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Organic compounds -- part of the class 532-570 series

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05/21/2015 > 10 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20150141630 - Process for preparation of iron sucrose: The present invention is directed to processes for preparation of iron sucrose complex and purification of the obtained iron sucrose through diafiltration.... Agent:

20150141631 - Pyrazole derivative and use thereof for medical purposes: The present invention provides pyrazole derivatives, uses thereof for medical purposes and so on. More particularly, the present invention relates to pharmaceuticals useful for the prevention or treatment of constipation, which comprise as an active ingredient 3-(3-{4-[3-(β-D-glucopyranosyloxy)-5-isopropyl-1H-pyrazol-4-ylmethyl]-3-methylphenoxy}propylamino)-2,2-dimethylpropionamide, or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof. The pharmaceuticals of the present invention exert... Agent: Kissei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

20150141632 - High-purity steviol glycosides: Methods of preparing highly purified steviol glycosides, particularly Rebaudioside D, are described. The methods include purification from the extraction stage of the Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni plant, purification of steviol glycoside mixtures, Rebaudioside D and Rebaudioside A from a commercial Stevia extract, and purification of Rebaudioside D from remaining solutions obtained... Agent: Purecircle Usa Inc.

20150141633 - Triterpenoid sapogenin production in plant and microbial cultures: The disclosure relates to a method for enhancing the biosynthesis and/or secretion of sapogenins in the culture medium of plant and microbial cell cultures. Further, the disclosure also relates to the identification of novel genes involved in the biosynthesis of sapogenin intermediates, as well as to novel sapogenin compounds.... Agent:

20150141634 - Methods for isolation of biomarkers from vesicles: Some embodiments provide for a device that collects vesicles and vesicle-like materials from biological fluids. Such devices comprise at least one sample loading region; at least one corresponding vesicle-capture material, wherein said vesicle-capture material comprises glass-like materials; and at least one corresponding sample receiving region, wherein passage of the biological... Agent:

20150141635 - Methods for enhancing nucleic acid hybridization: m

20150141636 - Oligomeric compounds comprising bicyclic nucleosides and having reduced toxicity: In certain embodiments, the present invention provides oligomeric compounds having favorable toxicity profiles and therapeutic indexes. Compounds of the present invention comprise bicyclic nucleosides. Certain such bicyclic nucleosides are pyrimidines that do not include a methyl group at the 5-carbon. Oligomeric compounds comprising such nucleosides are less toxic than compounds... Agent: Isis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

20150141637 - Tricyclic nucleosides and oligomeric compounds prepared therefrom: The present invention provides novel tricyclic nucleosides and oligomeric compounds prepared therefrom. Incorporation of one or more of the tricyclic nucleosides into an oligomeric compound is expected to enhance one or more properties of the oligomeric compound. Such oligomeric compounds can also be included in double stranded compositions. In certain... Agent: Universit&#xc4 T Bern

20150141638 - Cyclodextrin-based polymers for therapeutics delivery: Methods and compositions relating to CDP-epothilone conjugates are described herein.... Agent: Cerulean Pharma Inc.

20150141639 - Process for producing cellulose derivative and cellulose derivative: A process for producing a cellulose derivative, including reacting a reactant and a cellulose or a derivative thereof in a solid-liquid heterogeneous system to form a cellulose derivative containing a long-chain organic group having 5 or more carbon atoms introduced therein, in a swollen state, and performing solid-liquid separation to... Agent:

05/14/2015 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150133647 - Method for producing oligosaccharides and oligosaccharide glycosides by fermentation: The application discloses a method for producing anomerically protected glycosidic oligosaccharide derivatives comprising the step of culturing, in a culture medium containing an anomerically protected lactose acceptor, a genetically modified cell having a recombinant gene that encodes a glycosyl transferase that can transfer a glycosyl residue of an activated sugar... Agent: Glycom A/s

20150133648 - Hybrid solid supports useful for oligonucleotide production: A method for preparing a crosslinked polymer coated controlled porosity glass (CPG) particle is provided. The method involves mixing CPG particles in a solution comprising polyvinylbenzylchloride and a first solvent at a temperature below 10° C. A second solvent is added and a crosslinking agent is added to the mixture.... Agent:

