucleic acid, including but not limited, to nucleic acids in a cell. In certain embodiments, hybridization results in modulation of the amount activity or expression of the target nucleic acid in a cell.... Agent: Isis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

20140323708 - Soluble endoglin and uses thereof: The invention provides isolated soluble endoglin polypeptides, nucleic acids encoding soluble endoglin polypeptides, antibodies that specifically bind soluble endoglin polypeptides, and kits containing these materials. The invention also provides methods for treating or decreasing the likelihood of developing a soluble endoglin-mediated disorder in a subject requiring the administration of an... Agent:

20140323711 - Polynucleotide capture materials, and methods of using same: Methods for processing polynucleotide-containing biological samples, and materials for capturing polynucleotide molecules such as RNA and/or DNA from such samples. The RNA and/or DNA is captured by polyamindoamine (PAMAM (Generation 0)) bound to a surface, such as the surface of magnetic particles. The methods and materials have high efficiency of... Agent: Handylab, Inc.

20140323712 - Polymorph of 2-[4-[(methylamino)carbonyl]-1h-pyrazol-1-yl]adenosine: t

20140323713 - Bio-degradable material and method: The invention comprises a method of preparing moldable biodegradable composites containing a diamine cross-linked cellulose alkyl ester. The novel composite can be compression molded to form biodegradable composite (materials)s in the form of useful articles such as cups, planters and the like.... Agent:

20140323714 - Method and a system for manufacturing cellulose material: The invention relates to a method for manufacturing cellulose material, the method comprising introducing cellulose fibers as raw material pulp (1) to a system, adding an alkalizing agent into the system in order to absorb the alkalizing agent into the cellulose fibers (1), adding an anionic agent into the system... Agent: Upm-kymmene Corporation

20140323715 - Preparation of poly alpha-1,3-glucan esters and films therefrom: Poly alpha-1,3-glucan ester compounds are disclosed herein with a degree of substitution of about 0.05 to about 3.0. Also disclosed are methods of producing poly alpha-1,3-glucan ester compounds and films made therefrom.... Agent:

20140323716 - Liquefaction of biomass at low ph: The present invention relates to regulation of the p H of a liquefaction process. Presented is a method for treatment of a biomass feedstock wherein the biomass feedstock is subjected to liquefaction, at a p H of at most 4, by treatment with hot compressed liquid water (HCW) at subcritical... Agent: Reac Fuel Ab

10/23/2014 > 12 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20140316119 - Composition for improving biometabolism parameter: A composition for improving biometabolism parameters is provided. The composition contains D-psicose as an active ingredient, and is continuously ingested in a dose of 5 g or more per intake in terms of D-psicose to lower biometabolism parameters represented by a uric acid level and/or a liver function indicator component... Agent: Rare Suger Foods, LLC.

20140316120 - Hair growth and hair restoration material: Provided is a novel hair growth and hair restoration material having excellent efficacy in hair growth and hair restoration for both men and women, even when the components thereof are at ultra-dilute concentrations; the hair growth and hair restoration material being characterized in containing a steryl glucopyranoside, preferably a cholesteryl... Agent: Institute Of Rheological Function Of Food Co., Ltd.

20140316121 - Methods and compounds useful in conditions related to repeat expansion: Described are compounds and methods useful for the treatment and investigation of diseases and disorders associated with expanded repeat-containing RNA molecules.... Agent: Isis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

20140316122 - Hepatitis b virus vaccines: This document provides methods and materials for producing immune responses against hepatitis B viruses. For example, polypeptides, nucleic acid molecules encoding such polypeptides, virus-like particles containing such polypeptides, vaccine preparations containing one or more polypeptides provided herein, vaccine preparations containing one or more nucleic acid molecules provided herein, vaccine preparations... Agent:

20140316125 - Truncated cd20 protein, deltacd20: Isolated nucleic acid sequence encoding the CD20 gene comprising SEQ ID NO: 5, recombinant vector comprising a nucleic acid sequence placed under the control of one or a plurality of elements required for the expression thereof in a host cell, and method for improving the efficacy of a treatment comprising... Agent:

20140316123 - Ena nucleic acid pharmaceuticals capable of modifying splicing of mrna precursors: Oligonucleotides having a nucleotide sequence complementary to nucleotide numbers such as 2571-2607, 2578-2592, 2571-2592, 2573-2592, 2578-2596, 2578-2601 or 2575-2592 of the dystrophin cDNA (Gene Bank accession No. NM_004006.1) and therapeutic agents for muscular dystrophy comprising such oligonucleotides.... Agent: Orphan Disease Treatment Institute Co., Ltd.

20140316124 - Modidifed irna agents: The invention relates to iRNA agents, which preferably include a monomer in which the ribose moiety has been replaced by a moiety other than ribose. The inclusion of such a monomer can allow for modulation of a property of the iRNA agent into which it is incorporated, e.g., by using... Agent:

20140316126 - Rna molecules and uses thereof: The invention relates to a method of designing a short RNA molecule to increase the expression of a target gene in a cell through the down-regulation of a non-coding RNA transcript, said method comprising the steps of: a) obtaining the nucleotide sequence of the coding strand of the target gene,... Agent:

20140316127 - Phosphonate nucleosides useful as active ingredients in pharmaceutical compositions for the treatment of viral infections, and intermediates for their production: The invention is directed to processes of preparing phosphonate nucleosides comprising a phosphonalkoxy-substituted five-membered, saturated or unsaturated, oxygen-containing ring coupled to a heterocyclic nucleobase such as a pyrimidine or purine base. These compounds can be described by general formula (II)... Agent:

20140316128 - Preparation of oligosaccharides containing amine groups: Described are oligo- and polysaccharides containing amine groups. Specifically, described is a new process to manufacture cationic cellulose oligomers. The new cationic oligo- or polysaccharides are useful ingredients in various aqueous compositions, inter alia as ingredients for personal care compositions.... Agent:

20140316129 - Process for the preparation of highly o-sulfated, epimerized derivatives of k5 polysacchride and intermediates therein: A new method is described for the oversulfation of epiK5-N-sulfate to obtain an epiK5-amine-O-oversulfate with very high sulfation degree which, by subsequent N-sulfation, provides new epiK5-N,O-oversulfate-derivatives with a sulfation degree of at least 4, basically free of activity on the coagulation parameters and useful in the cosmetic or pharmaceutical field.... Agent:

20140316130 - Use of microfabricated devices: This invention relates to the miniaturisation of radiosyntheses onto microfabricated devices, and in particular to use of microfabricated devices for radiosynthesis, isolation, and analysis of radiotracers for use in Positron Emission Tomography (PET).... Agent: Hammersmith Imanet Limited

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