20150133649 - System and method for emulsion breaking: A method of recovering a bead support from an emulsion includes supplying an aqueous surfactant solution into a centrifuge tube; supplying a hydrophobic liquid over the surfactant solution in the centrifuge tube, wherein a ratio of the volume of the aqueous surfactant solution to the volume of the hydrophobic liquid... Agent:

20150133650 - Device and method for the production of radiochemical compounds: m

20150133651 - Csla9 gluco-mannan synthase gene: The invention relates to plants that contain higher proportions of mannans. Such plants express transcription factors that increase the expression of CSLA9, a mannan synthase.... Agent:

05/07/2015 > 14 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20150126720 - Compositions and methods for modulating apolipoprotein (a) expression: Provided herein are oligomeric compounds with conjugate groups targeting apoplipoprotein (a) [apo(a)]. In certain embodiments, the apo(a) targeting oligomeric compounds are conjugated to N-Acetylgalactosamine. Also disclosed herein are conjugated oligomeric compounds targeting apo(a) for use in decreasing apo(a) to treat, prevent, or ameliorate diseases, disorders or conditions related to apo(a)... Agent: Isis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

20150126719 - Compositions and methods for modulating apolipoprotein c-iii expression: Provided herein are oligomeric compounds with conjugate groups targeting apoplipoprotein C-III (ApoCIII). In certain embodiments, the ApoCIII targeting oligomeric compounds are conjugated to N-Acetylgalactosamine. Also disclosed herein are conjugated oligomeric compounds targeting ApoCIII for use in decreasing ApoCIII to treat, prevent, or ameliorate diseases, disorders or conditions related to ApoCIII.... Agent: Isis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

20150126718 - Conjugated antisense compounds and their use: Provided herein are oligomeric compounds with conjugate groups. In certain embodiments, the oligomeric compounds are conjugated to N-Acetylgalactosamine.... Agent: Isis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

20150126721 - Methods and intermediates for the preparation of fondaparinux: The present invention relates to methods for the synthesis of fondaparinux and intermediates thereto.... Agent: Academia Sinica

20150126722 - Oligonucleotide compound and method for treating nidovirus infections: A method and oligonucleotide compound for inhibiting replication of a nidovirus in virus-infected animal cells are disclosed. The compound (i) has a nuclease-resistant backbone, (ii) is capable of uptake by the infected cells, (iii) contains between 8-25 nucleotide bases, and (iv) has a sequence capable of disrupting base pairing between... Agent:

20150126723 - Methods of synthesizing and labeling nucleic acid molecules: The present invention is generally related to composition, kits and methods for synthesizing nucleic acid molecules and particularly for synthesizing labeled nucleic acid molecules. Specifically, the invention relates to methods, kits and compositions for synthesizing indirectly labeled nucleic acid molecules. The labeled nucleic acid molecules produced in accordance with the... Agent:

20150126724 - Sample extraction and preparation device: A fluid sample extraction device is disclosed comprising a housing defining an internal fluid passage having a distal open end and a proximal open end and a porous medium within the fluid passage, between the distal open end and proximal open end. The porous medium, which may be glass, is... Agent: Biomeme, Inc.

20150126725 - 5' and 2' bis-substituted nucleosides and oligomeric compounds prepared therefrom: The present invention provides modified nucleosides and oligomeric compounds prepared therefrom. More particularly, the present invention provides modified nucleosides having at least one 5′-substituent and a 2′-O-substituent, oligomeric compounds comprising at least one of these modified nucleosides and methods of using the oligomeric compounds. In some embodiments, the oligomeric compounds... Agent: Isis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

20150126726 - Complex compounds of germanium, methods for producing same, and drugs: where AD is a derivative of a nitrogenous base of the purine series that has antiviral activity and can be selected from guanine derivatives, such as acyclovir, valacyclovir, gancyclovir and pencyclovir, or from adenine derivatives, such as vidarabine; CA is a hydroxycarboxylic acid which can be selected from acids such... Agent: Obschestvo S Ogranichennoi Otvetstvennostyu "wds Farma"

20150126727 - Novel process: The present invention provides a method of lipopolysaccharide (LPS) extraction from gram negative bacterial cells comprising the step: extracting LPS from the cell culture in a composition (LPS extraction composition) comprising water, an alcohol and a further organic solvent.... Agent:

20150126728 - The use of surfactant to treat pulp and improve the incorporation of kraft pulp into fiber for the production of viscose and other secondary fiber products: A surfactant treated bleached softwood kraft pulp fiber, useful as a starting material In the production of cellulose derivatives including cellulose ether, cellulose esters and viscose, is disclosed. Methods for making the kraft pulp fiber and products made from it are also described.... Agent:

20150126729 - Process: A process for the manufacture of viscose comprises the steps of: a) providing a non-dissolving pulp as a raw material; b) steeping the pulp in caustic solution; c) processing the steeped pulp; d) steeping the processed steeped pulp for a second time in caustic solution; and e) further processing the... Agent:

20150126730 - Novel composition for preparing polysaccharide fibers: Solutions formed by combining poly(α(1→3) glucan) with concentrated aqueous formic acid solution, optionally containing methylene chloride, have been shown to produce the formylated form of the poly(α(1→3) glucan). The solutions so formed have been shown to be useful for solution spinning into fiber of poly(α(1→3) glucan) when the spun fiber... Agent:

20150126731 - Method for the isomerisation of glucose into fructose: The invention relates to a method for the isomerisation of glucose into fructose in water in the presence of a solid base catalyst characterised by its reversibility of CO2 adsorption at a low temperature, the catalyst being a catalyst comprising at least one supported or non-supported lanthanide oxide or a... Agent: Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique (c.n.r.s)

04/30/2015 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20150119561 - Chemoenzymatic methods for synthesizing moenomycin analogs: The present invention provides methods of synthesizing moenomycin analogs of Formula (I). The present invention also provides compositions comprising a compound of Formula (I) and kits for synthesizing compounds of Formula (I).... Agent:

20150119562 - Primer for amplifying farnesyl pyrophosphate synthase from mango: The present invention discloses primers for amplifying farnesyl pyrophosphate synthase gene, having sequence selected from the group consisting of Seq Id. nos. 1-3 and 5-7, from mango. Also disclosed herein is a novel nucleotide sequence of sequence ID no. 8 encoding said amplified farnesyl pyrophosphate synthase (FPPS) for enzyme production... Agent:

20150119564 - Methods for removing triazine from n-methylimidazole for synthesis of oligonucleotide: Methods for removing 1,3,5-trimethylhexahydro-1,3,5-triazine and N-methylenemethanamine from a N-methylimidazole and methods for making oligonucleotides using N-methylimidazole are provided. In one embodiment, a method for removing 1,3,5-trimethylhexahydro-1,3,5-triazine and N-methylenemethanamine from a feedstock containing N-methylimidazole includes contacting the feedstock with small or medium pore molecular sieves. The small or medium pore molecular... Agent:

20150119565 - Synthesis of deuterated ribo nucleosides, n-protected phosphoramidites, and oligonucleotides: The present invention is directed towards the synthesis of high purity deuterated sugars, deuterated phosphoramidites, deuterated nucleobases, deuterated nucleosides, deuterated oligonucleotides, and deuterated RNA's of defined sequences which can exhibit biochemically useful and biologically valuable properties, thus having potential for therapeutic uses.... Agent:

20150119563 - Methods and devices for nucleic acid purification: The invention provides pipette tip columns and automated methods for the purification of nucleic acids such as plasmids from unclarified cell lysates containing cell debris as well as methods for making and using such columns. The columns typically include a bed of medium positioned in the pipette tip column, above... Agent:

20150119566 - Substrates and associated methods for elution of nucleic acids: A solid substrate for biological sample storage under dry-state and elution of biomolecules is provided. The dry, solid substrate is coated with saccharides, such as monosaccharides, oligosaccharides, polysaccharides or combinations thereof, and the substrate is comprised of one or more protein denaturing agents impregnated therein under a substantially dry state.... Agent: General Electric Company

20150119567 - Lipid-polymer conjugates, their preparation and uses thereof: This invention provides low molecular weight lipid-GAG and phospholipids-GAG conjugates and methods of use thereof in suppressing, inhibiting, preventing, or treating a pathogenic effect on a cell, including, inter alia, infection with intracellular pathogens.... Agent:

20150119568 - Heterogeneous thiol-ene click modifications of solid polysaccharide-based materials: This invention concerns the first environmentally benign heterogeneous modification of polysaccharide-based material in native solid state by thiol-ene “click chemistry”. The direct reaction of a thiol with an un-activated double or triple bond by thiol-ene and thiol-enyne click modification is thermally or photochemically catalyzed and is completely metal-free and allows... Agent:

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